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GROUP FITNESS Yoga M 10:30am l Tu 5pm l W 11 am & 7:30pm l Th

HIIT Fit M 6pm

Increases overall body awareness, flexibility, balance, and strength through various Yoga styles and postures.


4:35pm l F 9am | Sa 9am

Barre Th 9am l M 6 pm

Stretch, tone, and tighten with isometric movements inspired by ballet.

PIYO® Tu 7:05pm l W 9am

Pilates + Yoga + nonstop movement! PiYo® combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility of yoga.

Zumba® M 9am, 7:05pm l W 10 am, 6:30pm

l F 10:05am

Have fun burning calories with a heart pumping, hipshaking, Latin cardio dance workout! Learn salsa, calypso, samba, and more - all in one class.

Abs & Core M 8:05 pm l Tu 5:30pm l Th 7 pm

This quick 30 minute workout tones and sculpts abdomen, back, and hip muscles to improve balance, stability, and increase your overall fitness level.

Bootcamp W 5:30am l F 5:30am

Wake up and start your day off with a blast of energy and strength training!

Strength & Burn Circuit Tu 6pm

A combination circuit/bootcamp, this is a great way to add cardio to strength.

Pure Strength M 9am l Th 6pm l F 9am

High Intensity Interval Training! Keeping you at a moderate to high cardio level with bursts of anaerobic intensity will kick your metabolism into high gear. Designed by celebrity trainer Shaun T, every level of fitness will benefit from sport-specific drills, body weight, and plyo-metrics.

Tabata W 9am

Through a variety of simple, yet intense timed exercises, each class will blast the calories and provide noticeable results in a short amount of time.

Fit & Fabulous Sa 10am

A mix of strength training, cardio, toning, and core strength to keep you in shape, healthy, and active. Customized class for all fitness levels!

Cycle W 6:30pm l Th 6pm

Limited to nine stationary bikes; this class is a cardio favorite!

Turbo Kick Tu 9am

With fierce combos and fat-scorching strength and cardio moves, this Beachbody class is a calorie burning favorite!

Lunchtime Fit Tu Noon

Sneak a quick workout into your workday!

Step, Strength, & Slide Sa 9am

Ready to get on that “step"? Try this step class mixed with strength training!

Build muscle and burn fat. No cardio allowed! By using bar and hand weights along with effective lifting techniques develop long, lean muscles.

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Little Elm Summer 2019 Activity Guide  

Little Elm Summer 2019 Activity Guide