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School Lunch, or a snack for Obesity Or a Snack for Obesity Drew Baker Towne Meadow Mr. Atkinson


School Lunch, or a snack for Obesity


What’s Happening? If we look at what our kids are fed in school today what do we say to ourselves? This is all right sometime they will pick it up. Now, 5 Years after, you said that your child is obese and you’re wondering why because you’ve been feeding him good food at home. I’ll tell you why, school lunches are giving kids chips, sugary sodas and candy that we tell our kids will rot their teeth out. I think that right now we should modify our school lunch programs like they did in Wisconsin (Feingold, 2002). We the People of America can make kids healthier if we are willing to spend a little extra tax, to keep our kids healthy. If we can spend that tax money and put it to work in the right direction then we could make profit by keeping our kids out of jail. I’m doing a report for the people’s wellbeing to inform them about the fattening that school lunches are doing to our kids. It’s time to reverse the effect and make sure that our life expectancy stays higher than our parents. Let me show you exactly what has been done against us.

The History One thing you might want to know before I go into my lecture about the evil of school lunch and what we can do against it is the history of school lunch. I don’t

School Lunch, or a snack for Obesity


know when school lunches were actually started, but I know the first free meals were given in 1853 by the US Government (Oliver, 2009). After the Government gave school lunch to all of those kids school lunch began to steadily increase. This free lunch that the government had given became increasingly popular. Then school lunch continued as normal with spikes here and there and then the military started complaining about their recruitment rates dropping because the majority of eligible applicants couldn’t contend with the rough physical because they were either not strong enough or too obese (Associated Press, 2010). Then seeing there was no standard for school lunch the military pinned the blame on school lunch. It soon became the priority in congress and finally in 1946 they passed the school lunch act that states the standards of school lunches that we use today (Oliver, 2009) however there are flaws, but back then it seemed to work out because they didn’t see any loopholes. The meals used to be perfectly portioned to give kids the required amount of energy each day (Oliver, 2009). Then all of a sudden somebody saw that there was no cap for calories only a minimum, (Cooper & Borowski, 2009). So then the big jump for fatty foods began with hot dogs, pizzas and french-fries leading the charge. Now the cycle is repeating itself as a group of retired military officers watched as recruitments rates dropped (Associated Press, 2010) and obesity rates spiked nearly 70% over the span of 30 years from 1980 to 2010.

School Lunch, or a snack for Obesity


Now of course what are they pinning the blame on? School lunch and that is why again I pose my argument that school lunches are making kids too obese.

Who’s Fault Now I’m going to tell you my opinion about whose fault it is. I personally see it as our fault and like I tell my friends” if you make the mess then you’re gonna help clean it up”. I mean who passed the bad law and before you say the Government, I will remind you that you’re neighbors kid could be the next President of the U.S. because we live in a people’s society that votes for its own delegates. In a nutshell, we need to fix what we started by forking up your tax money to keep kids from getting detention or, at worst jail from unruly conduct because they don’t have good fuel for their brains so they mostly make bad decisions due to a foggy mind. The one thing I really feel like I want to get at is why Congress didn’t see those loop holes in the “National School Lunch Act” and stop them before they became big problems. Honestly didn’t we elect those people because they were promising to voice the common opinion of the State yadayadayada? I just want the Delegates we elect and pay to give us and good return on our money and do stuff that can help us instead of playing the cheating, dirty, kill-or-be killed game of politics. I’d say that in all it’s our responsibility to deal with this even though we want to refuse and deny it because we weren’t

School Lunch, or a snack for Obesity


directly involved but, I’m a ten-year old, and I am going to take my part in the responsibility of this because I’m an American and most of you reading this are Americans, so I ask you this: is it because you’re too weak to change sides or is it because you’re strong enough in your beliefs not to. So my friends, family and enemies stand for what you think is right and you will always be right in your own and others view.

Why it’s a Problem Now if you don’t mind we’re going to shift gears a little bit and not talk about things that happened before the writing but after the writing and why it’s a problem. Well, for one reason it makes children obese and gives them a lower estimated life expectancy than their parents and makes them more eligible for Heart or Stroke related death related deaths. It also is a problem because it lessens our countries defenses (Associated Press, 2010), and makes our kids less able to defend themselves because they didn’t teach themselves any type of selfdefense in youth. I find that it is also an issue in child social life. If you are really good at sports then you are at the top of the pyramid then you don’t play sports and that is where most of the obese kids sit where I live but of course this is basketball Country so you have to be good at sports. If you aren’t good at sports then you don’t make a whole lot of friends and when you don’t make a whole lot of

School Lunch, or a snack for Obesity


friends then you become depressed and sullen and nobody likes a kid like that, especially if you’re the sad kid. I will end this argument like I did the last one by saying this; if one stays popular and loses himself then will he ever truly feel happy because of his popularity, I personally could play sports and do stuff like that at recess if I wanted to but I don’t because unless I do what I do to be myself and not be someone I’m not.

What to do Now here s a random bit of info for you, did you know by moving a salad bar 4 feet consumption can spike 250%-300% (Kuang, 2010)? No I’m not kidding. When you and kids you know do little things like that then you can really make a large difference in these things from obesity to animal abuse. Look and see what you can do around home and around the neighborhood or you could support the first lady in her campaign against childhood obesity. All I know is that we could turn things around for the better if we really wanted to but we don’t. That is what the point of this is to get us all involved to make an impact that could change the world. How to End it So you see there are so many ways to help and support around your town. For instance donating money to your the school for better lunches or launching

School Lunch, or a snack for Obesity


your own mini campaign. All I know is that if we really try then we could help our future generations be born into a world where they don’t always have to be worried about working out to stay thin because they can just stay thin by not overloading on the junk at home. And that’s another topic that I could write more about, obesity caused at home by kids going home doing homework, grabbing some chips, calling some friends and playing MW2 without a second thought. However that’s a whole other topic and I don’t want to write anymore because my fingers have calluses from typing for two hours! So remember to fight for school lunch and to stay off the soda pop or else you’ll go bouncing off the walls.

School Lunch, or a snack for Obesity


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School Lunch, or a Snack for Obesity  

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