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Dry Land Class Descriptions Total Body Conditioning (TBC)

This refreshing and energizing class combines the supportive nature of water and the harmonizing effects of yoga; this makes it ideal for people of all ages and health to not only keep fit but also strengthen the body and mind. Slow stretches, breathing and relaxation techniques and the use of water to provide resistance to the muscles makes this a challenging and relaxing workout!

Balance & Range of Motion (ROM)


This spin class combines spinning with plyometric interval training off the bike. It is a total-body workout that consists of a 60-minute cardio segment followed by core strengthening.

The “gentlest” of our gentle classes, this is a warm water class working on balance, gait training and range of motion exercises. This class focuses on slow, controlled motions in the water and is a great choice for those looking to rehabilitate an injury or for women looking for a pre- or post-natal option.

REV IT Up Spin

Gentle Aquafit

Full Body Blast

Relieve stiffness and increase flexibility with a class designed specifically for people with mild arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome or back problems. Emphasis is on a long warm-up, stretching and range of motion exercises. Gradually participants will progress to gentle cardiovascular training and the use of flotation devices.

Riley Minue Pool (formerly the lap pool) Aquajog NEW

A great way to supplement your training for your next race or maintain your fitness level while injured. This is an intensive workout that removes the repetitive impact associated with running on land. It also improves blood flow to muscles and speeds up recovery between land based workouts. We focus on the rate of perceived exertion (RPE) scale to challenge each participant to reach their individual goals.

Aqua Variety

This aqua fitness class can change weekly, offering a variety of workouts in deep water, including: boot camp, tethered, sport focus, and strength classes. Water specific equipment may be used and will be provided.

Deep Water Workout (DWW)

Deep water workout is an aerobic workout in deep water. Challenge your cardiovascular system and build up muscle tone to improve overall fitness levels. Swimming skills are not necessary but participants should be comfortable in deep water. Buoyancy belts are provided.


This class is a tethered class where you are attached to a lane rope and working out in deep water in your own space. Workouts may consist of water running as well as CALA workout moves. Additional equipment needed for class will be provided.


TBC uses your own body weight and a variety of equipment such as medicine balls, resistance tubes, and gliders for a challenging and varied workout that keeps you working!

This Spin class, on indoor spin bikes increases cardiovascular capacity by combining endurance, interval training and cadence control. Rev It Up will help build and maintain endurance year-round, and give the added benefit of fat loss and toning through anaerobic interval sets.

In this intense hour, anything goes. We’ll use all kinds of equipment, as well as body weight exercises, to give you a great strength, cardio, and stamina workout.

Rock Body Circuit


Looking for an awesome muscle blaster and fat burner… this one uses the entire gym so we have lots of space to kick the workout up few notches. Med balls and body weight movement, with sprints all combined into super intervals for the ultimate workout.



Kickboxing blends athletic drills with martial arts to create an intense cardiovascular workout. You can burn as many as 500 calories in a one-hour class and achieve a total body workout.

Schedule Changes: • The drop in group fitness schedule is altered on stat holidays, holiday weekends and school breaks, and may change during special events. •

Use of the lanes and/or the deep end of Riley Minue Pool may be reduced or restricted during public/lane swim times to accommodate swim lessons, aqua fitness classes, and/or leadership courses.

• Please visit or call 403-938-5094 to check for updates to the schedule.

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