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Play Challenge Pool with Challenge Pool game is a skill based game. In the game, your goal is to sink the balls as fast as possible to rack up a high score. There are 9-15 balls in each rack in different patterns, sometimes with obstacles on the table. The bonus ball, indicated by a colored circle, will net bonus points upon sinking. Sinking more than one ball will also give a bonus. How to play Use the pinpoint navigation system by moving around the table with your cursor, or by using the navigation arrows at the bottom of the screen to aim the cue stick. Then pull by the power indicator on the left of the screen to the desired force and release to make the shot.

Use the camera lens icon on the lower left of the screen to toggle your view between a bird’s eye-overhead angle and a table-level realistic type view.

Special highlighted pool balls, called bonus hot balls, are worth more points when sunk within the time they are highlighted on the table. These bonuses are timed. The highlighted color will change from green to yellow and then from yellow to red as the time expires for the chance to receive extra points. Once the time has expired for a bonus hot ball, it then becomes worth the regular point value. A new bonus highlight will appear on another ball on the playfield randomly later during the game depending on how many hot balls that specific game has. Features of the game Easy Aiming (aim by touch, and fine tune aiming) Realistic Physics and 3D Graphics (play in 3D mode or from a bird’s eye view) Over 60 Different Layouts (allowing for difficulty levels from easy to challenging) Super English (for a more realistic game experience) Thumper Bumpers (strategy potential for trick shots) Quick Play Tournaments (no waiting for others to join the game) More Details

There are many levels of unique rack layouts to play. Some designs include Thumper Bumpers which add a pinball-like aspect to the game play and require more strategy to clear the table. Bonus hot balls will give you more bonus points the faster you clear them from the table. Super English is a specialized feature that is similar to traditional English, yet not quite limited by traditional physics. It is easy to learn, and extremely useful for lining up shots during the game. The score is calculated by the number balls pocketed multiplied by the value left on the timer. The timer begins to count down as soon as the cue comes into contact with the first ball during the first shot. After the first shot, the timer begins as soon as all the balls from the previous shot have stopped moving on the table. Be careful with your shots. If you scratch the ball, points are deducted from your score and balls pocketed during the shot do not add to your score. To gain the highest score possible. Do not scratch during the game and make your shots as quickly as possible knocking as many ball into the pocket as you can.

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Play challenge Pool Games on playtournamentgames. Hit the ball with the stick and get your coloured balls in the holes first before your opp...

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