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S t. Mi c h ael ’ s Mo unt , C or n wal l , U K

The car was packed and the excitement of the open road, the countryside and the sea air await us as we journey from London down to the most easterly and southerly region of the UK, Cornwall. Our stay was at the Meudon Cottage, a small by Caroline Laspas, editor self catering family cottage set in the grounds of the Meudon Hotel close to the village of Mawnan Smith. Like much of the UK, in good sunny weather you feel not the need to venture to hotter or more beautiful climes, but the English weather has always been unpredictable in every season and as such sends us all offer to a destination with guaranteed warmer, drier weather for a well earned vacation. This was going to be a test; the English summer versus our normal retreat to Greece! This peninsular of England faces the Atlantic Ocean and all the weather that it brings, but it is also a region with its own unique eco-system where palm trees and exotic plants thrive and grow happily, and it is a place where it never snows!

Charming Cornwall United Kingdom

did find two award winning lunches at ‘Rolands Happy Plaice’ in Porthleven with the fresh catch of the day on offer and locally grown potatoes making the chips. At the ‘Lifeboat House’ in Coverack, near Lizard Point we sat out on the harbour wall and ate under warm sunshine. Talking of food, I should also mention the gourmet meal at the Meudon Hotel with plenty of local produce making for a really special welcome meal after our long drive. With wonderful views from the terrace restaurant that look across the sub-tropical gardens down towards the private beach, which is effectively at the bottom of the garden! Finally, ice cream! Cornwall is famous for many things including Cornish ice cream in any number of flavours and was soon an eagerly awaited treat most days. Once you try the real thing, it is hard to go back to the supermarket own brand!

C oom be, C orn w al l

P ol perro, C o rn wal l

Historically, Cornwall was a target for pirates and like many other coastal villages around the world the houses and cottages are built close together with narrow roads, lanes and alleys to protect from the weather as well as invaders. Its once thriving tin and copper mines are all but closed now but make a most interesting visit of a time gone by. The expansion of the railways across England gave new life to the region after the mining and fishing industries declined; Tourism which is now its primary industry as well as being a haven for artists off all kinds with galleries of unique art at every corner. With wide golden sandy beaches, offering clear water as well as small coves with rock pools and white waves as well as many quaint small fishing harbours all around the region, it would be impossible to avoid a meal of traditional ‘Fish and Chips’. Although they do vary in size, price and quality, we

At every turn we found delights from tiny villages with only a few houses, to houses offering their home-made wares of a few jars of jam or marmalade, potatoes, logs, and eggs as well as bags of vegetables, like fresh green beans, left outside their garden gates. If you like what you see, you are trusted to place your payment in the money box. A real joy and experience when you know the produce is so fresh and of course homemade with care. A trip to the larger town of St. Ives found us building sandcastles on the clean yellow sand harbour bed as the tide was out. While keen water sport fans, which is a serious pastime here with big waves for surfing and strong winds for windsurfing among other sports were out in the ocean on the outer side of the harbour walls. A must while in Cornwall is a trip to the English ‘St. Michael Mount’ who’s brother is on the north coast of Normandy in France, ‘Mont Saint Michel’. This magnificent castle set high on a rocky outcrop just off the mainland coast was a busy trading port around 2,000 years ago with trading ships sailing into the Mount’s harbour to export Cornish tin to the rest of Europe.

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Charming Cornwall

The only boats that leave now are fishing boats and the tourist boat trip around the island, which was a wonderful, fun and unexpected way to see the castle. With the sun shining and by Caroline Laspas, editor the sea spray on our faces, we could have been in the Mediterranean! Getting to the mount is equally fun either by small boat if the sea tide is high or by the cobblestone causeway that leaves the sandy beach of Marazion and leads onto the mount via a solid old gateway when the tide is low. The secret of Cornwall is the small villages which were not marked in bold on the map! These were quiet, beautiful and special places. The winding roads were the width of the car at times, but to realise half way up a steep narrow road that it was two ways made for some interesting driving experiences on several occasions. The villages of Mousehole and Polperro stand out as top hot spots where the real Cornwall lives.

English seaside is still very much alive and kicking with plenty of tourists both from the UK as well as abroad. With guides and maps from the Cornwall Association of Tourist Attractions and from Visit Cornwall, the region made sure we saw all there was to see and more if we wanted to and of course tempted us to return again soon. ■

United Kingdom

P ortl oe , C or n wal l , U K

Anywhere in Cornwall means you are never far from the sea and that also means wonderful blue sea, even bluer sky (on a sunny day!) and an endless horizon directly out into the Atlantic Ocean. The rugged coastline is breathtakingly beautiful from Mullion Cove, to Sennan Cove and Sennor Head with rock outcrops being pounded by the waves as the sun sets off the horizon. While this part of England is famous for Lands End being the most easterly point of the United Kingdom, a far more inspiring place is Lizard Point the most southerly point of the UK, where sits a Trinity House Lighthouse. Time passes quickly when you are having fun and Cornwall welcomed us and showed us that come rain or shine, the

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S i ngapore A i rl i nes , 380A

AIRBUS 2050 VISION A future with more flights, fewer emissions and quicker passenger journey times; that is the goal of Airbus, by 2050 to have sustainable aviation. The vision looks beyond the aircraft design and at how the aircraft is operated both on the ground and in the air in order to meet the expected growth in air travel in a sustainable way. These environmental targets will only be met by a combination of investment in smarter aircraft design and optimising the environment in which the aircraft operates. Combine this new aircraft design, alternative energy sources and new ways of flying and you could see even more significant improvements. The Future by Airbus concentrates on 5 concepts: Aircraft in free flight and

The World Of Aviation

personal wealth are some of the driving forces. Travellers also care about increased connectivity, efficiency and lower prices. Boeing predicts that small and intermediate twinaisles, such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and 777, will account for a significant part of future deliveries. These airplanes are expected to be the highest value segment, making up 48% of the market in value with some 1,190 new deliveries anticipated. The expansion of the Chinese outbound market has seen huge increases in international travel. This will only increase over the next 2 decades with an annual increase rate of 8.9% on average. That's not only because the market demand is growing, but because Chinese carriers now have the capability and resources to compete in the tough long-haul international market. Tourism in China offers a strong demand for single-aisle aircraft, with total deliveries reaching 3,650 by 2031. Worldwide, Boeing projects investments of Euro€3.5, (UK£2.8) trillion for 34,000 new commercial airplanes to be delivered during the next 20 years.


formation along ‘express skyways’ - highly intelligent aircraft would be able to ‘self-organise’ and select the most efficient and environmentally friendly routes (free flight), making the optimum use of prevailing weather and atmospheric conditions. High frequency routes would allow aircraft to benefit from flying in formation like birds during cruise bringing efficiency improvements due to drag reduction and lower energy use. Low-noise, free-glide approaches and landings - aircraft to take free glide approaches into airports that reduce emissions during the overall decent and reduce noise during the steeper approach as there is no need for engine thrust or air breaking. These approaches would also reduce the landing speed earlier which would make shorter landing distances achievable (less runway needed). Powering future aircraft and infrastructure - the use of sustainable bio fuels and other potential alternative energy sources (such as electricity, hydrogen, solar etc) will be necessary to secure supply and further reduce aviation’s environmental footprint in the long term. This will allow the extensive introduction of regionally sourced renewable energy close to airports, feeding both aircraft and infrastructure requirements sustainably.

CHINA REQUIRES 5,260 NEW AIRPLANES BY 2030 China will need a staggering 5,260 new commercial airplanes valued at Euro€528, (UK£420) billion over the next 20 years. The country is expected to be the 2nd largest market for new commercial airplanes. Sustained strong economic growth, growing trade activities and increasing

alliance between Qantas and Emirates has been announced with the aim to increase international visitors and increase the distribution of visitors across Australia. Tourism Australia's aviation development strategy has been to work with airlines committed to growing aviation capacity into Australia, with the national tourism organisation having expanded to 14 major cooperative airline partnerships. Emirates have also announced plans to increase services including to Adelaide as well as to Perth in addition to its Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane services. Improving aviation capacity and international access is critical if the Australian tourism industry is to maintain its position as Australia's largest services export earner. Emirates have one of the strongest international networks in the world and are already one of Tourism Australia's most committed marketing partners. Qantas will provide dispersal opportunities for visitors to Australia, through the complementary strength of its established domestic network. International air seats to Australia have grown 15% in the past 2 years and targets are on track to be met by the country’s Tourism 2020 strategy.

SINGAPORE AIRLINES LAUNCH FLIGHTS TO YANGON, MYANMAR Singapore Airlines will launch daily services to Yangon at the end of October 2012 in response to increase travel demand for both business and leisure travel to Myanmar. Together with its regional subsidiary SilkAir, the SIA Group will serve Yangon with 16 weekly flights. Currently, SilkAir offers 16 weekly flights to Yangon. SIA will take over 7 of those flights with larger 323-seat Boeing 777-200 wide body aircraft, increasing seat capacity by 55% per week. 5

Ol ym pi c A i rw a ys , G re ec e

QANTAS AND BRITISH AIRWAYS TO SPLIT Qantas and British Airways will stop their joint venture partnership in 2013 as Qantas moves towards a similar but more expansive global arrangement with Emirates. The Australian and British national flag-carriers will end a collaboration of almost 15 years. However, Qantas and BA will continue to work together as part of the ‘oneworld’ alliance and through bilateral code shares. Qantas says it will contact any customers due to travel after 31 March 2013 whose bookings may be affected by changes to the joint business, to discuss alternative travel options.

The World Of Aviation

STELLA WARMUTH NEW AREA MANAGER MIDDLE EAST, ASIA PACIFIC & AFRICA FOR AIRBERLIN Stella Warmuth has become the new Area Manager Middle East, Asia Pacific & Africa and is now responsible for sales in these markets. The countries in the Middle East, in the AsiaPacific region and in Africa are strategically important growth markets, in which airberlin will collaborate more closely with its partner airline Etihad Airways in the future. Stella Warmuth has been with airberlin since June 2008. She has many years of experience in sales and account management in the tourism sector. NEW SERVICES BY IndiGo TO DUBAI India's low-cost airline IndiGo is to start 5 new daily direct flights connecting Dubai and Bangkok with Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi and Delhi. 3 new non-stop flights to Dubai from Hyderabad, Chennai and Kochi while one additional daily direct from Delhi. It will also begin a new flight on the Delhi-Bangkok sector. The expansion is in addition to the airlines recent launch of its new international flights from Delhi to Muscat and Kathmandu, Dubai, Singapore and Bangkok as well as Mumbai to Bangkok and Dubai. The expansion of services was in order to meet the requirements of both business and leisure travellers. The airline is India's 2nd largest carrier, overtaking Air India and Kingfisher Airlines with a market

share of 24.9%as well as being the country's largest low cost carrier.

THREE NEW LEASED AIRBUS A320S TO MIDDLE EAST AIRLINES GE Capital Aviation Services Limited (GECAS), has delivered a 3rd new Airbus A320 to Lebanon’s Middle East Airlines.

Mi ddl eas t A i rl i nes , L eba non.

The 2 previous aircraft were delivered in May and June to expand the airline’s fleet. Middle East Airlines currently operates a fleet of 17 aircraft to destinations in Africa, Europe, the Gulf region and the Middle East.

CODESHARE SIGNED BETWEEN AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS AND CHINA SOUTHERN Aerolineas Argentinas and China Southern have signed a codeshare agreement, in addition to Aerolineas joingin the Skyteam alliance. The agreement will allow both sides to create more cooperative opportunities for the airlines in both China and Latin America. Aerolineas and China Southern passengers can connect between their respective networks in Sydney. SOUTHWEST EXPANDS AS OF 2014 Southwest Airlines which operates out of Dallas Love Field airport is hoping for significant opportunities from October 2014 due to the present flight restrictions dated from the 1970’s protecting the then newly-built Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport will no longer be applicable.

The carrier is currently only able to launch non-stop flights to other points in Texas and 8 other states Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico and Oklahoma. ■ 6



P art heno n, A t hens , G re ec e

Tourism News


times in Greece as with many other Eurozone countries, the aims and objectives of the government remain positive. The Greek Minister for Tourism Mrs. Olga Kefaloyannis recently confirmed that the Ministry together with the tourism industry must focus on the need to change the country's image abroad. Prospective tourists look at

party’ at El Escambrón Beach Club celebrates the island’s tropical feel and natural beauty. A final gala in the Puerto Rico Convention Center Pedro Rosselló’s Grand Ballroom will conclude the convention. In addition to the Puerto Rico Convention Bureau, the event is being supported by the Puerto Rico Convention Center District Authority, and the Puerto Rico Tourism Company along with local members. The ICCA has 8,377 association meeting planner members with the potential to bring more than 2,200 meetings to the United States. ICCA is the global community for the meetings industry, enabling members to generate and maintain significant competitive advantage within the meetings marketplace.


security and social peace when considering a holiday destination and therefore everyone must strive for social harmony. Security is a big issue when discussions are opened abroad with other tourism suppliers. Following a downturn in reservations before June, much more positive results have been seen since in bookings and in the country's image.

PUERTO RICO HOSTS INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS CONVENTION IN SAN JUAN The ICCA is to host its annual congress in Puerto Rico. Current ICCA registration figures show that Puerto Rico’s registrations are up over 22% over last year’s early registration figures. The 2012 ICCA Congress starts on 20 October and expects to attract 700 meeting planner-members of the organisation from around the globe to San Juan and the Puerto Rico Convention Center Pedro Rosselló. ICCA members represent over 900 organisations in 87 countries who work directly in the meetings and conventions business. As this is the 1st time the congress will be held in the Caribbean, the Puerto Rico Convention Bureau and partners are taking full advantage of the opportunity to showcase Puerto Rico as a convention destination for large association groups. During the 4-day programme, speeches, seminars and panel discussions will take place on a wide variety of subjects at the Puerto Rico Convention Center Pedro Rosselló and includes developing meetings in the Caribbean and Central America; the future of association, medical and technology meetings; sustainability; understanding the Brazilian market; social media among other subjects. The programme will also showcase top meeting and event venues in Puerto Rico. A welcome event at the Conservatorio de Música will emphasise the musical heritage and architecture of Old San Juan. An evening ‘beach




Brisbane Airport has completed a Euro€285, (UK£227) million upgrade project at the domestic terminal. More than 16 million passengers travel through the terminal every year with the numbers expected to increase to 33 million by 2029. The Domestic Terminal Precinct upgrade includes an expansion to the Central Area Satellite and terminal aprons, construction of a new 9 storey car park, an elevated skywalk, new forecourt area and central taxi rank, and reconfiguration of the road network in front of the terminal. The satellite area has increased the number of aircraft gates from 2 to 7, and also includes new food and beverage facilities, improved energy efficiency and space for offices. Making the car park at the terminal the largest single-structure facility in the southern hemisphere, this provides more than 5,000 additional undercover spaces. It brings the total number within the precinct to around 9,000. The space is adorned with one of Australia’s largest pieces of public art titled ‘Turbulent line,' designed by Ned Kah. Viewed from the exterior, the car park’s entire eastern side appears to ripple as the wind activates 250,000 suspended aluminium panels. The façade also creates a direct interface between the built and natural environments. The terminal also features a new public pick-up area. VANUATU TOURISM OFFICE NOMINATED Vanuatu has made an impression with Australian travel writers and has been nominated for the ‘Most Outstanding Tourism Organisation’ award in the Australian Society of Travel Writers (ASTW) annual awards held in October. Other nominees are Tourism Tasmania, Canadian Tourism, South Africa Tourism and Tourism Victoria. The awards will be held at the ASTW AGM which is taking place in Indonesia. The positive PR coverage generated by Vanuatau Tourism has generated a wide variety of coverage supporting the sales and marketing activity in Australia. From January to June this year they have already seen a 15% increase in arrivals from Australia compared to the same period in 2011. 8


C rui s i ng i n t he A e gea n S ea.

Tourism News


The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. has opened its 1st hotel in Austria in the capital city of Vienna. The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna, a 202 room property is situated on the central Schubertring Boulevard And is the 9th hotel in Europe for the luxury hotel company. The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna is an elegant building composed of four historic palaces dating back to the 19th century and is located in the heart of the city with incredible views of Vienna’s landmarks from its rooms and roof top bar. The hotel has many original design features which have been preserved and integrated into the interiors offering a strong sense of place. An impressive marble staircase is a stunning feature of the hotel interior, decorative mural paintings together with intricate wood carvings and panelling were all carefully restored and form an essential part of the hotel’s character. The hotel’s stylish guestrooms and suites include

spectacular 18m indoor swimming pool, fitness room, sauna and steam rooms. The boutique Guerlain Spa will offer 6 treatment rooms.

GREECE: LAND OF GODS AND LUXURY TRAVEL Whatever is said about Greece, its government, its financial state, one thing remains the same. If you are into luxury travel, then Greece remains high on everyone’s destination list with plenty of luxury accommodation and services on offer across the whole of the mainland or islands. 5* Greece remains a leading player in the global tourism market. From the larger islands to the small off the beaten track islands, there is luxury at every port of call in Greece in addition to the superb sun, sea and beaches that are always on offer. From the island of Milos which is known for its beaches try the Melian Boutique Hotel. On the Island of Sifnos, there is the Elies Resort; the Ionian island of Corfu is home to the of Euro€17,600, UK£14,000 per week glamorous Kipseli House. On the mainland, the Peloponnese sees the luxury destination resort of Amanzoe, developed by Aman Resorts, and complex features 38 suites and a spa. When it comes to luxury, Greece is the word and is even better if combined with wild natural beauty or a stay at the Kyrimai Hotel or the boutique hotel Kinsterna in Monemvasia and Costa Navarino, a luxury report complex spreading across 10,000sq.m in Messinia. It is not only pockets of luxury hotels and resorts on offer, there are growing numbers of luxury accommodation up for sale too offering spectacular investment opportunities not to mention fabulous views and of course, who would not wish for a place of their own in the land of the Gods!


43 suites and a spacious Presidential suite of rooms on the 2nd floor. The Club Lounge is located on the 7th floor and provides guests exclusive access to a private concierge service, a gastronomic food and beverage presentation throughout the day and views of the cityscape from its windows below the eaves of the hotel. Dstrikt restaurant, on the ground floor with a summer terrace, offers authentic Austrian cuisine. Melounge is adjacent to the lobby and is the perfect setting for the Viennese tradition of coffee and cake in the afternoon. The cosy D-Bar completes the sophisticated variety of bars and restaurants at the hotel open to both local residents and hotel guests. The business facilities offered at the hotel include a range of meeting rooms featuring the stunning 300sq.m Crystal Ballroom decorated with thousands of sparkling crystals. Two permanent boardrooms and 3 function rooms with natural light are complemented by a Business Centre, all located on the 1st floor. Recreational amenities comprise of a

Voyages of Discovery have introduced a new ‘Price Promise’; a pledge to customers and agents that if the cost of their cruise goes down in price at a later date, they will be offered an equivalent benefit in value. The new Price Promise applies to standard fares on all summer 2013 and winter 2013/14 sailings from 29 April 2013, and means that, should the standard fare on a cruise reduce prior to departure, Voyages of Discovery will refund the difference in the form of on board credit or a cabin upgrade to any passengers already booked. Coinciding with the launch of the summer 2013 2nd edition brochure and the new Winter 2013/14 preview brochure, the Price Promise encourages passengers to book their cruise early and be assured of receiving the best value fare. The new Winter 2013/14 season sees Voyager heading to the Far East with 21 new ports of call for the brand including Dubai, Tokyo and San Remo through to itineraries in India, China, Myanmar, South Korea and Japan. Voyager will also call at the bustling port of Bangkok (Thailand) and berth right in the heart of the city - a completely new venture for Voyages of Discovery, made possible due to the small size of Voyager. 9

B c hareh, L eba non.

Tourism News

MEXICO TO TARGET LUXURY TRAVEL The ministry of tourism

for Mexico aims to focus more of its promotions on the luxury market. Until now it has not done so, despite having for a long time many top luxury resorts. With the new strategy, Mexico will target travellers with a higher spend than traditional sun and beach holidaymakers. In order to achieve this goal, the country is developing programmes with high-end groups to highlight the fact that Mexico is a close-in destination featuring luxury resorts and travel experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. Mexico has 14 AAA 5-Diamond resorts, 128 AAA 4Diamond resorts, 32 resorts on Conde Nast Traveler’s Gold list, 23 properties on Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best list. Mexico will also put more emphasis on exclusive private experiences. For example, it will work to open top museums during off hours for high-end travellers. It also will begin to open top archaeological sites, such as certain areas of Chichen Itza, which not currently accessible to the public for exclusive viewing by small groups of high-end travellers. In conjunction with its focus on luxury travellers, Mexico will also put more emphasis on sustainability, with a new ‘S’ designation for hotels, tour operators, restaurants and other travel services providers to show they are certified as operating sustainable tourism.

POLAND AND GDANSK LEAD ICCA CENTRAL EUROPEAN CHAPTER During the ICCA CEC Summer Meeting, held from 23-25 August 2012 in Düsseldorf (Germany), Mrs. Anna Gorska, President of Gdansk Tourist Organisation / Gdańsk Convention Bureau received the Chairperson of the Central European Chapter ICCA. International Congress and Convention Association is one of the most prominent organisations in the world of international meetings. It is the only association that comprises members representing the main specialists in handling, transporting and accommodating international events. ICCA's network of over 900suppliers to the international meetings industry spans the globe with members in 87 countries. Gdańsk Convention Bureau has been ICCA's member since 2007 and from the start Mrs. Gorska eagerly participates in its activities. It resulted in organising 2 ICCA meetings last year in Gdansk. Anna Gorska is first ever Pole in the ICCA Authorities and the first non-German speaking Chairperson of ICCA CEC Chapter where majority of members are from Germany and Austria.

CAP MAISON RESORT AND SPA NEW BOUTIQUE RESORT IN THE CARIBBEAN The new Cap Maison combines luxury, elegance, charm, and uncompromising standards of 5* personal service. Maximising its incomparable position within 4 acres of tropical landscaped gardens, with its sandy secluded beach below including beach bar, watersports and more, Cap Maison offers a private retreat in spacious suites, many with private roof terraces and pools. Cap

Maison's facilities make it a perfect destination for honeymooners, families or individuals. The St Lucia Golf & Country Club is minutes away, tennis adjacent, and the restaurants and bars of Rodney Bay are close by. The resort's architecture combines Spanish and Caribbean design. In the main house you can find the reception area, gym, spa, lounge and library, boutique and concierge, to the infinity pools that sit atop the cliff staring straight out to sea. The world class Cliff at Cap restaurant offers the highest quality food and drink available in St Lucia. There are also dining options on the sunset deck that sits atop a rock in the ocean, with a champagne zip line coming from the bar above to top up your favourite drink. Each suite combines all the necessary facilities with outdoor Carribbean living with terraces abound. If you are staying in one of the villa suites, you will enjoy a private pool either on your roof terrace or in your garden in front. The views from every suite are incredible, with Pigeon Island to the south, Martinique to the north and the setting sun due west. The space is exceptional, and your every need is catered to. TOURISM IS VITAL TO ARGENTINA ECONOMY The President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, has stressed the importance of tourism as a sector able to “generate decent work and wealth across the entire country”. Economic development with social inclusion and the conservation of heritage are key to Argentina’s tourism policy. Argentina’s new Marketing Plan 2012-2015 is in support of the positive results to date with international tourist arrivals to Argentina having almost doubled over the past 10 years making the country the most visited destination in South America. International tourism accounts for over Euro€3.9, (UK£3.1) billion a year in exports which helped launch the 1st Ministry of Tourism in Argentina in 2010. Latin America is a strong engine of growth to the global travel and tourism industry. Through the new marketing plan for Argentina it will ensure that Argentina is one of the leading destinations driving this growth. HOTEL BOOM IN COLOMBIA Colombia's hotel federation has confirmed that 4,000 hotels are under construction in many areas of the country. The Hotel Federation Cotelco, said that hotels are being built in areas of ecotourism, mountain regions and in the interior of the country as well as on the coast. One reason for the boom is the tax exemption, valid until 2017, which releases investors building hotels from paying income tax for 30 years. With such huge investment, tourism must be a key focus for the Colombian government with international promotions and supporting infrastructure plans set in action. Already great progress has been made in attracting tourists to the coffee regions but this may be due to the closure of Los Nevados national park in central Colombia, home of the increasingly active Nevado del Ruiz volcano. Some areas have seen a tourism reduction of 40% due to the unstable volcano. ■ 10


S i l aden, Indo nes i a.

Located on the Island of Pulau Siladen, off the main island of Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, the Siladen Resort is located in part of the world famous Bunaken National Marine Park, which sits just above the Equator. Just above the Equator The 4* Siladen Resort and Spa opened in 2003 as Boutique resort offering a unique and memorable experience that will lead you to return to again and again. With a high emphasis on socially and environmentally responsibility, the resort plays an active role in marine protection and supporting the local community. Covering 4 hectares of the 24 hectare Island, the resort offers some spectacular diving and snorkelling opportunities to see the diverse marine life around the island. With its 300m long white coral beach that faces the Manadotua volcano, the resort is a true hideaway for a special holiday experience. Accommodation includes extra large king size beds, outdoor open air showers, sundecks overlooking the sea. There are 16 villas (5 individual beach view villas with private sunbeds, 5 double garden villas with separate entrances, 1 family villa; large salt water pool; lounge bar; small library; pool table; boutique and gift shop; beach with sunbeds and gazebos; traditional spa; fine dining restaurant.

Siladen Resort & Spa

The Spa at Siladen offers traditional treatments and therapies based on ancient knowledge. The aromatherapy treatments use oils prepared specially in Bali. The Spa only uses natural products based on local herbal knowledge. The Spa offers a wide selection of treatments including aromatherapy, scrubs, and hot stone therapies. During your time at the resort, you can indulge in a number of interesting tours both on land and sea. Sunset cruises with drinks or a dolphin tour - these gorgeous mammals are

common in these waters and they will regularly jump out of the water. The highlands behind Manado offer great rafting trips as well the chance to experience and explore the tropical rain forest. Tangkoko National Park is located about 70km from Manado in Bitung. The national park has a wonderful array of flora and fauna in its conservation area. You can enjoy a day trip of stay overnight and discover black monkeys (Macaca Nigra), Tarsius Spectrum (the world's smallest monkey) and many bird varieties.

The Siladen Dive Centre is fully equipped and offers dives to over 50 sites. With courses and small group numbers, dives are conducted from boats with dive guides and with equipment available to rent. If you fancy snorkelling there is a jetty minutes from the resort. One key highlight of your stay at the Siladen Resort is the Turtle Snacury, located within the resort premise. Turtle eggs are moved to the sanctuary until they hatch. The Siladen Spa & Resort is truly an exquisite retreat offering the highest standards and services in an amazingly beautiful part of the world. â–

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W ynya rds , Frank oni a, G erm an y

Germany News


beautiful region known as Franconian wine country, is located in the heart of Germany, and is along both sides of the winding Main River, from just north of Aschaffenburg to the western edge of Bamberg. It offers lush scenery with rolling hills, medieval walled villages and nearly 15,000 acres of vineyards that produce some of the finest white wines in Germany. For well over 12 centuries the Franconians have been growing grapes on the slopes of the hills off the Main River, where a particular geology of the region makes for an ideal microclimate for wine production. There are 70 different varieties of grapes planted in the region, with Müller-Thurgau (Rivaner), Silvaner, Riesling, and Bacchus the most popular types. Known for its excellent quality and fresh crisp flavour, most of the wine is bottled in green flask-like bottles called Bocksbeutel, which have been a symbol of Franconian wines for 250 years. As well as enjoying the wines, there is a great culinary experience to also be had in the region. Many winegrowers offer informative and entertaining tours through their vineyards, wineries, and wine cellars. Of course, no tour is complete without some wine tasting! Wine with a good meal of locally produced meat, fish and vegetables, especially asparagus can also be found easily here. Afterwards, why not end the day with a cultural experience like Würzburg and its Residenz Castle, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, or a trip to the city of Schweinfurt, and other wine towns and villages such as Sommerhausen, Volkach and Iphofen. Other places of interest throughout the region include many walks and hikes through vineyards, a trip to a wine tavern or a wine festival. For culture lovers, there are numerous palaces and castles, churches, monasteries and chapels and of course many museums. For the best views of the region, take a river cruise. Being close to the river means there are plenty of options for some water sports, like canoeing or fishing, other sports on offer include tennis, golf, bowling, hiking and biking. The Volkacher Mainschleife is one of a kind in Germany; only here, the River Main has built this sinuosity over millions of years. Around the Mainschleife, there is a perfect holiday waiting for everyone. The surrounding quarters of Astheim, Escherndorf, Fahr, Köhler, Dimbach, Eichfeld, Gaibach, Krautheim, Obervolkach, and Rimbach, as well as in Nordheim, Sommerach, Obereisenheim, Untereisenheim, Stammheim, and Wipfeld, offer idyllic villages and places of interest all year round.

FURTHER GROWTH FROM THE UNITED KINGDOM FOR DESTINATION GERMANY During the 1st 6 months of the year, inbound visitors to Germany increased by 9% compared to 2011 figures. A total of nearly 30 million

international overnight stays were registered in Germany from January to June with visitor numbers from Europe remaining high at 8.3%. At the end of June there had been a total of around 22 million overnight stays in Germany by visitors from Europe. In addition Germany has become a particularly popular destination for travellers from the UK with a 6.7% increase in overnight stays. The cities of Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne were among the most popular travel destinations for British travellers in Germany.

NEW OPENING DATE FOR BERLIN BRANDENBURG AIRPORT Berlin's new Brandenburg International Airport will not open until October 2013. This is the 3rd time the opening has been postponed. The airport has been built to replace 3 airports serving the city and is located 18 kilometres south of central Berlin. It will be the new hub for oneworld partner airberlin as well as hosting Lufthansa. The main pier is 715m long with 16 glass-walled gates. Berlin Airport will cater for up to 30 million passengers per year, and will grow to 50 million when further terminals are added. An underground railway station will link the airport to Berlin's S-Bahn metro, with a separate Airport Express running to Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin central station) in 30 minutes as well as high-speed rail services to Hannover, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Prague. Adjacent to the airport itself will be the Airport City park for shops, offices and restaurants and a 4*hotel connected directly to the terminal. BARRIER-FREE TRAVEL IN GERMANY During the Paralympic Games in London, the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) is for the 1st time an official partner of the German House. The German House is a central meeting point for the country’s athletes and representatives from German industry, politics and the media, and it is an ideal venue for the GNTB to promote Germany as a barrier-free travel destination. “Accessibility plays an important role in all aspects of life. Barrier-free travel enables people who are restricted in their mobility and scope of activities to enjoy a greater level of participation. Another reason why accessibility is becoming increasingly important is demographic change,” says Petra Hedorfer, Chief Executive Officer of the German National Tourist Board (GNTB). ‘Barrier-free travel for all’ is a core theme for the GNTB. Information for people who are restricted in their mobility or scope of activities can be found on the GNTB website This also includes sections for older travellers, families with children and people travelling for health reasons (wellness and prevention). By supplying in-depth information on destinations and providers that have been carefully selected by experts, the GNTB is underpinning the high quality that Germany offers in these segments and promoting the theme with a broadranging approach and in close cooperation with specialist partners. This includes collaboration with the Barrier-free Destinations in Germany association, which became a GNTB sponsor in January 2010. ■ 13

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expected exhibitors, organisers have already confirmed that 87 meeting industry providers from SEE have booked their place at the trade show. The largest portion of exhibitors comes from Slovenia, Croatia, South of Austria, Montenegro, Serbia, followed by Italy, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Hercegovina. For the 1st time meeting industry providers from Turkey have joined the Conventa trade show. This ensures the hosted buyers will be indeed able to get acquainted with the meeting industry offer of the entire region of South East Europe. Conventa is a prime marketplace for the meeting industry of South East Europe. Conventa: 16 - 17 January 2013, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Games did much to place the capital on the global events scene, and in December the Oberai Hotel in Gurgaon will host the World Tourism Awards putting the capital once again in the spotlight.

INDIA POSED TO TAKE THE M.I.C.E. ARENA BY STORM by Pamela McCourt Francescone “India is the next M.I.C.E. destination, but we must adopt new perspectives on educating ourselves and developing meaningful events” said Chander Mansharamani, vice chairman of the India Convention Promotion Bureau (ICPB), speaking at the IT&CM India which was held in the India Expo Mart in Greater Noida, Delhi NCR from 21st to 23rd August. “One of the most important aims is to develop infrastructure specifically for the M.I.C.E. market and to promote India as a prime location,” said Mansharamani. “This is a big challenge but the ICPB will have more resources in 2013 and, working closely with the Incredible India tourism offices we intend boosting the levels of promotion. For example by organising roadshows and attending international M.I.C.E. events.” Organized by TTG Asia Media, the Delhi event, “the first ever M.I.C.E. event organized by an international company in India” said TTG Asia’s managing director Darren Ng, attracted 151 international buyers and 160 sellers from 64 organizations. “This is our first event in India and there are areas for improvement, but we are working closely with the ICPB to ensure that next year’s show will be bigger and better.” One issue which impacts strongly on the M.I.C.E. trade is the current visa regime but, said Mansharamani, the Indian government is working to open up the visa-on-arrival to 10 more countries “And the EU is included.” Mansharmani added that the government seems willing to set up a “single window clearance for conference attendees” which means that one single agency will be responsible, thus sidestepping the need to go through multiple government agencies and ministries. Currently visa issues are thorny for markets such as China, Taiwan and Sri Lanka. Delhi, the capital, is India’s prime M.I.C.E. destination thanks to its many attractions and also to the level of its convention centres and hotels which provide state-of-theart technology and facilities. The 2010 Commonwealth

Mart i n S i rk , C E O IC C A O , D ar re n N G m anagi ng di rec t o r T T G A s i a Medi a a nd C ha nder Mans h aram ani , v i c e c hai rm an I ndi a C onv ent i on P rom ot i on B ure au

Martin Sirk, CEO of the International Congress and Convention Association, keynote speaker at the IT&CM India, said that India has tremendous potential for attracting international M.I.C.E. events “because of its status as an economic powerhouse but it does need better and modern convention venues, offering facilities such as flexible space and world-class communications systems in major cities like Delhi and Mumbai.” Sirk went on to stress the need for a shift in the way the M.I.C.E. business is regarded by the government and private sector players, “the M.I.C.E. industry should be treated more as a knowledge economy.” India’s first Convention Bureau was launched in Hyderabad last year and Sirk stressed the need for more convention bureaus. “Prices in hotel will become more affordable there will be a better range of services and India will enter the M.I.C.E. race on par with other successful destinations. Future differentiators will be hi-tech hi-touch, personalization, team working, creativity and intellectual resource exploitation.” The next IT&CM India will be held in the India Expo Mart in Greater Noida, Delhi from 20th to 22nd August 2013.

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If you want to target the European market, would you take part only in ITB Berlin, or WTM London for example? No! Does this event cover the whole European market in full? No! You need to be in several regional events that have access to other global regions, like shows in Italy for tapping into the Italian market. Europe as a tourism source market is saturated and with its current economic difficulties, that will take few years to recover, new business is key to getting back on her feet. Asia and in particular China is the new tourism source market and therefore, there are many opportunities for new big business. The world is still seeing the rapidly expanding outbound market of China as the cities of Beijing and Shanghai for all their business needs. This is not China. Indeed China is a far larger market than the whole of Europe put together. Therefore you need to attend other events focusing on other regions allowing you to gain a proportion of the market share within the Chinese outbound tourist market. One show that does this is the new and exciting Chengdu International Travel Fair (CITF). CITF2012 is an impressive one-stop platform that brings travel agents, tour operators, hotels, resorts, domestic & international airlines, NTOs, state tourism boards, wholesalers and other travel-related products & services to meet each other from China and all over the world. CITF2012 will also gather industry players and exhibitors to showcase, launch and promote the spectacular array of the latest tour packages, destinations, products and services. The event covers the region of south east China and includes the provinces of Xian, Chongqing and Sichuan. The show will be held at the Chengdu Century City, New International Convention & Exhibition Centre from 30th November - 2nd December 2012 (Friday to Sunday). The first day is strictly trade only. Hosted Buyer Programme with PreScheduled Appointment (PSA) Programme will facilitate one-onone business match-making for exhibitors with the invited trade buyers. The remaining days are both business and consumers. Vitally, the event is supported by the Chengdu Municipal Tourism Administration and Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exposition to present a reliable and trusted platform. Already confirmed exhibitors include: Czech Tourism, PANOEURO, Brazil Sunshine, Philippine Tourism Office, Florid Travel and Tours (P) Ltd, Nepal, ECG Property, Walk Through Africa, Kenya Tourist Board Far East, Sun Light Tourism & One Tour Dubai, Middle Continent Tourism L.L.C, Elias Tour, Greece, Maldives Tourism, MTR travel, Turkey, Etihad Airway and KLM. In support of the event, there will be many social functions like a gala dinner and post event tours on offer that will

serve as a channel for industry players and professionals to network, interact, discuss and share the trends and developments of the industry. There has been an international, regional and local media campaign promoting the event and Tourism around the World is honoured to be an online Media partner for the 1st CITF. Why Exhibit? Generate new business leads and connect with existing clients; launch or market new products and have a share of Chinese demand; gain international exposure and raise the brand awareness to further future cooperation; form partnerships with local Chinese travel agencies who are keen to bring groups to your destination; network and establish connections with the invited Chinese and International outbound trade buyers. Stands costs are: Shell Scheme of 9sq.m and upwards – US$180/per sq.m or Space only from 18sq.m upwards at US$150 per sq.m. China is the new tourism source market for the world. Be at CITF 2012. ■

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环球旅游全球电子新闻 月刊 全球每月为差旅、旅游业、会议、刺激、会议和陈列

TOURISM AROUND THE WORLD Monthly is a global e-journal for the travel & tourism, M.I.C.E and exhibitions industries. It provides accurate, detailed, informative and useful information and is produced in English. Started in 1997 it has an ever-growing circulation. It is also the official global media support for several key exhibitions within the industry. 环球旅游全球电子新闻月刊是针对旅行与旅游业 、M.I.C.E.行业,在全球范围内发行的英语版本 电子刊物。它提供准确、详尽的行业资讯,自19 97年创刊以来发展迅速,并成为业内几大卓越 展会的官方全球媒体支持方 。

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K ual a Lum pur C o nv ent i o n C ent e r , Mal a ys i a.

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countries of ASEAN are implementing its tourism objectives set out by the ASEAN Economic Community, due by 2015. There will be a new campaign entitled 'ASEAN for ASEAN' along with special promotions, and stronger strategic cooperation with the growth markets of China, Korea, Japan, India and Australia. Other initiatives include the creation of a new website and promotional campaigns targeting the mass markets of China and India. ASEAN will also go for niche markets such as experiential, creative, adventure, business, senior and long stay visitors as well as for the cruise market. The strategy is to build global recognition of Southeast Asia as a competitive, world-class tourism destination by attracting visitors to the region and encouraging them to visit more than one country. The ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan 2011-2015 was adopted by ASEAN Tourism Ministers in January 2012. It is the plan with which ASEAN national tourism organisations (NTOs) seek to achieve the objectives and maintain double digit tourism growth. ASEAN destinations attracted 81.2 million visitors in 2011, an average increase of a million visitors each year for the last 2 decades. 3 out of 4 visitors to ASEAN come from Asia; 46.5% from within ASEAN and 27.6% from other Asian markets. According to ASEAN NTOs, Europe is the next largest group of visitors to ASEAN at 12.2%, followed by Oceania (including Australia and New Zealand) at 5.3%, and the Americas at 4.4%. Niche and mass market promotions will go hand in hand. One niche sector, cruise because river and sea cruise ships usually visit more than 1 destination. Southeast Asia NTOs will also be emphasising the group's marketing plan at the ASEAN Tourism Forum which will take place in Vientiane, Laos 17-24 January 2013. Over 1,600 delegates will include some 150 ASEAN tourism ministers and officials, 800 ASEAN exhibitors, 400 international buyers, 150 international and local media and 100 tourism trade visitors.

MyCEB BUILDS INDUSTRY COMPETITIVENESS Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) has introduced the Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) Partner Programme or in short PPP. The initiative aims to create a competitive environment and increase the standard of the business tourism industry in Malaysia, and therefore enabling Malaysian conference organisers to be certified and compete internationally. The programme is divided into 2 tiers with different set of criteria to be fulfilled by PCOs as a requirement before qualifying to become a PPP member. Tier 1 partners must be able to offer the full PCO services for international meetings with more than 5 years experience in managing international conferences of 1,000 delegates and above. Meanwhile, Tier 2 partners need to have at least 3

years experience in managing international conferences consisting of 500 delegates and more. The benefits vary between Tier 1 and Tier 2 partners. Amongst the benefits are that Tier 1 partners receive higher value in education certification support as well as opportunity to be included in bid committees. Currently, 3 companies have successfully signed an MOU with MyCEB as members of the PPP’s Tier 1 PCO. The PCO Partner Programme aims to facilitate and create better business opportunities for partners, maximise bid convention for international conventions and develop international certification for Malaysian PCOs. MyCEB expects at least 6 PCOs to qualify as members of the PPP by end of 2012.

CHIBA CONVENTION BUREAU INVITE JOURNALISTS The Chiba Convention Bureau is working with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau, as well as the Yokohama Convention and Visitors Bureau to invite journalists from business and travel magazines in China and South Korea in order to promote the MICE industry in the Tokyo Bay Area on the Visit Japan Media Invitation Programme. The Tokyo Bay Area, consisting of Chiba, Tokyo, and Yokohama, is the perfect urban incentive travel destination for the growing Chinese and Korean incentive travel markets. It has an abundance of meeting facilities, hotels, and tourism spots, with access to 2 international airports at Haneda and Narita. The aim of the Visit Japan Programme is to promote the Tokyo Bay Area as one brand, with each of the 3 areas benefiting from each others strength to improve business for everyone.

4th ANNUAL ‘MEET TAIWAN’ WEEK TAIWAN MICE INDUSTRY REACHES A NEW HIGH The Ministry of Economic Affairs' Bureau of Foreign Trade has announced the theme for the 4th Meet Taiwan Week. The title will be ‘Meet Taiwan - Reach a New High’. The event will be held from 2529 September 2012 and aims to highlight the success of the collaboration between government and private companies in bringing Taiwan's MICE industry onto the international stage. Meet Taiwan Week, a 5-day event, will start with a new MICE Industry Exchange Forum.

ICCA CO-HOSTS WORKSHOP FOR MICE INDUSTRY IN MACAO ICCA hosted an educational workshop for the 1st time in Macao. The 2 day event, held in July at the Conrad Macao attracted 50 participants from the meetings industry in Macao and surrounding region, where their knowledge of the sector was enhanced via panel discussions, speeches and group activities. The workshop aimed to provide education and training for the meeting industry professionals, thus helping to increase the region’s and Macao’s competitiveness as a MICE destination. 17

S ai gon / H o C hi Mi n, V i et nam

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Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau is on its 2nd mission to Vietnam to encourage ASEAN M.I.C.E. Collaboration under a MoU signed by the bureau and the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (VIETRADE) in the last two years. The visit aims to encourage more trading between 2 countries through Thailand’s international exhibitions. The bureau together with Vietrade is organising a training seminar for members of Vietrade on how to maximise business opportunities through international exhibitions platform. Seminar participants will learn about funding from the Vietnamese government that supports Vietnamese exhibitions, how to make the most of an exhibition booth, how to set up a national pavilion and what to do to participating in Thailand’s exhibitions. In 2011, trade turnover between Thailand and Vietnam was accumulated to increase by 25%, reaching Euro€7,090, (UK£5,675) in which Vietnam’s export to Thailand increases by 45%. At present, Thailand has over 230 investment projects in the pipeline, ranking among the top 10 countries investing in Vietnam. Thailand is located at the ASEAN centre and has a wide-ranging international exhibitions base that will help Vietnamese businesses in the region. Thailand possesses world-class facilities and event venues, transportation infrastructure with more than 500 international flights per week to 191 major cities around the world plus airport-to-city linkage, good-value-for-money in business and leisure, professional service with Thai hospitality. Thailand’s exhibition industry marks the highest growth in ASEAN at 70% growth rate annually in terms of event space sold and the top 10 visitors and exhibitors are from ASEAN countries. According to UFI in 2012, the Thailand exhibitions industry continues to lead others in ASEAN with a total of value of Euro€118 (UK£94) million gained through 77 events. Thailand has also maintained leadership in the exhibitions industry of ASEAN in exhibition space totalling up to 462,500 sq.m, p.a. as well as having 9 well-equipped exhibition venues. In 2012, Thailand is expected to welcome approximately 750,000 M.I.C.E. visitors to the country, generating expected revenues of Euro€1,513 (UK£1,213) million, as well as 80,000 visitors to exhibitions and trade fairs, generating expected revenues of Euro€199, (UK159) million.

theme park investors. Developers have entered the tourism real estate sector. Restrictions imposed by the government State Council that apply to residential property but not for those projects classified as cultural or for entertainment purposes. The loophole allows developers to buy land from the government, build a theme park and then build adjoining apartments and hotels. Parks require a lot of funding and have high operating costs, so it can take a long time for investors to recoup their money. Many theme parks built a decade ago have gone out of business. Theme parks in Asia sold a combined 103.3 million tickets last year, one-third of the total in the world and 2nd only to those sold in North America (127 million). Almost a third of China's 2,500-plus theme parks have opened within the past 2 years, with the total number expected to surpass that of the U.S. by 2020. Traditionally, funding for adventure parks has come from established industry players, such as Overseas Chinese Town Group and Shenzhen Huaqiang Holdings, or multinational entertainment groups, such as Walt Disney Co, which is set to open its 1st theme park on the Chinese mainland in Shanghai in 2015. ASIA PACIFIC BUSINESS TRAVEL INCREASES In a recent study by hotelier Accor, business travellers in the region, have seen 2,600 respondents representing 26,000 business trips from 9 countries in Asia Pacific, who made business trips in the 1st half of 2012. The number of trips has increased by 67% for the period. Chinese executives were the highest increase with 17 trips, followed by Indian travellers, with 13 trips compared to 7 in 2011. Singapore was the only country where business travel remained the same with 7 trips. Singapore emerged as the region’s most popular business destination with Thailand close behind. Hotel budgets increased slightly, with a nightly room budget up 3.3% to US$125. Reasons for increased travel were; a change in job-title requiring more travel (38%) coupled with an increase in business activity (35%) and increased sales and marketing efforts (28%). 47% of Indians and 45% of Thai’s said an increase in business as a main reason for more travel. For making reservations, most prefer booking online (82%), and most (57%) book directly via the hotel’s website, with 25% booking via online travel agencies. Indiabusiness travellers go directly to a hotel’s online portal (69%), with only 31% of Chinese travellers doing the same. The main reasons for booking online include; convenience (73%), access to special offers (61%), ease of management (50%) and instant confirmations (48%). ■

CHINESE DEVELOPERS FOCUS ON NICHE MARKET OF AMUSEMENT PARKS 70% of China's 2,500 amusement parks are losing money, but it is the nearby commercial and residential developments, including apartments, villas and hotels that are making the money for


S harj ah, U A E .

LEBANON TALKS FOR NEW DEALS Ministries in Lebanon are having talks with low cost carriers including easyJet and Ryanair about starting operations to the country in a bid to boost a tourism industry that has seen a downturn due to unrest in the Arab world. The talks would not only encourage tourists to come to Lebanon, but also Lebanon want to achieve many more flights going back to London’s Heathrow. EasyJet's only destinations in the Arab world are the Jordanian capital, Amman and Marrakech in Morrocco. In support of the deal to low cost airlines, hotels are ready with special prices. Tourism generates as much as Euro€6.24, (UK£3.90) billion per year for Lebanon. Public debt in the country reached Euro€43, (UK£27) billion at the end of May this year. Visitor numbers have dropped by about 7% in the first half of the year mainly due to the neighbouring unrest in Syria. In addition, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE have all issued travel warnings advising citizens against travelling to Lebanon this year. As always this situation is all about politics and has nothing do to with the security issues of Lebanon. USA, UK or other European countries have not issued such negative guidelines for travel to Lebanon. Gulf tourists account for about 10% of visitors and represent 40% of tourism spend. Gulf, Jordanian and Iranian tourists have been replaced by visitors from Iraq, Europe, Syria and Lebanese expatriates. The number of visitors to Lebanon last year declined by 7% from 2010 due to issues in Syria, as many visitors from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq and Iran travel to the country by road. That was a loss of about 300,000 tourists. The number of tourists to the country is likely to be about 1.45m, or 10% lower than last year. In 2010 the record figure of 2.2m visitors was achieved. To achieve increased tourism, low cost airlines is an option as flights from Euorpe to Beirut are at present twice as much as a flight to nearby Cyprus or to Cairo, Egypt. ABU DHABI TOURISM TARGET IN 2012 Abu Dhabi is on target with news of positive tourism figures to date. 1.37 million visitors stayed in Abu Dhabi's hotels in the first 7 months of 2012, an increase of 11% over 2011 figures. The Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority said visitor numbers in July were impacted by the region-wide travel lull during Ramadan. During the Holy Month of Ramadan Abu Dhabi's hotels and hotel apartments saw a 6% drop in year-on-year hotel guests for the month of July, the average length of stay - a key growth focus - rose to 2.84 days last month, an increase of 6% on the corresponding month last year. With a

full entertainment schedule of world-class events and a host of new leisure attractions due to open across the emirate, including the UAE's largest water park, Yas Waterworld, the emirate are sure they will reach its 2.3m hotel guest target. Visitors from the UK comprised the majority of foreign visitors with 79,660 staying in the emirate during the first 7 months of the year (down 2% compared to the same period last year); followed by India with 76,272 (up 30%); and Germany at 54,506 (up 45%). The Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority has recently stepped up its efforts to attract more foreign tourists to the emirate with a road show through 3 Saudi Arabian cities - the emirate's 5th largest international source market. A summit aimed at finding ways to attract more Chinese visitors to the UAE has also taken place. The UAE receives a very small number of the 70 million Chinese outbound travellers. In 2011 over 210,000 Chinese tourists visited the UAE, an increase of over 26% on the year before. 3RD TOURISM PLAN FOR SHARJAH Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) has announced plans for a 3rd major tourism project in the eastern region of the emirate. The launch of Al Hisn Island in Dibba Al Hisn will see plans to invest more than Euro€106, (UK£85) million in the project which follows recently announced plans for the Chedi Khorfakkan Resort and the Kalba Eco-tourism project. The new project in Dibba Al Hisn will be a leisure and tourism project that will be a new unique destination for Dibba Al Hisn's residents, as well as visitors and tourists from the neighbouring areas. It will include a major water canal and a number of cafes and restaurants, parks, children areas, and other facilities. The project is part of plans to develop the eastern region to drive economic growth, and attract investments that help create jobs locally. Also approved is the commercial complex master plan of Kalba Eco-tourism, which will be located alongside Kalba Lake and will include restaurants, retail outlets, children games, parks, and animal reserves. The project is being implemented in 3 phases, the 1st of which will see the redevelopment of natural reserves in Kalba (Hafiya and Al Qurm natural reserves), release of rare animals and birds and the establishment of a centre within the reserve for visitors, as well as the restoration of archaeological sites within the project. The 2nd phase of the project will involve the development of Kalba Lake and the construction of a commercial complex. Phase 3 will include a number of hotels and chalets overlooking the Gulf of Oman. Also announced were plans for a new leisure project in Al Badayer in the central region of Sharjah. The project will include a tourism complex comprising a number of restaurants and cafes, in addition to a tourist information centre, outdoor theatre, camel and horse riding areas, cycling areas, Bedouin style seating areas, walking, resting, and barbecue areas. ■ 19

Lough D erg, I rel an d

Ireland focuses on Chinese Tourism Market

disposable income, have plenty of leisure time are too becoming more adventurous in their destination choice. Attracting tourism from China is a good business decision, especially with other markets around the world declining or struggling at present. Tourism Ireland is making sure it is at the top of the choice of international destinations list for Chinese travellers. ■

Tourism Ireland, who promotes the island overseas, is looking to increase the number of Chinese tourists coming to the Emerald Isle. The Chinese tourism market has excellent potential for Ireland and as such numerous dedicated visits have taken place to introduce the island to the Chinese tourism market in Beijing and Shanghai as well as the appointment of a Chinese representative to encourage tourism growth. Increasing visitor numbers is highly lucrative for Irish tourism as Chinese visitors are the largest per capita shoppers of any source country with an average outbound Chinese traveller spending Euro€4,445, (UK£3,560) per visit. Since achieving ‘Approved Destination Status’, Tourism Island has been working hard to capture the Chinese market with the launch of a website and new brochures produced in both Mandarin and Cantonese. In addition a number of hosted familiarisation trips have taken place. Given this huge and diverse Chinese outbound market, Ireland is wishing to target the right sectors that will benefit them most with the best results i.e. the long-haul leisure travellers with sufficient disposable incomes to travel to Ireland. Why is China so important for Ireland? China’s population of over 1.3 billion combined with its steadily growing economy means it can have a real effect on the development and marketing of tourism destinations worldwide. A record 70 million Chinese travelled overseas in 2011 and that figure is only increasing offering huge potential. China now outranks Japan for outbound tourists. Chinese tourists like to shop (90%), dine out (81%), sightsee (47%), visit historical places (40%), visit theme parks (32%), and gamble (23%). All of these are available in Ireland. While outbound tourism is still fairly new in China, many Chinese venture to closer destinations like Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand and India. However, these Chinese will then venture further a field and Ireland want to be there to capture this target group. By 2020, the World Tourism Organisation predicts China will be the world’s top outbound tourism market with 100 million tourists. Chinese outbound travellers used to be based mainly in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, but as nd time goes on more and more 2 tier city citizens are adding to the international outbound travel figures. China’s younger citizens are eager to see the world and want adventure experiences and are more adventurous in their choice of destination. At the other end of the spectrum, the senior sector ranges starts from the age of 55 as in China woman retire early at 55 and 60 for men. This sector has a good amount of

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