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WEBSITE EVALUATION FORM Start by listing the Works Cited entry for the website to be evaluated. Here is an example of MLA7 format: Last, First M. “Website Article.” Website name (in italics). Publisher, Day Month (Abbrev.) Year electronically published. Web. Day Month (Abbrev.) Year accessed. <URL> Satalkar, Bhakti. “Water Aerobics.”, 15 July 2010. Web. 2 Feb. 2011. <> Create a citation of the website to be evaluated in the space below:

Where was this website found (Choose one):

Answer the following questions:

1. Listed in a book or journal or linked from subscription database (example: World Book Online)

The author is identified and can be contacted

2. Surfing using a search engine

A biography of the author is presented along with his/her credentials

3. By an instructor's recommendation (Handout, conversation, etc)

The sponsor of the page is identified (check domain name)

4. Other (please explain):

The date the information was gathered and/or updated is listed

Yes No

References to the sources of the information are presented Was this website created by someone other than a student (middle school, high school, college)? The information presented is objective Conclusion If this website was found using a search engine or if you have answered No to any of the other questions listed above please briefly state why you believe this resource is appropriate to use for academic research:

Updated: 2/11/2011


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