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Spirit in the Sky The days of searching for a well-made cocktail in the sky or on a cruise are over—at least if these

Hawaiian Airlines

Holland America

Virgin Atlantic


The spirits of the islands arrive on the spirited Hawaiian airline, accompanied by tropical flavors like coconut, guava, ginger, and preserved plum.

Wheels up. Famed bartender Dale DeGroff is known as King Cocktail. Now, he’s Captain Cocktail, unveiling 7 boozy wonders to enjoy.

It’s not quite virgin, but close: a new batch of delicious, low-alcohol vermouth-based drinks to sip mid-flight.


three are setting the tone for what’s to come.

Mai Tais, Li Hing Gimlets, and Tropical Landings come pre-mixed with top-shelf Cruzan rums and Larios gin with On The Rocks (OTR) Premium Cocktails.

Degroff partners with Milk & Honey startender Enzo Enrico to offer cutting-edge drinks like Strange Brew, Penicillin, Red Hook, and other craft cocktails

The stars of the NoLo (no- and low-alcohol) menu are Seedlip, the first distilled nonalcohol spirit, and Real Rouge vermouth

A Port of Call


ortugal continues to capture attention of the wine-drinking public, from the lively Vinho Verdes to the full-bodied Touriga Nacional. Particularly alluring in the fall and winter is the UNESCO-listed Douro Valley, a favorite for its rivers, ancient stone-walled vine terraces, and the ultimate fortified accompaniment to dessert, Port. Author J.K. Rowling once taught English in Porto, the launching point for port-hopping and for the unusual architecture at Quinta da Pacheca in Cambres village. The 18th-century estate-turned-hotel opened standalone wine-barrel rooms made of pine and large enough to sleep, shower, and get toasty in.


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