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2012-2013 Course Selection Sheet – Grade 9 Last Name:

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Instructions – Refer to the Academic Program summary sheet for a complete listing of all courses, as well as additional information on credits, loads, and requirements. 1. Required Courses All 9th grade students take English 9, World History 1 and Biology, as well as a language course and a math course. Choose the appropriate language and math courses that you will be taking by placing check marks on the lines next to the course names given below. Language French French 1 (FRE101), 4CU French 2 (FRE201), 4CU Latin Latin 1 (LAT101), 9X, 4CU Latin 2 (LAT201), 9X, 4CU Spanish Spanish 1 (SPA101), 4CU Spanish 2 (SPA201), 4CU

Mathematics Fund. of Algebra (MAT100), 4CU Algebra 2 (MAT101), 4CU Algebra 2 (Acc.) (MAT102), 4CU Geometry (Acc.) (MAT202), 4CU

2. Elective Courses a) Listed below are additional elective courses that 9th grade students may choose from. Normally, students are expected to carry at least two, but not more than four, credit units from the areas of art, computer, drama, and/or music. To sign up for an elective, place a check mark next to the course name. b) If you are signing up for more than one elective, please indicate your order of preference (‘1’ for first choice, ‘2’ for second, etc.) in the event that a scheduling conflict occurs. If you want a particular course to serve as a backup for another, place an ‘A’ on the line next to the course title. c) Any course whose title is preceded by # requires permission of the department chair, who should initial his or her approval next to the course title. Art Art Foundation (ART101), 2CU Computer Digital Imaging (COM101), 1CU, 1S Film Making (COM102), 1CU, 2S Music Band (MUS101), 2CU #Stage Band (MUS201), 1CU Chorus (MUS102), 2CU #Vocal Ensemble (MUS202), 1CU #String Ensemble (MUS103), 1CU Guitar (MUS105), 1CU English Creative Writing (ENG111), 1CU, 1S

Drama Foundation Courses Acting (DRA101), 1CU, 1S Prod. Des. & Tch. (DRA102), 1CU, 1S Advanced Courses #Actors’ Workshop (DRA201), 1CU, 2S PD&T Adv. Courses, credit TBD, 2S #Theatrical Lighting (DRA211) #Live Audio (DRA212) #Construction for Theatre (DRA213) #Scenic Painting (DRA214) Performance Credit #Drama Production (DRA400), 1CU, 1S #Drama Production (DRA400), 1CU, 2S

3. Have the sheet signed by a parent and by your advisor, and then return the sheet to Mr. Smith’s office no later than Friday, March 9. Parent: