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At Townley students can learn in an environment where their peers and their parents/carers value education for its own sake, where teachers understand how to challenge and where the range of extra curricular activities opens up new worlds and possibilities. The School has received an outstanding Ofsted judgement in June 2016 and has been acknowledged with the London Excellence in Music Award. The School has also been highly commended in the DfE Character Awards. We are also amongst the top schools nationally for our GCSE and A Level results. However, hard work and dedication are essential for success and so is the development of a work ethic. Our students are “given” nothing, except opportunities; they know they have to work to realise these opportunities. The school’s approach to learning is influenced by the work of Carol Dweck, a Stanford professor who developed the theory of Growth Mindset. This refutes the belief that intelligence and talent are fixed. Instead intelligence can be grown and talent developed through application, hard work and the intellectual resilience to challenge oneself. Success in education as in sport is the result of successive 01 Welcome to Townley small failures followed by ever increasing challenges. As I tell our students, everything worth achieving is outside your comfort zone. Education should inspire students to value learning for its own sake: to take joy from the pursuit of ideas and the struggle to understand. This learning challenge is what we term Scholastic Endeavour and our students are encouraged to engage in academic study at all levels. Townley students learn ambition from the original meaning of the word - the Greek root ambit which means “wingspan”. Our girls are prepared to spread their wings, embracing opportunities and leading the world they enter. We run a comprehensive leadership programme for students, which sees them gain confidence, understand leadership styles and equips them to speak in public. Through the innovative use of technologies and creative teaching methods we educate students not for our past but for their futures: futures they will create. With such an education our girls have a duty to grow into young women who desire to improve the world for others. As leaders of the future they learn to give and the value of service. As such voluntary work is extensive. The girls learn to challenge and question as well as to listen to alternative views.


Examination Results


School Aims


The Curriculum


Organisation of the School Day Behaviour for Learning


Academic/Pastoral Support


The Sixth Form


Religious Education and Collective Worship Student Services Special Educational Needs Medical Needs


Attendance and Punctuality



11/12 Admission to Townley Grammar School 13

Character and Wellbeing


How to Find Us

It is why the lines from Tennyson’s poem Ulysses resonate with us

“To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” Desmond Deehan BA (Hons) MA Ed FRSA



GCSE RESULTS Percentage of Pupils in Year 11 gaining 5 + GCSE Passes – Grades A* – C 100%

Average GCSE points score per pupil 550.55

61% of the GCSE grades were at A* and A

A2 RESULTS Overall Pass Rate at A2 Level 2016 99.51%

A* - A Grades: 32% A* - B Grades: 71% A* - C Grades: 89%

AS RESULTS Overall Pass Rate at AS Level 2016 93% A-B Grades: 52% A-C Grades: 72%

We are very proud that Townley regularly features in The Times’ Top 100 Schools


SCHOOL AIMS The School's aims are: 

To inspire and challenge our students through providing outstanding teaching, rich opportunities for learning, and encouragement and support for each individual.


To create a school community that fosters academic, emotional and physical confidence and where students develop the courage to take risks and the wisdom to learn from their mistakes.


To encourage in pupils a sense of dignity, integrity, responsibility and self esteem.


To educate students to be mature, confident, articulate and caring individuals who grow into responsible citizens with a social conscience, able to lead others and act as change agents for a better society.


To provide students with first class academic qualifications and help them to acquire the attitudes, knowledge and skills to succeed within the world in which they will live.


To encourage all pupils to have an open mind, a desire to be challenged and a respect for learning, each other and our environment.





To develop students who are reflective and resourceful with a passion for learning. To use the power of creativity and performance to support our students in their emotional development and creative potential. To provide an outstanding education based on excellent and imaginative lessons, combining academic rigour with modern technology and creative techniques. To balance good order and discipline with the motivational power of praise and celebration.

A Townley student aspires to the following qualities: 













Social conscience


The ability to inspire


THE CURRICULUM The School offers a broad, balanced and inspiring curriculum, which is designed to match the educational needs of the girls with the requirements of the National Curriculum. Creativity and imagination are valued in all aspects of the curriculum. The School was awarded Specialist Status for the Performing and Visual Arts in September 2004. This specialist status has enriched the arts education offered by the school and encouraged the development of creativity in our staff and students. We were awarded our second specialism in Mathematics and Computing in 2009.

Year 9: Students begin their GCSE courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, each being delivered as discreet subjects. Setting now occurs in Languages. KEY STAGE 4 All students take English, Mathematics, Science, RS and PE as compulsory subjects. They must also continue with at least one of the Languages they had taken at Key Stage 3. Students then have a free choice of three option subjects (unless they have chosen to continue with both Languages in which case they will have a choice of two). Current option choices are Art, Classical Civilisation, Computing, Dance, Drama, Geography, Graphic Products, History, Music, PE, Product Design and Textiles Technology. KEY STAGE 5 Currently, students in the Sixth Form take 4 subjects in the Lower Sixth. All students participate in enrichment activities to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum. Students reduce to 3 subjects in the Upper Sixth. A full list of subjects offered appears in the Sixth Form Brochure, which is updated annually, and can also be found on the school website.

KEY STAGE 3 All students follow a balanced curriculum including a Personal Development lesson. There are minor variations to the curriculum from year to year to ensure a fair balance between subjects over the Key Stages and to reflect any changes at a National level. Year 7: Most subjects are taught in tutor groups with some of the practical subjects being taught in smaller mixed groups. Students study French as their Language option and also study Theatre Craft and Latin as part of their Enrichment programme. Year 8: Students are now set for Mathematics across half a year group. They begin a second Language option, which is either German or Spanish.


ORGANISATION OF THE SCHOOL DAY The school day begins at 8.45am and ends at 3.35pm. The pattern is as follows: During a School week twenty five hours and ten minutes are spent in lessons excluding Assembly, break and lunch MONDAY, WEDNESDAY THURSDAY, FRIDAY BELL TIMES 8.30 8.45 9.10 10.00 10.50 11.07 11.10 12.00 12.50 1.55 2.45 3.35

Form Room Registration & Assembly Lesson 1 Lesson 2 BREAK Warning Bell Lesson 3 Lesson 4 LUNCH Lesson 5 Lesson SCHOOL CLOSES

TUESDAY BELL TIMES 8.30 Form Room 8.45 Registration & Assembly 9.00 Personal Development Lesson 9.30 Lesson 1 10.15 Lesson 2 11.00 BREAK 11.17 Warning Bell 11.20 Lesson 3 12.05 Lesson 4 12.50 LUNCH 1.55 Lesson 5 2.45 Lesson 6 3.35 SCHOOL CLOSES

BEHAVIOUR FOR LEARNING The School prides itself on a respectful and co-operative community which is underpinned by consistent use of rewards and sanctions. We balance good order and discipline with the motivational power of praise and celebration. We take every opportunity to celebrate our students’ achievements whether through exhibitions, performances, concerts or awards ceremonies. A high standard of behaviour based on consideration for others and social responsibility is expected at all times. The Behaviour Policy uses the idea of Behaviour Zones to identify positive and negative behaviours and the consequences of both. Learning Managers track individual student progress and target support where necessary. Assistant Learning Managers are non-teaching members of staff available to support students on a day to day basis and liaise with parents/ carers. House tutors are organised according to subject teams who develop expertise within that year group. These teams establish strong relationships with students and offer excellent pastoral support. They also bring their subject specialisms, adding a new and distinctive character to each phase.


is the goddess of love and beauty

Qualities: Pride in work, Ambition, Compassion

is the goddess of the hunt and the moon

Qualities: Confidence, Independence, Competitiveness

is the goddess of wisdom

Qualities: Loyalty, Knowledge, Enterprise

ACADEMIC/PASTORAL SUPPORT is the goddess of rebirth and renewal

There is a long tradition in British schools that teachers have a responsibility for the well-being and personal development of students as well as for teaching their own particular subject. Therefore, most subject teachers are also house tutors. Learning Managers oversee students’ progress and behaviour for learning, and have a general overview of the whole year group.

Qualities: Generosity, Responsibility, Perseverance

The Learning Manager with a team of Tutors will remain with the student throughout Years 7 & 8. The students will have a new Tutor and Learning Manager for Years 9 & 10 and a new Tutor and Learning Manager in Year 11. The Sixth Form is split into Lower and Upper Sixth. There is a Learning Manager and a set of 10 Tutors with each year group. The student remains with the same Tutor throughout their time in the Sixth Form. Each student is also assigned to one of seven Houses which are chosen from classical Greek goddesses. Each House represents specific positive qualities which we would like to foster in students at Townley.

is the queen of the Olympian gods

Qualities: Excellence, Eloquence, Self Respect

is the queen of the underworld

Qualities: Fairness, Originality, Creativity

is the goddess of the hearth fire

Qualities: Charity, Consideration for others, Industry


THE SIXTH FORM The Sixth Form offers a wide range of subjects and courses and most girls choose to pursue their studies at this level. The majority of students take a combination of four subjects in the Lower Sixth and three or four subjects in the Upper Sixth. Additionally students can take the EPQ (Extended Research Project) which allows them to combine their A levels with an extension project to add an additional qualification to their portfolio. There is also an enrichment programme called ’Rounded and Grounded’, which allows students to broaden their education outside of the curriculum and prepare them for the future. The results have continued to rise enabling our students to pursue the higher education route of their choice.

DESTINATIONS 2016 A Level Leavers Last year’s Upper Sixth cohort = 209 Applied to University/College: First Choice Obtained Gap Year/ Seeking Employment Performing Arts

194 (93%) 117 (60%) 15 (7%) 14 (7%)

Numbers studying: Law: Medicine/Dentistry/Veterinary

14 (7%) 10 (5%)

Those attending: Oxbridge: Russell Group Universities:

4 (2%) 82 (42%)

The Russell Group The Russell Group represents 24 leading UK universities which are committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience and unrivalled links with business and the public sector.

Russell Group universities are committed to the highest levels of academic excellence in both teaching and research. Universities are to be found in all four nations and in every major city of the UK. They operate globally, attracting international students and academic staff from many different countries, but also have a strong role and influence within their regional and local community. Students can choose from a wide range of internationally renowned courses - from medical, biological and physical sciences to business, social sciences and the humanities. Half a million students are enrolled at Russell Group universities - one in five of all higher education students in the UK. Through their outstanding research and teaching, unrivalled links with businesses and a commitment to civic responsibility, Russell Group universities make an enormous impact on the economic, social and cultural wellbeing of the UK. (Russell Group 2016)                        

University of Birmingham University of Bristol University of Cambridge Cardiff University Durham University University of Edinburgh University of Exeter University of Glasgow Imperial College London King's College London University of Leeds University of Liverpool London School of Economics & Political Science University of Manchester Newcastle University University of Nottingham University of Oxford Queen Mary University of London Queen's University Belfast University of Sheffield University of Southampton University College London University of Warwick The University of York


RELIGIOUS EDUCATION AND COLLECTIVE WORSHIP Students in Years 7, 8 & 9 have one lesson a week. All students study full course GCSE culminating at the end of Year 11 with certification and follow the WJEC syllabus. Religious Studies is one of the many options for Advanced Level Studies in the Sixth Form. Daily Collective Worship is a statutory requirement and takes place in the context of an assembly. Students may withdraw from both Religious Education and Collective Worship at their parents/carers' request. They are asked to put this request in writing to the Headteacher. Further details about Religious Education and Collective Worship can be obtained from the Headteacher.

STUDENT SERVICES SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS & DISABILITIES Special Educational Needs and Disabilities is integrated into Student Services and the team consider any additional educational needs a pupil may have on an individual basis. These needs may include: Specific Learning Difficulties Health issues Hearing impairment Visual impairment Students on the Autistic Spectrum Social, emotional and mental health issues Students where English is an additional language If your daughter has an additional educational need, in the first instance please contact Mrs Herridge. Student Services welcomes the support and involvement of parents/carers in the process of identification, assessment and decisions for meeting the needs of their children. MEDICAL NEEDS The Student Services team liaise closely with the Bexley School Health Advisory Service. There is a drop-in service on Tuesday afternoons for students to come and confidentially seek health advice from our designated school nurse - appointments can be made through Student Services. All students with health care needs will be included in our Medical Alert Health handbook which is produced in conjunction with the School Health Advisory Service. There is a facility within Student Services to store your child’s medication safely and securely.


ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY The department also monitors students’ attendance and punctuality, identifying individuals who may need strategies to improve their record in these areas. Parents/ Carers will be contacted by the Attendance Officer in order to discuss reasons for absence and/or lateness, and if improvement fails to materialise parents/carers will be invited into the school for a meeting with relevant staff. The relationship between student attendance, student progress and level of attainment is well understood. As the absence rises, so does the impact on pupil performance and their ability to sustain educational improvement, motivation and a sense of worth. Parents/carers have a major responsibility to ensure their children attend school regularly and we have a duty to put in place appropriate mechanisms to support and impose regular attendance. Attendance is monitored through the House and system. Parents/carers are as possible if a student explanation.

on a daily basis class registration contacted as soon is absent without

A student’s attendance is expected not to fall below 95% and Townley works closely with the Education Welfare Service to ensure a resolution to persistent absence and address any concerns. The Education Welfare Officer (EWO) visits the school on a fortnightly basis and if your daughter has difficulty in attending regularly she will visit you in your home. The EWO is available to give advice on school related problems to parents/carers and can offer support where appropriate. Medical appointments should be made after school if at all possible but if unavoidable your daughter should bring her appointment card/ letter to Student Services. Any holidays taken during term time will count as unauthorised absences.

ATTENDANCE RATE 2015/2016 YEARS 7 - 11





FACILITIES Constructed on a 17 acre site, the School’s extensive grounds provide a pleasant environment as well as excellent sporting facilities and girls benefit from up-to-date equipment in all areas of the curriculum. The Music Technology Suite and the Recording Studio provide access to the latest technology while a modern professional theatre, photography facilities and dance studio give students the opportunity to explore and develop their creative potential. Additionally there are five new Science laboratories, a fitness suite and a sports hall, complete with showers and changing rooms. The new Ada Lovelace Suite is made up of five spacious computing classrooms, a MacLab, a DT Design room and a conference room. The new computing facility illustrates the status of Computing at Townley. The facility allows our students to develop their passion for computer science and all things technology in an apt learning environment; as well as facilitating external events and training programmes. The School’s brand new Dining Hall provides a variety of hot and cold food at breakfast, break, lunch-time and after school, as well as a Coffee Bar which serves freshly made sandwiches and snacks. The ‘Piazza’ and the ‘Terrazza’ provide a pleasant environment for girls to eat lunch at the picnic tables or to meet friends. A snack shack called the Munchbox provides sandwiches and drinks for those who do not wish to eat in the Dining Hall.



Current school roll is 1545



Townley Grammar School became an Academy on 1st January 2012 and is therefore the admissions authority for the school. Townley Grammar School is a former maintained grammar school designated as such under section 104 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 and the Education (Grammar School Designation) Order 1998. As such it is permitted to continue to select its intake by reference to ability. Applications for Year 7 admission will be co-ordinated by the London Borough of Bexley.

The current procedure for in-year transfer is as follows:

In September 2004 the school was recognised by the DFES as a Specialist School for the Performing and Visual Arts and in 2008 we were re-designated as a High Performing Specialist School. Our second specialism in Mathematics and Computing began in September 2009. The published admissions limit for September 2016 was 224. 264 first preferences for the school were received by Bexley London Borough. The admission limit for September 2017 is 224. If places remain available at Townley Grammar School after all girls “deemed selective” by the London Borough of Bexley have been offered places, the Governors will adopt the principles and process of the London Borough of Bexley’s reserve list. Places will be offered to girls in descending order of the aggregate score achieved in the Bexley selection test. September 2016’s intake consisted of 6 girls accepted from the Townley reserve list scoring 214 (one point under).

Enquiries should be made to the School’s Admissions Co-ordinator (Mrs BradshawSmith). Students can be admitted to Townley Grammar after the start of Year 7 if vacancies arise because, for example, other children leave the school. If you would like to apply for a place at Townley Grammar School for your child, you should complete the Grammar Schools of Bexley’s Secondary In-Year Application Form or Bexley’s Secondary In-Year Application Form, available from the school website or Bexley Local Authority website. Guidance notes are available to download from the school’s website and from Bexley’s website. You will be notified of the test arrangements for entry. If your child is deemed selective but a place is not available you will be able to request that she is placed on the waiting list. The in year admissions process from 2016/2017 is as follows: The policy applies to admissions from January of Year 7 to the beginning of Year 10. The school does not normally offer places after the beginning of Year 10 or in Year 11 – other than to girls who have moved into the area and cannot continue to attend their previous school.


Townley Grammar School will participate in the Fair Access Protocol in Bexley and where required to do so will offer a place through that process ahead of any other applicant on the school’s waiting list. On receipt of an application from a girl who has moved into the area and cannot continue to attend her previous school, Townley Grammar School will arrange a selection test. In this way the school seeks to support these applicants with information about their daughter’s possible suitability for a grammar school place. Where parents/carers wish to apply as a result of a change of address, which means that their daughter can no longer attend her current school, applications will be accepted no more than 6 weeks in advance of the move. If a place can be offered, the school will need to see evidence that the move has completed before the place can be taken up. On any occasion when tests are held, the school will invite all those who have applied for

places to sit the tests. Applicants who achieve the required standard in the test will be ranked according to oversubscription criteria 1 (LAC), 3 (sibling) and 4 (distance) as stated in the school’s Admission Policy. In the event that two or more applicants live at equal distance from the school the girl with the highest aggregate score in the selection test will be offered the place. In the event that two or more girls living at an equal distance from the school have the same aggregate score, random allocation will be used. Girls will be tested only once during any school year. The names of those achieving the required standard will be added to an in-year waiting list – kept in rank order as set out above. In-year waiting lists will not transfer from one year group to the next. Any parents/carers who wish their daughter to be reconsidered for a place in a subsequent year must reapply.


CHARACTER AND WELLBEING At Townley Grammar School we encourage all students to

“Be the change they want to see in the world.� A Townley student should aspire to have the following qualities:

Confidence Resilience Courage Compassion Integrity Spirit Social Conscience Ability to Inspire These School Values encompass our Character Education vision. Students from all years are given ample opportunity to explore their own character and develop these qualities.

TOWNLEY WELLBEING Townley Grammar School is at the forefront of providing our students with exceptional care and pastoral support. Townley Wellbeing runs through P.D lessons and Student Services to ensure all our students are nurtured and their mental wellbeing is cared for. This year the school has invested in Maisy, our therapy dog. Maisy has settled in well this term and will give students who are feeling stressed or anxious additional support.


HOW TO FIND US The School is situated very close to Bexleyheath Town Centre and is well served by Public Transport, being on several bus routes.

DJ Coaches, a private coach company, are running buses for Townley Grammar students from Orpington during term time only.

































7.36am AND 7.38am

There is also convenient access from Bexley and Bexleyheath Train Stations.

If you have any queries about Admissions please contact Mrs Bradshaw-Smith Admissions Co-ordinator Tel: 020 3700 4827

If you have any queries about SEN please contact Mrs Herridge Student Services Manager Tel: 020 3700 4803

All information in this publication was correct at the time of going to print.

Townley Grammar Prospectus 2016  
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