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Seniors Activities

Sweet fragrances Signal the winds of change. Small breezes that turn into gusty forces, propelling me to I know not where. The air bites me and stings me, it accuses me of hypocrisy, it blows through my hair and entangles my mind. It teases me, plays with me, it picks me up and hurts me, rushes me to an undefined expansion.

Only the sweetest fragrances signal the winds of change, and they begin by circling, whispering, hinting at the life within me .



~, .


Change has come toLMU • • . for some too fast • • . for some too slow.


A sweet fragrance. brings the winds of change . . .





. . .bringing old days and fleeting remembrances . . .


. . .. '

. . . memories stored and treasured in the heart, unlocked by a wisp of air.




"Loyola Marymount is discovering new ways to communicate lasting realities so needed in today's worlda sense of community and mutual respect, dedication to building a more just society, a concern for responsibility and for moral development, and a deep, personal religious faith that fosters hope and gives birth to love."


Donald P. Merrifield, S.J. University President

"Certainly the most dramatic change on our campus in the past few years is the presence, participation and contribution of women to the total educational enterprise . . . a change which has made LMU a happier, healthier, learning environment.'' Sister Renee Harrangue, RSHM University Provost



''Education .E mbraces Tradition And Opens The路 Door .. To Change . . ."


leon levitt Dean of Continuing Education

Fr. Charles Casassa Chancellor


Thomas Quinlan Dean of Students

C. Melvin Davidson Dean of Fine and Communication Arts

Theodore Erlandson Dean of Liberal Arts

Dr. James Foxworthy Dean of Science and Engineering

Fr. John Clark Vice President, Academic Affairs

Dr. Richard Williamson Dean of Business Administration


Dr. Thomas Taylor Physics

Dr. Leland Swenson Psychology

Dr. Melvin Bertolozzi English

Fr. Robert Taylor Philosophy

Allen Gray Political Science

Marion Brody Lib. Arts Office

Suzanne DeBenedittis Religious Studies

Dr. William Collinge Philosophy

Sr. Teresita Fay English

Dr. Kuen-Puo Chuang Civil Engineering

Bogidor Avramov Music

Jay Busse Speech Comm.

Cathe rine Emenaker Registrars Office

Dr. Jacqueline Dewar Mathematics




Arnold Herrera Psychology

Dr. John Brenner Mechanical Eng.

Pa ul Salamunovich M usic

Dr. Carl Kadner Biology

Dr. Julian Hatcher Electrical Engin.

Dr. Angelo DeGennaro Modern Languages

Dr. George Hess Bus. Admin.

Dr. Jim Faught Sociology

Dr. Daniel Stage Bus. Admin.

Fr. Ernest Sweeney History

Fr. Tho ma s McCormick Dr. Jo hn McN ei l Psycho logy Physics

Emmett Jacobs Theatre Arts

Virginia Barnelle Theatre Arts

Luis Ramirez Chicano Studies

Ronald Galway Afro-Amer. Studies

Juan Alvarado Chicano Studies



Dr. Julius Brown Business

Br. Smulders Biology

Fr. Herold Ryan English

Dr. Lance Blakesly Political Science

Dr. James Mathieu Urban Studies

Dr. Bill Fitzgerald Political Science

Dr. R. Macleod Chemistry

Dr. Jasper Blystone Philosophy

Howard Myers Art

Col. Slezak Aerospace Studies

Dr. Graciela Limon Spanish

Dr. Hugh Gray Greek Studies

Pauline Khuri-Majoli


Mr. lopp Aerospace Studies



·•· ..... . ....... ..•·....r ... .. .... r.: '~'... ,. .. r ·..,\..." ... . . .. . •


Sr. Munoz Art Students se e m more aware of the world around them, more conce rn ed about a academic structu red program that includes profession a l preparation, and more com mitted as persons to make lif e a deep experience. All you need i s love, Peace, Joy and Hope and H app iness wi ll follow. Brother Anthony Smulders


Dr. Claire Pfenniger

Warren Sherlock Comm. Arts

Tom Reynolds English

Fr. Randy Roch e Chaplain


.\..,~ Sr. Gussonhoven English

Dave Benadaret Basketbal l

Robert Braus Religion

Gertrude Robinson Music

.-.\.~MAN,...~ Olga Con nely Sports

Fr. Humphreys Political Science



Dr. John Waggoner Biology

Dr. Seid Zekavat Economics

Richard Kocher English

Dr. loretta Morris Sociology

Fr. Clarence Wallen Mathematics

Dr. Joseph Earley Economics



Dr. Catherine Connor Psychology

Fr. Floyd Jenkins Biology

Dr. Renate Thimester Economics

Dr. Irving Kessler Psychology

Dr. S. Minichiello History

Ben Abbene Comm. Arts

Dr. Patricia Wa lsh Psychology

Sr. Marie Anne Mayeski Relig. Studies

Dr. Sharon l o cy English

Dr. Dia na Flamholtz Bus. Admin.

Dr. Richard Brissenden Fr. Alfred Kilp Psychology University Relations

Dr. Lynn Gross Comm. Arts

Conrad Schwarze Mathematics

Fr. Tom Higgins Religion

Dr. Diane Stauts Education

Dr. Thomas Hanrahan Modern Languages

James Espinosa Physics

William Trott Civil Engineering

Haydee Reigadas Spanish

Dr. Odell Harris, Jr. Sociology

Dr. KGtherine B. Free Theatre Arts

Donald A. Anderson Director, Industrial Relations

Dr. Dennis Zill Mathematics

Elvin Watts Controller

Dr. Francis Carothers English

"The fundamental values of the "old" Loyola have not changed, because they are eternal and are still with us. In other words, the Loyola life and the Marymount life of the past are still here, although the manifestations have changed. Some of the traditions have disappeared such as intercollegiate football, the annual mandatory religious retreats, and Homecoming Week. Alfred J. Kilp, S.J.


_,..L_ _ ,

Dr. Bob Ackley Theatre Arts

Paul Kaufman Speech Communication

James Bowie Bus. Admin.

Dr. Philip Woodard English

Dr. Joseph Callinan Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Roy Houston Biology

Fr. Hanford Weckbach Fr. Hebert Ryan Physics Relig. Studies

Fr. John Ki lleen Economics

Dr. Richard Sawaya English


Dr. Charles Bunker Bus. Admin.

Clinton Albertson, S.J. Dr. Howard Towner English Biology


Fr. John O'Neill Classics


Dr. Howard Delaney Philosophy

Sr. Martha Fitzpatrick History

Fr. Robert Welch Political Science

Fr. James Markey Rel ig. Studies

Dr. Arlene Szabo Biology

Dr. Robert Cleymaet Modern Languages

Fr. James Draper Liberal Arts

Dr. Ca ro l Su llivan Li beral Arts

Dr. Alfred Lightfoot Education

Sr. Renehan History

Dr. Carlton Dudley Bus. A d min.

Dr. Peter Haen Biology

Fr. Robert Caro English


Fr. Thomas Ra usch Relig. Studies

Sr. Martin Byrne Bus. Admin.

Fr. Peter Ciklic 路 Psychology

Anthony lvancich Dance


Dr. David Killoran Engl ish



Mary Blanding Afro-American

Fr. Richard Rolfs History

Bro. John Grever History

Fr. Ralph Tichenor Relig. Studies

Wade Peterson Mathematics

Fr. Michael Callahan Comm. Arts

Milt Gelman Comm. Arts

LeRoy Southers Music

Dr. Edith Perlmutter Economics

George Schell Speech Comm.

Dr. Marjorie Crutchfield Education

Fr. Terra nce Mahan History

Dr. Lucien Rico Modern Languages

Sr. Judith Royer Theatre Arts

Dr. Randall Jimenez Chicano Studies

Bill Barron Public Relations

Bill Wilson Physical Plant

Tom Kelly Comm. Arts

Dr. Alex Aloia Education

Betty Smith Housing

Fr. Theodore Marshall Library

Fr. Bill Cain Chemistry

Dr. Sara Lieberman Psychology

Bob Karlinsey Art

Dr. Frelinger Health Services

Jeanie Conley Student Activities

Fr. Arenz Engineering

Bro. Yoshaiki Physics

Fr. Kavanaugh Classics

Dorothy O'Malley Library

Richard Kocher English


I Joe Stone Comm. Arts





los angeles loyolan


Excitement, Thrills, Tears, Drama, Bargains, Insight, Education, Philosophy, Filth, Emotion and so much more! TYPESETTER EXTRAORDINAIRE, MARIE POLIZZI


Everyone reads the Loyolan

staff The Los Angeles Loyolan Established February 9. 1923 Gene Gable ......... . ..... Editor Bernard Sandalow .... News Editor Jim Hillson ....... Features Editor Mike Amodei ....... Sports Editor Bill Carero .... . ..... Photo Editor Paul Stiver .... Contributing Editor Frank Lang ........... Production Consultant Karin Rimel ............ Business Judy Scholts ............. Layout Marie Polizzi ......... Typesetting Philip Woodard . ......... Faculty Advisor Art Mike Street. Nancy Sanchez, Terry Taforo. Dan Pasini.


Photographers Jose Garcia, Nels Israelson. Frank Fiedler.

Writers Lillian Suffolk. Cary Darling. Jim Fiedler. Lou Stagnitto. Terry Dunn. Greg Clint<..o-n. Dave Hamilton. Tony Nyerges . Sherry Hillson . Frank Fiedler. Denise Dixon. Michelle Vranizan, Helen Cowan. Kevin Coupe. Brad Newfield. Pat Reagan, Andrea Garancovsky. Tim Davidson. Leon Perahia. Wayne Love. Therese Wells, Nancy Sanchez .. Jon Leonoudakis, Diana Loffarelli. Alison Taufer.

Published weekly except during exam periods during the scholastic year at Loyola Marymount University, 7101 West 80th Street, Los Angeles, California 90045, and at Loyola University School of Law. Our phone numbers are 642-2879 and 642-9140. This is a student publication. The news, features or editorials do not necessarily reflect the views of Loyola Marymount University.


Knights Of Columbus

Counseling Center Dr. Hank Durand Dr. Brian Robinson Dr. Lyda Girton Maryanne Brad ley Joyce Farmer


Patricia Hawkesworth Carol Howe Ruth Maietta Bernice Russell Collette Wilson

Crimson Circle Elected by the student body, the Crimson Circle is a service organization comprised of junior and senior class members. Dedication and service are the focal points, not just to the administration of Loyola Marymount, but to the ASLM student body as well. Any student organization or administrative office may request the free services of the Crimson Circle for their functions. From registration to Open House and graduation, from ASLM movies to ballot counting and blood drive sign-ups, the Crimson Circle perform.

OFFICERS: President - Jim Parenti Vice President - Mario Palladini Secretary/ Treasurer - louis Segovia Moderator- Fr. Kilp, S.J. MEMBERS: Joe Baldo AI Cardenas Bill Crosson Rick Faulkner Tony Gambucci Mike Guerrero luis Hernandez Bob Holmquist Mark Jacoby Jeff Laufenberg Skip line Tom Mirich Tim Montoya Rick Morgan

Joe Mullin Bud Neal Jeff Niedermeyer Tom O'Brien Mario Palladini Jim Parenti Wally Peck Dave Petrich larry Prior Pandy Pritel V ince Rudinica Keith Sabala Jack Saccomando Bob Scharf

louis Segovia Pete Siggins Carlos Sosa Mark Stadler Mike Sunderland Dave Tellez Ray Thompson Paul Tripe Arnie Vega Tom Waszak Mike Wilson Tom Woolway


OFFICERS: Head Facilitator - Ruben Sholander Vice Facilitator- leo Quintanar Publicity Facilitator- Regina Smith Correspondence Facilitator - Debbie litzelman Financial Facilitator - Mark Ybarra Moderators- Dr. Cathy Connor Dr. Trisha Walsh

Psychology Society

MEMBERS Cathy Sargent Irene Calvin Tim Mahan Tim Ricks Janet Ormond Jose Felix Pat Peralta Costella Walker lisa Engel Tim Gahagan Lisette Navarro Eva Sestini Michelle Minion Pauline Recolan Karen Agelson Cathy Rose Robin Yaros Tom Jones

Martha Montgomery Christina Slinsky Jill Zapp Vince Rosato Irene Madrogal Daisy Castellor Jean PfaHinger Brian Ackerman Mike Mandaville Anne Serrano Martin Cousineau Valerie Dorio Alicia Quintanilly Sachike Minamy Maureen McCool Imelda Maher Eileen Reaza Caprice Pelonis

Cornel Artho Carmel Moore Rod Herrera Debbie litzelman Ingrid Vermey leo Quintanar Fred Stein Patty Pressimone Regina Smith Mark Ybarra Robert Myusawa Ruben Sholander Christopher Forest Cindy Knapp Bonifacio Garica Donna Blaton lynn Magorien Jim Ciuk



Legal Society

Advisor: Dr. Sibeck Eugene Gleason Donlad Alvarado

A. Maria Pena Robin Ste. Marie Maria Gutierrez Patrick Brown Bill Olson Nick Cipiti Mike Dultz Kevin Payne Wilson Mar Rick Hurst Craig Cynch Erythe Smith Mark Boling Craig Deleo Stephanie Carlos Jim Fielder John Kevin Gayle Lynn Mary Bianco Brian Mitchell Meiling Lee Doris Goodman Terry Flynn John O'Kennedy Mary Pelonis Greg Santillo Terry Canfield Gaye de Santis Debbie Childs Debra Lenichek Rick Chaslein Gail Reismani

Donna Mascari Tony Marino Eric Steinman Janet Vanbrook Michael Guerrera Jeani Daniel Darryl Genis Mark Harris Richard Greta Rene Alexander Michael Sheerin Patrick Larrimer Carlos Sosa Lewis Clapp Pamela Poggione Joe Zirbel Terry Wood Peter Hardash Gregory Docino Richard Rodriguez Robert Hubbell Patricia Montgomery Mark Haack Cliff MacGillivray John Moorehead Oscar Camacho Jose Velasco Kathy Guy Cathy Sargent Mary Turk Matt Knickrehm Marta Thoerner Nick Daffern Marvis Hardy





T o protect and serve."


Head Resident: Jim Parenti Resident Advisors: Sue Mergenthaler Joni Harshman Maril Shanahan Claudia Vellozzi Pam Johnston Diane Hastert Bill Fierro Mario Palladini

Tau Beta

Pi STUDENTS Ron Akan Joe Peloquin Pat Kong Bob Scharf Mark Newell Ed Curry Savid Chow Bill Bacadi Simon Wu John Flente Jim Fiedler Gordon Johnson Wally Peck

ADVISORS Dr. Callinan Dr. Fisher Mr. Ritter Fr. Arenz FACULTY Dr. Foxworthy Dr. Brenner Mr. Trott Dr. Page Fr. Merrified

Tau Beta Pi is a national honor society for engineers and engineering students. Members are chosen on the basis of character and scholastic or professional achievement. The purpose of Tau Beta Pi is to recognize outstanding scholastic and professional accomplishments and to promote professional ethics.



Recreation Center ASSISTANT MANAGERS len Chermack linda Cugowski Tim lvie Jackie Moe Cathy Mullarrey Leonie Nelson Nick Norton Annette Prenovost John 5antamaria MANAGERS Mark Stalder Mark Mancuso CO-ORDINATOR STUDENT ACTIVITIES Joanie Conley

The Recreation Center and its employees strive to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere where students and faculty can relax and unwind. The center offers pool, ping pong, pinball and many other special events such as tournaments and informal dances. The Recreation Center has been known to be one of the liveliest places on campus during the afternoons because of the many exciting games and activities we sponsor.


Chinese Club OFFICERS: President- Peter Wong Vice President- Savio Chou Secretary- Joseph Wong Treasurer- Carina lai Social Chairman - Alicia Quintinilla MEMBERS: Derek Chan John Chan Tom Chan Dominic Chou Savio Chou Amy Chow Chris Chu Victor Dow Pat Kong Paul Kam Bernard Ku Irene Ku Rae Kwong Carina lai Desmond lou

Amy lee Caroline lee Eric lee Marianne lee Simon lee Hua Hsiang lin William luk Ninrat Pacharin Alicia Quintanilla Josee Seibert Gloria Shen leon Sun Annie Szeto Susan Tam Kieran Tseng

Arnold Tung Edward Wong Eric Wong George Wong Kristine Wong Peter Wong Samuel Wong Simon Wu Alex Young Jimmy Zi Peter Sablan Joseph Wong Ngai lim Wong


History Society OfFICERS: Presidel'lt - Jim Daubney Secretary - Mary Jane Jansa 1st Vice President - Mike Connally 2nd Vice President - Bonny Garica Moderator - Brother Grever MEMBERS Jeffrey Acebo MI:Jry C. Bianco Undo Braun Carl Bullard Terry Canfield Debbie Childs Julia Chlanda Michael Connolly John Curry Tom Donlon Kim Enger Robert Fannon Mike Gaffey Rudy Garica Andy Gauel

Rosanne Gonzales Rosanne Greff Jim Hayden Victor Jimenez MI:Jry Janders Douglas l e Claire Jean Hennessy Pamela line Gayle lynne Melissa Maccauley Brian Mitchell Jeff Niedermeyer Paula Niedermeyer Neal O'Toole Frank Ryan

Sr. Mary Euchaiia Ryan Klaus Seidlitz Tricia Snyder Carol Torris Rochelle Wahl Don Williams l aura Wolf Terri Wood George Vranau Mike Gibson Gaye De Santis Robin Ste. Marie Steve Brennan Dovid Cooper


Political Science Association


Chemistry Society

Gryphon Circle President: Kathy O'Brien Vice President: Paulo Kelly Secretary: Colleen Russell Treasurer: Cecilia Provencio Historian: Clare De Myer Moderator: Sr. Rene Harrangue Provost ROSTER Yvonne Arnold Denise Austin

Gryphon's Circle is a group of women who provide service to the University and community. Gryphon Circle is an organization that focuses its attention on campus activities and services as well as working with our surrounding community. Gryphons strive to bring a better understanding and involvement between our students ond local citizens.

Clare DeMyer Terri Escalante Ann Marie Green Patricia Hearne Sora Jacob Paulo Kelly Veronica Laband Rosie Lopez Judy Magee Vicki Marquardt Donna Mascari Michelle McGill Vee Molinari Pot Monahan

Kathy O'Brien Bridget O 'Keefe Cecilia Provencio Norma Provencio Mary Quinn Pam Rector Colleen Russell Norma Soleno Marie Steffen Lori Stewart Ginny Tucker Claudia Vellozzi Annette Walker Cathy Willey Theresa Winsell Mary Zitzelburger


Student Development Center

SKL SKL is o social club organized to promote parties and other social gatherings in order to foster the enjoyment of campus life at LMU. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Bob Allor Gary Courtland Chris DeGiorgio John Wolnisty MEMBERS Mark Aldrion Sandy Armstrong Victor Berrellez Sherry Bowen AI Cardenas Adrian Cardona Nickie Cascioro Eric Chevalier Jesus Cruz Ed Cylwik Willy Desmond Ann Didier Mike Dultz Matt Espiritu Tony Garcia Earl Hartling Rene Hernandez Jim Hillson Tony Hui Gordon Johnson Henry Jordon Don Koskovich Ed leNoir Skip line Steve lis Bob Moffitt Bud Neal Pot Novak :~aty O'Toole Mike Priest Chris Purcell Oscar Quintana Charles Rhoaste Geoff Sanders Tony Saunders Gloria Schmidt Toby Tellers Rochelle Wahl Javier Weckmonn Tom Woolway


Loyola Rowing Association A fraternal order of Loyola-Marymount Rowers rending its services to the Community and University, upholding the ideals and activities of the Crew Team and promoting the brotherhood and sisterhood in the amateur rowing at Loyola-Marymount University in the best traditions of sportsmanship. OFFICERS: Commodore- Robert Lopez Vice Commodore-Tom McDonnell Secretary- Skip Line Treasurer- Walt Lesley Historian -

Kevin Corcoran

Social Chairman- Mike Podegracy MEMBERS Thom Anderson

Tom Griley

Brad Owen

Colleen Beggs Helena Belneus

Pat Hearne

Dave Phillips

Pat Heating

AI Cardenas

Theresa Kenney Peter Keen

Mike Podegracz Mike Priest

Kevin Corcoran

Ken Rosenbury

Barry Creamer Nick Daffern

Stephaine Lebeck

Tom Dalrymple

Skip Line Robert Lopez

Lynn Wildason

Mark Falkenbach Maria Frank

David Marcy

Tom Woolway

Tony Gambucci

Tom McDonnell

Walt Lesley

Terry Theobald Richard Wagner Don Williams


LMU Belles

BELLES OFFICERS: Grace Briganti Mary Halcro Diane Hastert

Liz D. Murphy Michelle Prenouost Kathleen Roach


MEMBERS: Maria Detterich Linda Aguinaga Katie路Appelbe Terry Feeney Wendy HodKenenson Sally Boyle Debbie Humm Mary Britts Pam Johnston Nancy Brown Janice Burrill Irene Karch Mary Landers Cathy Cannon Katie Chambers Mary Lang Resa Daze Cathie Maciver Marhta de Ia Torre Doll Claseman Katie Maguire Gaye DeSantis


Valerie Malkin Kathy Marley Cathy Molnar Liz A. Murphy Paula Niedermeyer Mimi Orth Katie O'Toole Toni Pearsall Anne Rezzo Mary Rezzo Estelta Rivera

Eillee Roach Kim Rochford Anita Romo Roanne Ross Maril Shanahan Lillian Suffolk Carol Torres Sheila Tripe Jill Zapp

BELLES is an organization designed to serve the Loyola Marymount Community. The Belles hostess at a variety of events. These functions range from working registration, ushering plays on campus, luncheons and dinners and other miscellaneous events.

s L


Art Society OFFICERS: President- Pam line Secretary- Daphne Bongos Treasurer - Daphne Bongos Vice President- Jo Marino Moderator- Sr. Teresa Munoz

MEMBERS: Terry Theobald, Don Williams, Maribeth Hanrahan, Jaye Joslin, Kathy Melanson, Vivian Viscarra, Barbara Malley, Vee Molinari, Tryone Huntly, Debbie Faught, Will South, Renate Lichter, Sherly Vanderberg, Wilson Mar.

Peer Counselors PEER COUNSELORS Greg Alvarado Don Apodaca Tom Crawford Craig Cupp Chris DeGiorgio Ara Devian Terri Escalante Sharon Geraci Paul Griffo Kathy Guy Bob Healey Henry Jordan Tom Macha Jo Marino Kathy Marley Debbie Schenz Sara Velasco Claudia Vellozzi

Theater Arts Society


Hot L Baltimore

Cast Bill Lewis ........................ Bob Jones Girl . . ..................... Wendy Williams Millie ................... . .. Gabrielle Scott Mrs. BelloHi ................. Suzi Comcowich April Green .................... Katy Hewitt Mr. Morse . . . . ... . . . . . . .... . . ScoH Sheppard Jackie .................... Meg McSweeney Jamie .................... Timothy B. Honan Mr. Katz . . . . ...... . . . ......... Joe Marinelli Suzy ......... . ............ Valerie Stulman Suzy's John ............ Matthew Col)way Dunn Paul Granger Ill .. ... . ...... . ..... John Billeci Mrs. Oxenham ............ Patricia A. Jacobson Cab Driver ................... Michael J. Dias Delivery Boy .. . .. . ...... . . . .. Steven A. Moss





~--------------------------------- - ~--------------~

Lambda Sig Moderator: Sister Renee Harrangue, RSHM President: linda Vairo Vice-President: Betsy Kier Secretary: Gail Reisman Treasurer: Madeline Marchante Historian: Susie Vitali Rush Chairwoman: Doll Claseman Public Relations: Arlene Hackl MEMBERS Saeedeh Afrakhteh Margie Aurelio Lissa Blomer Mary Ellen Brooks Nancy Brown Linda Bryan Nancy Bryan

Shell and Oar


Suzanna Bulder Irene Barrantes Kathy Diaddorio Connie Ferris Charlene Grasser路 Cathy Hoyt Debbie Jordon

Chris Kearney Pattie Montanez Janet Pruett Cathy Sehrer Terri Serrato Terri Ventura Fay Woo




Sailing - Club

Society of Women Engineers


.s I



Society Of Automotive Engineers

Officers: President- John Polodion Vice-President- Ron Akou Secretory-Treasurer- Bob Gross Moderator - Dr. Brenner


Biology Society

Biology Society exists to foster a spirit of lively interest in biological sciences, to present information regarding career opportunities, and to provide on important avenue of communication between faculty and students, by both educational and social activities.

OFFICERS: President - Skip Line Vice President - Bob Allor Treasurer - Oscar Quintana Secretary - Chris De George Moderator - Dr. Peter Hoen


American Society Of Civil Engineers Robert Scharf- President Javier Weckmonn - Vice President Norma Patricio Aizpuro- Secretory Robert Heal y - Treasurer Our goal is to increase the awareness of the Civil Engineering student and of th e entire engineering population with the accomplishments and duties of the Civil Engineer today.


M e


h a California Coastal Preservation Society

(TOOBS) TOOBS, The California Coastal Preservation Society. It is an ecological as well as social group which has organized themselves around one focal point, the Southern Californian Coastline. It is the express purpose of this organization to maintain as well as enjoy this vast natural surrounding. MEMBERS Mark Beanchette Vince Rudenica Brad LaCour Tom O'Brian Jeffy V. Niedermeyer Paula Niedermeyer Mimi Orth Katie Appelbe Danny Bryant Jerri Gau

Kathy Hinsberg Vince Palmer Guy Field Eddie Nunez Joe Peterson Jon Robinett Mike Huber lynn M. Patty Daze


Arnold Air Society


Hui Kumulipo

Hui Kumulipo is LMU's fast growing Hawaiian Club. Its purpose is to promote the Aloha spirit to the entire student body, and to provide a sense of togetherness for the students from the island state, and their friends. Most activities are Hawaiian - luaus, banquets, and performances, but Hui Kumulipo also sponsors many picnics, outings, and intramural participation. These, plus helping to recruit new students from Hawaii for the Admissions Office earned Hui Kumulipo the 1975-1976 Outstanding Organization of the Year Award. So from all of us to LMU, a very warm ALOHA. Kevin Acebo Greg Achido Ronald Akua Neal Arakaki Craig Asato Phyllis Babinski Hilda Baeza Ricky Bautista Grace Boloson Leslie Bowen Sherry Bowen Len Chermack Wesley Chun John Coito Paul Corpuz

Helen Coorluris Michael Cox Clore Demyer Gena Fenody Liz Frey Aileen Gorzo Bryan Gomes John Hollinroke Robert G ross Mike Huber Toni Hui Peter Jay Greg Jeung Randall Kam Pat Kimura

Stephanie Kimura Diane Kondo Eugene Kumasaki Bob Lestronge Kristen Lum Stuart Lum Melissa Macauley Valerie Malkin Archie Martin Arlene Marinez Patrick McGinn Raynold Miguel Andy Miller David R. H. Miller Carolina Mijares

Gloria Moore Tim O'Brien Tom O 'Brien CindyOgawo James Ohye Clyde Okamura Roy Okimoto Liz Osaka Bonnie Oshiro Sabrena Owen David Pena Jeffery Penhall Mary Quinn Pauline Recolan Monica Rodriguez

Leah Romero Kelsey Sindiong Luke Shimatsu laurie Shirai Kay Swikort Randy Tajima Mark Tang Lawrence Tong Kieran Tseng Mark Walczak David Won Dennis Won Derrick Wong Philip Wong Dennis Yamauchi

Jimmy Zi Randy lmai Eric Freed Pedro Castillanos Bill Desmond l'om Carretta Cherly Brenneman Denise Hinrichs Terri Serrato Noloni Beckson Ann Miller


Philosophical Society

Tend erich Volunteer Fire Dept.


- Campus Maile Kekauoha Calendar Coordinator Michael McConville - Chairperson Randy Nakaba - Bird Nest Manager Joanie Conley - Coor. of Student Activities Peter Siggins - Member Michael Wilson - Member Jack Saccamondo - Member Kathy Downey - Member

Student Activities Board 65

Debate 66

Direct Route Dave Prenovost Bob Rima lisa Beverley Dan Pasini


Student Workers Gerard Gibbins -


Rob Hubbell -Assistant Director Hani Abutom Scott Adelmann Dove Branconier Sam Carasa Pete Denvir Ted Dirlam Bill Ferguson Rudy Garica Greg Gibbions Hector Gonzalez luis Hernandez Rich Ibarra Sandy Johnson Ken Meichtry Tom Power Joe Slavin Bill Stevens Brian Thomas


Angel Flight Angel Flight is a national organization whose purpose is to promote the Air Force, AFROTC, and Arnold Air Society. The Ira C. Eaker Flight was founded at LMU in 1968. It actively participates within the University and the community. This Flight has taken most of the major National Awards including the Purdue Cup in 1972. Roster: Advisor: Lt. Col. Norman P. Tyson Commander: Vee Molinari Executive: Brenda Branch Administrative: Pam Line Comptroller: Lori Stewart Barb Adargo Lori Ann Badurek Sharon Carpenter Karen Davis Gaye de Santis Jon Forsen Juliet Gomez Karla Goodman Denise Hull

Diane Hull Ofelia Jaregui Julie Kassai Ileana Limon Imelda Maher Mary Lou Martinez Zoe Valentine Susie Vitali

Women's Life Sciences Collective OFFICERS President- Marianne Clinton Vice President -

Michele McGill Bertica Rubio Secretary - Ann Hroscikoski Treasurer- Janit Mantilla Publicity- Ermelle Martinez Faculty Advisor- Arlene Szabo

MEMBERS Bob Allar Frances Banuelos Alena Baquet Groce Bolosan Grace Briganti Barbara Burke Chris DeGiorgio Charlee Doyle Terry Escalante Cathy Fleming Debbie Koch Francine Lane Skip Line Susan Marx Jeanette Mendez

Hermine Mrchnigian Sylvia Mudd Jude Novak Jennifer Ogg Bill Olson Cecelia Peiia Michele Prenovost Laurie Shirai Janet Simbala Renee Taylor Marianne Tellez Cathy Thaler Patricia Toapanta Theresa W insell 69

Italian Club


Polish American Society OFFICER: President- Donald Nealson Vice President- Marie Hodgson Secretary/ Treasurer - Mark Tobasz Moderator- Dr. Anthony Turhollow Asst. Moderator Czeslaw O l ec h no - Huszcza MEMBERS Marianne Murawski Renate Lichter Ann Hroscikosk Anthony Turhollow Eugenia Dziunikowska Mark Bodko Witold Dudzinski Ed Cylwik Theresa Matusiewicz Krystyno Pilecki Moria Furman

Math Club

The Moth Club serves as a forum for students and facu lty to acquaint themselves with one another outside of the classroom. In addition to the parties and sports activities, the Moth Club provides free tutoring for those who need help in math and it performs various other academically related services.

Allen Babuguro fritz Baumgartner Debbie Brown Tom Dock Paulo de Couto Jan Forsen Mario Guiong Bob lockhart Mike l otto Bill McGinley George Mann Anne Morhn Sue Miller Sondra Padilla Steve Picard Kurt Price Rick Scorine Chris Smith Tony Turhollow


Bike Club MEMBERS Annella Auer Pat Seal Colleen Beggs Keith Boniface Maria Booth Colleen Breslin Mary Britts Dean Brock Kathy Brown Pat Cain Michael Carey, Advisor Joseph Cherney Scott Cram Edward Cylwik Maria Delatorre Cormac Dorsey Terry Esparza Craig Griffith Maribeth Hanrattan Sherry Hillson Cathy Jolliffe John Kennedy Tim Koller Charles Lowder Terri Mazzilli


David Miller Karon Mitto Margaret Mortimore Brad Newfield Victor Nunez Ross O'Brien Michael O'Neill Jean Pfaffinger John Piepmeyer Patrick Poling Jon Preimesberger liz Purtell larry Rabellino Reid Raithel Amelia Ramirez Meg Reilly Ammon Rodan Leonard Ryan, President John Schonberger Christina Slinsky Chris Smith Roxanna Sully Seth Thompson Tom Villalobos Steve Waszak

The Bike Club became an official organization on campus this year (October, 1976) and was set up in order to promote bicycle riding as a means of transportation both at LMU and in the Westchester Community. During the year the club sponsored numerous activities including workshops where students were given useful tips on bike maintenance, safety, and cross-country touring. Bicycle trips to various places were also offered and sometimes these trips took the riders as for as Joshua Tree National Monument, San Diego, or Santo Barbaro or as close as UCLA, Malibu or Palos Verdes via the Beach Route.

Meum Est Secretary Mary Britts

President Ann Forsberg Vice President Ed McClune

Treasurer Terry Gutierrez Bob Nosh

Royce Dixon Debbie Alderson

Beth Ingram

Imelda Maher

Jo Marino Paul Trudelle

Maureen Gillespie Wilson Mar

Chris Forest Chris Magalanes Kathy Brown

Tom Portman Scott Crum Mary Gillespie Matt Marnell

And a ll th e numerous people who volunteered to help out for individual projects.

Meum Est is a volunteer service organization for community, as well as campus functions. We sponsor various projects for children, the elderly, the handicapped, and other needy causes. It is an important aspect that we rely on everyone in the university for support and help with these individual projects, otherwise, it would be impossible.

Modern Cultures Society OFFICERS Minerva Preciado Donna H. Tucker -

President Vice President

Armando W. Argandona - Treasurer Christine Briscoe - Secretary MODERATORS Dr. Grocielo Limon Dr. Carlos Wilson MEMBERS Karen Powell Susan Bolbier

Vee Molinari Lissett Rodriquez

Cathy Sargent Gilma Castro

Esther Broyles

Sabrina Selva

Hoydee T. Reigadas Terri Ventura

Abby Cano

Ed Resendez

Jim Hager

Maureen Morgan

George Magallanes Armando Bautista

Terri Serrato laura Gutierrez

Vicente Olaque Ileana Limon

Bernie Spolione

Laura Noe Paulo de Couto Oscar Ramirez Ileana Navarro Bob McBride

Carlos Soso Judy Cruzen Ramiro Fernandez Bridget O'Keefe Alvaro Francia Micky Bustillos

Nestor Pereira

Sergio Martinez

Randy Stewart A lfonso Estrada

Jonece Tisdell


Br. John Grever Manuel Nunez

Henry Wong

Ricardo Delgado

Dianne Dallape Mary Lang

Dan Severino

Helena Behrens

Marline Leiva Minnie Presto

Jim Stavang

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lion's Pride Staff

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Editors: Debbie Vessels Ed Kelsey Contributing Editor: Bill Brengetto Associate Editor: Mauro Gallagher Layout Editor: Scott Price Copy Editor: Tom Cendejas Photography Editor: Jose Garcia Jerry Brown Nels Israelson Bob Cetti Colleen Slattery Staff: Corine Bischetti Jan Drury Moderator: Tom Reynolds




Phi Kappa Theta


Phi I Sigma







Phi Sigma Kappa enjoys a long tradition at Loyola of Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Character; our Cardinal Principals. We are a Social fraternity, and as such have provided some of the best parties known in these parts. In addition, our community project, the Y-Pals program for fatherless boys, has earned us repeated awards and lavish praise. Gene Bissinger - President Don Montgomery - Vice President Kevin Dymond - Secretary Joe Heidelman - Treasurer Harry Morrow - Sentinel Kevin Dukesherer- Inductor Harry Carstens- Pledgemaster Thom Anderson Frank Baker Gilbert Budhu Paul Costa John Corrigan Witold Dudzinski Ed Garcia Harold Green Robert Kelly Mark Kirsnis John Knemeyer Joe landry Jim McEIIigot Harry Morrow Eric Noel Wally Peck Dave Pederson Ron Peralez Roger Picard Pete Pineda Ron Slater Chris Smith Robert Sully Marcel VanderSiuy Terry Wysoki Ted Humphrey Charles Pulasky


Sigma Sigma Sigma In the fall, Sigma Sigma Sigma, a Notional Ponhellenic Conference Sorority established a colony

at lMU. A lthough there ore many Alumnae chapters in California, this is the only collegiate group Tri Sigma has at present in California. Colonization is a new and unique experience. The young woman pledging Sigma will develop the basis of chapter life by establishing traditions, setting goals and activities and becoming involved on campus. The uniqueness of a colony is the opportunity for each girl to inherit the traditions of a notional Sorority, survey those of other Sigma chapters and colonies, yet create something of their own within the brood notional framework. Members of the colony were busy this year with rush; adopting the Univ. of Calif.-lrvine Hospital as their local philanthropic project; St. Patrick's Day Cookie Sale; Greek Week; Mayfaire; and meeting the National criteria necessary for initiation of members and installation of Tri Sigma's newest chapter. Members: Kathy McMahon - President, Pam Monahan - Vice-President, Barbara Heynen - Treasurer, Sherry Bowen- Secretary, l inda Avedian, Gloria Schmidt, Rose Swanson, Diona Guerra.


Alpha Phi President - loretta Slana Vice President - Dori Farkas Pledge Trainer- Eileen Flannigan Scholarship - Roanne Ross Treasurer- Virginia Burden Rush Chrmn. - Donna Kenyon Social Chrmn. - Julie Kinsella Moderator - Sr. Renee Harrangue

Debbie Armstrong Sondy Armstrong linda Barrett Virginia Burden Ruth Chapa M.ary Cremin Ann Cugowski Sue Cyprien Desiree Drehsen Karen Duke Gina Edwards Dori Farkas Eileen Flannigan Jan Guerra Cheryl Haynes Sheri Johnson Donna Kenyon Julie Kinsella

Mary Leonardi Diana loffarelli Gayle l ynne Marina Pena Evelyn Perez Joanne Polizzi Pattie Pressimone lily Ramirez Suzy Rodas Elsa Rodrigues Roanne Ross loretta Slana Alicia Spriggs Chris Tabatzky Christi Velasco Connie Velazquez Patty Vessell lisa Williams


President- Steve Escovedo Vice President- Jim Clarizio Secretary- Mark Brunet Treasurer- James Kerin Pledgemaster - Dan Moody Rush Chrmn. - John Kerin Mark Mayrand Historian - Derek Wong Rene Hernandez Social Chrmn.- George Barrich IFC Delegate- Jim Westrom Moderator- Fr. Richard Rolfs S.J. Faculty Advisor - Dr. Francis Carothers


Alpha Delta Gamma George Borrich Mike Baumann Bob Blanco Mark Brunet Tom Cerniglia Jim Clorizio Jeff Conlon Tony Correnti Bill Crosson Kevin Curtis Tim DeCou Steve Escovedo Jeff Frazier Rene Hernandez lloyd Higo Mark Hutchison Jim Kearney James Kerin John Kerin Rob Kraszewski Joe Leonardi Bud Lewis Gene Yamamoto

Henrey Manney Mark Moyrond Mark McCollick Steve McCutcheon Don Moody George Morris Bill Morrisette Bud Neal Mark Newell Jim Pickrell Ben Robinson Dorio Socomoni John Santamaria Bob Scharf Riley Schroder Pete Siggins Mark Stadler Mike Sunderland Moises Vasquez Walt Vinesky Chuck Walker Jim Westrom Derek Wong


Pi Kappa Alpha

Denis Anthony Bob Arronogo Tony Baldridge Gene Barry Dove Boca Bill Brengetto Dennis Constantinou Chuck Cooper Nick Daffern Peter Doyle Mark Folkenbach Phil Farinella Mike Finkle (Secretory) Rick Gardner Glenn Griley Tom Griley Mark Grossheider Mike Guerrero Henry Haddad Tim Hayes Eric Hench


Rick Hess Ed Kearns Bob Moffit Jock Nobrega Gregg Noel Jim Nordstrom Pot Novak Manny Nunez Kevin Payne Matt Pero Ed Planas Randy Pritel John Rickling Mark Ruiz Keith Sabala (Vice President) Wade Soydeh Kevin Shea Lou Stognito Bruce Stevenson Ed Strozzulla Pete Talley (President)

Darryl Tillmon Rick Valadez Jose Velasco Tom Walker Tom Woolway Tom Villalobos Tom Waszak Bob Zaniboni (Treasurer) Jon Goodwin UTILE SISTERS Molly Finn Gina Caruso Cindy Bergstrom Jeanne Brennan Jo Marino Ileana Limon Mark Turk Cathy Sargent Judy Latourette Jackie Moe Suzanne Hayes Pamela Conway

On February 14, 1977, Theta Eta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha celebrated its first anniversary. This recent founding makes Pi K A the newest fraternity at Loyola. This newness provides the Pikes with a challenge to create a new and different fraternity chapter. We ore dedicated to the establishment of a fraternity chapter that is reflective of contemporary students ideas. This is shown most significantly in our membership education program which is a sharp break from the traditional "pledge" programs. Our philosophy seeks to develop the talents and skills of all fraternity members without regard to membership status. We ore striving to coordinate on enriching social calendar combined with community service activities that will enhance the academic curriculum.


Delta Sigma Pi

Tim Miniojluk- President Ricardo Delgado -Senior Vice President Marc Gerberick- Pledge Educ. Wilson Mar- Vice President Professional Mike McAuliffe- Treasurer Alan Engler - Chancellor Edward Elizondo - Secretory Willy Borrantes - Historian James Riley- Social Chrmn. Mike Shorko- CEI Chrmn. Joe Casas Mike Dragotto Mike O'Connor Gory Polk James Riley Peter Sablan Steve Senegal Shayne Wolters Mike Xenos


Inter-Fraternity /Sorority Council

Bob Booth - Phi Kappa Theta, Jim Westrum -Alpha Delta Gamma, Gene Bissinger - Phi Sigma Kappa, Gregg Noel, Pi Kappa Alpha, Joe Heidelman - Phi Sigma Kappa (President), Kathy McMahon - Sigma Sigma Sigma, Mike McConville - Delta Sigma Phi, loretta Slona- Alpha Phi (Vice President), Mike Baumann - Alpha Delta Gamma (Secretary), Ann Cugowski - Alpha Phi, St. Clair Garcia- Phi Beta Sigma, Diane Evans - Zeta Phi Beta.


Zeta Phi Beta Dianna Evans- Bosileus Romono Bynum- First Anti-Bosileus Rene Somm- Second Anti Bas ileus Elaine Howard- Third Anti Bas ileus Sylvia Mudd - Tami us Dera Tatum - Gramatius Angela Sneed- Phylacter lisa Taylor- Dean of Probates Pat Devine Donna Benton Sherry Jordan Maxine Jocods Miranda Conston Debbie Dyson Shirleen Murray Sandra Johnson Carolyn Hill Dorniso Stayton Cheryl Meise Jackie Berryhill Peggy White Mrlindo Roberts

Sigma Phi Delta Tobin Tellers - President Richard Palmisano - Vice-President David Ouerkerk - Secretory Gordon Johnson - Treasurer Donald Pennel Patrick Ryan Neil Ames Jorge Barbosa William Sorio Richard Malone Edward Cylwik Ken Meichtry Armond Peloquin Richard Ibarra Gene Nodo James Maeder Javier Weckmon Paul Robinson William Dick Joseph Monkowich Dr. Mulvihill Faculty Advisor


And Now From Those Wonderful People Who Bring You Lion's Pride In the end it matters not if you have changed the world . . . but rather have left something good behind for the world to remember . . . Thanks, Loyola The Editors Debbie Vessels Ed Kelsey

. '" ... .







_.~~._ .· ~<



<.. ~





Tom Branich Eric Claus Floyd Hooper Greg Hunter Bill Johnson Clyde Johnson David Knox Greg McDonald Vince Morelli Bill Neu Stan Stewart lorry Williamson






Rugby Keith Alhi Eric Anderson Anglo Bagnara Mike Baumann Gene Barry Tim Bradford Frank Brady Mark Brunet Tony Correnti Tim Finn Joe Garcia Tom Gavin Rene Hernandez Rick Hess Bob Holmquist Mark Maccallic Pete MacDonald

Joe Marinelli Mark Mayrand Kevin McGee Tom Minter Dan Moody Tom Normandin Neal O'Toole Larry Prior Randy Pritel George Pisano Keith Sabala Eric Steinmann Bob Schmidt Eddie Sullivan Ray Thompson Richard Valadez George Vogt




Golf Team

Jim Reed Jim DeBoer Mike Gaines Mark Harding Dan Eklund Jim Razzeto Scott Grover AI Borges Nick Beauvy Paul Sell Mike O'Neill Fr. Higgins (Coach)







13 ' \




1. Wayne Eaton 2. Errect Ridley 3. Jeff Franklin 4. David Jones 5. Jay larson 6. Mike Fizzolil 7. Tim Collins 8. Billlslava 9. David Cariker 10. John KrickI 11 . Tracy Cowger 12. Steve Harris 13. Ken Slagle 14. Jim Berriatua 15. Marty Ryan 16. Jim Arico 17. Todd Yasin 18. Jim O'Donnell 19. Brian Urate 20. Dan leBouf 21. Nick Infantino 22. James Dean 23. Mike Coppess 24. Drew Bentz

no. no. no. no.

MarvWood Frank Judge Chuck Bongard

Coach Assistant Coach Assitant Coach

AI Cardenas Steve Cinquemani Kevin Corcoran Barry Creamer Nick Daffern Mark Falkenbach Frank Fiedler Tony Gambucci Tom Griley Peter Kern Walt lesley Skip line Robert lopez George Mann David Marcy Tom McDonnell Brad Owen Don Pannell David Phillips Mike Podegracz leo Prengaman Ken Rosenberg Stu Squires Terry Theobald Richard Wagner Don Williams Tom Woolway Thorn Anderson


James Kerin cap. John Kerin Dorio Sacomani Argyle Nelson Craig leach cap. Dan Duffy Chris Schmidt Mike Reordan Mark Dahlin Georg Barich Guy Uhler

Carlton Baines Tim Coleman Dan De Salles Mark Doyle Bob Duncan James Egbert William Foster Steve Jaussaud Mike Malone Martin McAvoy Reggie Melonson Mike Murphy Fred Neerl<en Nick Norton Charles Painter Joe Petree Tom Rolfes Mitch Saunders Tony Scott Steve Snyder Jeff Stava A lfred Velasquez Brett Williford J. C. Willis Jim Wojiekowski Mike Cox Ken Shanaberger

SOCCER Colleen Beggs Helena Behrens lisa Beverly Terri Bloom Marianne Bruder Nickie Coscioro Mary Cassidy Kathy Condon Pamela Conway Irene Dolan Mario Fronk Pat Hearne Leona Hodges Debbie Humm Patricio Keating Sandy Kennedy Cindy Knopp Vicki La Rocco Lindo Leary Stephanie Lebeck Kathy Mahoney Maureen McCool Donna McGuirk Margaret Mortimore Monico Murphy Ellen Murray Jude Ann Novak Chris Ott Rebecca Peters Michelle Riel Theresa Romano Kim Slaton Lorna Weisbrich Lynn Wildason Margaret Baker Barbara Heynen Julianne Stoody Chris Conklin Karen Hock Denise Hock

Stephen Phillips Don Moody Gory Walles Jose Escobedo .Louie Tooponto Claire Demeyer Henry Perez Bjorn Moene Bob Kelly Jose Hernandez Witold Dudzinski

Moises Vazquez Jeff Hole Adnon Mozorei Fernando Brenes George Perry Jim Rayburn David Frelinger Efrain Quiros John Rickling Tuyen Nguyen Yoshio Kawashima Marcel VanDer Sluys


CROSS COUNTRY Tim Killeen Pat Kelly Bob Gramlich Ed Padilla George Magallanes Victor Jiminez Sergio Martinez Tony Cherbak Louis Origel Bernard Wooten Tony Saunders Therese Rozowski

Katie Johnson laurie Ehlers Christie Loughner Nancie Pencheff Maria Samaniego Ann Marie Host Margaret Farley Nolani Bickson Dede Burke

no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no.

10 11

Don Harris Robert Koleikou Scott Cooper Dean Pasko Cornel Artho Martin Covarrubias Jim Mitcher Dennis Conneally Rolph lilly Brion Newhall Scott Brandt

no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no.


Head Coach: Pete Field Ass't Coach: Tom Donovan

7 6 4 2

3 1


7 8 5 3 1 11

9 12 4











laura Abbene

Michael Afflalo

Anita Agui lar

Ronald Akua

Richard Alatorre

Pau l Alva rado

Dona ld A lvarado

/ I ,--~


Linda Aguinaga


Sue Alza

Candace Andrews

Armando Argandona

Robert Armenta

Margaret Aurelio

William Austin

Craig Asato

Victor Baeza

11 1

James Baker



William Barrantes


\ .; '.t Irene Barrantes


Colleen Beggs

Hugh Bergamo


James Berriatua

Gene Bissinger

Joseph Blaine

__,, ~:-:_


Ingrid Bodner

Ann Marie Boyle

Jeanne Brennan

Harold Bridges

William Brengetto


Grace Briganti

Christina Briscoe

Mary Brooks

Nick Broomis

Nancy Brown

William Brousseau

I I, ( Robert Brown


Esther Broyles

Nancy Bryan

Cheryl Buonaguidi

Thomas Buzzard

Toni Colasanti

Kathleen Call

Cathleen Campe

Julius Carry

Regina Caruso

George Castro


Gilma Castro

Stella Cataldo

Phyllis Cesare

Wai Cheung Chu

lewis Clapp

Reginald Clemons

/j Katherine Cocita


Jane Cody

Lorin Coleman

Phil Colin

Kathleen Condon

Theodore Cooke

Kevin Coupe

Martin Cousi neau

Barry Creamer

Camille Cremin

William Crosson

linda Marie Cugowski


Cheryl Currier

Edwin Curry

Edward Cylwik

Nick Daffern

Mary Dahlin

James Daubney

Charles Davis

Jim Deboer

Timothy DeCou


Ricardo Delgado

Ron DeMers

Clare DeMyer

Michael Dias

John DiCarlo

Eugene Dinsfriend

Robert Dixon

Steve Domier

Stephen Dorsch


Peter Doyle

Janet Drury

Michael Duarte

Jacques Dulong

Mic;hael Dultz

Jenise Dzielski

Martha Duran

Michael Elkins


Michael Ellias


John Engh


/ t'' I Alan Engler


Theresa Escalante



Mary Farrell

Mark Fa lkenbach

Phillip Farinella

Richard Faulkner

Terri Feeney


Wayne Feuer

Charles Feldman

Connie Ferris

Frank Fiedler

William Fierro

Molly Finn

John Flentz

louis Fernandez

Susan Fletcher

Christopher Forest


Ann Forsberg

Maria Frank

liz Frederick

Kathleen Dodge

Jeff Franklin

Joseph Fuentes

Cheryle Franklin

Tom Gaims


Rosalie Galasso

Anthony Gambucci

Rudy Garcia

lucilla Garcia

Rick Gardner

Jeffrey Gardner

Ray Gatfield


Alice Gandara

Andrew Gavel

Tom Gavin

Marc Gerberich

Julia Grant

Russell Green

Frank Geraty

Eugene Gleason

Charlene Grasser

Pauline Griffith

Maria Elana Graham


Paul Griffo

Robert Gross

Mark Grossheiler

Peter Guerra

Michael Guerrero

Anna Maria Gurrola

Maria Gutierrez

Diane Gutierrez

Arlene Hackl



Michael Hardin

Jeff Hass

Phyllis Hawkins

Bryan Hays

Robert Healy

Richard Healy

Peter Heinz

Eric Hench

Patrick Hernandez


Winifred Hervey

Katherine Hewitt

Lloyd Higa

( I I

I Warren Hiramatsu

Ana Hospy


David Hughes

Robert Holmquist

Deb Humm

Lin Hua Hsiang

Michelle Harrah

Elaine ladevaia

Chris lsetts

Sara Jacob

Janet Jashinski

Catherine Hoyt

John Jackson

Pam Johnston


Jaye Josl in


James Baker

Deborah Jordan

Kathleen Judge

Charles Jurgensmien

Sharon Kamm

Kevin Keenan

Susan Keglevich

Tim Kelley


Hugh Kelly

Paula Kelly

John Kerin

I Judy Kilday

Alain Kovaltchouk

Matthew Knickrehm

Jonathan Koda

George Krpan



-,1 I

Eugene Kumasaki

Veronique Laband

Carina Kim Lai

Theodore Lauoie

Patrick Larimer

John Lou

Jeffrey Laufenberg

Craig Leach

Walt Leatherman


Douglas LeClair

Sheila Lenahan

Walter lesley

Bud lewis

Clarette lewis

Eileen Libbey

Margaret Lieb

Warren line

Debra litzelman


Dave lopez

Manuel lopez

Michael LoPiano

Rod lynch


Stuart lum


Tim lynch

Robert lopez'

lawrence Lundin

Cliff MacGillivray

Thomas Macha

Henry Maldonado

Mark Mancuso

Judy Magee

Richard Mallinger

Katy Maguine

Maureen Mallen

Madeline Marchante


Donald Martin

Tom Matheis

Anne Maria Martin

Sergio Martinez

Theresa Matusiewiez

Michael McAuliffe

Theresa McCarthy

Sharon McCool

Thomas McDonnell 136

Carroll McEache rn

James McElligott

Colleen McGau ley

Lynn McKay

Cathie Melanson

Sue Mergentha ler

Margaret Mewshaw

Terri Mendoza

Michael Miller


Thomas Miniajluk

lulu Miranda


Patricia Montanez

Larry Montenegro

Timothy Montoya

Daniel Moody

Thomas Mirah

Candi Montgomery

J.P. Morgan

Rick Morgan

William Morrisette

Elizabeth Murphy

Elizabeth D. Murphy

Joseph Mullim

Rochelle Murray


I( Sheila Napier

Mark Newell

Richard Nielsen




Jack Nobrega

Tom Normandin

Dudley O 'Brien

Kathleen O'Brien

Bro. Michael O'Berdin

Timothy O 'Brien


{ Kristine Ochoa

Bridget O ' Keefe

Paul Okuda


, Michael O'Nei ll

Ginette Oriel

Neal O'T cole

Alfred Palomino

Jim Parenti

Toni Pearsall

Christine Pearson

Patrick Payne

Jill Peck

David Pena

A. Marina Pena

Henry Perez

Steven Pestana

Dena Piraino

/~ Ann Pizano


Pamela Poggione

John Poladian

Karen Powell

Michele Prenovost

Michael Price

~~~, I

J).~ Randolph Pritel

Elena Provencio


lawrence Prior

Mary Quinn

l eo Quintanar


Paul Rich

Julianne Quirk

Gail Reisman

James Riley

Eileen Roach

Kathleen Roach

Marc Robertson

V ' Nancy Rockwood


Richard Rodriguez

Anita Romo

Vince Rosato

Kenneth Rosenberg

Stephen Roy

Terrance Runzler

Jack Saccomando

Colleen Russell

Michael Saiki


Anthony Sanchez

Lau ra Sanders

Lisa Santoianni

Bob Scharf


Thomas Crawford

Deborah Schuldt

Greg Santillo

Pamela Scarminach

William Schurr

Joanne Schwarzer

Louis Segovia

Steven Senegal

Joan Serra

David Shaby

Patricia Sehr

JoAnn Severance

Marilyn Shanahan

Kelly Sheahan


Bill Sheehy

Peter Siggins


Irene Sistos

Colleen Slattery

Marsha Smith

Cinder Socquet

Norma Soleno

Rosine Sorbom

Ca rlos Sosa

David Sosa

Virginia Sosa

Mark Stadler

Lisa Sterman

Robin St. Marie

Young-Hee Suh

Kathleen Sullivan

Bruce Stevenson


Michael Su nderland

Robert Talley

Darcy Trup


Mark Sutton

Peter Talley

Terry Theobald

Sheila Tripe

Anthony Turhollow

James Uhrik

Brice Ulwelling

Linda Vai ro

Carlos Valerio

George Vaughn

Terri Ventura

Roland Verastequi

Virginia Valdez

Moises Vazquez

Deborah Vessels

15 1

Marta Villarreal


Paula Jo Villegas

Walter Vinesky

Kevinn Villard


Carlos Viramontes


Rochelle Wahl

Annette Walker


3ophia Wang

Thomas Waszak

Valerie Whalin

Theresa Welsh

Mary White

lynn Wildasor

Donald Williams

Mike Wi lson


Christine Zeleski


Craig Wittler

Keith Woolsberger

Henry Wong

Simon Wu Hok-kui

Daniel Zotti



Suzanne Sunceri


Bill Carero

Rick Chaskin




To Be Active Is To Create



An Activity begins with enthusiasm, but if the time change and enthusiasm is given up, the activity becomes meaningless and dies. Some activities at LMU remain with us: The dorm parties, the dances, political campaigns, the intermurals, formals, organization meetings, study sessions, choral concerts and the spirit of enthusiasm that makes so many activities a tradition. The folk-singer of the sixties became the student of the seventies with few changes in the questions but different words for the answers . . .






" .r......... .. ·...




Old Routines, New People


They Sang Us A Song


Of Answers Blowing In The Wind . . .


' ! \ \ A,











. . . And Though The Words Have Changed . . .


• •


. The Song Never Ends.


Political Week: Elect Your Favorite Politician




GOALS: Build A New Library Put Catnpus Ministry On Lion's Lawn And Get Rid Of The Pigeons.


Special For The Day: Pancakes

路- r



. ...)





• 1

111111 1

Ill . [ ~

11111111 11111111 'II IIIII




There Is Always Titne To Play


Speak To Me And Let Me Know How You Feel • • •




Time has brought many external changes to our campus. It's now Loyola Marymount, not Loyola. A group of students gradually discovers a shared interest, soon a new organization is formed. Once there was no yearbook, now there is Lion's Pride. A particular patch of grass is removed one day, building construction begins the next. But through it all, another persistent breeze of wisdom, faith, joy and hope lingers on, a breeze that is Loyola Marymount University.


u_. w -=;



And so, the store has past, the winds have come and gone . . .

' I


~~: , ' I

I '

Senior Index ABBENE, LAURA Big Sisters, Sof1boll - Intermural and Intercollegiate. AFFLALO, MICHAEL BSFA, Cull\lrol Commil1ee Chairperson, EOP Tutor, Afro-American Achievement Awards, library Commil1ee, Intramural Sports, Student Adivities Commil1ee. "You hove to deal with it."" AGUILAR, ANITA AGUINAGA, LINDA Meche, Grupo Folklorico de Meche, Phi Sig l'il Sis, Belles, Women's Crew, Biology Society. ADAU, RONALD l. American Society of Civil Engineers, Society of Automotive Engineers, Tou Beta Pi, Secretory, Orientation leader, IFC. " To my parents and friends, Thank you." ALATORRE, RICHARD R. Loyola Football, Intramural Football, Basketball, Baseball, Knights of Columbus, Sociology Society. ALVARADO, PAUL A. (Political Science, Spanish Liieroture) LMU Grupo Folklorico, Mexican Folkorico Group, MECHA, Political Science Assoc., Pre-legal Society, Bilingual- Cultural TA "love and happiness for all." ALVARADO, DONALD GERARD Soiling Club, Pre -legal Society Vice-President, Commil1ee on Social Concern, Student Housing Commil1ee, ASLM At1orney General. "I don't get mod, I get even." ALIA, l. SUE ANDREWS, CANDACE ARGANDONA, ARMANDO W. Delta Sigma Pi, Modern Cultures Society Treosurer. ARMENTA, ROBERT G. Knights of Columbus, Sociology Society, Psychology Society. ASATO, CRAIG ISAO Hui Kumilipo, Communication Arts Society. AURELIO, MARGARET lombdo Sig. AUSTIN, WILLIAM B. Chemistry Society, Treasurer, lntromurals, Chemistry TA, Organic Chemistry TA. BAEZ, VlaOR B. (Urban Studies) "During my years at Loyola Marymounl, I learned that relationships are the most important port of education." BAKER, JAMES BALADI, NABIL ANTOINE Soccer, Tau Beta Pi, IEEE, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Jr. Flight Engineer test on Rockwell's USAF 8-1 Bomber. BARRANTES, WILLIAM JOSEPH (Business) Delta Sigma Pi, Manager LMU Used Bookstore, Accounting Society. BARRANTES, IRENE CORRALES lambda Sig, Modern Cultures Society, Meche, Mecho Grupo Folklorico, La Causa Tutroriol Program. BAUTISTA, ARMANDO BEEMER, ROBERT JOSEPH "Onward and upward." BEGGS, COLLEEN TERESA (liberal Studies) Intramural Softball ond Football Chomps, Mom, Dad, and the Kids, Whiplash, LRA, SF 330 Instructor, To lorry who was the only student to achieve Summa Cum laude in SF 330, Disco DuckeHe # I, Thanks to Pooh with his oatmeal, Sugar Bear and Face for geHing me through al this. To Deb, "Do YOU want to go to the formal?" To Ralph, my dearly beloved husband, Please don't forget your Right Guard, to Apt 5, Grand Central Station, thanks for all the brownies, cookie dough, pork outs, and the Tupperware parties, they really mode my evenings. Yours truly and sincerely, OW. BELLINO, CHRISTINA M. Shell and Oar, Secretary Shell and Oor, Education Society, Italian Club.


BERGAMO, HUGH FREDERICK Freshman Crew. "Praise the lord!" BERRIATUA, JAMES JR. ASCE, Publicity Diredor ASCE, Varsity Baseball. "I'll always remember Loyola for it's worm com· pus, happy faces and good friends, and especially for that special person. life has just begun I" BISSINGER, GENE Phi Sigma Kappo, Captain of Stonky Team. "nrofog." BtAINE, JOSEPH K. Volunteer Fire Dept. Captain. "There is a destiny that makes us brothers, none goes his way alone, all that we send into the lives of others comes bock into our own." "You've been GREAT Loyola." BODNER, INGRID BOYLE, ANN MARIE BRENGETIO, WILLIAM P. (Communication Arts) Crew Teorro University Council, Pep Bond, Cheerleader, Inter-Fraternity Council, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity President and Founder, lion's Pride Yearbook, Associate Editor and Co-Refounder, Italian Club, Tuesday Night at Big Daddy's Study Group, Communication Arts Society, Orientation leader, Alpha Sigma Nu, Tenderich 33 Jungle Boys, BMOC, Flying me bock to Memphis with Shomu Club, four in the morning coffee shop and deadline brigade, Rudolph Nuryev Donee Alike contest winner, So This is College Club. To all those that mode it happen for me these post four years, thanks, I had o great time, wish I could do it again. "The Greatest Use of life is to Spend it on Something that will Outlast II." In phi phi k a, Bill y B. BRENNAN, JEANNE BRIDGES, HAROLD A. BRIGANTI, GRACE (Biology) Biology Society, Belles, Belles V-P, Italian Club President, Women's life Science Collective. BRISCOE, CHRISTINE MARIE Alpha Sigma Nu, Big Sister, Modern Cultures Society, French Notional Honor Society. BROOKS, MARY BROOMIS, NICK "Wi th my major, the only thing that mal1ers is persistence, determination, and a liHie talent." BROWN, NANCY BROUSSEAU, WILLIAM H. Treasurer BSFA, Political Science Assoc., AfroAmerican Policy Planning Boord, Presidents Coun· cil on Racism '75, Block Enough for You Radio Program, los Angeles County Probation Dept, Food Service Committee, Academic Achievement Award, Special Services Award. BROWN, ROBERT MAZE II ESQ. BSFA, Public Relations Commil1ee Chairman, Compus Store Advisory CommiHee, Pre-legal Society, Political Science Assoc. "What tis it t'aint, and what it t' oint it tis." BROYLES, ESTHER Modern Cultures Society, G rupo Folklorico, Hillel, LMU Women's Chorus. BRYAN, NANCY lambda Sig, Ski Club, Accounting Society, Airhead Club. BUONAGUIDI, CHERYL ANN Consort Singers, Women's Chorus, Ski Club. BUZZARD, THOMAS Varsity Basketball, Accounting Society, lntramurols, (Gangsters). CALASANTI, TONI MARIE Retrea t Team, Sociology Society, "They come, They go, They seldom know What do But the do Change you." lawrence Craig-Green. CALL, KATHLEEN M. CAMPE, CATHLEEN (Sociology) Big Sister at the Convent of the Good Shepherd, Student Housing CommiHee, University Campus Store Advisory CommiHee, lntromurols - member of the original Worker Babes, and WOW Football team. Charter member of the official Pink Drink

Association . CARRY, JULIUS J. lll (Communication Arts) TV Academy Student Training Program, Nominated for TV Academy Scholarship, has main· toined on A overage since enrolling at LMU in 1974. "Dare to be different." CARTE R, KEITH A. (Economics) Intramural Basketball, BSFA, "A little joy and pleasure mixed with the pains of education lead to o somewhat successful venture at Loyola Morym· aunt. Boy, om I glad to be finished and on to the future." CARUSO, REGINA R. "Everyone I've ever known has wished me well . Anyway, that's how it seems, it's hard to tell. Maybe people only ask how you're doing 'cause that's easier than lettin on how liHie they could core. But when you know that you've got o real friend somewhere suddenly all the others ore so much easier to l>eor." J. Browne. CASTRO, GEORGE A. Space 1973-?, Honorary Member of La Familia, Ce Soir Boys, Meche, loyolon Political Cartoonist. "T enemas que seguir solomente los co minos de corozon." CASTRO, GILMA A. Modern Cultures Society, Sigma Delta Pi. "I wish to thank God and my parents for giving me the opportunity of coming here and o special thanks to the Sponish professors for making my stay here very enjoyable." CATALDO, STELLA C. (History-liberal Studies) CESARE, PHYLLIS MICHELE CARREON Intercollegiate Volleyball, lntromurols. "I love col· fee shop talks, my 260 men, 190 men, le Berons of all cults, the Doc, my husband, Zonker Pie and his little munchkin, and the memories I shall not forget." CHU, WAI CHEUNG Biology Society, Chinese Club. CLAPP, LEWIS WESLEY Ill (Philosophy-liberal Stud· ies) Cogito Ergo Sum, V-P. Philososphical Society, Knights of Columbus, Men's Chorus, Consort Sing· ers, Pre-legal Society. "Thanks Loyola for helping me to appreciate people. An hour a day is o small price to pay for good health for the rest of your life." CLEMONS, REGINALD BSFA, ASLM Councilman. " If we would look bock over the post four years when Loyola and Morym· aunt married, who would hove ever thought they would have birth o black baby, Me!" COCITA, KATHERINE Chemistry Society. Graduate of the Dr. George Dinius School of Chemistry Stockroom Assistants. CODY, JANE P. 2 on 2 Coed Intermural Basketball Champion, Public Rela tions Information Guide, Saga Food Service Checker. COLEMAN, LORIN B. Irene Ryan Meritorius Acting Achievement Award 1977- Region II. "Always have faith in yourself and the life which surrounds you . For there you will find God." COLIN, PHIL (Business) Delio Sigma Phi, Rush Chairman. " Thanks Mr. Grosh." CONDON, KATHLEEN CLARE (Biology) Biology Society, Shell and Oar, Women's Crew, Phi Sig l'll Sister. "May the rood rise to meet you, moy the wind be always ot your back, and until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hands." COOKE, THEODORE C. last of the Mohicans - for a while. Underwear King, By yourself? Yo Tebe liubiu. COUPE, KEVIN Del Rey Players, loyalon film critic. "I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I will use my time." lon Fleming.

COUSINEAU, MARTIN CREAMER, BARRY R. Pt-.i Koppo Theta, Loyola Crew, Loyola Rowing Assoc., lRA Historian. CREMIN, CAMillE Ski Club, Psychology Society, Ex-Heidelberger, ' 'Here's to all !t-oe laughter and fun, and for the all· nigt-.ters and parties, to Apt. 35, to all the friends in Heidelberg, to Bojo-t-.o from Hussongs to lo Paz. Vivo!" CROSSON, WilliAM M. Cr imson Circle, Alpha Delta Gamma, Judici al Council, Loyola Fire Dept. CUGOWSKI, liNDA MARIE "Go for it!" CURRIER, CHERYll. " I may nove not left my mark, but lMU nos left one on me." CURRY, EDWIN B. President, Tau Beta Pi, Society of Automotive Engi· neers, · Tve studied Engineering for four years and I still don't know now to drive o train." CYLWIK, EDWARD K. "Loyola was the best jungle any tarzan could ever wont." DAFFERN, NICK Pi Koppo Alpha, AFROTC Commander, History Society, Crew Team. DAHLIN, MARY LEOLYN (liberal Studies - Educo· lion) Co-President of the Complimentary Faculty Assoc. , Belles, Midnight Callers, Eye Rollers, lyon and Gryphon, Secretory of Consumption at the Com· puler Center. Fiasco ot the liHie pink house on 84th Street. Sigma Delta lou. DAUBNEY, JAMES STEVEN Resident Advisor, President Pt-.i A lpha Theta , Del Rey Players, Alpha Sigma Nu, KXLU. " In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me on invincible summer." DAVIS, CHARLES DAVIS (Theater Arts) DeBOER, JIM Resident Advisor, Water Polo MVP, Head Coact-. Water Polo, Small College All American, Golf Team, Charter Member Billie Roy Club, Omega DeltoCt-.i. DeCOU, TIMOTHY President, Ski Club, Director of the Accounting Society, Alpha Delta Gamma. "Thanks for the memories." DELGADO, RICARDO GARCIA (Business Administro· lion) Delta Sigma Pi, Modern Cultures Society. "El que no ve odelonte. Atros se quedo!!! Asi es Ia vida. You ought to be having fun . A toast to Tweedy Bird. A toast to you ... DeMERS, RON (Communicat ion Arts, Business Administration) Ski Teom, Social Chairman Sk i Club, Loyola Fire Dept., Intramural Track, Chairman, Student Boord of Television Academy, Loyola O lympic Streak Team . " Everybody is o dreamer, Everybody is o star. Academy A words, here we come!" DeMYER, ClARE ST. MARTIN (Communica tion Arts) Hui Kumilipo, Gryphon Circle, Varsity Soccer, Alpt-.o Sigma Nu, Soiling Club, Hawaiian Donee, English Society, Student Housing CommiHee. "If in the twligtlt of memory we should meet once more, we shall speak again together and you shall sing to me o deeper song." Kot-.lil Gibron. DIAS, MICHAEl J. (Psychology) Crew Team, Modern Cultures Society, lntromurols. "During life the only real choice of answers ore: Yes, No, or I don't know, There is no in between. Decide!" DiCARLO, JOHN l. Founder and co-director Accoun t ing Society, Alpha Sigma Nu. DINSFRIEND, EUGENE B. "Well I've got dreams enough for one, and I've got love enough for three. I've got my hopes to

comfort me. I've got my new horizons out to sea, but I'm never going to lose your precious gift. It will always be !t-oot way, and I know I'm going to find my peace of mind someday ... DIXON, ROBERT "I t is a trustworthy statement, deserving full occeptonce, that Christ Jesus come into the world to save sinners, among whom I om the foremost of all, And yet for this reason I found mercy, in order that in me as the foremost, Jesus Christ might dem· onstrote His perfect patience, as on example for those who would believe in Him for eterna l life." I Timolt-.y 1:15-16. DODGE, KATHLEEN lntromurols Football Champions (Wt-.iplost-.), Softball Champions (Mom, Dod and the Kids), Woterpolo (Titanic), Peer Counselor, Committee on Student Housing, Resident Advisor, Loyola Apt. Manager, Lost official member of Benny and the Jets, Awesome Foursome. "And the years that I spent lost in mystery fall away seeking only the sound of a drum, like a port of me - you ore what you choose to be. Whatever it is you see tha t life will become. Bye Bye ... DOMIER, STEVE (Communication Arts) KXLU, CA Society, lntromurols, CA TA. "We connot toke life seriously, for we will make no difference. But we con and must be serious about our occomplistlments, for they WILL make a difference. Thank You Coss ... DORSCH, STEPHEN (Communication Arts) Whispers on the Wind cost. "Loyola was a big stepping stone in the rood to my life; I nove nod much happiness." DOYLE, PETER (Biology) Biology Society, Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretory PiKA, lntromurols. DRURY, JANET ANN (Biology ) Intercollegiate Volleyba ll, Intramural Volleyball Chomps, lion's Pride Stoff. DUARTE, MICHAEl DuLONG, JACQUES LUCAS ROBERT (Communication Arts) CA Society, Jazz Bond, IEEE, KXLU. DUl TZ, M ICHAEl ROBERT Assistant Sports Info Director, Orientati on leader, 260 Wingmen, Nods, Tenderict-. Fire Dept., Disc Jockey, Sports Editor loyolon, Pre-legal Society, Economics Society. DURAN, MARTHA E. English Society, Study Skills Tu tor, Study Skill s Ass't. Program Director. DZIELSKI, JENISE M. French Club, Big Sisters, Le Cercle d 'Etrongers. ElKINS, MICHAEl P. "life is a preparation for the future; and the best preparation for the future is to live as if there were none." Hubbard. ElllAS, MICHAEL A. ENGH, JOHN E. Economics Society, Soiling Club, MECHA. "Win as though you're used to it. lose as though you like it." ENGLER, AlAN Delta Sigma Pi. " Off for the summer to travel and nit Toronto ... ESCALANTE, THERESA JEAN "If you ore't wise . .. Happiness will on ly be something you remember, not something you experience. Let's start living our lives, living for the future paradise, Praise to our lives, living for the future paradise, Shame to onyones lives, living in a port-time paradise." Stevie Wonder. ESCHARDIES, JEANNE Accounting Society. FALKENBACH, MARK Biology Society, Philosophy Society, Crew Team, lRA, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Varsity Boomerang Team. Cosmic Space muffins exploring the infinities of the universe witt-. lope and the Weasel, Charter Member Nord Kopp Ro Klub, Fastest Belt

in the West, Hot Dog King, Slam Fist-.. "Of all the gifts that wise providence grants us to make th is life full and happy, friendship is the most beautiful." A special thanks to my parents, friends and crew. FARINELLA, PHILIP ANTHONY (Biology) Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Resident Advi sor. " And in the end the love you toke is equal to the love you make." FARREll, MARY (Communication Arts) Secretory CA Society, Women's Basketball Team, lntromurol Basketball. FAULKNER, RICHARD B. Pt-.i Koppo Theta, Crimson Circle, Tenderict-. f ire Dept., Aito quin, sneaky snipe, bust-. women club, " let me become a ll you planned for me when my seed was planted and selected by you to sprout in the vineyard of the world. Help thi s humble solesman, guide me, Lord.'' FEENEY, TERRI (liberal Studies - Education) Belles, Student Activities Boord, University Relolions Committee. FEUER, WAYNE ZACHARY " Men ore cruel, but man is kind." Togore. FELDMAN, CHARLES S. (Communication Arts) CA Society, winner of the Frostl/ Soptl essay con· test. "look to today, for it is life . . ... FERNANDEZ, LOUIS (Business Admini stration) " Be now forever token from my sight; though noth ing con bring bock the hour of th e splendor in the gross, of glory in the flower. We will g rieve not, rattler find strength in what remains behind ... Wordsworth . FERRIS, CONNIE FIEDLER, FRANK X. "Before you know it you'll be thirty. So, l ife it Up!" FIERRO, WILLIAM A. Intramural Coordinator, Resident Advisor, Varsity Basketball, Jock's Society, Boys, Whelan Weight Club. FINN, MOllY ANN (Biology) Pi Kappa A lpha Little Sister, President. FlENTZ, JOHN MICHAEl Tau Beta Pi, IEEE Alpha A igmo Nu, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. FLETCHER, SUSAN MARIE BSFA. "The rood wos rough; and the going got tough. Tt-.e hills w ere nord to climb; but I nod started out a long time ago. There was NO doubt in my mind. I nod decided to make college my choice . . . .. FOREST, CHRISTOPHER P. (Biology) City of the ANGELS, Meum Est, Alpha Sigma Nu, TA Invert Zoology, Campus Mini stry, KXLU -FM Host, Biology Society, Psychology Society. " As for me and my house, w e will serve th e Lord." Joshua 24:15 FORSBERG, ANN Meum Est, President ond Treasurer, Del Rey Players, Campus Ministry. FORSEN, JANICE (Mott-.motics) AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, Angel Flight, Yearbook Stoff, Mottl Club, l>rocrostinotors Club, LMU Spas Club V-P, "In any field of endeavor, that con go wrong wi ll go wrong, and at the worst possible moment.'' FRANK, MARIA T. (Biology) Biology Society, Snell and Oar, Women's Crew, Orientation leader, Phi Sig L'll Sis, LRA, Italian Club, Disco Duckette # 3, Tutor SF 330A. " To Loyola, where as the tuition went up, the gpo went down, to Kathy who left me for another woman , to Bill now many do I owe you and con I nove one? To Sugar and Face and Pooh and Coll een and Debbie, need I soy more? To Tony who con drive by braille, toke notes by ear and sleep eat, to Cinder witt-. whom I finished it off, to Alpha Sigma Nu, which knew (I sure didn't) to all my dear and wonderful friends, I love you all and nove o g reat forever . . .


FRANKLIN, JEFF Baseball, Omega Delta Chi . . . till I die. "The greatest ability o person con hove is the ability to adjust." FRANKLIN, CHERYLE DENISE The biggest "undercover" player of lMU, V-P of Niggo Phi Si, V-P "the chosen few," honorary member, "The Block." FREDERICK, LIZ Cheerleader. FUENTES, JOSEPH PAUL Biology Society, Society of the Skull, Member and port owner "Falling Trees Estates." GAIMS, TOM GALASSO, ROSALIE Shell and Oar, Teachers Society, Italian Club, Junior Year ot Loyola Rome. GAMBUCCI, ANTHONY C. (Biology) Crew Team, Biology Society, Italian Club V-P, Phi Kappa Theta, Crimson Circle, LRA, Cheerleader, Big Daddy's Tues. Night Study Group, Sleep and Snore King, driving by braille, Fiasco's peanut fan· due and BonkAmericords, Row Row Row and down on port at 6 om, Tenderich 33 Jungle Boys, I always wonted to be o physical therapist anyway, Halloween bumblebee and Carmen Mirando, I love my Pumpkin. Thank you Loyola and all my buddies. "When friends ask, there is no tomorrow.·· GANDARA, ALICE (History) History Society, Bib Sisters, French Honor Society. I'll remember being o TA for Br. Grever. GARCIA, RUDY History Society, Economics Society, lMU Football Team Intramural football. GARCIA, lUCillA C. University Chorus Ass't. Manager, English Society. GARDNER, RICK "The weekends ot the college didn't turn out like you planned. The things that pass for knowledge I can't understand." Steely Don. GARNER, JEFFREY l. Alpha Sigma Nu, Soccer, Society for the Advancement of Mgmnt. GATFIElD, RAY "I om not concerned if man does not know me, rather I om concerned if I do not know man." GAVEl, ANDREW E. (History) "Since any comment I make will hove no lasting significance I will not make one." GAVIN, TOM Biology Society, Rugby, Delta Sigma Phi V-P. GERATY, FRANK (Communication Arts) "life is what you moske it." GERBERICH, MARC J. Delta Sigma Pi, Accounting Society, One of the lost El Toritos Out to lunch Bunch. GLEASON, EUGENE A. Ill President Pre-legal Societ y, Political Science Assoc., Congressional Intern, Stoff Ass't. Rush for City Council. "Thanks for all who mode my 'stay' the best of all possible experiences. For Jock in the Box at 3 om, for roommates who a lways crashed too early, for Sherry, Seth, Dr. Fitz, and the rest of the faculty . . . Thanks for the memories Loyola

U." GRANT, JULIA lntromurols, Worker Babes, instigator of water fights, interior decora ting?! Shell and Oar, Young Democrats, Pink Drink Auoc. GRASSER, CHARLENE "I would like to thank my parents of all their help, encouragement, and love. I would also like to thank God for all that he has taught me in the post four years." "The pleasure of o day's journey is not measured by how swiftly it is completed, but by how many discoveries ore mode. along the way." Gebauer. GREEN, RUSSElll. Biology Society, Psychology Society, Ski Club, BSFA, Kappa Alpha Psi. '


GRIFFITH, PAULINE FAY (Biology) Biology Society, Big Sisters, Intramural Volleyball, Meum Est, Organic Chemistry Suicidal. "Lauro, Mary and Cinder, don't the good old days of Apt. 371" Kommo Grobbo Thigh, F!rst Streaker Club of lMU, Clench o Wench May Club, Pre-Med Drop· out Club, Gamma Gamma Gomols Club. GRAHAM, MARIA ElANA "Thank you Eric and Elizabeth for all your pati ence and love. You two helped make 'our' graduation possible. love, Mom. A special thanks to Irene and Ruth for all their moral support and very Iorge shoulders." GRIFFO, PAUL JR. (Business) Peer Counselor, Nods, KXLU, Officol 260 Wingmote, Official Roomote, "Well I've been afraid of changing 'cause I've built my life around you, but time makes you bolder even children get older, and I'm getting older too." Fleetwood Moe. "Thanks Loyola for a lifetime of good memories." GROSS, ROBERT Phi Kappa Theta, The Boys, Jock's on Friday, Intra· mural Football Chomps, The Pock, A Whelonboy, Resident Advisor, Apartments Manager, Ballet I, Probate, Former John. "What, ore yo kiddin'?" GROSSHEIDER, MARK EDWARD Pi Kappa Alpha, IFC, Resident Advisor. GUERRA, PETER Accounting Society, Varsity Golf, Orientation leader, Pres. Loyola Moiling Society, All Pacific Coast Moll Team, Hon. Mention USA Moiling Team, Charter Member Billie Roy Club, Omega Delta Chi. "Neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night shall keep this moller from his appointed scopes." GUERRERO, MICHAEL JOSEPH "No man con reveal to you ought but that which already lies half asleep in the downing of your knowledge . . . For the vision of one man lends not its wings to another man. And Even as each one of you stands alone in God's knowledge, so must each one of you lie alone in His knowledge of God and in his understanding of the earth." Gibron. GURROlA, ANNA MARIE (Accounting) Accounting Society, Pre-legal Society. GUTIERREZ, MARIA l. Political Science Assoc., History Society, Assoc. of Women Political Scientists, Pre-legal Society, latin American Club President, Intercollegiate Softball. "To live is to exist; but to experience life is the g reatest experience of o il." GUTIERREZ, DIANE M. MECHA, lo Causa Tutorial, Grupo Folklorico. HACKL, ARLENE (Spanish) Modern Cultures Society, Soiling Club, lambda Sig, Alpha Sigma Nu, Pi Delta Phi, Epsilon Delta Pi. "You hove touched me; I hove grown . . . Thank you, Loyola Morymount." HARDIN, MICHAEL COLLINS Delta Sigma Phi, Soccer, Rugby, Biology TA, Biology Society. HASS, JEFF Afro-American HAWKINS, PHYLLIS (Sociology Studies) "To love someone is to be honest, encouraging, considerate, kind, thoughtful, tender, strong, and real. To be loved is to receive all of the above, in the process of your personal growth. Thank you all for loving me. Especially my family, friends, and all lASC." HAYES, BRYAN P. (Communication Arts) HEALY, ROBERT J. (Engineering) American Society of Civil Engineers V-P, Sigma Phi Delta V-P, Peer Counselor. "There's no such thing os o 'typical' engineer." HEALY, RICHARD Italian Club treasurer, RA, Manchester Plaza. Yesterday is now, the future is here. Corry on. HEINZ, PETER J. AFROTC, Corps Commander, Arnold Air Society.

HENCH, ERIC ERNEST Society for the Advancement of mgmnt., Pi Kappa Alpha Sec. HERNANDEZ, PATRICK GREGORY Football, MECHA, Knights of Columbus, History Society, Vida Stoff, lntromurols, Tau Kappa Epsi· ion . "I om deeply indebted to the History and Chi· cono Studies Depts. for their cooperation in the advancing intellectua l abil ity." HERVEY, WINIFRED HEWITI, KATHERINE (Thea ter Arts) HIGA, LLOYD S. AFROTC, Alpha Delta Gamma, Arnold Air Society, Drill Team Color Guard. HILLSON, JIM HIRAMATSU, WARREN H. (Economics) The Nods, The 260 Wing, were no. 1, KXLU Radio, Sports Director, AM Program Director, World's greatest sportscaster. "Cosell eat your heart out." "To all my friends, thanks." love (toes) (frog) " I'd rather be here than in Philadelphia, or was it Oxnard." HOLMQUIST, ROBERT Rugby star, Intramural chomp, (the pock was back) Crimson Circus, Desmond Dorm Raider, Former John - Just plain Beef. Jock's troven Friday Club. HOSPY, ANA (C.A.) 2 yrs. KXLU AM and FM; CA Society; Phi Sig little Sisters; "Ana Banana," official "Fire yell er for Tenderich Volunteer Fire .Deportment." HUGHES, DAVID Phi Kappa Theta, Chemistry Society, "Veni Vidi Vici 2." HUMM, DEB Alios Hummer, Humm face, Debsie, Worker Babes, All Stars, McKoy Snack Bar, IBTC Club, Bodacious To To's, Belles, Loyola Rome "Camper," Women's Crew, Hell on Shore, Originator and Professor Emeritus of SF 330-4, Smegino Queen, Moonlight Morino Skinny Dipper, Raisin, Rollerboller, Disco Duckette. "To laughing, it massages the heart. HUA HSIANG, LIN HOVANEC, MARK HOYT, CATHERINE ANN lambda Sig, lMU Ski Club, Europe 75-76. IADEVAIA, ELAINE ISETIS, CHRIS Delta Sigma Phi, "Farewell My Friends." JACKSON, JOHN (Business) Phi Kappa Theta post Secretory, and Treasurer, Cliff Hangers, "To all my bros., friends and room· motes, who helped make LMU a little crozier _.. Thanks." JACOB, SARA lYNN Gryphon Circle, Women's Chorus, Orientation leader, "Women ore the poetry of the world." JASHINSKI, JANET (Sociology, Re ligious Studies Minor) JOHNSTON, PAM Belle, Songleoder, Good Shepard little Sister, Res· ident Advisor, Red Gorter Girl. JONES, JULIUS The lion's mane is a prominent feature, but his mentality to be King is most important. I possess both traits with PRIDE. JORDAN, DEBORAH Theatre, Intramural Volleyball, Chorus, Dancing, Singing, Swimming, lambda Sig, "All the world's a stage." JOSLIN, JAYE JUDGE, KATHLEEN Apt. 10 llotline, The great juggling oct, 1977 great year. "Thank you to my wonderful room· motes Kathleen, Eileen and Joanne." JURGENSMEIU, CHARLES LEE " Only in YOUR beat dreams ." "Jurgie Baritone Extrodinoire, Could you not spend one hour in prayer with me?" Humility, Asceticism, "Cosmic Worker of LMU" Campus ministery. KAMM, SHARON

Biology Society. KEENAN, KEVIN "Veni Vidi Vici" (some pants). KEGLEVICH, SUSAN (French) Member of French Honorary Society, "Le coeur a ses raisons que Ia raison ne canna it point" Pascal. KELLEY, TOM Cross Country Team, Accounting Society. KELLY, HUGH CHRISTOPHER (Business) Phi Kappa Theta (vice-president), Heidelberger, Cliffhanger, Renowned traveller and beer drinker, Aha Quin Sneaky Snipe and Bush Women Patrol, Intramural Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Softboll , etc., etc. LHES - PKT "Funnight" Mug Collector Famous words: "Bigger than . . . " KELLY, PAULA Gryphon Circle (VP), Psychology Society. KERIN, JOHN Water Polo, Res ident Advisor, Alpha Delta Gamma, Pre-Legal Society,"Aiwoys gets in the last screw." KIER, BETSY J. (Accounting) Lambda Sig, Accounting Society, SBA Certificate, Asst. Periodical Librarian. KILDAY, JUDY K. A. (Music) "Major Turds." KNICKREHM, MATIHEW Baseball, Vini Vidi Vici. KODA, JONATHAN M. KOVALTCHOUK, ALAIN P. "Frenchy," Tennis Team, "Didn't I meet you in Istanbul?" KRPAN, GEORGE KUMASAKI, EUGENE Y. (Civil Engineering) Hui Kumulipo, Hawaiians Football Team, American Society of Civil Engineers. LABAND, VERONIQUE Gryphon, Circle. LAI, CARINA KIM Chinese Club. lAJOLE, THEODORE ERNEST Fencing Club, Loyola Lair World Problem Solving Discussion Group. "Caveat Emptor." LARIMER, PATRICK Accounting Society, Pre-Legal Society. "And my friends and I were one. Now the distance is done and the search has begun. I've come to see where my beginnings hove gone." Thanks to my friends. LAU, JOHN GORDON "He was sa hung up and wasted, He was so physi· cally devastated, He was young enough, He was well slung enough." LAUFENBERG, JEFFREY J. LEACH, CRAIG Accounting Society, Water Polo, Intramural, Gangsters. LEATHERMAN, WALT Official 260 Wingmote, Member of NADCO Organizational Athletic Association. LECLAIR, DOUGLAS M. (History - English) History Society, Phi Alpha Theta. LENAHAN, SHEILA Intramural Water Polo Champs, NOYGDB, Wom· en's Ski Racing Team Pres., Baja Follies, Heidelber· ger. Man muss erlebenll LESLEY, WALTER (Accounting) Crew Team, LRA Middle Eastern American Student Assoc., Accounting Society, Ski Clob. "Special thanks to my father and mother who financed it all." LEWIS, BUD (Civil Engineering) Alpha Delta Gamma Pres., Motorcycle Racer, sur· fer, part time student. "I would like to will to the Engineering faculty a Softball team, they need a lot of help." LEWIS, CLARETIA LIBBEY, EILEEN English Society, Del Rey Players, Charismatic Prayer Meetings. "There was a child went forth every day; And the first object he looked upon that object he became; And that object become port of

him for the day, or a certain part of the day, or for many years, or stretching cycles of years." Whitman. LIES, MARGARET M. (Business Administration) LINE, WARRENS. JR. (Biology) Crew team, LRA, Alpha Sigma Nu, Biology TA, Crimson Circle, Biology Society Pres. LITZELMAN, DEBRA K. (Psychology) Research in: Aging, Hyperactivity, Child Abuse; Psychology Society. LOPEZ, DAVE (Sociology- Urban Studies) Knights of Columbus, MECHA, Los Cornales; Cinco de Mayo Co-chairperson, Lifetime membership to La Familia. "Hermonos el destino esto en nuestras monos. Para aselonte, para aribo, y para osentro." LOPEZ, MANUEL P. JR. La Causa tutor, Vida, "Para que lo sepan. Hay le watcho. Sin mos." LOPEZ, ROBERT R. JR. (Civil Engineering) ASCE, Varsity Crew, LRA Commodore, Nord Kapp Ro Club. "All in the forms of Cosmic Space, pondering the infinities of the galaxy in conjunction with the Bear and the Weasel. To decide on the crux of the Biscuit as the Apostople, Mudshork, and future Mogdalenas; contesting the fastest belt in the West, and on plans of Assualt on the Massive M." Thanks to Mom, Dad, teachers and friends for their patience. Good luck to the post, present, and future members. Take Care World. LOPIANO, MICHAEl A. LUM, STUART A. ASCE, Hawaiian Club, Treasurer and V-P. LUNDIN, LAWRENCE Men's Chorus. LYNCH, ROD, Intramural Volleyball, Football, Baseball. LYNCH, TIM "After all these phenomenally excellent years of sweat, blood, and tears the ultimate max has finally arrived- OUTSTANDING!" MACGilLIVRARY, CLIFF MACHA, THOMAS J. RA, Head RA, Peer Counselor, TA, JV Baseball, lntramurals, Biology Society, Dinah's Wednesday Night Fishing Club. "Growth, personally and intellectually is a continuous education. I must thank those at Loyola Marymount whose. lives hove touched mine for they hove made my college years invaluable and my desire to learn insatiable." MAGEE, JUDY (Sociology) Women's Tennis, Gryphon Circle, Committee on Communication, Sociology Society, Member of the renown Tenderich Apt. 24, El Torasco Nile Club, Worker Babe Football, Short Stuff Basketball. "It's so much better to be insane because no one ever asks you to explain." Good by Loyola and my friends. Without you I wouldn't have survived. MAGUIRE, KA TY (English) Belles, Loyola Rome. "I om only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I con do something. What I can do, I ought to do. And what I ought to do, with the grace of God, I shall do." MAlDONADO, HENRY (Mechanical Engineering) SAE, "Thanks, Mom and Dod." MALLINGER, RICHARD BYRON (Biology) Biology Society, Baseball, Physio Reader, Delta Sigma Phi. MALLEN, MAUREEN CHRISTINE "I Finally Made It!" MANCUSO, MARK Rec Center Manager. MARCHANTE, MADELINE Lambda Sig, Modern Culture Society. "Time it was and what a time it was . . . Bye Loyola, I'll miss you." MARIN, MADELINE Chemistry Society pres., General Chern. TA. MARTIN, DONALD T. Phi Kappa Theta. Ed, Keep the 'toad' running, Jim hold down the fort and don't let the crew .g et out

of hand. Thanks Loyola for four great years . . . MARTIN, ANNE MARIE (Mathematics) Moth Society Secretary-Treasurer. " Hold fast to dreams . . . " MARTINEZ, SERGIO Economics Society Pres., Cross Country and Track teams, Grupo Folklorico, MECHA, Carmen's Boyfriend. MATHEIS, TOM "At lost." MATUSIEWICZ, THERESA Volunteer for Spastic Children's Foundation, Polish American Historical Assoc., Biology Society, Koscuszko Foundation Member, First T of the TNT Team. McAULIFFE, MICHEAL J. Delta Sigma Pi, Track Team, Honorary OFCA. McCARTHY, THERESA MARY (liberal Studies - Edu· cation) Co-president of Complimentary Faculty Assoc., Eye Rollers, Midnight Callers, Smiling Faces, Com· puler Center Aide and 84th St. Fiasco. Belles, Sigma Delio Tau. McCOOL, SHARON M. Women's Chorus, English Society, Political Science Assoc. "To Good friends, so precious to keep." McDONNELL, THOMAS ROBERT (Biology) Crew, LRA, Biology Society, Morine TA, Tuesday night at Big Daddy's, all nighter bio club. "Montoya; you mucoprotein, see you on that great field trip of life. SA thanks for showing me what a clover can be. Mare; You make me feel like dancing! Watch out for Llamas!" McEACHERN, CARROLL S. Epic, Big Sisters, Head Start. McELLIGOTI, JAMES P. Phi Sigma Kappa President, Stanky team member, no do you? McGAULEY, COLLEEN First off - thanks, it's been greotl Secondly, Rug· ger Hugger, Sigma Epsilon Chi, Resident Advisor, Head Resident, Miss Dublin of 1975, Belles, gradu· oting with Murfin spirit, friend of Monty Montoya, and for all the lovely li mes in Baja. McKAY, LYNN DIANA "Well friends, I finally made, it. A little crozier maybe, but graduating. And no more History term papersll" MELANSON, CATHIE "Follow every rainbow, till you find your dream . . . Goodbye Mert, Moe, Sora Lynn, and Pidge . . . Good luck Kotch and Marilyn . . . Norgon seretlek pisti-kins . . . Love Duckling." MENDOZ, TERRI Italian Club, English Society, Study Skill s tutor, Intra murals. MERGENTHALER, SUE Del Rey Players, Phi Sig L'il Sis, Resident Advisor, Rugger Hugger, Ted's Little Sister. " I think people are so much fun, I could be in love with everyone." "Thanks to everyone for a ll the effort and affec· tion put forth in my direction." MEWSHAW, MARGARET MILLER, MICHAEL J. Phi Alpha Theta, LMU Republicans. "I shall never forget the small community atmosphere." MINIAJLUK, THOMAS A. Delta Sigma Pi President. MIRANDA, LULU MIRICH, THOMAS MITAN Ill Crimson Circle, Omega Delta Chi, Biology TA, Orientation Leader, lntramurals, Biology Society. MONTANEZ, PATRICIA (Sociology) Lomda Sig, Ski Club, Backpacking Club, Hang it up club. "A specia l thanks to everyone I've met here a t Loyola. It was great fun! I'll remember the Lowenbrau, the banana splits, the 21st birthdays, and especiall y the all nighters. Airhead # 4." MONTOGOMERY, CANOl (Communication Arts) Orienta tion Leader, Communication Arts Society Pres. "It doesn't matter who you love, or how you


love, but that you love." MONTOYA, TIMOTHY (Biology) . Crimson Circle, Biology Society, Rug Rat, Big Brothers. "It is only with the heart thai one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye." MOODY, DANIEL E. Soccer, Football, Rugby, Farmer John, NOYGDB. MORGAN, J. P. Communication Arts) " Filmmaker and friend." MORGAN, RICK Ass'!. Apt manager, Crimson Circus, Omega Delta Chi, Honorary ADO, Rugby, "Just tell 'em Grou'ho sent you." MORRISETTE, WILLIAM (Business) Alpha Delta Gamma, IFC, "I hove learned many things during the last four years. The most important one of them all is to never buy a Vega. To everyone . . . Thank you . . . " MULLIN, JOSEPH GROVER "The way that you wonder is the way that you choose. The day that you tarry is the day that you lose. Cowboys never die, they just gel sore bulb." MURPHY, ELIZABETH A. Belles, lntramurals, University Food Committee, Shell and Oar, Student Activities Receptionist of the Year. "LMU, a family Affair. Two Murphys down, three to go . . . " MURPHY, ELIZABETH D. Women 's Chorus, Belles, Del Rey Players Mascot. "One finger means o fastball, two fingers means a curve, and five fingers mean a pitchout." Belles Secretary IV. NIElSEN, RICHARD E. Arnold Air Society, Hom Radio, Club, IEEE. NOBREGA, JACK (Biology) "May your hands always be busy, May your feet always be swift, May you have a strong foundation when the winds of changes shift, May oil your dreams be realized, May your song always be sung, And may you stay forever young." O'BRIEN, KATHLEEN MARIE (Liberal Studies) Intramural, Resident Advisor, Gryphons Pres., Midnight Callers and Colleen's Cohort. "Thanks to my most influential teachers, Hy and JJ. "I find as I grow older that I love those most whom I Loved first." Jefferson. O'BRIEN, TIMOTHY JOHN Phi Koppo Theta Pres., Rotc, Hawaiian Club, Intramurals. ''I'm o fraternity man ot heart." OCHOA, KRISTINE A. "I hove really enjoyed the experience. With oil its anxieties bull'm glad its over with." O'KEEFE, BRIDGET Modern Cultures Society, Gryphons, "I come to Loyola in search for on answer to a question I seem to hove forgotten. But now I'm glad I did because I learned the answer to so many other questions." O 'NEILL, MAICHELI (Business) Phi Koppo Theta, Cliff Hanger, Mode cottage 'c' Famous, King of the Big Lukes. PALOMINO, ALFRED A. Student Director Chicano Resource Center, MECHA, La Couso Tutorial Program, lntromurols. PARENTI, JIM Head Resident Advisor, Crimson Circle, Omega Delta Chi, KXLU. "Thank you, I hove nothing more to soy. What is left is the future; the post is mere history. Value lies solely in the history we con make . . . " PAYNE, PATRICK KEVIN Crew, Pre-legal Society, Pi Kappa Alpha. PEARSALL, TONI Cheerleader, Belles, Residen t Advisor, ADO Sweetheart, Sun Worshipper Dodgers rule and in love with Kenny forever. "Keep the sun in your face ond the wind at your bock.·' PEARSON, CHRISTINE GAIL Women's Chorus, Consort Singers. PECK, JILl ANN


"You will find os you look bock upon your life, that the moments that stand out ore the moments when you have done things for others." PENA, DAVID Hawaiian Club V-P. PENA, A. MARINA Founder, Alpha Phi, Pre-legal Society V-P, Political Science Assoc. " If you see someone without o smile, give them yours - and make their day o happy one." PEREZ, HENRY Soccer, Biology Society. "Mira los nolgos . .. Hi weak, one of the Bojo Boys, remember the Mighty Quinn, and just like us they must hove hod o once upon o time." PESTANA, STEVEN ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Communication Arts Society. "I will be true." PIZANO, ANN (Biology) Biology Society, WLSC, lntromurols. POGGIONE, PAMELA Pre-legal Society, Poly Sci Assoc., Ski Club, Senior Honors Programs. POLADIAN, JOHN L. President, Society of Automotive Engineers. POWELL, KAREN GERALYN Biology Society, Modern Cultures Society. "And now I know that we must lift the soil and catch the winds of destiny wherever they drive the boot." PRENOVOST, MICHELLE MARIE (Biology) Biology Society, WLSC, Belles Pres., " Hey Tim how's your mother? Go for Big Daddy's on Tuedsoy note Club, Crew fan, Hove fun David and Annette! Mike - good luck, you ore special, Henry and Keith and Tim, the Michaelettes forever! Mom and Dod, I love you. Thanks." PRICE, MICHAEL WILLIAM Society of Automotive Engineers, Thanks Mom ond Dod for making the post four years the happiest for me.l Hate to leave LMU, but life goes on. PRIEST, MICHAEL (Communication Arts) Crew, Nods, Orientation leader, "A winner never quits, o quitter never wins. When the going gels tough, the tough gel going. Fronk Sullivan we love you and we miss you. See yo lolerl Hey Mikie . He likes ill" PRITEL, RANDOLPH J. lntromurols, Society for the Advancement of Management, ASLM Congressman, Student Activiti es Boord, Crimson Circle, EPIC, Big Brothers, Rugby, Pi Koppo Alpha, Gonzaga Boys. "Dear lady, You ore like o deep running spring the surface is smooth and tranquil while the depths ore full of mysteries and the eternal flow of oil ways. A Brother and Lover." PRIOR, LAWRENCE B. Ill Water Polo, Rugby, Crimson Circle, Biology Society, Jock' s Friday Afternoon Club, Birds Nest Social Hour Society.' PROVENCIO, ELENA CECILIA Gryphon Circle Treasurer, Alpha Sigma Nu, Accounting Society. QUINN, MARY P. Gryphons, Soccer, Housing Committee, Hawaiian Club, Orientation leader, lntromurols. " There is o destiny that makes us brothers, None goes his way alone; All that we send into the loves of others comes bock into our own." QUIT ANAR, LEO R. (Psychology) V-P Psychology Society, Shoskon Karole, "Careful leorhing/ practicing, breeds virtue and character." QUIRK, JULIANNE T. Communication Arts Society. "To know yourself is to love yourself. To love yourself is to love others." REISMAN, GAIL ANN Lambda Sig, Pre-legal Society. "forewill to you and the you th I hove spent with you. It was but yesterday we mel in o dream." RICH, PAUL N. "Will it all be worth it?" RILEY, JAMES R.

"Delta Sigma Pi is number onel" ROACH, EILEEN MARY Belles, Big Sister, Split Ends, Red Gorter Girl. " Thank you Mom, Dod, Nona, and Popo guy. PS, Joonie ond Helen Thank you too. " ROACH, KATHLEEN ANNE Belles, Big Sister, Commencement CommiHee, University Policy CommiHee, Red Gorter Girl, Split Ends, Titonics, "Mom, Dod, Nona, and Papa: I love you!ll PS Joanne and Kathy I will miss you. let Today Embrace the post with remembrance and the future with longing." ROBERTSON, MARCA. "This is just the beginning of the end." ROCKWOOD, NANCY M. (Spanish) Hi story Society, Education Society, Philosophical Society, Spanish Honor Society. "I thank you God for this amazing day for the knowledge I hove gained in these post four years, and the knowl• edge I will continue to gain in my master degree year." RODRIGUEZ-ALVAREZ, RICHARD Vida, MECHA, Psychology Society, Pre-legal Soci· ety, Cafeteria I. ROMO,ANITA Belles, Big Sister, Rugger Hugger, Split Ends, Pink Drink Assoc., Editor of Scoop, Mystic 5, How lucky Con You Get? Harvest Day and Lady Lee forever, Our lady of the Bluff Committee, " People smile and tell me I'm the lucky one." ROSATO, VINCE J. (Philosophy - Psychology) Psychology Society, EPIC, Alpha Sigma Nu, "Love life personally." ROSENBERG, KENNETH (Communication Arts) ROTC, Varsity Crew, Honor Studies, LRA. ROY, STEPHEN JOHN (English) English Society. RUESS, CARTER WARREN ROTC, Economics Society. RUSSEll, COLLEEN LOUISE (Liberal Studies) Gryphons, Hot Dogger, lntromurols, Midnight Coli· ers, DB's Sweetheart, and Kathy's Cohort. "Duke and Shirley - Thanks! Be faithful to that which exists no where but in yourself - and thus mokt yourself indispensable." Gide. SACCAMANDO, JACK Delta Sigma Phi, Crimson Circle, Student Activities Boord. "Thanks foro good time." SAIKI, MICHAEL (Accounting) Accounting Society, EPIC. SANCHEZ, ANTHONY M. Phi Kopo Theta, Football, Sociology Society, His· tory Society. "Thank you, Thank you, I love you." SANDERS,LAURA CELESTE Peace Studies Society, Student Development Cen· fer, City of the Angels Community. SANTILLO, GREG Pre-legal Society, Italian Club. SANTOIANNI, LISA Ski Club V-·P. SCHARF, BOB Alpha Delta Gamma, Whelan Boys, Toles of Cour· age. CRAWFORD, THOMAS (Business Administration) Peer Counselor, lntromurals. " As always, reality is in harmony within itself." SCHURR, WILLIAM J. AFROTC, Arnold Air Society. SCHWARZER, JOANNE The night Coller, Helen; boys, boys, boys, Genie; Ex-lox vs. Ghirordelli, The Watergate Scandal, Peter Guys; Happy Saint Potricks Day Forever. "Where's Jeff?" SEGOVIA, LOU IS Mailroom, Crimson Circle, Income Tax Gangster, Bod Company. SEHRER, PATRICIA "No maHer how distan t o goal may seem if one continues to try he will succeed." SEVERANCE, JOANN Accounting Society, Hawaiian Dance, Hawaiian

Club. SHABY, DAVID M.ll Alpha Sigma Nu, Pres. Middle Eastern American Student Assoc., Ski Team Copt., Karole Instructor. "If you can't hong in there Hong it up. SHANAHAN, MARILYN T. Cheerleader, Shell and Oar, Belles, Resident Advi· sor, "Why can't we not revive post times os we con revisit old places?" SHEEHY, BILL Ski Team Copt., Veteran survivor of Fr. Callahan's many film courses. SHOLANDER, RUBEN Psychology Society, Alpha Gamma Nu, Modern Cultu re Society, Bio logy Soc ie t y. "Creatures revenge and many fond memories. There ore gold ships and there ore silver ships but there ore no ships like friendships." SIGGINS, PETE Alpha Delta Gamma Pres. IFC Pres. SAB, Crimson Cricle, "There is no need to sall y forth, for it rema ins true that those things wh ich make us human ore, curiously enough, always close at hand. Resolve, then that on this very ground, with small flogs waving, and tiny blasts of tinny !rum· pets, we hove met the enemy and not only may he be ours, he may be us." Kelly SLATIERY, COLLEEN MAY Yearbook, Employee of Gigi LaRue's, ADG grou· pie, Special hello to Cepi, Tenderich 10, Loyola 53. "Live like o fried egg, with your sunny side up." SMITH, MARSHA LYNN BSFA, Ujimo Stoff Writer. SOCQUET, CINDER "Nature's first green is gold, Her Hardest hue to hold, Her earliest leaf is o flower, But only for on hour, Then leaf subside to leaf, And eden sank to grief, and Down subsides to grief, ond Down subsides to day, Nothing gold con stay." SORBOM, ROSINE Women's Chorus, Soiling Club Pres., KXLU. SOSA, CARLOS Alpha Sigma Nu, Orientation Leader, Crimson Cir· de, English Society, Pre-Legal Society, Modern Cultures Society, lntromurols. SOSA, DAVID GENE MECHA, lntermurols, Budget Committee, Grupo Folklorico, Cinco de Mayo Chairman. SOSA, VIRGINIA Hawaiian Donee, Cheerleader. STADLER, MARK Rec. Center Mgr., Crimson Circle, Alpha Delta Gamma Loyo la Fire Dept., St udent Acti vi t ies Boord, Meum Est. " If all my golden moments could be rolled into one, they would shine just like the sun from o summer day. And after it was over, we could hove it bock ogoin (with credit to the editor for striking out the rain) And a ll it reall y needed was the proper point of view. No one's going to bring me down no one's going to stop me now." J. Taylor. STERMAN, LISA (Communica tion Arts) She's Got Leggslll STE MARIE, ROBIN (History- Political Science) Phi Alpha Theta, Women's Chorus, Assoc. for Women Political Scientists, Poly Sci Assoc., Pre· Legal Society. "Politics; it is the post, it is the future, and as I om now, the political realm will be mine." STEVENSON, BRUCE R. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. SULLIVAN, KATHLEEN M. Women's Chorus, Consort Singers, Del Rey Ploy· ers. SUTION,MARK Chemistry TA, Biology Society, Intramural swim· ming instructor. TALLEY, PETER Pi Kappa Alpha Pres., Baseball , Holmquists Roommote, Rosecrans Animal Wing.

TALLEY, ROBERT ''I'm one of the lucky few here, but I can't forget the millions of Block poor imprisoned in the ghettos and jails. A toast to those who know another 358 years will not pass without freedom." TRIPE, SHEILA MARIE "listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul. Where I'll end up, weil I think only God really knows." Cot Stevens. TRUP, DARCY ELLEN Softball, Golf. "Work, work, and more work, but no money." UHRIK, JAMES A. "Four years at UCLA -two semesters here, o definite change. Finally graduating, reveling in the satisfaction of burn ing the system, completely evading the bureaucratic crop of UCLA's MP/ TV dept. by coming to LMU. On the way to the movies!" VAIRO, LINDA ANNA (Accounting) lambda Sig Pres., Accounting Society. VALDEZ, VIRGINIA (Business) Pre-Legal Society. ULWELLING, BRICE City of the Angels. VAUGHN, GEORGE D. (Chemistry) Chemistry Society. "Dr. Geist!? Dr. Schwartz's acetic anhydride experiment in the research lob. From the beginning to the end, I om the on ly survi· vor." VASQUEZ, MOISES MECHA, Alpha Delta Gamma, Varsity Soccer, Baseball. VERASTEGUI, ROLAND Track team, Intramural Football , Theater Arts Soci· ely Pres., Pre-Legal Society, Del Rey Players. "My four years hove been well spent here at LMU. I think I'm ready both mentally and enthusiastically to pursue o career in theater arts. Thanks to Loyola and the great people here." VESSELS, DEBORAH (Communication Arts) Editor and Co-founder of Lion's Pride, University Council, Soiling Club, Loyolon Stoff Photographer, Orientation Leader, KXLU-FM, Communication Arts Society, Member of the Parasol 4 AM Breakfast Club, Senior Member of Loyola Fire Debt., "A day will come at lost when I shall toke the hidden paths that run west of the moon, east of the sun." VILLARD, KEVINN "How do you spell relief?" VILLEGAS, PAULA JO Del Rey Players, English Society, Psychology " . . . Transvestite . . . When I die I wont to go where Jim Morrison is ... Who has the key to the chapel tower? . . . Don't worry Kyoko, Mother's on ly poked out her eyes . . . As o muddied Lake, Sir, as clear as on azure sky of deepest summer." VINESKY, WALTER DANIEL Alpha Delta Gamma, History Society. VIRAMONTES, CARLOS J. "My most sincere thanks to all who've helped me achieve this, one of my many goals. My family, my friends. To you my love, myself." WAHL, ROCHELLE M. Better known as Rick Murphy's Sister's roomote, Roach, the one armed gimp, Phi Alpha Theta, SKL, Shell and Oar, Mild Bunch, Pink Panthers. WOW, Pink Drink Assoc., Our Lady of the Bluff Commit· tee, Friend to Pete Guerra, "Come here for a hus· bond, and got on education." WALLACE, JEAN Campus Ministry, Library Committee, Library Asso· ciotes, Soiling Club. WASZAK, THOMAS ROBERT Pi Kappa Alpha, Crimson Circle, Biology Society, Student Development Center. "Looking all around me what do I see. Lots of changing faces, and lots of things to be, but I'm happy just to be o port of all I see. As I turn round to look at you and look bock at me." WELSH, THERESA ANN

"There ore beginnings and endings to everything in life, only this ending seems to hove come much too soon. These post four years hove seen their shore of good and bod times, but the time spent here has been worthwhile. Good bye Loyola and thanks for everything." WHALEN, VALERIE Track, Alpha Sigma Nu, "AI Penni ' s personal Accountant." WHITE, MARY K. (Biology) Biology Society, Chemistry Society, Big Sister, Kommo Grobbo Thigh, "Mary Whiteman, Mary Whiteman." "Tomy old roomies, Lauro, Pauline, and Cinder - another Apt. 37 along the way. To the students and faculty of the Chern Dept thanks for your friendship . . . And to George o years supply of luminal. Apt. 32 (76), We'll get you yell" WIKHOLM, GARY Water Polo, Tubes, Biology Society. "Special Thanks to a ll my teachers. You were the greatest." W ILDASON, LYNN Shel l and Oar, Women's Crew, Cheerleoding. "You mode me Iough, and smile and wont to remember every detail." WILLIAMS, DONALD R. JR. Crew, LRA, Pre-Legal Society, Art Society, History Society. "So now it's time to bid all adieu, to soy good bye to make that move, but this I soy without regret, no molter where I go, I shall never forget - Loyola - and all who I hove met. Goodbye and good luck to all." W ILSON, MIKE Crimson Circle, Student Activities Boord. "Yo, I ain't no Bum, I con the distance." WOLFSBERGER, KEITH EARL Phi Kappa Theta, AFROTC, lntromurols. WONG, HENRY C. (History) . Modern Cultures Society, Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Gamma Mu, History Society, Pre-Legal Society. WU, SIMON HOK-KUI (Electrical Engineering) Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Sigma Nu, Chinese Club Choir· man. ZOTII, DANIEL C. "It's been fun Loyola. Hail to the Fire Chief. Praise the Lord." CZIRAKY, LESLIE (Political Science) "Accept everything but expect nothing. Do as the Canadians do." WILLEY, C. Gryphons Circle, LMU Renewal Community, Fourth Floor Zoo, In thanksgiving for friendship, parents, memories, and love, but most especially for the faith I hove been given through God and these gifts. I hope that each of us con corry these joys with us to shore with the people we will meet every day.



7 .



r 路路 - 路"'"

Each Tree An Act Of God Each Growing Differently Each Adjusting To Its Own Environment.

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1977 LMU Yearbook