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toujours | 005 | inside art

Surf photograph taken by Charlie Witmer

mood as well. It was the realization that my photographs of the ocean did not need to be actual locations or landscapes that led me to this series of work titled “On Land-On Water”. Another direct correlation with the ocean is the idea of anticipation or waiting. From a surfer’s perspective you always sit out on the water with your back to the land anticipating when the next set will come. It’s a waiting game wondering what the future will bring. I also like the metaphor of the “Fisherman’s wife” waiting at the edge of the ocean for her lover to return safely to shore. This is why most of the figures in my work are facing the ocean with their backs to the viewer. This idea of staring off at the horizon waiting helplessly and

anxiously in anticipation of the future wondering what’s going to happen next: What’s going to be the next big event is a shared human anxiety. TM: Have you always been drawn to nature as a source for your work? SW: I’ve always used images from nature such as birds and other animals in my artwork but this previous work was never about nature specifically. Most of my work in the past has been larger figurative work. The last series I did was of large heads that were 3-4 times life scale. This is the first work where I have reduced the size of the figures and then contextualized them into a larger landscape format.

Toujours Mag Issue 005  
Toujours Mag Issue 005  

Summer issue featuring entertaining advice by Lulu Powers, design from Emily Ruddo, art by Sasha Sullivan, interios from M Design and SFA De...