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The summer reading list includes literature that may provide enjoyable and worthwhile reading experiences for your child. The list is intended for use as a guide for selecting titles for recreational reading. Your child’s personal interests and independent reading level deserve consideration when making choices. Reference librarians and knowledgeable bookstore staff may be valuable resources for book recommendations.

SUMMER READING IDEAS For Grade 2 Entering Grade 3 FICTION Individual Titles Adler, David Allard, Harry Bang, Molly Ben-Ezer, Ehud Bercaw, Edna Birch, David Blume, Judy Brett, Jan Bulla, Clyde Robert Bunting, Eve Byers, Betsy Christopher, Matt Cleary, Beverly Cohen, Barbara Cole, Joanne Cooney, Barbara Corbett, Scott Custis, Gavin Cuyler, Margery Danziger, Paula Delton, Judy Duffy, Betsy Demi Dahl, Roald Erickson, Russell Fowler, Susi Garner, Alan Giff, Patricia Greene, Stephanie Haas, Dorothy Haas, Jesse Heide and Gilliland Hildick, E. W. Hopkinson, Deborah Howard, Elizabeth

Cam Jansen series Houdini Club series Miss Nelson Is Missing, and other titles Tye May and the Magic Brush Hosni the Dreamer Halmoni’s Day The King’s Chessboard Freckle Juice, and other titles Annie and the Wild Animals, and other titles The Ghost of Windy Hill Some Frog Tornado, and other titles Sports series Ramona series Molly’s Pilgrim The Magic School Bus series Miss Rumphius, and other titles The Great McGonigle's Key Play, and other titles The Bat Boy and His Violin Weird Wolf Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon, and other titles Pee Wee Scouts series Cody's Secret Admirer, Spotlight, The Math Wiz, Hey New Kid, and other titles One Grain of Rice The Enormous Crocodile, Esio Trot, The Magic Finger, The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me, and other titles A Toad For Tuesday, and other titles Albertina, The Practically Perfect The Well of The Wind Kids of Polk Street School series Owen Foote, Second Grade Strong Man, Owen Foote, Soccer Star, and other titles Tink in a Tangle, Burton and the Giggle Machine, and other titles Clean House, Beware the Mare and other titles in series, and other titles The Day of Ahmed’s Secret Case of the Bashful Bank Robber, and other titles Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt Aunt Flossie’s Hats (and Crabcakes Later)

Hurwitz, Johanna Hutchins, Pat Kimmel, Eric King-Smith, Dick Kline, Suzy Krailing, Tessa Levinson, Riki Levitin, Sonia Lexau, Joan Look, Lenore Lorbiecki, Elizabeth MacDonald, Betty Mahy, Margaret Mathis, Sharon McDonald, Megan and Peter Reynolds McDonnell, Christine McKissack, Patricia Merrill, Jean Mitchell, Margaree Mollel, Tololwa Montes, Marisa Osborne, Mary Pope Park, Barbara Parrish, Peggy Petersen, P. J. Pfiffer, Susan Pinkney, Gloria Pinkwater, Daniel Preller, James Rosales, Melodye Roy, Rob Sachar, Louis Sans Souci, Robert Scieszka, John Snicket, Lemony and Brett Helquist Sobol, Donald J. Soto, Gary Spinelli, Eileen Stevens, Janet Stolz, Mary Tampert, Ann Thomas, Jane Resh Thornton, Marcia Titus, Eve Tzannes, Robin Van Allsburg, Chris Waddell, Martin Warner, Gertrude

Ali Baba Bernstein, and other titles Follow That Bus!, and other titles Three Samuri Cats The School Mouse, Three Terrible Twins, Potter's Pets, and other titles Herbie Jones, Superhero, Horrible Harry series, and other titles The Petsitters Club series Our Home is the Sea A Place Called Home I'll Tell On You Henry’s First-Moon Birthday Sister Anne’s Hands Mrs. Piggle Wiggle series The Horribly Haunted School The Hundred Penny Box Judy Moody and Stink, and other titles It's a Deal, Dogboy Goin’ Someplace Special The Toothpaste Millionaire Uncle Jed’s Barbershop Ananse’s Feast: An Ashanti Tale Get Ready for Gabi: A Crazy, Mixed-Up Spanglish Day Magic Treehouse series Junie B. Jones and Some Sneaky Peeky Spying, and other titles Clues in the Woods The Haunted House Can You Keep a Secret? The Trouble With Wishes The Sunday Outing Fat Men From Space Werewolf Club Series (#1: The Magic Pencil) Jigsaw Jones Mystery series (Ex: The Case of the Marshmallow Monster) Leola and the Honeybears A to Z Mysteries Sideways Stories From Wayside School Marvin Redpost: Alone in His Teacher's House, and other titles The Talking Eggs Summer Reading Is Killing Me! and Time Warp Trio A Series of Unfortunate Events Encyclopedia Brown series The Skirt and Too Many Tamales Lizzie Logan Wears Purple Sunglasses, and other titles Tops and Bottoms King Emmett the Second, The Mystery of the Woods and other titles Grandfather Tang’s Story: A Story Told in Tangrams The Comeback Dog Ghosts Don't Eat Potato Chips, Leprechauns Don't Play Baseball, and other titles Basil of Baker Street and Basil and the Pygmy Cats Sanji and the Baker Jumanji, and other titles Harriet and the Crocodiles and Harriet and the Haunted House Boxcar Children series

Williams, Vera Winter, Jeanette Yolen, Jane

Cherries and Cherry Pits, and other titles The Librarian of Basra: Saving the Books of Iran, Follow the Drinking Gourd, and Josefina The Emperor and the Kite

Publishers Series Scholastic Inc. Publishers American Girls Publishers

My America The American Girls collection

NON-FICTION Adler, David A. Beeler, Selby Bolden, Tonya Burleigh, Robert Children’s Press Cole, Robert Eyewitness Juniors Fritz, Jean Gibbons, Gail Golenbock, Peter Guthrie, Woody Hornblow, Leonora Jenkins, Steve Kramer, S.A, Lauber, Patricia Lepscky, Ibi Morales, Yuyi Simon, Seymour Zim, Herbert

A Picture Book of Jesse Owens, and other biographies Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions Around the World Champ: The Story of Muhammed Ali Home Run: The Story of Babe Ruth True Book series The Story of Ruby Bridges Amazing Fish, and other titles What's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin?, and other biographies The Honeymakers, and other titles Hank Aaron: Brave in Every Way This Land Is Your Land Animals Do the Strangest Things, and other titles Biggest, Strongest, Fastest Wonder Women of Sports Volcano, Seeing Earth From Space, and other titles Albert Einstein, and other biographies Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar Chavez Planets series Animals series

Creative Minds biographies Gateways biographies PERIODICALS Cobblestones Cricket Zoo Books Discover Kids Ranger Rick National Geographic World Magazine Zillions

POETRY Hopkins, Lee Bennett

Lives: Poems About Famous Americans

Grimes, Nikki Mak, Kam Prelutsky, Jack Schwartz, Alvin Silverstein, Shel 5/09

Danitra Brown Leaves Town My Chinatown: One Year in Poems New Kid on the Block, and other titles And the Green Grass Grew All Around: Folk Poetry For Everyone A Light in the Attic Where the Sidewalk Ends