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Choose a Recruiting Partner Both job seekers and employers seeking to fill positions often find the process time-consuming and difficult. It doesn’t have to be! Here are some things to consider when looking for a recruiting partner.


If you’re hunting for a job, a recruiting firm can be a great way to find work — whether temporarily helping you pay the bills or as an entry into a long-term, full-time position. In fact, using a recruiting firm can be a great way to find a good long-term fit for your skills. Many employers use a service to hire temporary workers, then hire the best ones when permanent jobs open up. It can be a great fit for you and your employer when you both know exactly what to expect from the job. Look for a recruiting partner that has a large number of job openings available in your area that fit your line of work. Most services will have a range of jobs to fit various needs in the workplace, but some specialize in one type of work or another. One service may have a huge number of jobs available in manufacturing, while another may specialize more in office jobs. Recruiting partners aren’t only for entrylevel jobs. Some agencies offer headhunting services to find jobs for highly skilled, experienced executives. Even if you’re happily employed at

the moment, it might be worth your time to explore options available from the right recruiting partner.

shopping, asking about turnover rates and whether they will visit your location to get to know your needs and office culture.


— Explore how the firm recruits and retains workers. Check out their ads, their messaging and interactions with potential employees. What are their benefits packages and perks for workers? The better the benefits package, the better workers they will attract on your behalf.

From the employer’s standpoint, a Recruiting firm offers some serious advantages over hiring in-house. It gives you flexibility to staff for changing market conditions such as seasonal jobs or increased demand from customers. It also helps you fill important jobs that may open temporarily, such as for maternity, paternity or medical leave. In fact, some companies find their best workers by utilizing a recruiting partner to hire people on a trial basis. You’ll get a firsthand look at the skill sets, productivity and personality of employees without making a long-term commitment. As positions become available, you can hire the best ones for in-house, full-time jobs and know exactly what you’ll be getting without question. The American Staffing Association makes the following recommendations when choosing a staffing firm: — Shop around. Staffing companies come in all types and sizes, so it’s a good idea to ask for references, compare prices and know all the fees that will be involved. As you’re

— Check out their Google reviews and social media page. Do their customers give them good reviews? — Find out about screening and testing. Many employment firms offer skills tests to make sure the potential employees really do have the skills you need. Some also offer training in specific skills, software or business manners. Most can conduct background checks and drug tests as needed, so ask about their policies and fees. The best recruiting partner will have a long track record of strong, trusting relationships between employers and employees. If you shop carefully, whether looking for a job or looking to meet your company’s mission-critical staffing needs in an efficient way, the right recruiting partner can make all the difference.

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