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Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Our academic departments are rooted in the foundations of many disciplines — from science and math to computer science and criminal justice.

In addition to our traditional majors, we offer

appreciation of diverse perspectives and knowledge

programs with a technology-rich focus as well as

of various methods of research. You will pursue

interdisciplinary opportunities spanning the arts,

knowledge on scales that stretch from the subatomic

humanities, international studies, and social

to the cosmic, and from the individual to the global.

and behavioral sciences. In a rapidly changing,

At Kutztown you will learn ‌ to make a difference.

diverse and global society, this broad liberal arts

Every student, regardless of academic program, takes

curriculum provides a firm foundation for your life

liberal arts courses through the college as part of

and career success.

Kutztown’s commitment to providing a foundation

At the heart of our college is the dedicated faculty who will teach you these skills, along with an

of knowledge that encourages lifelong learning.

I chose


A N D R E W W E I S S ’ 11, Criminal Justice major “Kutztown has all of the intangibles of a great university — a great campus, strong academics, very supportive and

accessible professors, and relevant academic programs in today’s competitive marketplace.”



Liberal Arts and Sciences represent the largest

Our academic programs prepare you for the

college at Kutztown University. We teach students

challenges you will face as a citizen living in an evolving

how to participate effectively in an interdependent,

global society. We don’t just teach professional skills,

technology-driven world, offering an education in an

we also teach critical thinking and an appreciation of

environment that stimulates engagement with ideas,

the humanities that are necessary to develop a three-

each other, and the world around them.

dimensional view of the world.

We combine the best features of a large university —

Kutztown graduates also set themselves apart

a challenging academic curriculum, modern and

with professional work experience gained through

comprehensive facilities and technology resources, and

internship opportunities and study abroad programs.

extensive after-class opportunities — with the benefits of

They compete strongly in a changing job market and

a small college: intimate, interactive classes and personal

are ready to lead in their careers.

attention from experienced, dedicated professors.

“There are many benefits to a Kutztown education, and chief among them is the individual attention we are able to give our students. No one is going to slip through the cracks here. My colleagues are committed to seeing every student excel in the classroom, and we take great pride in seeing our students succeed.� Curtis Herr, faculty member, English

Experienced Professors Our faculty share their experiences with students as educators, mentors and academic advisers. They are actively engaged in research and at the forefront of their disciplines. Drawing on their expertise and knowledge, you will develop the skills and perspective needed to succeed in your field of study.

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DEGREE PROGRAMS Anthropology Biochemistry Biology Chemistry Computer Science Criminal Justice Criminal Justice w/Paralegal Studies Electronic Media English English/Professional Writing Environmental Science Geography Geology German Studies History History w/Paralegal Studies

Marine Science Mathematics Philosophy Philosophy/Religious Studies Physics Political Science Political Science w/Paralegal Studies Psychology Psychology w/Paralegal Studies Public Administration Public Administration w/Paralegal Studies Social Work Sociology Spanish



ANTHROPOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY • Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology 610.683.4242 Anthropology is the academic discipline that studies humans through an interdisciplinary lens. It combines science with humanities, biology with culture, history with prehistory and primates with language. By focusing on the complex linkages among four subfields — physical anthropology, archaeology, linguistics and cultural anthropology — and by emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary teamwork, we prepare students for graduate study and for careers in social services, international affairs, cultural events, museums, public service and private business. • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology 610.683.4242 Sociology studies how societies are organized and the consequences of varying forms of organization on people’s lives. It is scientific, based upon systematic analyses of evidence; it is non-obvious, in making discoveries that might not otherwise be noticed; and it is important, in identifying opportunities and strategies for change that can improve society. Graduates enjoy careers in law, social research, criminal justice, and urban and environmental planning. This program offers three tracks leading to a degree in Sociology: diversity and inequality, social order and deviant behavior, and family.

• Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science 610.683.4307 Kutztown’s Environmental Science program offers a curriculum for students to specialize in biology, chemistry, geography or geology. It provides specialized training to prepare students as environmental scientists or for graduate studies in the natural or environmental sciences. Careers abound in industry, government and nonprofit organizations as planners, soil conservationists, fisheries ecologists, air and water inspectors, and environmental consultants. • Bachelor of Science in Marine Science 610.683.4447 In the study of marine science, students take courses in biology, chemistry, geology and physics, as well as marine ecology, marine invertebrates and marine geology. Students also have access to the Marine Science Consortium at Wallops Island, Va. The field of marine science offers career options in marine biology, oceanography, marine engineering and geology, pharmaceuticals, and natural resource development and protection.



• Bachelor of Science in Biology 610.683.4307

• Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 610.683.4340

With a great variety of habitats and an abundance of wildlife, the Kutztown area provides a natural setting for biological investigation. Our exceptional diversity of courses provides opportunities for both laboratory and field studies, ranging in focus from molecules to organisms and beyond. Students may further their education in medicine, veterinary medicine or graduate level biology, or pursue careers in the health sciences, the environment and wildlife resources.

Students take either a software development or information technology track. Computer science classes include programming languages, digital forensics, theory of game programming, artificial intelligence, information security, database and networking. KU also offers a five-year B.S./M.S. degree program in each track. Careers in the computer science and information technology fields include web developer, systems administrator, network manager and software developer.



• Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

• Bachelor of Arts in English 610.683.4353

• Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Paralegal Studies 484.646.4265 Students studying criminal justice learn about the nature and causes of crime as well as crime prevention and the treatment of offenders. Students have the option of selecting the B.S. in Criminal Justice or B.S. in Criminal Justice with Paralegal Studies. The field of criminal justice is growing, with careers ranging from policing and private security functions to probation, parole, corrections and work in the courts at the local, state or federal levels of government.

The B.A. in English requires basic courses in American and British literature and literary theory and analysis. Students choose English electives from a wide range of courses that include world literature, diversity literature, and genre literature. The program prepares students for numerous career choices in government, business, public relations and publishing. Many students majoring in English go on to study law or enter graduate programs. • Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing 610.683.4353

ELECTRONIC MEDIA • Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media 610.683.4492 Electronic media training provides the skills students need to help meet today’s rapidly growing demand for news and entertainment programming. Coursework covers audio, studio and field video production, editing, and multi-camera remote production, as well as scriptwriting and communication law. Students use equipment comparable to that used in the industry while preparing for careers as producers, directors, writers, videographers or editors or to fill a variety of specialized support roles.

Students in the Professional Writing program take a variety of writing classes, as well as courses in media history, theory and criticism. In addition, they take an assortment of courses within the liberal arts and sciences to fulfill general education guidelines. Students in this major learn to think critically and write persuasively and pursue careers in journalism, public relations, business, publishing and government. Additional Learning Options In addition to the B.A./English, the department offers a B.A./English with Cultural and Media Studies, and a B.A./English with Paralegal Studies. GEOGRAPHY • Bachelor of Arts in Geography 610.683.4364 Kutztown’s Department of Geography offers five tracks from which to select: general, environmental, globalization, planning and applied geography. All tracks include classes in the major areas of economic, physical and cultural geography, as well as techniques of geographical analysis. A degree in Geography gives you many career possibilities, including business and government agencies utilizing geographers for regional planning, conservation and mapping.

MODERN LANGUAGE STUDIES • Bachelor of Arts in Spanish 610.683.4427 A major or minor in Spanish immerses students in the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking countries. Students studying Spanish gain the knowledge and pragmatic utility of the second most used language in the United States. A major/minor in Spanish is valued in almost every profession including business, the arts, social services, education and government. • Bachelor of Arts in German Studies 610.683.4427 HISTORY • Bachelor of Arts in History • Bachelor of Arts in History – Paralegal Studies 610.683.4385 The Department of History offers studies in a variety of historical fields and features a curriculum that prepares students for diverse careers and for advanced study at the graduate level. History majors are well prepared for professions in law, business, or government. Graduates also obtain positions in museums, galleries and living history attractions. Graduate study in history is another option, as is teaching. MATHEMATICS • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics 610.683.4410 Mathematics courses range from theory to applications. Majors study calculus, geometry, probability, statistics, discrete mathematics and many other topics. Mathematics offers a wide spectrum of potential careers to those students interested in analytical thinking and creative problem solving. There are positions in government, education, business and industry. Students may also elect to earn a graduate degree in the field.

The program offers three tracks leading to a major in German Studies: culture and communication, interdisciplinary studies and Pennsylvania German culture in America, helping to prepare students for positions in business, international affairs, education and the arts. Students majoring in any one of the tracks are immersed in the culture, literature and language. Students in the Pennsylvania German track concentrate additionally on regional language and lore.

PHYSICAL SCIENCES • Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry 610.683.4447 Chemistry majors take classes in organic, inorganic, physical, and analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and mathematics. Biochemistry majors take these subjects as well as courses including cellular biology and genetics. General education classes include English, history, psychology and modern language. Chemistry and Biochemistry majors may continue their education at the graduate level with an advanced degree in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering or medicine. Career choices include work in pharmaceuticals, environmental areas and many areas of industry such as textiles, plastics or petroleum. • Bachelor of Science in Geology 610.683.4447

PHILOSOPHY • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy – Religious Studies 610.683.4230 Students may select either a philosophy or philosophy/ religious studies track within the major. Courses include: critical thinking, ancient philosophy, comparative study of religion, medical ethics, human love and sexual morality, metaphysics, and theory of knowledge. Although the study of philosophy is excellent preparation for almost any profession, it is particularly good for those interested in a career in law, business, civil service, publishing, medicine, the ministry and, of course, the teaching of philosophy.

Coursework includes the areas of physical, historical and environmental geology. There are many class options, such as mineralogy, paleontology, sedimentation, hydrogeology, geo-physics and marine geology. Geology affords many career options in government, industry, research and education. There are ample job opportunities performing environmental assessments, water assessments/protection, or mineral and energy production. Students also may choose to pursue graduate education to gain credentials for teaching or advanced-level research. • Bachelor of Science in Physics 610.683.4447 Physics majors take a variety of courses in their major, such as thermodynamics, optics, electricity and magnetism, mathematical physics, and quantum mechanics. Faculty-led research is also available. A degree in Physics prepares students for careers in industry, as will further study at the graduate level. Kutztown graduates work in the fields of telecommunications or electronics, as well as earning graduate degrees in physics, engineering and medicine.

POLITICAL SCIENCE AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science – Paralegal Studies 610.683.4449 Required courses in political science include American government, international relations and introduction to political theory. There are numerous electives such as public opinion and propaganda, administration of U.S. environmental law, international law and organization, and politics of the Middle East. A Political Science degree prepares students for careers in business, government and non-profit or advocacy concerns. Many students study political science in preparation for law school. • Bachelor of Science in Public Administration • Bachelor of Science in Public Administration – Paralegal Studies 610.683.4449 Public administration involves the implementation of both public service and governmental programs and services. Students learn how budgets, planning and management techniques lead to the effective functioning of agencies. Specific courses in the major include human resource management, empirical political analysis and planning, and decision-making. Career options include work at the local/regional, state and national levels for housing and urban development agencies, labor unions, consumers groups, as well as a multitude of business and social service agencies.

PSYCHOLOGY • Bachelor of Science in Psychology • Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Paralegal Studies 610.683.4455 Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and the mental, emotional and physical processes associated with behavior. Psychologists deal with diverse topics such as memory processes, motivation, learning, intelligence, personality, group dynamics, sensory and perceptual processes, brain-behavior relationships, mental and physical health issues, and interpersonal relationships. The most common careers for graduates with bachelor’s degrees include work in human services, management and human resources. The Psychology program offers three tracks leading to a major: general, clinical-counseling, and industrial-organizational. SOCIAL WORK • Bachelor of Social Work 610.683.4235 The world faces innumerable challenges today: increased mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, poverty, a rapidly aging population and the devastating effects of AIDS. Courses in the Social Work program cover these areas, and students choose electives in gerontology, child welfare, substance abuse and case management. Employers include drug and alcohol treatment facilities, victim’s rights advocacy centers, children and families’ services agencies, and hospitals.


The University Honors Program

university. They also have access to seminars,

The Kutztown University Honors Program provides

peer mentoring, honors research experiences and

a challenging, individualized and rewarding

internships. The culmination of the experience is

experience for students who have academically

the thesis presentation at a professional conference,

distinguished themselves in high school. The

along with honors program recognition on a

program complements your degree requirements with

student’s transcript.

exceptional opportunities for research, travel and professional development. You may also design an

Study Abroad

independent study course in a field that interests you.

A truly global education — the kind that prepares

Honors participants enroll in a curriculum

you for career and life success in an interdependent

that brings together students from across the

world — knows no boundaries. During your career,

You’ll become immersed in a culture apart from your own while gaining an international perspective on specific areas of academic interest.

you will collaborate with people and work with companies from around the world, and there’s no better way to raise your awareness of other cultures than by living and studying abroad. Kutztown offers exciting ways to expand your academic experience. The Office of International Programs sponsors numerous study abroad programs

on specific areas of academic interest. KU’s study

at destinations such as England, China, Spain,

abroad program will transform you personally and

Ecuador and the Netherlands.

give you a clearer view of the world at large.

You’ll become immersed in a culture apart from your own while gaining an international perspective


Internships and Career Development

Dual Major and Minor Programs

Today’s top employers are looking for ambitious

Students with interests in more than one area may

graduates who have enriching experiences outside

want to consider declaring a dual major. By combining

the classroom in addition to a high-quality academic

two majors, a student graduates with qualifications to

background. At Kutztown, you get both.

excel in a variety of careers. Consider the possibilities:

Your first step will be Kutztown’s Career

professional writing and electronic media are excellent

Development Center. Whether you are deciding on

preparation for a career in journalism. Environmental

a major, learning about career fields, or looking for

science and mathematics will prepare you for work

an internship or a job after graduation, the center’s

in countless areas, or majoring in anthropology

knowledgeable staff members provide you with the

and geography can place you on the cutting edge in

information and opportunities you need to gain a

spatial analysis of cultures and high-tech cartography.

step-up in the job market.

Declaring a dual major may require attending

Virtual Tour Take our online virtual tour to learn about KU’s campus

@ Admissions Office Contact Information (610) 683-4060 (877) 628-1915 (toll free in PA and NJ) Email:

Kutztown for an additional semester or two. Declaring a minor is similar, though it requires fewer additional courses. A modern language minor is popular for many students, because it provides them with additional insight into a foreign culture and assists those seeking careers with international companies or targeting multi-lingual consumers in the United States. Another option for students is to minor in an area closely related to their major to expand their knowledge base.

UNIVERSITY MINOR PROGRAMS Advertising Anthropology Biology Biochemistry Chemistry Computer Science: Information Technology, Software Development Crafts Criminal Justice Economics Electronic Media Geography: Environmental, Planning Geology German Communication & Culture History Industrial-Organizational Psychology

International Studies Literature Marine Science Mathematics Multicultural Studies Music PA German Studies Philosophy Physics Political Science Professional Writing Psychology Public Administration Public Relations Social Work Sociology Spanish Speech Communication Women’s Studies

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania P.O. Box 730, Kutztown, Pennsylvania 19530 (610) 683-4000, TDD (610) 683-1315 or (610) 683-4499

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