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AMOL MENON Age 13 from Maryland


Maryland children under the age of 18 have Tourette Syndrome or another Tic Disorder*

#Rally4Tourette #TIChallenge

My name is Amol, and people ask me, “why are you shaking your head?” It’s because I have Tourette Syndrome. When asked this question, I replied I cannot help it and it hurts me – my tics are painful. Their response was “oh oh.” Then they’d say, “But sometimes you do not do it. Can you not control it?” When I was younger, I did not know what to say. Now I know a lot about TS and can explain the waxing and waning nature of tics.

I didn’t get bullied as much in school as my brother, because I was able to learn “CBIT” which stands for Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics. Still the topic of stopping bullying, (especially cyberbullying) interests me a lot and I am working with my brother to develop an App to stop this bullying.

My brother also has TS and although he will be going off to college soon, he was bullied a lot in school when he was younger. But then he became a Youth Ambassador as part of the Tourette Association of America and helped people understand and accept TS. I would like to follow in his footsteps.

My plans for the future are to finish high school and go to college to study computer science. I hope to start a company and hire lots of people with TS and have many Family Retreats to show support. I challenge you to see past my Tourette and see me as someone who will change the world. #TIChallenge • #Rally4Tourette

1 in 100 School-age children in the U.S. have Tourette Syndrome or another Tic Disorder. Bullying Almost all kids with Tourette report being bullied or misunderstood by peers, teachers, parents and strangers. Uncontrollable Tics can’t be helped or held in for long – like sneezing or scratching of an itch. People with Tourette don’t mean to be disruptive, but they can’t help it. No Cure & Not Contagious There is no cure for Tourette Syndrome, but new research and therapies that help manage symptoms are emerging every day. Tourette is not contagious. Learn More The Tourette Association of America is the only national non-profit dedicated to making life better for all people affected by Tourette and Tic Disorders. • 888-4-TOURET * Estimate calculated based on 2014 estimated US Census data: Maryland Population under age 18: 1,350,667.98

Youth Ambassador Stories  

Personal Stories from the Tourette Association of America's Youth Ambassadors

Youth Ambassador Stories  

Personal Stories from the Tourette Association of America's Youth Ambassadors