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Soaring To New Heights 200 9 a n n ua l r e p o rt

Touchstone Mental Health Inspires Hope, Healing and Well-being Touchstone Mental Health is a center of excellence providing quality programs to ensure that people living with mental illness can enjoy the highest quality of life. TMH builds on its history of innovation to deepen, grow and sustain its programs to meet existing and emerging needs. Organizational excellence is enhanced through effective strategic alliances, quality staff and leadership and increased visibility and is supported by updated technology and a diversified base of funding.

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Dear Friends, At Touchstone Mental Health our role is to provide a

To strategically prepare for our future we reviewed systems,

framework of support for our community members,

processes and staff leadership to continually improve the

clients and residents so they can live a life of

quality of care we deliver and develop a solid foundation

opportunity. We assist them holistically as they define

as we enter a new and exciting phase of Touchstone’s

their goals and dreams. We then dedicate ourselves to

27 year history. Numerous workgroups compiled

helping them overcome their individual obstacles so

neuroscientific and healing design research to create a

they can take flight and ultimately soar.

matrix of needs guiding our newest customized living

We are guided by our mission, vision and strategic plan to continually provide innovative, high quality programs and services for hundreds of men and women living with mental illness in the Twin Cities. In 2009, we remained grounded in our organization’s purpose while reaching new levels of excellence. Our long-standing programs grew and exceeded benchmarks in service delivery. [These efforts resulted in state

facility with adjoining Health and Wellness Center. We also implemented a comprehensive electronic record system across our agency’s six programs to improve process and client service delivery today and carry us through well into the next decade. These agency highlights were accomplished along side the daily success of hundreds of adults who made strides to live with increased independence and housing stability.

and national award recognition for our Assisted

We are grateful for Touchstone’s dedicated team of 85

Living Apartments in New Hope and our Intentional

professionals who inspire hope, healing and well-being every

Communities in south Minneapolis.] The success

day. It is through their dedication, and the support of our

of these programs made it possible for us to begin

community partners and donors, that Touchstone Mental

providing integrated care guide services for members of

Health reached new heights in 2009.

Metropolitan Health Plan’s Cornerstone Solutions and refine our Intensive Community Rehabilitative Services

Thank you for helping us soar!

programs in its first full year of operation.

Martha Lantz, LICSW, MBA Executive Director Touchstone Mental Health

Merrie Kaas, Ph.D Board of Directors Chair – 2009 Touchstone Mental Health

“Touchstone is what makes all the pieces of my puzzle fit together.” Gregg

ICRS & TCM client

A New Way to Care


Intensive Community Rehabilitative Services

COLLA BORATI ON By utilizing a multi-disciplinary team approach, staff met the holistic needs of clients resulting in 93 percent of clients maintaining community tenure.

With the correct intensity of support, not too much nor too little, each person can thrive to achieve his or her personally defined life goals. Whether those goals are to reenter the workforce or overcome the fear of public interaction in order to work out at a YMCA, Touchstone Intensive Community Rehabilitative Services’ team of social workers, nurses and psychiatrists were there collaborating with Touchstone Targeted Case Management to help 124 men and women maintain their housing while increasing their independence and community integration.

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RE DUCED HOSP ITALIZATIONS 91 percent of clients remained in the community without the need for hospitalization in 2009. S ELF-SU FFICIENCY 86 percent of ICRS clients progressed along their individualized path of recovery through increased vocational opportunities, life-skills training, household budget management, communication skills and illness management techniques.

Support That’s Always There Targeted Ca se Management

To reach our highest dreams, our basic needs including housing must be met. Once stable, we can build on those successes to experience a world of greater opportunity. Touchstone Targeted Case Managers served as consistent advocates, providing independent living skills and stable housing support so 147 men and women could move toward heightened personal achievement.

Milestones PERSONAL G OALS Targeted Case Management staff worked with the Intensive Community Rehabilitation Services team to support 147 men and women increase and improve their vocational opportunities, life-skills training, communication skills and illness management techniques so each person could exercise personal agency over his or her life. STABLE HOUSING Maintaining stable housing is a primary goal to assist clients with their long-term health and well-being. In 2009, 87 percent of clients retained their independent living arrangements exceeding industry goals by 15 percent. SEL F-SUFFICI ENCY 90 percent of clients remained in the community without the need for hospitalization. These results exceeded program goals by almost 10 percent.

“I’m really grateful to Touchstone. They are there for you every step. With their help, I now have an apartment and am working toward rejoining the workforce. I don’t know where I would be without Touchstone; I just know I wouldn’t be where I am today – for that I’m grateful.” Gregg

ICRS & TCM client

The Freedom to Fly



STAYING ACTIVE In 2009, Touchstone Assisted Living received the Care Provider’s of Minnesota Dare to be Great Award for their innovative Step Up Club program. The Step Up Club was developed by residents and staff to increase physical activity, relieve stress and create a better sense of well-being. It resulted in 80 percent resident participation and a 50 percent increase in weekly activity.

In 2009, our 19 residents at Touchstone Assisted Living celebrated the program’s fifth anniversary as Minnesota’s first customized living facility providing permanent housing with 24-hour support services for men and women living with serious mental illness. Fifty-six percent of current residents have lived at Touchstone for five years or longer, and it is the stable housing, holistic service approach and the long-term relationships with staff and fellow residents that have fostered community cohesiveness over the years. Residents find trust, friendship and interconnectedness are highlights of being a part of Touchstone. Staff emphasized residents’ 62 percent reduced need for additional services over the past two years as an example of each person’s improved health and well-being. These results have allowed previously consumed service dollars to be utilized by other programs in Hennepin County.

HEALTHY GROWTH Three new residents joined Touchstone Assisted Living as part of the program’s expansion to a third town home, increasing total residents’ capacity to 19. SELF-S UFFICIENCY 97 percent of residents maintained their mental health helping them remain out of the hospital. INCREASED PARTICIPATION Residents increased their participation in work, work programs, education and volunteering from 15% participation when moving to Touchstone Assisted Living to 55% today.

“If I were a kite, I would be bright and colorful. The tools from my Touchstone advocates would help me fly above the clouds and my fellow community members along side me would give the sky its beauty.” Levi

Intentional Community member since 2007

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Together with Hope

members thrive. The men and women from across Hennepin County

“I am very thankful that I came here and the room is so pretty… I would be lost without Touchstone and all the help and am proud to be here”.

gathered multiple times a week at one of Touchstone’s two Intentional

Assisted Living Resident


Interdependence, reciprocity and mutual support for health are the foundation on which Touchstone Intentional Community’s 40

Community sites or at various community coffee shops, theaters or yoga studios to share, celebrate and support one another through times of success and challenge. In 2009, their third year of operation, the self-directed communities were recognized for their innovative, peerdriven structure which makes true community possible.

Milestones IN D EPENDENCE 93 percent of community members maintained independent, safe and secure housing with 91 percent having retained housing for more than one year. GOALS E XC EEDED 89 percent of community members improved or maintained their baseline for symptom management, exceeding program goals by 29 percent. IMPROVEMENTS 94 percent of community members maintained their living skills and improved or maintained their physical health, exceeding program goals by more than 30 percent. RECOG NITI ON Touchstone’s Intentional Community program was highlighted for its service approach and member success by the National Council of Community Behavioral Healthcare. LEARN FROM OTHER S Participating in a community demands members learn how to communicate respectfully and resolve differences effectively. Both communities studied Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication and use it as a reference for improving communication.


“Touchstone Residential is in a great neighborhood and the backyard gardens are very therapeutic. You can sit, meditate and watch the broccoli grow.� Josh

TRT graduate and Intentional Community Member

Preparing for the Future



ASS ESSM ENTS Touchstone Residential supported 80 adults with comprehensive assessments and individualized treatment addressing mental health, chemical dependency, physical health and independent living skills.

In 2009, the men and women who graduated from Touchstone Residential Treatment left with regained mental health stability and success toward overcoming personal obstacles like chemical dependency. For an average of 78 days, each resident had a safe, supportive and structured place to call home while they prepared to transition into the Twin Cities. They worked with their team of mental health practitioners, mental health professionals, counselors and nurse to develop symptom awareness and management skills, increase techniques for coping, and garner tools for independent living so they could more successfully integrate back into the community.

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CONTINUAL PRO GRESSI ON 79 percent of residents graduated, met program standards and moved toward more independent living including an increased sense of safety and security, selfcare through medication education and compliance, increased coping skills, exercise of daily living skills and participation in available community supports. PROLON GED SU CCESS 81 percent of program graduates retained independent living 6 months after program completion exceeding program goals by 20 percent.

New Programs Take Flight care c oordination

Navigating the physical, mental and social needs of life is a challenging course to chart. It requires an understanding of one’s needs, determination, organization and a way to effectively communicate with the physicians, mental health providers and social supports available. In 2009, Touchstone Care Coordination became the premier provider of care coordination services for Metropolitan Health Plan’s Cornerstone Solutions members. Touchstone Care Coordination’s team of care advocates provide integrated support for Cornerstone Solutions’ members with mental health needs. The care advocates helped assess each member’s holistic needs; establish connections with their mental health, physical health and social service providers; served as a translator and advocate with various providers and helped each person maintain their appointments and recommended care plans, so each person could maintain their health and well-being. In the first four months of operation Touchstone Care Coordination team focused their efforts on building an effective program infrastructure and established relationships with their first 76 clients.

“Touchstone Care Coordination offers a provider relationship without limitations… creativity and critical thinking are welcomed as we partner with the people we support to help them find ways to get from where they are to where they want to be.” Touchstone Care Coordination Supervisor

Statement and Activities Year ended december 31, 2009

Medical Assistance | 64.1% Medical Assistance | 80% Managed Care | 20%

Government Contracts | 25.9% Client Program Fees and Rent | 5.1% Group Residential Housing | 3.5%

Program Services | 91.7%

Investment Income | 0.6%

Management & Administrative | 6%

Donations | 0.5%

Fundraising | 2.3%

Special Events, net | 0.3% In-Kind Contributions | 0.1%


TOTAL Ex pen se s

Medical Assistance Government Contracts Client Program Fees and Rent Group Residential Housing Donations Investment Income Special Events, net In-Kind Contributions

Program Services Management & Administrative Fundraising

Tota l

2,567,744 1,036,929 184,463 139,150 36,242 22,037 13,067 4,909


3,565,706 231,608 87,765 3,8 8 5 , 0 7 9


Statement of Financial Position as of december 31, 2009


Li a bilit ie s & Net Ass et s

Current Fixed Other

Current Liabilities Net Assets Unrestricted Net Assets Temporarily Restricted Net Assets Total Net Assets

Tota l

1,653,100 352,266 72,987 2,078,353


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363,239 1,656,924 58,190 1,715,114 2, 0 7 8 , 3 5 3

Program Expenses 2009

Residential Treatment | 31.2% Customized Living| 26.9% Intensive Community Rehabilitation | 20.5% Targeted Case Management | 10% Intentional Communities | 9.3% Care Coordination | 1.6% Healing Services | 0.5%

PRO G RA M Ex pens es Residential Treatment Customized Living Intensive Community Rehabilitation Targeted Case Management Intentional Communities Care Coordination Healing Services Tota l

1,113,430 961,209 729,854 356,115 330,893 57,798 16,407 3,565,706

“I have a much clearer vision of my path for the upcoming years.� Touchstone Community Member

Our Donors | January 1, 2009 – December 31, 2009

“Your support helps Touchstone serve as a guide and supporting presence for our clients as they travel their paths of hope, healing and well-being.”

Pi nnac le $5000 + Donors providing our Culminated Success Leslie and Michael Connelly 1335 Foundation

Keystone $1000-$4,999 Donors providing our Cohesive Stability Tim and Holly Cashin Merrie Kaas Martha Lantz and Kim Makie JoAnn and Carl Meyer Liz and John Sjaastad David Vicksta

Pi llar $500-$999 Donors providing our Principle Support Glen and Sandy Albert Lynette Anderson Eric and Jennifer Baumgartner Kathleen Carter Michaela Diercks John and Lori Frekot Donna Langer-Hansen Katie and Marshall Lichty Ron and Tamera Robinson Rita and Dick Sanderson Jim and Sarah Stowell Wilmot Wheeler Foundation

Core $250-$499 Donors providing our Fundamental Heart Anonymous (2) David Baune Michael & Kate Gardos Reid Sharon T. Johnson Tony and Amy McAllister Al and Dianne Melnychuk Gary and Barbara Milton David and Judy Myers

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Karen Palm and Lynne Sparks Katherine Pollock Jeff and Ardella Schoeneck Ken and Mary Sutherland

Cornerstone $100-$249 Donors providing our Firm Base Anonymous Don and Betty Cashin Celeste Culberth Elaine Darst and Gunda Georg Wasil G. Fiedorow Barbara Delaney Candace Gislason Cheryl Grady Cynthia Gross Marlyn and Lorrie Johnson Birgit and Shawn Kelly Jeannie Kenney Elaine Krenik Kurt and Lea Langston Brandon and Colleen Lichty Mary Martin Dustine and Steve Meyer Norma Prokosh Helen Raleigh William and Connie Riggs Kelly and Raphael Robert Mark and Mary Sanderson Geri Scherer Barbara Sobocinski Gus and Michelle Thompson Nina Tuttle Whitney Walden Holly Weinkoff Michelle Wincell and Bruce O’Leary Honora Winther

Foothold Up to $99 Donors providing our Chief Foundation Anonymous Sandra Accola

Sara Barron-Leer Bruce and Judy Bernier Mark Betzler Birgit E. Birkeland Sarah Brew Maureen Cashin, John Storm and Sons Bill & Susan Cochrane Ann Foran John Frekot Ken and Elaine Gunderson Rita A. Halloran Vanessa Heit Suzanne Herther Scott and Linda Lichty Peggy Matthies Nelsen Lucy Minn Michael and Jeanne Potram James Radant Barbara Radke Theresa Ronning David Sagula Anelise Sawkins Joni Sussman MaryAnn Syers Maryann Watters Don and Carol Williams Kathleen Whiteford Claire Wright

In-K ind Support Logan and Sharon Anderson Martha Lantz Fio MacKinney Lucy Brown Minn Sanderson Creative Catherine Stine Tejas Restaurant

Donations In Honor Anonymous In Honor of the Touchstone Residential Team Lynette Anderson In Honor of Helen Raleigh Bruce and Judy Bernier In Honor of Shawna Sanders Don & Betty Cashin In Honor of Kathy Cashin Maureen Cashin, John Storm and Sons In Honor of Kathy Cashin Rita A Halloran In Honor of Kathy Cashin Marlyn and Lorrie Johnson In Honor of Marnie Johnson Elaine Krenik In Honor of Kathy Cashin Lucy Minn In Honor of DeDe Van Slyke Barbara Radke In Honor of Intentional Communities Ken and Mary Sutherland In Honor of Kathy Cashin David Vicksta In Honor of Patricia Carola

Donations in Memory Helen Raleigh In Memory of Arline Raleigh William and Connie Riggs In Memory of Cynthia Riggs David Sagula In Memory of Cynthia Riggs Rita and Dick Sanderson In Memory of Scott Sanderson

Foundation Support Kimberly Clark Foundation Lifetime Fitness Foundation Minnesota State Fair Upper Midwest Shelby Club US Bancorp Foundation

*We apologize for any errors or omissions. Accurate donor lists are important to us. Please contact us if you are listed incorrectly. | 412-767-2161

Thank You Donors In 2009, your support helped Touchstone Mental Health serve as a center of excellence, providing innovative programs and services in the Twin Cities. With your on-going support we will continue to provide holistic services while researching and developing new integrated health models of care to improve the quantity and quality of life among the men and women we serve.

“Thank you for inspiring hope, healing and well-being. Because of you, our community soars.� Touchstone

Recognizing Touchstone’s Staff Benchmark Years of Service 5+



Brook Dahl Tenneh Diggs Johnnie Mayfield Dorene Obi Rosemary Rausch Patrick Robinson Renee Svoboda

Angela Adams Kari Baune Ingrid Bloom Esther Folayan Diana Schansberg Karla Schmitt Monica Smith Katherine Wurpts

Lyn Gerdis Deborah Hesli

20+ Deborah Gruel Kara Vangen Claire Wright

25 Glen Albert

Leadership Board of Directors Sara Barron-Leer Bill Cochran Leslie Connelly Michaela Diercks Merrie Kaas, Ph.D. – 2009 Board Chair Donna Langer-Hansen Katie Lichty, Esq. JoAnn Meyer Liz Sjaastad Catherine Stine Sharon Wilson Senior Leaders hi p Team Martha Lantz, LICSW , MBA Executive Director Glen Albert, LICSW Director of Assisted Living Bharati Acharya, LPC Director of Case Management Lynette Anderson Finance and Human Resources Director Jennifer Baumgartner Development Director DeDe VanSlyke, LPCC Treatment Director, Residential Treatment

(years of service as of report printing April 2010)

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Michelle Wincell, LICSW Director of Operations

Looking Toward the Horizon Imagine a home that not only houses, but heals. Imagine a place where the Twin Cites 62,000 adult men and women living with serious mental illness have access to a health and wellness center dedicated solely to their physical, mental and social health needs. Imagine a community built on a foundation of integration and intention. If you can imagine‌ you will see what Touchstone Mental Health’s future holds. We look forward to collaborating with you and appreciate your enthusiasm and financial support as we take flight on a new journey that will transport us all to new heights.

ASSISTED LIVING APARTMENTS 7376 Bass Lake Rd New Hope, MN 55428 Voice: 763-536-8134 Fax: 763-536-8893 CARE COORDINATION 2829 University Ave SE, Ste 400 Minneapolis MN 55414 Voice: 612-874-6409 Fax: 612-874-0157 INTENSIVE COMMUNITY REHABILITATION SERVICES 2829 University Ave SE, Ste 400 Minneapolis, MN 55414 Voice: 612-874-6409 Fax: 612-874-0157 INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES 310 East 38th St, Ste 223 Minneapolis, MN 55409 Voice: 612-767-3881 Fax: 612-870-3772 RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT 2516 East 24th St Minneapolis, MN 55406 Voice: 612-722-1892 Fax: 612-722-1983 TARGETED CASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES 2829 University Ave SE, Ste 400 Minneapolis, MN 55414 Voice: 612-874-6409 Fax: 612-874-0157 TOUCHSTONE ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES 2829 University Ave SE, Ste 400 Minneapolis, MN 55414 Voice: 612-874-6409 Fax: 612-874-0157

Annual Report 2009  

Touchstone Mental Health is a nonprofit center of excellence providing quality programs to assure people living with mental illness can enjo...

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