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“We’ve got 27 songs written and we’ll probably pick 10 to 15 songs to go on the new record. Chances are we’ll take them to Nashville or Los Angeles.” like, wow, culture shock. But it was great. Some of the funnest times in my life. Made some of the great friends in my life and a lot of great connections. Through the connections our manager is now a record producer, and he produced my record, ‘High Weeds & Rust.’” The band signed a record deal and relocated to Nashville, playing supporting shows with Charlie Daniels, Josh Turner, Andy Griggs and others, according to the Jamie Davis website. One of the most memorable moments for Davis was performing

for former president George W. Bush. While this was a great time in his life, Davis missed his family. In 2005 he returned to North Central Florida. “I came back to get custody of my daughter, Brook,” Davis said, who also has a daughter in Orlando. “I came to Gainesville to network but she wanted to stay in Bell. It is a bit tough, especially with hectic schedules, but my mom is a humongous help with my daughter. I wanted to get my daughter in a stable life and my mom has been a blessing.” His mother, Linda, is more than

happy to help out, saying that she would do anything for her children — anything that was not illegal. “Brook stays with me because she wanted to be in Bell and play in the band,” Linda said in a recent telephone interview. “Jamie talks to her every day and sees her all the time.” These days Linda is very supportive of her son’s musical aspirations but admits to having misgivings in the early years. “I told his dad when Jamie was born that if he picked up a guitar I was going to cut his fingers off,” she said with a hearty laugh. “I didn’t want him playing in the bars and stuff.” Fast-forward about 12 years and her son was, indeed, picking up the guitar. “And then he started playing and

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