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Welcome to Issue 8, and please join us in celebrating our second birthday! This time of year can be a nightmare for hay fever sufferers, and if I’m not sneezing with streaming eyes and a runny nose, it’s a real novelty. This year (fingers crossed) hasn’t been too bad so far, but there’s nothing worse than feeling like crawling into a hole while everyone else is out having fun in the sun. Trust me – I know what you’re going through. So, in this issue we’re looking at health – for you, the family and the home. We look at the benefi ts of ‘wonder plant’ Aloe Vera and offer a few ideas on ways to boost your kids’ immunity before heading back to school. If you’re looking for a celebrity style summer getaway check out our pick of top luxurious Greek retreats on page 40. If indeed like many you’re staycationing throughout the coming months, there’s plenty to entertain the kids with and we’ve got a few simple suggestions on page 48. If, like me, you’re happy putting your feet up and sinking a cocktail or two in the garden this summer, why not get some friends around, fire up the BBq and put on some tunes. It won’t be long until the nights start drawing in and the air begins to cool, so make the most of it while it lasts…and don’t forget to keep your copy of Town & City to hand. Have an amazing happy summer and we’ll be back soon…

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Summer/Autumn 2016

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aloe vera benefits of

WrITTen By JeSSica tremlett

This gorgeous, spiky plant is brimming over with natural, earthy goodness. The Egyptians affectionately referred to it as “the plant of immortality” six thousand years ago because of its limitless list of body beautiful benefits. Trust us, you’ll want this wonder plant in your home this summer. 8

Summer/Autumn 2016

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Great for kids

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Product adverts_aloe vera gels_1 AW.indd 1

Great for the family

immune SyStem Support line It’s chock full of immune-boosting polysaccharides which keep your system in working order. Aloe Vera is widely available in the form of gels, moisturisers, juices, vitamins and supplements. keep some next to your toothbrush for daily consumption and a give your body a boost! Great for active lifestyles Forever top seller

SootheS burnS and inflammation It’s summer time and it’s a well-known fact that you naughty lot often forget to apply sun cream. So when sun burn strikes, Aloe Vera is the number one way to soothe it. Grab some gel and it cools instantly. Additionally, it reduces infl ammation, which makes it an excellent natural ingredient to soothe acne, as well as hydrating dry skin.

Pure. Natural. Nutritious. The Forever Living Product range caters for a range of areas from nutrition and weight management to skincare. Offering Aloe Vera drinks, bee products, essential oils and beauty products to help people achieve a healthy, happy lifestyle.

14/10/2015 15:30

Skin Saviour Seriously. Banish bruises, soothe mosquito bites, wipe over blisters, fight athletes foot, relieve rashes, lessen frost bite, alleviate allergies, soothe psoriasis, ease eczema, decrease dark spots, remove makeup, treat minor genital irritations, minimize eye and ear infections, prevent blemishing and stretch marks, shrink warts, rid rosacea and brighten skin.

internal protector The list continues with boosting Great Great Forever Great forGreat internal benefits as well as external Great for the Forever for active top seller Great for kidsfor active familytop seller lifestyles for the kids lifestyles family (we did say it was a wonder plant!). Breathe in the vapour to aid Asthma, For further information and prices please contact: For further information and prices please contact: strengthen gums and teeth with Aloe Business ID: xxxxxxxxxxxx Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Vera toothpaste, alleviate arthritis, help Phone: (+44) xxxxxxxxxxx Email: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx heartburn, lower blood sugar levels, reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and indigestion. Business ID: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Phone: (+44) xxxxxxxxxxx

Email: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Product adverts_aloe vera gels_1 AW.indd 1

Product adverts_aloe vera gels_1 AW.indd 1

life Saver? Scientists have been looking into its potential to help fight AIDS and Cancer. Although evidence for its curing effects are slim, it’s immune boosting properties could help attack cancer cells. According to the Cancer research uk website, “studies have been carried out into this and seem to show that extracts from aloe may be helpful in boosting the immune system to attack cancer cells.” you certainly have nothing to lose in taking advantage of this plants marvellous moist middle!

14/10/2015 15:30

14/10/2015 15:30

For further information and prices please contact: Amanda Fryer ID: 44050002486 07990 821110


create a sneeze-free


Do you suffer from hay fever but love being in the garden?




It’s a gardener’s hell. Summer arrives and you’re bound to the sanctum of the house in an effort to avoid the debilitating effects of Hay fever. Fear not, Town & City is here with a variety of plants that are suitable for creating your own low allergy, nearly sneeze-free garden. These plants either have low amounts of pollen or are pollinated by insects rather than by the wind. Wind pollinating flowers rely on the flow of air to slowly disperse and distribute their pollen, which means hay fever sufferers are exposed causing symptoms including sneezing, a runny nose, itchy watering eyes and throat among others.


Some of the beSt plantS for hay fever SuffererS include: Abelie, Begonia, Choisya Ternate, Clematis, Delphinium, Geranium, Heuchera, Hosta, Impatiens, Iris, Lobelia, Salvia, Scabiosa, Thymus, Viola and Vitis. delphinium


VISIT your neAreST SquIre’S GArDen CenTre To SToCk-up on Some oF THeSe LoW ALLerGy pLAnTS For your GArDen.

Summer/Autumn 2016


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Broccoli High in vitamin C, broccoli can sometimes relieve allergy symptoms and clear blocked sinuses. However if you don’t like broccoli you could try cabbage or cauliflower, which are part of the same family.

Onion and garlic With antihistamine properties, thanks to the high level of quercetin, onion and garlic are sometimes effective in fighting allergies and physical discomfort. They can also help to reduce the infl ammation or swelling associated with an allergic reaction.

Carrots and pumpkins

fight the fever WrITTen By diana poStigo peÑalba

These vegetables are rich in carotenoids, the organic pigment that gives them their characteristic colours. Another great source of vitamin C as well as vitamin A and antioxidants. These not only help fight allergies, but can improve your eye health and help prevent heart disease.

Herbal teas nettle, chamomile and lemon grass tea are packed with benefi ts when facing hay fever. By including these in your daily diet, you can help fight congestion and infl ammation while taking advantage of their natural antihistamine and antioxidant properties.

Nuts and seeds

peanuts, cashews, walnuts and almonds are a high source of antioxidant vitamin e and magnesium, that can help ease wheezing and improve lung functions.

Oily fish Seasonal change brings with it misery for hay fever sufferers and heightened allergic reactions. Pollens begin to move and the ground dries to dust causing havoc for some noses. Sneezing, puffy eyes, runny nose and fatigue is exhausting and in many cases expensive; but this year why not try heading to your local market with Town & City’s shopping list before paying out for medication at the pharmacy. We’re here with a few everyday products that might just help. 12

Summer/Autumn 2016

just like nuts and seeds, oily fish such as salmon, sardines, trout, and mackerel contain a high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, making them a useful food in the fight against hay fever-related symptoms.

Honey Considered by many people as the best food to fight hay fever, honey acts as an allergy desensitiser. Far from triggering allergy reactions, the tiny particles of pollen that honey contains helps immunise the human system against hay fever. Sourcing honey locally to you will ensure it contains pollen from the plants you’re affected by.

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always compiled by Sarah Hugill



Summer/Autumn 2016

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Have you ever asked yourself why even after a meal you’re still tempted to raid the fridge, or why you often struggle to avoid that extra snack? We’ve spoken to Head Nutritionist, Shona Wilkinson, at NutriCentre, the natural health retailer, to reveal why many of us have the urge to over-indulge… You’re eating for two It makes sense that appetite and calorie needs increase during pregnancy – after all, you’re eating to make a baby. you don’t need to fight against it! However, it’s more important than ever to make healthy choices at this time. This means eating real, wholesome foods and avoiding processed and refined foods and too many sugary treats. keep your kitchen stocked with healthy foods and prepare healthy snacks in advance when you can. eating nutrient-rich whole foods will help to satisfy your body’s (and your growing baby’s) needs and make you less likely to overeat too.

Too many carbs

hunger, and increase levels of the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates hunger. This is one reason why poor sleep may lead to weight gain too. magnesium is needed to relax our muscles, which in turn can help us fall into a peaceful sleep. To ensure you’re getting enough magnesium why not try quest Vitamins’ Synergistic magnesium (£10.45,

You’re dehydrated Sometimes thirst can actually be mistaken for hunger. We feel like we’re craving something and interpret this as hunger when actually all we need is a glass or two of water!

eating a carbohydrate-heavy meal the night before can be a reason for feeling hungry the next day, even after eating! When we eat lots of carbohydrates in one sitting, they’re absorbed quickly into the body as sugars. This spike of sugars (glucose in particular) in our blood causes a surge of insulin to be released, the hormone that stimulates our cells to take up glucose. As all the sugar is quickly removed from the blood, this triggers hunger and more carbohydrate cravings. you might even wake up with cravings in the night if this happens.

Water is also needed in order for our cells to make use of the nutrients in the food that we eat; and lack of nutrient availability causes our body to crave more food. This is another reason to make sure you’re drinking water throughout the day and not just when this craving strikes.

To avoid this happening, it’s best to avoid refined carbohydrates, and choose meals containing a moderate amount of unrefined carbohydrates (think sweet potatoes, brown rice or quinoa) combined with a good portion of protein, such as a piece of fish or chicken, and a big serving of non-starchy vegetables such as broccoli or other green veg. This will allow those carbohydrates to be digested and absorbed more slowly, keep you fuller for longer and won’t cause the surge of insulin that makes your blood sugar drop.

You’re getting your period

Get some shut eye not getting enough sleep may have a direct effect on how hungry we feel and how much we eat. Short sleep duration has been found to reduce levels of a hormone called leptin, which inhibits

Drinking water between meals also generally makes us feel fuller and can help to manage our appetite. It’s important, however, not to drink lots of water immediately before, during or after a meal: this dilutes the digestive juices and can have a negative impact on our digestion. It’s been found that a woman’s appetite and food intake increase during the second half of their menstrual cycle, i.e. after ovulation and in the lead up to menstruation. To help balance your blood sugar levels and manage these cravings, it’s essential to focus on eating protein-containing foods with each meal (fish, meat, eggs, pulses, nuts and seeds), and minimise your intake of processed and refined carbohydrates and sugars. It’s also known that caffeine and alcohol can have a significant effect on hormone balance too, and so these should be kept to a minimum. To HeLp BeAT THoSe CrAVInGS WHy noT Try queST’S equIGLuCo TABLeTS (£12.99,, WHICH ConTAIn CHromIum, mAGneSIum, VITAmIn B6 AnD Green CoFFee BeAn exTrACT. THIS IS IDeAL ALonGSIDe A GooD-quALITy Women’S muLTIVITAmIn AnD mInerAL SuppLemenT – BoTH CAn Be TAken THrouGHouT THe monTH AnD noT juST BeFore your perIoD. ALWAyS ConSuLT your Gp BeFore TAkInG Any meDICATIon or SuppLemenT.

Summer/Autumn 2016


five minute

refresh WrITTen By dr Sally norton

There are never enough hours in the day or Get moving days in the week to get everything done. The While the nHS recommends around 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week plus bare essentials may make it through but looking time on strength exercises, most of us just after number one often ends up at the bottom don’t make the time for it. The good news is that more and more studies are showing of the list. It’s crazy – because looking after that shorter bursts of high intensity or sprint ourselves saves time in the long term. We’re exercises can have great health benefits too…so having too little time is no longer an able to function more efficiently and are less excuse. Any exercise is better than none. likely to succumb to illness when we’re healthy, Set your watch for this simple five minute workout. Sprint as fast as you possibly can but when life is out of control, try to find just (on the spot if necessary) for 20 seconds, five minutes for yourself. Here’s how… jog for 20, walk for 20. repeat five times. 16

Summer/Autumn 2016

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Breathe We sometimes forget that our brain needs downtime too. Stop for five minutes and focus on your breathing for a quick way to unwind and de-stress. Set a timer and sit in a quiet place – even your parked car before you hit the office or supermarket! now focus on taking deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Phone a friend It’s well known that social networks and healthy relationships help stave off the mental health issues that affect one in four of us at some time in our lives. By taking five minutes out of your busy day to chat to a friend or work colleague you’re strengthening those bonds and cementing those lines of communication that may prove invaluable in keeping your mind as healthy as your body.

Plan ahead ‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ as the saying goes. When we’re surrounded by unhealthy choices at every turn it’s no surprise our willpower lets us down when we’re stressed, tired and hungry. Try to spend just five minutes each day planning healthier meals and grabbing some nutritious snacks for when the hunger pangs hit you unawares.

Think positive

Sometimes we feel as though the world is waging war on us, deadlines are dragging us down and life is leaving us listless. But it’s not just a cliché – studies show that looking on the bright side of life can really make things better and even lead to increased success at home and work. What’s more, it’s possible to develop a sunnier outlook even if you’re normally a glassHow half-empty Nowabout available at the Medical you type. feel and what you believe yourself can rather than feeling down in the dumps, spend five Herbalist Salix Health and be reflected in what happens to you, how you treat How youwhat feel and youabout believe about can yourself can Howfor,you feel and youwhat believe yourself minutes listing all that you can feel grateful however Well Being in High Street Old yourself, how you are treated, and how you deal with it.treat small. you will find your mood lifts – and you make beit areflected in what to happens to you, how you beifreflected in what happens you, how you treat Portsmouth opening in April. regular habit, who knows what benefits will follow. yourself, how you are treated, and how you deal with i Change whatand you believe create yourself,how howyou youfeel areand treated, how you to deal with it. Fears, phobias,Weight loss, stop However busy you are, there will be five minuteshealth, relationships and improve smoking, anxiety, promoting better your confiChange youwhat feel and youtobelieve Change how you how feel and youwhat believe create to create somewhere in the day for a quick boost to wellbeing, With 2015and getting under way you may looking confident self worth. Hypnosis canbe help with to all dence and self worth. better health, relationships and improve your confihealth, weight or fitness. you just havebetter to remember to relationships health, andmore. improve your confisome changes. Weight loss, stop smoking, ofmake this and much To find out how I could help To find out how look for it! perhaps wake up five minutes earlier or set an new job or just being more positive and confident dence and self worth. dence and self worth. you, contact for a chat tryand a Taster session – Hypnosis canme help with all oforthis much more. alarm at a certain time of the day. Add it on to an existing To find outthis To findalso out how You could learn techniques tohow help you reduce £25 Approx 45 minutes with advert. regular routine like after a shower or on arriving home Pete Bateman stress, anxiety and remain calm and focused. from work. Anything that reminds you that you need To find out how I could help you, contact me for a Pete Bateman some you time too. chatPete or TryBateman a Taster session £35 Approx 45minutes Dr SALLy norTon IS An nHS WeIGHT LoSS ConSuLTAnT AnD SurGeon, FounDer oF VAVISTALIFe.

T:023 595226 M:07737 980517 Pete Bateman 92M:07737 595226 M:07737 T:023 92 T:023 595226 980517 980517 T:023 92 595226 M:07737 980517

CompILeD By Sarah hugill

boost your child’s immunity

for the back to school season

Whether your little ones are flying the Boost immunity through stomach nest and heading to school, or it’s simply their Try to get your kids to eat a variety of that time of the year again, the last thing vegetables and fruits. Doing so will give them exposure to the widest range you want is for them to be reaching the of different vitamins, minerals and school gates with coughs and sneezes. antioxidants, as well as ‘train their taste buds’ to appreciate healthy foods, and With over 58% of all cases of children help boost their immune system. Children missing school due to illness, according often like fruit and can be willing to try new types. However, veggies can be more of to the Department of Education, we’re a challenge. make sure you give their plenty of flavour, for example here with a few top tips on how to boost vegetables by roasting them in olive oil, or stir frying your children’s immunity… them with garlic and tamari (soya) sauce. 18

Summer/Autumn 2016

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Get enough snoozing time poor sleep can affect the immune system so it’s crucial that your bundle of joy is getting enough shut-eye. magnesium is known as ‘nature’s tranquiliser’ and is needed to relax our muscles and nerves, so it’s important to make sure your children are getting enough magnesium to help them fall into a peaceful sleep. It has been scientifically proven that magnesium can help not only initially get to sleep, but to stay asleep as it can improve the hormonal and neurotransmitters balance in the brain. To ensure your children are getting enough magnesium try and include plenty of magnesiumrich foods in their diet. Think: pumpkin and sunflower seeds, fish and leafy green vegetables. To help your children get their getting their daily dose of magnesium We recommend natures plus Animal parade magkidz (£13.95,, which provides a natural source of this essential nutrient, in a delicious cherry flavoured mix drink.

Up the good bacteria probiotics help keep the gut healthy, which in turn assists the immune system in functioning correctly.

Swap chocolate bars and sweets for immunity boosting snacks in your little one’s lunch box. nuts and seeds are also fantastic sources of nutrients. They contain essential fatty acids that are vital for normal growth and development, calcium and magnesium for healthy bones and teeth, and zinc for the immune system. But avoid nuts that are roasted and covered in salt as these can do more harm than good: choose raw, unsalted ones. An excellent way to get your kids to eat more of them is to chop them up into small pieces and add to cereal, porridge or yoghurt (ideally a sugar-free, plain yoghurt!) with some fresh berries or other fruit.

Throw away used tissues Try to make sure both you and your little one don't leave dirty tissues or hankies lying around, as it can spread the cold. When you cough, sneeze or blow your nose the secretions that end up in your hanky or tissue are teeming with the virus that's making you sick. These viruses can survive for some time once they leave your body, so when you leave a tissue for someone else to pick up you're actually leaving a little virus bomb to go infect someone else's hands. So try and teach your child to throw away any used tissues and wash their hands straight away.

Give the kids vital nutrients everyday before school to help keep the lurgy at bay. pro-Ven probiotics Fit for School Stick pads (Boots, £7.75) has been proven to half the days of illness. It gives them the vitamin C they try their best to avoid in fruit and veg. most importantly for flu season, it provides billions of Lab4 friendly bacteria that help their immune system.

Fun in the sun We rely on the action of the sun on our skin for our main source of vitamin D, so our levels can go down when the days get shorter and darker. even when outdoors with some skin exposed, very little vitamin D is produced due to the angle of the sun during these months. most of us associate vitamin D with ensuring adequate absorption of calcium for our bones (which is one of its many important functions especially when our children are growing), but it also plays a crucial role in the normal functioning of the immune system. The nHS recommends that children from the ages of six months to five years get 7–8.5 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin D per day. make sure your children’s diet is full of salmon, eggs and cereal. To top up Vitamin D levels we also recommend taking natures plus Animal parade Vitamin D3 (£9.10,

Summer/Autumn 2016



diagnosis We’ve all googled our symptoms at least once. But when the first few suggestions that come up are “terminal”, “irreversible damage” and “you’re pretty much dead”, we need to learn where to draw the line between a professional visit and knocking back some paracetamol. WrITTen By hannah gooding


Where did the pain come from?

Lumps, moles and raised skin

If you have an ache or skin soreness, you could trace it back any physical activity that you’ve done recently. perhaps your shoulder blade and bicep on one arm is really aching for some reason. Did you walk your neighbours dog recently? It’s very easy to jar yourself or pull a muscle. These usually don’t need a visit to the Gp. most minor aches like this are fixable at home; try running a hot bath with some essential oils. It can actually help.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to lumps and raised skin. While it might not necessarily be anything sinister, you can’t know for sure without being checked out by a professional and maybe a quick trip to hospital. Also it’s important to remember to check yourself regularly for any irregularities on or under your skin. There’s tons of information online on how to do this properly and effectively.

Scrapes, cuts and gashes

Headaches, eye strain and earache

kids get new scrapes and cuts every day; because they’re still young their bodies are able to heal themselves quickly. It’s not the same for the older among us, we need all the anti-bac gels we can get. If you find yourself with an unwelcome opening in your skin, immediately disinfect the area and cover it with a plaster or bandage. If, after a day or two, it’s looking progressively worse (an unnatural colour, oozing something horrendous) then a trip to the Gp is probably a good idea. Infections can lead to a myriad of issues so it’s better to nip this one in the bud.

Constant strain on your peepers can cause headaches, as does dehydration and stress. Before heading to the Gp for consistent headaches, consider getting your eyes tested (maybe you need glasses!) and keeping a diary of your fluid intake. If they persist, pop to the doc’s for a professional opinion. The same for earache – see if there’s anything you can do to help yourself first. oh, and if you have recurring tinnitus, you probably don’t need an appointment – it’s common for about 50% of us!

Summer/Autumn 2016

THIS IS An opInIon BASeD ArTICLe. IF you HAVe Any ConCernS no mATTer HoW SmALL, IT’S ALWAyS BeST To GeT IT CHeCkeD By your Gp.

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your body your health our help



‘After my accident DDB got my shoulder working as good as new. So glad I got some professional treatment’ - Mrs Buchannon

Physiotherapy Clinic

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energy WrITTen By Sophie read


The red writing reads, “Your usage has increased compared to this time last year, please pay more.” It’s not nice dreading your quarterly energy bill. You try the simple tips your energy supplier provides you with but you can’t see the difference and frankly, they’re inconvenient. Here are some every day tips guaranteed to brighten your bank balance. On the boil

Put a lid on it

Boilers account for around 60% of what you spend in a year on energy, so keeping it in tip top shape is vital to saving money. By having your boiler annually serviced you gain peace of mind that your boiler is in good condition. But did you know that it will also help towards improving the efficiency of your boiler? Big name energy suppliers usually provide a monthly direct debit boiler cover, which means you don’t have to worry about large, one-off payments.

When cooking, put a lid on your pan and cut your food into smaller pieces to speed up cooking time. Try to avoid repeatedly opening the oven door.

Thermo stats room thermostats ensure your room is the right temperature. It’s recommended that you set your heating at 18-20°C. A room thermostat will turn off your heating once it gets to the right temperature. If you have a separate hot water tank a Cylinder thermostat is your equivalent and 60°C is recommended in this case.

Terrible tap traps Have you got dripping tap that needs fixing? just one dripping tap can waste up to 5500 litres of water a year. It may sound ridiculous, but turn the tap off while you’re brushing your teeth and you could save up to six litres of water per minute! other ways of saving money are taking bills online and by direct debit, some providers offer discounts for these. Consider a fixed rate contract, occasionally you can find a one year contract and you can save hundreds. Suppliers tend to put new deals and offers in your bills, easy to miss when you’re focusing on the price. energy suppliers acquired a bad name for themselves a while back, but don’t let that put you off contacting them after all, they have a reputation to build.


Summer/Autumn 2016

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make yours a

smart home Your phone is smart; your kids are smart; and your home can be smart too.


Summer/Autumn 2016

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Smart home technology is constantly evolving and as the internet gradually takes control of our everyday lives you will soon be able to control most things in your house from your phone, and even your voice. Here are our top smart home gadgets to help raise your homes’ IQ.

Save money on energy bills Comfort and convenience are not the only benefits of having a smart home system. Smart thermostats can now work more intelligently to save energy by using a number of innovations to ensure that no energy goes to waste. occupancy sensors detect when someone is home, internet connectivity helps you remotely change the temperature, and automation eliminates the need to manually adjust the thermostat. For example, a thermostat can be programmed to cool down when you’re sleeping and heat up before you wake up, or even turn the heat up as it detects that you’re heading home from work. Intelligent lighting can also minimise your environmental footprint and significantly reduce the use of energy thanks to next generation LeD technology.

Enjoy a cinema experience in the comfort of your home Change lighting with your mood Lighting has always been a central part of our homes. We build our houses to make the best of the daylight but now technology enables us to highlight the best features of our houses through intelligent lighting, and it can even save us money.

Home cinemas offer the ultimate entertainment with custom designed systems able to provide you with the perfect multimedia experiences from any source, on any screen type.

Intelligent automated lighting can provide a wide range of scenarios to suit you. By selecting ‘pre-set’ scenes at a single touch you can enjoy mood lights for a friendly get-together, a romantic dinner or a family movie night in.

Bespoke, programmed control systems make it as simple as pushing a single button to prepare the entire system for your mode of entertainment. Want to watch Sky TV? A single button will turn the TV on, put the speakers on to your preferred sound level and adjust the lighting to your liking. How about a movie on your Apple TV? Again, with a single button, you can turn down your lighting, switch to Apple TV and navigate through the content.

Intelligent light systems can also be fully automated with other devices in your home. For example, when the sun sets, the curtains would automatically close and both indoor and outdoor lighting would be activated.

The best part is that you can do all of this on a single remote. If you prefer to use your touchscreen tablet, there is also the option to custom build an ipad app so that all your control options are right in front of you.

Summer/Autumn 2016


Play your entire music catalogue throughout the home

Monitor your home even when you’re away

Whether you’re an audiophile with a massive music library, or a casual listener it’s now very easy to utilise different streaming services to instantly get the song you want. With smart home integration you can access all of your collections, both online and offline, from anywhere in the home. multiroom music distribution systems ensure that you can play different tunes in different rooms or create a whole-house concert effect.

There is now a growing number of gadgets that can help in protecting your house and everything inside it. So whether it’s just a case of keeping an eye on your pets while you’re at work or detecting when someone steps foot on your driveway there are some brilliant options on the market. Security-boosting devices include smart lighting systems that mimic your typical household lighting usage pattern while you're away, automated smoke-releasing generators, cameras with facial and number plate recognition, and sensors that learn your behaviour and notify you when something out of the ordinary happens. All of them can be linked to your mobile phone via integrated smart home controllers.


Summer/Autumn 2016

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Talk to your home until recently, smart home technology was controlled by apps and automation, but recent advancements in speech recognition technology means that voice recognised control is now an option. Apple’s Homekit platform not only streamlines integration of home technologies to be controlled on your iphone, but also offers the ability to control your household technologies by voice. just by speaking to your phone, using phrases such as “Turn on the dinner mode” or “Set the temperature to 30 degrees”, you are able to get things done. Amazon recently unveiled echo which is a simple wireless speaker with 360-degree microphone. echo plans to be the central hub to control your entire home and organise your daily life. With no interfaces or buttons, we expect voice control to play a central role in the development of the so-called Internet of Things, connecting everyday devices and appliances with each other and with their users.

Enjoy a Smarter Kitchen understandably smart technology has been focused on security, comfort and convenience but now we are seeing more innovation in the kitchen and experts are predicting a big growth area. By integrating with the home automation systems Crestron or Control4, smart stoves and ovens can notify you when the oven reaches the necessary temperature, when the timer completes or when the stove has finished cooking. Smart fridges can let you know when the door is left open or adjust the cooling power based on the time of the day. experts predict the introduction of smart ovens, hobs and cooker hoods that can be monitored and controlled from a remote device and also connected together into an ecosystem using sensors and cameras. So, for example, your cooker hood knows what is happening on the hob and can anticipate through sensors when the fan or light needs to be activated. CHeCk ouT @FInITeSoLuTIonS

dilemmas solving the downsizing

Choosing to downsize to a retirement community comes with a bevy of benefits: living with likeminded people, easier accessibility, improved security and a greater peace of mind that a support network is in place should your needs change. However, there is no doubt that downsizing can be an emotional strain and a logistical challenge. We have spoken with residents and staff at Anchor’s care homes and retirement villages to gather together some top tips for those moving into a smaller property. moving out of a home in which one has brought up a family can feel like one is leaving fond memories behind. This does not need to be the case. rather than taking boxes of drawings, school reports and treasuredphotographs to one’s new home, consider splitting these items by child or grandchild and making ‘memory boxes’. Before auctioning off furniture, speak to family members to find 28

Summer/Autumn 2016

out if there are any particular items which they would be keen to take. Take photographs of any furniture or ornaments which you feel you may miss but for which you may no longer have space.

reading and family picnics, while still maintaining their own small oasis on their balcony or terrace.

most importantly, consider the opportunities which are opening up with the relocation, rather than dwelling on what one might make sure you are aware of how much storage space is included in be losing. Anchor’s retirement villages are active communities your new home – it may be greater than you think. At Anchor at which the residents enjoy we appreciate that our customers exercising in the gym, singing in the village choir, discussing are often moving from large literature at the book club and family homes and have become walking in the grounds as well as accustomed to spacious occasionally taking time to relax accommodation. We have in the spa! making the downsize designed the rooms at our new move is a great opportunity to developments with this in mind. take up a previously enjoyed relish not having a large garden. pastime or a new hobby, learn new our residents allow the Anchor skills and make new friends. gardeners to upkeep the grounds, For more InFormATIon on DoWnSIzInG, pLeASe which can be used for walks, VISIT

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Time to relax

In a stunning retirement village like no other, it’s now your time to relax in our first class facilities. Enjoy a dip in the pool or a soak in the spa. A superb range of village apartments as well as spacious luxury care suites offering all the support you might need from meals and housework to personal care. • Independent living • Homecare • Wellness Centre and Spa • Bistro

Last few luxury care suites available For information on our range of accommodation and care, visit: or call 0808 159 2982 Church Road, Bishopstoke, Hampshire SO50 6DN


Sliding Wardrobes



Fitted Bedrooms


Titchfield Showroom: Unit 6 / 6a The Tanneries, East Street, Titchfield, Fareham PO14 4AR • Tel: 01329 843 636 Open: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Saturday 8am to mid-day

West End Showroom: 15-17 Swaythling Road, West End, Southampton SO30 3AG • Tel: 02380 465 485 Open: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Saturday 10am to 4pm





Summer/Autumn 2016

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Summer/Autumn 2016


Introducing our new Holiday Inn Express® Portsmouth – North We are delighted to unveil our cool new look, having spent five million pounds to bring you the latest in hotel design, every detail, from the bedside USB ports to the unique breakfast buffet bar, has been made with you in mind. We want your stay at our hotel to be easy, comfortable and memorable. You will be able to relax in our chic Great Room, which features comfortable lounge chairs and couches. This area is ideal to entertain clients or customers before or after meetings or to simply just take a break after a busy day. Also take advantage of the free Wi-Fi throughout our hotel and stay connected during your stay. Most importantly, you are guaranteed to get a good night’s sleep in our brand new guestrooms which feature contemporary décor, comfortable beds, USB ports next to the bed, wall-mounted flat-screen TV’s with Freeview, hairdryers, a power shower, tea and coffee making facilities and so much more. We have also included an iron and ironing board in our new rooms; to make sure that you look your best before you head off and start your busy day.

Holiday Inn Express Portsmouth – North Eastern Road, Farlington, Portsmouth, PO6 1UN T: 0871 902 1580* | *Calls cost 13p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

The Fernes Care Home

is now open in Fareham!

Pop in for a tour of our stunning new home!

Staff at The Fernes are excited to welcome their first residents This brand new Barchester care home is purpose-built for older people, offering bespoke residential and dementia care. As well as beautiful surroundings and wonderful views of the Meon Valley, residents enjoy a delicious choice of home-cooked food and variety of daily activities.

Respite breaks • Activities programme • Delicious menus Large ensuite bedrooms • Hair salon • Café For more information about The Fernes, pop in for a tour or call me on:

01329 655 832 Catherine Bezer

General Manager

6 Samuel Mortimer Close, Fareham, PO15 5NZ

a stunning view of


living in gosport

Daniel TiDbury - arTisT OriGinal arT FOr sale NOW SEEKING REPRESENTATION


Late Availability September Breaks

1st Jersey/Guernsey/Sark 7 day - £729 2nd Llandudno - Tynedale Hotel 5 day - £359 2nd Dutch Dahlias on Parade 4 day - £369 3rd Isle of Wight 8 day - £609 3rd Monet's Garden and the Normandy Coast 5 day - £419 4th Welsh Borders Steam and cruise 5 day - £409 4th Morecambe and the lakes 8 day - £549 4th Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace 2 day - £159 5th Warners Thoresby Hall 5 day - £429 5th South Wales - Tenby 5 day - £344 5th Scenic Lakes and Mountain Goat Experience 5 day - £435 5th West Country Treasures - Weston Super Mare 5 day - £299 6th Pearls of the Danube river cruise 11 day - £1479 9th Gardens of Cornwall - Newquay 4 day - £249 9th Torquay at leisure 8 day - Headland Hotel - £479 9th Tyrolean Highlights 10 day - £869 10th Baltic Coast 8 day - £769 11th Blackpool Illuminations 6 day - £349 11th Ferry Cross the Mersey 6 day - £465

023 8040 4536

mcCarthy and Stone’s retirement Living development on Harbour road in Gosport is set to offer homeowners the ultimate retirement lifestyle. As the UK’s leading retirement housebuilder, McCarthy and Stone specialises in creating modern, spacious, and well-equipped apartments which enable homeowners to make the most of their retirement years. Currently under construction, the 48 one and two bedroom apartments in Gosport will go on sale from Winter 2016. Exclusively tailor-made for those over 60, the development includes a stunning Club lounge ideal for socialising with friends, and every individual apartment features a balcony so homeowners can relax in style and enjoy picturesque sea views. On-site parking will be available at the development and there are excellent transport links, so homeowners can enjoy the benefits of a full and active lifestyle. A vast range of local amenities in the surrounding area means homeowners will be spoilt for choice, with everything from larger supermarkets, to smaller independent stores and restaurants just a short distance away. Plus being so close to the sea brings the added benefit of having a local harbour ferry which brings in fresh seafood daily, adding to the bustling community in and around Gosport. THoSe InTereSTeD In reTIremenT LIVInG In GoSporT Are InVITeD To CALL 0800 201 4742 or VISIT

Advertise with us, call 023 9229 4408

Artist Impression. Several boats have been removed from this image.

Sales release Autumn 2016

Harbour Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1BG Stunning 1 & 2 Bedroom Retirement Living apartments for the over 60s coming soon Your new McCarthy & Stone apartment can be the start of an enjoyable new chapter in your life. We look after all the garden and external maintenance, so you’ll have a lot more free time to meet new friends and do the things you want to do. The Club lounge and landscaped gardens provide the perfect social spaces, giving you independence with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that there’s a House Manager on hand during office hours. For the 11th consecutive year, McCarthy & Stone has been awarded a 5 Star rating for customer satisfaction as part of the Home Builders Federation (HBF) survey 2016.

Facilities on-site include: Club lounge ■ Guest suite^ # ■ 24 hour emergency call system ■

Lifts to all floors ■ Secure camera entry system ■

To find out more about our development in Gosport, please call us on 0800 882 1375 and we’ll help you find your perfect apartment or visit ^Additional charges apply. #Subject to availability.



waves with charlotte cornelius

The new collection from Charlotte Cornelius Jewellery is inspired by the phenomenal energy, drama and beauty of ocean waves. Bella onda, which translates to Beautiful Wave, is hand crafted with varied combinations of metal, stones and shapes so that no two pieces are the same reflecting the individuality and the vitality of the seas. With elegant swirling curves and sprays of sparkling blue, black and white diamonds, their latest and most luxurious range is ready for you or your loved one.

Commission a bespoke design… jewellery has genuine value in the gold, diamonds and craftsmanship, but it’s greatest value comes from the memories it evokes, the life events celebrated and commemorated. The team at Charlotte Cornelius jewellery have the creativity and expertise to design your very own unique piece. Watch it come alive through their personal service before being translated into a beautiful, wearable piece that will last a lifetime.

• Talented Goldsmith working from our studio • Individual design and expert craftsmanship • One-off designs for all occasions in all precious metals including Platinum and Palladium • Handmade wedding rings including bands ‘shaped to fit’ unusual engagement rings. • Choose your own gems and precious metals • Charlotte’s own exclusive ready- to -wear sterling silver jewellery collections from £55 • Remodelling of inherited Jewellery •Repairs and restoration of fine jewellery If you have any questions, we’re always here to help.

Bella Onda - Silver , 18ct yellow gold and diamond cuff bangle

Bella Onda - Silver , 18ct yellow gold and diamond cuff bangle 66 Castle Road, Southsea, PO5 3AZ 023 9286 3516

West Hill Park School

Day and Boarding School for boys and girls 3 - 13 years

01329 842356

School Open in Action Morning Thursday 29th September 2016

Tours at 10.30am and 2.00pm

Saturday 1st October 2016 9.30 - 11.30am

If you are unable to attend either of these events, please contact the Registrar direct and she will be happy to arrange a tour of the School at your convenience.

“Staff understand their pupils exceptionally well.” “The quality of pupils’ achievements and learning is excellent.” “The quality of Boarding is excellent.”

ISI Inspection April 2016

St Margaret’s Lane,Titchfield, Fareham, Hampshire PO14 4BP

greece’s best


Think of pristine sandy shores in north- eastern Crete, lavish facilities on the Athenian coast and melting sunsets in Santorini; there is no need to cross continents to find luxury at its finest.

Elounda Beach Hotel and Villas, Crete Situated along one of the best seashores in Crete, stands the glamorous elounda Beach Hotel & Villas, awarded ‘europe’s Leading Beach Hotel’ at the World Travel Awards, 2015. The property offers comfort and privacy to even the most discerning guest; with an array of accommodation ‘clubs’ including the Comfort VIp Club, home to luxurious bungalows, the Sports Club showcasing private gyms and the yachting Club boasting waters-edge Villas, visitors are spoilt for choice. elounda Beach is a proud member of the Leading Hotels of the World, and a ‘hot spot’ for celebs; its lengthy stretches of 40

Summer/Autumn 2016


golden sand, award winning gastronomy, heavenly Chenot Spa and unparalleled service, make it easy to see why. VIp’s have become regulars at the property; A-Lister’s include jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga who have lapped up the luxury of elounda Beach’s charm. With the hotel providing helicopter and private jet services, limousine transfers and private butlers, it is safe to say it solidifies its reputation as a preferential choice for the showbiz world. CoST: A Luxury SeA VIeW DouBLe room, BASeD on TWo peopLe SHArInG WITH A B&B BASIS, STArTS AT 265 euroS per room, per nIGHT.

Advertise with us, call 023 9229 4408

Canaves Oia Luxury Properties, Santorini Venture further south, to the boutique island of Santorini and fall in love with one of Greece’s hidden gems: Canaves oia Luxury properties. The complex, consisting of a hotel, suites and a villa, has been awarded the number one resort in europe this year; its scenic views of the caldera, unparalleled luxurious nature, beautiful décor, unrivalled privacy and lavish touches ensure Canaves oia lives up to its first class title. The resort, located on one of Santorini’s highest peaks and shadowing the picturesque town of oia, is home to: authentic-white washed architecture, contemporary amenities, lavish furnishings, breathtaking views and outstanding services; placing Canaves oia as the idyllic choice for honeymooners and couples alike, looking for those extra special qualities.

Being Santorini’s celebrity hideaway, Canaves oia has not fallen short on superstar visitors, guests include: multi-talented film director/actress Helen Hunt and basketball hero kobe Bryant. The island of melting sunsets and fine wine has also caught the eye of Beyoncé, Angelina jolie and the kardashian clan! CoST: A CLASSIC SuITe WITH CALDerA VIeW, BASeD on TWo peopLe SHArInG WITH A B&B BASIS, STArTS AT 351 euroS per room, per nIGHT.

Summer/Autumn 2016


Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athenian Riviera If you’re looking for the culture of a city break but crave sun, sea and sand, Grand resort Lagonissi, the 5* dreamy resort on the Athenian riviera, has the answer. The luxurious resort, set in a tranquil paradise along the pristine Apollo coast, gives guests the luxury of relaxation, while being a mere 50 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Lagonissi is home to 26 accommodation options including: Luxury Sea View rooms, mediterranean Suites, residential Cabanas and the unparalleled royal Villa (with indoor and outdoor heated pool, private gym and massage centre), ideal for those looking for the ‘wow’ factor.

Grand resort Lagonissi is known for its scenic location, incredible facilities, dining experiences and its impeccable hospitality. The resort prides its services for being ‘tailored to cater to every individuals needs’. From concierge services, travel arrangements, shopping assistance and VIp transfers the alluring seaside resort goes above and beyond for all its guests. Famous faces that have chosen to retreat at the resort include: renowned footballer Christiano ronaldo, kylie minogue and global heartthrob, Leonardo Di Caprio. If that wasn’t ‘red carpet’ enough, the entire mama mia cast stayed at Grand resort Lagonissi whilst filming the award-winning feature! Along with stylish amenities, Lagonissi offers numerous excursions into the city of Athens for those keen to explore the ancient sites and heritage of the capital. If you are tied between the excitement of a city break and the temptation of a relaxing haven, why not have both? CoST: A Luxury SeA VIeW DouBLe room, BASeD on TWo peopLe SHArInG WITH A B&B BASIS, STArTS AT 278.40 euroS per room, per nIGHT.


Summer/Autumn 2016

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maker meet the

jane crisp her contemporary take on the classic trug

eXhibition: 17 September to 5 november 2016 prIVATe VIeW: 16 SepTemBer, 6-8pm, ALL WeLCome


Summer/Autumn 2016

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jAne CrISp In Her WorkSHop. THe proCeSS InCLuDeS STeAm-BenDInG, BrASS & ConSTruCTIon WITH Copper nAILS AnD roVeS.

As a child Jane was taught the importance of looking after our habitats, environment and each other, and the positive affect this has on our lives. She became interested in the beauty of necessity, the mother of all invention. jane believes that functional objects can be elevated, in simple ways creating heirlooms and longevity in designs we live with every day. jane takes inspiration from her local norfolk and Cambridgeshire countryside, history and tradition, flora and fauna. She loves colour and the textural qualities of natural materials like wood, wool and copper. jane experiments with the power of invention through processes such as steambending that expose the natural properties of materials but also references history and sentiment.

For more than 50 years, New Ashgate Gallery has supported artists and makers. It promotes and champions the best contemporary art and craft and provides an unparalleled resource in Farnham, Surrey and beyond. The Gallery curates an exciting programme of exhibitions in the market place and events for artists and the community. For more InFormATIon CALL neW ASHGATe GALLery on 01252 713208. WAGGon yArD, FArnHAm, Surrey, Gu9 7pS. open Tue-SAT 10Am-5pm

jane amplifies the traditional values, in an innovative way using the simplification of processes, crafts and construction techniques to celebrate the simplicity of design that unifies form and function. Th is innocence, honesty and naivety expose an understanding of how it was made to teach and inspire children and adults in the mythology of making and materials. The Wesley-Barrell craft awards judges said: “A refreshingly contemporary take on the classic trug. While the fluid form references the traditional process and materials, Crisp adds an unexpected touch by juxtaposing brass and copper with oak.”

Summer/Autumn 2016


new hope

for sick children

UK-wide children’s charity, Action Medical Research, is on the hunt for new volunteers to join the fight for little lives and help raise much-needed funds for vital research. From organising coffee mornings and fashion shows to quiz nights and dinner dances, there are many ways you can get involved and help make a difference to childrens lives, through Action medical research. “Volunteers are a crucial and highly valued part of our team and we’d love to find more people who are willing to give up their time for this amazing cause,” says paula ray, Action medical research’s Community Fundraising manager for the region.

receives top-quality support and resources as well as the chance to work with a friendly team, and those who sign up will be joining fundraisers like midwife michelle Cooke, from emsworth. Having witnessed first-hand the positive outcomes of pioneering cooling therapy for newborns, the product of a 20-year programme of research to which Action medical research contributed through key projects funded in the 1990s and 2000s, michelle was inspired to run the London marathon in 2015 to raise money for more research.

There are hundreds of thousands of children in the “I’ve worked at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester uk whose lives are devastated by disease and for the last 12 years and have been involved with disability. It’s too many. Far too many. research can put a stop to this, but Action medical research many families experiencing the heartbreak of either prematurity or having a poor outcome when their needs your help. join their fight for little lives and birth experience hasn’t gone to plan,” she says. “The volunteer today. neonatal unit at Chichester isn’t equipped for really With the help of its supporters, Action medical premature or poorly babies so they are transferred research has played a significant role in many to larger units which can offer cooling therapy medical breakthroughs since it began in 1952, from before they come back to continue their recovery. the development of the first uk polio vaccines to I’ve seen the positive outcomes of this therapy: the use of ultrasound in pregnancy. when babies have been starved of oxygen during It’s currently funding research into meningitis, labour and birth, this can give them the best Down syndrome, epilepsy and premature birth, as possible chance to reduce the effects well as some rare and distressing conditions that neurologically.” severely affect children. everyone who volunteers for Action medical research


Summer/Autumn 2016

IF you’re InTereSTeD In HeLpInG To rAISe FunDS For ACTIon meDICAL reSeArCH In 2016, pLeASe emAIL pAuLA rAy AT or CALL 07709 534366. For FurTHer InFormATIon VISIT

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Part time Courses at PortChester Community sChool

family fun WrITTen By charlotte JohnSon

With summer holidays finally upon us, you’re probably scratching your head for ways to entertain the kids. Whether you’ve got babies or young children, there are plenty of fun activities for the whole family. Here’s a few ideas for keeping everyone happy...


paultonS park – romSey

weStgate leiSure centre - chicheSter

marwell wildlife - wincheSter

Paultons is the ultimate theme park for any young family. With live Penguins and Meerkats, as well as a Peppa Pig world and a Lost Kingdom featuring dinosaurs and Jurassic themed rides, your kids are bound to have a fantastic time.

This is a top choice for when the weather is grey outside. With two large pools, and a tidal-wave slide for the bigger kids, there is also a small baby pool so you can paddle with the little ones.

Young children will have the time of their life at Marwell. With over 1,200 animals to marvel at, afternoons can be spent soaking in the beauty of the many species housed here, such as Milla the Amur Tiger and her three young cubs.

Summer/Autumn 2016

pirate pete’S adventure playground & playzone – portSmouth

Head to Portsmouth with these two excellent indoor play sites, allowing your kids to let off some steam and tire themselves out. Each of these two adventure playgrounds contain slides, fireman poles and ball pits, with Playzone having its own under four toddlers section. The best bit about it, you can sit back with a cup of coffee and watch from a safe distance!

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Helping you achieve that perfect smile What makes us so different? We carry out mouth cancer screening at every routine check-up for all our patients We make crowns and veneers in a single visit - no nasty impressions or temporaries All our work is guaranteed for three years




Teach your child to have fun in the water with Baby Paddlers ming Brand New Classes Co

Bishops Waltham


Book now @ Tel: +44 (0) 1962 680236

We place Dental Implants We offer Teeth whitening which is carried out in the comfort of your own home Make your appointment today with Brett Garner BMedSci (Biomaterials) BDS (Birm.) Principal Dentist- GDC Reg: 79898

NEW PATIENTS WELCOME Check out our new website! We love technology in our practice and use a lot of cutting full of helpful information and advice on keeping your smile perfect! edge technology to keep you and your mouth healthy.

Don’t Delay - call us on 01329 230 111 to book an appointment Velscope Vx This is 28 a torch-like device that weHants use toP016 assess Serenity Dental Ltd, East Street, Fareham, OBY all the skin in your mouth for any changes that are associated with cancer. It is a quick test, that is really simple to do, and we can tell you straight away that everything is ok.

Helping you achieve that perfect smile What makes us so different? We carry CanCer out mouth – cancer at every routine Mouth thescreening signs and syMptoMs check-up for all our patients

make crowns and veneers in a single visit - no nasty • We If you notice a lesion that • Unusual bleeding or impressions or temporaries comes and goes then it’s numbness in your mouth All our work guaranteed for •three probably notis cancer. Painyears when chewing or Implants • We Theplace area Dental under and along swallowing the offer side of thewhitening tongue are • Loose teeth, dentures We Teeth which is carried out or in the comfort of own home places theyour most common becoming uncomfortable to find mouth cancer, but or not fitting properly over it can occur anywhere in a short period of time Make your appointment today with your mouth or Brett throat.Garner •BMedSci A change in your voice or (Biomaterials) • Red or white patches speech problems BDS (Birm.) anywhere in your mouthDentist• The most common Principal GDC Reg: 79898 • A lump on your lip, symptom is having a tongue, in your mouth or sore or ulcer for more throat, or in your neck than 3 weeks


Check out our new website! full of helpful information and advice on keeping your smile perfect! Don’t Delay - call us on 01329 230 111 to book an appointment Serenity Dental Ltd, 28 East Street, Fareham, Hants P016 OBY

Ferneham Hall in association with Jordan Productions present


Noel Sullivan

as Prince Valiant

Kay Purcell

Back by popular demand Back by popular demand

Mark O’Neil Siney Aidan as Nurse Nellie

(CBBC’s Tracy Beaker Returns & So Awkward) as Carabosse

as Chester the Jester

David Dobson as Chester the Jester

Carol Heffernan as Belle

9-31 December 2016 Box Office: 01329 231942

ExhibitionS brochurES LEafLEtS MaGaZinES PackaGinG bannErS bookS LoGoS We can take care of it. Call now on 023 9229 4408

Town & City Magazine Issue 08  

Welcome to Issue 8, and please join us in celebrating our second birthday! This time of year can be a nightmare for hay fever sufferers, and...