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Tower Hill School THE BENEFITS OF TOWER HILL SCHOOL An ongoing U.S. Department of Education Study has revealed that, compared with their peers in public schools, students in independent schools watch less television, achieve the highest reading proficiency level, are more engaged with homework, extracurricular activities and athletics, take more advanced coursework and have higher aspirations for post-secondary study. These are strengths of many independent schools, but Tower Hill offers much more than a challenging curriculum and numerous extracurricular opportunities. Tower Hill provides an enriched and challenging college preparatory program in which each student’s abilities and talents are recognized and respected. The curriculum incorporates both traditional and innovative approaches to learning within an educational environment that nurtures each student’s moral, intellectual, creative and physical development. Tower Hill is committed to perpetuating a school community founded on personal integrity, mutual respect and collective responsibility. The school prepares its students for citizenship in the global community and encourages an appreciation for the lifelong process of learning. As an independent school we are able to synchronize our curriculum and opportunities in-line with the mission of the school without federal oversight. Tower Hill School’s unparalleled facilities, unique learning opportunities and challenging, innovative and creative educational programs are funded solely through tuition revenue, endowment interest, capital giving and the generosity of alumni, parents and friends of the school who support the Annual Fund. When surveyed recently, the majority of parents of school-age students in public school said they would enroll their

child in an independent school if they could afford to do so. However, most families interested in independent schools never investigate the option due to concerns regarding affordability. The information here may help demonstrate that the benefits of a Tower Hill education can be accessible to your child.

INVESTING IN THE FUTURE A Tower Hill education represents an investment in your child’s future, and we recognize that choosing an independent school education requires a significant commitment to financial planning and prioritizing by families. Allocating resources to secure the

best education for your children enables them to develop the tools necessary for success: self-confidence and determination; disciplined analysis and creativity; empathy and integrity; and character and intellect.

Prioritizing your child’s education at the elementary or secondary level lays the foundations for lifelong learning well before the college years. One of the greatest gifts you can give is to provide your child with the best education possible.

Opportunities abound at Tower Hill for students to be engaged in our world through thinking and action. Tower Hill encourages each student to develop a sense of personal worth and to recognize, understand and respect the individuality of others. The school nurtures the development of values, commitments and goals from childhood through adolescence. From the cornerstones of opportunity, encouragement, respect and trust, Tower Hill aspires to produce young men and women who will be leaders of the future. Tower Hill is dedicated to its motto Multa Bene Facta -- Many Things Done Well.


While families today recognize the value of an independent school education, few find it “easy” to pay for independent school tuition. Most families consciously adjust their spending priorities, maximize both parents’ earnings, reassess tax strategies, and carefully manage assets. Consulting an accountant or certified financial planner who is experienced in education planning, and particularly with independent schools, can be helpful in evaluating your finances. Most families employ several strategies to keep the costs within reach. Some families will need outside assistance no matter how carefully they fine-tune family finances; for others, a payment plan option will work. In this planning it is important to realize that the family bears the primary responsibility for financing a child’s education to the extent that it is able. Yet, as you investigate independent schools for your child, it is important to remember that by enrolling in an independent school, you are joining a community of families that embrace these same educational and financial choices. If you believe that Tower Hill is the right school for your child, we encourage you to explore the many ways to bring the cost within your own reach. Families afford Tower Hill in a variety of ways. They can: • Utilize two scheduled payment dates, with 60% due in August and 40% due in January; • Use a ten-month or tweleve-month payment plan via tuition management systems; • Apply for low-interest loans; • Investigate refinancing options and debt restructuring; • Explore extended family support; • Apply for scholarships or contributions from church groups or community programs; • Apply for need-based assistance using the Parent Financial Statement Form through School and Student Services; • Utilize a combination of the above to create a plan that is right for each family. Knowing that families utilize many ways to afford independent school tuition we encourage you to think creatively, perhaps with professional assistance, about strategies for investing in an educational experience that is right for your child.

TUITION AT TOWER HILL Please refer to our web site under Tuition and Financial Assistance. Additional fees include books for Upper and Middle School Students, Home and School Association Fees, yearbook, instrument rental as needed, some athletic fees and costs for optional programs.


right to request additional factual information that will make a fair assessment of a family’s financial situation. Although Tower Hill’s financial assistance is considerable, there are usually insufficient funds to meet the needs of all qualified applicants. Therefore, some families may be placed in a financial wait pool to see if any funds become available at a later date. It is extremely important that applicants meet the filing deadlines to receive timely consideration.

Tower Hill School seeks to enroll the most qualified and compelling students whose families understand and embrace the purpose of the school. To achieve that goal, Tower Hill is committed to providing financial assistance to students whose families would otherwise be unable to consider Tower Hill School as an option for their children. While some individuals seek guidelines to help make the decision of whether or not to apply for financial assistance, we have found that each family’s combination of circumstances is unique. The most helpful guidelines come from personal knowledge of your own family’s finances and resources. The majority of financial assistance is awarded to students in Grades 6 – 12. There is no financial assistance for students entering our Tower Tots three-year old program and grants for students entering our Early Childhood (Prekindergarten and Kindergarten) are limited and rarely exceed 50% of tuition.

HOW TO APPLY FOR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE To begin the financial assistance process, you must first submit an application for admission to Tower Hill School. Concurrent with the admission process you can complete the financial assistance process to Tower Hill School. You will need to submit a completed Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) to School and Student Services (SSS) by the first Monday in January. You will also be required to submit W-2 forms and Tax documents to SSS in order to complete the financial assistance process. Tower Hill’s Financial Assistance Committee abides by the “Best Practices” established by the National Association of Independent Schools and the “Guidelines of Good Practice” from the Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools. When assessing a family’s demonstrated need, Tower Hill School reserves the

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES – SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES Tower Hill’s commitment to “Best Practices” extends to the financial assistance program. Tower Hill offers need-based financial assistance grants established upon factual information and the financial analysis families provide and as calculated by the School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS). Intended as a supplement to a family’s resources, rather than a replacement of those resources, financial assistance awards are re-evaluated each year for every family, and are not automatically renewable. Awards are normally renewed for each year of a child’s attendance unless a family’s financial circumstances drastically change. Tower Hill’s funds are reserved for those families who have no alternative to requesting assistance.

For Divorced/Separated Parents: When assessing the need of a student, Tower Hill takes into account the entire family unit. For students with divorced or separated parents, Tower Hill requires that both parents (custodial and non-custodial) submit a separate PFS, and include financial information on each parent, spouse or partner. Tower Hill will send information to the custodial parent. The custodial parent should forward appropriate information to the non-custodial parent, unless the non-custodial parent has requested that the forms be sent directly from Tower Hill. All parents/step-parents/partners are required to submit tax returns, W-2s, and other required information. If there are special circumstances regarding a family situation, please contact Tower Hill for guidance on how to best proceed with the assistance process. In some circumstances, a letter of verification from a disinterested third party (lawyer, social worker, clergy, etc) may be requested. Couples Living Together But Not Married: In situations where couples are living together but not married, Tower Hill requires financial information from both parties, in addition to the non-custodial parent and spouse if applicable. Families Who Have Their Own Farm and/or Business: Families or individuals who own a business or farm are required to complete the SSS Business/Farm Statement and submit a copy of their current business tax return. They may also be requested to furnish cash flow statements, balance sheets, and any other

information relevant to the business. Tower Hill does not consider ordinary business or rental depreciation or loss in calculating financial assistance. For those with Limited Partnerships, families must submit copies of the partnership return and K-1’s. Tower Hill reserves the right to request additional financial information at any time. Parents Who Do Not Work: When one parent does not work and there are no preschool aged children at home, Tower Hill reserves the right to add $15,000 of potential income to the actual income of the family. Exceptions may be made if the parents are caring for a disabled or critically ill child, parent, or grandparent. Consideration will also be given for the parent that is home schooling children. Trust Funds: If a student or parent has a trust fund, parents must furnish a copy of the trust agreement. Tower Hill School reserves the right to request additional financial information at any time. Should discrepancies be discovered in the information provided to Tower Hill School, we reserve the right to withdraw financial assistance at any time during the school year. If you have not received the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) Application through School and Student Services (SSS) and for more information on financial assistance at Tower Hill, please contact the Admission Office at 302. 657.8350 or go to the Tuition & Financial Assistance page under Admission at

Tower Hill School

2813 West 17th Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19806 302.657.8350


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