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5 Things NOT to do on a Longboard

You’ll not be surprised to find that stupid people do exist, and they are generally the ones you’ll see on YouTube in videos called “Ultimate Fails”. To stop you appearing in these videos, we’ve come up with some advice on what not to do when longboarding… Rule number one: don’t think you can send a text while hurtling down a hill at breakneck speed. If you try this, you are likely to end up implanted in a tree, with remnants of your precious iPhone strewn all over the sidewalk. And making videos of your longboarding exploits is a big no-no too – get a friend to do it for you. Rule number two: jumping up and down on your longboard isn’t a trick. In fact, it is a sure fire way to end up on your backside, with the longboard continuing its journey down the street. And if you do manage to land on the board, you could end up going straight through it, as they are not designed to take the weight of a fully grown adult landing on top of them. Rule number three: Cars, buses and trucks are bigger than you, and they will win in a fight. Therefore, don’t skate right behind them or, even worse, in front of them. If you stop, they might not, and vice-versa. Stick to skate parks and quiet areas, and if a car turns up, wait until it leaves! Rule number four: Rain is not your friend. It will make you slip and slide all over the place, and the only place you’ll manage to get to is that aforementioned YouTube video, with people all over the world laughing at you careering down the pavement in a pair of wet pants. Rule number five: Face forwards when you are longboarding. Yes, going backwards looks cool, but after about five seconds you’ll be looking less than cool, as you land in a bush, legs sticking out and everyone pointing at you.

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