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toujours | 005 | wanderlust

There were good days and bad: Thoreau by the Susquehanna river, a pulled glute muscle that was almost homicidal, the old jail cells in the police station in Palmerton where hikers slept for free, enormous blueberry fields with the purest fruit to be handpicked, fresh springs of water unequaled in any bottle, ticks, gnats, and mosquitos. The beauty and struggle led me to believe that adventure is meant to make you appreciate when you’re not on one. Sixteen days after I started, I was met by Profsco at the end, on the I-80 bridge at the Delaware Water Gap, the point where Pennsylvania and New Jersey separate. She was there to drive me home, on asphalt, to a big city. I asked her to walk halfway across the bridge with me, the final part of the trail in PA, to end what we’d started. I still don’t own a house; I write this from a rented apartment, but I hiked through my home state with nothing but what was on my back, and I’ll let you in on a little secret: I did the whole thing with a smile on my face. Leaned against an old tree on the Pennsylvania side of the bridge, I left my walking stick.

Toujours Mag Issue 005  

Summer issue featuring entertaining advice by Lulu Powers, design from Emily Ruddo, art by Sasha Sullivan, interios from M Design and SFA De...