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Raul Touzon is a Cuban-born documentary and underwater photographer who specializes in making images that convey what he refers to as “The Eternity of a Moment.” RAUL TOUZON is documentary and underwater photographer who specializes in making images that convey what he refers as to “The Eternity of a Moment”. Raul has traveled extensively building a collection of dramatic photographs that have been featured in many publications including: Time Magazine, US News, The New York Times, National Geographic Traveler and the National Geographic Magazine

world as well as for National Geographic Expeditions. His images are represented by the National Geographic Creative, Getty Images and Corbis. His list of clients includes the US National Park Service, Apple Computers, and the United Nations for which he documented their operations in Sudan.

Raul has printed two landscape books: Visions of my World (2012) and Journeys For over a decade Raul has been a full (2013). Some of the images in these books time educator and instructor producing have been auctioned by Christies. and teaching his workshops around the



Visual Storytelling: Undertaking visual storytelling is one of the most difficult disciplines in photography. Having the ability to shoot 15 or 20 strong and solid pictures of the same theme to illustrate a story requires a specific skill set only a few possess. These few are part of National Geographic, Magnum and other agencies that specialize in this type of photography. The way I would approach a story would be as if I am going to build a house in the wild. I would need to go out and gather as many raw materials as I can find and then use only the ones I need and thereafter build the house the way I like. I would go out and shoot these pictures, go over the images I have collected and tell a story based on what I have. The process of editing and sequencing is even harder and more important. Selecting the right images and placing them in the right order so they flow and tell a story is 50% of the process. I would be able to tell the story in different ways based on the sequence of these images.


These workshops are designed to teach students how to select their best images and to sequence them to tell a compelling story about the place they are visiting. Each day photos are analyzed in very much detail and the best ones are selected. As we progress, images are organized/sequenced for a final presentation.

With National Geographic Photographer Raul Touzon

Raul will guide you in creating unique images. We have several photography workshops that will provide you with a learning experience in some of the most unique places. WWW.TOUZONPHOTO.COM 4


To be a great photographer, just be free: Free from preconceptions and influences, find your own voice and enjoy the creative process. Never, ever expect to get a great picture out of every situation, just enjoy the moment and the ride. It is not the same to know the path as to walk the path and while in it always be true to the three “P’s”: Passion, Patience, and Perseverance. Eventually they will lead you to the fourth one, Perfection. As for me I prefer to stay on the path rather that achieving perfection.


One of the most intense and meaningful workshops I teach is Easter in Antigua Guatemala WWW.TOUZONPHOTO.COM 7

Easter Week in Antigua Guatemala is widely recognized as the most stunning religious celebration in all of the Americas. From the countless brotherhood processions starting with the children’s on Holy Wednesday to the famous Merced procession on Friday morning.

This will be my fifth year running this workshop, which combines classroom sessions, edits and critiques with magnificent shooting opportunities. You can basically shoot round the clock if you so wish. Most of the time we get press passes for students.


The myriad of events is mind blowing. Before each procession, streets are adorned with handcrafted sawdust carpets. Easter in Antigua is a photographer’s dream. This is unique workshop where you will photograph the religious events to which you will have special access.


We begin each day by editing and critiquing each other’s photographs. Highly visual lectures and demonstrations cover digital camera settings and accurate metering and exposure, in addition to the rules of composition. Artistic use of light with special emphasis on creative flash techniques is also an important part of this workshop. We learn how present your work with lessons on editing, sequencing, story development and bookmaking.

We will cover the creative use of camera settings, master composition, off camera flash and edit and sequence, the basic building blocks of visual storytelling. This is a powerful experience full of wonderful and intimate moments, we will take you to the right places at the right times





• • • • • • • •

• Welcome Cocktail • Orientation • Dinner Day 2 • Lectures • Depart for La Merced • Children’s Procession - Merced Church • La Merced Children’s Procession at Parque Central • San Felipe at Parque Central • Vigil at Escuela de Cristo • Day 3 • Edit and Critique • Depart for San Francisco Procession • San Francisco El Grande Procession • Meet in front of La Merced • Shoot San Cristobal Procession at Parque Central • San Francisco at Parque Central • San Cristobal Procession at Parque Central • Elaboration of Carpets • Day 4

Depart for Merced Procession Procession La Merced Free Time/Shoot on your own(Carpets at Ancha) Cruxifiction Ceremony Escuela de Cristo Depart for Escuela de Cristo Procession Shoot Escuela de Cristo Procession Processions Main Park Entrance of “Escuela de Cristo” Procession

Day 5 • • • • •

Edit and Critique Day 3 and 4 Depart for Escuela de Cristo Woman’s Procession Procession Woman’s Procession San Felipe Escuela de Cristo at Parque Central San Felipe at Parque Central

Day 6 • • • •

Edit and Critique (Sequencing of stories) Shoot San Pedro Procession at Parque Central Cocktails and Class Dinner Class Show

Day 7

Price includes:


• 6 nights of single accommodations at the Meson de Maria Hotel in Antigua Guatemala • All breakfasts and two group dinners


• Price is per person, SINGLE occupancy • Airfare from/to your home cities are not included • Transportation to and from the Guatemala City airport, and to the field trips is also included.


This is not only the best value, but also the best team with deep knowledge of the culture and this celebration. This workshop is limited to 10 students

• Depart for Guatemala’s City Airport

• The Ruling of Jesus Death (Optional)Merced



5882 NW 113th Pl Doral Fl. 33178 305-420-6196 WWW.TOUZONPHOTO.COM 14

Antigua 2014 Brochure  

One on the most intense and meaningful workshops I teach is Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala, which combines classroom sessions, edits and cri...