Sunnyvale Review - March, 2018

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Sunnyvale Review March, 2018


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Tires Concrete Chemicals of any kind Paint Appliances with or without freon Any equipment with oil or gas Batteries of any kind

Clear out the clutter One Day Only Saturday, April 7th 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Jobson Park

300 Block of Jobson Rd.

From Mayor Phaup - March 2018 One of the most frustrating aspects of public service is how long it sometimes takes to actually get things done. A notable example that affects many of us in Sunnyvale is the very high sewer rates we pay each month to the Town and how long it’s taking to correct this situation. Many of you will remember discussion in this newsletter years ago about the Council’s intentions to reduce sewer rates. What’s happened since then? Not enough. The cost of sewer remains the number one complaint that I receive each month from citizens. You’ll probably remember that the amount of each of our monthly sewer bills is based on how much water we use that month. Don’t ask me how this practice/policy started as it’s been in place long before many of us moved to Sunnyvale. It seems ridiculous to factor lawn irrigation or filling your swimming pool with sewer charges as the water that’s used in those processes never hits a sewer. Again, Sunnyvale’s sewers flow into systems developed and managed by either the City of Garland or the City of Mesquite. Which system your home hits depends on what area of Town you live in. This means that, until recently, Sunnyvale has had little or no control over our sewer strategies and/ or rates. For those of you that ask, “why don’t we just build our own Town sewer system?” it’s not that easy. Such matters are managed by regional authorities and the investment cost for a standalone system would be extraordinary and actually add to our costs. You most likely remember that, over two years ago, the Council approved the purchase and installation of metering stations for the Garland portion of Sunnyvale’s sewer system. The intention behind this purchase was to enter into a more realistic sewer services contract with Garland Water Utilities (GWU) that would be based on actual flow into the system rather than water utilization by each address on the system. This contractual change would automatically lower the charges for sewer service from Garland to Sunnyvale and the Town, in turn, could pass on some of those savings to affected residents and businesses. Since then, the Town has purchased and installed for use five flow meters for the GWU system. This process took far longer than originally indicated to the Council, but it finally got done. The Town has also negotiated a new services contract with GWU that will provide lower charges to Sunnyvale based on actual metered usage. The negotiation and finalization of the contract also took longer than we were originally told. Since the completion of the metering and the new contract, the Town and GWU have been attempting to certify the monthly results for flow into the new meters so that the transition from the process of GWU billing on Sunnyvale water usage could end. At this writing, those efforts are continuing. The Council and I remain confident that the new process will be certified and will yield the savings (after payback of the investment for the flow meters) that we anticipated. We also believe that citizens and businesses will receive the intended benefit of this new process through reduced monthly sewer bills – not only for those on the GWU system, but those that tie into the Mesquite system also. I’m also confident that the next Mayor and Town Council will not lose sight of this intended reduction as they weigh future sewer rate decisions at budget time each year. Frustrating? Without a doubt. Logical? Not that I can see. Solvable? Absolutely – as long as we all continue to focus on and remain committed to the promises we’ve made. We will keep you updated on progress. Mayor of Sunnyvale

Making progress

Interim Town Manager

The Town Council has hired Charles Daniels to serve as the Interim Town Manager. Mr. Daniels is a tenured municipal government professional having previously served as the Assistant City Manager for both the cities of Dallas and Ft. Worth, and having served as an Interim City Manager for Forney, Addison, and San Marcos.

Home Rule Charter Review

The Town’s Charter is a governing document written and adopted by an election of the citizens. In 2013, the citizens of Sunnyvale approved the Town’s first Home Rule Charter. This document defines and limits the powers, duties and responsibility of local government based on your preferences and desires. Every five years, the Town Council is required to appoint citizens to review the Charter and present any recommended changes to the citizens for a vote. The Charter Review Commission held meetings in February and March and will meet monthly to review the document. Public input is encouraged. Please review the current Charter at and provide feedback by either emailing Assistant Town Manager Leslie Black at, or by attending a meeting.

Duck Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Odors

The Town Council has met with Garland staff hoping to address odors from the Duck Creek WWTP. Garland has asked that residents report odors from the plant at 972-205-3210. Odor complaints should also be forwarded to TCEQ using the odor log found on the Town website at townofsunnyvale. org. Unfortunately, the City of Garland has been slow to respond to the Town’s call to action.

State Highway 190

TXDoT will hold a public meeting on SH 190 in April at Sunnyvale Middle School. Crews have been in the area updating survey information, but there is little in the way of progressing toward construction. TXDoT is still considering two routes and the route maps are available at At this time, it is expected that environmental studies will continue through 2020 and at that time TXDoT will attempt to fund the project.

Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)

The Town Council held a joint workshop with the Planning & Zoning Commission on February 19th to further discuss concerns raised by citizens. The draft UDO is available at, and the Town Council will consider adoption at the March 26th Regular Town Council Meeting at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall.

Barnes Bridge Lake Access Area

The property at the eastern end of Barnes Bridge remains closed to ensure the upkeep and safety of those in the area. In the future, the Town Council and the 4B Economic Development Corporation will work together to determine the best use of the area. In the meantime, please report suspicious activity by calling 911.

Collins Road

Property acquisition is nearing completion for Phase I of the Collins Road widening project, which encompasses the roadway from U.S. Hwy 80 through the Tripp Road intersections. Sunnyvale ISD plans to begin construction on the new Intermediate campus soon, with a projected opening date of the 2019-2020 school year. With this in mind, the Town Council has begun to seek qualified firms to complete the conceptual design for Collins Road Phase II, which includes the roadway just north of the Tripp Road intersections through the Town East intersection. This will allow the determination of placement and construction of the pedestrian tunnel within the Stoney Creek development to coincide with the opening of the new campus, and will increase the Town’s opportunities to partner with Dallas County for possible future funding.

Traffic Signals

In 2017, the Town Council approved the installation of traffic signals at the intersections of Hounsel and Collins Road, and Stoney Creek Blvd and Collins Road. The Town conducted a traffic impact analysis in 2014 and updated the data in 2017. One of the recommendations resulting from the study was the installation of these signals. Installation is expected to be complete by the end of May.

Road Repair & Striping

The Town Council recently approved an agreement with Dallas County Public Works to stripe T.C. Lupton, Rebecca Road, and portions of Town East, and Long Creek, and the expected completion date is late spring or early summer. Repairs to Barnes Bridge Road and the portion of Jobson road between U.S. Hwy 80 and Tripp Road are expected to begin by the end of March, and will take a few weeks to complete.

Water Tower

The new water tower has been operating since Thanksgiving. Crews are finishing up electrical installation, and a few minor items before official completion of the project. Once those remaining items are finished up, the contractor will demolish the existing tower. The project will provide 1.25 million gallons of water storage, enough capacity to serve the Town’s growing population.

Glazer Property

The 4B Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors and the Town partnered to purchase 30 acres at the intersection of Tripp and Jobson Roads in 2017. Representatives from the Town Council and 4B have had several meetings over the past few months to consider options for the land, and will be reviewing options for concept plans soon. Currently, the Town leases the property to an individual that pastures horses.


April 19th - Candidate Forum - 7 p.m. at Town Hall SAJI GEORGE - CANDIDATE FOR MAYOR Saji George has called Sunnyvale home for 18 years. He is a life-long Christian and an active member of his church. Saji is a devoted husband and loving father of two college-aged children. He has served on the Town Council for eight years, named as Mayor Pro Tem for the last three. Saji has a Master in Engineering from Texas Tech and MBA from SMU. As Mayor, Saji will be committed to keeping Sunnyvale safe, protecting its rural atmosphere, and attracting desirable businesses (grocery, restaurants, shopping). Saji George GETS IT DONE! You can find more information at MICHAEL GIORDANO - CANDIDATE FOR MAYOR My wife Genevieve and I moved to Sunnyvale in 2000. I became involved in our subdivision’s HOA and have served as Board President for the last several years. I was an active member of The Friends of the Sunnyvale Library which held several fund raising events. My children and grandchildren keep me involved with SISD and many school events. I was appointed to the 4-B Board and in recent years have had the pleasure of serving as its President. KAREN HILL - CANDIDATE FOR MAYOR It has been my privilege to serve you on the Town Council over the last 16 years. If elected mayor, my commitment to you is to bring economic development; fight to keep taxes low; protect home values; improve roads, water, and sewer infrastructure; strengthen police and fire services; and preserve Sunnyvale’s unique rural character. Visit my website ( or call me at 972-226-5829 to learn more. I look forward to speaking with you to share my vision for Sunnyvale and to learn your top issues and concerns. I would be grateful for your vote on May 5th. RYAN FINCH - UNOPPOSED CANDIDATE FOR PLACE 1 I consider it a joy to have lived in Sunnyvale for over 16 years. I am passionate about our Town and believe it is a privilege to serve our community. I am currently serving my second term on the Sunnyvale School Board. I have also served as President of the Raider Athletic Booster Club, Board Member for the Sunnyvale Education Foundation and Board member on the Town’s Board of Adjustment and 190 Committee. I am active in my church and serve on the Elder/Board of Directors. I am employed at Mary Kay Inc. at the corporate office in Addison. KEVIN CLARK - CANDIDATE FOR PLACE 2 Kevin M. Clark, a sixth-generation Texan, is currently running for Place 2 on Town Council. He lives in Meadowlake with his wife and three children, and is an attorney at Thompson & Knight LLP. Kevin has been highly engaged in town government, and serves on the Board of Adjustments. He’s also involved with his children’s schools, and coaches several of their sports teams. “I am running for town council to ensure the quality of life that attracted us to Sunnyvale continues,” Clark said. “I believe in responsible growth, improved infrastructure, green space preservation, fiscal accountability, and transparency in government.”

Candidate bios and photos were provided by each candidate. The Town of Sunnyvale does not support or oppose any candidate listed in this publication. Content provided is for informational purposes only. More information is available at

SHINEY DANIEL - CANDIDATE FOR PLACE 2 Shiney Daniel is a businesswoman/attorney and longtime Sunnyvale resident. Having started Agape Home Healthcare in 1994, she has successfully grown the company into one of the largest businesses in the area. Shiney employs more than 150 people through Caring Home Health in Sunnyvale. After having graduated as Salutatorian from North Mesquite, Shiney completed four university degrees and supports quality education. She has served the community in various capacities, sponsored community events, and received numerous awards. Shiney is married to a pastor/businessman and has four daughters (quadruplets) and a son who attend Sunnyvale ISD schools. Visit DALE GRAVES - CANDIDATE FOR PLACE 2 Married to Cindy Halliday for 32 years, two kids: Cory & Rebecca; Sunnyvale resident for 15 years; Past PTA President, Past Booster Club President (NMHS); Past President of Mesquite chapter of American Business Clubs; Past member of Sunnyvale Board of Adjustments; My goals for running for Town Council is to bring my Conservative, Honest and Transparent values to the Council, as well as creating a more positive environment in which the Sunnyvale School District and the Town of Sunnyvale work together for the betterment of the residents. I can be reached at or on facebook. EMERY POWELL - CANDIDATE FOR PLACE 2 I’m a retired business consultant. I offer my professional services to the town free of charge, and I invite others to do likewise. Your help is needed. In retirement, my wife and I do missionary work, most recently in Africa. We have 18 grandchildren, 5 in our schools. We moved to Sunnyvale because of its low density and rural small town character. Let’s keep it that way. I’m concerned over the town’s exploding growth, its impact on our infrastructure, and the town’s slide towards HOA type regulatory overreach. I am a passionate conservative and I will work to ensure your constitutional rights are protected. LARRY ALLEN- UNOPPOSED CANDIDATE FOR PLACE 5 Larry Allen is married to Brenda. They have three daughters, two (soon to be three) son in laws, a son, and a granddaughter. Their family moved to Sunnyvale in 2010. Larry graduated from North Mesquite in 1978. From there he served in the United States Air Force then graduated from Dallas Baptist University. Larry has worked for the FAA for 36 years in numerous capacities. Larry and his wife are members of C-Life. Larry looks forward to working with The Town of Sunnyvale, our citizens, the mayor and other members of city council as the town continues to grow. CHRIS MCNEILL - UNOPPOSED CANDIDATE FOR PLACE 6 Chris has served on the council since 2015, and previously served for many years on Sunnyvale’s Planning & Zoning Commission. Chris and his wife Amanda moved here in 2007 due to the rural charm and great schools, and now have two sons – Jackson (eight) and William (three). Chris is an Eagle Scout and serves as the Cubmaster of Sunnyvale’s Cub Scout pack and as a deacon at First Baptist Dallas. Chris practices corporate and securities law at Block Garden & McNeill, LLP in Dallas, and obtained his undergraduate degree from Ole Miss and his law degree from Harvard Law School.

Economic Development DID YOU KNOW...

The Development Corporation Act of 1979 gives cities the ability to finance new and expanded business enterprises in their local communities through economic development corporations (EDCs). Chapters 501, 504 and 505 of the Local Government Code outline the characteristics of Type A and Type B EDCs, authorize cities to adopt a sales tax to fund the corporations and define projects EDCs are allowed to undertake.

Type A

Type A EDCs are typically created to fund industrial development projects such as business infrastructure, manufacturing and research and development. Type A EDCs can also fund military base realignment, job training classes and public transportation.

Type B

Type B EDCs can fund all projects eligible for Type A, as well as parks, museums, sports facilities and affordable housing. However, Type B EDCs are subject to more administrative restrictions than Type A.

Strategic Plan Development:

Over the past few months the Economic Development Corporation Boards of Directors have been developing an Economic Development Strategic Plan, and in early March, the Boards met with the Town Council. The Economic Strategic Planning Workshops for Citizen Input will be held Tuesday, April 3 from 6:30 pm – 8:30 p.m. and Wednesday, April 18 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall. These informal workshops are designed to provide you an opportunity to give your input on the different goals. Economic Development Director Traci Anderson will be there along with Board members to answer any questions. The full draft Strategic Plan will be posted to the Town website soon for review and feedback opportunities.

When Do the Economic Development Corporations Meet? Type A Board of Directors meet the second Wednesday of every month at 5:00 PM at Town Hall. Type B Board of Directors meet the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30 PM at Town Hall.

For more information please contact: Traci Anderson Economic Development Director Direct: (972) 203-4154

Public Safety

DSO to Host HOA Meeting

All Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs), and those that live outside of HOAs, are invited to attend a public meeting to be held on Wednesday, April 18th from 7-9 p.m. at Town Hall. Sgt. Evans will be providing information on crime prevention, and how we can better serve your neighborhood.

outdoor siren testing

The Sunnyvale Fire Department tests the outdoor warning sirens at noon on the first Wednesday of every month, weather permitting. These sirens are intended to alert those OUTDOORS that dangerous weather is imminent and shelter should be sought immediately. If you are indoors during severe weather, please stay tuned to local news outlets.

Spruce up for SPRING 3



2 7 4

8 5


Grass must be mowed and no higher than 12 inches tall.


Yards will be well-kept, clean and free of loose trash and debris.


Trees and vegetation will be well-maintained. All trees must be trimmed at least 14 feet above the street and alley.


Junk and inoperable vehicles are not permitted. Vehicles must be in working condition, fully assembled and have current registration information.


All vehicles must be parked on an improved surface. No vehicles may be parked on grass.


All fences must be well-maintained and in vertical position.


All homes must have address numbers posted at the front and alley entry of the home. Numbers must be visible from the street.


Paint must be well-maintained without chipping and siding must be intact.

Subdivision Status

Stoney Creek

Stoney Creek is a subdivision that was originally established October 10, 2005. This subdivision has many phases, which include the following most recently approved phases currently under construction. Phase 1-B is a 52.3 acre property which is located at southeast intersection of Jobson and Tripp Roads. The Town Council approved the final plat January 22, 1018. This phase includes 30 lots. Phase 2-E is a 48.771 acre property which is located at 334 Jobson Road. The Town Council approved the pre-plat December 12, 2016. This phase includes 72 lots.


Homestead is a subdivision that was originally established May 14, 2001. This subdivision has several phases. Phase 6 is a 25.6 acre property which is located at 301 Jobson Rd. The Town Council approved the final plat February 27, 2017. This phase includes 33 lots. 16 out of 33 lots have been approved for construction.

Stone Canyon

Stone Canyon is a subdivision that was originally established June 11, 2001. This subdivision has many phases, which include the following most recently approved phases. Phase 5-A is located S of Boulder Lane. The Town Council approved final plat November 13, 2017. This phase includes 12 lots that are constructed. Phases 5-B&C are located at Sandero & Caprock. Council approved the pre-plat January 1, 2018. This phase includes 30 lots that are pending construction.

The Falls

The Falls is a subdivision that was originally established January 26, 2004. This subdivision has 2 phases. Phase 2 is a 44.31 acre property which is located N end of Falls Dr. The Town Council approved the final plat January 9, 2017. This phase includes 27 lots. 8 of 27 lots have been approved for construction.

Spring Lake Estates

Spring Lake Estates is a new subdivision developing northeast of the Tripp and Jobson Roads intersection. The 41.6 acre property has been approved for 34 lots that will be developed in two phases. The Town Council has approved the final plat for Phase 1, which consists of 27 lots. The developer will seek approval for the remaining 7 lots after working with FEMA for flood plain map revisions.

Town of Sunnyvale 127 N. Collins Road Sunnyvale, TX 75182



Charter Review Meeting, 6:30 p.m. Town Hall 5th - Board of Adjustments Meeting, 7 p.m. Town Hall 12th - Town Council Meeting, 6 & 7 p.m. Town Hall 19th - Planning & Zoning Commission, 7 p.m. Town Hall 20th - 4B Development Corp. Meeting, 6:30 p.m. Town Hall 21st - 4A Development Corp. Meeting, 5 p.m. Town Hall 26th - Town Council Meeting, 7 p.m. Town Hall 30th - Good Friday, Town Offices Closed

2nd - Board of Adjustments Meeting, 7 p.m. Town Hall 9th - Town Council Meeting, 6 & 7 p.m. Town Hall 10th - 4B Development Corp. Meeting, 6:30 p.m. Town Hall 11th - 4A Development Corp. Meeting, 5 p.m. Town Hall 12th - Charter Review Meeting, 6:30 p.m. Town Hall 16th - Planning & Zoning Commission, 7 p.m. Town Hall 18th - DSO HOA Meeting, 7 - 9 p.m. Town Hall 19th - Candidate Forum, 7 p.m. 23rd - Town Council Meeting, 7 p.m. Town Hall

1st -

Dates and times are subject to change. Please visit for current meeting information.