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I love doing three things: paint, pamper myself & drink coffee. Naturally three products emerged... •


The romantic

Ice cream bush 40x60cm (16x24”)

Cabbage 40x60cm (16x24”)

Candyfloss 40x60cm (16x24”)

Heart 40x60cm (16x24”)

Coral stripes 50x50cm (20x20”)

Coral herringbone 58x48cm (19" x 23")

Clouds 40x60cm (16x24”)

Sea foam 40x60cm (16x24”)

Scallops 40x60cm (16x24”)

Blue stripes 50x50cm (20x20”)

Green stripes 50x50cm (20x20”)

Hummingbird 50x50cm (20x20”)

Springboks available in 60x40cm (16x24”) and 50x50cm (20x20”)

Savanna 40x60cm (16x24”)

Kangaroos available in 50x50cm (20x20”) and 40x60cm (16x24”)

Sunshine yellow stripes 50x50cm (20x20”)

The African 40x60cm (16x24”)

Bottlebrush leaf 40x60cm (16x24”)

Dry lemon leaf 40x60cm (16x24”)

Mushrooms 50x50cm (20x20”)

Star Anise 50x50cm (20x20”)

Liquorice 50x50cm (20x20”)

Black stripes 50x50cm (20x20”)

Pink Lady 40x60cm (16x24”)

Pout 40x60cm (16x24”)

Doll face 40x60cm (16x24”)

The ginger 40x60cm (16x24”)

Orange herringbone 58x48cm (19" x 23")

Black herringbone 58x48cm (19" x 23")

Sunshine yellow herringbone 58x48cm (19" x 23")

Green herringbone 58x48cm (19" x 23")

Blue herringbone 58x48cm (19" x 23")

Coral herringbone 58x48cm (19" x 23")

Eye pillows

Rosebud Sleeping monster

Eternal sunshine

Deep sea

Inked map

Three filters in a set Made from unbleached, undyed cotton

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Touchee Feelee Lookbook 2014 and 2015  

Scatter cushions and other goodies by Cape Town design label, Touchee Feelee.

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