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FALL 2017

Volume 5, Issue 3 • Published by Town Creek Farm, West Point, Mississippi • TruBrangus™, Brangus and Ultrablack

Trusted Sources BY JOY REZNICEK


The Grit welcomes your inquiries and feedback. The Grit is published by Town Creek Farm, West Point, Mississippi.

Town Creek Farm Milton Sundbeck, Owner Office: 32476 Hwy. 50 East West Point, Mississippi 39773-5207 662.494.5944 Joy Reznicek, President 205.399.0221 Clint Ladner 662.812.8370 South American Representative Ing. Agr. Federico Maisonnave (011) 595 981 362 898 Skype: federico.maisonnave Total Commitment


Brangus Lot 109. Wean weight 745 pounds

because I’m certain these callers have objectives very similar to ours. We consistently reveal our strong preference for highly fertile cattle with longevity and its relationship to profitability. Nothing is more important than a fertile cow that weans an acceptable calf. At the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) conference in Georgia this summer, a presenter shared a story of Kentucky ranchers who operate a large commercial Angus cowherd. They consistently experienced over 90% conception. They changed their way of thinking from selecting maternal bulls to selecting high carcass and growth bulls. Conception rates dropped to 80% over time. No matter what their gains were on growth or carcass, it didn’t overcome their loss of fertility or profitability. Traveling the country I have seen many powerful cowherds, both large and small, built by Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch genetics. What they all share in common are generations of disciplined use of genetics and disciplined management systems. I ask lots of questions during my visits to understand how these cowherds were built. Here’s what I’ve learned. First, their cows work and fit their environments. Rarely have I seen cows in these herds with poor udders. Cows are palpated every year and open cows are culled. Every female that brings an acceptable calf to the weaning pens stays in the herd, otherwise she’s gone. Their cows perform on the grass with little supplementation. I’ve found these cowherds have the right amount of Brahman influence to maximize productivity. Cows have adequate heat tolerance, disease resistance and they maintain heterosis. Breeding seasons are controlled. Turning bulls in with cows and pulling bulls out happens like clockwork every year. Calves uniform in weight and size are more appealing to buyers than calves strung out over long periods. Heifers kept for replacements born in a shorter time frame are easier to manage, develop and breed. Forage and stocking rates are a high priority. I don’t believe I’ve ever visited one of these customers who has been out of grass. If it’s dry, they’ve had a drought plan in place. I’ve seen some years with more grass than others, but they always manage through. Forage efficiency is directly tied to their bottom-line. Owners and managers of these cowherds carefully select seedstock producers from whom they buy bulls. Their bull providers are trusted sources who have similar objectives and understand their purpose. They buy bulls whose

daughters fit their environment and who will last in their herds. Too much growth, size and milk reduces herd fertility. Every cowherd I’ve referenced was developed by raising their own replacements. What I also learned is that all of these operations are profit-driven. They all have a daily war on cost and every decision they make is costeffective over a long-term. We believe it is our responsibility as a seedstock provider to ensure and protect our customer’s profitability and to be a trusted source. Our management system centers on this core belief. We’re convinced the single most important trait to profitability in beef production is fertility. It’s our role at Town Creek Farm to prove fertility in our genetics before they go into the hands of our customers. We have a noexception, no-excuse fertility policy from the time a heifer is bred to calve as a two-year-old all the way to death. Town Creek Farm is one of few bull providers taking the time and effort to develop and market full two-year-old bulls. These slower developed, more mature bulls last longer for our customers. They are sound footed, have a greater proclivity to graze, and are hard, muscular bulls without excessive fat. Town Creek Farm bulls have the ability to hustle and get more females bred in the front end of breeding seasons. We take great precaution and protection in providing disease-free cattle. Every bull we offer is guaranteed Johnes free (out of Johnes negative dams) and has tested negative for Trichomoniasis and BVD. Herd health is a lifesystem for every animal on Town Creek Farm to ensure our customers of defective-free animals. We supply above and beyond data such as InHerd Selection Indexes to provide a more accurate evaluation of our bull offering. We reveal percent Angus blood in every bull to offer a level of certainty of Angus and Brahman percentages so our customers can make correct breeding decisions for their respective cow herds. If you are looking to buy replacement heifers like the ones I’ve described, several of these operations I’ve referenced are offering foundation heifers at our October 21st sale. They’ve filled their pipelines or pastures and now are marketing sourced replacements as part of their revenue streams. Town Creek Farm offers this program to all our bull customers. We believe it is our responsibility to breed sustainable genetics that provide long-term value and profitability. Actions we take to ensure and protect profitability are benefits of doing business with Town Creek Farm.

300 commercial bred heifers– Brangus and Ultrablack Heifers selling in the Town Creek Farm Commercial Heifer Sale are brought to you by reputation ranchers using original Cow Creek Ranch genetics from both Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch. Town Creek Farm is in its fifth year of hosting this sale that is a continuation of the 19-year running Cow Creek Ranch Commercial Bred Heifer Sale. Heifers selling are source-verified, uniform, multi-generation, genetically tracked heifers sired by Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch bulls or out of Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch cows and bred back to Town Creek Farm bulls and Cow Creek Ranch bulls. Heifers have been certified safe in calf by a veterinarian or ultrasound technician within 30 days of sale. Heifers will sell in groups of five (±) by consignor. Buyers have option to roll two pens of heifers at the established price as long as the heifers are from the same consignor. After three pens, the price is reestablished through the bidding process.

■ LOTS 201-280 - Williamson Cattle Company, Faunsdale, Alabama, and Okeechobee, Florida 20-year consignor to Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch Commercial Heifer Sales

Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch Brangus and Ultrablack sired all-black heifers bred back to low birth weight Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch Brangus and Ultrablack bulls. Heifers are ranch raised, genetically sourced and rank in the top 20 percent of Williamson Cattle Company’s 2016 calf crop. Heifers will calve from 11/3/17 to 1/1/18.

■ LOTS 281 - 325 – River Oaks Farm, John McKnight, Searcy, Arkansas

19-year consignor to Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch Commercial Heifer Sales

Group 1: Brangus and Ultrablack heifers out of Cow Creek Ranch cows bred to low birthweight sons of both CCR integrity 355S4 and CCR Sleep Easy 1503U. Calving from 11/4/17 to 1/2/18. Heifers will calve as twoyear-olds. Group 2: Ultrablack heifers out of Cow Creek Ranch cows bred to low birthweight sons of both CCR integrity 355S4 and CCR Sleep Easy 1503U. Calving from 1/28/18 to 3/30/18. Heifers will calve as two-year-olds. Some black baldies in this group.

■ LOTS 326- 350 – CP Bar Brangus, Paul Gray, Holcomb, Mississippi

18-year consignor to Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch Commercial Heifer Sales

Heifers bred to TCF Sleep Easy 1144C3. This gentle set of Brangus heifers are stacked Town Creek/Cow Creek genetics, representing Pathfinder, Thunder, Sleep Easy, Buckshot, and integrity on their dam side and Pathfinder and Sleep Easy herd sire sons. Heifers are 100% grass developed and are easy to handle on foot. They are used to people and 4 wheelers and will add longevity to any program. Heifers will calve from 2/10/18 to 4/11/18.


Sale catalogs were mailed September 23, 2017. If you have not received a catalog, you likely are not on our catalog list or catalog is lost in mail. Catalogs were mailed to Florida residents on September 27. To receive a catalog go to or call Roxanne at 205.799.6121.


Friday, October 20, 2017 All Day – Cattle available for viewing. 6 pm – Boot Scootin’ BBQ Party Social, Dinner and Dancing Live music by Cedar Creek Ramblers The Cedar Creek Ramblers have established themselves as one of the more powerful foursomes in the Southeast. Enjoy country tunes to bluegrass standards. Saturday, October 21, 2017 11 am – Lunch featuring Town Creek Farm Beef Burgers 12 noon – Town Creek Farm Commercial Brangus Bred Heifer Sale followed by Town Creek Farm Bull Sale


Please contact Roxanne Spurgin at or 205.799.6121 for assistance in selecting and making hotel accommodations. Sale weekend coincides with a Mississippi State University home game. Town Creek Farm has secured area hotel rooms to accommodate our customers.

■ LOTS 351-385 – Megehee Cattle Company, Jacob Megehee, Macon, Mississippi 13-year consignor to Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch Commercial Heifer Sales

Black Brangus heifers out of CCR Sleep Easy 9L2, CCR integrity 355S4, CCR Thunder 641R4, and CCR integrity 036P9 daughters and granddaughters bred to low birthweight Town Creek Farm integrity and Rapid Reward bulls. These heifers are the best that megehee Cattle Company has brought to the sale. Heifers are gentle and have been fed each day since weaning to assure a good attitude. Calving from 11/3/17 to 1/12/18.

■ LOTS 401-464 – Longino Ranch, Cliff Coddington, Sidell, Florida 3-year consignor to Town Creek Farm Commercial Heifer Sale Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch solid black Brangus and Ultrablack sired heifers bred back to low birth weight bulls. Group 1: A.i.’d to CCR integrity 355S4. ECD: 12/24/17. Pasture bred to TCF Sleep Easy 180C3 and TCF integrity 563C to calve from 12/28/17 to 2/25/18. Group 2: A.i.’d to CCR integrity 355S4. ECD: 1/20/18. Pasture bred to TCF Sleep Easy 180C3 and TCF integrity 563C to calve from 1/23/18 to 3/25/18. Heifers were developed at Cow Creek Ranch, Aliceville, Alabama, from weaning to sale day. Heifers were A.i.’d and pasture bred on Cow Creek Ranch. Heifers will calve as two-year-olds. Longino Ranch has been using Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch bulls for 13 years. Both groups of heifers averaged 90% conception. ■ LOTS 473-487 – Montgomery Farms, Mark Montgomery, Moulton, Alabama 9-year consignor to Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch Commercial Heifer Sales

TCF Rockstar 546Z2 daughters bred back to CCR Pathfinder 70Z2. Calving from 11/25/17 to 2/22/18.

■ LOTS 488-506 – B&B Farm, Gerome Burrell, Linden, Alabama

5-year consignor to Town Creek Farm Commercial Heifer Sale TCF Sleep Easy 067Z5 and CCR Ultrablack 1749Y5 daughters bred back to TCF Ultrablack 59B2. Calving from 11/11/17 to 3/11/18.

■ LOTS 507-541 – Lowell Dollar Farms, Lowell Dollar, Bainbridge, Georgia 2-year consignor to Town Creek Farm Commercial Heifer Sale

Brangus and Ultrablack heifers bred back to low birth weight bulls TCF integrity 5281A5; TCF Sleep Easy 211B5; TCF Pathfinder 804B4; and TCF integrity 788B4, son of CCR integrity 355S4. Calving from 2/8/18 to 4/2/18.

■ LOTS 542-545 – Walker Land & Cattle, Jason Walker, Lineville, Alabama First year consignor to Town Creek Farm Commercial Heifer Sale

Brangus and Ultrablack heifers bred back to TCF Sleep Easy 14A5. Calving from 2/5/18 to 4/24/18.

These heifers sell from Williamson Cattle Company.

These heifers sell from Longino Ranch.

The first thing that comes to mind is

the consistency and quality year after

year. By that I mean the ability to have a

calf unassisted, raise the calf and breed

back. These are three very important


things in the cattle business.



TruBrangus™ Lot 3. Year REA/CWT: 1.21. Full 2-yr. old.

Total Commitment

Since 1993

3 Quality Assurance always comes first.

Town Creek Farm Sale

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2017 • 12 NOON at the ranch’s Town Creek Pavilion near West Point, Mississippi TruBrangus™ Lot 9. Year REA/CWT 1.14. Full 2-yr. old.

140TruBrangus™ Town ,Creek Farm Bulls Brangus and Ultrablack Bulls INCLUDING 60 FULL 2 YEAR-OLD BULLS (DOB: Fall 2015) JOHNES-FREE, TRICH AND BVD TESTED. Practical, functional bulls developed on high roughage, forage-based ration. Cow Creek Ranch based genetics. Large selection User-Friendly bulls, Maternal Bulls and Calving Ease bulls. Videos of bulls will be available on-line at October 1, 2017. Heifer videos will be on-line in selling groups on October 20, 2017. Bulls may be viewed at the ranch between now and sale day. Please call Joy at 205.399.0221 or Clint at 662.812.8370 for showings.

TruBrangus™ Lot 30. Wean weight 678 pounds. Full 2-yr- old.

■ nearly half of bull offering are full Brangus Lot 13. Year marbling 4.56%. Full 2-yr.-old.

2-year old bulls.

■ Bulls developed slowly on high

roughage, grass silage-based low energy ration to ensure durability, reliability, weight maintenance.

Brangus Lot 21. Year marbling 5.23%. 145Z3 son. Full 2-yr.-old.

■ Bulls reproductively sound. We are

committed to proving highly fertile genetics that are functional. Every heifer calves as a two-year old.

■ Heat and humidity tolerant bulls. TruBrangus™ Lot 3. Year REA/CWT: 1.21. Full 2-yr.-old.

TruBrangus™ Lot 32. Wean weight 687 pounds. Full 2-yr.-old.

Percent Angus stated on each lot.

■ Large selection of user-friendly,

high maternal, low birth weight bulls needed to produce valuable replacement heifers. Profit begins with a live calf.

■ Expansive herd health program.

Annual whole herd Johnes testing. Bulls sell trich and BVD tested and guaranteed Johnes free.

TruBrangus™ Lot 8. Year marbling 4.81%. Full 2-yr.-old.

TruBrangus™ Lot 11. Rapid Rewards 99W11 son .Full 2-yr.-old.

TruBrangus™ Lot 44. Rapid Reward 99W11 son. Full 2-yr.-old.

Ultrablack Lot 23.Rapid Reward 145Z3 son. Full 2-yr.-old.


Options for bidding for buyers unable to attend the sale include On-Line bidding. Contact DV Auctions at 402.316.5460 or go to Or, by contacting Joy or Clint to work with you on cattle needs and budget.

Town Creek Farm to Auction Painting to Benefit Youth at Town Creek Farm Sale TOWN CREEK FARM WILL AUCTION A LIMITED EDITION FRAMED PRINT ON OCTOBER 21, 2017, DURING THE TOWN CREEK FARM SALE. e print is only one of 10 being offered to commemorate the 40th anniversary of International Junior Brangus Breeders Association (IJBBA). For more information on the print, please reference page 38 of the 2017 Town Creek Farm Sale Catalog. .

2016 GELDING. PG DRY FIRE X DAUGHTER OF LIGHT N LENA. A GOOD COW HORSE IS HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER AND IS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF MANAGING LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION. Town Creek Farm is breeding and developing registered American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) cow horses ready to go to work on your ranch. We have a string of young horses in training that were born and bred right here on the ranch. Our program started with breedings to outstanding stallions: PG Dry Fire “The Horsemen’s Horse” winner of $136,154 in National Reining competition of National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) and National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) events; Southerns Booncat, son of Peptoboonsmal; Chexter Chex, son of Nu Chex to Cash, AQHA number one All Time Reining Points Earner and the only horse in AQHA history to win both the Reining and Working Cow Horse high point titles the same year. These horses will be used on our ranch and will be exposed to a wide range of different jobs and situations before we offer them for sale. Be on the lookout for Town Creek Farm horses selling in the future. – Anne Sutherland

Brahman Leaders Tour Town Creek Farm TOWN CREEK FARM HOSTED THE AMERICAN JUNIOR BRAHMAN BREEDERS ASSOCIATION (AJBBA) DURING THEIR LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE AT MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY THIS SUMMER. A group of 60 youths and adult leaders from a multitude of southern states toured Town Creek Farm. The group travelled on busses to Town Creek Farm and viewed our 1/2 blood (1/2 Brahman 1/2 Angus) calf crop along with our three-year-old pairs with spring born calves at side. Town Creek Farm then hosted a Town Creek Beef Burger dinner. Brahman breeder and AJBBA youth advisor, Carlos Guerra, of Texas left us with these words, “I am impressed with your grass, management, disposition and uniformity of cattle.”


Town Creek Farm Hosts Field Day CATTLEMEN AND CATTLEWOMEN RECENTLY GATHERED AT TOWN CREEK FARM FOR A MORNING OF EDUCATION AND CATTLE VIEWING. Dr. N.T. Cosby was the morning’s lead speaker sharing his experiences and research in nutritional management. “Nutrition is the single largest financial input into any cattle operation. Balancing effective feeding with the cost associated with maintaining a cow herd is the hardest decision you will have to make,” said Dr. Cosby who is a Nutritionist with Purina Mills. “Some ways to cut costs are to cut hay waste. Know how big your cows are. Weigh your cows. Take care of your young cows. Use strategic supplementation for cows and provide good animal husbandry.” Sam Blakeney of Zoetis followed with tips on health management. “ere are two types of reputations, good ones and bad ones, so vaccinate your calves. We have to be accountable as producers from a herd health standpoint,” said Blakeney. Participants learned the importance of proper hay sampling with a live hay sampling demonstration. “Eyeball” methods of determining hay quality don’t cut it if you are trying cost-effectively supplement your cowherd. e morning program concluded with Arkansas rancher, John McKnight sharing his 85-year history in the cattle business. “I’ve watched cattle go from short cattle to unbelievably tall cattle, said McKnight. I believe we are finally getting it right and raising the right kind of cattle.” Town Creek Farm beef lunch was served followed by announcement of door prizes winners.

CLAY WAGNON OF ARKANSAS BOUGHT THIS COW CREEK RANCH BULL IN 2009 WHICH MAKES HIM AN 11 YEAR BULL. AND, HE IS STILL GOING STRONG. Clay shared this picture and says “I just love this bull. He has such a great disposition and has done such a good job for me. He’ll just die on my place. I can’t send him away.” Thank you Clay for sharing your story.

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The Grit, Fall 2017  

Town Creek Farm again welcomes readers to "The Grit" newsletter. Read about the Town Creek Farm's upcoming sale on October 21st and our gene...

The Grit, Fall 2017  

Town Creek Farm again welcomes readers to "The Grit" newsletter. Read about the Town Creek Farm's upcoming sale on October 21st and our gene...