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ENGLISH 9 SUMMER READING DIRECTIONS: To complete the summer reading successfully, you should read the texts in the following order: 1) Haroun and the Sea of Stories 2) Lord of the Flies 3) Peter Pan The summer reading questions build on each other, and the final set on Peter Pan, asks you to make connections between all three books, so be sure to read the novels and answer the questions in the correct order. Please have the responses to the questions ready to submit to your teacher on the first day of class. Please do  not  refer  to  Spark   Notes  or  any  online  or  printed  study  guide  in  answering  the  questions.  Use  of  such   materials  violates  the  honor  code.

  SUMMER  READING  TEXT  #2—LORD  OF  THE  FLIES       Directions:  The  summer  reading  questions  for  Lord  of  the  Flies  have   multiple  parts.    Please  answer  each  question  as  fully  as  possible.     Remember,  Lord  of  the  Flies  is  the  second  summer  reading  text.     Reading  the  texts  in  the  prescribed  order  will  allow  you  to  create   connections  more  effectively  among  the  three  texts.  Please  have  the   typed  questions  ready  to  submit  to  your  teacher  on  the  first  day  of  class.     1. A  symbol  can  be  defined  as  a  person,  place,  or  thing  that   represents  something  more  than  its  literal  meaning.    In  The  Lord   of  the  Flies,  what  does  the  conch  symbolize?  The  fire?  Piggy’s   glasses?  The  Lord  of  the  Flies  (pig’s  head  on  a  stick)?    Use   evidence  from  the  text  to  support  your  analysis.     2. In  chapter  eight,  Simon  climbs  the  mountain  alone  and  meets  the   Lord  of  the  Flies  face-­‐to-­‐face.  In  the  conversation  they  (Simon  and   the  Lord  of  the  Flies)  have,  the  pig’s  head  on  a  stick  says,  “You   knew,  didn’t  you?  I’m  part  of  you?  Close,  close,  close!  I’m  the   reason  why  it’s  no  go?  Why  things  are  what  they  are…You  know   perfectly  well  you’ll  only  meet  me  down  there—so  don’t  try  to   escape!”  (143).    In  the  novel,  The  Lord  of  the  Flies,  what  is  the  true   beast  that  Simon  is  unable  to  verbally  define?     3. An  allegory  is  a  story  in  which  characters,  setting,  objects,  and  plot   stand  for  a  meaning  outside  of  the  story  itself.    For  example,   Animal  Farm  is  argued  to  be  an  allegory  of  Communism.  Explain   how  The  Lord  of  the  Flies  is  an  allegory.    Use  evidence  from  the   text  to  support  your  claim.    

4. The characters’  loss  of  identity  is  a  predominant  theme  of  the   book.  What  is  the  significance  of  the  camouflage  paint  that  Jack   puts  on?  How  does  it  affect  his  personality?  Why  will  it  make  him   a  better  hunter?  In  what  ways  does  it  hide  his  personality?  In   what  ways  does  it  reveal  his  personality?    How  does  Jack’s  use  of   camouflage  paint  symbolize  a  loss  of  identity?     5. The  littluns  emerge  quickly  as  a  group  of  children  distinctly   separate  from  the  others.    What  is  their  role  in  the  novel?    What   do  they  represent?       6. At  the  close  of  the  novel  the  British  Navy  rescues  the  boys.    Now,   after  all  they  have  experienced  on  the  island,  is  true  rescue  even   possible?      


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