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We find


ometimes, we

find ourselves following legacies at


u r s e 1 v e s

the same time v1e are creating our own for others to follow. On our quiet campus we race against the clock to create something that will stand the test of time, falling in love with the future along the way. Reaching out for our goals, our lives become legacies in and of themselves. The strength and integrity of the university, the community and, ultimately, the world rests in our hearts.

The Mass ol' the Holy Spirit, held in Sa~:rcd Hcart Chapel every Septcmber, signifies the spiritual beginning of the academic ycar. Photo by G roller


During the tall semester, student bands rocked Regent's Terrace during convocation hour. Af1¡caka Nature played for the lunchtime crowd and passing students who paused to listen between classes. Photo by Groller



H llndrcds of students were drawn to Sunken Gardens during O'Fesr t(ll路 events like thc egg ross whid1 en(ouragcd ncwu>mcrs to the LMU r ommuniry to gct w know cad1 other. Photo by Gmllcr


Commencement ceremonies in May drew more than 10,000 to Sunken Gardens to celebrate the graduation of more than l ,000 seniors. Photo by Groller Many students frequent the weight room in Alumni Gym to keep themselves in shape by sweating otr the stress that invariably accompanies the progression of each passing semester. Photo by Leadmon


\Vhen the I g n at ians arc not pert(mning w.H:ky antics t{lr the Glmera, they volunteer their time to slll:h otr campus scrvil..'c projects as the Adopt-a Family Christmas project, AIDS \Valk, and tk Colorcs O rphanage trips to Tijuana, Mexil..'o.

The statue of' Fr. Ju nipcro Serra on the lawn in ti路orll of'the Von der Ahe Library rqm.:sents the contro\'ersial legacy of the man who dedicated his lite to bringing Christianity to the indig enous populations of Alta Calif(Jrnia by st;uting t he Calil(>rnia Mission system at San Diego in 1769. P hoto b y Grollcr


Scary, sexy and dowmight hilarious Halloween costumes were on display at the annual Masquerade Rail Saturday, Oct. 26. T he event was co-sponsored by ASLMU and Del Rey Players, and over 300 students turned o ur to help raise money to bring the AIDS Quilt to LMU rhe follo wing April. Students wore red ribbons in support of tJ1osc aftccted by AIDS- and its victims. Photo by Groller


Nathan Kmpa and Jen L uchesi dance rhe nighr away at the ~ \asq\lerade Ball. Photo by GroBer




Left: The lcg;Ky of those who g.a\'e their lives in war was honored on Veteran\ Day by LM U's AFROTC with a day-lung remembrance march in fi路otn of tlags l'l~'ing at halt-:masr. Above: Fr. Thomas P. O'Malley, S.J. gi,路es his final f路;m.:well blessings to the departing Class of 1996. Photo by Gt路oller


Ldr: Though Women's Basketball had a tcanl had a less th;ln slH.:cessf\.11 season on the courts, they were heroes ofl the <:ourr ro kids at the C ulver City Middle School. Second-year coach 1ulic Wilhoit and the te;un fingerpainted with homeless children, gave speeches to kids like those at Culver Middle, and held neighborhood basketball clinics. The l.os Angeles Jtmcscharactcrizcd the women as "The most accomplished 5-21 te<lm in the nation." Photo by Groller Buddha's Bathtub, now in its tilth year, is an open forum f路o r poetry, music, ;Ut, tilm and many other kinds of artistic expression. The event gi,路es studems a chance to get together and sho\\' otr their talents to one another twice a year.

Photo by Espinoza


Loyolans Wayne Limberg, John Jackson, Gerald Ingham and Brother John Rasor displayed their academic skill on the NBC Broadcast of the GE College Bowl, April21, 1968. The collegiate quiz show hosted by Robert Earle featured Loyola University of Los Angeles head to head with the University of Chicago. With just six minutes left in the game, the Loyolans lead 120-80, but the Chicagoans doubled their score in the remaining minutes to win 160-120. Nevertheless, the team is still an expression of the long legacy of academic excellence which continues to inspire the contemporary students of Loyola Marymount University to reach higher by turning everything into a true learning experience.



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ecia/ Edition

CLA Molds Well-Rounded Graduates • Another academic year brings more choices for students. BY LI SA MELTON & LISA RECHLECKI Section Editors

" T he College of Libe1·al Arts is the heart. of the University," proclaimed Sr. Mary Milligan, R.S.H .M. , dean of t he College of Liberal Arts. While Milligan spearheads the mission of the college- to educate and prepare stude nts for a challenging world-faculty provide the encourageme nt a11d s trength r equired to make thi s mi ssion a reality . 'l'owm·d th is end , LM U rank e d in t h e t op three universities in the West in September of 1996, according to the U.S. News and World Report. Wes tem Regional School s S urvey. With 27 majo1·s, from classics to economics, the college is the backbone and focal point of the Jesuit-Marymounl- tra ditions. Psychology department chair D1·. Renee 1-Iarr a ngue s pok e proudl y of her de pa 1·t ment, the larges t in th e Libe ral Arts college, and its facu lty. "People who elect to study psychology arc people who want to do something in thi s wodd for ot.hc1· peopl e."

She att.ributed th e ma ss ive growth in the a rea of psychology and th e g r owing numbe r of psychology majors t o the "preparation a psychology degree provides fo ,· people interested in many different careel's ." "The dy namic ene rgy of t he s tudents is what mak es the depa1·tm e nt g1·eat,'' s aid Har ranguc. Stude n t s arc not only involved in the a cadem ic


The dynamic energy of the students is what makes the department great. - Dr. Renee Harrangue Chair, Psychology Department


aspect of their field , but a lso in related 1·esearch. 01'. Rona ld Ban·ett a nd Dr. Chel'yl Grills have bee n hono1·ed by t he Los Ange les C ity Council a nd the State of C alifornia for their work, while lk Richa rd Gi lbert has been honored with a Grammy for song writing.


Associate Professor Michael Foy and llenre liarrangue Chair of the psychology depnrlmenl enjoy the addition of new psychology resrorch labs thai bring the department 11110 the 21st



Sr. Mary Milligan IW.S.M. Ikon of the College of Liberal Arts.

Barrett is also involved in a midni gh t b ask e thal l p1·ogram whil e Grills organi:~. cs student. trips to Afr·ica in the s umme1·. T o better fo s ter res earc h opportunities for faculty and students, the psychology depnrtment moved into newly r e n ov ate d lab s , counselin g room s, cla ssrooms a nd o ffices las t fall. Th e n e w labs and confe rence r oom s provide a setting fo1· essentia l hands-on expm·ience 1()1' both students and faculty. Btudent or·ganiza tion s like Psi Chi, the national psychology honor society, Sigma Xi and the Psychology Society also work to encourage student research and interaction with other students a nd professor·s on campus. The sociology d e partm e nt has been growing s teadily in recent yea rs. The department had over 130 students this yctu·, tlw most in its st01·ied history. Th is y ear , fa culty m e mbe r s ,-csearc hed s ubj ect s from

Peru vian cnt,·cpre ne urs and the Basque commun ity to African culture, de viance and the s pirituality of childre n. Tha nks to the help of Dr. Loretta Mon·is, sociology depart.ment chai r, faculty and s tud e n t s, the Sociology Society wa s also reinstated after a long absence . Stude nts play an integral role in the de partment's growth. An all-stude nt staff oversees t he publicati on of stude nt ,·esea rch, an opportunity open to anyone interested , rega rdless of major. Soc io logy s tude nts a ls o participa \.e d in the Undergraduate Reseurc h Co nfe l'cnce at Santa C lara U nivc1·sity along with 18 other universities. Re verend Thomas Rau sch , S .J., chair of the de partment. of theological studies, who hus heen at LMU fol' 22 yea ,·s, descl'ibes the d epartment's faculty as "excellent tc•ache,·s and published s ch o l a rs~ who a1·c alwa ys available to the stude nts. 1'his

Tammy Alderman Jennifer Allen Andrea Alvarez Erin Alvarez Felipe Andalon Jill Anderson Ray Andrade Donna Andujo Gena Arriola Ruben Arroyo Arnparo Avalos Arcdia Avalos Teresa Ayala Peter Backus Dawn Baez N icole Bailon Kristina Balauag Courtney Ball Andy Barillas Jaimc Barnes Pauline Batrikian Daren Beauchesne Jill Behrens Michelle Bella Cynthia Bochna Jon as Bognar Jennifer Branch Tittancc Brown Julcann Bukovchik Kevin Burg

Year·, the department focused 011 ~eve lopin g a g ra duate program rn theology and pastora l studies. Fa cull,y m e mb e r s have researched or published books on s uch t<>pics as Hi s panic Catholicism, the Book of Daniel, the mus ic of various exile gr·oups, a nd con t ern por·a ry Ca t hoI icis m. Rau sch al s o noted, "I a m confid e nt in th e d e partm e n t faculty's ability to integrate faith a nd critica l reas onin g in theology, and I am proud of their· rnany accomplishme nts." English de partm ent faculty m.e mbe r·s have worke d clos ely With their students this year t o Prov ide an a t mo s ph e r~ that fo s ters cr·eativity. B es id es Sponsori n g writing awa rds for !)Oe lt·y, fi cti o n, e ssay s and Jounwlism , the departme nt also helpe d plan intri g uin g and ~mpressive nights of poetry for a ll Interested LMU s tudents. LMU Poet s were in vi t ed to atte nd a Poetry reading to benefit the L.A.

Regional l"ood Bank in November of 1996, a trip s ponsored by the LMU En g lis h Society. The de partm e nl also JHiblis h es the LA Miscellany , LMU's s tudent lite •·a t·y maga zine and th e Criterion , a critica l journal. The English depart ment also en courages stud e n ts to gain expe rie nce and kn ow le dge off. ca mpus by providing studc nls intemship opportunities in print m e di a and by promotin g th e s tudy abroad program as a way lo experie nce the literature a nd culture in differ ent parts of the world. "The his tory depar·tment h as a tra di t io n of outs t a ndin g teach<H'S," said I<'r. ,John Gr·ever , acting department chair for the 1996-9 7 school year. Thi s year l.he fa culty s tudi ed , researche d and s poke on s uch issu es as lhe e ra of' Qu een Eliza beth l, past Argentinea n preside nts and ,Ja panese e mpe t·or·s . Dr. Cara Anzilotl.i , a ssistan l professor· of


The efforts of Dr. Birulc Vileisis. Dr. Malllrew Dillon. a11d Dr. Susorr /.,esscr wo11 a drallellg~ grant for tire classics departnuml to endow a new departme11t clrair and expand its curriculum.

hist01·y. received the Teacher of the Year Award for the College of Libe ntl Arts. Dr. J ose ph Tiede mann publis hed a book on New York during the Ame r·ican •·e volu t ion a nd Dr. La wre n ce

Tritle edited a book on t he Greek world i11 th e fo urth ce ntury B.C.E. A symposium at LMU to discuss conflicts belween Greece a11d Turkey was also orga nized

Liberal Arts: 21 19

Ryan Burke Dominique Burson Meredith Butler Gabriella Carilli Ann Carlson Emi lia Carrillo Adriana Carvajal Jenny Cassel Sandra Castillo Cherlyne Castro Brent Catekista Gillian Ccrvero Juana Chavez Erncsto Colin Loanette Corella Laura Costello Maria Covarrubias Maria Cronin Annabella Cueva Theresa Cummings Briana Curran Christian De }ong Loraine Del Buono Liana Dclikyan Raymond Delizo Teresa Derrick Ryan Desmond Latasha Divers Malika Djafar Willy Doh


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MEMBERS IN C L U DE: Arand Patel, Timothy Skinner, Donald Leintz, Erk Torres, Joe Cook, Jessica Cheng, Brian Davis, Denis Dclja, Cherann Boggs, Gaberial Gonzalez, Yama Azu, Ahm~H.i Mansury, Cindy Morgan and Stephen Darrow.


MEMBERS INCL UDE: Christa Lopez, Shauna Rawles, Tom Arteaga, Shirley Blazich, Christy Caine, Erin Christensen, Stephen Darrow, Christian de Jong, Arncl Dino, Ryan Eisberg, Mark Gaspcrs, John Kiralla, Paul Lukaszewski, April Rhodes , Jacob Vander Linden, and Nelly Wclgarz




> c h (>I ()~. urc t ·'"""' 1Cl'~\

Jennifer Cummings Looking back at her four· years at LMU, Jennifer , . Cummings does not quite know how she got here. l~ntermg colle••e as an English majo•·, sht! mu·ollt~d in elementary Lalit~, because~ the Spanish dass she wantt~d was full. "On th(~ first day of class, I remember D1·. Crawfonl saying that classics would c hange our lives," says Cummings. A double major in classic:s and English lite.-ature, Cummings says classics is like taking het· vitamins. "The work is difficult , definitely, but I think it's good for me. It tcaehes me discipline-and humility." Cummings also ct·edits her experiences in the close-knit, supportive department with helping her to find the courage and confidence to mal<e het· mark on the LMU c:ampus aspresident of both Gryphon Cirde and Sigma Tau Ddta (the national English hmwrs sodety) , and as a member of tht~ honors pt·ogram and Alpha Sigma Nu. Next year, she will attend graduate sc:hool on the east coast and wm·k for he•· Ph.D. in classics to bec:ome a pwfcsso•· evcmtually. "I hopt~ one day to impact stmlcnts the way Dr. Dillon and Dr. Crawford have influenc:cd me."

liberal Arts: from page 19 by Dr. Tritle in November of 1996. The 1996-97 school year marked a time of evaluation for the history department. Led by the chairs of the history departments at Santa Clara and UCLA, the history department was assessed to determine where changes could be made to improve the LMU program. In 01·der to help students find jobs after grad uation, the department


The [Dionysis] festival gives both students and faculty a personal touch of ancient Athens with an accent on enjoyment.


sponsored a career night. Six LMU alumni with executive positions in the record and movie industry, all of whom had majored in history, spoke to students about their careers as

well as jobs for history majors in general. The department also organized a successful student colloquium, "War and Remembrance," which took place in the fall of 1996 and featured students reading historical documents of war experiences ranging from the time of Homer to the Vietnam War. Planning for the futu•·e was the focus of the philosophy department, headed by department chair Dr. Linda Zagzebski. During the 1995-96 school year, LMU hosted the annual meeting of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, of which Zagzebski is president. Over the past year, the department was busy planning for a major philosophical conference to be held on campus in fall 1998. According to Zagzebski, the conference's theme, practical reasoning, is one "that appears in philosophical writings of all periods." Five world •·enowned philosophers will be speaking at the conference, including Martha Nussbaum of the University of Chicago Law School and Charles Taylor of McGill University in Montreal. The department looks forward to endowing a chair fot· a faculty

field liSt....

~1\ '


s the o p port t 1 t t~· t t ~tud\. a lot of different tb;ngs ~lt the ~~u 1c t

tl !llC't SO \\ C SC'C'

each relates to the thcrs.


.\n ' •. l\



Members of the classics department put on short productions of ancient texts at the Dionysus Festival, in addition to an Olympic games and a Greek dinner.

member who will work on a major project for up to three months. It also hopes to establish another endowed chair in order to invite a prominent outside philosopher to teach at LMU for one semester each academic year. The classics depat·tment's main objective is to bring the ancient wodd back to life using

traditional methods, such as the study of Latin and Greek, and more contemporary approaches, like focusing on the history of the ancient world. The department plans to do so with the aid of a $405,000 grant given to the department by the National Endowment for the Humanities in Januat·y of 1997. The grant

Liberal Arts: page 25 21


year psychology major Karen Herzog !'its a fl:w minutes of studying between answering phones and greeting visitors at Laband Art Gallery. Photo by Groller


James Harmon & Yvonne Baumgartner ..lames llm·mon ;~nd Yvolllw Baumt;arllwt· m·c• two sc•nim·s to wulc'h for in tlw futm·c·. As c·o-pt·esidl' tlls of tlw LM U Scwinlogy Soeic~t y, tlwy cornph•nwnt Ntdt otht•t· wl'll. Janws and Yvunn1· wt•t'l' appt·oadwd almut reinstating thl' So1:iolop;y Society last year b y Dt·. Lon~ tta Mnl'l'is, dc!partment chait·. Undt•t· their· kaclc·r·ship , llw So('iology S ud4'1y has puhlisht'd a nc•wslc•ttc•t· provi1ling all iut••n•stl•d students wit h infonnation ah11UI nppot·tuni I it's in soeinlot,')'. Tlw Scwi<•t y s ponsor ed ~ll('st SJWakc•r· talks and l't'Sc·arTh disc·ussio11s on c·amtnrs and t:nl·utrraged mor·e p<·•~ r· advising with tlw LMU administration for s tudc·nts . llm·uwn 's and Bat1111gm·t ner's diffc!t'c•nt haf'kgr·omHls as soc·inlogy nwjcws c·ontJ·i iHtlt~ to the-ir d yrwm if' tt'amwcH·i<. llat·mon ckc·lat'C•d his major c·mning into ft·c•shrmrn }'<'at· afll't' taking a scwiolo~) c·lass in high sdwol. Baumg<ll·tnet·, hcnvt·vet·. dt•c·lan•d he••· major toward tlw c·nd of sophonwr·t· yc·at·. S lw l'njoys all an·as of soeiolngy, lw(~ UIIse slw l'ays, "it is app li l·;~hlc· to lift• ," ancl ht•t·aww shl' " wants to lwlp JWoplt·." So!'ial ;mth r·opology and d(:viaw·c• are an•as of sot'iulngy that .J anws finds must intt•r·1•sting. Both llannun a nd Baumgm·trwr dc•mnnstr·atc-d tlwir s kills in sot·inlo!;y during thc·it· intl'rnships this past yc:m·. Yvmnw showc:ast:d hm· expt•r·tisc: stucl yinp; tlw snt:inlngy of art while• intt:rning :11 an 111'1 gallt·r·y. Harmon inll'nwd a l tlw Community Cm·r·pf•tion s Dt'JHU'tmenl at tlw Fc ·tlc·ntl 13un·au of Priso11s . Tlw CmTc•c·tiolls De partnwnt <·ontraC'ts wit h half-way houst•s to lwlp c·riminuls assimilatl' into tlw c·ommu nit y lwfo t'c• r·t•-t• ntt-r·in~ soeic:ty. 1ft: is c·tu·r·ently a pplying to gnttlualt• school, wht:t·c· lw plans tu gC'I his Ph . D. and hc·c·onw a p•·ofessur· of sot·inlngy. Baumgartnc'J' is c:x plol'ing her options fm· futut·t• t•at't'f'J' ..lwic·t•s .


Jennifer Dooley Annette Doss Kathcryn Eagan Regina Echeverria Julia Esqueda Walter Ewi ng Kevin Fleming Joanne Flcming-Ochoa Kelly Fletcher Claudia Flores Kristy Forsyth Elizabeth Fraines Jill Frazee Jennifer Frederico David French Veronica Galvez Diana Garcia Michael Garcia Gina Giampaoli Lisa Gillette Angela Glassman Molly Golden Andrea Goldsmith Katherine Goodwin E lizabeth Goss Debbie G race Bonnie Graham Christine Grams Karen Griffith Amanda Gross

ME/'.11\ERS I NCI.LIDE: Clare Clirnaco, Jcn D'Andrea, Kristin Veitch, Jdf Kearns, Mia Shanley, Mark D'Anna, Susan Myers, Ana Guerrero, (;ina Opinaldo, L'lura McGr路a th, Mike Dinolti路ia, Jim Gavin, Be t t \' Lin Ami Kav Spishock and Elvis Harold, Mark Altman, .]al>OI; roo, D~m ' Zacharias, Somer Lowrey, Dan \Volowicz, Megan Crowley, Jasmine Marshall , Eva Banks, Scott Grollcr, Adam Lipson, Stephanie Uylo:m, and Cam Huntsinger

MEI'.tliERS I NCLUDE: Scott Grollcr, Eva Banks, JctrKearns, Laum Costello, Michele Tengco, Ken B<\rbcr, Katy Di Ranna, Cindy Bochn:\, Antonclb Lombardo, Lisa Rechkcki , Lisa ~kiro n, Ryan Rillorta, Robert Rojas, jody 1\kCk:m, Larry C haves, Adam Lipson , Clare C limaco, Gina Ruflindli, Kristen Veitch, lkckv Bernard, julianne Somers, Gina Opinaldo, Ryan Chur~, Denise Espinoza, <\nd 1\1ike Schodorf"


Ana Guerrero Marilyn Guevara Nicole Gurash Armando Gutierrez Amanda hadden Sabrina Hashim Paige Hasson Theresa Hastert Monica Hayes Theodore Healy Tisha Hee Katherine Heeg Erin Hennessey Shannon Herlihy Sera H ernandez Melanie Hidalgo Carolyn Hitch Christiane Hoffl11an H eather Hollis Linda Hsiao Amy Hu ghes Yesenia Huizar Christine Huynh Kathleen Imelli Jun Ishimoto Alicia Johnson Jamal Jones Tammy Jones Jin Kahng Jason Kaplan


MEMBERS INC LUDE: Janis Baker, Carole Khoury, Lorna Peer, Tim Pupach, Gina Rultindli, Melanic Sego, Mitzi Sugar, Mandy White, Katie Cooper, Jennifer Detweiler, Lara D'Souza, Erualdo Gonzalcz,Patry Hanson, Maylcen Nadal, Viviana Ortiz, Kathleen Stephenson, Laura Venturini, and Thomas Aim


Members include: Dr. Dirk Verheyen, Thomas Johnston, Love Asicdu -Akrofl, Brian hontino, Tan Gulieto, Avi <_;i!kman, April Kingery, Jason Cagle, Christopher Sharrcl, Ch ristoph Hupach, Arncl Dino, Eric Junginger, Kent Jancarick, Dr. Seth Thompson


Viviana Ortiz

Senior· Viviana Ot·tiz has sc•t hi trh goal:< as <1 psyehnlnl!y majm· ancl ha:also mach' tlw Li\1U communit y JH'Otul. llt•t· inh'n·s t in dinic·al psyc·hology IH·gan to takt• s h:qH' at a young agt· in t•lt·nwntat·y sdwol. llt·r IH~s l ft·it•nd from childlwo1l was clia gno~wd with alll'ntion df'ficil h yJWI':II'Iivit y tli sorder and sht• J't•t·alls wmHiering how :tnd why it happt' rwd. \'\fhilf' in t•nlkgc• , s lw lw~a n taking <·ours1·s gt•an•d tow;u·cl psyt·hnhinlogy and tH'III't)- pSyclwlogy. " I' m led by tlw clesin• to lwlp pt•npl•·:· says Orti;,r, , wlw t•reatecl het· own psyeho- hiology major·. Ot·tiz w:~ s I h.. only LM U stu<h•nt ehmwn fot· tlw lt·vitu• Ft•llows Pn>gt·am fot· Futm·c· Ph.D .'s lwld at S tanfm·d U nivt•t·sit y in tlw sumnwr of 1996. joining o thl't·u nd('r·gnJduah's and gt·aduatt•s as wt·ll as faculty mt·mlwn; from :uTnss tlw ll nit<•fl S tah·s in st•minat·s and tutorial!<. Orti;,r, is :t llll'lllhl'r· of Psi Chi, tlw Nat ional P s)'chology llmwr· Soeit•ty mul Pr·t!sitlf·nt oftlw Bt·llc•s st•r·vin· organi:wtion. She volunlt'l't't'<llwr :<Pni m· y<•m· at tlw Califomiu Hos pital Mt·di•·al Cf•ntt•r in the Famil y lh·a lth Clinit· as an assis tant S panis h trans latm· fm· visitin ~ palit·nts. This c·xpt•t·ic•twc· fnnnali;,r,l'd lwt· plans to attc·rHinwclit·al sdwol and lH'<:nmc an M.J)./Ph.O. whid1 would tmahh• her In pr·uctiec• psyd1iatry an ti condtw\ J'esean:h in addition to tt•aehin~. " I wanl tn pn•par·c in tlw lwsl possihlc· wuy for· opJHH't uniti(•s in tlw futur·1·.'· Or·tiz says. S lw is obviousl y dnin ~ I hat.

liberal Arts: from

page 21

wi II be used to provide undcr·graduate stude nts with an archaeology progmm headed by a p1·ominent. a rchaeologist. a nd l.o integrate a prog ram of ancient. Mediterranea n s tudies into the curriculum. Due to its small size, th e cla ssics departme nt. can easily cater to the needs of its s tudents. "Hours of power," s pecial h our·s set aside by classics depa r·tment pt·ofessor s, ha ve been imple mented to help students with the rigors of classical texts. Professors a re determi ned to get students interested and involved by pt·ese nting events s uch as "Getty and Spaghetti" in which students visit the J. Paul Getty Mu se um and later r e turn to campus to enjoy a deliciou s spaghet.t.i dinner, as well as the ever· popular Dionysus Festival which is held every March. The festival gives both s tudents and faculty a personal feel for a ncient Athens. The depat·tment of modern lan g uages was busy this year,

putting togethet· new course requirements a nd computer labs. According to Department. Chair Dr. Lucien Rico, the de partme nt. is "placing more empha s is on language pt·oficiency and ta king a mot·e communicative approach t o leat·ning." The department has impl e mented a ll<'W placement tes t that includes an oral section and pt·ovides newsletters gea red tow a r d al l s tuden ts interested in studying C hinese, F t·ench, German, Italian, Japanese, Modern Greek , Spanish, and Tagalog. Alon g wit.h new offi ces in North Hall , the depart.ment also h as a new language lab in Foley featuring 15 computers equipped with so ftwar e prog rams s pecializin g in the s tud y of languages. 'l'hese compute r!; arc alrea d y being used by upper division language classes, but will be available for usc by lowe r· division classes in t h e next few year·s. The facult-y is bringing the de partment into the ne xt. century by utili;,r,ing new textbook:> with acco mpanying CD ROMs for a ll language majo r·s by fall 1997,

and t-raining students to usc resources available on the Intcmet. T h e School of Educa tion , h eaded by F'r. Albe rt. Koppes O. Car·m .. offe r s both gr·aduatc and undcr·graduat.c pr·ograms for students planning to become e le m e ntary school teachers,

single s ubject. t.cachers for h igh school, junior high and special education teachers. The >'Chon! s ponsored ESTEEM. a studl'nt· run organi;wtion pro moting teacher education. a nd SABE. the s tuden t. association for bi l ingual education . I t also

Liberal Arts: pagl' 26


Liberal Jlrts majors hold many important leadership positions on campu.~. as Panhellenic President and RHA \'ice Pr~eident Colleen Auth demon.~trates. Auth. p1cturcd le{l1tith Cathermr Courtney. orga11izrd oc·rr /00 LMl' sludcnt.~ to attend thr Kmgs ·philanthropy gomr to raise money for se!'crol charitable foundations.


Sp anish



"Th e n~ is an inlwn·nt val ut• in l a u ~n a g~· tha t rn a iH•s nw nwr·t· se n si 1i vt· Io my own it lt•nt i I y as a lwma n lwi n p;.'' s a ys Moil y Seoll , winrwr· nf tlw Pau l ll an·is Amhassutl m·ia l S t· ho la r·ship . Ilt>r· ou ts ta udin g wur·k anti dt•tlic·a tion as a S pani sh m aj m· and soc·iology mi nor· has t•nahlt•d hc•r· to J't•t·t• ivc• a S22.000 Hota r·y s r·holan;h ip to s tud y ahma d lw~inning in Janu:u· y of 1998 for an al'adt·rnit· yt·ar·. St·otl dws t• to !<t ud y at tiH' U niv<' r·s it y of C h i l<' a t Sa ntiag o ht•r·a u s r• of i ts i rl4'1't' d i h lt· l n s titul <' for· l nt r• r·rra ti mr a l Ht·lat ion s. di vc·rs t• fal' u l t y a nd S)H'I'ia li zt'd t'OliJ'st•s in human r· i~ht s :uulutlwr intt·r·natiorw l issllt's . As a IHIIJ - n a ti v t• s pr•ak t·r·. Sr·ott lw li t'V<'s l<'a r·n i n g t ht· S panis h languagr· h as IH'lpt·d ma kr• h r·r· mo rl' a ppn•1·ia ti vt' a nd u ndf' r·s ta ndi u g of difft•n •nt l' llltur•t•s . ' ' Dru ·i ng my s lay in C hile . I want to gt•t tlw t'XJH'ri•·nt•t• of a difft·r·t•nt <' trlt UI'I' a s wt>ll a s s tud y In gi vt• m yst•lf mor·•· har·k g n nuHI in wh at ] haven' t s t ud it•d as an und t• r·g•·adu atl-,'' s lw s a ys . S<'ott hopr•;; to wo r·k in Tiajuana th is s ll lllllll'r' a s a s ol' i a l wod u·r· t n pn~pan• IH'I'!wlf a nd plans to la t r••· gr•t lwt· g rarlua ll• dt•gr'l't' in public polit:y . As a Hntary S t· lw la r , lwr· dut y is to s1w ak at llotar·y Clubs in C hil t· uho ut tlw Unit t·d S l at t•s and the n to s p eak to du hs h .. n· a bout Chile• fo ll owi ng ht' l' r·••tu•·n .

Liberal Arts: from page 25 cooper·ated wit.h the Division of Continuing E ducation and Special Programs, as well as the political science department Lo bring the Los Angeles Center for International St udies to campus in August of 1996. LACIS wm·ks closely with teache rs in the Los Angeles area to teach them both how to be more cul tu rally aware, and h ow to in ctease cu l tu r a l awa reness in our· schools. Or. Seth Thompson , cha ir· of the political science de partment, d esc r ibed the departm e nt's mission as the e ncou ragement of active involve men t in politi cal li fe, the s u p port of exce ll e nt teachi ng and research , and t he pr·omotional d eve lopm ent of a mora l and ethi cal pet·sp ective. "Th e r e is a good se n se o f communi ty a mon g fac ul ty a nd students," said Thompson. "The entire fac ulty exh ibits a strong commitment to a healthy balance of teaching and r·esear·ch." Every yea r , the po litical science department. presents the Stanley Chan Award to a graduating senior who has


excelled in service and academics. Add i tional ly, the DepaJ·tmental Scholar Award goes to the senior' major wit.h t-he highest GPA. This yeat·, th<> LMU Polit ical Science Associatio n a lso helped s ponsm· an on-campus mock pr·esident.ial deb a tc in Octo be t· of 1996. Poli t ical science Assistant. Professor (<;van Ge•·stmann was the moderator of the debate, a nd encouraged the student. debate•·s to focus on issues t h at a ffect college ~tudents. A healthy n ational economy ttans i nto p os ition of str ength in inle •·n a tional diplom a tic r·ela t.i ons hips . Wit h a tten t ion to e nvironme ntal impacts, a strong a nd vital economy provides a fir'm foundation for the well bei ng of fut-ure generations. Th e econo m ics d e p a rtm e nt p t·ovides o well - r oun ded economics education which expla ins choices made by individ ua ls a nd by groups, and the consequences of such choices for ind i viduals and for societ.y. The faculty member·s of t he de partment of economics at LMU have diverse cultural and r·esea r·ch interests. Its direction,

acco rding t.o Department of t h e de p a r t m e n t of A fri ca n Chair and Associate Professor of American stu d ies. "Th e economi cs, Dr. Seid Zekuvut, "is impor tance of this voice is that it to train and assist students to he allows the experiences of Afl'ican equ i pped with the need ed people to enter into academia as knowledge and tt·aining fo r t he knowledge r·athe r than as a real world and make t.heir· marks ste t·eotypc." T his yeat· t h e and conttibut.ions t o society." depar·t ment has global ized t he Research conducted d u ri ng the cu r ricul u m to a d d r ess pan1996-97 academic yea.- has been Afr·ican issues r a n gi ng fr·o m present.ed at many academic and t h ose in the Ca r ibbea n t o bu s iness fo r·u m s, and h as also anyw here Afr ican descendants be en publi shed i n nu me r ous l ive. T he nt also prestigious jouma ls. Some of the ad h eres to t. h e m otto of th e areas of s tudy by the facul ty h ave Nation a l Council for Bla ck been: economic development and Studies which calls for "academic cu ltur·al change, the usc of village exce ll e n ce and social resagents i n .-u.-al credi t de li ve ry, ponsibility." the s late of the environme nt. in '!'h e d e p a rtm e nt. helps to I r an, labo r economi cs, t h e provide a n enriched environ ment p.-inciples of dis tr·ibutivc j us tice, fo t· th e LMU community and taxa t ion without re presentat-io n, ou tside communities in a number· fore cas tin g coll ege en ro llm e n t. o f ways. Assis t a n t. Professot· ag ri c ul t. ut·a l d eve lopmenl.s Arl cth a W illi am s-Li vingston is a ffec ti ng the economy of Egypt. involved with a pr·ogr·am to teach t eal estate home loan financing, young chi ld•·en a n d stude nts in and using comput.ct· applications thei•· early teenage yea r·s abo ut in the teachi ng of the principles of Afr·ican heritage. The de parteconom ics. ment is a lso exploring how high "Afr·ican Arncr·ican stu d ies school teachers can bet.te r leach p r·ovides a voice for· people of a bout African Amet·ican cultu re Af,·ica n descent who live in west," said Or. John Davis, chair· liberal Arts: page 33

Ta n za n i~a

King Alison Knight Cari Kojima Leslie Kupper Adrian Lagman Kara Larson Chulhcc Lee Jenni fer Lee Gwendolyne Lejeu ne Cheryl Libunao Sonya Linartc Jennifer Lobo Christa Lopez Jennife r LlKhcsi Amy Lundin John Lungren John Lyn ~h Karen Lynch Narda Rosalynn Manalili Rosemary Mangosing Liliana Mariscal Malinalli Martinez Yoko Masanobu Celena Mashagh Deborah Mason Shc.:cla Mathai Le Roy McClain Ginni McGinn Eri n M ~Kcn n a















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:I: ~

:I: Mikt: Young, Mid1dk Alc1raz, <.;t:na.l Arrinl.1, St.lllings, Then:~., Cummings, Kim Scott , }arne~ Zucker, Laura Cosrdlo, Patrick Weston , .md D:mrw Pr.1n.11.1 lVl l-.i\11\ERS 1:-J< ' Il i DE:

t. l h\11\ER.'> I :-JC I.l iD F : !);wid Arias, I o n.1s Bogn:1r, K.1thkt:n Br.mdt, P.n rick Er~ki ne , Debor.1h <_;,, rza , Ann H olmqui~t , Yvonne I luitron, Br.llldon 1\ liks, Dn ruld 1\ lit<:hdl, Eric (} ' ~lc.~ra, Christophtâ&#x20AC;˘r Polityka, P.1rricia Smith, Stephanie Tmillo, Rachd W.1lton , Sergio 1\larrino , D.1nid Ch." ir.1 , .1nd Carolyn Conti .


Lisa Mdton Genevieve Mendoza Brandon Miks Brian Miller Richard Mills Susan Moran La Rhonda Morrisa Walt Moscosot Tanaz Moshirfatemi Sally Moyce Richard Mudd Theresa Mullally

Kris Munakash Patricia Munoz Jodi Murayama Deirdre Murphy Melissa Naimark Kelly Nardoni Amber Neal Christina Nelson Aimee Niwa Adia Norris Griselda Nunez Farrah Oblcpias Lisa Okinaga Emilie Oliver Henry Olorregui Annie O 'Meara Gina Opinaldo Molly Orr

ME,\IIIERS 1:-J<'J l 'DE: Celeste Adams, Jennifer Aldrich, Rick


0 C/)

:r: V)


Billups, Brian Birmingham, Amy Braden, Heidi Brown, Shomb Buchanan, Brendan Busse, Andrea Campos, Ann Carlson, Daniel Chapin, Dan Cha,路ira, Y:unik Colt, Joseph Costanzo, Jennifer Cummings, Lisa Cusack, Mark D'Anna, Mike Dinofti路ia, Tamisha Donald, Steven Estrada, Sinead Finnerty, Lucas Fitzgerald, Reina Fresq uez, Jim Gavin , Marillyn <..3 w.:vara, Toby Hcnr~' , David Her:wg, Gigi Houghton, Cleo I luang, C hristine Huynh , Jdl' Kearns, Kerrie Klein, James Krup, Nathan Krupa, Kris Kuhn, Kara Larson, Somer Lowery, John Lynch, Monica Magdaleno, Jackie McCanlw, Jenniter Mulvov, Leonard l\1urrav, Kcll\' ~ardoni, Jessie.~ ~assie, Christin; 1elson , Dan Ne~vton, 路 Elizabeth Ohanasian, Gina Opinaldo, Daniel Pierce, Fred Schroeder, John Simonian, Tyra Slaughter, Danielle Sohal, Aliza Strain, Taline Tabakian, Sre,路e Treinen, Rachel Walton, Don Zacharias and jcnni!Cr Zacuto.


Y ./ r

Fr. Higgins, proti.:ssor, golf coach and resident counsdor, t路; worite of students l(>r his wacky advin~ and interesting spin on theological issues <:ounsds, students C\'cry morning outside of Campus Ministry. Photo by Grollcr.

Senior English majors Maria Iraci and

Heather Cox enjoy;\ convoc:;\tion hom lund\ and c:onvcrsation on Alumni Mall with Junior history major Michael Schodorf and Freshman Dane:<.~ major Paula Haiflcy. Photo by




David Herzog David II t•nwg. Sl'll ior· Englis h nwjor·. J'I'<'Ogni:f.I'S I ha I tlw s kills all(l ahiliti1:s orw l1·ar·ns in tlw s truly of liter·atur·t• will SI'I'VI' O il I' WI' II in an y pr·ofl'ss ion. " As idt• fr·om tlw has it· Yi r·tu t• of !win ~ uhlt• to r·t•ad and wr·itt·. ha ving tlw ability to a nalyzt• a lt'XI fm· nu·anin~ is t•sst·ntiul in uny fidd in whit·h langtntgl'. writin~. arHI thinking un• impo rt ant.'' Jlpr·z o g sa itl. "S o wlrl'n I s tand in unt•mp loynH·nt lint• s . I wi ll J,., ahlt· to ha vt· r·eal l y nwaningful c-onVI'I'Sations with tlw otlwr En1-~li s h nrajor·s <11' 0111141 llH'. , .

llt·r·zo~ t·r·pdits tlw fal'ult y of tlw Englis h d•'!Hil'lmt·nt for· ha v ing fon·1•d him t o s llt·k tht• nwr-row fnun his t:an~er at LMU. " The f<u:nh y hav1• no\ onl)' lwlpt: t\ nw impt'OVI' hoth my wri ting and thinking pr·ot·t•ssc•s: l'at·h t·lass ha s opt'lll'd my l')'t'S lo hr· ;l\' 1' nt·w w odd s uf litt•raltll't' to IH' t'l'ad. ingt•s tt•d , and lt·anwd fr·om . F;u·ult y lwvt· also c·r·1~a lt•d aJHI fos lt·rt•d an t•n vi t·onnwn t in whi1·h it is lwllt'l' lo sll·ivt• for· an i1h·a a nti fail than il is to r·emain s ilt•nl. wo ndt•r·ing. Tlwy ha vt• pr·t•pur·ctl 1111' fnr· w(wtl'\'1' 1' till' filtt•,; nw y dt'C'I'I'H. both HI tlw lli'XI Jt•vt•J of m y t•tlul'alion and lw yond. " ll t•r·zng hus plans to atlt•nd gnulualt· !whoul at Oxford ni vl·t·sity on a Hotar·y lntl•rnationul s t·h olm·ship.

Senior SO\:iology major Jennife r Auer Jrivcs the crowd w ild with her rendition of the Divynals hit "[ Touch Myself' during the annual Lip Sync during Orie ntation .

Photo by Grollcr.


Mariscla Paredes Anne Park Chtistopher Patrick Sonia Pena Marisa Perez Olivia Perlow Anthony Pessino Kathryn Peterson Penelope Pinckney C hristopher Po lityka Ihilani Powers Danny Pranata AJiah Raheem Alicia Ramirez Eric Ramones Felix Ramos Jocclyn Ramos Samira Rastcgar Shauna Rawles Kimberly Rehrcr Michelle Repola Barbara R.ewald Alan Reyes Mariebelle Reves Elizabeth R.evnolds Monica Reynolds Trudy Rickert Risha Rilcv Vicki Rinder Carmen Rivas


:r: Q...


1:-.:n t路m: Bridget C.wherry, ,Colleen Auth, David Byrn , 1\lichde Ak.lraz, Karic Anderllon, Andrea Thabet, and Eric Ba~sare~i


1:-.:n l'DI路: Bri.m An, Nicole Carlin, Cyrus Ch.m, Larry Cll.ln:s, ~kk Hutdlinson, Claudine C:.lzi.Hl, l\1.\ri.lnne Reye~, Su~ie Lu, Karic Varner, Steve Vuo~o, John Zietzke, P:1trici.l Br.uKonier, Christian Brurrig, and $:1hrin.\ Eliz.uld<> 31

Maile Robertson Kristen Rocken bach Jean nette Rodriguez Robert Rojas Allisha Ross Matthew Rumishek Maylani Sabattc Samuel Sager Daniella Sahagun Jane San Buenaventura

Carla Sanchez David Sanchez Eli zabeth Sanchez Jessica Sanchez Tiffany Sapienza David Scales Carol Seid Matthew Senechal Maria Sepilian Catherine Sepulveda Linda Serna Kasey Seymour Erin Shannon Anand Shastri Jonathan Shim Adrianna Shoji Robert Shrestha Dania Sigler John Simonian Kelly Skeath

{ Jonathan Sorensen

>c 0


0~ ::t::u


>en V'J


MEMHEK'i i>E: Christine Huyng, Kevin Fleming, Danidla Sahagun, Adrianna S hoji, Cindy Bochna, Amy Smith, Lorena C havez, Maggie Stephen, Laura Venturine, Maylic.:n Nodal, Paige I Iasson, Erin Shannon, Patricia Moreno, Jcrcmv Kalawaia Lee, Vivianna Ortiz and Karhkcn Stephenson


David Arias As a senio r theology and philosoph)' double majm· and S pani s h minor , D:t vid A t·i a s belit>v es theo lo gy and philosophy pt·ovide tht! foundation for all other sl'ienees. " They both study God at tlH~it· higlwst momt~nt s, wlw is the ultima tc foundatio n for meaning. existence. got)dncss, and truth , " s:tys A t·ia s. " They at·e th e ultima! <! presuppnsitions fot· all things ." Aria s , mc mbm· of Alpha Sigma Nu, tlw National J esuit Academi c Hono r S<wiet y and The ta Alpha Kappa. tlw National Theology Honor So<:ie ty, is most inte r ested in areas of medit~v al philosophy, the philosophy nf God , atHl me taph ysi<:s. He was also President of the Theology Socil:ly, Viet: Pt·esident of S ped a I Projects for· C rimson CinJe, and Assistant Edit ot· of Atti<· Salt. the Blue C hips Honor S <wi<~ty's annual literary mag:l7.ine . As the eo-founder of the Society of St. 'l'homas Aquinas at LM U, A1·ias was instrumcnt:tl in tlw produt·tion of an LMU journal of essays from stu<l<!llls and professon; in thf: th<~o lngy and philosophy tlepa t·tmcnts , e ntitled Tlw An gd i<· D<H: tor. He n~ ee i v<·d the 1996 Fatlwr C lint Alh(•t·stnn Ct·e ative Seholat·shi p Awar·d fot· an essny lw wrote <llHI JH'I' !H~ nted thnt cx plain<!d and defende d St. Thomas Aquinas ' s thin( pnwf of tlw exis tmwl~ I'm· God. He plans to get his Ph.D. in philosoph y nnd ht~ c onw a JH'nf<~ssm· of philosophy at a Catholic uni vt~ t·sity.

liberal Arts: front page 26 and history in the classroom. It currently sponsors a colloquium open to a ll intet·ested students and faculty m ember·s the firs t Tues day of ench month to discuss crucial issues in the black community. In the future , Davis hopes the curriculum will focus more <lll the history of African-American people as well as current tre nds in the community. Dr. Graciela Limon, chait· of the d e partment of Chicano studies, is vet·y excited about the n e w courses and options for majors a nd minors within the department during the 1996-97 academic year. '!'he department provided students and faculty members who worked together to r e form and impt·ove the departm e nt's curl'iculum for next yem· with an emphas is on current history, political science, and American and Latino literature . Assistant Professot· Dr. Gabriel Gutienez, has completed his di ssertation on

state and identity formation in pre-industrial Alta, California, while Lim6n's third novel , Song of the Hununingbird , sold out in its first publication nm of 5,000 copies. "We are vet·y proud to be a part of the 11ew American cultu t·es community of ethnic prog r a m s at LMU such as African American Studies and Asian and Pacific Studies," said Limon. "Our hope for the future is to be more successful in brin gi ng in a wider range of students." The department of women's studies is guaranteed to grow with its conti nual increase in ct·oss-listed courses over a broad range of the LMU cuniculum. Each year, LMU has seen more stud e nts d e clat·e a women's studies minor and, although no major is offered, a student may choose to conce n t t·a t e in this fi e ld through the fi e ld of humanities. Dr. Na ncy .Jabbra, department chair, envi sions a department that will ultimately offer a major, as well as utilize a


larger facu lty and staff. "The value of a women's studies minot• is understanding the wol'ld from the point of view of women ," J abbra said. With this advantage, t.he women's


We are proud to be a part of the new American cultures community of ethnic programs at LMU. - Dr. Graciela Limon Chair Chicano Studies


studies emphasis or minor leads to many careers in social work. counseling, fe minist theology, and inct·easingly the natural sciences. This year, the department has wot·k e cl with various organizations on camp u s to

bring about the awa t·eness of women's ac h ievements. In co njun ction with CWHE, it invited writer Jamaica Kincaid to lecture and give r eadi r1 gs f1·om het• se lecte d works. Students and LMU community members sponsored, along with the Chicano studies department and MEChA, "Chicana Expressions," a poetry reading t hat incl uded excerpts from professo1· a nd novelist Lim<m's Song of /he Hummingbird. Women's studies also helped to bring Judith Narita, acclaimed wl'iter and actress, to perform vignettes from het• one-woman show. "Coming into Passion". The College of Liber·al Arts has always been, an d will continue to be the foundation for eve ry stud e nt's ed ucation at LMU. Dea n Milli gan assc t·ts that "throu gh the study of history a nd othet· social issues, I !HJpe students will be able to deal with people a nd have some understanding of the small place we occupy in this wol'ld."


Dr·. Hoher·t SingiPton

Chair, Economics




Chair, Political Science

Br· . .lulrn Gn·vpr·

Dr·. Mat1 lww Dillon

Dr. Limht Bm111is tt•r

Chair, History

Acting Chair, Classics

Chair, English




-~- Cc


...--.,..1 /'


Ht·v. Thomas Hausch. S ..l .

Dr·. Ltwi«>ll H it·u

Dr.Lm·t>tla Mm..-is

Fr. Al ht•r·t Koppt's

Chair, Theological Studies

Chair, Modern Languages

Chair, Sociology

Chair, Education

Chair, Psychology

Dr·. J nlm Davis

Dr·. Linda Zagzt•bski

Chair, Afro-American Studies

Chair, Philosophy

Senior sm:iology major, Teresa Dellacamcra, takes time ti·om her hectic schedule of balancing the responsibi lities of Resident Advisor, G rvphon Cirde I listorian and Member of the Senior Class Gilt Committe<.: to bond, rdlcct and apparently cat a little snow, during the Senior Retreat. .

Photo courtesy of Shanley.



J hu·r·ant-(m•

lh. GnH'iela Limnn

Chair, Chicano Studies

T itlmie Spivey Nancy Srisorn Maggie Stephen Kathleen Stephenson Brooke Stevens Taline Tabakian Lilly Tam Elisabetta F .Timpani Elizabeth Tobin Maile -Annc Toro Tracey Tran Xuan Tran Elizabeth Trietsch Roberto Urena Martina Urrutia Shivohn Valdccantos Denise Valenzuela Ana Vallejo Kathryn Varner Gabriela Vazquez Emmanucllc Vcrsmessen Gina Vuotto Kelly Walters Justin Walthall Rebecca Wandro Joanna Ward Rochelle Watson Jennifer Weaver Nicole Whang Jocelyn Wong

Amy 路wortham

Jcan Yasuhara Melissa Yeh Anthony Zallcr Paola Zarate Kelly Zeilstra Victor Demone Dorothy Ensebio Elaine Fernandez Michael Herman Amy Labetich Alan Lav





~ .



. .. 路~







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A R Y M 0




S ecial Edition

College of Business Looks to the Future • New programs and high-tech equipment help teachers train students for an ever-evolving world BY R YAN RILLORTA Section Editor

ne year after the opening of O the Conrad Hilton Bus iness Building, the College of Business Admini str·ation has not hesitated in utilizing the important resources provided by the new facilities. Home to roughly 1,000 busin ess administr·ation majors, the Hilton building boasts stateof-the-art classrooms and study room s equipped with laptop computer ports for both LMU-Net and I ntcrnet access. In addition to


There are a lot of group projects that let you get to know everyone else in the department which, because of its small size, is rather closeknit. - Susan Goldner Senior, Business


Internet access in every classroom, th<' building is the nerve center of the ca mpus network of networks, the campus "backbone," which is maintained by the Information Services, electronically bringing the outside wol'ld to LM U and, more importantly, bringing LMU to the outside world. In this same vein, cour·ses in of information systems a nd quantitative methods <ISQM> are becoming increasingly important in the sometimes quixotic quest of keeping abreast with the rapid advancement in computers, networks and information technology. ISQM students arc trained in data analysis and the many a pplications found through-


out the modern business world. Faculty have facilitated and improved studen tlteacher communication by putting important material such as syllabi and classroom handouts on the Web. whete stu dents arc able to retrieve such information with just a few mouse clicks from any of the several on-campus computer labs available for all students. This focus on b1·inging LMU into the com petitive economic arena of the 21st century has led to the advent of a progra m designed to make LMU a mujo1· player in the Pacific Rim. A new program bringing Taiwanese managers to study in an intensive one-year MBA pr·og1·am brought 16 new s tudents across the globe to study in a program designed to prepa1·e stu dents for the fast· paced world of international business. "There are people all over the world who are clamoring for that coveted MBA degree." said Dr. John Wholihan. Dean of the Coll ege of Business Administration. "We wanted a progmm to bring that degree to people in a cohort group." The program was special ly tailored for the needs of the international students, who began the program in the s pring semester. Dr. William Lindsey, who des igned the prog1·am, commented, "It is also oriented towar·d s more s trategy-level courses. The fundamental core courses have been achi eved through experience." Another essential component of the College of Business Administration, the accounting program, is geared to challenge future accou ntants with rigorous coursework. While the pr·ogr·am cu n be taxing on students, the hard work pays ofT'. Students who com plete the p1·ogram have a chance at on-campus interviews with Big S ix accounting firms, private compan ies and government agencies who come to recruit graduating seniors. Finance is th e life lin e of business, it comprises essential iss ues such as funds , capital


Dr. John Wholihan, Dean of the College of Business Administration budgeting and working capital management. Students pursuing finance lear·n the busi n ess of budgeting, banking. and inves tment. Many students who gra· duate from LMU with a fin ance background will take positions in business, such as real estate. ins urance, and health care. The marketi ng emphasis in the business college has developed ways to help students get experience outside of the classroom to t·ein f'o1·ce what they have learned in textbooks. One such experience is the annual Manitoba Mar·keting Competition. For the past two ycar·s, students have participated in a general marketing strategy simulation. in which students plan a mm·keting strategy for a simulated industry over the course of one semester. Students from Germany to Australia come togethe1· annually in Winapeg, Ca nad a to JH'esent their work. This year, the LMU

team included Matt Long, Lori Nealy, Nooshin Farahpour·, and was headed by Dr. Renee Flor·s heim. "'l'he competition was helpful to our !;tudents because it put them in a position to compare how they put. together marketing plan s against students from around the world. It helped them raise their consciousness about the difl'cr·ent. s trategies and level of competition used by oth er univer·sities, making tlwm better p1·epured for· the job market," commented Flot·sheim. 'l'he program emphasizes important extrucuniculm· opportunities such as intemships to help students gain va lu able experience in their· r·espective field s. This hands-on approach to m:u·keting with respect to outside experience trains stud ents i n everythi ng fr·om preliminary market research to the best ways to reach people and planning promotional events for a pl'Oducl.

Antoinette G. Aguila Tabatha J. Akins Angela L. Alandy Kevin J. Alderfer Moiscs Amaya Julie Anthony Ryan David Aquino Maria L. Arellano Aye Thinzar Aung Ana C. Barrios Matthew R. lklikoff Jennifer Bell Katherine lkrry Pia ll iana Brancoli no Erica A. Briggs Robert G. Campbell Enrique M. Cano Jennife r S. Carrizo Jeannette Castellanos Melissa Castillo Melissa Ceballos Lord Evan P. Ccniza Lougil P. Ccniza Mary Chec Angela L. Child Alvin Chong Nicole Chong Kee Erica Civitate Cristin Clark Mark Newell Co

"There arc u lot of group projects that let you get to know everyone else in the department which, because of its small size. is ratlH!I' close-knit. I was given a h11g every time I walked into my clas~;," commented 8cnior Susan Goldnet·. "Marketing prepat·es you to sell anything, which is a good thing since most jobs are in sales. lt also trains yo u how to sell yo urse lf, which is an essential part of today's business world.'' One of the most sought-afte r classes offct·cd by the department is the entrepreneurialship class taught by Dr. !~re d Kiesner. In this class, students a rc given the difficult task of creating theit· own startup company , which entails setting up th e company. gett ing initial loans. determining how the business will opemte, and finally, making a prese ntation to tlw class. With the combined elfot·ts of

l<iesnc r and several students with the drive to become entr e preneurs. t he Entrepre-neurial Society was t·ccenily formed. The College of Bu si ness not only stresses a stt·ong bus iness cut·riculum but also promotes e thical awareness in the business wol'ld . The Business Eth i cs Fortnight i8 u pr·ominent example of how the s t u dents thr·ougho u t the enti1·e college become involved. Coordinated by Or. Tom White and Dr. Herbert Medina. this an nual two wee k event allows s tudents to test their· montal and ph ysical s kills i n a hus iness "biathlon." Dubbed as "L. A's We irdest Biatholon, participants give 20 to ao minute presentations on ethical and envir· issues within the business community. P a~t topics of discussion include noise pollution


Managers from Taiwan learn English and other shills necess01·y in the international business marlletp/ace through a neu• program offered by the College of Business Administration. at LAX and Uw usc of polystyre ne cups. White said. "Students ur·e

getting r·eal life experience with

Business: page 41


Jeffrey Coddington J u Iiana Contreras Jo hn P. Cooney Marman C. Cordova Sandy L. Corvera Jennifer Costales Davis J. C ruz Leticia C ruz D anyellc Davis Anna M. DeAnda Genevieve De Guzman Patricia 0. De Guzman Vanessa M. Del Rio Christopher R. Dem mlcr Derin K. Derego Christopher J. Derosa Matthew De Ville Ana Cieli Rowena Diaz Arturo J. Diaz Maria R . Diaz Maria L. Dimaano Mitchell Dishman Zurhuangti D o Gabrielle D. Elmidolan Wesley E. Encina Patricia Espinoza Edward J. Figueroa Karen Florentino Nuantia Flowers Johanna Fontanilla

V~l kntine 's Dav was celebrated like never bd(m.: when ~omeonc creatively changed the kners o n the bluff behind Xavier. The message not only rdkcted the spirit of Loyola Marymount, but also was a testament to the creativity (and sneakiness) of the stude nt body. P h oto by Groller.



The Hilton Center for Business has prouen to be a state-of-the-art facility since it opened in fall1995.

Business: from page 39 practical problems." T he second half of the Business Ethics fortnight involves physical com· petition in the form of"LMU Run fo r t he Bay." Students and non·

s tudents arc invited to participate. White said. "We hope to e xpand in a few years to invol ve stude nts fr·o m othe r Universities and eventually ofTe1· it as a national event."


Thomas Harter

II ani IIUI'k a ncl dc•dicat iu n IH'Ipc•d lu-i n~ T lw ma,. l l:u·rc·r· a Iuera Ii1 c• c·ollc·r:•· t'(ll't•c· r· "" w.-11 a!> a p ro~pc•r·uus futur·c·. Fn>m No rn a lk. C \ . h .. a rTiH·d at l.~ll l a,. a sc·lw la l'a thii'IP aftt·•· n lung line· of 1.'1 a lum n i in hi,. fa mi l) . In h i,. J HII'~ui t of a c·a r·c·c·J· in aeTou ntin~-t. he al'hic•vecl ;1 cumula tive· :~.9 C l' \ o n top uf hi,. ·1.(1 ac·c·o11 n l i n ~ C l' \ .a r·ar·c• aehie•ve•nwnt fm· ;~ c•c·mwtin~ majun. IIi,; out ~ tand i n~ ;whic•vc•mc·nt,; :mel c·cw11·ihutinus with i11 the• I.M I c·omnllt llil ) ha vl' hc•c·n hi~lrl y l't•c•ol-(n iu ·d. In ;~deli li nn to sc•n•inl! a>< JWc•sich·n t uf tiro• Bu>-i lwss llcorwr· Sw·ic·t y, Bl'la (;;unma Sigma .. :mcl tt·easur·c•l' uf Alpha Si:.::ma Nu . Thomas has hc•c•n a nu·m iH'r nf I.Ml l's Ac•c•otlllli ll;! Snl'il't y. lk c·uniJ·ilnrto·d ;!I'Patl y a>- a wo rk stud y st udc•nt in the Fina nc·c· Depa r·tnwnt. whe•·,.Jw wur·ke·d a" a l"e•se·a l'l'h assis ta nt aidin:z '"'Vt'l'alnwmlw1·s uf ti ll' husine•ss f;wu h y with Va 1·inn,.. lo pi•·s ,..,.,.h a>- a 1·tifi e· ia l inte•lli:zPnc·p in auelitin~ and tiH' une·pJ'Iain ty o f d,·maud in ime • nt o 1·~ . II is e'o\'t'INI iniC'nlship with tiH' .. hi r: ,.. j x'' finn 1'.-in•- \\ a te•1·hnu,...• l"e·suh c·d in a job uffe·•· at tlw fi rm IIJIOII ;!J'aduati o n . Aftt·•· se'\'•'nll )'''" '"'a" a Cl' \.T homa,.. plans tn take• nn an l'l\l'e·uti ve• l'olc· in p1·iva 1t• in c lu>-1 1"~ aucl finane·ia l ,.e·n i•·e•,..,








Special Games coach Amanda Moore welcomes her athlete Pamela Danony to kick otr the first practice of this year's Special Games. This year marks t he twentieth anniversary o f the a nnual cvcm. Special Games Big Day was held Apri l 5 in Sunken Garde ns. Photo by Grolle r.


" It is not just what you know , it is who you know.·' Troy's no-rwnscn se all it ude and ean ~m·- mi nde(l de termination are two of tlw many dr·i ving fon:es t.h<rl. ha v•~ kd to much of hi!-i sueeess in~iclc· and outside of LM U. Corning fr·orn a lar·ge: famil y, lw enh:r·e(l 1:olle~ge with wurk e~ x per·i enee (his fir·st joh at tlw age~ of 1:~ ) a nd his mind !-i~·l on the ae:e:ounting profc:ssion. From his fin;t days as a Liclll , Tr·oy was alre~ul y dimlting tlw ladde r toward ae:hie:ving his goals. Ut• has maintainetl a strong and passionat e <:ommitnwnt to tlw Aeeounting Soeiety fo r· the past four· yean;: he was a nwmber a s a fn:shman , exeeutivc board nrcmher· a s a sophomon~, and pn:sielent as a junior. He~ h as also h ecm invol ved in the S tudent Senate· a nd as a stucltmt r epr·escntative for the~ \VcstciH:ste r· Budge:! C ommitte~t~: a s wdl a!-i Managc~ r· of L MU's own H.e:e:n :ational Spor·ts facilit y. Tr·oy plans to use his le<HI(:t·ship and manageri al a hilitie:s a s a C P A at tlu: " Big 6" finn Dd oilte & Touch anrlthen move on to open his own business, possibly within the hospitalit y i111lustr·y . lie IHlj)(:s his pr·ofe:ssional su ec:('sS will allow him to show his appn:eiation fm· the s uppm·t of his famil y . whidr he! bdieves is the stnmgt:st foun tlation of his ad1ievemw nts .

Chelena Gaffoglio Gina Galier Mario Gallardo Melanic S. Garcia Aklilu G. Ghcbrcjcsus Bryan J. Good Kimerbly Gordo n J oscph A. Go rgonio Tonya D. Graziano Suzanne E. Guidi Jaclyn Haas Christopher N. Habash Robert H artman Matt H egn O smin A. H ernandez Juan C arlos Herrera Monica A. Hissami Dana H umc C hristopher T. H u ng Lane T. Ito Cynthia James Jose A. Jasso Krisrina Jdcnic Michele Jcnulcson Alo k Jiwrajka Shavon L. Johnson Chanac N . Jones Kristin A. Jo nes Vanessa Jo rdan -O stcr Scan M. Kane

1\kml>cr.. lndthk : Atttl.l o\l.ono· t\,·,·ru. M.tttt\d.ouw. T.thoth.t 1\kiu,, llr<·noi.t, Ry.m r\ quino, Chrhoopha t\rot·rhnrY, :\ oo.o ll.tmm. Domonottm· ll<ma, )-.Ji~ok llrm11.111. Ko·ith Burke, \'a\lll.ln C.ti, .HI.I, Rohcr1 C.nnphdl. 1\kl"'·' ('a, tillo, Lou Ccm7l, Jenny Chaml>cr., l'r trr Ch.111, Yo Tin~ ('lo,·n • .\lin~ Chrnv.. 1\n)td.t ('hold, ,\ t ,trk Chri, ti.on. Ln>lllinc Chun)!., W.tha <'1.\m, Jdl' Coddon~wn . l.nwttr Coron.t, Crow, 1\lanud Cru~. l'.ttoid.l Dr Gu zm.m , Slwlly lk l'.thn.l, i\nuro Dill, ,\ l.oro.o 1lom.1.1no, l'om,onilla. Jim l'o·r n.:h, <;in.1 t:.olkr, Md.1nk t:.u'\:i.l, Ak \ (;,,,.,.,,, t:tori.l t:o nz.tkz, Kim <.;<mlon, Miodtr ll (;o,J.tyl.l, Tony.1 (;, ( :hri,oo pho·r I l.oh.t,h, Sh.u·on I l.onoon, Tho m.o. II ann, t-:li,_,tlwo h l l.o uhr n, <hnoin I knt.mdct., Ch.1d I li1d1, St·.m, Waltn K,,w,1z, Roh Kenyon ~ I h:i~li Kimur.\, C<wiua Kuul~· Ru''-' l , P.urki,, ) _.( )\\'«.', RaymooHI Lud .1, Ando·r.1 l.ndo·nl<', 1'.1111 l.nk.l\t.<'"'' ki , t :.ohrid.o l.u n.o, Sa)tio M.orqua, Ndl Mart in , Monic1 M.onina, llrook 1\kC.nm , C.uncron Md' hn ><>n, Moni<.t Mcndm,a, E'nwr.tlda ov k,in.t,, <.acnn o\ liln, , ,\ \it"·h , ktli·cy Moom h.m. Jeremy Mono han, Mkhck o\luri, Sl1.1n.o l\'lm.ll.<'di , Sh.II IIIOII N.tkmon r.l, 1\11thony N.tpo litann. ll .oo N).!.U\'<' 11, bthn Nu m·z, Julie ,\l,o c Ol111i.ol, Ch.•d Oh io·.1, Yuk.o Ok.ojim.o. Crispin l'.m.:bki, llrryon !'.tyow, i\l.or.:l'io l'ao, Chri, l'ro·mi", Ry.1n Rill m t.l, Eoik.1 R<l<lri)!.U<'7,. El iz.ohc sh Romo , lloi.m Ru""· J,unc' Scoot , Ro·no.l Sk1111.111 , ll .m k SinncKk, Jn n.nhon Ssr.twn , Kri~t,·n St.,oho, S.ondy, t\d.1111 ThciiiiJ"on , ll o·ctor Torr<''· ).111<' 1 T>.li, Troy \'.orc ndoik , o\l k hdl \ 'u koohnmkh, ('lu·" W.tltl·r. ,\1 ;~,. 1\'chcr. S.u .oh 1\'o·inrrid l, F.l\\'11 \'.111):, Sm y, K.uhy Znnmcnn.on, 1'.111\' Zimmcr111.111

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Alii Kauhi-Choy Foo Samira Kazcmcni Jamic D. Kelley MichaelS. Kclky Maria Kiang Heidi A. Kimura Ric hard Kizirian Dave Kollasch Belinda Kurian Kamyn A. Kuroso Nicole M. Laffranchi Carrie A. Lai





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Krista L. Lambly Lysbcth C. Lee Brandy Lewis Etta M. Lewis Kelli E. Lewis Evelia Lim on Krista Lindsay Gerald L. Lissik Roscanney Y. Liu Bridget Loera Antone lla Lombardo Elvira J. Lopez Rozalyn Renee Luce ro Michael Manning Franco Marenin Janet Marquez Marisa Marsango Monica C. Martinez

ME~tiii路.R~ IN<"I.l' DE:


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Dominic Baltazar, Jell' Bernal, Miesha Biser, Yasmin Calzada, Anna Ca rd er~1s, Tara Cavanagh, Yu -C hih Chen, Mark C hristian, Jctl'Coddington, Pat Dcdusin, Todd Dombrowski, Catherine fleetwood, Tara Garman, Laura Gilbert, Gloria Gonzalez, Michael Kelley, Brian Kenyon , Leon Le, 1\uri,路ia Lowe, Steve Mitsch, Margcrry Muliadi , C helsea Murray, Mark Narvcz, Christine Nelson , Nathalie Pandr:1 , Brian Pcna, Matthew Post, Chris Power, franz Quiamh:1o, Kim Rinehart, Titlany Siau, Hank Simock, Doug Stewart, Kristen Szabo, Dan Tumpak, Stefanic Van Rcyn, Ray Vasquez, Hclio \Vci, Lianny \Vidjaja, Parker Ycc, C had Young, Anna Zaricki

Infot·mation Systems and Quantitative Methods

Obi Ndubuisi Nigerian-hon1 , Obi Nduhuisi enle1·c·d LMU in the Spl'ing of 1991, wlu:rf' lw adapted well in hi~ transition to AnwriC'an edue<lt ion. The small dass s iz(~ ancl IH'of(·ssor·-st udm1t C<lmmun icatiorr a vail a hie at Loyola Ma r·ynwunt I'(~Sc:m hlc~s the community e nvir·otHIH'llt in Nig<Tia. a l'hara<:tc•risti<' Nd ubuisi vet·y nmeh appr·cdates. lie sc~es his c:ollc•ge expc·ri(•tu·c· as an oppor·ttmity In !WVOI' his non-a<:ademie intt•n•sts. An a<'livc• sports <•nthusiast. Nduhuisi has partidpated in tlw lntnunurals basketball program as a h~am nu:mlwr of tlw "Digahle Playc·rs' ' ancl also enjoys soec:er, ping-pong. ami wc~ i gh t tntining. His eoncentrat('d foeus on a<:adc:mi<:s and aclc~pt •·omputc•r abilit y has lecl to sevc~ ral signific·ant opportunities. Such c·xpe t·ic•Ju:c•s indude his work in thl' Foil!)' Computer· Lab and his wm·k m; a l(•c:hrric:alc:on~ultant fm· lnteJ'JJet-ln-A-Mall Sei'Vi('l's. Ncluhuisi plans to pm·sw• his MBA and gain mo•·•· extwr·icnee in tlw United Stah•s, in order to help c:xpaml his father 's industl'ic:s. Tlw support of his family , frit>nds , and tlw c•nti1·e ISQM fac·ult y has hdp«·d Nduhuisi stu:<·ec•d in hnth C':unpus and l':u·c•c•r life•.

Sophomore business m;ljor Bri;Hl Ldl ~1nd his dare Marcil J~md~Kka along with his f·i ·aternirv brothers commtmicltions major Tim Brundrigc with date biology major Erin Sexton and liberal arts major Joe Lwekc and d;lte Regina JVbrtin celebrate the Sigma Phi Epsilon charter at their Ch<ll'tering held Man:h l.

Photo by Chute.



Maureen Skehan \laut't'l'll Skd wn


t;tkt•n Sl'\'t'ral

s i~-tnifil'anl

;.lt·p;. in

Jliii'S IIin~ lwr goals a~ a husitwsswouwu. Eni'OJiin g at I.M U in

11)4./0, Maut•t•t•n, a No•w Zt•a larul nativP. will ;rnulualt' S umma Curn Laudt•. Mud1 c1f lu· r· s ut'!'I';.S anti busino•ss o·xpo· r·i•·•w•· at·•· l'l'!<tl lts nf lu·•· a t·ti' itir;. o ut s idt• nf ,....twul. \1aut'l't' n ha!- applir·d ~r·v .. r·al aspt•t·ts ()( 1,,.,. hus int•ss lntiuing, fn•m finant 'l' to mm·kl'ling, In hc•t' lllilll ) I'Xtt'lll'lll'l'it'ular• t•ndc •avm ·s. Along with l'W lwul. Maun•t•n manal-(t'S 111•1' own hus irwss. a Sa u l'o•tln1- ha sed wt·ddilll-( t•lt;tpc•l in tlw l'twts-O 'Call vi lla;::t•. Slw ha s lt'a"·lt·d thr·ou!(h M'\'t'r·al par·tl< nf Eul'ope. l n·land , Frann· anti Eng land""' wt•ll as tlw Car·ihlwan and ll awaii. Jl,.,. iutt-r•t•:;l int lw 111m indus tt·y lt•d ht·r· to an intt•r·nsltip in til(' finatu·o· clt•p:u·tnH'III at l.ight s tonn Ento•r·tainnwnt. Ont•t• PStahlislwd in tlu• bus ini'SS t'flllllllllllity. \ •l atll't't'll plans to put•;. uPiu·r· MBA . t'llplon· t'lltplu y nwnt oppm·ltlltitit•s in tht• film indusll'). and t• x pand lw1· busi rwss. " " wt• ll as to lll'oadt·n her· tr·avd t•Xpt'l'it•nt·t•.

And they say the Iggics arc wacky! Senior sociology major, Becky Bernat·d, and junior business major,

James Raycraft, proved that Sursu m Cordains can really have ti.m ! While at their annual retreat, james helped to dress up Becky as Mrs. Claus entirely o ut of tin l(>il , toliet paper and Christmas ornaments. Below, C lara Evans, Kristin Veitch, Jcn D 'Andrea, Becky Bernard, Gina Ruffinelli, Krista Pinasci, Valerie Septer, Maria Iraci and Amel Dino took a break trom their retreat to pose in the beauty of the Malibu hills. Photo courtesy of Shanley.


J. Masuo.:i

Gen~vicn: ~'bylad

Brook M. McCann Scan McCartlw Jawana Md.:addcn Stephanie M. McGhee Bryan A. McLane Elizabeth A. Md ..emore David Mcistrdl Monica P. Mendoza Lucas Merino Susum u K. Miyai Christine D. Mooney Keli T. Moor~ Shana M. Motazedi C helsea A. Murray Alex Naber Joseph P. Narvaez Marc A. Narvac7. Margie Nation David Nguyen Eric Nomura Gordon Nonis Jessica L. Norlin Esther Nunez Julie Mac B. Obial Todd T. Okamoto Yvonne Ortega Melinda Palumbo Tccsha A. Patten

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foyola Marymount Unzvers/ty Laliuo ~~ 'BusillCSS 4, St ut)cnl

Associ I ion



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t-. h .M HI路. R~ I NCI.LIJ)E: l od Arroyo, ~onna Briseno, t-.larg.arita Chapman, Paula C havez, 1\ l.1rvin Cigarroa, Letki.l C ruz, Juan Cueva, Anna DeAnda, Vanessa Dd Rio, t-.bria Diaz, Arturo Di.1z, Carolin.l Dominguez, Julio b.rr.tda, Steven , <..;rin:l fcrrcyra, Irma franco, ~brio Callardo, JenniiC:r <..;icl>er, t-.lagaly (.;mierrcz, fernando <..;utiem:z, Elizabeth <..;uzman, Daniel Herrera, E\'dia Limon, Oscar Loer.t, ).tckic Lopez, Rot..llyn Lucero, Ni\'i,t t-.l.tldonado, Janet M.trquez, Alex Martin~路z, Monica ~lcndoza, Maria Mendoza, Esmeralda Mesinas, Enrique l\ lontes, Gustavo Mora, l\ bri<t Moraks, Maria Elena la\'arro, Roberto Nq~ron, Esmer.1lda Nisperos, ~lariscla Nunez, y,路onne Ort eg.l, S.tmantha Perc:t, Annette Pi juan, Andrea Pospisil, Raigon, Anp,cla Rask, F:l\'iola Rayol>, Jackie Ro.t, Angelica S.tldiv;1r, Federico San Martin, Michael Sanchez, Sandoval Jorge, Richard Silverio, Tina Urrutia, John Vargas


Crispin Pavelski Breyon A. Payne Chuck Pearson Leilani A. Pcnalosa Marcelo S. Perez Analia Piccollo Sarah E. Pickett Annette M. Pijuan Andrea L. Pospisil Erika R. Puzik Franz Quiambao Jan Ramirez Elizabeth M. Rangel Regan B. Ranoa Karen L. Reisdorf Mark Phillip Rcynado William J. Riggs R yan R. Rillorta Kimberly D. Rinehart Erika Rodriguez Marisa K. Rokovitz Joanne Romero Kevin Ryan Angelica Saldivar Leahmari Sanchez Luis M. San Miguel Jason Santos Lysandra Sapp Eric Saqui Maria D. Saris

ME:O.IRE~ IXt ' Ll' nt: :-Jikki Far.1hpour, Eli1.1hcth Gunn~m, Adam Lipson, Roscanncy Liu, C hristi ne :-.ld\tlll , E\lncr.lld,,, Christin.1 OkJ,

Till:my Pl'rduc, Angela R.'lsk, lmo.:ph Rogel'\

Pho to by Groller.





'l'lw youngc~!il of five• in a famil y with a nlt'dical and kgal hac:kgnnuul. Lori Nt·aly chost• to follow a l'liiTI't' that s he lov!'d-rrHu·kc• tin~. llc>t' inli' IISI' ••fforl wa:-; n•fl•~<·h•1l not only in lwr acadPmi!' s tudi1·s . lmt also thr·ou~h hc•r· wor·k outs ide of sc·honl. Slw was o ne· of tht• fc·w LM U m:H·keting s tudc•nts who par·tic·ipatt·d iu tlw Manitoha Mar·kNing CompPtition in Win nipq~. lanitnha. This annual c·ompl'lition allows s tud1'11ls from annmd tlw wodd to US<' their s kills arlll a hilitit-s In 11\lll'kl'l IIIOI' k (lt'nduc·ts in a s imulatPd industr·y. I n addition. lwr· inlc>t't'Sl in tlw automoti v1· irulus tr·y IPd to bot h an illl<'t'IIShip with C•·nc·r·al Motm·s and a s al1•s pos ition with a l•wal d••alc•r s hip . Nt'aly' s in volvc•nw nt i11 l' ultuntl awar'l'llt'SS n•s ultc•cl in hc>r· partic·ipation with c·ampus gnmp:-; sul'h as tlw Blac·k St1Hif•nt Union. Sistah Fr·ic·nds and u c·ommunit y organization known as tlw S TAH Pt·og r·am . when· s lw eonducted r·:wial disc·ussion das~ws at loc-al high sl'hnols. \Vith he r appr•et·iation fm· otlwr· c·ountr·i,•s and c·uhurc·s and a well-rouruh•d nmrkc·ting hal'kgr·cnuHI , NPaly hopes to wot·k fm· an Amc:ric:an multi- national c·m·twr·ation.

Studems upset with the state of Student n~.·vclopment Servi(es (S DS) met Mar(h 17 with Dr. Lane Bove, Vi(e President l(>r Student AHairs, in the second session of a dialogue that began with Dr. Greg Tanaka to address c.:on(crns with the administration. Photo by Groller.


lntt-t·nationa l Business



Emily AlpU)' (Wnwnifit•s LI\HI"s wdl-r·ourult·d •·clunttionul t'IIVir·onm•·nt. Ft·om tlw l w~inni n ~ of lu·•· )'1'111'~ as a Lion. ~ h •• s aw a n opportu nit y to PXIH'l'it•rH·c• what tlw worlcl ha~> to c.ff1·r·. llc•J' llllllli' I' OIIS 011-l'lllliiJIIS Hl'ti vitic•s iJH•(udc• 11-(nati;l!lr-;, Bite• of Cht·istian Initia tion of Adu lt s ( HCIA), tlw Hain ~> Ht•M•at'l'h A~sistant pt·ognun illld tlw Fn· rwh C lu h. S lw alsn hal- applit>d lwr athlt•tic· abilitic·s to intrarnllr·al~>mTt'J' and \'ollc•yhall. llc•r involvc·mc•nt in till' Chamlwr· of ( :omnu•n·c· on thl' lra vc•lltou l'is m and husinc'"'~> c·onlluillc•c•-. •·a11w o111 of h t>r inlf•t't•l-t iu illll'r· national l nt~>illl''\!'- aud hc·r· fa!wination with thl' ..1-(lohal 'illa~c· ... Dtu·ing lwr j u nior yc·ur·. ,\I pay joirwd tlw S t11cl ~ Ahr·mul111'11gram and tr·a\'c•lt•flto Am.tria . Fntlll'l'. II oil and. It aiL and Turkt•y. " lu•n s lw r·c·tunwcl from hc·r· ,.,.,;H'l-h·•· m•c·•·,w;ts. l-111' had a llltll'h lll·naclt·•· ;uul mm·p •·nlighll·rwd vi1•w of tht• w01·lcl. With ht••· Ill' '' fmuHI \H1dd \'it•w atul hn ~>i nt 'Sl­ t•thit·. J-: mil) pla11-. to n~>t•lwr· c·xpt•rit·m·c·. alnng \\ith what ~Ill' Ita,., lt'anwcl at U\ll . to star·t lwr· own hu sin•·~>s aflt'r' w·tti lll-( lwr· MBA and wor·king in tlw ('()I'IHII'UII' world .

Seventy tilth in the line.tge of Edirors-in Chief of the I.os Au.qdcs l..o_Yo/nu, ~enior Political Science major C lare Climaco, led the !>tudent run newspaper to a more professional k\'d . Her dedication was mort· than instrumental in helping the J.o.voltm be named the most widely read campu~ new!>p.lper hy the Princeton Rc11icw. for the /.o,voln11 statl', day and night run together under the illumination of their ollices florescent light s and computer screens. Between the 1wenty five me mba~ or the editori,\1 s t.l fl~ an e:.timated 800 hours goes into carh issue, 1\0l including the countless hours spent writing the !>torie!> and the time spent hy people nor on rhe editorial board . Photo by

Groll cr.


Jodie Samasura Andn:a Schoenbaum Shanna A. Schwarze Julie A. Sharp Aimce L.M. Shimizu Noboyuki Shirakata Maricclare Sia Rcma T. Skiman Gram A. Smyth Valerie Soris Jonathan Stainton-James Eric V. Sterner C hanin D. Sugimoto Steven S. Sullivan Arczou Tabatabi Sandv Tantiham Tiffany N . Tong Hector Torres Karina Toscano lman Tryon Danid Tumpak Michael R. U maki Tamiko N. Umorcn Jcssc Urbano Daphine Vadman Jason M . Villamatcr Katrina Villanueva David G. Viramontes Hc~1thcr D. Visco Jennifer E. Waade

M1 M"l R.' 1:-.< 1t 111 :T.lh.uha r\kin~. Chri'tc>J>ll<'r t\n~rl'<'rry,Ch<.·n''' ll.~rhr, K.u• Jkrry. Mic,h.t 1\ Shnnt.• 1\lack>, D.\\"' 1\r,l~k.-n, Quinot• 1\n m, ,\,hi«· 1\rnwn, Dt·rd. llry.nll , l·.n1.1hn Count \ , Ork.11h.1 Ron""' D.ukw.1, lhnydk !),,..;, , lmq>h l }c\,111, 1.\l .l'h.l Di•·cr., S\'h 1a Durh.un, )c.nlill<' En~Ji,h, IJ>ri (iilclb, ll.uri' Ill , D.m-yl ll.mi"'" Jr., ~loma 11.1)'<>, K.uhcrinc I h11ho n, T r.mi,·c ).•~""'"· Jc.Hiinc Je nkin,, ~lyi~l1:1 lima"'"• Ch.m.1c Juno, Cynthi.l l•nll'\, ).Uil.ll jont.·~. Vrronk., Kdl ..·y. V.lnc:ro.~.\ Kimht·r. T.Hl7,loil.'.1 King, Ett., J..cwi,, j.t\o u ,\ 1.\di,nn. ~l ich.1d ~l.umill j: , },11\'.111.1 t\I~F.HI.J,·n. S1rpl1.1nic i\ktihn ·. "l.lriko ~kKrr, '" ·'!'.·In Muc hdl, Kd i 1\loort·, Sn nmwr t\lurr.1y, Franci' Ntlnh m''• 1\ rcl'on l'~ync, Ohl'i,l 1'.-rlll\\, Rid 1.1rd R.lll"0'• D.midk Refuge, Ri,h.t R1k\', T<'>ICCIJ Singkwn . ·nn:mit- 'itll'<')', K.\1 Tr.unid, "'"''·' w.,Jun~:wn , Rud tdk "'• '""'· R.•n•l While, Enk.1 W thl, Ku.-n Win)!.lidd


Benjamin Wada Katie lt Walter Sarah N. Weinreich Jeremy D. Wesscly Lianny Widjaja Heather A. Wilson Melissa Wong Christine Yce Katherine C. Yung Nicole S. Zabat Dcba Zia Luciano Courtney Maria Morales

01·. F1·ank DanK:a

o,·. Zl>igniew p,.,..mmyski

Chair, Accounting

Chair, Finance and ISQM

;:... f-<


Dr. &lrnund Gray Chair, Management





















.....::! tl.l

~ ~





.1..~<: ··~




lvii:MI\hlt~ lsU.l'D": Emily Alpay, Carolina i\ydil-11 , D;\\'id ll:lnholomcw, D.mid Bolin!!. David llo·:~rkcn, h:nn)' Clwunf., Jdl'Coddinf-1011, Jennifer CollMie)\l';l, John D.olcy, Mary Dri>coll , Tom l'lit>ch, llry.ln Frn·man, Ron l're>lnn;m, Fo't'tl l'ricdln·, Julit· (;rar, T.mia llann.1 , Kc Ibn, Juliet Jont'>, 1);1\'id Kt·rdoon, K:nhlct·n Kit·o·ulf, Drnr Korine, Tohi Kulukjian, Eliz.olwoh Kurni.owan, Ro~t·o· La(;rouc, Lit·no Lee, Nichola, 1-A'Viii\Oil, Rar:wl Lop···· Dicdn· r.Otl!(hn:liiC, Shigcmil>tl M;lt'th, Sharon ~1a•·c:ini.,k, Fr.\n(o J\4\an:nin~ Pt:tt·•· N\o!-in~ki\, Gaylin ;\•hmf(m.t~ i'.t'll Ni~himor.l, SH'V\.'11 Ong(,:h;u , /\ngdo S.nviu, Poppy s~.·oln:l, J;t ...on Sharpt·. Tum Skii11H.'f, Dn..·w'llll\, Kwn· Sun·.odin.u , 1honin.1 Tmd, Rofwro T.l\'lol', i\nn.u~tlo Tcr.m, J)j,m.1 Tt·o·.m, Stcwn Tin;h,ol, Roy Tir.ok.1yo,, Erk Torre;, ·j·,u·ik Tr.l<l, l..nrict• Wibon, l.,·nny \Von\, Pef.f.Y Wynne, Ch.l\1/.tklh'k, 11\nh;lllletl /.cin

MJ;,\III" IL' 1:-;CI.llllE: i\!kli'~" Akx:u11kr, Ayt· Thin z:1r i\unf., Rob~n C:~mphdl, K..ri C.u·l><on, S.uHiy Cori'Cr.o, llmu·if. D.ok,·>si.on, 1\n:. Ckli C. Dia~. ,\•!aria Dimaano, )oycic Dungca, Thco'\'>a Fcrrni.o, Alex G:.>t·,,, lkth Cia""'""· Ire ow (;rigmjt·v.l , F.liz:~heth I latldt•n, Niko ll;ln,loujoutomo, Juan C.ll'lo~ Hnra.l. Gl.ld y~ )imcna.. Kris1in Jom·• · Nirolc l..;otlraurhi, Rost· LIVil!!Uiuo. Aunk Lt·, Shen·y Le.odmon, h·.:m· o'vl.opua, Sh;~ron M.1rciuiak, Sh.11on ou N;~k;~mura. {;oo·don Noni>, l'.tlf.:u· Orlino. Eo·ik.o i'uzik, i.t'ilh Sand1cz, Lui> S.m IV\igud, Thoma' Skinner, \'uki T.mak.o, Stephanie T.IJ'J'<', i\nn.uHio Ttr.lll, R.1y \'.Njli<' Z, Tuli,1 V.17.<JIIt'Z, Mikt• Wdwr, \'c l;y.\n


Kevin Harper Kevin llar·pe r·'s unitJIW t'XJII'I'i•·•w••H dur·in1!: his l'ollt•gt· yt><H'S ha ve pn'JHII'NI him W!'ll fo r· his futun· as an int•·r·natio nal husirwssman . lit• hus lwhi••vt·d al'adt·mit· SIH·ress by n·maining on tlw Dt•an 's Lis t sirtt't' hi:< fr·Pshrnan p ' ar and also by lwt·nmiug a nu·mln••· of Bt'la Gamma S igma in his junim· yt·m·. lit• tTf'dit s LM U for giving hi m a gr·<•ater a ppn•<·iatiou for mun y a SJH't'ts of tlw wodd . fr om tlu• impor·ta nc•t• nfintt·r·na ti nnal hus inc•ss wi th his wur·k as a As ian Pac·ific· S tudit·s minm·. lit' has a ls o ht•t•n an al'livt· mc·mlwr in lmt h tht• Ht·d C r·nss and Mt•a ls on \Vhc•t•ls. 1\hu·h of his profPssinnal wm·l< is wit h Paeifit· S tork Ex<·h '" ' 1W· whc·n · he· has !wid u pos ition in a brokeragt· firm fm· fum· s ummc·r·s . Th1·ough this t•xpt·t·ien<'<'. ll ar p t' l' ha s a<'quin•d a gt·t·att•t· undPt·standing nf invl's tments and finallt't'. Ill' hopt':< to us e his <'< hwa tion and t•xpt•t•it•rwc• fr·orn hi:< l'ollt•gt• yt·ar·s to OJWII his own hroker·a1-!:t' finn.

I h:ld in t he newlv rcti.trbishcd Hill dining room Feb . 21 , t hl' Third Annual Etiquette Dinner hosted 80 LM U students anxious to learn the ddic1tc aspet:ts of tine dining. Catcn:d. and planned by Marriott, the six · ~:oursc d innn \\'as a step-by-step instruaion led hy (3cncral Manager of Marriott Corporation Nort hwcst District in Washing ton , Paul Komclasky that indudcd c\·cryt hing ti·o m what l(>rk to usc to what to do when \'OU ha,·c t(lod stuck in your teeth . Photo by Groller.





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R Y M 0







S ecia/ Edit/on

Preparing for the Spotlight • CFA: Professors train students to be creative professionals BY G INA 0 PINALOO

Section Editor

cd by talented professors, L LMU's College of Communications and Fi nc Arts guarantees its students a wellrounded academic experience and a solid pr·epamiion I'm· postgraduate work. Students' enthusiastic energy drives the college to excel in the cr·eative process. "All our students have hands-on experience," said 1'om Kelly, dean of the department. "We em phasize the doing and the making of art. lt isn't just theoretical. Every stude nt has


All our students have hands-on experience... We emphasize the doing and making of art. It isn't just theoretical. - Thomas P. Kelly Dean, Communication and Fine Arts


lo do what is the equivalent of a

thesis whether they are undergraduate or graduate, and that makes a big differ·ence." D1·. Bob Ackley, chair of the theater arts and dance department, takes pride in the many and varied accomplis hments of his students and alumni. "We have some who are acting here in Los Angeles, and some working as professional stage managers on Bl'oadway," Ackley said. "We have them in announcing, talent agencies, and law firms. The theater background g ives them a strong enough background in so many


different m·eas that they do well in whatever endeavor· they choose." Theater and dance g raduates get the hands-on performance experience necessary, which inst.i lis confidence and commitment.. "'!'hey can do any job that's handed to them," Ackley added. "They can hang lights and pound nails. The LMU student in the professional lield has a very good r·eputation becau se they' r e not afraid of getting their hands dir·ty." The pr·og1·am is unique in that any undergraduate at any level has the opportunity to per·form in the department's major theatrical productions. The enthusiasm generated by the theater and dance depar·t ment centers a round performances. 'fhis yea r the department produced Piel'l'e Co rn eille's The Illusion, Tennessee Williams' Cal on a Hot Tin Roof, and Neil Simon's Tir e Odd Couple. Students w<~rc involved in evcr·y step of the pr·oduction process, from acting and designing to stage management and const.ruction. The dance department invited professional guest ar· t.ists to choreograph number·s for its Evening of Concer·t. Dance and the Student Dance Concert. ''We' re very pr·ocessoriented," Ackley exp lain ed. "The pcr·formance is just icing on the cake." In addition to th e theater arts department offerings, students can also explor·c the theater wit.h the Del Rey Players, on e of LMU's oldest. campu s organ i zation s. '!'he students who, when they were children, organized the res t of the neighborhood kids in imprompt.u plays, using bicycles and lawn furniture as scene ry, grow up to be Del Rey Playcr·s. Working out of the Wine Cellar Theater, a tiny black box in the corner of the Foley Building, the Del Roy Players pr·oduce an independent season of theater; with no par·ental supervision whatsoever, t.hey

Dean Tom Kelly, of the College of Communication and Fine Arts. transform this !.heater into any world they cnn dr·eam up (a nd construct out of eve ryday building materials). The company's 65th season opened with a prod uction of sophom01·e Sara Tarbert's br·ight adaptation of Jane Au s t en's Pride and Prejudice, follow ed by William Mastrosimone's tense drama Extremities. ln the spring, the Players produced Larry Shue's brilliant comedy T he Nerd, as well as Hair: the American Tribal LouP·Rocll Musical . The linal production of the season was Death and th e Maiden, a tightly-wound thriller by Ariel Oorfmann. The Del R ey Players also organized two important. annual pr ojects: the Masq u e r ade Bnll benefit for the AIDS Quilt, and what is pel'haps the company's mo st. impo1·tant project., the Student Playwrights F estival, which brings the work of LM U students to t.he stage. 'l'he De l Rey Players know

that wotking night and day to create from scratch requires passion and retur·ns satisfaction. LMU music major·s can look for·wal'd to valuable expe 1·ience in performing at the many concerts held by the music department. each year. Not only are s t.udent.s technically trained, but they can achieve a deep level of h u rna n ex pression thi'Ough performance. "l';vcn thou gh we're small, we're a very visible department beca use of the fact that. it's a perfotrnance department," said chair Dr. Mary Breden, director of the LMU choruses. "Students have expectations for a high level of quality." The fact that the music JHogram docs not include a g raduate division attract.s instead of discourages undergraduate students. "For instance," Breden expla ined, "with a graduate progt·am, all the graduate students would be

Lisa Abel Michael Aldy Tom M. Arteaga Jessica Baas Dustin Balderrama Janice M. Balinas Rachdle A. Balinas M o nica Baltazar Julie ta Barila Dclaino Barris Trevor K. Berens Jessica M. Bibeau Brian Blando Laura S. Boersma Carrie Bo land Gina A. Bouska Dale R. Brody Ash lee N. Bro wn Brian R.. Burnst Justin Buettncr Tisha Bumroong.shccp

Anabel Caraballo Piper M. C arlso n Dianne Carter Brandie C arvajal C laudine C azian John P. Chavez Megan C lark Jo hn C oelho Courtney E . C ole

given th e le ad roles. The opportunity t o sing with a major professional orchestra is a great thin g to tak e away. 'I'h e students leam what is expected of a professional." Breden's chon1s ped"orms in concerts both on and off campus and will s ing at Carnegi e H a ll this s ummer with LMU alumni. With a nati onall y n~ co g niz e d chora l program, the bulk of t he stude nts in the de partment are vocal m ajo1·s. They learn f1·om publi s h e d and profess ional faculty membet·s that consta ntly see k n e w av e nues in their expertise. Brede n comm e nte d, "Stude nts discover wha t it is to be human with the whole heart and soul that goes into mu s ic making . Music involves a lot of technicality, a lot of skills, but wha t makes it so s pecial is when we rise to the aesthetic leve l and

brin g s o much he a rt into wh a t e ve t· w e 're s in g in g . W e tt·a nscend the technical level." Cam1 Goode , chair of art and al't hi stot·y, und e r s tand :; th e impot·ta nce of keeping up with e m e t·g in g and e volvin g at·t move m ents . "The d esign wodd has changed more in the last te n yea rs than it. has in the previous 500 y e ars, " h e said. "We ' ve made this tremendous leap." T e n ye ars ago, Good e was th e pt·inci pa l a rchitect be hind th e cre ation o f th e C FA Macintosh Lab in Bums , which was cr eated fot· the purpose of t e achin g co mpute r d es ig n classes as both fine and applied art. Compute rs we r e rapidl y b e comin g th e next m a jor moveme nt in t he art wodd, a nd ha ve more th a n fulfil led the ir pro mi se as ubi q uitou s in s trume nts in multimedia fi elds s uch a s t e le vi s ion production , Web design and print media. In


Buffalo Nights 'l'heatl!r Co. used UJU student art work in their productio11 of ~1odigliani, s/arrirrg /,MU professor llon Marasco and Party of ~'il•c's Michael Go01:jian. Arorr Hishop. Karen Brooks and Usa i"ilpi are jus/ (t few of thl! artists in11olvl!d irr thi! pr(!iecl.

th e s umm e r of 1996, t h e lab r ece iv e d a n e cessa r y up da t e wi t h 18 ne w P ower Macintosh

850 0's whi ch will be u sed b y studen ts to r efin e th e it· d igital CFA: pagC'58


Graphic Design

Anthon Esquive SirH:c h i:-; t•hildhotHI, A nthon y E s <[uiwla·t•mt•mbt•rs lnvi ng m·t . " I dn·w all( I paintl'd a lot. hut at. that point . yo n couldn' t mukt• a living doing ar1.'' Esquin·l sa ys. 0 Ps pitt• his doubts, Esquivel <·lwse to rn ujm· in art at LMU. " I t:anw lwn•, hut didn ' t r·t•ally find m y nidw until s uphomoa·t• yt•ar·, wlwn I took my fir·st <'OIII [Hit t•r· ar·ts dass ... Seeuring an intl'r·nship with Disney al)(l now w()J·kin g for· H oll ywood Online. E sq ui vt•l lw s b t•t·omc• an <u·tis t in dt·mand. Aft~··· g ratlualion , lw h as tlw npptH·tunit y to slay with Hollywood OnlirH! or t navclto Por·tugal In tt·:u·h graduate s t' hnol. ' ·I rH'Vt' l' s top analyzing dt>s ig n and image r y. Fr·t>m s alt wr·app<'l'S to i n vi t<rlions. hillhnard s to TV t•ommerTi:lls. J n :amint• it all. " E!-H[trivt·l und('r·s t:lllds tlw dt·di t·ation t h at is nt•c·t•ssar·y 111 s uc.·t•t•<'d in hi:-; field a111l givt•s o nl y on<· picn· of aclvi<·c· lo th mw who follow him: " You ha vt· to live , hn·atlw mHit•ut the s tuff. "

Professor Michael

Brodsky led LM U computer graphic students around t he I ntenct Trade Show held annually at the Conventio n Center in Downtown Los Angeles. Photo by

G roller.


Jason A. Corman Kimberly M . Davilla Colleen 1. Da,路is T heresa M. Dehcrdcr Matthew De Voc Mdva G. Diaz Marie F. Dimacali Ryan M. Doolitttk Sabrina Elizondo Daniclk M. Elliott Charlie M. Em de Nicole A. Evans Christine L. Fair Ashley K. Farasopoulos Sarah Felix Richard Ferrari Christina K. Fredlund Kristen I. Froelich Ishe 0. Gathers Tina Gee N icole M. Georgi Kara Gibney Eric Gillingham Lori L. Givens I vctte K. Gonzalez Laura Gross Jessica Grossman Monica P. Guerra Erika Guerrero Sherrie A. Gulmahamad

Del Rcy Player's spring production ot' Larry Shue 's 77Jc NCI'd kept audiences in t he \Vine Cellar Theater laughing when Jarrod Nesbitt, playing the insutlcrabk title role, moved in with \Villum Cu bbert, played by W cslcy D'Angelo. Photo courtesy of D on Zacharias.

M E~l HERS I :-;n l'Dt-: Akx Ohanesian , Kat\' T\路skiewia , Matt DeAnda , J\l.Hi~ha Baldwin, Tamara C~ur, Alma Harder, Kim Rehrer, Renee Bourque , Anne Rose ,Gioria C:tlderon, Somer Lower\', Don Zacharias, Richard ferr:tri, Katie J\larqu,mlt, Derek Cr.lbbe, :-\at Whitten, Eszter Zakarias,Lind:t Cardellini, j.lson Sheppard, Greg Reiner, Brian S mithers, john Ch:1\'ez, jdt' J\lullcr, }uli:tntH: Somers, Jen Re.lmc~. David Sc\lcs.


Sereen writing

Richard Brown

CFA: from page 55 skill s until, of cou r se, the inevitable happ e n s an d new wo rk s tations are in s t a ll e d to k ee p up with t h e r ap id ly evolving field of digitnl art. and production. As chair, Goode ensures that instr·uctors are professionals from the industry who are familiar with the latest tech no logy, so they can instruct their s tude n t s with the neccssar·y skills to keep up with the breakneck field of computer art and be able to contin ue marketing their work. St ud en t art is show n regularly in LMU's Laband Art Ga ll e ry, which alsp ex hibits both local ar tists. In November , Assistant P rofessor· of Art and Art Hi story, Jan e Brucker, commissioned her beginning art students to copy the paintings of Modigliani, a r·e nowned artist. Th ei r work was featured in a play na med after the a rtis t. and performed by t he Buffalo Nights Th ea t e r Company. Dr . Ro n Marasco, assistant professor of theater and dance, directed and starred in this play. As one w h o has p r eviously taught. at loca l professional sch oo ls, Goode sees the advantages of a l ibe ra l arts ed ucation. "The old notions of a career are pretty much broken down in modern times, especially within the arts. Very few people have a career , but a se r ies of careers. Any a rti s t's work itself is going to go through some fairly r·adical


phases. A designer has to be a psychologist i n d eal ing with science, an artist, and a bus iness person." some LMU Al thoug h gradua tes may experience a low star·ting sa lary compared to students from professional schools, Goode said , "They have mo r e stay ing power and s ubs t ance, a nd so they shou ld pr·eva il and be more apt t o become entrep reneurs. So the broad education really pays off, especially the longer· you tr·ack the students." The department of communication arts, b oasting ove r· 650 studen t s, 19 full-time fa c ulty members, 45 parttimers, and a technical staff of fiv e, is one of th e bu s iest departments in the unive rs ity. " I'm m anager of a sma ll business here," said Patricia Oliver , department ch air. "We turn stude nts away at a time when other universit ies arc wanting students. We actually have more applicants here than we can manage." Com muni catio n arts encom p asses screenwriting, television production, film pr·oduction, recording arts, and communication studies. In all of these tracks, students ar·e r·equire d to complete a sen ior thesis project from concept to a finished product-a screenplay, television video, film, m ultit rack recording, or professional internship. In the heart of Los Angeles, the opportunities for students in these fi e ld s are

" What will nw k•· nw h a ppy is if I a m a h h· j u s t t n wt·i te.'' said Hit·ha n l Br·own , StT t••·nw r·iting m ajor. Browu kuew wha t it tonk to s m ·•:•···d in his fid•l. II•~ la id tlw fomula tinn for his irw vitahh· ac h i.-vt'IIH'Ilt as a wt·it<·t·. I n :ulditio n to \Hi ting s•T e t•npl a ys s1wh as C t·isis. Volatil•· a n d Ki ugd om Conw. lw iut c- nwd al Davis E n ll•r·ta innw n t. a n d will wt·i h · a n •·pis od•• fm· ·' P a r·t y of Fiv•·:· a u d has a s olid W(W k t•thit•. Wr·iting in t lw s t ylt• of " h ig. PXJH'nsiVI' fil ms.'' Brown pla us to t•oJH'ell tl'a lt' on his w•·iting fell' a yt·a r . lit• s t rongly hdieves that his wm·k will uhint<l lt•ly fi11tl its nidw iu tlw indus t•·y. Bc•cau s•· of till' s m a ll s iz•· anci Jw•·so llalnatun• of tlw Cmum11nication Ar·ts Dt•Jwr·tm t•ut . Bn nvn ~ai ~~t• d va l11ahl•· knowled gt• b y wor-ld ng elosel y with his p r·of<•ssm·s. " If I ••vt•r· mak•· it , I want to ma ke• a s t' h ol:u·shi p fo •· LM U-to gi vt• hat· k sonwhow ; · h t• said. Brown e r·1:dit1~d his h l'lltlw r , Mi•·lr:wl , fur· a lways r·Pm indiug him 141 " rwvt·r quit and t41 d o wh a lt•vt• r· I ea n fnr· m y dr·t•arn . " I le a ls o than ketl T odd Stt•wa r·t a nd P utril'ia O livt•r· 41f t lw Cmmm rrlil'a t ion A1·1s Dt•)wr·tnwnt. "Shc·'s m y g u:u·dian a n ~.-1.'' lw saitl uf Olivt·r .


The theater department's spring production o(Tennessee William's Cat on a Hot 'I'in Roof featured Chr istillll Flldllle as Maggie and Bri ll II Poth as Briclt.

endless. "The e ne r gy here is marvelous because every one of these tracks deal s with the presentation of human beings in the world , whether it's film, or dl'ama, or in the public arena, or in ter·ms of Jaw or debate," O liver explained. "All of what we do here is related to the mal<ing of

the hum an n ess of all of us, t h rough the way we speak and through the al'ls. The students a rc very tu r·ned on and tuned in and tremendously excited about the world t h at t h ey ' re going into. We're very diverse. Wc'r·e not just focused on a par·ticular profession, but s tudents could


pagr 60

David J. Haen Paula A. Haifky C hristopher M. Han ada Kevin M. Hancock Robyn Hansen Elvis Harold Darryll R. Harrison Jr. David Hartkop Hillary S. Hedges Jason A. Hcimcrdingcr Arthur W. Herbig Shane Herriott Melina R. Hicks Beth A. Hodus Paul C. Holliday Brian Horn Titmny Horn Deena lnes Madeline Jahn Michael C. Jdcnic Myisha L. Jimerson Chandra Jordan Monica Kingery Tanner R. Kling Kristin M. Koenig Sara Koenig Nathan Krupa Katie N. Kryszak Solomon F. Kupu Patrick La Cotcra

Sophomore Aderemi Adebiyi pcrtormed a solo 'praise dance,' a combination of dance and sign language at the Jan. 23 celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. Over 100 alumni, taculty and students ClllH.~ together to honor Dr. King during convocation hour in ;1 commemoration that was marked by sc\'eral pert(mnances ranging tl路om traditional Ati路icm American hvmns to step dancing. Rev. Marv Minor of the First Ali路ican Methodist Episcop;ll Church of Los Angeks spoke on how Dr. King would have approad1ed todav's r;Ke relations and ho\\' t!Ksc relationships allcct today's society. Photo by Grollcr


CFA: from page 58 tuned i n and tremendo u s ly excited about t h e wo r-ld in to w hich they're going. We're very diverse. We're not just focused on a pa rt icu laa· profession , but studen ts cou ld go a n ywhere from here." O l iver re fl ects the enthusiasm of her students in her vision of availing each on e of the m t he atmosp h e re t o succeed. "You must go in with good, righteous communication ski ll s a n d you must learn to give and take with one another so that everyone's needs are met," Oliver said. The greatest work we have is to give people the s kill s t o e m po we r t h e mselves to be able t o s peak on their own be h a lf a n d th at of others."

The collective ph ilosophy of the leaders of the CFA challenges stude nts to become individua ls as we ll as a rt ists. "T he k ey is workin g h a a·d ," K e ll y ex pl a in e d . "Stude nts know th at if t hey'a·e going to be artists, in whatever incarnation t h at may be, they have to rea ll y be true to themse lves, t h ey have to be scrupulo u s ly h onest, n ot t o mention skill ed. They r eally have to d e v e l op t h ei a· ow n at·tistic voice, t o a·emain true to their feelings, to know who they are, and to have some point of view about human existence and human life. We d on't wa n t o ur students t o imita t e people, we want the m to be origina ls."

Pho to by Cunningham.




i\s a s«·nim· dane«· mujoa·. Mai lt· Pt•tt•t·st•n says her fa vm·ite as p«'cls of tl a nl'«' an· " tlw opp m·tuniti1•s for l' t't>a li ve «'Xpt·t•ssio n and h l'illt-' on stagr ." In N nYPtlliH·l· of 1996. P t•lt• t'St'll t•x hihill·d lwt· skill antllnvt• of thuH·i ng in LMU's An Evt •niu~ o f Cmwt• t·t DaJH'«'. G twst l'hm·t•ogra plu·t' SkpiHtlll' G illiland dt•vt•loJH'd a pief'l' fl'atm·ing Pf'ti' I'Sf'll. " Tiw pt•ot·t·ss of c'l'c·ating the danN· was amazing," said P!•tt•J'stm. '·I gn·w so mud1 a s a danc•t•t· fa·om wnrldng with her." Pl'lt•J'S«·n t'l't•dit s lwr fatht •t· aJIII .lutl y S1·alin . p1·nfrss nr anti dir'«'l'lnr of dan('l', as 111'1' maj m· ins pi1·atio ns in pt·ovitling ht•t· with insigh t. guid a n<'t' . ;md SIIJIJIIII'I. Slw pla n s to mon· til Nt·w Ym·k a fh'r g 1·atluat ion to ('ont inu t• stud yi ng d allt'l'. tlwal«' l'. a nd voin•.


Gordon Fuglie, D ircaor of Lab:md Art


James Lee Megan R. Lenihan Timothy D . Loughran Edward Lu Shinv Lu Kathleen M . Lungren Lisa Machin Jennifer M. MacNeil Jacqueline N. Maltby Katherine E. Mnrquardt ]ody McClean Laterra R. McDaniels Baeza Mejia Matthew Met7.ger Edward Monge C hristine J. Morin Sarn R. Morris Maria-Eknn Nnvnrro Dana Passero Mclissn S. Ray Jennifer M. Renmes Melissa M. Redondo Michael Reiner Christy Rigg Summer Rogers Jamie M . Rohrbach Elavna Fern Rosentcld Christdyn D. Russdl Elisin S. Saam Nidin Snndoval

Director oft he La band Art Gallery, Gor don F u g lic is responsible l(lr bringing cutting-edge contemporary .lrt and dassk works to rh~o· unin:rsity. '1\m of the high points of the t:tll exhibitions .tt rhe Laband were William Keith, painter that captured the landscape of the Sierra i\1evada .md ,\ collabor.uive show /.rrs (Ju)Pisilf.dcaturing the wmks the Uru!!.uayan women paimer1. Alina Di Natale, lnes Olmedo .tnd Pilar Gonz:~lcz . Th~o· 1.prin!!. exhibition schedule included Corpom In Ewnmis: /{ami Wm·~· by J>nt(\' Wic~·mnu twd Htrnndi11t Rt~qdm:rT .md the Am111nl Studwt Art E~;IJibitou. P hoto by Espinoza.



F. Jason


On Hll ) n·~ular· wm·k tl;r y. mw will firHI F . .laMm S lwppanl. tlu·ah'r· majur·. in a ll't' s hir·t ;rnd paint-stairwcl jcoa11:-. I l is talt•llt fur· tl4'sil!;ning and huildi11~ s t·t:- is dis pla yt·cl in tlw man y plays pPrfor·nwd ou campus ;rs w1·ll a s iu t lw Los Angt•lt·s <II'C'll. II is l'at'Pt·r· IH'ga 11 in his fn~shma n ypa r· i 11 hi~h s t·hool. "I ju1-:t WHs lookiug for· s onwthing to do.'' S lw ppanl ;;ays. "so I s tar14•cl huildin~ st•ts. It was wlwn· all tlrt• tTazit•st JH'OJI) t• WI'I'C' ... Sint·t• t•nl4·riu~ c·nllt·~t·. lw tunwd to din·•· tiu~ arHI :-llr~t · \\ s·itin ~ . lit· has wm·k.,tl fur tlw t·ummunit\' as tlw sta~•· nllttra ~!·r for\\ il and Company in \ \litls t;mnwr Nil-(ht 's Dn•am atHI st•t th•:-;ig rwr· for· MtHi igliani . S lwppanl's philn:-ophy fm· SU<'tTt•din~ i:- tu "just work 1111 t ' \Pt·~ tltill ~. \n~tinw MIIIH'on<• s a ys. ' Do ~o u want tu work oil thi ~:r ju~t tlo it. lli H·d in thiiM' Littlt• Tlwah·r· i 11 Fult·y fell' tlw lust fnm· yc•;tt·s. 'uu mt•t•t JH'U)II•· und )U II j us t wurk. As Inn~ as yo u put in th4' timt•. it':llllt n •all) that h ar·tl. ••





Patr·icia Oliver· Chair, Communicatton Arts

Carm Goode

Dr. Mary Bn•den

Chair, Art and Art History

Chair, Music

back to the days of cavemen, but

the age old .lrt never ~cc m~ to lose it~ c harm, 611ing Rudolph Flec k's das.c,c!> past enrollment limitation~ every ~~mcMer. Photo by Groller·.


Dr.Bob Ackley Chair, Theater and Dance

Amanda H. Schlichting Steven P. Schmidt Alexander R. Selma Krist)' M. Shigcmoto Aanand Shrcstha Tenccia R. Singleton Ami Kay Spishock Bethany Stallings Kathryn F. Suess Amy D. Sullivan Michele Tcngco Theresa Tucker Andrew M. Ungvari Amber L. Van Dicrcn Christina M. Vazquez Nicole R. Voll Victor Vu Evan Ward-Hcnningcr Rob H. Wendt Eric T. Wcnsman Whitney H. White Christine C. Wilson John D. Zanetos Scan Chavcl Matt DeAnda ]ennifer Deck Gloria Gonzalez

Akash Lal Marzia Lombardo Kelly Tachiera

A senior thesis project in tilm production- the inl路a mous COMM 460- <.~<m wst upwards of Sl 0,000, thar is, if you budget your money right. Through EPIC and tht~ help of l路a n!lty, communication arts students can take ad\'antagc of the endless opportuniries of the Los Angeles ;1rea, linding internships that give them experience outside of the university and that m;ly also lead to a job after graduation. Internships help get their J路( )ot in the door ofthe cut-thro:tt enterrainmenr business as painlessly as possible. Photo by Grollcr.





Y 0



A R Y M 0





S ecia/ Edition

Undergraduate Research is on the Rise • CSE: emphasizes

student professor interactwn. BY R OBERT R oJAS



ha rged with oversee ing the C a pproximately 750 s tudents mujoring in its ten dep<u·tmcnts, Dean Gera ld J akubow!:ki again shou ldered t he weight of administering and developing t he College of Science a nd I<:ngineering in all as pects of its operation. Together with his gifted fCJculty, Dr. Jakubowski has brought the College nea r to perfection this fl c ndem ic year in all of its dep<~rtm e nts. This year, the College continued with its emphasis on undergraduate research projects. Students worked feverishly alongside faculty members, endlessly toiling on major r esea r ch proj ects in various scie nces- biom edicine, ge netics, fi eld biology, physical chemistry, and other areas. After the res ults


Knowing that we are making a positive impact on our students is compensation enough. - Dr. Tina Choe Professor, Biology Department


of these projects are calculated , students are sent to various regional, national and international \mdcrgraduate resea rch confe rences to 1wesent their findings. Last year, approximately 1.5 students were sent to t he National Co ll eg iate Undergrad uate Research Conference in Asheville, North Carolina, and th is year the numhcr is expected to increase. Biology depar t m cn~ chair M ichnel Danciger, :1 professor of


mi crobiology and mol ecular genetics, is proud of of the growth in his department in rcccnl years. Dr. Da nciger has pus hed for more fac ully involve ment in research, and commends his department's facu lty for being available to s tudents, providing a constructive lea rning e nvironm ent in the classroom. and allowing s tudents to beco me more involved in their research. "We are also h opin g to get more technical a nd support staff in order to aid our great effort in research and teaching," said Dr. Da nciger. The de partmcnL's future pl a ns include renovating an d building new research labs for stude nts and faculty fund ed with g r a nt money from the l{cck F oundation and t h e National Science Poundation. Last summer, Biology professors Tina Choe an d James Landry conducted resea rc h with local students from St. Bernard High School as part of an e igh t- week summer progra m c<JIIed Proj ect SEED (Project Summer gducational Experience for t h e Economically Disadvantaged). "We're trying to give high school stu de nts from economically disadvantaged backg rounds opportunities to see what it is like to conduct research and expand their views of science," sa id Dr. Choe . Both professor s worked with the hi gh school students on research projects that would likely be conducted only by college j uniors and seniors at most ot her universities. Although neithe r· LMU professor received any extrn compe nsation for participa ting in the project., Dr. Choe was hap py to participate, "l<nowing that we are makin g a positive impact on students is compensation e nough for Dr. Lnndry and me." As chnir of both the g)ectrica l Engineering and Compute r Science de partme nts, Dr. John Pngc has seen steady growth in his arcn. For the past 15 years, the departments h;we been g radually increasing the number of bachelor's and m1•slcr's degrees they award. Given these rising num bers, professors arc being fo rced to deal wit h la r ge r numbers of s tudents in thei r classes and having to divid<' their time


Dean of the College of Science and Engineering Dr. Gerald Jakubowshi. acco1·dingly. ThesE! de partments arc careful to keep t he persona l touch between the s tudent ;:.nd the professOI'. A new addition to the department this year is Dr. Barbara Schmitz, the lirst and only femal e facul ty member in the cicclrical engineering department. The computer science department's new project for the fall of 1997 is a series of six computer and mul timedi a classes, which will be integnttod into t h e Coll ege's curriculum. "We are almost. finish ed with putting togethe r a multimedia curriculum which we h ope will be in terdisci pl inary, invol ving the College of Communication and Fine Arts," said Dr. Philip M. Dorin, a professor in the compute r science department. With approximately s ix new courses, the curri culum would include classes from basics of the Wor·ld Wide Web to advanced computer programming and computer grap hics. The department also hopes to bu ild a new lab which would contain t he latest computer and multimedia equ ipm e nt to acco mmodate t he

instruction of these courses. This year, the depa r tment of mechanical engineering was hard at work. Depa rtment chnir Or. Rafiqui\ Noora ni h elped facilitate LMU s tud ents' e ntrance into the licld by exposing them to national conferences and design competitions in fi elds as diverse as aero-design and mini-baja off road vehicles. Over the last six years, he has seen 67 LMU s tude nts sent to various national conferences to prese n t their findin gs. These presentations could not h ave been facili tated without the department's modern laboratories. which arc equipped with th e latest specialized equipm ent, includ ing computer controlled data acquisition system:>, robotics systems, and machinery. On e e xcit ing project thnt mechnnical e ngin eering majors have undcrtnken is the SAE Formula Cur program. A gr·oup of six to ten undergraduate students will meet in the s hed behind Doolun Hall to design and build u miniature INDY race car intended to compete agninst other colle~-res

Elvis Acosta Edwin Aguilar Jennifer V. Alamares Erwin Allado Paul Allen Jand Ancheta Gus Aranda Yoko Asano Marie E. Ayala Dawn C. Barsana Anthony J. Baucum I I Maria Bautista Jim Baynes Matthew A. Bazar Gregory M. Bchr Therese Bercngucr Joshua D. Biggers Shcn·ita Rose Blackshear Patrick Blanton Paul D. Boitano Christy L. Boling Jennifer L. Boothroyd Tracy A. Borgh Mike R. Bourke C hristina Bradberry Patricia Branconicr Michael 0. Braun Hollce M. Buckman Leah N. Burk Dorota T. Bytncrowicz

and universities nationwide. While the conceptual a nd design phase of the project began thi s a ca d e mic year, actua I construction and asse mbling of t h e vehicle itsel f begins n ext year. The competition will be held during the summer of 1998. Dr. Noorani secured a $10,000 g r ant thi s year from Northrop Gru mm an Co rpora t ion t o fund r esea r ch proj ects for stud e nts to work in conj unction with the compa ny . Three-di m e n sio n a l engineering designs created by the company, other competing institutio n s, and the University i t se lf, w ill a ll b e tested a nd compared with one another. These studies in prototyping will e n a ble both LMU stud e nts and t h e Northrop Grumman Corpora t ion to und e r s tand a nd compete in t h e ever-changing ma rketplace. Likewise, Dr. Mich ael Mulvhill, chair of the civi l e n g in eerin g d epa rtm e nt , provides und e r gra duate E ngineering stud ents with opportunit ies to ma k e contacts in th e e n g in ee rin g industry and

pa r t icipate in social activities, as w e ll as in co mmunity serv ice . Through hands-on e x pe rience in s urv eyi ng, structural m echanics, fluid m ech an ics, a nd so lid mechanics, as well as participation in organizations s u c h as LMU's stude n t chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Dr. Mulvhi\1 is able to further students' exposure to the lield. Thi s spri n g, the American Society of Civil Engineers hosted a r egion a l confe r ence on campus in which LMU und e r g r a du ate and g radu ate stud ents in civ il e n g in eerin g fi e ld as we ll as students an d professiona ls n atio nwide, attended seminars, presented resear ch , and ente red competitions like concrete canoe ra cing and t he steel bridge design contest. Physics chair Dr.•John Bulman reports that his department is also involved in various r esea r c h projects. These projects involve a wide a nd diverse range from the fields of optics, m echanics, e lectromagnetic fie lds and waves to


1'aking some time from their studies the Math Club bonded during a bonfire atDockweillcr Beach Friday. March 7. Sharon Lima and Brian Rodas were caught da11cing 1111der the stars. quantum physics . The departmen t h as well-equipped la bo 1·ato ri es which provid e students oppor tun ities to do e xperiments in atomic and solid state physics a nd modem

optics. Professors' work with students has not gone unrecognized. The Los

CSE: page 72


Kali Cagnolatti Carmen Carrera Domingo Castaneda Kristi A. Castro Claudia A. Catalan Bccki S. Cepeda Juan M. Cepeda Cyrus C. Chan Kamilah Chavis Lucille M. Chen Jessica C . Cheng Ben H . Chong

Janice V. Chunsiripongpan Charles B. Coffi11an Jeremy D. Cook H ope R.B. Cruz Jan ina T. Cudanes Christopher M. Dalland Jennifer Danganan Ro nson Darkwa Stephen F. Darrow Melissa Alane Daub Martin DeKort Elena De La Cruz Antoinette T. Deleon Michelle Demel Isabel De Vera Nhan Thi Do Kelli Dunlap Stacy Dykman

Who ever said that science and engineering

majors did n 'r know how to have fun? During the Senior Retreat in Big Bear feb. 7-9 , electrical engineering major Andy Babula enjoys a little R&R while sledding in the snow. Photo by Shanley.


Sofia Moreno wo rks diligently in the c.: hcmistrv Jab oxidizing titanium pcrmanatc. Photo by Espinoza.

Civil Engineering



When Chad ZdcnN:k wa~ in high school, he sta1·ted constructing not only huiltlings ancl homes, but a foundation for his futm·e ean·m· as well , hy wm·king dosd y with his father , who hall heen a major influcnee on hill dt~ ci!lio n to hecomc a t:ivil engint:cr. Zd cneck served as pn~sidcnt of the American Society of Civil Enginet!ring for two year·!;. H e hopes to do gt·aduate t·esearch and w01·k fuU time in stnaetm·al c·nginect·ing, esp('daUy in constrn<'ting earthquake-proof h!'idgt·s and buildings. H e t'mphasiz<'s that iJt his w01·k, tlw most important aspt•<·t is his "s<'r·vice to oth<'r·s, whil<' building something fot· pcopl<' that l know will h t' saf<•. " Zdcneck thanks hoth Dr. Mulvihill and Dr. Manoo~,rian for their infltH'tW<' and <tdvit;c during his ac:HI<'mit· cat·ecL







a]so l rc-


)Jfl r

g \ ot


C'l fC L

\ llr \


First year biology major

T imothy Skinner has a little fun while d oing an experiment in the Seaver Lab. Photo by Espinoza.

Junior math major Laura Steiner works in the M~lth L.1b as a TA helping students usc the problem solving program Mathematica. Photo by



Denise Espinoza Sean W. Ferguson Aracclia Fernandez Felix G. Figueroa Erin M. Foxworthy Zully W. Garcia Christina S. Ghattas Mena J. Ghebranious Jennifer P. Gieser Joseph Giliberto Adrian J. Giovannone Anna M. Girardj Heidi Gksne

Jcnniter L. Gonzalez Raymundo T. Gonzalez Tracy Grair George 0. Gutierrez Jr. Raul V. Gutierrez



..... ~


Daniel Hageman Lynne Hankawa Jennifer B. Hanson Brian G. Hauer Mark Hernandez Vanessa V. Hernandez



1 .. .


MEMHERS INCLUDE: l·knry l.iu, R~ tli llo\'nani,tn, Julie Sd>ala, i'\'lonk,, Min<·o, D:~n<Til t\lll!\\'in, /m· Sannar, \1,1 C<><K, /ulk Tuhh•. CI.Hulb l;uiiJinl <l,;th Lcon.H"d, Eu~i,·m· !..:1;,, /vtauhcw Jamt·• , Gknn Cndi.un.\l, Amir , (;rur!\l' J;utr<'l\ui, t\kx K<'rl, hur!\, Wad Y.Kouh, )u<k lla,har.t, Md;ulir \V,· mn, I R Orinion, hnwr.ll<l.l S.nn;~crnz , )otl<llh.m 1\;~rtila,l, C.mlyin Kim, .lnd l'h.on N!\nycn .

Cori Hollenbeck Elizabeth A. Hollenbeck Tracy L. Holman Marla L. Horie Brian L Horowitz Jackson Hsieh

M EMB ERS I NC LU DE : Marie Ayala, C lint I-h :rrcra, Virg il

Diaz, Marit:da Jimenez, Hugo Figueroa, Felix h g m·roa, Antonio Ochoa, David Olivas, Henry Velasquez, Sandra Vasquez, and ·r.,ny<\ Ruperto.


Katherine Hudson Ruwan S. Hulugallc Eric.: Hurt Matthew D. James Maricda Jimenez Mia L. Karamatsu Veronica D . Kelley Leo Jr. Keppingcr Shant Khatchadourian Mac Kidakarn Wesley E. King Zachary P. King KaraM. Kitazaki Genevieve A. Laguna Marie Eugenic S.D. Lao Jennifer L. League Jennifer K. Lee Adrienne A. Livoni Michael A. Long Jasmin Lope lillian A. Lopes Araccly Lopez Randolph M . Lopez Luz Lozano Amanda M. Lynch Jennifer S. Lynch Lorna P. Madarang Karina Madariaga Jason Madison Maria J. M adrigal

CSE: from page 67 faculty members $12,000 faculty development grants whtch support faculty exploration nnd implementation or new techniques for promoting student-ccnlcr('d learning. Or. James Landry , chemistry professor, was honored with this award for his "Experimenting in Science" project, also Dr. Scott Wright und Dr. Dennis Zill in lh<' mathematics department Wl'rc honored with the award fo r "Oi fferential Equations." OthN grant recipi ents included Dr·. Suzanne Larson and Dr. Thomas Zacariah, also in the moth department were recognized for "Introduction to Probability and Statistics." Through Loyola Maryrnount's core curriculum students gain an oppr·eciation fm· the arts, sciences, philosophy, religion, and hi~tory;


the elements which have shaped our world and its various cultures. However, the College of Science and Engineering has made extraordinary contributions. Its first rate teachers, superb facilities, and strong connections to the industrial, environmenta l, and scientific organizations have henefited its students by solidly grounding them in their technical disciplines. Over the past three years, 65'i! of LMU applicants have gained cnt.ry to medical schools, and virt.ually 100'ii or applicants have been accepted for other health-related professional schools such as dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, a nd optometry. This percentage shows that LMU's gifted faculty arc directly involved with students ond their work and do not just lecture for hour·s at a ti me.

J\ll:i\llll· ll\ I N< l.l 'DE: ASCE 1996 1997 Olliccrs: Prc~idcnt C h;ld

Zdcnck, Vkc Prc~idcnt Src\'t' l'vl.l~sc tti , Finances Nath,ul Pinp.d, Corrc1-pondcncc Mary Toal, Acti,·itic~ Coordinawr Rl'Cil.l Gai,IIH>, and C:ontl:rcncc Chair Lc,tnnc Talbott.

The Colkg~t of Science and Engineering prides itself on the one-on -one attention given to each srudenr by the t:Kulty. Given the intimate size of the college, students arc able to particip<lte in research projects with their proi·c ssors, as in the case of student researchers who help biologv professor Sr. Catalina Fresquez with her studies of the tl·uittly. P h oto by Espinoza.

A meeting of the National Society of Black Engineers IH:Id in Hannon Lott gave students insight into daunting task bcl·( m: them ;ls they prep;lrc to enter the work f·(m.:e . Photo by



:r ~cond



M EMBERS INCLUDE: G regory Be hr, T he rese Bere ng ue r , Joshua Biggers, Antho ny Cascarano, S te phen Davis, De nis Dc lja , Da n ie l Di s t efa no , Micha el G e newi c k , Ke i t h G ustafs o n , Brya n Herold , M ic h ad Hor ow itz , Jo hn Koehler, M ark M arquez, C hristophe r Picinni , Andrea L. Pospisil , M ichael Robirds, S hivon Q . Valdccantos, and Angclique Wilson.


Dan Chavira Dan Chavir a, who will gt·a duate this spring with d egrees in theology and biology, ironically found a love of these two subj ects in his ca d y days a t LMU as an E nglish major . H e fo und truth in poett·y, especially in Get·a•·d Manley H opkin s' " incr edil>le descriptions of the gnmdc u1· of God in na tur·e." Reading su<'h gr eat wo rks has given him th<! helief tha t " respect fo r· huma nity and love of natut·c maniJes t(~J in litet·ature is most manifes t in life itself. " After gt·aduation , Chavir a will travel to E urop e and Australia . H e ean1ed a Rota t·y Schola r ship , which will sponsor his stlHi y at the Austt·a lia n Natio na l Univer sity of the intc r·actio n and inten-clation a mong the hod y, mind , a nd souL H e will tlw n r·cturn to the United Sta tes to d ec:idc upon his nex t earee•· move.


In hono r ofVetcran 's Day, AfROTC Cadet Kristophcr Struve participates in a flag retreat ceremony o n t he Alumni M all. The AfROTC program is made u p of Cadets trom surrounding universities as well as students ti·om LM U as a mea ns to having maximum participatio n and ac~:ess to the bcnetlts t he Air Force o tfcrs.

Pho to by Bella.

Verona Maierhofer Raymond Z. Mandap Shiella F. Mangune Alunad M. Mansury Chilembwe M. Mason Jennifer M. Matson Wendy C. Matsuno Moriah Matthews Elaine M. McClaren Christine M. McMillan Nicholas A. Migliore Paul M. Mikulas Alyce Miller Andrew J. Miller Fo uad Moawad Elizabeth M. Monette Lupe Monteon Ryan F. Montero Mario F. Morales Sofia T. Moreno Christine Marla Kalin M. Murphy Liberty Ferrer Nacional Moniquc M. Nunes Christopher A. Odenthal David Olivas Kindon Olsen Julia S. Osiripaibul Natalie Palomino Ryan D. Penaflor

~h~tlil. lt\. 1:-.:n.l ' DI·.: l'.u rici:' t\btt)t'fc. (. ;rq~ Arh. R~·.tn Hruwl\, <:.tlud i.t, l'.u rici.t Cunnith~h.t m, Nh.m nn. K.m:n Ellb. t\r.tedi.t Fnn.mdc:t., P.Hrid.1 t;U('Uh' '• lt.~.:bc,.' CC.l (.j,lh'l.' l, t\llll.\ <..;1rMdi: 1\\c~~m l;r,tnich. t\mlt'tH' l:m·n·crn, '11tu I t.m~ Ho.Ul1t, )t·nnifc.·r IJ.',\f.tll', <:huthn · l c\', Kimhc,:rl)' l ..t.' tnl1h11l', Sh.m.m Lim,, , h•nnit\:r l...y n('h, Elit:.tbcth MJdri~JI , J~.·nnif,·r M,tt\nn, E<<io ~lnrJin. M.u·tcc:l., .\to~·.1 , C.arlu ( )ncluy, Clud t·, l)n~t"(b, r•crlrn R<:yt·,, Hri.m RtH1.t~. :\ 1~·:-..iJ .Slahon. Pnli<.npi~• S1) L.uar.1 Stdnc.·r . Kduul.tni .Strc.·km\', ltud1 \\'iu~· • .uHt l).uHw\ \Volf:

Photo by Espinoza .


Chai Penn Joyelk K. Penn Oscar L. Perdomo Marce-Adrian S. Perez Michael C. Peters Marko L Petrovic Christopher H. Picinni Keith M. Rasmussen Melissa J. Rauber James E. Raycraft Faviola Rayos Daniclle L. Refuge Rosanne Reyes Urlette Y. Reyes Laura Rivas Michael D. Ro birds Brian G. Rodas Norman Rodas Sara Ross Alma Griselda Rubio Christina Ruelas Melanie R . Ruste C laudia Salazar Marie Antoinette G Samson Stephen Sa mson Mark San Buenavcnntra Edward Sanchez Walter H . Sanchez Methca Sapp Ray Sardo

u 0 rJ)






Dorota Bynterowk:r,, C hristine Cawayan, Antoinette De Leon, Isa bel de Vera, Recna Galano, Cheryl (;uysc, Liz l lollcnbeck, Marla Horic, Navclla I lutchings, Jcnnilcr Jasper, Carolyne Johnson, C hristina Kumor, ChriMian Paredes, Michelle Porter, Le anne Talbott, Mary Toal, J'vlichclle Treinen, and Alma Velasquez.


ME,\11\ERS 1:--.:c J.L'DE: Esmcra ntacruz, Mari:l Madrigal, Miguel Alcantara, Sofia More no, ( :laudia Alazar, Rosa Jimcncs, Fathima Abdulla, C hristina Rucllas, \t\1;H:I Yacowb, Michael Long, a nd Bryant Talvarado.

C ivil engineering majors survey the campus as hands-on training they em usc once they get internships or hin:d alter graduation. Photo by G r o llc r.


Michelle Porter " J love physics," said senior· cn ginet'l·ing physic·s majm· Mic helle Pm·t<'t', " I want to lw<·onw an elcctrir al engineer with a stnmg h <~<·kground in phys i<·s." Like most CSE students, Por·te t· cm·l'ies the str·cssful and dwllc nging load of 18 units, a ncl sp <·ru ls alm ost t>v<•ry minute out of <'lass doing homework and stud ying. Ph ysies Chair Dl'. Juhn Bulm a n c·ommcnts, " An extt·cmcly d cdi<·at e<l and hanlworking student , Porh•r· has accumulat<'d a series of honm·s :uul accomplishmmat s chu·ing he•· time at LMU." Oul'ing lwt· sophomore year, Porlt>r had the opportunity to lH' a c·o-op stuclcnt at NASA J ohnson S pa<'<' Centct· in H o us ton. She par·ticipatc·d in astt·ona ut training activitic•s s uc·h as cl01llling a s pac'<' s uit a nd l ;mdin ~ tlw space shuttl<• in a moving flight simula tor .


Mechanical Engineering

Ann Goodman


Fr. William Cain,S.J ., C hair of the Chem istry and Biochemistry Department and Resident Counselor of J. Thomas McCarthy Hall concludes the dedication ceremony of LM U's newest undergraduate residence with a prayer and sparking rite along with fellow R.C. Sc Peg Dolan, R.S.H.M. T he ceremony was hdd December 2 in front of the residence hall and marked the oflkial presentation of t he f·a cility to t he trustees, alumni and llllivcrsity otlkials. Photo by Espinoza.


As a m eeh a ni cal~·n girwt·r·in g nwjor·, S1·nim· Ann Go()(lma n says. ·'You h avt· tolw nq;a nizt'd. If you tlu it tWt' l'}' da y, and kt'I'P on it every day, tlu•n ynu n m tin it. " As part of LM U's sma ll. hut g rowin g E n gi nt•t•ring Prow·am , Goodman h as mad t• ht·r mark in tht• d e par·tme nt. Mt·c·hunie al Engirwering C hair Dr·. Hafitpd Noo r·ani nntt·s . "An n is tht• lwst o f tlw t·lass of 1996-tJ7. S lw has r·t•c·c•ivc·d nurne r·nus awanls inc·luding Kilp S c:r·vit·e a Jill Leatlt•r·shi p I and ) Dt•an 's List. Tht• t•x tr'<II'UJTic·ular <H' ti vitit·s in wh idt Ann p artid palt>s <ll't' nuHwt·ous . . . s tudc•nt govt·•·nnwnt , ASM E, Jluman Powt•r· Vt•hidc· , Gi d S<·nut Volunte•c•·s . .. " llowevc•r·, Gooelrnan rmrld not h ave· al·t·omplis lll'tl all of that without. LM U's s upporti ve! proft•ssm·s. " Unlike· otlwr· schools. Llwy help sophomoJ'f'S g<· t involvt•tl in II' a ll\ p•·ojt•c·ts and comp1•titions. T lwy' I'<' a lways <:twn ur·agi ng s tutl t' n t invol venwn t."

Cara E. Schindler Kathleen N. Seidl Regina M. Scpc Tony Shaheen Francis C. Sidcco Meredith A. Silva Virna L. Simmons Mudje Sivrican Alysia M. Skilto n Tim A. Skinner Amy M. Smith Diana So Patricia Solberg Cary Sorian o Laura M. Steiner Clement Sterk Justin P. Strout Kdli A. Summers Lori A. Sylwanowicz Steven K. Tam Debra Tang Nt:il Tang Michael Thelen Daniel A. Tieman Eric Torres Julie L. Tubbs Patricia L. Tupas Chloe G. Vasquez Vivien Vercdcs Damian J. Villa




-~lt .. ,-. i.

1\\t.\\U~~ l:-.:1 Ll ' lll:: /1\.>rlill Smith, Dr. R.1y To.1l , Dr. )mq>h ( '.•ll111.111, N.uh.m l'rin~ll', D.lll C.u.lh ( l'rc."tlrl'f), i\ndy 1\,\hlll.l, D.wid M.llMIOI..l , /\1.\1')' T<Ml ( \'kc

l'onid<·m ), 1\oj.m Ni,,l\ k, S.tlltlor lkmoMh,·nc>, Dr. Mkh.wl Mul"hi ll , i\ lkhdl,· i'ort<·o· (C. s,·'), Ry.1n IV.tlltt, 1\o·i.ln ll.l\'l'l', Curoi, Roth , Chri' llmo z ( R. Sec.), Dr. 1\ill Troll , Dr. (;,.,·.lid ).1kuhnwski, l k Fi•l1l·1\ Mk hdk '[',·,·in.m, Rc,·n.l (.;, Dorot.1 1\ytucro\\io, 1\lo.tOna Q.1d.1li, and Ann ( ;oudm.ul .

When engineers working on tiK·ir mini baja decided to take S(rap metal they were practicing welding on and (Ctnent it in ti·ont of Regent's Terra(e as 1he annual St . 1,;\t ri{·k's Day Prank, the cntir{· uni versit y was f(lolcd imo believing till: S(ulpturc was a projcct f( ll' t hl· lkt ion a! Art 330 class. It was on display li:x three \\'C{'k:.. Photo by Grollcr.


Vincent Q. Villanueva James S. Vitak Estelle A. Wall Sonya M. Washington Claire C. Weglarz l<.'lren L. Wingfield La Shawn Witt Ruth Witte Rod C. Yoo James M. Young Alex RayS. Zapanta Carly A . Zinda

r . Miehacl Danciger·

Chair, Biology

Dr. William Cain. S ..J .

Dt·. John Page

Chair, Chemistry

Chair, Computer Science

Senior Civil Engineering major Steve Massctti works on the annual ASCE collaborative project f(w the ASCE Pacitic Southwest Regional Conti.:rence hosted t(>r the tirst time since 1973 at LMU from April 3-5. This year the group entered a concrete canoe in a race in which they have to sink the canoe, prove that it will tloat and tinall>' race it. ASCE's hopes of winning were literally smashed when a Operations and Maintencc worker backed into t he canoe creating a hok and multiple cracks the day bd(>re t he canoe's final presentation. Two rolls of duck tape kept the canoe afloat during the race, but LMU w:1lked away 7th in the overall competition . Photo by Groller.


.l oh n Bu lma 11 Chair, Physics


lh·. Hafiqul Noor·ani

Olair, Mechanical Engineering

Dr . Micha<'l Gt·<ul y

Chair, Mathematics

Electrical Engineering



" I ' m usually running around. t1·ying to get things taken f:<u·c~ of," says Andy Babula , an c•vm·-a<:tivc· eled•·ic:al

t' nginef'ring major. As JH't•sident of Sursum C onla , Antly emhodi1•s the .Jesuit motto of " me n and wonu•n fm· others. ,. " I ditln ' t n~alize what I would get out of the o1·ganizat ion ," hf' says. '"l'he nH:mhe•·s and tlw p eoph• I hat I ' ve c•n(·oun tt· n~d through m y t•x peri encc~s ha ve made• a huge' impm:t on my vic·w of life, ~wrv icc• . arHI Jwoplt:." Babula 's inten:st in dc:ctl'ieal engineering started as a ('tll'ious and er ea tive youngster·- h e has d csin:d to he an t:ngineer sirwe tlw fifth graclt·. Aftc:r <:ollegt', Bahula hopes to join the .Jc~suit Voluntec: r P•·ogntm to wor·k domcstieall y m· tJ'avelto Eu•·ope fm· awhile. Bahula ' s formula fm· su cci'SS is to tlo whatc: vt'l' makc•s one happy- to "gc·t up in the morning c:v1~ •·y da y ami be t'Xeilt'tl about what yo u ' r<· tloing and what you have• to fa('f' I ha I day. "

.. _



Br. Smolders and a first year biologv major Katherine Heeg discuss pre -med options and :lltcrnati\'e programs during the f'lrst of her pre-med counseling sessions. Ea<:h tirst year pre-med student is reqircd to m<.~et with Br. Smolders to begin the f(mr ye;1r process of evaluation that ends with a committee review to determine the likelihood of getting into medical school. Photo by Espinoza.




r tng

Tracy Mlakar, RD, Jean Ya:.uhara, Jonathan I loward, Rob White nnd F1. lliggin~ S.J., RC.


Wh ile on round., m De.,monJ Patr icia Branconicr. drop~ in to help Kim Rinehart and Kelly Zcilst ra with their homework. Patric ia expla11h, "The hc:.r wlly ro get to know your rc.,ldL'Ilh i:. to Jll'>t hy, say hi, and hang out." Photo by G rollcr.

Josephine de Fcl1ce, RD. Gabnc ll c ElmiJo lan, Michelle Treinen, G1ll1an Cervcro, Michele Jcnulc:.<m, Patrie''' Rnmcomcr, Mana Sepilian and Krisry Gon.,.,h路e:., RC.

Nakm Mainor, RD, Alicm John:><m, Nicole Howard, Richard Brown, Xuong Do, Chmrophcr Poliyb, Osmin llcrnanJc:, Fr. Ch1p Lihby, S.J., RC, and Fr. Tom, S.J., RC.

Mir:i Sugar, RD, Mdi:.~a Whelan, Molly Scurr, Dori~ Doss, Mon1ca I layL路:., t-.11chclc Alcara:, anJ Sr. Judy Vallimunt, S.Sp, RC.

Ev:~ Banh, RD. Teresa Ddlacamcm, Mclame Sego, Aron Bbhop, Reina Fresque:, Chrbty Bolmg, Anthony E~quivcl, Fr. Bill Cain, S.J., RC and Sr. Peg Dolan, R.S.J I.M., RC.

"for the.: l'lrst year and sophomore residents we arc hcrl' to help thl'm adjust to colkgc lifi: and makl' thl' rransition as painless as possibk. For the junior and senior residents our job is to ':rcan: ;ln c.:twiromcnr in whic.:h they can f(>ster relationships and prcpare thcmsclves t<>r lifi:. " -Curtis Roth, Residen t Director, Rosecrans

Nicok Capoccctti, RD. Kristen Delco, Elizabeth Hnddcn, Timothy Scott, Davis McAdam, jr11ncs Zucker, Daniel Chapin , F(.路rnando Moreno, RC and Fr. Richard Rohin, S.J., RC.

Clara Evans, Rl'l, Sergio Armcndari:, Shamus Auth, Bridget Carberry, Sandra Castillo, Jason Cagk-, lkn Nickerson, and Fr. Shane Martin, S.J., RC.


Ahc, RD, Alex Galvez, Joe Toomey, Lisa Cusack, J cnn Leong, Jennifer Mulvoy, Talinc Tahakian, Daniel Pierce, Camrin Servin, Fr. Bob Cam, S.J., RC, Dr. Mary McCullough, RC and Sr. Maureen Schaukowitch, O.S.F., RC.

Curtis Roth, RD. Mike Vasquez, Will Lebo, Mih路 Sullivan, Arnold Pamplona, Chilcmhwc Mason, Irvin Jaramillo, Fr. Jim Erps, S.J., RC.

Stt:Vl' Masscrti, RD, Paul Boitano, Brian Coffman, Paul Lukaswski, Jacoh Vander Linden, Kristin Jones. Renee Barett, and Fr. John Wcling,

T;nnm y Jones, Prl路sident. Colkn Auth, J,1hn Lynch, Kathleen Seidl, Amy Ka_y Spi:>hock and

S.J., RC.

building reprcscntati \路e~ f\H McCarthy. McKay. Tcnedcrich, Duhcny, Dl'~l1hlll<l, \XIIwlan, Lllyola. Rosecrans, Barcdnna, !lannon.


In 1952, Loyola U niversity staged a military faire for Commencement Ceremonies that honored soldiers killed or wounded in the Korean War. As one of the last grad uating classes of the Twentieth century, seniors must keep abreast with a world that relies increasingly on a growing technological and communication oriented intl路astructure. To prepare to lead coming generations as degree holding professionals in their chosen fields requires a background in many different yet divergent areas. Consequently, more students arc graduati ng with an em phasis in international studies, developing fluency in foreign tongues and learnin g the ins and outs of changing technologies so that the legacy they leave for subsequent generations and their peers worldwide is as diverse and sophisticated as The Class of 1997 .



p,y~hc )ln~y

Fount.>in V.>lk~'. Ct\


l l tllll .tl \iti~,.·,/S()~ic•l()~\'


:\ vdlino , C:\

Maria Almcndariz

Joanna Airey

John Albarian

Amber Allen

Tam ic Allen

l.ibcml Studk' Budltou. C :\

Comm. Arts/Film l'rothl(tiotl 1-luntiu~twu lk.Kh, C:\

Sp~ ui~h

Sacr.1memo, CA

p,ydu>lnt-y I ~>< Aug.dc,, C.\

Emily Alpay

Mark Altman



llc.1Ch, 0\

Janice Ang M.\tl;lg.CtnCill S.m Diego, CA

Carlcna An:\'a lo Hunmitit.VJ\\dd 'f\\1'1\Vli-11 llcll G.1rdnh. ( .\


I ht~n.mitic,/CI.>"k' S.111 G.1ht·icl. ('A

Sttu..fic, Gu.tpquil, Ecu.1dor

( 'omanmli(,ttion



Alexander Alvv

Busin~ Admin ./l\brk~tiug

Brian An

Katharine Anderson

Politic~ I ScietKe

Long. Beach. Ci\

Los Angeles. CA

1-lisron· '"·' :\ ngck'. C'.A

Communication ;\rts Dcm cr, ('()


Business Market in g. Los Angcb, CA

Humauitics W<·st Coviua, Cr\

Political Scicucc/ Philosoph)· Wh ittcr, CA

Christian Armbrister

Richard Armijo

Michele Arnwi ne

Eug.lisl• Bre mwood, C1\


Sociolosy l.o''. <.\


J. Aragon> 1\ louie.•.

< :\

Fo路,路n.:h/ l'ol il S.;i~nc~ (;)1.m.1, \\\:,t .\ frh:.1

j 0\'ita Asm raw:1ri

Dcvi Jane Asuncion Bin1o).!.\'


l.o' Ang.d~路~~ C.'\




Avgelia Atilano

Kristi Atkins

Conuttunicalion o\ns/ Sp>ni,lt Los Angles, CA

Business Loomis, CA

Colleen Aurh

Anthony Aviguctcro

Joseph Ayala

History C:uttarillo, 0.

Cl\ ol En~;inccriny,\lu~ic Long Beach, C:A

('onuttunication Studies

Carolina Avdlctt

Yama Azar

Andrew Babula

i\ Iarina ,tel Rq-, CA

Biology Kabul Alghaotisran

i\ kdtanic.ll Engineering Toledo, OH


Janis Baker l.h1:Mrc楼l~dtok!!;'' S.tnl;~ Monica, ('t\

Jennifer Aucr Sociology



Dominic Baltazar

Eva Banks

Jlu,in~ss Adminis1ra1ion

t\rt J-listorv IA>s Feliz, Ct\

l.ns An~;clcs, CA


Christy Barker

Renee Barrett

Roberr Barros;1

Dance Simi Valley, CA


1\1'"'· Etlgitlccrin}!. Sotnh C.Hc, C :\

Victorville, C. \

Jo nathan Barti lad

Vincent Basulto

Charlotte lhutista


Psyd lolo)l)' Arcadi ..1, C:\

P,ycholo);)' l.t" :\n);ck,, C:\

l..m'Jl<l,lk ..


Rrdcat Baykycgn

Jeanette Beal

Brian Bclctic

Puliti.:al S~h."flt:\' ~''"l"'n lk ..~eh, <A

Tt.:k\ i\.iun l'rckhu:1inn D.1ll,\\, TX

C hristine Love Beltran

lkckv Bernard

Ankica Bil:\\'er

Tdnision ProdlKtinn \Vhiucr, Ci\

si..:iolog.y llouswn, TX

ll i<IOr\' \ ',llky \ 'ill,li<', (':\

Chad Bitzer

Chloe BkH:k

A1sha Hlancharti

lilml' 01

'>tudio Art•/<.;,._,phk Dc,ign Angdc,, C:\

Politic.ll S,:ic•h:~· Pomon.l, ( .\

1\oln....a .,.,,.,..</l ntan.>~• oul llo.i.J1••~'


1: .





S.m Diq:o. C:\




_j Kimberly Blankenship ( 'nmmunk.u inn' Tc,rr.m~t·,

( ::\

Anstotlc Hondoc

Patrick Bias 1\1 ,\l'kctin~

"'''''i.l, ( ':\

Cher Ann Boggs r•<lli•i(.,,


l.m Angdc'. CA

Sabrina Boilc.:s



Daniel Boling



Shcmun \ ),,k ' • (' :\

Cl.u·,·mnnt. C.\

i'-!icolc Bottcher

P.nrici.\ Boyd

D.\\'id Bracken


lon.lll<<'. ( .\

( omm .. \ n,/ T .\'. PrnthKlinn P.>,.><kn.>. C :\

I"' .\n~ck,, t .\

l'ohtt(.tl :-...:u:n("c: 1\.lld\\ Ill l h lk c \

Elizabeth Briggs

Richard Brown

Melissa Brovlcs

jeanne Bm:kly

Janice Bucnafl:

( '<)()11llU111..'.nlon Stlldi~,.·, D.m, ilk. C:\

~'-'l'c..'t.'n'' rum~ \\'in,J-m. l · n~l.lll<l

l'rh.m Stud i.i' l "' :\n)!dc, , C :\



Q u.u·v I l oll. ( ·,\

I "' :\ ngcln . C:\

Buicciaga Aaron

Keith Bullard

Keith Burke

D:\\'id B\Tnc

Marco Cabanillas

P<>litk .\1 S(k n\"c.'

ll i,too~·

Chi l Eow.inct·rin!l. 1.<" :\ nick, , C. i.

Rachel B o~m a '"''"" .\ n, (;o.>pho"

Tnrr.llll"t', ( ' t\

1.<" i\ll)!Ck~. ('.\

.\...:-..:otlm ing. l'incd.1k. \\'\'

Irene Cadclina

jason C.lglc

).\SOll G . C\i ( '•unputl·r 'w.i l'lh.'t'


Hunul;oho, HI

l'ulitic.ll " """''' l'hucni, , .\ i'.

l'olioi•·'' ~.:k n.:c/ll i,t nr\' llr'<'IH\\O!ld, C\

Gloria C.lldcron Commum..:.,lum ~'"'''c' s~n n ocgu. l ·.\

C ivil Engincco·in g Tiju.1n ~ ,


Y:tsmin Calzada lnt<'rn.uinn~l

1\min<'" \ 'couur.l. CA


, ._ I

. .•...... ,




.•' ·


ii , V'

Maria Campos

Christopher Cannon

Kathleen Canbida

Bridget A. Carberry

Anna Cardenas



Sociolo<:l' Las Vegas>\ \'

Ew:~ Bc~ch~- HI

l'olitic.ll Scicn..:c/ lliqory loll'.l Ci11·. I:\

Los Angeles, CA

Karen Carlsen

Lori Carter

C indy Carullo


John Cassancgo

R,·cording :\rh

Business tVIat·kcting i\·lillbt·ca, C r\


Business t\dministr~tion S~n R:tmon, CA

l'inanccjt\ l:m~gemem Humington lkach, 0 \

Karine C hakarian

f.ib,·i·:~l Studk> S:tn I'S<\ Ct\

Daniel Cavey

Sandra Cedillo

Adri:ma T. Ceja

Ricardo Chagoury

Fi lm Pmduction Van Nuys, CA

Ma n.tgcmcnt/t\l .trkcting Los t\ngclcs, Ct\

Libera l Studio La Puente, C,\



C he 1--!o C han

lvLlriannc Chandler

Irene C hang

Karen Chapdelaine

i\rts En..:ino, Ci\

t\(l.'<nlntinc. H o ng Kong

Sp~ni'h Arc.tdi~. CA

Urban Srudics t\n:1hcim , Ci\

l'syd10log.y l..tkCII'OOd , Ct\

Lawrence C ha,·es

Daniel Cl1ivera

S..'Jl'-'"''itir~!. wcs. 1 btti~ra,cr

Yen-Liang Chen

Yu -chih C hen

Min g C heng

Thwlogy/ 1\iology 1..1 ll.thm, C t\


Finance ·r:liwan

T,·mpk City, ~Ci\



Biology Carson, CA


' (',liW;\1 \

,..\\.·( cHIIHillC.

L~:o n tin e



I"' t\nv.dc,, C:\


D. Clark


Litcr.uurc I'.Kilic Palisades,\:\

Amv Coan Biology Eo11.init:ts,Ct\

Joanna Coll ins

Ryan C hurch 1'.-·c holo~,. l.os ,\ngde~-: Ct\

Arlene Clendenin Scrccom riung Chic.tgo. II

p(,IJtit:.ll !\~iCIKC Bre.1. C:\

John Britton Cole

Megan Coleman

Civil Fn~tincning 2'.1 l'.tJon,, CA

Cooonmunic;nion Arts Oo·.11tgc. C:\

Claire Coloma

Shirley Compton

Yorb.t l.ind.t, C:\

J',ydwlog)' Torr.llh'C, CA

t\FA/\ I Studies/ Sociology S.lltt;l Monica, CA

Jana Conk\'

Janine Cooc

BobbiJo Cook

( u o•oui:timSn•i;.., \\i..-.o.l.,_:,C\

BiodteonimY Lo1' Angdc,, ( :A

Biology Ro<.unond. CA



Sociolol(\' DcmTI',


,\ Ju,k M.lnh,ltl,\11 lk.Kh, Ct\


Jan ette Coro n a (\(((Hill ti n~

1\lordi.1. •\ lc;ko

Joseph Costanzo

C hristina C r.lhtrcc

Nancv Crellin


lll<>l<>j:\ Fl \cj:undo, C:\

I jl>cr:11 Studic-

Marv F. CriY<:IIo

Erika Cruz

Janalvnn Cruz

S.m Pnltu. C:\

Jlu,mc"/ /1 t.ukclml( I o' ,\ll j:Ck,, ( .\ ,

En!,\li<h ll.ll'l'i!,\.ld.l,Gu.un

Glenn C u d iamat

)oscph Cucnro

Ju:m C uc\·a

Biochcmi"''Y \V~ip.•hu , HI


"tOlli'Od.l , Ci\

Bu,inc..·" Admini,tr.H i•m 111).\lc\\'OOd. C t\

Edcl-jane Cuevas

Jennifer Cummings

Lisa Cus:tck

Lm. \n~dc,, C.\

I h,"m.miti<"'/h.~i.m

."'-uuting (;,,rdcn.l, C\


C h ristine.: Corky


II"'"" Simi \ '.1lkv, (A

P.l'.l<kna. C:\'h .\ti"ion \'kjo, ( :\

D'Andre:~ Studit' lr\'inc, C:\


('ommuali~..· .uion

.•. .



Lu·;\ D'Souza

Ariel dn Sil\'a


) 1\fCI'I\,\t it)J\,ll )~tl~illl'~~

C<:l~ri tc,,, {:A

l.o, i\ ll!,\dc,. C:\

Houri!!; Dakessian

Yqmnc Dalton

El Sc!,\lliHlo, Ct\

F.n)!.li,h/ Sp.>ni•h L1kc l:nr.:,l, C:\

Stephen De Baets

Hu,j IH:,::-;--

.\ 1,\ll,lt-\.'lllt:nt



· ~



') .


•·.';.•,.. · •. :,'!'

... .


N iwlc D;n·is

Aimee Da\\'is

p,,...._.holo~.!_Y l .o , :\ ng.,·k,: . C :\

( 'ommunk.Hion Studk·,

Bu,inc.·~, ~ \.\rk~1ing.

~li>si;,., Hill~: Ct\

D.ulc<· l.o'!>, C:\

).>k.u'l.l. ln.tonc,i.>

,\;l\Un lk.1d1. C:\

Mariceb de Ia Torre

Liliann DcAnlb

Pat Dedusin

Sten:n Dedstra

Josephine DeFclkc




Cmiu,., C:\

p,,.,holt)l!,\' C.l ;.,.,.,' ( ::.,

S.111 ~ 1.\l'ino, C:\

S.\.;1',\lllClll<l. ( ' :\

Ell!,\li,h/ 1humniti<'' Simi \',,Jicy. C :\

Kristina Del Castillo

Rubv del Rio

Kristen DeLco

Newton De Leon

T heresa Dcllacamcra

lli:-.t OI'\' Spokane,\\'1\

lliolo!,\y/ l'sycholng.y Kailu3, HI

$ol"iology .\li$,ion Viejo, C:\

Solia Diaz

Lib Daruty P~n:holc,~\·

:\~i ;m

P,t<i lic St ud ic~ E.,!'k Ro,k. C 1\



11\!.!JN> lkwrly llill\, C:\



l.ih~·.\1 Studir> H~wt home. C:\


An;\ Melita Diaz

Daniel IX1z



Re,·ording :\n,

Bmi>,mk. ( '::\

:-.t.1nil.>. Philippin,.,



Psy,·ltt)le,!!Y :\h~

J),·n.>, C:\


S us~ na

J. Diaz


Litcr.u urc l .n~ t\n~eks, CA

Andrew D iver


Virgil D iaz

Heidi Diluigi

Arne! Dino

Civil Enginc(.:ring l' ico Rive•·:~ , Ci\

( :,unmunic:trion Studies PhKemia, CA

Polit ic1l Scicnc<· Fullenon, CA

Ell.'\:ll.k .1l Enc.irh.:trinc. · l.o~ :\ng.\'1~ .... C:\ .,_

Todd Dombrowski

Carey Donaldson

D o ris Don lov


Liberal Studi~s Spobnc, \VA

Enl-:li,ll Redondo ' Beach, Cr\

Jennife r

J. L. Dizon

Biology Los t\ngcles, Ct\

John P . D o rnan

Lisa Douet

HiStory \ V<-sllak Village, C'•.A

Marketing Kingston, jamnic:a

Libeml Studies Redondo Bea~h, CA


Car>em, C:\

Lisa Epstein 1\)ud'@' Los Angeles, Ci\

Los An),lcles, Ci\

Lauren D otwherrv t> .

]d ti·t:\'

A. Dism;\\'a


Communicu ion' San Diego, CA

Westchester, CA

E~nilv Ect~·r-


j\ .lu,ic 1.." \'q;·"· NV

CommtulicatiOII Smdks

M.nhcmati-:s Norrhridge, CA

Frank E . Errico

Jennife r Escara

Eniilio N . Estepa II

Kristine Marie Esters

Film Production Tucson , AZ

lmcmational Business Lodi, CA

hucrn.nional Busincs< Denver, CO

1\usineS$ \Vcstbkc. Cr\

. Estrada Film La l'ucnrc, CA

l.ihcral Studics/ Sp;mi>h East Los Angeles, CA

Political Scicth:c lr\'ine, CA

Thcarrc Arts Torrance, CA


t\ brkcting H il bborough, C:\

1-~ Canad.1,

Heather Farr


Tonv Federico

lknjamin Farris

BioiO[,')' La)ull.1, CA

( "ivil

En~iiH.·cri n~

Filnl Produl· tiotl

I.I.IIH;, CA •

Cam.11·illo, CA

·,··~ • -. .., .• ·. •.









,_·, ..



Rolan Fclcl

Michael Felix

Ryan M . ren·eras

Recording Art> Los Angl'lcs, C t\

S~I'CCI'I\VJ'i tin~

Rosemead, CA

Biology Los Angeles, CA

Theresa Ferreria

G rice[ Ferrcyra


Caryn Fet zer

Busincss/ Markctitlg Burbank, CA

Sociology Cerritos, CA





Rebecca S. Fisher

Lucas Fitzgerald

Catherine Fleetwood

Film l't'll<ho.:tinn ,\ lonk.t, Ct\

Engli,h Pa.:ifk.t, CA

,\l,tnh.Hl.\11 1\c,Kh, ('.\

Karen Flotildcs

Jocl l;ontcnor

N icole Fox



,\lun·iet.t, CA

Sar.uoga, Ct\

T.\'. l'n><ho.:tinn Wood R.mdt , C\

Courtney Francis

Norm Francis

Grisela Franco



Phocnh, AZ

lngk"'''(lO<l, ('A

1\usincss Administr•tion \\'ilmingtnn, CA

Maricda Franco

Tamara Francois

Ian Fraser

Business Marketing Mar Vist.t, CA

lliolog)' Los Angclc,, CA

Politk:tl Science Kailua. Ill

Glori Fredrickson lltN!x::;,i\h~tinNmt• .,

Redondo Bcadt, Ct\

96 Fin.UI<'<·

jim French

Reina Fresquez E11glish Yuba CitJ, C,\

,_,, ,

,_ '

~ 1~1

Brian Frontino

N icole Gaines

Poli tical Sci!'IU'I' Encino. Ci\

International Managt•mcnt Manhattan Beach, CA

Long Beach. CA

Robbie DeLeon Galoso

Rebecca Galvez

Business AdministraUon

Covina. CA

Mathematics Los Angeles. CA

Tara Garman



Thomas Galido

Civil Engineering Frcmom. CA

Political Science/ Asian Pacific Chatswo•·th. CA

Adelbert C. Gapasin

Israel Garcia

N icole Garcia

Television Production Irvine. CA



ParJmoum. CA

\\'ahiawa. Ill

Alex Gilchrist



Caryl Gatus

Brad ley Geyer

Las Vegas. NV


Los Angeles. CA

Bll,in•'" Finane<'


Ta•ozana. CA

CypH'"· ('.A

T1 abut'<> Canyon. Ct\

Mark Glaza

Susan Goldner

Erualdo Gonzalez

Felipe G. Gonzalez


Political Science San ro. CA

Glo ria Gonzalez

Scousdalc. 1\ Z

Psychology/Chicano Studies Santa Ana. CA

Ann Goodman

Mitchell Gosztyla

Mechanical Engh1~1lng Fountain Valley. CA

Finance Manhallan Beach, CA

Natalie Graham

Timothy Graham

Psychology Rolling IIIIIs, CA

Graphic Design Manhauan Beach. CA

Jennifer Good l..imiArfs Westchester, CA



Film PnH.Iu~."t i<m Redondo lk.Kh, CA

Andrea Griego

Kevin Griffin

Poli1·ic:1l S( icth."c.: l.m 1\nf,ek>, CA

Psychology South Pasadena, CA

West L.A., CA

Rubv Guerrero

Alicia Guevara


Scott K Grolkr

)<.:rome Gross

Studio Ans Saugus, C i\

" 1\:kvi~ion l)nH.Iu~."tiotl

l.o, i\ngek,, CA

S.m )o>e, CA

l.os Angclc,, CA

Redondo 1\~.;cl,, CA

Christopher Gunst

C hristian Gunther

(;uada lupe Gutierrez

Matthew Gutierrez

Elizabeth Guz man

Music Chatsworth, CA

Liberal Stud;,., lldl Garden,, {',\


Cerrito,, C1\

Business Administration Los t\ngcles, CA

Christy Hannon

Deanne Hansen

HistOI)' Humington Beach, CA

Lisa G ucrra Europ\.\Hl


Elizabeth Hadden

Angelica 1-Ialim

Business/Marketing Manhattan Beach , CA

l ndonl'sia

Haney HanC}' Bugr...-.s Indonesia


Robert Allen (;recn

Sp.mi,hj Chictno Studies

llio l<>\.:1'


Jill Hankawa

Tania Hanna


Hu,in~,_·~~ ~ 1.ll1.lC,{'I1H.'nt


l'.t,,Hkn.t, ( :A

S.m Fr.IIKi""· ( ';\

l.o' Anf.d~·~. Ci\

Tlw.urc ArrS.111

Fr,tndsco, C A

Nkdunical Engineering Au rora, CO

Communication Srudics Los Angeles, CA

Patty Hanson

Kevin Harper

Psychology Canoga, CA

lmc rnati o nal Business Arcadia, CA

T hom as Harter

Nicole Hayne

Accounting Nonvalk, CA

Liberal Studies

Los Angeles, CA



{ Eduardo Hernandez

Mercedes H ernandez

T ravis Herring

Carrie Hershey

Asian Pacific Studies

Clint Herrera

Los Angeles, CA

T.V. P.-od uction Ft. TX

Rachel Hoang

Brooke Holliday

Tina Hom

Sociology l'laya Dd Rcy, CA

Television Produ<' tion

13icqâ&#x20AC;˘ Walnut,CA

Frcmnnr, C:\


Ju li\: H o pkins

Michael Horowitz

Ronald Horton

An I Ii>l<>rv New York, Nl'\~' York En)\inccri n)\ llnnt ini\l<>n t, Ci\

l'\)'<'iu >IO)\)'/ llu>i >ICSS Los t\n)\clcs, Ci\

Ratti H ovnanian


icok ll oward

C leo Y. Huang

Biudt<'llli\try lkinu, uh.lll<'ll

1t-1l·..:ll.tltH.:,t1 l·.u~•nt.·c..·nn~ l . t (' .lll.~tl.t, CA

R.mdto Palos Verdes, CA

Brct W. Hughes

Sha nna H ug h\:s

Cam Huntsing\:r


I IUl'fll.ttituullhl\illt'''


J\..t,hnur, lodu

l luntington lkach, CA


C hristopher Hupach l'oli tic~l

Laura llurrado



Roselyn Ibanez

O biajulu Ikcd iashi

Dina lki




Angeles, CA


Ycssenia Hurtado 1\ycholo)\)' Syl mar, Ci\

lscrlo hn, West l ;crmany




Amy Imamura English/Commtnoication~

Los Angeles. Ci\

Heather Impliazzo

Maria lraci

Gimyana lskander

tvlanahil j ad

Psychology Los Ang~l~s. CA

English San Diego. CA

l.ihcr:ol Studi(•S Whittf·r. CA

Psychology Saudi Arabia

Irvin Jarammo

Caro lyne johnson

Imcrnational Business Quito. Ecuador

Elecco·ical Engineering Los CA

Michael Johnso n

Derek j ones

Computer Science Phoenix, flZ

Marketing Augora Hills. CA



Peter Jo nes

Patrik Jonsson

Fi lm Production Torrance. CA

lntenwtionall3usiowss 13cdclingcstrand. Sw<'d~n



)" ·i

Education Culver City. CA




Leslie Jones El~mcntary




' '.-·,)/

\ff.. '

Jennifer Joyce

Michael jund

Eric Jung inger

Sardjono Kadiman

Jay Kakinami

Political Science Fresno. CA

Communication Studies Manhatlan Beach. CA

Political Science/Economics San Leardro. CA

Finance Pasaclena. CA

Managem('nt Information Sys. Sunnyvale. CA

., '

·-~_; •. •;4

Maya Kamar ~~/Simf;Jl

SanPedro. CA

Kathryn Kaminsky

April Kaufman

English Tar7..ana. CA

Political Science Omaha. NE

Eva Kawilarang

Kathleen Mary Keane

Finance Indonesia

Humanities Burbank. Ci\


Psychology T ulare. CA

Psyrholog.y Bl'inn

I ;v l ' "'

f Carly Kimura

jason Kisvarday

Psychology/Business Tokyo. Japan

Business/Marketing Los Ang~lrs. CA

C ivil E ngineering C ulver C ity. CA


.~"·•. ' '



Business Management Delano. CA

Corinna Kung

Handi Kurniawan

Carrie Landers

Cammie Lapierre

Businc:;s Administration

Business West Los Angeles. CA

Communication Studies Portland. OR

Psychoiog.y Hooksett. NH

Political Science Encino. CA



Anhnga Le Bu~inC$$


Admin./lnfl Business





Leon Le

Sherry Leadmon

Anne Lee

Ciciley Celine Lee

Finance/International Business Hue. Vietnam

Business Baltimo re. MD

Humanities Los Angeles, CA

Business t\dminbtralion Los Angrlt'~. CA

Kathryn Leslcr

jeremy Lee

Sarah Leonard

Jennifer Leong

Alexandra Leskys


l~im:h ~misll y

Koloa. HI

V<'lllura. ('A

Biology Honolulu. HI

Film Production Las Vegas. NV

Uiology Verdes. CA


Vi ll(ellt' Lewis


( '1vil·t·rinc. l'ltil .••kiplti.t.l':\

,\ l ,ulwm.ui,,

R.._·r(m.lin~ Arts

I" ' 1\ n):dn. ( :\

R<m Hciglus, C:\

Adam Michael Lipson

H cnrv Liu

Markel in\:

Hollie l .oboskv

Huntingwn lk.~'"· CA

Biodt<';lll\lf\ hcmn111, CJ\

l=itm Pn.ktu.:ti<m

Shalce Loomis

Camero n Lough


Patricia Lowe

l'sydmlogy Redondo Beach, CA


Vui Lu En~li'h Writing

Vincent Lucero

Paul Lukaszewski Rtwr..i<k. ('.\



OS (;lt()S,


Raymond). Lucia Jr. Accounting

:\ lh.unhr.t. C A

.~uoi!VIttm\li n~ Ill~

lkrtv Lin


William Lupo T.V. rroduccinn \Vin\(lor, CA


John Lyons ~lcchani.:dl




Jennifer Macdonald

Joaguin Machado

C hristine Madrid

Communication Studic; Torrance, CA

Englbh El Segundo, CA

l'sychologr San Diego, Ci\

Nakia Mainor

Sofia Maldo nado

Roderick R. Mangali

Biolog>' Orange County, CA

International Rusinc,, 1\munount, CA

Gr:~phic Design An.thcim Hills, CA

Brigham Manrique i\c,·oumin~;


Irene Mapua

Sharon Marciniak

Business Aclmini<rration Manila, Philippines

Managcmcnt/ 1-larkcting Shennan Oaks, CA

Ellen Markus

Sergio Marquez

Deanna Marsango

1\brkctin!; Los Angeles, C:A

Accounting Los Angeles, CA

1\brkcting Thou;and Oaks, Ci\


Jennifer MarshalJ

Neil Martin

Arlene Martinez

( ixl•nolK:.uionSUKOO, Newbury Park, CA

Accounting San Diego, CA

Uiulogy S.m Pedro, CA

Edwin Martinez

Laura Martinez

Jessica A. Marzec

Steven Massetti

Kandy May

Business Administr:H io n Fomana, CA

Commu nication Swdics Northridge, CA


Occansid~ : C:\

( :ivil En~int'\'fil'~ •' 1.\dc;,,, Ct\ ·

1\ h:t.·h.\llk,\1 F.IH!.i lH.'\'rin~ l lonolulu: I ll '

James McDermott

Christa McGreevy

Anna McHugh

Karla Mdnrvn:


Hum.tnitics La Jolla, CA

Liberal Studies M:mhatran Beach, CA

Agour.t, Ci\

Glendale, CA



.v•.~~..· . ' Shannan McLaughlin

Darice McLemore

Michelle McNeil

Gloria Medel

Lisa Ann Mcena

Busint'SS i\dminbtr.uion $.111 Diego, Ct\

English S;tut<~ Ana, CA

Comnwnic:uion Studio S:Kramcmo, Ci\

<:onu•n•ni.-.nion i\n,/ Fi lm Lo' Angdc>, CA

Lihcr.11 S111di,., St'''·cnson Ranch. CA

Mona Mehta

Gri zd Mejia

Victoria Melanson

Maria Mendoza

Monina Meneses

Psyc:hology L:mcastcr, CA

l'olitic:•l SdetKe Lm i\ngeks , CA

Film Prodttctiou Sacramento, ( ::\


Marketing Los Angeles, CA

Hope Mercado

Sonya Mercado

G loria Michel

Matthew Mi ller

Wendy Miller

A-i.ut P.odli: SltKb Norwalk, CA

Philosoph y/Chicano Studies Ventur:t, CA

Politkal Science El Monte, Ci\

l:ilm Pnhlu\."tion North Hollywood. CA

At hcrwn : i ::\,




Monica Mineo

Corv Mishelevich

Tracy Mlakar

Soledad Molinar

Jeremy Monohan

Bioc hemistry Lakewood, C A

' English C uperti no, CA


Manha~tan, CA

Eng lish Simi Valley, C A

Arc.odi,o, CA

Gustavo Mora

Cesar Morales

Eduardo Morales

Patricia Morgan

( :om m tllli(:.tiOit S1udics

Sp.Hlish lllglcwood, C1\

Shannon Moore Film TX

l);~ll .os,

F.l o'-'l onte, C A


Michdc Mori

Ayanna Morin P"·cholo~y

Long lk.od o, C 1\

t\t..' t"< HIIlling


1'1 C.ojon, CA


Edwin Morris Ill Busi11c'~

Adonin./ ISQM Los 1\n~cl c., Ci\

Geolf Moss

Margcrry Mu li ad i

<:tmUllllllk.ui<m St\Jdk~ Lm i\ngcln, Ct\




•·. '1 · .~_.·· i .





Sean Mullen

Jcnnitcr Mu lvoy

Daniel Murphy

Gregory Nadsady

Lyle Nakagawa

Economics Sa n Jose, CA



L.o C rescenta , CA

Mechanical Engineering Northridge, CA

Finance Wailuku, Maui

Mahoe Nakanclua

Anthony Napolitano

Rcberto Negron

Christine Nelson

Stephanie Nevin




Scomdalc , AZ

FinaiKC North Hollywood, <.:A

Fin:HlC(' 1\urbank, Ct\







Lisa Niboli <.ir.1phk Dc>ign Sam.1 M.ui>, CA•h,~y/ Btl'int·" AtilUII,.

1. 1 •\lir.1d.1. Ci\

Bri;m Norton l'•~ili..~d "-ieoJC.:

Tul><ool, Ct\

LlKY Ngyucn Jl,n:l u)lo~y

lk.nawn , OR




Rurlunk. C t\

EsnH:ralda Nipcros BII,IUC.'" Lon ~




lk.1eh, ( 'A

Sandra Nun<.:'l. SonoiCl~\

,\ lilpit.h, Cti.

Shannon :-\abmura :\ rnmlllllll.!.

Lo' :\n!\'''-''· ( :.-\

Obi Ndubuisi Computt·r lntn '' 'tc..·m, N1~1.'r1.1

Uchenna O gbuok \\'C J-\t.~c..·uum•n~

Lo> Aol!\<'1'·'·


jennifer Nobsco


<uha <·;,,., 'ct\

Kelly M.


Philowpln, CA

Brian Ojima Tdt.'\ t'ion Production Sc.lltk, WA


Biology Vcnkc, CA

Communk .llio n Studies

i ,·--·.... ; .



Bcrch-ina Ortiz

Vivia na Ortiz

l'rh.ln Sllldk</ Spani'h Cuhw City. CA

Eddie O zawa


Biology Los Angeles, CA



·Q I·· .· ~~•.~

~ .-~ ~~.. .·

Paul D k. Pack

Elizabeth Palermo

BusincssjiSQ•\I l<tJn-:t

l'>)'cholog)' Los Angeles, CA

. • ' \~ ~ -:,

C hrista Panasci






Nathalie Pandra

Cristina Paredes

Fi n~ nee


Civil Eng ineering RaaKhO Cucamo nga, CA

John Park

Robyn Pcot


Manuel A. Pe ralta

Studio Am L.l< Vcg.~<, NV

Electrical Engineering Wilmingron, Ct\

Psydl(llot;y Canyon Coum,.y, CA


Jo anne Palmer

Samuel Percy

T iffa ny Perd ue

Robert Perea

Parricia Perez

Wcndv Peterson

Economics San Diego, CA

Marketing Boston, MA

Sociology Pico Rivera, CA

Psvt:llnl()g_\' ln!;(lt:wood.' 'c A

lliolog.)' l.on!l llc,ch, C:\

Daniel Pierce

Carolyn Pineda

Jacquel ine Pino l

Tern' Piumetti


Gardena, CA

·l li,oory

Studil_-, 1.<" 1\,, Ct\

t :c)llHlllllli(.lliotl

Gkmbk, Ct\

Ma1y Pizarro

Anna K. Plascencia

Darren Pollock

Jason Po ngwattana

Michelle C. Porter

Communit':lrion St1odil'S Pucrro Rico

Business Admi nisu·arion Norwalk, CA

Business Administr.niou Los Angeles, CA

lnt'l Busincs,/ .\ bn.ogcmcuo La Jolla, CA

Enf.inrc:ring Phy~in. .t ~ t oni ...-.l. CA

• ' ~ - ~ ~

~\ . ' , r ·~


' · . ··.',


... ... ' "·:~-




.. .



Matthew Post

C hristopher Prentiss

E lizabeth Proch now

Amanda Provenzano

Finance Camarillo, CA


nu . .iiH.'S' Admini... tl\ltion

Sacramento, CA

Go'<ophic Dt·sig.n Ccn·ioos, CA

Suzanne Radditk

1\l.onh.nt.m lkado, Ct\

Torr.u1o:, Ct\ .

Vecnita Raj

Claudia Ramirez

Leilani Ra mirez

Allyson Raya

RoS<lnna Redaja


Recording Ans Pearl City, H I


:-., h\rk\·til\~



s,ulla Monica, CA


t\d minis1 r.llinn S.m Dk!;(o, Ci\


S~n i•c,lm,, (:A


Julia Rito

Engli>h/ Asian Paci fic Studies San Pedro, C A

C hristina Ro binson Psycho logy Sanra Monica, CA


drig ucz



ll:\\\1 h0111(, Ci\

Bmincss Hunringmn , CA

Psycho logy G reenbrae, CA

Mike Ro binson

/. Tracy Robinson

l',ycholog)' Keokuk

Lo5 1\ngcb, CA

Jcnni ti.:r R.oma no

Martha Ro m ero Bu,i ncss San)<>><", CA

lntc.;rn,ui onal Bu sin~ss To rrance, CA


Venice, CA

G raphk Desig n

Marketing Daly C ity, CA

l~usincss Administr:uio n

Los Angeles, C A

,I )



C urtis Ro th Civil Eng ineering Madera, CA



Risa C elestina Ruiz l'S)'Chology Ventura, C A

flnsincss/Mar·kc ting Los Angeles, CA

Humanities Rosarita, Mexico

• •


'· I

Psycho log)' No rth H o ll ywood , CA

H c ndra Rusli

Timothy Russell

Brian Russo

Joy Sakag uchi

llusirx...'li Acbnintlr.uion lndon<·sia

Commu nication Stndic> Seattle. W A

Accounting Sarl Pedro, CA

Stud io Arts To rrance, CA


Yoland:t S:tnchez 1\u\iiH,'''


El ,\ lnntc , ('A

Pw,· ht•l<,~y


I""', Ct\

William Sandoval

Esmeralda Santacruz

Television Production Smnh Gate, CA

ChcmbU)' South G.ltc, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Michelle Sarnecky

Sherry Sasuga

f\ Iichelle Sauer


Studio Arh

Studio Art I "'Angeles, CA





Catherine Schaper

C indy Schapker

Communication Studic' l.os Angeles, Ci\



Emily Scherbcrrh

Cynrhia Schmidt

Molly Scott

Calunui:.O:l1SI"tic.."' !.1 Verne, CA


Spanish Ri,·•·•-sidc, CA

El Sc!\undo, CA

David Scher Rc~c>r<ling

Am/ Theology Beach, CA


Julie Scbata

Nancy Sepulveda

p,ldtulop路 ~ Ar<.tdr.t, CA

l .ucy Serrano

Kathleen Scttcducato



Sun VJIIcr, CA

Nc" York, NY

'>umlonl, ('T

Je nny S hanahan

Mia Kathlc.:cn S hanlc.:y

Emily Sharpe


Communic.uinn Studies lhkcrsficld, CA

1\ lan.tgcmcnt Concord, CA

Dave Sharrer

Robert S haw

Jason f. Sheppard 'l'hc,\lCI 1\rt'


Studio Am Mill V.tllc)', CA

La Tonya Sherman

Chrisropher Shortell

Faye Anne Shtcin

1\u~inc~ Adminl\tr.uion



Melanic.: Se!!,o

Biochcmimy Lo~ Angclc~. CA


Scrcncc LJgunJ llilh, CA


Los Angeles, C t\

Kenneth Shadtord l'clc,ision


l'hocni\, i\'1.

lmcrnation.ll Busmc\S Sar.uoga, CA

Richard Silverio

Phil Silverman

lntcmatio n al Business C hatswo rth , C A

llioche onistrv Los Angeks, ( :A

Thomas Skinner

Jcssica Smith

Sheri Smith

Yoshi Smith

C ibcnnic lv1adrid -Sncar

llu~i ness/.Vbnag.e onel ll

'J'ckvi'i(m l,r<•ductiuns

Los Ang.ek, , CA

Tali , C t\

Film Production San Francisco, C A

English Los i\ngd c>, CA

Humanities/Sociology Altadena , C A

Kyna Madrid-Snear

F.le(l ric:.l Engincrring

Vanessa Sochulak

Jason Sommers

Karin Sondhi

Minjong Song

Liberal Studies Santa M:ui:~, CA

Bio logy South Pasadena , CA

lm ' l llusincssj M.>rkrting Indo nesia

Ec.:o1,omics KOI'l ';\

Peter J. Soto

Anne M. Spahn

Amber Spataro

Robert Sprouflskc

Lisa Stark

Film Pro duCtion Tuscon , AZ

1-luonanilies/ l.ibcr:JI Arts San Diego, C A

Financc/l'o litical Science Las Vcg:~s, N V

1-l i~tory

Liberal Studies/Dance C h atswo rth, CA

L<» Angeles, CA

Lutz Steiner

Isabel Sterk

Meredith Stewart

Jonathan Strawn

Jcnniter Stringer


Accounting Naitubi~ Kcny:t

Film Production Wcs tbk(·, 01-1

Accounting Sacremcnto CA

Jm,· rnat ional Busin,·ss S:ul Ckmcntc, CA




Mi tzi Sugar

Erin Sundell

Yinda Sunwandy

Psydwlot;y n om iC\', CA

Sociolnt;y l>'•inc, CA


Lean ne Talbot t

Evcre t Tam Si ng

James T am bo rc llo

Ci\'il EngitH.:crin~

I lumint;ton lk.Kh, ( .• \

Ci1·il Eng i11ccrint; Kail ua, H I

Recor,li11g i\trs S.uH.l Rarbara, CA

Melissa T anada

Yuki Tanaka

Stephanie Tappe





l.o' Angdc<, CA

Tokyo, Japan

Po litical Scie nce Kcda h , Malaysia


Tokyo, Japan

D o mingo T am Economk' Hills, Ci\


Mic helle T arlos (

c.mununk~ttitm '\·,

.\11"'"" \'ic~>. (':\

1\brk,·iint; lnd oncsi.t

Patrick Tasto .\llrkcJint; \.m Dict;o. (':\


. .


1. .




Di:m a Teran

Stacy T ho mason

C hiara Tilcsi

Gr.1phk Dc~ig11 l..1~ Vcg.ts, NV

('nnlnlu ltil':ttiun An~

Tckvi<ion l'rodue1ion

I lonolu lu, I II

lltl\inc" ,\ dmin.j,\ t.ukcllll\1. I ~>nt; llc.Kh, Ci\ •

FlorCJKC , It ,J()'

i\tb ma, GA

t-.'lary Cathe rine T oal

Bahar T o lou

Joseph Toomey

Maria T rafccanty

Jay Tsao

(},~ Fngil>.ui'l!; ,\ l j.;.,ion \ 'H.·Jo. ( ,\

U rb.m Stu<lic' l .th :\ng.dc'~ ( :,\

ll"'i"''" 1\dm in ./~ \,ll'ket ing

1\us;IH..'SS Admi ni~1r.ttitm

E..:ono lllics/Po li ti..:al S..:i..:1lO:C \Voodl,t11d H ills, Ci\

Kc,·i n T e ngan ;




S.m Fr.mdsko, Ci\


Matth ew Tsuji

Beth T uckc r

Erika T urner

l',rchology Honolulu, H I

Frcnch/ Sp.uoi,Jo l .os Angt·k,. <'t\

llum.mitic,/ AFt\1\ 1 , \k~.mdria, Li\

Patrick T ucker

Steph anie T urley

Robert T\'lcr

!),·sign Torr:mcc, CA


Gr:~phi c

Nc"pon Br.>d~, CA

Jennifer Underhill

Stephanie Uyloan

llusioK" Allmin.j.\ l.ut<"tlll)! "';Ill', C \

t;r.>pluc . \n <'pre". t':\

J',,,·Ju ,JcJi~

I'" .\ ngd•·' ·


Stephanie \"an l.oo

Jacob Vander Linden

Trov Alan \'arcnchik

Film ProdlKtum l'l.ono, TX



C.onog.o l'.>rk, ( ,\

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Women's Studics/ Fr路cnch Angeles, CA

danny cavey 120

anny C.m.:y i~ buying time. By putting on a 45 -minut c DAT or FurtiJrr rcwn.kd lin: in KXLL~'~ studio, he's got .t ti.:w cxtr.t minute~ during his Thursday ,tttcrnoon show 10 n:turn phone calls, .tdd new music to the st.ttion 's sh~.:h·~.:~ and do the ubiquitous paperwork th;tt i~ ,t necessary part of his job as General 1\ lan agtr of KXLU. Cavey, a film m.tjor, f(nmd ou t about KXI .U fi·om a fi·ic nd he carpooled \\'ith •H Loyola High School. Thl· music spokt to him. When he cam<.: to L~ 1U, one of hi~ first stops on c:unpus \\".\S the studio on th<.: top floor or 1\l,tlonc. • But after his appr<.:ntio.:~hip at KL~ ll1 A~ l , his .tpplicuion to become a DJ at the F~ 1 ~t.nion wa~ turned down. • "lr broke my heart ," Can:~· s.ty~. "So I st.trtcd listening conMantly .md \\'rotc down .til the J liked on ,t piece or p.tpcr taptd to my desk. I'd look t(>r them at the record stoJT .md I started going to shows at The Alligator and Jabbtrjaw. I k.trncd a lot, and the JH:xt Sl'tncster I got a show on F1\ 1. ''



- JLJ.r Kmms

the music


was a regubr kid, until I moved to a Jesuit boarding school in the countrvside . of southern England when I was tive. vVhen I was seven, I used to get up every morning t()r 6 am Mass because I thought I was going to become a Jesuit. But then I moved back to New Jersey. I had a bowl haircut and a thick English accent (\\'hich I lost quickly) when I started junior high :n a public school outside Newark. T hen I became a big metalhead, and was always ditching school and doing things I should n't have been." ~

' ' D anny is ahvays there. I have never known anybody \vho sacrificed so n1u ch for son1ething that was in1portant to hitn. l)anny has always believed in KXLU ; the n1usic, the bands, and the "D. I. Y. "( do it yoursc lf) ethic. I can't \vait to sec what he docs with his talen ts once he actually gets son1c titnc to hitnsclf n -DctJ't: Scher, J( XL U Pro._qrn 11z J)in:ctor 121

or Mitzi Sugar, success has meant giving ll 0 percent in everything she docs. Whether on duty as Resident Director of Doheny, or excelling in her classes tl1at earned her Dean's List Honors every semester, Mitzi has maintained a strong sense of her duty to herself and others. â&#x20AC;˘ A Trustee Scholar, Alpha Sigma Nu president, and Honors student, Mitzi's academic excellence over the past four years has been complemented by her desire to serve others. â&#x20AC;˘ Mitzi's long term objective is to pursue a career working with disabled children in special educa6on. â&#x20AC;˘ With a ntll load of classes and numerous extracurricular activi6cs to keep her senior year more than busy, Mitzi is now looking forward to a special event in the ncar future: her June wedding to Wcs Schneider (class of '96) in Sacred Heart Chapel. -Clare Climaco



my life experiences and everyone I've met throughout tny life have added up to make me who I am. I have a very solid foundation both from growing up in the Catholic tradition, and from my parents, who are both from Europe. They really exposed me to a strong system of values and morals as well as a rich cultural heritage. I have learned something from all of my experiences and have grown through every person I have met."

ositive ''Mitzi is a magnificent human being. She nears perfection and is a classic beauty, intelligent, and fun to be around. I have so n1uch regard for this wonderful wotnan." -Fr. Thomas Higgins) S.J.) Campus Ministry Assistant Chaplain 122

mitzi sugar 123

chris prentiss 124

acramento native Chris Prentiss was raised bv parents who emphasized the Jesuit philosophy of developing well -balanced people. Applying that traditio n in his own life, C hris started the Admissions Peer Advisor Program in 1994, which has been instrumental in giving hundreds of potential LMU students campus tours, recruiting high school students, and providing mentors during the application process. â&#x20AC;˘ The sense of loyalty and brotherhood that C hris found in Sigma C hi attracted him to the fraternity in 1992 . C hris was initiated during his freshman year and elected as president for the '95-'96 year â&#x20AC;˘ In the future, Prentiss looks forward to beco ming a Certified Public Accountant and accepting one o f the many job opportunities that he has been oftcred at numerous accounting firms . "Always have goals," Chris advises. "Have a plan and know how to get there. Make your goal



' ' The most important and memorable part of working with admissions is going through the entire application process with the potential students. It begins with the tour> seeing students enthusiastic about coming here, helping them apply, and flnally, having them tell me that they have tound a true home at LMU. >,

-MiciJcle Tt:1llfCO

on the future ''I

have ¡w orked with Chris for two years and he has a versatile gift for learning and developing relations with people. He is a very focused leader with a stnart direction . On a personal level, he is the type of fri end keeps for n1any years to con1e." -Lisa Piumetti, A ssociate Dean of Admissions


''!suppose I can look at my life and say that I became who I am by virtue of determination and a lot of luck. It has been from setting realistic goals and always believing in myself. I have had to find the potential in myself and not be afraid of making a fool of myself at times, trying to live up to that

estchester native Mark Volma.n docs not look like the typical college student. After taking over a 20ycar break to pursue a musical career with his '60s pop band, 17'1e Turtles, Mark returned to LMU as a full -ti me student at age 46. Led by his passion for singing, he became a member of the LM U Concert Choir and has assisted in numerous projects for the Music Department. • After graduating Magna Cum Laude in Recording Arts, Mark plans to attend graduate school to attain a masters in educational psychology. He hopes to teach at the university level because he feels that he can relate to the students easily. • One of Mark's most memorable experiences at LMU is his involvement in the Sigma Phi Epsilon ti·aternity. "My frat brotJ1ers never treated me like I was their father," he commented. "They made me feel just like one of them." -Michele Tmgco




' ' Itnet Mark a couple of years ago, and was n1uch struck by this person who can1e back to do his undergraduate degree. He was a Turtle, and I think I a1n the only college president in AI11erica that has six CDs of The Turtles sitting on his desk. He is a delight to work with and has expanded n1y horizon a great deal. Mark has also been a \vonderful asset to LMU, as well." -Father Thomas P. O )Malley) S.J.) University President

mark volman 127


mike martindale 128

resno native Mike Martindale can frequently be see n around campus laughing and smiling. What is unique about Mike is not the many different roles he has o n campus, but the positive attitude he emits. • Through various leadership positions such as Crimson Circle President and EPIC Special Projects Manager, Mike encourages community involvement whil e also guidi ng numerous students toward future career plans. • Reflecting o n his four years at LM U, Mike says his first dorm room ·was an important place for him. It was where it all began- his dreams, his aspirations, and his plans to achieve them. And he certainly has a lot to be proud of. • Mike defines his personality as, "a dictionary. Everything is in there, but I still have to search for it."


-Michele Tcngco


' '"l X Jhen I was in middle school, we took o ur V V cat to the vet, and because she didn't like shots, our friend and veterinarian said he would have to keep her overnight and sedate her. T he first thing I did when I returned home was to tell my brother that Rick had to seduce our cat so he could give her shots. I'll never live that down, and I know our vet has never forgotten it, either."

dreamer, wisher ' ' M i ke is a Renaissance tnan. He possesses a strong intellect, wonderful creativity, admirable courage and n1ost in1portantly, he tops it off with a quick sense of hun1or that is unsurpassed. Son1eday, Mike will probably own the world." -Judy Hill, Associate Di1~"ector of EPIC 129

anta Ana native Darice McLemore relics on God tor the faith and strength to succeed in her endeavors. Whether it is her involvement with the Los Angeles city-wide chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, her diligence in pursuing degrees in both English and African American Studies, or her continuous commitment to helping minori ty stu dents succeed academically through the Office of Black Student Services, Darice has proven that she can accomplish any goal. • In her four years, Darice has been elected by her peers and administrators to many positions of leadership such as President of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sigma Chapter and Academic Persistence Program Coordinator for OBSS, and she has also received the prestigious Minority Leadership Scholarship Award. •She attributes her positive attitude to her mother's constant words of inspiration during her child hood and adolescent years. Despite growing up without a fatJ1er figure, Darice learned from her mother many positive values and qualities which helped form her into the educated and determined woman she is today. • After obtaining her degrees, she plans to remain in Southern California to pursue a master's degree in business law at either Loyola Law School, USC, or Pcppcrdinc University. -Michele Tengco


''"lX Jhen I was a little girl, rny rnom told tne V V that if I worked hard enough, I could have anything I n1ight want. She told rne that nothing should get n1e dovvn and that I should always have faith."

'' D

choosing a

arice is a woman that words cannot capture. I knew her first as a co-worker, one who is supportive and giving. Not only do we work together but we also share a caring and enriching friendship. Darice is my right hand person. H er creativity, efficiency, and dedication have been pivotal in the success of the APP program. Darice is a gift from God." -Latonya Todd) Academic Pe1~sistence P1~ogram) OBSS


darice mclemore 131

mark altman 132


ark Altman never gives up. A self-proclaimed over-achiever, Mark bas managed to balance a busy senior year including such roles as serving as ASLM U vice president of public relations, film editor for the Loyolan, senior thesis author, and dean's list student all at the same time. • With a passion for politics and a love for the cinema, Mark is graduating with a degree in political science but is hoping to make a living as a screenwriter. • Mark credits his stepfather t()r teaching him never to throw in the towel, never to back down from things he truly believed in. • Life, Mark feels, is what one makes of it. Because of his continued persistence and hard work, we can all look for Mark to make a huge box office success. -Clare Climaco


favorite childhood n1en1ory is the tin1e that I hit a grand sla1n in Little League. Ironically, the ball shattered the windo-vv of a Mercedes that happened to belong to the In other of the pitcher. I guess you could call that poetic justice."


g1ve up ' ' por a Republican, he isn't half bad . To his credit, Mark is one of those students who, when a teacher asks one of those unanswerable questions and the entire class gives you that 'what is he talking about' look, always comes to the rescue and at least tries to give an answer. You will never know how much a teacher appreciates that! Mark isbut don't tell him I said so-a joy to have in class, and he will be missed. He brought wit and a first rate, inquisitive mind to his studies, and he is almost as smart as he thinks he is." D11'. Michael GenoJJese, Proftssm~ of Political Science


amily, fa ith, love and God. These have been the constants that have guided Elsy Arevalo's lite journey. • Fond childhood memories of going to the chapel before classes began at an all-girls Catholic school were early signs of Elsy's faith journey. • When she and her family came to Los Angeles in 1989 to celebrate Christmas with relatives, as they did every year, Elsy was surprised to fi nd that this year \Vas different; unexpectedly, her parents decided to make L.A. their permanent home. • The sudden move was a difficult transition for Elsy, but as she looked forward to beginning her college career at LMU, she resolved to make the best of the situation. And she certainly has. • She has immersed herself in a wide range of activities- community service through the Gryphons, and as a resident advisor, involvement in various Campus Ministry events and projects such as the Sophomore Junior Emmaus Retreat, and the initiation of drug and alcohol prevention programs such as Cheers. • For Elsy, the past four years have been an exciting, revealing journey of self-discovery that has led her to realize that her family, her faith, her love for others and love to r God have made her the woman she is today. -Glare Climaco


' ' M y first day of classes freshman year I was really excited. I got up early, changed a couple of times, enjoyed the day and tried to meet a lot of people. The first day Senior year I felt like I was walking into my home. I felt comfortable and satisfied without any regrets and with lots of good memories. I felt a peaceful nostalgia."

faithful ' ' E lsy leaves a legacy at LMU through her efforts to address issues of alcohol and other drug abuse. She has organized the Cheers Bar to serve mocktails and be an infonn ation source to students, she chaired a student panel which co-ordinated several events for alcohol awareness week, she helped to create Cheers l 0 1, a "traffic school" type class for students who run afoul of LMU's student conduct code, and she co-created "Woman to Woman," a Fall event in which junior and senior women have heart-to-heart talk with female first year st udents. She will be tnissed by n1any at LMU. Who will rise to continue the efforts she has begun ?" - Debbie Wilson) Director, Student H ealth Services. 134

elsy arevalo 135

a quest

daniel chavira 136


alance, Confucius said, is the key to inner peace. Add a deep sense of faith, discipline and a genuine love for serving others ro the formula and it would probably describe Dan Chavira. â&#x20AC;˘ Dan, who graduates wi th a degree in biology and theology, has balanced his academic life with a healthy dose of community involvement. Once a teaching assistant t(>r the biology department, Dan is also a counsdor for Camp Ronald McDonald tor Children with Cancer and involved in Camp Marywood, a camp for the mentally disabled. â&#x20AC;˘ The native Southern Californian has also learned to enjoy the simple pleasures in lite. An avid surfer and hiker, Dan's love of nature and li fe have strengthened his faith in God. His four years at LMU have meant four years of tremendous personal growth through ac6vities such as Campus Ministry and through leadership roles as an resident advisor and resident director of McKay Hall. â&#x20AC;˘ Dan, who plans on pursuing an M.D. and Ph.D ., will be spending a year in Australia as parr of the Rotary Ambassadorial scholarship. It seems his formula to success at LMU-balance, discipline, faith and service to others- will no doubt ensure a successful fl1ture . - Cla1'C Climaco

' ' T he interchange between environment and response, love and fear, strength and weakness is a blade of paradox that I am constantly learning to tread. While I do occasionally slip to one side or the other, I try to walk carefully and with confidence. My education, especially in the seemingly opposite fields of science and theology, has proved to me the ability to understand my experiences, articulate them and n1yself and act upon that which they have taught me."

a a nee ' ' D a n is not just a talented and hardworking acaden1ic. He has worked for social justice both in the co1nn1unity and downtown LA with organizations such as Hope for Youth and the Industrial Areas Foundation. He has shown con1rnitrnent to Christian faith and his cotnpassion for those tnarginalized and bypassed by our secular society." -Fr. He1~'hert J. Ryan) S.J. Professor of Theological Studies


'' Q projects ne of my most memorable philanthropy was Alpha Phi's "A-Phiasco" in November. It was an event that raised over $6,000 for the American Cancer Society and at the same time brought students, faculty and administrators together. This event gave me a true sense of what the community at LMU is all about."

iz Briggs proves that the stereotype many hold about sororities are not always accurate. • Liz, who served as president of Alpha Phi, has been a strong advocate tor the Greek system. • During her tenure, the sorority raised over $6,000 for the American Cancer Society at a silent auction for cancer research. • Liz also completed her senior thesis on how sorority women emerge as strong leaders as a result of the numerous activities that sororities such as Alpha Phi sponsor for both the school and surrounding community. • Liz, a native northern Californian, treasures many fond memories of her college years at LMU. Sacred Heart Chapel, a handmade cross from a village in El Salvador, and a photo album bulging with pictures and inspirational letters from her Alpha Phi sisters are all symbolic of things she holds dear: spirituality, true friendship, and a commitment to the Greek system. • After obtaining a communication studies degree, she plans to intern at CNN in Washington D.C. as a first step on her way to becoming an anchorwoman. -Michele Tengco

wo r ' ' L i z has den1onstrated a professionalistn, ethic of care, and desire to affect positive change that is rare among n1ost young adults. She displays a genuine concern for her fellow students and for the university." -Jonathan O)Brien) Assistant Director of Student Life

.liz briggs



mia shanley

on't let her last name (or her looks) f(>Ol you. Mia Shanley, born in Taiwan but adopted by an Irish-American fam ily, considers herself as American as apple pie. • From a large Catholic fam ily with six siblings, Mia has never questioned the love and support her fami ly has given her, despite her appearance which set her apart from other family members. • And her strong fam ily foundation has been a springboard for her many successes. • Her resume reflects a litany of accomplishments ranging from vice president of Sursum Corda, recipient o f seven prestigious awards and scholarships including the Los Angeles Philanthropic Award, news editor of the Loyolan and various other print and broadcast internships such as the Santa Monica Outlook and MTV's The Real World. • Aware of how unique her own story is, Mia has chosen journalism as the means to convey the f.:1.scinating stories of others. • Mia brings o ut the best in her colleagues by encouraging other staff writers to cover stories and share her same passion for reporting. • With a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in English, Mia plans to pursue a career in jo urnalism. • Her unique upbringing, alo ng with the dedication and gt:nuine enthusiasm she has poured into every endeavor, will continue to be the formula for her future success . -Clare Clin·taco & Michele Teugco


' ' My first controversial news story appeared in the Loyolan when I was a junior. I remember sitting on the Lair Patio, listening to two people I didn't know argue. I suddenly realized they were reading my article-and having a major debate about the issues. It's amazing to spark that interest-to be a quiet, but powerful voice. Within my first weeks at the Santa Monica Outloolz) I interviewed Charlton Heston, crossed a crime scene to investigate a plane crash and had a personal talk with a H olocaust survivor whose name was on Schindler's List. Every day is different because every story is different. That's the best part about the job."

the deadline ' ' o ne o.fthe brightest contributions to the Loyolan staff has been the work of Mia Shanley. Con11nitted, accurate and fair, Mia has labored under tough deadlines to give her work as a newswriter and edito r a fair sense of balance and a clear, concise style. But \vhat really counts is Mia's heart. Her presence on the staff, her con1passion and dedication to her colleagues day after day are what n1ake her such a valuable person around here. Mia cares n1ore about people than the glory of the byline." - Michael Mason) Media Advisor


' ' M y father has been the biggest influence in my life. H e wasn't an educated man. He didn't even go to high school. However, he was one of the most intelligent people that I've ever known. His education came from life experience. His logic, thinking and examples were full of wisdom. I will never see him again, but he will always live in me through his words."

o say that Redeat Baylcyegn has overcome adversity is an understatement. Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in the same year that communists took power, Redcat still remembers the sounds of machine guns from street fights between Communists and their rivals. Vivid recollections of hunger, fam ine, political turmoil, and fear of a military dictatorship arc memories that Rcdeat will never forget. • Seven years ago, Redcat came to the U.S. to sec his mother, whom he hadn't seen for eight years. The u nbreakable bond he torgcd with his mother, seven brothers and one sister, and the loving memory of his fathe r who passed away on C hristmas Day, 1995, have motivated Redcat to pursue relentlessly a college degree, despite language barriers. • A semiprofessional soccer player, Rcdcat was a member o f the Dallol Ethiopian Soccer Club which won two L.A. Metropolita n competitions and placed second in thcl994 Ethiopian Soccer Tournament in North America. • Giving back to the community by volunteering for the American Red C ross, American Cancer Society, L.A. Marathon, and various projects for the Ethiopian community arc ways Redcat says he is "paying back America for the opportunities it has provided" him. • This year, Redcat served as coordinator of the Mcntorship Program in the Office of Black Student Services. • His determination and sheer desire to give back to the community have guided Redeat through some of lite's worst adversities and inspired him to meet all of li te's challenges with courage and success. -Clan Clirnaco

coura e an '' R

edeat is a rare student who has n1ade a comn1itn1ent to service by generously giving his time and talent to his classmates, coworkers, and co1nn1unity. I can say n1any things about Redeat but his most important trait is his ability to respond courageously to personal and circun1stantial challenges." -Shell Amegah> Acting Director of Office of Black Student Services


redeat bayleyegn 143

josephine de felice 144

or Josephine DeFelice, her experience at LMU has meant more than just getting an education. The past four years have influenced and positively impacted her life. The first in her family to graduate from college, Josephine has made the most of her years at LMU. • As a resident advisor and resident director, she has made a difference in the lives of Desmond's 180 first-year women residents. • Through community service with Sursum Corda, Josephine found personal fu lfillment in tutoring children at Nickerson Gardens. • Studying abroad the summer before her senior year in Oxford, Josephine not only made her first trip abroad, but took her first airplane ride, marking her first time outside of California. England proved to be one of the most memorable experiences in her life. • But it is Josephine's strong faith and close relationship with her fam ily that has particularly influenced the person she has become. Her mother has been a source of unconditional love, sacrifice and support. -Cla1-e Climaco


'''lVXVJhen I was very young, my younger sister drowned in a swimming pool. This brought my farnily closer together, closer to God. Although it was not difficult to deal with until later in my life, I learned that God put people on this earth for a reason and it is from thern that we learn the greatest lessons. I try to take nothing for granted because you never know how long you'll have it."

of love ' ' I t has been a pleasure to come to know Josephine-she is so easy to love! Josephine is an extremely gifted wotnan who has blessed tnany of us with her presence during her titne at LMU. I feel lucky to have known, worked, played, and laughed with her. Josephine sees the world through hope-filled eyes, and recognizes God in everyone she n1eets." -J(risti Gonsalves) Campus Ministry Community Service Intern 145 t


enry Liu proved that anyone can turn over a new leaf and make a change for the better. • Henry was expelled from Fremont High School because of unsatisfactory grades due to his nonchalant attitude. After realizing that he had more to offer than working at a sofa bed warehouse, Henry vowed to start over and applied to LM U. Promising to make a change, he took advantage of his second chance and fulfilled his vow by studying and working hard . Consequently, be excelled and was named most outstanding student in the C hemistry Department. • H enry's achievements were rewarded by a $14,000 scholarship and an opportunity to research with top scientists in the nation. • Because of his commitment to community involvement, Henry received the prestigious "Crimson of the Year" award. • Henry, a modest individual, believes, "I still do not believe I am intelligent, because I still have so much to learn."

' ' D uring a rugby game against UCLA, I had four teeth knocked out when somebody kicked me in the mouth. That was my first and last rugby game. I now enjoy watching the games from the bleachers where I am safe from people who like to kick me in the mouth."

-Michele Tcu...lfCO

a1nst ' ' Henry is an easy-going person. Not only has he been involved in nurnerous school activities, but he has also dedicated a lot of his time to the community. In addition to the rigorous work he has demonstrated in his research internship, Henry also unselfishly devotes his tirne to do extra research in our departtnent. Henry has a passion for challenge."

-Dr. Steven Scheck> Associate Dean Science & Engineering



odds · henry liu 147

~ ' ~~~



~ ~~~~~~

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.... . .,


tim russell 148



im Russell, a Seattle native, is a sincere, genuine person who attributes his achievements to the hard work and influence of his mother. â&#x20AC;˘ Tim's leadership and dedication to the Greek system-demonstrated through his four years of involvement to Sigma Chi-has shaped his morals and values today. As '96'97 President, Tim has led his brothers in Sigma Chi to embody the ideals of friendship, justice, and learning. Rewarded tor his efforts, Tim received the prestigious "Greek Man of the Year" award in 1996. â&#x20AC;˘ Under his strong and confident demeanor, he is also a carefree and fun-loving person who enjoys the happy atmosphere that Disneyland brings. Visiting Disneyland brings back all of Tim's favorite childhood memories, which he hopes to share with his own children someday. -Michele Tengco


I was to give my life tor any one hutnan being, it would be my mother. Make no mistake about the way I turned out. It was my mother's doing alone. She can walk on water and put a band-aid on a cut at the same tin1e. She is the most an1azing person I can think of. I love her with an immeasurable bottomless commitment. In short, my mom could beat up your 1110111."

among us ''Working with Tin1 for the last two years has allowed 1ne to see an individual take every opportunity that LMU can provide within the co-curricular area. Tin1 is a true leader with a dynan1ic personality. He is respected by his peers, faculty, and staff for his tnaturity, good nature, and positive attitude." - Patrick N aessens, Assistant to Vice President of Student Affairs

rvin Jaramillo, an International student from Ecuador, recalled that assimi lating into the American culture helped him both to mature and to realize how diverse the world is. •The academic reputation and commitment to the Jesuit principles attracted him to LMU in 1993.• Late night pizzas, music that blared down the halls, and creating activities for dorm residents kept Irvin busy during his years of involvement as a resident advisor for both Rosecrans and Whelan Hall. • Irvin, founding father of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, described his years in the Greek system as his most rewarding and memorable. • Because of the dedication it took to create a new fraternity on campus, future LMU students will have the opportu nity to follow the legacies and philosophies of Sig Ep. • Irvin is distinguished not only by the many positions he has held on campus, but also by his constant motivation to succeed in all his endeavors . He explained, "The most precious things in life arc the hardest to accomplish!''



think that life itself has influenced me to become who I am. My desire to get the best education I could led me to Alnerica and to enroll at LMU. After graduation, the same desire is going to take me to the furthest point in my professional career, as a man and with a family."


-Michele Tengco

''Irvin was a member of the teatn that won first place in the inaugural student tearn case cotnpetition as part of last year's Business Ethics Fortnight. I was very itnpressed with both the energy and the high degree of professionalistn that Irvin brought to his tearn's work. There is no question that everyone on the tearn thought very well of him and that his presence on the team was a major factor in the team's ultimate victory." -Thomas I. White> Di1"ector for Center of Business Ethics 150


v 1 n jaramillo 151







As another successful Rush Week ends the women of Alpha Phi celebrate their Bid Day together.

Tamie Allen Angelica Annino Valerie Basulto Erin Bleier Elizabeth Briggs Deborah Brown Jenny Chambers Sarah Chapman Courtney Cole Betsy Cory Lila Daruty Christina Drucker Harmo ny Epperson Julia Esqueda Kristine Esters Christine Freitas Tara Garman Katie Gibson La Vonne Gonsalves Gina Guerrini Deanne Hansen Brooke Holliday Stephanie Kanzler Nicole Long Amy Lund Jennifer McAdaragh Molly McLaverty Robyn Peot Megan Ray Sharon Remington 154

The women of Alpha Phi, dressed in 1920's f'lappcr attire , prepare to party ;n their annual "Destination U nkno\\'n"

parry .


Good ti¡iends Liz Briggs, Deanne Hansen, Vanessa Sochulak, Chrissy Drucker, Betsy Cory and Anne Spahn get ready for their spring tormal at the Sheraton Grand.

M'Lissa Robertson Stephanie Sandell Emily Scherberth Sarah Small'wood Vanessa Sochulak Anne Spahn Alison Suthann Megan Swissman Sona Tolani Tracey Tran Kimberly Valentine Amber Van Dicren Alicia Vasquez Jenny Von Der Ahe Jenny Waltermeyer Jennifer Wilber Liz Willis Kimberly Zeisler


Tobi Kulukjian, Kim Green, and Christy Caine hang out in the Marina together. Tobi Kulukjian, Cathy Haas, Christy Caine, Laura Hurtado, and Sarah lvancovitch celebrate alter Anchor Splash, Dc.:lta Gamma>s main philanthropy.

Janice Ang Kristi Atkins Jeanette Beal Rachel Bosma Christy Caine Michelle Campbell Piper Carlson Carullo Cindy Shana Cohen Jana Conley Carla Contreras Katie Cooper Natalie DeCarr H eidi Diluigi Carey Donaldson Laura Duncan Allison Fox Erin Ganzell Angela Gomez Jenny Gosling Julie Grieve Cami Grzecka Magaly Guitierrez Elizabeth Hall Allison Hannegan Lacie Harsh Suzanne Hofinann Katie Keller Heather Kienzle Can Ann Kojima Tobi Kulukjian Nadine Kuwayne Lysbeth Lee Kimberly Lemons Cameron Lough Kelli Luddy 156

Christy Caine, Jenny Gosling, Cherie Moon and Erin Sutfin pause to r a picture during Ddta Gamma's Anchormate Revealing.

The men of Sigma Phi Epsilon arc shown the ropes by thei r Delta Gamma coaches during Anchor Splash.

Jennifer MacDonald K路ula Mcintyre Deanna Marsango Jennifer Marshall Jaime Maulhardt Lisa Meena Mandy Meisner Cherie Moon Kelly O 'Malley C hrista Panasci Amanda Provenzano Allyson Raya Sandy Ribera Rebecca Rolph Kristen Roos Alison Rushton Valerie Septer Breanna Stolo

Staci Tarin Andrea Tazioli D evin Vclk


Leanne Talbot, Stacy Hall, Kelli Tachiera, Debbie Williams, Angel Nash, Christina Crabtree, Courtney Francis and their dates get set to head ollt to the rail 1996 Black & White formal.

Catrina Archuleta Carlota Arevalo Argclia Atilano Colleen Auth Christy Barker Renee Barrett Diane Bermejo Tracy Borgh Marie Browne Anna Cachat Nicole Carlin Tina Carranza Gillian Cervero Yami le Colt Christina Crabtree Josephine Defelice Elizabeth Dobberpuhl Christina Donovan Lauren Dougherty Niklci Erb Janelle Etchepare Courtney Francis Reina Fresquez Amy Goerges Stacy Hall Tania Hanna Carrie Hershey Miriam Hodges Lindsay Hoffman Traci A. H olman Laila Kamaruddin Amy Klier H eidi Lee Shake Loomis Christina Martin Caroline McBride 158


Delta Zetas hanging out on a Sunday night.

Amy Moeddel Angclique Nash Mitzi Perez Pau路icia Perez Kelly Phair Lori Proclivo Lindsay Quan Erin Reed Nicole Reyna Elizabeth Romo Stacy Santeramo Maria Sepilian Jenny Shanahan Christine Shiosaki Danielle Sobal Kelly Tachiera Leanne Talbott Gretchen Tocrner Anna T okarska Michelle Treinen Susie Wheeler Deborah Williams Kathryn Wimberly 159

Kappa Delta sisters take advantage of this photo opportunity at the Founder's Day Ball.

Nubia Cipres Ruby del Rio Leah Galardo Nakia Garcia Christine Hansen Sarah Leonard Jessica Marzec Carolyn Mesmer Jennifer Mulvoy Susan Myers Maria-Elena Navarro Patricia O'Connor Joanne Palmer Poladian Kiersten Schrader Sheri Smith Lynn Sweezey Kristen Wareham






t )


\.ij~ Leah Galardo, Ruby del Rio, Kicrstin Schrader, Carolyn Mesmer, N ubia Cypres, Jaymc Poladian and Jcn Mulvoy at the ~alad stop during the progressive dinner with m:w nH.:mlx:r~ .

Jaymc Poladian and Kristen Wareham take time from d:mcing at the ~pring f(mnal to immortalize rhcmsdvcs on tilm.


Little sis Leah Galardo and big sis Ruby del Rio share a hug on intiation day.

New members Lynn Sweezey, Kakia Garcia and Nubia Cipres pme with their lc.tders during their new member period.


Panhellenic members Colleen Auth and Lauren Do u gh erty take some time to rest during the allGreek barbeque in Sunken Gardens.

The members of Panhdlcnic Council gather together t(H¡ a picture in Student Li tC.

â&#x20AC;˘ Colleen Auth Cindy Carullo Lauren Dougherty Amy Lund Jessica Marzec Jcn Mulvoy


Students gather <\t the all-Greek Rarbeque in Sunken Gardens, a joint dlort ti¡om IrC and Panhcllcnic Council.

M att Jiggins, Kevin Griffin , Brian Bollinger, and Matt Post flip burgers tor the all-Greek barbeque.

â&#x20AC;˘ Logan Anselm Dave Grimaldi Jeffrcy Hackbarth Patrig Jonsson Matt Post Pcyman Salehi

Kyle Warner

Jcff Wcllingcr


Greg Berini, Ryan Hambel, Aaron Galitzen, Jeffrey Hackbarth , and Scott Haen huddle up to plan their next play during a (3reck. Week. tlag football game.

Alexander Alvy Logan Anselm Gregory Berini Ryan Bradley Aaron Burciaga Basil Caloyeras Brian Campbell Marc Caserza Aaron Galitzen Alex Galvez Bryan Gerard James Gilmore Michael Gonzales Jeffrey Hackbarth Scott Haen Ryan Hambel Charles Hattendorf ]ose A. Hernandez Ruben Jimenez Steve Knollmiller Paul McGuire Jeffrey O'Brien Jay Parker Shawn Powell 164

woâ&#x20AC;˘ a




Luke Williamson and Scott Haen suck down a tcw together to kick otl'thcir night.



President Greg Bcrini (right ) receives the "Most Outstanding Chapter" aw;trd at the A6r 65th National Convention.

Salvador Roman Tim Ross Peyman Salehi Bro. Anthony Smulders Eric Spagnoletti Jon Strawn Jon Williamson Luke Williamson Barry Yamaoka


T ravis Noack, Robert Valdivia, J ol'ge Ba ll ardo , Bri a n O ' M a ll ey, Pete J ackson , and Ted Kroeber, t he Tau pledge class of Sigma C hi, parry with their Magister Marco Mercado.

Casey New t o n , K e vin Hageman, Jeff David, Jim Fre n c h , and Na th a n Pingel spend mid-semester break in the wi lderness of Yosemite National Park.

Chad Adam Jorge Ballardo Glenn Cudiamat Scott D eBaets George Foucek Jim French Luis Garcia Mitchell Gosztyla David Grimaldi Peter Jackson Eric Juninger Brian Kenyon Theodore Kroeber Chris Lampe Gerald Lissik Ryan McArdle Marco Mercado Anthony Napolitano 166

The brothers of Sigma Chi participate in a fundraiser t(,r the Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center hosted by the cast of E.R .

â&#x20AC;˘ Brorhers Nathan Pingel and Marco Mercado party together at the Sigma pledge class P/A Parry.

Casey Newton Brian 0 ' Malley Nathan Pingel Christopher Prentiss Steve Ravano Edward Reyes Timothy Russell James Sater Will Skinner D. J. Tan Dean Tingzon Roberto Valdivia Vincent Villanueva Ross Weber Jeff Weninger Ricardo Carreon


The brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon


hy the dunes <lt Pismo lka( h, and kayak Lake Sant<\ Margarit;\ during a sum mer adventure .

The Sigma Phi Epsilon Anchor Splash team takes time to party with their Delta l iamma coaches afte r the lip-s)•nc ( Ompetition .

Michael Alvarez Tim Brundige Chris Cannon Rober t Castro Ryan Desmo nd Ryan Eisbcrg Anthony Esquivel MichaeJ Fair M ark Gaspers Kelly Golda J. Ruben Gonzalez Joshua Grafton Christopher Hanada Christopher Hicks Ranjan Hulugalle Irvin Jaramillo Joseph Kann John Kiralla Joe LeVeckc Kevin Marmolejo Paul Mikulas Jason Negri Rick N elson Robert Ochoa Anand Patel Anthony Pessino Christopher Picinni Eric Purtell Moamer Qazafi James Ramos 168

. •./("{. ~ 0'

: '


The brothers o f Sig ma Phi Epsilon eag erly await dinne r while on retreat in Lake Arrowhc;\d.

Sig Ep Joe LeVecke sn¡uts his srutr in competition tor the coveted "Mr. Anchor Splash" title.

â&#x20AC;˘ Aaro n Reed Joseph Rinehart Michael Robi rds

Mark Volman Michael vVakcfield Andrew Ward D aniel Wolowicz Wac! Yacou b Amir Yasscri


The brothers of Sigma Pi gather together for one of the years memorable social events.

The epsilon Sigma Chapter of Sigmia Pi gathers for a group picture at their annual Orchid Ball Formal, held last year in Laughlin, Nevada.

Jonathan Battles Chad Bitzer Brian Bollinger Gary Bolton Jere my Coltin Tadd Crayton Noah DiStcf~mo Tommy Dixon Tim Fischer Emilio Gonzalez Fernando Guiterrez Alix H cmmat Stephen Jennings Patrig Jonsson Jason Kisvarday Michael Loskutoff Craig Lynde Michael Mulry 170


(;;) ' -=..' c'-

~. .0 . I



The brothers of Sigma Pi join Father O'Malley and St. Nicholas (center) for a quick picture betore setting up for their annual Christmas Toy Drive.

~ 0




~\\'i .




.(::;} ' . .. '

.,@ --

Dan Oots Matthe\:v Post Kevin Robbins Babak Semnar Brian Severin Robert Vail

Kyle Warner John Zietzke







rollowing the long week of Rush Becky R o lph and Liz Hall hang out together to get better acquainted o n Bid Day. The two girls later became big and little sis to one another.


l l!

T he Sigma C his set up a barbeque in Sunken Gardens tor all the prospective new members that come o u t during Rush week.


'lh: 1;\11 pledge <:lass of Ddt;\ Zct;\ lind th<.路msd\'es on a scweng<.'r hunt that t;\kes them :Kross cunpus and through several parts of L.A., induding Burgn King, in search of their secret "Rose Buddies."

Sig Ep president, Eric Purtell , assists in a bizarre magic tri(k during their Rush event in Hannon Lott. Fraternities often hire entertainers as an icc breaker fi.>r their e\路ents.


Tim Ross and Jay Parker talk to a group of prospective new members about the highlig hts of Greek lite while manning the grill on the steps of Regents Terrace .


Loyola Marymount University, formerly St. Vincent's College and Loyola University of Los Angeles, has constantly sought to open its doors to provide a Jesuit education to people subject to discrimination at other colleges and universities nationwide. This legacy lives on with LMU's many cultural groups on campus. These groups teach customs and traditions to students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn about the richness of LMU's collective history. The Cinco de Mayo celebration, pictured in 1960 on Regent's Terrace, is an annual celebration still held at LMU so that students may learn more about themselves and others.


.......... ...



a I(0 I e a

exists as a social outlet for Hawaiian students or those

with H awaii in their heart. We tt·y to shat·e a bit of the uniq ue and rich Jl awaiian culture with the LMU eommunity tht·ough cu ltural events held thr·oughout t he yea r·. Our ann ual lu ' au has beco me the la r·gest eve nt of its kind in Southern Califomia , and i~ organized eompletely by students. Through events like these, Na KoJea is ahle to bring a taste of the isla nds to LMU. ;

Na Ko lea members gather to play " Red Rover" at a re treat he ld at Big Bear. The October event aimed at building a better sense of community within the organization and allowed new members to become acquainted with former ones.

Members Incl ude: Tiana Becker, Brian Bnmst, Kristi Castro, Cathrine C hen , Ben C ho ng, Nicole ChongKee, Cluistopher C hung, Jason roo, Lana rukushima, George Gutierrez, Darryll Harrison, C hristopher lkei , Alii Kauhi C hoy-Foo, Carrie Ann Lai, Hanson Nguyen, Ryan Nguyen, Todd Okamoto, Joel Perez, Cameron Pinphc.:rk, Regan Ranoa, Jason Santos, Krisry Shigc.:moto, Jon Shim, Steven Tam, Maile Anne Toro, Justin Walthall, Cherylne Castro, Lucy Chen, Marla Horie, Lane Ito, Kara Kitazaki, Tony Marquez, Jodi Mur:tyama, Glen Neilson, Aimee Niwa, Eric Saqui, Jodi S:tsamura, Ai mee Shimizu, Jean Thompson , Nora Wrana, Rod Yoo, Dc.:ba Zia , Janel Ancheta, Dcrin DeRc.:go, Tisha Hce, Ryan Montero, Kevin Snyder, Mike Umakc.:, Tulia Vazquez, Libra Washington, James Marcus Young, Kcnji Claus, Dina lki, Jeremy Kalawaia, Rosanna Rcdaja, Everett Tam Sing, Kevin Tengan, Matt Tsuji , Chad Young.


cI ub

(ILMU) unites

Indonesian students and prom otes Ind on esian culture and socia l events within the LMU community. They are primadly concerned with helping the newly-arrived students over come culture shock and orient: tt路a nsfer students by ot路ganizing a myri ad of activities in which they ca n

Celebrating a preT hanksgiving dinner, members and alumni of ILMU gather at Ocean Star restaurant at Monterey Park. Alumni involvement in ILMU fosters relationships with undergraduates that link them to future opportunities. advice and friendsh ips.

Members lndudc: Aidil Madjid, Aimee Dawis, Andrew Kumala, Angelica Halirn, Antonius Bagio, Br~Hna Rimau, Erwin Liman, Eva K:nvibr:lllg, Handi Kurniawan, Harijamo Tan, Hcndra Rusli, H any, lndrayan Nockman, Inr::mwati, Jimmy EHcndi, Jovita Asmarawari, Julia Rito, Karin Sondhi, Kenneth Atman, Lavinicc Hardyanto, Lianny Widjaja, Linda Locki, Luke Wasito, Mandy Budiman , Margerry Muliadi, Michael Njoo, Nathalie Pandra, Niko Handojouromo, Rosliany Tan, Rudy rniaty, Sardjono Kadiman, Stdanny Widyaatamadja , Tanto Surano, Theresia Tajuni, Veronica Djayapranata, Vina Samoso, Vonny Purnama , Yinda Suwandy, Asmina Tan, Cinthia Gunawan , Edwin \1\fa hjosocddibjo, Ferry Kusnowo, Harry Goenawidjaja, Joice Socndjojo, Jonny, Linda Dharma, Linda Tanuwidjaja, Jun lshimoto, William Dhannawan , Juliana Pandji, Mciki Angdicia, Nciki Hapsari , Suryadi Licm , Victor Djaja, Vincent Brodjoncgoro, William Gomulia.

hinese Club

promotes Chinese eultm·e hy holding

social a ctivities, fo od sales, and cultural exhibitions throughout t he year. The club celebr·ates the Moon F estival and Chinese New Yea r-, and is also involved in community services such as donating food and b lankets to the International Red Cross. Member s lnl'luclc•: Yolw Asano, Diana So, Monin t Hc•y nnlds, Jodie Sasa munt. Ka h a ula ni S tn•kow, F t·eema n Bc•jar·. Alc·x Zap a nha . .J oanne R omc·t·o, Be n \Vada , Kat·c·n Florentino , Tisha II1•c•. Kant Kitazakc~, Huhen AtToyo , Bnmt Ya m ate, Eli:.r.ahc:th keenan , Simon Yucn , Christint• Hu ynh , Neil T ung. B.-ian Millt>t'. Messi ah Oimacali , Arnold P a mplo na . GIC'rHI<t Ni1•vc•, Aki MaC' ha.-:1, Roclwllt' Sagario, Tao Li, Yu-dtih Clwn , C lu·is llung, Alan Heyt:s, Ed Lu , Li-ehuan Hsuc~ h , Victm· Vu , Jenn y Bni , Et·ie Lin, J and Andtt:ta , Heidi Kimut·a , .Jill Tsai , Gar·i Dyogi. Jason Ma dison , Sh· pha nic· LN•, Lucille Clw n . .I a nc•t Tsai. Mar·ia Kia ng, X uong Do.


:I lJ ,•



C athC't·ing in Hilton Bns inC'ss Ccnlc t·. C him·sc· C lub member s participate· in a C hiflc•se Nc·w Yc·a•·'s Ccld~t·a tion. llcld in Fe hr•ttary, the event iududcd food , movit•s, a nd t·ed t•n vc·loprs: an ancient Chin('Sf' tradition.

san!! Bans weR Pilipino as


, o•·"OneNation ," se .. ves toeduca tetlw

non-Pilipino communities of LMU. Focusing on fom· ma in areas, cultut·e,

community, academic, a nd social, they continu e to provide a link to Philipino culture and h er·itage. From b ea ch d ean-ups and community sp ea kers to Pistahan, the membet·s of Isang Bansa conti nue to expose the ric h PiJipino eu lture to LMU students a nd faculty alike.

Mc·mlu' t'S lnelud1•: Hya11 Hillm·1a. JeHHifc•r Sallc• t·. Mar·ic- Samscm , \Valtn Sa tw lwz. Mal'ia Sia. Lysa Trm1. Zuan Tr:lll , El"i1· Tones . Patric:ia Tupas. Mike Umaki , Hya11 Uy , Hay Go nzalt!S. JR Or·inion , Mar·y .loy Fantlio , N ic-ole• Zabat. J e nnifc•r· C:ahc•jc• . Clu·istirw Huyn h ..hwl P t·n·z. Janina Cudmlt•s . Gc·mw· Gutit•r·n•z. Un•nt Galindo. Jimmy C lwi . Canu·r·on Pinphc·r·k. Joh S h im . Cot·in a 1'\ic•ls nn . .las11n Cus todia. Tricia Kas hima . Vil'tor \'u. J c•ssc• dtano. Jay Oliva . Ecl;;:ll' Ot·lino. Nac lin1• Pu11. Xuong Do. Alclr·c>z CapatTos. Ar·istntl<· Bondo!'. Alan Reyc·s. Jc·nn y AlnHII'I'S , Anna An•ro. Marit• Enwrso. An gc•la Alantly , Lyla Davicl . Olivia TmTt's, Ma ntu•l DP!gadillo, Ed Kr·ol , Jonas Ma~<'asc·. Fed Vi llahma , Cyrus Ch a n , l.onw Madarang. Lt·na Bautis ta , Mad< Yoknt y . lsalwl de Vc•ra. Doroth y Eust•h io , Rohbit• Galos(l . Kam yn Kurns u. Ad am \Vaannon 1. Pat Dc·dus in . Duy g u y<'n . Katt·irw Villa nuPva. Phil S ilw nuan. J an Hamircz . Bat·t·a Mt·jia. Bt·n C hong. Et·it· S tt•t' IWL Ak x Zapania . .knnift•t· Lee. Hic·harcl S il\'c·t·io. Ayc• Thin:t.:u· . Kc·vin S n y dc~ r·. Haniag Balani , .knny Dbmn. Yvette' Dizon , AnnP Villa mw va , Conni<' Vi llanuc~va , El'in Bt•rnal , Ft•nlit• Caclitmlt' , .knnife r Costa le-s . Plwhy Lumlwra. llya n Monlt•r o , A n wld P am plona . Hnn•le Saga rio. Lt·ah Sanc·hc•:r.. Susy Yha nc•:r.. i\lar·t·n Conlnva .

l s ang B a n sa mc·mht•r·s lc•ucl a JH'OI't'ssion out of !'iac·rc·d llt•ar·t C h apc• l dul'in g Pi s tahan in hnlltll' of t lw fi1·st atHI only Pilipino l'll!Hillizt•d sai nl. San Lm·t·nzn Huiz cit• Mania .


Photo lw Bella


E ChA.,

purpose is to increase social , cultural , political , and

edu cational awareness among the Latino students at LMU, as well as the greatet· Los Angeles community. Some projects includ e .El Espejo mentorship program with Lennox Middle School, Dia de Ia Familia, and Westside Cafe.

With the nation ' s capital in tlw di staru:t~ , MEChA me rnhf!I'S Vil·ginia Garda and S hawn Mir·abal pause fm· a photo. The gr·oup travded a en1ss tlw eountr·y to partieipate in a Latino nHu·ch , attended h y s tudents fr·om ar·ound the country. The AIDS tfuilt was jus t nne nf the many sights t.hat s tude nts nm into along the way. Membcn; lll(:ludt:: Analia Barba, Antonio Adanw, Arrn<UHio Gutie rTcz, Br·erula Quinimws, Carlos Mor·t~no , C hris tina B.udas , E ddie Saru:lw7., Ednar·do llenHIIldt~z , Etlwar·rl Mon g~!, Edwin Aguilar, Elena d e Ia C l'llz, Er·ika Hodrigue:;r., Erneslo Colin , Ernie Hinojosa , Esmt!ndda messemt!S, Espenllt7.e Salazar, Es ther· Nunez, Franeo Manmin , Fr·a nk Est.r·ada , Gabriela Luna, Hectm· Mor·cno, Hugo Figueroa , lnna Fr·:uu:n , lsel Hodriguez , .l<me t ManJIH!Z, J enift·r· Gust~r , .Jnel Pl'r·cz, Juan C ueva , Juan Hern :uult:z , Karina Tost:ano, LaTmTa Md)<lllids , Launt Hivas, Lor·ena C hav•~z , Lour·des Slinks ky , Luci Valtlivia, Luz Lozano , Mai•~tw Ahnayuar, Mar·cia Diaz, Mar·ia Elena Laseano , Mar·ia Elt:rra Navar•t•o, Marie Hios, Mat·io Mm·ales, Marisela Nunez, Marisol Cardenas, Mar·ya Valin , Moniea Martinez , Daniel lle tTf'l'it , N onna Biseno, Osva Id o Domingw :z , Patt y Espinoza , H au I C ut itHTI~7., Holwrto U t·t•na , lloge r· Cer·da , Hosa Jimeru:z , Rnsanne Rt:y••s, Huhy GuerTer·o, Salv<ulm· Or·tiz , Sal vmlcw Homan , Sll•vtm Es trada , S usana Larios, 'l'en·sa Ayala, Vina Or·tiz, Virginia Gan:ia, Yt~stmi:t IJuizal'. Zuleika SansclJ't•s.

is t a h Friend s

is an organization dedicatt>rl

to supporting the aea,{(~mi<:, eultm·al , sodal, ethnic , and spiritual needs of undet·graduate women of Af.-iean descen t. The organization gives a n opp m·tunity for these young wonwn to sha r e their vat·ious talents with other s of simila t· baekgr·ound s.

Taking a break fr·e~m the a<:tion , S is tah ' s Vnru- ~;su Kimhe •·. Dm·ic·c• l\1d,cnwrt• . and Tamika U m(H'CII r.c•s<· fur a shot. Att<mdiug tlw Blad< Stutknt Union ' s S p•·in~ Formal , tlw tlm•c• offiet'I'S. along with tlu·ir ulht•r· Sistah's, c·o-s punscll'cd tlw c•vc•nt.

Mc•mbPrs J. wludl': Uarin• Md,c•mm·c•. Tc •rt~•ei;t Singleton , Kr·is tt:n Dc~lan ,


Ymcn·en , Kare n Wingfield , Bodwllc: Watse~ n , Cha mw .lont•s, Ka t ht•J·i Ill' Hudson , Davida Fe~untain. Tiffanic· S pivc·y. Olivia Pc•J·le~w. Ayanna Mo1·in. Cynt h ia .J111ws. Mic·s ha Bist'l', Lori Givc•ns. c•nmil'a Kelh•y , T aha tha Akins. Las hawn \Vi tt , Hya n e .Je~nes. Quinc· ' ~c· lh·im


ietnamese Club

has devotedthep·· ·

tht·rt> years to )winging fot·th the .-irh and g•·a <"dul nllture of ViNnam to LMU. Tht> Vietnamrsttudt>nt Association is one of the newest and most C'ultm·a lly divt>rs<~ clubs on campus. The annual C ultm·r

ight is not onl y a colleC'tion of tJ·aditional storirs, songs and dances, but also a trstanwnt to tlw Asian Amedcan exp et·ien<·e.

Mc•mlwrs lnf' hlfh•: Vi<'lor Vu . Xuoug Do, Phil S ilve rman, .lt-nn y Bui , Christirw Mol'la , Nhan Do , Chau Phan , S tqthanic Uyloan , .knmw Gross, Phan Nguye n. Haelwllluang. Vui Lu, S lwilla Mangunr•. Fn·t·man Bt•jaa·. J asmin Lop!:'. Bt•n \Vatla. G r·a nl S mith. Pl'lt'l" Vo.

,.... ...

E tu· h )'t'al'. Vif'tnanwst· S tudt•nt Assoc·ial inns fro111 ur·mmtltlll' nation organize• a laq.(t' ft•stival. lll'ld in Little Saigon , tlw t•vc•nt is part of tlw annuul T c•t. tlw lunar·


yt•ar· t•t•lclwation of pms pt•r·it y. n•h ir·th anti famili;~) arac•t•s try.

lacl{ Student Union is an organization which stt·esses political, so<>ial, ('Ultural , }H·ofessional and aradt>mic gt·owth a mongst M1·ican American students . The primary goal of the BSU is to serv<> a s a netwod< and supJJOrt base fot· these students. Striving for unity between all othet· Afriean American organizations, sorot"ities, fr-atentities, depa t"tments, faeulty and staff, the 13SU hopes to expose students of all cultures to the many ideals, values , traditions and history of Afri<:an Americans .

S t:tnc lin~;


pr·iclt·. 13SU

nwmhns Shirley

Compton and

Josc•ph Deva ll unitc~

wit h J\'1 EChA

memlwrs. Tlw

gmup a th'tHit·d a JH't•s c·ntatinn gin•n

hy t•ivil rights al'tivist Angda

lhvis at UCLA. M1·mber·s l nclud,•: Tnhatha Adkins. Chris Artt~ rlwl'l'y . Carnwn Ayala , I),·! a nn Ban·is, Kat y B1•ny. Shannon Blac-kman. Aisha Blanc·hm·d. ~h·li ssa 13mylt•s. Maisha Cannon. Ronson Darkwa. Nilwlc· Evans . Tiffa n y Conlon. Fnmk ll al'l'is. S t•un ll anis. Danyll Harison . Amelia llt•t'IHtndez. Ron Horton., .J altll't' l .I mw , Yoshado Lang , Etta Lt•wis, Elizabeth l\<leLemon· , Magan Mitclwll , Adia Non·is, Olivia Pt·dow , Briana Smith , Daniellt• St ;u·k y, Dt·st•;m Tt•JTy, Nakt"ya Turnt•r, .J nunna \Van!. Rot'he lll:' Watson , Kan·n Wiu;!fit•ld. Lashawn Witt .


Founded in 1929 to ensure that proper discipline was observed by Loyola students at assemblies and athletic events, Crimson Circle is the oldest service organization at LMU. At right, Crimsons pose with some of the fifty children fi路om the House of Nazareth invited to a picnic in the Spring of 1962. In addition to the all-male Crimson Circle, the allfemale Belles and Gryphon Circle and the co-ed Ignatians and Sursum Corda serve the community by working at on-campus events and at communitybased volunteering to serve homeless, the elderly, AIDS patients, juvenile criminal offenders, children and the mentally and physically challenged. T hough aU five organizations require students to go through an application and interview process and commit to a minimum number of service hours per semester, Sursum Corda's Volunteer Corps allows any student to volunteer in the community when they arc able.




Members Include: Kristi Adams, Amber All en, Catt·in a Archuleta, Bethc Barkley, Diane Ikrrnejo, Christy Boling, Carrie Boland, Anna Cachat, C lare Climaeo, C h ristine Co rle y, Rachacl Cross, Jcnn Detweiler, Karen Ellis, Janelle Etchcpare , C hristy Fair, Courtney Francis, Amy Goerges, Patty Ha nson, Amy -Jo Jesmer, Lesli e Jones , Kate Keane , Cari Kojima, Sharon Li rna, Rosemary Mangosing, Katie Marquardt,

!.1\ 1l' Bdks Canina Arch uleta

Jntl Patty Hanson knd ,, h.mJ


.1 H.lllmn.·~.·n

C\"nlt. Cbildn:n

tium the Rich~t1lJK Centa f(x

.lltt.:n(kd thc L·n:nt to

participate in arts projects




an altL·rn.ltive


trio.:k or· tn.:::ttin~.


Christie Martin, Jessio.:a Marzec, Baeza Mejia, Sally Moyce, Vivian:~ Ortiz , Anne Park, Bre yon Pay ne, Lori Proclivo, Amy Procter, Jen Re:~mcs, Sand)' Ribera, Maile Robertson, Leah Sanchez, Linda Sern:1 , Lisa Stark, S taci Tarin , Lori -Ann Tracy, Br id gctte Tscbinkel, Stephanie Uylo:~n, Shivo hn Va ldecantos, Steph:~ ni e Van Loo, Megan Webb, Jacque Wilk, Liz Willis, Caroline Wollner

he LM U Belles continue to strive to be "Forever Joined in Service and Friendship," as the 1996-97 Belles Getaway theme states, by adopting another community service project. The St. Joseph's Center, located in Santa Monica, n:mains a traditional part of our otl"-campus service , providing us with a variety of opportunities to be of assistance to the people of the n e:~ rby LMU communities. The LMU Belles work with the St. Joseph's Center in providing services to the homeless through the Bread :~nd Roses Cafi.:, but this year's new addition of the ChildCare Program has enabled us to help economically disad\·:lntaged famil ies as well. The LMU Belles dedicate the ir Wednesday :~fternoons to caring f(>r the children of parents participating in Jo b Placement or Parenting Workshops, which arc o.:onducted at St. Joseph's Center. While parents attend these training sessions, the Belles arc kept busy supervising and playing with t he children, who range from one to five years of age. The St. Joseph's Child -Care Progr:~m h:1s been quite a success, f(x both groups bencllr the ch:~nce to inter:~ct on a weekly basis. These types of experiences gained ti·om our involvement with the surrou nding community otlcr the LM U Belles many valuable rewards and serve in bring ing us closer togethe r as an organization. ~or the past three years, Belles have been a source t(lr most of my energy here at LMU , as well as tn)' true connection to the U niversity. Although this is my last (~ff"icifr! year in Belles, I am aware rhat the opportunities f(>r service and ti·ienclship Belles has provided me with arc not limited to Loyola Marymount. They have been a starting point fbr what I plan to live out as, "Once a Belle Always a Belle ." Vh·iana L Ort iz


or the last 19 years, S pecial G ames has atrcac.:d the lives of thousands o f people, ti路om students :-~nd staH路 to l~otlty and :-~lum ni. However, the t(x:us of Speci ~J Games lies nor within the LM U wmmunity, but with the disabled individuals of Southern California. The Games do more than exhibit the athletic capabilities of the disabled , we strive to develop their characters by encouragin g selfreliance and sdf-contidencc. Much like the athletes, the progr:-~m has grown over the last two decades. Now in o ur 20rh year, we have expanded our tCstivities into three weekends, t(>stering the ft路iendship between coat.:h and athlete. Special Gam es is a student-run organization , planned a nd fu nded through the kindness of the Los Angeles Community. Dedicated students work year-round organizing fundraiscrs, workshops, and other events. The cttlmination of evervo ne's hard work lies in t he t.:elcbration of"Big Day ," held this year on April 5, 1997. \Vith music, games and lots of fun, Big Day is a celebrat ion oflife. Big Day is the largest philanthropic event here ar L.M. U; everyone is always invited and em:ouraged to come out and support athletes. Their smiles and enthusiastic spirits drive the emotions of the spectators to new heights. Special Games now serYes over 300 athletes and includes over 600 volunteers, eoat.:hes, teamkaders, a nd committee members. We have grown substantially over two decades and we hope to expand our love to a greater audie nce e:-~(h and every year. Om theme this year is "Twenty Years of\Valki ng on Sunshine,'' w holeheartedly dest.:rihing the love and vitality Special Games exudes. We would like to invite you to help us share the spirit of LM U ne xt year as we en ter a new decade of .omsiJiut:.


Joanna Airey Director

Gerard Tamparong Assot.:iate Dire..:tor

/ oluntl'l:f co.lch L isa Timpani boo~ie:. "it h one.: of the.: m.tny

Members Include: Joanna Airc\', Gerard Tamparon~ Will Lebo i'vh c hde Mllllaly, j;\n Ramire7., han z Quia mbao~ ' }ose Jasso' Migue l Alca ntara, Ma riann e Reyes, Laura Venturini , Denis~ Valcn z uila , Kristen Rockenbach , Julio 1-:strad ;l , Cablw Vazquez , Bernice Russell. 路


Crimson Circle members take ;1 moment f(>r (ommunion at a n.:tn:at

hdd in Scptcm.bcr in San Onoti路c. Invol ving the entire: organization , it was time awav. tl路om ~.:olkgc ...

li k to build (Otnmuniry.

rimson Circle was established in 1929 in order to ensure that there would be pro per discipline amo n g the students at Student Body Assemblies and athletic events in which Lions participated. Appointed by the Student Council, they administered public punishment to those students found guilty of any infi路actions of the laws and traditions of the University. The o rganization was composed of fifteen men from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. For the past 67 years C rimson C ircle has been reorganized many times. By the forties, they played a major part in organ izing campus events as well as being considered an honors society. In the sixties, Crim son C ircle began to resemble the organization it is today. It was then that Crimson C ircle became a service o rganization , committed to the U niversit)' to pro mote programs for th e Associated Students o f Loyola University, th e President's O ffice, University Relations and Admissions. Today, service in the LMU community and the surrounding communities has become the primary focus of C rimson Circle, enriching the people it touches, while giving the men of LMU the opportunity to embody the Ignati:m and Marymount ideals of living for others. The opportunities arc as great as the b enefits. The members o f Crimson Circle experience li fe fi路om a different perspective after assisti ng Meals o n Wh eels volunteers. They understand tolerance after spending a Sunday m orning visiting Juvenile Hall with children who have participated in acts of murder and brutality. T hey d iscover joy when th e students at Loyola Village Elementary Schooll1nally understand long division after hours of patience and encouragement. They experience understanding and friendship when assisting Univcrsit)' programs. All of these clements of life come from a person's involvement with the community in the name of service.


Mic hael Marti nda le




Members ltH:Iudc: Chad Adam, Britt Cole, Matt Collings, Glenn Cudiamat, Jon Cuento, Par Dedusin, Sandor Demosthenes, T ho mas Galido, Kevin G u stor~: Muchacl Hollin ann , Rafli Hovnanian, Nidwlas Hutchinson, Tho mas Jo hnston, Kevin Klaus, Vincent Lewis, Gerald Lissik, Henry Liu, Steve Massetri , Rat:1cl Majias, Marco Mercado, Man: Narvaez, Casey Newton, Ryan O'Keefe , Matt Olson, Rich Ri naldi, Timot hy Russell , Ilya Seperich, Thomas Skinner, D.). Tan, Patrick Tasto, Mike Vasquez, Ryan Wantz, John Zietzke, Michael Martindale (President), David Herzog (VP Operations}, fr . Todd Dombrowski (VP f inance), David Aria (VP Special Projects), Richard Ro bin S.J ., (Moderator).

RrEM~ OF LOVE pit路it of Love (SOL) is a coalition effort with St. Gerard Majella Youth Ministry. In the f;lll of 1992, a group of MEChA members began to counsel "at risk, }'Outh in the community. The group, however, had bigger plans and chose to create its own organization. At the same time the group came in contact with the youth ministry group at St. Gerard Majella in Culver City. From that point on, the coalition has taken on a life of its own to what it is now. No nlatter what the occasion happens to be, our main focus is to provide positive role models for teens. SOL stresses the importance of education in their development as young adults. Many have said that SOL is a home away from home. But no matter what the situation is, we arc there to be older brothers and sisters to teenagers going through difficult tirncs. When they arc caught up in their problems and cannot sec the end of the tunnel, we arc there to brighten that light and guide them . Essentially, SOL members serve as mentors for youth in the community. Our organization hopes to guide }'Outh in society to provide them with positive attitudes and a confident outlook on life. SOL meets with the teens regularly to give counseling and incentives that they will bendlr from. It attempts to create a positive environment where they can feel free to approach us with any difficulties they may encounter. SOL has enlivened our spirits and provided us with a healthy outlook on life. We hope to continue the organization and make a difference t(>r the better.


David Viramontes President

Members Include: Robert Shrestha, Carmen Carra, Nidia Sandoval, Luci;\ Valdivia, I ,aura Rivas, Steven Estrada, Traccv Tran, Ccm:vicvc De Guzman, Julia Esqueda, Monica Hayes; Luis Ibarra , W ill Sandoval, Jcannertc Rodriguez, Eddi<.' Monge, Armando Gutierrez, Susana Larios, Maienc Almaguer, ) uan Sabino Hernandez , Alma Rubio, Tracv Grair, Sandra Vasques, Alici;1 Ramirez, Gabriela Vaz quez, Da~'id Viramontes, Monica Hernandez, Paola Zarate, Linda Muchamcl, and William Marmolejo (Faculty Advisor) .

Jeannette Rodriguez Secretary

1996 LMU gr~tduatc and f(mner SOL member Bobbie Villegas advises . troubled teens at Saint Joseph's Parish Hall. the Each teen 'vas giwn ... opportunity to anotwmouslv . . submit a personal probkm or d ilemma into the: box. Spirit of Love mcmbc:rs were on hand



the problems and ofkr positive so lutions :md

ouidc rhc teens in the


right direction. 191

IESJD BUDDIES est Buddies is a national, non-profit volunteer organization that currently has over 200 college chapters in the U nited States. Best Buddies establishes o ne to one ti路iendships with mentally and physically challenged high school srudents. Loyola Marymount's chapter presently has over twenty devoted participants. This event is one example of LMU's members working with their buddies ro f(mn lasting fri endships. This abo g ives the high school buddies an opportunity to interact on a social level. The college buddies we have this year arc the most dedicated members t hat this chapter has ever seen. They have made this year successful and this will allow our organization lO thrive in the tlJture. Thank you t<>r your hard work!


.../ \



Katie Eagan Co President

1\lcmbers Incl ude: Julie Anthony, Jessica Bibeau Erin Bleier, Katie Eagan , H armony Epperson, Molly Golden, Linda Hsiao, Christine M adrid , Sarah Reed , Kristen Roos, Amber Van Dieren .

'Vhilc Best Buddies

generally con<:cntmtcs o n one on one

rcbtionships, thcv still gather together once a month t(lr a pizl.<l


and movie ntght .


Erin Bleier Co- President

Gryphon Cirdc


Teresa Dellaca mera, Gloria Calderon , Tracy Mlakar, and Jill F razee help control the crmnh. <H Comm~nccmcnt


as part of th~ "human




... \

dedication to ser\'ing others, a devotion to friendships and a love t<>r fi.m . These arc characteristics which wot~ ld accurately fit any member of Grypho n C ircle. In fact, the ideals of 1-i·iendshi p, Jove :m el service an.: t he uniti ng t(m.:es which hdp to ho ld tbcsc t hirty t"l\'\:. women together ~md provide a basis f(>r t he spirit of givi ng which pervades the group . T he strength of t he organization, howe\'er, lies not only in its unity, bur also in its diversity. For as each member gives of herself to others, she shares her own unique gifts. Those she sen•es, as well a:. or her members of the group, arc touched by her speci:1l abilities. The org:lllization as a whole thus provcdes a channel th roug h which these wome n can touch othe rs. And in the process, lasting ti-iendships arc made. VVorking oursidc of the cam pus commu ni ty has become a priority for the members of this group, especially in the last tcw years. Whether it be playing with the c hildren at the Richsrone Family Center, having a "beauty day" tor the women at a convalescent home, or helping ro pl:tnr trees in nearby Venke, t he G rypho n wonu:n try to fi ll t he need f·i:>r caring hearts


in C(Ht\munitks thn.mghont Los Angd cs. An'-\ because each m ember is able to introduce her own se rvice ideas to t he group, the opportunities f(..>r scrvkc arc as varied as t he members arc themselves. As the smallest sen•ice organization on campus, these women enjoy the close-knit community which is created within G rypho n C ircle. However, we also enjoy being able to reach o ut and share our g ifts wit h o thers. T his year we will be twenty eight years o ld. As we have g iven ro o t hers in the past , we ha\'c learned that the gi lts we receive fi·om others arc just as mtmerous. And we willtherd(we continue to serve within the circle of love , ti·icndship, and scn·ice which surrounds us.

Jennifer Cummings President

MEMB ERS Cumming~.


Jenn y

1\l.uHh· White, Jcnn

Aldrich , i\h:lb~a Whelan, Tamrny

I ones, Teresa Dcllacamera, Lo1·e t\krofi, Michele Alcaraz,

El ~y

t\ rrcvalo, Gena Arrio la, Jcn Auer,

Rc\ Boyce, lulcanne Bukon: hik , (.;Ioria Calderon,

Christina Cr.\btrce, Gabrie lle Elmidolan, )ill Frazee, Sus.ut t.~o ld n cr, J\m ·,\ \Hh l hddcn,

Elizabeth I 1:-tddcn, Mi(hclc Jcnulcson, K.lrin Kelley, Jenn Leong, Sh.dec Loomis, I illi.\n Lopl'S, Jcnnitl:r Lyn(h, Ni,·lwk rvh:C omh:ll,



Peer, Kdly Phair, Trudy Rkkert, Chriarina Robinson, t\lisha Ros~. Ka ti Seidl, ~\aria Trafc\."arny, Laura Venturini, (.;ina Vuotto and

Niwk l.ali·.uK(hi.


Members Include : }en Allen, Emily Alpay, Erin Alvarez, Paul Boitano, Patricia Branconier, Brian Coffman , Erika Cruz, Ju:-~n C u eva, Lisa C usack, Ste ph e n Darrow , Nata l ie DeCarr, Heidi Dilui gi, Nhan Do , St eve n Estrada, N icole fox , Luis Garcia , Tina Ghattas, Gin a G i;Hn p ao li , Ruben Gonzalcz, Ruby Guerrero, Liz H:-~11 , Tania Hann:-~ , C le o Huan g, Kent Jancarik , Te d Kro eber, Jennifer Lobo, C hri s t a Lopez, Sharon

Marciniak, Brook M cC:-~ nn , Glori:-~ Michel , lkth Monette , Gordon Nonis, Kelly O'Malley, Ben Peeters, Nathan Pingel , Sarn ir a Ra s rc g ar, S hauna Rawles, N ikki Rc y n:-~ , C hris ty R igg, Brian Rodas, Mir:-~bai Rose, Melanic Sego, Matthew Senech:-~1, Wil l Ski nn er, Danielle Sobal, Laura St eine r, Maggie Step h e n , Gerard Tamparo ng, Elizabeth T obin, Michelle Treinen , Matt Tritt<>, Jacob Va n der Lind en, Jo hn Vargas.


he LM U l gnatians were founded sixteen years ago to till the void of a co -ed service o rganization at LM U. Since the organization's conception, men and women trom diverse backgrounds have joined hands in striving to carry out the Ignatian vision of becoming "men and women tor others" through the ageold Jesuit philosophy of service learning. lgnatians take part in serving the members of the LM U community and those in need in the g reater Los Angeles area. Whether it be counseling troubled youth in juvenile h:-~11, or ushering at LM U's weekly masses, members arc able to be the one person who makes a diHcrcncc. When thinking about the need and importance of scrvkc, one event comes to mind . for the past tive years, the I gnat ian s h;we adopted six needy f~milics t(>r the C hristmas season. We collected f路(>od and raised money to buy gifts tor these familie s. However, this year was no ordinary year. Through the hard work of our members and the generosity of the LM U community and the surrounding community, we were able to raise over $ 1,200 worth of t()od and money tc>r the families. Ignatians solicited customers of Ralph's grocery stores and collected over seven shopping carts tltll of non-perishable items. In addition, one generous lady bought a shopping cart fu ll of items tor our cause, while remaining anonymous and leaving it at Ralph 's lor us. Our members worked tirelessly to make this project a success without any recognition, whatsoever. Many of t hese families have never celebrated Christmas before in this fashion, and maybe this outpo uring of generosity was enough to get them back on their feet. The tamilies never knew who furnished them with all of their C hristmas gifts because the program is anonymous. But somewhere on campus walks a humble student in a gray sweater with an " I" patch helping someone out, but not seeking reward. This is an Ign:nian. Will Skinner President

Collecting t<>od t<.)r needy t:unilies, Ignatians Lisa C usack, Matt Tritto, Elizabeth Tobin , and Jennifer Allen solicit help at Ralph's Market. The organizarion

\\'as able to feed six Christmas Project. 194


through the annual

MEDICAL TECHNICIANS E!\ff and trainer H eathe r Parr reaches fellow EMT:how


treat patienr Rick




During l he t\ trainin~

session, EMTs

met the LJ\路ill Public

Satcty Department, tcstc:d their skills on S(opc of tre~nmcnts,

tlrst response,

Jnd cmcrg:ency response:



wdl ,\s bccomin!!. ..

t:11niliar with


equipment . incc the dawn of time, many super heroes have come and gone. rrom Mighty Mouse to Superman to B:mnan and Robin, they have all shared one common goal: to keep their comnuu1in路 sate !hun dusk til dawn. Now in modern times, where the Batmobilc is "out," and 2-2-2 and the mcdc:ll't is "in," the LM U Emergency Mcdic:~l Technicians have continued to provide this itw:~luahlc service to the LM U community. The LMU EMTs work. nightly ti路om 5pm to 8am, providing medical assistance to the LM U campus. On :we rage, each individual member works about 223 ho urs per semester, responding to a variety of calls, ranging ti路om papercuts to heart attacks, This unique new organization has grown significantly in the past year by adding 29 enthusiastic members who arc more than qualified to carry out their duties as EMTs at LM U. Even more impressive that the hours devoted to serving the LM U community, is the tim<.: and money each member has invested in becoming a state certified EMT. Every EMT must wmplcte over 100 hours of training, pass a state ccrtili<:ation exam, and pass both an objective and praaical exam specific to this universitv. These EMTs rould have accepted any paid :unbuhmcc or hospital position , hut have chosen two volunteer thei r expert services f(>r their school. So the next time you arc at Special Games, Sunset Cotl\:crr o r even C harter Ball, you cul be assured that you arc under the protective care of the men and women in blue: one of the finest teams that LM U has ever otlcred.


Members Include: Paul Boitano, C hristy Boling, Robcrr Castro, Cyrus C han, Jim Clark, Brian CoHinan, Martin D ckort , H eather farr , Karen Flotildcs, Tina Ghattas, Alicia Guevara, Chris Lampe, JcH' Lapoint, Melanic Marriott, Andy Miller, Rick Nelson, Anand Patel, Marko Petrovic, James Ramos, Joe Rinehart, Melanic Ruste, Christian Young and Moderator Debbie Wilson

Chris Lampe Prcsidenl



eginning with the kind interaction between strangers and the hearts and dedi cation of a few. Sursurn Corda has g rown into the largest service o rganization at LMU. Throughout the past five years Sursum Corda has striven to provide service opportunities for all students who wish to be of service to others. Emphasiz ing service in the Los Angeles community, members o f Sursum Corda have had e ndless opportunities to share the ir talents and learn from the diverse people of this c ity . It is these experiences of helping others, of learning about oneself, and of challeng ing beliefs that bring this organization together. The unique opportunities members of Sursurn Corda experience together create lasting friendships. Through the variety of organizations with whom Sursurn Corda volunteers. me mbers have been able to carry on a tradition of service. Sursum Corda provides its members opportunities to work with people of all backgrounds and to learn about themselves and others. Members have found that it is the individuals with whom they work that give the most. It is the kind thank you from a lady in Santa Monica receiving a simple bag of food , and the eagerness of a young man in juvenile ha ll to exchange stories. struggles, and belie fs that is given to them . It is a good friend at the convalescent home and the courage of an A IDS patient that brings the members of Sursurn Corda together. This year, members focused on their wondrous and the challenging experiences. They reflected on the Chutes and Ladders that arc so inherent and essential in service and in life. Through service, the women and men of Sursum Corda strive to be a ladder for others. And it is through service that these wome n and men realize that w hen c hallenged by a chute that is necessary to lift up our hearts to others.


A ndrew Babula President

Me mbers Include : Joanna Airey, Pa t ri c ia Low e , Ire ne Mapua, Colleen A uth. Joseph Bazyouros, Monica M ineo , C he rie Moon , And re w Babul a, Eva Banks, J ess ica Nassie , Patric ia Re nee Barre tt , Vale rie Basulto , O'Connor. Christa Panasci. Sarah Becky B e rn a rd . Aron B is hop. Pe trie, Danny Pranate . Eli zabeth Rac he l Bosma, Brendan Busse. Prochnow. Raquel Rangel. James Dorota Byterowicz , Kathl ee n Ra yc raft. Vi c toria Rinde r , Ca nubida. Brid ge t Carb erry . M 'L issa Robe rtson. Kri s te n Gillian Ce rve ro. Marianne R oc k e nbac h , Gina Ruffine lli. C handl e r . Dan C havira. Amy Molly Scott. Tim Scott, Valerie Coan. Katie Cooper. Betsy Cory. Septer. Mia Shanl ey. E mil y Theresa C ummings, J e nnife r Sharpe , Alysia Skil ton, Brian D 'A ndrea, Y vo nn e Da lt o n. Smithers. Dawn Steenhard. Jenny Jose phine DeFelice. Arne! Dino. Stringer, Ta l inc T abak ian , E l iz abc th Dobberpuh l. C arey Miche lle Tarlos, Jean Thompson. Donaldson, C lara Evans, Patricia E l izabe th Tre itsc h. Kri s te n Fuentes, .le nny Gosling, Elizabeth Ve itc h , Mike Wake fi e ld, Susan Goss, Monica Hayes, Cathe rine Wh ee le r . Rob Whit e, Kath y Hershey, Nicole Howard, Maria Z immerman , Patty Z imme rman. Jraci , Krist in Jo nes, .lin Kahng, Mod e rat o r Greg Kn o tts , and C hristina Kumor, He idi Lee, Moderator Kristi Gonza lves.

Taline Tabiakan, Heidi Lee, Rob White, and cor~ mem ber

vol um~er

Adrianna Shoji

visit Ms. Kat h e rine during one o f t h.:ir weekly v is irs


Playa del R<:y Convalescent l lomt:".



VoLUNTEER ADMISSIONS TEAM Members Include: Ken Barber, Soni;\ Bautista, Tim Brundige, Mike Braun, Colleen Da\'is, Mid\dk DeCastro, Ryan Desmond, Joseph Du\'all, Crystal Draper, Richard Ferrari, Krisry Forsyth, ' Patty Hanson , Theresa Hasten, Shannon Herling, Kristophcr Kuhn, Yoshado Lang, Ark A,路dino, Regina Fueg, Jenni!Cr Gonzalez, Anglelica Saldin;r, Ernesto Colin, Jodk Thomas, Shanna Rawles, Staci Tarin, Matthew Senechal , Sabrina Elizondo, Beth H odus, Patricia Branconier, Amanda Hadden, Liz Hadden , )ody McClean, Matthew DeAnda , Chris I !abash.

-j路 FEER ADVISOR INTERNS l'vlcmbcrs lndude: Ryan Aquino, Chris Arterberry, Patricia Br;lnconier, Orkarha Craig, D:nvn Johnson, Ted Kroeber, Yoshada L;lng, bmcrald;l Mcsin,\s (hn;lnCi;ll Aid ), Rish.\ Riley, Rebecc\ \V;lndro.

FEER ADVISORS Members I ncludc: Can路ina Archuleta, Kristopher Bonner (Financial Aid), Vanessa Kimber, Andrea Luciente (Fin;lncial Aid), Glenn Milus, Hao ~guycn, Danitz;l Pantoja, Chris Prentiss (Coordin;ltor), Tom Skinner (Financial Aid), Andrea T;lzioli.


College is as much about community as it is about scholastic endeavors. From the first orientation activities to the final walk through Sunken Gardens on graduation day, college is a social experience. The LMU community is what creates the setting that new students are drawn to during Open House and old ones return to for alumni reunions. It is the soul of the campus, the glue that holds students together when the stress of tests and papers threatens students with a seemingly insurmountable wall of work. Students form lifelong bonds between each other. Individuals who started off as strangers go on to become best friends . From the traditional involuntary swim in Foley Pond to dancing the night a\vay under the stars, LMU is about enjoying life in the best of possible places.




Unlocking the Future


remember m. y fi rst irnpression o f LMU. It was you fee\ \ike a queen or king of the mountain.


I had

carried this image with me t h rough the drama of

alread y been accepted, and O pen House was

graduation and the t ears tha t acc om pani ed it.

go m g to be my c h a n ce to fi gure out if I real ly

Summer passed quickly, in a blur of activity geared

wanted to come to LMU . I could not get over how

toward preparing myself to leave h o m e and start for

at the Open House weekend in April.

nice everyb ody was.

It was Sunday morning at 9

a new schoo l and h ome.

Everything led up to

a.m ., and there were actually students out giving

move-in day. My parents and I started early, making

tours and th ey were no t p aid . Did I mention they

the o bli gatory ten trips to and from the car to haul

were smiling? I kept

m y life up the stairs to

asking them to t e\\

my tiny second floor

me the truth, to

room . I rook my time

rea ss ure

th e

h a ngin g up all the


memories of the past


four years of rny \ife ,

idyllic as my initi :d

leaving just enough

impressio n s.



Unive r sity no w h e re

n ca r




they did n ot. They

memories I hoped to

we r e as e n amored

create during the next

路with LMU as I was,

four. I said good bye

and t hey had spent a

to my parents in the

year o r more here . I

parking lot and \:Vaved

went home and told

as the y drove away. 路路~

all my friends about thi s where

Then 1 turned around



to face my future and




fri en d s


walk five minutes

waited for me up in

from your dorm at

my n e\v room.

night to a v iew of the city that m ade

Opposite two studcntl> carry the last of their belongings to their new home in Tenderid1.







new home .

-Ci11.dy Boclma Two Rosecrans men armed \\'ith two vital student ne(essiticsstereo and bean baguni<Kk their room t(>r the tirst time.


Senior Eva Banks proudl y displays her new hat at the Alumni Barbet]ue. Eva spent the day working the moon bounce t(>r the children of alumni while their parents rcminiscc.:d about their timc.:s at LMU. The barbeque included representatives ti路om all classes. Photo by Groller

Opposite: A baby lion takes a short rest on his throne during the re -opening of Malone in September. The c\'ent included a barbeque for students, and :1n oversized backpack tttll of prizes t(>r a lucky ratTle winner. Photo by Bella

After a year of construction, McCarthy Hall o pened this f.1ll on Leavey Campus as a new dormitory l(>r sophomores, juniors, a nd seniors. The hall houses 250 students and includes study rooms, lounges, a music room, and n community kitchen t(w its residents. Photo by Groller


A tug o ' war between the colleges was one of the featured events during O' Lympks. The coveted prize t()r win ning the annual lip sync rompetition between th<.: colleg<.:s went to Liberal Arts. Photos by Groller

Student b;11lds provided entertainment till路 the tCsti\'ities at O ' rest ' 96. Approxim ately 869 stude nts cnt<.: rcd their fi rst year at LM U in 19 96. Photo by G roller


The LM U Sierra Club headed to the Sierras during a mid-semester break backpacking excursion. Club members olten hike around the L.A. area and participate in beach dean -ups. Photo by Michael Thelen


Sepremhl路r\ leader~hip confC:reJKe brought Trish a Abc, Teresa Dcllacamcra, Camrin Scrvio, Aron Bishop, Nakia Mainor, Kristin Jones, C hrista Lopez, and mher student k<Hkr~ together fc>r a ks~on in balance. A combin:ltton of workshop:. and :lctivitics all geared towards strengthening student lc:ldcr!>hip on campus compri~ed the day long event. Photo by Galvez

Akash Lal and Manoj C houdhary take a break from studying ar Molly J\1alo ne's f(lr a pool lesson fr01n rhe LM U Lion. The popular recreation tenter opened during the fall, providing student!> with a variety of entertainment option~ . Pho to by Galvez



Srudents, taeu lry, and !.talrwere welcomed by mu!.ic .l!. the~· filed into S.tcred l lc.trt Ch.1pd . H.1g.~ representing tho~e eountric~ where t here :~re Je\llll or 1\ 1.\rynwunt ~ehoob lined the \\\llk. Photo b y G rollcr

Bria n Smith ers read li·om !-eripture d uring the J'vl.1ss, while Sr. Cecdia M.1gladry, C.S. j D r. JoM:ph jabbr.l , Vice President l(>t· Academ ic A tla ir~<, read rc.,ponse~ ti·orn t he back of t he churc h. The ,\laM• i~ a tr.ld ition th.u t.lkc~ p l.tcc .ll .111 Jnu it .1n d l\ larpnount Uni\'er,itic!..

Photo by Gro llcr


Fr. T homas P. O'Malley, S.J. , University President, was the cekbrant at the ivlass ol"the Hoh' Spirit on September 12, 1996. Classes were dismissed a !Cw minutes early so snu. knrs could ;\ttend the Mass intended to bless the upcoming year and wekome students back to l ,M U . Photo by Grollcr


M ich ael Fair volunteers to ~ivc blood at the Blood Drive hdd in St. Robert's I lall. Debby Wilson , t h l· ~ur!)c Practitioner at the Health Center, coordinates the n ·cnt. Service Org..1nizat1ons on campu~ ,·olunteer their time ro work at the semi -annual drive~.

Pho to by Schod o rf

Rich a rd Bro wn and Mana hi l Jad enjoy the wtlce at the Lion's Den, one of the campus' new hant;outs attcr the renovation of Malone. CaHcinc, many snadentl> come to di1>cm•er, is a lif~:-!>aving sustenance dUJint; '>Uch time~ a!> midtcnm and finab week.

Photo by G ro llcr 210

On September l9, l996 , students and t;Kulty gathned on Regeant Terrace ro mourn the death of rapper Tupac.: Shakur. The candlelight ,·igil, organized by the Black Student Union, c.:onsisted of the lighting of c.:andks and gathering in a uniticd c.:in:k. Shakur died aft·er sutlcring gunshot Wollnds li·01n a drive · b~· shooting. Photo by GroJler


The third annual Sunset Concert on October 4 drew a crowd o f 3SOO taculry, sratl~ and students to Sun ken Gardens ti>r a ni ght of t(>od and festivities. Game booths, tace painting, a bounce house, and a dunk tank gave everyone the opport\l nity to let otr some mid-semester stress. T he highlight the evening was a pert(xmancc by Joan Osborne , during which se\'er:JI students crowd surfed to the mellow music. The event was sponsored by ASLMU . Photo by G ro ller



The Red, ~omposed of LMU students Kcri O'Neill, Sharon Powowarski, Marco Aiello, Greg Terlizzi, and Victor Langhaarn, won the MasterCard ACTS talent show~asc \\'estern regional semi finals in January. The group earned the prestigious title through a ~ombin;nion of raw talent and creativity, ottcn drawing on a variety of musical stvlcs w write their own songs. Photo by Groller


Amir Yasseri , Richard Nelson , Will Skinner, and C hristian Young pose wirh their newly carved tric.:nd. Simil:lrly carved pumpkins could be t(nllld pecking our of windows, sitting on balconies and stairs, and in pies all over campus o n Halloween. Pho to by Brodie


Dustin Balderrama takes advamage of Hallowee n to show otr his Darth Vader costume and his t;lscination with Star Wars in a ti路icnd's room in l\lkKay. Photo by Lombardo

Martin de Kort ~ivcs Amy Smith an opportunity to sharpen her barbcring skills after losing a bet. Dramatically altered hairstyles arc common occu1Tenccs around campus during strcssfi.d times.

Photo by Bochna 215

Living Traditions 216

Ginni McGinn , Karen Her-zog, and Lisa Weeks dolled themselves up l(H路 the Masquerade Ball and danced the nig;ht away on foley Patio Saturday, Oct. 26. Proceeds fi路mn the ciH: g ho ulish event went to various AI DS-rdated c harities.

Photo by Groller

Chris Hanada, Mike Braun and Jill Frazee g;et down at Charter Ball. With nearl\' students tilling Alumr~i

Gvm . and the U ni,路er~itv. Pool ' Charter Ball '97 was :m overwhelming success. In a scene straight from f. Scott Fitzgerald, sever~l peopk jumped in t(>r a midnight swim bct(m.: t he ball ended.

Photo by Chute 217

Antonclla Lombardo gasps in shock as she stands up in Foley Pond, the victim of the traditio nal birthday ross into the pond. U nfortunately, her birthday was in December. Photo by Bochna


David Sanchez struts his ~run: showing ofrhis beautiful new pink sweater to his neighbors. It was almost a perfect fit. P hoto by Lombard o

C h r istopher Polityka slaves over his homewmk, something that takes over ~rudents' lives from August to M;ly of every year. Many studc:nts juggle class-work, and extracurricular activitie:. (such ;ls Tower Yearbook ) throughout the year. P h o to by Brodie


Matt Parlow, Sam Christensen, Ann Mitzen, and Donna Varner enjoy commencement stogies after making t heir l路inal trips as undergraduates through Sunken Gardens on Sunday, May 12, 1996. Photo by Groiier

A newly graduated senior enjoys feelings of treed om by blowing bubbles. Mayor Richard Riordan was the tCaturcd spe;lker at commencement. Dr. Joseph Jabbra opened the activities :md Sr. Agnes Marie Schon, C.S.J., performed the invocation. Photo by Groiier



Kyna Snaer pcrt(mncd a lirurgical dance at the Baccaburcarc Mass on friday, May 10, 1996. After the mass, a reception was held in Alumni Gym fell" scniors and their families and cntertainmcnt by University Pool.

Photo by Groller


:teaving Home


he end of the year is upon us and with it, for suddenly understanding a co mpletely different seniors, the time to move on has arrived. perspective. Helping someone else figure out the The inevitable changes are upon us, faste r complex paper-shuffling ri tual of changing their than we might have liked. Whether you are going major. Completing a group project and reali zi ng off to grad school, beginning a new career, starting that you have accidentally made a few friends in the a family, or just trying to figure out what to do next, process. Waiting in a longer line for the Controller's Office than you did f()r your driver's license. Sitting things are going to be very different soon . However, there arc some things that will never on the bluff at ni ght with a feeling of profound change. Someone once remarked that the peace as you stare out over the myriad pinpoints of community at LMU was so tightly kn it that you light above and below. There will never be another could not walk across campus without bumping into time like this in our lives. at least one person you knew. They were not The memories of the experiences we have had here at LMU will always kidding. The sad part of this be special to us. Moving observation is that it on does not necessarily means many of us mean letti ng go . While wi ll be leaving we w ill never agam encounter what we have behind some great had for the past few years, friends w h en we move on in May. the future holds its own prom1se of new The community we and opport uni t ies have been a part of for four yea rs will I f experiences. Our future ~~ paths wil l take us ln still be here after we directions we never graduate. We ca nnot sha ke the expected. No matter feelings of leaving what ou r plans may be, home for places the next period in our lives will be different than unknown. any we have experienced The time spent at LMU will always before. Now is a time for looking to what li es occu py a u ntq uc place in our ahead. Graduation is memories. Meeting on ly the end of the beginning. someone interesting We've grown together over a cup of coffee at two a.m. these past few years, and Listening to a now it's time to move on. professor and -Jason Cagle


Dave Sca les helps .Jen Zacuto carry one load of her


belongings out of

McCarthy Hall and to the parking garage.

Opposite: Two pcopk peak hesitantl y out of the doorways of Rosecrans at the allcrmath of the movin~; out tornado.


lOllS Though it is a distant memory now, football fans filled the grandstands at Loyola University of Los Angeles 1911 to 1951. Challenging NCAA universities such as UCLA, USC, University of Arizona and Michigan State, the Lions were a force to be reckoned with in collegiate football. Today, though its football team has gone the v.ray of the Pacific Electric Red Car, LMU's sports legacy continues with its championship basketball and volleyball being among the most exciting athletics programs at LMU. Students gather socially at Gersten Pavillion to show their Lion Pride while their friends on the court serve up a cold dish of disappointment to the opposition. Pictured: football practice at Loyola University of Los Angeles, Venice campus, ca.l940.







• 4 , 1996


aybe th ey were out of shape and out o f step, but the Loyola Marym ount women's soccer team kicked off their season o n a down note at the Califo rnia State Fullerton Tournament, where they fell to San Diego Stale U niversity, 3-0, August 30, and California State Fu llerton, 2-l , Scpten1ber 2. - ll~omrlll'olowuo

OcroaER 2


I Tilt· 1.996

-rE&AoER 1. ' ' '"'P -S cp ~ I

-JYl· _.r

. " 'C;•er ' or itI ·han~:-c. •'"\ )\\\ \ I\C. \,n')l> a tht.:. C.

lil\, 1tYcrctl was t Iw· '""~,; t '-; so.:.:cr teal\\~~ ' 13 ant1 \S• · 011 nt W'""c" . S. \tel"her . 0• Ma1J' 1" . N ·braska, · "'\. •a1w.: ' y\w


. \laS 11 ~ .

·s '" ' cI"" 1I11:1:r \IrS\ \:>•tl~<:l\ 10 th<: loss<.:· ,s drO\) .., I ''"'1 ·~ The Uo• · , 1 ·versit)'. ,,. '' 'l'\'c W(l"'c 1' · 1 ,, 3 9 · I . ok" 11n I ('rei£. '' f Ncbr:~s" • •) Jl"'" 'f•-"',..'"...,._..I"'J... ' ·w. u ' h a\ '' \ \ .. · Uni"crSI I ow sta\lt. .--..;:.v-


-~--!!![II .._~





·rt,t . ll'a r~nns..:n 'f'J /ll.ty ,,,.,,;,,,, I ''')' ,,.,, lrt • · le (' " 1 1e lJ1111 . "" 29 11 · ' 111 s ro,Jd rr; , '•line 1'11th·d 1•11 'l'rsill· • 'lilt . I IV IS 01'. • . 1 /.ion\. ,, o.t~ ro Ca/ 1,' ·/ll•r,tppt•d ''I' o'l : ."1111<', o.o 0 1 · •t'l'ord 11o11· ~ . ' 'it 1 is (>I . . •' <'J>I t'rn I>n . 1 •1 II<1s ·,Jt• 2· 115 ·II 2 ''-'J>o. '1'/r.:



Uoll's firs, . -

,J do~·

· g.Jmt· u, 1 , •. . Wf11 ( )\• . • . ..., , • I ," '. lo 1/rt· roa I "~r ( .. r/Poh· I' llll >er 2-lende I . \\ t·.~, C · < • •'l'J>I • I1 · 0 lllon 1 ·1.11 < Ill ·OJ~r C · tnt er 27 ·· <' w ofs.IIJ F . .-nnJer,·nel' ' wiJ,.,.<. 1/ OIIJen I(



30, :l996

_, ..... J ·r tall . . I . j)iecc!. )USt on omewnes t '~ • : \of the season . together unnl the entt U niversity MarynlOllll The Loyo1a • ' . 1:\st home game • . ccer team s · · · .. women s so . ·an take an cntll c rove th:tt It c. seetncd to P . . The ream not . · • a tc·ln\ ge1s. • 1 .· g streak, but season b· c fOI C ' ' . ~ four -gamc osll\ . only cndel a I . ·t· )f.I(HIS winning ItS · tC )' VIC ( ' were uItuna . scaso1 . , . , . 11,""· rnm"""" this


tina\ home g:ti\\C


• -

JIJt;·J."Y '1'i,lllao/u


One !:itcp ahead o f ~~~m:'~ of her opponent, ~:...~Eiit

i\l id6ddcr Mia Karamatsu , dctlcas an incoming ball and sends it back down field to help the Lion's in their q ucst fur thl' net.

Photo by Groller NOVEMBER


women s Trisha Abe Celeste Adams Tammy Alderman Cindy Carollo Flannery Collins Yvonne Dalton Jennifer Davis Lindsay Driscoll Tammy Escobedo Heather Farr Gina Giallonardo Kristi Giordano

Julie Grieve Karie Hutching Mia Karamatsu Jamie Kelley Jessica Lyon Bree McCann Sarah Nichols Molly Orr Aimee Shimizu Jean Thompson Mala Trifunovic Jamie Van Note

6, 1996 -...~-Ji}/1111"'--l

he Loyola lvl,uymout\1 womcn·~ ~o~~n team competed in two .:ontcrcn.:~· m;Hdt~~s this paM weekend. In their lirM m.nch, Nov. l, thc Liom p<HitKcd on tlu: Gonz.1~.1 University llulldo~~ li1r a vktorv. En·nthoug.h thl· Lions lmt to the number three te.lm in thc n.uion, the U ni,·cr~ity of Portbnd, on :--=m·. 3, they held thc Pilot~ ~corclcs.' during. the ti~t h.tlt: Thc Lion~' rc.:ord now stands ~11 5 9 2. llnrr;r l'• m•olw



With her eye on the movement downtick!, t(mvard Julie G rieve beats her opponent to the ball to ensure a pass to her awaiting teammates. Photo by Brodie

...__--:..;;....:;..;..::......:;:.;;..;:....:..;_.....;:....==:...:.:_;::..;.;..::...;.....:..::..;..:......:.:..:;_;...__ _ _~--.::..;:_-.J

.,0 Forward Yvonne Dalton stands ready t(>r the ball tTom her teammate, midlieldcr Kristi Giordano. Able to m:meuver around her human obst:Kk, Giordano completed a picture pcrtcct p:~ss . Photo by Chute


Trisha Jibe Senior

"Determination and Heart Are All That Matter"

Being plagued by injury is a fc'lte met by many athletes; however, Trisha Abe has had the determination to overcome numerous injuries and remain an active member of the women's soccer team. From those injuries, Trisha has been able to celebrate the successes of competition and learn from its sometimes brutal defeats. When asked for the one "stand-out" moment in her LMU soccer career, Trisha remembers her Sophomore year. The victory win over Santa Clara in which the Lions' were considered the underdogs, was a prime example of what "teamwork" means. The team came together as a family and it was then that Trisha knew she had found her place and had been part of something truly exciting. Trish suffered from a fracture to the left ankle and a sprain to the right one in the middle of her Junior year. Mter surgery and months of therapy, she came back in her fourth year to be a part of a dynamic team and create a dominant force on the field. As a result of her hard work, Trisha was named to the WCC Second Team. As for the future, Trisha is intent on returning to Lions' Soccer for one more season before beginning graduate work in Physical Therapy, with the ultimate goal of playing professional soccer for a year in Europe.

Men's Basketball •"BER 20, j.996r off better"E'n '' -


the )'ea thing starts din the pre~\ o 2 0 recor ' 4) l ~ thanLoyo a -, ty\aryn"'ou~t s -season a d the\r pre season . \ team ende PaYi\\\on, basketba\ S in Gersten p ortuga\ \ay Nov. 1 ' . torYyersus p 06 93 v\C 1 with a 1 - :1 _:n:·n:·,~·\:)/·;.·;""~'<'~-~i!JIII!!r!:::l~·" C\ub 'Te\econ .


,·, I I

.1 ...:.m llunt:. li•r .l,·o.Jdl 10 w.tlk into pr.ll'tl.:l· .111d lind unh t<:n heJithy hJ,kl·lhall r~h·~·cr,, thr<:c ol "hom .lrl' w.1lk on~. re.ady 10 t)lay. llowcH: r, th.u 1\ cx.wtly wh:u head nu.:n·, h.l\kcth.tll co.1ch John Oh,.,. did IJ~t Mond:l\', when lw he~.111 pr:~<:ticc l(tr tc.1m 1h.11 ;, 5 13 over.1ll .111d 2 4 111 the WcM Co.l.\t

4, 1~..--


here's only one thing that's tripping up the ~yola M arymoum men 's )asketball team's game pl, Th an. e second half. -nn," II' , llttl,rlt:




12, 1997 ..

' ~h.H,\~ lcr hui ldin~; ~~a~on:

o t:~r, 1l '> hee l\· • ll . ., hccn tor the . \ t\1.11 ',\ 11 But , the n :11,!.·111 • I . which ~1:\lllh ,II • 1 k"l hal tc.\1\\ • ' -1 U m.:n ; ':1'I 3 ~ • V('(.' I .tv 7 II\ llw \ . .. .


6 16 uvcr;\\1 :m• . n 1he ro,,,I· ·' 74 54 ,\.;teat Atk r rwo \m'~' o I dow 7?. 68 \o~ (.' \ - h:h · 7 • ·'"' ,\ . t(' Santa · a . ~ , ·s1 Mar\'', 1·c· ·I·'· "o, 1he \ )on; ' • t'<Jr their tina\ rwo to the Gael\ ol • · • 10 ,repan: 1 . •ames. - l>nmtl \Vol•'""" rctumctl home ~lr , .. ~., n home 1!. 0 rcgu.. ~ ..


29, 1997

5 , 1997 r the:. me n '!. baskc:tball t~am .w uld get back



the: hnal two secontb o f the1r 77 75 loss to G<lll/.ap.:1 U niversity reb. I , thin~!. mig ht h:wc be: e n di ll~ rt• nt . I luwcver, what make.:!. the los!. bearable wa1. their (><) <)()win over Portland University Jan 3 I . The te.llll is now 3 5 in conk renee: and 5 I 5 overall. 1,.,,...1 w"''"""


mens Jim Williamson Tim Kennedy Ben Ammerman Jason Perry John Anthony Peter Cornell Julian Hammond Kevin Daniels Chris Evelyn Kenny Hotopp Will Jones Clem Stark Andrew Dahi-Bredine

With tot:tl cotH:entration, f(mv:trd Will Jones, pre pares for a shot ar the fi路ee throw line. Seconds later, t he ball sails throug h the air hitting "nothin' but net." Photo by Groller

Always two steps ahead ofhis competition, center Ken Hotopp shoots t~>r a basket. Already standing rail at 6'10", when Hotopp jumps t(>r a shot, all his ~~:l opponents c:tn do is look up to him. _ _ _ _ __, Photo by Grollcr


Right: I .e:\\'ing his

Northridge opponent behind , forward Tim Kennedy slyly dribbles downcou_rr wirh high ho pes of a basket. Bottom: Usually rh_ree 's ·~ c rowd, but no t lor thts Lion. Fo rward John_ An t I10 ny, t ·,kes " · con . rrol o t ., 0 " an . . l>a II" to r hts team . , Photos b y C hute




12, 1997


A lh:r a live-vca r r·enure LJVI U's D.hcad men's basketball co,tch, John Olive annouJH:ed his resignation l.tM \Vednesd.ty. Olive finished ll'ith ,, ~\trccr record of 51 88, and ~·ndl·d hi.~ tumultuous 1996-97 season 11·irh a 7-2 ] record. - l >nuitl w,f,w~rz

Jim Williamson is about as much a chip off the old block as one could be. Born on April 6, 1975, to Duane and Janie Williamson, both Jim's parents arc Loyola Marymount alumni, as well. Jim's father also played basketball for the Lions'. Duane Williamson was a first team All-West Coast Conference selection in his senior year. History again repeated itself, for Jim was selected for First Team All-West Coast Conference. But not to be outdone by his old man, Jim was also selected in his Junior year. Kudos and accolades are nothing new to the career ofLMU's point guard and courtgeneral. In December of 1995, Jim became the only player in South Torrance High School history to have his jersey retired. College proved to be no different for the talented Williamson. In his Freshman year, Jim was named the West Coast Conference Freshman of the Year. Along with his first team selection, Jim was also named West Coast Conference Player of the Week twice during his Junior year. Widely considered one of the top playmakers on the West Coast, Jim leads his Lion team with the spirit and drive of a great team captain. As his coaches and teammates will attest to, Jim Williamson has a "heart and inner strength that defy his small stature." It is Jim's love tor the game, his affinity for the sound of a ball pounding on a hardwood floor, his willingness to run extra sprints in the dead of summer, that define him as an athlete. It is his work ethic that makes it seem so effortless when his shots sail through the net at the final buzzer: the accolades he accrues are the result of hours and hours of practice. Like his father before him, Jim Williamson exemplifies the LMU athlete.

-Kate DiRanna

Jim Williamson Senior

"Play As Hard As You Can, All The Time"

Men's Cross Country


2 , 1996


oyola Marymount's cross countl) H:am:. raced in the: UC Riverside invitational thil> past Saturday, Sept. 28, where the women placed 1Oth out of 23 teams, while the men showed signs of improvement. 1.11rn• ''""~'mold

Ocrol!§R 9



, 1996

T oyola Marymou ~


onlen 's . nt s men' compere i . Closs counr sand Up 1·v, . < 11l the c 11·.c ~)'teams • crsny I . '' ~<orn1a L the wo nvnatio11 , J llth eran men '. .. , 0 ct 5 . 0 PPOI]C S tc~ll)} defc.., · . ' \VJtlJ nts , 1 · <• CJng 11 fourth. - ' v li}e the men c: ~ of their 1./fC!IT J:·





mens Louis Bronstein Spencer Duffy Sam Horong Lucas Merino This mighty linn tcan; toward ~filii~ the tinish line during a competition at Cal Polv Pomona. L~£2:§~~U P h oto by Groller


t Robert Mills Brion Oiimo Adam Plugge Rick Weis

Rick Weis First Year Student

"Run Long, Run Fast"

Being one of the youngest and strongest on the men's cross country team, Rick Wcis realizes that he still has a lot to accomplish. But tear not, for it was his hard work and dedication that enabled this 5'4" runner to overcome heart problems and become MVP both in his Junior and Senior years in high school. Rick's teammates know that his talents will help to push him even further. By driving himself day in and day out, Rick has begun to prove his Lion Pride. At this year's West Coast Conference C hampionship, Rick was awarded Honorable Mention , for his outstanding performance. Rick graduates in the year 2000. With his diploma in hand he plans to represent the United States at the Olympic Games. But, as for now, R.ick continues to prove that the only way to tackle a cross cou ntry course is to "Run Long, Run Fast!" -Kntc Di]{nunn

Women's Volleyball


12, 199l&_...,::::piJ'8fF""""""'


he Lobus, the Bulldo •s . .. all quicklv 1. _ g. and the l1gers . . . carne(1 who ,,, . .1 kmg·, ol t lv·~ J.llll g Ie as t I1 · 1 · as .t lc real through COlllJ) Ct it' • . C J IOllS npped 1-1 l 1011 Ill the AirJ> "1 . o tc Vollevlnll ('I· .. ·. on IV anna · · · .ls SIL ScJ>I 6 7 t tcy clinchnl tl . _ . · >- , where '. te L1l,llllplonsl . I evervone cis . 1 _ - · np and sent ., .c tome wnh th··. - -, the1r legs. - 1> . en tal s between

!\. force to be reckoned with in the .fi.West, Loyola Marymount's women's volleyball team clinched the tournament championship after a rocky start at the Holiday Inn Classic Sept. l at Colorado, with a final record of 2-l .- l)•llid \Volon•i("

mud Wtlftm•it::

he . 49crs • of ('· ·•11Smtc: Lo1 • .. . stci>J>cd Ottt· o t' ('ICI'SI ' l'tg 'I'Bc.\Ch •Vcdncsdav S. 2 . ~n ;WI 1011 on \ sigh of rdic't·~ clpt. 15 ~ and brcarhcd a •1 tcr t 1c1r n· . · over Lo, I· .tnow vu.:torv · }o .1 Marymm 1111• · voll cy · l).1· 11 team Ill . five I ..s -.women-' ,s


games - 1 .. ·


lc.ut stoppmg


) umping high above rhc net

Opposite Hit;cr Sarah Noriega, returns an incoming ball hack to the


~----:-~-___:.. .!. 1-:::-~-~~-_:=--=---=~-j

competition Photo by C hute

Pounding thl: ball into thl: hands of her opponent, outside hitter Cindy Weg1arz, slams it' down with full t(m:c. The ball was thcn ddk~tcd to givc L1\llU a sideout. Photo by Groller.


~CTOBER 30, 1996~ifi/lj/j~


h ey'n: f1 awlcss · 1.oyo Ia !Ylarymounr's w ' team is m idwav t/ . omen s vo/Jeyha/1 Con ference . , . 1t ough West C o ast competition I . the ir m ~ r ·J , • ant after " c 1cs vcrsu . tl U . San Diego 0 ·r 2 Ss l c mversity of · . ' l · • , and th e U nrversttv f S· , . I , . . o .ln fran crsco 0. 2 t ~c Lrons remained aro ) th~ ct~ . 6, wrrh a record of 7 -0 - J . Wee ·

l>n1ut1 Wolhwl(::

Setter T racy H o lma n pumps the ball into the air so h er waiting team mate can slam it d own on the othe r sid e.

P hoto by Sullivan .


womens Kim Blankinship Alyssa Carbonetti Lydia Day Jeanette Hecker Tracy Holman Krista Lambly Tate Medley

Karissa Meith Sarah Noriega Jessica Olivier Suzanne Radcliffe Heather Vinck Cindy Weglarz Nelly Weglarz

T h e lady Lions celebrate with each other after a hard won poi nt in th e final game of the wee C ham p io nship. P hoto by Groller .

Kim Blanlcin!!tip "Think you can or you can't, either way you'll be right!" A volleyball player who became involved in the sport by following her sister's footsteps, Kim Blankinship has far exceeded anyone's expectations, including her own. After eight years of playing, she still finds the greatest joy in being a member of the team. And especially a member of a winning team. This year was no exception. As team captain, she helped motivate her team to reach the highest standings ever acheived by an LMU team. Winning the wee and being ranked sixth in the nation have

been the great rewards ofyears ofhard work and dedication. Even after all of her years on the court, d1e LMU women's volleyball team captain still anticipates learning something new at every practice. Through the rough workouts and vigorous training, Kim has been able to reach the greatest heights, from being a member of the league's All Freshman team, to being named Defensive Player of the Year. -Rrian Dm,is

Digging an incoming ball , outside hitter

Tom Dixon

5, 1997 --~ was no (Ontest. It was done in three. The LM U men's volleyball team dcti.:ated the U nivcrsit)' of La Verne in three sets ( 15-9, 15-5 , 15 -9) Jan . 29 at Gersten Pavillion, putting the Lions at 2 - 1 overall and 1- 1 in COnference play. ·.lfour (,"IKbrnmou'





passes it fc>rward to his teammates at the net.

Photo by Chute

12, 1997

f I . more ferocious n the battle o t lc . . The BYU , .·I· . the cougar wtns. I e me, . . l MU men s k . . ddeated the ' Cougars · . . " l)ack-to-bac \l . l tWICe Ill " ' vollcyba tean6 . r · ·rst··n Pavilion. · t " \: 5· Ill ve • ~ . b , the senes 1·c ). · ' . Despite a stro_llg hrst ~a me was ions in the hrst n1at~..h, LM . ·i. tl I• · I . . b)• a powel t sWCI)t in both mate K S : I . .BYU tealn ran. k·cli se . ·cond "' t le





-~ '<::,, ,•. .....



In the game against University of La Verne, Setter Zane Smythe sets a perfect ball to middk blo(ker Rob Schildts, who is poised to spike it across the net. Photo by Chute


mens Matt Belikoff (orin Bemus Lee Bennett Tom Dixon Stephen Dunne Tim Farmer Joe Harrison

Micheal Kielborn Jason Lee Reid Priddy Jake Roehl Robert Schildts Sean Shoptaw Zane Smythe

~ 12, 199~ 7--~~l nconsi~t ~·nsv hu ns. And no om: seems to know that better than the men's \'olkyball team. Alter winnin!!. two in ;1 row against Cal Stare Northridge and UC. San Diego, tiH: Lions l(>lmd themselves back in a t:uniliar slump. They've lost t(nu· in a row, induding tough losses 10 the University of the l'acilic and Sr;mlord University. - M<"• 1:1,/mwinm



'., - '


.'... -


Like a sling shot, Outside Hitter Tim Farmer, has his ann pulled back and is ready to pummel a pert\.:ctly pl;Kcd set .

Photo by Chute


Women's Lacrosse


1 2, 199_7__

. . 1. ., ne\\' womcn 's ~ · . a1e · · busnn!!. he L1ons · '.111 · thrmw.h ~ . Js·s·· s•"•son and nppmg I;\Ci t .. ~ · "'' competition. . . 40 . ltcrn:\liona\ta.:rosse te:lms, . . llten's \;\crossc II' .,• ticld ol ove• U 1IItiversi\V • " 0 . Santa : • •• '(J\a M:\l·,·nlo\lnl l)arbara I .o~ , . . he Um\'erslty o 1 . . te'\IH complete.:~\ Ill t ' l'l . I ions' two \\'111S ;\Ill\ . l' \ \ s. 16. . K . .,. I ; tourn;llllC.:nt ·c ). . \ ·\ ·m ., rcspect;\hk h t ' . overtime loss carll<.:l t \c.: • one.: . :1' . .. , - l\t/" " 11 n,.,,,,, 1 .• ·I, then· l wtstm .



\) ;\lC ~

Endless hours of practice pay off :ls the I ,ions come together ro cclcbr;ttc a glorious victory O\'Cr UCSB. Photo by G ro ller

their sun:ess after


26, 1997


lter a tough .loss to thl· \•Va\'Cs at Pepperdinc h:b. 22, '' b:Kk· to· basics approadl was kc\' lix thl· ,,·omen's lacrosse.: team in their win over ,·isiting UC Santa Barbara's Gam:hos

Feb. 23. -


Rd•mn l{o/piJ


12, 199 7



ouncing h· ·k 1 ' ' .K 1las hc.:comt• a hah. . . ,o\ ola M .,,.,,ll' II f<)l · ' •Olllll \\'( • team. · >lll<.'ll s Iacross<: Followinl!. .1 14 2 I ~ • - oss lo r-ht· <·-~1 1) I . )lspo Mustl . i\ " o ~-San

l . <>I . -Ills

. • lll!.s J 'larch I{ 1I I . hack to rh . .1l •I l<: Unn· . .... ' ' l<.' . .rons 1 1.5·2, Mardl 9 crsny ol Rl'd/an i . - - - - . - !>mud IJ~duu•u=( ~ .



womens Becky Rolph Nicki Georgi Kazz Morohashi Tiffany Tong Julie Rolefson Jen Allen Meredith Cooper Jennifer Reames Lori Sylwanowicz Racial Diaz Loanette Corella Erin Sutfin Jen Borrione Brooke Stevens

Shannon Herlihy Liz Hall Kathleen Lungren Magaly Gutierrez Cyd Hernandez Yoke EE IP Maryn San Filippo Briana Curran Dawn Barsana Dana Passero Gina Sepe Christy Rigg Theresa Mullally Christiane Hoffman

Meredith Co oper sttecc.:ssl'ull~· defends ;md llg,hts otf ~\ UCSB comp<.·riror. Photo by G mller


• • Women's Swimming


tllere's a there's a way. f lY::tVnlere On Feb. 1, LMU's women's will

swimming team traveled to Fresno State. The Lions were unable to handle the Bulldogs' tenacity, dropping their OVerall fecord to 3-8. - IJru·,:r r ,.,IIQht


'"' .£1



womens Barbara Morrisey Kathy Peterson Analia Piccollo Cindy Schapker Cora Schindler Lisa Stark Lori-Ann Tracy Shelby Wagner Danielle Worrill

12, ..... 199

rough season jusr kccps

.1.. -:lgctting tough..:r. The

worncn 's swirn tt·arn wert· .~con.:hcd hy the Sun Devils, Feb. 7, 2 I 1-70, and lll:tubl by the Universit y ofAri?.ona Wil<kars. On Ft·h. 9, the New Mcxi.:o State Roadrunners heat tht· Lions LM U's record dropped to 3-


. ·'blc ' D ame · II e Won·ill ·ide 'lS possl . ke i With her arms spreall ·r ;o prepare t<>r pIllJ.'g''S '< lnck into t H.: ,.,.,1 <.: P hoto by to

~s ~-'·t


anothcrBst~ odi~


Lisa Stark -


.. '' ·~


!'1IIIIM -


..,... ........ _




.. .. ...






... "


Jf.;."..~'·n:..:...l·~ ~..-. ,.. • .... •


~m~&~f21 ~~,4 "· ... ~ ~ ... ~ ~' "~·-·.. ' -~~"'•...,t.'-1c;. - -~ '

.. -


_ ...





... ...... ,, ...





~ ' ~c

. . ..




• •

~~~ -:... ~ ~. ~;. ..


• ,..


• ..

:·: '..... .

· .~ \~, -~ :..




" ~--~- ·





.: • ,.~.. ...


- ._ . .. \



· ~' .. _ .. .~ - ......... -~ ....._ye~-;e~a.Wfficult one for the team, Lisa still




A high school volleyball player plagued by one too many injuries is what Lisa Stark was looking at ~£Sport and shc-ioves her teammates for ~vhen her do~tor suggested _a spo:t with a litd~s _ m~g~~£}_s_ ~r iust a-+~?e easier. . . . Impact. Rclymg on the adVIce of her doctor Lisa ~.. ehangcHs-~somc.t:liplg un£1mihar to Ltsa. A decided on swimming. She had no idea that her way California native, she ventured to Providence of keeping in shape would become such a vital·f)art College in Rhode Island to major in biology. It only of her life. toek her a semester to realize that her home was here Although Lisa was new to the sport, she took to it in the Golden State. So to LMU she came. With a well. In a sports world where competitors start at .d3uble major. in Liberar'Studics and Dance, Lisa extremely young ages, she jurnpcd into the pool at barely has time to cat and sleep. But, she explains, it the "old" age of sixteen. But that didn't hinder her is all about time management. Lisa admits that stress performance. Lisa credits her success in the sport to is a constant-for. her, but her solution is to "keep her mantrity. As Lisa says, «When you're young, you working W1til it is finished.'' don't understand the logistics of the stroke, but After graduating in May, Lisa would like to teach elementary school, preferably grades 1-4. A<:, for when you start when you're older you can really understand what it is that you arc doing." swimming, she hopes to continue working out and ~~ Lisa's best and favorite stroke is the fi·eesryle, and somedaY..SWU~at the Masters level. she loves the mid -distances races. Although this past -Kntc DiRmma





:f ...... "\.

~ ~--,.:·



The men's varsity t(mr battle~ a cold morning as they ~kim across the top of the glassy c.:alm waters of the m:1rina. Phot o b y Grollcr



18, 199

orob M.ll"\'lnourll\ me"'·.....__ _. crew te,un~ will he . , . ." s .lnd '''lllnt·n \ ho~tho11 ... 'll ~e llrng a nt'll' ·~ . le new I)( 1 11 1 <'OilS I 111l'le 1 • 1011Sl' will ()<< on I 1l<· 1m fl' I .... ~'<'stilt, tlw rrnl' ll',lfll 1\'illu, ,' 1 _"IJI I.V.I)'. th ,1 ho.uhoust· untiltl . ( th( lJU.t\ le Ill' II' ho HI . . nor April. . lous<· '' 111.\l,llkd Although <Tt'\l' ;, , •


· ~ej>tc I . · " ·'Prrn ·' I .lrt rn . .~ .'l'orr ' ll'or k<>Ill>

111 · >n, wh1le l'o • • IIIIo .tnion in Fd>ru.l , lllpctllu,, 5pin., ') . v,,,lllll llrrhiiJ



mens Peter Backus Ryan Doolittle Drew Flichtbeil Toby Henry Mike Kelley Joseph Kennedy Joel Kling Mark Mason Sean McCarthy

Bryan Mclane Jason Mervel Brian Molony Kindon Olson Crispin Pavelski Lindsay Quan Andy Ranson Sam Sager Dustin Woods

Joseph Kenntt!IY "Crew has given me a lot of discipline." As the Spring time sun reflected off his dark sunglasses, Joseph Kennedy took a few minutes out of his hectic schedule to talk about Loyola Marymount University's crew program. His voice carried with it an excited pitch that rushed forward with a hopeful enthusiasm about his career at LMU, as well as his hopes for the future of the program. Joseph, a four-year member tor the men's crew team, attended Loyola High School where he participated in track and cross-country. Initially attracted to crew by his sister, who rowed in college, and sparked by the team aspect of the sport, Joseph jumped head tlrst into crew. Joseph began with little knowledge of how to row, but quickly realized how demanding the sport was. "Crew has given me a lot of discipline," said Kennedy. "I had to get up at 5:30 in the morning and be there on time, because you have other guys relying on you." Joseph admits tJ1at junior year was a rocky season tor him. It was at a time when a number of members quit at the end of the year, during a crucial period in the team's schedule. However, Joseph feels that this year's squad has come together as a team and represents a period of development within the program. Originally a member of an eight-man boat, Joseph raced this year in a four-man boat. He feels the four-man is slowly becoming stronger within a sport that boasts some very competitive teams. "I'd like to tell the team to just keep it up, it might be difficult with the problems we have, but they just have to push through and they will be rewarded, like I have been." If Kennedy takes hold of the future like he has the past, there is no doubt he will be successful at whatever he does. -

Daniel Wolowicz

fEBRUARY __.,.., -

J D their

26~99~ I. . ,

. , . thcr con< ttiOih, . cspno: poor \\ca. 1\S 1()\\l'ht han\ tor LMU rowlllP, teat . "'

dose: races. . ., <1 .:urn:nt. tho: . . the wm<1 ..11 Rowtng mto l' bara compo:tinp.

. . . . 1 in Santa ,,u · ' ' L\(l\lS r,\CCl . I' s·~., Dio:••O and · U ·verst!\' n • " " agauJS! Ill · -. . . 1 Sant·l Barbara U niversity of Ca1I1<Wil" • • • Feb. 23. - Snll_v M•.'· " placement of the bo;lts into the water is essential so that the rudder docs not break. Photo by Grofl er

:--.;. _

.-.... . ..;-·.. - ............. ~.:l·





womens Jill Behrens Leslie Kupper Erin Christensen Raja Jasmine Lope Nubia Cipres Jen Luchesi Ashley Farasopoulos Irene Mapua Karen Franke Michele Mullaly Michelle Guyse Lindsay Quan Kristina Jelenic Martha Talens Liz Keenan Marianna Villa Alison Knight Kelly Walters Gwendolyn Williams

It is the wee hours of t he morning and already the women's crew team is already hitting its stride in the water. Photo by Grofler.

Photo by G ro ller


Irene Map!~ "It's an indescribable feeling"

Waking up at 5:00a.m. every day to pr:-tctice rowing in the crisp, biting wind of Marina del Re>' is proof of one's wholehearted dedication. Irene Mapua, an international student from Manila, Philippines, commutes ll路om Manhattan Beach each morning to help hone her crew team 's skills in a sport that she truly enjoys. Mapua, a business administration major, started crew in her sophomore year in search of a unique outlet for her athleticism. Although she loves sports in general and has tried everything ti路om snowboarding to equestrian events, she appreciates the beauty of the synchronism and exertion of strength found in crew. "You have to balance the boat right," Mapua says. "Once everyone is in synch, it's an indescribable feeling. You just hear one sound throughout." \Vhilc the women's crew team rows at "open weight", or the heavier weight category, Mapua isn' t discouraged by her smaller size, but rather, she strives to work twice as hard as most crew members. She has rowed on both the portside (right) and starboard (left) positions on the team's boat. A typ i c:~ ! morning practice session indudes stretching, a short run, c:-trrying the boars to the dock, and

working out on the water f(.>r two hours. Afternoon \\'Orkouts find Mapua either weight tmining or on the water yet again. "You have to love the spon and have the dedication," Mapua says. Aside ti路mn being assist :-tnt head coach of crew and Loyola Rowing Associ;Hion bursar, Mapua volunteers extensively in the community. She has served as 6culty rel:ltions ofllcer of Delta Sigma Pi, Sursum Corda member, advisor f()l' the International Persistence Program, vice president of the International Students Organization, and as a Special Games team leader. "I just try to do as much as I can," Mapua says of her well rounded extracurricular commitments. "You can do it as long as you plan ." Mapua looks forward to continuing both crew and service in her future after graduating. She will return to LMU next fall to work tor her MBA. Mapua has yet to decide whether to plan her fitturc working in the US or in the Philippines. "I would like to have a career that would :~llow me to enjO}' both worlds," she says.

-Giun Opinnldo

Baseball FEBRUARy




' 1997

lldcr a ne"' coach . t"s'". . . '-• dJJg· t-J ' , .·lJJd ... Jc an I en . Pitchers tl . ns ot O\'cr baseb.-.JJ t , }( LJ\1 U .. cam f . first \Vee/( f' . IJHshcd their a 1 o com ... -3 record. . Pctnton '"hh l


ltt/'lltJ SIJJ·rn'ltl!t(


26, 1997

ht· l.ion~o sho ·k . t t:llls this J~ast ~,-~\mlkgt.· has.: halt dd(: lit' 1 .. · <: whcn the\' • < natl<>nal/v nnk . I(' ..


• q ..11 St.llt' ton on F·h 19 . . lll~>prnng win prom 'led .l : . I he two lllOtT ''·1111 • . I lh<: l.rons lo \\'in "' {S Ill ,, \\'('t•k . I . · Diego imp. . c IH -'enes .u 9. _ .,.' • rm·rng lht:ir l'l'cord to")· Fulknon ;11 F II·:



12, 1997 ~


• .

ll <:I


\ .J


ucccss in bas.:b.11l comes fi·om pitching. And al'lcr a sub-par first \Wck of competition, LM U's b.1scball 1l' .m1 won t \\'o of 1h rt:e ,lt homt· l.1~t wn·k 10 lifi thcir rt:coni to 3 -4 with the help of strong relief pirehin~,;. - 'l'•l"n< .\hrr..-,..,t



be the epitome of the term "student

;Hhkte," junior engineering major Sandor


Dcmosthcncs was selected ro the GTE/CoSida Ac.1demic All Americm Team, and est:.~hli1>hed :.1 new LMU and wee record of' 16 srrikes (with no walks) in eight innings against Gonzaga August ·l9. Photo by G ro llcr

Quick ro "g~:r back" Pirchcr Joe Sulcnror din:s hack to rh(.路 hag alh:r an attemprc:d pick -oil'. Photo by Chute

Alh:r releasing the pitch, senior Paul C asillas watches rhc ball appro<Kh t he plate. This W;\s C asillas' second and bst season at LM U . Pho to by G roller

Jason Beattie Ulises Cabera Colin Casey John Cassanego Benny Craig Sandor Demosthenes David Eldredge Curt Fiore Lucas Fitzgerald Rob Green Kevin Gustorf Raul Gutierrez Ron Hauczinger Art Herbig lkaika Hoopii Jason Hueth

Marc Jannone Kerry Konrady Ed Marquez Oscar Martinez Kalalea Montgomery Hector Moreno Matt Muller Mahoe Nakanelua Chad Ohira Ron Pirayoff David Ravitz Matt Riordan Dylan Sugar Joe Sulentor John Verhoeven Mark Veronda 255

Women's Cross Country

2, 1996 _ __.,. ._,__.. . OCTOBER


L oyob Mal)'mount's cross. country


teams raced in the U C Riverside invitational this past Saterday, Sept. 28, where the women placed I Oth out of 23 teams, while the men showed signs of improvement. - /.utll! Fi~rtrn/d

OcroaER 9


.. T


oyo]a i\ s .~.v.~,arymo vomen 's . lint's rnen 's .


con1peted . Closs countr <llld Y tJ · l1l the c . teams lli Versity I . ..,a1Iforni L . Women' nvnationaJ 0- a Utheran steam d fi ct. 5 w· 1 ?PPonents, wJ . e eating all o/ ~~ l the fourtil lJ}e the Il . - theJr len flllJS/led · • - l.rtcus ,.. .


' I

~·~ f




womens The women's team is off and running after the starting gun

sounds during a meet at Cal Poly Pomona. P h oto by G ro lle r .



Heather Buchta Elizabeth Goss Vanessa Hernandez Trod Holman Malinalli Martinez Blanca Navarro

Christina Nelson Lysandra Sapp Julie Sneed Lindsay Webb Kathy Zimmerman Patty Zimmerman

Malinalli Martinez "Run hard!"

First Year Student

These are the words that inspire women's cross country rum1er Malinalli Martinez. After suffering a car accident in her freshman year of high school, Malinalli made a phenomenal comeback to help her team win the C.I.F. championships. A stand-out runner, Malinalli has joined the ranks ofLMU's greatest cross country athletes. By winning Honorable Mention at the West Coast Conference Championship, Malinalli has shown that she is a terror on the track. With a top time of 18:33 for aSk run , Malinalli continues to prove that her star is rapidly rising. Supported by her teammates, Malinalli feels comfortable bringing home glory for herself, as well asLMU. As for the next three years of her college competition, Malinalli wants to continue to push herself, and maybe even bring home an NCAA title. -Kate DiRannn

Men's Lacrosse


30, 1996

--The f:,srest game on \and has



returned to Loyola Marymnunl University for another action packed season . LMU 's lacrosse tearn split the three game Irvine Tournament, l -2, on Oct. 19-20. The tournament consisted of ten dub tcan1S and t\ve co\\cgc tcan1s. - 'M '"'' "'"'""'"•




Dckn~cm.ln Geoff A . . . k. Ill . .111 hlo l ·k t IlC opposition\shton ~hot 1\ll~C\ pj . h.~~ ~IH: · wto by G rollcr

.It tempt to

~ighring tor the free b.1ll, the Lion!> t(m,路.~rd .ntempts to pu!>h the defender otl'the ball .md nuke the quick pick up. Photo by Groller


mens Geoff Ashton Keith Burke Britt Cole Matt DeCegare Pat Dedusin Jonmark Fabiano Bryan Good Eric Hansen Kevin Klaus Danny Ledger Ray Lucia Neil Martin

Cameron McPherson Chris Odenthal Steve Ozmai Jeff Pettitt Adam Possemato Joe Resnick Doug Stuart Greg Thanos Todd Velardo Ryan Wantz Danny Weaver Pat Zucker

Anticipating the pal..'>, Jeff Ashton loob f(>r ,\shooting opportunity upon rccci,路ing t he b.1ll. P ho t o by Grollcr


Women's Water Polo


women s Jessica Cheng Lisa Gillette Elizabeth Hadden Jennifer Hatfield Dana Hum Amanda Lynch


Analia Piccollo Cora Schindler Lori-Ann Tracy Danielle Worrill Jean Yasuhara Kimberly Dadilla

C ara Schindler l<lkl路s a shot I( n路 t h<.路 goal. Photo by Espinoza

Rc.\d)' to receive ,\ p.\s:., Danicllc Wo n路il prep.m.:s f(>r t he reception. Pho to by Espinoza




fl J

1.2, 1.997

X lith a pl'rfccr 4-0 k aguc record

l' V and 7-1 m 路eral/ record, LM U

Rug by clinched the Northe rn Senion lcag u<.: <.路hampionship of!'hc Southern Califo rnia Rug by Football Union atlw their 29-1 7 win over Occidental Collcgl' J\1an.:h 9. - 11,""'' m'"'"'""

the ball up Pho to '路cccivc Flank<.: r Vince Ll~cer~ go<.:s . to b y Gro llcr o n arl ()f\1 :nsi\'C.: llllc-out.



R ugby is probably the most physica lly aggressi,路e, ment.tlly challenging and brutal sporr otlcred at LM U. A rugby player must hnve a high tolerance l(>r pain , agility and as well :ts g rc:tt d esire to win. Photo by Grollcr

Patrick Barry John Bidart Ryan Bradley Ben Busse Drew Casani John Castillo Steve Davis Kyle Warner Juan Hernandez Zack King Jim Krup Solomon Kupu Vince Lucero

lan Mccullen Donn Oots Robinson Reynolds Tim Ross John Stanton-James Joe Toomey Dave Urbach Gus Villafana Luke Williamson Steve Weerts Andy Loretta Ed Lu Greg Nadsady

W:titinA liH路 rhc hall to eme rge ti路om the seru m , the Lions position themsch-cs tor an otlcnsi\'C attack .

J>hoto by Chute


Men's Soccer OcTOBER

9 , 1996

IT 1

he Lions wenr on a rampage last week, destroying everything in sight. At the end of their conquests, the LMU men's soccer team emerged with more wins than losses for the first time this season . Loyola Marymounr upset the San Diego State Aztecs, Oct. 2. .ltwmc,.., ...,,.


tough game with competitors that play dirty, Ddcnsivc Player Ben V illaflor finds it ditlkult to stay standing with someone hand in his tac.:c. Photo by Groller





Ddcnsivc player

Adam Stockman moves his body and the ball away from his opponent. Photo by Espinoza


Luis Alvarez Jason Lambert Mike Bartholomew Bret Lawrence Brad Bohl Brad legont David Cameron Aaron Mamula Andre Childers Jonathon Mooney Pot Choate Kyle O'Keefe Mark Duncan Barton Payne Michael Garcia J.J. Rackleff Bret Globke Jorge Rodriquez Joson Gootee Chris Slovick lve Grgos Adam Stockman Richard Guiterrez Jonathon Tutrow David Herzog Ben Villoflor Chris Walters


After a dean pass back ro his gm1lie, Midfielder Luis Alvarez. turns back u p~icld to continue the pia}'路 ~~~~~~~~--------------~----~~--~~--~~------~

Photo by G ro ller

Running to catch an incoming ball,

Dcfemivc player Ben Villaflor makes Mtrc he i~ in position to send it back downfield .


Photo b y G roller

One could describe Jorge Rodriguez, who came to the United States from El Salvador in 1989, as a stranger in a strange land looking for acceptance and an outlet for expression. Though he had played soccer in his home land, it was in the United States that soccer helped open doors to his future. Attracted by the intimate community of a small university, Rodriguez applied to LMU. But it was the men's soccer team that solidified his final decision. When asked for a soccer moment that will live forever in his mind, Rodriguez tells anyone who will listen about a match with St. Mary's. It was a bear of a game that had come down to the final minutes when Rodriguez, then a sophomore, scored to give the Lions the win. Rodriguez, a two time member of the All Conference Team, is held in high esteem by his team members and coaches who have often described him as "the spirit that leads the team., He credits his tenacity to the inspiration of his father, who has always insisted tl1at he do his best at whatever he attempted. What does the future hold for this Lion? Rodriguez has not yet committed to anything in particular, but he knows he will be playing soccer long after his days at LMU are over.

Jorge Rodrigu,z Sen1or

"Be the best, always."

Men's Water Polo




2, 1996

, en's water \ Maryrnount s n1 xoximatdy ten T oyo a . ~ o\o team swarn ap\ , . : \a red three tournament ' . 1111\cs, P ) . . , J heir opponents ·\ ·s outscot co t . mate 1C., l \\ tournament . . ., nd too<. a stx to one, " , , . 28 at the S turd''Y Sept. ' honors on a ' . A\\ in a day' s C,a1 Tech tournament.


)J"""'"" /lo ·/lllv



16, 1996

or I.MlJ's \\' •1!.. I <:r po o rc 1111 • \'l'rsus ( 'I • ' thl . . · · lapman U nn•c r:~Jt \' Ckr 12 . warm ·,: . ' was srmp/v .l ' . up or llp<:oming v·u. . Unn'lTsitv T/ . . ._ 1 .lnova thr·1 ·/1 1 · · · ·lt I.rons I"lJt1r divi ·· , • s l't . sron loc: Chapman, 22 -S lll;Hc.:h

- SJ,.-,w,m //,·1'!,111'


Senior co-captain and goalkeeper lan Martin deflects another shot on goal. Martin was instrumental in the Lions· defense. as he continued 10 lead the conference in saves.

' •


mens A.J. Barcum Jeff Harden Brian Bollinger Mike Loskutoff Chris Conway Bryan Maletis Ryan Eisberg lan Martin Joel Fontenot David Obwald George Foucek Aaron Separovich Joel Grow Matt Simmons Roy Stewart

\'\lith his eye:. scanning the pool, f(ww.lrd Matt Simmons looks t<>r an open tc:lmnute. Sim mons wa:. a one year veteran and an .1ss~:r

ro rill.' t c.: .un.

P hoto by G roller

With great f(m:c and concent r:\l ion, forward Bryan Malctis launches the b.lll, uhimatdy p.i\'ing 1he team a g.oal. Photo by Sull ivan


With a look ofdesin: in his eyes, Wi lbert Fontenot speeds towards the goal. Photo by Sullivan

A.]. B:m:um tights otr his opposition in an efl<>rt to pass the ball to .1 teammate, who is in a safer zone. Photo by Sullivan


Ryan Eisb,rg "G. II /1 h 路 After watching the summer Olympics in elementary school, Ryan Eisberg thought that water polo might be something he would enjoy, Little did he know that it would become such a great part of his life. After receiving accolades such as All League and All Conference in high school, Ryan ventured to the home of tl1e Lions, LMU. As he continued to hone his skills, Ryan was voted Second Team All Conference by the Western Water Polo Association, then an AllAmerican during his past three years at college. Ryan has also been named LMU's leading scorer several times. He describes water polo at LMU as the "David and Goliath" of atl1letics. But Ryan doesn't settle for second best. He pushes his team to play to the best of their abilities. And Ryan certainly isn't happy unless he can look his teammates in the eye and honestly tell them he gave it his all. Ryan considers himself very fortunate to be part of a team tl1at he calls "the most talented team he has ever played with." Ryan is also confident that he will play a big part in helping the team to reach their goal of making it into tl1e NCAA championships before he graduates. In the future, Ryan hopes that his ability and talent will be his ticket to play water polo professionally in Australia. - Katy DiRanna

1ve your a , a

t e flme.



Ati-cr coming back ti·01n last season's knee injury, S h annayne Murphy proved to be an asset to the team . Photo b y Espinoza

"r:MBER 13, 19..9._6 No~... d . -

on as bead . W'll10it's secon seas , uhc ' , basketball . ·I of the women s .• . . coac 1 wtth a 11 start n. to. ''l roug ' • . b ·rok Slovakia team got 0 65, -97 loss· to Ruzom e· G '·rsten . an exhibition gan1C 111 c . 111 . . Nov 6. - Sf'"'"'"" 1/l'rlrlry


p~w 1 \lol1





5, l.997


l l C LMU women's . D' bask.---· with a confer·erlc, , ctba/J ream kfi: home · c record f 3 Improve against <:l .•. • • o , ·4 and IJor)ed to · IVJsJon foes p 1 ,. G<>nzaga. Unt"or·t J • ort and and . unatc " tl · . extreme/}' .J 't}·" . 1' lis proved I'O 1,,. <rl rcult l"tsk . i . c .l/l handed two lo ·s , . , . , ,1ll< the LJons were s es over the r·c>·t i . . '< tnp .





womens ..-riiii"--

J~ l}_ARY,29, 1997 ~--• fter ending the pre-season with a d isappointing record of 1· I l , the LM U women's basketball team has started to turn things around. Following two hard-l(>ught games this weekend, against Gonzaga on J<Hl. 24, and Portland the next day both in


Gersten Pavilion , the Lions now boast a 3-3


Erin Coviezel Toryn Reynolds Shormoyne Murphy Miki Groholski Dono Hunter Wendy Miller Meghon Kenny

Annette Guerrero Lynn Brown Stacie Granger Nicole Goines Ruby Maciel Tommy Olson Amber Gravely

Emphasizing the


of rebounds, Head Coach Julie Wilhoit uses the drawing board to work on plays . P hoto by Grollcr




nconsistent" pby hurt till.' wo men's \ baskerball ream this past weekend at home against WCC rival S;HH;l • Clara and S t . .Mary's . LM U lost borh games 9 5- 83 and 87 -50 I'C S})t.. crivcly. - .\lurmwu llrThiJ.'

Reaching l·(>r the rim, Nicole Gaines looks ro score tw o for the I ,ions. In hcr rhird and llnal season ;lt" I ,M U, Gaines proved ,·aluabk in every category. Ph oto by









• ... u

~,i.f·~ ..........



Women's Tennis


f }


12, 1997


I .aura (;ross hack hands the ball in a match against UC Santa Barbara. <.;ross played an important role in singles piny. Photo by Morris

he coach alterations did n~~t

, . \V')\11CI1 S

atTcct the LMu s " . . . . "'111 '\S they swept the tcnms n.:.. ' '. . . . 9-0 UC lrvinc Antcatcts, ' - Mma 11 ( ;r.,ll'l<'.v 路 M arcl 1 6 路


women s Laura Gross Lia Bunker Danielle Elliot Mara Colaizzi Jaque Haas Anna Zari(ki Janina Kisi( Amy Labeti(h Laura Ruben


Anna Zaricki "Always believe in yourself." With her balance between academics and athletics, Anna Zaricki is a true picture of a student athlete. Anna is double-majoring in economics and business administration with an emphasis in tlnance. Since transferring to LMU her sophomore year from the University of Hawaii, Anna has been an asset to the tennis team. "She is a .very aggressive player, with her strong stroke being her forehand. Overall, she plays a very aggressive game of doubles," Tennis Coach Jamie Sanchez said. In her tennis career at LMU, Anna holds the tenth highest winning percentage for singles matches and the sixth highest winning percentage individually in doubles matches in LMU history. With doubles partner, Mara Colaizzi, Anna holds the third best record for wins in doubles matches and the ninth best winning percentage for a doubles team in LMU history. In 1996, Anna and Mara were ranked as the 33rd best doubles team in the nation. She was also recognized as an Academic All-American in the NCAA, an athletic and academic award. <<Jt is much more individual, even though you are on a team," Anna said. <'There are the team aspects, but I enjoy the individual part more because I don't have to depend on someone else. I enjoy the challenges and struggles that I have been able to overcome. I've learned a lot about myself because it is so concentrated." Her GPA has ranked her in the top 5 percent of her class in the College of Business Administration and membership to Beta Gamma Sigma, the honor society for business majors. Anna is also a member of the Finance Club. "I have learned to always believe and have conf}dence in myself," said Anna. Anna has been applying to law and graduate schools and is also considering the possibility of earning a joint MBA and law degree. Although her competitive tennis career will terminate at the end of this season, she plans to continue playing in open tournaments tor enjoyment. -Megau Cl路路owley


Golf Taking c.\re of b usiness on the g reen, Patrick Loper lines up lor hil> putt.

Dead, solid, perfect. Eric Nomura rips h is drin: down the fairwav.



lan Britton Grant Callahan Dan Donovan Matt Heyn Scott Heyn

Scott Jordan Patrick Loper Wally Luciano Eric Nomura



18, 1996 ~

_.,. , f rniks and inches, n 'l garnc o . d t , . "'s -rolf team shmc . a th e rnct . g . C If Course, the Yak Umvcrstty J~ • . tt . . 13-15, placing tout th m Sept. . · the of 36 schools from across nation. /)nm.-1 1\'n(ooll'iCZ


John Von Der Ahe

The hardest pan about golf is the long putt . However, with the Sun at his back, Wally Luciano had no trouble with the shot.


Men's Tennis S EPTEMBER -·


4, 1.996

. .


. l 1M U men's tctlnts

I • om I , the · • \cad by on Y one 11 . . .. • more mat.:h HI

. . . , . s\:. Wll\ JUSt one r~·~\1\\ needed t 0 . .· . l'l'orlbnd. I he t,\. . ·\ . U ntvcrsll\' o ··II • , . \'tm:nt vi.:torv k on 1)r der to ddcat t '"' 's hrst 101111 •• . l · • . •. .;~ n,re tho.: te.u\\ · . . . 1 the sc.:ond ,\1\t 10 111 . \ •uihr domm.l1cl l I . Jorc.c Aglular. f S ·. ·nl :~nd ean\Cl 1 11: I . ~ \ sets !kfc<ltcd hts opponc • t )1\t. .'

, , .

"toint. -

winnu1g, Lton I




5 , 1997 __



A lh:r number 13 in the nation Fresno ..Ll..St;\tc dismantled the men's ream, 7 ·0, J;m. 28, the Bulldogs marked rheir thirtieth consecutive win ar home. The Lions regained their strengrh as they ransacked US I nrern;lt'ional University, 7 · 0, Feb. 2. The ream stands at 2-2 overall. Jan A ulchlc celebrates his match victory. Pho to by


f:EBRUARy 25 ~ '1997 he lilt.I) ,s [' . . .,. ..


w ttre•

r·, • f:!,grcssiv. . Clm \V·l . on<: gan• . : <: cnougiJ 1.0 • • s llor · lll·tr· . t Vt'/J wm · Sa111..'-'1 1, •t Ill 1'/lt'lr )'lrl l 1l 'l ' s l1' • ><lr;t Fri<f· . • g a111sr· lJ(. . 1I l.'l't'tf j . . .' ·l)', }•t'/) 2 , 7-() ts lourriJ 1 . . , . 1, ant~ • ll Oss of tl . ,_.,,, (:""""''• lc St·aso,l 'I









mens Jorge Auilar Jan Aulehle Arden Barsamian Patrick Barthe Ray Gonzalez lsuru Gunasekera Leon Jakimic Tony Marquez Joe Sabol JANUARY

29, 1997


Leon J akimic !lies through the air ati:cr a serve. Photo by G ro ller

t 's a new , .. . }c.u and a nt·w . ,. . . the Loyola M·u· 'Ill bcgmlllng tor team \"'. 1 · ) ouru men 's tennis . ' fit 1 a record ofO. I 7 last season l'he tt·am ti1iJ • 1 . . . <:< lo Will a sin •/. . . . ' but tlus }'<."trll~. . g c m.Hch, . .. ..s proved r·o be a !)IO!ound r·urnin!!: point '1' . . . II'S hrs• 111 '11···/l . ' . • s the tc;tm Won ' · ' .Jgarnst C· J'f . · College, 6· I, Jan. , ·1 _:1 ' Ollila Baptisl ·

,lf(I'JnJt <:nm•lfy



Jorge Aguilar your all, all the time. over-achiever who himself Jorge hails from

a toreign exchange Calitornia for his

work and tennis practice. He's an accept less than the best from , Spain, but he knew he wanted to States. In Spain, he had the option of playing protcssional tennis; although one of the top players in his age his education in America. Through Jorge came to northern at AJcancs High School to learn in Junior Tennis. He hoped to be in the United States. number three in Junior Tennis, and recruited him to play tennis, but the May of his senior year in high scholarship money from colleges had attended Chabot


Professionals, a group of approximately 1,000 men that compete in tournaments around the world. Evenrually, Jorge would like to return to Spain, but may remain in the US depending on job oppornmities. "Jorge is a big part of the team because he keeps everybody's morale up. He is the joker on the team and his personality keeps our spirits up. We rely on him because he is a consistent player and a tough competitor," teammate Isuru Gunasekera said. -Mcga11 CroiJiley




L - - - _ : __ _ _ _ _ __


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _...;.__ __ _ _ _--l

Stephanie Sandell rips the <.:ovcr o fr the bnll as she connects with it. This was Snndcll's se<.:ond season nt LM U after transtcrring fi路om the University of Hawaii at I lilo. Photo by C hute

With conce ntratio n and strength, C hristina Baioa l.nuH:hes the pitch towards the plate. Photo by Espinoza



12, 1997 ~ but the women's


hey may be young,. . ,. to .. belrtnmng




softball teal:' IS I o J • tou•)'h weekend , Tl . 1 ,ons 'ao ·' o together. '~ , arrow wins against the managu~g tw~> ~'· Die ro, but droppin g two Sg >., ·bat·" The U nivcrsltV· ot S.u, UC anta 1>.- 1 ' ... road games to ,, . .' • J 1S-18. - Slman••" Jirrlal>r l,10 ns st.111o • ..:-____..--:::~;/

Carla Workman Maile Robertson Heather Hollis Brooke Holliday Jenny Chambers Stephanie Sandell Heather Gelhorn Meghan Dunbabin Daphne Vadman Kelly Zeilstra Meredith Butler Ann-Marie Froysaa Heather Alexander Christy Grams Christy Wood Erin Mcguire Christina Baioa 285

The Lion's Roar

P h oto by M axwell

Wendy Motsuno Caryl Gotus Tomro Garrido Storr Smith Vanessa Del Rio Hope Cruz



<\St April , six vivacious \\'Omen were dwsen to show support and e1Kouragemcnt at

I .M U basket ball , volleyball , and s<Kccr games. Selected f(>r their e nthusiasm , dance skill, an d commitment , th e c heer squad dedicates IHII\lerm1:. days during the wee k, p lus holidays ,\nd weekends, to ch oreograph their dance routine~ .111d p r.tctice their outstanding gymnastic ,tbility, which includes bold fl i p~ .tnd jump~. T hi:. year, an addi tional tryout in t he f:tll w.ts held l<> recru it more members. Currently, the llquad is m3de up of one sen ior, two junior~, two sophomores, and o ne fi路eshman. In t he future, t he squad ho pes to nxruit mt路n to assist with thei r daring stunt s. D uring the games, t he sq uad is responsible f(w increasing school spirit and pride among the crowd . Not only docs t he squad lead the crowd with motivating cheers, they also pert(mn well-c horeographed and precise dance ro u t incs dll!'ing time-outs and halftime . Even tho u g h the teams may not always be victorious, thc sq uad man agt路s to consistently provide unw<wcring suppo rt t(n路 th e LM U Lions.

Photo hy Maxwell

Lion's Pride dping o\11路 basketball programs a~:hieve success, the Lion's Pride served as rhe teams' sixrh player. Lion's Pride is a student spirit organiz<ltion f路o r the men's <lnd women's basketball teams. For a mere twenty dolhus, members receive privileges to lower kvd seating, two t-shirts, access to pre-game parties and cheering paraphernali<l such as pom poms, banners and t:u.:e paint. With over 80 members, Lion's Pride made its presence known through sight and sound within Gersten Pavilion. Director and head of Lion's Pride was Tom Arteaga, who strove ro increase school spirit at LMU .


Photo by Chute 287

â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ The Del Rey Players, one of the oldest campus organizations, has had a somewhat nomadic life at LMU. In the early years of the acting troupe, young men frotn Loyola University performed plays like Everyman in Sacred Heart Chapel. Before the creation of the Department ofTheater Arts, the Del Rey Players occupied the Strub Theater in Foley. The Del Rey Player's current space, the Wine Cellar, was built by students for the 1972 season. The theater was named for its creative seats, which were formed out of wine barrels. The Del Rey Players have occupied the space ever since, producing an independent season of theater for the LMU community every year.




------- __ .. __ ..,




1 b<T

u c z







s l1 a n I c y



i\r el



s e l1 i



a I l1 c r t

â&#x20AC;˘ o r ci )'

eva bank




Loyola University announced the prospective


development of the Playa del Rey campus on ~

September 28, 1928. The project would be financed by local business leaders such as Harry H. Culver, Fritz B. Burns and Isadore B.

'1an) Successful \1t'n Win lmnwrtaliry By (;ills to uni~ersities .....

Dockweiler. Culver, who was president of the Los Angeles Realty Board, envisioned a University

• H

•• I

. ..

... ~

lhA •tl•\'1.

i >#

•J" •

.... 1 ·• .. '-•• ,..,


lit. (








• •

, .

I( ,,



4 0#

• •\





City on 100 acres of land which he arranged to be





1., '

. .,



.. •VJ.'II'Ott



proclaimed by the January 20, 1928 issue of the

A v~.,



r .. (' • "!~........ ,..

.., ....

Uun<lr,...l. "' l 1' ,, I ""'<!•·•• tunw R ...,,_.., .. bololy f,,. I

(' c>ftOinMI

(~r... tf't'

internships, the business world still works side by


t ;'

t.,.t ·'

Pledged Support Of Prominent ft


endeavors may take them.


t '

J\t.,. i .uhe, VI R I' l>•l v.a. )U4c•

.,; New University ,..

Jesuits Neither Ask Nor Receive Salaries: ~,

universities in the world." From scholarships to

competitive in the workplace or wherever their


~, ... ~

Ji,IUtm h•••l T <..: I C"<ltr•n. H•rr1 f. Ch•~clk<

Joseph A. Sullivan, S.J. News of the plan was

side with LMU to give students the chance to be


Rt&l f\•W Ct•Uu td•

donated to the Jesuits. The plan is credited to

Loyolan: "It will be one of the largest Catholic

'\r• • •

•~)d f •

S..•:t-<1 .,



l uy,,\a




"'•·~~ ' ' to 'he t


• • ,,,.


<~' t t•c

':tlt'f't """''

c-t ~hf

•·t •.

W II< •<man. I r " It llurrv I

r •

,. I


Wtr:~.<1• S!

J )Upt•

•..t I

.. ,.


lllt-1-. ~ Cbrk. ll•• F~tht"c j ..:t~rr~f',,h :0.\.tlu~·r" nuJ!,k


Win· W



)outhland Grows As Om IAX'Iu I k•· Mor,. (-._., F \ ... rv Educational Center; Ont' In L A. Leads World ..... v ' . Buttn~u







Left t• Km lj, •

-;... Ju.n t..d •



I II I> .. th I lt,.r 1 , )




Loyola University To Have Seventeen Spacious Buildings t f a.tnt


"I th.... .~ • .t


.. t>< ~


I ..,..


'U' aJ

I\.- .a •h ~P••U I 1•"<1 a ' • I ••" rA

Romance Aitaches To Institution of Jesuit ~duration

~ .....1



Rosliany Tan Anak Berlian

Since nine vcars old, vou have b(>ldlv left our !>ide and wenr to school in a f(>rcign place. Time goc~ by so fa~t. Twch e year~ ~inc.:c then, we arc here to sec you graduate from university. Congratulation!>! Congratulation~ trom the deepest of our hearts. We held your hand the first day you went to kindergarten. That is also what we will do :tt this present moment :tnd in the tl.1ture. Our he:trts will al w:~ys be tied together with yours. Tmby is a proof of your success and ours, too. Both of us believe ... that a greater Slll:cess is waiting t(:>r you l>omewhere out there. God blc~s vou. We love y<)u ... M:tma and Papa

Congratulations T hat's what everyone says to you o n this day. Today is no t only a day to celebrate your graduation, but most of all, it brings memories and sweet dreams into out hearts. You have gone through all kinds of hardsh ip. All the papers, exams, and even having to kad your own lite in other people's country without mom and dad. Bur vou did it successfully and wo nderfully.

Now it is time tor vou st~p on to the next stage of lite, to soa r like an eagle, to pursue whatever your dreams arc. to

Go t(>r it! You can be sure that we'll

and God bless you .



he there t(>r vmt ·

We love you, sis! !!



Jen, From Cleats to a Career The Memories are Precious The Future Bright! CONGRATULATIONS!! Love, Mom and Dad

We have already realized our success through you. Thank you! Your Dad Tiffany, If we are lucky enough as parents to be given a fortune that has more than tripled, your success has made us royalty. I wish I could express all that you mean to me but I know that you know and that is all that matters. All my love, Mom

Tiffany, I hope that you and Michael make all your dreams come true. Love, Stefanie Tif. You're finally free, you're the best, be happy. Love, Brian

Ttffany, "There is only one success -- to spend your life in your own way."

Congratulations Shan nan

(_{Jill, .ia1on1 and CJ3aba






MA ,








You have been the

brightest star in our


May you continue

to shine in all your


Love, Tetis Mama Arunas








How she grew into anice young beautiful lady. You are our pride and joy! Leanne


Congratulations on getting your Civil Engineering degree. We are so proud of you and your academic accomplishment. Bank "Talbott" is now closed. Love. Mom, Dad, and Andrea

1:~ -路 .. ,.a



CDCJ -en

- ..

We share your happiness and are very proud of your wonde rfu l achievements and the man you have become. May the future be filled with happiness, succes_s, and bring you everything that means the most to you. Cong ratulati ons ! We Love You, Mom & Dad

Y<·ah. Ohi man. You finally made it anti I finally made it. \Y/c hoth m:"k it alright. Know that this is only '' preliminary stq>. Your aspirations ar<· high and this is a good wa)• to start. I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors. l'c<lce out bro.

Obi, now the real journey hegins. Remember. it's all in the heart. hom DIGGABLE PLAYERS: Stu. Vic. Sid. Lance, Craig. Trc, T, Chilcmbowe, Wesley. Lord, Camrin. Xuong. Brian, Romulo and the rest of the tram members. Congt·atulations!!!!


Congrats to the whole gradu:uing class in 97. Hey OBI. this was some senior year. Townhouse, Las-Vegas and Lake Havasu that is yet to come. Nevertheless. you scale<! tlu·ough the hard and the good times to get this tlegn:e. It must be a great feeling afterall. Keep your head up always atl(l watch o ut for the h<td fl"icn<ls. Keep balling and gmoving. fmm your roommates: Brian and Chris.

Obi. you have worked very hard and have :tccomplishcd ~o much in two years. \Y/e know you't·e st ill dctcrmittc<l to go higher and higher· The sky is your limit. 1\lways rcmcmb<·r that we will be here for you anytime. CONG lv"\"J"UI.A"I "IONS. Love always. Dad, Mom. A<lanze. Franci~. Chi-Chi. Nneoma. and C hijic)kc.

Obi, Congratulations on yom bachelors degree. Now we know who is t·cpt·csenting. Don't forget to keep it real <·ach and every day. I love you. ·Alicia.

Dear Obi. Wow! I can't believe you',·c gr<~duating and leaving Ill<" to not gmduat~ :It tl1is school! Just kidding. I'm so proud of you. Thank you for being such a good friend to me. Good luck in everything you do. You bwcr stay in contact or else!!! Lover always. Tahatha.

H..:c<:t:t't:t:cc<:..:cy lr\ all goml. Ohi, bow did \'llU make i1 in kss tl1an l(mr years. l1\ sad I bad 10 leave a •enlt:SM<:r before your walking d:u..:. You knl'w l1ow w mak<· usc

of your 1imc. Tb..: good limes and 1hc •1mly time~ arc unforgcttahl(·. In :Ill)' c :ISl'. cungrawlatiuns on your firM <legnT. Dun'! furg<'l your lvlaslco·, and Ph.D. K~:~:p living lht• drc:uns alright. Nkosi Sikcldu and Viva Africa.




I ba"c lots of reason• to be proud of mysdf. I also have lots and lo1s of r<·asuns 10 he proud of my l:unily. Mom. Dad: I

appreciate )' Ouo· suppon all throu gh my college ye:us. I l(·lt gwing a Hachdors degree in less 1 han 4 yt·ars w :IS one of 1he ways/ could

US<' 10

show my apprccia1ion. "In a

way a 1hing cxis1s, cines no1 .:xisl and <1ui1c

unspcakahlc. Once again. I hanks a millicm. l.t'l me :tlso balb a1 my fl'icnd s: Tah:uha ('!'abby). Alici;~, Chuba, Ambition, Hrian. C hilt·mhnwe, Klcslcy. l mc, Romulo.



t\nd <~II 1he lnfimnarion Systems.

f.'\culty members. I thank cvcryhody for 1hcir support.

- Ohi




You have not only been my b•g s•ste•·. you have _::.._..=:.._:....:_.=.._:::._:..__:_:..__....:;..;_...:...:.._-=-..;,......::_.:.:_:::.__;=..

been my le,l<her. my menlo•·. my tuto•·. but more than anylhnlg you have been a b•g onsp~raloon on my hie. rveoytome I s•t down and take a moment to thonk about my future. school etc....; l hear your vo•ce '" the back of my muld s.1yu1g "V~•·o. you c.ln do 11. You have to stay on school. Don't g•ve lip." And lo•· th,lt I th~nk you w1th all ol my he,ll1. I truly admlf'e you mak•ng •t th•s f,lr I know that one day I w•lf also be where you a•-e now and ot woll be because of you that I will get thco-c. Thanks for cve•yth•ng. I love You. Vero

If you've achocved th•s now. there •s no tcllu1g how far you can go. Congratulat•ons. l.ove. Dad

(' Claud•a. I thank God cve•yday for g•v•ng me a d.lllp,htel' l•kc you. It has been a g•'C·11 jOY for me to watch you grow (rom a baby to such a sma•1 yollng woman. I adrnu-e you foo· beu1g so de<lKated to <;<hool '"'d 1ugghng a daughteo· at the 53me tome. I th•nk you have done a JOb w11h Vanessa I know that •I h.1sn'1 been easy fo• you. but one d.1y •I will .111 off .1nd you w1U be o·cwM<kd. So, may God Illude yOlo on youl' next (haptco· on hle.Contonue to believe "' yourself .1nd remember tiMt I w•tl ,,lways be here fol' you. I h.1nk you for m,1kn1g me the pmud mother tl1a1 I am. M~y all you w•shcs come true. and they w1ll be< ause you dcsc•ve ot I Love You. Mom Oaud•a. I always kn<'w you would m,11-e •t. Everyt•me I have ll.ld problems w•th s<hool I knew I could count on you lo help me. 1 h,mks for the advoce. Lovl' Your l•ttle Bou. Seo-g•o

Claud•a. I'm sooo proud of you' Maybe one day l w•ll be where you are now; and eve•yt•me I thnll- about th~ frame you on<e gave me that ·~ (o;vned on my bedroom wall lh,lt says "N~c·· g•vc up" fhat httl<" poem has lllSJ>II'cd a lot Believe •t oo· not. I •·ead •t everyday a"d 011 those l>.1d days readu'g •I does help to move on. 1hat frame means a lot to me. It os very spccoal to me JUSI hke you ~·-e: so tha•''-s! Well aftc•· th•s •t'~ on to your onasteo,.s dego-ce. You'll get the•·!'. I know th,lt fo,· Sl/1-e. So hang on there Remember. "Never g•ve up" love Your S•ssstttaa. Moll•<a DeMMommy. I hOJ>C you th•nk 3bout me when you .)o'e ,Jt school. be<ause I alwa~ tlllllk about you. Congratulat•ons. I love you a lot I ove. V,Jnessa

Matthew: You are wonderful, willing, and a bit wild and we love you. Continue to reach for the stars and to leap towards you dreams. -Mom&Dad

GREGORY Ko NADSADY Through the years, its been a joy to watch you grow into such a fine son and brother. We arc extremely happy and proud of you and your accomplishments. May your future be filled with happiness and success. Love, Morn, Dad and Matt





IÂť ~



m ~

=?" n


i '"":


Love, Mom Dad T1m & Steve


'<'altt·r~otril'~ :111ol \rattle•

jim •

lll•HtiC;l tit

dj • l,;lfic

dii';)helh •

C:IS('V •

11111 •


,,,.... \ .


• tim•n,~rll .-lown "'it • 1 h··~tin~ 11111 thl'r fK'!nl..o·r<. eloou<.o' ,,· hlllf'\ • in~ •llol luug••r lu•wling lo•:tj.:IW • .,:II''\ I ln\'o' \'1111 too vo11'n• ~onna .~1'1 o·rn~lwd • till' prin i\ ri.~ht • hottir•, In''''" • , ''" m;t~i . 1 '"' '"111'1in trrp • di''", l.tntll.l\1 d·n nl lll•,hno:ln \'<'· 11c'•'


• I H ftmdr:1hl'r • nwka\' 11/,'x II h"'-ll iS•.llh • hodfo·t~ • \'o'g:l\


·•• i' nq ltnld' luno·ol

lrl'ak' •I it 1•'11 •wh.·J. 111 1

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~ ~ • llll'~day • ~~

tht• tlm•t• day< <IOI • 4 tlnli:ut hll•.h:md., •


look :tl ill •

"hun .,fltht•

tlw hu1.! 1:uul hox • d-d:ty, p:erl\' of 2 • kh • dt•ar lt'!.Y twwolnn. • loit•t\'illo• •


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• 1wc·k \1

rat cht", • I h•• ho• 1\t' II 'I • ht')'. wl1:1t '..; "' tltal hox

I'"' I• I ht'll '.' """.l:hn nt<.'1

• • 1>1 :111d ll!'W < :1rl" • loalliH '" :~ l I •



e ( :tliJornia\ lwr11 h'' ol to lit II e tilt' 'hi niH~ h:tllw.ty . \II(• II tal<'~. :11111 <.111' ~ill\ . \fjllittt•lll • 1,1\\T\'\ dilliH'I. e •Ill< living rt•cl bil'\•t p•1i111 x • it\ lr11~i • hottk hanol ..lo:tl<t• • 1-Hil(J 1111' ~II\'\ tl'll • who tilt' lwll .trt' ynul • \'1>11 likt• ht'l .!"''" h.•'• , oltnllloi;ll1 \hllfll'<'•

1 ian


~ ~

I 111' boa of


Congratulations Alex Steve, We' re so proud of all you've done and all you are. Continue to follow your dreams! We love you! Mom, Dad, Brian & Kevin

Dad would be proud! /

Love, Mom and Alison

WELL DONE LAUREN! lovely lauren, Jauqlafer Jear. You were wonJroutlun fo rear.

Alway• bappy, neYer Jour

(tx~epf, ol ~ourte, d,e Jay'tlirtf bouriJ Uul on~e awaLe, your lovincJ tmile MaJe raiting you teem quile worfbwbile.

AnJ now yo,re grown, anJ gone ll,rougb nbool Vou Lnow tbaf }'OU are no one'• lool.

You lace tbe lufure, brigbf anJ tbining. We lmow you'lllinJ tbaf tilver lining .

Ac~epf our love on graJuafion. You've ex~elleJ beyonJ imagination.

Mom &}oe

路KV'.i路 路~

ongratulations on your graduation from LMUT What you have accomplished has uplifted and inspired everyone around you. We are so proud of youT Remember, wherever your path leads, we will be with you, heart and soul.


Love always, MomandJo

H e's a Hossie

T his is hoss


' Con,g ratu lations on an outstanding job and tremendous achievement on graduating from LMUT

Alicia, Thank you for the g rea t college rnemories that we will always share together. May your successful years of college carry you into a fu lfilling and prosperous career. Love Always, Troy

You are now in the enviable position to move ont o a bright and rewarding future which you so richly deserve. You continue to make me so very, very proud! !love you, Mom

Tony, Thank you for 4 great yearsatLMU I Jove you. Diana


hrough the years, rou have made us proud of all your achievements. May success continue to be yours in all your future endeavors.


Vincent Lewis





FIRST kiSS! Love Always, Mother, Lori Ann, Grandmom & Pop


and 1{anni:w_ in

tit~ ~i;yn


Lu fia&~

,q row n into a eaut~jid per<\'CJ/1 Jitll of a&~ and compa<l'<'iWn for all t.?l God'<\' crea llt red·, !J(Cf and ,small. You .fill t]CJ Lur <'Jurraunding<.'i witfi <lpiritual jay and laugfiter. yaur flappine<\'6 aueJflaw.d·, and tfzr;l<w you meet are il?[-ected witfi your ,qlow.

we- w a tc fied you (q row, w c too fia&e been .filled widi joy. 1Ve- luww ttlat wfierem~r <your patti lead<\. you. God will be wilfl yCJu, fie/ping yrJu lo co ntinue to opread ·U)id· 1Vord, and "8-0llr lau._qfiter.


laue, 1vlom and 'Dad

n d a<\'

Jenny Cummings Jenny, Congratulations! We're so proud of you. Futura Tua Est! You truly are our "Gift of God. "Always dance through life . We are so proud of your accomplishments but most of all your HEAR f. -Love, Mom, Scott and Rob

Love, Mom, Dad, Stephanie, Grandpa Dick and Grandma Sue

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. -Pamela Vau/1 Starr

Well done, Christopher Brian! You have been our joy from the moment you entered our lives. May the y ears ahead of you be sw eet and may you leave everything a little better than you found it. love Always, Mom, Dad, laura, Nana and Dick


Paul: How time flies! Another new beginning. What's ahead of you is the best!

CONGRATULATIONS! - Mom & Dad, Nance, Andy and Kelsey, Bill and Ann.

Christy Anne Barker LMU CLASS OF 1997

Congratulations! You have made your dad's dream come true. We are so proud of you, Henry.

Right in the middle of things, as usual.

Congratulations!! All our Love. Mom, Dad, Mitzi, Puff & Cleo

-L(f1)e Dad, Mom and brother.




·/··H,t . . .

•\i. \\

.....JJ.I. •. It

,,, ',I


Perfect place for parents and friends to stay while visiting you! • LMU 's neighborhood hotel • Complimentary shuttles to/from LAX, LMU, Marina del Rey and Venice Beach • Casual dining at the Marina Cafe • The Marina Lounge with kareoke and dancing • Meeting and banquet facilities • Heated pool, jacuzzi & fitness center

Thank you students, faculty and the entire LMU community for your continued support!

F HOTEL LOS ANGELES 8601 lincoln Boulevard, los Angeles, California 90045 •


I clrmer/l• Airport t\lilruw /1c)td 8: Ton·cr

131 0)

670-811 l

'/lie Sislers oflJelta Zet1t bidj0.1well to tlteir seniors and amgmtulation.r lo theentire.LMU Class of7997

Cttln'na Ardwlela



Argelia Atilano

C:olcen Aullt

Otristy lktrker

Rmee &metl

l:.rin ColiitL5

C'lnislina Crabtree

}tArejJ!Iine DeFelice

Chrislbw Donovan

lAuren Doughlery

Courleney Francis

Reina Fresquez. /)~aq

Ann G()()(/man


Tania 1/mma

Gmie 1/ershey

L11ila Kmtwmddin

Slwlee Loomi5

Palricia Perez.

Lori Prodiw

Mttrilyn Rodrigue;:.

jmuy Slwnalum


()a/olla Arevalo

Dcbomlt Williams

Leanne 7albou Kathryn Wtinberly

YOU WilL ALWA Y.S' WALl< IN 17/E 1.1~'1 rr OF 771E H AMI~


Congratulations Sheri! We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. We wish you much happiness and success as a Film Editor. Love, Mom, Dad & Vince, Gram& Poppy

Congra tulations, Melissa!


We' re proud of you.

'vVc arc very proud of you. You have worked hard to be where you arc now. Don't stop. You can ~Khievc more and more. God bless you and give you happiness always. Dad, J\ilom , and Carlos

Love, The Massettis

CONGRATULATIONS TROY!!! May you always have as 1nuch happiness and success in life as I have fell by r ai sing su ch an EXCEPTIONAL son as W!! !

.... ·... ..·.....···: ...

···.. .:·::..•.::..-.~.. ••••••; ,,···








Our Deepest Love. Mommy. Jonny & Dad





\ ....



®lbll'~~ @[i)(D[l(i@)0 0

cAlicia, 'Ma,y l!fi! bring ,IJOlf .IJOU flalqe bnmgffl




jay a.s

and ma.IJ .IJOlfr.fitlllre be

a& hrigfil a& tlie L1oinMe in your eye.

You did it and we are so very proud of you and all your accomplishments thus far in your life. You truly have been a blessing to us. May you attain all your hopes and dreams. May God be with you in all you do.

Laue, 'Mom, 'D ad('( df.lldi

We love you , Mom & Dad

My experience at Loyola Marymount has been the turning poi nt in my life I would like to take this opportunity to thank the s tudents who I have had the pleasure of wo rking wit h and the students who I may know o nl y by a smile. You have all played a deep a nd meaningful part in my life .. : 111ank Ynu.

t\nd to the following Professors: Dr. C h ris Curry, who l'nlightencd me to the true nwa ning of the word VIRTUE. Wisdom produces happiness. Wisdom is,, pan of Virtue as a whole, and makes a person happy by his or he r possession and exercise of it.

Dr. Michael P. I loran, w ho gave me a greater underswnding about a rea li ty imbued by the hidde n presence of Cod. The l{e ign o f Cod is here and now. Dr. Ka la Chand Seal, inspired m e with the cuuing edgl' of computer technology. Dr. Richard Perle. gave me wisdom in tlw .trea of detail, analysis and impleme ntation. A good man to say the least. Dr. Jost'ph E. Earley. who gave nll' confidt•nce in my fellow man a nd s howl·d me how to skew an equation.

Dr. Ja mes Devine, who e ncouraged my knowh:dge of li.S . .md world ban king. Dr. Benjam in F. Bobo, ,, m,m who dernonstr<ltes wha t being a Profe ssor at l.oyol.' Ma1ymount is all about. A m an of ch;uacte r and style. D r. Chris Manol is, brightt'ned my ho ri zons


gave me perspective in the world of marketing in relation to husint·ss ,,sa w holt'.

Dr. Dilvid M. Boje. gave me insight to human kindness .md compass ion. I will never fo rgl't his tears. Dr. Ewusi-Mcns ah, from pain conH'l> beauty. D r. C harles J. !Iiggins, w ha t didn't he cover? A vny thorough Pro fessor! I le gaw nw insight to the complex wnrld of lnwstments. " A good deal never seeks you out!" "Forget the s tory, just give me the figures" and "b rokers only make you broker." A brilliant Professor with a wit as sharp as a razor. Dr. Judi th White, w ho gaw me insight in "hunMn resources." I have ap plied m.1ny o f the conce pts and "assumptio ns" she gave me. Dr. William Martello , a man of true ethic1l consdousncss. Dr. Martello brought the spirit of success and achievement to Loyola Marymount. I a m fo rtuna te to have h iltlthe o pportunity to shart· in his knowledge and wisdom. Dr. Armand o Paz, a true Loyola ma n. Brilliant to say the least. Dr. Paz gave me inspiratio n a nd a better perspectiv<.· regarding courage. whether he kn ew it or nol. Professor Stacy Brightman, who taught me quality in life has bel'n evident th roug hout time. That Crcl·k Tragt•dies <lre blessings. Also I would also like 10 tha nk Matt Fissinger a nd Dale Mari ni for having fai th in mt·. A s pecia l tha nks 10 C harles E. llinds, John Murphy ,md Edd a Brown And finally, I wish to thank my wife Kath e rine .md her mother, the late I rn a Phillips-Queen o f the Soaps, for tht• love and support through the many years w hich ul timately led me to Loyola Marymou111 University. There are several ave nues to success. Two of which I would like to share with you: ' l11ere is a will to conquer, the im p ulse to fight, to prove oneself superior to o thers, to succeed for the sake, not of the fruits o f success, hut o f success itsd f. Finally there is the joy of creating, of gelling things dont'. or s imply exercising o ne's energy .md ingenuity. Bre t W. ll ughcs


Congratulattons on a JOb well done! ~


Joshua 1:8 Thts book of the law shalt not depart out of thou mouth; but thou shalt medttate theretn dav and ntght. that thou mavest observe to do accordtng to all that ts wntten theretn: for then thou shalt make thv wav prosperous. and then thou shalt hove good success.



~~ ~p

'!liE HU'r TilE






CJffl©-0, I can't \.'vcn begin to tell you hmv proud I am of you!! I met you your first week as a freshman, and as \V<.' have remaim·d together all rhcse years, I have watched you go after all your dreams and then share them with me. Y<lll have been my soul inspiration, my motivation and MY dream! Your efforts and ideas along with your hearr arc going ro take you far, and I can't wait w supporr you through it all! Congratularions on making thes\.' past four years a success, and heing the hest you can be! I will never forget what you have don~.: for me and all th\.· wonderful times we have shared together..... the best is yet to come!! I Love You more than anything and I will lve you forever. My smile is yours; it is for you, and I thank you with all o f my heart. You truly <liT th(.· best and don't ever forget that "We're Us!" Always and Forever,

.Your 1:£-'(

Study Abroad路



Standing : (left to right) Ben Voborsky , Ben Peters, Mark Entner, Brianna Schuchardt, Juerg.en Gebhard, Jennitcr Lowe, Pen: Augusrim:, Crystal Angot, Sheri Bergeron, Jennifer Mc<..;reg.or, Ryan Kay, Kim Beach, rr. Jerry Hcrtr, Tony Vance, Dr. Susan Rabe Sitting: Kristi Jcnkcns, Brad Weinrich, Karina Krav~_路 hik , Jcn Aucr.

Mark En t n er and Ben Voborsky enjoy a couple ofcold ones during Octobcrtesr 1996 in Munich.

LM U study abroad students Ben Peters, Jennifer Aver, Brianna Schuchardt, Mark E n t ncr, Jennifer Lowe, Ben Voborsky, and Kim Beach enjoy a mc;ll ;u路 l-Iard Rm:k Cali: in llciddbng. Germany .

CONGRATULATIONS MARCO ROMEO CABANILLAS-HOUSE Our lirsr ~:olkge gaduare at last. You've used planes, trains and amomobiks. Ridden buses, bicydcs, skateboards, snowboards and cvcn used your teet. Stand tall, your goal is complete. You have pulled, tugged and separated the weeds of frustration, using the strength of you r courage and gloves of determination. You have weathered earthquakes, riots and fires yet have not allowed them to suppress your desires. 'vVe know it hasn't been easy to blaze the tirst trail, yet how else will we relish suc~:ess lest we 1:\il? "\Vharcvcr you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." (Goethe ) Celebrate your su~:cess, your accomplishment, your growth. We celebrate you and who you an~. We love you!!! Mom, fred, Dad, Pamela, Cristoti.:r, Ri~:ky and the rest of the Ccpcda-Cabanillas- House Family

Marco, The future is yours. Do your best, stay on track and you will be rewarded in many ways.

{)c,!>de 11i11o ri tw; wlentw; u SllfW qrw alg11n dia seria.<; algllit'll d<' prmec-lto. Mijo. tl!m 110 orgllflo !j./(4il'idad sienlo af r erU, rmli::ado. Y o!;(' CJIW l'<l!i <I !iC'I' 1111/nwn ingeniem pc'm IIIII!J uniro: f>/ nwjor. Te adom /\/arm. !J lP desm el nwjor.flttw路o ('It el m111o de/a illgir,neria. ()!u' .<;('(t illl('l'('!iWII<' !J clhertid<IJJUI'O ti

Love Always, Pamela

Iu f>apo y .1\fima frini




II Ill

A We feel such pride and joy in what you have accomplished. You are a truly remarkable young man. We are so grateful to be your parents. Congratulations and best wishes. We love you, Dad & Mom .

LbYb____ (' ""

Wt'nty•t'll(ht ISSU('~ flfl(l twt•nty•

~ C'il(ht Tut•,•d:tys lah•r. it's linally


OVC'r. ant•r handllll( 0\'('f th;~t first issut' to u hc•tnnrdo who w:ts • poisc>d to ktll at I a.m. tffc>ltlikt• tlw !'net. hut it was just til!' lwl(inninl(. Wt' pack<•d our hngs ttnd mm•t•clto mnlont•. ahh. snlv;lliun . goodhy<• tolmtd hand po':l<'tl«'s. blocke-d firt• ('Sl';tpc•s ond 12(). d<'I.'T<'<' plus lwat: lwlln tel lui( "onclcm "· nc>w cl<•sks and an offi<·<· 1h:1t wa:- up tu codt• - ond olw:tys huildin~: ><ln nclard . sonw things nc•vt•r rh:tnl(<'. i.C'. mc>ssy ofTicP. ~<tuff drinking hnhils. hut with a !WW look ancloww stafl'whu <·oulcl hav1• fnrl's<•<•n what would mak1• thi~ )'Ntr un~ of tlw mm•t o1'wnrd ing. :tmlnt timl's. trying. mws wt•'v<· gon<• 1hruu~:h'! ~un·. W<' mad<• our shan·~•f mistake's. th<- mfamnus nl~u·ascu issu<• gave' u~ n ~nhc't'ill~


hut wt• nlsu stnocl om'l(l'nliiHI nnd m<"l tlw dHIII<'Ill(l' lwad -on I'VI'I'Y Wt•t•k. jugl(linl(

rlass;-.;, l!'sts. pape•~ as full-tlllw stuclt•nts. y<•l t•rnmming forty-hour work wl't'ks in thn•c• days as cditors/nssistants/writ<•rs WI' manag<•d to put out up to :l2 pal(<'s nf 1>rint u wt•<•k. amazing. tlw hard l:thnr 1mid off !'\'1'1')' wc•dnt'sday morninJ: wlwn w!''d s!'c t•wrymw <'nj.,'TOSS<od in tlw papt•r okay. mayht• not <·ngros..~l. hut. lo''<' it or lwtt• it. pt'tll>i!' l'l'ad f:uthfully 1'\'l'IY' wt'<•k. tlw nwasuf!' of our Slll'('('SS USII:\11)' C:lllll' W(•(hlt'sday ant•rnoon. wlwn n•:tdt>t's c:tllc•d. wrote•. ur ><hlll!Wd hy to dt•nnuncc• us :mel praist• us: tn <·laim "''' wc·o·c· both unprofcs:-ional nncl prnf<•"siunnt, hiasc•d and fait·. ob\'iou,.ly lihc•t·al y<•t too c·onst•rvativc·. a bunch of t•litist,; nnd n band of ruffians. wlwtlwr urlid!'s Wt'r<' Jllll!ll•d on <I<Htrs or Ust'tl as hi rei Clll(l' tinin~:-wc knew W<' w<•rt• duing our joh hl'cnust• tlwy always n·ad. llw pnp<·r wnuld nut h nvc• •~·adwclthis t•alilwr if it wcr<•n't fiw my staff. t•xt n·nwly <INli<-al<·d. always funny, V<'l',l' l:l lc•ntt>d - ynu'n• m odt• 1tw loyolan mw uf tlw lx•st collCI(t'J>:IJ>t'r,. in tlw nation. i'\'t> always man·c•l(•d :II Ill<' f.'l<'l that :1 truly di\'crsc l,'Ttlup ofthiny or so unMr1>aid individ uals loud. shy. tall ,

shurt. hiH•ral. cnnsc•r\'altn•. funny. st•nuus. nch, poor :unw lOJ:t'tlwr <'V<'ry wc•c•k to pill nul :t <tunhty ]>llpt•r. many people• l(iV<' tlwir !wart and snultu tlw pap!'r: mikt• nwsun. rl'ady to lwlp ycm n•writt• a h•ad o•· t n•nl you to a "hut uf wi ld lurk<'y. hn:; l~t•t•n both cht•(•rh•adc•r and coach <'V!'I)' s h•p of lh<' woy: uti tlw c•ditors. asststunts. writers. manng<•t'"· flll'!'vt•r c•mnmillNI ( hut never willing to Slll'll clw ..k ). nt'l' the• hackborw uf thi s hum hi<• 11pt•ral ion . to tlw students lin· whurn wt• writ<• and tn tlw ndnHm:-tration who .:iw u~ lw•th ><lii>J>ort :tncl lwalthy dust• of critirtsm, uur lhanks. tuc•sdays will lll'\"C'r lx• tlw snmt'.





he older that I get the more I realize how much I need you. I love and cherish the bond that we share; a loving friendship that encompasses the trust and respect of a n1otherdaughter relationship while n1ixing in the laughter and tears of best friends. Through your example I have learned how to become son1ething that I never thought I could be, set goals, achieve them and love myself. You have shown me what it n1eans to be a young w01nan and taught me that I am special. These gifts I could never repay You have pushed n1e to set my goals higher than I thought I could achieve and then supported and cheered me on until I accomplished everything I set out to do. The person that you are has encourage me to be the person that I am, and si1nply knowing you is the biggest blessing that I have ever known. Mama, you are 1ny best friend. Always, Eva

to our daughter,

MICHbLLb ~AfZklbcCl(

We're so proud of you a nd all you've accomplished a t lMU ... .it will really seem strange not to have a nyone at Loyola for the first time since your sister enrolled in 1990. May God bless your every effort and may all your dreams come true! All our love , Mom a nd Dad


You have paved the way to a bright future, Congratulations on a Job Well Done!! Love from Dad, Mom and Lisa. We are all very proud of you.

h£1U, 'GM£:t T.D.:t. hAPPX'N£:t:t. h£ALTh. AND P~G:tP£~X'T\'! LGV£ ALWA \':t. MANA. MGM. DAD. WX'LL. TX'M AND 'ALVX'N

Scotty, Nothing in life has been more rewarding to us than watching you grow and mature, finding you own way, becoming your own person. Nothing has been more exciting than seeing you take your place in the world, believing in your dreams. Thank you for letting us share in all of your accomplishments because we love you. We are so proud of you! Love, Mom & Dad

Conqratulations ~ We are so proud of you. You' ue come along way. It's been agreat journey for us. Thanks for all the wonderful memories that we can treasure foreuer. Loue, Mom, Dad, ~ Joshua

Annie From

Softball to


CONGRATULATIONS , KENNY WINKLER ... and you did it with such aplomb! We know



there is still a lot of work ahead, but take a moment to savor this accomplishment. Love,

~ove, ~om 6S}Ja()

Mom, Dad, Ginny, Terry, Danielle, Louie and Adam


'dnk TO







Clare - I'm glad that you don't have an "i." You're the sweetest and I know that we'll still be best buds forever. Evan - Thanks for being a "brother'' when I needed advice. Stop lettin' out in public. Karen Sophomore year was full of parties. Senior year was full of cooking and all that stuff. Are you ready for San Francisco? Charles- I'm hoping that I will never see you in my practice. You'll be fine, trust me. Caryl - Barbecues at my place, potlucks at yours. lots more in the future, yah?! Ric- Glad to have someone who can make me laugh even in my most depressed, angry days. Thanks for everything. Glenn and Michelle- let's go back to Stratosphere! Jay -You've kept me sane, more mature, and positive in everything. Who knew that we'll meet here being brought up from two different countries? We are definitely meant to be. You possess the same qualities my parents have and I thank God for you. looking forward to our future together. I love you.CLAIRE Wassup everyone! Ric and Caryl -t' de begas crew: hey BABE- Which one?! mia and gln Jay - Strike a pose. Show me the(MY) MONEY! Charles - Bob and weave Ric - What is it? Open or dose? Glenn -

Don't touch me. I love you man, but you can't have any of my Bud light. Claire - Don't ever give me a Christmas card, like that, again! Karen - Next time wear boxing gloves. Caryl - Happy 20th, you're the greatest! Where's the necklace? Michelle- Tequila nite at Caesar's. Clare- I know I don't have much of a future but I sure as HELL know I don't have one without YYyyOOooUUuu!!!-EVAN Gimme a V...A...I...N...What does that spell, Claire (my roomie)??? Nice Christmas card! Oh, and no more flying fries at In-n-Out! All right Jay, pucker up them lips for the lupitisimos!!! By the way, your car's at City Tow (you thought you were slick, huh?)!!! Clare, what's the view like when you're on all fours and drunk? Gee, Evan, why'd you have to go out and be such an "eager beaver"? See what you caused? Good luck on your job hunt for the 6 figures, house-band!!! Well, what can we say, Caryl? DUH!!! Okay, Ric, DRINK UP!!! I'm telling you, Charlie, we're headed for either the WWF or a shot at the Grammy's! !! Thanks for everything!!! All right guys, thanks for all of the fun times ...see y'alllater! Much love, Kare Bear Jay- Watch the bumps!!! Claire- Don't worry, I'll go with him. Evan - What can I say, my "StateSchool-Future-Having" Brother? $7.95 equals $7 .00, right? Clare - You're gonna support him, right? Ric- It's King Cobra night!!! Caryl- ?@#"! (means: I don't know!) Karen -Are we fighting? No matter what, I'll still be here for you and thanks for putting up with me!!! -I'm outta here-CHARLES (aka Carl or Chucky) Rick- Whats up Pillip! Caryl - I knew you were cheating off me in Bio! Charles - My stomach hurts too, Bro! Karen- Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! Clore- Vapors, stop going for that gold! Evan - "I know I don't have much of a future, but I sure as HELL know I don't have one without YYyyOOooUUuu" (YUCK, Bochyballs!) Cla;re - I have had the most

incredible time of my life with you and the most miserable without you. I have grown indefinitely with you in my life, I love You! Thank you for being there and all that you have done. I Look forward to our future. Hold on world, Here we come!!!!! -Jay


April, Watching and helping you grow up has been a joy (most of the time!). We love you very much and are extremely proud of your achievements, ambition, ha.rd work and future goals. We wish you an abundance of success and happiness. With all our love, Mom, Daddy & Monicaâ&#x20AC;˘



.... 1 .


To "OUit JBOYS, " Congratulations to all of you and we want you to know how very proud we are of everyth ing you have accomplished. \Ve have made so many memories together over th e past four years - ones th at will last a li¡fetime and we are so thankful for having such a wonderful and special group of friends as you! lBest of luck in your future endeavors, and no matter what, we will stand by your side and remain the best of friends - always!! We Love You~



Dad& 1he Mumsy &>PopI wanted to express my deepest thanks for everything you have done for me throughout my life. You mean the world to me. I Love You Very Much.


A6£Nlf.S .-. IN ~£BUS - ~


all my life


leading guiding helping





?Je.5\ Wbne-f.l~

Student Housing 363



JV c


GLENDA TIONGSON NIEV A vVe are so proud of you! May God bless you and lead you to a bright and successttJI future!

With much love, Mom, Dad & Nelson



C"&hank Jf-ou,

HERFF JONES for all of your patience, help and support.

Andy, LMU--The "best decision" you ever made! We are proud of you. We love you. Congratulations!

-Tower Staff-

Mom & Dad Beth, Kate, Mark & AnneMarie

LAURA Thank you for your love and support. (add more mush here) I love you -Scott

----- -----



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Dillo n , Matthew 19, 2 1 Diluigi, Heidi 94, 156 , 194 Dimaano, Maria L. 38, 43 , 52 Dimacali, Marie E 57 Dimacali, Messiah 178 Oino , Arnel20 ,24 , 94 Dinottria, M ike 23, 2 8 Diranna, Katy 2 3 Dishman, Mitchell 38 Dismaya, Jdlrey J. A. 94 Distd~m o , Noah 170 Diver, Andrew 94 Divers, Latasha 20 , 5 1 Dixon, Tommy 170 Dizon , Jcnnitc r J.L. 94, 179 Dizon, Yvette 179 Djatar, Malika 20 Djaja , Victor 177 Djayapranata, Vero nica 177 Do, N han 184, 194 Do , Xuong 82 , 178, 179, 184 Do, Z urhuangti 38 Dobbcrpu hl, Elizabeth 158 Doh, VVilly 20 Do mbrowski , Todd 44, 94, 190 Dominguez, Carolina 47 Do minguez, O svaldo 182 Donald , Tamisha 28 Do naldson, Carey 94, 156 Donlov, Doris 94 Donovan , C hristina 158 Dooley, Jcnnil'cr 23 Doolimle, Ryan lvl. 57 Dornan, John P. 94 Doss, Annette 23 Doss, Doris 82 Douet , Lisa 94 Dougherty, Lauren 94, 158, 162 Dris(()ll , Mary 52 ,94 Drozda, James 94 Drucker, C hristina 154 Duncan, Laura 94, 156 Dungca, }oycic 52 Durham , Sylvia 5 1 Dyogi, Gari l 78

e Eagan, Karheryn 23 Echeverria, Regi na 23 Eclc, Eunice 94 Ector, Emily 94 Edmondson , Kimi 94 Etlc ndi , Jimmy 177 Eisberg, Ryan 20, 168 Elizando, Sabrina 3 1, 57 Elliot t, Danicllc M. 57 Ell is, Karen 94 , 188 Elmidolan, Gabrielle D. 38,82

Emde , Charlie M . 57 Emcrso, Marie 179 Emily, Scherberth 155 Encina, Wesley E. 38 English Society 28 English , )canine 5 1 Epperson, Harmony 154 Epstein, Lisa 94 Erb, Nikki 158 Erriw, Frank E. 94 Erskine, Patrick 27 Escara, Jennife r 94 Espinoza, Dc.:nisc 23 Espinoza, Patricia 38 Espinoza, Patry 182 Esquc.: da , Julia 23, 154, 191 Esquivd , Anthony 56, 82, 168,296, 306 Estepa Ii, Emil io N. 94 Esters, Kristine Marie 94, 154 Estrada, Frank A. 95, 182 Estrada, Julio 47, 189 Estrada, Steven 28, 47. 182 , 19 1, 194 Etchqnrc, Janelle 158, 188 Eusc.:bio, Do rothy 179, 300 Evans, Clara 83 , 95 Evans, Nicole A. 57, 187 Ewing, Walt er 23

f bdalc, ( :hristina 9 5 Fair, C hristine L. 57, IRS Fair, M ichad 16 8, 2 10 Fajardo, Veronica A. 9 5 Falken haincr, D iana 95 bndio, Mary Joy 179 brahpour, Nikki 48 1~arasopou l os, Ashley K. 57 Fannas, Arhc.:nc 9 5 Farr, Heather 95, 195 Fan路is, 1knjamin 95 Fedc.:rico, Tony 95 Fdd, Rolan 95 Felix, Michad 95 Fdix, Sar:th 57 Ferrari , R.k hard 57 Fcn路cras, Ryan M. 95 1~e rre ria , Thc.:resa 52, 9 5 Fc.:rrc.:yra , Griccl 47, 95 Fetzer, Caryn 9 5 Fi gueroa, Edward 1. 38 Figueroa, Hugo 182 Finnerty, Sine ad 28 Fischc.: r, Tim 170 f isher, Rebc.:cca S. 96 Fitzget~ l d, Lucas 28, 9 6 Fleetwood , Catherine 44, 96 Fle ming, Kevin 23, 3 Flem ing-Oc hoa, Joanne 23

Hercher, Kelly 23 H irsch, Tom 52 Horentino, Karen 38 , 178 Florc.:s, Claudia 23 Flotildes, Courtney 96 Flotildes, Karen 195 Flowers, Nu:unia 38 Fniaty, R.udy 177 Fo ntanilla, Johanna 38, 43 hmtcno t, Joel 96 Foo, Jason 23, 176 Forsyth, Krisry 2 3 Fow.:ck, George 166 Fountai n , Davida I 83 Fox, Allison 156 Fox, Nicole 96, 194 Foy, Michael 18 Fraines, Elizabeth 23 Francis, Courtney 96, 158, 188 Francis, Norm 9 6 Franco, Griscla 96 Franco, Irma 47, 182 Fr~nco, Maricela 96 Francois, Tamara 96 Fraser, Ian 96 Frazee, Jill 23 Frederico, Jc.:nni!Cr 23 Fredlund, C hristina K. 57 Fredrickson, Glori 9 6 Frcem:m , Bryan 52 Frc.:itas, Christine 154 French, David 23 French , Jim 43, 96, 166 Freshman, Ron 52 Fresquez, Reina 2 8, 82 , 96, 158 Friedlcr, Fred 52 Froelich , Kristen I. 57 Frontino, Brian 24, 97 Fu kushima, Lana 176

g Gabunilas, Marie G. 97

(;att<>glio , Chelena 41 Gaines, Nicole 97 Galano, Reena 97 Galardo, Leah 160- 161 (;alido, T homas 97, I 90 Galier, Gina 41, 43 Galindo, Brent 179 Galirzen, Aaron 164 Gallardo, Mario 41 , 4 7 Galoso, Robbie De Leon 9 7, 179 Galvc.:z, Alex 83, 164, 3 12 Galva, Rebecca 97 <..;alvcz, Veronica 23 Ganzel!, Erin 156 Gapasin , Adelert C. 97 Garcia, Diana 23 Garcia, Israel 97 Garcia, Luis 166, 194 Garcia, MelanicS. 4 1, 4 3 Garcia, Michael 23 Garcia, Nakia 160- 161 Garcia, Nicole 97 G:lrcia, Virginia 182 Garman, Tar~ 44, 97, l54 Garza,Deborah 27 Gasca, Akx 4 3, 52 (iaspcrs, Mark 20, 16 8 Gaspin , Albert 3 18 Gathers, lshe 0. 57 Garus, Caryl 9 7 Gavin, Jim 23, 28 Gee, Tina 57 Georgi, N icok M. 57 Gc.:rard , Bryan 164 Gc.:ycr, Bradley 97 Ghattas, Ti n;\ 194, 19 5 ( ;hc.:brc.:jc.:sus, Akli lu G . 4 1 Ciampaoli, Gina 23, 194 Gibm:y, Kara 57 , 205 Gibson, Katie 154 Gieser, Jcnniitcr 47 Gi lbc.:rt, Laura 44 Gilchrist, Alex 97 Gilkman , Avi 24 Gillette.:, Lisa 23 Gilli ng ham, Eric 57


Gilmore, James 164 Givens, Lori 51, 57, 183 Glassman, Angela 23 Glassman, Beth 52 Glaza, Mark 97 Gocnawidjaja, Harry l 77 Gocrgcs, Amy 158, 188 Golda, Kelly 168 Golden, Molly 23 Goldner, Susan 97 Goldsmith, Andrea 23 Gomez, Angela 156 Gomulia, William 177 Gonsalves, Kristi 145 Gonsalves, La Vonn<.: 154 Gonzales, Michael 164 Gonzales, Ray 179 Gonzalez, Emilio 170 Gonzalez, Erualdo 24, 97 Gonzalez, Felipe G. 97 Gonzalez, Gaberial 20 Gonzalez, Gloria 43, 44 , 63,

97 Gonzalez, lvctte K. 57 Gonzalez, Ruben J. 168, 194 Good, Bryan J. 41 Good, Jennitcr 97 Goode, Carm 54 Goodman, Ann 97 Goodo, Carm 62 Goodwin, Katherine 23 Gordon, IGmcrbly 41, 43 Gordon, TiHany 185 Gorgonio, Joseph A. 41 Gosling, Jenny 156 Goss, Elizabeth 23 Goszryla, Mitchell 43, 97, 166 Grace, Debbie 23 Grafton, Joshua 168 Graham, Bonnie 23 Graham, Natalie 97 Graham, Timothy 97 Grair,Tracy 191 Grams, Christine 23 Gray, Kristyn 98 Graziano, Tonya D. 4 J, 43 Green, Heather 98 Green, Robert Allen 98 Greer, Julie 52 Grever, John 19 Griego, Andrea 98 <3rieve, Julie 156 Griffin, Kevin 98, 168 Gritlith, Karen 23 Grigorjcva, Irene 52 Grills, Cheryl 18 Grimaldi, David 163, 166 Groller, Scott K. 23, 98 Gross, Amanda 23 Gross, Jerome 98, 184 Gross, Laura 57 Grossman, Jessica 57 Grzecka, Cami J56 Guerra, Lisa 98


Guerra, Monica P. 57 Guerrero, Ana 23, 24 Guerrero, Erika 57 Guerrero, Ruby 98, 182, I 94 Guerrin i, Gina 154 Guevara, Alicia 98, 195 Guevara, Marillyn 24, 28 Guidi, Suzanne E. 41 Guiterrez, Fernando 170 Guitierrez, Magaly 156 <..lulieto, Tan 24 Gulmahamad, Sherrie A. 57 Gunawan, Cinthia 177 Gunst, Christopher 98 Gunther, Christian 98 (;urash, Nicole 24 (!user, Jenitcr 182 Gustort~ Kevin 190 <..;utierrez, Armando 24, 182,

191 Gutierrez, Fernando 47 Gutierrez, George 176, 179 Ciuticrrcz, Guadalupe 98 Gutierrez, Magaly 47 Gutierrez, Matthew 98 Gutierrez, Raul 182 Guzman, Elizabeth 47, 48,98

h Haas, Jadyn 41 路 Habash , Christopher N. 41, 43 Hackbarth, Jdli路cy 163, 164 Hadden , Amanda 24 Hadden, Elizabeth 52, 83, 98 Haen, David J. 59 Haen, Scott 164- 165 Hageman, Kevin 98 Haitky, Paula A. 59, 205 Halim, Angelica 98, 177 Hall, Elizabeth 156, 172, 194 Hall, Stacy Lynn 98, 158 Hallowich, James 62 Hambcl, Ryan 164 Hanada, Christopher M. 59,

168 Hancock, Kevin M. 59 Handojouromo, N iko 52, 98,

177 Haney, Haney 98 Hankawa, Jill 98 Hanna, Tania 52, 98, 158, 194 Hannegan, Allison 156 Hannon, Christy 98 Hannon, Sharon 43 Hansen, Christine 160 Hansen, Deanne 98, 154 Hansen, Eric 99 Hansen, Robyn 59 Hanson, Patty 24, 99, 188 Hany, Indrayan 177

1-iapsari, N eiki 177 Harder, Alma 57 Hardyanro, Lavinice 177 !-:Iarison, Darryll 185 Hannon , James 22 Harold, Elvis 23, 59 Harper, Kevin 53, 99 Harrangue, Renee 18 Harris I II, rrank 51, 99, 185 Harris, Scan 185 Harrison Jr., Darryl 51, 59,

176 Harsh, Lacie 156 Harter, Thomas 40, 43, 99 1-iartkop, David 59 Hartman, Robert 41 Hashim, Sabrina 24 Hasson, Paige 24, 32 Hastert, Theresa 24 Hattendorf, Charles 164 Hau, Ke 52 Hauben, Elizabeth 43 Hayes, Monica 24, 51, 82, 191 Hayne, Nicole 99 Healy, Theodor<.: 24 Hedges, Hillary S. 59 Hee, Tisha 24, 176, 178 Hecg, Katherine 24 Hegn, Matt 41 Heimerdinger, Jason A. 59 Hemm:lt, Alix 170 Hennessey, Erin 24 Henry, Toby 28 Herbig, Arthur W. 59 Herlihy, Shannon 24 Hernandez, Amelia I 85 Hernandez, Eduardo 99, 182 Hernandez, Jose A. 164 Hernandez, Juan 182 Hernandez, Mercedes 99 Hernandez, Monica 191 Hernandez, Osmin A. 41, 43,

Hodges, Miriam 158 Hodus, Beth A. 59 1-loHinan, C hristiane 24 Hotlinan, Lindsay ISS 1-lotfmann, Muchacl 190 Holi11ann, Suzanne 156 Holliday, Brooke 99, 154 Holliday, Paul C. 59 Hollis, Heather 24 Holman, Tr;Ki A. ISS Holmquist, Ann 27 Hom , Tina 99 Hopkins, Julie l 00 Horie, Marla 176 Horn, Brian 59 Horn, Jimmy 59 Horowitz, Michael 100 Horton, Ronald I 00 , I 85 Houghton, Gigi 28 Hovnanian, RaHI 100, 190 Howard, Jonathan 82 Howard, Nicole 82, I 00 Hsiao, Linda 24 Hsueh, Li-dwan 178 Huang, Cleo 28, 100, 194 Hudson, Katherine 51, 183 Hughes, Amy 24 Hughes, Brct W. 100 Hughes, Sh:1nna 100 Huitron, Yvonne 27 Huizar, Yeseni:\ 24, 182 Hulugallc, Ranjan I 68 Hume, Dana 4 Hung, ( :hristopher 'I'. 41, 178 Huntsinger, Cam 23, I 00 Hupach, Christopher 24, I 00 H urrado, Laura l 00 Hurtado, Yessenia I 00 H un:hinson, Nkholas 31, 190 Huynh, Christine 24, 28, 32,


82 Hernandez, Senl 24 Herrara, Alejandro Gasca 97 Herrera, Clint 99 Herrera, Daniel 47, 182 Herrera, Juan Carlos 41, 52 Herring, Travis 99 Herriott, Shane 59 Hershey, Carrie 99, 158 Herzog, David 28, 99, 190 Herzog, Karen 217 Hicks, Christopher 168 Hicks, Melina R. 59 Hidalgo, Melanic 24 Higgins, Fr. Thomas 122 Hill, judy 129 Hinojosa, Ernie 182 Hissami, Monica A. 41 Hitch, Carolyn 24 Hitch, Chad 43 Hoang, Rachel 99, 184 Hoang, Rachel 99

1 Ibanez, Rosdyn 100 Ibarra, Luis 191 lddrissu, Salma 118 lgnatians 9 Ikediashi, Obiajulu I 00 Ikei, Christopher 176 lki, Dina l 00, 176 Imamura, Amy I 0 I Imelli, Kathleen 24 Impliazzo, Heather 101 Incs, Deena 59 Inter- Fraternity Council 163 lrac.:i, Maria 101 [sang Bans;l I 79 lshimoto, Jun 24, 177 lskander, (.iimyana I 0 I Ito, Lane T. 41,176

.. J Jabbra, Dr. Joseph 208, 220 Jackson, Peter 166 Jackson, Tranice 51 Jad, ivbnahil IOI, 2IO Jahn, Madeline 59 James, Cynthia 4I Jancarik, Kent 24, II8, I94 Jaramillo, Irvin 83, 101, 150, 151, 168 Jasso, Jose A. 41, 189 Jauregui, George I 0 I Jclenic, Kristina 41 Jclcnic, Michacl C. 59 Jenkins, Jcanine 51 Jennings, Stephen 170 lcnulcson, Michele 41, 82 Jesmer, Amy-Jo 188 Iiggins, Matt I63 Jimenez, Gladys 52, I 0 l Jimenez, Rosa 182 Jimenez, Ruben 164 Jimerson, J\ilyisha 44, 51, Jiwrajka, Alok 41 Johnson, Alicia 24, 82 Johnson, Anthony I 01 Johnson, Carolyne I 0 I Johnson, J\ilichacl I 0 I Johnson, Shavon L. 41

Jones, Ryane I83 Jones, Tammy 24, 83 lonny 177 Jonsson, Patrig IOJ, 163, 170 Jordan, Chandra 59 )ortbn -Oster, Vanessa Patricia 41 Joyce, Jennifer 101 Jund,MichaciiOI Junginger, Eric 24, IOI, 166

Kadiman, Sardjono l 0 l, I77 Kahng, Ji n 24 Kakinami, f;ly l 0 I Kabwaia, Jeremy 176 Kamar, Maya I 0 I Kamaruddin, L;lila 158 Kaminsky, Kathryn I 01 Kane, Scan M. 4I, 43 Kann, Joseph 168 Kanzler, Stephanie 154 Kaplan, J;\son 24



Kappa Ddta 160 - 16 I Kashima, Tricia 179 Kaufman, April I 0 I Kauhi -Choy Foo, Alii 42 Kawaz, Walter 43 Kawilarang, 1-:\·a l 01, 177 K;\Zenll:ni, Samira 42 Keane, Kate 188 Keane, Kathleen Mary 101 Kearns, }ell 23, I 02, 382-383 Keenan, Elizabeth I 78 Keller, Katie 156 Kelley, J;unic D. 42 Kelley, MichaelS. 42, 44 Kelley, Veronica 51, UU Kelly, Tom 54 Kennedy, Joseph II8 Kenyon, Brian 44, 166 Kenyon, Rob 43 Kerdoon, David 52 Kcrtsburg, Alexis I 02 Khacharoorian, Ani 102 Khoury, Carole 24, I 02 Kiang, Maria 42, 178 Kidd, Sheri I 02 Kienzle, 1-kathcr 156 Kierulf, Kath leen 52 Kim, Sun Young I 02 Kimura, Cady I 02 Kimura, Heidi A. 42, 43, I78 Kinber, Vanessa S I King, Tanzanica 27, 51 Kingery, April 24 Kingery, Monica 59

Kiralh, John 20, 168 Kisvanby, Jason 102, I 70 Kitazake, Kara 176, 178 Kizirian, Richard 42 Klaus, K<.·vin l 02, I90 Klein, Kcrrie 28 Klier, Amy I S8 Kling, Tanner It :19 Knight, Alison 27 Knollmilkr, Steve 164 Koenig, Kristin M. S9 Kot·nig, Sara 59 Kojima, Can Ann 156 Kojima, Cui 27, 188 Kolbsd\, Dave 42 Koppes, Albert Fr. 25 Korine, Dror 52 Krm·bcr, Theodon: 166, 194 Krol, Ed 179 Krup, James 28 Krupa, Nathan 28, 59 Kryszak, Katie ~. 59 Kuhn, Kris 28 Kulukjian, Tohi 52, l 02, 156 Kumala, Andrew I77 Kung, Corina 43, I 02 Kupper, Leslie 27 Kupu, Solomon F. 59 Kurian, Belinda 42 Kurniawan, Elizabeth 52 Kurniawan, Handi 102, 177 Kuroso, Kamyn A. 42, I79 Kusnowo, Ferry l 77 Kuwaync, Nadine 156


1 La Cotera, Patrick 59 Latll-anchi, Niwlc M. 42, 52 Lagman, Adrian 27 LaGrone, Roger 52 Lai, Carrie A. 42, 176 Lal, Akash 63, 207 Lambly, Krista L. 42 Lampe, Chris 166, 195 Landers, Carrie I 0 2 Lang, Yoshado 185 Langhaarn, Victor 2 I 3 Lapierre, Cammie 102 Lapin, Brian 310


Lapoint, Jctl' 195 Larios, Susana 182, 191 Larson, Kara 27, 28 Las,ano, Maria Elena 182 I.:'IVagnino, Rose 43, 52 Lazar, Mason I02 Lc, Anhnga 102 Le, Annie 52 Le, Leon 44, I 02 Lcadmon, Sherry 52, l 02 Lebo, William 83, 189 Lee, Anne 102 Lee, C hulhce 27 Lee, Ciciky Ccline l 02 Lee, Heidi 158 Lee, James 61 Lee, Jenniter 27, 179 Lee, Jeremy Kabwaia 32, l 02

Lee, Liem 52 Lee, Lysbcth 42, I 56 Lee, Stephanie 178 Leinrz, Donald 20 Lejeune, Gwendolyn<.: 27 Lemons, Kimberly I 56 Lenihan, Megan R. 61 Leonard, Sarah l 02, 160 Leong, Jennitcr 83, I02 Leskys, Alexandra 102 Lesser, Susan 19 Lester, Kathr1rn I 02 Leve,ke, Joe I68 - 169 Levi nson, Nicholas 52 Lewis, Brandy 42 Lewis, Etta M. 42, 51, '85 Lewis, Kelli E. 42 Lewis, Vincent 103, 190

Li, Tao 178 Libunao, C heryl 27 Licm, Suryadi 177 Lima,Sharon 103, I88 Liman, Erwin 177 Limon, Evclia 42, 47 Lin, Betty 23, I 03 Lin, Eric l 78 Linarre, Sonya 27 Linden, Jacob Vander I 69 Lindsay, Krista 42 Lipson , Adam 23, 48, 103 Lissik, Gerald 42, I66, 190 Liu, H e nry 103, 146, 147, 190 Liu , Roseanne Y. 42, 48 Lobo, Jenniti.:r 27, I94 Lobosky, Hollie I03 Loeki, Linda 177 Loera , Bridget 42 Loera, Os~:ar 47 Lombardo, Antone lla 23, 42, 218 Lombardo, Marzia 63 Long, Nicole 154 Loomis, Shake 1 03, 158 Lope, Jasmin I84 Lopes, Rafael 52 Lopez, C hrista 20, 27, 194, 207 Lopez, Elvira]. 42 Lopez, jackie 47 Loskutotl~ Michael I70 Lough, Cameron 103, I 56 Loug hnanc, D ied re 52 Loughran, Timo thy D. 61 Lowe, Patricia 43, 44, l 03 Lowr<.:)', Somer 23, 28, 57 Lozano, Luz 182 Lu, Edward 6 1, 178 Lu, Shiny 6I Lu, S usie 3 1 Lu, Vui 103, 184 Lucero, Rozalyn Renee 42, 47 Lucero, Vincent 103 Luchcsi, JcnnitCr 27 Lucia Jr., Raymond J. 43, 103 Lucicntc, Andrea 43 Luddy, Kclli 156 Lukaszewski, Paul 20, 43, 83, 103 Lurnbcra, Phcby I 79 Luna, Gabriela 43, 182 Lund , Amy 154, I62 Lundin , Amy 27 Lungren, John 27 Lungren, Kathleen M. 61 Lupo, William 103 Lynch, John 27, 28,83 Lynch, Karen 27 Lynde , Craig 170 Lyons 1V, john 103

m Macdonald, Jcn nifCr I 04, 157 Machado, Joaquin I 04 Machin , Lisa 61 MacNeil, Jc::nnitCr M . 61 Madarang, Lorna 179 Madison, Jason 51, 178 Madjid , Aidil 177 Madrid , C hristine 104 Maeda, Shigcmitsu 52 Machara, Aki 178 Magcase, Jonas 179 Magdaleno, Mo nica 28 Magladry, Sr. Cecelia 208 Maino r, Nakia 82, 104, 207 Majias, Rafael 190 Malakzad, Narda 27 Maldonado, Nivia 47 Maldo nado , Solla I 04 Malt by, Jacqueline N. 6 1 Manalili, Rosalynn 27 Mangali, Roderick R. 104 M angosing, Rosemary 27, 188 Mangunc, Shcilla 184 Manning, Michael 42, 51 Manrique, Brigham 104 ManSUI)' , Ah mad 20 M anuel Delgadillo 179 Mapua, Irene 52, I 04 Marasco, Ron 54 Marciniak, Sharon 52, l 04 194 Marenin, Franco 42, 52, 182 Mariscal, Liliana 27 Mariscla Nunez 47 Markus, Ellen 104 Marmolejo, Kevin 168 Marmolejo, William 19 1 Marquardt, Katherine E. 57, 6 1, 188 Marq uez, Janet 42, 47, 182 Marquez, Sergio 43, 104 Marquez, Tony 176 Marriott, Melanic 195 Marsango , Deanna 104, 157 Marsango, Marisa 42 Marshall, Jasmine 23, 56 Marshall, Jcnnitcr 104, 157 Martin , C hristie 188 Marrin , C hristina 158 Martin, Ian 315 Martin, Neil 43, 104 Martindale, Michael 128, 129, 190 Martinez, Alex 47 Martim;z, Arlene l 04 Martinez, Edwin 1OS Marti nez, Laura 1OS Martinez, Malinalli 27 Martinez, Monica C. 42 , 43,


Martinez, Sergio 27 Marzec, Jcssica A. I 05, 160,

162, 188 Masanobu , Yoko 27 Mashagh, Celena 27 Mason, Chi lembwe 83 Mason, Deborah 27 Massetti , Steve 83, 105, 19 0 Masucci, Mike J. 45 Mathai, Sheela 27 l\llau lhardt, Jaime:: 157 May, Randy 105 Maylad , Genevieve 45 McAdam, David 83 McAdaragh , Jennifer l 54 McArdle , Ryan 166 McBride, Caroline 154 McCall , Robynn 105 McCann, Brook M. 43, 45 McCarthy, Jackic 28 McCarthy, Scan 45 McClain , Le Roy 27 McClean, Jody 23, 6 1 McDaniels, L~1Tc rra 61 , 182 Mc Dermott, James 105 McFadden, Jawana 45, 5 I McGhee, Stephanie 45, 5 1 McGinn , Ginni 27 McGinn , Ginni 2 17 McGrath, Laura 23 McGreevy, C hrista I 05 McGuire, Paul 164 McHugh, Anna 105 Mcintyre, Karla I 05 Mcintyre, Karla 157 McKee, Mariko 5 I McKenna, Eri n 27 McLane, Bryan A. 45 McLaughlin, Shan nan l 0 5 McL路werl)', Molly 154 McLemore, Darice 1OS McLemore, Darice 130- 13 1, 183 McLemore, Elizabeth 185 McLemore, Elizabeth A. 45 McNei l, tvl ichd lc 105 McPherson , Cameron 43 MEChA 182 Medel , Glo ria I 05 Meena, Lisa Ann 105, I 57 Mehta, Mona I 05 Meisner, Mandy 157 Meistrcll , David 45 Mejia, Baeza 6 1, 179, 188 Mejia, Grizel 105 Melanson, Victoria 105 Melto n, Lis<1 23, 28 Mendoza , Genevieve 28 Mendoza, Maria 47, 105 Mendoza, Monica P. 43, 45,

47 Mcnesses, Monina I 05 Mercado, Hope l 05 Mercado, M<1n.:o 166, 167,

190 Mercado, Sonya I OS Merino, Lucas 45 Mcsinas, Esmeralda 43,47 Mesmer, Carolyn 160- 16 1 Mcsscmcs, Esmerakb 182 Metzger, Matthew 6 1 Michel , Gloria 105, 19 4 Mikulas, Paul 1 6~ Miles, Brandon 27, 28 Miligan, Mary 18 Miller, Andy 195 Miller, Brian 28 , 178 Miller, Matthew 1OS Miller, Wendy 105 Mills, Richard 28 Milus, Glenn 43 Minco, Monica I 06 Mishclcvich, Cory 106 Mitchd l, Magan 51, I85 Mitchell, Donald 27 Mitsch, Steve 43, 44 Mitzcn, Ann 220 Miyai, Susumu K. 45 Mlakar, Tracy 82, 106 Moeddd, Amy 159 Moli nar, Soledad I 06 Mollie, C ulligan I1 8 Monetlc, Beth, 194 Monge, Edward 61, 182, 191 Monohan, Jeremy 43, I 06 Montero, Ryan 176, 179 Montes, Enrique 47 Moon, C herie 157 Mooney, Christine D. 45 Moore, Kdi T. 45, 51 Moore, Shannon 106 Mora, Ayanna 106 Mo r<1, G ust~wo 47 Morales, Mario 28, 47, 182 Moran , Susann 28 Mo reno, Carlos 182 Moreno, Hector 182 Moreno, Patricia 32 Morgan, Cindy 20 J'vlori, Michele 43 Morin , Ayanna 183 Moria, C hristine J. 6 1, ' 84 Morris, Edwin I I I I 06 Morris, Loretta 18, 22 Morris, Sara R. 6 1 Morrisa, L<l Rho nda 28 Moscosot, Walt 28 Moshirfatemi, T ann 28 Mosinskis, Peter 52 Moss, Gcotr 106 Motazedi, Shana M. 43, 4 5 Moyce, Sally 28 , 188 Mw.:h<1mel, Linda 19 1 Mudd, Richard 28 Muli:~di, M:~ rgcrry 44, 106,

177 Mu ll :~ll y,

Theresa 28 Mullaly, Michele 189

Mullen, Scan l 06 Muller, Jctl' I 0 Muller, Juli<1nne 57 M ulry, Michael 170 .M.ukoy, Jcnnitcr 23, 83, 106, 160- 162 Munakash , Kris 28 M unt(>rd , Gaylin 52 M unoz, Pat ricia 28 .Murayama, Jodi 28, 176 ~lurphy, D:~n icl


Mmphy, Deird re 28 M urray, Chdsea A. 44, 45 Murray, Lcon<1rd 28 Murray, Summer 5 1 Myers, Susan 23, 160

11 Naber, Alex 45 Nadal, Maylcen 24 ~adsady, Gregory I 06 :-..:acsscns, Patrick 149 Naimark , Melissa 28 Nakagawa, Lyle 106 Nakamura, Shanno n 43, 52,

107 Nakanclua, 1\'lahoe l 06 Napolitano, Anthony 4 3, l 06,

166 Nardoni, Kelly 28 Narvaez, Joseph P. 45 Narvaez, Marc A. 44, 45, 190 Nash , Angcliquc 159 Nassie, Jessica 28 Nation, Margie 45 Navarro, Maria -Elena 47, 61, 160, 182 Ndubuisi , Francis 51 Nd ubuisi, Obi 45, I 07 Neal, Amber 28 Nealy, Lori 49 Negri, Jason 168 Negro n, Ro berto 47, 106 Neilson , Glen 48 1'\clson, Christina 28, 44, 48,

106 Nelson, Richard 168, 195,2 14 Nevin, Stephanie 106 Newton, Casey 107, 166, 167, 190 Newton, Dan 28 Nguyen, Duy 179 Nguyen , 1-bnson 176 Nguyen , Hao 43, 107 Nguyen, Phan 184 Nguyen, Ryan 176 Ngyucn , Lucy 107 Nibo li, Lisa l 07 Ni(kerson , Ben 83

Nielson, Corina 179 Nicva, Glenda T. 107, I 78 Nishimora, Zen 52 Ni:;pcros, Esmeralda 47, 48, 107 Niwa, Aimee 28, 176 Njoo, Michael 177 Nodal, Maylicn 32 Nockman, lntanwati 177 Nois, Gordon 194 Nolasco, Jennifer l 07 Nomura, Eric 45 Nonis, Gordon 45, 52 Norlin, Jessica L. 45 Norris, Adia 28, 185 Norton, Brian I 07

Nunez, Esther 43, 4 5, 182 Nunez, Griselda 28 Nunez, Marisda 182 Nunez, Sandra I 07

0 O ' Brien, jdli路cy 164 0 'Connor, Patricia 160 O 'Kedc 190 O'Malley, Brian 166 167 O'Malley, Fr. Thomas P. 13, 126, 17 I, 209 O'Malley, Kelly I07, 157, 194

O ' M eara, Annie 28 O'Meara, Erk 27 O'Neill, Kcri 213 O'Neal , Jcnniter I07 Obkpias, Farr:1h 28 Obnial , Julie Mac B. 43,45 Ochoa, Robert 168 Ogbuokwc , Uchcnna I07 Ohanasian, Eliznbcth 28 Ohanc:;ian, Alex 57 Ohira, C had 43 Ojima, Brian 107 Oka, Christina 48 Objima, Yub 43 Okamoto, Todd 45, 176 Oku , Lynn I 08

Oliva, Jay 179 Oliver, Emilie 28 Oliver, Patricia 55, 62 Olorrcgui, Henry 28 Olson , Matt 108, 190 Ongd1in, Steven 52 Oors, Dan 171 Opinaldo, (;ina 23, 28 Orinion , J R I 79 Orlino, Edgar 52, 108, 179 Orr, l\ tolly 28 Ortega, Yvonne 47 ( )rriz, lktclvina 1 108 Ortiz, Salvador 182 Ortiz, Vina 182 Ortiz, Vivianna 24, 25, 32,


Ronw, Elizabeth 43, 159 Ronwis, Taki ll 0 Roos, Kristen 157 Rosa!, Adam 110 Rose, Anne 57 Rose, Miraba 194 Roscntcld, Elayna fern 61 Ro~, Allisha 32 Russ, Tim 165, 173 Rorh, Curtis 83 , 110 Rubio, Alma 191 Ruelas, Christina 182 RuH1nelli, Gina 23, 24, 110, 294 Ruiz, Peter II 0 Ruiz, Risa Celestina 110 Rumishek, M:mhew 32 Rushton, Alison 110, 157 Rusli, Hendra 110, 177 Russell, Bernice 189 Russell, Chrisrclyn D. 61 Russell, Timothy 110, 148, 149, 167, 190 Russo, Brian 43, I 10 Ruste, Melanic 195 Ryan , Kevin 46

s Saam, Elisia S. 61 Sabatte, Maylani 32 Sabino-Hernandcz, Juan 191 Sacmar, Joy 11 0 Sagario, Rohcelle 178 179 Sager, Samuel 32 Sahagun, Daniclla 32 Sakaguchi, Joy 110 Salazar, Esperanze 182 Sa ld iv~u·, Angelica 46, 47 Salehi, Pcyman 163, 165 Salleer, Jcnnitcr 179 Sa may, Csilla Ill Samson, Marie 179 San Martin, h.:derico 47 San Miguel, Luis M . 46, 52 Sanchez, Carla 32 Sanchez, David 32, 219 Sanchez, Eddie 182 Sanchez, Elizabeth 32 Sanchez, Jessica 32 Sanchez, Leah 179, 188 Sanchez, Leahmari 46, 52 Sanchez, Michael 4 7 , 1 11 Sanchez, Walter 179 Sanchez, Yolanda 1 1 I Sandoval, Jorge 47 Sandoval, Nidia 61, 191 Sandoval, William Ill, 191 Sansorcs, Zulcika 182 Santacruz, Esmeralda 1 II Santana Jr., Nicholas Ill Santeramo, Stacy 159


Santos, Jason 46, 176 Santoso, Vina 177 Sapienza, TiHany 32 Sapp, Lysandra 46 Saqui, Eric 46, 176 Saris, Maria D. 46 Sarnecky, ~ lichcllc Sasamura, jodie 49, 176, 178 Sasuga, Sherry I 1 I Sater, James 167 Sauer, Michelle Ill Sawin, Angelo 52 Scales, David 32, 57 Schaper, Catherine 111 Schapker, Cindy Ill Scheck, Dr. Steven 146 Scher, David Ill, 121 Schcrbcrth, Emily II I Schlichting, Amanda H . 63 Schmidt, Cynthnia 111 Schmidt, Steven P. 63 Schoenbaum, Andrea 49 Schon, Sr. Agnes Marie 220 Schordort~ Mike 23, 25 Schrader, Kiersten 160 161 Schroeder, rrcd 28 SchwarL.c, Shanna A. 49 Scoma, Poppy 52 Scott, James 43 Scott, Kim 27 Scott, Molly 26, 82, Ill Scott, Timothy 83 Scbata, Julicll2 Sego, Melanic 24, 82, 112, 194 Seid, Carol 32 Seidl, Kathleen S3 Selma, Alexander R. 63 Semnar, Babak 171 Senechal, Matthew 32, 194 Seperich, Ilya 190 Sepilian, Maria 32, 82, 159 Septer, Valerie 157 Sepulveda, Catherine 32 Sepulveda, Nancy 1 12 Serna, Linda 32, 188 Serrano, Lucy 11 2 Scr\'io, Camrin 83, 207 Setteducato, Kathleen 112 Severin, Brian 171 Seymour, Kasey 32 Shadford, Kenneth 11 2 Shanahan, Jenny 112, 159 Shanley, Mia 23, 112, 140, 141,295 Shannon, Blackman 185 Shannon, Erin 32 Sharp, Julie A. 49 Sharpe, Emily 112 Sharpe, Jason 52 Sharrer, Da vc l 12 Shartcl, Christopher 24 Shastri, Anand 32 Shaw, Robert 112 Sheppard, jason 57, 62, 112

Shennan, I .a Tony:\ 112 Shigemoto, KriMy t\11. 63, 176 Shim, Jon 176, 179 Shim, Jonathan 32 Shimizu, Aimee L.M . 49 , 176 Shiosaki, Chmtine 159 Shirakat:l, Nobo~·uki 49 Shoji, Adrianna 3 Shortell, Chri,cophcr 112 Shoukr)•, Aimee 118 Shresth:l, Aanand 63 Shrestha, Robert 32, 191 Shtdn, faye Anne I 12 Sia, Mari;l 179 Sia, Maricdarc 49 Siau, Titlany 44, 113 Sideco, rranci~ 169 Sieiman, Rema 43 Sigler, Dani.l 32 Signt<l Chi 166, 167, 172 Sigma Phi Epsilon 168 - 169, 173 Sigma Pi 170 171 Silveerman, Phil 179 Si lverio, Richard 47, 113, 179 Silvernun, Phil 11 3, 184 Siminski, jo-.lyn 113 Simock, I iank 4.~. 44 Simonian, John 28, 32 Sinclair, Kevin 113 Sing, Everett Tam 176 Si ngleton, Teneci:l 51, 63, 183 Si~tah Friend:- 183 Skeath, Kelly 32 Skehan, Maureen 46 Skinner, Thom;ls 113, 190 Skinner, Timothy 20 Skinner, Tom 54 Skinner, \Viii 167, 194,214 Slacum, Drew 52 Slaughter, Tyra 28 Skiman, Rema T. 49 Slinksky, Lourdes 182 Smallwood, Sar.lh 155 Smith, Amy 21, 32, 215 Smith, Briana 185 Smith, <.;ram 184 Smith, je-.-.ica I 13 Smith, P.nricta 27 Smith, Shcn I 13, 160 Smith, Ymhi 113 Smithers, Brian 57, 208 Smulders, Anthony 165 Snwth, Grant A. 49 Snacr, Kyna 221 $ncar, Cibcnnie Madrid 113 Snear, Kyna Madrid 113 Snyder, Kevin 176, 179 So, Dian.l 178 Sobai, Daniellc 28, IS9, 194 Sodllllak, Vanessa I I 3, I 55 Soendjojo, Joice 177 Somers, julianne 23 Sommers, Jason 113 Sondhi, Karin 113, 177

Song, t\ linjong 113 Sorensen, Jon:lthan 32 Soris, Valerie 49 Soto, Peter J. 113 Spagnoletti, Eric 165 Spahn, Anne ~I. 113, 155 Spataro, Amber I 13 Spishock, Ami Kay 23, 63, 83 Spivey, Titlanie 5 1, 183 SprouttSke, Robert 113 Stainton James, jonathan P. 49 Stallings, Bethany 27, 63 Stark, Lisa II 3, 18X Starky, Danidlc I 85 Steiner, Laura 194 Steiner, Lutz 113 Stephanie , Sandell 155 Stephen, Maggie 32, 194 Stephenson, Kathleen 24, 32 Sterk, Isabel 113 Sterner, Erit: V. 49, 179 Stevens, Brooke Stewart, Doug 44 Stewart, Meredith 113 Stolo, Breanna 157 Strain, Aliza 28 Strawn, Jonathon 43, 113, 165 Strckow, Kahaulani 178 Stringer, Jennitcr I 13 Suess, Kathr)•n f. 63 Suess, Katie 5g Sugar, Mitzi 24, 82, 114, 122, 123 Sugimoto, Chanin D. 49 Sullivan, Amy D. 63 Sulliv:ln, Lee 83 Sullivan, Steven S. 49 Sundell, Erin 114 Sunwandy, Yinda 114, 177 Suryadinat, Kwee 52 Sutano, Tanro 177 Sutfin, Erin 157 Suthann, Alison l SS Swce?.e}', Lynn 160 -161 Swissman, Megan 155 S:tAlbO, Kri~ten 43, 44

t Tabakian, Taline 28, 83 Tabatabi, Arezou 49 Tachicra, Kelly 63, 159 Tajudin, Muhamad r. 114 Tajuni, Thcrcsia 177 Takeda, Ayako I 14 Talbort, Leanne I 14, 159 Tam Sing, Evcret 114 Tam, Domingo 114 Tam, Lill)• Tam, Steven 176 Tamborello, James 114 Tamparong, Gerard 189, 194 Tan, Asmina 177 Tan, D.]. 167, 190

Tan, Harijanto 177 Tan, Rosliany 1 14, 177 Tanada, Mdissa 114 Tanaka, Yuki 52 , 11 4 Tand, Asmina 52 Tang, Neil 178 Tantiham, Sandy 43, 49 Tanuwidjaja, Linda 177 Tappe, Stephanie 52, 11 4 Tari n, Staci 188 Tarin, Sraci 157, 188 Tarlos, Michelle 114 Tasto, Patrick 11 4, 190 Taylor, Robert 52 Tazioli , Andrea 157 Tengan, Kevin 1 14, 176 Tengco, Michele 23, 63, 129, 146 Teran , Armando 52 Teran, Diana 52, 1 14 Terlizzi, Greg 2 13 Terry, Descan 185 Teyes, Alan 179 Thabet, Andrea 31 Thelen, Mic hael 169, 206 Thinzar, Aye 179 Thomason, Stacy I 14 Thompson, Adam 43 Thompson, Dr. Seth 24 Tho mpson, Jean 176 Tiksi, Chiari 11 4 Timbal, Steven 52 Timpani, Elisabetta r. Tingzon, Dean I 67 Tinsley, I ,isa 114 T irakayos, Roy 52 Toal, Mary Catherine 114 Tobin, Elizabeth 194

Toerner, (;retchcn 159 Tokarska, Anna 159 Tolani , Sona !55 Tolo u, Rahar 114 Tong, Tithny N. 49 Toomey, Joseph 83, 114 Toro, Maile Anne 176 Torres, Eric 20, 52, 179 To rres, Hector 43, 49 Torres, Olivia 179 Toscano, K:uina 49, 182 Tracy, Lori-Ann 188 Trad, Tarik 52 Tral路c canty, Maria 114 Tramicl, Kai 51 Tran, Lysa 179 Tran, Tracey 155, 191 Tran, Zuan 179 Treinen, Michelle 8 2, 159, 194 Treinen, Steve 2S Trietsch, Elizabeth Tritlc, Lawrence I 9 Tritto, M:.m I 94 T ryon, lman 49 Tsai, Janet 43, 178 Tsai, Jill 178 Tsao, jay 114 Tschinkcl, Bridgerre 188 Tsuji, Matthew 11 5, 176 Tucker, Beth 11 5 Tucker, Patrick 11 5 T ucker, Theresa 63 Tumpak, Daniel 44,49 T upas, Patricia 179 Turillo, Stephanie 27 Turley, Stephanie 115 Turner, Erika 1 IS Turner, Nakeya 185

Tvkr, Robert 1 15 Tyskiewicz, Katv 57

u U maki , Michael R. 49, 176,179 Umoren, Tamiko N . 49 Underhill, Jennifer 115 Ungvari, And rew M. 63 U rbano, Jesse 49, 179 Urena , Roberto 182 Urrutia, Martina Urrutia, Tina 47 Uy, Ryan 179 Uylo<lll , Stephanie 23, 115, 184, 188

v Vadman, Daphine 49 Vail , Robert 171 Vakb:antos, Shivohn 188 Valdivia, Lucia 182, 191 Valdivia, Roberto 167 Valentine, Kimberly 155 Valenzuela, Denise 189 Vali n, Marya 182 Vallejo, Ana Van Dieren, Amber L. 63, 155 Van Loo, Stephanie 115, 188

Van Reyn, Std~\llie 44 Vander Linden, Jacob 20, 83, 115, 194 Varenchik, T roy Alan 42, 43, 115 Vargas, John 115, 194 Vargas, Juan 47 Varner, Don n~\ 220 Varner, Karie 3 1 Vasques, Sandra 19 1 Vasquez, Alicia Ann 115, 155 Vasquez, Gustavo 83 Vasquez, Mike 190 Vasquez, Ray 44, 52 , 115 Vazquez, Christina M . 63 Vazquez, Gabby 189 Vazqucz, Gabriela 191 Vazquez, Tulia 52, 176 Veitch, Kristin 23, 115 Velasquez, J\lma 116 Velasquez, Henry 116 Vdk, Devin 116,157 Vcloz, Selena 116 Ventura, Jason 116 Venturini , Laura 24, 32, 189 Vera, Cynthia 116 Vera, Isabel De 179 Vergara, Michelle 11 6 Vcrheyen, Dr. Dirk 24 Versmcssen, Emmanuclle Vietnamese Club 184 Vi llatana, Gustavo 116 Villaluna, Fred 179 Villamater, Jason M. 49 Villanueva, Anne 179 Villanueva, Connie 179 Villanueva, Katrina 49, 179 Villanueva, Vincent 167 Viramo ntes, David G. 49, 19 1 Visco, H eather D. 49 Vo, Peter1 84 Vol!, Nicole R. 63 Volman,Mark 116,126,127, 169 Von Dcr Ahe, Jenny 155 Vu, Mai 116 Vu, Victor 63, 178, 179, 184 Vukodinovich, Michell 43 Vuoso, Steve 3 1


!\ -




WaaJe, Jennifer E. 49 Waannom, Adam 179 Wada, Ben I 78 Wada, Benl 84 Wada, Benjamin 50 , 178, 184 \Vahjosoeddibjo, Edwin 177 Wakefield, Michael 116, 169 Walter, Christopher 4 3, 50, 116 Walter, Katie R. 50



W.tltameycr, lcnnv 155 W.tlterl>, Kellv . \Valrh:-~11 , Ju'~in 176 W:~lmn , R.tdtd 27, 28 \\1:-~JHi ro, Rd-x:c<:.l Want/., R).lll 116, 190 Ward, Andre\\ 169 \\1:-~rd, Jo.ulnJ 185 W:~rd - Henninger, Ev:\11 63 \V,\1\:h:un, KJi,ten 116, 160, 161 W,trmkessd, M.1i Ling I 16 W:trner, Kyle 163, 17 1 W:~shington, Libra 176 Washington, Sonvn S 1 Wasito, Luke 177 Watson, Rodtdk 51 ? 10"''"~ ' ' 18 ,..,, Weaver, Je nnifer Webb, Lindsav 36 Webb, 1\ k g.u; 188 Weber, 1\like 43, 52 Weber, Rm~ 11 7, 167 Week~, 217 Wei , I klio 44, 117 \Veinrckh, ~- 43, SO Wdgar;r, Nellv 20 Wendel , Di.m~ 117 WenJr, Rob H . 63 Weninger, Jdr 11 7, 163, 167 , Eric T . 63 \Vem wonh, 1\l:lrk 11 7 Wesl>dy, Jerenw D. 50 We~ton, Pat rick 27, 11 7 Whalen, l'vldissa 11 7 Wh:tng, N icole Wheekr, Susie 159 Whelan, Melissa 82 White, Mandv 24 11 7 White, Rand Sl ' White, Rob 82 White, Whitm:v I I. 63 Whitt en, Widj.lja , Li:-tnny 44, 50, 177 \ Vidyaatam.tdj.t, Stdanm路 177


Widya.nm:~dja , ~ l.lri.l s .'ll7

Wilber, Jennifer 155 \Vilk, Jacque 188 Wilkinson, Tim 117 William~ , Debor:lh 1 ) 7, 159 \Villi.tms, t\ turid 117 \Villi.tmson, Jon 165 \Villi.unson, Luke 1 6~ \Villi1>, Liz 155, 188 Wilson, C hristine C. 63 Wilson, De bbic 19 5, 2 1() Wilson, I leather A. 50 Wilson, L.nrice 52 Wiltz, Erik:\ 51 Wimberly , Kathryn 159 Winglidd, K.tren 51 ' 1 8~ 1OtJ "'" ' \ Winston, \Vendv 11 7 Witt , L:~shawn is3, 185 \Voen , Lenny 52 Wollner, C:u:oline I 17, 188 Wolo\\ io , D:~nid 23, 169 Wong, Jenny 117

\Vong, Jol'dvn Wong, t\kli~'a SO Wood, Christ\' 117 \Vothersp<xm: Stl'\'e I 17 \Vrana, ~ora 176 Wynne, Peggy 52

y Yacoub, Wad 169 Yamaok:t, Barrv 165 Yamate, Brent .178 Yang, Fawn 43, 11 7 Yasseri, Amir 169,2 14 Yasuhara, Je<\11 82 Ybanez, Susanna 43, 117, 179 Yee, C hristine SO Yee, Parker 44, 11 7 Yeh, ~ lcl issa Yeung, Irene Sum \Van 11 7 Ymoren, Tamiko 183 Yniguez, Amhom路 117 Yokoty, l>.brk 179 Y<x>, Rod 176 Yoshida, Traci 117 Young, Clud 44, 117, 176 Young, C lllisrian 195,214 Young, James Marcus 176 Young, ~h.-had 117 Young, Mike 27 Yuen, Simon 118, 178 Yung, Katherine C. SO

z !--abar, _Nicole S. SO, 179 Zachanas, Don 23 , 28, 57 Zacuro, Jenniti.:r 28 Zagzebski, Limb 21 Zakarias, 1:-:Szter 57, 1 18 Zalkr, Ant honv Zanetos , john 路D. 63 Zapa nh :~, Alex 178, 179 Zarate, Paola 191 Zarieki, Anna 44, 118 Zdenek, Chad 52, 118 Zeilstra, Kellv 24 82 Zein, Moh;ll~led Zeisler, Kimberkv 155 Zia, Deba 50 , I Zietzke, John 31, I 7 1, 190 Zimme rman, Karhv 43 Zimme rman, Patt\; 43 Zterzke, John li S Z ucker, James 27,83 Zusman, Shanon 118





top ten reasons

( N 0 T) to ioin Tower Yearbook 1996-1997 10. fashion foto your posterior 9. she promised that the $32,970 was paid! 8. CHANGE REASON IN PROOFS 7. there isn't one! 6. jeff is hotter than a sigma chi with a goatee-grrrr! 5. (reason not yet completed} 4. asbestos! asbestos! asbestos! 3. dancing with the?#@&%! 2. govercoming adversity 1. flunkies 0. i hope it wasn't something I did! 381





agentes in rebus if anyone ever asks you to edit a yearbook, say no. but if you 'rc reading this, our improbable odyssey must have come somehow to an end and the morbidly obese albatross that has hung f(:>r months around our necks borne us into heaven upon its gossamer wings. if you're not reading d1is, well, nevermind. it's really too bad everyone couldn't have been here with us- arguing about fonts, sleeping on the floor (thanks for the couch, student affairs!), eating either frozen or f.:1st food, racing to the 24hour post office on century blvd. before midnight, and watching the sun rise-and collecting a modest financial compensa6on at the same time. we actually wish that you could have been here with us, we could have used the help. what this book represents is rnore than a year at Ioyola marymount university. it is evidence that three off -baJance, a little nutty, irresonsible, procrastinators, slacker, non-linear tl1inkers can actually accomplish something usually assigned to people much more together than us. we would like to thank our entire staff, especially those who actually flnished their sections. there is a lot to be said for manipula6ng your friends, so thanks to all of our friends who came to our rescue, after being conned with promises of fame and fortune. we never could have finished this book without the help of the Loyolan, a team that provided an endless source of copy, talented writers and comedy. scott would personally like to thank Blackstreet for "No Diggity," they taught him how to bag it up, which amounted to the successful completetion of the book.




Tower Photography Staff: Scott Groller, Photo Editor, Sa ra Morris, Daryn Beauchesne, Sherry Leadmon, Tim Scott, Denise Espinoza, Alex Galvez, Dale Brodie, Michael Schodorf, Phil Rajew ski, Michelle Bella, and Ryan Chute. Photo by Groller. All photos © Tower Yearbook 1997.

colophon Volume Fourteen of l.oyob Marymounr's 'Jim>tT Ycnrlmolt was published by Herlf·Jones in Logan, Utah. The press run was 3000. Layout and design was done on PowerM~Ki n tosh computers using Quark XPress 3.33. The cover is debossed in light grey on burgundy lcathertcx. Text on the spine and cover was applied using a silk·screcn ;\nd light grey ink. The end-sheet is a cusrom die· cut on Herfl'·Jones' "tundra." paper. Binding is Smvth sewn and round back. Four·color photographs were printed by Michael Frankli n Studios in Los Alamitos, Calit(>rnia ;\nd Fashion Foto in Westchester, Calif()rnia. Almost all photographs were shot and developed by the Tower Yearbook photography st;tll'. Senior Portraits, Greek and unden:lassnK·n pictures were takl~n by /vlichad Franklin Smdios.


Photographs in G rn~k, scrvicc organization and cu lture.: club secrions wcre all ti.1rnishcd by the organizarions. Club and org;tnization group photos were taken by the 'Jinl'cr Ycnrlmolt phoro sratr. The book was concieved and dcsigned by the.: Editors-in-Chid; Eva Banks, Scott Groller and Jctr Kearns. The book's thenK' was rese;trched by Andrea Sehombaum. Almost all Bodv copy, phow captions and photo credits arc set in Galliard. Additional typclaces used arc Birch , Bodoni, Futura, Fr:mklin Gothic, He lv~:tica, Wcissach. Inspiration t(u· this book came fi·om the t(>llowing musicians: Natalie Merchant, Sebadoh, Phish , D<.· La Soul, Bbckstrcet, Erykaha lhdu, Daw Matth~:ws Band, l J , Cool I, Stevie Wonder,

Arthea Franklin , the Grcatful Dead, Superchu Primus, Nirvana, Folk Implosion, rhe P-Funk, Portishead, Tori Amos, A Tribe Called Quest, Pavement and our ti·iendlv upstairs neighbors, KXLU. Additionallv, Tower Yrnrbool: \\'ould not h IKen able to have been completed without cxplitivcs. And lots of 'em. Towa Yc:m·lmolt is primed t()l· ;til full-time studcnts ;lt Lovol;t Marvmounr Uni\'ersirv. E;t full-time stude.nt· is asse~sed '' yc;trbook t~c of $28. Non-Studcms were able to purchase.: the . hook tor S43. l Inquiries about any aspect ofrhis book m•t' be direered ro 'linl'tr Yenrlmol:, Loyola Marvmount Uni,·ersit\', 7900 Lovola Bini. l.q Ang~lcs, Ca 90045. (3 10) 338 -5.145. I







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1997 LMU Yearbook