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La Concha is one of the best beaches and tourists attraction point in Europe. La Concha is shallow substrate and a sandy beach so it is popular as a famous urban beach in Europe. La concha is a part of Atlantic Ocean and the climate of Spain is mild so mainly tourists come here for spending their summer vacation. All beaches in Spain is the Best Tourist Places in Spain.

City of San FermĂ­n festivalSan fermin festival is one of the famous festivals of Spain which is celebrated in Pamplona annually. Festival is famous in all over the word for the running of the bulls. In this festival Hundreds of people

Running in front of the six running bulls.

Sagrada Familia Barcelona is famous for the Sagrada Familia church which is a large Roman Catholic Church. Sagrada famila is one of the famous tourist destination places to visit in Barcelona. The construction of Sagrada familia church is very famous and began in 1882 and still in progress for completing.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid-

The plaza mayor is famous for its Rectangular shape and attractive buildings. It has three sided residential buildings with 237 balconies.

Today the tourism of Spain is the main economy growth factor of Spain .In Spain tourists come from the all over the world and especially from France, central Europe and Britain.

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