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Town Creek Farm Since 1993

FALL 2015

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Atistotle Could Have Been A Seedstock Breeder BY MILTON SUNDBECK MILTON SUNDBECK

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Town Creek Farm Milton Sundbeck, Owner Office: 32476 Hwy. 50 East West Point, Mississippi 39773 662.494.5944 Joy Reznicek, President 205.399.0221 Ron Flake 662.494.1577 office 662.509.2233 South American Representative Ing. Agr. Federico Maisonnave (011) 595 981 362 898 Skype: federico.maisonnave Total Commitment



traits that will produce the best economic outcome for their operations over the long term. There is always temptation to veer thinker that ever lived. He taught that from the “mean” as there are always a virtue and happiness could be achieved by group of hucksters out there hawking an seeking the “Golden Mean” between the expensive shortcut. extremes of excess and deficiency. As a I have discovered it is a lot harder to young person first reading this philosophy, find the middle path and stay on it in the to this very day, I have sought to live and cattle business than in most endeavors. think this way. Turnaround time is long and it is very In a world of instant gratification, costly and time consuming to clean up a rampant drug abuse and runaway obesity, wreck from a bad decision made in the the “mean” in life seems like a far-fetched moment. idea. Extremes are like a magnet in all When I read Burke Teichert’s “Profitable Cow Herds” article in the March phases of a cattle operation. We are always having to adjust to markets, weather and issue of Beef Magazine, I thought, this is too much information. right out of Aristotle’s play book. Mr. Our objectives at Town Creek Farm are Teichert points out, “By recognizing the first, do no harm to our bull buyers herds. interconnectedness of herd and pasture management, economics and marketing, it This begins with our commitment to a Johnes free herd and guarantee that all of becomes apparent that maximums are our bulls are Johnes free and their mothers never the most profitable level of were Johnes free when their calves were production”. He also stated in the article that his “method for getting profitable cow weaned. Secondly, we want our bull buyers to know that we breed to achieve a balance herds doesn’t align with buying bulls with the highest EPDs for weaning weight, milk, of the traits that are most important to commercial cow/calf producers. carcass quality and yield grade”. I recently drove by our bull While the-bigger-the-better approach works for producers of terminal crosses, it development pastures and saw our sale bulls grazing. It dawned on me just how won’t work for commercial herds that critical it is not to break a bull’s grazing retain a high percentages of their heifers for replacements. And, it certainly doesn’t habits. There is a fine line between developing fit bulls and not breaking their work for seedstock producers like us who grazing pattern and developing fit bulls develop all of their replacements. Our replacement heifers will ultimately become that become dependant on delivered feed. dams of bulls that go into commercial cow Finding the golden mean is crucial. Lastly, we want our buyers to know herds, then sire replacement heifers for our that we intend to continue this mission bull customers. While we pay attention to and tradition that was embodied in the EPDs, phenotypic traits are more mind of Joe Reznicek and the Cow Creek important to our breeding program. Ranch herd from which our herd has They include fertility, grazing sprung. efficiency, calving ease, feed I don’t know if Joe ever read Aristotle’s conversion, longevity, philosophy but he certainly mastered it. I uniformity, disposition, think Joe and Aristotle would agree with fitness to breed, . Burke Teichert’s comment in the Good cattlemen are article “Perfection is never wise to these considerations and understand that it takes achieved, but excellence can be.” a lot of discipline to balance

Lot 135, Brangus Bull 79B sells. 4.04% year marbling.

Total Commitment

Quality Assurance always comes first.

Town Creek Farm Sale Since 1993

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2015 • 12 NOON at the farm’s Town Creek Pavilion near West Point, Mississippi Left to Right; Lot 19, Brangus Bull 102A6; Lot 11, Brangus Bull 4329A; and Lot 15, BRangus Buill 460A2.

160 Town Creek Farm Bulls Brangus and Ultrablack Bulls INCLUDING 60 FULL 2 YEAR-OLD BULLS Entire 2 year-old calf crop sells, no bulls have been sold from this group. Powerful, practical, functional bulls developed on a high roughage forage-based ration. Bulls guaranteed fertile and reproductively sound. Largely Cow Creek Ranch based genetics.



Videos of bulls will be available on-line at after October 1, 2015. ■ Entire calf crop of two-year old



Ultrablack LOT 137, 956B4 SELLS. YEAR REA/CWT: 1.27 SQ. IN.

BRANGUS bull 743z sells. 4.79% year marbling.


bulls sell. No bulls have been sold. ■ Bulls developed on high roughage, forage-based low energy ration to ensure durablility, reliability and weight maintenance. ■ Slick haired, heat and humidity tolerant bulls. Guaranteed reproductively sound. ■ Large selection of user-friendly, high maternal, low birthweight bulls needed to produce valuable replacement heifers. Profit begins with a live calf. ■ Expansive herd health program. Annual whole herd Johnes testing. Bulls sell rich tested, Johnes free (bulls & dams Johnes free), BVD-PI tested. ■ Grow-Safe System used to identify most efficient feed and forage animals. Buy On-Line with DVAuction.Com.


brangus lot 131, 795b sells. 4.02% year marbling.

280 COMMERCIAL BRANGUS, ULTRABLACK AND BLACK BALDIE BRED HEIFERS The commercial bred heifers are brought to you by reputation ranchers using Cow Creek Ranch genetics from both Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch. This sale a continuation of the 19-year running Cow Creek Ranch Commercial Bred Heifer Sale held in Aliceville, Alabama, and now at Town Creek Farm. Heifers selling are uniform, multi-generation, genetically-tracked heifers sired by Cow Creek Ranch bulls or out of Cow Creek Ranch cows and bred back to Cow Creek Ranch and Town Creek Farm bulls. Heifers are source and ranch verified and have been palpated safe in calf. Commercial bred heifers will sell in groups of five (±) by consignor. Buyers have an option to roll two pens of heifers at the established price as long as the heifers are from the same consignor. After three pens, the price is reestablished through the bidding process. Heifers are authentic, ranch-raised, source-verified and will take your program to the next level. ■ LOTS 201 - 290, 675-699

Williamson Cattle Company, The Williamson Family, Faunsdale, Alabama, and Okeechobee, Florida – 120 Heifers 18 year consignor to Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch Commercial Heifer Sales Cow Creek Ranch Brangus and Ultrablack sired heifers bred back to low birthweight Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch Brangus and Ultrablack bulls. These heifers are ranch raised, genetically sourced and rank in the top 20 percent of Williamson Cattle Company’s 2014 calf crop. Calving from November 15, 2015, to January 15, 2016. Heifers will calve as two-years olds. ■ LOTS 291-340 – River Oaks Farm, John McKnight, Searcy, Arkansas– 50 Heifers 17 year consignor to Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch Commercial Heifer Sales Group 1: 15 Black Baldie heifers out of Cow Creek Ranch cows bred to low birthweight sons of CCR Integrity 355S4 and CCR Sleep Easy 1503U. Calving from November 10, 2015, to December 25, 2015. Heifers will calve at two-years old. Bucket broke. Group 2: 35 Black Baldie heifers out of Cow Creek Ranch cows bred to low birthweight sons of CCR Integrity 355S4 and CCR Sleep Easy 1503U. Calving from February 1, 2016, to May 1, 2016. Heifers will calve as two-years olds. Bucket broke. ■ LOTS 341- 365 – CP Bar Brangus, Paul Gray, Holcomb, Mississippi – 35 Heifers 16 year consignor to Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch Commercial Heifer Sales CCR Pathfinder 44R2, CCR Thunder 698S2 and CCR Integrity 305R daughters (out of Cow Creek Ranch Thunder, Buckshot and Pathfinder granddaughters) bred to TCF Sleep Easy 89Z. Calving from February 5, 2016 to April 5, 2016. Heifers developed on grass and will calve as two-years olds. Heifers are extremely gentle and easy to handle on foot. Exposed to four-wheelers and children. ■ LOTS 366-426 – Megehee Cattle Company, Jacob Megehee, Macon, Mississippi – 60 Heifers 11 year consignor to Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch Commercial Heifer Sales Group 1: 55 heifers out of CCR Sleep Easy 9L2, CCR Integrity 355S4, CCR Thunder 641R4, and CCR Integrity 036P9 daughters and granddaughters bred to low calving ease Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch bulls. All heifers sired by and bred back to low birthweight bulls. Calving from November 1, 2015 to January 10, 2016. These heifers were bred in cold, wet, moldy and miserable times with an 87 percent conception. Group 2: 6 heifers out of CCR Sleep Easy 9L2, CCR Integrity 355S4, CCR Thunder 641R4, and CCR Integrity 036P9 daughters and granddaughters bred to low calving ease Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch bulls. All heifers sired by and bred back to low birthweight bulls. Calving from February 8, 2016 to March 10, 2016. Heifers will calve at 28 to 33 months of age. User friendly. 16 years using Cow Creek Ranch bulls. ■ LOTS 427-441– Montgomery Farms, Mark Montgomery, Moulton, Alabama – 15 Heifers 7 year consignor to Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch Commercial Heifer Sales CCR Integrity 386R4 daughters bred back to CCR Pathfinder 70Z2 and TCF Rockstar 546Z2. Calving from November 15, 2015 to February 10, 2016. ■ LOTS 442-453 – 12 Heifers – B&B Farm, Gerome Burrell, Linden, Alabama 3 year consignor to Town Creek Farm Commercial Heifer Sale CCR Rocky 1000L daughters bred back to CCR Ultrablack 1749Y5. Calving from December 10, 2015, to April 10, 2016. Heifers are bucket broke. ■ LOTS 454-459 – 6 Heifers – Reznicek Ranch, Joy Reznicek, Jeff and Erin Reznicek, Aliceville, Alabama – 6 Heifers Cow Creek Ranch Brangus and Ultrablack sired heifers bred back to low birthweight Town Creek Farm Brangus and Ultrablack bulls. Heifers are gentle, hand fed and accustomed to being handled on foot and horse. These heifers represent more than two decades of proven Cow Creek Ranch genetics. Calving from November 15, 2015 to January 15, 2016. Heifers will calve as long two-years olds. ■ LOTS 460-474 – Longino Ranch, Cliff Coddington, Sidell, Florida – 35 Heifers Cow Creek Ranch Brangus and Ultrablack sired heifers bred back to low birthweight Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch Brangus and Ultrablack bulls. These heifers are ranch raised and genetically sourced. Longino Ranch has been using Cow Creek Ranch bulls for 10 years. Calving from January 10, 2016 to February 25, 2016. Heifers will calve at 32 months of age.



SALE INFORMATION ■ SALE CATALOGS Sale catalogs were mailed September 15, 2015. If you have not received a catalog, you likely not on our catalog list. Please request a catalog at or call Joy at 205.399.0221.

■ HOTEL ACCOMODATIONS Town Creek Farm has secured a block of hotel rooms in West Point. Please contact Roxanne Spurgin at 205.799.6121 or email her at to assist you in making accommodations to meet your hotel needs. (Our sale date is a Mississippi State University home football game weekend.) Call now and make plans to join us.

■ SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Friday, October 16, 2015 Cattle available for viewing. 6 pm – Boot Scootin’ BBQ Party Live music by Cedar Creek Ramblers The Cedar Creek Ramblers have established themselves as one of the more powerful foursomes in the Southeast. Enjoy country tunes to bluegrass standards . Saturday, October 17, 2015 11:00 am – Lunch, Town Creek Farm “Bully Burgers” processed by Mississippi State University 12 noon – Town Creek Farm Commercial Brangus Bred Heifer Sale followed by the Town Creek Farm Bull Sale



Powerful Speakers, Events to Headline 2015 Fall Brangus Conference, August 20 - 22 “WE ARE VERY EXCITED AND HONORED THAT THE INTERNATIONAL BRANGUS BREEDERS ASSOCIATION WILL HAVE ITS FALL CONFERENCE at our ranch in Clay County, Mississippi. We plan to roll out the red carpet for both groups as well as the great Southeast cattlemen and their families," says Milton Sundbeck. Town Creek Farm ,together with Southeast Brangus Breeders and International Brangus Breeders Associations (IBBA), will host the 2015 Fall IBBA Conference and Field Day on August 20 to 22. FEATURE EVENTS • Golf Scramble at the Old Waverly Championship Golf Club in West Point, the host site of the 1999 US Women’s Open. • Skeet Shoot at Prairie Wildlife, which offers some of the finest sporting experiences anywhere. Prairie operates Orvis Wing Shooting Schools, Orvis Fly Fishing Schools and is a conservation-driven sporting estate. • Country Hoedown Party featuring live music and Southern comfort food, Friday evening, August 21. • Southeast Brangus Breeders Field Day, Saturday, August 22. • Powerful line-up of industry speakers. • International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) Board of Directors meeting. • IBBA Committee Meetings. Sit in on decision and policy making committees of IBBA. • Ladies luncheon at the famed Bryn Bella Antebellum home. • Industry Trade Show, plus, much more. CONFERENCE KEYNOTE SPEAKER

CHANDLER KEYS, CURRENT PRINCIPAL AT KEYS GROUP, grew up on a family farm in Maryland. In addition to helping his family raise purebred Angus cattle and grow various grain crops, he was active in 4-H and other agriculture clubs. After earning his Bachelor degree from the University of Maryland, Chandler held an entry-level position with National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA). Over the next two decades, Chandler stayed with NCBA and moved up within the organization. He became the Vice President for Government and Industry Relations where he led the 20 plus staff in the Washington DC office. His leadership on farm policy, food safety, trade, animal health, taxes, farm credit, and several other issues helped ensure a strong voice for America’s farmers and ranchers in Washington. Chandler then took his leadership to Swift & Company, later JBS, until he began Keys Group in 2012. Chandler and his family live in Maryland. CONFERENCE and FIELD DAY HOTEL HEADQUARTERS

Conference and Field Day headquarters is the Hampton Inn. Please contact the hotel directly to secure rooms. HAMPTON INN AND SUITES 1281 Hwy 45 Alt South West Point, Mississippi 39773 662-494-7802 Email: Group code: BRANGUS Cutoff date August 12, 2015 For an operation’s genetics to be considered relevant, and then be chosen by cow/calf producers, they need to show tangible benefits to ranchers. The cattle must value.


LADIES ARE INVITED TO JOIN HOSTESS CHRISSY HEARD AT BRYN BELLA, CIRCA 1849, during the Southeast Brangus Breeders Field Day, Saturday, August 22, 2015. The traditional antebellum home is located outside of Columbus, Mississippi, just minutes away from Town Creek Farm. This will not be an ordinary luncheon. Ladies will have an opportunity to tour Bryn Bella and learn of its rich history. Chrissy Heard and her husband, Keith, purchased the home from Ambassador Robert and Thelma Pugh in 2006. The Heards have enriched the home with charm and warmth and enticed friends, visitors and guests to their private residence ever since. Chrissy Heard manages the equine cavy for Town Creek Farm. Bryn Bella’s story begins with William Sumptor Cox who left South Carolina in early 1833 and headed west to Mississippi. Along the way, he stopped in Tuskegee, Alabama, and picked up his intended bride, 12year-old Julia Rush. Together, they continued the trip west and eventually settled in Columbus, Lowndes County, Mississippi. Little by little, William and Julia purchased acreage from local Indians and by 1860 they had acquired 5500 acres, 110 slaves, 11 children and built their plantation home (in 1849). William died in a carriage accident in 1861 just as the Civil War began heating up. Julia was left alone to deal with the complexities of running a plantation and navigating a harsh political climate while her two sons who were fighting for the Confederacy. Their eldest, William, Jr. , was killed during the battle of Atlanta. Bryn Bella remained in the Cox family until 1900. It came dangerously close to being demolished in the 1970s, but was saved and restored, and then landed in the hands of the Heards. Ladies, this is a lunch you won’t want to miss. Details will follow. INDUSTRY TRADE SHOW

Booth space is still available for the Brangus Conference Trade Show, August 20 - 22. To secure space please contact Roxanne Spurgin at 662.494.5944, Joy Reznicek at 205.399.0221, or Ron Flake at 662.509.2233.

Brangus Bred Heifers Top Mississippi Agribition for First Time in 18 Years A SET OF COW CREEK RANCH SIRED BRED HEIFERS WERE THE HIGH SELLERS of the 2015 Mississippi Beef Agribition Sale in Verona, Mississippi. is marks the first time in its 18-year history that Brangus have topped the bred heifer sale. Longtime Town Creek Farm and Cow Creek Ranch customer, and consignor of the top sellers, Jacob Megehee, says, “Generally talking, people have traditionally wanted Angus heifers at this sale. Now, they are looking for something that does better. Brangus is something that does better.” “In the heat of the summer, Brangus are less likely to shade up, says Megehee. Brangus can improve what many people have.” Megehee’s heifers sold from $3000 to $2800. e heifers were bred back to Town Creek and Cow Creek bulls. Megehee ranches outside of Macon, Mississippi, and has consigned heifers to the Cow Creek and Town Creek sales for 10 years.

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