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Become familiar with Australia Tourist Visas Coming to Australia to explore the country on a short-term basis can be made possible by submitting an application for the tourist visa for Austria. Usually, these visas are applicable for three months but there are various types of travel visas that can be enlarged to last for a year. These visas can easily be renewed in Australia given that the owner can support himself without the need of working in the country. Travel visas do not really allow the owners to work in Australia. Here are the different types of Australian visa for Indians:

Tourist Visa – For those who desire to apply for Australian tourist visa, these can be issued immediately, usually within an hour or two, and won’t need you to return the next day. At first, you must fully determine your duration of stay for a specific visit, and you can choose from an electronic travel authority visa, which is valid for up to 3 months or a tourist visa which will permit you to stay up to 12 months. After that you need to ensure that you provide all the necessary information for your visa application. Business Visa – All the applicants for business skills (short-term) and business talent (migrant) visas are needed to sign an affirmation agreeing to fulfill certain requirements of their visa following their arrival in Australia. Business Visa holders must, generally within the first 24 months after their primary entry into Australia, tender input into the Australian economy by actively becoming involved as owners or part owners at a senior level in a business (or businesses). Family visa – If you are in Australia under any of the above stated visas, your relatives or friends can visit you by using the family visa. You can avail all the different types of Australian visa application form from the official Visa Shopee website.

Become familiar with australia tourist visas