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Hann. Münden

– Timber framework and three river city Shopping at its best in Hann. Münden Shopping in the historical old city of Hann. Münden is magical. Many small specialty shops with their own individual choice and rustic antique shops with rarities, not to mention culinary specialities are yours to discover. Suitable for the whole family the shops are also open on the first Sunday of every month from 2pm to 6pm.

Distinctive to Hann. Münden, unlike most other cities, is its location on the three Touristik Naturpark Münden e. V. rivers and its timber framework houses numbering more than 700 that date back 13 to six different centuries. Magnificent timber framework architectural styles from every epoch, defence towers, fortifications, the Welf castle, stone bridge and a Weser Renaissance period town hall are a reflection „Wo Werra sich und Fulda küssen, of its rich history. sie ihren Namen büßen müssen, Tip Thanks to intense restoration efforts Hann. Münden is today regarded as a timber framework city of European renown. Interactive water fountains decorate central inner city squares and attract both young and old. Explore the magnificent timber framework architecture with its inscriptions, bays and gables, historical doors and portals. Dine at one of the rustic restaurants or go on one of the guided city walks. History comes alive in Hann. Münden. The historical old city with its idyllic alleys and streets is also ideal for a Sunday outing on foot, with its shops and coffee shops open for business.

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You may also come across the legendary Baroque physician, Doctor Eisenbart who, using humour, rids people of their toothache every Saturday at 1.30pm from May through to October.

It is at this plaque that the round trip cruises start. Also located here is a site for camper van holiday makers. -muenden-fuer/camper-und-wohnmobilisten.html

Deutsch bis zum Meer der Weserfluss“ This poetic commemorative slab was put up in 1899 where the Rivers Werra and Fulda meet and which reads something along the lines of: “Where the River Werra and Fulda merge, is where they must surrender their names, and through the merger what will emerge is the River Weser, with German spoken all along its banks, until it reaches the sea”

Hann. Münden is a sought after city travel destination with pizzazz. All kinds of accommodation from privately-run timber framework hotels to camper van camping sites can be found online for every budget. Tourist Information provides comprehensive information on all specials and subjects in your native language by going to:



Hikes and pilgrimages: Starting in Hann. Münden, hike along ancient cultural paths such as the pilgrimage route from Loccum to Volkenroda, the Werra-Burgen-Steig or the Weserberglandwanderweg. Along the way, you’ll be accompanied by vast beech and oak forests, unique river views, castles and palaces, good food and warm hospitality. themenwanderwege.html

Hann. Münden City of three rivers and half-timbering

“At the place where the Werra and Fulda kiss …”, at the start of the Weser, is the half-timbered town of Hann. Münden, renown across Europe. Over 700 half-timbered houses from 6 centuries, medieval fort complexes, idyllic laneways and streets invite you to stroll around and linger in the shops, which are even open on Sundays. Apart from cultural highlights such as the Weser Renaissance town hall, the Welfenschloss and the fully heritage-listed half-timbered Old Town, visitors also enjoy the recreational options available for tourists: Cruises on the three rivers, canoe and kayak hiring stations and a well-developed waterway infrastructure with jetties and canoe rest stops. Hann. Münden is the starting point for four long-distance cycling tracks into the river valleys of the Werra, Fulda and Weser or into the Harz Mountains, with over 1,000 kilometres of signposted, family-friendly cycling trails. Easy river discovery tours from Hann. Münden: Hann. Münden, the city of three rivers, will be your base for relaxed and interesting cycling tours to the river valleys, past castles, palaces and small half-timbered towns. 5 days with 4 nights, bike and passenger shuttle, map material, city tour, from € 100.00 p.p.


Touristik Naturpark Münden e. V.

Hikes and pilgrimages are very popular in this region. Monasteries, palaces, castles, the Grimm brothers’ fairytale characters, as well as vast forest districts and river views, accompany hikers on the pilgrimage trail from Loccum to Volkenroda, on the Werra-Burgen-Steig, on the Weserbergland-Wanderweg or on the Märchenlandweg from Hann. Münden. From 4-star hotels to camping grounds or caravan parks, there are holiday lodgings to suit every taste and budget, and they can be booked online. The tourist information office offers extensive information on all itineraries in your native language at

Hann. Münden  
Hann. Münden  

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