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REMEMBERING 25 YEARS We’re seeking partners to ensure TML’s future through building a solid wall of support for the children and youth. WOULD YOU CONSIDER HELPING SECURE A STRONG FUTURE FOR TML BY BECOMING A MONTHLY DONOR? As part of our 25th Anniversary campaign we are building a literal wall of oversized LEGO® style bricks with our great monthly supporters’ names on each brick displayed at our sites. For those out of town, you can view our virtual wall of support online at our 25th Anniversary webpage. Even more fun, we’re bringing this wall building theme to YOU! Everyone - com who signs up as a monthly supporter this year will receive a small memorative “wall of support” to display.


Visit touchingmiamiwithlove.org/give/


Text the words TML (add a space) and the donation amount to the number 45777


Use the enclosed envelope to begin your monthly support Be sure and check the box “make this gift recurring” to help us build a solid wall of support!


nal address to the Israelites, shares one central theme to the people he has led for decades—remember. Remember how far you’ve come. Remember who helped you get to this point. Create practices to aid in remembering. Remember. “Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them” (Deuteronomy 4:9). istry, we want to pause and remember too. We remember the organizational leaders of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) and those of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Florida (CBF FL). These individuals joined with local Miami congregations like Christ Journey Church (then University Baptist Church) and others with a vision of creating a place of hope for those struggling in the downtown Miami corridor and the adjacent neighborhood, Overtown. Miami with Love, Butch and Nell Green, who volunteers. They nurtured relationships and a robust TML Family system. Two of those invested volunteers were Larry and Laquita Wynn. An editor at the Miami Herald, Lar-


ry became passionate about the impact that TML was making--so much so that he quit his job to answer the call to become TML’s next director working alongside his wife, Laquita.

We remember their bold leadership and strategic vision that led TML to focus on the children and youth of Overtown as they moved the organization forward. We remember the loads of children loving and learning in the neighborhood parks served by TML and the hundreds of youth and adults from churches across the country that ministered with open hearts. I remember meeting Steven Porter while he was Assistant Director under Larry’s leadership at a multi-day workshop intensive in urban Chicago with a national movement we were both involved with the Christian Com-

Overtown Site: 711 NW 6th Avenue Miami, FL 33136 • West Homestead Site: 1350 SW 4th Street Homestead, FL 33030




ministry in Texas, and my family and I would later visit Touching Miami with Love the summer before we moved service with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. We remember the years of Steven, Keri (Gage) Spears, my wife and I served together on CBF’s Urban Team.

We remember the students, then so young, who eagerly showed up in both Overtown and West Homestead, for summer camp, youth programming, and our afterschool program. We remember the stories the students shared of the great things they were a part of—the summer community cookouts, the basketball games in Reeves Park, the trips they took from roller skating rinks to sleep-away camps. As we remember where we’ve come from, we also remember, like the ancient Israelites, who brought us this

osity of His people, for the thousands of lives touched. We thank volunteers, leaders grown and nurtured who now lead alongside us. They share in this remembrance of, not just an organization, but a family. The TML Family remembering and also pushing forward for the next generation. With Grateful Remembrance,


As TML celebrates twenty-five years




broadly in her new role as an Educational Advocate.

of faithful work in 2020, it’s a great time to celebrate our impact, while getting ready for the future. Since 2005, Angel Pittman has served at TML alongside her husband Jason. As field personnel with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, she has brought her education degree, years of classroom teaching, and passion for students to each aspect of her work at TML. Working alongside her husband, Jason, she began her tenure at TML serving as Children’s Director at the Overtown Site before moving into development and organizational leadership. Each role has been about getting the support students need. Whether in a written story or a



And I remember the call from Steven asking if I would consider taking over leadership at TML. We remember some of TML’s most invested stakeholders, Dr. Pat and Carolyn Anderson’s support and encouragement in our transition. I remember the welcoming presence I felt as I stepped

into the years of relationships that far. As we thank God for his faithfulhad been developed and nurtured by ness, we remember the faith foundathose who came before me. tion our organization was built on and

This multi-faced role includes ministering to students locally, supporting CBF’s educational programming nationally, and advocating for public-school children on a state and national level.

personal conversation, it’s not hard to miss Angel’s passion for students.

While her departure is undoubtedly a loss for TML, Angel is excited knowing that her transition allows for Trina Harris to succeed her as TML’s next Vice President.

It is that passion for students that has lead Angel towards a new service assignment with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship where she will support students more

Angel began her transition in July and her last day at TML will be September 30. You can keep in touch and learn more about her new ministry at www.angelpittman.com.

TRINA HARRIS NAMED VICE PRESIDENT Trina Brings Eleven Years of Leadership at TML to Her New Role


CBF FL, Ocean Reef, and the Kirk Foundation Join to Expand Programming in West Homestead

We're excited that as programming

resumes this fall, TML will be able to meet the needs of our West Homestead community through the expansion of our youth program.

Our founders at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Florida provided matching funds to a grant received from long-time supporters at the Ocean Reef Community Foundation. This combined sup-

person to lead our middle and high school youth.

hurdle for program expansion. We also needed additional transportation. The National Christian Foundation heard of our need and reached out to their friends at the Kirk Foundation who purchased us a new van! Together through this collaborative

Our new van from The Kirk Foundation

educated, and empowered through TML’s innovative programming!

Trinas face isn’t new to Touching

Miami with Love, she’s been moving up the organizational ranks for over eleven years. TML leaders, Jason and Angel Pittman, first met Trina shortly after she, her husband Zack moved to the same Overtown complex as the Pittmans. Trina and Zack are both life-long Overtown residents as well as business owners and have two girls. Back in 2008, each family had a busy three-year old who became fast friends playing in the front of the complex where both families owned townhomes. As the two families got to know each other, one evening while their children

played together a conversation on the Pittman’s couch spontaneously turned into an interview and Trina was hired. Trina’s first role at TML was as Children’s Director in Overtown. As the program grew, so did her responsibilities and after a few short years, she was promoted to Children and Youth Director. Later her impact increased as Overtown Site Director and then Senior Program Director as she oversaw programming at both Overtown and West Homestead sites. Trina’s passion, natural leadership, and drive are evident to

everyone who meets her. Staff, students, and TML graduates all know they can find both a listening ear and a challenging word from this inspiring leader. Please join in sharing your congratulations with Trina by sending her anote at trina@touchingmiamiwithlove.org!

Profile for Touching Miami with Love

TML Times Newsletter- 25th Anniversary Edition  

For twenty-five years, Touching Miami with Love has been inspiring, educating, and empowering the children, youth, and families of Overtown...

TML Times Newsletter- 25th Anniversary Edition  

For twenty-five years, Touching Miami with Love has been inspiring, educating, and empowering the children, youth, and families of Overtown...