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路nee jl 1911



Loyola Marymount University One LMU Drive Los Angeles CA, 90045

Undergraduate Enrollment: 4959 Volume XIX

I stories have a beginning. This is true also in the story of Loyola Marymount University.

路t.J9JJ, for 91 years, an archive of pictures, figures and phrases has been

ompiled. A history h as been created. Sadly, this history is unknown to many and most of the stories h ave faded along with those that have com e and gon e before us; tens of thousands of men and women from different backgro unds each possessing different temperaments, talents, and convictions. Stories of dorm curfews, student pranks, and informal street races down the main avenues can only be recreated in our m emories. It is a monum ental task to tell the complete sto ry of our univers ity. It is also an important one because of the sense of pride and understanding that we all gain from it.

tJiiJ, the year the Society of Jes us took the reigns of a fl edgling school, this uni versity has grown into what it is today. However, the story does not start from thi s point. T he journey begins in the year 1865, in the heart of what we now know as Los Angeles, in a house called the Lugo House. In that year and in that buildin g, the Fathers of Saint Vincent opened the first college in Southern C alifornia: Sr. Vin cent's College. Since it was th e popular belief th at money was earned by th e doers not the thinkers, the college went through hardtimes with enrollment hoverin g betwee n 20 to 30 students. The college remained open until 1911 when the Vincentian Fathers responded to a call for more missionary workers and abandon ed the struggling school. \




Ir was at this point in histo ry rhar the real sto ry of Loyo la Marymounr U nive rsity bega n . In 19 i 1, the Jesuits eagerly rook the reigns of the strugglin g school and renam ed it Los A ngeles College. T he coll ege also moved to a temporary locatio n on Ave nue 52, rem embered for the clouds of soot that cove red the campus due to th e rrainrracks and passing engin es o n the Santa Fe railroad . In 191 7 , th e future of th e college was still un ce rtain , as th e school moved once aga in to a new loca ti o n in Pica Heights o n Venice Boulevard. In 19 18, Los An geles Coll ege becam e Loyola Coll ege, and in the following 10 years the fortun es of the sch ool bega n to change. E nrollm enr began to inc rease as the city itself bega n to explode, expandin g in all directions as th e land in th e area bega n to disappear. Then in 1928, a man known as Harry C ulver don ated 99 ac res of land in th e Del Rey Hills, three mil es from rhe outskirts of Los Angeles, in an atte mpt to develop the area now kn ow n as Westchester. Iris on that blu ff that th e university remains to this d ay. Opening irs doo rs in 1929 with rh e co mpletion of Saint Robert's Hall and Xavier Hall, the nam e once aga in changed , thi s rime to Loyola U ni versity. T h e ririe would remain for nea rl y 50 yea rs. T hrough the 30 's and the Depression, the university slowly grew. Across town, in Wesrwood, th e Reli gious of the Sacred Heart of Mary bega n teaching women in 1933 at Marymounr Junior Coll ege. Back at Loyo la University, enrollm ent climbed in to the hi gh hundreds until th e advent ofWorld War II at which poinr enrollm ent tumbled sha rpl y, falling below 100 students, as men left to fight in the war. T he Army used the campus as a trainin g facility in 1943 leavi ng behind a schoo l on the brink of closing irs doors. Once again , fortunes would change as soldi ers returnin g from the war rapidl y enroll ed, expanding rhe stud ent popul ation to over J 000 in 1948. As a result of the expandin g studenr


006 Opening

population , th e 50's were marked with the erection of several buildin gs like the Sacred Heart C hapel ('53), Malone Center ('58), and Des mond Hall ('58). T he campus of th e late 60's and early 70's was no different than the rest of the co untry where battles over censorship and civil rights took ce nter stage along side the events of the Vietnam War where the university lost 12 brave so uls ab road and experienced large peace demonstrations back on cam pus. It was also during the 60's that rum ors of a merger between Loyola Un ivers ity and Marymount Coll ege, which had moved to a closer location on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in 1960, began to surface. When Marymount College moved to the Westchester campus in 1968 these rumors had almost come to fruition as the two colleges shared both facilities and fac ul ty. Loyola Marymoum U niversity came into existence with the official merger in 1973. A new era in our histo ry began at that point. New athletic programs, student organizations, traditions, and structures marked the timeline of our univers ity. In 1984, the campus took part in the 1984 Olympic Gam es, hosting the Weightlifting Competition in the new Ge rsten Pavilion. In 1992, a new chapter of the uni versity began with the groundbreakin g of the 27 .3 acre Leavey Campus. The new mill ennium also brought with it more changes, as the university took a step off of the bluff with the acquisition of Uni versity Hall and its 25 acres. Our university's characte r is not solely made up of its buildin gs and sto ri es . The heart of Loyola Marymount University rests in traditions, the fullfillment of desires, and goals, and the triumph of ideals. Today also becomes part of the history of this university. We as students, can take great pt:ide of what we have and do what we can to add to this story, a legacy ,)t1z.CC ---,

that has been around

L ]

9 I I. words by Jason Hallmark


008 campus Life

Campus Life

Campus Lite


Spreading the Word

wordsMarcMagno imagesAn \h ony Brenneman

"Read all about it! Student media takes over LMU campus!" With four different forms of media: newspaper, radio, yearbook and television-Loyola Marymount University's variety of options for communicarion continued to spark the interest of its growing student body. It seemed that no matter what, people felt the need to express themselves to the public. And through the Loyolan, the KXLU and KLMU radio stations, and the LMU TV station, students had the opportunity to create and exhibit their own opinions and artistic works. The Loyolan Newspaper was one of the longest running publications at LMU, celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2002. With its focus for the interesting and controversial, the Loyolan provided the campus with the latest campus news, as well as local and world coverage. In addition to news, it gave students the chance to articulate their opinions through editorials, as well as prepared young journalists for real publication work. After setting up a newspaper, the next logical step was to communicate through the spoken word, radio. Both student run radio stations, KXLU and KLMU, offered musically

M embers of th e KXLU staff intensely eng ul f th emselves in their co mpute r work. KLMU , th e campus radi o stat io n , lets stud ents exp lo re their love for music a nd radi o thro ugh th eir ow n shows.

01 o Campus Lite

expressive individuals a medium which catered to others with similar tastes. KXLU, which was the FM station, was one of rhe most highly rated college stations in the United Stares, known for emphasizing the less played, underground music. KLMU, on the other hand, was mainly a campus station. With a weak frequency, the AM station was more widely heard on the television Channel 8, as opposed to the radio itself. Usually freshmen students applied for slots, ranging from an hour to two hours, so rhar they might be able to play their favorite music from their own CD collections. LMU TV was created this past year: an hour to two hour show every week that combined interviews, on location news reports, and student-produced projects. The purpose of this station was to get individual students more aware of and involved in their campus and the city around them. With a newspaper, two radio stations, a yearbook, and a TV station, LMU has been blessed with a wide variety of outlets of expression, as well as students that want to express themselves.



Flying Higher

wordsJanelleAibino imagescourtesyROTC

Since Loyola Marymount was founded there had always been a presence of the men and women in blue. On Friday afternoons, there were people wandering around the LMU campus wearing Air Force fatigues and walking around in formarion. This might have been the typical notion that many LMU students had about Air Force ROTC, bur did we really know who these officers were and what they did around campus? Most of the students who joined ROTC enrolled in the scholarship program as a means to pay for tuition. Freshman Cadet Amanda Fuerte added, "I wanted to be involved in something that nobody at home would expect me to do. So far, it's paying offi" The cadets seemed to form a community on the LMU campus. The ROTC program entailed a class once a week and a lead lab. During lead, the cadets worked on marching, drills, and practicing for different ceremonies. Various activities such as football games and leads kept the cadets in contact with each other. ROTC was a demanding program on the LMU

campus. Junior Cadet Brian Barba said, "ROTC demands much time, especially when you become an upperclassmen. Most people don't know that the cadets run the show." Some scheduling conflicts on campus arose with the program because the class and lead were held on Fridays. Any other student would find themselves relaxing on a Friday. "Sometimes it delays the start of my Friday night, but usually I hang out with friends from ROTC anyway," Cadet Fuerte explained. The ROTC program brought a sense of pride into the hearts of the cadets, especially after the events of September 11th. Cadet Barba concluded, "The September 11 ch bombings made me want to do my part in serving the nation. " Upon leaving the LMU campus, the students had avowed to serve in the U.S. Air Force for at least four years before venturing into the career path they have chosen for themselves. The ideals taught to the cadets by the AFROTC not only applied to the program, but also applied to life as well.

During lead , c-1ders a re pushed to their lim its by their own pee rs to fo ll ow format ion a nd ro sra nd pro perl y. T he Se ni o r Air Fo rce ROTC Caders ho ld th e hi ghest pos itio ns a mo ng their pee rs a nd keep th e m o n rh eir toes.

Air Force ROTC

01 3

Getting the Fix

wordsJanelleAibino imagesAnth onyBrenn eman

What was the correlation between college students and their fascination with coffee? It seemed as though the caffeine craze picked up steam this year with the opening of the new cafe in University Hall. If one walked through Alumni Mall at any given moment during the school year, a line of students could be seen at the coffee cart. Students could also be seen standing in line at the Lion's Den for a cup of java. Many students waited patiently or hurriedly in line for their daily fix of caffeine. Whether the order was a regular coffee, cafe mocha, cafe latte, cappuccino, or a non-fat no-whip americana, coffee was an important drink to many students. Whether the caffeine was used as a means to wake up from a late night of studying or an energizer to help pull an all-nighter, caffeine ran through the veins of almost every LMU student. The different coffee shops, the Lion's Den, the coffee cart, and the UHall coffee shop, were the epicenter for all the caffeine needs for LMU. The Lion's Den was a popular place for students to hang out and catch up on some homework. During finals week, the Den

T he Li o n's D en is a cozy place to enj oy a cup of coffee. Student artwo rk was frequentl y showcased at the D en. Fin als week is a test of students' slee pin g

patterns. Coffee drinking aided chese scudents in stay in g up throu gh the ni gh t.

014 Campus Life

was open twenty-four hours a day to accommodate the "studying," or cramming, that most students partook in. The coffee cart on Alumni Mall was a busy place for students to pick up a quick bite to eat and a popular place to order the coffee cart exclusive, mocha freeze. On rainy days, going to the coffee cart for a caffeine fix was futile because it closed if the weather did not comply to running an outdoor coffee enterprise for the students and faculty. UHall saw a new addition to the year-old facility. The first floor coffee shop opened in the middle of the first semester. The shop provided a Starbucks-esque atmosphere to the LMU community. Not only was caffeine served at the facility; but sandwiches and other treats were found in the coffee shop. LMU students got their caffeine fix from the coffee hot spots on campus. Whether the caffeine was a much needed pick-me-up to get the day started or an addiction, students found their way to the coffee maker to help them through the daily grind of college life.

Drawing the Line

wordsJanelleAibino imagesAnth onyBre nn eman

The tradition of a Jesuit education found on the Loyola Marymount campus entailed each student to be a well-rounded individual. This meant taking courses in all disciplines found in academia from philosophy and social sciences to mathematics and arr. Art was a necessary course to tal<e in order to graduate from rhe LMU undergraduate program. Various classes like photography, ceramics, and sketching were taken by all students, even non-art majors. Students thought that art would be a class that needed no extra time for projects. Little did they know that Fritz B. Burns Fine Arts Center would be rheir second home for tl1e semester, as they put the finishing touches on a project, or sometimes just started, a project that might be due the next morning. The photo lab was a popular place to find students the night before a project was due. Processing a roll of film and printing pictures was a time consuming process, but friendships were made between classmates as they dodged and burned into the night. Another common room in Burns where students were

found was in ceramics, molding and shaping their grade through the creativity they made wirh clay. Ceramics was an intense class that students once again overlooked when signing up for their art requirement. Molding the clay into a piece of art took some patience and time, but the end products brought passing grades to students. Non-art majors were introduced to tl1e relentless dedication that is needed to be an artist, and got a taste of the work that art majors had. For their entire career at LMU, art majors found their horne in Burns perfecting rheir already perfect artwork. Art majors were required to take an array of art courses to broaden rheir artistic scope. An art student found themselves in a range of classes from sketching to computer graphICS.

Studio arts opened the creative side of LMU students that they usually did not explore. Some students found that they liked art and opted to take another art course following in the tradition of the Jesuit education that was instilled at LMU.

Sketchin g is a ni ce way to relax a nd pass rh e tim e away. lt was o bvio us that rhis student wo uld ra th e r be draw ing tha n a nythin g else. D eadlin es a rc a n in te nse tes r o f a stud en t's ability to wo rk und e r press ure. G ra phic a rrs e nta il ed co mpute r wo rk a nd c reativit-y.

Studio Arts


'l Living Large ]路

wordsMarcMagno imagesAnthonyBrenneman

Rosecrans, Whelan, McKay, or Huesman? With so many hung out at the upper classmen apartments and everybody options for housing it was hard to keep track of where every- congregated to visit their off-campus friends. Wherever games body lived-not at all like the good old days of Loyola were being played and music was being listened to, students Marymount. Back then, students did not need to concern flocked from all living spaces so that they might enjoy the themselves with writing down people's phone or room num- company of their peers. bers in order to get in touch with friends. All one had to do But not all student activity was as simple as walking to a was walk around one's building to find somebody to go to friend's room to watch a movie. Some on-campus activities lunch with. needed to be formulated and regulated by the Resident Housing buildings were like communes almost; students Housing Association. Such events included the huge water hung out only with other students who resided in the same slide for Labor Day weekend, Halloween socials, Gambling building, and only that building. Rosecrans residents hardly Night, and a dumping of twenty-one tons of snow in Sunken spoke to the Whelan inhabitants, and vice versa. There was Gardens. All these events served the purpose of assembling the too strong a sense of building pride for outer-building rela- student body and offering them a chance to meet other stutionships to ever develop. Although this description of dorm dents and maybe even network. life seems extreme, housing relationships today are drastically Whether it was formal dances or ice cream socials, studifferent. dents always had something to do on campus. Dorm life was These days, it seems that no one stays in one place. no longer centralized in individual dorms, but rather, focused Freshmen trekked over to the sophomore dorms, sophomores on unifying the entire LMU community.

Ri chie Ca mpana shows Gina Jenkins his exrensive coll ecrion of photographs from rhe good ol' days. Freshmen res idem s kick back in rheir dorm roo m. Doheny is ho me ro over 300 flrsr year srud enrs.

Dorm Ute


Playing the Part

wordsJane lleAibino

imagesAn th onyBrenneman & AlexandraVIahiotis

Loyola Marymount was the home for various plays that have been shown in its theatres throughout the years. Various theatrical performances have been dramatized on the main stage, from Shakespeare to more modern-day playwrights. One thing that was never produced in LMU's longstanding theatrical history was a production by a Black author. This past year saw a season of theatre that produced a wellrenowned play about the plight of African Americans, A Raisin in the Sun, written by Lorriane Hanberry. Val Limar Jansen, a visiting professor to the campus, was the talented director who envisioned bringing Raisin to the LMU community. The play brought a another look at American life through the eyes of a Black family. The LMU family has never been as culturally impacted through a play as it was during the run of Raisin. A Raisin in the Sun challenged the minds of the playgoers to be more aware of the struggles that different cultures have faced in America. Eileen Mabalay, the assistant director and

stage manager said, "I watched the play numerous times over the nine week period of practicing and rehersals, and I realized that the storyline could describe any hardship that cultural groups have had in the United States." The play was an experience that opened the minds of many. "This is not rhe place to be ro watch a play; have a catharsis, and go home self-satisfied that you have done your part," Jansen said "instead, it is my greatest desire to create a dramatic experience that will inspire people to leave the theatre challenged and motivated to make our planet a better place, by how we choose to relate to each other." The play painted an honest portrait of the racism and prejudice that plagued the Black community in the 1950s. The actors in A Raisin in the Sun retold a story that has been resonated throughout time. The common tale of a family enduring financial, social, and racial hardships was of great relevance to the students campus and to the lives of the entire LMU community. The cast of A Raisin in the Sun rakes rime our of rehersals w document their hi sw ry makin g produ ction . Mama and Mrs. Johnson , Kimberly Binion and Olivia DeCoursey, acr out one of th e funniest scenes in the pl ay.

ARaisin in the Sun


The Lions' Pride

wordsJane lleA ibino

imagesAnth onyBrenn eman

"We will, we will, rock you! Rock you!" These words have been heard through the stands of Gersten Pavillion pumping up the crowd at LMU home basketball games. The past year saw a growth in school spirit for the university. The pride of LMU was fostered through an abundance of events. From Madness at Midnight which brought hundreds of students into Gersten Pavilion to the newly installed "Cage" at basketball games, the Lion's pride roared through the campus and in the hearts of its students. In decades past, thousands of students packed inside the gym to watch the men's basketball team or sat in the bleachers for a soccer game. The pride of LMU students in support of the sports program was unwavering. The stands were filled with enthusiastic students roaring in support of the athletics on campus. As times changed, the enthusiasm decreased and interest was lost in Lion pride. The past year saw a resurgence of pride and spirit in the LMU community and in the athletic teams. An emphasis was

A t Madn ess a t Midnight, stud en ts wa it in eager anticipati o n to see th eir favo rite spo rts tea m a nd playe rs. TI1e loudest and rowdest spectators sat basketball

ga mes, students in th e "cage" yell their hea rts om in suppo rt of th e tea m .

022 Campus Lite

placed on programs to foster the growth of pride in LMU's sports program. Chris Weir, ASLMU president from 20002001, was appointed to cultivate the lost school spirit on campus. Madness at Midnight saw an increase in attendance, and with the help of ASLMU president, Mike Perucho, the crowd got hyped to see LMU's star athletes. Students in attendance received free gifts like a t-shirt promoting the men's and women's basketball seasons. The "Cage" was another ingenuous idea to invigorate the LMU pride. Literally, the "Cage" was a metal fence that housed the rowdiest fans. The encaged students supported the teams through all of the wins and losses. The LMU cheerleaders also added to the energy at home games by helping cheer on the athletes. The Lion's roar was heard load and clear over the past year, and hopefully opened a new era to attendance and spirit that will be present at all athletic events to come. The Lions' pride was reenergized to electrify the students and LMU.

The pride of LMU was fostered through an abundance of events. From Madness at Midnight which brought hundreds of students into Gersten Pavillion to the newly installed "Cage" at basketball games, the Lion's pride roared through the campus and in the hearts of its students.

Paying the Bills

wordsJanelleAibino imagescourtesyS tudentWorkers

Since 1959, there has been a group of students that have made their mark on the Loyola Marymount campus. Without them, the campus would not be able to work as efficiently as it did. These students were the Student Workers, and they Worked in ten different departments on campus. The Workers could be found running around in the Admissions Office, Administrative Services, the Central Plant, the Controller's Office, the Distribution Center, the Jesuit Community, the Recycling Program, the Registrar's Office, Student Programs and Leadership, and Troubleshooting. In each of these departments of the university, the Student Workers played an integral parr in making things work. The program was established by Fr. Thomas O'Rourke S.J. to allow students to pay for a college education through the service they provided to the university. The Workers were comprised of twenty-four students, both men and women. The students lived and breathed the program being on-call twenty-four hours a day and seemed to be one of the tightest knit commu-

nities on the LMU campus. The Workers had their own living space in Hannon, where all of them lived. The Student Worker Executive Body was the governing body that presided over the work that was presented to the students. One of the most important jobs that the Workers had was the arduous task of setting and resetting the thousands upon thousands of chairs for Commencement. Chris Dannison, the General of the Student Workers, retold a legend about the fun one past group of Workers found in the setup. "Once the Student Workers spelled out 'SW' for Student Workers with navy blue chairs within the maroon chairs that were used." After the fun, the Workers went to watch graduation from atop the bell tower to see the mark that they made. The Student Workers were an intrical part of campus, working day in and day out for the university. These dedicated individuals were the core of the inner workings of the university's mainframe. Who ever knew that paying one's college bills entailed being on the job twenty-four hours a day?

The Student Wo rke rs have a fami lial bond between the m that make it eas ier to work a nd li ve w ith each other eve ry day. Des pite their busy sched ul e, the Wo rke rs to ta ke t im e o u t fo r themselves a nd spe nd it w ith each other as they gat her aro un d a campfire.

Student Workers


Rock the House!

wordsMarcMagno imagesAnthonyBrenneman

Bass thumped in my body, sweat streamed down my head, my feet throbbed as I bounced off one person to the next. l jumped around, singing the words l heard off the radio, as 1 swam my way to the barrier. Just two people away from the stage, a security guard blocked my view as he pulled down a crowd surfer from the crowd's hands and heads, making sure no one got hurt. Like being caught in a wave, 1 swayed from side to side, pressed up against some guy whom I had only recently become a littl e too intimate with. Mashing, crowd surfing, and screaming our lyrics: there was no other experience like the Sunset Concert. Having had widely renowned groups such as Run DMC and Ozomatli perform in previous years, the Sunset Concert was an annual attraction for both students of LMU and residents of Los Angeles alike. Past concerts have been held in Gersten Pavilion and have brought in approximately 3,000 attendees, with over fifty percent being LMU students. With numbers like these, one could speculate a similar turnout for

(A bove) Steve H a rwell , lead singe r o f Srn as hrn outh , gives th e LM U stud e nts a n aweso m e performan ce of th e band 's so ngs. (Right) Bass ist a nd lead voca list for Eve 6, M ax Collins, sin gs a crowd favorite. (Far Right) C hris Fiorentini a nd rh e Kni ghts of C he rnobyl won th e riri e of o pe nin g ac t a fte r winning Barri e of the Bands.

028 Campus Life

this year's Sunset Concert. In November, Loyola Marymount was blessed with the up and coming talent of local stars, Eve 6, along with pop-rock sensations Smashmouth. Because both bands had typically similar fan bases, ranging from teenagers to young adults, it was not hard for them to draw the LMU crowd, most of whom seemed to enjoy the whole concert experience. Freshman Kyle Keyser said, "Eve 6 definitely played a fantastic set. The way nothing got out of hand was also a plus-everything was well regulated. It is something that Loyola Marymounr ought to do again." It was obvious that the concert was a complete success. Aside from some lost watches and scraped arms, the crowd was left wanting more. With stress always lingering in the air, it is always good for there to be a release for students to vent out their frustrations in an orderly, well regulated fashion. It seems that Sunset Concert once again succeeded in providing the LMU campus with a service as well as a show.

Ruling the Masses wordsJanelleAibino

imagesAnth ony Bren neman


Student leaders had always played an important role on Relations, and Activities Programming. the Loyola Marymount campus. They were the students who Different committees aided in the success of ASLMU and planned Sunset Concert, Charter Ball, promoted all ASLMU the services it provided to the university. APC, or the events, put on the Club Fair, and brought community service Activities Programming Commission, was responsible for the opportunities to the students of LMU. ASLMU, or the production of all major events on campus. Club Relations Associated Students of Loyola Marymount University, was the helped with Budget Ballot and club allocation funds. The student goverment of LMU. They were the students res pons- promotion of all planned events was handled by the PR team. bile for organizing the activities that kept the interest of stu- The JUSTICE commission promoted and educated the camdents on campus. pus about pressing social issues that plagued the community. The head Lion, or ASLMU president, was Mike Perucho. The Senate, comprised of sixteen senators, helped broaden When asked why he wanted to be president he said, "I want- student opinion by holding open forums and other worked to bring the sense of community that I have felt on the shops. LMU campus and share it with my peers. Going to school ASLMU played an important parr in ruling the masses. here has been a gift unto itself with all the diverse people that After the September 11 tragedy, the candle light vigil was one I am in contact with on a daily basis." The ASLMU Cabinet of the most touching events held on campus. The LMU compositions include President and six Vice Presidents presiding munity came together in the midst of the a world at war to over the following areas: Excecutive Vice President, Budget find comfort with each other. Thanks to ASLMU, fears were and Finance, Public Relations, Community Service, Club calmed through the family bonds found at LMU.

"Maybe I ca n rry o ur for rhe openin g spor for Su nser Concerr!" Berween pl annin g evenrs, fun was always had by AS LM U. O ne of ASLM U's me m be rs seeks a nap afrer a lo ng d ay at wo rk. Na ppin g o n th e co uches in Ma lo ne was po pul a r wirh ASLM U.



032 student Ule

Student Life

Student Lite


FIRESIDE 8522 LINCOLN BOULEVARD common to enter the Fireside on any given night find LMU students hanging out. A hot spot located in Westchester for those students who took part in the LA bar scene, patrons could always be found playing darts, socializing with friends, or playing billiards within the Fireside's homey atmosphere. Decorated with LMU memorabilia and located within walking distance to the LMU campus, the Fires~de appealed to "I that certain ry:pe of student. I

"We all need to come together as a community to support each other during this very sad, disturbing and confusing time." - Fr. Robert B. Lawton, S.J.

054 Clubs & Organizations

Clubs & Organizations

Clubs & Organizations








MISSICXIJ: Kee pin g in mind id ea ls of justice, eq uali ry, a nd res pect, the Association fo r Cay a nd Lesb ia n Awareness co m m its itself to prom o tin g awa re ness of th e d ive rse Cay a nd Lesbi a n co mmunity at LM U a nd beyo nd a nd provides a safe place to exp lo re, support, and edu cate.

MISSICXIJ: T he Accou nti ng Soc iety at LM U is formed with the purpose of furth e ring the accounting m ajo r of LM U's knowledge of the profession of acco untin g. The society attempts ro show both the practical and technica l aspects of inte rview in g, res um e prepa rat io n, curre nt o pini o ns, a nd ge ne ra l inform atio n about C PA firm s, pri va te industry, and gove rnm e nt o rga n1za n o ns.





The Armenian Swde nt Association prov id es th e o pportunity to culti va te a true und ersta nding and appreciation of the Armenian culture, he ritage, a nd hi story through cultural, ed uca tio nal, and social act iviti es to e nhan ce inte ract io n a nd maintain a netwo rk of suppo rt betwee n the Armenian stude nrs, the LM U com munity, a nd rhe Armenian co mmunity bo th loca ll y a nd inte rn ationa ll y.

056 Clubs & Organizations


MISSICXIJ: Th e Associated stude nts of Loyo la Marymount University, o r ASLM U, is the swd cm govc rnm em at LM U represeming the und erg rad uate st udent body.







MISSICN: The American Society of C ivil Enginee rs is a club that works to advance professio nal knowledge and improve rh e practi ce of civil enginee ring student members throu gh co mpeti ng in co mpet itions related to civil engineerin g su bjec ts, se rvice projects, and prese ntat ions by industrial profesSionals.



MISSICN : ;)'he purpose of rhe LM U Be,!les is ro )i ve out th e Jes uit Marymo unt traditio n of se rv11_1g ':"1th and for orhers. The fift y wo men who co mpr!se of the Belles scrv1ce orga nrt.anon act as hos tesses fu r on-campus eve nts and acn vllles and se rve the grea ter Los An gel es co mmun ity by donatin g th eir time, energy, and spirit to !n ~ n y diff ere nr o rga n1za nons Wlthlll rh e area. The Bel les g1vc th e1r nm e freely and wdllllgly to proVIde se rv1ce for others no man er how grea t or small th e eve nt.

MEMBERS: Mary Baker, Karen Bealer, Em ily Brown, Rccsa Brukena, Willa Crosby, Julia De Lco1~ , C:_nie de l?s Ri os, Ti路ac ie Drumtr~, Jess ica Es trad a, Lilly Estrada , Fel ix.. Den1.~e hhpek, Enk a Frugon1 , Adecn Co nza!ez, Jenni e l-l aubcnsc hdd , K r)~~ tl e 1-!Jcks, J es~ 1 ca Homer, So nya l-luec1as, Abby lhng, C lll a JeniZins, 1na Johnso n, <...a l2y juarez, lu l1 a Karr, L1bby Ke ll y, Patt y, Lopez, C hefan Malmberg, Kenn1sha M :~onc, Ca rl y ~c l n e rny, C hnsun e Mello, Enca Mdlado, !'dar Morado, L1 z Ode h, Katcla l':ugc, I rang Ph am, Erin Ri ley, Jen nifer Ri ve ra, Lindsey Robens, Brianda Rojas , C in :\ SenH.: nza, Jen Street , Allison Ulbrich, Amanda Uribe, Tam Vu , Jacki..: W..:ssd y, Lori Williams , Robin Zamo ra, Parry Za rate, Katy Zian ts, Julie Zuchowski



MISSICN: T he Black Stud ent Uni on serves as a network and support base for Afri ca n-America n stud ents at LM U and provides th em with an opport unny to grow political ly, sociall y, culturall y, professionally, and academicall y through th e adoption of the pronciples of th e African-American va lue syste m, Nguzo Sa ba.

Clubs &Organizations







Our mi ss io n is ro help prov id e a n e nj oya bl e a nd edu cational ex pe ri ence to srude m s stud yin g C he mi stry/ Biochemistry. We help stud e nts in thi s field by o ffe ring free tutorin g a nd o rga nizin g soc ials to becom e affi lia ted w ith rhe professo rs in rhe depa rtme nt.

mEmBERS: 22

crimson circLe SINCE:


Li s~

Agu irre, Scott Berm an, Alben Castro, Wi lla Crosby, Yclcna Gorclik, Emily Hichcy, Raben lafc, Cindy lskan cbr, Monic:t lsb. ndar, Va lerie Jacobs, Esther Kan g, Ju Lee. Jean Claire Ma nalo, Mike McKee, Frank ie P:ura , Mike Perucho, Ma ri tza Ru iz, Jessica So. Ala n Torres, Odcy Ukpo, Cristina Wha len, Eric Wilson

miSSION : C rimso n C ircl e was es tab lished in 1929 to in sure th at there was proper discipl ine am o ng the stud e nts at stude nt body asse mb lies and athl eti c eve nts in whi c h rh e Lion s parti cipated . Tod ay, it se rves LM U and the surro undin g co mmuni ty as a gro up of me n who bel ieve in th e Loyo la tradition of "m en for others." Doing service, whi ch ranges from tu to rin g at Westchester Hi gh Schoo l, ro pass in g our clothes to the ho meless in Ve nice, C rimso n C ircl e is a gro up of me n which ho ld simi la r va lu es a nd a devo tion to help those in need.



miSSION: C lub D e Co lo res is co m mined to develop in g ge ne ral awa re nss o f problems, ad va nce ments, a nd c ulture in different soc ieti es in Tijuana , M ex ico a nd to stri ve for th e so luti o ns to th ose probl ems.

058 Clubs I Organizations




ffiiSSION :

~h e Del Rey Playe rs is a stud ent-run th eate r co mpany th at seeks to proVIde opppo nuniry and ex peri ence in th e Theatre Arts and entcrtamm cm Industry ror irs members, whi le alTerin g li ve th ca rer productions. They are open ro al l stud ents and members of the LM U co mmunity.



miSSION : G rypho n C ircle is an honorary wo men's se rvice orga ni za ti on or 40 members who se rve and ass ist both Loyola Marymount Uni ve rsity as we ll as th e surroundin g co mmunity of Los An geles. mEmBERS: 39 Ana Mari a Da Veiga, Ann a Mun oz, Ca mille cry, Collen Foxworth y, Ellen Lauck, Eri ca De Sa mi ago, Gabby Miller, H adley \XIasso n, Isabel Herrera, Janisa Brown, Jea nette G ram , Jen de Puzo, Jenn y Horwath, Jessica Res ni ck, Juli e Krekel er, Juli e Mass ucci, Katie Swanron, Lauren Ce nte no, Lauren Rubcrry, Lea nn e Za krzewski , Lee Tran , Lidia Brice no, Li z C hampi on, Li zzy Horan, Maribel Pulido, Mary Kipp , Megan Burke, Melissa Sierra, icole De Voc, N isha Rodrigo, Phung Tran, Rebecca Sa nd ers, Revi-Ruth Enriqu ez, Suza nn e Pomplili , Sylvia Eneri z, Ta mmie Mee na, T heresa Thibodea ux, Valeri e Ari as, Yohann a Sa ndova l



ffiiSSION : Delta Sigma Pi is organized ro fos ter th e stud y of busincrs in uni ve rsiti es, to enco urage scholarship, social activity, and th e assoc iati on of stud ents for th eir mutua l advan ce ment by resea rch and practice. Delta Sigma Pi also promotes close r affili ati on betwee n th e co mm ercial world and Students or COilllllerce.

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The Society of Amomotive Engineers is a n affliate of the nati o nal o rga niza tion. Thi s g ro up promotes engin ee ring as a profess ion a nd offers networkin g with facu lty a nd the busin ess co mmunity.

LMU E-Co mm e rce C lub seeks to prov id e a forum for stud enrs to stud y a nd discuss the busin ess o pportunities a nd impli ca tions for soc iety a nd th e Internet. Our mi ss ion is to provid e LMU stud e nts a nd alumni with useful reso urces for Internet- related caree r info rmati on, e ntre prene uria l idea exc hanges a nd educa tion al opportunit ies. Th e LM U E-Commerce C lub is a n int e ra cti ve lea rnin g ex pe ri ence. T he club offers stud e nts from all maj ors and dive rse bac kg ro unds a n opportunity to lea rn how to implem e nt th eir own c-busin ess.



mEmBERS: Ll Paul Lev ine Gope7., T homas Lee, lore n Quk, Mi c hael Ze un e r






Han Tao see ks to promote C hin ese cu lture at LMU by ho lding act iviti es includin g soc ial s, ex hibiti o ns, a nd food sa les. It is the goa l of th e club ro have me mbe rs from all backg round s to share in the C hin ese c ulture. Th e cl ub cel ebra tes th e Mid -Autumn Moon Festival and C hin ese New Yea r a nd is in vo lved in co mmunity se rvice suc h as coastal beach clea n-

El Espejo se rves to edu ca te , me nto r, a nd estab lish a bond w ith inn e r city yo uth in o rd e r to prom o te a be tter und e rstandin g of th e poss ibiliti es of pe rso nal and intell ectu al growth. It provid es leadership , suppo rt, advice, and awareness on c ru cia l iss ues facin g th e Latino co mmunit y.


060 Clubs &Organizations


PI »~




198 1

ffiiSSIDN: T he LM U lgnarians were founded in 198 1 as the first coed se rvice organ izari on on ca mpus. From irs creation, yo un g men and women from diverse backgrounds have co me toge th er, attemptin g ro live our rh e vision of Sa int Ignatius in beco min g "men and women for orhers. " In rh e Jesuit tradition, emph as is is placed on se rving others and the surrounding co mmunity. The lgna rians help men and women realize their abi lities to make signifi ca nt co nrriburi ons in the li ves of others.


Gianna Laiola, Amanda Phillips, Kim Tipton , Jo n Broo mfield , C indy Jutras, Shan non oz.zo, Ca 1rl1n Ga nter, Andrea azz~ l, Ann1e '11 , Ben Roope, Ben Fitzgera ld, . Brand on Seto, Bnenna P1erce, Carol1ne Clark , Collee n McNed , ory McDevitt, ory Roo ney, Dan Van Dusen , Danielle Boucher, Dominic Sermeno, Elizabeth Salanave, Enca Ad_elsrein , Jacob Pad ron, Jolie Randall , Jordi n Leybold, Juli a/ C hang, Jul1 e Ca rlton , Jusnn L1m , Karya Acun a, Kell~ Hern andez, Kev1n Derkash, Kun1 Kwock, Kristen Pluege r, Lara Perry, Lauren Guerra, Marisol Ga rcia, Marirza Ruiz, Mayberh Robel , Mega n Pryo r, Melissa Broome, Mike Trea nor, Par Ga rl and , Robbi e Lee, Sa ra Busse, Saral1 Li zo rre, Sa rah Stork, Shawn Frawley, Stephan ie Ini guez, . ~ h e res a Hancock, Thomas C hang, Tu1a !all y, Leea h Durl<ee, L1sa Klclnh ofe r, L1sa 1 res


ffiiSSION : The Institute or Electronic Engineers, or l EEE, is a scientifi c and edu cationa l club dirccred towards rhe adva nce ment of the rheory and practi ce of eler ri cal enginee rin g, electronics, co m purer enginee ring, and co mputer sc1ences.

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T he purpose of !sa ng Bansa is ro prom ote a nd prese rve t he Filipin o a nd Filipin o-Ame ri ca n cultures throu gh academ ic, cultural, phil amh rop ic, a nd social acti viti es. !sa ng Bansa's purpose also e nco mpasses irs co mmitme nt to rh c prom otio n a nd p racti ce of the d iffere nt languages and di alects of rh e Phi li ppin es. !sa ng Ba nsa is co m mined ro bein g an inclu sive o rga ni za tion th at docs not res tri ct its ge ne ral (active, inactive, a nd hono ra ry) me mbers and boa rd me mbers ro just Filip in os in th e ethni c o r se manti c se nse of the wo rd.


miSSION: M.E. h. A. de LM U an e mp ts ro mee t th e needs of th e Lat in o srudc m s a nd co mmu ni ty. O ur purpose is ro in crease po liti ca l, edu ca ti o nal, cu ltu ral, and social co nsc io usness among Latino stude nrs at LM U and rh e g rea ter co mmuni ty. It is through se rvice, edu ca tion , and soc ial interacti o n th at we w ill achi eve our pup ose. So me of o ur eve nrs includ e week ly meet ings, Hi gh Schoo l Co nfe rence, West Sid e Ca fe , a nd Dia de Ia Familia.

mEmBERS : 31 C hris Zepeda, Ca ri d e los Rios, Je nnifer E nca rn ac ion , Sara Mij a res, Pa ul a Angu lo, Andrea Sil va, Alm a Mejo rado, G uill e rm o O rri1., Evely n So ra , Rachel Ga rcia-Cary, Sebast ian H ern a nd ez, C hri sti na Mar iscal, Adi Aguiree- Robe rrso n , M a nuel Ruiz, Luis M endez, Jess ica Vira momes, Gab ri el Leyd a, Sa ndra Va ld ivia, Eli zabe th Za mudi o, Cec ili a F. Larios, Jud ee Fern a nd ez, Ca rin a Diaz, G il Duane, Sa n Ju an ita Rosa les, Li li an Ga rcia, Ala n Gu ti e rrez, E nriqu e Viramontes, Jose G uzma n M ajo ra mega, Anna Lo pez, Sagri o Ra ngel , Luis Alva re nga, Fra nk Perez, Leo n Pijpaerr, Larry Sa nchez, Da mian Ga ll egos, Ram o n Gue rra



miSSION: Th e Latin o Busin ess Stud cm Associa tio n is a n o rga ni za tio n t ha t all ows irs me mbe rs to netwo rk thro ugh perso nal co macr w irh key rcprcsc nra rivcs from majo r co mpa ni es. LBSA prese nts wo rksho ps a nd se min a rs rhar reach va lu abl e a nd esse nti al p rofess io nal skill s. It is also vira l ro c reate an environm ent fo r membe rs rhar gives th em th e opportun ity ro ma ke new fr ie nds through va ri o us social act iviti es.

062 Clubs & Organizations


Slt'IO E:



ffiiSSION : LM U Emerge ncy Medi cal Services provide medi cal rrea tm elll to ,~h oev ­ er needs help. EMT's receive ex tensive trainin g at th e cos t of th e mdlvidual members.



miSSION : To plan, coo rdin ate and sponso r a monthl y calend ar of eve nts and acti vities lor th e studems li ving in uni ve rsit-y housing. To work in co llaborati on with stud ent vo luntee rs and oth er housing staff ro foster res identi al co mmunities th at ofTer stud ents ex peri ences that promote growth and development in a di ve rse, dynami c and acti ve living environm ent. mEmBERS: 21 Geo fTrey Bell , Jam es Fash, Sandra Kin g, Aris Mosley, Sharon 1\veedy, Jenn y G ranni ch, Sebastain Palmer, Melissa Rodriguez, Am y Ross, N icole Alliso n, Michaela G inn , hristin e Ca rley, Jeremy Hoffm an, Adrienn e Horli ck, Stephene Porras, MiJin G rego ry, Patrick Dugga n, N in a Los roelli , Ka t So renso n, C hristin e Dzida, Isa bel Jull y


CLUB 1959

ffi!SSION: The Math C lub ex ists to promote ca maraderi e among math swdcnrs through fun social ac ti vities as well as foster a love of math ematics. ffiEmBERS : 18 Office rs: Sarah DeSa nctis, Sa rah Howa rd , Jennifer Burke, Kellie Dye rl y, Willa C rosby, Pat Ca hala n, Eld en Kru se, Matt Kursar C rys ta l Arri eta, Key na Bell , Ni ck Burki , Jim Co meau, Wi l Echeverria, At1draya Eise nm an, Erika Frugo ni , Ryan G rady, Christin e Grc. zczuk, T im Raschke, Edwa rd Scott, Chaeyeo n Shin , Peter Tall ey, Jose Tapia, And y Zinclis

Clubs &Organizations



LffiU RUGB!::I







Kyodai pro motes th e j apanese-Am eri ca n ex peri ence th ro ugh socialism and cul ruralism. Kyodai goes to j apanese culture shows and travels to


M anza nar, a j apanese-Ameri ca n Internment Ca mp in Califo rnia.


Th e M ath and Science Teachers C lub (MAST ) ex ists ro ex pose po tenti al K- 12 reachers to reaching reso urces fo r math emati cs and sc ience, and inform th em of inrem ship oppo rtuniti es, fun wo rkshops and co nferences.

mEmBERS: Ill Faculty Ad viso r- Dr. Jacuelin e Dewa r Sa rah D e San cris, Enrique Go nza les, John Diaz- D eca ro, Sa rah H owa rd , Lauren Roberrs, Karya Acun a, Jacquelyn Arenas, j ocel yn Cas tro, Wil Echeve rri a, Da rryn H arris, Ka te H ollenbeck, Ell en Jackso n , Sa nd ra Na ranj , Elizabeth vo n Schwa rz





198 1




Na Ko lca is rhc H awa ii an C lub at LM U wh ose purpose is to act as a vehicl e to case rhe transiti o n of th e island stud ents to Californi a and college li fe . Th e club shares th e culture and heritage of H awa ii and irs peopl e with both H awa ii an and non- H awa ii an stud ents of LM U.

Phi A lph a T hera is a profess io nal and ho no r socie ty established fo r th e purpose o f prom otin g th e stud y of histo ry and enco uragin g academi c exce ll ence in rh e field. This soc iety understands and is co mmitted ro abidin g by rhe po li cies and procedures ofLMU .

064 Clubs & Organizations


LffiU TU









200 1

rt\ISSION : i he ro ller hockey club was sta rred ro allow hockey playe rs ro co me togethe r and play t he sparr in w hic h they love so mu c h. We want ro sta n new fr ie ndships a nd stay in shape whi le playin g co m petit ive hockey.

rt\EmBERS : Andrew Diller, Sco tt Thomas, Ernest Garanera, Joe Szopa, Peter Zwa rt , Garret Co le man , Ara Agazarian, Brice Larsen, Adam Rust, Mike Nae ma rk , Todd Simm o ns



miSSION: While our organization has broad e ned irs require me nt s and m od ifi ed irs me th ods to mee t rhe needs of the di sa bled populati o n in an ever chan gi ng soc ie ty, Spec ial Ga mes' four origina l o bj ectives ha ve bee n held co nsta nt over the yea rs. These object ivcs give our athletes rh e co urage to ove rcome their disabilit ics. Special Games stri ves to provide an outlet for th e social and recreational needs of th e spec ial needs com munit y. Spec ial Games seck to provide th e LMU com munit y with an opportunity to increase irs understanding and acceptan ce of the special needs members of society. Special Games seck to develop the c harac tcr of those with spcc ial nccds through a deepcr level of understanding and pride in themselves. Finally, Special Ga mes seck to gain co mmunit y awa re ness a nd support (both in the Loyola Marymount a nd Los Angc:le~ co mmuniti es) for th e spcc ial needs com munity.

mEmBERS: 11..1


Stacia _Walsh , Sco tt McConnell, Tyannc Schooley, Michael Fiamingo, Megan Barker, Lilly Es t!·ada, Kelly DJckson,.JohJ~J~Y MontevJdco, Bnan Sp lnclh , !"Zachcllc Jones, Al1son Cross, Anne- Mane D~ecc, la rl a C umm1n gs, NJCk Alt


rt\ISSION : ihe Rotaract C lub provides a n opportunity lor yo u ng me n and women to enhan ce th e knowledge and sk ills that will assist th em in persona l development , w address rh e physical a nd soc ial needs of th ei r com muni ties, and to promote be tter relation s betwee n all people worldwide through a fram ewo rk of friendship and se rvi ce.

Clubs &Organizations





Th e Loyo la Marymoutll Row in g Association co nsists of me mbe rs of t he LM U C rew Tea m who st rive to re nd er se rvices lO th e co mmunity and uni versiry, to uph o ld th e id eas a nd ac ti vities of t he c rew tea m , and to ~~~~~~~~~iJ!~:2:::l::.::.:::l1:_:..:_:_:~Z[2:5=-I promote bro th e rh ood/siste rh ood in amateu r row in g at LM U in the best tradition of sportsman ship .




mEmBERS: 6 Broo ks Jo nes, Jenn y G riffin , Kriste n Kel ly, Ty ler Benga rd , N ick Ca ni gli a, Blake Boye r

Recogni zing th e need for a co mprehe nsive a nd active se rvice organ izat io n co mpri sed of Loyola Marymounr Uni ve rsity stude nrs, Sursum Cord a, a Latin term mea nin g "lift up o ur hea rts" is rooted firm ly of rh e Jes uit ideal of bein g me n a nd wo men for humanity. Us in g thi s id ea l as a fou nd ation , Sursum Co rd a e mph as izes the impo rta nce of se rvice a nd th e fe rve m d es ire to se rve othe rs. Th e importan ce of thi s mi ss ion is to in c ulca te t he love of hum a nity throu gh th e p racti ce of se rvice, a nd enj oyab le parti cipa ti o n in th e co mmunity o n a pe rso nal level thus devel op in g in each me mbe r th e love of hum anit y.

mEmBERS: 9LI Jeffrey Aher in , Raquel Am ezq uita , M ike Art ifo n , H atel Bhakta , Kat ie Blatte r, Maria Bohe, Marcel ino Cas til lo , Lara C hri ste nse n , Jess ica Co nn ell , Erica Co nn o ll y, De irdre C ram pton , C hri sty C ummin gs, C hri ss ie Davis, Katie Dufficy, Kell ie D ye rly, Amy Eberhardt , C hri sto phe r Ebe rh a rdt, Michell e Felten , U lysses Forosan , Sa rah Fox, Step hani e Fryer, Jenn y G riffin , Barbara G ive ns, Ali so n Gross, Jerem y Hahn , C ha risse H a nawahin e, Jenni fer H a nl y, Eri c Hayd e n, Joy In o uye, Steph a nie ln teriano, C hristin e Jeffe rs, Me redith Jo hn so n, Ge nev ieve Lagun a, G us Leano, C laire Lewis, Stefini Ma'ake, Eil ee n M aba lay, Kathryn M a rshall, Jo nat han Mart in , Nata li e McCoske r, Sara h Maeder, Alcja ndra Ochoa, Ana Ortiz, Lindsie Po rte r, Apri l Quintans, Elaine Rea li, Sam Rest ivo , Tim Raschke, Anna Sa hlstro m , Sa ra Showa lte r, Ma ra Slade, Coll ee n Sulli va n, Mega n Ti·iebwasser, Sharo n Tweedy, Kristin Vcs nave r, Je nnifer Wa lsh , Rebeka h Wa lte r, Alli so n We inreich , Mi chael Yo ussef, Hilary Yr iha rre n



miSSION: The Se rvice Program Coo rdinators Co un cil coo rdinates and in it iates campus and co mmunity se rvi ce prog rams a nd proj ects that wi ll be nefit th e co mmuniry of LMU a nd th e chall e nged a nd less e mpowe red me mbers o f o ur surround in g Los Angel es co mmunity.

mEmBERS: 5

Th e Council consisrs of th e Presidenrs of each of the five Service Organizat ions: C hri s De lja, Crimson Circle; Erin Ri ley, Belles; Ana Mari a DaVeiga, ClyjJIJou Circle; G ian na Laio la , lguntinns; Sharon 1\veed y, Su mnu Core/a

066 Clubs & Organizations

RI-4!::1TJ.Iffi OF LffiU »>




miSSION: Th e Sie rra C lub is a g roup t hat provides information on rh e iss ue., f:1eing ou r en vironme nt and e nco urages stude nrs to know more about rh c co mmunity. Sie rra C lu b act iviti es includ e hikin g a nd rock climbing in Azusa Canyo n and inform ation prese ntati ons deli ve red by o rga ni za tions such as Green Co rps.



miSSION: Society of\XIomen Engin ee rs pro motes the success of women in the field of e ng in ee rin g. Th e soc iety spo nso rs tours to e nvironme nral e ngin ee rin g firm s and coo rdin a tes workshops throu gh loca l women 's orga ni za ti o ns to ex pose juni o r hi g h school girl s to th e excitin g field of e ngin ee rin g.

mEmBERS: 23 M a ri a Pav lovsky, Gab riela Rui z, Isa bel Jull y, Lauren Sa rio, Jodi Lindsey, Sara h Li zotre, Eri n Cas tillo , Julia I<rekel e r, Marc Ge rald ez, Sa ra h Fox , Sa brin a Noorani, Jessica Moore, Alli so n Esca ri o, Ca ro lyn I<rekele r, Rachellc 13urke, Andrin a Maurseth, Vanessa Gut ie rrez, Taisbatu Obasi , Amanda Thorson, Elspeth Carde n , Ja ni ce Struna , Krystlc Hi cks, An abel Rodrig uez



miSSION : Th e purpose of Sistah Fri e nds is to support th e acade mi c, c ultural , socia l, ethni c, and spiritua l need s of unde rgraduate women of African American desce nr a t LM U.

Clubs &Organizations







200 1

T he mi ss io n o F th e Na ti o nal Soc iety oF Black E nginee rs is w in c rease th e number o F c ui rurall y res po nsibl e Black e nginee rs w ho excel acade mi ca ll y, succeed pro fess io nall y, a nd pos iti vel y impact th e com munity. NS BE, o pe n w engin ee rin g, ma th , a nd sc ience majo rs, is c urre ntl y o ne o F th e la rgest stude nt-o pe rated o rga ni za ti o ns in the co untry. Th ere a re ove r 10,000 student me mbe rs, with 17 pre-co ll ege c hapte rs, 268 stud ents chapters, a nd 50 alumni lrechni cal proFess io nal cha pte rs.





MISSICN: Socie ty or Hispa ni c Pro ress io nal Engin ee rs pro mo tes th e ca ree rs in sc ie nce a nd engin ee rin g in th e Lat in o co mmunity M e mbers rec ruit jun io r hi gh and hi gh schoo l level La tin o stud e nts, retain LM U sc ience a nd e ngin ee rin g stud ents a nd ass ist in rhe devclopm elll o F co mmuni cati o n skill s thro ugh wo rksho ps.

068 Clubs & Organizations




MISSICN: The Volunteer Admissions l c am was established for th e purpose nf acco mm odatin g th e large number of pros pecti ve students co nsiderin g LM U as a collegiate choice.

MEMBERS : 71 Ashley Al exand er, Nicole Allison , Allison Alper, Michael Ambrozewi C7., Ashl cigh And erson , Kel ley Blalock, Ashley Burnett, Sara Busse, Mdos Cam -Robb , Knsnn Ca ro lan , Jeff C lark, Gretchen Collin , Erica Co nnoll y, Chris Dil ori o, Jessica Domeni ci, Patrick Duggan , Toni Foster, Ali Fredman , Melissa Furano, Lorraine Gdlanders, Jean ette Grant, Erica Gree n, La uren Guerra , Valerie G uti errez, Raymond Hernandez, Jose ph Irw in, Jazmin Jimenez, Kari c Jones, Rachellc Jon es, Noreen Jul1 ano, Jon Juri ch, Mike Kalcra, Samara Katz, Sarah Kenn ey, Haley Kerr, Sta cy lambaros, Brian Landisi , Jen Levin , Justin Lim, Maria Lipsco mbc, Nina Losorelli , Kelli Ma y, Erin Meister, Joanna Merchant, Sara Mil"ares, Jennifer Monico, Franccsca Montenegro , Daniela Montiel, Sarah Morgan, Hay 9' Ncnd al, Ash lye O ' Hara , Daniel Peterson, Matt Putnicki , Shanno n Ramirez, Emil y Ravenscroft , Belinda Rungsea, Melanic Salter, Brandon Sera, Ann a Siedzik , Jaclyn l a llon, Mcchcll c Tracy, Shclfy Tupas, Jacki e Twomey, Rachel Van Holl(en, Moll y Wes wn , Sarah Wilcza k, Alana Williams, Dan Wise man, Leann e Za krzewski , Patricia Za rate, Mi a Zucht



Clubs &Organizations


070 Academics




Fr. Robert B. Lawton S.J.

Dr. Joseph Jabbra

John Oester

Dave Trump

07 2 Academics

• Dr. Lane Bove

::J V\

r-t \



Charles Rasberry

0 ::J

Undergraduates 07 3

Parts of a Whole by Katherine N ierva and Sara Frietze ingle unive rsity, co mposed of fo ur colleges and rwo schools, LMU p rov ided students with a var ity of academi c program s ro prepare for furure challenges. Enco mpassin g rwelve depanm ents in the hum aniti es and social scien ces, the Bellarmin e Co llege of Liberal Ans was the largest of the four colleges rh ar made u p LM U. T he Coll ege of Liberal Arrs fo und irs fo undati o n in the Ro man Catholi c traditio n and fostered srudenrs ro develo p ethi cal values, communica ti on skills, analytical abili ty, and pro bl em solving app roach es, beli ev ing rh ar a b road edu cation gave students p reparatio n fo r future challenges. T he fo und ati o n of rh e Co llege of Busin ess Administrati on stemm ed fro m a co mmi tm ent ro ethi cal val ues and lmowled ge. W ith rhe guidelin es fro m th e co re curriculum , the C BA developed skills in techn o logy, analysis, and manage ment. T he four deparrm enrs and fo ur ce nters offered rwo Baccalaureate D egrees, whi ch are the

Bachelo r of Business Administratio n and the Bachelor of Science in Acco untin g. T he College of Co mmunica ti o ns and Fine Ans srud em s we re abl e ro b roaden the scope of their creativity th ro ugh th e producti o n of an fo rm s such as pho tographs, movie sc rip ts, sculp tures, pai ntin gs, dances, and so ngs . No r only did th e srudenrs acquire experi ence in hands o n lea rnin g, bur they also built skill s in hi sro ry, th eo ry, and critical thinkin g. T he goal of the Coll ege of Science and Enginee rin g was ro give srud enrs a stro ng educa ti on in science, engineerin g, and m ath emati cs. Professo rs i ncorporared erh ics in ro rh e curri culum rh ar srud enrs we re expected ro inrern ali ze in order ro prepare fo r th e challenging and co mpetiti ve p ro fess io nal wo rld . Bes ides hav ing ga in ed inrelligen ce in science, stu dents beca me well -rounded thro ugh rheol ogical and phil osophi cal swdi es . T he School of Film and Televisio n was rooted in rhe con cept of a hands-on educatio n ro equip students with th e resources in writin g, producin g, o r anim atin g fo r film or televisio n . T he School of Education was co mmirred ro public and pri vate edu cati o n in rhe developm enr of irs students. T he students and facul ty co llabo rated ro pro mo te hi gh stand ards and mo rals in reachin g for th e prese nt edu catio nal sys tem .

07 4 Academics

Kenyon S. Chan

John R. Popiden

John T. Wholihan

George L. Hess

Dean Bellarmine College of Liberal Arrs

Associare Dean Bellarmine Coll ege of Liberal Ans

Dean Coll ege of Business Admin isrrarion

Associare Dean College of Business Adm inisrrario n

Dean Coll ege of Co mmuni carions and Fine Ans

Dean School of Ed ucario n

Suzanne Frentz

Don Zirpola

Assoc iare Dean College of Com m u ni cario ns and Fi ne Arrs

Acring Direcror School of Film and Television

GeraldS. Jalmbowski

Stephen H. Scheck

W Thomas Calder

Dean Coll ege of Scie nce and Engin eering

Associare Dean Science

Associare Dean Engineering

College Deans

07 5

Joe Abbo ud La il a Abdull ah M egan Abri go Virginett Acacio Rosa Aceves Ame ri ka Adams

Corrney Adams E ri ca Adelstein Denni s Aelin g Patri cia Aguil ar Ta ra Aguil ar Adri ana Aguirre-Ro bert

Jeffrey Ah Hee Ko ri Al<a mine Blanca Al ba As hl ey Alexander Justin All en Alexandra Alonzo

Al liso n Al per Luis Alvarenga Vero ni ca Alvarez Anto nette Al zate M ichael Ambrozewicz Robert Ames

.• '




Sean Andres As hl ey And rews Fe rn and o Arago n Justin Arbitrari o Rya n Arceo Karin a A rell ano

Jacquelyn Arenas Marj orie Argueta Daisy Arreo la T iffany Artis Mari Asa no Jas min Asgharvah edi

076 Academics



J aaldw As uj a G ladys Aurelio C hris Austin M ay ra Avila David Azzi Shelby Bagdasari an

Engineering: Then

vs. Now

by Kari Mochizuki


r. Joseph P. Callinan experi enced first hand th e many growths and changes at Loyol a M arymo unt U ni versity, es pecially in the mechani cal engin eering departm ent. As a veteran professor of for ty-four years at LM U, Dr. Callinan also attend ed Loyola U niversity in the 195 0s. Back in his coll ege days, he rem emb ered co mputing numb ers wi rh slid e rul es, writing ass ignments and repo rts by hand, and drawing wirh templ ates, rul ers, and tri angles. T he techn ological adva ncem ents that took place since then have benefitted en gin ee rin g stud ents by allowin g them to do their calcul ati ons with cal-

cul ators, write their ass ignments using wo rd process ing, and construct their drawings with th e help of co mputer graphics. Yet, the changes in techn ology were no r th e only ch anges D r. Callinan recalls from his days attend ing Loyo la U ni ve rsity. T he co re curriculum for a mechanical enginee r co nsisted of seve n philosophy co urses and eight rheology co urses . T here we re m any m o re Jes ui ts in the reaching fac ul ty: 34 o ut of 66 p ro fesso rs. In the 195 0s, all lower division students we re required to take Air Fo rce ROTC, whi ch today is not required by stud ents. Eve ry T hursday, at 11 AM, D r. Callin an was requi red to

attend C hapel Talk in th e church , which also is not required fo r th e stud ents of today. Even though D r. Callinan witnessed all these changes, he admitted the bigges t change fro m the 195 0s to now is definitely th e tui tio n. D r. Callinan paid $35 0 a year to attend Loyola U niversity, which today is approximately what LMU students pay fo r th eir books! Despite the changes m ade in the curr iculum of the engineering d ep artment, students still received a stro ng educati o n.

Mary Baker Ivy Baldeo Roxann e Banu elos Brian Barba La uren Barn es Libby Barr



Salvado r Barragan Geo rgina Barriga Lauren Barry Ryan Basco Yvette Basica Judy Battagli a

- til

· ..~ •·,"·....' ..



Jared Bazar Kare n Beach C hris Beaven Zelda Beckford Em ily Bedonr Rob Beech Jaso n Beheshti Kri s Belman Grego ry Beninger Scott Benion Juan Benitez

·,~ . ,-'. :;. . ~,, ~J-




_ ..'·



Kelly Benziger Scott Berman Alessandro Bermudez Jennifer Bermudez Allison Bernardi Sterlin g Bentley Hate! Bhakta Heather Bianchi Daniel Bibb Kara Birkenstock Michell e Birnel Lauren Bishop Daphney Bitanga Vincent Bitong Richard Blacker Matthew Blackmore Brian Blancaflor C hri stop her Blatter Sequoi a Blodgett Kat ie Blumberg C hris Bochin Vashti Boeker Maria Bohe

...... •. '.,.,


,. _-.•- . ..;

Mike Bohley Devyn Bolden

078 Academics


C heril a Bondoc Michael Bookey Ge ne Booth Leslie Borchert Evan Boulanger Jon ath an Bowen John Bowker Hillary Boylan Bryn Boyd Tori Black Lanae Bradford James Brandon Karen Brauer Euge ne Bravo Maneka Brooks Melissa Broome Er in Brosnan Lauren Broussard Jenny Brown Rach el Brown Vanessa Browne Er in Brownstein Theresa Bruketta Jann aee Brummell Lauren Brunamonti C heryl Bruyninckx Taquenah Bryant Eli zabeth Buhalski Kelsey Bunker Austin Burge Jennifer Burke RaChelle Burke Ashley Burnett Sa rah Burns Geoffrey Burrell C he'Vo nn e Burton Jon athan Butcher Patrick Butz-Forbes Jillian Bynes Joshu a Calhoun Ri ch ard Ca mpana



Patri ck Canl as Jessica Cannata John Canova Jennifer Capri o Jennife r Carbo ne Bryan C ard ella

Elspeth Carden Tashi Cardin ali Kathl ee n Cardosa Jacl yn Cardoza C hristine Carley Lindsay Carl os

John Carlso n Julie Carlton Kri stin C arolan Grace Carri carte Mari sol Carrill o C hristo pher Carroll

M ark Carroll Sco tt Can er Carl os Casas-Berdej a Joseph Casey Jani ce Casil Jared Cassetta

Gwe n Cas taneda Albert Castro Ingrid Castro Ka ti e Caulfield Lindsay Cauzza Co urtn ey Cazale

C hris Celio Mark Celio Cj Cersovski Marisa Cervantes Nathaniel C hadbourn e Ka rin C hamberl ain

Kati e C hampagne Elizabeth C hampion M ichael C han Jackie C han Julia C hang Steph en C hang

080 Academics

~.路 t #i路.路~. I ~'



Omar Chanman-Lejeune Kimberl y Chap Ashl ey Chapm an Mari a Chase Lindsay Chen Michell e C hen


Robert C hen Davy Cheng Teresa Cheng Andrew C heydleur Melissa C hild Bj Chin Lee Pamela C hiu Shanl ynn C hong Lara h ristensen Joseph Cicchin o Carolin e Clark C hris Clark Jeff Clark Michael Clark Stephani e Clark Derek Classen Matth ew Clendenin Aaron Clousing Meli ssa oats Jennifer Cohen Aaron Coles Steph en Coles Fatim a Coley Greth chen Collin







Mi chael Collins Jim Co meau Susie Co nley Jessica Co nn er Stephani e on rad Kevin Co nroy Daris Cook Libby Cook Chri s Cooley Blake Co rbin Joel Co rco ran

Paul Co renrz



Jill Cornelio Diana Corral Kristen Corriea G uadalupe Cortez Christina Costanzo Natalie Costanzo

Jennifer Cora Marilyn Coto Kindra Covert Sean Cox Shann on Cozzo Tom Cresante Nicholas Crew C laudine Crisostomo Nate Crocker W ill a Crosby Laura Crow Stacie Cruikshank Carla Cruz Michael C uenca Christy Cummings James Cummi ns Anthony C unanan Britney Curtis Deborah C usack Danielle C ushman Brian Custer Sarah Cutsforth Allison Dabbeekeh Jessica Dabbeekeh Mackenzie Dahl Monica Daneshrad Kimberly Daniels Mary Dasaro Alexia Dasilva Anita Davidoo Erica Davidson Cassandra Davis Christina Davis Ilana Davis Kahlil Davis

082 Academics


:/~ 路h .




Nikol D av is Sarah D av is Michele D awso n Sarah D ay D avid D aze T. Mi chael D aze

Roxa ne D e G uzman Jorge D e La To rre D avid D e Leo nardi s Cati D e Los Ri os Jennifer de Puzo D avid D ea n

Joan D ecl aire Jennifer D eFilippo Jennifer D eG irolam o Apri l D eJohn ette Robert D el Ri o Jocelyn D el Rosa ri o


f \ '

Jonathan D el Secco To ny D elateur M elissa D elizia Ailee n D elosa ngel es Steph ani e D enatale Karisa D en is

Bri an D enton Christin e D er H eli na D eres Kevin D erkash Laroya D erouen John D es hazer

Magie D eva ny D erek D ev re Paul Di a Jo h n Di az D eca ro Tori yana Dickens Kel ley Di ckso n

Elizabeth Dickter Alyssa Di ehl Antl ette Dietel H ea th er Di gby C hris Dilo rio Andrew Di lfer



Carla Di llon Robert Dixo n Mike Dobler Daniel Do brott Carrie Dodds Jacquely n Doherty

Jessica Dom en ici Rob Dom inguez Paul Donatelli Siobhan Do nlin Kevin Donohoo Shannon Donova n

Mi chael Dooley Tara Dooley Angela Douglas Bradley Douglas Megan Doyle Kather in e Drake

'.··.·-.·-· 5. .).




. '.·.·..

Adam Driscoll Tracie Drum tra Jenni lee Dsongco Aust in D uffi s Katrina D un can Tara Du ncan

Becky Duo ng Leeah Durkee Sarah Dzida Shawn Eas ter Lan aad ri an Easte r! ing Daniel Easrvold

Kelli Ebelbrock Jacl yn Edwards Sarah Edwa rds Andraya Eisenman Kell y Ellis Kristi ne Ellis

084 Academics

·t \ • '


•:. l_




Ta'Shanique Elzie Gregory E nd o Sylvia Eneriz Christina Engli sh Jes us E nriquez Karlin Erbland

According to the 1998 rankings issued by Success Magazine, LMU's College of Business Administration had one of the top entrepreneurship programs in the . . natton.

Jonath an Erde Elizabeth Erickson Ni ck Erikson Brian Ernst Kylie Erwin



Bernadette Escamilla Eri c Escanuelas Karen Esco bar Raul Espin oza Jessie Es trada Lilliana Es trada

'T ··_"'· \

C hristo pher Ewing Ki m Fah ey Kay Fallon Gina Fanara Jennifer Farr James Fash G ina Favro Diana Feathers Marissa Feldm an Kayreen Feleo Bri an Felix Luz Felix-Marquez


a, . {

:I'~ ...·.




Lauren Feliz C hris Felkel Matthew Felt M ichelle Fel ten C ristina Ferialdi Briana Fernandes

Judith Fernandez Matthew Fernstrom Michelle Festa Jami e Figueroa Penka Fileva Kimberly Fletcher

Krysryna Flores C h ris Flo rentini Jessica Flores O lga Flores Vanessa Flores Emily Fo ltz

Melissa Foltz T iffa ny Fang Tamikka Fo rbes Jessica Fo rer C lemente Forosan Ma rjani Fo rte

086 Academics

~1 ~- -"""'~ -

. '

Toni Foster Jonathan Fox Collen Foxworthy Anna Frachou Kristen Frawley Shawn Frawley

Joseph Frazee Ali Fredman Adrienne Fredrick Kristen Freeman Erin Fregoso Sarah Fried

Sara Frietze Erika Frugoni Carlie Frye Cynthia Fuentes Stefan ie Fujinami Ti na Fukuch i

Deirdre Gaffney Kimberly Gallar Daniel Galligan i Elizabeth Galvan George Gamboa Carrie Gammon

Corina Garcia Elisha Garcia Fayad Garcia Li li ana Garcia Marisol Garcia Rosie Garcia

Sarah Garren Sabrina Garrison Tamara Garrison Alicia Garza JoAnne Garza Milcah Gaskin

·~· · ·,


i ·.






t ill


Cassim Gaston Greg Gaston David Gelineau John Gerardo Aileen Germano Alexis Gernhardt




M ikey Giardull o Ben G ill Lo rraine G ill anders Jacki e G illespie C hrissy G ilm artin Athena G ilm o re

M ichaela G inn La ura G io rgi Di on G iovann one Barbara G ive ns Ma tthew G lase r T im o thy G lenn

Jennifer G lover Jennifer Godinez Imelda Goenawang Josie G oldberg Jonathan Go mez M artha Go mez

Raym ond G onzales Ailee n G onzalez M arin a G onzal ez M arth a Go nzal ez Roch elle G onzalez Yadira Go nzalez

Katherine Goodnight Am anda Goodrich Justin G oodrind Elizabeth Goold Paul Go pez M ari ann e Go rospe

Samantha Go rrell M ari ssa Gozum M ichael G rady Laura G randi-Hill Jean ette G rant Jessica G rassi

088 Academics



..•. ~

. ~

•• .. . .,,"ll·'.,·

·.-.•• \\ .


Steve n G rayso n E rica G reen Jos h G ree nberg Peter G rim es Kelly Grimm ett Bryan G roff









.A·~ '




'" •• ...


·~·-~~-,~ ..'~ . ...







Annalisa Gross Ramon Guerra Andrew Guerrero Anthony G uerrero Kalia G uibi Sara G und el!

Malin G ustalsso n Bridget G uti errez Javier Gutierrez Valerie Gutierrez Melissa Guzm an Lauren G uerra

C ici lia Haase Saral1 Hafner Linda Hagen Samantha Hagen Jeremy Hahn Eri n Hall

Jason Hallmark Erica Hallum Gavi n Hamilton Charisse Hanawahine Michelle Hanchaikul Khuong Hang

Eli zabeth Hardesty Daniel Harper Royce Harper Brandi Harris Darryn Harris James Harris

Jesse Harris Jenny Hashimoto C hristi ne Hastey Jamie Hawley Tyler Hayden Brian Hayes

Christopher Hayes Anna Heberlein Rachelle Hedgeds Malinda Hee Kirsten Heimpel Samantha Heindl



•. '

Adam Henderson Beth Henderson Blake Henderson Serena Henderson Katherine Hennigan Carlos Hernandez



Kelly Hernandez Kristina Hernandez Sebastian Hernandez Carl Hess Colleen Hessler Tiffany Hill Gregory Hinch Siantie Hioe Lori Hirayama Ashleigh Hirschhorn Deborah Hiser Ahoi Ho AJexander Ho Joselle Ho Rana Hodge Sara Hoffman Kelli Hogan T herese Hogan Wesley Hogg Kate Hollenbeck Greg Homen Jessica Homer Jania Hoover Jeffery Hoover Kathryn Hopp Elizabeth Horan Heather Horiuchi Adrienne Horlick Joan Hsia Joshua Hubka C hris Hudson Tiffany Hudson Katie Huff Elizabeth Hughes Robert Huning Timothy Hunt

090 Academics


.:~.,. .f





_·:1·.····. >:1,: '·




~ I


N icole H urd Virginia H uynh Stephanie Hybki Robert Iafe Natalie leo Sakaye Ih a '•

Scot Ikeda Laura Ingersoll Jen Ingrah am Joy Inouye Stephani e Interiano Co urtney Irvin

Joseph Irwin C indy Isandar Moni ca Iskandar Mary Iskand er Ashley Islas Andrea Jablonski

Dem ara Jackson Juli ette Jackson Rachelle Jacobs Valeri e Jaco bs Oscar Jaim es An1it Jain

·. ' ·. .,·. ;, . 1',

Andrea James C hris Janke Monica Jara C harl ene Jaravata M icah Jenkins Jesse Jensen

"·.~ ·-~·'0·.··'"··· .

.· !




Ari ell e Jesse! G loria Jimenez Jazmin Jimenez Toni Jimenez Vanessa Jimenez Carolyn Johnso n

Colin Johnso n El-Lenor Johnso n Lucas Johnso n Lynette Johnso n Mahlena-Rae Johnson Melisa Joh nson



N ina Johnso n Spencer Johnsto n Kati e Jones Nicole Jo nes Amanda Joyce Vanessa Joyce

Behind the Music by Katherine Nierva


or those who th ought m ajo rin g in music was easy: think again . O ne compo nent of the music major was MUSC 12 1, M usic T heo ry and Form I. T his co urse demanded exte nsive analytical thinking and th e development of p rofic ien cy in co mp osi ng music. Many goals we re expected to be m et by srud em s including th e ability to analyze basic harm ony in the wo rks of co mm on practi ce co mposers, to wri te their ow n examples of simil ar h arm oni c procedures, the ability to use the piano keyboard as a tool in solving harm onic

Wally Joynal1 Gabriela Ju arez Dani el Judni ck Ki mberly Juli an Megan Juli an Rya n Julio

092 Academics

p roblems, and to beco me ove rall better perfo rmers. In additi o n to the hard wo rk required du ring cl ass, students endured extensive hours with outof-cl ass-ass ignments. T h ey w ith stood hom ewo rk, which required a great amount of tim e fo r analyzing different kinds of music n otes, keys, and scales . As th e se mes ter progressed, studem s fully und erstood co ncep ts such as the di ffere n ces between the five types of 7 th chords, figured bass, and diatonic cho rds ve rses ch ro m ati c chords. T hey then m oved o n to recogni zing things such as pa rallel 5 ths and di rect octaves, and m emo ri zed th e rul es fo r

roo t pos ition part wrmng. It o nly there. beca m e h arder fro m Sop ho m ore music m ajo r Tas hi Cardinal i said, "It was a very tim e con sumin g class. I spent on ave rage fo ur to five ho urs o n each hom ework ass ignment checking and rechecki ng my wo rk. It was really detail o ri em ed . On e tiny error ca n th row off eve rythin g else . But I th o ugh t it was fun! " So for those wh o we re under the impression that music was no t a "real" m ajor, h ave no d oubt. T his m ajo r was as di fficul t as any oth er offered through the unive rsiry.

Di ana Jurad o-Sai nz Hi ' iaka Kah alewa i Sean Kainum a Kao ru Ka mi ya Susan Kane Mariyan na Karapetyah

D ani el Karcher Andreas Karrer Samara Katz Ryan Kauzo n D ani ell e Kayne C hris Kearns

C harm ain e Kekoa Sa ra Kel ler Lisa Kelsey Will ia m Kenefi ck Mariann e Kenn edy Sarah Ke nn ey

~, 路 .~路"路






H aley Kerr Leila Kerze Kyle Keyser Ayesha Kh an Merh awi Kid ane C hris Kie m


E rin Ki llingsworth Jonath an Ki mm es Amanda Ki ng Mary Kipp C hristopher Kiss ner Masao Kitan1u ra

Kristen Klapp roth Karin a Kle in Megan Kn igh t Brittany Knott Keola Ko bylanski Stacy Ko ire



Mark Kolich Phili p Ko looziey Forbes Kom agom e Kelly Kram er Jason Krane Carolyn Krekeler

C hery Kruer Krisropher Kruk Lindsay Kuen ig Bradl ey Kuhlmann Leo n Kuleck Evan Kumasaki

Kimi Kwock James LaBonte John LaCroix Q iana LaCro ix Crysral La Pietra Jo hn La Pietra

John LaBruch erie Ron LaBrucherie Ann e Lage rberg Krisre n Lahaye Lei la Laill e Jaso n Lake

Karherin e Lallos Andris Lalvins Sracy Lambaros Moni ca La n M ichael Landers Bri an La ndisi

Erin Lands berg Matthew Lane Sam Lang Kara Lara Naralie Lara Bryce Larse n

M iranda Larso n Kr isren Larue Jaso n Larry Ell en Lauck T im Lauri e E mil y Lavely

094 Academics


~ c~,

.. · ...


r;.r. ·,.-·."·'..~ . .,. (~ '


• ~·

Kevin Lawdry Tiffany Lawso n Thuy Le Maria Leana J.R. Lebert Patricio Lecour


' •

·... / \

Tarryn Lee T hom as Lee Joe Legacy Lisen Legarreta Daniel Lehm an Juan Leiva

Claudia Leotaud Jennifer LetTy Frances Lesourd Adam Lev Jennie Levin Gabriell e Levota

Candice Lewis Ebony Lewis Gabriel Leyba Al lison Lidster Janice Ligaya Staci Lin

~·· ' . >--· 'J~l·



Stephen Lipinski Maria Lipscombe Dorothy Littell Jacqueline Little Tatum Little Sarah Lizotte

Billy Lockin Angel Lamboy Dave Lonergan Kimberly Long Nataniel Lontoc Katri na Loo

Matt Lopee Anto ni o Lopez Margaret Lopez Maria Lopez Patricia Lopez



Patricia Lopez Patrick Lopez-Aguado Stacy Lorts Nina Losorelli Keith Lou Claire Luceno Xavier Luevano Aaron Lujan Nicole Luke Heidi Luko Cecilia Luna Jason Lundgaard Christopher Lusardi John Lux Megan Lynch Jaime Lyons Margaret Lyons Melissa Mace Linoa Mach Megan Mackay Jennifer Maca Meghan Maconachy Hannah Macpherson Lauren Magboo Keliiokekai Mahi Roman Mailloux Jeffrey Malaraeg Alison Maldonado Eva Maldonado Kelli Mallon Chelan Malmberg Rita Maloney Andy Manale Lisa Manganiello Stephanie Manista Nikki Mantuano Jeff Marcaletti Lauren Marecek Catherine Marino Christina Mariscal Marissa Mark Jamel Markee

096 Academics

Ari ana M arqu ez Jacqu elin Ma rqu ez Karhryn M arshall Frances Ma rrin Angie M artin ez Felipe Ma rrin ez

Ju an Ma rtin ez Mi chael M artin ez N o rm a M artin ez Selena M artin o Ryan M arx Kaidin Maske!

C helsea Maso n Emil y M athews Lauri e Ma rsum oro N ick M acros Maureen Ma uree n Ni cole M ay

Di ana M aze nko Brian McB rid e Mi chael M cCarso n As hl ey McCarrhy Ben McCa ul ey Caidin McClain

Patri ck McClure Da ryl M cCo rmi ck Narali e M cCosker Kri sri n M cCoy Shann o n M cCree ry Bern a rd McC rumby

Geo rge McCull o ugh Candi ce M cField Mo ll y McG inniss Jea n McG laughlin Al issa McG \ove r Jesse M cG uire

Jo hn McG uire M ichael McNaugh t Kimberl y McHu gh Mela ni e McH ugh



Nikki (Ma ri a) McKenzie Nicole McKinney Kevan McLaughlan Steph an McLaughlin Rebecca McMackin Co nn o r McOsker

T imoth y McShurley Siobh an McVeigh Deborah Meade Jessica Means Tamara Meena Osvaldo Mejia



:t~· . ~~

\ ,~.· •• ..

··;· ..


,i.y\~':\· .· t .,,






Alma Mejorado Breanne Melconian Jenn y Melendez John athan Mendelson C ri stin a Mendenhall Pamela Mendez

Amelyn Mendoza Jaime Mendoza Krysde Mendoza Marisa Mendoza Samah Menovfy Kedem Mer-Shalom

Joann a Merchant Paul Merchant T im Metz Farh oud Meybodi C hris Mezzavilla Michelle Miceli

Patrick Michael Kate Micucci Sara Mijares Adam Mikes C hri s Miller Nicholas Miller

Rahim Miller Nicole Milliner E rin Mills Kristen Mills Trina Mills

098 Academics

. ·.l~ J

• ..;:




.. ~

· "'"'' ·

C hri s Mingrone Elena Mireles Kathleen Mitchell Tara Mitral Kari Mochizuki Kathryn Mojica

T hom as Mokulehua Dina Moll Michael Moloney Jennifer Moncayo Jennifer Monico Dessiree Momanez

Carlos Montano Francesca Montenegro John Montevideo Heather Montgomery Daniela Montiel! Race r Moody

Jennifer Moon Zac Moore Jessica Mora Katherine Morales Rose Morales Juliana Moran

Meaghan Moran Brian Morgan Amy Morisch Rebecca Morse Adana Moses Eli zabeth Moses

Aris Mosley Elaine Muchamel Nelle Muliro Amelia Mulkey Michelle Muniz Vanessa Muniz

Rafael Munoz David Murphy William Murphy Bryn Murray Kevin Murry Sami Naber



Rachell e Nadal Jodi Naga ra M ona Nahm Hi roaki Na ira Sreven Naka mura Jeremy Na mahoe

â&#x20AC;˘ .



LMU was one of five universities and five community colleges awarded a $5 million grant from the National Science Foundation to form the Los Angeles Collaborative for Teacher Excellence, an effort to improve K-12 teacher preparation programs in math and science.

C hri s Nance Rocio Naranj o Sandra Na ranj o Jeremy Na rca Shadi a Nassar M ichael Nava

1 00 Academics

Francisco Nava rro Max ine Nava rro Natali e Nazelcy T iffany Neale Willi am Neglan Andy Nelson Dani ell e Nelso n Will Nelso n Hayley Nenadal C layton Newm an Jennifer Nguye n Jessica N guye n Meaghan Ni co ll Leil ani Nielsen Katherine Ni erva Debbi e Nil es David Nix Mike Norwood Angela N oyan Sonia Nunez Mary Anne Nurse T herese urse Ashl ye O 'H ara Erin O'N eill Courtn ey O' Rourke Ta ibatu Obas i Lunin gnin O ca mpo Luke Ogasa Raffl O hani an John O hanesian Mi chael Oliver T iffany Olm edo Erica Olsen Robert Olszewski Edith Opperm an Cath erin e Oropeza


1 01

Evangelina Orozco Ana Oniz David Oniz Gu ill ermo Ortiz Kevin Oshea Yu Oshima

Nicholas Oster William Overby Petrice Oyama Tad Oyler Coreen Ozawa Christine Ozida

Hamilton Paam Monica Padilla Melissa Pagan Chais Paiva Janos Palko Lawrence Palma

Erin Papwonh Kelly Pardini Carolina Paredes Eden Parish Brandon Parks LotTin Pascoe

Katherine Passalacqua Timothy Passalacqua Page Patten Erin Pattison Crystal Patton Lorena Patton

Lindsey Pearson Donny Pedrino Joshua Pegel Gabriel a Pelaez Hillary Pennington Krista Pepper

Anne Perez Francisco Perez G ideo n Perez Jessica Perez John Perez Brianne Pergola

1 02 Academics



... -路

. '


~,~.~ .f/












~~- , .·.· ·~.·. rt ... \



\i ~·





Emilie Perz Brandon Peters Courtn ey Pettus Lydi a Pham Trang Ph am Amanda Philips C hristian Phillips Jennifer Phinney Lauren Phinn ey Andrew Pi ccardo Lauren Pieper Ashley Pilkington John Pin gel Javo nne Pinkn ey Jennifer Pittm an Juliana Pizura Elizabeth Plascencia Nicole Platt Ni cole Platt-Valen cia Krista Pleiser Michell e Poakwa Ni cholas Polito Jaim e Poll ey Brett Pom eroy Al ana Ponrrelli James Popid en Stephene Porras AJ Porteous Lena Pozzi Kell en Prandini D erri ck Pri ebe H eather Proctor Jose Pulido Maribel Pulido Kathleen Quinones Wendy Quintero Geo rge Qui te r Kaiki Ragrago la Margaret Rahm Joann e Raj ski Aliso n Ralbovsky Ana Ramirez


1 03

Edn a Ramirez Ju an Ramirez M a rin a Ramirez M ichell e Ramirez Sha nn on Ra mirez Gabri el Ram os

Jaso n Ram stad Jo lie Randall Maria Ran gel Emily Rave nscroft David Ray A udrey Raya

G iova nn a Rea M ega n Read Kyle Redding N a tas ha Reed Ro nn el! Regidor Jea n Luc Renault

Allen Mi chael Resnick Jessica Resriok Rebecca Rex road Arami Reyes Erick Reyes

Ive rre Reyes Q uee ni e Reyes Andrew Rey nado A rthur Rh od es E rik Ri chardso n Janel ! Ri chard so n

Jo hn R ichardso n Lann erte Ri cha rd so n Kevin Ri chm o nd T iana Rideom Nan cy Rink Desiree Ri vas

H eid y Ri vas K ri sten Ri vas Macree na Ri vas Jennifer Ri vera Ri ck Ri vera Andrea Robateau

1 04 Academics



• ·~


.J . ·. . .




.· •. ... .. ·





\.'· ·~




: .t.





M aybeth Robel M elvin Robert Jaso n Roberts Lauren Roberts Lindsey Roberts Nathan Roberts

~-.-_- ' •,lJ·~;_·_:

,'' -, ._

. ..... . ·.'··




Cesa r Rocha Lize tte Rocha-Zepeda Armand o Rodri guez Camero n Rodri guez M elissa Rodri guez Rosalinda Rodri guez

Jennifer Rogers John Rogitz Trin a Rold an Stefan Ro llins Lauren Ro mano Sarah Ro manowsky

Rachel Ro mero As un cio n Ra mo J r. Audrey Ro nquill o C ri stin a Rosal es San Ju a nita Rosales Laura Rose nberg

Amy Ross Rya n Ross Ambra Roth Sandra Ro tim Rodge r Royce T hadd eus Raze

Maggie Ru cker Ma ni ca Ru ed a Kri ste n Ruffin Karyn Ru fus Ashl ey Rui z Manu el Rui z

Belind a Run gsea Ca nd ace Russell Mi chael Ru ssell Anth o ny Ru ssi Stephani e Ruth erfo rd Rachel Saa l


1 05

Jay Jay Sabangan Jess ica Sachs Jonathan Sadoyam a An na Sahl stro m Katherin e Sakam o to Amy Sakowski

Shane Salatich Sarah Salvador Shanno n Sampso n Barr San D iego Larry Sanchez Jan Sanchez

Veroni ca Sanchez Stephani e Sand ers Ken Sangveraphvnsi A my Santo ni Jc Santos Lauren Sario

Jami e Savler Joa nna Saxby Matthew Schaffe r Am anda Schanfi eld G reg Scharl emann Sarah Schaukow itch

N icole Scheppers Kurt Schn ei der Jami e Schroeder Paul Sch roeder Jessica Schulte Ma ra Schwa rzlose

Da ni elle Scofi eld Tracy Scoggins Patri ck Scruggs Kyle Scull y Mary Secura Jo nath an Segura

;~; 路.. .

路-,.., '' . ~


Alexand ra Sel ich G ina Semenza Catherin e Serr Mari a Serrano E rik Serrao Ko uako u Sessi

1 06 Academics


I ,

John Sexro n Leland Sexton Zachary Shaffer James Shahamiri Mo ni ka Shanka r John Shave r La uren Shaw Megan Shea Patrick Shin Jaso n Sias Ann a Siedzik Jessica Sierras Mari e Sigl Mo nica Sili cani Beth any Sills Kim Sim erso n Aisha Simm ons Jenn ifer Sim onian Jakara Simpso n John Sio Da nte Siracusa Daniell e Sisk C rys tal Slate n Michael Sloya n


··~.· :··.. ' ~· ·.· ,.. 9'~.



Adam Smith Katherine Smith No bl e Smith Rya n Smith Vi cro r So ld o Lili ana Soltero Catherin e So mers Katherine So rense n Beatri z Soro Evelyn Sow Elizabeth Southern Ryan Spence Jaqulyn Spezze Alliso n Spiro-Winn Kel ly Spondike Lindsey Spray Derek Springer Steve St. John


1 07

M ichelle Stabil e Ali cia Standifer Bri an Standin g David Stani gar Kyle Stanl ey Ben Steele

Geo rge Stefatos Jami e Steiner Sarah Step ath Lea nn e Stephens Rachel Stern C hristi ann e Steuerm ann

Sara Stevely T im o thy Stevko M asahji Stewart Sarah Stork Es ter Sto km an Jennifer Strain

Kenny Straka Mark Stump D anny Stuyck Eli zabeth Sul ack Adri enn e Sulave r Pete r Sulli van

Michae l Sul zo Astor Suria no C hantl ey Sutanandi C hris Sutfin Ichi ro Suzu ki Katheryn Swanto n

Jennifer Symons Vi ctoria Szym ela Al vin Tagay un An ahi t Tagvo ryan Tanya Talbo t

1 08 Academics


Pete r Tall ey Jacl yn Tallon C heri e Tanab Brya n Tanaka Leezel Tangiao Summer Tawalbeh

~t 路~"~. ~\.路





Combating Alcohol and Drug Usage by K.risren Ruffin co ho! and drug abuse are probems char we hea r about co nran ly in our sociery. As a result, LMU iniriared a way ro aid in rh e prevention of a nd solution ro rhese iss ues and offe red srudenrs an Inte rdi sciplinary Alcohol and Drug Studies curri culum. Wh at betrer way was there ro help combat rhe probl em of alcoh ol a nd drug usage ch an ro have edu cated and prepared srud enrs for position s in rh is fi eld? T he Al co hol and Drug Srudies program was parr of rh e Bell armine College of Liberal Arcs. There were nin e co urses offered within chis program of srudy. A ce rci flcare or a minor co uld - Approximately twenty students were enrolled in the program -To obtain:


a Certificate-




a Minor- 18 units

also be ea rn ed in chis curri culum. The co urse of stud y focused o n alco hol and included rhe i nsrru crion of other mood a!reri ng drugs. As a res ult of chi s prog ram , stud em s had a broad -based know ledge of rh e fi eld a nd an in -depth und erstandin g of both alco hol and drugs. Stud ents who elected ro go inro this field of stud y co uld find op porruniri es in areas such as cri sis inrervenrion , stud ent and empl oyee ass ista nce programs, recove ry ho m es, and impat ient and ompatiem rrearmenr programs. T here was no bene r way ro cry ro m ake a positive impact o n a pro blem than ro help fi ght it a ll irs stages . - Alcohol abuse = the intentional overuse of alcohol - Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug in the U.S. and tends to be the first illegal drug teens use

Jay mi e Tay lor Kathleen Taylo r Te neil Taylor Amy Teel Marcelo Te ran Drew Tewksbury


1 09

Kath y T habet Cecili a T helin And rew T hompso n C hris T hompso n W illiam T h ompson M ichelle T h orn

Bradl ey T horn e Amanda T horson Carl een T ibbetts Ma tthew T im oteo G uadalupe T in oco Megan T ipping Rya n T iraschi David To m Lea Too mbs Alan To rres Mo ni ca To rres Tani a To rres Steven Tor rij os Brett To th M arisa Townsend Mechelle Tracy Susan Tra n H oa n Tran

Juli e Tran Lee Tran Na tasha Tran Phun g Tran M ichael Treano r Daisy Trudeau

Tyrone Trullin ge r Angela Truong C hristin e Tsao Shelly Tupas Jaclynn Two mey Erin Tyerm an

April U hli g Na tali a U ll oa Erika Um of Neru U romi Elissa Vaidman Rachel Vaidm an

11 0 Academics

.Jamie Val Leticia Valadez C hauna Valdez Elisa Valencia Maria Valencia Desiree Valenzuela

., & I : I : .,

y! .. · .. ·


.t ·~ '.


·•·. .. .,,·


Juli an Valenzuela C hri stin e Valerio Lauren VanderVeen Kyla Van Wingerden Rose Vasilj Kadeen Vaughan

Laura Vawter E rika Vega Valerie Velasquez Jea nmari e Venturini Avianca Verdugo Celeste Vergara

Sterling Victorian Nicholas Villacarlos Jose Villacorra C hri stin e Vinquist Diana Violante Kari Virdin g

Alexandra Vlahiotis Laura Vokoun Eri ka Von Tiehl Marie Vulin Saundra Wagner Mark Wai er

Nicolas Waldenmayer Daniel Walsh Lisa Walsh Mike Wang Brianne Ward Kim Ward

Michael Ward Adrienne Wardenski Anthony Ware Andrea Warm Shanese Washington C had Watanabe



Lynn Wa[erkotte Jennifer Weaver Melea Weber Ka[hryn Weisbeck Jennifer W eiss Ka[hryn Welch

Megan Welch Veronica Welch E rin Weller Jacquelin Wessely Logan Wes[ Molly Weswn

Nikki We[zel Melissa Weyek Cris[in a Whalen S[ephani e Whittle Kevin Wickersham Lo ni Wiener

Eml yn Wileman Joann e Wilkinson Kieffer Williams Kirraah Williams Lenee Willis E ri c Wilson

Kelii Wilson Sean Wimer Anna Winge[ Co urm ey Wise Lisa Wolfson Ka[haliya Wongsatittham

Adam Wood Kris[i Wood Joshu a Woodard Philip Worms E[h an Wrigh[ Sherrell Wrigh[

S[even Wunderling Am y Yacorzynski Desiree Yamamo[o Tianne Yamashi[a Sharo n Yang I'Ling Yee

!__ _ -~- _- -_, ., ,-,;i¡




11 2 Academics

Joelle Yglesia Grace Yoo Trion Yorke Hilary Yribarren Krista Zabor Veronica Zabrucki

Nicole Zaflratos Maryam Zaheri Leanne Zakrzewski Molly Zalm an Wendy Zamaripa Lisa Zamora

Robin Zamora Eli zabeth Zamudi o Diana Zarate Patricia Zarate Cristin a Zavaleta Laure n Zegel

T h erese Zettel Wanda Zhao



Myreille Abaya

Jeffrey Aberin

Michelle Accardo

Jeffrey Agner

Lilia Aguirre

Ahmed Al-Said

Jonathan Alalay

Anthony Alarcon

Victoria Alcantar

Jaina Alcisto

Kristen Alfred

Lori Allen

Nicole Allison

Arman Ambartsumyan

Melissa Amborn

Earth Anderson

Michael Anderson

Paula Angulo-Landeta

Lauren Amonioli

Jessica Aragon

Luigi Aranda

Nicholas Arata

Bronson Arb itrario

lvette Area

114 Academics

C hristian Arenas

Jason Argyropo ul os

MarkArm en

Phoebe Assenza

Jen ny Atkinso n

C laudi a Attal lah

Tan ia Ashl ey

Stephen Aschenbrenner

Rio Ayayahan

Kriste n August

,r· ~ .



· · · ··\ "1 s· ".· . J;· . ~

ill '




Lillian Azevedo

Sarah Babiarz

Alma Bachrach

Diego Back

Monika Badillo

Ebony Bailey

Rilli an Ball

Go ln az Balooch

Erin Barker

Jenifer Barnes

Sean Barret

Eli zabeth Barron

Robert Bartolo

Katherine Barton

Dera Baskin



A ngela Batin ovich

Kellie Battle

Ad am Baza r

Karen Bealer

Zelda Beckfo rd

Martinique Belgard e

Cecilia Bell

Geoffrey Bell

Melissa Bell a

Meredith Bellotti

V ictor Bendij o

Marian the Bezzerides

Kimberly Binion

Jerry Bishop

Robert Kl am ser

Katherine Blatter

Ni col e Bocci

Sean Bo ttcher

D ani elle Boucher

Vanessa Brad y

Cory Bred e

Angela Bree ne

Anth ony Brenn eman

Lid ia Bri ceno

Aa ro n Brock

116 Academics

E rin Brown

David Bruni

Amber Buffington

Lynisha Burton

Brian Cairns

Matthew Caliri

Eli zabeth Calvaria

Leonardo Calvaria

Michael Campbell

Erika Canepa

Beverly Canonigo

C rystal Ca ntu

Andres Ca rl os

George Ca rl os

Nico le Carrillo

Maria Cas tell anos

Erin Cas tillo

Marcelino Casti llo

T h eresa Caralfio

G ina Cavalieri

Kristen C hamberland

Lara Carter

Rocio Cas tillo


as ill as

Christine Castillo-Sousa



Although the LMU campus was full of beautiful , smiling faces, studenrs could not help bur noti ce the distinct and bright smil e of Karen Bealer. A unique individual, Karen was on e of those women who could wal<:e up at the crack of dawn with an intense energy that las ted the entire day. She was happy, radi ant, easygo ing, and bursting with liveliness . Karen attended Sr. Bernard High School, just down th e street from LMU, where she was highly involved in activities such as track and srudenr government. T hough Karen had hopes of moving away (but no t wo fa r away) from home for college, she chose to attend LMU, a decision that strengthened her belief that "everythin g happens for a reason ." From her four years here at LMU, Karen felt rhar she was surrounded by many el ements that demonstrated God's presence. T hough Karen was a practi cing Catholic for her entire life, the communi ty at LMU brought her "to a life of service and a greater love and awareness of G od. " She stressed that G od was a very imporranr parr of her life and through His blessings, she felt she was able to go to a great school and m eet some of her best fri ends. During her sophomore year, Karen struggled with her faith and questioned whether or nor she wanted to be a Catholic

appreciation of Catholicism on the LMU campus. A res ult of her dedi cation to her fa ith, Karen offered much of her rime to service. Some of the servi ce that Karen ded~ icared her rim e w included volunteerin g at the SAG E elem entary after-school program in Ni ckerson G ardens, as well as tutoring math to hi gh school students at Verbum D ei High School. She was also involved with Belles service orga nizati on, for which she served as the VP of Finance during her junior yea r. Post graduation, Karen said she plans on working at KPM G in Los An geles for awhile to eventually obtain a stron g financial background so that she can provide free tax seminars co residenrs of urban areas. Karen's ultimate goal was to set up a program with local parks where she can advise lower class fami路 lies on how to handle yearly taxes and fin ancial budge tin g. Karen also hoped to obtain her MBA at rhe University oJ M ichigan and raise a family. She plann ed w live with her fami路 ly in the South , a decision th at is strongly m otivated by her love for "southern hospitali ty." Although Karen's parents never fin路 ished college, they still made it possible for her to succeed, anc she felt th e most proud that she was able to fini sh college with ~ degree in accounting. She beam ed, "It's a big accompli shm ent a:

or be just Christian. Ultimately, Katen was able to come to her

a black woman ." On a daily basis she lived her life by rhe quore

decision to remain an active Catholic through her increased

" ... for nothing will be impossible with G od ..."( Luke 1:37).

By: Erica Millado


Karen Bealer


Benjamin Chaves

Suzi C hen

Hayley C heng

Ma risa C herry

Mary C hev

N icole Chew

Sum er Cheyne

Karo l C hmiel

Margaret C lapp

Devin Clark

Jarron Clark

Kevin Clark

Brian Clarke

N iki a C larke

Natalie C layron

C hris Coash

Ailia Coley

C hristina Colp

Benjamin Colron

Alisha Co mmon

Jacqueline Contreras

Ian Cook

Molly Cookson

Rosa Coppola

Devon Co urm ey

1 20 Academics

Diana Couto

Rebecca Cox

Deirdre C rampton

Mary C rane

Valerie C rawford

Tawna Crone

Yvette C unha

Jarlath C urran

Kayse C ushi ng

Blaine C ushm an

Ana Maria Da Veiga

Michael Daco

Staci Daniels

C hris Danison

Marlene Daur

Joseph Davis

Patricia Deanda

Juli a De Leon

Victor De Los Angeles

Sarah De Sanctis

C hristina Delesk

Teresa Delgado

C hris Delja

Warren Delos Angeles

Meagan Dem itz



122 Seniors

A transfer student from Long Beach State, senior Geoff Bell came to LMU with lofty expectations. His expectations were surpassed however, and Geoff qui ckly found hi s Place in his new community. "LMU's quality of teaching Was better than I expected, and the teacher to student ratio Was ideal for me," Geoff said. "I choose to dream out loud and follow my dreams to the best of my ability." Though Geoff considered this to be the most significant as pect that LMU taught him about life, Geoff contributed a lot to the LMU community in return. He knew that he would rely on becoming involved in Order to meet people and make the transition to the new community smoother. Geoff quickly found that the Resident Bousing Association (RHA) gave him the opportunities he Was seeki ng. "Being a part of RHA has helped me in my transition into LMU," Geoff said . " It has also given me an opportunity to give back and invest in LMU and its student life ." Geoff, through hi s leadership and dedication , strived to show his cl ass mates that " the time here on campus goes fast, and it is important to try everything you want to try and really foc us on what yo u want for yourself." Geoff's involvement with RHA throughout his years

most significantly shaped his college experience. "RHA taught me many thii1gs about community and diversity. It also taught me many aspects abo ut leadership and commitment," Geoff said. "I feel RHA and its past presidents and advisors have helped me to develop my professional skills, and at the sa me time, taught me how to have fun while working." A film production major and busi ness ad mini stration minor, Geoff also looked to LMU to teach him more about the art of filmmaking and how the entertainment indu stry functioned. "After I graduate, I want to work in the entertainment industry," Geoff said. "I am interested in go ing into the field of production management." Spending so much of his time dedicated to the things that were most important to him, Geoff felt that an important ingredient fo r success was the comm itment to followthrough. "Everyone has dreams of who they want to be, what they want to do, and where they want to go, but it is the determination to follow-through with your dreams that makes you who you are," Geoff said. "The thing I'll nuss most about LMU is waking up everyday with so many opportunities to meet people, to be friends, and to have all of these

at LMU and especially his senior year term as president,

resources just outside my front door." By: Alissa Zito

Geoff Bell

1 23

Cara DePamphilis

Carin a Diaz

Z hemyr Diaz

Anne-Marie Dicce

Emily Diep

Bryon Digianfilieeo

Jane Dikdan

Beth Dimaggio

Lindsay Dionne

Darren Doherty

Casey Doran

Marcia Downs

Laura Dawson

Carla Duarte

Gil Duarte

Jeanna Duff

Erika Duggins

N icole Dunn

Hung Duong

Damon Durio

Monica Dutra

Tanya Eas ter

Christopher Eberhardt

Kathryn Ebert

Carina Echeverria

1 24 Academics

Nicole Edelbrock

Lisa Elazequi

Kyle Ell efso n

Jami Ellswo rth

Zolran Elo

Meghan Emmert

Jennifer Encarnacion

Revi-Rurh E nriquez

Alexis Ericra

Lisa Escobedo

Jessica Es trada

Jean Evans

Porch a Evans

E rin Fahey

T ho mas Farl ey

Troy Fa rol

D ean Faustm an

Laura Fearing

John Feathers

Sarah Feeney

N icole Fields

C hristin a Figueroa

Desiree Fini ga n



·.··1··.·.;.·,;····:·. \'

~. Hugo Fernand ez

•, ··.·· .

\ '·


. '


Christina Ferraro



Som e peo ple decided to co me to LMU because of its beauty. Others cam e because it was close to the ocean, or close to their home. For Chris Delja, there never really seemed like there was another choi ce. "I h ave had a relationship with LMU for a long time," C hris said. "I hear nothing but great things about this place. " C hris cam e from an entire family of Lions. Both of his parents came here. So did his older broth er. In the D elj a family, C hri s was the fourth to atten d Loyola Marymount University. An active participant in m any groups on campus, C hris represented a wide variety of the diversity at LMU. As a m emb er of C rimso n C ircle service organization, he took pride in serving others and giving back to the community. In 2001, his dedica tion to the servi ce organization led him to be elected President. AJ so serving as a Special Gam es coach, C hris spent tim e hanging out with athletes whose lives were trem endously impacted by the few hours he spent with them. Besides doing service in th e co mmunity, C hris also dedi cated his time as a summ er Orientation Leader, acting as a m entor for inco ming freshmen who were looking to find their way in college. Due to his involvem ent on campus and his out goi ng perso nali ty, C hris unco nsciously became a role model to his O'group. When he was not doing service or leading orientation groups, C hris co uld also be seen on the fi eld, as a player on the Rugby team.

By: Trang Pham

126 Academics

Perh aps o ne of C hris's most important roles on campus was servin g as the m anager of Co nferences and Schedulin g. Organizing the set-up and clean-up of almost all the events held on campus, th e employees of Co nferences and Scheduling brought student involvem ent to events that are held annually on campus. As the m anager, C hris was responsible for knowing almost eve rything that was happening at any time on campus. Due to the fact that C hris was already familiar with th e campus befo re actually attendin g LMU, it was only fitting that he be at the root of everythin g that was going on. Through everything that he was involved in at LMU, Chris accredited his parents with being the most influential to his life. "They m ade grea t sacrifi ces to be abl e to put m e and my three brothers through Catholic school. " It was because of them that he worked to live up to the ideals of a Jes uit education . "LMU has family traditions, and it is very family-oriented, " Ch ris said. "I think that is important because you don't find a lot of schools like this. " Chris said he has future plans of staying involved with communi ty service, although his future is no where near mapped out yet. With the strong foundation he received from his family and the eternal value of se rving others, C hris lived his life knowing everythin g wo uld turn out just fine.

Chris Delja


Roger Fisk

Lucretia Flores

Josep h Footdal e

U lysses Fo rosan

Sela Foukimoana

Sarah Fox

Melanie Francisco

Melinda Frasquillo

C hristi na Fredlund

Co urtney Freed

Kimberly Fritzer

Heather Froseth

Stephani e Frye r

Shannon Fuji yama

Cameron Full er

Rachel Garcia-Cary

Rebecca Gaffney-Brown

Tanya Gaffo glio

C lara Gaitan

Starla Gales

G in a Galil eo

Nicole Galvan

Vlad Galyuz

Richard Gairl ey

1 28 Academics

Linda Garcia

Mari as Garcia

No rma Garcia

Mari a Garibay

Sandra Gebert

Jonathan Gemma

M arc Geraldez

Denise Gianoussoboulos

Tyra G ifar

Brianne G ill en

M atthew G irardot

Peter G lenn

Blair G lori ous

M ich ael G odoy

N icole Goltra

Anthony Go mez

Jaime Go mez

Mayra Go mez

Roselia Gom ez

Ai mee G onzales

E nrique Go nzal es

Veroni ca G onzales

C laudi a Gonzalez



' ··· · ·· , · .· ·, .· .






Esperanza Gonzalez

Mayra Gonzalez

Monica Gonzalez

Sergio Gonzalez

Alicia Gossoo

Daniel Grace

Matthew Graham

Patrick Graham

John Grana

Erin Granados

Temre Green

Melissa Gribbons

Jennifer Griffin

Mildred Grijalva

Alison Gross

Caroline Guidi

Alan Gutierrez

Rocio Gutierrez

Mark Haapapa

Serge Haddad

Michelle Hagen

Pamela Ham

William H amor

William Handsfield

Jen Hanly

130 Academics

Jessica Harper

Mayuko Harper

Danielle Haskin

Cassidy Hasson

Joe Hawkins

Stephanie Hayes

Tywana Haynes

James Hazmon

Andrew Heck

Trisha Hegeman

Brian Henderson

Brett Hennessey

Jennifer Herlihy

Peggy Hermstad Tania


, .





-· ~ .






... .


Xochitl Hernandez

Veronica Herrera

Marcella Heu

Aja Hicks

Krystle Hicks

Philip Higa

Antreas Hindoyan

Judith Hi nojosa

Siantie Hioe

Joseph Hizon



132 Academics

It was so hard to put into word s exactl y wh at Jen H anl y brought to LM U . Jen had the abili ty to brighten any room with her smile and peo ple instantl y felt at ease around h er. . If] en was not at work or in class, she was off to on e m eet~ng or another. H er involvem ent in so many organizations was JUst one sign of h er selfl ess desire to serve others. Jen joined the Emergency M edi cal Techni cians in her sophomore year, and co ntinued to help students on a daily bas is, as sh e joked "saving li ves one day at a time." In recognition of her slcills and dedi cation, she was promoted to ve teran in 2001 , th e highest rank availabl e. Jen could always be counted on to talce an extra shift and co ntinually made sure that things were running smoothl y. In Sursum C orda, Jen's passion fo r se rvi ce came alive. As vice president of off-campus se rvi ce, Jen fo stered thi s pass ion Within all of the organi zation's members. Sin ce she had always loved puppi es, in 2000 she introduced Sursum Co rd a to the Amanda Foundation , a shelter for rescued dogs, whi ch soo n became the most popul ar service every week. During this same Year, as a Resident Advisor in McCarthy, ]en's residents knew that they could always count on her to bring this sam e pass ion to th eir lives . }en took h er job very seriously and many of her residents carne to rely on h er as a support system. Jen chose to come to LMU because of th e communi ty

atm osphere she felt when she visited to the campus durin g her seni or yea r of hi gh sch ool. She loved the way the campus made h er feel like sh e belonged and she wanted to brin g this same feeling to th e 2001 fres hman class . She appli ed to be an orientation leader, and that summer turned out to be th e bes t of h er life. Because of h er and her 0 ' leader group partn er, the students in their group form ed an orgni zati on called C lub 14 fo r al l fres hm an bi ology students. T hese students bond ed and became each other's support through the hard fi rst year as a Biology major. W ith out h er enthusias m fo r education and commitment to her 0 ' kids, their experi ence at LMU wo uld not have been the sam e. With confid ence, Jen said h er dream was to eve ntually open her own medi cal practi ce in a small town and be th e town doctor. AJthough she kn ew th at the road to a m edi cal degree would be diffi cult and would keep h er busy for m any years to come, her pass ion to serve peo pl e was so overwh elmi g that she was definitely ready to meet the chal lenge. Je n was able to acco mpli sh anythin g she set her mind to and there was li ttl e doubt that Medical school wo uld be any di ffe rent. Jen perso nifi ed th e ideals of LMU: being m en and women fo r others. Sh e gave selflessly and loved every minute of each experi en ce during h er four years h ere. H er onl y regret was th at there were not more hours in the day to do eve rythin g.

By: Deirdre Crampton

Jennifer Hanly

Julie Hladik

Pik-Shan Ho

Katie Hoffman

Julie Hofmann

Virgil Hollins

Maya Holloway

Andrew Holmquist

Jaime Hopson

Kimberly Howard

Matt Howell

Ellen Huisinga

Aaron Humphreys

Vavella Hutchings

Janet Huynh

Erica Ifill

Maureen Ikeda

Emily Isenberg

Kevin Izumi

Ellen Jackson

Steven Jackson

Alexandra Jacobo

Chris Jahnke

Joseph Jankowski

134 Academics

Jeffrey Janssens

N atalie Jaramillo

Carolin a Jauregui

Christine Jeffers

Co urtney Jew

Alfredo Jimenez

Juliet Johns

Bj Johnson

Colin Johnso n

Brooks Jones

Kaipo Jones

M elinda Jones

Rachelle Jones

Miriam Juarez

Cynth ia Jutras

Lillian Kabakali

Joel Kaplan

Jennifer Kakuno

Kimberly Kaneshiro

Esther Kang

Jason Kashiwagi

Velana Kassab

Samson Kawjaree

Brad Keller

Elizabeth Kelly



Bei ng the younges t of six children , and growing up in the little town of N ewburg, Oregon, Justin Lim craved attenti on and change from the start. C hoosing LMU four years ago was only the beginning of Lim's trek to an exciting and new life. Because it is centrally located in Los Angeles, Lim fi gured this wo uld be the perfect place for him to become the person h e always wanted to be: a charismatic, genuin e leader, with a passion for inter-culturalism and the C orporate Am eri ca, an acti ve mem ber ofl gn atians, a leader for freshmen through Orientati on , First Year Retreat, and on Paw Prints, and a m otivationall y driven student who h as succeeded in Accounting and Managem ent. In his everyday life , Lim truly exe mplified the kind of h onorabl e and attention-worthy student that LMU has co me to be kn own for. W ithin the pas t four years, not only has Lim been involved in everything from ASLM U Senate to the Racial Discrimination hearing board, he has also been able to learn som ething from all the activities h e decided to take on . In fact, through being invo lved with the Intercultural Practi cum, Lim gained great respect and admiration for H enry Ward, who also attend ed the Practicum . Ward helped Lim to open his eyes and gain respect and pati ence for others of diverse cultures. As a res ult, Lim realized that one of his bigges t regrets here at LMU was that he was n't able to add greater diversity to

By: Jenny Griffin

136 Seniors

his life by becomin g invo lved in a variety of cultural clubs. Nevertheless, there we re several thin gs that Lim valued and cher-1 ished about his tim e h ere at LMU. Sitting above the letters, looking our to the city with his friends, walking around campus, saying "hi" to familiar faces, and most importantly skinny dipping in the Bird's Nes t pool are a few things Lim said he wo uld miss upon graduating in M ay. Overal l, Lim's LMU experience was a fulfillin g on e; one abundant with service nor only to rhe students and th e LMU communi ty, but also to Los Angeles as ~ whole. Ye t, service is wh at kept Lim going, and helped Lim pur toge ther his "true self, " a self that "inspires people to be bet' ter ... through brin ging a smile to their faces ." If th ere is one lesso n th at Lim walked away fro m college with, it was the words of Dr. Wilkie Au: "Love should be the motivation for all decisions, but it in itself provides no clea! co urse of acti on. " Lim definitely put love beh ind all of the things he accomplished and co ntributed to during hi s years at LM V路 T h e relentless rim e that he spent giving of himself and impacting others was tes tim ony to just how big his heart really was, and h ow much he really did reach our to others. H e nor only sue' cessfully paved his own way, bur he has also laid o ut a cl ear co urse of action for all those he touch ed and influenced , and made g huge impressio n on anyone he interacted with.

Justin Um


Kristen Kelly

Peggy Lee Kennedy

Nick Kerr

Tehmi na Khan

Kari Kidde

Seyun Alice Kim

Helena King

Kasondra Kishan

Scott Kitano

Lisa Kleinhofer

Kelli Knapp

Chris Knight

Kimberly Knight

Shinto Koshy

Kim Kotfis

Charlotte Kouttjie

Amy Koyama

Elden Krause

Julia Krekeler


Tom Krusic

Travis Kuhl

Kristina Kulle

Hani Kusni

Lenny Kwari

1 38 Academics

Matthew La Morhe

Joseph Lack

John Lackner

Aura Ladines

Genevieve Laguna

Gianna Laiola

Gregory Lal<ey

Matthew Lamp

Ricardo Lanuza

Lizette Lao

Kelly Laymon

Hector Leano

Chris Lebedeff

Andy 'Lee

Michelle Lee

Rosalyn Leiva

Dominique Lejbrandt

Carrie Lenal1an

Cindy Lerma

Stephanie Leupp

Jennifer Levering

C laire Lewis

Esther Liberman-Cuenca

Justin Lim

Alexandra Lima



140 Academics

"The more you get involved and the more fri endships was in the orga ni zation," Giann a said. "It was the oppo rtuni ty you m ake, the more you learn about yourself and feel enri ched to do servi ce and help others, with other people wh o were comwith your life." Though Gianna Laiola considered this to be the pletely amazing . I found a lot of myself through other people in most significant aspect that LMU tau ght her about life, Gianna Ignatians," G ianna said. "I have beco me much more pass ionate contributed a lot to the LMU community in return. about wanting to help other peo ple." T his passion was someD eciding to become a student whil e walking down thing G ianna knew she wo uld miss upon graduation. "O ne Alumni Mall during the spring Open House, Gianna felt th at she thing I'll really miss about LMU is Ignati ans, " G ianna said. needed to attend LMU. "This place felt like hom e." Since "The loss of being in a close group of people, and not bein g abl e becoming a student, Gianna, a biology major with a psychol ogy to do service with those people, is something I will miss. " minor, strived to share her optimism with her classmates. "I try G ianna always looked to the support of her parents, who to surround myself with people who inspire m e to push the enve- both gradu ated from four-year colleges. "They are always very lope to do m ore for others," G iann a said. As president of the proud of what I've done, " G ianna, th e oldest of three children Ignatians service organization, Resident Director of D es mond, a said. In addition, Gianna admired Mother Teresa, as she "sel ftutor at the LRC, a member of the ASLM U PR team, a member lessly gave of her self, her energy, and her life for th e sal<e of othof the Honors Program and Alpha Sigma Nu honor society, and ers." a CLC and retreat participant, Gianna worked to show others Spending so much of her time for others, Giann a felt that that "you can do it if you just try." She found the relationships an important ingredient for success was determination . "I always she form ed as a RA and a RD to be a crucial part of her college give 110% to whatever I want to do, and I don't sto p until I years. "The relationships with my residents and the fact that I accompli sh it. " With all that G iann a did while at LMU, surely can be a source of help and information for them is my favo rite she felt that she had accomplished it all. Gianna, howeve r, fo und parr of the job. " it diffi cult to leave: "I feel like I co uld keep going to school here The Ignatians service organization especially shaped and never leave," Gianna said. ''I'd be happy to say: 'Yeal1, I'm Gianna's college experience . "I didn't know what I had until I on the ten yea r pl an!"

By: Jolie Randall and Alissa Zito

Gianna Loiola











Ashley Lindsey

Francis Liwanag

Henry Llosa

Warnetta Logan

Anna Lopez

Ingrid Lopez

Marysol Lopez

Leah Lovely

Jesse Low

M ichael Lowery

lracema Lozano

Sean Lsid

Sherriann Lucero

Jeanne Lum

Lisa Lum

Gina Lynch

Nicholas Lynch

Sandy Ma-Jo nfe

Stefini Maake

Peter Magin nis

Eduardo Magistrado

Martha Majano-Buruca

Teni Makarian

Paulo Mal lari

Nora Jayne Mallen Lorick

142 Academics


•·:= .


;:1, ,jil


·. . .

~ ~,;~,.·

..·. .·.· · .· .·:. ';1


' '

Colin Malone

Kennisha Malone

Mark Malonzo

Jean Clai Manalo

Chezley Mantyca

Lorin Marchese

Monica Marciano

Jennifer Marcus

Leandra Marin

Benjamin Marks

Kathy Marquez

Alexander Martin

Jonathan Martin

Vanessa Martin

Javier Martinez

Ricado Martinez

Vanessa Martinez

Julie Masucci

Ashley Matheson

Maria Mayorga

Steven McAli ster

Melissa McAl lister

Scott McConnell

Jennifer McCoy

Cortn ey McDevitt



Melissa McD a nnel

Colleen McEniry

Keana McGee

Stuart McGraw

Jesse McG uire

N ichelle Mcintyre

Charmayne McKee

Michael McKee

Melody McKnight

Mo nika McKnight

Marcel McManis

Colleen McNeil

Phirum Meachj

Teresa Medina

Matt Meduri

Scott Melbrod

Ch ris tine Mell o

Lisa Me rz

Lee Metz

Kelli M icheau

Mandy M ickells

Eri ca M ill ado

Mo nica M ill er

O lga Milobedzki

Antoni o M iranda

144 Academics

Emman uelle Mirsakov

Daniela M linarevic

Sarah Moeder

Mark Mollica

Kathleen Molloy

Naghmen Mo nadj emi

Shonda Mo nday

Francesca Montalvo

Roder Montenegro

Lauren Mo ntgomery

Christine Moo ney

Pilar Mo rado

Shana Morda

D usty Morton

M ichael Mosbach

Anna M un oz

Sachiko M u ro

Carso n M u rp hy

Erin M urphy

Marilyn Naanos

Kyo ko Nagamats u

Wesley Nagamine

Sarah Najafi

Lindsay M uth



Mark Malonzo


Javier Najarro

Irma N aldonado

Samia Nassar

Dale Neckm an

W illiam Neil

Tamara Nelson

Vicky Ngangu

Alice Nguyen

D iem Nguye n

Tri cia Nguye n

Brandi N ichols

Moniq ue N ishikawa

Shaina N ishimoto

Shinji N ishiyama

Aryn Nohara

Johnny Noyan

Geoffrey N unn

Rory O' Donnell

M ichelle O'Malley

Elizabeth O deh

Stephen Omlor

Lauren Opet

Isabel O rphanopoulos

Jenn ifer Orquiza

La Ronda O rtega

148 Academics

Marcy O sedo

Mi a Onieri

Nichol as Ovanessoff

Pablo Padill a

G regory Pacifl car

.>-:/_ •.~ .·.. .






D exrer Pagdilao

Ka'Te ia Paige

Catherin e Parrish

Karin a Pare!

Mari a Pavlovsky

Lisa Pawloski

Mike Pea rso n

C raig Perez

Gabriela Perez

D eidra Perino

Lara Perry

Michael Peru cho

C hristin a Peterso n

C hau Pham

Steph ani e Phillips

Rebecca Pierce

G ino Piero ni

Shira! Pavawall a



150 Academics

T h ere are so me people who are co ntent with fitting in. Ever since she enrolled at LMU in 1998, Liz Odeh m ade a tremedous effort to not only be an integral part of the campus comJnuni ty, but also m anaged to inspire those around her to standour and give back to the commun ity of which they we re a part. "When I was in high sch ool I thought that college was a 111ore individul thing. I never real ized that there wo uld be so 111any opportunities available to me. " Al though Liz was rather reserved in high school, as soo n as she came to LMU sh e began to get involved on campus. "I tri ed to pick activities and clubs that fit with my personality and th e kind of person I wanted to be." Since giving back to the communi ty was extremely important to Liz, durin g her freshman year she began wo rking for the Center for Service and Acti on on campus. T h en, in her sopho111ore year, sh e joined rhe LMU Bell es . In 2001 , Liz received the Alfred J. Ki lp Award for Service and Leadership, an h onor fi tting for som eo ne th at said, "I think its really important that LMU Stresses bein g of service to oth ers, and giving back to th e com111unity." Although doing service was a big part of Liz's life, it was only a small portion of th e perso n Liz became at LMU. As an 1\ccounting major in the H onors Program , a member of Beta Ga~nm a Sigma, the Acco unting Society, O rder of O mega, and a

Presidential Scholar, Liz was accusto med to hard work and dedicati on. Liz's dili gence was so noticeabl e, that in the summer of 200 1, she signed a contract wi rh Arthur Andersen, an L.A. accounting flrm . As Liz set h er eyes on th e future, she still embraced wh at LMU p rovided h er and still had to offe r. "I feel lucky to be able to attend such a wonderful univers ity, an d I want to get as much as I can out of my experience here." Although academics, and ambition for the future were important to Liz, sh e was still a stro ng beli ever in education of the whole perso n. W h en asked what she hoped to accomplish at LMU, Liz said, "I can onl y hope to leave here knowing that I m ade some sort of an impression .. " As any of her sisters in D elta Zeta could attes t to, sh e defin ately made more than just an imp ress ion on those aro und h er. As an O'Leader, a Retreat Leader, and a Special Games coach, Liz co ntinuously managed to have an affect on others. T he kind of perso n she is, and aspired to be, inspired others on a daily basis. Liz had a p resence that was undeniably h eart-warming. She truly made those around h er want to becom e better people. Liz accredi ted her involvement on campus and h er outl ook on life to older LMU students who became h er role models wh en she knew them . As a senior, Liz became one of the m ost influential and motivating people on cam pus, and an am azing role model in the communi ty.

By: Jennifer Street

Elizabeth Odeh


Marcus Pigrom

Leon Pijpaert

Nicholas Pinto

Milron Pittman

Kristen Plueger

David Podzimek

Saik-Choo n Poh

Lorraine Ponce

Stephen Pope

Lindsie Porter

Patrick Post

Sara Poulos

Eli zabeth Powers

Julie Prunk

Megan Pryor

Maggie Puzauskas

Kevin Quaid

Keshia Quartey

April Quintans

Daniel Rabilwongse

Susan Ramirez

Niccore Rapp

Elaine Reali

Kelly Reamer

G in a Reardon

Yolanda Regia

Ann e Reid

Jam es Reid

Samuel Res ti vo

Alice Reyes

Anna-Liza Reyes

Erin Riley

Brianna Robertso n

Roland a Robinso n

Vin cent Roco

Anabel Rodri guez

Lises Rodriguez

Brianda Rojas

Dani el Romro

Benj amin Roo pe

N oella Rosbrugh

Kimberly Ross iter

An gelin a Rovytska

Yvette Rozsalige ti

M aritza Rui z

D avid Russell

Ri chard Russell

M ichelle Rydberg

Aida Ruan



During the 2001 -2002 academic year, most people knew M ike Peru cho as rhe ASLMU President, but M ike contributed much more than most of his peers could have im agined. Coming fro m Bellarmine College Preparato ry in San Jose, M ike was familiar with the philosophi es of the Jes uit education. He chose to attend LMU because of the warmth of the student populati on and the beauty of the campus. Mike's love of the lush campus grounds continued after he became a resident at LM U . Opting not to enter the library m ore than necessary, Mike was often found enj oying the Lion's D en patio or Foley Pond. H e believed these places were m eccas for academic experience, as well as for the social enco unters. D uring his career at LMU, M ike contributed to an expansive range of student organizations. As cultural coordinato r of Isang Bansa his so phom ore year, he pro duced the annual Filipino C ultu ral Night. M ike said that this was a pri celess experience because he was eager to share Filipino culture with others. Mike went on to become president oflsang Bansa his junior year. He also traveled to Mexico with Campus M inistry's D e Colores Program. "It brought my life into perspective, giving me a greater appreciation for what I have, and strengthened my desire to help others," he said. As an Orientaton leader in 2000 and 2001 , Mike helped to bring incoming freshmen into the fold of LMU's academi c and spiri tual community. As an EMT on camBy: Amy Ross

154 Academics

pus, a m ember of C rimson C ircle, a m ember of Zeta Phi Rho, and an Academic Persistence Program (APP) counselor, M ike's giving never seemed to cease and his influence on campuS becam e undeni able. M ike believed his experi ences with people and service a£ LMU really opened eyes and fostered a deeper understanding of people. As AS LMU President, he offered the students a voice and as president of Isang Bansa, he provided his peers an oppornmi ty to value cultural diversity. As an EMT, Mike fullfilled hiS interest in science and m edicine and at the sam e time helped fellow students who were truly in need . H aving graduated with a degree in Bi ochemistry, M ike planned to enter the PLACE Corps, a program that prepared col' lege graduates to reach in the public school system. "Knowing myself, I'll get addicted to reachin g, " he said. "''d like to reach high school chemistry. " "I feel I'm leaving this place on a positive note," he said· He believed rhar his greatest contribu tion to LMU were hil friendly smile and true representation of rhe LMU communi ty al ASLM U President. His greatest incentive for getting involved? "My roommate often asked me, 'What will you rem ember in 10 years?"' In 10 years, Mike's peers will rem ember his dedicarioJ1• smile, and his fu lfi lled mission to make a difference.

Michael Perucho


Lindsey Sabo

Shah rzad Safai

Sepid eh Salehirad

E rick Salomon

Eliana Salvador Guerci

Marisol Samperio

Tani a San M iguel

Roberto Sanchez

Roberto Sanchez

Rebecca Sanders

Yohana Sandoval

Stacey Sanreforr

] emma Santos

A ngela Sarkis

G reg Sarkissian

Stacy Schauer

Joel Schipper

Leslie Schlotman

Stephanie Schmidlkofer

Tyanne Schooley

Kristin a D. Sco tt

John Scri vano

Leo Seball os


• .


Ka rin Schul z

'~· .· .. ·


Steph anie Sciurba

156 Academics

Edmond Sedigh

Dominic Sermeno

Mary Setera

Matthew Shanahan

Usha Sharm a

Shannon Shearman

C larmaesha Shelton

Jill Shimamoro

Marchella Shipp

Sara Sh owal ter

Nicole Sims

Brenda Siqui eros

Mara Slade

Deebra Smith

Jo n i Smith

Sco tt Smith

Jessica So

Michael Soliman

Ri chard Sarich

Salvato re Speno

Brian Spinelli

William Spjut

Beth Spo rl ede r

Michael Steilnm an n

Micell ena Stephens



158 Academics

Even durin g a simpl e, fri endl y conversation with N isha Rodrigo, it was extremely difficult to igno re the determin ation, passion and faith in h er demeanor. Sh e was a woman who knew exactl y what she wanted and how to go about accomplishing it. Just a few of the future career plans th at Ni sha considered durin g her four yea rs at LMU included working for the United Nati ons, becoming an FBI agent, sitting on the co un cil for the President, or maybe even becoming a singe r and song writer. T hose wh o knew N isha could not help but realize these career plans were more th an fantasies, but realities that she was more th an capable of accomplishin g. In 2000, Nish a intern ed, and was eventually hired, at the White H ouse on a council for form er President Clin ton . During her time in Washington D .C., Nish a was exposed to the ri gorous demands of wo rking in politics which eventually influenced one of her future career paths. In 2001 , N isha applied for a very selective intern ship with the FBI and became one of the top fi ve candidates out of hundreds th at applied by the second semes ter of her se nior year. With all of her planning fo r th e future and taking th e early steps that were necessary to achi eve her goals, it was a wonder that N isha was still able to maintain a 3 .9 G PA while being a member o f G ryphon C ircle, pres ident of the C ommuni cation

Studi es Society, a Rains research ass istant, an ass istant to student disabilities, a member of th e debate team, and a tutor in th e LRC. While N isha's commitm ents to the LMU communi ty were quite impress ive, it was her involvement in the co mmuni ty off campus that demanded th e m ost attention. In th e "spare" tim e she managed to find durin g her seni or year, N ish a maintain ed two internships, one at th e Ma nh attan Beach Police Department wo rkin g in th e Traffi c Division an d th e other at th e District Atto rn ey's offi ce of child custody laws ui ts . Each of th ese intern ships afforded N isha an upcl ose glance at what the term "serving the community" really entail ed. Wh ether she was dealing with propsed traffi c legislati on at th e poli ce departm ent, or a compli cated custody battl e at th e D istri ct Atto rn ey's office, N isha was getting one step cl oser to learning about wh at she wa nted to beco me after graduatio n. Eve rythin g th at N isha was apart of h elped sh ape her attitude and faith. Lea rnin g in college th at "you can't control everything," Nish a co ntributed her success to her fri ends, family and professors, especially D ean Schiebel and Mark Morelli. "A lot of wh o I am and th e opportunities I h ave h ad co me from th ose wh o have had fa ith in m e."

By: Vanessa Brady

Nisha Rodrigo


Michel le Stewart

Orla Stewart

".1.> •

.•.• . - . .



Jennifer Street

D erek Suehi ro

Sh aro n Suga no

•, ... -.·,. .•;;_:·._,:J..



C hris Sullivan

Coll een Sullivan

Warren Sutton

Mary Swagerty

Jam es Sweeney

KetTi Tanksley

Jose Tapia

Shelby Teeter

Tanya Tegeler

Victor Teodoro

T heresa T hibodeaux

Benji T hi em

Sharo n T horpe

Matthew T imbo!

Daniel Torres

Elysia Travis

Teka Traylor

D ianthe Ti·eantafelles

AJeksandra Trifunovic

Adam Tunn ey

160 Academics

Sharon Tweedy

Vanessa VanHuisen

Patri ck Vesely

Odey Ukpo

LaToya Underwood

Kathe rin e Uy

Gegina Valdivia

Dina Valenzuela

Kennya Vall e

Berh Van Brussel

Daniel Vandusen

Mieke Van De Kam p

Briann e Van Elslander

Laura Vargas

Pedro Vargas

Adam Vaughn

Maria Vazquez

Brandon Venning

Thomas Venrura

Megan Vessell

Janelle Vieira

E nriqu e Viramonres

Narasha Von Lemke



The close knit community and family atmosphere of LMU's campus attracted Sharon to the university. After being involved in a number of high school acivities including athletics, class council, and ambassadors, Sharon's m entality for being involved became a parr of her college experience that opened up whole new worlds and allowed her character, leadership, and enthusiasm to impact others. During Sharon's spring semester of her freshman year, she elisted in ROTC and was placed on scholarship. In 2001, she became a Wing Commander, a very challenging and inspiring position that oversees nearly 100 students, only 20 of whom attend LMU. In this position, Sharon planned leadership labs consisting of lesson objectives, marching, saluting, missions, and other procedures. It was a huge undertaking that required an extensive need for communication. H er experience with ROTC challenged her in ways that have allowed her to see things in a new perspective. Sharon's field training in Texas gave her a sense of herself that surpassed all she believed she was capable of doing and, since then, her m entality, "You can acco mplish anything if you put your mind to it" has allowed her to accomplish even more. She also joined Sursum Corda her freshman year and becam e President in 2001. As a RAin D esmond Hal l her junior year, Sharon worked with an amazing and supportive staff and was able to have a greater understanding for others as well as become m ore independent as she lived separately from friends and took on different responsibilities. In 2001 , she served as the VP of Finance for RHA. She was also

By: Maggie Puzauskas

162 Academics

in Delta Zeta Sorori ty, Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity, and coW tributed her time as an O'Leader and a First Year Retreat Leader. Versatility was one attribute that Sharon brought to the LM community. For her, it was important to try a lot of things before find路 ing her ni che. For Sh aron, finding h er niche m eant accepting chal路 lenges and taking risks. "The greatest risk is not taking one," said Sharon. As her motto for her senior year, she inspired others in all thgl she was parr of. In each of her positions, she played a different parf路 but in all of her roles she was inspired and enlivened by ROTC's cor values: integrity, service before self, and excellence in all things. T hd values dominated Sharon's life throughout everything she did. As aJ1 amazing example of a woman with great character committed to sef\1' ice, academics, and leadership, Sharon erased the negative stereotype.' that people have for the military. She said, "There are a lot of stereO' types in the military, but if someone takes the time to truly get to lmol1 those people, they'll see another side of them." Sharon came to a place in her life where she was able to full) live out those values and morals that she grew up with and fully begaJI to pursue her dream. She considered becoming a pilot in the Air Fore' after graduating, but because she valued having a family, she believei an administrative position on a training base may be more suiting. H eJ four years at LMU were that "time and a place" for Tweedy. Lookinf back, Sharon will remember a period of time in her life that allowel her to take risks and grow as a person. 'T his is Tweedy time," Sharol said. "This is the time to become me."

Sharon Tweedy




.,,,, ;,.


,) .


' .

. ·· .'·:,:



·~ :c·. i '··~





Benjamin Waddle

Eric Wade

Saundra Wagner

G raham Walker

Jeffrey Walker

Elisabeth Waller-Scott

Jenna Walsh

Stacia Walsh

Hadley Wasson

Allison Weinreich

Patrick Welch

Brett Wensman

Ryan Wesemann

Jared West

Emily White

Jeffi·ey White

Sean Wiedeman

Andrew Wiegert

Shalonda Wiley

Lori WiJliams

Rachel Williams

Summer Williams

Jacob Williamson

Steven Winarski

164 Academics

Lucy Windes

Angel Winslow

Dan Wiseman

Michael Witczak

Anne Witte

Zak Wojtanowicz

Kerra Wong

Kelly Wood

Lacey Wood

Jared Woods

Libby Woolford

Arthur Wypchlak

Jeffrey Yap

Lorena Yepez

Emily Yip

John Paul Youssef

Michael Youssef

Gabriel Yu

Regina Yuhasz

Jennifer Zamora

Leah Z ialcita

Florian Zimmerhann

Alissa Z ito



166 Athletics




The men's water polo team enjoyed their third place finish at the national championships, after which three Lions were named AU-Americans. LMU also played host to the WWPA Championships held on November 16-1 8.

Men's Wa ter Polo Roster # 1A Kev in Paulsen # 1B Patrick Treanor # 1C G reg H om en #2 Kyle W itt #3 Kevin W itt #4 Stephen Lipinski #5 Trevor Wagner #6 Tamas Szego #7 T im Raschke #8 Andrew Auldand # 10 Kris Barr

PJ. Rosenquist reaches to block his

Tyler Swanson chases the ball in order to set up the offense.

1 68 Athletics

# 11 Sco tt Smi th #13 Sean W imer #14 Tyler Swanson # 15 Adam Zintsm as ter #16 PJ. Rosenquist # 17 Patri ck Reilly # 18 Rob Beech # 19 Nick Os ter Ryan Chapette Andrew Jensen

Men's Water Polo


170 Athletics

Athletics Highlights

1 71

172 Athletics

Beginning the season ranked No. 24 in the USA Today/AVCA Division I Coaches Top 25 poll, women's volleyball finished the roller coaster season with a regular season record of 15-10.

Photos by Anth o ny Brenn eman Wo men's Voll eyball Ros ter

# 1 Dina DeBernardi #3 Jacene D imso n #4 Jaim ee Brubacher #6 Kelli Neri so n #7 N icol e Oehlm an #8 Elefth eri a Ko ukou # 10 Laura G ustorf # 11 T iana Newso me

# 13 # 15 # 17 # 18

Kristen Gallu p Megan Woo ten Elizabeth Samso n Kealani Kimball # 19 Jody Ca rl so n #20 C laire G ill es pie #2 1 Audra T indall

amed WCC Playe r of the Week n Octo ber, so phom o re N icole hlm an cel ebrates with her

uni o r captain Laura G usto rf shows her ve rti cal leap as sh e tips the bal l ove r the net.

Freshm an D ina DeBern ardi prepa res for o ne of her 258 ki lls.

Women's Volleyball


The young men's cross country team, primarily composed of freshmen and sophomores, gained another season of experience to carry on to next fall.

Photos Courtesy of Sports Information M en's Cross Country Roster Chris Brown Sean Avery Cox Nick Erikson Dan Judnick Bernadino Ochoa Warren Sutton Andrew Thompson Naosie Tobin Dustin Wilberg

Freshman Andrew T hompson gains gro und on his opponents.

Freshman Bernadino Ochoa gives hi s all to fini sh the race.

1 7 4 Athletics

Men's Cross Country


1 76 Athletics

Athletics Highlights


178 Athletics

After finishing 12th of 16 in teams UCSD's Triton Invitational, the women's cross country team took their running shoes to Crystal Springs for the West Coast Championship, where junior Edit Pakay took first place.

Women' C ross Country Roster Trinity Amalfitano Jenny Atkinson Maria D egi tz Stephanie Hybki Erin Junkin Christina Lowery Heather Montgomery Alie Moody Edit Pakay Shannon Williams

unior Alie Moody m aintains her rhythm throughout the race.

unior Erin Junkin fini shed 14 th at th e the H ometown Invitational.

Women's Cross Country

1 79

The season kicked off with a three-game losing streak, but with balanced scoring and strong defense, the Lions were invited to the NCAA Division I Men's Soccer Tournament for the first time. The Lions fell to the UCLA Bruins in the first round.

Phoros by Anthony Brenneman Men's Soccer Roster #00 Shaun Kalnasy # 12 D erick Stickel # 1 Adam Sthay # 13 Gonzal o Bonill a #2 M atthew Kovar # 14 Michael Coald ey #3 Philip Arias # 15 Alejandro To rres #4 Jeff Kovar # 16 Eric Kim #5 N ick Resich # 17 Pat Parker #6 Yuji Teranishi # 18 D an Sheridan #7 Armando M elendez # 19 Kevin Novak #8 Michael Brewer #20 Rigo Pardo #9 Michael Erush #2 1 D anny Williams # 10 Andres Murriagui #22 Arturo To rres # 11 Claudi o Basaez #23 Julian Gaitan #24 M ark Lackey

Midfielder Kevin Novak drives downfl eld pas t the defender. T he sophomore played in 15 gam es.

Junior Philip Arias fends off an opponent.

180 Athletics

Senior D an Sheridan blocks a shot.

Men's Soccer

182 Athletics

Athletics Highlights




184 Athletics

-~0 ~ 路';..:{!;~

When leading defense players Heather Nelson and Shaina Nishikawa were sidelined with injuries, up-and-coming Lions were given the opportunity to raise the level of defense. The team finished the season with an overall record of 7-10.

Women's Soccer Rosrer #00 Kelly Yukihiro # 1 Elizabeth Skhal #2 Shaina Nishimoro #3 Erica Florez #4 Myka Peck #5 H aleigh Roach #6 Jennifer Cefali a #7 Shari Nishikawa #8 H earher Nelson #9 Erin Fahey # 10 Laura Tras k # 11 Julie Prunk

# 12 Sara Aldama # 14 Am anda Shell enberge r # 15 Jamie Shoma # 16 Ket-ri Tanksley # 17 Elly Colvin # 18 Kyli e Beren # 19 Jill Dobens #20 Alli son M arra #22 Jennifer Pollick #23 Srephanie Tobin #24 Paige Lowry #25 Annie Belrran Aurumn Mood

Women's Soccer 185

Beginning the season with the 'Team First' foundation, the Lions started the season with a three-game winning streak, the first since the 1998-99 season.

Phoros by Anthony Brenneman Men's Basketball Roster # 1 Charles Brown #3 Kent Dennis #4 Andy Osborn #5 Greg Lakey # 10 Marcus Smith # 11 Eurskin e Robinson #2 1 Philipp Czernin

phomore Kent Dennis passes down low. During the December 路 ning streak, Dennis averaged 12.7 points and shot 90% from the free throw line.

Davis puts up a against Sac State.

186 Athletics

#24 Robert Davis #3 1 Keith Kincade #33 Sherman Gay #34 Sean Mollins #54 Miroslav Neskovic Jason Dickens Chris Trumpy

Men's Basketball


188 Athletics

Athletics Highlights


190 Athletics


1( ) \'I ~ ( ;

( ) ~ l JI)

An early win over No. 25 Arizona State gave the Lions one of their best starts with a 6-2 record. Named to the 2001 LMU Furama Thanksgiving Classic aU-tournament team, Bryn Britton and Adrianne Slaughter earned LMU's first awards of the season.

Photos by Anthony Brenneman

Women's Basketball Roster #3 Raelen Self 5 C laudine Auld # 10 Michele Brown # 12 Jas min M atthews #2 1 Allison Gerber 22 Kate Murray #23 Adrianne Slaughter

#24 Rosa Bernasco ni #25 Bryn Britton #30 April D ejohnette #32 JacquelynWoods #33 Mary Turner #34 Shannon Wosman #44 Jennifer H enry

ior Rosa Bern asconi looks

an rward Jacquelyn guards her opponent.

Women's Basketball

After finishing the season fifth in the wee, the men's tennis team came back for the 2002 season with a feeling of determination under new head coach Nik DeVore. The Lions began their season with a 5-2 win over San Francisco.

M en's Tennis Roster Johannes As uja Beau Berglund M ichael Cameron Anthony Ev rard Ryan Gerstner

Freshman T igran M artirosya sm ashes a serve over the net.

192 Athletics

Leopold Graeubi g M ichael Levin Tigran M arti rosyan lman N ilipour

Men's Tennis


194 Athletics

Athletics Highlights


196 Athletics

Beginning the season with their highest preseason rank ever at #65 in the nation, the Lions won five of seven titles, including all three doubles crowns to win the Cal State Invitational.

Wom en's Tennis Ros ter Geo rgin a Dinham Penka Fil eva Julie Hladik Velana Kassab Andrea Lo rd

Jennifer M itchell Edi t Pakay Beatri ce Sagari a- Ross i Erin Sanch ez Angelin a Zdo rovyts ka

Geo rgin a D inh am foll ows th ro ugh as she keeps the vo lley alive.

Beatrice Sagaria- Rossi and Eri n Sanchez watch th eir teammates .

Women's Tennis


With eighteen new faces and the Mikos Blue Monster added to the program, the men's baseball team rallied behind the leadership of seniors Kris Zacuto and Tommy Perez.

Men's Baseball Roster #20 Tommy Perez # 1 Michael Wilhite #2 Mark Carroll #2 1 Vincent Cordova #3 Sean Smith #22 Christian Campos #4 Joseph H endricks #27 Justin Abreu #5 Scott Sarver #28 Todd Lundwall #6 James Rivero #29 Kris Zacuto #32 Josua Whitesell #6 Kyle Huddy #7 Billy Lockin #33 Joe Silva #8 Jonathan Oller #34 David Barba # 11 Carl Stoeber #3 5 Ni chol as Lovato # 12 Joshua Muecke #4 1 Matt Cova # 14 Jonathan Higashi #42 N athan Durham# 15 Randy Waite H ammer # 17 Kevin Jenson #43 Corey Yamamoto # 18 Joe Frazee #4 5 Anthony Santana # 19 Brady Koch #46 Bradley Takamori First baseman Carl Stoeber takes a pitch.

Sophomore Jonathan Higashi throws the ball to the pitcher.

198 Athletics



200 Athletics

Athletics Highlights


202 Athletics

In their last season under WAC affiliation, the softball team was picked to finish third in the preseason WAC coaches poll, earning 25 points. The tight knit group of women followed the lead of the four seniors in the 2002 season.

Wom en's So ftb all Roster # 1 T iffa ny Lawso n #2 Jessica G rassi #3 Casie Phillips #4 Lauren Hiramoto #5 Kelli Edelb rock #8 Christina Costanzo #9 Coriann e Rogalsky # 15 Christy Cerecedes # 16 Trisha Go mes #20 Lisa Abbott

#22 Megan Julian #23 Ashl ey H unt #25 C hristin e Jordt #27 Emily Foltz #30 Amy D ent #32 Sarah Schaub #33 Sami Srrinz #3 5 Danielle Ka minaka #5 0 C hristine Jolin #55 Jennifer H eliotes

Freshman T iffa ny Lawso n plays catch with one of her teammates.

So ph om o re Trisha Go mes bl ocks a wil d pi tch.



The majority of the men's crew team was backed by three years of experience upon entering the 2002 rowing season following the lead of three fourth-year rowers. In the fall of 2001, the Lions placed 1Oth overall at the Newport Autumn Rowing Festival. chee Men's C rew Roster ].P AÂŁf Robert Klamser Mark Kolich Justin Allen Marrin Austin Jaso n Lake Sean Bottcher John Lux Scott Benion Patrick Madigan Fra ncesca Martin ]arret Carl e Jen Mathieu Andres Carlos Bradley Schnell Katie Drake T im Stevko Matt Felt Matt Goethals Daniel Torres Jeremy Hahn J .P Voisinet Rob Willis John Heady Brooks Jon es

Brad Schnell and Andres Carlos

Jeremy Hahn and Matt Felt re l axl...........o~iiiiiiiiP as they com e up to the catch.

204 Athletics



206 Athletics

The women's rowing team began the season with a new boathouse after finishing the 2001 season with a third place finish in the WCC Championships.

Photos by Anthony Brenneman Wom en's Rowing Roster Bri Baarstad Jenny G riffin Blake Boyer M alin G ustavsson Reesa Brukecta Beth H enderson N atalie Costanzo Kate H ennig Kim Clark Ellie Higley Janna Domin guez Caitlin Jesse Kristin a Dominguez Kristen Kell y Brictany Knott Katrin a Duncan Vanessa Glendenning C hristina Koss Elizabeth G ordon C harli e Livings tone

Care M arino Di ana M azenko Caidin M cClain Sylvia Olve ra Joanne Peters Melani e Salter Jessica Suver Angela Tann er Jaymie Taylor M o ni ca Torres

Fres hman coxswain Janna

lii-iiiiii!I!!I!!!Caitlin Jesse and Ellie Higley send the boat through the water.



, _ 1


~'I ~ ~

S' ~'


Returning two-time AU-American senior, Lucy Windes provided the leadership and motivation that helped the Lions finish another season at the Burns Recreation Center Aquatics Complex under a newly dedicated scoreboard.

Photos by Anthony Brenneman

Women's Water Polo Roster #1 #2 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9

Devon Courtney Caroline Guidi Rachel Saal Kelsey Wilcox Jessica Conner Orla Stewart Julia Wald Nicole Norris

#10 Christina Radvanyi #11 Lucy Windes #12 Jamie Kroeze #13 Meredith Bellotti #14 Teresa Guidi # 15 Rebecca Peterson #16 Adrianne Sulaver Laura Sunderman

Freshman Jessica Conner searches for an open shot.

New to the team, Laura Sunderman goes for the block.

Women's Water Polo


21 2 Athletics

Athletics Highlights


The men's golf team entered the 2002 season hoping to improve on their previous year, 7th place finish in the WCC Championship. The Lions teed off under the guidance of Fr. Thomas Higgens, S.J., who has coached the team for 28 seasons, since 197 4.

Men's Golf Roster N ick Arata M ike Farrell Cameron Fife Chris Hudson Joe Legacy T homas MeWilliams

Senior Cameron Fife sets up fo r a chip shot.

Sophomore Joe Legacy watches the ball after following through.

214 Athletics

D ustin Mo rton Elliot Neumaye r Brett Norton Donald Rhee Gavin W itzer



Despite a turbulent season, the future looks bright with the addition of ten new freshmen. With another year of experience behind them, the core of the swim team looked to the future years with high hopes.

Wom en's Swimming Roster Alana Austin Sarah Babiarz M elissa Bommari to Jessica Conner Bayley Diamond M arisa Ga rcia Kell y Kram er Breann e M elconi an M iranda Mooers C hristin a O'Neill

Lauren Powe rs La uren Roberts Rebecca Sanders Al ex Tun gland Kristin Ves nave r M ari e Walters Kelsey Wilcox T iffa ny Yates Kri sta Zabor

Kri stin Ves nave r displays some humor as Alex Tun gland looks on.

Freshman Alex Tungland works on h er strokes .



In their inaugural season as a club sport, the men's volleyball team resumed their winning ways this year, taking eighth place in the Santa Barbara tournament and starting their regular season play with a record of 3-0.

Photos by Anthony Brenneman

Men's Volleyball Roster Lindsey Breeden Pat Carrol Jon Gemma Ryan Go Billy H amilton Brad Keller Rodney Marayag M atthew McLarty

Lee Metz Chris Miller Bri an N iehaus Adam Smith Kyle Twohig Matt Vessel Lucas W isnialmwski

Athletics Highlight I Men's Volleyball


1(1 IT A good sign for the rest of the year, the lacrosse team was pleased with their 24-4 victory over Arizona State.

Photos by Amhony Brennem an Men's Lacrosse Roster D ennis Aeiling Juan Benitez To m Blashaw Jon Boldiga Bruce Brow n D erek C lassen Garrett Coleman Rob D eureche D erek D evre Corey Garrard Charlie Goyer

220 Athletics

Pete H offm an Charl ey Kelly Mark Langley Ni ck Leo ne C hris Lusardi Peter M aginnis Nat M cCormi ck Jam eso n McFadden Rob Mo nkman Will Murphy Will N elson

D evin Penhall Par Post Shane Salarich Mark Scholkof Seth Shapi ro Chris Spain Will Spjur Brit Swanson Will T hompson Broen Wes berg Jon Wil ey

The women's lacrosse team worked to establish their place in their second season in the best division on the West Coast.

Wo men's Lacrosse Roster As hl ey Andrews Melissa Bruno Carrie D odds Angie D ouglas Laura D awso n Jessica Doyle Elizabeth Eri ckso n Ai lee n Ge rm ona Tem re G reen Ki m Knight

Stephani e Le upp Maggie Lyo ns Megan MacKay Li sa Mangani ell o Francie Martin Joann a Merchant H ayley Ne nadal Erin O'Nei ll M ichell e Oglald1ehyan

Edie O pperm an Kim Richards Jennifer Steinkamp Erica To rgerso n Jamie Val Eli zabeth vo n Schwarz Risa Walte rs Erin W ri ght

Lacrosse 221

Phoro by Carri e G ammon

Phoros by Anthony Brennem an

Mark Arm en John Biggs Travis Bowe Mackenzie Brown Bobby Chen Joe Clapp Phil Courrakon Jimmy C ummins Jar C urran Paul D avid Frank D eGioia C h ris D elja D arren D oherty Kev in D olan John Doyle

Men's Rugby Roster Troy Farol Pat Foo te Ray Gonzales Attila Gyulai Austin H ajjar T im H ammer Andy Holmquist Joe Jankowski Tom Krusic John LaCroix John Lange Matt LaMothe D an Lehman Marc Mahoney Gabe M azzone Chris Ewin

Marty McLaughlin T im N ewlin Tad Oyler Matt Peterso n M arcus Pi grom Connor Pritchard Erik Richardson Stefan Rollins Tony Russ i Adam Rust Alex Seal Ben Steele M ike Steinmann Pete Sullivan M att Wilson

The men's rugby team continued their usual winning ways, opening the 2002 season with a

60-7 win over UC Irvine. 222 Athletics

Cheer Roster Nate Brown Carolyn Camarata Nicole Fields Amanda Goodrich Pamela H am Elizabeth H arrold Riann Huselid

Robert Iafe Jared Lepore (M asco t) N ick O livari Michelle Stabile Jennifer Symons Amanda Turner

The dedication and motivation from the cheer squad boosted the spirits of the school and showed everyone what LMU sports are about. Rugby and Cheer


224 Greeks





ALPHA PHI UNION HAND IN HAND Am erika Adam s Lauren An roni oli Lisa Belyea Lisa Beth Juli e Boardman Vanessa Brady

G in a Bri ght Sara Busse Audrey Cain Carolyn Camarata Co urtn ey Cazale M ary Conway

Jennifer D efilippo Beth Dimaggio Jessica Dom eni ci Katie Dufficy Rosann a Eusebio Michelle Felten

Lucreti a Flores H eather Froseth Stephanie Fryer Ailee n Germano Cati e G ibson Carey G ree nberger

M elissa G ribbon s Dani elle H askin Jennifer H erlihy Juli e Hladik M elissa Humpert Miriam Juarez

Adrian a Juravi ch Ashl ey Killick Helena Kin g Kimberl y Knight Kati a Krav tchenko Genevieve Laguna

226 Greeks

,, â&#x20AC;˘

LMU Charter since:

May 15, 1976 Symbol: Teddy Bear and Ivy

Leaf Colors: Silver and Bordeaux Flower: Forget-me-not and

Lily of the Valley Members: 88 Advisor: Michelle Thompson G in a Lynch Ann Marie Maggio Lisa Manganiello Danielle Meers Danielle Nelson Jess ica Ochoa

Lauren Opet E ri ca Oyama Lisa Pawloski Lindsey Pearson Alina Perez Juliann a Pizura

Lauren Pope Brooke Porter Lindsie Porter Nicole Poulos Eli zabeth Price Audrey Raya 路

Sarah Rosales Alexis Scott Kelly Spo ndike Hadley Wasson E mil y Whittle Alana Williams

Alpha Phi



Michael Campbell Matthew C lendenin Ian Cook Rob Deutsche David Gonzales

William Handsfield Andrew Heck G rego ry Hinch C hris Jahnke Joel Kaplan Robert Klamser Peter Maginnis Jameson McFadden Mark Mezger N ichol as Miller Kevin Muldoon Justin Robinson Brandon Rockwell Grego ry Sarkissian Jason Shrader Sal Speno William Spjut Victor Teodoro Kyle Twoni g Michael Witczak

228 Greeks

LMU Charter since: Dec. 6, 1952

Colors: Ruby Red and Gold Flower: Red Carnation Members: 65 Advisor: Brother Anthony Smoulders, CFMM





Pichelle Breganre Erin Brown M ichelle C urtis Kayse C ushin g Alexia D a Silva Jenn y Degirolamo

Kari e Ebert Meghan Emmerr Karie Eysrer T iffa ny Fong M arisol Garcia Nadia Gom ez

Jennifer Jerer Lisa Kelsey Jenni fe r Levering Sarah Lizo rre Sracy Lorrs Ashley M cCarthy Cory M cD evirr M elissa M cD a nnel Meredi rh McFadzean Karhl een McKeo n AJheli M iranda Dina Moll

Erin Murphy Lindsay Murh D eborah N iles Mauree n O'D onnell M ia O rri eri Jenn Pirrman Am y Sam oni Karin Schulz

Melissa Sierra Berh Sporleder Devo n W ilson Kri sri Wood

230 Greeks

LMU Charter since: Feb. 1, 1981

Symbol: Golden Anchor Colors: Bronze, Pink, and Blue

Flower: Cream Colored Rose

Members: 89 Advisor: Anneliese Shumacher

Delta Gamma



Intelligence is the Torch of Wisdom Dera Baskin T iffany Jil es Mon ika McKn ight Shond a Monday

232 Greeks

Delta Sigma Theta



FRIENDS BY CHANCE, SISTERS BY CHOICE Janelle Albino Simone Anderson-Thompson

Jenny Atkinson Li llian Azevedo Reesa Brukerra RaChell e Burke

Ashley C hapman Maria C hase Carolin e C lark Robyn Coleman Kristen Co llins Alisha Com mon

Carl a Cruz Yvette C unha Jacquelyn Doherty Shannon Donovan Kristine Ellis Jennifer Farr Desiree Finigan N ichole Freadhoff Bibi G haravi Kristina Hernandez Erin Hogan Sonya Hu ecias Nicole Hurd Gina Jenkins Kimberly Julian Sandra King Lisett Legarreta Donna Lopez Lorin Ma rchese Kari Mochizuki Francesca Montalvo C hristin a Nguyen Diana N ichols M ichell e O'Mal ley

234 Greeks

LMU Charter since: Nov. 1, 1986

Symbol: Roman Lamp Colors: Old Rose and

Vieux Green Flower: Killarney Rose Members: 82 Advisor: Carol Lingrosso

Alissa Z ito Liz O deh Am and a Phillips Maggie Puza uskas Jolie Randall Rebecca Rexroad Anna- Liza Reyes

Mauree n Robinso n Me lissa Rodri guez Jennifer Rogers Amy Ross Yoh ana Sandoval Rebecca Schulth eis

G in a Semenza Rachel Stern Ester Stolunan Eli zabeth Sul ack Wendy T ho mas Mega n Triebwasser

Sharon Tweedy Regina Valdivia Beth Van Brussel Jenn a Walsh Allison Weinreich Anni e Yi

Delta Zeta



WHY WALK WHEN YOU CAN FLY? M organ AJ robell o Lisa Becker Zelda Beckford Kathl ee n Bevens Lisa Beyer Mi chel le Bl ade

Kateri Broussard Erin Brownstein M el issa Bruno C heryl Bruyninckx Lynsey Co nrad Kri sten C rol ey

Stacie C ruikshank C hri stin a D eLesk M ariesa Duggan Kay Fallon Monique Farah Jenni fer G lover

Jess ica Gonzalez Alicia Gossoo Trisha H egem an Jeanine H olguin Sarah Howard D arcy Hughm ani ck

Angela Hutson N icol e Kowalski Breanne Lagomarsin o M eagan M arcotte Brooke M arston Melissa M asoni

,_ '

M elissa M cAlli ster Molly M cLean Holly McNally C ollee n M cN eil M eagh an M oran An gela Noyan

236 Greeks

Cassa ndra Palm er Hill ary Pennin gto n Lara Perry Jennifer Phinn ey Cy nthi a Ri cha rds Lindsey Saba

Lauren Shaw Kat ie Simon Sara Stevely Michelle Stewart Kri stin Stimpson Megan Sweeney

1/t\ •


••,Y:i ~r

, .-.:·~.,,, ' ":·'· ·•

Sharo n T horpe Danita Turner E ri ca Ullmann Vanessa Vanhuisen Andrea Velasquez Er ika Von T iehl

Bla ir Walsh Stephani e Weso lek Anne Witte

. '

Kappa Alpha Theta

23 7



238 Greeks

LMU Charter since: Colony Status

Colors: Purple, Green, and Gold

Flower: White Rose Members: 31

Lambda Chi Alpha




240 Greeks

LMU Charter since: Aug.27, 1991

Colors: Blue and Old Gold Flower: White Rose Members: 63 Advisors: Will Skinner and Kelly Younger

Sigma Chi



OPPORTUNITY FOR WISDOM Luis Alvarenga Diego Back John Canova Jose Del Rio Gil Duane AJan Gutierrez Sebastian Hernandez G uill ermo Ortiz Francisco Perez Lawrence Sanchez Dominic Sermeno Astor Suriano T homas Ventura

242 Greeks

j "

" '

-·~-~ · , J .




. .


~ -"

LMU Charter since: Aug.8, 1999

Colors: Purple and White Flower: Red Carnation Members: 18 Advisor: Dr. Antonia Petro

Sigma Lambda Beta



CULTURE IS PRIDE, PRIDE IS SUCCESS Lilia Aguirre Annalisa Allen Jennifer Borodian Maria Castellanos Patricia Corral Karol Delgado Carina Diaz Toriyana Dickens Carina Echeverria Jessica Estrada Amber Franco Rosie Garcia M ayra Gomez Martha Gonzalez M ayra Gonzalez Monica Gonzalez Vanessa Jimenez Cindy Lerma M artha Majano Shana Morda Shital Pavawalla Gabriela Pelaez H eather Proctor Susan Ramirez Anabel Rodriguez Nicole Salazar Leticia Valadez Regina Yuhasz Cristina Zavaleta

244 Greeks

t (


LMU Charter since: March 12, 2000

Symbol: Pink Panther Colors: Shocking Pink and Majestic Purple

Flower: Pink Rose Members: 38 Advisor: Rebecca Acevedo

Sigma Lambda Gamma



Joshua Bachrach Matthew Blackmore Aaron Brock Jaroslaw Buczek Christopher Cersovski Nathaniel Chadbourne Jeff Corless Joshua Fagan George Gamboa Jeff Geremia Danny Hang Jeremy Hoffman Brad Keller Johnnie Mata Luke Mathews Nicholas Miller Joseph Mungcal Luke O'Gara Nicholas Olivari Jacob Padron Gary Robinson Stuart Shoen Adam Smith Scott Stenholm Feline Vasquez Steven Winarski Andrew Dilfer

246 Greeks


,., . ';;;;c;c···.!•.. · ( "


~~.·. '" {'





Sigma Phi Epsilon

24 7


Governing Body of the LMU Greek System

2 4 a Greeks


Greek Honor Society

Greek Council & Order ol Omega



Greek Week Champions: Sigma Phi Epsilon & Kappa Alpha Theta

250 Greeks

Greek Week


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Abreu, Just in 198 Abrigo. Megan 076 Acacio, Virgin cuc 076

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Acuna, Ka rya 06 1, 064 Adamczak. Co nrad Adams, Amerib 076, 226 Ad ams. C harm ay nc

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A lba rr~ n . Margie Albers, As h leigh Albers. Bri~ n Albino, Janel le 234 Alcamar. Victoria I 14 A l c.1 r:~z, Angel Alcisto, Jaina I 14 Alconcel, Ricbard Aldama, Sara 185 Alexander, As hl ey 069, 076 Alexander, Nicholas Alfere7,, Fr:~n ci sco Alfred, Kristen 11 4 All ain , Michel Allen, Amy Allen, Annalisa 244 Allen, Chris Allen, Do m ~ ni c Allen, Jusrin 076, 204 Allen , Lori 11 4 Allison, Nicole 063, 069, 11 4 Allmeroth, Lyrica Almaguer- Delgado, Jose Almoga hwi, Khaled Alonso, M o ni c:~ Alonzo, Alexa ndra 076 Alos i, Michael Alozic, K:~in c Alper, All ison 069, 076 Alpha Delra Ga mma 228, 229 Alpha Phi 226, 227 Alpha Sigma Nu 14 1 Air, Nick 065 Althouse, John Althouse, Ke nt Althouse, William Altobcllo, Morgan 236 Ahomare, Anna Alum niM all 0 14, 14 1 A l v:~r a do, Gina Alva renga, Lu is 062, 076, 242 Alvarez, Alissa Alva rez, Ga briela Alva rez, Genevieve Alvarez, Michelle Alvarez, Tracy Alvarez, Veronica 076 Alvarez, Yesen ia Alzate, Anwne tte 076 Amalfi tano, Tri ni ty 178 Ambart su my:m, Arman 11 4 Amborn , Melissa 11 4 Amb rozewicz, Michael 069, 076 Amerian , Angdi que American Society of Civil Engin eers 057 Ames, Jason Ames, Robcn 076 Amezqu ita, Raquel 066 Amitai, Lee Amos, TifT..1ny Amoeba Music 04 7 An, Jeannie Andersen, Nicole Anderson, As h leigh 069 Anderson, Catheri ne Anderson, Dav id Anderson, Ocvrin Anderso n, Ea rth 11 4 Anderson, Megan Anderson, Melissa Anderso n, Michael 114 Anderso n, Steph anie Anderson, T homas Anderson-Thompson, Simone 234 And rade. Joanne Andres, Scan 076 Andrews, As hley 076, 22 1 Andrews, Courtney Andrews, Virginia Ang, Yursa n Angelo, \XIilliam Angeloni , Chrisw ph cr Angui ano, Alysa Angulo- L.1. ndera, Paula 062, 11 4 Antoni o. Ca rl os Antonioli , Lauren 11 4, 226 Ant wine, Nicholc Anyayahan, Ri o APC 03 1 Applebury, James Aquino, Hil<1ry Aragon, Christian Aragon, Fernando 076

Aragon, Jessica I 14 Arakel ian, Kimberl y Aranda, Luigi I 14 Arata, N i c h ola~ 11 4, 2 14 Arbi trario. Bronson 11 4 Arbitrar io. Justin 076 Area, lve tt e 11 4 Arceo, Rya n 076 Archer, Ga rrett Archer, Roben Arco 047 Arelbno. Karina 076 Arenas, Christian I 15 Arenas, Jacc1uelyn 064, 076 Arenas, Vivcca Yazmena Argueta, M:Hjori c 076 Argueta, \XIi lli am Arb')'ropo ulos, Jason 11 5 A r ia~. Alicia Arias, Ana Arias, Christi:tn Arias, Phili p 180 Arias, Valerie 059 Annen, Ma rk II 5, 222 Arm en, Teresa Armenian Student Association 056 Arnold , Andrea Arqucro, Mark Arreola , D' isy 076 Arri eta, Crystal 063 Arroyo, Marco Arroyo, Mel issa Arroyo. Patricia Arsenea ult. Katherine Ani fo n, Michael 066 Aniles, Joseph Artis, Tiffany 076 Arvizu. Ka rla Arvizu. Veronic:1 Asa no, Mari 076 Asa pahu , Peter Asaw, Milci Aschenbrenner. Stephen I 15 Asg h a r v~ h e di , Jasmin 076 Ash, Vicwria Ashe, Daniel Asher. Jenni fer As hley, T, nia 11 5 A~ i ngc r. Robcn AS LMU 03 1,056 Assenz.1. Ph oebe I 15 Astredo, Amber As uja, Jaa kko 077, 192, 193 Asuncion, Manhcw Ara bek. Aylin Ater, Tamcrri Atilano, Mayra Arkins, Karherinc Atkinson, Amy Atkinso n, Jenn y 11 5. 179, 234 Att albh , Claudi' 11 5 Arwa ter, Mary-A nncne Au, Kiu Au, Dr. Wil ke Aubry. Holly Auffrey, Nichob s August. Kr isten I 15 Aukbnd, And rew 168 Auld. C budin e 19 1 Aurelio, Gbdys 077 Austin , Abna 2 17 Ausrin , Christopher 077 Austin, J ess i e:~ Austi n, Ma rtin 204 Avib , Mayra 077 Av ila, Reyna Av iles, Grego ry Av ilez, jam:1al Ayayahan. Rio 115 Ayers, Rya n Aza r, Ant oine Azcb ir, China Azevedo, Lilli an 11 5, 234 Azzi, David 077 Jit!l'l ' i

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Fritz B. Burns Rccrearion Center

l3a3rstad . Brianna 209 lhbb, Coroline Bobcock, C lore Bobiorz. Soroh 11 5, 217 Bochro ch. Almo 11 5 lhchroch, Jos hu o 246 Hock. Diego 11 5, 242 Bodillo, Mo ni co I 15 B:~dtw , Reginald 13ogdosorion , Shelby 077 B;tghdaserians, P3trick lhghgedjian, An ni e lhi ley, Ebo ny I 15 Boird , Julio Baker, Bri:lnne Boker. Mory 05 7, 077 Boker, Poige Balch . C hri ~ tina [h ldeo. M:ui a Vic10ri3 077 Balderram:1 . Eri ck Boll , Rilion 11 5 Ballas. Patricia Bo looch, Golnoz I 15 Ball az:u , Dustin Balraza r, Nicole Baltierrez. Lyne11e Banayad , James 13:-t ncb , Mcli ... sa Band iso n, Naomi 133 nken, M:1ric Banos, C harl ott e Ba111 a, He:uh er lhnuelm, Roxann e 077 Baraconi. Apr il Bara jas. j essica Baraj:1s. Xochid Bar:1n . Jason Borbo . Brion 01 3. 077 Borbo. Do vid 198 Borko, Dovid Boeker, Erin 065. 11 5 lh rkl cy, Spencer Uarm:1ck, A:1ron Ba rn achea, Kara Barn es, Jcnifer 11 5 Barnes, L"l uren 077 B:1rnes, S:1 rah B:~.ron e, Mdiss:l Boer, Eli zobe th 077 Borr. Kristofer 168 Barrac:1. Kri_., lhrrogo n, So lvo dor 078 Barren , Joey Barren , ivla11hew Borrert. Seon I 15 Borrie, Ril ey Ih rri ga, Geo rgina 078 B:trrio_., C heryl B:1t-ron, Eliz:1bcth 11 5 Barry, Aurore !lorry. Brigid B:1rry. L"luren 078 B3rry. Sea n BHtik . Lisa Barto lo. Roben I 15 Banon , Ka d1 crin e I I S Ban mch, Brent Barw ick. Ry:1n lhrze n, Katharin e lhsoez. C loudio 180 Bosco, Ryo n 078 Bascom- Hu tchens. Acb m Boseboll 198-99 Basica, Yvcn e 078 Bosket boll 186-9 1 Boskin , Dero 11 5, 232 Hassen , Nicole Basso-Wi lli ams, Michael B3tinovich, Angela I 16 Batiste, Stephanie lh uo glio, Jud y 078 Bau le, Kel lie 116 Bau lc of the 13onds 028 Bauer, Se:1 n lhuern, Mike Baughn , Jenoveva Baunach, John Baut ista, C h risto pher

Bouti<to , Cuou lttcmoc BatlliMa, Nancy B:Huist;t , Nicole Bn 1r. Adom I 16 Bozar. Jored 078 Beoch. Koren 078

Beolcr, Koren 05 7, 11 6. 11 8, 11 9 Beosley. Derek Bea uch;tmp. Kath erin e Beaven, C hristo ph er 078 Bcbek. Jo hn Beck, Brirrney Beck, Mor y Becker, Justin Bec ker, Liso 236 Bec kford , Zelda 078. I 16. 236 Bedont , Emily 078 Bedrosian, An i Beebe, L:~n:~ Beech. Robert 078, 168 Beegle, Michael Beheshti , Joso n 078 Bei nh orn, Amy llelois, Dovid Belford , Tho ma_., Belga rd e, Martinique J IG 13cll , Cecilio 116 Bell , Geofrrey 063. I 16. 122 , 123 Bdl . Keyno 063 Bell , ivlcl issa llcll . T ho rn os C. Bello , Meli»o 11 6 Bcllarm ine College of Libcrol Arrs 74 Bel les 057, 11 8, 15 1 Bell issimo, Eli 1.aberh Bellott i, Meredirh 116. 2 11 Bclrnol, Erik Belman , Kristopher 078 llcloin , j essica Bcltron, Ann 185 Belyeo, Lisa 226 Bembi , M :~ rcel o Bencomo·Jasso, Dejou Bend ijo, Victor I 16 Benford -Scou, Jcanise Bengord, Tyler 066 Ben inge r, Gregory 078 Ben ion, Scou 078. 204 Beni tez, C ri.., tiru Benit ez. Juon 078, 220 Benit ez, Marvin Benjamin , Troy Ben dey, Sterlin g 078 Benzake n, Royi 13enzian. Jenni fer Benzige r, Kell y 078 Berberi an. M ich:1el Bcrcn , Kylie 185 Berens. Ka tie Berga mo, Frederi ck Berg;tntz, Jamie Berge r, Nicole Bergeron, Denis Berglund , Bea u 192. 194 Berkenka mp, C hri . . to ph er Benno n. Scou 058. 078 Bermudez, Alessa ndro 078 Bermud ez, Jennifer 078 Bernal. Evelyn Bernal , Meli ~sa Bernard , Ga ile Bernard , Lauren Bernardi. Allison 078 Bernasco ni , Rosa mari;t 191 Bemhage n, Emil y Bertolo tti. C hri s t i ;~n Bet;t Gam ma Sigma 1S I Beth , Lisa 226 Bctru , Ycncnch 052 Bett enco urt , Curris Bett s, Bridge t Beven. Charles Beve n.'.. Kath leen 236 Beyer, Liso 236 Bezzeridcs, Maria nthe II G Bhaiya t, Yusuf Bhokro , Hot el 066, 078 Bhol:u , h'"y:uulloh 13holat , Tasnee m Bianchi , Dominic Bi:t nchi . Hc:1th er 078 Bia nco, Julia Bibb. D:111icl 078 llifror, Tyro lli ~am, C hristopher Biggs, John 222 Binder, Brandon Bi nder, Irina Binio n, Kimberl y 02 1, 11 6 Birang, Aria

Bird's Nest 136 llirkenstock, Kora 078 Birkhead, Michael Birnbaum . Douglas llirnel , Michelle 078 Bisca rdi, Co ral Bisho p, Ge rold I 16 Bisho p. L1urcn 078 Bira nga, Daphncy 078 Bi to ng. Vincem 078 Bitschkus, Carsten Bbck, Bri:mn Black, Kimberl y Block. Rh o ndo Block, Tori 079 Blocker, Riclwd 078 Blackhurst. Ann Bbckm an. Kai a Blockm o rc, Mo11h ew 078. 24 6 Block Stud ent Union 057 Blode, Michelle 2.36 Blaine. Mickey Blake. Joy Blokey, Mildred Blo lock, Kel ley 069 lllancaOor, llrion 078 Blonchord, Mikel Bland , Cynthia Blandon , \Villiam Blasha w, Th oma.'. 220 Blan er, C hri ~ wp h e r 078 lllorrcr, K01h erin e 066. I 16 Blozek, Mego n Block, G ino Block, Holl y Blodgeu, Seq uoio 078 Bloo m, Karin Bloo mberg. La ur:~ Bloornflcld. Julie Blue House 039 Blum berg. Catherin e 078 Boardn,n, Julie 226 Boarini, Brian Bocc.-trdo, Rebecca Bocci, Nicole I 16 Bochin , C hristo pher 078 llocker,Voslui 078 Hoctor, Daniel Boerge r, Mary B oe r ~ma, Su.s:1nn e llo hc, Moria Co rl o ro 066. 078 lloh Icy, M icho el 078 Bolm , Kri stina Boitano, Mauhew Bobnd , Lauren Bolo nos, lbfael Bolden, Devyn 078 lloldiga , JonO! han 220 Bolli nge r, j:l.'.On llolmd , Michel le Bornm:~rit o, Melissa 2 17 Bon:1ng, Al lison Bo nd . Cynthio Bondoc, Cherilo 079 Bo ni , Melinda Bonilla , Benj amin Bo nillo, Go nzolo 180 Boni lb , Vilma Bookcy, Mi chael 079 Boone, Kri stin Booth , Ge ne 079 llorchen, Leslie 079 Borodi;t n, Jennifer 244 Borow. Brelt e Borup. Phil ip Bo tello, Dovid Bothomley. Kelly Bou cher. Sco n I 16 Bol7-l:orbe!'l, P:~tri c k Boucher. D:miellc 06 1. 11 6 Bou langer, Ev:1n 079 Bovc, Dr. bne 073 Bowc, Travis 222 Bowen, j o nat han 079 Bowker. Jo h n 079 Boyd, llryn 079 Boyer, Blake 066, 208, 209 lloylon , 1-l illory 079 Braarvedt, Caroline Brodfo rd , L1 noc 079 Brody. Vone«o I 16. 226 Brandon, j:1mcs 079 Brandt . Peter Brondt , Ry:m

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I Arulum1 1\Hnlll' lll.lll l . Amhnrw Brfllllflll.lll J. Amh,ml Tlrflllll'lll.lll 4. 1\rnhom Brenneman "i . D.m Pt·U'Nlll

Pages 032-033 I

I 1


'I 1 D.1n l'<tfi\Oil 1. Amhony flrcuncnun .\. Amlwn1 1\u·nnfm.m 4 t\mlwm 1\rcnncnun ';_ t\mhnny Brcnr1cmJn

Pages 05 4-055 1

I 1


1. Anthony 1\rclllll'lll:Hl 2. Andrl\l J~hlon,ki _l. Amhonv Orcrmcm.111 4 Amhnny Brenneman "i. t\rnhony Brl' lllwman

Pages 070-0 7 1 I






I Amhmw 1\n,· rlnCill.lll 2. Arnhnrn- lhcnncm.ln _\ _Am hom Brcnntm,m 4. t\nth<>ll) 1\rrnncm~n "i. Amhony Brtnnrnun




Br~nson, M i clt::~cl

Burke. Rya n

Ca pps. Jennifer

Br:-.sil, C hris1i nc

Burke, Shann o n

Cap ri o, Jennib 080

Br:HJcr, K~ rc n 079

Burk i. Nichol"s 063 Burnett , Ashley 069. 079

Ca pul ong. Edward Ca radonna , Ippo lit o

Burnley, Mo n iqu e Burns. Sarah 0 7 9 Burns Fine Ans Ce nt er 0 17

Ca rbone, Jenni fer 080 Ca rdella , Brya n 080

Burrel l, Geoffrey 079

Ca rden, Elspeth 067, 080 Ca rdi nali, T.1Shi 080

Braun , Nicho b s

Pages 166-167

Bravo. Euge ne 079 Bravo, Xoch iltl Br:u.clton , icbo b.s Brede, Cory I 16 Breeden. Lindsey 2 19 13recnc, Angela II G Breg, nl e, Ri chdle 230 Brci lcr, Kcs1rcl


Brc mus, Jess ie

Brenn eman, Anrho ny II G Brewe r, Mcghan llrewer, Mich,cl 180, 18 1 Brewe r, Tracy






1. Anthon y 1\rc nn cm.m 2 . Anthon y l\rcnncm,1n J . Anthon y 1\rcnncm;m 'i . Authon y Hrcnncnl.lll ')_ Aml11my 1\n.:utwm.m

Brewster, Danicllc Brewster. Sea n


Byrn es, Shawna .Jit!CC-,

Brit to n, j:1ymic

L l 996

Broussard , K:u cri 236 Bro ussa rd, L.1 u rcn 0 79 Brown, Bruce 220 Brown , C :~ ss ia




Brown, Brown, Brown , Brown, Brown,

C harles 186, 187 C hris 174. 175 Eli1.. -1 bcth Em il y 057 Erin 11 7. 230

Brown. Geo rge

Brown, Jamcs ia Brown. Jani sa 059

1. Amhnn y 1\rl·nnc m.m l. ~ tu.Hl Ahm.m J. An<lrc.• J:~hlon ~ki 1. N ath.111 j im ). N.uh.mJim

Brown. Jenn y 079 Brown . Jess ica Brown. L1urcn Brown , Mackenzie 222

Pages 252-253



1. Amhony 1\rcnu cmau 2. Anthony 1\rcnnnn :m J. Amhony lln·11nt< m.m 'i. Anthon}' Brtnrwm,Hl ). t\ndwn y l3tt'll!ll'lll.lll


Brubachcr. Jai mcc 173 llruketra. T heresa 057. 079, 209, 234 Brummell , Jannacc 079 Brunamonti , L1urc n 0 79

Brundi ge. \X'illiam Brun i, D;~v id I 17 Bruno, Melissa 22 1, 236 Bruyninckx, C heryl 079, 236 Bru zzonc, 0;-~nicl

Brya n, Mcgh:m Brya nt , T:1q ucnah 079 Buba, Steph an Bubalo, Nata lie Buc.1 Di lleppo 044 Buckley, Robert Buczek, Jaroslaw 246 Bucn:. ve ntur:.. Vero n iGt Buffing to n . Amber 11 7

Buldski , Eli1,1beth 079 Bukata , Ri chard Bulch is, L1ur:.

Bu nker, Kelsey 079 korn, Andre

Bu rbidge, C hristopher Bu rge, Austin 0 79

Ca rey, Kev in

c, rl e, J"rrct 204 Carl ey. C hrist in e 063, 080 Ca rlin , C laire C ar lin , Kathryn

Ca rlos. Andres 11 7, 204 Ca rlos, George I 17

C,rlos, Lindsay 080 Carlson, )ody 172. 173 Ca rlso n, John 080 Ca rlt on, Julie 061 , 080 Carolan, Kristin 069 , 080 Ca rpent er, N icl10las Carr, Co urtn ey Ca rran za, D eni se Ca rran za, Ki m be rl y Ca rraway. Oi:1nc C arri ca n c, G race 0 80

Ca rrin g1o n, Vicwr Ca rro ll , Andrew

Cc Ca balce, Matth ew

Cable, Renee Cabrera, Jav ier

C,dy, Eri c Cage, the 022, 024, 025, 044 Cahalan , Patrick 063 Caillier, Nicole Ca in. Aubrey 226 Ca in. Ell iou Ca in , Melissa Ca irns, Brian I 17 Calabrese. Jennifer

Calder, T homas W. 75 Caldero, Gi na

Caliri , Man hcw 11 7 Ca lkins, M anh cw Call an , Kin1 bed y Ca ll ender, Luis Ca lovc, \XIarren

Calubaya n, Lloyd Calv,rio, Elizabeth 11 7 Calvar io , Leo nardo I 17 Ca lva rio. Moni ca

Cam-Robb. Mi los 069 Ca mach o , Nata li a Ca mara , Nich o las

Ca marara , Ca ro lyn 223, 226 Cameron, Michael 192, 193 Ca mpagn i. Ni cole

Ca m1n na, Ri ch, rd 0 19, 079 Ca mpbell , Lynn Campbell , Ma rjorie Ca mpbell. Micl"el 11 7. 228 Campbell , Peter Ca mpbell , Raquel Camperd l. Mark Ca mpos. C hri sti :w 198 Ca nccll ieri . Marissa Ca ncino. V ictor C and y, Jen n ifer

Ca rroll , C hristoph er 080 Ca rroll, Mark 080, 198 Corroll , Patrick 2 19 Ca rroll , Sarah C arson , \XI\\I ia iTl Ca rta )'"· Pablo Ca n er, Bri :1 n C:1 n cr, Lar:1 11 7

Cart er, Scott 080 Casa bon a, Josep h

Casas- Berdeja. Ca rl os 080 Casella, Emma Casen..a, Marc

Casey, James 080 Casey. Joseph 080 C:1.\ hin , Al ice Cas h in , Brian Cash ma n, Marg uerite C:1sias, Nich o las

Casil , J"nice 080 Casilbs, Sara 11 7 Cas ill as. Sa rah C as illas. Veron ica Ca~i \b ~. Yvonn e

Cassetto, Jered 080 Cass is, Jess ica Cas1an, Ka1 yc Cas1aned a. C larissa Caslan cd a, G wen 0 80 Cas taneda , M arin :1 Cas ta no, Fel ix Castellano, Dannelle Cas1clbno, Ka Lrin a

Castclbnos, r'vb ri o 11 7, 244 C,sti llo, Brad ley Cast il lo, Erin 067, 11 7 Castillo, Mat·ccl ino 066, 11 7 C ,sti llo, Rocio 11 7 C as1illo -So usa, C hrisrin e 11 7

Castro, Albert 057. 080 Castro, Ingrid 080 Castro, Jocelyn 064 Castro, John Cata iGo. T heresa I 17 Ca ti ndi g, Irene Ca ton. Amy

Co uiGcld . C, thcrln e 080

Ca nepa , Erika I 17 c ,niglia , Nicholas 066 Ca nlas, Patrick 080

Ca uz1..a, Lindsay 0 80 Cava li eri, G iru 11 7 Cavanagh , LJllren

C:tnn:lta , Jess ica 080 C;~. nnin g. 1\ nri ck C anno n, Thom:1s

Cazale, Co urtney 080, 226 Cefa li ,, Jennifer 185 Celio, C hristopher 080 Celio, Mark 080

Burgess, Jam es

Ca nonl go, Beverl y I I 7 Canova, John 080, 242

Burke, Jenn ib 063. 079 Burke, Mega n 059

Ca ntlin , Katl1:1rin e Ca ntu , Marinit a

Cercccdes, C hristy 202, 203

Burke, Patrick

Cantu, C rys wl I 17 Capel l, Geoffrey

Cc rini , N icho las Cc rm inaro , Mi ch ael

Burger, Emi ly

256 Index

Ca rd o ni. Louren

Ca rdosa, Kathl een 080 Ca rd ozo, Jacly n 080

Carri llo, Dovid Ca rri llo, Marisol 080 Ca rrillo, Nicole I 17

Cald erone, Ca rri e

Brow n. Sh crc!lc Mon iqu c Brow n , Stefani c Brown , T homas Brow ne, V:m css;~ 0 79 Brownstein . Eri n 07 9. 236

I . Amhon y 1\rcnncm .uJ

McCa rth y Hall

Ca ld well . James P Ca lhoun, Joshua 079 C al iri , Celesre

Brown. Raclrcl 079 Brown. Ryan

Pages 270-271

But z- Forbes, Patrick 0 79

Bynes, Jill ian 079

Brown. M o n iquc Brow n , Pe te r


Butl er, Todd

Brown, Michele 19 1 Brown , Nat han 223



Butcher, Jo nath an 0 79 Butler, Ann e- Ma ri e Buder, Dav id Butl er, Mart hew

Briceno, Lidi" 059, 11 6 Bri gl11 , Gi n" 226 Briney. Joseph Brinker, Ke ith Brinsky, Wya u Britton, Bryn 189, 190, 19 1

Bro ussard , Jo n- Pau l Broussard, Jo rg ic


Buss. Moll y Busse. s ,..a 06 1. 069 , 226

llrno, Bridget Brock, Aaron I 16, 246 Brobw, Roy Brooks. Jack Brooks , Maneka 079 Broome. Mclis'" 06 1. 079 Broom Geld . Jonathan 06 1 Brosnan , Erin 079

Pages 224-225


Bu n -To la nd . Nova Burto n. C h e' Vonn e 0 79 Bun o n, C hri sti e Burt o n , Ly n ish a 11 7 Burton , Morga n Bush. Kri sten

Ca rdellini , Lind a

Burke. Ro C hel le 067. 079. 234

Cc n1 eno , L:w ren 059 Ce ran -Jerusa lemy, H ui m arai1crai

Ccrsovski , C hristo pher 080, 246 Ccrv:mrcs, Mari sa 080 Cev,llos, Diego C h, dbour ne, N, than iel 080, 246 Chadorchi , Semira C hambcrb in , Ka ri n 080

Ch:unbcrl:md , Kri sten 1 17 Champ:1gnc, Katherine 080 C h, mpi on , Eli z, bet h 059, 080 C han, Kenyo n S. 075 C han, Michael 080 C han , W illie Ch:m , Ycc-ju in Chancier, Rashon C hand ler, Keith Chandra, Ycnny

Chang. Dia na C hang. Ju lia 06 1, 080 Chang. Kcric C hang, Robyn C h, ng, Stephen C h, ng, Tho mas 06 I Ch:t nman- Lcj cunc, O m:u 08 1 C hap, Kimberl ey 08 1 C hapatt e, Rya n I 68 C h, prno n. As hl ey 08 1, 234 Chapman. Lisa C lm , JefTrey Ch:ulcs. Kari C h, rrer Ball 03 1 C hase, Allison C hase, Ma ri a 08 1, 234 C h:uman, Carl o

Chatm:m, Claudi a Chaves, Benjami n 120 Chavez, Cathlccna C havez, M artin C havez, N icole C h:wcz, Vero ni ca

Chawla , Sa lman C hee r Squ , d 022, 223 Chccscc:1 kc fo:tcrory 046 C hem iCJI Sociery 058 C hen, Alben Chen, Oi:111a C hen , Lindsey 08 1 C hen , Mi chel le 08 1 C hen, Robert 08 1, 222 C hen, Suzi 120 C hen, Yen H su

C heng. Davy 08 1 C heng, Frances

C heng, Hayley 120 C heng. ~IC rcsa 08 1

C herry, M,r isa 120 C hess, Sracy

Cheung, Rex C hev, Mory 120 Cheva li er. N:uasha Chew, Kristina C hew, N icole 120 C heyd leur, Andrew 08 1 C hey ne, Sum er 120 C hi ld , Mel iss" 08 1 C h in, Colin C hin, Erik C hin Lee, W illiam 08 1 Ching. Kieran Chinn , Kerirna C hiri no, Starr

Chisholm . Daniel C h iu, C indy Chiu . Pamel a 08 1 C hmiel , K,rol 120 C ho, M ichele C ho ng, Shanl ynn 08 1 C ho pra, C handin i Choueit i, Cynthia Chow, Ya Christensen, L1ra OGG, 08 1 Christie, Brian Chu , Donna Chumley, Sara Chu n, Erni ly Chut uk, Stephanie Ciborowski, Sylvia C icclr ino. Joseph 08 1 C icio, Mark 036 Cicrras, Sucharee Cicsniewski , Renee Cilnis, Michael Cindrich, Christina Cirunay, Di ana Civitano. Mi chael

C lab01s, James Cla pp. Denn is Cla pp, Jose ph 222 C lapp, Marga ret 120 C lark , Ca roline 06 1, 08 1,234 C la rk , C h risto ph er 08 1 C lar k, Cy mh ia C lark , Devin 120 Cla rk , J"'ro n 120 C lark, JefTrey 069, 08 1 C lar k, Jenniler Clark, Ju lia C lark , Kev in 120 C lark, Kimberl y 209 Cla rk, Mi chael 08 1 Cla rk, Nathaniel C lar k, Sara C lar k, Srepha ni e 08 1 C la rke, Brian 120, 228 C larke, Ka we hi C larke, N ikia 120 C lasse n, Derek 08 1, 220 Cla ybrook, Ma urice C layto n, Natalie 120 Cb yton, Sara C lend enin , Matt hew 08 1, 228 C lifTord , Sheil a Cline, Andrew-Adam C logg, Robert C loughert y, Collee n Clougherty, Megan C lousing. Aaro n 08 1, 204 C lu b 14 133 C lub de Colo res 036, 037, 058, 154 C lub l' ai r 03 1 Coa kley, M ichael 180 Coash, C hris 120 Coates, Ebine Coats, Melissa 08 1 CofTee Ca n 01 4 Cohen, Fanya Cohen, Jenn ifer 08 1 Cohn , Daran Colby, Kel ly Colby, Kirk Coleman , Ga rren 065, 220 Coleman , Robyn 234 Coles, Aaro n 08 1 Coles, Stephen 08 1 Coley, Ailia 120 Coley, Fatima 08 1 Colit o, Sa muel Collazo, Cristina College of Business Admini~ tra ti o n 74 College of Communi cations :md Fi ne Arts 74 College of Science and Engineering 74 Collett e, Catherine Collin , G reth chen 069, 08 1 Coll ins, Austin Coll ins, Ed ward Coll ins, Jennifer Collins, Kr isten 234 Collins, Max 028 Colli ns, Mi chael 08 1 Colosi mo, Charl ie Colp. C lrri >t ina 120 Colton, Benjamin 120 Colvin , Mor y 185 Co mea u , Jam es 063, 08 1 Co m mo n, Alisha 120, 234 Compoginis. Andrew Compton, Christop her Compton, La uren Condos, Samamha Conferences and Scheduling 126 Co n ley, Susa n 08 1 Co n nel l, Jessica 066 Co nn er, Jessica 08 1. 2 1 I , 2 17 Co nn oll y. Erica 066, 069 Connoll y, Liam Co nrad , Lynsey 236 Conrad, Steph anie 08 1 Co nroy, Kevin 0 8 1 Co nsalvi, Eri n Constalll incscu, !I iana Co nrc, Kcv i n Contreras, Ca rissa Conrreras, Jacquel ine 120 Co ntrollers O ffi ce 027 Conway. Eli zabeth Co nway, Ma ry 226

Coo k, Dari s 08 1 Coo k, Eli1.a bcth 08 1 Coo k, ian 120, 228 Cook, Lindsey Coo ke, s ,.ah Coo kso n , Mo ll y 120 Cooley, C h risto pher 08 1 Coo mb~. Stephen Cooper. D~micl \XI. Cooper, Jenn ifer Coot..,, Christopher Cope, Jcrcn'l y Cope. M:nthew Cope, Newton Co ppola , Rosa 120 Co rb in , Blake 08 1 Corbi n, Noelle Corco ran, Joel 048, 08 1 Corcovelm. Chloe Cordero, M:uio Cordov:t, Vincent 198 Corcnrz, P:lll l 08 1 Co rl ess, JefT 246 Corley. Amanda Co rnel io, Jill 082 Corner, Jennings Corona, George Co rra l, Di:111:1 082 Corral, Patri cia 244 Corra les, Rebecca Corriea, Kristen 082 Cortez, Guadalupe 082 Corva n, Jacquelyn Corva n, J:tn1 es Corwin , Chloe Cosincb ..,, Alyssa Cosme. Crista! Costanzo, Christina 082 , 203 Costanzo, Na talie 082, 209 Cora, Jenni fer 082 Coro, M,.ilyn 082 Cott er, Ge rald Council, Thomas Courtney, Devon 120, 2 11 Counney, Meghan Couto, Di:ma 12 1 Co utrakon , Philip 222 Cova, Marth ew 198 Cove rt , Kindr:. 082 Cox, Rebecca 12 1 Cox, Sc, n 082, 174 Cox, ~rC rri Cozzo, Shanno n 06 I , 082 Craig. John Craig, Kc igo n C r,.n pto n. Deirdre 066, 12 1 Crane, Candice Cr:me, Jordan Cro ne, M, ry 12 1 Craves. Rya n Crawlord, Vale rie 12 1 Crayton, Shandi Crclencia, Reginald Cresa nrc, T homas 0 82 C rew/Rowing 204-09 C rew, Nicho las 082 C rim so n C ircle 058, 126, 146, 154 Crisostomo, Claud ine 082 Crissey. James Crocco, Nicholas C rocker, N:. tlr an 082 C roley, Kriste n 236 Crone, 'T'awna 12 1 Cronin , Kristi n C ross Co untry 174-79 C ros by, Wi lla 057, 058, 063, 082 Crow, L1ura 082 Croxton, Bri:m C ruiksh,nk , Sr, cie 082, 236 C ruz, ari a 082, 234 Cruz, Lui!' Cuel lar-Vill anueva, Cristin a C uenca, Michael 082 Cuev:t, En11na C uljak, Na ncy Cul len, And rew Cul lip-Brcnnan, Patrick Culqui . Nastass ia C ul ver, Horry 005 Cummings. Christy 066, 082 Cummi ngs, Ka therine Cummings, Louise Cum mings, Michael Cummi ngs, T'a rla 065


1. Ant\u,n y Brcnn( OJ ,Hl

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1. 1\mhony Bre nne-man

Cummin . . , James 082, 222 Cunanan, Anthony 082 Cunana n, Jamie C unh a, Yve tt e 12 I, B4 Cunningham, Kel ley C up C hoy. D, n iel C umn , Jarl ath 12 1, 222 Curran , Lisa Curr:t n, Robcn Cun is, Britncy 082 C urtis, M ichel le 230 Cusack, De bora h 082 C ushing, Koyse 12 1, 230 Cushman, Blai ne 12 1 Cushm an, D:tnicllc 082 Custer. Brian 082 Cuthbert , Jessica C urs lon h, Sara h 082 Cll7"'· 1-J ,ydcc Czernin , Phi lipp 186 .~tcl' 1

L J986

Do heny H all

Dd D 'A mbro . . i, Lin dsey D 'An d re:. , Mi chocl D'A ngelo, Vincent D'Ast ugucs, Daniel D'a rgenzio, Rosan ne da Santos, Camille D :. Sih•a, Alex ia 230 Da Ve iga, Ana Mari a 059, 066, 12 1 D abbce kclr , Al liso n 082 D :.bbee keh, Jessie" 082

D:.boub , Da ni cl le Daco, M id'"cl I 2 1 Dahl , MJCKenzie 082 Da hl , Osca r Do ins, C had Dakcssian, Bcdros Da hl , P:.ul O:t listan, John Dalir, Ryan Dalmacio. Angelo Dalpont e, O:t nicl le Damiclls, Emily Daneshrad, Monica 082 Dan iels, Kimberl y 082 Daniels, Staci 12 1 Dan ielson, Da na Da niso n , C hristo pher 027, 12 1 Dapo, Do n Dasa ro, Mary 082 Das il va, Alexia 082 Daut , Marlene 12 1 Oauz, Michael Dav id, Paul 222 D:.vidoo, Anita 082 Davidson. Eric:t 082 Davis, Cassandra 082 Davis, C h risrina 066, 082 Oavis, Christopher Dav is, Eli7. abeth D:tvis, Ga rrett Davis, llan:1 082 Davis, Jamie Davi>, Josep h I 2 1 Davis, Ka hlil 082 Davis, Lindsay Dav i>, N ikol 083 Davi>. Robe rt 186 Davis, Sa rah 083 Davis- Ka pp, Shane Davoud i, Edna Dawson, Michele 083 Day, Sarah 083 Daze, David 083 Daze, Timoth y 083



De Coursey, Ol ivia 02 1 De Eiel, Adri na De Frank, Devon

De Guzman, Roxan c 083

De L' Cruz, Israel De La Fuenre, Nicole De L' Torre, Jairo De La Torre, Jorge 083 de los Angeles, Aileen 083 de los Rios, Cathy 057, 062 De Leon , Julia 057, 12 1 De Leonardis, David 083 De Lcsk, Christina 12 1, 236 de Menezes, A ndre

De Natale, Stephanie de Puzo, Jennifer 059, 083 De Rubeis, Gregory De Sancris, Sarah 063, 064, 12 1 De Santiago, Erica 059 De Sr. Jeor, Ch risropher De Voe, Nicole del Rosario, Jocelyn DeBernardi, Dina 173 DeCrane, Kimberly DeFiguciredo, Counnie

DeFilippo, Jennifer 083, 226 DeGioia, Fra nk 222 DeG iro lamo, Jennifer 083 , 230 DeJohnene, Ap ril 083, 191 DePamphil is, Cara 124 DeSaintPhalle, G isel le DeShazer, John deVre', Derek Dean , David 083 Deanda, Patricia 121 Decker, Shannon Declaire, Joan 083 Defelice, Catherine Degirz, Maria 179 Deisen rorh, Amy Del Nigro, Erica Del Rey Players 059 Del Rio, Jose 242 Del Rio, Robert 083 Del Rosar io, Arvi n

Del Rosario, Jocelyn 083 Del Secco, Jonat han 083 Del Torro, Joseph Delateur, Amo n 083 Delgadillo, Nydia Delgado, Karo l 244 Delgado, Teresa 12 1 Delizia, Melissa 083 Delja, hris 066, 126, 127, 222 Delja, Nicholas Delos A ngel es, Wa rre n 12 1 Delosa ngelcs, Victo r 12 1

Delta Gam ma 230, 231 Delra Sigma Pi 059 , I 62 Delta Sigma Thera 232, 233 Delta Zeta 151, I 62, 234, 235 Del una, Krystina Demeulenacrc, Amy Demi rcift, Denys

Dcmirz, Katherine Ocmi1z., Mcagan 12 1

Denatale, Stephanie 083 Deneen , Michael Denes, Steven

Denis, Ka risa 083 Deniso n, Lindsey Denman, Brya n Denneh y, Casey

Dennis, Kent 186, 187 Dennis, Rashann a

Dennis, Rckcsha Dent, Amy 203 Dcnron, Brian 083 Der, Christin e 083 Deres, Helina 083 Derkash , Kevin 06 I. 083 Derouen , L1roya 083 Deshazer, John 083 Desmond Hall 007, 14 1, I 62 Deutsche, Robert 220, 228 Deutscher, Daniella Devany, Marjorie 083 Devre, Derek 083, 220 Devereaux, L1nina Devereaux, Timo rh y Devosr, Bron so n Dexte r, Lin dsey

Di Mambro, Michael DiGiuseppe, Michael


Dilorio, Chris 069 DiSanri, Dom inic Dia, Paul Anthony 083 Diamond , Bayley 2 17 Diaz, Blanca Diaz, Carina 062, 124, 244 Diaz, Chrisropher D iaz, Juan Diaz, Zhemyr 124 Diaz Decaro, Joh n 064, 083 Dicce, Anne-Marie 065, 124 Dickens, Jason 186 Di ckens, To ri ya na 083, 244 Dickson, Caskey Dickson, Kelly 065, 083 Dickson, Margaret Dickter, Elizabeth 083 Diehl, Alyssa 083 Diep, Emily 124 Dietel, Annetre 083 Dierrich , Elisabeth Digby, Heather 083 Digianfilippo, Bryon 124 Dikdan, Jane 124 Dilfer, Andrew 065, 083, 246 Dillon , Carla 084 Dilorio, Chris 083 Dimaano, Carol Dimaggio, Berh 124, 226 D imas, Jamie Dimson, Jacene 173 Din, Med iha Dina, Gregory Dinglasan, Risha Dinham, Geo rgina 197 Dino, Matthew Dionne, Lindsay 124 Dipalermo, Laura Dipasq uale, Denise Distribution Center 027 Dixon, Robert 084 Djugba, Dzigbodi Dluzak, Joseph Do, Cathy Do, Phuong Dobens, Jill 185 Dobler, Michael 084 Dobrott, Da niel 084 Dockwei ler Srare Beach 046 Dodds, Carrie 084, 22 1 Doerning, James Doersch, Ann -Marie Doheny, Loren Doheny Hall 019 Doherty, Darren 124, 222 Doheny, Jacq uel yn 084 , 234 Doherty, Linzy Doherty, Michael Dolan, An n Dolan, Kevin 222 Domenici, Jessica 069, 084, 226 Dom inescy, Katie Dominguez, Jon marie 209 Dominguez, Kri stina 209 Dom inguez, Roberr 084 D01mclli , Paul 084 Doner, N iko laus Don lin , Siobhan 084 Don nermcycr, N icholas Donohoo, Kevin 084 Donovan, Shannon 084, 234 Dooley, Carey Dooley, Michael 084 Dooley, Tara 084 Dora n, asey 124 Dorlcr, An n Dorso, Eli1.abe rh Dougherry, James Douglas, Angela 084 , 22 1 Douglas, Bradley 084 Douglas, Chevelle Dowling, Timothy Downs, Marcia 124 Dowson , L1ura 124, 22 1 Doyle, And rea Doyle, Jessica 22 I Doyle, John 222 Doyle, Jonathan Doyle, Kristina Doyle, Megan 084 Drake, Ka th erine 084 , 204 Drei ling, Richard Drew, Anne Driscoll , Adam 084

Driscoll , Heather Drumeller, icole Drumm, Kevi n Drumrra, Tracie 057, 084 Dsongco, Jenn ilee 084 Duarte, Carla 124 Duarte, Gil 062, 124, 242 Duff, Jeanna 124 Dufficy, Ka therine 066, 226 Duffis, Aust in 084 Duggan, Mariesa 236 Duggan, Patrick 063. 069 Duggins, Erika 124 Duhe, Rya n Duncan, Katrina 084, 209 Duncan , Tara 084 Dunn , Brian Dunn, Michael Dunn , Nicole 124 Duong, Becky 084 Duong, Hung 124 Durald, Autum n Duran, Damian Duran, Daniel Duram, Carlo Durham , Ryan Durha m-Hammer, Nathan 198 Durio, Damon 124 Durkee, Lceah 06 I, 084 Dutra, Monica 124 Dunon, N ilo Dworsky, Susan Dyerly, Kel lie 063, 066 Dyl, Regan Dzida, Christine Dzida, Sarah 063, 084

Jit!W -,

L l 962

Seaver Hall of Science

Ee E Co mmerce C lub 060 Eade, Sarah Earlywi ne, Cou rmey Easter, Shawn 084 Easrer, Ta nya 124 Easterling, Lanaadria 084 Eastman, Courtney Easrvold, Daniel 084 Eaton, Joh n Paul Ebelbrock, Kelli 084 Eberhardt, Amy 066 Eberhardt, Chrisropher 066 , 124 Ebert, Kathryn 124, 230 Eb ihara, Hirosh i Echeverria, Ca rina 124 . 244 Echeverria , Wilfredo 063, 064 Eckert, Scott Edelbrock, Kelli Edelbrock, Nicole 125, 203 Edwards, Jaclyn 084 Edwards, Narasha Edwards, Sara Edwa rds, Sarah 084 Egle, Kevin Egnatuk, Erica Ehnnan , Na rhanid Eichenberg. William Eisenman, And raya 063, 084 El Espejo 060 El-Abd, Shaun ui, Lisa 125 Elfmont, Elana Elledge-LcVora, Gabrielle Ellefson, Kyle 125 Ellion , Marga ux Ellis, Kelly 084 Ellis, Kr isrine 084 , 234 Ellsworth , Jami 125 Elo, Zolran 125 Elzie, Ta'Sha nique 085 Emami , Farrah Em mert, Meghan 125, 230 Emperador, Peter Encarnacion, Jennifer 062, 125

Endo, Gregory 085 Ene, Claudiu Eneriz, Sylvia 059, 085 Eng, Kare English, Ch ristina 085 Enriquez, Jesus 085 Enriquez, Revi Ruth 059, 125 Entertainment Guide 040-047 Erbland, Karlin 085 Erde, Jonat han 085 Erickson, Elizabeth 084, 22 1 Erickson, Kirk Ericta, Alex is 125 Eri kso n, Nicholas 085 , 174, 175 Ernsr, Brian 085 Erush, Michael 180 Erwin, Kylie 085 Escamilla, Bernaderre 086 Escanud as, Eric 086 Escario, Allison 067 Escarzaga, Eric Escobar, Karen 086 Escobar, Sandy Escobedo, Lisa 125 Eshak-Mansour, Ramy Eskandar, Aja Esperanza, Angel ita Espinoza, And rea Espi noza, Raul 086 Esquibel, Gary Esqui vel, Estrel la Esracio, Joanna Beth Esteve, Serge Estrada, Jessica 057, 125, 244 Esrrada, Jessie 086 Esrrada, Li lliana 057, 065, 086 Estrada, Mario Estrada, Tizoc Erchero, Dan iel Etdia, Basil Eusebio, Rosanna 226 Evans, Angela Evans, Ginger Evans, Jean 125 Evans, Porcha 125 Eve 6 028, 029 Eves, Christopher Evington, Joseph Evrard, Anrhony 192, 193 Ewing, Christopher 086, 222 Eyrich, Devon Eysrer, Katie 230 Ezcmoli , Gi na .)itlCii-,

L l 962

Foley Center

Ff Fabeck, Clayton l:acundo, Angel Fagan, Joshua 246 Fahey, Erin 185 125 Fahey, Kimberly 086 Falcone, Amy Fallas, Michael Fallon, David f-allon , Kay 086, 236 Fanara, Gina 086 Farah , Christine Farah, Monique 236 Farinacc i, Zachary Farley, Thomas 125 Farol , Troy 125, 222 Farr, Jennifer 086, 234 Farrel l, Michael 2 14, 2 15 Fash, James 063, 086 FarToby 049 Faustman, Dean 125 Favro, Gina 086 Fearing, L'ltra 125 Feathers, Diana 086 Feathers, John 125 Fea[hcrstone, Ivy Fedorsha, Kar in Fedrick. Adrienne

Feeney, Sarah 125 Fehn, Augusta Feldman, Marissa 086 Feleo, Kayreen 086 Felix, Brian 086 Felix-Marquez, Luz 057, 086 Feliz, L,urcn 086 Fel kel, C hristopher 086 l'el lner, Priscilla Felt, Matthew 204, 086 l'elten, Michelle 066, 086, 226 Fcmatt, Jennifer Fender, Mathis Fergins, Charles Ferialdi, Crisrina 086 Fernandes, Briana 086 Fernandez, Hugo 125 Fernandez, Judirh 062, 086 Fernandez, Julio Fernandez, Kuahiwi Fernandez, Ramon Fernandez, Yanel l Fernando, Derrick Fernando , Leo Pao lo Fernstrom, Matthew 086 Ferrara, Giancarla Ferraro, Christina 125 Ferraro, Lauren Ferri , Virginia Ferrini , Leo Festa, Michelle 086 Fetaz, Maximil ian Feuerbacher, Elise Fiamingo, Michael 065 Fickewirth, Franscesca Fielder, Ashley Fields, Nicole 125, 223 Fife, James 2 14 Figueroa, Christina 125 Figueroa, Jamie 086 Fi leva, Penka 086, 196, 197 Fi lipek, Denise 057 Filippe, Karen Filson, Jennifer Fi nefrock, C hristo pher 028, 048 Finigan, Desiree 125, 234 Fiorenrini , Chris Fiori, Ali son Fiorita, Angela Fireside, the 040 Fi rsr Year Retreat 136, I 62 Fiser, Joshua Fisk, Roger 128 Fitchew, Colin Firzgerald , Bertrand 06 I Fitzpatrick, Molly Fitzs immons, Shaun Flach , O li via Flaherty, Daniel Fleck, Peter l' lemi ng, T imoth y !:letcher, Andrew Fletcher, Chris[opher Fletcher, Kimberly 086 Flick, John l~ li c kwir, Sara 1:1orenrini , Chris 086 Flores, Bernice 1:1ores, Daniel Flores, David Flores, Jessica 086 Flores, Joseph Flores, Krysryna 086 Flores, Lucretia 128, 226 Flores, Mario i=lores, Miguel Flores, Nicholas Flores, O lga 086 Flores, Rae1nen Flores, Vanessa 086 Florez, Erica 185 Fl ynn , Braedon Foglesong, Christopher Folrz, Em ily 086, 203 Folrz, Melissa 086 Fong. And rea Fong, Tiffany 086 , 230 Footdale, Joseph 128 Foote, Patrick 222 Forbes, Tamikka 086 f-o rd, Nadiya h Ford, Rya n i=oreman, Stephanie Forer, Jessica 086

Forgeron , Ca ry Forman, Eric Forosan, Clemente: 086 Forosan, Ulysses 066, 128 Forshcr, Crysta l Forte, Marjani 086 Fortner, Bryce Foster, Beau Foster, Lindsay Foster, Robin Fosrer, Toni 069, 087 Foukimoana, Scb 128 Foutz, fan Fox, Adam Fox, John Fox, Jonathan 087 Fox, Sarah 066 , 067, 128 Fox, Wesley Foxworthy, Colleen 059, 087 Frachou, Anna 087 Fraker, Trevor Francis, Lauren Francis, Robert Francisco, Melanic 128 Francisco, Nicholas Franco, Amber 244 Franco, Francisco Franco, Jose Franco, Paula Frank, Kathryn Frank, Srcphan ie Franklin, Ebony Frasco, Vincent Frasquillo, Melinda 128 Frano, Lisa Frawley, Krisren 087 Frawley, Shawn 061 , 087 Frazee, Joseph 087, 198 Frazee, Natasha Fraz ier, Malia Freadhoff, Nichole 234 Frechette, Rya n Fredlune, Chrisrina 128 Fredman, Ali 069. 087 Fredrick, Adrienne 087 Free:, Erin Freed, Courtney 128 Freeman, Kristen 087 Fregoso, Erin 087 Frentz, Suzanne 75 Freudenbergcr, Megan Fried, Sarah 087 1°riedlander, Adam Friedlander, Charlene l' rietze, Sa ra 087, Kimberly 128 Froseth , Heather 128, 226 l'rugoni , Erika 05 7, 063 , 087 Frye, Carlie 087 Fryer, Stephanie 066, 128, 226 i=uemes, Alm a i=ucntes, Cynthia 087 Fucrte, Amanda 0 13 l:ujikawa, Mauhew Fujinami , Stefanic 087 Fujiyama, Shan no n 128 Fukuchi , Tina 087 Fukuhara . l Cri Fuller, Cameron 128 Fullerton, Blair Fu llerton, Peyton Furano, Kel ly Furano, Melissa 069 i=urlong, Daniel

.>iw:e-, L l 982

Gg Gaad, Vladimir Gabler, Travis Gabriel, Jason Gabrio, Greg..;on Gadd ie. Maya

Gersten Pavil ion

Gaeta , Mary Ga!Tney, Deirdre 087 Ga!Tney-Brown, Rebecca 128 Gaffoglio, Tanya 128 Gage, Kristen Gaita n, C lara 128 Gaitan, Julian 180 Gaitley, Richard 128 Ga lasso, Gi na Ga les, Starla 128 Galileo, G ina 128 Ga llagher, Benjamin Gallar, Kimberl y 087 Gallardo, Michelle Gallegos, Alan Gallegos, Dam ien 062 Gallegos, Jessica Galligani , Daniel 087 Gallup, Krisren 172, 173 Galva n, Elizabeth 087 Galva n, Nicole 128 Galvez, Michael Galyuz, Vlad 128 Gamble, Matthew Ga mboa, Geo rge 087, 246 Ga mmon, Carrie 087 Canal, Patrick Gandara, Alice Ganter, Barry Ganter, Ca itlin 061 , 129 Garcia, Adriana Garcia, April Garcia, Cesar Garc ia, Corina 087 Garcia, Daniel Ga rcia, Elisha-Marie 087 Garcia, Fayad 087 Garcia, George Garcia, Liliana 062, 087 Garcia, Linda 129 Garcia, Lorena Garcia, Luis Garcia, Marisa 217 Garcia, Marisol 061,087,230 Garcia, JV1at ias 129 Garc ia, Nathan Ga rcia, Norma 129 Garcia, Omar Garcia, Patricia Garcia, Richard Garcia, Rosario 087, 244 Ga rcia, Vanessa Garcia Quiroa, Evelyn Ga rcia-Cary, Rac hel 062, 128 Ga rdina, Daniel Ga rdner, Dawn Ga rdner, Marctl.\ Gargancr, Ernest 065 Ga ribay, Ma. del Rerugio 129 Garla nd , Michael Garland , Patrick 06 1 Garona , Marissa 129 Garrard, Corey 220 Garren, Amanda Garrett, Candice Ga rrett, Gerri Ga rrell, Sarah 087 Garrison, Sabrina 087 Garrison, Tamara 087 Garton, Ryan Garvin, Nicole Garza, Ana Alicia 087 Ga rza, JoA nne 087 Gasca, Blake Gaskin , Milcah 087 Gas10n , Cassi m 087 Gaston, Gregory 087 Gateley, Jennirer Gauci, Tracy Ga udio, Gracicl le Gavin, Brian Gavina, Michael Gavina, Pedro Gay, Sherman 186 Gebert, Sandro 129 Geddes, Darcy Gcd minas, Bruce CelTs, Mary Ge hrlein , Michael Gcl incou, David 087 Gclle, Kri sten Gemma, Jonathan 129, 2 19 Gcnchi , Tessa George, David

George, Tania Geo rgie, Sally Geraldez, Marc 067, 129 Gerardo, John 087 Gerber, Allison 191 Gerem ia, Jeffrey 246 Germai ne, Sandra German, Jesse Ger mono, Ai leen 087, 221, 226 Ge rnhardt, Alexis 087 Gers ten Pavilion 007, 022 , 025, 028 Gerstner, Rya n 192 Getreu, Melissa G haral'i, Bibi 234 Ghar ibian, Dino Giangregorio, Ryan Giannini, Dante Gianoussopoulos, Denise 129 G iardullo, Michael 088 Gibson, Carie 226 Gifer, Tyra 129 Gi l, Matt Gilbert, Danielle Gilbert, Lauren Gilbertson, Kath leen Gilderman, Evan Gill, Adam Gill, Benjami n 088 Gi ll andcrs, Lorra ine 069, 088 Gi llen, Brianne 129 Gi llespie, Claire 173 Gillespie, Jacqueline 088 Gilmartin , Christ ina 088 Gilmore, Athena 088 Gilmour, John Gilmour, Scott Gilmour, Timothy Ginn, Michaela 063, 088 Gimer, Brian Giorgi, Laura 088 Giovannonc, Dion 088 Girardot, Matthew 129 Giron, Edward Givan, Asrar G ive ns, Barbara 066, 088 Gizc:r, Soncr Glaser, Matthew 088 Glendenning, Va nessa 208, 209 Glenn, Peter 129 Glenn, Timothy 088 Glorious, Blair 129 Glover, Jennirer 088, 236 Go, Ryan 2 19 Godachy, Kristopher Godcn , Cou rtney God rrey, Elise God inez, Evelyn Godinez, Jennirer 088 Godoy, Michael I 29 Godwi n, Byanca Goe nawang, lmeldo 088 Goethals, Ma11hew 204 Goethals, Sarah Goldberg, Josephine 088 Golder, Wi lliam Go ldin, Vladi mi r Goldstei n, Tracy Go ldstone, Chester Goldstone, Sco11 Golr 214-15 Goltra , Nicole 129 Gomes, Trisha 203 Gomez, Alfredo Go mez, Anthony 129 Gomez, Evelyn Gomez, Jaime 129 Gomez, Jonatha n 088 Gomez, Martha 088 Gomez, Mayra 129. 244 Go mez, Nadia 230 Go mez, Roselia 129 Goml icker, Bryan Gonsalves, Michael Go nz.1lcs, Aimee 129 Go nzales, Ca rlo Gom,,les, Dal'id 228 Go n7,, les, Enrique 064, 129 Gonzales, Raymond 088. 222 Gon7.alcs. Veronica 129 Gondez, Ai leen 057. 088 Gonzalez, Aldo Gonzalez, Alic ia Gon1...1le7. Christine Gonzalez, Claud ia 129

Go nz:1 \cz, Esperanza 130 Gonz.1lcz, Gisscl l Gonzalez, Jessica 236 Gonzalez, Marina 088 Gonzalez, Manha 088, 244 Gonzalez, Mayra 130, 244 Gonzalez, Monica 130, 244 Gonzalez, Mon ica Gonzalez, Rochelle 088 Go nzalez, Sergio 130 Gonzalez, Vclia Go nzab. Yadira 088 Good kind , Just in 238 Good night, Katherine 088 Goodreau, Stefan Goodrich, Amanda 088, 223 Goodrich, Brian Goodri nd, Justin 088 Goodwin , Jesse 049 Goold, Elizabeth 088 Gopez, Paul 060, 088 Gordillo, Joel Gordon, Christine Gordon, Elizabeth 209 Gordon, Hannah Gorelik, Yelena 058 Go rman , Marcus Gorospe, Marianne 088 Gorsuch, Jaso n Gossoo, Alicia 130, 236 Gottel l, Samantha 088 Gou ld, Galen 048 Goyer, Charles 220 Gozum, Marissa 088 Grace, Daniel 130 Grady, John Grady, Michael 088 Grady, Michael Grady, Rya n 063 Graeubig, Leopold 192, 193 Gragnan i, Gianna Graham, Barry Graham, Daniel Graham , Danicl le Graham, Matthew 130 Gra ham, Patrick 130 Gra na, John 130 Granados, Erin 130 Granda, Jessica Grandi-Hill, Lau ra 088 Granich, Jenny 063 G rant, Jeanwe 059, 069, 088 Gra m, Jo nathan Grassi, Jessica 088, 202, 203 Graveline, Tim Gray, Eva n Gray, Michelle G rayso n, Steven 088 G reek Cou nci l 248 Greek Week 250, 251 Green, Erica 069, 088 Green, Jo nathan Green, Temre 130, 221 Greenberg, Joshua 088 Greenberger. arey 226 Greenbi rd, Spooner Greenbla11 , Jed Greene, He:tthcr Gregerson, Scott Gregorio, Jennifer Gregory, Mi Jin 063 Greguska, Katherine Greszczuk, Christine 063 Gribbons, Melissa 130, 226 Griego, Damicn Griffin . Cry>tal Griffin. Jennifer 066. 130, 208, 209 Griffith, Ryan Grijall'a, Mildred 130 Grilli , Justin Grimes, Peter 088 Grim mett, Kelly 088 Griswo ld, Jamie GrofT. Bryan 088 Gross, Alison 065, 066. 130 Gross, Anna l i~a 089 Gross. Bri an Grubbs. Jennifer G ryphon Circle 059. 159 Gubser, Erica Guerra, L"trcn 06 1, 069. 089 Guerra, Romon 062, 089 Guerra, Raul Guerrero, Andrew 089

G11errero. Anthony G uibi , Kalia 089 Guid i, Caroline 130, 211 Guidi, Tereso 210, 21 I Gu lick, Melissa Gu nddl , Sara 089 Gurrola, Edith Gustavsson, Malin 089, 209 Gustorf, L"tra 172, 173 Gutierrez, Alan 062, 130, 242 Gutierrez, Bridget 089 Gut ierrez, DominiGuC Gutierrez, Javier 089 Gutierrez, Nina Gutierrez, Reuben Gutierrez, Richard Gutierrez, Roben Gutierrez, Rocio 130 Gutierrez, Valerie 069, 089 Gutierrez, Vanessa 067 Gmman, Megan Gutto, Elizabeth Guzman, Jose 062 Guzman, Melissa 089 Guzman, Michael Guzzo, Dominick Gyulai, Attila 222

.>iJ!CÂŁ-, L l 995

Con rad N. Hilton Dusi ness Center

Hh H3apala , Mark 130 Haas, Hcarher Haas, Liesha Haase, Cecilia 089 Haber, Matthew Hackett, Bryan Hackert, Vanessa Haddad, Serge 130 Hadinoro, Francis Horner, Sarah 089 Hagclstein , Shannon Hagen, Amanda Hage n, Linda 089 Hage n, Michelle 130 Hagen, Sa mantha 089 Hage r, Amber Hahn , Henry Hahn , Jeremy 066, 089, 204 Haident haller, Jennifer Hajjar, Austin 222 Hakakion , Robert Hall , Erin 089 Hall , Sean Hall , Theodore Halle, Jennirer Hallmark. Jason 089 Hallum , Erica 089 Haluck, Scott Ham, Pamela 130, 223 Hamano, Dustin Hamasaki, Jen nifer Hamdi , Ashrar Hamilton, Chad Hamilton, G:wi n 089 Hamilron, \XIilliam 2 19 Hammack, Rachel 209 Hammer, Tim 222 Hamor, Wi lli am 130 Hanawahine, Charisse 066, 089 Hanberry, Lorraine 021 Hanchaikul, Michel le 089 Hancock, Theresa 061 HandsGcld , William 130, 228 Handy, Onaona Hang, Khuong 089. 246 Hanley, ha11110 11 Hanl y. Jennirer 066, 131 -33 Hanna, David Hanna, Verena Hannegan. Ri chard Hannon Apartments 027 Hansen. Mcli~sa



Han Tao 060 Hanzawa, Toby l-I ar-S halom, Kedem H ardesty. Eli z.1 bcth 089

Hard ina, Kimberly Hard ing, K·uhcrinc Hardt, Jess ica Harkess, Heath er Harmo n, James Hann o n. Scan H arpe r, Da ni el 089 H arpe r, Jessica 13 1 Harper, Ma yuko 13 1 H arper, Royce 089 H arri s, Brandi 089 Harris, Darryn 064, 089 H arr is, Jam es 089 H arris, Jesse 089

Harris, Kelsi Harris, Scan H arrold, Eli za be th 223 1-t;-~nfo rd,


H anono, Iva n

H arwell, Steve 028 H as him oto, Jenny 089 H askin , Danicllc 13 1, 226 Hasso n, Cassid y 13 1 H ast ey, Ch ri st in e 089 1-laubcnsc hild , Jen nifer 057 Hawkins. Jero me 1-l aw kim , Joscph 13 1 H aw ley, Jami e 089 H ayde n, Eric 066 H ayden, Tyler 089 H ayes, Brian 089 H ayes, C hristop her 089 Hayes, Ste phani e 13 1 H aynes, Tywa na 13 1 Hazlewood. Nicho le Hazmon, Jam es 13 1 Hea ly, Joseph Hea th , Wi lli am

Heady, 1-lum cr 1-lcatl y, Jo h n 204 Hebda, Christina Heberlein , An na 089 H eck, Andrew 13 1, 228 Hed ges, Ra chel lc 089 l-I ce, Malinda 089 H ege man , Trisha 13 1, 236 Hcgrancs, Crisli

Hcirn , Donald H cimpel, Kirsten 089 H eind l, Sa mantha 089 1-lcliotes, Jennifer 203 Hemsley, Lauren H end erso n, Adam 090 Hend erson, Amanda H end erso n , Blake 090 Henderson, Br ian 13 I Henderso n. at hcrine H end erso n , Elizabeth 090, 209 Hend erso n, Serena 090 H ende rso n, Va nessa Hendricks, Jose ph 198

Henehan , Karhlccn H enn essey, llre11 13 1 Hennessy, Jerem iah

Hennig, Catherine 209 Hennigan, K:uhcri nc 090 Henning, Chriswpher H enry, Al ec

Henry, Jen ni fer 19 1 Henry, Vernon Henry-Ca mpos, Anwn ia Herdz.i na, Susan Hcrlcin , Peter H erlih y, Jennifer 131, 226 1-l crmstad, Peggy 13 1 Herna ndez, J\ nibal H ernandez, Ca rl os 090 Hernandez., Daniel Hernandez, Erika 06 I Hernandez, l~av i o b Hern andez, Glory Hernandez, Jacquel ine H ern andez, Kel ly 090 Hernandez, Kristina 090, 234 Herna ndez, Marie Hernandez. Raymond 069 H ern andez, Se bastian 062, 090, 242 Hernande, Tania 131 H ernandez, Xoc hitl 131 H errera, Isa bel 059

260 Index

Herrera, Mari:1 Herrera . Vero nica 13 1 Hertel. Anthony H ess, Ca rl 090 H ess, Geo rge L. 75

Howell, Matt hew 134 Howland , hristophcr H sia, Joa n 090 Hsia, Michael H!-i ung, Tina

H ess, Mark

Hsu, C he Ka ng

!-lessen. Henry

Huang, lsa:1c Huber, S:1rah

H ess ler, Colleen 090 H essler. Da vid

Hester. Brian H erzler. Ro nald l-I eu, Marcella 1.3 I Hi ckey, Emi ly 058 Hi ck<, Aja I J I Hi ck.<, David Hi cks, Krystl e 057, 067. 13 1

Hicks, Ma11 hew Hi ga, Phi lip 13 1 Higas hi , Jo nathan 198

Hightower. St:1cy Hi gley, Elli e 209 Hill , M eaga n Hill , Randa ll Hill, TifT.111Y 090

Hi ll man,


Hin ch, Grego ry 090, 228 Hindoya n, Ant rcas 13 1 Hin ojosa, Jud ith 13 1 1-lioe, Sian ti e 090, 13 1 Hiramoto, L1uren 203 Hirayama, Lori 090 Hirsc hh o rn , Ash leigh 090 Hirsh, Robert Hiser, Deborah 090 H izo n, Josep h 134 Hl ad ik , Juli e 134, 196, 197, 226 1-lo, A ho i 090 1-lo, Alexa nder 090 H o, Josel le 090 H o, Pik Shan 134 H obbs, Elisa H ock, Jam es H odge. Rana 090 H odges, Ryan

Hoffma n, Katie 134 HorTma n, Michael H orTman, Sara 090 H olTmann , Jeremy 063. 246 Hoffmann, Peter 220 H o fm ann , Juli e 134 H ogan, Brad ley H ogan, Er in 234 H oga n , Kel li 090 H ogan, Stephen H ogan, Therese 090 1-logg, Wesley 090 H o lbrook, L1 uren

Hubka. Jos hu a 090 Hu ck leberry. Rebek kah Hudd y. Kyle 198. 199 Hudso n, C hristop her 090. 2 14 Hudson , Tiffan y 090 Hu ec ias, So nya 057, 234 Hu es man l lall 0 19

Holmquist, L1u ren H o men, Gregory 090 , 168 H o mer, Jessica 057, 090 Honeycutt , Q uinn H ong, Nick H o ng, Sreve

Hood, L1uren Hooker, Darshawn H oover, Jani a 090 Hoover, Jeffe ry 090 H o pkins, Elisabeth H opp, Kathryn 090 Hopso n, Jai me 134 H oran, Eli1.1 bc th 059 , 090

Horiuchi, Heather 090 Horli ck, Adrie nn e 063, 090 H o rn , Jo hn

Horn , Paul H o rwa th , Janette 059 H owa rd, Jo hn H oward, Kim berly 134

Howa rd , Samantha H owa rd , Sa rah 063, 064, 236 H oward Hughes Promenade 043

lsrn:li!i , Soroush lsra wi, S:1lim lsscln:l nc, Domin ique

Joham ing. Ellen

Izumi , Kev in 134

Jo hn s. Juli et 135


Johnson. Andre Johmon, Bret l.VS Johnso n, Carolyn 09 1 Jo hnso n , Colin 09 1. 135 Johnson, Co lin John . .on, Co rie Jo hnso n. EI - Le nor 09 1 Johnson, El i7~1bct h Johnson, Gin:t Johmon. Luca'\ 09 1 Johnso n. Lynette 09 1 Jo hnso n, Mahlena Ra e 09 1 Johnson, Matthew Johnson. Mclisa 09 1 John so n, Meredith 066 Johmon, Michael Jo hn so n. N ina 057. 092 Johnson, Phili p Johnso n, Robert Johnson, S1acy Johnson. Steven Johnso n, Suz..1 nn c Johnson. Suz.eue Johnston, Mclio;;a johnston, Spencer 092 Jo lin, ChriMinc 203 Jones, Brian Jon es. Broo ks 066, I J5. 204. 206

L l 999

Jcsuir Co mmuni ry

HuO~ Kat hryn 090 HufTsmirh , El izabeth Hug hes, El i1.1bet h 090 Hughc,, Erin Hughe,. Jonathan Hu gh e~. V irc~ h

Hu ghm ani ck, Da rcy 236

Huisinga, Ellen 134 Hui x. Jennifer Hujic, Lei la Hultge n, Mia Hu man Ri ght.., Co:1 lition 06 1 Hummel , Kevin Hummer. Justin Hummer, Nicolas Hum pert. Melissa 22G Humphreys. Aa ron 1.?4 HLming. Ro bert 090 Hum . Ashley 20.~

Jack,o n-Too by. Emil y Ja co bo, Alexa ndra I J4 Jacobs, Rachell c 09 1 Ja co bs, Va leri e 058. 09 1

Jacobsen, Mich:1cl j:1cobson, M;1ricarmen Jagoda. Justi n Jahnke, Christen 134 Jahnke , Joel 228 Jai mes, Krystlc Jaimes, Oscar 091 Jain , Amit 091 Jakubowski , Ca theri ne

H wu, Alben

Hya tt , Andrew H ybki. Stepha ni e 09 1, 179


L l 97 I

Jablon ski , Andrea 09 1 Jabra, Joseph Jabb ra. Dr. Jose ph 072 Jackson, Demara 09 1 Jacbon, Ellen 064, 134 Jackso n, John Jackson. Ju licl!e 09 1

Jackson. Lcon:1rd Jackson, Lewis Jackson. Louisa J:1 ck~o n , Luke Jack•m n, Steven 134

Hunt, Timothy 090 Hu rd , Nico le 09\, 234 1-lurlic, Lindsay Hurt ado, Carlos 1-lu, clid. Ria n n 223 Hussey. l3randi Hussey, Ke nneth Hut chings, Vavel la 134 Hut chinso n, Sama nth:l Hut chinso n, Sperry Hutson, Angela 236 H uynh. Janet 134 Hu ynh . N:mcy Hu ynh , Virginia 09 1

Bird Nes t

Jackubowski, Gera ld S. 75 James. Andrc:1 09 1

James, Christina James. Dina James, Do nald

li lafe, Robert 058, 09 1. 223 Iaii y, Tina 061 leo, Na tali e 09 1 ld ri ;s, Fa hed

ldrizovic, Andrew Ifill , Er ica 134 lgnatiam 06 1, 14 1 lha, Sak:tyc 09 1 Ihri g. Abby 057 Ikeda, Maureen 134 Ikeda , Sco t 09 1 Irnacb, Erin Ingersoll , Laura 09 1 Ingistov, Andre Ingraham, Jenni fe r 09 1 Ingram , Melissa In igu ez, Ste ph ani e 06 I Ino uye, Joy 066, 09 1 lnstiuue orElectroni c Engi nee rs 06 I lnt eriano, Stephani e 066, 09 1 In terna tional House 038 Irvin , Courtn ey 091 Irvine, David Irvine, Jusrin Irwi n , Joseph 069, 09 1 lsaia , Joseph lsan g llansa 062, 146, 154

JofTe, Brando n

lt agaki. C had

Huether. Jamc!-

H o lg uin, Jean in e 236

H o lm es, Molly Ho lmq uist, Andrew 134, 222

Jirnenn. Aurora Jimenez. Cristina Jimenez, Gloria 091 Jim enez, Jazmin 069. 091 Ji menez, Jose Jimenez, rvbriccb Jimenez. To ni 09 1 JimcnC7.. Vanessa 091, 244

Iskandar, C ind r 058. 091 Iska nd ar, Moni ca 058. 09 1 lskandcr. Mary 09 1 Islas, Ash lc)' 09 1

Holgu in , N:ualie Holgu in, Renee

Holmes. Jessica

Jim enez, Alfredo US

Ise nberg. Emi ly 134

Ishi hara, David

Holguin , Fra ncin e

H o ll and, Karhryn H o ll en beck, Kare 064, 090 H o llin ge r, Ada m H oll ins, Virgil 134 H o ll oway, Maya 134 H olm, All iso n

lsasi, Sergi

James, M ichell e Janke, C hri stop her 09 1 Jankows ki , Jose ph 134. 222 Jansen, Va l Lim:1r 02 1 Jansse ns, JefTrey 135 Jara, Mo ni ca 09 1 Jara mill o, Nata li e 135 Jarava ta, C harlene 091

Jarvis, Emily j:1uregui , Carolin:1 1.)5 Jauregui, Lisa Jauregui , Matthew Jean, Paul Jeboda, O lu jide Jeffers, C hri sti ne 066, 135

Jeffords, L1ura Jendrucko. Susa n Jenk ins, Gi na 0 19, 057, 234 Jen ki ns, M ica h 091 Jenkins-Smith , Lena Jen nings, Nicholas Jemcn, Andrew 168 Jensen, ChriMophcr

Jon es, Co ry Jones, Kaipo 135 Jones. Ka th erin e 069. 092 Jones, Meli nd a 1.35 Jon es. N ico le 092 Jo nes. Rachclle 065, 069. U5 Jonson, H arald Jo rdah l. Cary

Jord:t n. Chann.1 Jordan . l sa~c M. Jordt , C hristin e 203

jover-Uy, Emm:tnucl Joyce. Amand a 092 Joyce. C harl es

Joyce. lan Joyce. Nata li e

Joyce, Vane...... a 09 2 Joy nah. \XIa ll r 092 Juarez, Gabriela 057, 092 Juarez.. Miri:tm 135, 226 Judni ck, Da n iel 092 , 174 Julian , Kimberl y 092. 234 Juli an, Megan 092, 203 Juli ano, Noreen 069 Juli o, Rya n 092 Jull y, babel 063. 067 Junkin , Eri n 179 Jurado-Sainz., Di:1na 093 Ju r:1v ich. Adria na 226 Juri ch , Jo n 069 Jut :tbha . Anatta Jutras, Cy nthi a 06 1, 135 ,)illfC-,

L l 973

Jense n, JefTrey Jense n, Jesse 091

Jensen, Stephanie Jenso n, Kevin 198 Jepsen, Aaron


Jesse, Cai tlin 209 Jesscl , Aridl e 091

Kabaka li , Lilli an 135 Kad es, C leo

Jenzen , Jaco b

Jesu it Community 027

K:1cl in , Anwar

Jet er, Jennifer 230 Jew, Co mtn ey 135 Ji les, T iffan y 232

Kaha lewai, Hi 'iaka 093

Jillson. Matthew Jim, athan

K:1h:1wai . Cbrice K:1 hlcr, Matt hew Kai numa. Sca n 09.1 Kaim., Erika

McKay H all

K,kuno, Jenniler 135 K,lc!, , Mich,el 069 Kalnasy. Shaun 180 Kam:1ruddin , L1i la Kaminab. Danidlc 20.~ Kamiya. Kaoru 0?.1 Ka ne, Christopher Kane, Su,an 093 Kaneshiro, Kimberly 135 K,ng, E" her 058. 135 Kanbincn. !:inn K,pbn, Joel 135, 228 K'PP' Alph' Thc<a 236. 237 Karabsh. Laura Kar:.pctya n, M;~r i ya nna 09 3 Karcher, D:micl 09.'3

Karr, Eli1..abcth K, rr, Julia 057 Karrer, And rcao; 09.1 Karunaratne, Anmlw

Kashiwagi. j;l'.on 13S Kas im , Margarc th :t Ka.;;ondra, Ki.,han Kas~:tb. icholao;;

Ka"ab, Veb n, 135. 197 Kassahgui , Miriam Katangian . Kay Ka~ z, Sa mor' 069, 093 Kall7on, Ry:m 093 Kawa moto. C:t rolyn

Kawjarcc, S:un:-.o n 135

Kay. Byro n Kay, Sar' Kaye, M ich,el Kayne. Danielle 09.~ Keane, Michael Kearns, Christopher 093 K ca~ t . J:~ cquc lin c

Keith, Kcyonna Kckoa, C harm:tin c 093

Keller, Brod 135, 2 19, 246 Keller, Naomi

Kel ler, s,ra 093 Kelly. Charles 220 Kelly, Daniel Kelly. Elizo bed• 135 Kelly, Jeff Kelly, KriSien 066, 138. 208. 209 Kelly, Libby 057 Kelly. Ma11hew Kelly, Meg' " Kelly. Sh, nnon Kelly, Thoma< 075 Kelsey, Brookes Kelsey, Li;a 093. 230 Kelt er, Mi chael KeneGck, Wi lliam 093 Kennedy, M ~ r i :mn c 093 Kennedy, P~t ri ck Kennedy, Peggy Lee 138 Kenney, Sarah 069. 093 Kcm-Stoll, G reta Keown, Kimberly Kepko, Cli nto n Keppingcr, Patrick Kermah, Jeffrey Kerr, Haley 069, 093 Kerr, lli ~s h ~ Kerr, Nicholos 138 Kerze, l s~~c Kerze, Lei la 093 K cs h i ~ hi a n , Armond Kct~ri, Moh~mcd Ali Ketch, Jon:uhan Keyser, Kyle 028, 093 Kczios, Helen Kh allani . Kalele Khalif.1, Brian Khan, Aye< ha 093 Kh ~ n . Tehmin ~

13R Gulshab r Kid~ne, Mcrhaw i 093 Kidde, Kari 138 Kiem, Chri, 093 Kil ey, Amy Kil lick, A,h ley 226 Ki ll ingswo n h, Erin 093 Ki ll um, Guy Kilroy, C~t h c rin c Khw~j~.

Kim ,

Bri~ n

Kim. Kim, Kim, Kim,

Dacwoong Eric 180 Jamccn Min l lo

Kim, Scyun Alice 138 Kim, Vic10r Kimball, Keabni 17 1- 173 Kimmc~. Jonathan 093 K i n c~ d c. Keith 18G Kindelberger, D~nicl Kin g. Am:md:t 091 Kin g. Chri..; tina King. Heat her King. Helena 138. 226 King. Sa ndra 063. 234 Kintaudi . Delondi Kipp. Mary 059, 093 Kirk, Jamie Ki r~ n i s, J:t!'>on Kiser, Sa ra Ki shan, K ~so ndra 138 Kissner, " hri ~ t o ph e r 093 Kitamura, Mao:;~o 093 Kir:mo, Scott 138 Kbmse r, Robcn II 6, 204, 228 Klappr01h. Kri\lcn 093 Klassen, Ashley Klein, Karina 093 Klcinholcr, Li<o 06 I, US Klem, Chrisw pher Klin e, M~tthcw Klishevich, Cergei KLM U 0 10, 146 Klubis, Daniel K''"PP• Kdli 138 Kneier, Mich~cl Knickrchm, Theresa Knight. Christopher 138 Knight, K~lli Kniglu, Kimberly 1.~8. 22 1, 226 Knight, Megan 093 Kniglus ol C hernobyl 028, 048 Kno~. Ann~

Knoll , Britt any 093, 209 Knowles, Mi l e~ Knox, Andrew Knudsen, M~tt h cw Kobyb nski, Keob 09.3 Koch, Brady 198 Koch, Robcn o Koch, Vcronic~ Kochakji, Kevin Kodrcs, Timothy Koenig, Lindsay Koirc, Stacy 093 Kolich, Mark 094, 204 Kolodziey, Phi lip 0?4 Kolstad, Kri stofTer Kolvc, Lindsay Ko magome, Ryan 094 Konopn icki , Ca mill e Koppes, Alben P. 075 Kord y, Sa ra Ko rnberg, Shawna Kornirzer, Adam Kane, Christopher Kortland, Erik 193 Koshy, Shimo 138 Koss, Christ ina 209 Kossick, Chriswphcr Kotfis, Ki111 berly 138 Kotorcevik, Ana Koukou, Elcfthcria 173 Kouttjie, C h,.Jon e 138 Kouy-G hodosh, Lin<b Ko uyo umdjian , Mike Kova leski , Craig Kovar. Jeffrey 180, 182 Kov,., Moll hew 180, 182 Kowalo:;ki, Nicole 23G Koya ma, Amy 138 Ko7-1 k, Erin Kraivange7. Amanda Krolik, John Kramer, Kelly 094. 2 17 Krane, Jason 094 Krause, Anne Krame, Chri!.tina Krause, Elden 138 Kravtchcnko, Katia 226 Kreag, Karlic Krekeler, oro lyn 067, 094 Krekder, Julia 059, 067. 138 Kri gmo nt , J:unes Krma h, Jeff 1.38 Krock, Brandon Kroc l>er. Blair Krocber, Theodore Kroeze. Jamie 211

Kromer. All ison Kruer, Cheryl 094 Kruk , Kri!->toph cr 094 Krupa. Jackie Kruse, Elden 063 Krusic, Tom I .18. 222 Kry~ko, J c~"'ie

Kuba.!>ak, E. li 7-1 bcf h Kuenig. Linchay 094 Kuhl. Trovi, I :18 Kuhlmann , Bradley 094 Kuhn, Stu:m Kuk ol, Rya n Kuleck, Leon 094 Ku llc, Kr isti na 138 Kum ar, Ra vindcr Kum as~ ki , Eva n 094 Kurs:t r, Manhcw 063 Kushner, Rran Kusn i, Hani 138 Kuwat~. Marg:~rct Kw~ri, Lenny 1.18 Kwock, Kimi 06 I, 094 Kwon, Marie KXLU 0 10 Kyodai 064 Ky>cr. Roy

.>iti.CC -, L J959

Von dcr Ahc Library

Ll L1 Brucherie, Ro nald l-1 Mar, R ox~ nn c L1 Mo1hc. M, 11h cw 139,222 La Pietra, Crystal -Marie 094 L1 Pien a, John 094 L1 Rocca, Chri ..;t ian L1 Va;a ni , Melody LaBonte, J~ m cs 094 L1Brucherie, John 094 L1Brucherie, Ron 094 L1Croix, John 094, 222 L1Croix, Qian' 094 L1Ponc. Li!->cne L.1 Ru e, Kri sten mbra , Jacki e L1cey, Michael L1ck, Joseph 139 Lackey, Mark 180 L1ckner, John 139 L1crosse 220-2 1 L1di nes, Aura 139 L1gerberg, Anne 094 L1gomarsino, Brcan nc 23G L1guna, Ge nevieve 066, 139, 226 L1hoye. Kristen 094 L1ille, Leilo 094 L1iola, Gianna 06 I, 066, 139, 140, 14 1 Lairam ore, John L1ivin!1, Andri~ 094 L1ke, Joson 094, 204 l-1kcy, G regory 139. 186, 187, 188 L1ksa na , Sherl y L11lo~. Katharine 094 L:•lly, Tino L-un , Sau-CJmn L1mb. Isaac L1mbato>, Stacy 069. 094 L:unhda Chi Alpha 238. 2.19 L1mp. M ~ tth ew 139 L1n, Monica 094 Lance, Andrea L1ndcrs, Michael 094 L1nd isi. Bri an 069. 094 L1ndry, Kevi n L1ndsherg. Erin 094 Ltne, Matthew 094 L1ng. Gob rid L1ng, So mucl 094 L1nge, John 222 L1nglcy. Anna L1ngley. Mark 220 Lankau, Erin

L1noye. Kri ~ t c n L1nu1.a, Ri chard 139 L1o, Li1..c tt c 139 Lapi lio, \Vi lliam Lapin, Bri:1n L1pi ratanagoo l. C h ri~ Laqui. Paolo L1ra, Kara 094 L1ra, N,~alie 0~4 Lario!., Cecilia 002 l.... :uk in , Christo pher L1rkins, Ca!->,a ndra L1rscn, Brady Larsen, Bryce 065, 094 L1rscn, Kc:th L1rscn, Megen L1rson. Julie L1rson, Miranda 094 L·uue, Kri~ten 094 L1rino Bu ~ in es~ S1 uden1 A~'ociation 062 L111)', Jason 094 Lau, Victo ria L1uck, Ellen 0)9, 094 L1uri c, Tim 094 L1 uron , Grace Lmzon, Rya n Lwadcm., Mayra Lw ellc, Heid i Lwely. Emil y 094 Lwery, Brca nnc L1wdry, Kevin 09) L1 w>o n, Tiffany 095. 203 L1 wt0n, S.J .. Fr. Roben 072 L'lXcr. Kevin L1ymon. Kell y I 39 L1zurc, Ann Lc, Thuy 095 LcSass icr, Desiree LeSourd , Fra nce!'> Leano, Hec10r 066, I39 Lcano, M:~ria 095 Leard, Alan Learni ng R c~o urcc Cent er 14 1, 159 Lcbedeff, Chriswpher 139 Leben . Jean ~ Ramo n 095 Lechug;t ~ lh~~. Emilia Lecour. Patricio 095 Ledesma. Je,..; ica Lee, Allred Lee, Andy I .~9 Lee, Celene Lee, Daven Lee, Eliza Lee, Hyunji Lee, Ju 058 Lee, Kcll i Lee, Micl,d Lee, Michel le 139 Lee, Robbie 06 I Lee, Scott Lee, Tarryn 095 Lee, Thomas 060, 095 Leerhuber, Sandy Legacy, Joseph 095, 2 13, 2 14 Lcgarreta, Lisclt 095, 234 Lehman, Daniel 095, 222 Leiva, Juan 095 Leiva, Rosalyn 139 Lcjbrandt , Dominique 139 Lcllio tt , Jeremy Lem a~. Brya n Lcmu!., Karen Lenahan, Carrie 139 Lcndi, Maryam Leon, Hope Leonard, Carolyn Lc01wrd, Jenni fer Leona rd , Maureen Leonard, Michael Leone, N ichob!. 220 Leonetti, And rew Le01aud. Claudi a 095 Le pore, Jared 223 Lerma, Cindy 139. 244 Lcrry, Jenniter 095 Lcsmana, Audrey Lesourd, Fra n ce~ 095 Lc~ter, Kimberly Leung, Emily 20') Leung. Mun Vee Leupp, Steph, nie 139. 22 1 Lev, Adam 0')5 Levering, Jenniter 139. 2.30

Leveri1.a, Joaq uin Levi n, Jen ni e OG9, 095 Levin, Michael 192 Levi nson, An n ~ Lcvi n!.on, J e~'ica Lcv01a, Gahricl le 09) Lc'T· Alex Levy, L1uren Lewis, Candice 095 Lewis, Cb ire 066, 139 Lewis, Ehony 0~5 Lewis. Kaye Lewis, Paul Lewis, Reece Lcwi~. Rya n Leyba, Ga briel 062, 095 Lcybold , Jordin 061 Leyva, Lisa Liao, C hin ~ Yu Liao, D;twn Liberm:tn -Cuenc:t, b.ther 1.)9 LidSter, Allison 095 Lieber, Suzanne Licm, Tau Bing Ligaya, Janice 0~5 Lignob, Gian luca Liguori, L1 ura Lim, JuSJi n 061, 069, 136. 137. 139 Lima , Alexa ndra 139 Limjuco, Jeremy Lin, Cbire Jih-C hi Lin, S~aci 0~5 Lin, T:mg Chu Li ndaman, Edan Li ndholm, C had Lindsey. Ashley 142 Lindsey. Jod i 067 Linch~n. Patrick Lin gro~ .,o. Ange l.1 Linzner. V;t lcrie Lion Ma<co t 034. 0.15. 044 Lion's Den 014. 154 Lipinski, S1ephen 095, I68 Lippold, Amber Lipscombe, Maria 069. 095 Lis, Emily Li~1on, \);t nicl LiJtcll, Dormhy 095 Little, Jacqueline 095 Lillie, lotum 095 Linrcll , M;ttthcw Liu, !-Iundy Livingstone, Charlotte 207. 209 Li vols i, Pclcr Liwanag, Franci~ 142 Li1. .1rdo. Mcli~sa Lizott e, Sarah 06 I, 066, 095, 230 Llamas, Rau l Llosa, Henry 142 LM U EMS 063. 133, 146, 154 LMUTV 010 Lock, Kacey Lockin, Willi am 095, 198, 199 Lockwood, Wi lliam L LodatO, J' mes Lodder, Angela Loera, April Loera, Osc~r Logan, \Xlarneua 142 Lo kos, Natal ic Lomboy, Angel 095 Lomcli ~ P:ldill a, Cc,a r Lonerg:111 , David 095 Long, JennifCr Lo ng. Kimherly 095 Long, Kimberly Lontoc, N:uan icl 095 Lomok, Creg 146 Loo. Adri;tn Loo. Katrin;t 095 Loo, Keid1 Lopcc. Matt 095 Lopez, Alicia Lopez. Angela Lopez, Anna 062. 142 Lopez, Antonio 095 Lopez, Ann~ndo Lopn, Bryan Lopez, Donna 2.14 Lo pez, Ilene Lope7., Ingrid 142 Lopez, J amc~ Lo pc7, Margarcl O<JS Lope7., Moria 095



Lopez, Marysol 142 Lopez, Mayra Lopez, Monica Lopez, Monique Lopez, Patricia 057, 095 Lopez, Patricia 096 Lo pez, Rudy Lopcz-Aguado, Patrick 096 Lord , Andrea 195, 197 Lorcnrz, Paul

Lori ck, Nor:1 Jayne Lorin g, All iso n

Lons, S<acy 096, 230 Losorelli , Nina 063, 096, 069 Lou , Kcid1 096 Lovaro, Nicholas 198 Lovejoy, Nicole Lovely, Leah 142 Loveridge, Lauren Low, Jesse 14 2 Lowery, C ri sri na 179

Lowery, Matthew Lowe ry, Mike 142 Lowry, Ja y- Paul Lowry, Paige 185 Lowy, Oanicl lc

Loyola n 0 10 l....oz:~no, Alfonso

Loza no, 0:1 nicl Loz:u10, lraccma 142

Lsid , Sca n 142 Lu . Jan e Lu , Lynn Lu , Roben Lubold , Chris<opher Lu cas, Scott

Lucches i, Dionisio Luceno, Claire-T hercsc 096 Lu ce ro , Shc rri an n 14 2 Lucian o, \'(/ illi:~m

Lucke, Ryan Ludwig, Emily Lud wig, Hi lary Lu eva no, X :wicr 096

Lujan , Aaron 096 Luk. Palrick Luke, Nicole 096 Luko, Heidi 096 Lum, jc::1nnc 142 Lum , Lisa 142 Lum , N;uhan Luna , Cecilia 096 Lun a, Gin a Lun a, john

Lundgaard , Jason 096 Lundwall , Todd 198 Lusard i, hris<ophcr 096, 220 Lmz. Sa m:mtha

Lux, John 096. 204 Luzod, N:Hh:tn

Lynch, Gina 142, 226 Lynch. Mega n 096 Lynch, Nicholas 142 Lyon, Eri c

Lyo ns, Jaime 096 Lyo ns, Marga rc< 096, 22 1 3iltCtl

L \9 58

Malone Center

. . . . . . lriii:!.ll!~.



. .' . "l· . . ~·-·· -·"

Mm Ma-Jonfc, Sand y 142 Maa kc, S<efi ni 066, 142 Mabala y, Ei leen 021, 066 MacKay, Megan 22 I Mac Leod , Rc min g1on

Macapinlac, Josephine Macaracg, Jcfrrcy Macau ley, Jennifer Macco ra, Mark

Mace, Mel issa 096 Mac h, Linda 096 Mac ho n, M ario Machuca, Steve n

Mack. Cullen

262 Index


Mackay, Megan 096 Maco, Jennifer 096 Maconachy, Mcghan 096 Maconachy, Ryan Mac pherson, Hannah 096 Madad , Mahvish Madigan, Pa<rick 204 Madness a< Midni glu 022, 025 Madsen, Gina Madzharya n, Armcn Maeda , John Ma ga ll :~n es, Vira Mag:t na, H o ncn c i :-~ Magboo, l~1u re n 096 M:tgce, Jonat han Maggio, Ann Mari e 226 Maggio, Jennifer Maggio, Ju lie Maginnis, Peter 142, 220, 228 Magistrado, Eduardo 142 Magno, Marc Magnuson, Eric Magsa lay. Catherine Maguin , Jill Ma hi , Kdiiokekai 096 Mahon, Brian Mahoney. Marc 222 M:~i. Anh Mai . Viet Maiden, Shawn Mailloux, Roman 096 Maim one, Fran cese:~ Maione, Joan Maja no- Buruca, Manha 142, 244 Mak, C hristopher M :~ karian , Tcni 142 Malaeacg. Jeffrey 096 Malbasa, Scou Maldonado, Alison 096 Maldonado, Eva 096 Ma ldonado, Irm a Mall ari, Pa ulo 142 Mallen Lorick, Nora Jayne 142 Ma ll ette, Kristen Mallon, Kcl li 096 Malmberg. Chelan 057, 096 Malone Swdell{ Cell{ cr 007, 03 1 Malone, Christina Malone, Colin 143 Malone, Kcnnisha 057, 143 Maloney, Mika Maloney, Rita 096 Malonzo, Mark 143, 146, 147 Malzone, Anrhony Man ale, Andy 096 Manal o, Jean Clai re 058 , 143 Manansala, Marseille Mancinelli , D:~ ni c b Manganiello, Lisa 096, 22 1, 226 M:~n g ini , Nicholas Manista . Stephanie 096 Manno. Chri::. Mansfield , Ry:~n Manto, Mark Man<uano, Nikki 096 Mall{yla , Chezlcy 143 Manzur, Christina Man zur, David Marav illa, Kat herine Marayag, Rodney 2 19 Marcalw i, Jeffrey 096 Marcarcl li , Cailcy M:~rc h a nd , Pau l Marchese, Lorin 143, 234 Marcia no, Monica 143 Ma rco. Dan iel Marcone, Meaga n 236 Marcus, Jennifer 143 M:~rccc k . Lauren 096 Marengo. Eli1..abeth Mares, Alejandro Mariana, Jessy Marin, Leandra 14 3 Marin , Sand ra Marino, Ca< hcrinc 096, 209 Mariscal, hrist ina 062, 096 Mark , Mari ssa 096 Markee, Jamcl 097 Markham , Sara JYfarks, Benj amin 143 Mark!., Ell io< M:~ros t i ca, Thomas Marquez, Anabel Marq uez, Ariana 097

Marquez, Crys tal Marquez, Jacqueline 097 Marquez, Kathy 143 JVfarquez, Maria Marquez, Monica Marq uez, Polo Marra, Allison 185 Marriou , Charles Marrone, Nad ia Marroquin , Fmncisca M:t rsec, Brian Marsh , Randall tVbrshall. An nenc Ma rshall , Kathryn 066 , 097 Marsha ll , Koryn Marshall , Melissa Marston, Brooke 236 Marston, Jacquelyn Marrin , Alexa nder 143 JVfartin , Ar iana Martin , Casa ndra Marti n, f.r:mce::. 097. 22 1 Martin , Francesca 204. 209 Man in , Jona<han 066, 143 Marti n, Li ndsy Martin . Rene Marti n, Tim oth y Martin , Va nessa 143 Manindli . Adolfo Ma rtin ez. Alvin Martin ez, Angie 097 Martinez. Brenda Martinez, Fel ipe 097 Man inez. Jav ier 143 Martinez. Jose Martinez, Juan 097 Martinez, Michael 097 Martinez. Nicholas Maninez, Norm a 097 Maninez. Ri cardo 143 Martin ez, Roberto Maninez, Rox:mn a Maninez, Vanessa 143 Maninez, Vanessa Martinez, Yadira Manino, Selena 097 Mani rosya n, Tigran 192, 193 Marryn, Dinesh Marx, Ryan 097 Mascicl , Jon-Paul Mas ino, Angela Maskel , Ka irl in 097 Mason, Chelsea 097 Mason i, Melissa 236 Masten, Jenni fer Masto, Felicia Masucci, Ju lie 059 , 143 Mat:-.. Johnnie 246 Mar\1 and Science Teachers Club 064 Mad1 Club 063 Mad1e>on. Ashley 143 Ma<hews, Emi ly 097 Ma<hcws, Luke 24 6 Mathieu, Jennifer 204 Matijas, Jennifer Mat ossi:m, Juli :-. n Matricard i, Carlo Matsumoto, L1u rie 097 Matsuoka , Shinri Marsushima, Joseph Manen, Kel ly Man hews, Jasmin 19 1 Matt hys, TOri Manos, Nicholas 097 Matt ox, Kristopher Maureen, Maureen 097 Maurseth , Andrin:-. 067 Maxwell. Jan May, Kel li 069 May, Nicole 097 Mayo rga, Maria 143 Mazenko, Dia na 097, 209 Mazhin , Marya m Mazzone, Gabriel 222 Mbanu lu, Chi dirnrn a Mbamalu , Ndid i Me Cam mack, Katie Me Dermott, Laura McAdam , Jennifer McAiis<er, Steven 143 McA IIis<cr, Melissa 143, 236 McAuliffe. Hihon McBride, Brian 097 McCa rrell . Nicholas

McCarson, Mi chael 097 McCard1 y Hall 133 McCan hy, As hley 097, 230 McCarthy, Brendan McCanhy, Erin McCarth y, Margarer McCartney, Megan McCauley, Benjamin 097 McCauley, Paul McClain , Ca idin 097, 208, 209 McCbin , TCrrence McClenahan, Molly McClenahan, Tyler McClendon . Michael McClure, Pa<rick 097 McConnell , Scon 065, 143 McConner, Lauren McCormick, Colin McCormick, Daryl 097 McCorm ick, Na th aniel 220 McCoskcr, aralie 066, 097 McCovery, Kcnirra McCoy, Jennifer 143 McCoy, KriS< in 097 Me reery. Skmn on 097 McCrum by, Bernard 097 McCullough. George 097 McDeviu , Con ncy 06 \ , 143,230 McDcviu. Molly McDa nnel. Allison McDannel. Mel issa 144, 230 McElwee. Timoth y McEniry, Colleen 144 McFadden, William 220, 228 McFadzean, Meredi<h 230 McFicld . Candice 097 McGee, Kea na 144 McGee, Marti n McG ill. Sara h McG inniss, Molly 097 McGlaughlin , Jean 097 McG\aze, Shannon McG iover, Alissa 097 McGrady, Ryan McG raw, Stuart 144 McG rego r, N:u han McGuire, Angela McG uire, Jesse 097, 144 McG uire, John McG uire, Thomas McHugh, Kimberl y 097 McHugh, Melanic 097 Mcinern y, Carl ynn 057 Mclnryre, Nichellc 144 McKay Hall 0 19 McKee, Charmaync 144 McKee, Michael 058, 144 McKcgncy, Skylcr McKenna. Paul McKenna . Sa rah McKenzie. Maria 098 l'v1cKeon. Kathleen 230 McKeown , John McKinn ey, Nicole 098 McKn iglu , Melody 144 McKn iglu , Monika 144 , 232 MeLan y, Mauhew 2 19 McLaughlan , Kevan 098 McL1ughl in, Manin 222 McL1ughlin , S<ephan 098 Mc Lean, Molly 236 McMackin , Kacie McMackin , Rebecca 098 McMahon, Jennifer McMahon, Mi chael McMahon, Stephanie McManis, Marcel 144 McMillan , Michael McNall y, Holly 236 McNa ugh<. Michael 097 McNease, Brian McNeil , Colleen 06 1, 144, 2.36 McOskcr, Con nor 098 McPhun , Ryan McSherry, Wi lliam McShurley, T imothy 098 McVeigh, Siobha n 098 McWill iams, T homas 2 14,2 15 Meach, Phi rum 144 Meade, Debora h 098 Meadows, Michelle Means. Jessica 098 M.E.Ch .A. 062 Medeiros, Kanani

Medina , Nancy Medina, Teresa 144 Medrano, assandre Medrano, Marth a Medrano, Questa Mcduri , Man 144 Mce na , ·r., mara 059, 098 Meers, Daniclle 226 Mcisrer, Erin 069 Mejia, Joseph Mejia, Martin Mejia , Osva ldo 098 Mejias. Jose Mcjorado, Alma 062, 098 Mclbrod , Anastas ia Melbrod, Scou 144 Melconian , Brea nnc 098, 2 16, 2 17 Melendez, Armando 180 Melendez, Jenn y 098 Mel ika, Geo rge Mello, Chris< inc 057, 144 Mellos, Matthew Melnyk. Melanic Melone, Catherine Mehon. Kendall Mcncini . Justi n Mendel!->on, J o n :~ tl1 :111 098 Mendenh:-.11. Cristina 098 Mendez. Brenden Mende7. Celia Mendez. Lui; 062 Mendez. Pamela 098 Mendoza, Amelyn 098 Mendoza, Araceli Mendoza, Jaime 098 Mendoza, Krystl e 098 Mendo1..1, Marisa 098 Mcndo1..1, Mary Jane Mcndo1.a, Wendy Menendez, Wendy Mcnoufy, Sama h 098 Mer-Shalom , Kad cm 098 Merchan< , Joa nna 069, 098, 22 1 Merchant. Paul 098 Meredit h. Earl Merrill . Cam eron Mcrz, Lisa 144 Mesrobian, Michelle Mm, Lee 144, 2 19 Me<z. Tim 098 Mcyhodi , Farhoud 098 Mezger, Mark 228 Mezzavilla, Christop her 098 Miceli , Michel le 098 Michael, Pan·ick 098 Michaud, Jon:nhon Michcau, Kclli 144 Michelson, Ry:~n Mickel ls, Mandy 144 Micucci. Kat e 098 Midan i, Mona Mieuli. Christopher Migliore, Nichola::. Mihail. Michael Mijares, Sara 062. 069, 098 M ikcs, Adam 098 Mikh ael , Mary Mi les, Kylcn Mi lford , Mary Mi linovich, Bryan Milkovic-Jaka l, Li ly Mil ia , llrcndon Mi ll ado, Erica 057, 144 Millar, Alex Miller, C hris<opher 098, 2 19 Miller, Dorian Mi ller, Gabriel le 059 Mi ller, James Mi ller, Jeffrey M illcr, Jessica Mi ller, Jordan Mi ller, Monica 144 Mill er, Nicholas 098, 24 6 Miller, Nicholas 228 Mi ller, Rahim 098 Mill er, Rega n Miller, S<cphcn Milliner, Ni cole 098 Mills, Ale< hca Mills, Erin 098 Mi lls, Jes;c Mill,, Kris<en 098 Mills. Spencer Mills, Trina 098

Milobcdzki. Olga 144 Milton, Allison J\tlinco, Leah

Mingronc, Chrisrophcr 099 Minor, Silas Miranda, Alheli 230 Miranda, Antonio 144 Miranda, Dawn Miranda, Mayra Miranda, Vanessa Mireles, Elena 099 Miro n. Araccly

Mirsnkov, Emmanucllc 145 Mir1.aian , Scvana

Misslin, Megan

lvfistclc, Sarah Mitchell, Beverly Mitchell, Jennifer 197 Mitchell, Kathleen 099 Mittal, Tara 099 Miyasato, Stacy Mizc. Isabel Mlinarcvic, Daniela 145 Moak, Mary Mochizuki , Kari 099. 234 Modir, Royya

Moeckel , Katie Mocdcr, Sarah 066, 145 Mofl:. t. David Mojica. Kathryn 036. 099

Mokulchua. Thomas 099 Mo lck, Anthony

Molina, Amalia Molina, Evan Molina, Guadalupe Molitor, Nel le Moll, Dina 099. BO Moll, l' rank Mollica, Mark 145 Mollins, Scan 186 Molloy, Kathleen 145 Moloney, Michael 099 Momscn, Nicho las Monadjcmi, Naghmch 145 Monahan. Melissa Moncayo, Jennifer 099 Mo nday. Shonda 145, 232 Monico, Jennifer 069, 099 Mo nkman, Robb 220 Monnot , Mega n

Montalvo, Fra nccsca 145, 234 Momancz, Desiree 099 Montano, Bradford Montano, Carlos 099 Monranrc, Caroline Montcirh, Shawn Momcncgro, Franccsca 069, 099 Momcncgro, Roder 145 Monte!~,


Molllcvidco, John 036, 065 . 099 Montgomery. H eat her 099. 178 Montgo mery, Lauren 14 5

Mo111iel, Daniela 069, 099 Momoya, Adam Montoya, L1uren Monzon , Luc ia Monzon, icolle

Moody, Autumn 185 Moody, Racer 099 Moody, Ro>alic Mooers, Miranda 2 17 Moo n, Jennifer 099 Moon, Mauhew Mooney, Christine 145 Moore, Amanda Moore, Jeffrey Moore, Jessica 067 Moore, Julie Moore, Rosa Moore, Zachary 099 Mooring, Kat herine Mora, Jessica 099 Morado, Pilar 057, 145 Moraga, Ana Morales, Eddie Morales, Guillermo Morales, Katherine 099 Morales, Rose 099 Moran, Juliana 099 Moran, Mcaghan 099, 236 Moran, Melissa Morataya, Walter Morda, Shana 145. 244 Morelli, Mark 159

Morelli , Matthew Mo reno, Gracicla J\1o reno, Maricl l'vlorgan, Brian 099 Morgan, C hJZ Mo rga n, Sarah 069 Mo riarty, Scan Morisch , Amy 099 Morkill, Anne Mo rrill, Melanic Morri~. Alexander Mo rris. Ellen Morris, Erin Morris, Kendra Morris, N icole J'v1orris, Paul Morrison, Emily i\iforrow, Christopher J'v1orrow, Marie Morrow, Parrick Morse, Rebecca 099 Morse, Rya n Mo n on , Dusty 14 5,2 14 Mosbach. Mi chael 14 5 Mosco,o, Daniel Mo,es, Adana 099 Moses. Elizabeth 099 Mosley. Aris 063, 099 Mucha mel , Elaine 099 Muecke, Jo,hua 198 Muf.;;on. Li~a Mugambi, Elizaberh Mui, Keanna Mulder, Ashly Muldoon, Kevin 145, 228 Mulcady, Samantha Mulito, Nelle 099 Mulkey. Amelia 099 Mullooly. Erin Mumper. Scan Mungcal, Joseph 246 Muniz, Michelle 099 Muniz. Vanessa 099 Munoz, An na 0 59, 145 Munoz, Bruce Munoz. Elias Munoz, L1ura Munoz, Rafael 099 Munso, Daniel Muranab, Jcs~ica Muro, Sachiko 14 5 Murph, Nicole Murphy, Bridget Murphy, Carson 14 5 Murphy, C hristopher Murphy, David 099 Murphy, Erin 145, 230 Murphy. Morgan Murphy. William 099. 220 Murray, Bryn 099 Murray, Erin Murray, Kathryn 190, 19 1 Murray, Krista Murray, Rebecca Murriagui, Ca rlos 180, 18 1 Murry, Kevin 099 Muth, Lindsay 145, BO Muxlow, Merrin ;,i11re-,

L l 978

Hannon Apartments

Nn Naa nos, Marilyn 145 a Kolca 064 Naber, Sami 099 Nadal , Rachelle I 00 Nacmark, Michael 065 Nag, Shibani Nagamatsu , Kyoko 145 Nagaminc, \'vb lcy 145 Nagata, Jodi I 00 Nahm, Mona I00 Nahman, Andrew Nahm:m, Rosene

Nai to, Hiroaki 100 ajafl, Sarah 145 ajarro, Javier 148 Nakamura, Steven I00 Nakasone, Marc Naldonado, Irma 148 Nally, Parrick Nam, Isaac amahoe, Jeremy I00 Nance, C hristopher I 00 Nanji. Farwah Naranjo, Ju:mira Na ranjo . Rocio I 00 Naranjo, Sandra 064 , I 00 Narca, Jeremy I 00 Nardella, Alanna Nash , Kelly assar, Samia 148 assar, Shadia I 00 asser, Dominic Na taupsky, Ashley Na1io nal Sociery of Black Engineers 068 Nav:1. Jason Nava, Michael 100 Nav:trro, Adrian Nav:trro, Francisco I0 I N:tv:t iTO, Maxine 101 Na7.dey, Natalie I 0 I, Rakan NaZ?al. Andrea 06 I Naz7al, farris Ndikum, Tinzim Neale. T iffany I 0 I Ncglan , William 101 Nehme, Jennifer Neil. W illiam 148 Nelson, Andy 101 Nelson, Daniellc I 0 I, 226 Nchon, Heather 185 Nel!<on, Tamara 148 Nelson, Wi lliam 220 Ncbo n, William 101 Ncbon- Kortland, Erik cnadal, Hayley 069, I 0 I , 22 1 Neri\on, Kclli c ry, Camille 0 59 Nesbit , Darla Ncskovic, Miroslav 186 Netzley, Heidi Neumayer, Elliott 2 14 Neumayer, Eric Nevada, Amber ewell, Oliver Newlin, Timothy 222 Newma n, Clayton I 0 I New!!ome, Tiana 173 Ncylan, William Ng. Daphne gangu , Vicky 148 Ngor, Gerald Nguyen. Alice 148 Nguyen, An Nguyen, Chrisrina 234 Nguyen, Diem 148 Nguyen, Jennifer I0 I Nguyen, Jcs.ica I 0 I Nguyen, Tricia 148 guyen, Trisha Nhan. laudine N i, O lcg N ichol>, Brandi 148 N ichols, Ca~~a ndra N icho ls, Diana 234 N icoletti, Andrew icoll, Meaghan I 0 I Niehau.;;, Brian 219 Nielsen, Lcil:mi I0 I N icbcn, Michael iem. Grace N ierva, Kat herine I0 I Nicva, clson ilcs, Deborah I 0 I, 23 1 Nilipo ur, !man 192 Nisen, Jamie N ishi kawa, Moniquc 148 Nishikawa, Sh3ri 185 Nishimoto, Shaina 185, 148 Nish iyama, Shinji 148 Nix, David I 0 I Nixon, De' Vaughn Nixon, Hillary Nixon, Mcya Nodar:.e, Nicole

ohara, Aryn 148 Noll , Emily omura, Amy Noorani, Sabrina 067 oral C afe 045 Nord. Gcri orris, Angela Norris, N icole 2 1 I o rsgaard, Erik North, Daniel Non hero~'!, Ch ri'lropher Nonhingron, Dewey Norton, llrett 2 14 Norton, Sarah Norwood. Michael I 0 I Nourbakhsh, Ali 048 ourollah, Arash ovak. Kevin 180 Novotny, L1ura Noyan, Angela I 0 I , 236 Noya n, John 148 Nuart Thc:Hre 045 N ubcl , Lauren N ubcl. Tiff.111y N ugent, Jc,sic:t N unC7.. Angelic Nunel, Sonia I0 I N unn, CcofTrcy 148 N ursalim , Edwin Nur!<.c. M:try Anne I0 I Nur!<e, Tl1ere~e I0 I Nwude. Chioma ;,irtl'l-, L


Rosecrans H all

Oo 0' Connor, Carrie O'Brien, Colleen O'Donnell, Bryan O'Donnell. Maureen 23 1 O'Donnel l, Rory 148 O 'Gara. Luke 246 O'Grady, Thaddeus O' H ara, Ash lyc 069, 101 O' Hara, Colin O'L,ughlin, Kelly O ' Lcadw 126, 133, 15 1.162 O'Malley, Michelle 148. 235 O ' Neill. C hri"i na 2 16, 2 17 0' cill. Erin 101 ,22 1 O' Ro urke. Courtney 101 O'Rourke, S.J .. Fr. Thomas 027 O'Shaughne~sy, Katie O'Shea, Kevin O.uc:.. Matthew Ohando. Gaspar Obasi, Taibatu 067, 10 1 Obringer. Brian Ocampo, Luningning 10 I Oc:tmpo. Stephanie Ocegucd:t, Jennifer O choa, Alcjandra 066 Od10a, Hcrn~udino 174 Ochoa, Jcs>ica 227 Od", Jc"ika Odch . !' Iizabeth 057 . 148. 150 , 15 1 Ochlman, Nicole 172, 173 Oci, Nat.1lic O ester, John 72 Oe:.terle, Sarah O ga,a, Luke I 0 I Oglakhchyan. Michelle 22 1 Ogren, Linda Ohanesian, John I0 I O hanian, Raffi I 0 I O hlmachcr, Jacqueline Okamoto, Mark Okimoto, Darren Okola, Mma Oliva, Teresira O livari, Nicholas 223. 246 O li ver, Kevin Oliver, Michael 101 Oi ler, Jo nadtan 198

O lmedo. Tiffany I 0 I OlnHtcad. Sarah Olonegui, Henry Olsen. Andrew Olsen, Erica I 0 I Olsen , Hutson Olson, Adam O lson , Mcrcdid1 Olson. Ryan Olszewski. Robert I 0 I Olvera. Sylvia 209 Omlor, Stephen 148 Onderdonk, Abby O ni , Narhan Opct. L,urcn 148, 227 Opperman, Edith I 0 I , 221 Order of Omega 15 1, 249 Orendorff, Ryan Orf.1lca, Vicwria Orgo, Socorro Orientation 136 Oropc1..1. Ca1herine 101 Orozco. Evangel ina I02 Oro1co, Joanna Oron:o, aiKJ' Orphanopoulm. '" 'hel 148 Orqui1..1, Jen nifer 148 Orr, Michelle Ortega. J_, Ronda 148 O rtiz. Ana 066, I 0 2 Orti7, David 102 Orti7, Guillermo 062. I 02, 242 Ortiz, J uan -Carlo~ Orudzhyan, Edvi n Osback, Apri l Osborn. Andrew 186. 187 Osborn. Kathryn Oscdo. Marcy 149 Oshea, Kevi n I 02 Oshima. Yu I02 0.\ongco, Jen nilce Oster, Kirsten O ster, N ichol:" I 02, I 68. I 69 0.\tergaard, Aaro n Oswald, Peter 0Hicri, Mia 149. 23 1 0\':tne!<mfT. N ichob s 149 Overby. Wi lliam I 02 Owing,. Andrew Oyahu, L1ncc Oyama, Erica 227 Oyama, Petrice I0 2 Oyler, Tad I 02, 222 Ozawa, Corecn I02 0 1..cri, Dcni.\e 01.ida, C hri>tinc 102


Fritz B. Burn ~ r:inc An:. Center


L l98 3



···-,. '

In;\] . . '·

---=~ •...::...u.o\~-

Pp Paam, Hamilton I02 Pacificar, Gregory 149 Padilla, Cynthi a Padilla. Jamc' Padilla, Mark Padilla. Mo nica I 0 2 Padilla. Pablo 149 Padron, Jacob 06 1. 246 Pagado r, Kri~ 1 i Pagan. Mcli~'a I0 2 Pagd ilao, Dexter 149 Paige. Ka'Tc ia 0 57, 149 Paiva. C ha i~ I02 Pakar. Edi t 177. 179. 196, 197 Palencia, J e~sica Palko, Jano; I 0 2 Palma, Lawrence I02 Palmer, Jason Palmer, Scba<tian 06.~ Palmeri, Ca~.\a nd ra 236 Palt y. ·1:.ra Pamilton, Jennice Pamu. Jennifer



Pan, Mi chell e Panayoto po ul os, D emerri

Panfil , Michael Pap. Da niel P:-.paya ns. M ici Jell e Pa pwo nh . Erin 102 P:-. rbcrry, Gav in Parcells, Lo rrain e P:-. rdini , Jam es Pordini . Kelly I 02

Pordo, Ri go 180 Paredes, Carolin a 102 Pa rcd cs - E~cabnl c, M:-.nh;:~

Paredez. Amel ia Parham , Abn:1 i Porish, Eden I 02 Park , Am ic P:1 rk , Irene P:-. rk , L1w rcnce

Porker. Patrick 180. 18 1 Pocks, Bro ndon I 02 P:1rmer, Sam h Parr:-., Francisco 058 P:1 rri sh. Ca th erin e I 49 Parri sh, M ary Parrish , Stefa n Pasco , N ico le Pascoe, Brian P:1scoe, Lorrin I 02 P:1scual, Evan geline P:1scu:1l, Th e rc~c Pas:-.ala cqua, Kath erin e 102 Passa lacq ua, T imot hy I 02 Pru c, D o uglas

Po<cl, As h ish Patel , Karin a I 49 Pat ino, Lo renzo Patin o, Victo ri a P:u rick. D aniel Pan cn , Page I 02 P:-. u erso n, Auro ra Pa11 erso n, !-lana Pa11 iso n, Erin I 02 Po11 on, C rym l I 02 Pa11 on. Lo rena 102 P:1 ul . N icho b :-. P:llllsen , Eri k P:wl se n , Jam e.!l Paul sen, Kev in I 68 Paulse n, M:uk Paul se n, Sca n

Povowoll o, Shi10l 149, 244 Povlovsky, Morie 057. 149 Paw Prints 136

Pawloski . Lisa 149, 227 Pay ne, Jo nath an Payne, Troy Pe'a, Caye nn e Pea rso n, Cather in e Pearson, Lindsey I 02, 227 Pea rso n, Mi chael 149 Pearso n, Ro bert

Pearson, Sydn ey

Perin o. Dcidra I 49 Perl e, Andrew Pcrli ch, M arga ret Perrcl. Sara h Perry. Brand o n

Perry, L1ra 06 1. 149.236 Peru cho, Michael 022. 03 1. 058. 149 154, 155 Per-L, Emilie I 03 Pesce, Ma nh ew Pes kin , Rose Pete, Yve lt e Peters, Brando n I 03 Peters, Joan ne 209 Peterse n , Kath erin e Pc1erso n. C hri s1ina 149 Peterso n. D ani el 069 Pe1erso n, Matt hew 222

Peterso n, Rebecca 2 10, 2 1 I Pc1ro, Carol Pe11 i nge r, D av id Peuu s, Co urtn ey M ar ie I 03 Pey10n , Regin a

Po pe. L1uren 227 Pope, Rya n Pope, Stephen 152 Popide n, Jame' I 03 Popi de n, John R. 75 Popy. Robe rt

Rahil wo ngsc. Da niel I 52 Rodlein , David Radva nyi, C hrist ina 2 10, 2 11 lbgrago la , Kaik i I 03 Ra lun , Ma rga ret I03

Po rcel li , C hriMo phcr Po rras. Priscilla

Porras. Stephenc 063, I 03 Po n eo w., Ala n I 03

Port er. Broo ke 227 Port er, Lindsic 066. 152. 227 Pon er, Miranda Po n er, Rac hel Po nn oy, Ri ann

Phinney, Lauren 103

Phinney-Lavell , Jenni fer I 03, 237 Pia mo n1 e, G iova nni Picca rd o, Andrew 103 Pichen e, M artin Pienov i, Jo n Pieper, Lauren I 03 Pierce, Bri:1 nn e 06 1 Pierce, Jonarhan Pierce, Lisa Pie rce, Rebecca 149 Piero ni , Lui gi 149

Pigrom, Morcu; 152, 222 Pi jpoert . Leonard 062. 152 Pilco, Gc:m ca rl o

Pilierc, Roy Pil kington, A; hley I 0.~ Pineda, O li via Pi ned a, Ri na Pin eiro, l~ d1 c r- M a ri e Pingel , John I 03 Pinkney, J:1vonn c I 03 Pinnell , Aimee Pin o n, Ve ro ni ca

Riley. Erin 05 7, 066. 153

Ra mos, J. Ca rlo-; Ramos, Mega n l'b mos, M iguel Ramstad . Jaso n I 04


Randall. Jolie 06 I , I 04, 235 Ran gel , C laudi o Rangel , G regory

Rangel , Maria I 04 Rangel . Sograr io 062 Rapapo rt , Anni e

Rapp. Niccore I 52 lb pu . Sergio Ras berry. Charb 73

Price, Eli1.1beth 227 Priebe, Derri ck I 03 Prie1o, Suza na Primas , Angelo Prit cha rd . Co nn o r 222 Proc tor, I leather 103. 244 Pro persi. Zachary Pros t , Ch ri sri ne Pruchy:mimi t, Renee

Ratcri a. Sa ura bh

lh usch. Deboro h Rausch, Ro nald Rave nscroft . Emily 069. I 04 Ray. David I 04 Ray. Mica lbya, Audrey I 04, 227 lbya, Jose Rca, G iovann a I 04 Read, Megan I 04

Prunk , Ju lie 152, 185 Pryo r, Mega n 06 I , 152 Puglisi, K:11hcrin c Pulcini , J:m a Pulido, Jose I 03

Rea der, O mar

Pulido, Moribcl 059. I 03 Pullen, Jacob Puppo, D resden Pu111icki. Matth ew 069

Puz.1 usk0', Ma rgaret

152. 235


L l 99 7

Ra ins Hall

Robinson. Rolanda 153

Regidor, Ronnel I I 04 Regla , Yoland a 153 Rehder, Kurt

Reich, Tyler Reid, Anne 153 Reid , Colleen Reid, James 153 Reid , Kari Reid , Scan

Pei, Jcn

Plascencia, Eli1.1bcth I 03 Plott , Nicole I 03 Pl att-Valencia, Nicole I 03 Plecnik, Joseph

Pelaez, Gabriel a I 02, 244

Pleiscr. Kris1a I 03

Pelkey, Kri stin Pellclticri , G r:-. ham Pen a, Di ana I 49 Pena, L1 uren

Ploghoft , Sca n Plueger. Kristen 06 1, 152 Plurkows ki . N icho las

Q uin o n e!~, Va n e~sa

Resich, Nicholas 180

Pookwa, Michel le 103

Q uint an;, April 066. 152

Penh all , Devin 220 Pennington, Hillary I 02, 236

Po hl e1, I ncs Podes1a, Va le ri e Pod zimcz, Da vid

Q uint ero , Alfo nso Q uint ero. We nd y 103 Q ui1 cr, Geo rge I 03

Res id enl H o usi ng Assoc ia1io n 0 19, 063, 123, I 62

Perez, Ann e I 02 Perez, Anuro

Perez, C roi g 149 Perez, Dina Perez, Prancisco 062, I 0 2, 242 Perez, G abriela I 49

Pollick. Jennifer 185

Perez, Gideon Va l I 02

Pompili , Sl11.a nne 059

Perez, H ave n

Po n, Audrey Po nce, Lo rra in e 152 Po nce, Sandra Po ngqu an, Vo ranan

Perez, Jessica I 02 Perez, John I 02 Perez, Tera 149

Pontrclli . Alana I 03

Pergola , 13riann e 102

Poo re, Janee

264 Index

Reid, Shann o n

Rob inson. Ga ry 246

Ro binso n, W illi am Ro biso n. Jasmin e

Robles. Lourde; Rocha, Angel Rocha, Ce;a r I 05 Rocha, Daniel Rocha-Ze peda, Lizc tte I 05 Roche, Michael Roches ter, Rya n Rockey, Stephanie

Rockwell, Brando n 228 Roco, Vin cc m 153

Rodd , Aimee Rodri go, John Rodri go , Nisha 059, 158, 159

Q uadro, Michael Q uaid , Kevin 152 Q uorrey. Kcshia 152 Q ueca no, Micl.dl c

Reilly, Erin Reilly, James Reilly, Patrick I 68 Reinbachcr, Sa brina

Rodri guez, Anabel 067, 153. 244

Quevedo, Sreplwnie Q uinn , M artin Quinn , Suz.1 nn c Q uin o ne:-.. Kathlee n I 03

Registrar's O ffi ce 027

Rodri gun, Rodri guez, Rodri guez, Rodri guez. Rodri guC?., Ro dri guez, Rod rigue1., Rod rig uez, Rod riguc7. Rod rigue?., Rodri guez, Rod riguez,

Remin gto n , Vic10 ri a Renault . Jea n Lu c I 04 Reseberg. John I 04

Resnick, Allen michel 104 Resnick, Jessica 059, I 04

Q uk. Toren 060

Restau ro, Albe n

Q uo n, Dev in

Re>ti vo, Sa m 066, 153


L l 929

Saint Robe rt's Hall

Revea l, Ge nevieve Rex, Ka d~ry n

Rex road . Rebecca I 04. 235 Reyes. Alice 153

Po meroy, Brcn I 03 Po meroy, Matth ew

Perez, Tomas 198, 200

Rohcl . Moybcth 06 I , I 05 Robert , Mel vin I 05 Robert s, Jason I 05 Roberts, L1 t11路en 064, I 05, 2 17 Roben s, Lindsey 057, 105 Roherrs. No< han I 05

Reddy, JcfTrey Reed, Adam Reed, Na tasho I 04 Reed, Shane

Pcdra1..a, Adri an

Po kl ewski , Alexa nder Poli to, Nicholas I 03 Po llan , Darcy Polley, Jaime I 03

Ro bbins, Jederdi arc

Ro binso n, Just. in 228 Rob inso n. M auree n 2.35

Planr, C harlo n c Pl am o ne, Jennifer

Pepper, Krista I 02 Perez, Alin a 227

Roach, 1-1 oleigh 18 5 Robo<ea u. Andrea I 04 Rohb. C hri>t ino

Rcbclcs, Alexa ndra Reddin g. Kyle I 04

Peck, Myb 184, 185 Pedersen, Jeff

152 Poh. Sa ik-Choon 152

Ri nc han . M ichael Rin k, Nancy I 04 Ri o rda n , Ma tth ew Rit chi e, Melinda Ri vas. O e., iree I 04 Ri vas, Heidy I 04 Ri vas, Kristen 104 Ri vas, M ac ree na-And rac 104 Ri vas. M:uisa Ri vera, Er ic Ri ve ra, Jennifer 057. I 04 Ri ve ra, Jo hn Ri vera, Rick I 04 Ri vero. James 198

Ro ben so n, Briann a I 53 Robin, C hri sto pher Robinson, E.urskin e 186

Reeves, Jo hn


Riela , Jordana

Ready, William Reali , Ela ine 066, I 52 Rea mer, Kell y 152 Reordon. Gi na 152

Pitt s, M orga n

Pep ito, Jess ian

Kim 22 1

Ramos, Ga briel I 04

Pecchenin o, D aniel Pecciami , Ann a

Pedrino, Donald I 02 Pegcl, Joshua I 02

Ri c h a rd~.

Richardson, Erik I 04. 222 Riclmdson, Janel I I 04 Richardson. John I 04 Ri chard so n, L:111n eu c 104

Po ulse n , M el issa Po und , Jess ie Powell , Brand i

Pirzy nski , Sa ra

Pizu ra, Juliana I 03, 227


Riggi ns. Marleigh

Pin to, Nicholas 152 Pittman, Jenni fer I 03, 23 1 Pillman, Milto n 152

R h o:~ d e~.

Ri 'chard . Robert Richard,, Cynth ia H7

Ra mirez. Susa n 152, 244

Powe rs, L.1 urcn 21G. 2 I 7 Powcry, P:11 rick Poye r, Th o mas Pozzi, Len:1 I 03 Pro ndini . Kellen I 03 Prasad , As h win PresiO n , N icho las Preuss. Do ughert y

Phillips. C hrist ian I 03 Phillips. Stephani e 149 Philpott , Russel l

Rh ee. Donald 2 14. 2 15 Rh oades. Md iS\a

lb mo ne, Jacbo n Ramos, Abel

Posad a~. Rene Pos t , Pa1rick 220

Powers. Elizabeth

Phillips. Casie

Rh ames, Andrew

Poulos. Nicole 227 Poulos. Sora 152

Po<t, Patrick 152

G iangc hau I49 H amilt o n Lydi a I 03 Se rena Pham , Trong 057, I 03

Phi Alpha The10 064 Phillips. Amanda 06 I , I 03. 235

Rh odes, Arthur 104

Ri cher, Jo nath an Ri ch mo nel , Kev in 104 Ricl11 er, Car:1 Rid cOlll , Ti ana 104 Ri ecan, Cou nn ey

Pf.1fT. Alison Pharn . Pham , Pham , Pham ,

Raiscn in 1hc Sun 020. 02 1 Raithel, Lind ~cy Raj;k i, Joa nne I 03 Rolbovsky, Ali;on I 03 Ra mirez. Ana I 03 Ramirez, Edn a I 04 Ramirez, Jo hn Ramirez. Ju an I 04 Ramirez, M ar in a 104 Ramirez, Melis:-.a Ramirez. Michel le I 04 R:Hnircz, Shann o n 069. I 04

Rczai. K:u ayo n

Reyes, An geline


Reyes, Anno-Liza 153, 235 Reyes, Aro mi I 04 Reyes, Eri ck I 04 Reyes, lvctt e 104 Reyes, Nicole Reyes, Q ueenie I 04 Reynado, /lndrcw I 04 Reynolds, G regory

Rodri gues, Andrea Rod ri guez, Alexis Anas1acia Ann :1 Arm and o 1OS C am ero n I 05 C h ris1ina Daniel Fern ando G uadalupe Jan ne t Jea nn ell e Jennifer Jo hn

Rodri guez, Judith Rodri guez. Lises 153 Rodri gun, Maria Rodri guez, Mari ~o l

Rodri guez, Melissa 063, I 05, 235 Rodri guez, Michel le Rodri guez, Rene

Rodrigue7, Rosa linda I 05 Rodri guez- Pi111 o,

l va ni ~1

Rof.1cl , John Ro fTcy, P:-.1ricia

Rogo lsky, Coria nne 20 I , 203

Rogel. Mich>cl Rogers, April

Ruth erford . Stcph:1 ni e I OS

Roger,, Daniel

Rydberg. Michelle 15.3

Rogers, JcfT Rogers, Jennifer 105. 2.35


Roge r\, La uren Roge r.\, Mark Rogir7. John I 05

Ru" . Adam 065. 222

C h ri .., ti :-~ n

,,il!f'( l

Sac red ll ca rr C hapel

L l95 3

Roj,_, Uri>n<b 057. 15.3 Rokbn , 'li·in3 I 05 Rollerhockcy C lub 065 Rollcri . Ry> n Roll in.,, Srel.1n I 05. 222 Ro m:m , Bent o n Ro m:m cnko, O lch Ro mano. Lauren I 0 5

Ro manow.; ky. S:trah I 05 Ro mero, Broo k


Ro mero, Dani el I 53 Romero. Ko njcn

Sa:~ I.

Romero, R3chcl I 05

$;t hh:-~g h .

Romero, Yu vikl..•1

Sabo, Lind ,ey 156. H 7

Ra m o, Asun cio n

Sach .... Je!-\iL:l I 06 Sackcn . C:1 rri e

Ra mo, Moni c:t Ro ndo u, Ja .. o n

Ron<luillo, Audrey I 05 Ron'1uillo , C hri :-. ti:tn Rooney, Corynn 06 1

Roope, Henj 3min 06 I , 153 Rosal es, C ristin:t 10 5 Rosales, Marihcl

Rm3lcs, S3 n Ju3nil3 062, I 05 Ro<>les, s,,h 153. 227 Rosbrugh. Noelb I B Roschke, Timorh y 063, 064, 168 Rosci ~;zcws b .

Joa nrl:t

Rosecr3ns 1-bll 0 19 Ro:-.c n , Sonn y

Rose nberg. Eli L:~ bc th Rose nberg. L:t ura I OS Ro~c nqui s t , Phi l ip 1G8 Ro~c mticl , Sayoko Rm idi , Liarn y Ros~. Alli!.o n Ro\<, Amy 063. I 05. 235 Ro<>. Ry>n I 05 Ro,, ;, Jose phine Ro..., it cr. Kimberl y 15]

Ross it er, Mi ch:1d

Rm..;o, Mcg:m

Ro<vold . Kelly Rora r3cl 065 ROTC 01 2.013, 162 Roth , Amb, I 05 Roth , Joshua Ro th enberg, Benjamin Rotim , Sandr:1 1OS Rotttnn o, C nt l1crin e Roughen, K:1.t e

Roun <>ville, Ashley Rovyrska, Angclin> 153 Row:1. n, D:1. niel Rowing Associati o n 066 Roxas-C hu a, Kimberl y

Royce, Roger I 05 Roze, Thaddcu' I 05 Rozsalige ti , Yve u e 153 Ruan, Aid> 153 Rubcn<bll , Gregory Ruberry, Lauren 059 Rubi o, Moni ca Ru cker. !I iana Ru cker, Marga ret-Anne lOS

lbchcl I 05. 2 1 I

S:dJ:-~ n ga n ,

Jo n:nh:lll I 06 Ourwa

S3cred Hcan Chapel 007 Sa doy:-~ m :t , Jon:J. th :J. n I 06 Saeed , B:t!-im

S3 fai . Shahmd 156 S:J.g:ui:J. -Ro..,!-i, ri ce 197 S:1.gona, Matth ew Sa lwgun . Alexa nd er Sa hhtrom, Anna 066. 106

S> ikaly, llabib S:1 iki. Stant o n

S> inr Robcn \ Hall 005

Scdagh.n , A>ieh

S:t nt m. Jmc I 06 S.ult o.\, Kendra Sa nt O\, Marc Angelo S:lllt O\O, C indy S:t rllo.'lo. Michael Sa rge nt , Limhay S:1ri o, Lauren 067, 106 Sa ri o, \XI illi;~m

Scd igh. Edmond 157 Segal. Ore n Segura, Jonath an I 06 Segur:l, So phi ;~ Se igel . M:t tt hew Sc infcld , l.;~ ura Seit z, Ridt ;~ rd

S>rki ,, Angela 156 S;~ rkis~ i a n , G regory 156. 228 Sarver. Scolt 198 Sa,;~ ki . Sh:t ne Sath er. J o n a tlt ;~ n Sato, L1urcn S:t ucecb , Rox:1 nn e S.llller. Jill ian S.tvagc. Brett S.tviano, K:tth erin e S:wl cr, J:1. mi c I 06 Sa w :J.y;~ , mt cl S:1xby, Jon nna I 0(,

Sellec k, S i c rr;~ Scher, Scott Semcm :t, G ina 0)7, I 0(,, 235 Sc mo..., S1ephcn Scng. C hanvyd.1 Senter, M:~ rc Sepr ember I I rh 01 3, OJ I . 052. 05.) Sermcno, Do mini <.: 06 1, 157. 24 2 Scrr, Ca th erin e 106 Sc rr;tll O, M;~ri a I 0(1 Serran o. Ma ribel SctT:J. no, Peter

Saychk . Monie>

Se m o. Frik I 06

Sc.ltes, L::lll rc n Sca tes. Rodn ey Sch:1efcr. Matthew Schaeffer. M:t tth cw I 0(, Schanficld . Atn :1 ncb I 06 Sch:t rl cmann . G regory 106

Sc n ·icc l1rog ram ( ~oordin ati n g Co ucil 0(,(, Sc... , i. Ko u.1kou I 06 Sctcra , M:t ry I 17

Si lican i. Mo nit..l I 07

Sil k lk rhan y I 07 Sil va, And rea 002 Sil v:1.

D o n 'A n gd ic;~

Sil va.,aberh Silv>, Joe 198 Sil va, Ro m;t n Sil v:t-Ca no. J:mit 7)' Sil ve, tri , Stephen Sil vey r:t, Dnv id Sima\, '1"":-iylor Simek, Set h Simcr:.on. Kim I 07 Simmo n\, Ai. . lu I 07 Sim mo n:.. '!Odd 065 Simmrin , Jo...e ph Simo lon, Juli.t Simo n, Kate 2J7 Simo lld!-o, Sylvie Sim onia n, Jennifer I 07 Simo n.... C hri., tin ;l Simp... o n. Jakar:t 107 Sim:., N ico le I '5 7 Sim . . , Steve n Si ngcr. Brian Si nger. Rebecca Singh. M:tnp rce t Si nglcw n. C hri. . to phcr Si nglc10 n. Lori

Scx lo n, M:1.tth ew


Sbckclford, Joel Sh,nc r. Z>dm y 107 Shah . A.uni r

Siqucirm, Brend.1 I ) 7 Sir:tcu ....t. D ant (' I 07 Sirgo. Bet.'l.tbc.:

S:1 b 1:1. r, Leti cia

Scheidegger. Whid\eld

Salazar, Nicole 244

Schellcnba ch. 11ctcr

Shah. Kinner Sh:tlt:td cn, ' J 'h<~~n a ... Shahamiri , J:t me"' I 07 Shanah:m , M:t tth cw I 57 Slwner, Brc:t nn

Sisk. D.midl e I 07 Sistah Fricnc.h 0(,7

S:1. lcido,

1 ::-~tim :t

Sa lehi , d. Scpidch 156 S:t lisbury. Eli 7.:-~ bc th Sa lo mo n. Eri ck I SG Salo ur, Shircen Salt er. Mcbnie 069. 209 S:-~ h z. ata \ hn S:-~ l v:-~ d or. Jme

Schcppcr,, Nicole I 06 Schcrben h. Ellen St:hiant.m:lli , N:t hil

Shapi ro. Seth 220

Ski nner, Ji ll

Schlitt enh art . Limh:ty Schl otm:1 n. l..c . . lie 156

Slmma . u, ha I 'i7 Sh>ver, John I 07 Sh:1w. L1 urcn I 07, 2.37 Shchiglik. ht y:111a Shea, Mega n I 07

Sc hm :-~ dcl . L1 ur;~

Sa lv:1d or C ucrci, Eli.111:1 1SG Sa lvcs trin , Kelsey Sa m:-~ :t n , Ro:.c S:unimi , J:un e"' Samperi o, M:-~ri so l 156 S:unpso n, Shnnn o n I 06 S:un s, J:-~rcd Samson , Eli7.:tbcth 173 San Di ego. lh rtolome I 06 S:t n Miguel , T:mia 156 Sanati , tV bhmoud Sanbo rn , l3cth -Tanac Sa nchez, C l:tudi a Sa nchez, C laudia Sanchez, D:1lia S:1nchcz, Erin 197 S> nchez, Jan I 06 Sa nchez. Josef

Schneider, And rew Schn eider. Broo ke Schn eider. Kurt I OG Schneit er, T:ml :t ra

Michelle Robert Robert ! 56 Robert o I '56 Vero ni ca I 0(, S:t nd e r~. Br:111don

Schnell, Bradley 204 Schnell , Srephcn Schocch, Jeremy Schoellkopf. M>rk Schoetzow. Karl Scholar, Steve

Scholkof, Mark 220 Schooley, Tya nne 065 . 156 School of Edu c31 ion 74 School of f-ilm >nd Television 74 Schroeder, J>mic 106 Schroeder, Paul I 06 Schubert , K:tthl ce n


Sa nd y~- Re 111 o n ,

J:t n S:111fo rd , Ma11hew S:J. ngvera phu m iri, Ke n I 06

Shcno ucb , C harl c.., Shcp>rd , C><ey

Smith , Oo rsic Smith . JcfTrey

Shepard, G>r)' Shepherd , V>lcric Sherid >n, Dan iel 180

Smith , Jo> n 157

Sherm an, Arthur Sherm an, Jeremy Sherm :1 n, John

Smirh , Lloyd Smith , M>rcus 186, 187 Smith , No ble I 07 Smirh , Rp n I 07 Smirh , Sco11 157. I 68

Shetty, Neha

Shin , J3c

S:J.ndoval, Parker Sand oval , Ruben S~ ndova l.

Smith , Anna

Schul7, Ka rin 156.

Runk le, Benj:unin I~ Run zler, Jennifer

Scott , Can cb ce

Sco11 , Edward Scott , Jennifer


Mi c h :~cl

Shellenberger, Am .111d:1 18.3- 185 Shelton, Cbrm ae> ha 157

Shim 3moro, Jill I 'i7

Scoll , Alcx i> 227

Sla11 ery. Mary Sbught er. Adr i.Htnc l l) I

Sloy3 n,

Schulte. Jme ph Schulth ei,, Re h ecc;~ 235 Sdllllt7., l.oui .. c 2.) I

Skok:t ndi c, .tli c

Sbdc. M3r3 0(,(,, I 57 Sbr en, Crp" l I 07

Shca h:1 n. Vince nt Shc:um.ln , Shann o n 157 Shee han, M:turcc n Shcc t.'l, !leather

Shim , l3ri:t n Shim , Sesa me Shim :-t bukuro, Spencer

Sch uclcr, D><hel Schuh e. Je" ic.1 I 06

Sandoval. Michelle

Sa ndoval. Yo h>n> 059, 156. 235

Sjoblo nl, C hcl . . e.l Skidm o re, KcJ..,ey Skinn er. Belli

Schmidlkofer, Srcphanie 156

I 07

Skid , Elid>crh 185

Shank.rr. Mo nika I 07

Sa lvador, S> roh I 06

Sanchez, Lawrence 062, I 06, 242

J e:~n - M:~rcd

Schiebel . De> n 159 Schipper, Joel 156

Rui z, Marir za 058, 06 I , 153 Run gsca, Bclin<b 069. I 05

Rtmcll . C~n cb cc I 05 Russell. David I 53 RuS<el l. Michael I 05 Rm,ell , Ri chard 153 Russi, Anrhony I05. 222

Sedeno, Li1ett c

Self. Raden 190. 19 1 Sd ich. i\leX>ndro I 06

Sa ndhu . Andrea na S:t rH.Ihu , Ka rin a Sa ndi no, Jo:.e ph S:111dland. Scon Sa ndlin , Shann on S:1.ndo, Rcbc<..:<..: a Sa nd oval, Evel yn

Ruiz, M;tric

Sccu r:t, Mary I 0(,

Sd13 ub. S>roh 20.3

S.rndel'\, Rebecca 059. 156. 2 17 S:-~ nd c r.!l, Stcplwnie JOG

Rui 7., M>nud 062, I 05

Seballo,, Leo 156

Sclt :J. ucr, Sta cy I '56 Sclt :J. ukowitch. 106 Schecht er. Ben Scheck, Srcph cn II. 75

Rufus, Karyn I 05 Rugby 222 Ru iz, Ash Icy I 05

Rui z, Ju:m

Seal, A l cx:~ nd c r 222

Sa nr oni , Amy I 06, 23 1 S:t nt os. Jcmma I SG

Schum ann , Scan Schw:1 rt z-Mill er. Z.;~dl:-~ry Schw:tn lo\C, 1\-i ar:~ I 06 Schwe hr, Jo:.eph Sdnvellcr. Ann Scio l.t. Dia n:1 Scipioni . Annem:1ric Sc iurb;~, Steph:t nic 1SG Scobey. Pronklin II. Scofield , Danielle I 06 Scoggim, Tr:1cy I 0(,

Rui z. Gabriela 067

Scnll y, Kyle I 06

Sicm , Meli"a 059. 2.> I Sierr:l\, Jc\\iC:l I 07 Sigl. Ma rie I 07 Sigma Chi 240. 24 1 Signw l.amhd.1 Bct:l 242 . 14.) Sigm:t l...:unhd:t Ca nl!n.l 244. 24'5 Sigma Phi Ep, ilon 246, 24 7 Si b dv. Emily

S3 k,u1 ye, 'lcJdd S.1kowski , Amy I 06 Sa lan>vc, "Iiza beth 06 1 Sa l:uich, Sh3ne 106, 220

RuiTul o, Kari

Rui1, Brooke Rui 7, Francisco

Scrugg\, P;~ t r i (. k I 06 Snut o n, Scan

Sero. llrondo n 06 I , 06'! Sexron, John 107 Scxron. Leb nd I 07

S:1. irrino, Deni'c S:t k:un oto. K:J. th erine I 06

San chez. S:1 nchcz. San chez, Sa nchez. San chez.

Rueda, Monica 105 Ruffin . Kri sten 105

S.lllt :l C ru 7, Cri .!~ tin . l Sa nt a Mo ni ca Pier 04 '5 S.1ntana. Ant ho ny 198 Sa 111 ann, Na ncy Sant cfo rt . St:tccy I )(j Santogro,..,i, Mi Lhacl

Shimob w:t, Kevin Shin . C lwcyeo n O(,J Shin , J:tchyun Shin , P:ttri ck 107 Sh ipkov.1, Irene

Shipp. Marchd la 157 Shoe n. Stu art 24(,

Shoii . J·"'"' Sho m:1, J:uni c 18'5 Sho rr, Su\;J il

Shmd rer. S>r:~ 066. 157 Shrader, Ja,on 228 Shul er. N icho la!Shym:tmki . Kir:t Si:1, Rh o d o r;~

I 07

Sma<..:kdow n O(,S Sma,lunouth 028

Smirh , Adom 107, 2 1'!. 246 Smirh . Dcebr> 157

Smidt . Karen Smi dt , Kath erin e 107

Smith , Sca mu ~ Smith . Scan 198 Smith , S1.tcey Smith , Victu ri:l Smith:.on, Kat.trirw Snodgr.t\\, Robert Sno rgr.l:>\, Sh:lllni Snyder. M ich:tcl Snyd er. Morg.m Snyder, Sm:-~ n

So, Jc"ic 1 O'iS. 157 Soccer 180-85 Society o f Hi:.p;tni c Pro fc:., io nal Enginee r' 068 Society o f Mec h:t ni cal Enginee r:. 060 Society o f"\XIo mcn Engineer:. 0(,7 So ftb:~ ll

202-0.1 Soldo, Vieror I 07

Si", Jaso n I 07

Solim :J. n, Michael I ) 7 Soli,, C hriqo pher 048

Sidlmta . Vc ronit ~

Soliz. Lu i<

Scott , Jenni fer Scott , Kri\ tin a 156

Sidorowi c1. Joe Sicchik , Ann a OG(J, I 07

Sconlar, Bradley

Siegel . S:~ ra Sicrr3 Cluh 067

Solo mo n. l) ;~n icl Solt ero, Lili nn:t I 07 Somer:.. C:tth crin c I 07 Sonn Rya n

Scri va no. John I 56



So re nse n, Kathe ri ne 0 6.~ . 10 7



Working at the Tower has taught me the importance of working with people who are smarter than me- that is, compiling a ream where each player brings his or her own game and, above all, a great attitude. Section editors- thanks for your dedication and understanding of the word deadline. Mike, Jason, and Sara- thanks for raking your new positions and running with them- it looks better than I could have imagined. Joli e- you kept going when I would have quit (or worse- never started!)- I admire you! Anthon y- most people will never publish a book of their photos in a lifetim e, you have done it by age 21. Colleen- you may have surprised many people, but I knew it all along. Jason- you led this ream to new heights this year and they are blessed to have you around next year, roo! You have th e tal ent to do it all and a personality that makes oth ers want to work with you. I am especially grateful for yo ur help- you made this book what it is- unbelievabl e! With much gratitude and admiration, Alissa Zito

Sori ch, Ri chard 157 Son o, Fernando So to , Bearri z I 07

Strain , Jen nifer I 08, 160 Straka, Kenn y I 08 Stree t, Jennifer 0 57 Strin z, Sami 202, 203 Str un a, Janice OG7

Sorenson , Jennifer

Soto, Bri ana

Student Programs and Leadership

Soto, Evel yn OG2, I 07 So ul Food OG8 So uth ern , El izabeth I 07

027 Stud ent Workers 02G, 027 Stump, M ark I 08

So uza, Jv t cl issa Soza, Jesse

Stu yc k, Daniel I 08

Spada, Sarah Spain , C hristo ph er 220 Spaldin g, Mark Special Gam es OG5 Spence, Rya n I 07 Speno, Salva tore 157, 228 Spezze, Jaqul yn I 07

Spindler, Lauren Spinelli , Brian OG5, 157 Spinks, M ahogan y Spi ro-W inn , Alliso n I 07 Spjtll , W illi am 157, 220, 228 Spo ndike, Kelly I 07, 227 Spo rl eder, Beth 157, 23 1 Spray, Lindsey I 07 Springcl , Maril yn Springe r, Derek I 07

Springer, Patrick Spyra. Shannon St. llilaire, C hri sto pher St. John , Kath leen St. John , Steve n I 07 Stabil e, Mi chel le I 08, 223 Stahl , Kevin Stahl, N icho las Stalk, Sarah Standifer, Alicia I 08 Stand ing. Bri an I 08

Stanford , Fern Stani gar, David I 08 Sran isb s, S u s~m

Sueda, Kilikiko pa Suehiro, Derek I GO Suga no, Sharo n 160

Sugiyama, Justin Sui zo, Michael Sulack, Eli zabeth I 08, 235 Sul aver, Adri enn e I 08, 2 1 I Sulli va n, C hri sto pher I GO Sulli va n , C ollee n OG6, I GO

Sullivan, Hea ther Sulli van, Jeffrey

Sulli van, Kristen Sulli v:m, Megan Sulli v:m. Nicole Sulli va n, Peter I 08, 222

Sullivan, Srarr Sul w, M ichael I 08

Sum , Yu On Sundberg, Kr isten Sunderman , L..1.ura Sun se t Co nce rt 028, 0 29 , 03 1

Surfas , Steven Suri ano, Asto r I 08, 242 Surpola, Do n 075 Sumun Co rd a OG6 , 133, I G2 Sut anandi , C han dey I 08

Sutfin , Christopher I08 Sutton, Ann e

Stanl ey, Kyle I 08 Stansberry, Ma uree n

Sutt o n, Warren I GO, 174, 176

Staves, Alyso n

Stea kl ey, N icole Steele, Benj amin I 08, 222 Stee re, Mel issa Stefatos, Geo rge I 08

StefTani ,

l-l cad1 cr

Suver, Jessica 209 Svorinich, Nicholas Swagerty, M ary I GO Swanson, Brit 220 Swa nson, Christina Swa nso n, Tyle r I G8 Swa nton , Ka thryn 0 59, I 08

Stehlik, Dustin Steilnmann , Mi chael 157

Swaving, Krys rle Swearingen, Daniel Sweeney, James I GO

Stein , Benjamin

Swee ney, Megan 237

Stein beck, Roge r

Sweeney, Owen Sweeney, Ryan Swenson, Katrina

Steinberg, Miclwcl Steiner, Jamie I 08

Steinkamp, jennifer 22 1 Steinman n, Michael 222 Stcllin o, N icho las Stenh olm , Scott 24G Stepath , Sarah I 08 Stephens, El ijah

Swett. Hi lary

Swett , Jeremiah Swift . Victoria Swimming 2 1G- 17 Symon s, Jenni fer I 08, 223 S路l ego, Ta mas I G8

Stephens, Leanne 108

S1.emple, Jess ica

Stephens, Mi chel lena I 57

Szo pa, Jose ph OG5

Stephenson, Shern alee

Szymela, Victoria 108

Stern , Rachel I 08, 235

,)ittCf -,

Steucrmann , Christianne I08

L l 97 1

l e ndcrich Apart ments

Stevcl y, Sa ra I 08, 237

Stevens, Miki Srevens, Ryan Stevenson , Parker Stevko, Timoth y 204

Stewa rd , Allison Stewa rt , Dana Stewart , ian Stewan , James Stewart, Masahji I08 Stewa n , Mi chel le 160, 237 Stewa rt , Orla I GO, 2 1I Sth ay, Ad am 180 Sti ckel , Derick 180

Sriebrs. Ania Stiff, Brett Stills, Misty

Tt Tabbert , Andrew Tagayun , AJ vin Tagvorya n, Anahit 108 Takacs, Eszter Takada , Mariko

Stimpson, Kristin 237

路rakahashi , Sandra

Srinson, Brittany Stockhausen, Nicole

Takahashi , Travis

Stoeber, Ca rl 198 , 199

Ta kamo ri , Brad ley 198 Talbo t, Tanya I 08

Stojanovich, Paul

Talbou . Lauren

Stokm a n, Ester I 08, 235

Talens, Joscliro 'l:tlley, Peter OG3, I 09 'fall o n, Jacl yn 069, I 09

Sto ne, Whit ney Stork , Sara h 06 1, I 08

266 Index

Sua Tomboc. Fabian Suchit, Ramdarh Suchit , Reshma Sudmann , Suza nne

Srankovic, Jelcna

Staples- \XIhire, Adrienne

A yea rbook staff meeting all of their deadlines?! I myse lf had never witnessed such a thing until this year. For this, much thanks is due. None of this would have been possible if not for the hard work and dedication of each and every editor. I don't know what I did to have th e privilege of working with you all. Thank you also to Sara, Mike and Jason for only a few will ever know how many hours you logged in front of those computers mal<.ing the pages that form this book. Jolie, I'll never know how you managed to do the CD by yourself Anthony Brenn eman ... you never cease to amaze me. A yearbook without pictures would be a p.o.s., thank you for raking 99.9% of the photos in this book (I'm serious, 99.9%) and for always coming through with your amazing work. Colleen, I always thought you did nothing. I guess I was wrong. And to Alissa: thank you for everything; for giving me the opportunity to be on this staff, for the privilege of worl<.ing alongside of you, for your fri endship and guidance. Do you really have to leave? And finally, to Jenn, thanks for being und erstanding and always being th ere, I love yo u. Proud to be a Sig, Jason Hallmark

Stutheit , Ellen

l~ m a rra ,

Nicol e Rya n

~l~ m as hi ro.

To nobe, C heri e I 09 l a nob, Bryo n I 09 Tanenba um , Roger Tang, Brianne Ton glao , Leezel I 09 Tani os, Peter Tonksley, Kerri I GO, 184, 185 Ton ner, Angelo 209 Topio, Jose OG3, I GO ~l~ rdiff. L1 urcn-N ico le ~l~ rin , Srcph en Tatoya n, Mari e l~wa lb e h , Summ er 109 Toylor, Ca ndo cc Toylor, Eri c Taylor, Jaymi e I 09, 209 Taylor, Korhl ee n I 09 Taylor, M ari e 路r., ylor, Roger 路r.,ylor, Teneil I 09 Teoford , Kyle Ted , Amy 109 Ted , John Tcc r. C hri s1op hcr Tce<e r, Shelby I GO Tegeler, 'la nyo I GO Tell ez, Ana Te nni s 192-97 Teodoro, Victor I GO, 228 Teran , Marce lo 109 Tera ni shi . Yuji 180 TCrcero, Jan et Terry, Les ley Teru ya, Tr:lVis Tes la ve rde, Emil y Te wGk , Sherif Te wksbu ry, Jo hn I 09 Thobet, Koth y 11 0 Th apar, N isha Thelin , Cecilia I I 0 Thibodea ux, Thereso 059, I GO Thiem , Benjamin 160 Third Srreer Promenade 04 1 Th o mas, Alex is T horms, Elijoh T ho mas. Freder ick T ho mas, Scorr OG5 Thomas, Wendy 235 T ho maso n , D ana e T hompso n , And rew 11 0, 174, 175 T ho mpso n, C hri sta Tho mpso n, C hristopher I I 0 Th ompso n, John Th o mpso n, Mark Tho mpso n, Rya n Th ompso n, Wi ll iom I I 0, 220 Th ong. Jill Thorn , Mi chelle II 0 T ho rn e, ll m lley I I 0 Th o rnto n, Palm er Tho rpe. Shoro n I GO, 237 Th orse n , Dana Tho rso n , Ama nd o OG7, II 0 T lr m her, Aja Throckm o rt o n, Kathry n Thrush , Tyler Tibberrs , Co rl ee n I I 0 Tiedge, Kyle Timbol, Mouh ew 160 Timorco, Matth ew I I 0 Tindoll , Aud ro 173 Tin oco, C rys tal Tinoco , G uadalupe II 0 Tipo n, Alfred Tipping, Mego n 11 0 T ip to n, Kim 061 Ti mchi , Ryo n 11 0 TLC OG9 To bin , Nao ise 174 Tob in, Srep hon ie 185 Todd , Swcey Toft, Erik Tom , David I I 0 To rnasov ic, Brian To maszews ki , Jo hn l o moyko, Lindsey Tomk ov icz, Al iso n Toohey, Mego n 'loo hey, M ichoel ' Joo mbs. Lea I I 0 ~!O rgc rso n , Da na l Orge rso n, Eri ca 22 1

To rocs ik , C hri stin e

Tor res, Alon 058, II 0 Torres, Alejondro 180 Torres, Arturo 180, 18 1 Torres, Da ni el I GO, 204 Torres, Gobrid Tor res, Gabriela Torres, Mo ni co I I 0, 209 To rres, Tani a II 0 Torrez, N icho las To rrij os, S1cve n I I 0 Tosca no, Andwny l o th , Brett I I 0 To urc, Lassa na Towbin, Jes ika Tower Pi zza 044 Towersey, C had Tow ne, C hris Town se nd , Mari sa II 0 Trabish, A im ee Trocy, Mi chel le 069 , II 0 Tran, Hoa n I I 0 Tron, Juli e II 0 Tron, Lee 059, I I 0 Tran . Minh ~li路a n , Na ras ha I I 0 Tro n, Phung 059, II 0 Tran . Steve nso n Tr:m , Susa n Tran. Xu:m Trani , John Tros k, L1uro 184, 185 Trave r, Jennifer Trovis, El ys io I GO l roy lor, l c bquonib 160 lreo nor, Mi chod 061, 11 0 Tre:m o r, Parri ck 168 Trca nrafel les, Dia111h e 160 TreciHer, Gi na Trecl\l er, Kevi n Tres, Lisa OG I Tri llew OG9 Triebwosser, Mego n 066, 235 Trifun ov ic, Alcksa nd ar 160 lrinh , Mon hu y 03G ~li路ojan, Bea u Trojo n, Olga Tro tt , C hri:::.wph er Tro ll , Kev in Trovada , Ann My lenc Trowb ridge, j esse Trudea u, Doisy I I 0 Truitt , Kathryn Trullinger, Tyro ne 11 0 Trump, D ave 72 Trumpy. C hri s 18G Truo ng, An ge b I I 0 T~a i ,


Uba ld o, Jocel yn U fo madu, C harl es

Tsa ng. Lin co ln Tsao. C h ris tin e 11 0 Tsibo uka s, Eleni Tsuru oka, Aki

Tubbs, Rancbll Tucker, Ami

Tucker, Cody Tucker, Elizo beth Tun gbnd , Alexandro 2 17 Tunn ey, Ada1n I GO Tupos, Shelly 069 , II 0 Turn er, Amand a 223 Turner, D;~nita 237 Turn er, James Turner, Mory 19 1 Turn er, Na keya Turpin , N ico le Tu r~a. Biru1 e Tweedy, Simon OG:l. OG6. IGI - IG:l,

2.15 Two hi g, Ky le 2 19. 228 Twomey, Jock ie OG9. 110 Tye rm :m, Erin I 10, 209 Tyksi nski , Ariana ,,illt:l! i

L 2000

In the 80-year history of the Loyolan, Volume 80 was a m emorable yea r. From completing the re-vamp of the newspaper's design , to celebrating our anniversary, we accomplished things which have transformed the Loyolan forever. Our mark will be visible on the Loyolan and we did it together as a team. The team that came together this year has brought with them many talents, many experi ences, and man y id eas . I thank each of you for all that you have don e to help produce this paper week after week, 27 tJin es this year. Without our collaborat ive contribution, the Loyolan and its readership would neve r have benefited as much as they did this year. On a person al note, I leave the Loyolan with great hop e in the future of this newspaper and fond m emori es of the tim e I spent here. I will remember, as I hope all the rest of you do, that together, great things can be acco mplished and that community finds itself in the passionate hearts of friends. Thank yo u for providing me with this community- my heart and mind will always be imprinted with what I experi enced here. Good luck to everyo ne m whatever the future may bring and rem ember to always drop by and annoy Loyolan staffs in years to come. Individually, we have achi eved more than we co uld have eve r imagin ed. I hope that the Loyolan holds a place in your hearts, and that your time at LMU was made all the more memorab le by yo ur time working for the oldest and best student organization LMU has. Appreciation, love, happiness and bad humor forever, Michael

University Hall


Ugo n e-A bod. Donidle U hli g. April I I 0 U jamaa , N ia Ukpo, Odey 058, 16 1 Ulbrich, Alliso n 057 Ulctt, Edwo rd Ullrmnn , Erica 237 Ulloo, Naw lio II 0 Umin , Prawin Umof. Erib I I 0 U nderwood, La10ya 161 U nger, C ;1 ss ic U nge r, Hea th er Un ivers it y 1-bll 007, 0 14 Urobe, Trocy U rena, Robcn o Uribe, Armndo 0 57 U ribe, G:1bricla U rq uidi , N ico le U rsi ni , Alexandria Usher, Do ugbs Uss, Richord Us1in. Jaim e Utl ey, Kimberl y Utomi, Ncr u I I 0 Uy, Kotheri ne IGI Vaidman, Elissa I 10 Voidrm n, Rachel I I 0 Vok ili , C hri sto pher Vol, Jam ie Ill , 22 1 Vo l, Jodi Vobde1., Lcti cio I I I , 244 Valca rso, f.ranklyn Va ldez. C hauna I 1 I

Valdivi:1, Ana Vo ld ivia, Regino I GI , 235 Voldi vio, Sondro 062 Va ldi via, Tyro nn c Vo lencio, Elisa I I I Va lencia, L1u rcn 1GI Va lencia , Ma ri a I II Va lencia , Th o ma s Va lenzuela, Brandi Vale nzuela , Candi ce Va \cnzueb , De~ i rcc I I I Va lenzuela, Di na 16 1 Va lcnz ucb, Julian Ill Va lcnzucb , Mon ica Va leri o, C hri s1 inc Ill Va lle, Ke nnyo I GI Vab,a mi s, lphi gc ni a Va n , And rew Vo n llnrs;el, Eli >O beth 16 1,235 Van De Kamp. Micke 16 1 Va n Elsland er, Uri annc I () I Vo n 1-l o ut en, Rachel 069 Va n Orsdcl. Ca1 herin e Va n Onc rl oom, \V'illi am Va n Sa mbcck, Michel le Van So u, James Van \'(Icy, Andrew Vo n Wi nge rden, Kyb Ill Vande r Vccn, L1uren I II Va nd o rdakl o u , Ncgean Vondusc n , Da ni el 06 1, 16 1 Vanhu isc n, Va nessa I GI , 237 V;t rgas, L1ura 16 1 Va rgas, Pedro 16 1 Va rn er, Mari e I6 I Vos il j, Rose Ill Vasq uez. Fcl ino 24 6

Va sq uez, Sleve n Va ugh:m , Kadee n 1 II Va ughan, Va nessa

Vougl111 , Ad orn 16 1 V;twter, L1ura I 1 I Vazqu ez, Mari a 161 Vecchione, Teodoro Vcera, H abib Vego, Erib I ll Velasco, Jo rge Velasq uez, Andrea 237 Velasquez , Anth ony Velazque z, Va lerie I I I Ven ice 046 Ve nning, Brandon 16 1 Vc mura , T ho mas I 6 1, 242 Ve nlurini, J can~Mar i e Ill Verderame, Veronica Ve rdugo, And10n y Verdu go. Av ianca 11 I Ve rga ra, Celeste I 1 1 Verga ra , Jenin Ve,ely, Patrick 16 1 Vcs navcr, Kri s1in 066, 2 17 Vessell. Moll 2 19 Vessell, Megon 16 1 Vetayases, Segsun V ice ncio, Eli1..abeth V ice m e, Angelica Vick, S1evc V icto ri:m , Ste rlin g Ill V idaurri, D:tvid Vid iots 043 Vieiro, Jonel le 16 1 Vi lb, Alvoro V illa , D ami an Vilb , Johnn y



V ill;-~ ca rl o!>, N ichob s I 11 Villaco no , Jose Ill Vilblo bo,, Rudy V il b mar. Ocid



Alissa Zito

jason Hallmark

Jolie Randall




Vil larrea l. Lawrence Villa .. cno r. Stephanie V ill cg::.~;, Claudio Vill cl /i , Mi chael V illelli . Th om,; V ince nt. Kati e

V in<-Juist, Chri ~ t i n c Ill

Violante. Di ana I I I V iramotH c.\, EnricJUC 062, 16 1 Viram o mcs, jcs!! ica 062 Virdin g, Kari I l l

Vladimirskaya, Zoya V lahiotis, Alex andra I II Yodi ck :-~ ,

EJi ,.:lbcth Vogel . Tary n

Michael Dauz

Sara Frietze

Jason Sholl

Yoi'i inct, John 204




Vo ko un , L:tu r:-. I I I Voll eyball 172-73, 2 19

Volmer, Kimberl y

Anthony Brenneman

Volunt ee r Admi s.. io m ~rC am 069


Yo n Lemke. N:uas ha IG1 vo n Schw:l!-L, Eli z::~bc d1 064. 22 1 Vo n Tiehl, Erika Ill , 2.17

Colleen McNeil

Vondrus, Philip Voo rh cces, j :lso n Vorgi:l:-., M :lri:l Vu, -r., m 05 7. 164 Vukadinovich. M ichael Vulin , M :l ri c Ill Vyscl, Juanit :l



o~illCC-, I


Whel an Hall

EDITORIAL Janelle Albino

Marc Magno





Maggie Puzauskas GREEKS EDITOR



Theresa Bruketta

Amy Ross




GALLERY CDROM Michelle O'Malley

Edward Scott



Ben Chaves

Steve Pope



PHOTOGRAPHY Stuart Altman, Roxann e Banuelos, judy Battaglia, Patri ck Botz- Forbes, Au stin Burge, Dzigbodi Djugba, Paul Donatelli, Carri e Gammon, Andrea Jab lon ski, Nathan jim, Mike Kogge, Dan Peterson, Brad Scoular, Al exandra Vlahiotis PHOTOGRAPHERS

268 Index

\XIaddle, Ben jamin I 64 \Vade, Eri c I 64 \XIad e, Steven \XIagner, Sa undra I I I , I 64 \Vag uer. Trevo r 168, 169 \Vai cr, M ark Ill \XIaier, Steph en Wait e, Rand y 198 \XIakasa, D ar)•n \Vale/ , Juli a 2 11 Waldenmayer, N icola:, Ill Wald crs, Stephanie Walker, Amoineue Wa lk er, Aphrod yi Wa lker, G raham 164 Walker, Jeffrey 164 Walker, Kimya \Va l ker, Sw an Wall ace, Mel \Va ll er-Scou . Elisa be< h 164 Wa lsh , /lbir 237 Wa lsh , Daniel Ill Wa lsh, Edward Wal sh. Jenn a 2.15 Wa lsh . Jennifer 066. 164 Walsh, Ill Wa lsh, l'a< rick Wal sh, S<acia 065, 164 Wa lsh , W illi am Wa lt er, Rebeka h 066 \XIahcn•. D aniel Wa hers. M ari e 2 17 Wa lt ers, Risa 22 1 Wa ng. Mi chael Ill Wa ng. Michael \XIa rd . Brenna Wa rd , l~riann e I l l Ward , Eric Ward , H enry 136 Ward , Kell y Wa rd , Kimberl y II I \XIard , M :l ureen Ward , Mi chael Ill Wa rd , Sa ra \XIardcnski . Adrienne I I I Wa re, ll ml10ny Ill

\XIa rrn , Andrea I II \XIa rn cr. Sh.1un \XIa~ h i n g t o n , Evan \XI:l!~ hin gw n , Shanc!lc Ill \XIa~i t o. Adcl ina Wasso n , I Iadl ey 059. 164, 227 \Va<ana he, C had Ill \XIa tcrk oll c, Lynn 11 2 \Va<er Po lo 168- 169, 2 10-2 11 \XIa dington, D .micl \XIa t!'>on. Blair \XIeavc r, Jenni fe r 11 2 \XIc:wer. Kyr:1 \XIc ber. Anton \XIc ber, Jo!oohu a We ber, M elca 11 2 \Vee/H er, C lare \XIchr. Kenneth \XIeinm:l nn , Joseph We inreich, Alliso n 066, 164. B5 \XIcim tcin, Hcth We ir. C hri s 022 We ishcc k. Ka< hryn 11 2 We iss, Jennifer 11 2 Welch, Ka~hry n 11 2 We lch . M ega n 11 2, 209 Welch, Mi chael Welch , Pa< ri ck 164 \XIclch, Ve roni ca 11 2 We ll er. Erin 11 2 We lls, Mi chael \XIcll:,, Peter \XIensman, Bre11 I 64 \XIc rbl e. Devon Wes berg, ll roe n 220 \XIesc rn ~mn , Ry:l n I 64 Wesolek, Stephani e 237 Wessely, Jacc1uelinc 057 , 11 2 Wes<, Jared 164 WeS< , Logan I 12 \X/est , Ryan \XIcs tbcrg, Brocn Wesd 10ff, Wend y Wes<on , M o ll y 069, 11 2 Wetzel , N ikki 11 2 Weyc k, Mc/i;sa 11 2 W halen , C ri st in a 0 58 . 11 2 \XIhccl cr, C ri ~ tin :l \XIhecl cr. l.csl ic W hel an H all 0 : 9 Whcl :-~ n. Tim oth y \XIhitc, C hri:-.wphcr W hit e, Emily 164 W hit e, Jeff 164 \XIhit c, lb ndi \XIhit chcad , \XIinc!ooha W hit esell, Josh 198 Whittl e, Emil y \Vhiu/ e, S<e phani c 11 2, 227 \Vh o lih an, J o hn ' /~ 75 \XIickc, Erica \XIickcrsham, Kevin I 12 \XIicks, Brandon \XIidcrgrcn, Kris tin \Vidjaja, Rik e W id ya herlim , H o nn y \XIicczorck, Lind say \XIicczorck, V iolet \XIiedcman, GcofTrey \XIicdcman, Scan I 64 \XIiedcmann , Cath erin e \X!icgcn , Andrew I 64 \XIicncr, l....o ni I 12 \XIiencr, Scan W ihlbo rg, Amh o ny W ikram anayakc. lan W ilberg, Dust in 174 \X!ilcox, Aaron W ilcox, Kel sey 2 11 , 2 17 W ibak. Sa rah 069 \XIilcman. Eml yn 11 2 W iley, Jo n 220 W il ey, Shal o nda 164 W ilhite, Mi chael 198 Wilkin !'>on, Jo;~nn c I 12 Willi ams, Alan a 069, 227 Williams, D ani el 180 \XI illi a m ~, G:lrrick \V il liams. G rego ry \XIilli:uns. J--1:-~1'1')' W illiams, Ki effer 11 2 \XI illi :un ~. Kira ah 11 2 \XIilli:uns, Kori W illiams, Lo ri 0 57. 164

\XIilli :t rn s, Mich:tcl \Xlilli :tms, N:tkesha \XIilliams. Naki :1 \XIilli :l m'i, P:urici:t W illiams, Rachel 164 \XIilli :tms. Sh:1 nnon 179 \'Vill i:t ms. Summer 164 W illiamso n , Jacoh 164 \XIilli:1mson V incent W illis, Lcncc 1 12 \XI illis, M:tureen W illis, Ro hcn 204 \XI il!-!on, D evon 2.1 I \XIibon, Emil y W ilso n . Eri c 0 58. 11 2 \XI ilson, j o!-!hu:l \XIilson, K:1thryn \'(/j ].,on, Kcl iiho:1b ni 11 2 \XIilson. M atth ew 222 \XIilson, Scan \XIihon, Sh:1wmi W imer. Sca n 11 2. 168. I 69 \XIi n:1 rsk i, Steven I 64, 246 W ind cs, Lucy 165.2 11 ,2 12 \XIingc1. Ann:1 11 2 W inkler, Zoe W inslow, Angel 165 W inslow, Anpcl 165 W ise, Courtney 112 W ise man, Daniel 069. I 65 \XIisniakowski , Lu cas 219 \XIit e1.1 k, Mi chael 165. 228 W itkos ky, N ico le W itt , Kevi n 168 W itt , Kyle 168, 17 0 W itte, An ne 165. H7 \Xlitzer, Gavin 2 14 W izc n fd d , Av i \XIoj tanowicz, Z ak I 65 Wo ldt cnsay, Wd in ch Wo lf, Co rd el ia Wo lfend en . Ju lie Wo l(so n. Lisa 11 2 Wo lfso n. Sara h Wo lpert , Ben Wong. Al exa nder Wo ng, D erek Wong, Eli 1.abcth \XIong. Ga rre ll Wo ng, Kcrra 165 Wo ng, Kit Ling \XIo n gs~Hilth :l m , K:1 th aliya 11 2 Wood , Adam 112 Wood . Jo hn Wood . Kel ly 165 Wood , Kri st i 11 2. 23 1 Wo od , L1cey I 65 \XIoocb rd, Br:tndon Woodard , Jos hu a 112 Woodford , M onique Woods, Jacq uel yn 19 1 Wood.s, Jared 165 Woods , Jared Woo lfo rd , Libhy I 65 \XIo01on, Mega n 17.) Wo rm s, Philip 11 2 Wos man, Sh:t nnon 19 1 Wrig ht , Andre \XIrig h t, Erin 22 1 Wri ght , Ed1 an 11 2 \XIright , juMin Wri ght , Mi chael Wri ght , Sherrell 11 2 Wu, D cnni ' \XIunderlin g, Steven I 12 \XIy pchlak . Anhur I 65

.>ill('( I

L l 929


Xav ie r H a ll

Yacorzymki . Am y 1 12 Yaghoubi :l. n, D chour:t Y:1 m:td:t , Y::t m:t moto, Corey 198 Y:1 m:tm o10, D c:. irec 11 2 Y:t m:l.shit:t, T i:tn nc 11 2 Y:t ng. Sh:tro n I 12 Y:t no, Br:t ndon Yap. JciTrcy 165 YaM II akc, Atsie Yates, '!liTa ny 2 17, 2 18 Ye, C hri:. tin e Ycc. l'ling 11 2 Ych, Billy Yenokid:t, Ca meron Yeo, Ca th erin e Yepe7, Lorena 165 Yc rev:1. ni:t n, 1"\:tffi Ye rk ey, Rya n Yglcs ia, Jod ie 1 \.'l Yi. Anni e 06 1. 2.'\5 Yim . C hrio;; tophcr Yip. Em ily 165 Yniguez, R:tymond Yoo, Eun Yoo. G race 11 3 Yo rke, Tri on 11 3 Young, Jennifer Young, M:1.nin Yo un g. Mi chelle Yo ussef, Jo hn 165 Yo ussef, M ichael 066, I 65 Yribarrcn, Hilary 066, 11 3 Yu , Ga briel 165 Yuh asz. Regin a 165, 245 Yukih iro. Kel ly 185

Zabo r, Krista II .'\, 2 16, 2 17 Z:1brocki. Vero nic:l I 13 Zacut o, Kr iswfc r 198. 200 Z:tflratos, N icole 11 3 Zaheri , M ~ry:t m I 13 Za krzews ki , Lea nne 059. 069, 11 3 Za lrn an , Mo ll y 11 3 Za ma ripa, We nJ y 11 3 Z :1mor:t . Dwayne Zamora, Jenn ifer 165 Z:1 mora, Li s:t 1 13 Za mora. Ro bin 05 7, 11 3 Za mudi o. Eli za bet h 062, 11 3 Z:1. netos, C hristin :l. Z:tp:t nt :l, Aubrey Za pat:l, S:1. lina Z:tr:l. tC, D i:t n:l. I 13 Za rare, Patri cia 0 57,069. 11 3 Z.wa lcta, C ri st in a 113, 245 Z denek, Jennifer Z do rovyts k:. . Angelina 19G. 197 Zcbb, !'ani Zcgcl, l:ltlren I 13 Zeka va t, l..~vo nn c Z cl cdon, Emm a Zcped:1., Anteen:t Ze peda , C hri s 062 Zepeda, Jo hn Zwcl, T hcrc>c I J.'l Zenner. Michael 060 Z hao, Wa nda I 1.'\ Z ialcita, Lea h I 65 Zia m s, Ka ty 057 Z icklin , Rnth Z iff, Benjamin Z imm er. S:1r:1 Zi mmcrm :l. n, D p n Z immerm :l n, ~l ' inl o th y Z inunerm:mn . Flori :1. 11 I OS Zi ndro'\ki . ) :1.:-.on Z incJ i,, And rea' 06.1 Z incl is. M :t ry Z int ~ nt:t \l c r, Ad:t m 168 Zi pp. Shil o h Z ito, Alissa 165, 2.'\5 Zoccobnte, C hri, tcn Z u~ni c h . Eric:t Z uchows ki . Jnli e 057 Z ucht , M i:l. 069 Zw:t rt , Peter OGS

~----~OLOPHO Loyola Marymount University's 19th vo lum e of the Towe r was printed by Taylo r Publishing Co mpany, 1550 West Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, Texas 75235. T he 252 pages were submitted electronicall y using Z lP and JAZZ di sks. Pagination was co mpl eted o n eleve n Macintosh G4 computers usin g Microsoft Word 5. 1, Adobe Photoshop 6 .0 , Cano n Utilities ]m age Browser, and Quark XPress Passport 4. 11 . Copy for the yearbook was w ritten and edited by the Tower staff and co ntributin g stud ent writers. T hro ughout the book, type was set in eith er AGa ramo nd , Sto ne Sans, Helvetica, Ti mes, Bookman, Tre nd y U ni ve rsity, Loki-Kola, o r All Star BV Im ages were taken using two Cano n EOS D30 digital cameras. So me im ages appearing in the Greeks, Athl eti cs, and Campus Life sections were submitted by stud ents, school organizations, and the Spo rts Info rm ation Department. Se ni o r, G reek, and U nd ergrad uate individual port raits were taken by Lauren Studi os, 9607 Business Ce nter Drive, Rancho C ucam o nga, Ca. 9 1730. Additional G reek indi vidual portraits were co ntributed by Californi a Ca ndids. T he Gallery CD-ROM included w ith the 19th volum e of the Tower was created by C lea r Media, m , in coord ination with th e Tower usin g the above applications and o ne Cano n DLl di gital camco rder. Multimedia software developm ent was produ ced by C lea r Media. 1 he Tower was printed for all full-time und ergrad uate students at Loyola Marymount U ni vers ity. T he book was distributed o n campus and each full-time und ergradu ate student was assessed a yearbook fee of $33.00. Inquires abo ut any aspect of this book may be directed to: T he Tower, One LMU Drive, Malone 303, Los A ngeles, Ca. 90045. 3 10.338 .5 145 . T he Tower 200 2 staff would like to thank th e fo ll owing indi viduals

~~CKNOWLEDGEMENT~~ and organizations who have helped to make this book possibl e: Michael Mason, Media Advisor Patrick Naessens, Katy Tyszki ewicz and Lane Bove, Office of th e Vice Pres id ent for Student Affairs Steve Edd y & G lenn Ru ssell , Taylor Publ ishin g Co mpan y Nick Alt, C lea r Media Paul Bilgore, Lauren Studi os Office of the Registrar, Distribution Ce nter, Campus Grap hi cs Office of the Co ntroller, Stud ent Programs and Leade rship Student E mployment Services, U ni ve rsity Relations the Los A ngeles Loyolan, T im othy McShurley, Kevin O 'Shea, Shaw n Fraw ley Sports Inform at ion , Athletic Department We apologize fo r any o miss ion s or miss pellin gs. We sincerely appreciate all w ho co ntributed to this book.

Xavier Hall 005 X iang. Z hin.u1



"The best thing about the future is that it only

270 Closing



2002 LMU Yearbook