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Letter from the Editor Dear Friends,

We fly everywhere! Planes are getting bigger and faster and there are more of us flying than ever and that trend is only going to increase in the coming decades. Si n g a p or e , Sa n d s Ma r in a swi mmi n g p o o l .

Stunning… Singapore! by Dimitri Laspas - publisher & founder

Located in the heart of South East Asia, the nation of Singapore maybe small, but it is a hot spot for tourism and investment internationally. With many international companies having head offices in the country (over 7,000 in fact), Singapore’s connectivity to the rest of the world is unparalleled as is its competitiveness and profitability. All this is complemented by its harmonious way of life, its rich mix of cultures, traditions and arts. Singapore’s name comes from the Sanskrit words for ‘simha (lion) and ‘pura’ (city), or the Lion City after a Prince from Palembang was out hunting and spotted an animal he had never seen before. He founded the city where he saw the animal and the rest is history! During ancient times the island state was ruled by 5 kings. With its strategic position at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, the city soon became a busy trading post and traded with ships coming from China, India, the Middle East and Portugal. In 1819 modern Singapore was established with the arrival of the British Lieutenant Governor, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles who negotiated for Singapore to become their trading station in the region. Soon, the island’s free trade policy brought more and more business to the island from all over the world. With improved shipping and the creation of the telegraph, Singapore continued to expand as a trading post. By 1860 it had a population of over 80,000 from just 150 back in 1819 with a variety of ethnic origins. After Japanese occupation during WW2, the island was surrendered to the British Military Administration, which remained until in 1946, Singapore became a Crown Colony. In 1965 Singapore became an independent and sovereign democratic nation. Much of the country’s history can be discovered at many of the national museums, memorials and landmarks around the city. Since its independence, Singapore has continued to grow from strength to strength, especially as it still remains in an ideal strategic position between the two new fast growing economies of China and India. With world class industries and its strength as a regional hub, Si n g a p or e , Ga r d e n s b y t h e Ba y. Singapore is poised to become Asia's leading services hub, providing an array of world-class services. Any visit to this fascinating country will see a mixture of the super modern with the colonial past with towering glistening skyscrapers next to neo-classical buildings that bridge East and West. Through the years, its population has developed with ethnic sectors of the city like Chinatown, but always offering both business and leisure travellers a great destination to be, with state of the art facilities. The Singapore Tourism Board plans to double tourist arrivals to 17 million by 2015 and to triple tourism receipts to UK£18, (EU€22) billion. It aims to develop new world-class attractions and attract strategic business and leisure events to Singapore. One plan is the renovation of Orchard Road to make it one of the best shopping streets in the world or the development of the Singapore Flyer (the world's largest observation wheel). Already the rejuvenation of Sentosa Island in a tropical island resort brings over 5 million visitors a year to enjoy its many varied attractions. 2 www. t o uris m aroundt heworl d.c o. u k

Aviation made the world a small place and in order to smooth the connections around the world for passengers, airlines joined forces and created three (major) Airline Alliances; the biggest is Star Alliance, followed by SkyTeam and then OneWorld. By the middle of 2011 these 3 alliances were providing over 80% of capacity across the Atlantic and Pacific and just under 80% between Europe and Asia. Today, Alliances between airlines on international markets have become a major feature of the airline industry. With so many new destinations opening up, by merging networks, and channelling connecting traffic, airlines can offer services from more widespread locations which it could not otherwise maintain on its own. This is vital to many smaller destinations that rely on airline traffic for many things but it also benefits us as passengers like improved services and lower fares. Through many code-share agreements, a (supposedly) higher quality service can be offered to consumers for a more seamless service with coordinated scheduling, close proximity of gates for connections, access to lounges and frequent flier programmes. So, do the services offered by the Alliances on paper really match that in reality? They do when things run smoothly, but encounter a delay or flight cancellation and then its seems to be back to basics with each airline passing the problem to the other, depending who issued the original ticket and the passenger definitely does not have a smooth journey at all. Also, if you choose to pay for the well renowned service of a Singapore Airlines flight, but it is code-shared with another airline, whose service is not the same, then as a passenger you may well feel let down and the Alliance agreement does not benefit you as a passenger. Overall, flying has never been so easy and it will continue to be so as competition is high and we demand more services and better value for money. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the flight! Looking forward to the next edition! Caroline-Artemis Laspas editor & co-founder

Si n g a p or e

One of the city’s first starting points is the spectacular Marina Bay with the famous Lion spurting water from its mouth, the city’s icon. Here you can see the harbour, the amazing Marina Bay Sands complex and of course the world famous Raffles Hotels which must be visited for a traditional ‘Singapore Sling’ cocktail drink. Another stunning attraction is the ‘Gardens by the Bay’ a 100 hactare park incorporating 3 waterfront gardens; Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central. Bay South is home to the supertrees; huge vertical gardens used to collect rainwater, generate solar power and act as air vents for the 2 conservatories. There are over 380,000 plants, housed in 2 huge conservatories called the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. The vast dome is climate controlled for the plants from the Mediterranean, Australia, South America and South Africa. A suspended 128m long walkway between two Supertrees, gives visitors a bird’s eye view of the Gardens and the Marina Bay urban area. Next stop is the green house built around a 42m mountain, with its cool damp, subtropical climate where you find waterfalls, orchids, and flowers from all over the world. Bay East is home to lush lawns, tropical palm trees and natural blossoms. Singapore has always been a mixing pot of cultures and people and all have lived harmoniously even with their little pockets of Little India or Chinatown and the Arabic Quarter. Chinatown is a gem to visit with red lantern alleyways packed with tea shops, silk sellers, handicrafts to buy, and jade and gold jewellery too. Little India is colourful and very Indian with sari sellers, Indian jewellery, spices, incense and woodwork for sale. Both ethnic areas offer fabulous authentic food. The Arab Quarter known more as the ‘Middle Eastern Quarter’ is smaller than the other two, but offers the senses the smells of Arab region spices, perfume, carpets, leather and jewellery all from small shops and with plenty of character. Singapore street food has modernised a bit over the years and become more controlled but without losing the fabulous taste. Head to one of over 100 Hawker Centres where over 150 stalls offer various fast food options at great prices and all with wonderful tastes. It is a great social environment as you eat at communal tables and the centres are open from breakfast to late supper! For a more unusual adventure, try the Night Safari, where the humid tropical forest is only open at night so we can see the animals when they are naturally T h e Tu t u st a nd , Sin g a p or e ’s o nl y del ici o u s swe e t active. There are over 1000 animals from 120 species, many of which are endangered. You can see them from walking trails or a tram. With moonlight lighting, you can see elephants, rhinoceros, tapirs etc without disturbing them Orchard Road is one of Singapore’s most famous if not the most famous street in Asia. It is 2.2km long, has 22 malls and is home to 5000 brands including the luxury ones? It is also the place to get a bargain! Among the world rankings of best shopping streets, it is the best, followed by Bond Street, London, 5th Avenue, New York and Avenue Montaigne in Paris. Orchard St is a lovely place to go with greenery and wide footpaths. But there are underground walkways linking the malls if the humidity of outdoors is too much! If you are in Singapore for business, it is compact and offers a world of opportunities for meetings and events. With so many business and leisure offerings that are accessible and customisable, Singapore is a destination of choice for many events and has been rewarded as such too over the past few years. Singapore is a truly Asian yet international destination and one that offers a sophisticated and professional base in Asia. It is a top tourism destination with many growing attractions and offerings across both the business and leisure sectors.● 3

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T h e b rid g e p ar k, L on d o n , UK

LONDON MOST VISITED CITY AHEAD OF PARIS Paris has recently held the title of most visited capital in the world, but recent figures now place London as top city of choice! In 2013, 16 million tourists visited the English capital ahead of Paris in 2nd place, Bangkok in 3rd and New York in 4th place. It is expected that the Olympics of 2012 held in the city helped to increase visitor numbers. Other helping factors include key sporting and cultural events like Britain’s Andy Murray's victory at Wimbledon, the exhibitions ‘Pompeii’ at the British Museum; the ‘David Bowie’ exhibition at the V&A, as well as renewed Royal fever with the birth of the nation’s future King, Prince George. UK OPEN FOR BUSINESS DESPITE THE FLOODS The Tourism Industry Emergency Response Group is a group of key tourism industry organisations across the UK including the government. Following the recent widespread flooding across a lot of the southern UK, they met to discuss the impact on travelling and tourists across the country. The Tourism Boards across the nation are promoting that the UK is open for business as usual. While the majority of the country is unaffected the south west corner is still seeing some disruption. 90% of rail services are running normally as well as the road network. However, visitors should check the latest weather and transport updates before travelling for rail services. LONDON SKYCYCLE A plan for an ‘air cycle network’ has been proposed called a SkyCycle that would be built on top of London's railways. The project would see built a total of nearly 220kms of bicycle paths. The fundamental network i.e. the rail lines are already present, so the project would not cost too much. It is expected that over 6 million people would use the network and it could accommodate 12,000 riders per hour. However, the scheme when confirmed, would take approx 20 years to complete! Riders would get around the city easily and without worrying about other motorists. Recently cycle accidents and fatalities in the capital have risen sharply. The SkyCycle would be designed as a network of strategic connections from the suburbs of London into the centre. VISIT BRITAIN REVEALS TRUTH ON FOREGIN TOURISTS An internal wellmeaning manual for the UK tourist industry workers, aimed at assisting them to better meet the needs of foreign tourists has been seen as racist and generalises nations which it aims at attracting as tourists. The Manual describes that the Russians ‘may come across as cold and not very open or polite’, while ‘spending more than they can afford’ during their stay in the UK. In addition they are described as ‘hearty eaters’ and ‘big bread lovers’. The Chinese are also highlighted as finding the ‘beds too soft’, ‘hate talking about money’, and do not like any fillet meats ‘which they consider to be uninteresting foods’. They will opt for ‘comfy’ meals such as ‘stir-fried leafy vegetable’ and ‘spicy food’. The Indians are ‘indecisive but drive a hard bargain when the opportunity arises’. They are ‘not good drivers’ and ‘do not like credit cards’. The French are ‘private people’ who don’t ‘smile or make eye contact with strangers’, but nonetheless ‘won’t hesitate to challenge you or complain if something is not to their satisfaction’. The Germans are ‘demanding, aggressive and rude’. They like ‘to plan in advance’ and have ‘detailed information on all activities’ as well as being obsessed with ‘cleanliness’. Finally Australians are ‘sarcastic’, ‘intolerant’ (due to long flights!) and almost never tip ‘unless the service was exceptional’ for cultural reasons. It would seem that we all have our national characteristics and it is great that as host tourist nations, we try to meet the needs of many different races in order to make their stay the best it can be. After all, if you have saved up and paid a lot of money for a trip, you want it to be perfect. However, there are limits and maybe this manual was a little too general. ACC LIVERPOOL BEST UK CONFERENCE CENTRE For the 2nd consecutive year, the ACC Liverpool has won the M&IT Best UK Conference Centre gold award. Since opening in 2008, the venue has offered unparalleled services to its clients and as such makes each event the best it can be for its clients. 4 www. t ourism aroundt heworl d.c o. u k

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INTERVIEWING… May Myat Moe Win spoke with Pamela McCourt Francescone about her ground-breaking appointment as the 1st Myanmar lady general manager of a 5-star hotel, of the challenges facing the hotel industry and why Myanmar has to be on everyone’s must-do list. Dynamic, bubbly and with a silvery laugh, Mae Myat Moe Win gives you her full attention while discreetly keeping an e ye on everything that is going on around her. The general manager of the 5-star Chatrium in Yangon has slipped effortlessly into her demanding new role helped, no doubt, by having been in hotel sales and marketing for 19 years and at the Chatrium for the last six. “This is a big responsibility and a big challenge. It is also challenging for the owners of the Chatrium who believed in me. But I have always been a hard worker and my philosophy is that if others can do it then so can I.”

How do the staff - 95% of whom are local - react to taking orders from a woman? Unlike foreign GMs I speak the same language, and I so it is a lot easier for me to understand certain attitudes. Then women tend to be kinder and have more empathy, and we are also good listeners. Of course when you are sitting at the top you have to be tough, but you must never be difficult. And you must be fast at taking decisions.

And also Mr Abe of Japan. He was very friendly, knew how to handle the media and was very open. Do you manage to reconcile the long hours on the job and your foreign travel with being the mother of 3 boys? It’s difficult and it can be exhausting. Of course there is no way I cannot be on the job every day. But by empowering my key staff I can cut off and make time for my family. And I know no better way of balancing my demanding schedule then spending it with them.

What’s the biggest challenge for the hotel industry at the moment in Myanmar? For many years things were very flat. Now we have to adapt to new trends and innovate. We must not be afraid. The big challenge is human resources. At the Chatrium we have always trained staff but now all hotels need to become training schools. The Chatrium is very active on the social media. Do you think this is necessary? Many hotels are afraid of it, but you have to maximise the social media. Guests really like interacting with us.

Ch a t ri u m Ho t e l , St a n d ar d Del u xe Ro om

Tell me why people should visit Myanmar. My country has an amazing spirit, it is a most unusual place. It is impossible to describe, you have to come here to feel it. We are the last frontier in Asia. It is a very beautiful country and then there are the people. We are warm, accommodating, hospitable and genuine. Somewhere in Yangon to visit that is not in the guide books? At the back of the Schwedagon there is the statue of an old man, a supernatural being called Bominkhaung, and worshippers go there and offer him cigarettes. He always has one in his hand! Another thing visitors should do is sit down in one of our teahouses and chat; it’s the best way to understand Myanmar!● Of all the VIPs who have stayed here who made the biggest impression on you? Mrs Clinton. Not just on me but on all my staff and also on the authorities greeting her. She made personal contact with each one of us. She is very sharp, intelligent and has real charisma. 5

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H a r p a c o n c e r t h a l l a n d c o n f e r e n c e ce n t r e Re y k ja v í k , I c e l a n d

HARPA – PUTING REYKJAVIK ON THE MAP Harpa is the new concert hall and conference centre in the heart of Reykjavik, Iceland. Located on the picturesque Reykjavík harbour in the city centre it features stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the North Atlantic Ocean. All amenities are very close by including hotels, restaurants, museums, art galleries and shopping as well as various activities and sightseeing. Harpa‘s striking facade draws its inspiration from crystallised basalt columns commonly found in Icelandic nature and its design captures and reflects the light of the city, ocean and sky stunningly. Harpa won the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture, Mies van der Rohe Award 2013 and the M.I.C.E Report Awards 2012 as the Best Conference Centre in Northern Europe, the Civic Trust Award 2012 and the Travel & Leisure Design Award 2012 as the best cultural building. Harpa’s conference facilities have had great influence on the conference scene in Reykjavík. Harpa offers outstanding facilities for conventions with accompanying trade shows, conferences, meetings, product launches, concerts and other cultural events. FRANCE NEW BUSINESS DESTINATION... ANTIBES JUAN-LES-PINS Antibes Juan-les-Pins located in Southern France, has seen a transformation in order to attract more business to the area. With new cultural and sporting facilities (concert and multisport halls), as well as a new Conference Centre. Committed to providing a wide range of quality tourism services, it has renewed its tradition of hosting professional events. Antibes Juan-les-Pins, can now offer the ideal location for attracting a new business clientele. Business tourism is a fairly new sector which has seen considerable growth over the past few years. France offers approx. 145 conference structures and over 1,200 sites capable of hosting events for around 300 people. The centre’s symbolic architecture makes a strong statement at the heart of the Juan-les-Pins sea resort, the new convention centre designed by architect Jean-Jacques Ory, topped by a canopy, blends into the heart of the famous pine grove as an extension of the greenery stretching from the sea. The 14,000 m² venue is also shared with a range of shops and restaurants, and the convention centre can accommodate up to 500 participants. It features an auditorium at roof level, 12 meeting rooms, a 1,700 m² exhibition hall as well as a restaurant with panoramic views providing quality cuisine and opening onto a wide terrace overlooking the bay of Juan-les-Pins. AEG OGDEN ANNOUNCES ICC SYDNEY EXHIBITION SALES MANAGER The new Exhibition Sales Manager of the International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney is Helen Mantellato, who brings to ICC Sydney exceptional knowledge and understanding of the international and domestic exhibition industry. A businessdriven and sales focused professional with an impressive track record in attracting, retaining and managing major events in the competitive Australian and Sydney market, Ms. Mantellato was previously with the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre since it opened in 1988 and was its Director of Sales (Exhibitions) for the past 10 years. Ms. Mantellato has also received several awards including a NSW Olympic Council Order of Merit in 2013, the Trevor Riddell President’s Award in 2009 and the Outstanding Operations Person for NSW in 1997. ICC Sydney will feature a convention facility capable of holding 4 fully separated concurrent events of over12,000 delegates and total exhibition capacity of 40,000sq.m. It is due for completion in December 2016. 6

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B r a zi l , t h e I g u a zu F a l l s

BRAZIL TO HOST WORLD WATER FORUM Brazil is to host the 8th World Water Forum in 2018. It will be the 1st Latin American country to host the forum. The capital city of Brasilia will see the Forum attract 35,000 attendees from 147 countries and will have the support of Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Institute). The event will propose discussions on the alternatives to the rational and sustainable use of water resources. Other nations bidding for the event were Russia (Moscow), Qatar (Doha) and Denmark (Copenhagen). Brazil is well equipped to host this event as with the other global events on its calendar in coming years; the Rio +20, FIFA Confederations Cup 2013, World Youth Day, FIFA World Cup 2014 and the Olympic and Paralympics Games in 2016. All these events give Brazil a wonderful and unique opportunity to promote its tourism offerings. In 2012, Brazil received 360 international events, taking 7th place on the international ranking of the ICCA. THAI VENUES RANK HIGH WITH NOMINATIONS FOR WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS An impressive 113 Thai venues including cities, islands, hotels, spas and airports have been nominated for the 2014 Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards. The total number of nominations in Thailand is confirmation of the kingdom’s position as one of the world’s premier tourism destinations as well as the variety of offerings as the nominations are across many award sectors. Some of the nominations show that Thailand is in a league of its own when it comes to luxury offerings and elite services. The 113 nominees include Bangkok and Chiang Mai in the Best Cities category; Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport in the Best Airports category; and Ko Lanta, Ko Samui and Phuket in the Best Islands – Asia category. There are 5 local spas that have being nominated in the Best Spas category. There are 102 hotels nominated in the Hotel category across 18 Thai destinations. PERU’S BUSINESS TOURISM ON THE UP The Peruvian corporate tourism sector is expected to increase by 10% in 2014 due to confirmed major international meetings, congresses and forums scheduled to take place. This has led for a joint public private push for gaining new business and for the country’s Convention Bureau to work more closely together in order to secure quality events by S t . M a r t i n S q u a r e , L i ma , P e r u .

setting up a more effective coordination mechanism. The Peruvian government is also keen to attract private sector investment with the aim of meeting the increasing demand for greater accommodation, high quality tourism facilities and infrastructure in Peru’s capital Lima. Peru will host more than 500 leading entrepreneurs at the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Americas Summit set to take place in Lima on 10-11 September 2014. OMAN CONVENTION & EXHIBITION CENTRE TARGET INTERNATIONAL SPECIALISTS Due to open at the end of 2016, the Oman Conventions & Exhibitions Centre is proactive in its efforts to attract major international events that will deliver significant educational and economic benefits to the region. At the invitation of the Centre, leading medical, oil and gas and scientific-related specialists have been invited to Oman to see the facilities and infrastructure with a view to them choosing it as the 7

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next congress in a spectacular and historic setting. Among recent visitors were the International Society of Urology and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Both heads of the associations attended the recent Oman International Surgery and Urology Conference. They confirmed that both the destination and the venue were extremely suitable for a major conference of the size of theirs. It was the 1st time both Societies had considered holding their Congresses in the Middle East. If successful in a bid for hosting the two congresses, they would attract more than 5,000 leading medical specialists which will deliver very significant social and economic benefits to the Sultanate.

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ICC SYDNEY SECURES NEW BUSINESS Sydney has secured 7 international events for the venue worth almost $50 UK£27, (EU€33) million to the state economy. Securing these events, in addition to the ones already booked at the interim exhibition centre Glebe Island, is a huge confidence boost in the NSW Government’s plans for the state’s conventions and exhibitions industry. ICC Sydney is part of the NSW Government’s UK£1.3, (EU€1.6) billion transformation of Darling Harbour. The redevelopment will include a new hotel, new convention, exhibition and entertainment facilities. This development will reinforce the city’s place as a leading global destination for convention and exhibition business.●


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T h e N a t i o n a l G u a r d s a t t h e Un k n o wn S o l d i e r M o n u me n t , A t h e n s , G r e e ce

GREECE PROMOTING TOURISM IN SAUDI ARABIA The nations of Saudi Arabia and Greece have signed an agreement to promote tourism between the two countries. During meetings between the two, Saudi Arabia was keen to learn about how it can promote its cultural history with Greece’s example. Discussions included conducting cultural exchanges and training programmes for Saudis in the tourism sector. As Greece is the cradle of Western civilization and Saudi Arabia is the cradle of Arab civilization and both are very important countries in their regions, the cooperation is a natural one for an exchange of know-how, best practices, and experiences. Greece wants to bring together and implement a project of cultural exchange and the vast historical references which are very important to both countries. The agreement aims to boost cooperation in the tourism sector, generate growth in tourist traffic and offer opportunities to the southern European nation to showcase its tourism products and services in the local market. IRISH TOURISM CONTINUES TO GROW Figures of overseas visitors to Ireland show growth of +8.2% (or 100,000 visitors) for November 2013 to January 2014, when compared to the same period last year. It is a very positive start to 2014, as the new promotional programme is launched around the world. North America saw an increase of almost 15%; an additional 24,000 visitors. Mainland Europe: saw modest growth of 2%, an additional 7,000 visitors with arrivals from Germany (+18.6%), Spain (+10%) and the Benelux countries (+9.1%) being key markets. Mainland Europe is now Ireland’s prime tourist source market. Great Britain saw strong growth with an 8.5% increase in visitors (50,000+). Australia and developing markets grew by 28.5%, or almost 23,000 more visitors. 2014 will see a major focus on promoting the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’, as well as major events like ‘Limerick City of Culture’, the ‘Grande Partenza’ of the Giro d’Italia and the ‘Croke Park Classic’, when the University of Central Florida takes on Penn State in their college football season opener. Ireland will also continue to build on the ‘Gathering’, and reach out to the Diaspora across the world. QATAR’S NEW TOURISM STRATEGY Qatar has launched a new Tourism Strategy which will place tourism as a pillar of its economy by 2030, helping the nation diversify from its oil sector. It will also help to drive sustainable development throughout the country. Long term forecasts, show that the Middle East is expected to triple its current volume of international tourism by 2030, by welcoming 149 million international tourists a year. With a 5 year investment

plan of UK£10.20, (EU€12.40) billion which includes 130 new hotels, resorts and other leisure facilities, a new international airport, a new port with cruise passenger terminal, some 12 sports stadiums and various cultural iconic centres, Qatar is set to become a leading tourism destination and take full advantage of such anticipated growth. Qatar’s tourism has grown significantly over recent years with the total number of international tourists reaching over 1 million from the 500,000 visitors seen in 2000. GREECE TO OPEN 2 ARCHAEOLOGICAL DIVING PARKS Due to open this summer, two new archaeological diving parks are to open allowing visitors to explore the many shipwrecks that remain on the seabed. Located near Pylos, in the south-western Peloponnese, many of the sites are the remains of ancient trading vessels dating back to Roman, Byzantine and medieval times, discovered by archaeologists around the island of Sapienza. Such underwater sights include the ancient ships cargoes like granite pillars, amphorae and stone sarcophagi, among other artefacts scattered all over the sea bed. To the north, in the Bay of Navarino are a number of 19th century shipwrecks. These include the remains of 3 Turkish ships sunk by allied British, Russian and French forces during the Battle of Navarino in 1827. In addition divers will enjoy the marine life of the Mediterranean including turtles and dolphins. BEAUTIFUL BANGLADESH Famous for its Bengali Tiger, Bangladesh offers not only this rare Tiger as a tourist attraction, but it also has many undiscovered treasures of natural and historical beauty. With several UNESCO world Heritage sites like the mangrove-covered tiger reserve of Sundarbans National Park and the ancient mosque city of Bagerhat, Bangladesh also has a pristine coastline of Cox’s Bazar; the world’s longest uninterrupted beach. Despite all these treasures, tourism still remains undeveloped. The government has now put in place a plan to implement improvements to infrastructure in roads, airports and rail as well as seeking more foreign investment. The development of the tourism industry must be sustainable and ‘green’. With the development of some more isolated regions into world class resorts, the aim is for 4 million jobs to be created within the next decade allowing for more tourists to discover the country and for more Bangladeshi’s to benefit from it.


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TASMANIA JOIN FORCES A new partnership between Tasmanian Tourist Parks and Family Parks will help to further enhance Tasmania’s tourism offering. The new alliance will help boost the contribution of the caravan park sector to Tasmania and its regions. Tasmanian Tourist Parks has an association with 15 cabin, caravan and camping parks and over 120 member properties while Family Parks have more than 45,000 members in their loyalty programme, with a marketing spread covering Australia, New Zealand and the UK. The new partnership will make the Tasmanian Tourist/Family Parks network the largest referral-based association in Tasmania. In addition to its own destination marketing programmes, Tourism Tasmania continues to work closely with Caravanning Tasmania and the Caravan, RV and Accommodation Industry of Australia (CRVA) to develop and market the state’s caravan and camping sector to identified target audiences. Tasmanian tourism has seen significant growth over the past year or so and it expects these positive results to continue.

VIRTUAL CRUISING Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, the ‘Navigator of the Seas’ features floor-to-ceiling TV screens in 81 ‘windowless’ interior rooms which will live stream images from cameras positioned on the bow and stern of the ship. These virtual balconies offer real-time views of the ocean and destinations that will bring guests closer to the sights and sounds of the sea. CYPRUS EXPECTS INCREASED RUSSIAN TOURISTS IN 2014 Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) estimates that tourist arrivals from Russia will reach 800,000 in 2014, an increase of 25% from 2013 figures. Two of Russia’s largest tour operators are to increase their programmes for Cyprus as well as one operator that has not included Cyprus in its destinations will begin tours to the island. SAUDI ARABIA TO ATTRACT BUSINESS TOURISM The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) has confirmed that the majority of foreigners who visit the Kingdom come for religious purposes and tourism with only approx. 20% coming for business. This is a sector that the SCTA wishes to grow so that Saudi Arabia becomes a substantial meetings destination. The aim is for the sector to add a significant element to the Kingdom’s economy but also become a major employment generator by year 2025. It is a vital industry in generating tourism activities and promoting a positive impact on social, cultural and environmental initiatives and as such the Saudi government wishes to invest in its potential to maximise Saudi’s impact on international markets and promote the Kingdom as a global destination both for leisure and business. The alliance between tourism and air transportation is intertwined and it is key to aligning these two sectors to make destinations more accessible and affordable. Tourism to the Kingdom is increasing and more flights are arriving bringing in tourists. It is expected that there will be almost 24 million arrivals by the end 2017. The Kingdom is currently investing in infrastructure, including the construction of sea ports, hotels, residence and commercial buildings, two holy sites, roads, airports, meeting halls, conference and exhibition centers and heritage sites, among others, to protect and boost the economy and business sector. The SCTA is a vital source of the Kingdom’s development process and responsible for promoting the economic, social, environmental and cultural values. It recently launched a training programme to deal with tourists. With such expansion, will the Kingdom become more relaxed in its approach and rules for female visitors (leisure or business) or will the rules still apply and business lost.●

S e o u l Co m mu n e 2 0 2 6 , S e o u l , So u t h K o r e a

THE FUTURE OF PARKS Nothing stays the same and it is true too for the global societies. With more people, less space, advanced technology, different ways of communication between us have led to significant changes in how we live. However, green spaces are vital and as such city engineers and planners all over the world are designing new parks for today’s societies. Lowline - New York City is a converted underground trolley station with state-of-the-art solar panelillumination. Popdown - London is an abandoned network of tunnels under London which could create a park and mushroom farm. Gardens By The Bay - Singapore is a must see feature of any trip to Singapore with its massive, waterside park features with groves, forests, conservatories and event spaces. It has made Singapore a ‘City In A Garden.’ Seoul Commune 2026 - Seoul plans to merge private residences with a grand public park. By constructing gardens all over the tops, sides, and bottoms of the towers. Located in a large-scale urban redevelopment zone, covering 393,400sq.m 15 towers of different heights (16 to 53 floors) act like one giant house in this park-like setting. 10

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EU-ASEAN AVIATION SUMMIT The 1st EU-ASEAN Aviation Summit which took place last month boosted ties in the sector and tourism between the two regions. The summit addressed key factors like working towards single aviation markets, new business opportunities, aviation safety, air traffic management, and the future cooperation between the two regions. EU aviation experts showed how the single aviation market of Europe, would benefit the rapid expansion of intra-ASEAN aviation growth. The Summit, took place during the Singapore Airshow. Key industry players were present including airlines, regional airline associations, airports, air navigation service providers, and manufacturers. Over 11 million Europeans visited ASEAN in 2012, up from 9.8 million in 2011. ASEAN expects about 12 million for 2013. This equates to 11% of all international visitors arrivals to ASEAN, which sees most of its arrivals from neighbouring nations like China, India, Japan and Korea. NEW HAND LUGGAGE RULES We have all got used to travelling with limited liquids on us as hand luggage. Now, the rules are being relaxed,

which can only benefit passengers. The change within Europe, only concerns passengers arriving from outside the EU and switching to a connecting flight to an EU airport. These travellers may then take liquids, sprays or gels, which they bought at airports in 3rd countries, on board the intra-European flights. Just as purchases of domestic airports, these containers must be placed in sealed plastic bags. Passengers from Europe, who change in the U.S., can take their duty-free purchases as hand luggage. The change comes as a new scanner is being used that can distinguish explosives from harmless liquids. Many airports who have connecting traffic are investing in the new scanners, technology and installation necessary to meet the new rules. Germany’s Frankfurt Airport was the 1st to use the new highperformance scanners in transit. The new system will be no more of a burden to travellers and as the scheme expands around the world, it is hoped that by 2016, a complete lifting on restricted amounts of liquids could be achieved. WOW? FLYING WITH NO WINDOWS! The future of flight is getting near and nearer! A new aircraft design would see passengers fly from London to New York in just 3 hours instead of 6 hours and the plane would be windowless! The Spike S-512 would travel by breaking the sound barrier at 1,100 miles p.h (1,770 km/hr) or Mach 1.6. Rather than windows, the luxury jet would have cameras installed on the outside of the aircraft with live-stream images being fed back onto high-definition screens that would run the length of the inside passenger cabin. Passengers could dim the image or chose their own ‘wallpaper’ from the aircraft system. Not having windows, will reduce aircraft weight and reduce drag. BANGKOK AIRWAYS FLIGHT TO CHIANG RAI Bangkok Airways is launching twice daily flights from Bangkok to Chiang Rai from this month. Chiang Rai in the northernmost province of Thailand is seen as a strategic hub to neighbouring countries, including Myanmar, Lao PDR and China. Chiang Rai has great potential. The city is a popular alternative tourist base to larger Chiang Mai. Bangkok Airways is focusing on leisure destinations, and sees high demand from international connecting passengers to this region of South East Asia.


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MEA - RELAX ALL THE WAY Middle East Airlines has placed the comfort of its passenger’s top of its offering with the opening of the new SPA at Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport - Cedar Lounge. Cedar Lounge guests, can take advantage of signature therapies including extensive neck and back massage in addition to reflexology massage. LUFTHANSA LAUNCHES ‘PASSENGER PERSONAL ELECTRONICS’ This year, the Germany flag carrier Lufthansa, will be installing BoardConnect servers on its planes. Allowing passengers to use a free download app in order to access a selection of in-flight movies and other things which will be streamed to their devices. From films and music to publications, the app will allow travellers to attract a flight attendant's attention, pre-order the vegetarian option or request a drink or buy duty free. Some airlines already use this system with more thinking about installing it. The app will be available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices and will also work with notebook computers running Windows 8. The end idea is that airlines will not be required to install screens, however, for now, the service will be accessible on in-seat screens and on devices that the airline provides to passengers. QATAR AIRWAYS OFFERS ‘ALL’ BUSINESS CLASS Qatar Airways is to offer a new ‘all-business’ class flight from Doha to London reserved purely for its top ranking flyers. Starting in May, the flight will see no curtain separators and the A319 aircraft will be designed to seat 40 passengers in a two-by-two configuration with the seats that fully recline into flat beds. Other amenities for passengers will be SMS mobile texting and GPRS connectivity. AIR ASIA INCREASES FLIGHTS Air Asia X BHD is to increase its flights from Kuala Lumpur to Incheon by the end of 2014. The increase will see the current 7 flights increase to 11 flights a week by the beginning of July and double daily flights from December 2014. The airline is also offering attractive fares. The increase is due to increased demand and will be able to offer a more flexible schedule for better flight connections. Air Asia X also flies to Busan, Korea 4 times a week. The airline is also to restart flights to Japan next year, a market which is increasing strong and desirable for the airline. 13

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The new venture is with Japan’s largest airline ANA. Finally, Air Asia is looking to establish direct flights between Kuching and Manila in order to offer better and more request connectivity between the two Capitals. Currently Air Asia has routes connecting Kota Kinabalu to Manila as well as to Ceba in the Philippines. Kuala Lumpur is also connected via Manila and Ceba, so Kuching would be a great addition as Kuching is not only the gateway to Sarawak, but also to Brunei. LONDON HEATHROW - BOGOTA DIRECT FLIGHT WITH AVIANCA During a recent official trade visit to the capital of Colombia, Bogota, the Deputy Prime Minister of the UK, announced that an air route will begin in July 2014. The Colombian national airline Avianca will launch a direct service between London Heathrow and Bogota 4 times a week. The flight will be operated initially by an A330 aircraft. The new route is in response to the increasingly close relationship between the two nations, as evidenced by the fact that the UK is currently the nd 2 largest investor in Colombia.●

which takes place annually and attracts business and leisure visitors alike from local, regional and international destinations. This year the events takes place from 2-4 April with international buyers and media taking part in the event. The Goa International Travel Mart (GITM) is a dedicated event to promote Goa as a travel destination.

T h e C h u r c h o f O u r L a d y O f T h e I m m a c u l a t e Co n c e p t i o n , Pa n ji m, G o a

GOA - India’s Pearl of Tourism by Caroline-Artemis Laspas, editor

Known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ Goa is located on the western coast of India in the coastal region known as Konkan. With magnificent scenery combined with beautiful temples, churches and old houses, Goa is a top global tourism destination. Goa has a unique history, rich culture and some of the prettiest natural scenery that India has to offer. Leading inland away from the beaches the real Goa can be found, both inside its buildings and in the hinterland away from the coastal area. Over time various Indian dynasties have ruled Goa as well as the Portuguese! In 1961 Goa took its independence from the Portuguese and in 1987 it became the 25th state of the Indian Republic. Due to its location, the area has been a meeting point of races, religions and cultures of East and West over the centuries and as such Goa has a multi -hued and distinctive lifestyle quite different from the rest of India. Hindu and Catholic communities make up almost the entire population and there is a mutual respect of each other. This allows them to all join together and harmoniously celebrate the various religious festivals of Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Christmas, Easter and Id with equal enthusiasm.

T h e S h r i M a n g e s h T e mp l e , G o a .

GITM aims to stimulate travel, tourism, hospitality, leisure, and other related industries, both from within India and internationally. It brings together, face-to-face the travel-trade, hoteliers, and other stake holders from Goa with leading travel agents from India and abroad.●

A n ju n a B e a ch , G o a .

With several rivers flowing through the region the lush landscape is breathtaking. With its palm-fringed coastline, small fishing villages, coconut groves make Goa a truly interesting place to explore. Goa has an international airport at Dabolim near Vasco and an intra-state and inter-state bus network, which gets locals and visitors alike in and around Goa. The vast green expanse of the Sahyadri mountain range ensures that Goa has an abundance of water. The sea and rivers abound in seafood - prawns, mackerels, sardines, crabs and lobsters are popular with the locals and the visitors. The Goan cuisine delicious as it is a blend of different influences from its past. The staple food is fish and rice. Since the 1960’s Goa has been a major destination for international and domestic tourists. Whatever season you visit Goa, its beauty is abound as it the friendly hospitality of its people. Goa is a place to relax and explore as well as to do business in a key market for tourism in India. Hence the importance of the Goa International Travel Mart 2014

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TOURISM AROUND THE WORLD MONTHLY is a global ejournal for the travel and tourism, M.I.C.E, exhibitions and aviation industries. It provides accurate, detailed, information and is produced in English. Started in 1997 it has an evergrowing circulation. It is the official global media support for several key exhibitions within the industry.


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ASIA News REFUSE COLLECTION AT MOUNT EVEREST The government of Nepal has made it an obligation for the collecting of rubbish for climbers of Mount Everest, in an effort to clean up the world highest mountain. All climbers must bring back 8kg of rubbish, plus the 1kg they generate in their attempt to conquer the mountain peak. This new rule applies to those who go beyond the camp's base. Legal measures will be taken against those who fail to comply. Through years of mountaineering expeditions, the slopes of Everest have been covered with rubbish like oxygen bottles, faeces, food remains and even corpses which cannot or have not decomposed due to the extreme cold. Expeditions can submit their waste collection in an office at base camp that will also provide medical assistance. GREEK LOCATION FOR CHINESE MOVIE A new Chinese filmed chose the location of the Greek island of Santorini as the setting for its film. With almost 214 million viewers in China expected to view the film in cinemas across 300 Chinese cities, the film, ‘Beijing Love Story’ will also be available to view on Chinese satellite television - CCTV, via DVD and the Internet. A special viewing of the film recently took place in China with the invited Greek National Tourism Organization, General Secretary present.

S t a t e L e g i sl a t i v e A s se mb l y , K u c h i n g , S a r a wa k , M a l a y si a .

NEW ZEALAND HELP DEVELOP HINTERLAND TOURISM IN SARAWAK, MALAYSIA In order to best create and develop an ideal eco-friendly rural tourism infrastructure, the Sarawak Tourism Board has invited experts from New Zealand to assist. Developing this kind of tourism would help boost the economy and benefit local homestay operators. Another area highlighted for development is coastal tourism, with the aim of a fly and cruise holiday option. The area to be developed is from Bako National Park all the way to Tanjung Datu. Already the there is the Kinabalu-Bandar Seri Begawan-Bintulu-Kota Kinabalu cruise, but the plan is to work together with Singapore and offer cruises from Marina Bay, sailing down to Borneo and Sarawak. Once the infrastructure is complete in 5 years time, Sarawak will become one of the most interesting destinations in the region offering tourism based on nature, culture, adventure and cruises! CHINA GUIDE TO GOOD MANNERS FOR OUTBOUND TOURISTS As fairly new to international outbound travel, Chinese tourists habits have been seen as not correct internationally and so the Chinese authorities have produced a guide on how to behave correctly when aboard in order to not harm the image of the Chinese people. The guide suggests that a well behaved tourist should avoid putting fingers in the nose in public or picking his teeth with his fingers. It also suggests not occupying for long the public toilets or leaving shoe prints on the seat of the same toilet. They should not urinate in the swimming pool or steal the life jackets on the plane. Other helpful hints include not making a noise while eating and do not drink the soup directly from the bowl. MYANMAR’S LATEST AUTHENTIC TOURIST ATTRACTION Myanmar has been changing at the great pace into modernity and embarking on a massive tourism investment plan over the past few years. However, there are things which are not meant to race ahead and that includes a new attraction; the Circular Line Railway. Myanmar’s railways date back more than 100 years, and they still have much of the charm associated with the slower pace of life and the past authenticity. The Circular Line goes around the city of Yangon and is a must for any tourist wishing to feel the past as it was. VIETNAM TO BUILD LONGEST BRIDGE OVER THE SEA Vietnam is planning the construction of the longest bridge over the Southeast Asian Sea, at almost 6km long by 2017. The project will include the road network and highways connecting cities. The bridge will cover from the end of the Hanoi-Haiphong route to the Lach Huyen port in Hai Cat Island, economically strategic locations including the tourism industry. When complete, it will be 16m wide, have 4 lanes for vehicles, 2 safety

S a n t o r i n i , G r e e ce

The Romantic comedy was filmed with the support of the GNTO and saw 2.5 million Chinese watch it in the first 4 days of its release and took UK£20, (EU€24) million. The film will be screened at the international film festivals in Cannes, Venice and Tokyo.

V i e t n a m L o n g Br i d g e P r o je c t .

passages, and side roads of 29m to access the bridge through which speed will be at 80kms per hour. The project aims to reduce the time and cost of travelling, as well as it hopes to reduce accidents in the transportation by ships and maritime traffic congestion. 15

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ISKANDAR MALAYSIA - WELCOMING VISITORS The region of Iskandar has just put itself well and truly on the international tourism map with the opening of Asia’s first Legoland resort, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, The Little Big Club and Desaru Coast. The attractions are aimed at providing the ultimate family entertainment experience, while enjoying the offerings of Iskandar itself. Already tourists visiting Johor enjoy international standards of leisure facilities, as well as a wide range of accommodation, dining options and a great infrastructure. Plans are already underway to further increase the desirability of Johor to international tourists. Since opening in 2012, the Legoland complex has welcomed 2 million visitors from all over the world. Legoland Malaysia Resort offers the Legoland Park, Water Park and Hotel in a complete Lego environment. There are over 70 rides, slides, shows and attractions to enjoy. The Family Theme Park is part of the Little Red Cube, a quay-side retail lifestyle and family entertainment complex, located at the waterfront marina of Puteri Harbour. The Desaru Coast is an integrated one-stop luxury destination covering 3,900acres of 17km beachfront. It is due for completion in 2016. It will include 4 resorts and hotels, 2 water theme parks; Ocean Quest which is a marine theme park and Ocean Splash with the largest salt water wave pool in Asia. There will also be a retail centre and plenty of food outlets. The project also include a 45 hole golf course as well as properties to buy, a convention centre and a tourism, hospitality and culinary arts school. The Iskandar economic corridor was set up in 2006 and since then it has achieved RM131 billion of investment. It aims to reach UK£70, (EU€85) billion by 2025. BEIJING-GUILIN HIGH SPEED TRAINS OPENS Since the beginning of the year the new high speed rail link from Beijing to Guilin; a popular tourist destination in southwest China has been open to the public. The bullet trains make the 1958km journey in just 10.5 hours compared to the previous 26 hour trip. This was one of 7 new high-speed rail links across China this year making a network of 8 major lines. 16

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NORTH KOREA - A TOURIST DESTINATION? North Korea has announced plans for the country's 1st beach resort. The town of Wonson will be transformed from an industrial port to a vacation resort to boost travel. The town currently houses factories and a naval base, will soon be a financial district, with a sports and entertainment area. In addition to a beach resort,

P y o n g ya n g , N o r t h K o r e a

construction of a ski resort is also planned at Masik Pass. The country wishes to attract foreign investment to make the country the next Asian destination. To date, Kempinski Hotels are the only international brand in the country. North Korea is aiming for investment of over UK£600, (EU€73) thousands from a Singaporean company. At present, North Korea welcomes annually just 5,000 western tourists and several 100 thousands from the region.●


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POST-TOURS OF CADIZ ANNOUNCED FOR MITM EUROMED The 18th edition of MITM Euromed, Meetings and Incentive Travel Market, will take place this year in Cadiz, Spain, from 11-13 June, sponsored by its Provincial Council and Convention Bureau. During the weekend prior, the hosted buyers and press will be able to enjoy the 2 magnificent post-tours that Cadiz has organised through its province and where they will be able to visit wonderful places such as the Cadiz Bay Natural Park, Jerez de la Frontera, Yeguada de la Cartuja, Vejer de la Frontera or Dehesa Montenmedio, etc.

MITM Euromed is known as the oldest M.I.C.E travel fair held in Europe; pioneer in the B2B appointments system and with an exceptional networking programme that makes possible the direct contact between all the attending exhibitors and buyers. The fair consists of two days of business appointments and networking in which all the participants, mostly from European countries, interact between them. GOA TOURISM SET TO ORGANISE B2B TRAVEL NETWORKING EVENT IN GOA The Goa International Travel Mart (GITM) will be held from 2-4 April, 2014 at Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukerjee Stadium at Taleigao. This prestigious B2B event promises to bring together travel companies, hoteliers, State Tourism Boards and other leisure enterprises under one roof to showcase the tourism investment potential in the state. The 2014 GITM will be bigger than the previous year as over 125 international buyers from USA, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Malaysia, Argentina; will take part in the event. The event is also highly regarded on the domestic front with over 150 buyers confirming their participation. GITM is also well supported by renowned associations in the industry like TTAG, TAAI, TAFI, ADTOI, ATTOI, & IATO. GITM 2014 serves as a platform for face- to-face networking among travel-trade, hoteliers and other stakeholders from Goa with leading travel agents from India and abroad. GITM will also reach out to State Tourism Board, District Tourism Centres, Trade Associations/ National Travel Organizations, Airlines,Travel Agents & Tour Operators, Hotels & Resorts, Adventure Tour Operators, Spice Plantations, Casinos etc. A special Goa Pavilion will be created to showcase festivals and nightlife, beaches, heritage trails, UNESCO Heritage sites, Wild life, Medical tourism, Monsoon tourism, MICE, Wedding Destination, Spice Farms and Adventure. Elements like promotion and conservation of heritage, arts, crafts, endorsement of hinterland tourism, exhibiting the state’s rich culture and heritage will also be incorporated. GITM 2014 has received an overwhelming response for participation already and apart from travel industry professionals there will also be representation from those who organise niche tours, leisure activities, MICE operators, event managers, prominent travel writers and columnists. Goa Tourism has launched a GITM mobile app loaded with interesting features that will allow attendees to effectively plan their time at the event. This app is easily accessible; search ‘Goa International Travel Mart’ on Google Play Store. 17

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SPA & WELLNESS HEALTHCARE TOURISM EXPO UKRAINE, POSTPONED Due to the current situation in Ukraine, the organisers of the event, in consultation with supporting organisations and associations, have decided to postpone the event until 1416 October. The expo is an ideal platform, on the practice of providing high quality medical services in Ukraine and abroad. The event offers a Hosted Buyer programme, a Programme Business Point (pre-scheduled B2B meetings), and an International practical conference ‘Medical tourism: 7 main trends’ among other features. SOHU AND ITE & MICE LAUNCH 3RD WORLD LANDMARKS QUIZ TKS, organiser of the annual Hong Kong International Travel Expo (ITE) and the MICE Travel Expo (ITE MICE) has joined with SOHU Travel for the next edition of the online ‘’World Landmarks Quiz” which will be held from 1 April 15 May this year at the Portal. Participants of the Quiz will be shown randomly photos of landmark of around 50 international destinations who either are current or immediate past exhibitors of ITE & MICE, and be asked to identify them. Those who got all their answers right will be eligible for lucky draw with grand prizes including a free trip to visiting Hong Kong and ITE & MICE 2014. Participation to the online Quiz is free, and winners will be announced in end of May this year at SOHU Travel. ITE & MICE Hong Kong, a leading international travel fair in Asia organized by TKS Exhibition Services Ltd, will next be held from June 12 to 15, 2014 at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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ACE OF MICE 2014 The 1st ACE of M.I.C.E. Exhibition was successfully held recently in Istanbul, Turkey at the Istanbul Convention Center. The professional B2B event brings together the Turkish and global M.I.C.E. sector and offers visitors and hosted buyers the chance to gain new customers and markets and to discover the full and varied offerings of the Turkish MICE sector. The final day of the fair saw the 1st M.I.C.E. Summit to be held in Turkey. Opinion leaders of the M.I.C.E. sector, M.I.C.E. societies, associations, ministries and municipalities gathered to discuss the Turkish M.I.C.E. sector, developments in the global M.I.C.E. market, issues in the sector and their solutions.

EXHIBITION News 4TH TRAVEL ZOOM WILL INTRODUCE NEW MARKETING SKILLS IN TOURISM Taking place this month from 13-14 March in Bled, Slovenia, a number of marketing experts will share their knowledge and experience at the Travel Zoom conference. About 150 participants will learn everything there is to know about strategic and creative marketing in tourism from some of the best marketing experts lined up for the show. Bled will host Hans Petter Aalmo from Visit Norway with his lecture ‘The good, the bad and the ugly. Norway on the world wild web’, Björn Brinkmann from marketing agency Four from Switzerland with lecture ‘Welcome to the fight club’, Joseph Fratangelo will introduce one of the biggest travel sites ‘Tripadvisor’ and Saša Stanković from interactive. agency from Croatia, will overview the on-line advertising of 2013 and give us a clue of what lies ahead. Iva Kutle, director of Marketing and e-commerce at Valamar Hotels & Resorts from Croatia, will let us know which half of our marketing budget is wasted, Ana Marija Popovič from destination office in Belgrade will be talking about ‘Tourism campaigns and place branding: the case of Lifestyle Serbia’ and Gloria Molins, founder and CEO at ‘Trip4Real’, global community that connects travellers who are looking for genuine quality experience with domestic providers of special tourist programmes will speak about a new traveller experience. A new edition to Travel Zoom is interactive workshops on different topics such as direct marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, advertising and social media. 1ST HANGZHOU INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL FAIR 17-19 October 2014 Organised by Conference & Exhibition Management Services Pte Ltd and supported by Hangzhou Tourism Commission, the inaugural event is expected to attract 300 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions, across 9,000sq.m. The fair is also expected to receive about 3,000 trade visitors and 60,000 visitors from the public. Hangzhou International Travel Fair (HITF) 2014 will provide the ideal business-to-business networking platform for international and domestic tourism and travel industry players. HITF 2014 will be the ideal venue to meet quality buyers and trade visitors as well as explore lucrative business opportunities in South-eastern China’s tourism markets. HITF offers a hosted buyers

A T F 2 0 1 4 , K u c h i n g , S a r a wa k , M a l a y s i a

programme with pre-scheduled appointments. In addition there will be destination presentations, industry forums and seminars. The city of Hangzhou, is well-known for its natural scenery and its bustling city, and was named the ‘first state in Southeast China’ since ancient times. Identified as one of the first best tourism cities in China, the province of Hangzhou enjoys a superior location, prosperous economy, as well as convenient transportation system. Hangzhou’s social development index is ranked 1st among China’s sub-provincial cities. Several international organisations and business publications have ranked Hangzhou as one of China’s best commercial cities and one of the best cities with the optimal environments for investments. Tourism is one of the most competitive industries in Hangzhou and is one of cities top 10 industries and a strategic pillar of economic development for Hangzhou’s service industries. In 2012 Hangzhou’s tourism industry was valued at UK£4.70, (EU€5.72) billion, an increase of 11.8% compared to 2011, while the area’s GDP growth was only at 2.8%. Hangzhou’s tourism industry growth accounted for 6.2% of the GDP growth. The number of outbound tourists increased 24.8% in 2012 compared to 2011 figures. The number of people participating in organised tours to other destinations increased 19.33% and the number of people travelling overseas increased 36.79%. Hangzhou has 606 travel agencies and saw 930,900 outbound tourists in 2012, an increase of 24.8% on 2011 figures. Hangzhou is a key regional centre for tourism and business in China. The 1st Hangzhou International Tourism Fair is the place to be to tap into this growth and highly potential tourism market. Tourism around the World Monthly is proud to be the 1st international media partner supporting the show. TOURISM AROUND THE WORLD MONTHLY is proud to be the 1st international media partner for the HITF 2014. Our parent company, BML International-UK is the Regional Sales Representative for HITF 2014 for the following markets; UK & Ireland, Greece & Cyprus, The Middle East, North Africa, France and the Benelux nations. Email us at exhibitions@bmlinternational for more details on participating at this exciting new event. POSIDONIA 2014 The international Shipping Event, Posidonia taking place from 2-6 June 2014, in Athens, Greece will see new participation from the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (Bahri) who will promote its services and developments in the region and gain visibility in front of a global audience. Also promoting its maritime offering will be Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) who aims to position the emirate among the world’s top maritime centres. DMCA will focus on Dubai’s experience as one of the world’s major hubs for maritime trade. Australian ship supplier Southern Cross Marine Supplies will be attending for the 10th consecutive time, because the event is too big to miss out! Canada’s Key Marine Direct (KMD), a sales and marketing technical expert, is no stranger to Posidonia where it has used its previous 7 participations to promote its products and services and plans to do so this year too! Posidonia brings Hellenic shipping to the world, a shipping event like no other, the most important of its kind globally.●


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T h e f l o a t i n g i sl a n d , T i t i c a c a L a k e , Pe r u

PERU GETS TOURISM DEVELOPMENT LOAN FROM JAPAN The Japan International Cooperation Agency has given a loan for improvements to sites related to Chachapoyas culture. The UK£22, (EU€27) million loan was given to the regional government of Amazonas, in northern Peru, to develop and implement a comprehensive tourist corridor in the Utcubamba Valley. The project involves 7 tourist routes in the northern region based on the wide and rich range of cultural and natural resources displayed by the architectural landmarks of the Chachapoyas culture. Due for completion by 2017, the project also plans to support the development of communities around the 2 major tourist spots in the region; the Kuelap Fortress and the Gocta Waterfall. Included in the project will be the construction of roads and the enhancing of archaeological/tourist sites and waste disposal facilities for taking care of the environment. The project will also look to work with local governments for an improved management of tourist resources along the Utcubamba Valley, and therefore contribute to the inclusive rural economic and social development in the region. The project also strongly supports the nomination of the Monumental Kuelap Archaeological Complex for its inclusion to the World Heritage Site List. MEXICO SEES TOURISM AS WAY FORWARD TO INVESTMENT The Mexican Secretary of Tourism, met with its Mexican Ambassadors in 5 European countries (Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Romania and Germany) with the message to consider tourism as an economic sector that captures investment. With tourism a main industry for the country, it should be seen as a way to capture greater investment. Via tourism, investment into the country has seen new hotels, hospitals, conventions and airport infrastructure. Tourism is the economic heart for many communities and offers development and social connectivity. The ambassadors put forward ideas to improve the promotion of Mexico in their countries and expressed willingness to work with the Tourism Ministry to advance image and investment. Such promotions have already seen positive results with tourist arrivals from Germany increasing by 8.3% in 2013. CHILE PROMOTES NEW DISABLED TRAVELLERS GUIDE In an effort to include all kinds of tourists to the country, Chile has created a new guide to the best places to stay for disabled travellers. Chile offers amazing national parks, cultural hubs, and is a unique destination, attracting visitors from all over the world as well as its own people choosing the country for their holidays. Chile’s National Tourism Service (Sernatur) and the National Disabilities Service (Senadis) have put together a comprehensive guide to the country’s best handicap-accessible hotels and lodging, including a total of 115 places that have adopted various measures to make them more welcoming to disabled visitors. The guide considers each site via 5 criteria; parking, rooms, bathrooms, entrances and the accessibility of common areas. Sernatur and Senadis hope to add to the guide as more places improve their spaces and services. The goal is to make Chile more accessible to national and foreign travellers and is an ongoing effort by everyone in the tourism sector. It is important that th e Chilean hotel industry meet the highest international standards and ensure that all its guests feel welcome and respected. ARGENTINA TRAVELLERS CHOOSE ALTERNATIVE ACCOMMODATION Buenos Aires is a hot tourist destination. Up until fairly recently accommodation options would have been hotels, but now a change in the market has seen a growing trend in tourists taking the keys to some of the best private, temporary rental options across Buenos Aires, and at value for money too. Now many people 19

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are offering their apartments all over the country to host tourists. At the same time, entrepreneurs have created their own temporary rental projects and international websites such as Airbnb have set their eyes on Argentina as one of the most promising countries for this new tourism option. Airbnb is a community marketplace for people to list and book accommodations around the world. The company offers accommodations in more than 33,000 cities in 192 countries. In Argentina, 80% of the market (6,000 places to stay) is concentrated in Buenos Aires and focus on foreign tourism. As this market sector has grown, interest in this tourism option has become more popular with new websites competing for the market like that lists 16,000 accommodation options in Latin America. People chose to stay in an apartment, a house or on a boat instead of a hotel for many reasons but key factors are to save money, having more space and connecting with the local culture. More than 50% can be saved by choosing temporary rental services instead of a 4 or 5* hotel in Buenos Aires. Having your own base gives you a much deeper sense of freedom. You can go to the supermarket, get to know the city you are in a lot more and even invite people over for dinner. CUBA TOURISM WORKERS' DAY Cuba has celebrated ‘Tourism Workers' Day’ recently as it aims to turn the country into the Caribbean’s top destination. It is the 19th anniversary of the setting up of the tourism workers union, which aim for higher quality in its operations. In 2013, more than 2.80 million tourists visited Cuba. Cuba offers 60,500 rooms with 63% in 4 and 5* hotels. The country also has 3 cruise terminals, 7 marinas and 10 international airports. INVESTMENT IN TOURISM FOR NICARAGUA The Nicaragua Tourism Institute (Intur) plans to continue its strategy for attracting more tourists from South America, such as Brazilians, who have a high purchasing power. However, Nicaragua has the lowest budget in the region to develop and invest in the international promotion of tourism. However this will not stop them from investing wisely the UK£4.20, (EU€5.10) million budget in order to gain more tourists from different regions of the world. In comparison, neighbouring nations have budgets of UK£12-30, (EU€1436) million. Inbound tourism is an important sector for the country and 65% of tourists arriving in the country come from Central America.●


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Tatw monthly 3 march 2014 edition  
Tatw monthly 3 march 2014 edition