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TOWER HILL SCHOOL Upper School Academic Program – Credits, Loads, Requirements, Courses Offered – 2012-2013 Grade

9 22 units

10 20 units

11 20 units

12 18 units





English 9

World History 1


English 10

World History 2

Chemistry Chemistry (Accelerated)

1st Semester Courses (2CU) 19th Century British Novel American Novel Childhood in Literature Fact and Fiction Haunted Minds “Is you is” Shakespeare Planet Waves The Fire & the Frying Pan 2nd Semester Courses (2CU) Adoption & Adaptation Chaucer Iliad & Odyssey Literature of Social Justice Modern American Poetry Myths and Motifs in Lit. “New York, New York!” Shakespeare The Writer’s Eye

Human Biology General Biology (Accelerated) Advanced Physics* Advanced Chemistry* Advanced Biology*

Modern European History* 1st Semester Electives Historical Research (1CU) Issues in Cont. Politics (2CU) Leadership (1CU) Psychology (2CU) Supreme Ct: 1789-1900 (2CU)

English Elective (open Grades 9-12) Creative Writing (1CU)

Semester Courses Engineer. Bootcamp (2CU) Environ. & Sustainability (2CU) Human Anatomy (2CU) Ind. Study in Sci. (1CU)

The Arts Art Full-year Courses Art Foundation (2CU) Art Foundation II (2CU) Art History Photo. & Printmaking (2CU) Studio Art Advanced Studio Art*

French French 1 French 2 French 3 Upper Level Sem. Courses (2CU) Adv. Conv. – Café Français* Francophone Film & Lit.* French Stories of Good & Evil Paris in Film & Literature*

United States History United States History*

Algebra 2 Algebra 2 (Accelerated) Geometry Geometry (Accelerated) Adv. Alg. and Func. Anal. Precalculus (Accelerated) Precalculus Calculus* Accelerated Calculus*


Latin Latin 2 Latin 3 Upper Level Sem. Courses (2CU) Letters of Pliny the Younger* Plautus Amphitruo* Spanish Spanish 1 Spanish 2 Spanish 3 Spanish 4 Upper Level Sem. Courses (2CU) Adv. Conv.–Café Español* Cuba* All About Almodóvar* Span. Through Cultural Lens*

2nd Semester Electives Psychology (2CU) Supreme Ct: 1901-2000 (2CU) The Vietnam War (2CU)

Semester Courses Photo. & Printmaking II (1CU) Woodworking I (1CU) Woodworking II (1CU) Computer Semester Courses Digital Imaging (1CU) Film Making (1CU) Drama Foundation Semester Courses Acting (1CU) Prod. Des. & Tch. (1 CU) Advanced Semester Courses Actors’ Workshop Director’s Lab PD&T Advanced Semester Courses Theatrical Lighting Live Audio Construction for Theatre Scenic Painting Performance Credit Drama Production (1CU) Music Band (2CU) Stage Band (1CU) Chorus (2CU) Vocal Ensemble (1CU) String Ensemble (1CU) Guitar (1CU) Music Theory*

Graduation Requirements

Yearbook Yearbook (1CU)

16 credit units

12 credit units above a first-year algebra course.

12 credit units including World History 1, U.S. History, plus 4 additional credit units

12 credit units, including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Successful completion of the third level of one language or the second level of two different languages

Minimum of 4 credit units in Art, Computer, Drama, Music, and/or Yearbook

Athletics/Activities Athletics Fall Football Cross Country Field Hockey Soccer – Boys Volleyball – Girls Winter Basketball – Boys Basketball – Girls Swimming Wresting Track – Indoor Fitness – Girls Spring Baseball Lacrosse – Boys Lacrosse – Girls Soccer – Girls Tennis – Boys Tennis – Girls Track & Field

Activities (sample) Blue/Gold Comedy Combat Dial Diversity Club Forum Council Green Keys Jefferson Awards Lit Page Math League Mock Trial Robotics Student Faculty Council Yearbook Young Democrats Young Republicans And other student initiated clubs

Minimum of 10 out of 12 seasons 3 seasons: 9th and 10th grade 2 seasons: 11th and 12th grade

All courses are worth 4CU’s unless noted otherwise.

Starred course: Courses whose titles are followed by an asterisk represent the most challenging/advanced courses at Tower Hill and reduce the required credit unit load for the year by one. Health: Required for all 10t h and 12t h graders Community Service Graduation Requirement: All Upper School students must successfully complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service within a calendar year.


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