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EUROPE: Beyond your expectation.

Danube-Thessaloniki Waterway... On its way!

An interview with Dr. Maria-Grazia Crotti by Pamela McCourt Francescone.

Airlines new found strength .

Malaysia… Medical tourism destination.

Chengdu International Travel Fair (CITF) 2013.

Minoan Air the new European business airline.

New York encourages more M.I.C.E. visitors.

TAM leaves Star Alliance.


TATW Monthly 2013

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Letter from the Editor

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Dear Friends and Colleagues, Welcome to the March edition of TOURISM AROUND THE WORLD MONTHLY. We hope you have already enjoyed the new magazine style presentation of the e-journal, making it your favourite reading each month. Spring is in the air and business the world over seems to be doing well with lots of positive bookings in all fields of our wonderful industry. Indeed there are constant reports of record breaking tourist arrivals, increased flight departures, more meetings, higher revenues and bigger events at even more venues. With many new and exciting hotels, museums, centres, destinations, airports, ports and events opening each month from Austria to Australia, and from Zanzibar to Zimbabwe as well as all the other countries inbetween, TOURISM AROUND THE WORLD MONTHLY brings you the top stories and interesting features in the tourism, travel, aviation, M.I.C.E and exhibitions arena. As its March it means ITB Berlin and as an official publication on the ITB International Trade Press stand for the 5th year running, TOURISM AROUND THE WORLD MONTHLY was in Berlin covering the event and renewing its cooperation with existing and new clients. At TOURISM AROUND THE WORLD MONTHLY we wish you all a happy spring! Caroline-Artemis Laspas editor & co-founder

What’s hot in 2013? The answer is - Europe! With its unrivalled history, unique culture and rich traditions, there is much on offer and many unusual places to explore off the normal tourist track. With new beyond your museums, exhibitions, hotels, venues, festivals, expectations celebrations, there is nowhere in Europe that is by Caroline-Artemis Laspas, Editor not buzzing with life. In this edition of TOURISM AROUND THE WORLD Monthly we take a closer look at some of the A-Z places you should look into this year. Bergen, Norway: Bergen is an international city full of history and tradition, a city with small-town charm and atmosphere. Bergen offers you the ideal combination of nature, culture and exhilarating city life. It is known for its charming picturesque harbour, Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf as well as being the home to the famous composer, Edvard Grieg. Bergen is the gateway to the fjords of Western Norway. There are plenty of sightseeing trips and tours to provide you with unforgettable memories of the mountains and sea of this Scandinavian nation.


Berlin, Germany: one of kind is Berlin. It has it all and it is one of the most value for money destinations in Europe. Not only is it a world ranker for business, but leisure travellers are offered no shortage of museums, shops, restaurants or entertainment options when exploring Berlin. With the new Brandenburg Airport opening this autumn, Europe’s newest and most modern airport, makes for a good start to your trip. Corsica, France: Full of French flair, but not like the France you know; this small Mediterranean island located 200km off the southern coast of France, offers a delightful mild climate and a most diverse landscape not found elsewhere in Europe. Quiet sandy half moon bays and beaches, crystal clear water and fishing harbours are a jewel to behold. Although a popular destination, tourism has not spoilt the island. Bastia, capital of the north with its 15th century citadelle makes it a pure Corsican city. There are also plenty of rural mountain villages full of locals, not tourists. T he S art ene v i l l age , C ors i c a, Fr anc e Kriti Island, Greece: any trip to Greece, be it the islands or mainland is a special experience and landing on the Minoan island of Crete is no exception. With small fishing villages, luxury resorts and wide golden sandy beaches are just a few of the delights on offer on one of the Mediterranean’s largest islands. Don’t forget to taste one of the many fine wines the island is now producing to much acclaim. Innsbruck, Austria; This beautiful, alpine destination surrounded by the majestic Alps mountain range offers historical buildings, breathtaking scenery, snowcapped mountains and extensive ski resort facilities making it one of the most wonderful places to visit in Europe. continuing on page…3 2

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06-08 December 2013 Li v erpool , U K

The Chengdu International Travel Fair (CITF) 2013 is the 1st megascale tourism exhibition in western China. With strong governmental support from the Chengdu Municipal Tourism Administration and the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exposition. CITF 2013 is dedicated to provide a one-stop platform for all the tourism organisations, tour operators, airlines, tourism destinations, and promote a spectacular array of the hottest and the latest tour packages, destinations, products and services, establish strategic and cooperative relations, explore new business opportunities and expand their professional network base all at once. CITF 2013 Exhibitors Profile: National Tourism Organisations Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Tourism Destinations, Airlines, Golf Courses, Health and Spas, Hotels and Resorts, Car and Limousine Services, Theme Parks, Tourist Associations and many more. Join us now at CITF 2013

CITF 06-08 December 2013

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Krakow, Poland: It is one of the most frequently visited cities in Poland and one of the oldest centre of learning in Europe with the Jagiellonian University, established in 1364, a leading centre for science. The old city centre beyond your is a World Heritage site and offers an expectations exceptional atmosphere and flair. Krakow's by Caroline-Artemis Laspas, Editor Main Market Square is the largest medieval urban centre in Europe. The Royal Castle and Cathedral are located on top of Wawel Hill which offers views over the entire city. Vaduz, Liechtenstein: The 4th smallest country in Europe and is the 6th smallest in the world. The capital Vaduz, has a real ‘town’ feel rather than that of a capital city, but offers everything a capital does from modern art and historical collections to outdoor cafés, restaurants and boutiques. Located in the heart of the Alps, there are endless outdoor activities on the V adu z, Li ec ht ens t ei n. capital’s doorstep as well as Vaduz Castle dating back to the 12th century sits 120m above the city. Liechtenstein National Museum is full of wonderful artefacts and dates back to 1438. Liverpool, England: Home of the 1960’s band the Beetles, Liverpool is an exciting and innovative city, with a great mix of traditional and modern architecture and something for everyone. The Liverpool Waterfront is a great place to visit with plenty to do from a leisurely walk to a museum visit all in a breathtaking and iconic setting. Porto, Portugal: Located in the north of the country, Porto is one of Portugal’s oldest cities and a world heritage site. Much of its heritage is based on shipping and trade, making it a bustling and passionate place to visit. It is also where the famous Douro River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Full of great Romanesque chapels and baroque churches it is a charming secret destination of Europe. Reykjavik, Iceland: With volcanoes and glaciers, the Icelandic capital offers spectacular scenery both day and night with the chance to see the ‘Northern Lights’ or ‘Aurora Borealis’. But Reykjavik also offers sophistication in the form of the Harpa Reykjavík Concert Hall and Conference Centre; the official home of the Icelandic Opera and Iceland Symphony Orchestra. It is also one of Europe’s most northern capital city and the most affordable destinations of the continent! Zagreb, Croatia: Built on the foundations of two medieval fortresses on the nearby hills of Gradec and the Kaptol bishopric, with a documented history from 1094, Zagreb has always been Croatia's true cultural metropolis. From the Croatian National Theatre, the Art Pavilion, the Academy of Science and Arts, the university library, to numerous museums and galleries, as well as wonderful parks and gardens, Zagreb has always been a truly central European cultural centre. So, wherever you thought of going this year, make it Europe and discover even more of its unique and treasured history and culture - you won’t be disappointed. Europe, beyond your expectation! ■


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DANUBE-THESSALONIKI WATERWAY… ON ITS WAY A feasibility study is underway for the potential of a new waterway that would connect the Danube River with the Aegean Sea. China Gezhouba Group Corp. and the government of Serbia are discussing a 655km Balkan waterway. It would connect the Aegean Sea on the Mediterranean with the Danube, creating a route that could lead to the Greek port of Thessaloniki. Although planned for commercial use, this could also become a new route for river cruises in Europe. The continent is already home to a number of beautiful waterways which are used for river cruises and the planned Thessaloniki waterway could be an excellent addition. If it proceeds there is hope that this beautiful part of Europe could become even easier to access on a luxury cruise. CHICAGO TOURISM Chicago aims to be one of the top destinations in the USA after a UK£18, (Euro€22) million injection invested in tourism. ‘Choose Chicago’ are hoping to bring 50 million visitors to the city in 2013. A number of events will be held to attract thousands of international visitors as well as on improvements to Chicago’s popular and beautiful riverwalk area. Funds were also allocated for advertising and highlighting Chicago as a fantastic city to visit at any time of year. Chicago is just one of the great cities that can be visited on a tour of America. MARRIOTT OPENINGS JW Marriott will open the largest hotel in Bangladesh with 700 guestrooms; the JW Marriott Hotel Dhaka. The newly built hotel will be part of a mixed-use development also housing retail outlets and offices. The hotel will have 3 restaurants, 2 bars, a spa and more than 650,000sq.m of meeting space. The property is close to the international airport. Marriott will also open the JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa in 2014. The 266guestroom hotel will be on the private island of Sacca Sessola, which is in the Venetian lagoon and a short boat ride away from Venice. The resort will feature a health club, spa and 3 pools inside, outside and on the rooftop. An assortment of restaurants will also be available. For meetings, the hotel will feature event and wedding space in a restored church along with meeting rooms.

T he W hi t e T ower, T hes s al oni k i , G reec e.

VIENNA HOFBURG: RECORD 2012 2012 saw the best results in the Vienna Hofburg’s history, with revenue reaching UK£9.10, (Euro€10.5) million. The 2nd half of 2012 was very successful due to several large-scale conferences of up to 2,000 delegates. Conferences and meetings had a major effect on earnings, accounting for 55% of the event mix and contributing a total of 60,000 bednights for the Austrian capital. Banquets and galas, the Hofburg Vienna's 2nd largest segment, now contribute around 13% of revenue, while balls account for 10%. The Hofburg Vienna's proprietary event, ‘Le Grand Bal’, generated 7% of annual turnover, contributing more than UK£2.60 (Euro€3) million in induced economic impact. 6% of the total was for the fairs and exhibitions, with concerts bringing in 5%. Revenue from the events business was supplemented by almost UK£6.039 (Euro€7) million from catering activities. NEW DEVELOPMENT OF ILE A VACHE, HAITI Haiti plans for tourism development on the island of Ile a Vache. The Ministry of Tourism is proposing the development of 1,500 units on the island, which is located off the southeast coast of Les Cayes, as part of an across-the-board tourism project. Ile a Vache is one of the last true treasure islands of the Caribbean. Tourism is progressing slowly in a sustainable manner, building places of peace and well-being while helping local communities. The plan calls for laid-back, lowdensity eco-tourism-style development, highlighting areas like cultural heritage, agro-tourism and history, on an island with more than 20, mostly deserted beaches. It will focus on sustainable tourism development, with solar power and electric shuttles instead of cars. The Ministry is targeting potential investors from countries like the Dominican A V ac he Is l and, H ai t i . Republic, Qatar, China and the wider Caribbean. The first phase of the project would be the Anse Dufour near the village of Madame Bernard. The overall plan would create the ‘Village of Mary Anne,’ a touristic village with restaurants, cafes, galleries and markets. It would include agro-tourism and the creation of a community farm managed by locals. The government would also develop standards of environmental protection and planning for the island, particularly to protect sensitive areas like coastal mangroves and fish habitats. It will target 4 types of travellers: explorers and adventure, honeymoon, members of the Haitian Diaspora and wellness. CENTRAL AMERICA GROWTH IN EUROPEAN TOURISM Over the last decade tourist numbers visiting the 7 small countries of Central America have risen significantly, almost doubling to 12 million, including border crossings. There was also a big increase in visitors from Europe like Germany, Switzerland, and Scandinavia. European countries stay for longer periods of about 2 weeks and spend more per head than visitors from North and South America. Traditionally, most of the tourists visiting the ‘7 dwarfs’ have been from the US and neighbouring countries. Spain leads the rankings for European arrivals, followed by Germany, the UK, France and Italy. One reason for this increase is better flight connections. In 2012, Central America reported a 6% year-on-year increase in arrivals, more than any other region in the Americas. Over 8.7 million tourists visited these 7 small countries, with 10% of tourists coming from Europe. Costa Rica remains top of the list at 2.6 million tourists in 2012, of whom more than 300,000 came from Europe. Panama has taken over Guatemala’s 2nd place, followed by Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Belize. 5

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EUROPEANS ENJOY EUROPEAN HOLIDAYS In a recent study, Europe is still one of the most attractive destinations on Earth. France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, and Holland are among the top popular destination for family holiday, individual, and luxury sectors. In addition people who live in Europe who took a vacation saw that 88% of them travelled within the EU. As well as being a popular destination for 2012, Europe is expected to be a popular destination for 2013; 73% of respondents to the survey planned to enjoy a holiday within the EU in 2013 too. As to the kind of holiday, it is predicted that river cruises within Europe are to become a bigger and boom sector. STARWOOD HOTELS AND RESORTS HEADQUARTERS MOVES International hotel chain, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, is to relocate its global headquarters from Stamford in the USA to Dubai, UAE. Starwood wants to take advantage of Dubai’s location for business travel to destinations such as Mumbai, Kuwait, Jeddah and Dushanbe. With 80% of Starwood's pipeline coming from rapidly growing markets, it needs to be closer to the action. With rising wealth and ever greater global connectivity provide a growth opportunity for business. Dubai is now home to many multinational corporations, consultants, banks and university campuses, so the move is a natural one. BELIZE TOURISM ON THE UP IN 2012 Belize’s tourism industry has seen a 10.7% increase in overnight arrivals in 2012, with 277,135 visitors, which is 26,872 more than in 2011. Of these, 63.7% were from the USA while only 8.7% were from Canada. Airport arrivals were up 16.3% with 211,747 tourists landing at Philip Goldson International Airport. Compared to other regional competitors, like the Cayman Islands, arrivals were up by just 4.1%; Antigua & Barbuda saw arrivals increased by just 2.3%; Barbados saw arrivals fall 5.5%, and Grenada saw arrivals fall 5.1%. The cruise lines scheduled fewer ship calls in 2012, so cruise arrivals to Belize fell 12% to 640,734 visitors; Belize’s cruise partners have assured the Belize Tourism Board that Belize can expect to see growth in 2013. Cruise arrivals fell across the Caribbean but Belize did not do so badly compared to some of regional competitors, such as Grenada where cruise arrivals fell 21.7%, Barbados cruise arrivals were down 15.2%; Antigua & Barbuda by 9.1% and the Cayman Islands fell 7.1%. ROYAL CARIBBEAN 2014 CRUISE HOLIDAYS: NEW YORK, BALTIMORE AND FLORIDA Royal Caribbean International is to sail from the New York metropolitan area, Baltimore (Maryland), and Port Canaveral and Port Everglades in Florida as part of its summer 2014 schedule. The cruise line will offer holidays targeting families on 5-9 night itineraries to Bermuda, The Bahamas and the Caribbean, onboard 5 of the industry’s most innovative ships, Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, Freedom of the Seas, Explorer of the Seas and Grandeur of the Seas. Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, and Freedom of the Seas are among 6 Royal Caribbean International ships that exclusively offer the DreamWorks Experience, featuring parades, themed activities and events based on DreamWorks Animation’s popular feature-film characters. Each ship also is equipped with a 3-D movie theatre playing the latest DreamWorks Animation films.


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T he S i lk R aod, T aj i k i s t an

10th Anniversary The Year of

Beijing International Tourism Expo 2013 Be There, Don’t Miss It!

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UNESCO JOINS UNWTO TO ADVANCE SILK ROAD TOURISM DEVELOPMENT The development of a new ‘Silk Road Heritage Corridors’ tourism strategy for Central Asia and China has gained full support of the recent 3rd Silk Road Ministers’ Meeting from over 20 Silk Road countries and international experts to discuss how to join forces to further raise the profile of Silk Road tourism, while safeguarding its exceptional heritage sites and cultural heritage. The Meeting emphasised the importance of collaboration between Ministries of Tourism and Ministries of Culture in managing heritage effectively and sustainably and underscored the importance of engaging the local community and stakeholders in building levels of coordination and dialogue. Community involvement work was highlighted as a key element in fighting poverty and supporting the UN Millennium Development Goal (MDGs). The meeting saw the commitment to improve visa policies and border crossings. In this regard, Tajikistan is to open the Kulma pass on the border with China to international visitors, while Kazakhstan stated its intention to pursue a visa-free Central Asia. 法兰克福施泰德博物馆被评为2012年年度博物馆 被200位艺术评论家评为“2012年年度最佳博物馆”的施泰德博物馆 (Städel Museum), 就位于法兰克福的博物馆河畔上。在这里还有很多其他的陈列馆吸引着文化爱好者前来 参观。2013年2月5日,美茵河畔的法兰克福的消息:上周国际艺术评论协会的德国分部 在杜塞尔多夫宣布,获得“德国2012年年度博物馆”奖项的是法兰克福的施泰德博物馆。 作出这个决定的主要原因,是该博物 馆艺术史收藏品的扩大与整体建筑的 现代形象的完美结合。2012年2月, 博物馆的地下扩建工程完成开放后, 为1945年至今天收藏的丰富作品提供 了3000平米宽敞明亮的展出场地。仅 仅在2012年参观施泰德博物馆的艺术 爱好者就超过了44万人,这个数字已 经达到了德国的最高值。而这其中吸 引观众的特别磁铁的是“黑色浪漫。从 S t ädel Mus e um , Fra nk f urt , G er m an y. 戈雅到恩斯特”的艺术展。这一展览将 于2013年3月4日到6月9日转往巴黎的奥赛博物馆举行。施泰德博物馆由此成为法兰 克福博物馆河畔上具有强大吸引力的博物馆之一。这里的诸多博物馆不仅在建筑风格 上,而且还在展示空间上构成了独一无二的博物馆群体。(信息网站:www.museumsuf er-。在美茵河畔边上或附近共有26家博物馆。这些博物馆不仅以其艺术 史的收藏(如李比希博物馆的雕刻藏品、西恩艺术馆和现代艺术博物馆),还以技术 与文化史的展览(通讯博物馆,世界文化博物馆)而举世闻名。 CENTRAL AMERICA DELIGHTED WITH GROWTH IN EUROPEAN TOURISM Over the last decade tourist numbers visiting the 7 small countries of Central America have risen significantly, almost doubling to 12 million, including border crossings. There was also a big increase from visitors from Europe Visitors from Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia and many other European countries stay for longer periods of about 2 weeks and spend more per head than visitors from North and South America. Traditionally, most of the tourists visiting the ‘7 dwarfs’ have been from the US and neighbouring countries. Spain leads the rankings for European arrivals, followed by Germany, the UK, France and Italy. One reason for this increase is better flight connections. In 2012, Central America reported a 6% year-on-year increase in arrivals, more than any other region in the Americas. Over 8.7 million tourists these 7 small countries, with 10% of tourists coming from Europe. Costa Rica remains top of the list 2.6 million tourists in 2012, of whom more than 300,000 came from Europe. Panama has taken over Guatemala’s 2nd place, followed by Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Belize. 7

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Mel bou rne, A us t ral i a.

September 2013 The China Guilin International Tourism Expo (CGITE) in its 4th edition is the leading business and leisure travel exhibition in Guangxi. A one stop business hub for international tourism stakeholders to tap into China’s booming tourism market, to foster new business relationships as well as to strengthen existing partnerships. -Explore Southern China’s Booming Tourism Market. -Network with local tourism organisations. -Sell destinations and tourism to local buyers. The CGITE series is a part of Conference & Exhibition Management Services’ (CEMS) travel & tourism portfolio. This event is organised by The People’s Government of Guilin, China Guangxi Tourism Administration and Guangxi International Expositions Bureau; Co-organised by The Guilin Convention & Exhibition Bureau, Guilin Municipal Tourism Bureau and Conference & Exhibition Management Services (CEMS). Join us now at CGITE 2013

China Guilin International Tourism Expo

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MELBOURNE CONVENTION BUREAU MCB, formerly known as the Melbourne Convention + Visitors Bureau, now has a new brand complete with a new logo and, most significantly, a new name, removing the word ‘Visitors’ to adequately reflect its core business of attracting business events to the state. The logo has been designed to modernise MCB’s brand identity; keeping the traditional ‘M’ silhouette but refreshing it with a vibrant and energetic red. The re-brand signified MCB’s commitment to its values of innovation, excellence and leadership. HOTELS ON THE UP IN BRICS With a growing economy in the BRICS it is not surprising that the construction of hotels is also booming. There are presently 537 registered hotel construction projects underway in China, followed by India with 295 new hotels. In China there are more than 320 of the 537 hotel projects that will offer more than 250 rooms. This helps justify the approximate 150,000 new hotel rooms to be on offer in the next few years in China. There are presently 2,900 operating up-market hotels available. Tourism growth is primarily achieved by foreign tourists: 294 million overnight stays were counted in 2011. Approximately 106 million hotel guests travel to and within China every year - 70 million come from abroad. The tourism sector in India also sees continued growth. The 1,000 existing 1st class and luxury hotels are to be supplemented by 295 new properties offering 48,000 hotel rooms. In Russia, 116 new top hotels with 37,000 rooms will be on offer over the next few years. So far 932 top hotels are currently in operation. In Sochi, the host city of the 2014 Winter Olympics will see 17 new hotels and resorts with 4,800 rooms put into operation. In contrast, Brazil who is hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Summer Olympics in 2016 will open just 20 new top hotels, with 3,600 rooms. In South Africa 11 new 1st class and luxury hotels with 2,400 rooms will open in the coming years. GERMANY ON TARGET & LAUNCHES NEW ‘WEBSHOP’ The German National Tourist Office (GNTO) has launched a new ‘Webshop’ service on its website, for consumers wishing to receive travel brochures and information by post - just as the statistics for Jan-Dec 2012 show a healthy increase in UK visitors to Germany. The new Webshop is in addition to the online publications available from the GNTO website and offers consumers the choice of receiving their information by post instead of viewing it online. No charge is made for the brochures or the cost of postage for brochures ordered through Klaus Lohmann, GNTO director UK and Ireland said: ‘Interest in travel to Germany is increasing all the time. Our latest figures for January-December 2012 show there was a rise of 5.7% in travellers from the UK to Germany in the last year - an unprecedented amount. This new facility will clearly be welcome and should help to meet the demand for information about where to go and what to see in Germany. The choice is almost endless!” However, it is not only the UK market which sees positive growth for Germany with excellent growth in the volume of overnight stays by international visitors providing much of the momentum. In 2012 in excess of 68.8 million overnight stays by visitors from abroad in accommodation establishments with more than ten beds was recorded; an increase of around 8% on 2011. Europe and the BRICS countries go from strength to strength and they have played a major role in this new record result for inbound tourism in Germany. If the main source markets continue to perform strongly, GNTO will be on track to pass the 80 million mark in international overnight stays by 2020. NSW BUSINESS EVENTS New South Wales has had one of its most successful business events years ever, hosting 91 events worth almost UK£152, (Euro€176) million to the State’s economy. 2012 saw 60,237 delegates come to Sydney for a total of 244,453 delegate days. 2013 has only just begun, but already BESydney has secured a strong line-up of events for the city, drawing thousands of visitors that are keen to experience one of the world’s most unforgettable destinations first hand. So far, 64 events will attract more than 50,000 business visitors to NSW with an estimated economic impact of UK£116, (Euro€133) million to the state. ■ 8

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Interview With… Dr. Maria-Grazia Crotti owner of Weltstudio in Correggio

Maria Grazia Crotti, owner of Weltstudio in Correggio in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, talks with Pamela McCourt Francescone about her agency and about the challenges facing her sector. When and why did you set up Weltstudio? “I studied languages at Milan University and then qualified as a simultaneous interpreter at Bologna. Then, after working with a German company - hence the name of my agency - I opened my own business. We specialise in marketing training as well as product launches and we are intermediaries between companies and tour operators in the field of incentive travel.” Your agency is in a small town, Correggio in the heart of Italy. “Correggio is a very special place, a town that has spawned many famous artists in all fields like the famous 15th-century painter Antonio Allegri, known as ‘il Correggio; one of his most famous painting is in the National Gallery in London. Another famous son of Correggio is Luciano Ligabue, the internationally-famous rock singer and songwriter.” How has your sector changed in the last few years? “Up to a few years ago it was very easy to plan everything, but nowadays you have to be ready “yesterday’!” This means you have to work very fast which is not always easy, and you must always be up-to-date on what is going on in the business!” What are the main challenges facing an agency like yours today? “Competition. It is everywhere and it comes from every imaginable angle! Prices are also always a big headache, profits have been pared down to a minimum and so you have to work harder than ever to keep ahead of the competition.” Are your clients looking for new ideas? “Always! A new idea is always the winning card; you have to come up with new ways of introducing things to customers!” On the subject of prices, but also for what a destination can offer in the field of incentive travel, which part of the world is the best value today Asia, the Americas, Europe? “I think the world has moved towards Asia. The Asian countries are expanding more and more. The Americas are a bit more difficult, the mentality is very different, but the Asian people are facing an economic boom and just now they are riding the crest of the wave!” If you could go anywhere in the world for a holiday where would you choose to go? Australia for sure! That is my next target!” ■

2 Piazza Garibaldi, IT-42015 Cirreggio, Italy. T.: +39 0522 642 294, F.: +39 0522 642 700 E.: weltstudio (@)

T he A rc ades , C or reg gi o, Ital y.


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1 EVER UK ECONOMIC IMPACT STUDY The UK Economic Impact Study; research being carried out for the 1st time, has seen huge response levels. This research is being led by the MPI Foundation and a consortium of investment partners. The researchers, led by Leeds Metropolitan University, have received 3,350 responses for the Study for the UK meetings and events industry. The level of engagement will enable the research team to capture the profile of the industry and evaluate the economic contribution from both the supply and demand side to the UK economy. The results of the wide range of surveys will reveal the critical role the meetings industry plays in the UK economy. The 3,350 responses are broken down as follows: 548 meeting organisers, 457 venues, 695 exhibitors from UK, US, Germany, Ireland and France, 1617 attendees from UK, Ireland, USA, Germany, and France, 33 destinations management organisations. The results will be released in 2 phases: Industry Profile - released at International Confex, in London in March 2013 and the Economic Impact - released at The Meetings Show UK in July 2013. The research is being undertaken through the support of investment partners, who represent a cross section of the whole industry. They are; IHG, Reed Travel Exhibitions, Barbican, International Confex, ExCel, ICCA, IMEX, Meetings & Incentive Travel, SITE, The Meetings Show UK, Conde Nast, London & Partners, Q Hotels, SECC, Visit Scotland and Visit Wales.

MEETINGS AFRICA 2013: AFRICAN INTEGRATION Tourism is a key element in the promotion of growth, socio-economic development and unity of the African continent. It is also a fast growing industry that is likely to contribute hugely to the reduction of poverty. Africa is focusing on enhancing the socio-economic development of its people and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). As a continent, a focus on better tourism policies, as well creating employment opportunities through increased investment in, and marketing of, African destinations as well as investment for sustainable

T al l i nn, E s t oni a .

tourism projects. Investors are not in short supply either as they know there is a huge business potential in the African tourism sector. International tourism in Africa has almost doubled since 2000, growing from 26 million international tourist arrivals to 50 million in 2011. International tourism receipts, a vital source of foreign exchange in the region, tripled in just one decade (from UK£6.7, (Euro€7.7) billion in 2000 to UK£22, (Euro€25) billion in 2010). The question is not whether there should be ‘co-operation’ between African nations, as all agree there should, but it is to identify the combination of cooperation, coordination and integration, that is realistic and feasible and that will best advance the goals of contributing to growth and development of Tourism in Africa. One way forward is to create regional tourism hubs, with African National Tourism Boards opening regional offices in neighbouring countries and building partnerships with transport, governments, air links, etc that would assist in the movement of tourists from the neighbouring country back to the NTB nation. The speed of Africa’s regional integration is vital for its future economic competitiveness and its development and prosperity. The development of skills, infrastructure and interconnectivity, intra-regional trade, common markets, and the removal of trade barriers will also be essential. As Africa, it is not only international tourists it wishes to attract, but also to promote domestic tourism so that its people can appreciate the beauty within their borders. Meetings Africa 2013 took place in Johannesburg, South Africa from 18-23 February.

ESTONIA: ECB STARTS 2013 ON A HIGH The beginning of the year has been positive and productive for the Estonia Convention Bureau (ECB) as it took part in 2 key international meetings industry events, both focusing on the Eastern European region. The destination was the MCE CEE (M.I.C.E. Event for Central and Eastern Europe) in Budapest. There, in cooperation with Estonian Tourist Board, the ECB successfully introduced Estonia as a meetings destination. In Vilnius, Lithuania, the ECB attended CONVENE, a new event for meetings industry professionals in the Baltic Sea Region. The event showcased nearly 100 exhibitors from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Sweden and Russia. Over 100 fullyhosted buyers from around Europe were on hand. After the main event in Vilnius, a group of 7 European event organisers visited Tallinn as part of a post-tour to get acquainted with Estonia's meetings and incentive possibilities in more detail.

NEW TOKYO CONVENTION FACILITY Tokyo's new landmark, JP TOWER, is a high-rise building rebuilt on the site next to Tokyo Station. Occupying the 4th and 5th floors, is the new Conference facility, ‘JP TOWER Hall & Conference’. ‘JP TOWER Hall & Conference’ features meeting halls up to 600m2 size, 2 conference spaces, and 6 meeting rooms, to accommodate a wide variety of international conferences, business seminars, new product rollouts, and other events. In addition, JP TOWER will have a tourist and business information centre called ‘Tokyo City i’, providing plenty of services including in-depth tourist information, ticketing, tourist cafe and performance space. The building is directly connected to the station through an underground passageway or by a one-minute walk from the station exit along an aboveground road. 11

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NYC ENCOURAGES MORE MICE VISITORS New York’s convention bureau, NYC & Company, has launched a Brooklyn neighbourhood toolkit to encourage more visitors to the city’s diverse neighbourhoods. The new 'Brooklyn, Downtown and Nearby Neighbourhoods' toolkit provides relevant information for travel professionals on the area’s hotels, attractions, cultural organisations and transportation links.

With a range of new hotels and attractions opening in Brooklyn in recent years, the toolkit is a convenient source of information for both leisure and M.I.C.E. trade looking to book Brooklyn for clients. A variety of hotels including conference, express and boutique properties are spotlighted as part of the new toolkit. Since 2006, hotel development in New York City has expanded more than 30% from 71,000 rooms in 2006 to 93,000 rooms now. During this period, approximately 72 hotels representing close to 6,200 rooms have opened in the city’s boroughs beyond Manhattan. Since 2011, Brooklyn has seen the opening of 8 new hotels, with 6 more in the pipeline before 2016. MyCEB SUCESSFUL 2012 MyCEB is well on its way to achieving 2.9 million international business tourism arrivals to Malaysia by 2020. The Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) had a successful 2012 positioning Malaysia as Asia’s business events hub. During 2012 MyCEB successfully

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secured 26 association meetings, to be held in the country over the next 5 years. The Bureau’s wins will see a total of 35,482 delegate arrivals into Malaysia, and an estimated UK£133 (Euro€153) million worth of economic impact for Malaysia. They also secured 109 corporate and incentive meetings for Malaysia in 2012 which will welcoming 25,604 delegates and will record an estimated RM 275.6 million in economic impact. The breakdown of delegates can be divided into 58% of association meetings and 42% corporate and incentive meetings. Collectively an estimated contribution of UK£135, (Euro€156) million in economic impact will be generated from both association meetings and corporate and incentive events. 2012 saw MyCEB providing support towards 255 business events, comprising of 50% of corporate and incentive meetings, 44% association meetings and 6% exhibition. In total, these events gave an economic impact of UK£254, (Euro€295) million with more than 130,000 delegate arrivals. RIMINI AND SAN MARINO JOIN FORCES The Palacongressi di Rimini was the venue for the signing of the new agreement between the Convention Bureau della Riviera di Rimini and the Convention & Visitors Bureau di San Marino. The two sides will work together in the promotion and management of congress events in the respective areas. In an everincreasingly competitive market, improving quality and presenting an array of top notch innovative products capable of attracting major International events is not easy. By working together for mutual benefit, the two parties have the chance for new opportunities for growth and development. A new agreement, because with all the substance of a coordinated and shared activity, it pools together the wealth of skills, experience and relations that the two players have accumulated both on the national and International scene. SOUTH KOREA ATTRACTS DMC ORGANISERS Global destination management company (DMC), event management and professional conference organiser brand Pacific World has expanded into South Korea, through a strategic partnership with Kims Travel Company, a local inbound expert. Pacific World are looking to increase their presence in emerging MICE markets and recognise the increasing potential of South Korea to become the leading MICE destination in the region. Union of International Associations statistics from 2011 rank South Korea as the 6th most popular country in terms of international meetings, ahead of both Germany and Spain. The capital of South Korea, Seoul, was ranked as the 5th most popular city for international meetings ahead of Tokyo, Barcelona and Berlin. Pacific World currently delivers event solutions in over 16 countries including China, India, Hong King, Thailand, Singapore, Greece, Scotland, Spain, France and Monaco. HARROGATE INTERNATIONAL CENTRE, UK The new UK£11.5, (Euro€13.3) million event halls at Harrogate International Centre (HIC) have received the highest 5* ranking from BREEAM, the world’s leading design and assessment method for sustainable buildings. The new halls have already been used for a range of exhibitions, parties, conferences and events. The BREEAM assessment uses recognised measures on performance, set against established benchmarks to evaluate a building’s design. The extension to the HIC site includes: a 100% recycled aluminium roof, any timber was sustainably sourced, a combined heat and power unit, a sedum roof, rainwater harvesting system where water captured is used for flushing toilets, any ‘builders waste created during this project was taken to a recycling plant. Harrogate International Centre has enjoyed a strong start to 2013, contracting 13 significant business wins worth over UK£3.5 (Euro€4) million to the local economy. With a mixture of new and repeat business, 11 of the events will take place in 2013. Many of these clients have chosen Harrogate for its great central location and the reputation Harrogate has for looking after event delegates. ■ 12

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ITB BERLIN 2013 - REVIEW During the 3 trade days at ITB Berlin there was a slight increase in buyer numbers from the USA, Middle East and Africa. The number of trade visitors and buyers from Spain, Italy and Greece was 1.7% below 2011 figures. This trend also reflects the economic situation in these countries. By contrast, there were more visitors to the show who declared they would be back. ITB Berlin reported an increase in trade visitors authorised to make purchasing decisions. At the ITB Berlin Convention mobile and social media events were in sensationally high demand and reported a 50% rise in participants compared with 2012. The ITB Hospitality Day and ITB Business Travel Days also registered increased attendance. In 2013 visitor numbers on the first 2 days of the convention were 25% higher than in 2012. Over the first 3 days, participation in the social media and mobile travel services workshops and lectures at the eTravel World was twice last year’s figure. The ITB matchmaking event for bloggers, took place for the 1st time and was well received with around 100 bloggers from Germany and abroad were able to meet with exhibitors. A total of 250 bloggers from around the world visited ITB Berlin. LONDON GIVES EXCLUSIVE TRIP AS PART OF CONFEX 2013 As part of International Confex 2013 London’s official promotional organisation and CVB London & Partners have teamed up with the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) and Confex to give 100 event planners, media and corporate buyers a chance to go behind the scenes and visit one of the most eagerly awaited events venues in Europe. The trip will showcase the venues around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park which last summer played host to the London Olympic Games. Also the group will visit Britain’s tallest sculpture The ArcelorMittal Orbit which opens to the public as part of ‘Park In Progress’ tours from 29 March 2013. At 114.5m high and offers fabulous views across the Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and London. The ArcelorMittal Orbit’s split level venue which will be able to host 300 guests for a cocktail reception and will start to host corporate events from summer 2014.

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THE MEETINGS SHOW UK: EXHIBITORS & HOSTED BUYER PROGRAMME. Hotel chains, destinations, representation companies, venues and DMCs are amongst a wide range of organisations that have committed to bringing Hosted Buyers to the inaugural Meetings Show UK in July, 2013. The Hosted Buyer Programme will gather together 1,500+ qualified buyers to attend more than 13,500 pre-scheduled meetings with a host of suppliers from across the UK and around the world. Applications to attend The Meetings Show UK as a Hosted Buyer will be available via These organisations will generate Hosted Buyer attendance from throughout the UK as well as France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Poland and other European countries. The buyers will include substantial numbers from a wide range of corporate sectors, PCOs, full service agencies, incentive travel houses and international and national associations. The Meetings Show UK also has a rapidly expanding list of exhibitors which includes a wide range of leading UK and international destinations, venues and suppliers. Major UK destinations committed include: London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff, Newcastle, Gateshead, Coventry and Warwickshire and Brighton. International destinations include Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Reykjavik, Istanbul, New York, Milan, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Cyprus, Malta, Slovenia, Lithuania, Mexico, Thailand and Malaysia. In addition, many more destinations will be represented through more than 100 DMCs including Destinations Unlimited, Moulden Marketing, Activ'Travel, 4 Corner Events, HL Adventure and Mags Worldwide. Major Hotel chains present will include: Marriott Hotels, Guoman Thistle, H10 Hotels, Millennium & Copthorne Hotels, Puma Hotels, Expo Hotels and Resorts and Zacchera Hotels. Individual properties in attendance also include The Lensbury, MIC Hotel & Conference Centre as well as hotels from the Accor group, Jury's Inn and Vine Tree Connections’ group of luxury properties. The technology sector is represented by Cvent, RefTech, Power Vote, IML Worldwide and PSAV and specialist suppliers include, ARC International and Target Response. As the UK's only hosted buyer led show for the meetings industry, the event will attract more than 4,000 visitors including 1,500 plus hosted buyers The Meetings Show UK's inaugural event will take place 9-11July 2013 at Olympia, London. GDANSK CONVENTION BUREAU AT BALTIC CONVENE FAIR Almost 100 exhibitors and more than 120 hosted buyers from the Baltic Sea countries participated in the 1st edition of the Baltic Convene Fair that took place from 13-14 February 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Vilnius Convention Bureau set out to create a fair similar to EIBTM (Barcelona) and Conventa (Ljublana), but devoted strictly to the Baltic Sea countries. Exhibitors and hosted buyers took advantage of a rich educational programme, efficient organisation, a very helpful Convene team and a great number of positive meetings. The CONVENE educational programme saw Paul Kennedy (Director and Owner of the Kennedy Integrated Solutions and EIBTM and Conventa originator). He talked about new trends in the business meeting industry, significant meaning of the so - called 'secondary cities’ and the strength of local and regional events. He referred to the destination of Gdansk, Poland as a great example of a brand revolution - active city promotion (a joint effort of Gdansk Tourist Organisation and Gdansk Convention Bureau) created an attractive destination, both for tourists and event professionals. Participants also gained useful tips about managing site inspections, destination selection process and the importance of rich historical and emotional elements of the city. During the event, members of Gdansk Convention Bureau met with more than 40 hosted buyers (from Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, UK, Italy, Germany and the Nordic countries). The success of the Baltic Convene Fair has the potential to become one of the main meetings industry events in Europe. 14

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ITE & MICE, which draws 12,000 trade and 70,000 public visitors, will highlight the travel theme and pavilions of Sport Tourism (new), Wellness, Honeymooning & Overseas Wedding, Study Tour, Travel Photography, Cruise and MICE in 2013, as popularity of travelling for themes keep growing fast. A survey on our public visitors last year, which drew over 4,000 replies, found 52% respondents interested in travel photography, 34% in cruise, 18% in study tour, 16% in honeymooning and overseas wedding, and 11% on wellness and medical tourism. Sport Tourism, new this year, was not included. Among our trade visitors, 5700 are from travel agents and 3,300 from MICE and corporations. Therefore, ITE & MICE covers effectively the regional travel trade, MICE and corporate travel, and Hong Kong’s affluent FIT. In its 27th year, the Expo is among Asia’s earliest and has an exceptionally high percentage of international exhibitors, which draws from around 50 countries (from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas and Middle East etc), some 650 exhibitors with 85% from abroad. Organised by TKS Exhibition Services Ltd., ITE & MICE is supported by China National Tourism Administration, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong and Macau Government Tourist Office, trade associations of travel agents and event industries from Hong Kong and in the region. ITE & MICE 2013 will be held from June 13 to 16 at Halls 1A to 1E at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. For more info, visit or email to MEETING PLACE BERLIN

Berlin is a truly unique city with thousands of visitors from all over the world visiting the city for work and pleasure. They stay in one of the approximately 600 modern hotels and attend events in the ICC Berlin, the Orangerie or other special locations.

IT B B erl i n 201 3, G erm an y

There are many and varied opportunities, including highlights such as the Museum Island, 3 opera houses and a neighbourhood culture unparalleled in the world. These strengths make Berlin a leading destination for meetings, conventions and corporate incentive trips. In the first half of 2012 alone, 57,800 events were held in the German capital, 8% more than in the 1st half of 2011. 4.6 million visitors attended these gatherings, a 7% increase. Berlin is the 4th most important convention locations in the world, with 147 events organised by international organisations. Meeting and convention planners have another opportunity to get to know the German capital in the summer of 2013, at the 7th Meeting Place Berlin from 4-8 July 2013. This biennial gathering is hosted by the visitBerlin Berlin Convention Office and its partners. Participants will discover the CityCube Berlin, a multi-functional congress and congression centre opening in early 2014 as well as get to follow the traces of the Berlin Wall. Registration is available now at TRAVELRAVE RETURNS 21 - 25 OCTOBER 2013 Asia’s most influential travel trade festival TravelRave will run for the 4th edition from 21-25 October 2013 with new content in addition to the discussions that have become an integral part of the travel trade festival. Talent development in the industry takes centre stage as Asian travel leaders commit to initiatives focused on grooming the next generation of leaders at the Asia Travel Leaders Summit. Also new to the TravelRave is the Union of International Associations (UIA)’s 1st Associations Roundtable in Asia. TravelRave is a unique annual platform in the travel and hospitality industry to exchange insights, discover new opportunities, and celebrate the achievements of Asian tourism in a week-long festival. TravelRave 2012 saw over 10,700 attendees (+12% from 2011) from the entire spectrum of the Asian travel and tourism industry to network, exchange knowledge and share experiences over 6 events. MYANMAR HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM CONFERENCE Under the patronage of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, Sphere Conferences and Myanmar Tourism Federation the country’s 1st hospitality and tourism conference the Myanmar Hospitality and Tourism Conference 2013 took place at the Traders Hotel in Yangon from 27-28 February 2013. Sphere Conferences is the conference arm of Singapore Press Holdings, the country’s leading multimedia group. The Myanmar Hospitality and Tourism Conference 2013 is positioned as the gateway for property developers, operators and owners of hospitality properties, financiers and investors to explore, evaluate and expand Myanmar’s potential as a travel destination. The Myanmar government shared its tourism master plan, detailing a suite of proposals to boost the tourism sector and showcase the country’s potential projects and investment opportunities to position itself as a major tourist destination in Asia. There were 300 delegates present at the conference from 13 countries to learn about the opportunities available in Asia’s last frontier, providing the stage for domestic and international hotels and tourism investors to convene and map the future of the Myanmar’s tourism industry. Delegates at this 2day conference also gained 1st hand information from the Myanmar Tourism Federation on the hotel investment zones in Myanmar. There was also a destinationfocused discussion group to identify different issues and challenges as well as solutions and opportunities that will aid keen investors in entering into Myanmar. Myanmar has reached a milestone of 1 million visitors in 2012 and expected to attract a further 30% more in the coming year. As of 2012, of the 787 hotels in Myanmar, 23 of them are of 5 and 4 stars status. To meet the new and predicted demand the development and upgrading infrastructure and tourism facilities is key and needed now. From 2009 to 2012, tourism income has almost tripled from UK£130, (Euro€150) million to UK£353, (Euro€408) million. Myanmar has become one of the ‘must-go’ travel destinations. As such, there is a crucial need for the country to welcome foreign investment to help fill the gap in tourism products and hospitality resources. 15

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Your global e-news simplified! Established in 1997, with 35 copies. In 2013 it reaches more than 22,600 International trade professionals across all travel and tourism industries in all 5 continents. TOURISM AROUND THE WORLD MONTHLY is proud to be the global media support for many emerging and leading destinations and exhibition organisers and events in travel, tourism and m.i.c.e around the world. TOURISM AROUND THE WORLD MONTHLY offers many advertising opportunities to assist in your global marketing campaign. TOURISM AROUND THE WORLD MONTHLY is just one click away!

ATF ASEAN TOURISM FORUM) 1623 JANUARY 2014; SARAWAK, MALAYSIA Malaysia is where the ASEAN Tourism forum began. First established in 1981, ATF has been a key driving force in developing tourism in the ASEAN region.

For over 3 decades, government and private sector associations have come together annually at ATF to discuss, review and strategise ways to continuously promote ASEAN as the world’s top travel destination. The very 1st ATF was hosted in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. It was an early indication of the willingness of

ASEAN countries to work together for the common good of every member country. Since then, ASEAN has grown economically by leaps and bounds, and garnered international recognition for its diverse culture, and the quality of ASEAN as an unforgettable holiday destination. This has lead to record numbers of tourists in the region, not just from the rest of the world, but between neighbouring ASEAN countries as well. With all 10 ASEAN member nations working hand in hand with public and private sectors, much progress has been made in growing a sustainable tourism industry in the region. Through increased cooperation and exploring mutually beneficial collaborations in facing common regional challenges, every ASEAN nation stands to benefit from sharing its unique, diverse cultures with the rest of the world through tourism. ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) is a cooperative regional effort to promote the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region as one tourist destination where Asian hospitality and cultural diversity are at its best. This annual event involves all tourism industry sectors of the 10-member nations of ASEAN: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Each year, the hosting of ATF is rotated among the member countries. ATF 2014 marks the 33rd anniversary of this event since its inauguration in Malaysia in 1981. ATF aims to: Project ASEAN as an attractive, multi-faceted single destination; Create and increase awareness of ASEAN as a highly competitive regional tourist destination in the Asia Pacific; Attract more tourist to ASEAN member countries; Promote intra-ASEAN travel; Strengthen cooperation among the various sectors of the ASEAB tourism industry. As the annual convention of the ASEAN tourism industry, ATF promotes the exchange of ideas, review of industry developments and joint formulation of recommendations to further accelerate the growth of ASEAN tourism. ATF TRAVEX: ATF also provides a platform for the selling and buying of regional individual tourism products of ASEAN member countries, through the 3-day TRAVEX event. The unique and specialised ATF TRAVEX makes it easy and convenient for suppliers of ASEAN tourism products and services and international buyers to conduct business and meet quality participants through the Seller-MeetBuyer (SMB) and the Buyer-Meet-Seller (BMS) appointment scheduling sessions. Both parties can maximize their participation through flexible one-to-one prescheduled meetings to explore, negotiate and ink deals with each other. CULTOURFAIR: NETWORKING PROGRAMME The official networking programme begins on October 2nd with a city tour of Guadalajara, visiting cultural places like Chapultepec Boulevard, the monument to the Boy Heroes, the Cathedral, the ‘Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres’, the Municipal Palace of Guadalajara, the majestic Degollado Theatre, the Government Palace, Tapatia square, the most ancient market of Mexico ‘Mercado Libertad’, the Cabañas Cultural Institute and the artisans village of Tlaquepaque. The welcome reception will take place in the village of Tequila, in Mundo Cuervo’s tequila factory, where participants will taste this spirit and will learn about the distillation process. The reception will be enlivened with a beautiful show of mariachi, folk and charreria. During the 1st day of business at the fair, a luncheon will be offered for all the participants at Expo Guadalajara, venue of CULTOURFAIR. On October 3rd, the gala dinner will take place at The Cabañas Cultural Institute, one of the jewels of the beautiful city of Guadalajara, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Participants will have the opportunity to behold the murals by Jose Clemente Orozco, which narrate the history of the American miscegenation. The dinner includes, a musical show will be performed with the aim to support a Civil Association and enhance awareness about social responsibility. To finish the programme, a brunch will be offered on October 4th, at the end of the fair, just before the start of the post-tours for hosted buyers and press. ■ 16

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Medical Malaysia by Dimitri Laspas, publisher. Over the past decade, the Asian country of Malaysia has been focusing on and succeeding in growing a niche global market in medical tourism. Indeed, Malaysia is now ranked as one of the world’s top 5 health tourism destinations. The country’s medical expertise covers many fields including cardiology, orthopaedics, cancer treatment, infertility treatment, and reconstructive surgery. There are 145 public hospitals and 253 private hospitals and most private hospitals are internationally recognised for their high quality standards with MS ISO 9002 or have been given accreditation by the Malaysian Society for Quality of Health. As with many other countries tapping into this lucrative niche market, Malaysia offers top class medical services, at a fraction of the cost of many Western Europe countries or the USA and with much shorter or no waiting times, making the whole medical experience one of almost enjoyment, especially when combined with a stunning destination to recuperate in.

Malaysian success rates for invitrofertilisation treatments are as high as those in the USA and with costs for most treatments typically 75% cheaper than in the west, it makes for a win-win situation. Statistics continue to show a strong and growing interest in Malaysia's healthcare tourism industry. The number of foreigners seeking healthcare services in Malaysia has grown from 75,210 patients in year 2001 to 341,288 medial tourists in 2007 with revenue of UK£54, (Euro€62) million. Malaysia’s top medial tourists come from the UK (8.5%), who chose to travel to Asia rather than to other establishments in other European destinations. This is followed by Spain and Brazil (both 7%), Singapore (6.8%) and Thailand (6.6%). With high demand from the west in general and especially the

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UK, more and more UK patients are choosing to go as far as Brazil, South Africa and Malaysia for surgery. Of course it is not just the medical treatment itself, the aftercare also needs to be in place and again Malaysia have a many hospitals who deal in medical tourism who offer recovery care either onsite in the hospital recovery suites or in upscale and 5*accommodation close by, providing patients with medical care if and when needed. The majority of medical staff speak more than one language making it easy to communicate and for the hospital to meet and understand its patients needs. This key feature has put Malaysia ahead of other Asian nations in the field of medical tourism. With such continuing growth, the 1st Malaysia International Healthcare Travel Expo (MIHTE) took place in 2012 to ensure this niche market is taken to its maximum potential for patients, hospitals and Malaysia as a destination. The MIHTE 2013 takes place from 20-22 October at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, Sunway Resort City, Malaysia. The event is organised by the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) which was established by the Government of Malaysia as the primary agency to develop and promote the healthcare travel industry and to position Malaysia as the preferred healthcare destination in the region. Malaysia is one of the wealthiest countries in Southeast Asia and offers sophisticated modern cities and natural beauty with traditional villages. It is a well established tourism destination for business and leisure tourists offering luxury, culture and cuisine. Malaysia has a tropical climate with a friendly population. With many worldwide flight connections to Malaysia, many travellers can obtain a 3 month visa on arrival at the airport, making it even easier to conclude any medical tourism experience. With a wide range of hotels and other accommodation on offer and a favourable exchange rate, makes for any stay value for money. Malaysia has become a most sought after medical tourism destination with the complete supporting infrastructure to support this niche sector. ■

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TOURISM AROUND THE WORLD MONTHLY is a global e-journal for the travel and tourism, M.I.C.E, exhibitions and airlines industries. It provides accurate, detailed, informative and useful information and is produced in English. Started in 1997 it has an ever-growing circulation. It is also the official global media support for several key exhibitions within the industry. 环球旅游全球电子新闻 月 刊 是针对旅行与旅游业、航空公司, M.I.C.E.行业, 在全球范围内发行的英语版本电子刊物。 它提供准确、详尽的行业资讯,自1997年创刊以来发展迅速,并成为业内几 大卓越展会的官方全球媒体支持方。 TOURISM AROUND THE WORLD MONTHLY ist ein globales e-journal für reise und tourismus, M.I.C.E, messe und ausstellungs und airlines industrien. Es bietet akurate, detailierte, informative und brauchbare Informationen und ist hergestellt in Englisch. Seit dem Beginn im Jahre 1997 hat es eine kontinuierlich steigende Auflage. Es ist auch die offizielle globale Medium Unterstützung für viele Zielmessen und Ausstellungen inerhalb der Industrie. 17

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THREE NEW HOTELS IN MYANMAR As Myanmar opens its doors to tourism and big investment opportunities, Accor is opening of 3 newly built hotels - an MGallery hotel in Naypyidaw and 2 Novotel hotels in Yangon and Mandalay. Due to open this year, the MGallery hotel will the city’s 1st international brand hotel, featuring 168 rooms, a meeting hall, 4 meeting rooms, a cigar bar and 2 dining outlets, including an Italian restaurant. It is located 15 minutes drive from the City Hall, Water Park and Gem Museum, and 20 minutes from Naypyidaw International Airport. Novotel Yangon Max is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2013 and will offer 366 rooms, 3 restaurants, including a rooftop French restaurant, a bar, a 1,000sq.m banquet room, 8 meeting rooms, a swimming pool and wellness centre. The hotel is within walking distance of Shwedagon Pagoda, Bogyoke Aung San Market, Inya Lake, Junction Square Shopping Centre, and a 20 minute drive from Yangon International Airport. Novotel Mandalay Mingalar, will open in 2015 and have 280 rooms, 2 restaurants, 2 bars, a ballroom, 4 meeting rooms, a swimming pool and wellness centre. It is situated near the Maha Muni Pagoda, Mandalay Palace, Shwenandaw Monastery, Mandalay Hill, and a 40-minute drive from Mandalay International Airport. STB LAUNCHES ‘ONLY IN SINGAPORE - RIGHT NOW!’ CAMPAIGN IN MALAYSIA The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has launched its marketing campaign for Malaysia, one of Singapore’s most important markets. 5th in a series of differentiated marketing campaigns after those launched in China, Australia, India and Indonesia, this campaign is similarly designed with the Malaysian visitors’ needs in mind. Based on an idea that is identical to the Indonesian campaign’s ‘Only in Singapore, Right Now!’ the Malaysian campaign aims to curate and deliver offerings and experiences based on a deeper understanding of consumer needs. JAPAN TOURISM TO SEE HUGE INCREASES BY 2017 The number of tourists visiting Japan from other Asian countries by 2017 is forecast to increase by 41% than

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2012’s total. The number of Asian travellers to Japan is projected to reach 9 million in 2017, up from an estimated 6.4 million in 2012, with Chinese, South Korean, Taiwanese and Indonesian visitor numbers expected to increase significantly. These figures may need to be revised upwards if the government launches more strategic tourism campaigns in emerging economies. Tourists from South Korea are expected to surge 39% to 2.8 million in 2017, while those from China will increase 53% to 2.2 million and Taiwanese visitors will jump 36% to 2.0 million. Among rapidly emerging Asian nations, around 190,000 travellers from Indonesia are expected to visit Japan in the target year representing an 86% increase compared with 2012 levels. The government has targeted an annual total of 25 million foreign visitors by 2020. The Japan National Tourism Organisation said that in 2012, the total number of foreign visitors to Japan, including from Asian countries reached 8.37 million. The figure plummeted to 6.22 million in 2011 due to the natural and nuclear disasters; a nearly 30% year-on-year plunge from the 8.61 million foreign travellers seen in 2010. THAILAND 2ND BEST LONG-HAUL DESTINATION 2013 Thailand has been rated the 2nd best long-haul destination in the 2013 Travel Trends Report issued by the UK tour operator Kuoni. It has also been rated amongst the Top 10 in other categories such as for Weddings (6th place), Honeymoons (3rd place) and for Singles (1st place). First place was the Maldives for long-haul destinations with 3rd place being Sri Lanka. Thailand offers holidays for everyone from captivating cities such as Bangkok with its floating markets to small island hideaways, with a friendly, open culture. Kuoni has conducted the annual Travel Trends Report since 1980. Figures in the 2013 Report are based on statistics from booking patterns from the whole of 2012 for holidays during 2012 and 2013, actual passenger numbers, customer behaviour and feedback. This great result shows that the entire Thai tourism industry has got its marketing and product-development strategies right for its target markets. Kuoni was established in 1906 in Switzerland. Today the tour operator has branch operations in over 40 countries. BEIJING WINS CONFERENCE 2013 Beijing has won its bid for the World Travel Market Vision Conference 2013. The Reed Travel Exhibitions organised event will take place on 8 April and will see executives from the largest tour operators both in China and worldwide, discussing the Chinese inbound and outbound markets. They will share their visions and expertise on sending visitors to and attracting visitors from China, as well as on the topic of the huge spending power of the Chinese tourists. GROUND-BREAKING YEAR FOR KUALA LUMPUR CONVENTION CENTRE 2012 saw the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre host 1,442 events; the highest number recorded since opening in mid-2005, a 7% increase from the 1,346 held in 2011, and served over 1.6 million delegates and visitors. In turn, this resulted in an economic impact contribution RM590 million. This brings the total number of events held at the Centre between June 2005 and 31 December 2012 to 6,645, with over 13.7 million delegates and visitors in attendance and the total economic impact contribution to Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia for the period to RM4.2 billion. For the Centre, the past 12 months saw the launch of a revamped mobile friendly website, Wi-Fi network enhancement, a student training partnership with Taylor’s University and continuing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work with several environmental and children’s organisations. The facility also won respect from its peers with receipt of several prestigious awards including the MICE Report Awards 2012 for ‘Best Convention Centre in Asia’, Gold Award at the Meetings Industry Marketing Awards 2012 for ‘Best Print Advertising Campaign’ for the Batik Sarong Tie-Up Campaign and the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Malaysia Chapter’s inaugural ‘Dato Lau Foo Sun Excellence in Dining Award’, amongst others. ■ 18

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THE FIRST BA A380! British Airways’ first Airbus A380 will make its scheduled debut on its London Heathrow - Los Angeles route from October 2013 followed by flights to Hong Kong in November. The A380 will be the largest aircraft in the British Airways fleet, accommodating 469 customers across 4 cabins. British Airways has ordered 12 for delivery by 2016 as part of a UK£5, (Euro€5.78) billion investment over 5 years in new aircraft, smarter cabins, elegant lounges, and new technologies to make life more comfortable in the air and on the ground.

The arrival of the A380 has involved a multi-million pound redevelopment of British Airways’ Heathrow engineering base to support maintenance of the world’s largest commercial aircraft. This included two 24-tonne roof ‘eyebrows’ being lifted into place in one of the hangars to raise the height of the entrance to accommodate the A380’s 24m tailfin. UK: HIGHEST IN WORLD FOR AIR TAXES In a recent survey, the UK was the 2nd most expensive country in the world for airlines to serve for the competitiveness of its airport and aviation taxes. The heads of many UK airlines jointly stated that the level of taxes was ‘unjustified’ and action needed to be taken at a government level. The report placed the UK just infront of Chad, which was the least competitive country. The Netherlands was 97th most competitive, Germany 109th and France 116th. Aviation plays a vital and important role in economic growth and with a reduction in taxes would boost the UK economy by UK£16, (Euro€ 18.50billion over 3 years. AIRLINES NEW FOUND STRENGTH We all know that by booking ahead, we gain better airline ticket prices, but airlines are also becoming smarter at gaining additional revenue from seat and baggage charges. In general airlines are seeing new growth following cuts in flights, staff and routes.

In 2012, Easyjet’s share price doubled and the merger between BA and Iberia saw good share price rises. Fuel costs have played a big part in this positive turnaround for airlines as a whole. This however has had the effect of ticket prices rising as more passengers compete for less seats. Budget airlines continue to do well however, with Ryanair carrying 4% more passengers in 2012, and Easyjet saw a 6.7% increase in 2012. Now that the cuts have been made and the economy is stabilising generally, many airlines have plans to invest millions in their upper classes. 1st GOLDEN AIR FLIGHT TO SINGAPORE Golden Myanmar Airlines is to introduce its 1st international flights just 2 months after it launched services in the Southeast Asian state of Myanmar. The carrier flies a daily service from Yangon to Singapore from this month and a daily link between Yangon and Bangkok. Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur are also part of the carrier’s network growth plans once additional Airbus A320 aircraft are acquired. This is the country’s 1st private operator backed by a consortium of 15 local investors. Its inaugural flights were in January between Yangon and Mandalay, the 2 largest cities in Myanmar. The 2 international routes will put the carrier in direct competition with some of Asia’s leading carriers but it is confident that its lower-cost structure to its rivals will enable it to compete while its low-fare offering with stimulate an already expanding market. International air travel from Myanmar grew 31.2% in 2012. The Yangon - Singapore route is already served by local carrier Myanmar Airways International and Singaporean carriers SilkAir, Singapore Airlines and low-cost operator Jetstar Asia Airways. The addition of Golden Myanmar on the route will boost overall capacity by 10.3%. NEW ISTANBUL AIRPORT TO RIVAL GCC HUBS Turkey is looking to build one of the world’s biggest airports that could place its capital city Istanbul as a global travel hub, rivalling the Gulf. The country is planning to build a 3rd airport in Istanbul. The project is expected to cost just $5bn. The first phase is set to be completed in 2017 and will provide an initial capacity of 90 million passengers a year. Once all 6 runways are complete, the capacity then potentially rises to 150 million passengers. Istanbul is aiming to attract international travellers in transit to Europe, Africa and Asia. In particular it is aiming to be a gateway for traffic into Africa and has just added Libreville, Gabon to its network. It now offers flights to 34 African destinations. GCC Airports also see the hub potential and are expanding their airports too. Dubai International airport aims to expand its capacity to 75 million passengers a year, with a long-term aim to transfer all traffic to the new Al-Maktoum airport providing capacity for 120 million passengers by the early 2020s.The new Hamad airport in Doha to open mid-2013 will have capacity for 28 million passengers. Turkish Airlines has been growing rapidly and has been expanding its fleet and the routes it offers; 219 destinations globally. In 2012, the airline recorded a total of 123,689 frequencies, an increase of 18% compared to 2011. Istanbul and Turkish Airlines have advantages over its Middle Eastern competition to become a hub as the airline is a member of the Star Alliance and therefore gets a lot of feed traffic from other carriers. In addition Istanbul’s history and tourist attractions also make it a preferable stopover compared to Dubai or Doha for international travellers. In addition to the airport, a new rail line will be constructed from the city to the airport. AIRASIA TARGETS THE INDIA SUBCONTINENT MARKET With Indian aviation offering huge long-term growth potential, Air Asia wishes to tap into that and plans to establish a domestic Indian airline to capitalise on the country’s growing aviation market. In co-operation with India’s Tata Group it would be the 1st international investment in India’s struggling airline industry since the announcement that would allow foreign airlines to hold up to a 49% stake of its local carriers. AirAsia would hold a 49% stake and apply for an airline licence from India’s civil aviation authorities. Tata will hold a 30% stake. The new carrier would be based in Chennai, in southern India, and focus on connecting smaller cities. 19

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WORLD'S FIRST A380 FACILITY Dubai Airports and Emirates launched Concourse A - the home of the A380 and the world’s first purpose-built facility for the A380 aircraft at Dubai International. All 20 A380 capable contact gates and Emirates’ luxurious First Class and Business Class lounges, which comprise 29,000sq.m of the facility, are now fully operational. During the first month of operations in January 2013, Concourse A has handled 461,972 pieces of luggage carried on over 2,450 flights serving 589,234 passengers.

Emirates have a current fleet of 31 A380s and a further 59 on order and are the largest operator of this aircraft in the world. Concourse A is a vital element of the airports UK£5.2, (Euro€6) billion investment in the continued expansion of Dubai International which will see it become the world’s busiest airport for international passenger traffic by the end of 2015. Concourse A is part of the Terminal 3 complex built for the use of Emirates, from where its passengers can travel to its network of 21 A380 destinations across Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. With 11 floors and a total builtup area of 528,000sqm, Concourse A is connected to Concourse B and Terminal 3 via an underground train. The First Class and Business Class lounges have dedicated floors that offer direct and convenient access to aircraft boarding gates. The lounges are the largest in the world and offer fine dining with showcase kitchens, conference rooms, business centres, a Timeless Spa, entertainment zones, dedicated smoking areas as well as children’s play area. Concourse A also offers an enhanced duty free shopping and dining experience featuring a wide variety of high-quality and globally recognised food and beverage brands. AIR CANADA ROUGE Air Canada’s new low cost airline will start operation in July 2013. For its inaugural 2013 season, Air Canada Rouge is introducing new routes not currently operated by Air Canada to Venice, Italy and Edinburgh, Scotland.

Some flights that had been covered by Air Canada will now be served by Air Canada Rouge, services from Toronto and Montreal to Athens, Greece to Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Costa Rica. Air Canada Rouge flights to all destinations will depart from Air Canada’s main hub at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport offering customers easy connections with Air Canada, Air Canada Express and its Star Alliance partner flights. The Air Canada rouge fleet initially comprises of 2 Boeing 767-300ER aircraft to operate transatlantic flights. Air Canada Rouge will expand to other destinations as Air Canada begins to take delivery of its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft in 2014, therefore releasing aircraft for use in the Air Canada Rouge fleet. TAM LEAVES STAR ALLIANCE TAM Airlines (LATAM Airlines Group) has withdrawn from Star Alliance and has joined oneworld as its global alliance partner. The new deal takes place from April 2014. Passengers of TAM will still be able to gain points and benefits until the changeover. The other airline owned by LATAM is LAN Airlines, which is already a oneworld partner. Together LATAM’s airlines serve 150 destinations in 22 countries in Central and South American and the Caribbean. By joining oneworld, the group gains Brazil’s premier carrier and the destination that attracts the most travel demand. In addition to TAM and LAN, the LAN Colombia airline will join oneworld as an affiliate member in the autumn of 2013 where already the LAN Argentina, LAN Ecuador and LAN Peru airlines are already oneworld members. The oneworld members to date include Airberlin, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LAN, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Royal Jordanian and S7 Airlines, plus 30 affiliates. SriLankan Airlines and Qatar Airways are awaiting approval to join the alliance. MINOAN AIR THE NEW EUROPEAN BUSINESS AIRLINE Greek regional carrier Minoan Air has launched UK domestic operations from its new base at London’s Oxford Airport. The small scheduled, charter and ACMI specialist will also launch an operation in the Swiss city of Lugano this month as it expands its activities across the Continent. The Independently-owned carrier has introduced 6 weekly flights to Edinburgh and 5 weekly rotations to Dublin. Minoan Air is mainly targeting business clientele but also expects to generate leisure demand on these two routes. Minoan Air, based in Heraklion, Crete is the first Greek airline to establish an operational base outside its own country. The company is to also introduce scheduled flights from Lugano, Switzerland and Rome, Italy as well as a link from the Swiss city to the Austrian capital Vienna. The airline will increase its fleet to 6 aircraft within 2013 and more destinations are planned. ■

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March 2013  

Travel, tourism, mice, exhibitions and aviation

March 2013  

Travel, tourism, mice, exhibitions and aviation