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TOUR DE NEZ-VADA A Celebration of Cycling



U T L ION! O V E In a world of constant evolution, what was known as Reno’s best community event, the Tour de Nez, is jumping on the bandwagon and evolving into the

Tour de Nez-Vada The Tour de Nez-Vada is on! With the backing of the Nevada Commission of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, the 20-year event known as the Tour de Nez will add “Vada” and become four days of cycling and celebration in Northwestern Nevada. The event will be held in the Historic Comstock Lode of Virginia City, in front of the State House in Carson City, along the shores of Lake Tahoe, at ski areas, and will culminate in Downtown Reno for la grande finale. Everything the Tour de Nez is known for from the pros to the clunkers, messengers and kids races, hand cycles and wanna-bes, will still a part of the Tour. This is not just a bike race, this is a great community event and an epic party! This is the fresh, new, expanded Tour de Nez-Vada.

Tim Healion, executive director, Tour de Nez-Vada

D E U H LE C S Tour de Nez-Vada Schedule of Events Thursday July 25th

Virginia City Circuit Race, Pro Men, Women, Handcycles Kids, Clunkers, Messengers, Wild West ho-down

Friday July 26th

Capitol Mall Twilight Criterium in Carson City for Pro Men, Women and Handcycles Kids, Clunkers, Messengers, Athlete reception for everyone Handcycle clinics at Renown Medical Center

Saturday July 27th

South Tahoe Road Race Pro Men, Women, and Handcycles Ride with the Pros, Tahoe ride Ride the course before the race, for sponsors and spectators Kids, Clunkers, Messengers, post-race athlete reception for everyone

Sunday July 28th

Wingfield Park Criterium, Pro Men, Women, Handcycles, Masters and other amateur categories Expo, Bike Swap, Ride with the Pros Kids, Clunkers, Messengers, Parties, The Chicane For more information, visit the Tour de Nez-Vada website at Tim Healion, executive director Charis Derbyshire, development coordinator Office: 775.348.6673













public relations plan includes the enthusiast markets of the San Francisco Bay Area (including Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Napa), Sacramento, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Seattle and Portland. We have two goals: drive participant numbers and increase brand awareness for the race, which benefit the State of Nevada and our sponsors. With articles in the San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Times, the LA Times, and feature articles in major cycling magazines, we are getting the job done. We accomplish these goals through strategic grassroots promotion backed by an extensive print, TV, radio and an aggressive social media campaign.

New for this year: the TDNV app!

LOOK MA, WE’RE ON TV! Being an international event, we argue more people hear about this region than through any other event in the area. One of the ways is through the various TV productions we’ve done over the years from shows on Outdoor Life, Universal Sports, and Versus, to the first ever web based show from the US on Last year the event was broadcast live on

Stats from 2012 live web TV show:

• 21 Countries – USA, Argentina, and Mexico were the top three • 30 states - California was the highest • 51 Cities in California alone: San Francisco was the top • 4 Cities in Argentina, averaged 30 minutes of viewing time

Register for the Tour de Nez-Vada online by visiting

Men’s Pro Race



Women’s ProPro Race Women’s Race

TOUR DE NEZ-VADA OUTREACH From the very first time we held the event in 1992, we could see that the whole cycling thing was bigger than the Tour de Nez. It’s good for our bodies, good for the planet, good for creating community, good for the soul. So we created the Tour de Nez-Vada Outreach, a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, to operate the event. The mission of the Tour de Nez-Vada Outreach is to promote cycling as the ultimate environmentally






community-minded activity. In addition to tireless work in creating a regional bike-share program we call LINK, we have created the Reno/Tahoe Bicycle Summit which is a landing world to tie all aspects of cycling in the northern region of Nevada and the Tahoe Sierras. We also produce the Truckee River Gran Fun-Do which is a fun recreation-based ride that supports our outreach and other cycling projects such as the Tahoe Pyramid Bike way.

GET INVOLVED The Tour has consistently drawn top-name cyclists from around the globe and attracted more than 20,000 local and out-of-market spectators. Dubbed “The Coolest Race in America” by California Cyclist magazine, the Tour de Nez-Vada offers sponsors a powerful marketing and branding opportunity with an attractive demographic. Outdoor recreation enthusiasts have disposable income, are educated risk takers and are extremely brand loyal. A whopping 76% report that they are inclined to purchase goods and services from companies that sponsor bike races. With 20 sponsorship levels to choose from, your business can become a part of the Nez-venture for the Inaugural Tour de Nez-Vada!



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Tour de Nez-VADA info pack 2013  

Basic run down of the 2013 Tour de Nez-VADA

Tour de Nez-VADA info pack 2013  

Basic run down of the 2013 Tour de Nez-VADA