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August 2013

The 2nd edition of The Touring Exhibitions Meeting

Illustration by Khaled Hafez, Cairo


The Touring Exhibitions Meeting Berlin | August 30 – September 1, 2013 www.touringexhibitions.org

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Meet the representatives of our Sponsors during TEM – they have interesting exhibitions and services to offer! The TEM is a non-profit event aiming to give something back to the field of touring exhibitions. 70% of the TEM budget is financed by our sponsors and advertisers, 30% by your delegate fees.








FRINGE PROGRAM Together with Berlin Highlights and our local partners, we grant you access to several attractions of Berlin’s rich culture. Just show your delegate pass and get free entrance from Thursday, August 29th, until Monday, September 2nd, at the following attractions:

Dalí – The Exhibition at Potsdamer Platz

(1904–1989) himself once “Come into my brain”, Salvador Dalí be accepted by everyone invited his viewers. This invitation can ural metropolis of Berlin. right in the heart of the ambitious cult first time ever, a museum With over 450 exhibits, and, for the virtuosity and mastery of offers an extensive insight into Dalí’s How Dalí founded “Bulalmost every technique of art making. t bombs filled with nails letism” by shooting at stones, and wha e of the exciting details have to do with the Pietà, are just som surreal experience will to learn from the competent Dalí. This s alike rediscover this pohave both beginners and connoisseur larizing and exceptional artist. Leipziger Platz 7, 10117 Berlin


Panoramapunkt Potsdamer Platz Europe’s fastest lift takes you to a height of 100 metres in 20 seconds. The viewing platform and the sun deck above offer a breathtaking 360° view of Berlin and its striking landmarks like the Reichstag, the Siegessäule (Column of Victory) or Brandenburg Gate. The open air exhibition “Berliner Blicke auf den Potsdamer Platz” (Berlin Views on Potsdamer Platz) adds the historic dimension to today’s perspective by comparing the present with the past. In addition, the Panoramacafé and its 360° glazing glass offers a superb view for those who want to enjoy exquisite coffee and confectionery. Potsdamer Platz 1, 10785 Berlin

Barbie™ – The Dreamhouse Experience

allow visitors to be imA visit to the Dreamhouse is meant to invited to touch, feel mersed in Barbie’s world. Visitors are ponents of the house – and engage with the interactive com are at Barbie’s toy dream truly making one feel as though they

home. uency Identification) By using RFID technology (Radio Freq to enjoy a personalized visitors are given the opportunity life-sized house, covertour through the Dreamhouse®. The you with the first ever ing 1,400 square metres, will provide a 1,100 square metre in look into Barbie’s private world, while star stage as well as the entertainment area you’ll find the Pop e experience for all. Fashion World, offering an unforgettabl 10179 Berlin Alexanderplatz, Voltaire Strasse 2a,

Tutankhamun – His Tomb and His Treasures

Carter discovered the Since the year 1922, when Howard treasure of Tutankhatomb in the Valley of the Kings, the t significant discomun certainly counts as one of the mos “Tutankhamun – His veries of archeology. The exhibition umental overall conTomb and his Treasures”, with a mon ies and audio guides, tent of 1,000 objects, graphics, mov way, this historical portrays, in a unique and educational y. moment and the story of its discover 35 Berlin ARENA BERLIN, Eichenstrasse 4, 124

Asisi Panorama “The Wall” The Berlin Wall is now back at Checkp oint Charlie as a monumental life-size panorama by Yad egar Asisi. The unique view from the district of Kreuzberg over to Mitte on a fictitious autumn day in the 1980s show s how people learned to live with the reality of the Wall. Go on a discovery tour and experience the picture of a city torn apart. The scenes in the panorama focus on the everyday lives of people: moving houses, painting graffiti, eating at a snack bar, sightseeing at the Wall, or omnipresent border guards in their watch­ towers. A unique piece of history is brou ght back to life, becoming tangible to all. Checkpoint Charlie, Friedrichstrasse 205, 10117 Berlin

Deutsches Currywurst Museum

The Deutsches Currywurst Museum (German curry sausage museum) pays tribute to the popular dish which was invented by Berlin citizen Herta Heuwer, in September 1949. Touring the interactive hands-on exhibition, you will experience the Berlin Original with all your senses. Singing Ketchup bottles, a walk-in food stall or the sausage sofa will make this experience anything but boring. The Museum, dist inguished with five design awards, is not only a sight for sore eyes, but it also caters for a different kind of need: The sample of “Currywurst in the cup”. Included in the admission fee, the little dish aims to remind visitors of what made the Currywurst so famous in the first place: its unmistakable taste. Schützenstrasse 70, 10117 Berlin







The BERLIN Meeting The Touring Exhibitions Meeting (TEM) is a new business initiative by the German event agency Semmel Concerts, the producer of the exhibition “Tutankhamun – His Tomb and His Treasures”, in cooperation with the Finnish production company John Nurminen Events (producer of “NASA – The Exhibition”). TEM is a non-profit event organised to give something back to the touring exhibition sector. The TEM offers a three-day program of exciting lectures by international guest speakers, panels focusing on key issues of the touring exhibitions industry, as well an extensive accompanying program with complimentary networking events, such as a dinner party and a fringe program at a (nearly) all-inclusive, low registration fee. We, the Organization team, have, like many of you, attended quite a large number of conferences. We find it rather disturbing that most conferences do not provide sufficient room to network: Between the rushed Lunch and coffee breaks, the social events which you’d need to pay an extra reservation fee for, or worse, the compulsory childish speed networking sessions hosted by over-motivated motivation trainers, there is barely any time to get to know your peers. At best, you can probably exchange a few business cards, but no real connections are ever really properly made.

In its second year, we are just at the beginning of our ambitious TEM project, but we’re eager to perfect this experience. We will provide you with plenty of time and space to network, meet new faces and to listen to other people from all over the world. Our priority is for you to make business, to get inspired and wind up with new & original ideas, all the while enjoying a nice weekend in the heart of Berlin. We have managed, with the generous help from our sponsors, to insure that all social events of our conference (Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday morning) will be included in the conference fee, as we want to create an atmosphere which makes communication easy, but also fun. TEM aims to be about connecting people who are buying exhibitions and people who are producing exhibitions, as well as people from Museums and other exhibition venues. TEM is about exchanging ideas, making friends and building a platform of interest rather than just about making sales. We want to provide you with a unique global outlook that inspires your thinking and helps drive your business forward, and as such, our conference agenda is designed to encourage debate with a stimulating blend of presentation, discussion, audience interaction and high-level networking. Sponsor or attend TEM to meet with the heads of international exhibition businesses and opinion leaders at the forefront of global exhibition trends. We hope to create an atmosphere similar to the excitement felt at comic-book conventions, where people turn up excited and eager to be there, rather than just for shopping. We aim to be good hosts, and we’re doing this on our own accord: You will feel the difference in Berlin.

Welcome to the BERLIN meeting!

The Council The council has defined the content and developed the schedule for TEM 2013. See “Council Interviews” from pages 23 on. José Araujo (John Nurminen, Netherlands), John Norman (Premier Exhibitions, USA), Bruce Peterson (Grande Exhibitions, Australia), Christoph Scholz (Semmel Concerts, Germany), Clarence Sirisena (Science Center, Singapore), Peter Tabernal (Amsterdam EXPO, Netherlands) and Claudio Trotta (Barley Arts, Italy).

Christoph Scholz

Semmel Concerts, Germany

José Araujo

John Nurminen, Netherlands

Barley Arts, Italy

Peter Tabernal

Amsterdam EXPO, Netherlands



Grande Exhibition, Aust

Claudio Trotta

John Norman

Premier Exhibition, USA

Bruce Peterson

Clarence Sirisena

Science Center, Singapore



Don Wildman History Enthusiast, Museum Explorer


Don Wildman is fast becoming one the most recognizable faces in documentary television. Whether pulling back the curtain on a fascinating unseen view of America or bringing to light the puzzling and intriguing stories behind museum artifacts, Wildman takes viewers on an adventure with the mission to exDon Wildman, History Enthusiast, pose the real truth lying Museum Explorer beneath the surface. As host of Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the Museum,” Wildman journeys across America, going deep into the vaults of the nation‘s most revered institutions and unearthing wondrous treasures from the past. Wildman also served as host of Travel Channel’s “Off Limits,” where he crisscrossed the United States, taking viewers behind locked doors to uncover the secrets of the country’s man-made world. In Wildman’s new original series on Travel Channel, “Monumental Mysteries,” he explores the statues, memorials, national parks, sculptures and gravestones that commemorate America’s most intriguing events, notorious crimes, scandals, disasters and greatest triumphs of all time. Whether traversing obscure or familiar turf, his journey is full of fun and surprises. Previously, Wildman served as the intrepid host of History’s adventure series, “Cities of the Underworld,” where he explored hundreds of mysterious tunnels, catacombs, crypts and bunker systems found beneath more than forty cities and regions around the globe. Wildman has worked across a spectrum of subjects from history to engineering to sports adventure. On ESPN’s “Men’s Journal,” he paddled wild rivers in Chile, scaled towering mountains in Oregon, and fly-fished until he could fish no more. In 2011, he hosted the three-part historical investigation series, “Filthy Cities” – a joint venture between Discovery Channel and BBC – which landed him on the slopes of Italy’s Mount Vesuvius, delving into the infamous tragedy of Pompeii. Don Wildman‘s exciting travels and indispensable knowledge of the museum world have deemed him the best host to kick off our international conference on touring exhibitions. TEM is happy to have him, and can‘t wait for you all to meet him.


“Thinking double, thinking extreme” Mariam Hamdy speaks with Artist-in-Conference Khaled Hafez



MH – If you could pinpoint the most important source of inspiration for your work, what would that be, and why? KH – I have several sources of inspiration according to the medium I use. For painting, it is ancient Egyptian painting, because it is ancient Egyptians who invented painting, created and sustained its laws for over three thousand years. We are trying – alongside & through our inevitable awe and admiration – till today, to decipher the motives and objectives and symbols behind their work. It transcends time, geography and human ideas. From modern and contemporary artists I‘m inspired by painters Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Robert Rauschenberg and Anselm Kiefer. For my photography, I refrain from everything and anything conceptual, & love the practice of visual poets and photojournalism; adopting candid and street photography, inspired by the works of Irving Penn, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Bill Brant, Elliott Erwitt, and Ansel Adams. For my video practice, no video artist inspires me at all. I look at this world with curiosity, amusement and – at many times – disdain for much of the video art production, per-

haps because the medium is too democratic and allows for too much variation, which kills the pleasure of assimilation of the art offered. I like to think of myself as a filmmaker: I work from film and the practice of filmmakers. I am directly influenced by Claude Lelouche, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Bernardo Bertolucci and Sergio Leone. For my overall process I‘m inspired by and attempt to follow the paths of Gerhard Richter, William Kentridge and Gordon Parks, as they have managed to break all barriers of mediums, excel with massive technical skills, and enjoy every second of their practice; and it shows. MH – Your work is heavily based on dichotomies: contradicting, complimenting, opposing or affirming. What lends you to think in doubles, and how do you digest your surroundings as such? KH – I guess this is due to the diversity of mediums I use – which entails a diversity of references and continuous movement between mindsets. I believe that every mediums dictates the – for me, “rigorously scripted”– content, be it painting, drawing, photography or video. For drawing, painting and video I make a hybrid of imagery by using déjà vu media propagated iconography: from advertising



to found footage, from news papers to Internet-downloaded TV sequences. I am an “image-maker”, and my narrative comes through as I assimilate all those reference media sources. The key to a successful formula is the continuous daily studio practice, long studio hours, and opening of all the senses, not just the eyes. Dichotomies in my practice were first spotted in the nineties by cultural anthropologist and scholar Jessica Winegar, and I continuously – and consciously-think about that, which definitely has some impact on the final art production. I think in doubles because I am not looking for any answers: I am just proposing curious questions all the time, and all based on my observations, hence the irony, which became a somewhat obsessive aspect of my work. I laugh at ideas all the time while working in my studio, indeed thinking in doubles can be amusing and exploratory. But again, painting is different than video, and photography is all the way in the opposite direction of drawing. The pleasure of thinking and producing is the same though.









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TING LE www.fanticke ADER t.com www.eventim .com

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BOOST YOUR BUSINESS As the European market leader in ticketing systems and services for touring exhibitions, we lead the way to your next successful event all over the continent. Our unique services include: • Ticket distribution – maximize your reach via Europe’s leading online & offline sales channels • FanTicket – making the high quality of your events tangible • Appointment functionalities – advanced scheduling for easy handling of large groups • Unparalleled speed & throughput – sell more tickets in less time, decreasing waiting times • Access Control, Mobile Tickets & Ticketdirect – increasing the accessibility of your event Get in touch with us to find out how EVENTIM can make your next European exhibition a success!


Contact: international@eventim.de

KH – Touring exhibitions is a relatively new for both the art-specific or non-art-specific touring models. In both cases, it is important to exhibit the art production to a different audience, exchange with different receptive-modes that are specific to every community with different age groups, and sometimes different migration-host cultures. Every tour is a different exchange, and for the artist every exchange enhances the self-learning, peer-learning as well as enhances concepts and techniques. The artist learns how to speak about the work, defends it if needed, and explores new development possibilities for the self, for the work and for the practice.

MH – Your most recent work has a much more reduced, calm and monochromatic colour palette, versus your earlier much more busy and louder paintings. How did that reduction of colour come about and why?

AG01022000 1985 - 2015 05011973


AG01022000 1985 - 2015 05011973


MH – How do feel touring exhibitions can benefit young, contemporary visual artists specifically?

3FT 201 EVT1989

KH – I guess even revolutions calm down. I guess, I can‘t be sure, that it depends on this beautiful chess game between the conscious and its “sub”. My ideas are colourful, my old studio that I kept for 25 years was too. My new studio is larger and much less colourful; it could be age, it could be the cumulative experience of the professional painter – as we are talking about painting here –, the painter who paints every single day in his life when s/he is not traveling. I also guess that the process of assimilating information has developed with time too, and this is reflected on the production: stimulus compared to output. There is this beautiful Sufi Arabic phrase that explains how I perceive and perform things now: “if the scope of vision gets bigger, phrases get shorter”. For photography and video things are different: for the past three years I have been taking images along world travels: street photography, candid photography, urban or rural. After processing and retouching I transform those into fake Polaroids. My first camera at the age of 15 was a Polaroid Land camera 2000, that was later upgraded to 3000. I love screaming colour in photography, or black and white. Again: thinking double, thinking extreme.

Khaled Hafez in his studio in Cairo

MH – If you had to describe your favourite colour to a blind man, what would it be and how would you do it? KH – I would describe the colour Blue. I assume that the blind person has been born blind and does not have a clue. I would speak and explain first the notion of the sky, the clouds, the river and the ocean. I would explore the notion of sand, beach, desert and oasis, and how all those relate to the clear sky. I would try to simulate for her/him the rain, the dew and the state of “water droplets”, then relate those to the clouds and the sky. I would try to verbally explain the grass, the meadow and the sunflower field. In brief: I would explain the whole palette and make her/him smile.



Friday, August 30, 2013 From 10am

REGISTRATION The registration is open from 10am to 6pm. You can use parts of the TEM conference facilities to set up your own meetings. 1 – 2pm

COFFEE, TEA, HELLO Join us at the lobby of our conference area for “Coffee, Tea, Hello”!

The only exhibiTion wiTh auThenTic, real arTifacTs from The wreck siTe of TiTanic, seen by over 25 million people worldwide!


2 – 2.15pm

WELCOME TO TEM 2013 Don Wildman (Conference Host), Khaled Hafez (Artist-in-Conference) and Christoph Scholz (TEM Co-founder & Council Member, Semmel Concerts). 2.15 – 3.30pm

OPENING KEY NOTE Golden Secrets of the Impressionist Pharaohs: Art in the Age of Mass Exhibitions



Blake Gopnik was born in Philadelphia in 1963 and raised in Montreal, where he received his BA from McGill University, with a focus on medieval studies and Latin. He then earned a PhD in art history from Oxford University on Renaissance realism and the philosophy of Blake Gopnik representation. Returning to Canada in 1995, Gopnik became the editor of Insite, Canada’s leading magazine on architecture and design and eventually became the art critic of the Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper. In 2001, he was hired as the chief art critic of the Washington Post, where he spent the following decade writing about art and other aesthetic topics, including design and gastronomy. He left Washington for New York in January, 2011, to write about art and design for Newsweek magazine and its Daily Beast Web site. In 2013, he began writing “Andy Warhol: A Life as Art”, the first comprehensive biography of the Pop artist, while also accepting feature commissions from the New York Times, The Art Newspaper and other publications. His Daily Pic

goes out to almost 100,000 followers on Tumblr and Twitter and at BlakeGopnik.com and TheDailyBeast.com.

PANEL 1: TRENDS – EXHIBITIONS Don Wildman and Blake Gopnik will discuss “Trends in Exhibitions” with John Norman (Premier Exhibitions), Khaled Hafez (Artist-in-Conference), Maren Krumdieck (Natural History Museum, London), Olivier Retout (Lascaux International Exhibition, Lascaux), Franziska Ritter and Tobias Kunz (TU University, Berlin)3.30 – 4pm


THE OPEN FORUM TEM Founders José Araujo (John Nurminen Events, Netherlands) and Christoph Scholz (Semmel Concerts) will discuss the “Topics of the Year” with TEM’s Council Members John Norman (Premier Exhibitions, USA), Bruce Peterson (Grande Exhibitions, Australia), Clarence Sirisena (Science Center, Singapore) Peter Tabernal (Amsterdam EXPO, Netherlands) and Claudio Trotta (Barley Arts, Italy). 6 pm Shuttle from conference Hotel “Berlin, Berlin” to Yadegar Asisi’s “The Wall” Panorama. Tickets for accompanying persons available at the Welcome Desk.



Friday, August 30, 2013

Saturday, August 31, 2013


Ice Rink at the Natural History Museum and The British Military Tournament. The Sundance Festival and the British Film Institute are also among their clients, as well as exhibitions and galleries including the Royal Academy of Arts, The British Music Experience, Houghton Revisited, not to mention major sporting events including Barclays ATP World Tour Finals (tennis) and The Wembley Cup (football).

Moderators: Don Wildman and Christoph Scholz. Awards presented by Khaled Hafez.

11.30 – 11.50am

very grateful for the kind invitation by Martin Löwer and his great team, who are TEM supporters since our first meeting back in 2012 in Paris.

11am – 12.30 pm


7.45 – 8.30pm

Hosted by Hosted by

6.30pm – 11.30pm


A walking distance from “The Wall”, our second stop for this evening is one of Berlin’s most unique Museums, the “Deutsches Currywurst Museum”, which sets the spicy backdrop for the “Oscars of the Touring Exhibitions World”. From 8.15 to 8.30pm “The Currywurst Awards” are celebrated. Our friends from the “Currywurtsmuseum”, hosts of the evening as well, are offering personal guided Museum tours from 9 – 11pm.

6.30 – 7.45pm

FRIDAY NIGHT FEVER PART I: A visit to Yadegar Asisi’s “The Wall”


Fiona Carpenter and Larry Osborne 11 – 11.30am

How new opportunities have influenced the way we communicate (with UK arts and entertainment audiences) Experts: Larry Osborne, Creative Director of Dewynters London, and Fiona Carpenter, Director of Dewynters London


At 6.30pm doors will open to Yadegar Asisi’s stunning panorama “The Wall”. Mr Asisi, the artist of the panoramas, will personally be present to welcome the delegates from 6.45pm – 7.15pm. From 7.15pm to 7.45pm you’ll have the opportunity to see Asisi’s panoramic recreation of the view of the days of the Cold War – what we will see is everyday life set against the backdrop of the Berlin Wall, on a fictitious autumn day in the 1980’s. Yadegar Asisi himself will introduce this stunning work, as he did with Michelle Obama during her visit to Berlin a few weeks ago. Mr Asisi is the artist and creative mastermind behind successful permanent Panorama exhibitions in German cities Dresden and Leipzig. In 2011/12 he presented one of Germany’s most successful exhibitions ever: 1.5 million visitors came to see his monumental 360 degree panorama of the Ancient Metropolis “Pergamon” on Berlin’s Museum Island. The national and international management of Asisi´s panoramas is under the guidance of manager for science and culture, Martin Löwer, Asisi Panorama International (API), our host of the evening. API is not directly linked to the field of touring exhibitions, but we believe that such special exhibition projects and its makers should belong to our TEM network as well. We are

Brand Edutainment as a value driver for communications

8.30 – 11.30pm

FRIDAY NIGHT FEVER PART III: IT’S PARTY TIME! At the invitation of Deutsches Currywurst Museum, the evening will then offer a creative “from-street-to-street party” allowing all guests to switch between the Museum itself and just on the other side of the street, our third location of this evening: “Kunztschule” (freely to be translated as “Art School”), which will be opening its doors right after the “Currywurst Awards”. Everyone will get the chance to enjoy drinks, snacks and cocktails as they share ideas and network. Moreover, it‘s party time: FRIDAY NIGHT FEVER will have our DJ put an extravagant blend of dance classics on the floor: From Disco anthems of the 1970’s and 80’s to “Gangnam Style”. 11.30pm Shuttle from Kunztschule to Hotel “Berlin, Berlin”.

Learn more about: • Sophisticated research tools • Online advertising including retargeting / • Social media, communities • Seeding, trailers and content • Website analytics • Digital outdoor • Willingness of third parties to cross-promote • Data • Big changes in sales distribution channels • A case-study demonstrating a huge social media and press & outdoor combination • The onus on Brand and artwork Dewynters is one of the world‘s leading live arts and entertainment marketing specialists. With unrivalled experience, Dewynters creates ground-breaking global marketing campaigns spanning the fields of theatre, opera, concerts, sport, film, exhibitions and destination entertainment. Their services include: Design and artwork, Advertising, Digital and Interactive, Sales and Ticketing, Marketing, Partnerships and Promotional Marketing, Touring, Print and Production, Publishing and Merchandise. Dewynters also has a wide variety of clients – from West End musicals to major companies such as the Royal Shakespeare Company and Stage Entertainment, as well as venues including The O2 Arena and St James Theatre, to events including the

Expert: Karin Dietz, E.I. Edutainment International Karin’s current entrepreneurial Karin Dietz as well as management projects include art management (Asisi Panorama International Ltd), Brand Edutainment (Edutainment International Ltd.) and international negotiations on development in blended learning (K4 German Competence Group Ltd.). Throughout almost three decades as an entrepreneur in this business, her activities included strategic management of several companies, conception and development of pioneering education profiles and the co-founding of a private university of applied sciences. Karin started her entrepreneurial career in 1988 with the founding of and capital investment into several enterprises in the broad field of activities related to science-orientated education. She has gained a university degree in business administration with Georg-August University Goettingen in 1987. Before attending university, she has completed a business education as travel agent in 1982. 11.50am – 12.30pm

Panel Don Wildman will discuss “Trends in Communication” with Fiona Carpenter, Larry Osborne, Karin Dietz, Claudio Trotta (Barley Arts, Italy), Carsten Kollmeier (Berlin Highlights, Germany), Clarence Sirisena (Science Center, Singapore) 12.45 – 1.45pm




Saturday, August 31, 2013 2 – 3.30pm

PANEL 3: TRENDS – AUDIENCE Expert: Achim Müller, Audience Development at FU University Berlin Achim Muller is the managing head of the Centre for Audience Development (Zentrum für Audience Development, ZAD) at the Institute for Arts and Media Management (Institut für Kultur- und Medienmanagement, IKM) of the Freie Universitat Berlin where he deAchim Müller velops and implements projects in audience research, evaluation and strategic analysis in the cultural sector. Currently he works on an audience research study accompanying a five-year EU-financed project on collaborative Audience Development in eleven theatres in eight European countries. He also works as a freelance open space facilitator and consultant for organization development.



6.30 – 11pm

SATURDAY NIGHT @ TEM 2013 Grande Exhibition’s LOVE BOAT PARTY At 6.30pm we depart for a short walk (500m) from Hotel “Berlin, Berlin” to the LOVE BOAT pier. Tickets for accompanying persons available at the Welcome Desk.

3.30 – 4pm

Our great friends from Grande Exhibitions in Australia are hosting the LOVE BOAT party on a tour boat which casts off at 7pm and cruise the river Spree for around 2 hours, with a dinner buffet and drinks. The LOVE BOAT party is definitely not dangerous, even though Grande Exhibitions is producer of „Planet Shark – Predator or Prey“. The LOVE BOAT is the ultimate social gathering of the TEM weekend. The trip terminates close to the East Side Gallery.



Don Wildman and Achim Müller will discuss “Trends in Audience” with Peter Tabernal (Amsterdam EXPO, Netherlands), Bruce Peterson (Grande Exhibitions, Australia), Bechara Yared (RSF Audioguides, Luxembourg) and Pernila Glaser (Swedish Exhibition Agency, Sweden).

Shuttle from the LOVE BOAT to the ARENA Berlin.

Hosted by 4 – 4.15pm

CONFERENCE WRAP UP Conference Editors Mariam Hamdy and Bernardo Marques will give a short ”wrap up” of the first two days. 4.15 – 5.15pm



Hosted by Christoph Scholz (Semmel Concerts) and Khaled Hafez (Artist-in -Conference). Everybody who has registered has the opportunity to present their exhibition, museum, or services in 3 minutes. Prepare yourself for up to 20 speedy presentations.

9:30pm – 11pm

KING TUT’s NIGHTCAP Hosted by Tutankhamun – His Tomb and His Treasures After a long day the Golden King awaits you for a Nightcap. Explore and experience Semmel Concerts’ “Tutankhamun – His Tomb and His Treasures” exhibition in this special setting at the ARENA Berlin. 11pm Shuttle from the ARENA Berlin to the Hotel „Berlin, Berlin“



Sunday, September 1, 2013



THE SUNDAY SCHOOL@OLYMPIC PARK BERLIN 9am It’s September – back to school! A field trip to the historical Olympic Park. Shuttle from the Hotel „Berlin, Berlin“ to the Olympic Park. Tickets for accompanying persons available at the Welcome Desk. 9.30 – 10.30am


Francois Forge

Stephane Isabelle Bezombes Jouve

Yacine Ait Kaci

Agnes Bechara Alfandari Yared

The panel “Future Trends” is organized in co-operation with the exhibition technology experts from reciproque, a design and engineering agency for museums and cultural institutions based in Paris. Reciproque recently produced the ultimate immersive experience in the reference exhibition: “Sharks: a thrilling experience” for the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco; designed the concept of multimedia installations at the Islamic Arts and Three Antiquities departments in the Louvre museum and the multimedia design for the permanent collection and signage for the Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum. The Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation has chosen reciproque to provide consulting and serve as Project Office for creating the multimedia in the building, due to open in 2013. The panel covers the new trends and innovative topics in the field of technology for exhibitions, animated by remarkable personalities and experts in this field. The main topics are: Immersive Experience through Gigapixel Images, Tangible Media, Natural Interface (NUI), Collective Experiment, Augmented Museum, Crowd Sourcing and Social Media, Digital Story-telling. 12 – 1pm

Farewell Pretzels & White Beer The Clubhouse is the former residence of sports officials of the Nazi regime. After the Second World War, the villa was used as a guest house and officers’ mess. Our friends from RSF Audioguides are hosting a Breakfast Reception. The Conference Wrap Up is presented by Conference Editors Mariam Hamdy and Bernardo Marques.

Hosted by

10.30am – 12pm



See you in Munich 2014! TEM’s headline sponsors, John Nurminen Events and Semmel Concerts, inviting you to Bavarian Pretzels and White Beer to honor the destination of TEM 2014, Munich’s Olympic Park. Shuttle from Olympic Park to the Hotel “Berlin, Berlin”.

Chaired by


Experts: reciproque: Francois Forge, Stephane Bezombes, Isabelle Jouve (France) Yacine Ait Kaci (Electronic Shadow, France) Agnes Alfandari (Musée du Louvre, France) Bechara Yared (RSF Audioguides, Luxemburg)

Fringe Program in co-operation with Berlin Highlights Until Monday, September 2, 2013, your conference pass will allow you to access several of Berlin’s top attractions. See “Briefing” on pages 4 & 5. Program as of August 21, 2013. Subject to be changed.


Council Interviews

What inspired you to think of TEM? I believe that an annual conference dedicated to the touring exhibition industry, across the globe, as an important and vibrant endeavour, with its primary objective of bringing people together to discuss, compare and share their various experiences, is something that I strongly feel that the professionals in this area would appreciate. Being organized and supported by practicing industry professionals will allow access to astonishing resources. By setting the foundations for a networking platform along with an inspiring conference agenda for professionals from the touring exhibition industry, the aim is to provide an opportunity for a specialized forum to discuss all the important issues and aspects of this business, assess the key difficulties and reflect on the possible ways of resolving them as well as improving communication between all parties involved.

THE WARRIORS OF CHINA´S FIRST EMPEROR ARE TAKING OVER EUROPE. The biggest archaeological finding in the 20th century.

Masterly reproductions of the legendary soldiers and warriors of the Terrakotta Army.

5 AWARDS *****


Project Organizer: E.I. Edutainment International GmbH | www.edutainment-international.com










How do you feel Touring Exhibitions as an entity can change the landscape of how people experience art and knowledge? The expression „edutainment“ (education plus entertainment) through touring exhibitions has brought people closer to art and, yes, sometimes in a popular blockbuster format so unpopular with museums, but, nevertheless, attracting bigger crowds, and, let’s not forget that there are people who still feel a certain restrain by going to museums, so, in a way, the touring exhibitions have become very attractive because the audience not only feels good value for their money but they learn something in the process. We are living a particularly crucial period of economic change at a global scale. Museums must adapt to the new paradigms which obviously have an effect in the performance of any given institution and they had to change their mission statements in order to generate new traffic but also attract the existing one and that’s why touring exhibitions are becoming so popular with museums. If you could conceive any touring exhibition you want, with absolutely no limitations, what would it be? This question is a bit utopic as there is no such thing as an exhibition without limits. At a personal level maybe I would not like that because boundaries make you more creative and a better producer. However, if such a situa-

n, Netherlands

José Araujo, John Nurmine

tion would occur and somebody would give me a big bag of money, I would create the ultimate sensorial experience for an audience. It would definitely be 4D, it would have smaller exhibitions surrounding the main one. I would mix science and literature in an interactive setting and would create the future cyborg citizen. I‘m sorry but I could go on forever so will stop here. If you could meet any musician live, whether they’re still with us or not, who would it be? I have met my heroes in music because I was a producer of live show for 20 years so I had the pleasure of dining with people like Lou Reed, Tina Turner, Ray Manzarek, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davies, Roger Waters, David Gilmour to name just a few but there‘s one artist whom I never met and always tried to promote him in Europe but he was terrified of flying and that artist, already passed away, is John Lee Hooker. Describe your perfect meal. Ah the perfect meal… Being Portuguese – and you know we do not eat to live but we live to eat – this is a tricky question, I had one of the most perfect meals at El Buli in Barcelona and this was quite an experience but my favourite has to be seafood and I have to say that there‘s no better place than Cascais, in Portugal, for that sort of meal. This is the best seafood I ever had, in a hot summer evening, followed by a stroll on the beach. NASA – A Human Adventure


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TUTANKHAMUN – His Tomb and his Treasures











What was the most exciting aspect in conceiving the TEM? What pushed you to make it happen? Speaking in the name of Semmel Concerts, such an initiative is only possible with a great, motivated team. I do have a wonderful team, who makes things happen. I also happen to have the best boss in the world, Dieter Semmelmann. He gives us the freedom and resources to work on great projects. Dieter is really one of the most visionary, decent promoters and producers in Europe, as he takes care of his audience and his employees in a way which is seldom found in the Entertainment industry. This is very exciting. What pushed me – us – forward? Probably the international feedback on our first gathering, exactly one year ago at the end of August in Paris. It was more a kind of a spontaneous “Barbeque” with friends, promoters, partners who are working in this field. One year after our inaugural meeting at Paris EXPO we are looking forward to bring together more than 100 “Exhibition people” from the public and private sector in Berlin – Producers, Promoters, Museum professionals and Venue representatives. Our conference host, “Cities of the Underworld” & “Mysteries of the Museum” TV presenter Don Wildman from Los Angeles, will speak in front of a sold out auditorium. All major players who work in this field, Premier Exhibitions, Grande Exhibitions or Body Worlds, for example, are supporters of TEM 2013. We at Semmel Concerts are extremely proud that our non-profit initiative which we support as one of the main sponsors and on a voluntary basis as conference organizer has managed to grow so fast. To have such great sponsors and a host like Don Wildman shows how vibrant the field of traveling exhibitions is. Tell me how did you feel at your first ever exhibition of the ““Tutankhamun – His Tomb and His Treasures”? At our “first ever” exhibition back in 2008 in Zurich I was just nervous. It is more interesting for me to look now at how my perspective has changed over the past five years: At least since the beginning of the 21st century, it has been the goal of innovative cultural institutions around the world to present knowledge in an interesting and entertaining way, and to combine an exciting experience with education. However, for this science-based ‚edutainment‘ to be successful, exhibition organisers have to leave familiar territory

and develop entirely new forms of presentation. Essential parts of our educational work include an attractive catalogue, a separate catalogue for childConcerts, ren, an integrated Christoph Scholz, Semmel audio tour incluGermany ded in the entrance fee, guided tours with Egyptologists, special offers for families, children & young people, as well as teaching materials available for download from our website. We believe that today it is no longer sufficient to simply “hang pictures on the wall or put objects on show”. In each city we work together with local museums and institutes under the heading “Expanded Programming”. I would wish that such devotion to quality and serious education would be more common in the field of traveling exhibitions, where you’ll also find, unfortunately, a lot of just low quality garbage. It is my personal wish that TEM becomes a platform for quality, honesty and innovation. What would be your favourite ‘Currywurst Award’ moment? To attend the Touring Exhibitions Meeting in a couple of years in a famous “Curry Country” – let’s say Thailand or India or so – and our weird Berlin Award would still be a part of the conference – with a locally made fresh Curry dish served. If you could meet anyone in the world for a cup of coffee, who would it be? My wife Melanie, because I don’t see her that often – because of TEM and other commitments! If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be of? Oh, this a secret which I share only with my wonderful wife. You might see her during the conference – if you are brave enough: Ask her!


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John Norman, Premier Exhib USA

How do you see TEM evolving in the future? Well this will be my first time at the TEM. I hope we can keep the number of participants to a reasonable and manageable number in the future and not get too big, too fast. Communication is a key component and being able to discuss and share ideas with a diverse group of individuals in the same field is very valuable.

PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN ART AND MANAGEMENT www.asisi-international.com | info@asisi-international.com

Of all the exhibition you have been a part of so far, what has been your personal favourite and why? My personal favourite is definitely “Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs“ exhibition that Arts and Exhibitions International organized in 2005- 2012. We ended up doing over 11 million visitors over 16 cities worldwide. The tour generated over $100 million to help support restoration and conservation of Egypt’s antiquity sites. It also generated over $1 billion of economic impact to the U.S. economy. Not only did it set attendance records in almost every city and country we went to, it entertained and educated people young and old about one of the most important discoveries of all time. I feel very honoured that I was able to be part of such a positive and successful endeavour that impacted so many people. How do you envision a new touring exhibition – what would be your first inspiration point? First of all it has to be a subject matter that is exciting to me personally. The inspiration can come from many different areas, maybe it is a unique artefact or a unique experience. Regardless of where the inspiration comes from it quickly evolves into what will the visitor experience be like? I ask myself “how can this be different than anything that has been done before”? Ultimately it is about ‘story telling”. There is nothing like being in the presence of an object that was created or used in antiquity and imagining who made

TITANIC – The Artifact Exhibition Real Pirates

it or who used it. It takes so much time and energy to organize “any” exhibition so it is critical that I spend my time on developing something that gives a unique experience to the visitor. It must not only educate, it must be entertaining! If you could play any instrument with any musician, rock star or celebrity, alive or dead, who would it be? Paul McCartney What’s your favourite dessert? New York style cheesecake with raspberry sauce.


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How do you believe TEM can contribute to the improvement of the Touring Exhibitions industry? The touring exhibitions industry is quite new in relative terms and still very “green”. TEM provides an opportunity to discuss and share ideas, trends, and best practices and allow a forum for the key stakeholders to express and align needs and expectations. TEM will provide a focused period of time where we can meet formally and informally, build relationships and forge strong bonds as a group to foster the growth and success of touring exhibitions. Most of all I hope it helps develop greater professionalism within the industry. Since you have both permanent and travelling exhibitions, you can best answer this following question: what is it about travelling exhibitions that makes them more of a “blockbuster” event than permanent ones? Well, a “blockbuster” (please someone create a better word that has the same connotations) isn’t limited to temporary or permanent scenarios. In fact, some exhibitions can be both if they really resonate in a city and that city has a good flow of tourism traffic to sustain long term visitation levels. For me though, a “blockbuster” has to display the following key ingredients:





• Global brand that is popular to the masses • Transcends different cultures • Is of the highest quality • Educates and entertains a good cross section of the population • Draws significant numbers of visitors on a daily basis • Can command a stand alone ticket price • Commercially viable



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The last point is key for our industry. We currently have too few “blockbuster” exhibitions that are commercially viable in most display situations. Exhibitions fail because they are either too expensive to produce (initial construction as well as each time it goes on exhibit), or they do not attract

the right level of visitation at the right price to produce the revenues required for viability. Which of your own exhibitions has been your favourite Bruce Peterson of Gra and why? nde Exhibitions, Australia Love them all! Da Vinci – The Genius – we have exhibited now in over 50 cities around the globe. Fantastic! More new major developments adding Da Vinci Alive in 2014. Planet Shark – Very unique. Aesthetically beautiful. There is a huge conservation issue for sharks at present. Van Gogh Alive – broke new boundaries in the arts/cultural world. Very Popular 101 Inventions – Combined private company (Grande) with global science and technology institutions to produce exhibition content – a ground-breaking partnership in that regard. SENSORY4 – a new media. Revolutionizes how we engage with visitors using high end technology. If you could meet an artist for one day, alive or dead, who would it be and what would be the first thing you’d say to them? Leonardo da Vinci of course. What did you write and sketch in the 19,000 missing pages from codices that compile your life works? What’s your favourite song, and why? AC/DC (good Aussie rock band). The whole Back in Black album. It is still the best of the best in my opinion. I loved it when I was 14, I love it now – timeless.

Van Gogh Alive

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Council Interviews The World's First Exhibition of Authentic Pirate Treasure!

How do see TEM benefiting you and other venues like yourself worldwide? In my opinion, a professional industry cannot do without a professional platform for exchanging experiences and discussing (future) Peter Tabernal of Am trends and other issues that both producers, sterdam EXPO, Amsterdam promoters and venues encounter. It is my sincere hope that meeting each other at TEM will lead to discussions and cooperation in the field of product development. Last but not least it’s great meeting people that are as passionate about presenting exhibitions as I am.

Pixar – 25 Years of Animation

As an exhibition space, how do you go about selecting the best exhibitions to host, and what is your motivating factor? Our selection process is a result of our aim at surprising people by programming Amsterdam EXPO in an unpredictable manner: a scientific show (Body Worlds), followed by a historical subject (Tutankhamun), followed by a fine art exhibition (Pixar), followed by the next surprise …. The motivating factor is reaching out to as many people as we can, from different backgrounds, with different interests, of all ages. Their feedback is my motivation. How do you see yourself growing the world of touring exhibitions in the near future? By working hard on cooperation between venues in Europe (and beyond!). That is absolutely one of my main priorities. I believe that working together leads to more efficiency, keeps travel costs of exhibits at a more acceptable (recoupable) level and prevents us all from having to invent things ourselves, over-and-over again. I know from experience that sharing between venues can really give you a head start! If you could bring any exhibition from around the world to your venue, what would it be? I would love to present the Bowie-exhibition, which I visited in London earlier this year. Not only because I admire his unprecedented creativity and the way he influenced generations; the show itself is beautifully designed with an impressive layout and gives the visitor great insight on this one-of-a-kind artist.



If you could own a home in any city in the world, where would that be? You are asking the lucky man that has the privilege of living in two great European cities: Amsterdam and Antwerp. But besides that – we all dream, don’t we? – I would love to add a nice loft in New York. I fell in love with The Big Apple many years ago when I had the opportunity of spending some time working there. That city and I have in common that we cherish old encounters and embrace new experiences. And we both never sleep.


barbican international enterprises

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Barbican International Enterprises curates, manages and promotes a dynamic mix of ground breaking

How do you feel TEM can be a force of change in the touring exhibitions industry? Many ways: enlarging attention and info to markets such as Italy where Edutainment Exhibitions are not yet established and enlarging the promoters in the world and helping new producers start their own production.

contemporary art, design and popular culture, architecture, design, fashion and photography exhibitions. We work closely with partners globally to conceive, develop and tour a range of major international art exhibitions. Neil McConnon will be attending TEM to discuss touring possibilities. For more information, please contact nmcconnon@barbican.org.uk or visit barbican.org.uk/bie

Designing 007 Digital Revolution Game On

Game On 2.0 Howard Hodgkin Watch Me Move

A Journey Back To Past Eras, With The Best Simulated Animatronic Animals Ever Seen.

STAR WARS IDENTITIES Age of the Dinosaur – Touring Exhibition

Claudio Trotta, Barley Arts,

What does the transition from concerts to exhibitions constitute; In other words, how do you need to rewire the way you think in the execution of either? I guess a lot of things are crucial, I can name a few of them: 1) Deals have to be less risky for promoters in exhibitions compared to live music. 2) In both cases it is of a growing importance to be able to “sell“ to the audience the full experience including all the facilities and services. 3) Ticket prices should be lower in concerts and stay as they are in exhibitions. 4) The approach from the venues has to be more cooperative in exhibition than it is right now with concerts. More specifically, what made you think of exhibitions when you’re so deeply involved in the world of concert music? I‘m always looking for a challenge and diversification. If you could hold a concert for any musician in the world, alive or dead, who would it be and how would you do it? The Grateful Dead with special guest Miles Davis and I would love to have this show as a free event in a beautiful location called Monte Subasio in Umbria near Assisi, starting at midnight on a night of a full moon with a very clear sky and going on until sunrise.

6 Different sets of Days of the Dinosaur Exhibition and 2 sets of Ice Age Exhibition, more than 250 animatronic dinosaurs and mammals, all real live-size scale. Full coloured and designed educational panels,

a 3D movie, an extensive interactive area containing a sandbox, a photo zone, riding area with dinosaurs and bears, touch screen games, drawing tables, interactive animals, and merchandising with a wide range of products for the entire family.

Now booking Worldwide Tour 2014/2015 www.daysofthedinosaur.com www.eradelhielo.com.ar

/DaysOfTheDinosaur /IceAgeExpo

@DaysOTDinosaur @IceAgeExpo

for booking information: contact@daysofthedinosaur.com


You have been described as a man with a “reputation of saying what he thinks”. What’s the word you say when you’re most angry/excited/feeling a strength of an emotion? Honestly I can‘t think of a single word. Sweet words if I‘m happy and nasty ones if I am upset.

Megabugs return! Panorama Leipzig 1813


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