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SUMMER READING 19th Century British Novel

While reading each of the novels, you will maintain a notebook in which you write a plot summary that will be of key significance when you return in September and need to access narrative details. The most successful way to do this is to write one or two sentences on each chapter as you read. When you finish each novel, you should then write a final response, in which you establish the major themes of the work as well as your own reactions to it. Do not use Spark Notes or any other such materials in doing this. You should also underline/highlight relevant quotations, details of key moments concerning major characters, in addition to noting the different ways in which the author uses the character to develop his/her themes. The key characters are as follows: Emma: Emma Woodhouse, Mr. Woodhouse (her father), Harriet Smith, Mr. Knightley, Frank Churchill, Jane Fairfax. Jane Eyre: Jane, Helen Burns, Mr. Rochester, St.John Rivers. Not only will your notebook entries provide you with the necessary foundations for your future work in the course, they will also comprise the beginning of the notebook/journal that you will keep throughout the course and that I shall collect at the end of each quarter. As you might imagine, the notebook forms an important part of your overall grade.


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