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PARKS & TRAILS PEDESTRIAN TRAIL SYSTEM The Town of Aurora is fortunate to have an extensive pedestrian trail system which connects many of its neighbourhood parks, Town facilities and open space corridors. Presently the Town maintains approximately 62 kilometers of trails. Come out and enjoy a leisurely hike through the natural valley land setting of mixed forests, meadows and wetland habitats of the Holland River Valley Trail. This trail is Aurora’s longest trail corridor stretching from Vandorf in the south (just west of Bayview Avenue) all the way up to St. John’s Sideroad at Industrial Parkway North. The trail corridor links municipal facilities such as the Town Hall, the Senior’s Centre and the Aurora Family Leisure Complex as well as the Aurora Community Arborteum, Sheppard’s Bush and Lambert Willson Park. Another significant trail corridor is the Willow Farm, Lakeview Trail system; a trail linking parks and linear open space corridors within the forested hills of St. Andrews in northwest Aurora. The topography is very undulating as the trail rises up to one of the highest points of elevation within Aurora. All Aurora trails are considered multi-use, with the primary focus being pedestrian hikers. Opportunities also exist for cross country skiers. The majority of our trails are compact gravel surfaces with some asphalt sections through neighbourhood and community parks. Please note that our trails are not groomed or maintained during winter months, and conditions vary widely. Surface conditions can change dramatically during the winter to create potentially hazardous hiking and skiing conditions. All users are advised to respect other trail users, to stay on designated trails and to exercise caution at all times. COMMUNITY PARKS & SPORTS FACILITIES The town currently has over 75 parks and open space areas including 44 playgrounds encompassing over 700 acres, 3 children’s water-play splash pads, 35 soccer fields, 18 ball diamonds and a wide variety of other recreational activities. Please come out and enjoy what Aurora has to offer! Our latest addition is Thomas Coates Park; it is located at 234 Mavrinac Blvd. This park has tennis, pickleball and basketball courts, a playground, an open play-space and on-sight parking. For further information please visit EMERALD ASH BORER The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive insect that kills all types of healthy ash trees. The insect was discovered in Aurora in 2011. While the Emerald Ash Borer poses no risk to human health, it is a significant threat to our forests. The Town currently has a vendor in place to provide treatment services to combat the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer. The contract will provide for the preventative application of a pesticide approved in Canada that has shown to protect ash trees from the EAB. Approximately 2,000 publicly-owned trees along boulevards and rights-of-way have been identified in the Town’s street tree inventory as potential candidates for treatment. Trees meeting the treatment criteria will be marked by Town staff with a small but highly-visible painted dot.

MEMORIAL TREE & PARK BENCH DEDICATION PROGRAM Would you like to establish “Lasting Roots” in your community? Are you looking for a unique gift idea for that special person or occasion? Perhaps you feel like making an investment in greening your community? If so, we encourage you to contact the Parks Division to find out more about the memorial tree planting and park bench dedication program. Please call 905-727-3123 ext 3233 or email AURORA ADOPT-A-PARK IS YOUR CHANCE TO GROW WITH THE COMMUNITY Over 700 acres of Parkland, an outstanding Trail System and friendly treelined streets contribute to Aurora’s natural beauty and make it a place we are proud to call home. Did you know that the Adopt-A-Park program provides local businesses, community groups and residents with the opportunity to enhance the environment and beautify our town by assisting with the maintenance and developement of Aurora’s parks and trail systems? Adopt-A-Park continues to: • Create opportunities for citizens to support our parks and green spaces. • Share the responsibility for a clean community. • Develop opportunities for youth involvement. • Build community pride and a sense of ownership in our parklands. Including tree and shrub plantings, there are a number of ways for individuals, interested groups and organizationst to become involved in this exciting program. Please contact the Parks Division at 905-727-3123 ext. 3233 for further information or email

For more information, please contact the Parks Division at 905-727-3123 ext. 3233 or by email at Community Services Program Guide | Fall 2019


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Community Services Fall 2019 Program Guide  

Community Services Fall 2019 Program Guide