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“A SMALL HAVEN FOR GOOD MEMORIES.” After these changes, Molly focused on details that would turn this cottage into a haven for relaxation. Weekend homes, says Molly, are simply used differently, and should reflect this use—

everything should be “soft, enticing, and easy.” Case in point: the wall-to-wall carpeting throughout the house, so it’s possible to be comfortably barefoot at all times. (The carpet also serves the more utilitarian function of unifying the uneven floors throughout the house.) This small measure is just one way that Molly and her guests are immediately at ease here. Rather than host dozens of guests, this house only sleeps three people comfortably. But sleep and relaxation are unavoidable here: “when you’re there, there’s just something that entices you to just lay down . . . just for a minute . . .” Maybe it’s the inviting daybed that induces a sense of deep restfulness— Molly says that the daybed is a favorite spot to spend an afternoon reading. Or maybe it’s the rustic comfort of the fabrics used throughout the home. She took a trip to India around the same time, and the influences of Rajasthan are everywhere: from the bed linens and rugs to the furniture and artwork. In many ways, the home is constant reminder of that trip. Which, in itself, somehow encapsulates what a weekend home should be: a small haven for good memories. When compared to our regular homes, Molly says that weekend homes tend to be “quirkier. Often there are little collections of things—rocks, or sea glass, or flowers from a walk— because when you slow down enough to be on vacation, you tend to notice the small things more.” Slowing down, relaxing with a long bubble bath or a delicious nap or an afternoon lost in a good book: this is the essence of summer.

Toujours Mag Issue 005  

Summer issue featuring entertaining advice by Lulu Powers, design from Emily Ruddo, art by Sasha Sullivan, interios from M Design and SFA De...