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toujours | 005 | wanderlust

known. There were slanted uphills that pulled our packs forever backward and steep rock-bespeckled plummets that were death-to-knees. Our only food supply was on our backs, and consisted of no fruit, vegetables, meat, or dairy. We learned to live on granola and carbohydrates, protein where we could get it: for lunch, it wasn’t uncommon to eat packets of dried tuna from a pouch and peanut butter right from the jar. It sounds disgusting to the non-hiker, surely, but burning thousands of calories each day with no replenishment will cause a person to eat irregularly just to survive. I am histrionic.

Toujours Mag Issue 005  
Toujours Mag Issue 005  

Summer issue featuring entertaining advice by Lulu Powers, design from Emily Ruddo, art by Sasha Sullivan, interios from M Design and SFA De...