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Welcome to Prince Edward Island’s Arts and Heritage Trail - your guide to distinctive Island cultural attractions, and your map for experiencing the very heart of PEI.


Prince Edward Island has five designated regions, each with its own character and culture. These regions will help you wend your way along the Arts & Heritage Trail.

North Cape Coastal Drive

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Central Coastal Drive Green Gables Shore

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Central Coastal Drive Red Sands Shore

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Points East Coastal Drive

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North Cape Coastal Drive

Central Coastal Drive One drive, two shores

Green Gables Shore

Central Coastal Drive One drive, two shores Red Sands Shore

(The Arts & Heritage Trail is an initiative of the Tourism Industry of Prince Edward Island (TIAPEI) and is supported by the Government of Canada, through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, and by the Province of Prince Edward Island through the Department of Tourism and Culture).


To help you determine the different cultural opportunities you’ll encounter, we’ve designated five categories within each region:

Built Heritage:

Architecture and Buildings

Points East Coastal Drive

Human Heritage:

Ethnic Heritage, Hands on Experiences, Cultural Festivals and Industrial Heritage

Natural Heritage:

Coastal and Pastoral Vistas and Ecology

Performing Arts: Charlottetown

Theatre, Music, Dance, and Festivals


Art Galleries, Craft Shops, Visual Artists, and Artisan Studios etc.

Greetings from Anne Welcome to my Island!

You are going to have the most delightful time here on Prince Edward Island. There is no more beautiful place on the face of the earth! We’ve got historic sites and architecture that will take you back to the beginnings of this country. Our museums and cultural masters will give you experiences to awaken your senses! If your imagination is anything like mine, you’ll love our Island full of music and art. The Island is so inviting, so energetic and so engaging, that I wouldn’t be surprised if you decide to move here, just like I did! Let the beauty, grace and talent of our Island and its people fill your soul. I truly hope you love my Island! Your Kindred Spirit,

Anne Shirley

Arts & Heritage Trail Highlights

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North Cape Coastal Drive

Coastal Drive

The North Cape Coastal Drive begins in Summerside and encompasses the westernmost area of PEI. Start your arts and heritage tour here. Experience our rich Celtic and Acadian roots as the sounds of bagpipes and fiddles, kitchen parties, and ceilidhs fill the air with the music of the Island. At Lennox Island you can discover the ongoing story of PEI’s first people – the Mi’kmaq. The West is alive with experiences: museums, cultural centres and heritage properties celebrating generations of families working the sea and the land. Along the route, be sure to see a late Victorian Gothic church, PEI’s tallest lighthouse, and the famous “Bottle Houses” fashioned from recycled bottles. The artisans “Up West” work in textiles and fabric, pottery, metal, wood, and other mediums. Their craft shops, studios and galleries offer unique Island memories, while the region’s theatres give audiences a taste of professional and distinctly Island-made stage productions. With so many cultural experiences along the North Cape Coastal Drive, it’s a perfect gateway for a tip-to-tip Island tour.

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Built Heritage Anne [1] Bideford Parsonage Museum 784 Bideford Road, Route 166, Bideford

This provincially designated heritage home, built in 1878, contains several examples of decorative woodwork, window hood mouldings, finials, column supports and bargeboards. In 1884, it was purchased by the local Methodist church for their parsonage and ten years later, was the boarding place of Island author Lucy Maud Montgomery. Come inside and step back into an era of simpler times. Admission: Adults $5.00, Students $2.50 Seasonal: June 1 – Oct 12 July & Aug 9:00am-5:00pm June, Sept & Oct 10:00am-5:00pm 902-831-3133


Museum [2] Alberton Museum & Genealogy Centre 457 Church Street, Alberton

The Alberton Museum & Genealogy Centre was our Courthouse in 1878 and is a designated National Historic site, as well as a provincial Welcome Centre. Visit our neighbor, the Alberton Arts and Heritage Centre, which showcases arts and cultural events, drama and music productions, and lecture series. If you have an interest in our heritage or culture, come visit us on Church Street! Admission by donation Seasonal: Mid June – Sept 27, Mon-Sat 9:30am-5:30pm 902-853-4048

Museum [3] MacNaught History Centre and Archives 75 Spring Street, Summerside

Want to view the pocket watch that kept the first Prime Minister of Canada, John A. MacDonald on schedule? Then visit the MacNaught History Centre and Archives, which has the privilege of possessing the artifact. If Island history and discovering Island roots is your interest, the archives is there to serve. Exhibit space dedicated to museum and art exhibits. Complimentary admission Year Round: June 25 – Sept 1, Mon-Sat 10:00am-4:00pm, Tues 5:00pm-9:00pm; Fall, Winter, & Spring, Tues-Sat 10:00am4:00pm, Tues 5:00pm-9:00pm 902-432-1332

Community • • Museums PEI is all about community, and that’s why you’ll find dozens of community museums across the Island. Located in historic buildings, on heritage sites and at contemporary interpretative centres, these essential archives celebrate our heritage, architecture, industries, military history and art. For an authentic look at our way of life, spend some time at a community museum.


North Cape Coastal Drive

Museum [4] Wyatt Historic House Museum

Human Heritage

75 Spring Street, Summerside

• Quilt Icon • As you travel the Arts & Heritage Trail, you’ll notice icons representing quilt squares on some of the participants’ buildings. These eye-catching quilt boards denote trail participants and provide an artistic visual as you travel across PEI. Each has been designed to reflect the personality of its associated business, organization or site, while helping to identify the Island’s cultural community.

Described by museum lovers from around the world as one of the “best museum experiences ever”, the Wyatt Historic House Museum is a must see. Built in 1867, the home houses two centuries of intriguing artifacts collected by the Wyatt family, life stories and yes, ghosts. Guided tours are personal and interactive. Admission: $8.75 plus taxes (children under 6 free) Year-round: July 2 – Sept 30, Mon-Sat 10:00am-4:00pm (last tour time). Tours given on the hour. Spring, Winter & Fall by appointment 902-432-1332

Cultural Product [5] The Bottle Houses

6891 Route 11, Cap-Egmont

This labour-of-love destination features life-size buildings made of 25,000 recycled glass bottles creating a colourful symphony of light. Wander through an impressive floral display, bottle art sculptures, a 13-ft. giant bottle, one-of-a-kind gift shop with glass and Island products and a garden interpretive centre inside replica of CapEgmont lighthouse. Featured in “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” and “1000 Places to See Before You Die.” Admission: Adults $6.50, Seniors/ Students $6.00, Children (6-16) $2, Children under 6 free. Group rates available (15 or more). Family rates $16.00 (max. 2 adults). Seasonal: Mid May, Jun, Sept & Oct; 9:00am-6:00pm Jul & Aug; 9:00am-8:00pm 902-854-2987

Experiential Product [6] Sea Splash Soap Making Experience

103 School Street, Tignish Cultural Centre, Tignish

Island Fusion – A • • Cultural Festival Join us any time from Thursday June 13 to Monday July 1 to experience some of the most exciting cultural festivals Prince Edward Island has to offer. All over the Island, musicians, dancers, storytellers, actors and artisans will demonstrate their talents and bring our rich culture to life. Highlights include Festival of Small Halls, College of Piping – Highland Gathering, Artisan PEI Open Studio Day, Ceilidhs and Rollo Bay Bluegrass Festival.

Join us for a fun-filled afternoon of learning. Production specialist Eva Arsenault will walk you through the entire soap making process and give you an opportunity to make your own novelty soaps. Your experience includes refreshments and a stop at the Tignish Interpretive Centre. By reservation only. Cost: $29.00 /person, min 4 participants Seasonal: Mid May – Mid Oct, Mon-Fri by appointment only 902-882-2896

Festival/Event [7] Centre-Expo Festival 1745 Route 124, Abram-Village

Through Festivals and Events, we invite you to immerse yourself in the culture of Island Acadians. Embrace our heritage through dance, music, comedy and food. Take in our dinner-theatre, Atlantic Fiddlers’ Jamboree, Evangeline Bluegrass Festival, Evangeline Country Festival and l’Exposition agricole et le Festival acadien. Experience PEI traditions - Acadian style. Visit us online for full details. Seasonal: June 1 – Oct 15. Year round reservations accepted. 902-854-3300


Festival/Event [8] Pre-Canada Day Olde Fashioned Carnival

Wyatt Heritage Properties, 205 Prince Street, Summerside To celebrate Canada’s upcoming birthday and mark the beginning of summer, Wyatt Heritage Properties hosts on the lawn between its Victorian homes, an olde fashioned carnival with five cent carnival games, ten cent tea tent, miniature horse rides, clowns, buskers, musical entertainment, tea leaf reading, carnival food, and more. Fun for all ages. Friday, June 21 4:00pm-7:00pm 902-432-1298

Museum [9] Acadian Museum of PEI Route 2, Miscouche

One of seven PEI Museum sites, follow the odyssey of Island Acadians from 1720 to present at the Acadian Museum of PEI. Discover treasures related to the Acadians’ 300-year presence in our exhibitions on Prince Edward Island. View our highly rated video and marvel at the paintings in the Galerie Claude Picard. Acadian genealogy resources are available for research. Admission charged Year-round: Summer - Daily 9:30am7:00pm Fall & Winter - Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:00pm, Sun 1:00-4:00pm 902-432-2880


North Cape Coastal Drive

Museum [10] Bishop Machine Shop

101 Water Street East, Summerside The smells, sights and sounds of the Bishop Machine Shop Museum will transport you back in time to the life of an early machinist working in a belt driven machine shop. The shop, once so important to the farmers, fishers, manufacturers, and housewives of the town features an interactive exhibit with demonstrations at appointed times. Admission by donation Seasonal: July 2 – Aug 31, Mon-Sat 10:00am-5:00pm 902-432-1332

Museum [11] Canadian Potato Museum 1 Dewar Lane, O’Leary

Visit our self-guided museum to learn about the history and culture of the potato. Browse through our various displays and exhibits including the “Amazing Potato Exhibit” and antique farm machinery gallery. Taste our potato products at the PEI Potato Kitchen and gift shop. Farm tours available by reservation. Admission: $8.00 Seasonal: May 15 – Oct 15, Mon-Sat 9:00am-5:00pm; Sun 1:00pm-5:00pm 902-859-2039 | 1-800-565-3457

Museum [12] Eptek Art & Culture Centre

Museum [14] International Fox Museum and Hall of Fame

One of seven PEI Museum sites, Eptek Centre offers a diverse array of exhibits and programs featuring heritage, visual art and crafts. Exhibits of local and national interest provide glimpses into the rich PEI culture that Islanders and visitors are sure to find rewarding.

Could a little silver black fox really bestow wealth on a common man beyond his wildest imagination? Those little silver mines put Prince Edward Island on the world map as the birthplace of a new industry filled with high stakes and high fashion. This interactive exhibit allows you to discover for yourself the mystery and intrigue of the fox era.

130 Harbour Drive, Summerside

Admission by donation Year-round: Summer - Daily 10:00am5:00pm Winter - Tues-Fri 10:00am-4:00pm, Sundays 12:00pm-4:00pm 902-888-8373

Museum [13] Green Park Shipbuilding Museum & Yeo House Route 12, Tyne Valley

One of seven PEI Museum sites, Green Park Shipbuilding Museum allows you to step back in time and relive the glory days of Prince Edward Island’s shipbuilding industry through video and interpretive displays. Visit historic Yeo House, the restored home of James Yeo Jr., once considered to be the richest and most influential man in the colony. Admission charged Seasonal: June – Sept, Daily 9:00am5:00pm 902-831-7947

33 Spring Street, Summerside

Admission by donation Year-round : July 2 – Aug 31, Mon-Sat 10:00am – 5:00pm Fall, Winter & Spring - Call for appointment 902-432-1332

Performing Arts Festival/Event [15] Arts in Motion Downtown Summerside

Ceilidhs & • • Kitchen Parties Islanders love to have a good time, and everyone is always welcome to join us! Ceilidhs (pronounced “kay-lees”) traveled to the Island with Scottish and Irish newcomers (Irish spelling “céilí”), while Kitchen Parties arrived with new Canadians from France. Both are music and dance-filled celebrations that you’ll find in community halls and on stages across PEI.

Come and celebrate the arts in Summerside during our 28 day “Arts in Motion” festival. Beginning weekdays, July 15, 2013, artists, artisans, musicians, dancers and performers take to the streets to demonstrate and perform in downtown Summerside. Check website for demonstration and performance times and locations. Complimentary admission Seasonal : July 15 – Aug 11, Mon-Fri 11:00am-1:00pm 902-432-1332


Festival/Event [16] The College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada 619 Water Street East, Summerside

The College’s reputation for world-class Bagpiping, Drumming, Highland Dancing and Island Step Dancing makes its programming a captivating experience not to be missed. Lift your spirit and feel the exhilaration of Highland Storm, our summer production on stage throughout July and August. During the day, browse our gift shop or attend a mini-concert. Performance and concert details are available on our website. Year Round: Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm Performance nights 9:00am-10:00pm 902-436-5377 | 1-877-BAG-PIPE  


North Cape Coastal Drive

Art Gallery [18] GenovArt Studio & Gallery 155 Blue Shank Road, Summerside

Visual Arts Art Gallery [17] Gallery 33

33 Summer Street, Summerside Gallery 33, located on the 2nd floor of the 102 year old Summerside Armoury (International Fox Museum first floor) is designed to stimulate and promote arts activities in the city by providing exhibit space for the appreciation of creativity. Exhibitions rotate regularly. Come and be inspired. Seasonal: July 2 – Aug 31, Mon-Sat 10:00am-5:00pm 902-432-1298  

The bright, vibrant colours and textures of Lise Genova’s art will delight you. At GenovArt Studio & Gallery, you’ll find a variety of excellent original oil, acrylic and watercolour paintings featuring Island Scenes, Floral, Landscape, Still life and Intuitive works produced with high quality materials. Reproductions and cards featuring Island Scenes are also available. Group classes and workshops are offered Oct-May; private instruction year round. Year-round: By chance or appointment 902-724-0932

Craft Studio [19] Abram’s Village Handcraft Co-op

2181 Cannontown Road, Mont Carmel Come visit our shop which has been in operation for 44 years. Quilts are handmade and hand-quilted. We also carry a large variety of Island made crafts such as woodworking, pottery, knitted & crocheted items, Acadian items, paintings, Island photos, hand hooked mats, embroidery, woven items, placemats and potholders. Seasonal: Mid June to end of September, Mon-Sat 9:30am-5:30pm 902-854-2096


Craft Studio [20] Island Traditions Store Home of the Basket Weavers

17 Sunnyside Road, Richmond

Experience traditional Island craftsmanship and watch as basket weavers transform an ash tree into timeless and stunning baskets with hand carved handles and hoops. Sweet grass, tree bark, and roots are incorporated into one-of-a-kind creations. Enjoy our interpretive centre - stay for a demonstration or workshop to view our collection of works by local artisans. Groups welcome. Seasonal: May 1 –Nov 30 902-854-3063

Craft Studio [21] Malpeque Fine Iron Products

1209 Barbara Weit Road, Route 180, Lower New Annan


an • • HEum xperiences • PEI’s cultural sector has always been experience oriented. A night at the theatre or a ceilidh ensured the visitor took home a unique memory and maybe even a new dance step or two. Now, the experiential element of Island

Visit our studio and watch us hand-forge iron using traditional blacksmithing techniques. Over 100 items to choose from including kitchen decor, lamps, weathervanes and fireplace accessories. Wander through our folk art garden to discover one-of-a-kind, fun pieces made from recycled iron objects, including PEI’s flower the lady’s slipper. Check us out on Facebook.

culture takes you beyond viewing

Year Round: Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm, Sat 8:30am-1:00pm 902-436-5006 | 1-866-436-5006

your creative abilities or try your

to hands-on learning experiences in intimate settings. Island cultural masters (music, art, dance, craft, fishers, farmers, etc.) will share their passion with you. Whether you want to develop hand at a traditional Island skill, you’ll find your opportunity through our human heritage experiences.


Central Coastal Drive - Green Gables Shore

Green Gables Shore

The Central Coastal Drive – One Drive, Two Shores The Central Coastal Drive takes visitors along the dune lined coast of the north and the red sand cliffs of the south and through all the pastoral landscape in between. Green Gables Shore Welcome to the home of Anne of Green Gables and her creator, Lucy Maud Montgomery. With Cavendish Beach in the PEI National Park a key stop along the Green Gables Shore Drive, this is the perfect route for families. The Green Gables Shore area takes you through the northern section of central PEI. Its beaches, fishing villages from Tracadie and Covehead to Stanley Bridge, and the PEI National Park make a breathtaking backdrop for the region’s cultural attractions. Visit the galleries, shops and studios of fine artists, woodworkers, makers of wind chimes and toys, antique collectors and textile artisans. Tour our community museums and spend a day or more visiting the “Anne” attractions and of course, Green Gables National Historic Site.

Central Coastal Drive Green Gables Shore

Built Heritage Page 10 Human Heritage Page 10 Natural Heritage Page 12

Performing Arts Page 13 Visual Arts Page 13

Built Heritage Museum [22] Farmers’ Bank of Rustico Museum & Doucet House Museum

2188 Church Road, Route 243 off Route 6, South Rustico

Lucy Maud • • Montgomery Born in Clifton (now New London), PEI in 1874, Lucy Maud Montgomery would become one of Canada’s most famous and cherished writers. With 20 novels and hundreds of poems in print, it was Anne of Green Gables, her first published novel (1908), which put the author on the map. Montgomery’s imaginative and passionate redheaded orphan would become a phenomenon, with over 50 million copies of the first Anne book sold worldwide. Though she died in Ontario in 1942, Maud’s final resting place is at the Cavendish Community Cemetery, here in her beloved PEI.

The Farmers’ Bank of Rustico, a National Historic Site, operated from 1864 to 1894 as the first people’s bank. Now a museum, describes the settlement of the community by the Acadians, and the establishment of the bank by Father Georges-Antoine Belcourt. Also, a Genealogical Centre of Rustico Acadian families. Next door, The Doucet House (c.1722), an Acadian log house offers interpretive programs. Seasonal: June 1 – Sept 30, Mon-Sat 9:30am-5:30pm, Sun 1:00pm-5:00pm 902-963-3168


Human Heritage Anne [23] Anne of Green Gables Museum 4542 Route 20, Park Corner

The Anne of Green Gables Museum at the beautiful Campbell Homestead is a museum dedicated to the life and works of Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables. View the many artifacts, a unique collection of the author’s belongings; and places that she wrote about, such as the Lake of Shining Waters and Anne’s Enchanted Bookcase. Admission: $4.33 Seasonal: May 20 – Oct 20 May & Oct: 11:00am-4:00pm June & Sept: 10:00am-4:00pm July & Aug: 9:00am-5:00pm 1-800-665-2663


Central Coastal Drive - Green Gables Shore

Anne [24] Avonlea Village 8779 Route 6, Cavendish

Island • Lighthouses • As an Island, the sea has been an integral part of the livelihood, visual landscape and recreational life of Islanders for centuries. Built to warn ships of dangers at sea and as a beacon leading safely to port, lighthouses have been an essential nautical aid here since 1845, when PEI’s first lighthouse was built. Today, visitors can tour many of our lighthouses and lighthouse museums to explore their critical role in our maritime heritage, or simply to enjoy the beautiful vistas they create along our coastline.

Avonlea offers a full day of fun exeriences for all ages that thousands have claimed as the best day of their Island vacation. Travel back in time by horse and wagon and join the colorful characters of Avonlea in theatrical presentations, traditional games and races, hands on crafts, creative lessons, play and dancing. We are well known for our authentic kitchen parties with the Avonlea Show Band. Admission: Full day Pass - Adults $19.30, Children Under 4 free, Family $70.18 Seasonal: June 22 – Aug 31, Daily 10:00am-5:00pm. Sept 1 – 15, 10:00am-4:00pm (off season rates and program) 902-963-3050

Anne [25] Green Gables Heritage Place 8619 Route 6, Cavendish

Green Gables is famous around the world as the inspiration for the setting in Lucy Maud Montgomery’s classic novel, Anne of Green Gables. Green Gables Heritage Place features exquisite gardens, the original Victorian house, a period farmyard as well as the walking trails that inspired “Lovers Lane”. Friendly and informed Parks Canada staff offer animated bilingual interpretive events, family fun and games, films, displays and more! Seasonal: May 21 – June 30, Tues-Sat 9:00am – 5:00pm July 1 – Sept 2, Daily 9:00am-5:00pm Sept 3 – Oct 31, Tues-Sat 9:00am-5:00pm 902-963-3370 Off season: 902-566-7050

Anne [26] Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace

6461 Junction of Route 2066, New London Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables, was born in 1874 in this modest white and green house, decorated with authentic Victorian period pieces and overlooking New London Harbour. Special exhibits include the replica of the writer’s wedding dress and personal scrapbooks containing copies of her many stories and poems. Browse through our books and gift selections. Admission: $3.47 /person. Seasonal: May 20 – Oct 10, Daily 9:00am5:00pm 902-836-2099

Festival/Event [27] Celebrating Acadian Days in Rustico – July 29 - August 23 2188 Church Road, Route 243 off Route 6, South Rustico

Step back in time to the 1700s. Get your fingernails dirty working in the heritage kitchen and herb garden. Bake bread in the Doucet family’s outdoor bake oven. Try your hand at traditional craft such as carding, spinning wool, natural dying, and then weaving material for clothing and blankets. Daily heritage presentations; an exhibition of contemporary artists/artisans on site; and weekly musical kitchen parties. Seasonal: July 29 – Aug 23 with daily acitivites Mon-Sat 9:30am-5:30pm, Sundays 1:00pm-5:00pm. Check website for evening events. 902-963-3168

Festival/Event [28] Celebrating Acadian Harvest in Rustico – September 4 - 25 2188 Church Road, Route 243 off Route 6, South Rustico

The many • faces e • of Ann So well-loved is L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables, that she has had many incarnations since being

A teaching holiday at Farmers’ Bank of Rustico and Doucet House Museums. Acadian lecture series. Topics include Traditional Acadian Dress. Learn the art of basket weaving and learn to cook with the Doucet House outdoor bake oven. Participate in daily heritage presentations, gardening, cooking and traditional crafts. A must do! The North Shore Culinary Tour. Visit online for all the details. Seasonal: Sept 4 – 25 with daily activities Mon-Sat 9:30am-5:30pm, Sundays 1:00pm-5:00pm. Check website for evening events. 902-963-3168

introduced in 1908. Montgomery herself wrote nine Anne novels and two others in which Anne makes an appearance. Montgomery’s original has been adapted for the TV and film screen at least six times, including a Japanese animated TV series, and three sequels to the original produced for Canadian television. It has also been mounted for the stage. Anne of Green Gables presented by the Confederation Centre of the Arts is Canada’s longest-running musical. Anne & Gilbert, the newest Anne stage musical, is now presented at the Harbourfront Theatre in Summerside.

Festival/Event [29] Celebrating Canada Day in Rustico – June 28 - July 1

2188 Church Road, Route 243 off Route 6, South Rustico Come for the opening ceremonies. Stay for the tours of the Farmers’ Bank of Rustico and Doucet House Museum by costumed interpreters. Enjoy authentic Acadian dishes prepared on the Doucet House open hearth and the outdoor bake oven. Nightcap, birthday cake and an evening soiree of music, singing and dance. Return to participate in the activities of the Doucet Family; preparation of meals, gardening, sewing, and even carding wool. Seasonal: June 28 – July 1 with activities on June 28 beginning 6:00pm9:30pm 902-963-3168


Natural Heritage National Park [30] Prince Edward Island National Park 40 Dalvay Crescent

So much more than just a day at the beach! Explore forest trails as you pass a pioneer cemetery and recent archaeological dig in Stanhope. Immerse yourself in Island culture at evening campfires, and explore Mi’kmaq history and traditions through interpretive activities. Take part in the GPS Heritage Quest and cyclocaching program and discover the intriguing history of the Brackley-Dalvay area. Seasonal: June 22 – Sept 2, 10:00am-6:00pm 902-672-6350


Central Coastal Drive - Green Gables Shore

Visual Arts

Performing Arts Festival/Event [31] Indian River Festival

St. Mary’s Church, Route 104, Indian River The Indian River Festival offers a summer long series of concerts in a magnificent heritage church set within sight of beautiful Malpeque Bay. Discover excellence in classical, jazz, Maritime, world and contemporary music by the finest artists from Prince Edward Island and across Canada, all in the world class acoustical setting of St. Mary’s Church, Indian River. Admission: Ticket prices vary by performance Seasonal: June – Sept (Weekends) 902-836-3733 | 1-866-856-3733

Art Gallery [32] Anne Gallant Art

59B Broadway Street N., Kensington

In this gallery, you will see the most beautiful paintings of Prince Edward Island. Anne uses vibrant colours to bring out the beauty of the Island. Prints are also available. Art classes are offered all summer for children, adults, groups and families and twice a month, Anne offers art classes with wine, cheese and mussels. Seasonal: Open May 1 - Dec 24 June, July & Aug, Mon-Sat 9:00am-5:00pm Sept, Tues-Sat 10:00am-5:00pm Oct-Dec, Weds-Sat 10:00am-4:00pm 902-836-3113

Art Gallery [33] Hutchinson Pottery & Gallery

697 Rustico Road, Rte 7, North Milton, Situated in a beautiful century old school house, this studio/gallery features functional and one of a kind stoneware pottery by Jessica Hutchinson as well as weaving felt work, original paintings and more by a talented group of Island Artists. Enjoy an onsite pottery demonstration or simply bask in the charm of this space. Truly unique studio gallery that focuses on Island made handcrafts and fine art. Seasonal: June – Sept, Mon: By chance or appt, Tues – Sat: 10:00am-5:00pm, Sun: By chance or appt. For winter hours, please call ahead. 902-388-0535 Off season phone number: 902-621-KILN(5456)

Art Gallery [34] Karen Gallant Gallery in Rustico

1980 Rustico Road, Rte 6 and 243. 2nd level A.P.Gallants Food Market

William w Harris • Critchlohi Arc tect In 1856, at two years of age, William Critchlow Harris emigrated from Wales to Prince Edward Island with his family. After apprenticing with an architect in Halifax, Critchlow returned to PEI and became an architect of renown, specializing in the design of churches. His work mixed elements of Gothic styles; his earlier designs following the High Victorian style, and his later, the French Gothic style. Fine Island examples of Harris architecture include Beaconsfield in Charlottetown, and St. Mary’s Church in Indian River, home of the Indian River Festival. William is the brother of Robert Harris, founding member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Art, who is famous for his portrait of the Fathers of Confederation.

Come visit the gallery. Discover paintings by local artist Karen Gallant, prints and unique finds. Her work is vibrant, energetic, simplicity and painterly. Both small to large scale pieces emerge, each with its own reason d’être. Gallant’s work seeks the mysterious spark at the heart of Island stories that have been passed down by generations of natural observers and tellers. Seasonal: June – Sept, Tues-Sat 11:00am-5:00pm 902-963-3999

Art Gallery [35] Kensington Art Gallery 27 Commercial Street, Kensington

Located in the freight shed at the historic Kensington train station and next to the Confederation Trail, we feature paintings by local artists in all mediums. Reproductions of some original works are available for sale. Artists are also frequently found at work in the gallery. We have over 200 paintings, feel free to visit us twice! Seasonal: June 15 – Sept 15, Daily 10:00am-4:00pm 902-886-2395


Art Gallery [36] Studio 4 – Susan Christensen Art Gallery

8989 Cavendish Road, Cavendish

Island Artist Susan Christensen has a deep passion for her Island home, and for the arts. She creates and sells original paintings of Prince Edward Island landscapes and colourful florals, along with limited edition art prints and note cards. Susan welcomes visitors to her studio to watch her while she works on her paintings, creating timeless images of Prince Edward Island. Seasonal: June 1 – Sept 30 June & Sept - Daily 10:00am-5:00pm, July & August - Daily 10:00am-7:00pm 902-940-4025 | 902-963-3059

Craft Studio [37] Gaudreau Fine Woodworking 11 Grand Pere Point Road, South Rustico

Proud to celebrate our 33rd year of operation, Gaudreau Fine Woodworking specializes in plates, serving trays, japonicas and handcrafted boxes in birdseye maple, burls, black walnut and mahogany. The spacious gallery features the works of our studio, and pottery made by artisans throughout the region. If you’re a bird-watcher, enjoy outstanding views of eagles and herons on the bay’s edge while you visit. Seasonal: June 1 – Oct 6 June - Daily 10:00am-5:00pm July & Aug - Daily 10:00am-7:00pm Sept & Oct- Daily 10:00am-5:00pm 902-963-2273


Central Coastal Drive - Green Gables Shore

Craft Studio [38] Greg Garand Studio Gallery 1855 Hamilton Road, Indian River

Situated along the banks of Malpeque Bay, Greg Garand’s studio offers a spectacular view of the region. Working directly from nature, his paintings capture the fleeting impressions of the varying moods and unique color found on the Island. Year-round: 10:00am-5:00pm, by chance or appointment. 902-439-0048 | 902-836-4011

Craft Studio [39] Hawkins Pottery Studio 843 Rattenbury Road, North Granville

A combined workspace and retail area allows Patti to welcome visitors year round. At Hawkins Pottery Studio, you will find functional and decorative stoneware pottery in a variety of glaze combinations depicting island landscapes. Distinct pieces appealing to those looking for something special. Year round: June – Sept, Tues-Fri 10:00am-5:00pm; Sat 12:00pm-5:00pm; Sun-Mon by chance or appt Off season by chance or appointment. 902-886-2697

Craft Studio [40] Island Artifacts Eclectic Giftshop 4720 Route 6, Oyster Bed

Watch as we create your custom piece of jewelry or choose from our seasonal collection in our onsite jewelry studio. Our rustic shop is filled with great Island treasures handcrafted by talented local artisans, PEI souvenirs, antiques, primitive decor and much more. Now two levels of gifts for you to enjoy. Seasonal: May 15 – Oct 20, Mon-Sat 9:30am-7:00pm, Sun 9:30am-6:00pm 902-393-2954

Craft Studio [41] New London Village Pottery 10567 Route 6, New London

PEI’s longest running pottery shop! Featuring the work of over 10 Island potters along with a variety of handcrafts made by artisans on PEI. Watch a demonstration in the studio, browse the gallery of artwork or take a stroll through the gardens. Seasonal: May 11 – Oct 20 May – June & Sept – Oct 10:00am-5:00pm July & Aug 10:00am-5:30pm 902-886-2473

federation • on C • Trail Today, PEI’s train routes have been converted to 400 kilometers of walking and cycling paths that take you into the wetlands and hardwood groves, through quaint villages and along sparkling rivers. The Confederation Trail is a treasure for nature lovers, artists, hikers, and photographers or anyone looking to spread a blanket for an afternoon picnic.


Craft Studio [42] The Toy Factory

5607 Route 13, New Glasgow

A delightful old-fashioned toy shop, filled with fun and handcrafted wooden toys! Children can visit the workshop, with lots of toys for play-testing, and most can be personalized with a child’s name woodburned on. You’ll also find medieval and fairy-tale castles, pirate ships, dollhouses, woodland fairies, hand puppets, puzzles, games, ice cream, and stuffed animals too! Seasonal: May 15 – Oct 15 May 15 – June 20, Mon-Sat 9:00am5:00pm, Sun 11:00am-4:00pm June 21 – Aug 15, Mon-Sat 9:00am9:00pm, Sun 10:00am-5:00pm Aug 16 – Oct 15, Mon-Sat 9:00am5:00pm, Sun 11:00am-4:00pm. 902-964-2299

Cultural • souvenirs • Visitors to PEI have long cherished Island-made arts and crafts as keepsakes and one-of-a-kind gifts. As PEI’s artisan sector

Craft Studio [43] Twisted Knickers

303 Penderosa Road, Darnley

Welcome to the home studio of Arlene MacAusland, where original and traditional designs are expressed with textile and tin. Arlene’s Penny Rugs are 100% hand sewn using new and reclaimed wool fabrics and felt, and are available as limited edition pieces. Twisted Knickers’ Fleece Bunny Blankets and Bunnies come in a variety of patterns including PEI tartan. Penny Rug kits, tin punch pieces and kits are also available. Stop in and try weaving on my new floor loom. Seasonal: June 15 – Oct 31 Mon & Thurs 11:00am-3:00pm; other days open by chance or appt. 902-836-5517

has grown, so has its offerings and quality. PEI is a craft lovers paradise with craft, antique shops and art galleries dotting our Island landscape.


Central Coastal Drive - Red Sands Shore

Red Sands Shore

The Central Coastal Drive – One Drive, Two Shores The Central Coastal Drive takes visitors along the dune lined coast of the north and the red sand cliffs of the south and through all the pastoral landscape in between. Red Sands Shore If you traveled across the Confederation Bridge on your way to PEI, you arrived in the Red Sands Shore area. This area is named for the red sand and soil that make up its cliffs, tide pool beaches and heritage roads. Here Island arts and heritage really get hands-on. You can take lessons in building sandcastles, “throw your first pot” or become a chocolatier in the seaside artisan village of Victoria by the Sea. Discover cultural artifacts such as a 10,000 year-old spear point, visit a restored one-room schoolhouse and one of PEI’s oldest lighthouses. Explore the grounds and remnants of PEI’s first permanent European settlement, The Port-la-Joye – Fort Amherst National Historic Site of Canada. Enjoy live theatre, music, and storytelling at one of the Island’s most intimate theatres, the Victoria Playhouse. Discover the fine art, jewelry, pottery, weaving, woodcraft and glasswork of the artists of Red Sands Shore. The less travelled coastline provides perfect cycling for all ages.

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Performing Arts

Human Heritage National Historic Site [44] Port-la-Joye Fort Amherst National Historic Site

191 Haché-Gallant Drive, Rocky Point Discover the rich history of settlement, conflict and change during the struggle for control of North America and learn about the importance of this site to French, Mi’kmaq and British history. Explore the remnant earthworks of the fort, navigate the extensive trail system, and enjoy a truly unique picnic experience with spectacular views of Charlottetown. Grounds and interpretive trails open daily on site. Washrooms open in lower parking area. Seasonal: July 1 – Sept 2 902-675-2220


Theatre [45] Victoria Playhouse Festival

20 Howard Street, Victoria

PEI’s longest running little theatre, is housed in the intimate and historic Victoria Community Hall. A favourite entertainment spot for Islanders and visitors, featuring contemporary comedy, drama and musical concerts, it’s easy to see why The New York Times called the Victoria Playhouse A Hidden Gem! Authentic, friendly and professional. Don’t miss us! Seasonal: June 27 – Sept 15 Box office hours: Mon-Sat 10:00am-8:00pm, Sun 1:00pm-5:00pm 902-658-2025 | 1-800-925-2025

Robert Harris • • Artist Born in 1849, Robert Harris would become famous for his portraits and is recognized as one of Canada’s great artists. The Harris family, including his brother William (see page 14), emigrated from Wales to Prince Edward Island. Robert studied art in Europe and in Boston, returning to the Island in 1879. Though he would later live in Toronto and Montreal, Harris remains very much an Island artist, with portraits of Islanders featuring significantly in his body of work. His painting Fathers of Confederation has become an iconic Canadian image. Harris is buried in Charlottetown’s St. Peter’s Cemetery. An extensive collection of his work is housed at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery in Charlottetown.


Central Coastal Drive - Red Sands Shore

Visual Arts

Craft Studio [47] Ewe & Dye Weavery & Malcolm Stanley Pottery 5 Main Street, Victoria By The Sea

Art Gallery [46] Purcell Parlour Gallery 48 Herlihy Drive, Clyde River

Scan me! • (QR Codes) • • If your smartphone has an application that can read QR codes (Quick Response codes), scan the code above and you’ll be taken directly to the Arts and Heritage Trail website. These QR codes are a convenient way to make an immediate link between a site, product or organization and its website. You’ll also find scannable QR codes attached to the quilt icon signs along the trail, giving you another source for visitor information.

Through vibrant watercolour and oil paintings, Julia tells the stories of the Island. Her timeless landscape images perfectly capture the fleeting beauty of Island sea and sky, fields and rivers. Visitors to the rustic log home studio and gallery are invited to tour the gardens or take part in a painting workshop. See me on Facebook and YouTube, The Joy of Watercolor. Year-round: By chance or appointment 902-368-7526

Craftpeople since 1975, Christine, A PEI weaver, sheep farmer, knitter, rug hooker, spinner and Malcolm, a potter, have relocated their fibre and pottery shop to an 1880 heritage house, beside the yummy Chocolate Factory in the village of Victoria By The Sea. Featured in A Day in the Life of Canada, The Craftsmans Way, National Geographic and Saltscapes. Seasonal: May 1 - Nov 1, Daily 11:00am7:00pm, open weekends until Christmas 902-658-3173

Craft Studio [48] Michael Stanley Pottery

3421 Dixon Road, Route 246 Breadalbane, 5 Main Street, Victoria-By-The-Sea Come watch pottery being made in a working studio, right inside the gallery! Hand thrown red stoneware and porcelain pottery by Michael Stanley. We specialize in custom dish sets, drinking vessels, and wedding registries. Selected works by artist Michelle MacCallum, potter Malcolm Stanley and fiber artist, Christine Stanley. Year Round: (Dixon Rd Studio) 12:00pm-4:00pm, weekdays,*Call for appointments off hours and weekends (Victoria-By-The-Sea Shop) June-Sept, Daily 11:00am-7:00pm 902-393-2339

Open Studio • • Experiences On specific dates throughout the season, province-wide Artisan Open Studio Experiences give the culturally curious an opportunity to meet our artisans

Craft Studio [49] Red Sand Jewelry

29 Main Street, Victoria-By-The-Sea

Unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces crafted by Barbara Nymark of Victoria-bythe-Sea. Barbara’s designs are inspired by the colours and viewscapes of Atlantic Canada. The studio also carries works of fine art by Victoria-By-The-Sea artists Wendell Dennis and Terry H. Shapiro. A must do while wandering through Victoria. Seasonal: May 18 – Sept 29, Daily 11:00am-5:00pm, Evenings by chance or appointment 902-658-3133


Craft Studio [50] Right Off The Batt Pottery

156 Borden Ave, Borden-Carleton Focusing on wholesome family fun, Right Off The Batt Pottery offers a 3-hour creative experiential workshop called Play-in-Clay that is perfect for groups of 1 to 30 and ages from 6 to 86. Let us help you create your own Island treasures, or browse through our new retail area for functional, one-of-a-kind gifts. Cost: $50.00 /person. Reservations required for workshops. Year Round: Workshops May to Oct by appt. Retail Shop open Feb to mid Dec, Mon-Sat 10:00am-5:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-5:00pm. 902-855-2529 | 1-888-PEI-CLAY

and explore their working studios in more depth. As part of the Island Fusion Festival, on June 22, PEI Artisan Open Studio Day will


have all 26 Artisans available to welcome you at their Studios. A calendar of Open Studio Experiences is found at

Chart your own PEI Studio Tour and discover  Island-made craft, art and giftware as  the perfect gift or an auspicious  treasure.

Find your Discover PEI Studios Map-Brochure at all visitor information centers and kiosks, and create your own studio tour adventure. Add a Little Island to Your Life.



Charlottetown is the capital of Prince Edward Island and the “Birthplace of Canada”. It was here that the Fathers of Confederation first met and agreed to discuss plans for a country that would stretch from “sea to sea”. It’s no wonder that Charlottetown is home to exceptional cultural experiences. At Province House National Historic Site visit the room where the “Fathers of Confederation” met, and our working Legislature still meets. Stroll on a guided walking tour of our historic district and take in reenactments of historic events. Visit the official residence of PEI’s Lieutenant Governor, stay in a restored historic property, or tour an elegant Victorian home. Enjoy the scale and architecture of our historic district. In Charlottetown, you will find our military past on display, and our Celtic heritage onstage. Jazz and blues and theatre festivals fill the summer. Throughout the city, art and photography galleries, glass and woodworking studios invite you to visit and to become a part of the culture and heritage of our capital.

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Built Heritage Museum [51] Beaconsfield Historic House Corner of Kent and West Streets, Charlottetown

Canada • is born • In September 1864, delegates from PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the province of Canada (Quebec & Ontario) arrived in Charlottetown to discuss the

One of seven PEI Museum sites, Beaconsfield Historic House was built in 1877 for wealthy shipbuilder and merchant, James Peake. Today, Beaconsfield stands as a wonderful example of Victorian elegance with a fascinating story to tell, with book store on site. Open year round for tours, Beaconsfield hosts a variety of lectures, concerts, and theatre performances in its Carriage House. Admission charged Year-round: Summer - Mon-Fri 10:00am5:00pm Winter - Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday 12:00pm-4:00pm 902-368-6603

possibility of creating a nation that would stretch from sea to sea. When “The Fathers of Confederation” came ashore in rowboats no one was there to greet them. A circus was in town and most Islanders were in the audience. Despite this less than stellar beginning, consensus was reached to move forward with the concept of the new “Canada”. For this reason, PEI is referred to as “The Birthplace of Canada” and “The Cradle of Confederation”. Join us in 2014 as we celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference!

National Historic Site/Heritage Place [52] Province House National Historic Site 165 Richmond Street, Charlottetown

The birthplace of confederation and the seat of Prince Edward Island’s provincial legislature since 1847, Province House National Historic Site stands as a landmark in Charlottetown. Be welcomed by friendly and knowledgeable Parks Canada staff and learn about the history of the building and the current Legislative Assembly through guided tours, displays, and a film about the Charlottetown Conference that led to the creation of Canada. Seasonal: July 1 - Sept 2, Daily 9:00am5:00pm Sept 4 - June 30, Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm (closed statutory holidays) 902-566-7626

Human Heritage Cultural Product [53] Confederation Centre of the Arts

145 Richmond Street, Charlottetown The National Memorial to the Fathers of Confederation is open year-round, showcasing the finest in Canadian visual and performing arts. As one of Canada’s premiere live theatre houses, the Centre also features a summer theatre festival, an extensive art gallery, walking tours, arts education, shopping and dining. Year Round 1-800-565-0278

Museum [54] The Prince Edward Island Regiment Museum

3 Haviland Street, Charlottetown The Prince Edward Island Regiment Museum displays the rich military history of the Island. Come see over 5,000 artifacts dating as far back as 1807 up to present day and be sure to take in our new display of Prince Edward Island and the War of 1812. Year Round: Mon-Fri 9:00am-4:00pm, Sat by appt. Thurs nights 7:00pm-9:00pm 902-368-0108



Performing Arts Festival/Event [55] The Charlottetown Festival 145 Richmond Street, Charlottetown

• Arts Now • With a heritage steeped in the arts, PEI has always been about honouring the traditional while embracing the new. As technology has become more user-friendly, recordings by PEI artists can be heard online. Their music videos and concert clips populate websites, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Our filmmakers have also taken to the web, creating several web series such as Bunny Bop, Food Country with Chef Michael Smith, Bunkerdown, Jiggers, Faces and Hands, Ponderings and Profile PEI.

Join us for the classic Anne of Green Gables-The Musical™--Canada’s longest running musical! Also showing is the world premiere of Evangeline, an epic journey of love, survival and the strength of human spirit; Dear Johnny Deere, a touching musical tale woven around the toe-tapping country music of Fred Eaglesmith, and the daily free performance of Les Feux Follets from our Young Company. Seasonal: June 18 – Sept 28 1-800-565-0278

Festival/Event [56] Confederation Players

145 Richmond Street, Charlottetown History comes alive when you stroll the Old Charlottetown district with the Confederation Players -- a troupe of costumed, young Canadians, trained as living Fathers and Ladies of Confederation. Daily historical reenactments and both public and custom walking tours are available in July and August in French and English. Seasonal: July 1 – Aug 31 1-800-565-0278

Theatre [57] The Guild

111 Queen Street, Charlottetown Voted Best Cultural Venue by Progress Magazine, The Guild presents the best in Island culture. Visit us and take in exhibits and performances by both emerging and established Island artists, actors, musicians, comedians, and dancers, as well as The Gallery @ The Guild. We are proud to offer an air-conditioned, wheelchair accessible, and fully-licensed cultural facility. Admission: Theatre varies by show; The Gallery by donation. Year-round: Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm. Box Office hours - Sat 12:00pm-5:00pm and 1 hour prior to performances. 902-368-4413 | 1-866-774-0717 Twitter: @theguildpei


Visual Arts Art Gallery [58] Confederation Centre Art Gallery

145 Richmond Street, Charlottetown Atlantic Canada’s largest gallery, featuring more than 20 exhibitions by emerging, midcareer and senior Canadian visual artists annually. The Confederation Centre Art Gallery provides visitors with an opportunity to experience compelling, challenging, and innovative contemporary and historic art, and offers an exciting range of educational public programs, classes, school tours, and talks. Join in the conversation. Year-round 1-800-565-0278

Craft Studio [59] Charlottetown Farmers’ Market

100 Belvedere Avenue, Charlottetown Come and enjoy the hospitality of The Charlottetown Farmers Market, and meet the people behind our Island made works of art. Our traditional farmers market features the creations of Island visual artists including jewellery, weavings, metal work, basketry, and woodturning. Year-round: Sat 9:00am-2:00pm Jun 26 – Oct 10, Wed & Sat 9:00am2:00pm 902-626-3373

Heritage • PEIPlaces • Living in the Birthplace of Canada, Islanders have first hand experience with cultural heritage and its preservation. Our diminutive Island is home to more than 850 Heritage Places. These places, recognized for their historical importance include public buildings, churches, lighthouses, residences, parks, pioneer cemeteries, heritage roads, commercial buildings, barns, and schools. Information on the historical significance for each place, a brief history, photographs, address and GPS coordinates can be found at As some recognized heritage places are private residences, please note that not all are open to the public.



Craft Studio [60] Happy Glass

126 Richmond Street, Victoria Row (Second Floor), Charlottetown Happy Glass is a lively working studio, located on the second floor of a heritage building overlooking vibrant Victoria Row. Visit BJ as she makes contemporary artisan jewellery. If the kiln is on, she will demonstrate how she makes her colourful beads using molten glass and silver. When you visit the studio, you can’t help but feel happy. Year-round: Tues-Sat 10:00am-5:00pm 902-892-3307

Craft Studio [61] McAskill’s Studio

26 Beasley Avenue, Charlottetown

What wood you create? Visit our studio, smell the aroma of wood being crafted. Sign up for a class and try your hand at the art of woodworking. Check out our website for details. Drop into our showroom for a great representation of pottery, wood, glass, metal, jewellery and art print disciplines by local artists. Furniture by Joe McAskill. Year-round: Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm, Sat 9:00am-12:00pm 902-566-3416


Craft Studio [62] The Showcase Gift Shop 145 Richmond Street, Charlottetown

The People’s • Poet

Born in Charlottetown in 1923, Milton Acorn was a carpenter who became one of Canada’s finest and most loved poets. To

Browse our beautiful shop and enjoy the excellent selection of handcrafts and original art. The Showcase specializes in jewellery, pottery, clothing, accessories and handbags, Anne memorabilia and more! With special emphasis on made in P.E.I. and made in the Maritimes one of a kind gifts and souvenirs. Located in the theatre lobby, Confederation Centre of the Arts. Year-round 902-628-6149

his peers he was known as “The People’s Poet”, an artist who never lost touch with his working-class background. Acorn remained an approachable and unique individual until his death in 1986. His poems such as I Shout Love, and I’ve Tasted My Blood, and collections such as Dig Up My Heart and In Love and Anger, give readers a taste of Acorn’s artistry. Milton Acorn’s poetry can be found at the Confederation Centre Library or online at the

artisan jewellery

University of Toronto Library.

Victoria Row • 126 Richmond Street • Charlottetown (902) 892-3307 •



Our cultural • • composite The population of Prince Edward Island is now more diverse than at any other time in its history. Though the overwhelming majority of Islanders would identify as Canadian first, our cultural makeup includes Scottish, English, Irish, French, Acadian, First Nations, Lebanese, Chinese, Dutch, and a number of others. Recently, the Island has seen a significant amount of newcomers arriving from Asia-Pacific, as well as those from Africa and South America, all enhancing the social fabric of PEI.

2014 AD



Points East Coastal Drive

Coastal Drive

Cultural activities are abundant in the eastern part of PEI. Our galleries, studios and shops offer fine art, jewelry, wool products, crafts, seaglass, woodwork, pottery, quilts and hooked rugs, photography, fibre art, and even artwork painted on Island leaves. You can spend an evening at one of the region’s theatres, and your day taking part in an experiential adventure such as lobster fishing, clamming and deep sea fishing, jewelry making, fine art, photography or handmade paper workshops. In eastern PEI, you can tour our eco-centre, visit a cultural interpretive centre located in a historic building, or visit Greenwich in the PEI National Park, the home of the Island’s most dramatic parabolic sand dunes. Explore our lighthouses and community museums, take in a ploughing match at an agricultural fair, or meander along our scenic coastline. All the while, music festivals promise to provide a soundtrack to your holiday featuring fiddle and bluegrass tunes. That’s just how things are “Down East”.

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Built Heritage


Lighthouse [64] Point Prim Lighthouse

2147 Point Prim Road, Point Prim

Heritage Building [63] The Old General Store 9387 Main Street, Murray River

• Festivals • PEI’s arts and heritage festivals are in full gear year round. However, things really heat up in the summer! Music fans visiting will want to take in the Bluegrass and Old Time Music Festival in Rollo Bay, the Indian River Festival, the Jazz and Blues Festival or just find the nearest ceilidh. Festivals will not be far away. For those who favour a taste of tradition and heritage, the Mermaid’s Tears Sea Glass Festival, the Tignish Irish Moss Festival, The Belfast Highland Games, and the Mount Stewart Eagle Festival all fit the bill.

A rare remaining example of a 100 year old rural general store. Inside, view the original wood counter, side bins and shelving and imagine life long ago. Outside, take note of the exceptional craftsmanship of the detailed trim, original windows, and the soaring height of the front door. Don’t miss viewing our “Golden Age of Sail” mural and hearing our stories of the ‘old days’! Seasonal: June 14 – July 1, Mon-Sat 10:00am-5:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-5:00pm July 1 – Sept 2, Mon-Sat 9:30am-5:30pm, Sun 12:00pm-5:00pm Sept 3 – Oct 7; Mon-Sat 10:00am-5:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-5:00pm 902-962-2459

Built in 1845 and designed by Isaac Smith, the architect of Province House, Point Prim Lighthouse is Prince Edward Island’s oldest lighthouse. Climb 80 feet above sea level for a magnificent view of Northumberland Strait and Hillsborough Bay from this unique round brick structure, which is registered as a PEI Heritage Site. Historic displays, guided tours and a picnic area available, as well as a virtual tour viewed from the first floor. Admission: $3.00 Seasonal: June 22 – Sept 22 (7 days/ week in July & August), 10:00am-6:00pm 902-659-2768


Points East Coastal Drive

Lighthouse [65] Wood Islands Lighthouse Museum

Museum [67] The Garden of the Gulf Museum

Located adjacent to the NFL terminal and overlooking the Northumberland Strait, the historic lighthouse and keeper’s quarters is now a community owned and operated museum. We welcome you to revisit a by gone era and experience the panorama of Island land and sea from the lighthouse tower. Take a tour of the eleven themed rooms and visit our nautical craft shop.

The oldest museum on PEI; incorporated in 1957; housed in the 1888 Island brick and sandstone Customs and Post Office building. Numerous displays of artifacts and pictures from the 19th and 20th centuries provide a glimpse of pioneer life emphasizing eastern PEI. The Family Research Centre is popular for tracing family roots. Children’s summer program. Guided tours. Free school tours.

173 Lighthouse Road, Wood Islands

Admission: Groups (15 or more) $4.00, Children (6-13) $3.00, Adults $5.99, Seniors (65+) $4.99 & Families (4) $13.99 Seasonal: June 10 – Sept 8, 9:30am6:00pm 902-962-3110 Off-season: 902-962-3761 (leave message)

Museum [66] Elmira Railway Museum 457 Elmira Road, Route 16A, Elmira

One of seven PEI Museum sites, Elmira tells the story of railroading on the Island through photos, maps, artifacts and the recreated station master’s office. Take a ride on the PEI Miniature Railway and see one of Atlantic Canada’s largest model train collections. Visit our CN trolley, speeder and historic caboose. Admission charged Seasonal: June, Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm July & Aug, Daily 9:00am-5:00pm Sept, Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm Oct, By chance or appointment 902-357-7234

Human Heritage

564 Main Street, Montague

Admission: $3.00 per person. Free for children. Seasonal: Mid June – End June, Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm July – August, Mon-Sat 9:00am-5:00pm Sept – Early Oct, Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm 902-838-2467

Museum [68] Sir Andrew Macphail Homestead 271 Macphail Park Road, Orwell

The homestead of Sir Andrew Macphail (1864-1938) offers something for everyone. Situated on the Orwell River in South East PEI, you’ll find a charming 1850’s centre gable house on 140 acres of land. Enjoy peace and serenity and educational opportunities as you tour this National Historic Site. Stay awhile, have a meal, and be transported back to a simpler time. Tours are free. Donations gratefully accepted. Seasonal: June 1 – Dec 15, Weds-Sun 10:00am-6:00pm 902-651-2789

Cultural Product [69] Selkirk Heritage and Cultural Centre

136 Lord Selkirk Park Road, Belfast

Selkirk Heritage and Cultural Centre at Selkirk Park includes an Ancient Acadian and Scottish cemetery dating back to 1752, Scottish Croft House with exhibits about 1803 Selkirk settlement, genealogical resources, and a gift shop promoting Hebridean heritage and books of local history. Church of Scotland (1876) displays history of church and MacDonaldites and reflective woodland rest spot honoring the honorable John Angus MacLean. Admission by donation. Seasonal: June 17 – Sept 21, Tues-Sat 9:00am-5:00pm 902-659-2209

Experiential Product [70] Tranquility Cove Adventures

Museum [72] Orwell Corner Historic Village

JUST LIVE! Drop anchor 5 miles off our coastline to explore a deserted island. Dig for clams, haul lobster, rock crab, and mussel lines. Swim, snorkel, sunbathe, beachcomb, and handle sea life. Steer a real lobster boat and deep sea fish. Get way out there and do something fresh. Book your adventure and experience our Island. Play in the past, live in the present.

One of seven PEI museum sites, Orwell Corner Historic Village re-creates the atmosphere and charm of an 1890’s Island village. Daily summer children’s programming includes candle and ice cream making. Visit Clark’s General Store, the agricultural museum, one-room schoolhouse, church and the blacksmith shop. See the farm animals and enjoy lunch in our tea room.

1 Kent Street, Georgetown

Seasonal: Early June – Oct 1 Tide dependant. Call for times of departure. 902-969-7184

Museum [71] Basin Head Fisheries Museum

336 Basin Head Road, Route 16, Kingsboro One of seven PEI Museum sites, Basin Head Fisheries Museum overlooks the Northumberland Strait and the magnificent white “Singing Sands” beach. The story of PEI’s inshore fishery is told, with displays, exhibits and dioramas. Admission charged Seasonal: June – Sept, Daily 9:00am5:00pm 902-357-7233


98 MacPhail Park Road, Orwell

Admission charged. Seasonal: May 21 – June 28, Mon-Fri 9:00am-4:30pm July 1 – Aug 31, Daily 9:30am-5:00pm Sept 3 – Oct 4, Mon-Fri 9:00am-4:30pm 902-651-8515

National Historic Site [73] Roma at Three Rivers

505 Roma Point Road, Brudenell

Experience Jean Pierre Roma’s settlement, its 1700s-style buildings, wood-fired bread oven, heritage garden, artifact displays and trails. Costumed guides interpret the cod fishery, daily life of the 1700s. Stay for lunch or afternoon tea; home-made bread, heritage soups, seafood showder, cookies, cake and herbal tea. Authentic interactive experiences are available for families or groups. Lunch: $10.00 Seasonal: June 30 – Sept 29, Daily 10:00am-5:00pm 902-838-3413

Abegweit • Panmure Island • Pow-Wow For the past 20 years, the Native Council of Prince Edward Island has presented the Panmure Island Pow-Wow. This pow- wow is open to the public, free of charge, all donations are welcomed. The weekend shares aboriginal experiences such as traditional art and crafts, dancing, drumming, sweat lodge, and a traditional feast. Drawing approximately 3,000 visitors annually to the Panmure Island Cultural Park, the Pow-Wow has become one of the Island’s premier cultural offerings.


Points East Coastal Drive

Natural Heritage

Interpretive Centre [74] Cardigan River Heritage Centre

4535 Wharf Road, Cardigan

Research your family at the Cardigan River Heritage Centre. The Centre’s collection pays tribute to shipbuilding in the area, the primary industries of fishing and farming, and to veterans. Our collection of community based booklets and the genealogy related resources are perfect for discovering the pioneer families of the Cardigan area. Seasonal: June – Sept, 9:00am-5:00pm 902-583-2253

Interpretive Centre [75] Greenwich PEI National Park

59 Wild Rose Lane, off Route 313, Greenwich Experience spectacular parabolic dunes rising to meet the horizon as you explore an extensive trail system which includes a floating boardwalk over an ancient bay. A modern learning centre brings this region to life with a 3D walkover floor model of the peninsula, natural and archaeological exhibits, as well as a multimedia theatre experience that tells the story of how natural forces and 10,000 years of human settlement have made Greenwich truly unique. Seasonal: June 8 – June 30, Weds-Sun 9:00am-3:00pm July 1 – Sept 2, Daily 9:00am-5:00pm Sept 3 – Sept 15, Weds-Sun 9:00am – 3:00pm 902-961-2514

Festival/Event [76] Island East Tulip Festival

Celebrate the largest field of tulips in Atlantic Canada at the Points East Coastal Drive Tulip Festival. Experience the beautiful! 400,000 tulip blooms will highlight the Points East Coastal Drive at look-offs, intersections and entrances during the festival so be sure to follow the GPS Trail Map. A premier event “You Pick Tulip Bouquets” plus Festival events on site. Fun for everyone!! Seasonal: May 18-20 Toll-free: 1-866-311-3980 Off season: 902-838-4030 ext 229

Performing Arts Theatre [77] Kings Playhouse

• The Railway • When the Dominion of Canada decided to build its cross-country railroad in 1871, PEI had not yet joined Confederation. PEI determined it would be beneficial to construct its own railway. The financial obligation brought by this Island railway propelled PEI into joining the new Dominion in 1873. Trains remained active on PEI until December 31, 1989. The heritage of our railway can be experienced through community museums such as the Elmira Railway Museum.

65 Grafton Street, Georgetown

Rebuilt in 1984 after a fire two years earlier, the 287-seat Kings Playhouse mirrors the original structure designed by William Critchlow Harris. Join us year-round for Tuesday night ceildhs, plays, concerts and other cultural events. A true community theatre - come join the locals for some great entertainment. Year-round 902-652-2053 | 1-888-346-5666


Theatre [78] St. Peters Bay Courthouse Theatre & Museum 5697 St. Peters Highway, St. Peters Bay

St. Peters Bay Courthouse was built in 1874. Throughout its history, it has served as a courthouse, schoolhouse and today, it houses a museum and theatre managed locally by a volunteer, non-profit organization. Our 90 seat capacity offers an intimate setting, where you will find local storytelling, plays and live music from June to December. Entertainers love to perform here. Seasonal: July 1 – Sept 15, Mon-Sat 9:00am-5:00pm Open until 10:00pm on show nights 902-961-3636


Points East Coastal Drive

Visual Arts Art Gallery [79] The Church Bizarre

1273 Main Street, Murray Harbour

• PEI on stage • The depth and diversity of the Island theatre community will surprise you. In communities across PEI, the stories of Islanders and our neighbours are being told onstage. Take in Acadian entertainment at the Centre Expo Festival Centre. Visit the evocative and intimate productions at Victoria Playhouse, King’s Playhouse and the Montgomery Theatre. Community theatre takes to the stage at the St. Peter’s Court House Theatre and the Britannia Theatre in Tyne Valley. In our cities, Summerside is home to the Harbourfront Theatre, while Charlottetown hosts The Gotta Go Festival at The Guild and the Charlottetown Festival at the Confederation Centre of the Arts.

Discover Arts & Crafts made in PEI in the century old church in the quaint village of Murray Harbour. Having searched over the entire Island, The Church Bizarre offers a diverse collection of goods that are interesting and unique. Housing an Art Gallery that represents a number of Island artists, jewellers, music, books and souvenirs, clothing, and much more. Year-round: May 16 – Oct 14, Mon-Fri 10:00am-8:00pm, Sunday 12:00pm-8:00pm Oct 15 – May 15, Tues-Sat 12:00pm5:00pm, by chance or appointment 902-962-2583

Art Gallery [80] Maroon Pig Art Gallery & Sweet Shop 37 Water Street, Georgetown

Indulge your sense of sight and taste at this unique destination location and neighbourhood place. Experience an exceptional collection of original art, coupled with exquisite hand-baked items. Original prints, paintings, drawings and sculpture. Oh, and check out my cabinet of strange objects and curios too. Year-round: Summer-Mon-Sun 10:00am8:00pm Off-season-Tues-Sat 11:00am-7:00pm 902-652-2569

Craft Studio [81] AY Designs

31 Glencove Drive, Stratford

Ayelet has been working as a jeweller for over 25 years. She creates her own designs and handcrafts jewelry using tools collected around the world. The jewelry is made of sterling silver adorned with gems and pearls. Come visit the gallery, where you can take the opportunity to make a piece of silver jewelry in the studio using her tools and techniques as part of your Authentic Island Experience. Year-round: June 1 – Sept, Daily 11:00am-4:00pm (please call ahead) Oct-May by chance or appointment 902-569-4477

• Sea Glass • Island artisans have long appreciated the aesthetic value of the sea glass found along our shores. Sea glass is broken glass that has been smoothed by the sea and sand. The frosted glass, in soft hues of blue, red and green, is incorporated into the work of select PEI jewelry makers.

Craft Studio [82] East Point Lighthouse Craftshop


Craft Studio [83] Fire & Water Creations 690 Route 310, Bay Fortune

Visit Teri’s studio/gallery where jewellery, in a colourful palette of genuine Island sea glass is created. Each piece is handcrafted with sterling silver and evokes the spirit of the sea. Teri will custom design jewellery using your own sea glass or choose from her extensive collections. Make your own pendant under Teri’s gentle guidance; sign up for an Authentic Island Experience. Year-round: June 1 – Sept 13, Mon-Sat 10:00am-5:00pm Sept 14 – May 31, by chance or appointment 902-687-3367

Craft Studio [84] Kro in the Skye Art Studio

404 Lighthouse Road, Elmira

1800 Point Prim Road, Belfast

Come, enjoy the peace we have to offer, sit quietly on our deck and watch the birds, the boats, the people – or come inside and browse until your heart’s content. We offer mementos from over 60 Island artisans, many regional craftspeople, and souvenirs chosen just for you. We have jewellery, jams, books, knitting, sewing, pottery, woodwork, music, hot sauces, and more!

Visit artist Cathy Murchison Krolikowski at work in her studio creating one of a kind art pieces in stained glass, mosaic, fine art, sea glass and dichroic glass jewellery. Tour the studio and take away a true Island treasure from the gallery. Located on the scenic Northumberland Strait, one mile before the Historical Point Prim Lighthouse.

Seasonal: June 1 – Oct 1 June, Sept & Oct 1, Daily 10:00am6:00pm, July & Aug, Daily 9:00am-7:00pm 902-357-2106

Seasonal: May 1 – Oct 31, Tues-Sun 9:00am-5:00pm 902-659-2851


Points East Coastal Drive

Craft Studio [85] The Old General Store

Craft Studio [86] Shoreline Design PEI

Visit this renowned handcraft & gift shop featuring artwork from over 60 artisans. Select your vacation treasures from an array of handmade jewellery, quilts, glasswork, wind chimes, artwork, soaps, knitted items, fabric art, books & music. Tasty jams & jellies, tea & spice mixes make lovely gifts. A little out of the way...but so out of the ordinary!

Visit the family friendly studio of Island multimedia artist, Peter Llewellyn. Experience the in-house demonstrations, and the hands on sharing of techniques and innovation of this well-known Island artist. Silver jewellery, sandstone/soapstone carvings, semi precious stones, seaglass and enamel products.

9387 Main Street, Murray River

Highland • • Games With our strong Scottish roots here on PEI, it’s no wonder that the Highland Games are a popular event for locals and visitors alike. Highland sports demonstrations and competitions, Highland dance competitions, and the pipes and drums are just some of the sights, sounds and experiences you’ll encounter at Lord Selkirk Provincial Park. This is an Island tradition that the Caledonia Society of PEI has presented since 1864!

Seasonal: June 14 – July 1, Mon-Sat, 10:00am-5:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-5:00pm July 1 – Sept 2 9:30am-5:30pm, Sun 12:00pm-5:00pm Sept 3 – Oct 7, Mon-Sat 10:00am-5:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-5:00pm 902-962-2459

40 Water Street, Georgetown

Year-round: Daily 10:00am-6:00pm Oct-Apr, please call ahead. 902-652-2240

Profile for Tourism Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island’s Arts and Heritage Trail (2013)  

Guide to distinctive Island cultural attractions, and your map for experiencing the very heart of PEI

Prince Edward Island’s Arts and Heritage Trail (2013)  

Guide to distinctive Island cultural attractions, and your map for experiencing the very heart of PEI