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Kind Words Volume 10

Art and music to heal the mind and excite the spirit

Issue 2 fall 2010

On any given day, you will find Touchstone Assisted Living’s resident music expert listening to Dylan, the Stones or Springsteen. If you name a classic rock song or hum a few bars, you will be given the album, band mates and recording date as a response.

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“Music calms me and excites me at the same time,” shared Joe, a Touchstone resident since 1998. “It brings back happy memories.” He is a friendly guy, with an encyclopedia-like knowledge of classic rock. He also has a keen ear and can generally “name that tune” in about three notes. There is extensive research behind the healing impact of music and art in the lives of men and women living with mental illness. Art and music expression can be a key ingredient to bringing an individual out of their shell. Across all programs, Touchstone strives to assist clients in connecting with artistic expression if they feel it will help them along their journey of recovery. Music and art provide the rhythm of Joe’s day. They help him manage his anxiety and fear of public interaction. He is happiest when listening to songs from his vast classic rock collection or working with a wedge of clay at his monthly pottery lesson/sessions.


oe’s authentic love and passion for music allows him to have a safe place to go that provides continual stability when he is feeling anxious or stressed,” shared Rachel Proctor, Touchstone Assisted Living’s Activities Coordinator. “His enjoyment in creating pottery enables him to more fully participate in activities as well as provides him with a skill he takes great pride in and is able to share his finished pieces with other members of the assisted living community.”

“Making pottery is fun. It gives me a sense of accomplishment.”

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This fall, Touchstone and Adler Graduate School will begin investigating ways to bring art therapy to Touchstone Mental Health. Through the use of art-making in an encouraging and therapeutic environment, participants will have opportunities for self-expression, social interaction; building selfesteem and confidence while reducing symptoms that may be associated with depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress. The art therapy experience can focus on the process of making art, the final art product or the participants own symbols and metaphors that serve to enhance personal insight. All of these various points of emphasis can contribute to an individual’s healing.

Board Members Merrie Kaas, Ph.D., Chair Katie Lichty, Esq. Leslie Connelly JoAnn Meyer Michaela Diercks Liz Sjaastad Donna Langer

Management Team Martha Lantz, LICSW , MBA Executive Director

Glen Albert, LICSW Director of Assisted Living

Bharati Acharya, LPCC Director of Case Management

Lynette Anderson Finance and Human Resources Director

Jennifer Baumgartner Development Director

DeDe VanSlyke, LPCC Treatment Director, Residential Treatment

Michelle Wincell, LICSW

mind and body wellness by Bharati Acharya, LPCC In the last several decades, Western researchers have verified that Yoga is an effective practice for cultivating both mind and body wellness. This expansive system of philosophies, practices and techniques dates back at least 2,000 years to India, where Yoga has long been acknowledged as elemental to a healthy and balanced life. There are a myriad of yogic schools of thought, each emphasizing a specific set of mental and/or physical practices intended for the cultivation of well being. Some of these schools are traditional, adhering directly to the original texts of Yoga, “The Yoga Sutras,” while others are more whimsical blends of east and west, modern and ancient. Many traditions emphasize engagement with physical poses, (asana) while others may underscore the use various breathing techniques, (pranayama). Researchers have verified that at least some of these yogic disciplines can have potent and positive effects on an individual‘s health. Dr. Timothy McCall, board certified specialist in internal medicine and medical editor of “Yoga Journal” states in his new book, “Yoga as Medicine”: “Yoga quite simply is the most powerful system of overall health and wellbeing I have ever seen.” The best way to comprehend the effects of yoga is through practice. As BKS Iyengar, the founder of Iyengar yoga states “Words fail to convey the total value of yoga. It has to be experienced.”

Editorial Staff

Yoga is a part of Touchstone programs in many ways. Sessions are held each week at Touchstone Residential Treatment; Intentional Community members have a group that frequents an area yoga studio for classes and at Touchstone Assisted Living elements of yoga practice are incorporated into the on-site mindful movement classes.

Jennifer Baumgartner Martha Lantz

wellness exercise


Nadi Shodana Pranayama: good for calming down, balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain

Director of Operations

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Hold your right hand up and curl your index and middle fingers toward your palm. Place your thumb next to your right nostril and your ring finger and pinky by your left. Close the left nostril by pressing on it with your ring finger and pinky, and inhale through the right nostril slowly. Now close the right nostril by pressing gently against it with your thumb, and open your left nostril by relaxing your ring finger and pinky and exhale fully with a slow and steady breath. Inhale through the left nostril, close it, and then exhale through the right nostril. Begin with 5-10 rounds and add more as you feel ready.

visit our new web site This September, Touchstone Mental Health launched our new web site at The purpose of the site is to provide a calming, healing and informative environment for prospective clients; current residents, community members and clients; referral partners and staff. Our goal is to provide insights into Touchstone’s philosophy, approach, programs and services as well as health and wellness information developed specifically for men and women living with mental illness. Please plan to visit the site often as it will change and be updated frequently with new links, articles, health and healing exercises as well as consumer success stories and expressions.


n Inukshuk is built in layers (foothold, cornerstone, core, pillar, keystone, and pinnacle) with each layer serving an integral role in stabilizing the beautiful guiding structure. Just as an Inukshuk needs every layer to be complete, Touchstone Mental Health needs support at every financial level. Thank you for making it possible for Touchstone to serve as an Inukshuk, or stable guide, in the lives of those we serve. Without you, we are incomplete.

Pinnacle Keystone Pillar Core



THANK YOU donors Your support helps Touchstone serve as a guide and supporting presence for our clients as they travel their paths of hope, healing and well-being.

January 1, 2010 – July 31, 2010

Pinnacle $5000 + Donors providing our Culminated Success Leslie and Michael Connelly

Keystone $1000- $4,999 Donors providing our Cohesive Stability Lynette Anderson Merrie Kaas Joan C. Niedfeldt

Pillar $500 - $999 Donors providing our Principle Support (Anonymous) Deborah Bohn Dianne Brennen Barbara and Tom Kirby Donna Langer-Hansen Martha Lantz and Kim Makie John McDonough Joann and Carl Meyer Karen Palm and Lynne Sparks Clare Poulose Shelly and Steve Rucks

Diane and Bob Slayton Amy Spartz Colleen Watson and Mary McDougall

Core $250 - $499 Donors providing our Fundamental Heart Louise Anderson Jonathan Burris Sarah and Fredrick Deschamps Denise D. Farr Michael Gavetos-Reid Jane Garvin and James Jacobson Sharon Hundley Thomas and Linda Goss Emily Lagace and John Faughnan Glade and Lois Lantz Katie and Marshall Lichty Dana Lindsay and Tim Pabst Barbara and Gary Milton Kathleen Moore Julia and Brian Palmer Katherine Pollock Tonya Rowe Ken and Mary Sutherland Carol Watzke

Cornerstone $100-$249 Donors providing our Firm Base Roxanne Abbas Dorthea and Gordon Anderson Sue Anderson Ruth Baeumler Cynthia Baier and Scott Swenson Scott and Sara Barron-Leer Jodi and Andrew Benson Joan Blace Sara and Walter Broughton Susan Campion Tim and Holly Cashin Linda Chlan and James Grindle Katie and Mark Cooney Sara Ann and Daniel Currell Steven and Peggy DeLapp Gregg and Diane Dertinger Michaela Diercks Grethe and Thomas Dillon Signe and Maurice Dysken Sara And James Evans Nichole Fairbanks Jeff Gorman Starla Hendricks John Hobday Leigh Erin Irons and Ryan Brauer

Leah and Mark Jensen Ronald and Cynthia Jogodka Sharon T Johnson Mary M. Krakow Karen and William Lee Scott and Linda Lichty Cindy and Paul Lorah Gwen and Michael Martin Connie Masterson Juliana and Dwight Maxa Stacy McClendon Mary Ann McLeod Lynda and Peter Michielutti Carolyn Muska Todd Myers Peggy Matthies Nelsen Julie and Lee Prochnow Timothy and Melissa Ridley Mark and Julie Ritter Jennifer Roeser Karin Roof Judi Sateren Tamra Schmalenberger JB Smiley Rebecca Spartz Kathy Swanson David and Carol Thersleff Continued on back

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Kirk and Suzanne Thompson Sue Towey Sarag Truesdell Tracy van der Leeuw Marjorie Van Slyke Jeanne Voigt Holly and Donald Weinhauf Theresa and Douglass Williams Sharon M Wilson Michelle Wincell

Foothold Up to $99 Donors providing our Chief Foundation Anonymous (11) Bharati Acharya Marshall and Drucilla Anderson Steven and Mary Austin Cindy and Elliot Berlovitz Birgit Birkeland Ann and Stephan Burgeson Roxanne Burke Kelli Carlson-Jagersma Kathleen Caron Lupe Castillo Kathleen Confer and Charles Campbell Lydia Conn Lisa Curtin Amy Dickson Nancy and Robert Dillon Joanne Disch Mary Ann and Lee Fabel Lisa Fay and Gregory Cardinal Judith and Richard Fehn

Wasil Fiedorow Mathew Flannery Sherri and Wayne Fuller Fay Gallus Scott and Candace Gislason Ann and Brian Gleeson Kate Goodrich Molly Grove and Jeff Bailey Dan and Mary Jo Haag Linda Halcon Sue Hanson Christine Harnack Mary and Terry Hearst Andrea Hendel Debra Holmgren Cindy and Bruce Idelkope Penelope Jones Kim Klose and Sara Ford MJ Kolodjski Katherine Kovar Jan Lanssen Ann Lee and Robert Barbeau Bonnie Lingbeck and Charles Lingbeck Gloria Livingston Cynthia Long and Allan Williams Heidi Malat Katey and Mark McCabe James McLean Margot McManus Louise and John McNamara Jacqueline and Salem Mize Melanie Mogg Jason and Tami Muhlstein Beth and Joseph Naughton Pamela Neuenfeldt Georgia and Donald Nygaard Maureen and Dale Walde Leslie and Kevin O’Laughlin Jacqueline Oelfke Thomas and Marilyn Page Marian and Curtis Palm Abby and David Pinto Mark Price Patrick Quinn Barb Radtke and Julie Ryan Debbie Ringdahl

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Donations in Memory of Justin Jogodka Steven and Mary Austin Roxanne Burke Lee and MaryAnn Fabel Fay Gallus Dan and MaryJo Haag Tom and Linda Jogodka Ronald and Cynthia Jogodka Penelope Jones Charles and Bonnie Lingbeck Gloria Livingston Allan and Cynthia Long James McCLean Salem and Jacqueline Mize Barton School Foundation Donation in Memory of Cynthia Riggs Michael Gardos Reid Leah and Mark Jensen In Memory of Alvina Striedel Colleen Watson and Mary McDougall In Memory of Dr. Richard McDougall

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Foundation & Corporate Support Minnesota State Fair Barton School Foundation Healthcare Interactive McQuillan Lahti Associates Inc.

In Honor Lynette Anderson In Honor of Helen Raleigh Sara Barron-Leer In Honor of Richard A Barron Lupe Castillo In Honor of Communities of Color Linda and James Chlan In Honor of Dr. Merrie Kaas Karen S Fink In Honor of Lee Jeff Gorman In Honor of Liz Sjaastad Linda Halcon In Honor of Ingrid Sittler Sue Hanson In Honor of Will Geertz-Larson Christine Harnack In Honor of Jeff Haas and Colleen Haas

In Memory

Thank you for supporting our mission! Please accept our apology and contact the Development Director if you are listed incorrectly or were omitted from the list.

My Story – Full circle by Nicole Jarvis I have struggled with mental illness for most of my life however I was not diagnosed for the first twenty years of my life. I was fist hospitalized in late 2004 and from that initial hospitalization through mid-2007 I was hospitalized a total of 9 times with each stay averaging about ten days but some lasted up to six weeks. By the seventh hospitalization in October of 2006, it was starting to feel like I would forever be stuck in the cycle of hospitalizations that had developed over the past two years. During that specific hospitalization two things happened, one my ex-partner and co-homeowner along with our roommate, “decided that it would be better if I just didn’t return home after I was discharged from the hospital,” so at that point I began to work with both the hospital and county social worker. The news that I was not welcome in the home that I co-owned and had been living in created a major dilemma because my family lived in an area where there were no mental health programs and I was not able to live on my own safely. The social workers were both diligent in seeking out a residential program for me to transition into from the hospital and decided that Touchstone residential treatment was the program that best fit my needs. I was discharged from the hospital to Touchstone the first week of December 2006, and while I was quite afraid of what I would encounter I found the staff and home very welcoming. It was a very different post-hospitalization experience because in the past I would return to an unsupportive home-life and outpatient day treatment program. The curriculum of groups and classes as well as the staff and most importantly the therapists all made the beginning of my healing possible. I had times during my stay at Touchstone when I struggled, times when I would have ended up back in the hospital, but the staff at Touchstone helped me to work through those times and showed me the possibility of using my resources to help me remain out of the hospital. After my completion of the program and discharge from Touchstone I transitioned to single, independent apartment living and an out-patient day treatment program eventually returning to my full time job six months later. January 2008, I started attending Metropolitan State University to complete the Bachelors of Arts I had started in 1997 and quit in 2000, although this time I was majoring in psychology. To my surprise I earned a 4.0 that semester and have continued to do well in all of my courses. I expect to graduate next spring and have plans to obtain a Masters degree in counseling or social work. I have struggled with my mental disorders over the past few years, but have not been re-hospitalized or in a residential treatment program, but have instead taken care of myself knowing my limits and keeping myself healthy. I am finishing up an internship with one of the local charter schools working with the school counselor spending time with students and leading student groups. I have also recently started working at a psychiatric residential treatment facility for children and adolescents. I have chosen to work with children and adolescents with mental illness so that I can give back the gift I was given by the staff at Touchstone… Hope!

Thank you so much Touchstone for giving me back the life I thought I had lost.

Rising Cedar Update The summer has proven to be a productive season for Touchstone’s Rising Cedar Campaign. We appreciate the support of our campaign committee members who have dedicated their time and expertise to help us build 40 supportive housing apartments and a health and wellness center dedicated to providing holistic health services for 169,000 Twin Cities men and women living with serious mental illness. Thank you for helping us “inspire hope, healing and well-being.” Committee and Advisory Members include: Glen Andis (A) Senator Linda Berglin Julie Brekke David Byfield (A) Commissioner Gail Dorfman Mike Dickson Thomas Fisher (A) Paul Goering MD (A) Susan M. Haigh (A) Patricia Jensen Beth Parkhill John Scanlan, MD (A) Liz Sjaastad Jim “Woody” Woodburn, MD, MS (A) Cary Zahrbock

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Nicole L. Jarvis (Client from 12/2006 – 3/2007)

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Touchstone Mental Health inspires hope, healing and well-being.


Touchstone Mental Health is a center of excellence, providing quality programs, services and products to assure that people living with mental illness can enjoy the highest quality of life and achieve their greatest personal potential. Touchstone builds on its history of innovation to deepen, grow and sustain its programs to meet existing and emerging needs.

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Join us October 16! Tickets available! Notes of Inspiration: A Benefit to Raise Awareness and Improve Lives Featuring Dinner, Auction and Concert Performance by Marc Cohn On Saturday, October 16th Touchstone Mental Health will host a benefit event to raise awareness around the needs of integrated care of adults living with mental illness. The dinner, silent auction and concert performance event will highlight the launch of Touchstone’s first ever Capital Campaign to build our community’s first health and wellness center dedicated to providing holistic, preventive and integrative health and wellness services to the 169,000 Twin Cities men and women living with serious mental illness. The Campaign will also help underwrite the cost of building the adjoining 40 long-term supportive housing apartments designed based on neuroscientific and healing design research to create a building which not only houses, but heals. For more information about Notes of Inspiration please visit or call Touchstone’s development office at 612-767-2161.

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