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toujours | 005 | inside art

TM: What are you currently creating? What is next? SW: The work that I am doing right now is a continuation of the water series; I’m using similar materials and I’m still using the images of water as a central theme. The new series is titled “Reflections”. I’m making porcelain and terra cotta objects, animals, figures and islands/mountains. I make two of each and then I set one on top of a metal shelf and then I hang one upside down under the one on top so they become a mirror image of each other. They get really interesting when they sit in front of the water images...Sort of like when you notice a reflection of something in the water. Very disorienting but I like it.

Toujours Mag Issue 005  

Summer issue featuring entertaining advice by Lulu Powers, design from Emily Ruddo, art by Sasha Sullivan, interios from M Design and SFA De...