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A Celebration of Winter The 28th running of the Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival is just around the corner! Since 1985 we have been striding and gliding through the North Saskatchewan River valley and the Blackfoot Recreation Area; attempting to take a minute or two off our time or beat our best friends to the finish line-- a refuge of winter joy and engagement! The 'Spirit of the Ski' is undiminished. We have had an important year of rebuilding after we reluctantly had to cancel last year due to miserably low snow. We have many new and enthusiastic volunteers on the Board and the Loppet Committee, and we have two wonderful staff members, one new to us, who are vital to the day-to-day running of the work of the Society. We are so pleased that the commitment by sponsors and granting agencies is stronger than ever before.

550 volunteers are enthusiastic to support your participation. Everything is marching forward to our annual celebration of cross-country skiing and perseverance –whether you are only 5 years old and 2.5 km is a challenge, a racer aiming for a fast time to complete 31 km, or if you are a stalwart boldly bracing for 55 km with a pack. I welcome you to join our Festival in the spirit of Canada 150 and the Norwegian Birkebeiner tradition on which our Festival is based. I hope you take part in our Nordic Fair, ski in some of the fine ski events we plan for this year, and chat and dine with us at our Viking Feast. See you on the trails !

Cameron McGregor

IMPORTANT INFORMATION Welcome to the 28th running of the Canadian Birkebeiner. We anticipate a great Birkie and congratulate you for joining the adventure and accepting the challenge. Here are a few notes to remember for the big day.

1. Classical Technique Only in Classic Races Skating is NOT allowed in the classic events - no gliding on herringbone; no sideways pushing except on corners (up to five pushes max. per corner). 2. Keep Right

The left lane is for passing only. Listen for the call, “Track”, and get out of the way safely and quickly.

3. Food Station Etiquette In fairness to skiers passing through, don't stop in the track; step well to the side. 4. Ears Alert

For safety, do not ski with headphones.

5. Stay on Your Course Changing events during the race is not allowed. Anyone not passing all checkpoints on their registered course will be a DNF or DSQ. 6. There is no parking at the Finish Line/Stadium Shuttle is provided for skiers in the Short Course Events (13 km and the 4/2.5 km Ole's Tour) from the Bethel Transit Terminal in Sherwood Park to the Waskahegan Start/Finish Area. 7. Cold Temperatures Dress appropriately in layers and bring clothing and wax for changing weather. Have adequate hand and head protection and keep well hydrated and well-fueled. Starts may be delayed and/or courses modified for safety. Please check Birkie Social Media for updates on conditions. 8. Warm Temperatures

Drink lots of water or sports drink at food stations. Peel layers as necessary.

9. Bib Visibility Please wear your bib only on your front and over top of your jacket for visibility.

BE ALERT, BE SAFE… In emergency situations, check the reverse side of your bib for Emergency Contact information for Alberta Park Rangers 780-9223293 (911 calls will be forwarded to this number). Please tell them your location (which course you're on, last km sign or food/aid station passed), and the nature and severity of the situation. They will mobilize the appropriate response. If there are “dead spots” in cell phone coverage, please move to a hill or clearing if possible. If you see an injured skier on the trail, provide what aid you can. Have someone stay with the injured skier and try to keep them warm. Send a skier to the nearest food station and/or locate a Birkie Ski Patroller, who have radios. Controllers/Patrollers are stationed along the course and are authorized to pull you from the event if they deem it is unsafe for you to continue. Please use care on downhill sections. Please do not ski on closedoff sections; doing so could result in disqualification. If you cannot continue, stop at any Food/Aid Station to get a lift to the Finish Area. Give them your bib and timing chip information and let them know that you wish to withdraw.

MEDICAL AID If you experience a medical concern, seek assistance. Food/Aid Stations and Finish Line have First Aid Teams and Course Patrollers have radios. First Aid personnel will have white bibs with a blue Star of Life on them or on the uniform of their respective ambulance service. Evacuation skidoos or vehicles are available at all Food/Aid Stations and we have quick access to ambulance. Please note any health conditions or medications in the space provided on the back side of your bib so it is accessible to Medical Staff if needed.

Message from Honourable Ricardo Miranda Minister of Culture and Tourism As Minister of Culture and Tourism I am pleased to welcome all participants of the 2017 Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival. The Birkie has been a highly anticipated event for cross-country skiing enthusiasts annually for over 30 years. It is one of just three Birkebeiner Loppets in the world and the largest Nordic event in western Canada–a special experience for sure! While the event draws thousands of participants, it keeps a wonderfully inclusive feel. Skiers across generations and skill levels can all find ways to participate and share in the festival together. Events like this provide memorable opportunities to be active, build healthy lifestyles, bring people together, and help make our communities strong. Special thanks to the organizers, hundreds of volunteers, Strathcona County, Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, and Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area for all your hard work staging this event. Stay warm and may this year’s Spirit of the Ski be with you!

Ricardo Miranda Minister

Message from His Worship Mayor Don Iveson

Message from the Strathcona County Mayor

Traveling from the historic center of the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village to the Cooking Lake Blackfoot Recreation Area, each year resilient cross-country skiers will brave the cold in celebration of the Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival. The race commemorates the historic journey of the Norwegian Birkebeiner political faction, who skied a treacherous route in 1206 to save their child-king from the clutches of the opposing faction. Today, the Birkie brings together 2,000 skiers from around Canada and the world to enjoy the Edmonton region's fantastic crosscountry ski amenities. Complete with a lively Viking Feast and Nordic Fair, this family event offers something for everyone. As Edmonton embraces its identity as a hearty winter city, events such as this help each of us to appreciate the unique opportunities that winter affords us. I thank the organizers, sponsors and volunteers for your commitment to this great festival. Your efforts are making Edmonton more active and engaged city for all of us. Enjoy the trails! Yours truly,

Welcome to the 2017 Canadian Birkie Ski Festival and Strathcona County It is with great pleasure and pride that I welcome you to Strathcona County and the exciting 2017 Canadian Birkie Ski Festival, “Spirit of the Ski”, February 11-13, 2017. What an incredible opportunity for over 1000 skiers of all levels to experience a thrilling competition and exciting festival activities throughout the weekend. If you are visiting us from out of town, I hope you will have an opportunity to see what our beautiful specialized municipality, with its blend of urban and rural areas, has to offer everyone. Enjoy our outstanding indoor and outdoor recreation amenities, hotels, restaurants and shopping, as well as local beautiful landscapes. Best of all you will meet some of the kindest and friendliest people around. With our volunteer spirit, I am confident that our residents are a large part of the 500 volunteers helping to make the 2017 Birkie a great success. I hope this weekend you experience good sportsmanship, perfect ski conditions and weather, and take home special memories of your time in Strathcona County.

Don Iveson Mayor

Warm regards,

Roxanne Carr Mayor



CANADIAN BIRKEBEINER PROGRAM The Canadian Birkebeiner is a two-day celebration of cross country skiing and Nordic legends. It is one of Western Canada's Premier Nordic Ski Event and one of only three Birkebeiner Loppets in the world, with Norway and the USA hosting the other two.

DAY ONE: FEBRUARY 10 (FRIDAY) Location: Strathcona County Community Centre, Agora Room, 401 Festival Way, Sherwood Park, AB OPENING CEREMONIES: 11:45 A.M. The legend that the Birkie recreates each year is described and the Birkie Baby (representing the infant prince that is rescued) is introduced. We recognize our fabulous sponsors and then the Festival is officially opened by supporting dignitaries. NORDIC FAIR: 12-8 P.M. Visit our sponsors' and partners' booths, pick up some Birkie souvenirs, get the latest waxing advice, pre-weigh your 55 km pack, and enjoy a sample of Alley Kat beer as you catch up with ski friends. Wax Area Provided A waxing area will be provided at the Strathcona Community Centre (same building as the Nordic Fair and Registration Package Pick Up) from noon – 8 p.m. Bring your own equipment and supplies and please remember to clean up when you are done. REGISTRATION PACKAGE PICK-UP: 12-8 P.M. Bibs At the Registration Table you will receive a Tyvek bib with your Event Name and Participant Number on it and 4 safety pins to attach it to the front of your body. Ensure you write your name, timing chip number and any health conditions or medications with permanent marker in the space provided on the reverse (back) side of your bib. In an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle, we ask that if you have a Red (skied every year in a 55 km event), Blue (skied at least 20 years in a 55 km event) or Purple (Skied at least 10 years in a 55 km event) cloth bib from previous years that you re-use it or

bring in any extras you may have to the Registration Table. We have a special Birkie gift at the Registration Table for those who reuse. Timing Chip Information You will receive a GoChip timing chip with ankle strap from the Registration Area at the Nordic Fair for all Long Course Events (55, 31, 29 km); it will record the actual time you cross the start line and finish line, not just a mass start time. 13 km skiers will receive a timing chip which records a mass start time and the 2.5/4 km Ole's Tour event is untimed. Timing units will be placed at some Food/Aid Stations on the Long Courses to provide livestreamed interim results so your friends and family can see where you are on the route. Refer to the Current Results page of the Birkie website for the link to live results - ( Please verify your chip at the checker station before you leave the Fair. Attach the timing chip to either ankle before you leave your vehicle the morning of the event. A volunteer will collect your chip from you at the Finish Line. It is very important to return the chip immediately after your race or there will be a $60 replacement fee. Clothing Bag and Tag You will also receive a clothing bag tag with a zip tie to attach it to your bag. You can bring a duffle bag or backpack to keep your warm clothing and other items in for use after the race and we will store it for you in the Clothing Tent at the Finish Line/Stadium area. Clothing bags will be transported from the Long Course Start Line. Skiers should use a felt pen to write their bib number clearly on both sides of the tag. This will be used to locate your bag after the event. Updates Other handouts with updates will be distributed as necessary. Make sure you bring your bib, timing chip and tagged personal clothing bag on race day.


CANADIAN BIRKEBEINER PROGRAM DAY TWO: LONG COURSE SKI EVENTS FEBRUARY 11 (SATURDAY) All Long Course Events (55 and 31 km Classic and 29 km Skate-Ski) start near the Red Barn at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village (UCHV) 50 km east of Edmonton on HWY 16 and finish at Waskehegan Staging Area in the Cooking LakeBlackfoot Provincial Recreation Area. Long Course Events: 55 km Torskeklubben Birkebeiner with Pack 55 km Spencer Environmental Birkie Lite 31 km Erika's Tour 29 km Bergans of Norway Skate Parking and Shuttle Skiers must drive or be dropped off at the UCHV, there is no shuttle from Sherwood Park to the long starts (except those coming from the Host Hotel). Shuttle buses will be available at the Finish Line / Stadium (Waskehegan) which go back to UCHV or to the Bethel Transit Terminal in Sherwood Park. Shuttles will run all afternoon. Give yourself time plenty of time to get to the start area and please put your bib on your front and timing chip on your ankle before you leave the parking lot. NEW! UCHV to Waskehegan Bus: ONE bus will be provided for spectators and Short Course Event participants from UCHV to Waskehegan (Finish Line, Start of Short Course Events). Catch the bus outside the Red Barn after 9:30 am (after Classic-ski long starts but before the Skate-ski start). All other spectators going to the Finish Line must park at Bethel Transit Terminal in Sherwood Park and catch a shuttle bus to/from Waskehegan. Start Times: 8:50 am Official Program at start line for Classic Events (55 & 31 km) 9:00 Start of Wave 1 9:15 Start of Wave 2 9:30 Start of Wave 3

Start and Finish of the event and must be of the over-theshoulder type; fanny packs or weight vests do not qualify. Anything can be used for weight. Please weigh your pack in advance at home or at the Nordic Fair. Bring a duffle bag or backpack to keep your warm clothing and other items in for use after the race. In your race package you will find a tag and zip tie to attach it to your clothing bag. It is very important to clearly mark your BIB NUMBER on your tag. Leave it at the Clothing Trucks on the lake at the Start Line and your gear will be transported and put in the Clothing Tent for pickup at the Finish Line. Place yourself on one of the start lanes based on your estimated skiing time (self-seeding – start with folks of similar ability please!). There will be signs along the side of the start lanes to give guidance. 55 km course distances are marked with green signs and flags, the 31 km course is marked with blue signs and flags, and the 29 km course is marked with red signs and flags. The classic courses split and merge a few times but junctions are wellflagged. Take care to stay on your course. Have fun!

DAY TWO: SHORT COURSE SKI EVENTS FEBRUARY 11 (SATURDAY) All Short Course Events (13 km and 4/2.5 km Ole's Tour) start and finish at Waskehegan Staging Area in the Cooking LakeBlackfoot Provincial Recreation Area. Short Course Events: 13 km Global Mini Birkie 2.5/4 km Ole's Tour presented by E Construction

10:20 am Official Program at Start Line for Skate Ski (29 km) 10:30 Start of Skate Ski

Parking and Shuttle There is no parking at the Start/Finish Line. Skiers and spectators MUST PARK at Bethel Transit Terminal (Broadview Rd, Sherwood Park). Free shuttle buses run continuously between Bethel Transit Terminal and Waskehegan from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm. Buses leave when they are full (about every 10-15 minutes) and the ride takes approximately 30 minutes.

Once You're There Dress appropriately in layers and bring extra clothing and wax for changing weather. Look for the wax thermometer near the barn for basic guidance and SWIX and Track 'n Trail will be there to provide wax advice.

Start Times 10:55 am Official Program at Start Line 11:00 am Start of 2.5 km or 4 km Ole's Tour 1:25 pm Official Program at Start Line 1:30 pm Start of 13 km Mini Birkie

Snacks and coffee are in the Red Barn, which is a heated facility located at the south end of the parking lot. Space is very limited. Indoor washrooms at the UCHV are not available, but there will be outdoor porta-potties.

Once You're There Dress appropriately in layers and bring extra clothing and wax for changing weather.

Classic Skiers will not be able to start after 9:30 because machines will be on course to groom for the Skate Ski

Pack weigh-in for 55 km skiers takes place near the Start Line. Please give yourself time to get your pack weighed and checked off. Packs must weigh a minimum of 5.5 kilograms at both the


Snacks and coffee are available in the Festival Tent. Indoor washrooms are not available, but there will be outdoor portapotties.

CANADIAN BIRKEBEINER PROGRAM Bring a duffle bag or backpack to keep your warm clothing and other items in for use after the race. In your race package you will find a tag and zip tie to attach it to your clothing bag. It is very important to clearly mark your BIB NUMBER on your tag. You can leave it at the Clothing Tent in the Finish Line/Stadium Area. Plan on a 10-minute walk to the start line. 2.5 km or 4 km Ole's Tour: Pulks (sleds) at the back please The courses are well-flagged throughout. Skiers are welcome to determine which distance to complete (untimed event). 13 km Mini Birkie: Place yourself in one of 14 lanes based on your estimated skiing time (self-seeding – start with folks of similar ability please) and follow the red flags. Have fun! THE FINISH LINE All events finish at the Waskehegan Staging Area “Stadium”. Please be sure to give your timing chip to a Finish Line Volunteer and clear the area quickly to make room for other skiers. Blankets and medical aid are available. If you are a first-time finisher of a 55 km event, you should collect your Finisher Medallion here. CLOTHING TENT All clothing will be available in the Clothing Tent, including bags transported from the Long Start. Heated change trailers are onsite (sorry, no showers). Please be considerate and make room

for other skiers once you have finished changing. This is a scentfree zone. FESTIVAL TENT After an enjoyable day skiing your Birkie, come and relax in the heated Festival Tent. Sit and enjoy a bowl of soup (including vegan option), barbequed hot dog (including gluten-free option), hot or cold drink, fruit and snacks. It's a great place to meet up with friends, old and new, and swap tales from the trail. Birkie Merchandise will be available – cash, Mastercard and VISA accepted. Year pins will be available for those who have skied more than one 55 km event. RESULTS Results Monitors are located in the Festival Tent and provide unofficial results within moments of you crossing the Finish Line. All results will be finalized by 6 pm. Refer to the Current Results page of the Birkie website for the link to the live and final results ( If you have any questions regarding posted results, please speak to the Results Official at the Timing Trailer. VIKINGS FEAST Location: Strathcona County Community Centre, Agora Room, 401 Festival Way, Sherwood Park, AB Time: Doors at 6 pm, FEAST at 7 pm Cost: $40 Adults; $25 Youth (15 and under)

Vikings' Feast Location: Strathcona Community Centre, Agora Room, 401 Festival Lane, Sherwood Park. Price: $40 Adults; $25 Youth (15 and under) Time: Doors at 6 pm; dinner at 7 pm Join us for this wonderful POST SKI celebration of culture, community and a successful BIRKIE! Buffet dinner, entertainment, awards, draw prizes and more! Feel the Birkie Spirit! Purchase tickets for the feast on Zone4 (see link at until February 8, 2017.


LAMBERT Intellectual • Property • Law

Wishes all participants an enjoyable day of outdoor activity, and thanks all volunteers for this excellent event.

Take it Outside

10148 - 82 Ave, Edmonton, AB Ph: 780-432-1707 (Toll Free: 1-888-432-1707) 780-448-0606 #200 10328 - 81 Avenue, Edmonton, AB 12


COURSE DETAILS Food/Aid Station Information Food/Aid Stations are at distances varying from 3.2 km to 11 km apart. First Aid and evacuation support is available at all stations. Some stations have extra poles and wax kits; please return any borrowed poles to the Finish Line Officials. Friendly and helpful volunteers will greet you at refreshment stations with Gatorade, water, fruit, cookies and other treats. If you have allergies or special dietary needs, please ensure you bring suitable nourishment. In fairness to skiers passing through, don't stop in the track; step well to the side. Station closing times for the course are listed here. If you have not reached a Food/Aid Station by the stated cut-off time you will be requested to end your ski and will be transported to the Finish Line. The finish line closes around 5:30 pm. We don't want people out on the course after dark! Closing times for each station are based on skiing an average of 9-minute kilometres over the 55 km distance. 55 km skiers have 8 hours to ski the course.

Cut-off Times The Official Course Sweep is authorized to remove slower skiers from the event. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring the safety of all.

Station Closing Times 55 Km Station Name Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village Roundup Wapiti Winter Elk Push 1st time Islet Lake Elk Push 2nd time Wanisan Boundary Booster Finish Line

Km from Start 0.0 11.1 16.5 19.7 25.9 31.6 36.3 42.6 47.1 50.2 55.0

Closing Time 9:30 am 11:20 am 12:10 am 12:40 pm 1:10 pm 2:00 pm 2:40 pm 3:30 pm 4:10 pm 4:35 pm 5:30 pm

Km from Start 0.0 11.1 16.5 19.7 24.4 31.0

Closing Time 9:30 am 11:20 am 12:10 am 12:40 pm 1:30 pm 2:45 pm

Station Closing Times 31 Km Station Name Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village Roundup Wapiti Winter Last Chance (Meadow) Finish Line

Station Closing Times 29 Km Skate Station Name Start Blackfoot 1st time Running Dog Dynamite Lodge Finish Line

Km from Start Closing Time 0 10:30 am 8.0 11:50 am 15.5 12:58 pm 22.1 1:40 pm 29.0 5:00 pm

Station Closing Times 13 Km Station Name Waskehegan Staging Area Start Field Last Chance (Meadow) Finish Line


Km from Start 0.0 7.4 13.0

Closing Time 1:30 pm 2:45 pm 5:00 pm

BIB COLOURS 55 km Torskeklubben Birkebeiner

Light red paper

55 km Spencer Environmental Birkie Lite

Light green paper

29 km Bergans of Norway Skate Ski

Dark red paper

31 km Erika’s Tour

White paper

13 km Global Mini Birkie

Light blue paper

2.5/4 km Ole’s Tour – E Construction

Yellow paper

Skied 10 or more Canadian Birkebeiners

Purple cloth

Skied 20 or more Canadian Birkebeiners

Blue cloth

Skied all 27 previous Canadian Birkebeiners

Red cloth

In an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle, we ask that if you have a Red, Blue or Purple cloth bib from previous years that you re-use it or bring in any extras you may have to the Registration Table. We have a special Birkie gift at the Registration Table for those who reuse.





Visit our website at


Birkie Day Volunteers! There are approximately 550 volunteers helping you enjoy your Birkie! Most volunteers wear a maroon “volunteer” bib. Officials, chiefs and the photography crew will also have an orange arm band to identify them on Birkie Day.

Please thank the volunteers during the day – We couldn't run the Birkie without them.

Thank you Volunteers!


CANADIAN BIRKEBEINER AWARDS Awards – Festival Tent Age Group awards will be presented on site in the Festival Tent. Awards Ceremonies will be held hourly from 12 noon pending receipt of official results. If you are in the top three in your age and gender category, please present yourself to the volunteers at the Awards table prior to the ceremony.

Ole Hovind Award Ole Hovind was one of the pioneers of skiing in Alberta, active from the 1920's to the 1980's. He had significant influence over the people who would become the founders of the Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival. The Ole Hovind Award was created at the very first Birkie in 1985 in Ole's memory and is presented annually to the skier who best represents the spirit of the Birkebeiner and the things which Ole valued – skiing for the sheer joy of it, having fun, joking a lot, achieving something and just getting out there and doing it.

Awards presented will include: male and female age group in the 55 km Birkie with pack and Birkie Lite, the 31 km classic event and the 29 km Birkie Skate. Age group awards are not John Toonen Award presented in the 13 km Mini Birkie or 2.5/4 km Ole's Tour. John Toonen was one of the original participants of the Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival, a Haakonsson award winner, and a red Medallions for 55 km event first time finishers will be at the bib skier (skied every Birkie for the first 15 years). John passed Finish Line and 55 km year pins will be available in the Festival away in 2002 at the age of 57. His spirit lives on through the Tent for those who have previously skied a 55 km event. John Toonen Memorial Award; a beautiful wooden plaque with recipient names etched on individual plates. This award is presented annually to the oldest male or female skier in a 55 km event. Top three overall winners, male and female, in the 55 km Birkie with pack and Birkie Lite, the 31 km classic event and the 29 km Birkie Skate.

Awards – Vikings' Feast

Unique Awards include: Haakon Haakonson Award Ole Hovind Award John Toonen Award and Canadian Birkebeiner Founders' and Builders' Awards Haakon Haakonsson Award The Haakon Haakonsson award recognizes dedication to the Birkebeiner tradition. It is an award that is exclusive to the Canadian Birkebeiner, but awards all skiers who have skied in the Norwegian, American and Canadian Birkebeiner longdistance events. In addition to receiving a beautiful handcrafted stein, recipients' names are preserved for posterity on the CANBi shields housed in the Canadian and American Birkebeiner offices. Over 140 skiers from Canada, the USA, and other international skiers have earned this award since its inception in Founders' and Builders' Awards 1992. This award was first introduced in 2013 to recognize those individuals or groups who worked to create the Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival and/or who have been a key contributor to growing the event over the years. Founders will receive their awards at the Vikings' Feast and Builders will receive theirs at the Volunteer Orientation and Appreciation Party. Outstanding Contribution Award The Outstanding Contribution Award is presented to an individual or group who is or has been a key contributor to the Birkie over the years, or in a unique, exceptional way over a shorter period of time.

Photo by Glenda Hanna



Stay Connected! Follow the fun on Birkie Day as we post updates, results and photos on our social media feeds!

Facebook: /cdnbirkie Twitter: @canadianbirkie Instagram: canadianbirkie

Photography Birkie Photographers will be taking pictures of the events and participants during the day. A photo slideshow will be presented at the Vikings' Feast and available on the website shortly thereafter.


is proud to promote Canada’s Premier Ski Event!

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Provincial Park Regulations Courses and Finish Line are staged in a Provincial Recreation Area and all rules and regulations must be followed. No alcohol is allowed in the park. Dogs are not allowed on the ski trails, and must be leashed in the parking lots and pedestrian areas. Bikes must be kept off the ski trails. Do not litter along the ski trails. Thank you for following the rules and being courteous. Skiing is not allowed at or out of the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village except on Birkie Day. Pre-race training on the long courses at that end of the Cooking Lake-Blackfoot PRA may be accessed through the Blackfoot Staging Area east of the UCHV site.

Lost and Found A Lost and Found box is located in the Clothing Tent in the Finish/Stadium Area. Unclaimed items will be taken to the Birkie office for pickup; email or call the office if you're missing something. At the end of April unclaimed articles will be donated to charity.

Unclaimed Awards We encourage you to pick up all awards on-site. Unclaimed awards can be picked up at the office after the event.


THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS Events Sponsors Torskeklubben Spencer Environmental Management Services

Government Sponsors

JV Driver Projects

Alberta Parks: Cooking Lake - Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area

Global Edmonton

City of Edmonton

Strathcona County E Construction

(Community Investment Operating Grant)

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

Bronze Sponsors Alley Kat Brewing Company Campers Village Elk Island National Park Fast Trax Lambert Intellectual Property Law Lamont County MEC

Bergans of Norway

Ostrem Chemical

Silver Sponsors




Special Event Rentals

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United Cycle


Canadian Birkebeiner Society 2016 - 2017 Board of Directors President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Chief of Loppet Director – Program Services Director – Marketing Director – Human Resources Director – Sponsorship Director – Festival Director – Historian Director at Large (Training) Director at Large (Marketing)

Cam McGregor Mark Ryan Lawrence Vincent Peter Kershaw Jim Black Bas Delaney Leandra Grenier-Green Dave Johnston Dave Cooper Mae Nandlall Doug Kelker George Foxcroft Natalie Kristoff

2016 - 2017 Loppet (Technical) Commitee Jim Black Chief of Loppet Cooking Lake/ Greg Elzinga Blackfoot PRA Ranger Ben Featherstone Blackfoot Operations Communications Greg Elzinga Course George Foxcroft Basil Delaney Ass’t Chief of Course Equipment/Logistics Brian Shim Festival Tent Mike Berezan Ass’t Festival Tent Chad Gjertsen

Supporting Suppliers and Contributors: Ad-Mart Alberta Emergency Management Alberta Traffic Supply Ltd Amptec/3D Fire & Safety Apollo Propane Brian Lucas Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions Budget Rent-a-Car of Sherwood Park Carillion Cosmopolitan Music Society Days Inn and Suites, Sherwood Park Earth Friendly Exodus Travels Fast Fence Rentals Green for Life Environmental JaN Studios Jasper Raft Tours Kastelen Sausage & Fine Meats KDL Audio Productions Martin Deerline New Deal Athletics P-CANN Services Pergis Revolution Cycle St. John Ambulance Sentinel Self-Storage Sobeys Nottingham

Food Stations Ass’t Chief of Food Stations Ass’t Chief of Food Stations Long Start Medical (co-chief) Medical (co-chief) Patrol-Long Events Patrol-Short Events Registration Recording Secretary Safety Short Start Special Projects/at Large Signage Stadium Set Up/Takedown Ass’t Stadium Set Up/Takedown Stadium-Clothing Tent Timing/Finish Line Transportation Volunteer Coordinator

Lawrence Vincent Dana Anderson Ross Johnson Karen Johnsrud Kevin Verhoeff Emma Hjartarson Dave McCashin Hillary Keyes Kirsten van der Meer Carolene Kuschminder Greg Elzinga Julianne Peters Doug Kelker Brian Lucas Dave Johnston Randy Stebner Laura McLiveen Aaron Dodds Frank Dunn Robert Chapman

Staff Coordinator Administrator

Allen Jacobson Nicole Brenda

Sons of Norway Sparky's Electrical Services Strathcona Emergency Services Sue Flemming, Adventure Travel Specialist Tim Melton The Marketer / The Woodrack Café Tour de l’Alberta Vinok Worldance Whale Tail Graphics Zeebest Plastics of Canada Inc. Zorzos Framing

Friends of the Birkie: A Friend of the Birkie is an organization or individual that promotes the Festival or contributes in some other way to the Birkie. Alberta Environment and Parks, Park Division Staff Alberta Environment and Parks, Parks Division Volunteers Alberta Trail Riders Association (FS) Brian Chu, Registrations Garry Atchison, Meteorologist Blackfoot Grazing Association Blackfoot Ultra Marathon (FS) Canadian Progress Club of Sherwood Park (FS)

Cross Country Alberta Cross Country Canada Edmonton Attendance Centre, Alberta Justice and Solicitor General Edmonton Bicycle and Touring Club (FS) Edmonton Examiner Edmonton Nordic Ski Club Edmonton Overlanders Orienteering Club (FS) Friends of Blackfoot Society Grant MacEwan Mountain Club (FS) James Wark, Volunteer Coordinator Assistant Janie Lawson, Volunteer Database Jim Wiley, Registrations Margaret Toonen Multiple Sclerosis Society – Alberta and NWT Division Northern Information (FS) 175th Southwood Scouting Group (FS) St. Albert Community Information and Volunteer Centre Strathcona County Information and Volunteer Centre Strathcona Wilderness Centre University of Alberta Outdoor Club (FS) Waskahegan Trail Association (FS) Yardley Jones Studios FS = Food Station Hosts


The Canadian Birkebeiner is proud to partner with the following organization:



Proud publisher of the print & online Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival Program See more online Guides & Brochures at


780.632.6191 Our Skier Donors 2016

(Skier donors Jan. 12 to Feb 10, 2016) Prince Haakon Level ($50-99) John Addicot Janice McGregor Matt Parliament

Inga Fra Varteig Level ($1-49) Marcel St. Arnaud William Book Jeff Goodbrand

Carrie Mulholland Carla Teskey Matthew Dean Heather Langdale

Brenda Richardson Philip Parker Kristen Peck

Our Skier Donors 2017 (Skier donors up to Jan 12, 2017) King Haakon Level ($100+) Andrew Melton Femia & Gerald Streefkerk Robert Hadaway Liz & Jeremy Herbert Prince Haakon Level ($50-99) Jeremy Hastings Phil & Cathy Dunn Cameron McGregor Klaus Huckfeldt

Inga Fra Varteig ($1-49) Miloslav Bozdech Gerhard Lotz Craig Francis Allison Stewart Germar Lohstraeter Doug Rourke Travis Book Nick Holt Alvin Eyolfson Mathieu Bergeron

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ABOUT THE CANADIAN BIRKEBEINER SOCIETY The Canadian Birkebeiner Society is a not-for-profit organization formed in 1985 by five enthusiastic Skiers whose main purpose was to organize the annual Ski Festival and to promote cross-country skiing. The name “Birkebeiner” was registered as a Canadian Trademark in 1996. The Society is comprised of a volunteer Board, Loppet Committee and two part-time staff members. They all work together to ensure a successful, sustainable and enjoyable Birkie. Volunteers are integral to the society and the Birkie event and we are pleased to have over 550 volunteers donating over 10,000 “human hours” annually. A great way to contribute, meet new people and share your passion for this sport and community. Visit the Website for more information and to register as a Volunteer:

The Birkebeiner Legend: Skiing Through History In the year 1206 a civil war raged in Norway. The infant prince and direct heir to the throne, Haakon Haakonsson, was in danger and being hidden near Lillehammer. Two brave Birkebeiner warriors rescued the prince and carried him to safety; skiing 55 kilometres over two mountain ranges in the dead of winter. The young prince, later crowned King of Norway, ended the civil war and brought great peace and prosperity to the land. The English translation of Birkebeiner is “Birchlegs”, which described the warriors’ snow gaiters/battle leg protection, made of birch bark wrapped around the lower legs and secured with leather straps. Today, Birkebeiner has come to mean a person strong in adversity; never daunted by trial and hardship. The dramatic flight of the Birchlegs and the Infant Prince is commemorated every year by the Norwegian Birkebeinerrennet ski race which parallels the historic route over the mountains between Lillehammer and Rena. In 1985, some 127 hardy participants participated in the first “Canadian Birkebeiner” in very cold conditions, reminiscent of the brutal winter in the original Norwegian Birchlegs saga. Since 1985, tens of thousands of skiers have relived the legend here, many skiing the premier event - 55 kilometres with a 5.5 kg pack. The Canadian Birkebeiner, with distances for all ages and abilities, has grown to become the largest and friendliest cross-country ski festival in Western Canada, and second largest in Canada.


Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival


FEBRUARY 9 & 10, 2018

Canadian Birkebeiner Society # 103, 9920 63 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta Canada T6E 0G9 Phone 780-430-7153 Email: 26

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2017 Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival Program  

Ski the Greatest Adventure on Snow! The Canadian Birkebeiner Society organizes the annual Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival promoting cross-...

2017 Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival Program  

Ski the Greatest Adventure on Snow! The Canadian Birkebeiner Society organizes the annual Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival promoting cross-...