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More Than


PRIMARY SCHOOL Y e a r b o o k

CONQUERORS • Overcoming Challenges • Seeing Possibilities

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Whitby Abbey, England

St. Hilda’s Church and School

St. Hilda's Primary School

Our Vision

One Hildan Family anchored on Godly values – Nurturing Servant Leaders and Changemakers of Tomorrow.

Our Mission

As an Anglican school, we are committed to providing a balanced development of mind, body and spirit for our students and nurturing God-fearing citizens for our nation.

Hildan Outcomes • Discerning, Empathetic, Adaptable and Resilient Individuals • Exemplary Servant Leaders • Creative and Critical Inquirers • Effective Communicators • Reflective Learners • Motivated Achievers • Courageous Changemakers

Our Values • • • • •

Love Sincerely Live Responsibly Learn Continuously Serve Humbly Strive Resiliently

DISCLAIMER: Photographs were taken in accordance with the prevailing safe management measures


02 Principal's Message 03 School Leaders 04 School Management Committee 05 St. Hilda's Alumni 06 Parent Support Group / Fathers@SHPS Our Staff

08 Our Staff Overcoming Challenges

24 Discerning, Empathetic, Adaptable and Resilient Individuals 32 Exemplary Servant Leaders 35 Courageous Changemakers Seeing Possibilities

42 Creative and Critical Inquirers 49 Effective Communicators 54 Reflective Learners and

Motivated Achievers

Our Classes

74 Class Photographs

More Than

CONQUERORS • Overcoming Challenges • Seeing Possibilities


Principal's Message

The school theme for 2021 “More Than Conquerors” is inspired by the Bible verses: “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? 35

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”


COVID-19 continues raging on in 2021, changing the way we live and causing distress to many. At SHPS, we are not exempted from the stress and strain caused by the coronavirus that had evolved into a more contagious variant that does not spare young children. With this theme, we are reminded that no matter what happens around us, we will not be separated from God’s love. Instead, through the love and power of God, we are able to overcome challenges and be more than conquerors over everything that sets us back (discouragement, anxiety, fear, fatigue, etc). An artist by the name of Jack E. Dawson did a painting which he titled “Peace in the Midst of the Storm”. In his painting, one can see a furiously gushing waterfall. There is also lightning in the background showing that there is a storm going on. However, if you look carefully, there is a little bird nesting in the cleft of a rock. It is safe and secure from the gushing waters, the rain and the storm. Although the storm is all around it, it is not harmed nor appears fearful. That is the artist’s interpretation of God’s peace. It does not matter what the surrounding is, the person who has the peace of God feels safe and calm even in the midst of stressful surroundings. I pray that all Hildans will experience the peace and love of God during challenging times and be able to overcome all odds to achieve their personal best. I also hope that they will not forget the less fortunate and remember to make a positive impact on the lives of others. I would like to thank all staff for their tireless efforts in ensuring the wellbeing and learning of our students. They have role modelled resilience and adaptability in the midst of the rapidly changing environment they have been working in. I would also like to thank the extended Hildan family (including our Hildan parents, PSG, Alumni, Chaplaincy and SMC) for their support and encouragement. Indeed, together we are emerging stronger …and more than conquerors! Mrs Daphne Yeoh


School Leaders From left to right:

Mr Jeremy Ang, Mrs Daphne Yeoh, Mrs Jeanette Goh, Ms Penny Ng
















School Management Committee 1. Mr Kelvin Koh, Chairman 2. Mrs Helen Tan, Vice-Chairman 3. Mrs Daphne Yeoh, Honorary Secretary & P, SHPS 4. Mrs Janice Lim, P, SHSS 5. Dr Lim Lai Cheng, Committee Member 6. Mr Desmond Hoo, Committee Member 7. Reverend Peter Martin, Committee Member 8. Mdm Lily John, Committee Member 9. Mr Albert Seah, Committee Member 10. Reverend Victor Teo, Committee Member 11. Ms Marilyn Ng, Committee Member 12. Ms Irene Lim, Committee Member 13. Mr Shawn Teng, Committee Member 14. Ms Jacinta Chua, Honorary Treasurer













St. Hilda's Alumni

1. Ms Marilyn Ng, President 2. Mrs Helen Tan, Vice-President 3. Ms Tay Lynn Zhi, Honorary Secretary 4. Ms Geraldine Tan, Assistant Honorary Secretary 5. Ms Serene Lee, Honorary Treasurer 6. Ms Cai Lizi, Assistant Honorary Treasurer 7. Ms Pamela Chong, Committee Member 8. Ms Ciney Ng, Committee Member 9. Ms Fiona Ng, Committee Member 10. Mr Lee Kum Weng, Committee Member 11. Mr Gary Kiew, Committee Member


Parent Support Group









1. Ms Irene Lim, Chairperson 2. Mr Seah Eng Wee, Vice-Chairman 3. Mrs Evelyn Robb, Advisor 4. Ms Lauren Nah, Honv Gen Sec 5. Mr Benjamin Yeo, Assistant Honorary Secretary 6. Ms Sandy Yim 7. Ms Yuki Leow 8. Ms Carine Loh


Our Staff

St Hilda’s Primary School Teaching Staff 2021 From left to right: Row 1:

Row 2:

Row 3:


Mrs Melissa Chew, Mrs Tan Bee Li, Mrs Nazima S Mohammed, Mrs K Balasundaram, Mrs Junice Tan, Mrs Gina Ow, Mdm Sonia Lee, Mr Andrew Soong, Mdm Jasjit Kaur, Mr Jeremy Ang, Mrs Daphne Yeoh, Mrs Jeanette Goh, Ms Penny Ng, Mr Andy Ng, Mr Lim Hui Zhi, Mr Mohammad Noh, Mrs Daphne Phua, Mrs Desiree Chua, Mrs Elaine Wong, Ms Joyce Tan, Mr Isaac Lee Mrs Elizabeth Simon, Mrs Jasmine David, Mrs Jeline Tan, Mrs Usha Ram, Ms Adeline Boon, Mrs Joycelyn Chan, Ms Karmen Tong, Ms Nicole Chan, Ms Poh Lin Hui, Ms Tan Ee Peng, Ms Teo Kah Sze, Mrs Cindy Simon, Mdm Farah Anna, Mdm Natila Abu Bakar, Mdm Priscilla Goh, Mdm Rohayah Ya’acub, Mdm Tien Hartini Sulaiman, Mdm Zhang Tao, Mr Aloysius Loh, Mr Dan Ang, Mrs Eleanor Goh Mr Lim Edwin, Mdm Giny Ng, Mdm Freda Paul, Mdm Nur Hajar Abdul Samad, Mrs Jamal Zabeda, Mr Nasrullah Jaffar, Mr Daniel Ng, Mrs Jasmine Tay, Mrs Yeo Yew Ling, Ms Khairiani Binte Yahya, Mdm Fu Huimin, Mdm Kiu Hai Mei, Mdm Liew Weiling, Mdm Lu Na, Mdm Norashida Achik, Mdm Nurliyana Yahya, Mdm Rebekah Poh, Mdm Wang Qi, Mdm Yang Shuang Rachel, Mrs Grace Chua Wee Leng, Mrs Thila Suresh, Ms Ho Wai Wai, Ms Meera Rajarethenam, Mrs Irene Tai

Row 4:

Row 5:

Row 6:

Not in picture:

Mdm Lee Mei Ling, Ms Yu Min, Ms Zhou Mengyuan, Mdm Shaheeda Anwar, Mr Brian Song, Mr Mohd Khirul Rifai Bin Roh, Mr William Wong, Mrs Agnes Poh, Mrs Andrea Ho, Mr Christopher Chong, Mrs Zoe Chu, Mdm Grace Chew Jia Chi, Mdm Haziah Jamale, Mdm Islina Ismail, Mdm Rebecca Tong, Mr Ho Wee Yong, Mr Isaac Lin, Ms Abidah Mohd Ariffen, Ms Preethi Valsalan, Mrs Christina Koh, Mr Ahmad Sumantri, Mr Mohamad Zulkarnaen, Mr Raymond Teng, Mrs Chin Chin Ling, Mrs Diana Yap, Mrs Long Ai Sang Ms Edrea Chong, Ms Lee Sze Sze, Mr Long Hian Kum, Ms Perlyn Ho Pei Yi, Ms Siti Khairunnisa, Ms Yeap Jia Ying, Mdm Wu Yuze, Mrs Josephine Leo, Mr Suhaimi Khalil, Mrs Cheryl Goh, Ms Koh Hwee Kay, Mrs Miranda Liao, Mrs Shauna Lee, Mrs Fong Wee Miang, Mrs Sarah Wee, Ms Dolly Tan, Mdm Jasarina Binte A Jalil, Ms Hanisah Abdul Rahman, Ms Edwina Lee, Ms Eugenia Chen Yin En, Mdm Bai Yun, Mr Tan Boon Tee, Ms Ashley Chua Cui Jing, Mr Wang Zhi Yong, Mdm Shi Rui Mr Lenz Teng Hui Yieng, Mdm Wong Cui Dian, Mr Yeow Yuen Ten, Mrs Goh Yixin, Ms Dhashni Manogaran, Ms Pheroza Ahmad Maricar, Mrs Lim Cheo Mee, Mrs Rosalind Thor, Mrs Pamela Chow, Mrs Chan Ee Hong, Mrs Teo Meng Meng, Mrs Irene Lee, Mr Shankar Raja Segar, Ms Priscilla George, Mdm Caris Bay, Mdm Jesslyn Poh Mun Yee, Mrs Koh-Tan Peng Peng Mrs Clara Wee


Steering Committee

From left to right: Row 4: Mrs Usha Ram, Ms Adeline Boon, Ms Joyce Tan, Ms Karmen Tong, Ms Nicole Chan, Ms Poh Lin Hui, Ms Tan Ee Peng, Ms Teo Kah Sze, Mr Isaac Lee,

Mrs Eleanor Goh, Mrs Joycelyn Chan

Row 3: Mr Andy Ng, Mrs Elizabeth Simon, Mrs Gina Ow, Mrs Jasmine David, Mrs Jeline Tan, Mrs Junice Tan, Mrs K Balasundaram, Mrs Melissa Chew,

Mrs Nazima S Mohammed, Mrs Tan Bee Li

Row 2: Mdm Farah Anna, Mdm Natila Abu Bakar, Mr Dan Ang, Mr Lim Hui Zhi, Mr Mohammad Noh, Mrs Cindy Simon, Mrs Daphne Phua, Mrs Desiree Chua,

Mrs Elaine Wong, Mr Andrew Soong, Mdm Jasjit Kaur

Row 1: Mdm Priscilla Goh, Mdm Rohayah Ya'acub, Mdm Sonia Lee, Mr Jeremy Ang, Mrs Daphne Yeoh, Mrs Jeanette Goh, Ms Penny Ng, Mdm Tien Hartini Sulaiman,

Mdm Zhang Tao, Mr Aloysius Loh


English Language Department From left to right: Row 3: Mrs Jasmine Tay, Mrs Nazima S Mohammed, Mrs Yeo Yew Ling, Ms Khairiani Binte Yahya Row 2: Mrs Cindy Simon, Mrs Irene Tai, Mrs Jamal Zabeda, Mr Nasrullah Jaffar, Mr Daniel Ng Row 1: Mr Lim Edwin, Mdm Giny Ng, Mrs Tan Bee Li, Mdm Priscilla Goh, Mdm Freda Paul


Mother Tongue Languages Department

From left to right: Row 4: Ms Poh Lin Hui, Ms Siti Khairunnisa, Ms Teo Kah Sze, Ms Yeap Jia Ying, Ms Yu Min, Ms Zhou Mengyuan, Mrs Josephine Leo, Mdm Wu Yuze, Mrs Gina Ow, Mdm Bai Yun Row 3: Mrs K Balasundaram, Mrs Thila Suresh, Ms Ho Wai Wai, Ms Karmen Tong, Ms Meera Rajarethenam, Ms Nicole Chan, Ms Perlyn Ho Pei Yi,

Ms Edwina Lee, Mrs Goh Yixin

Row 2: Mdm Rebekah Poh, Mdm Rohayah Ya'acub, Mdm Wang Qi, Mdm Yang Shuang Rachel, Mdm Zhang Tao, Mrs Grace Chua Wee Leng, Ms Koh Hwee Kay,

Mdm Lee Mei Ling, Mdm Shi Rui, Mr Wang Zhi Yong

Row 1: Mr Yeow Yuen Ten, Mdm Wong Cui Dian, Mdm Fu Huimin, Mdm Kiu Hai Mei, Mdm Liew Weiling, Mr Lim Hui Zhi, Mdm Lu Na,

Mdm Norashida Achik, Mdm Nurliyana Yahya


Science Department

From left to right: Row 3: Mrs Andrea Ho, Mr Christopher Chong, Mrs Usha Ram, Mrs Zoe Chu Row 2: Mr Mohd Khirul Rifai Bin Roh, Mr William Wong, Mrs Agnes Poh

Row 1: Mdm Farah Anna, Mrs Jocelyn Chan, Mrs Elaine Wong, Mdm Shaheeda Anwar, Mr Brian Song


Mathematics Department From left to right: Row 3: Mr Isaac Lin, Ms Abidah Mohd Ariffen, Ms Preethi Valsalan, Mrs Christina Koh Row 2: Mdm Natila Abu Bakar, Mdm Rebecca Tong, Mr Dan Ang, Mr Ho Wee Yong

Row 1: Mrs Jeline Tan, Mdm Grace Chew Jia Chi, Mrs Melissa Chew, Mdm Haziah Jamale, Mdm Islina Ismail


PE / Art / Music Department

From left to right: Row 3: Mrs Elizabeth Simon, Mrs Long Ai Sang, Ms Edrea Chong, Ms Lee Sze Sze, Ms Tan Ee Peng Row 2: Mr Raymond Teng, Mrs Chin Chin Ling, Mrs Diana Yap, Mdm Jasjit Kaur, Mrs Jasmine David Row 1: Mr Ahmad Sumantri, Mr Aloysius Loh, Mr Isaac Lee, Mr Mohammad Noh, Mr Mohamad Zulkarnaen Absentee: Mrs Clara Wee


Character and Citizenship Education Department From left to right: Row 3: Ms Koh Hwee Kay, Mrs Eleanor Goh, Mrs Miranda Liao, Mrs Shauna Lee

Row 2: Mdm Nur Hajar Abdul Samad, Mdm Tien Hartini Sulaiman, Mr Long Hian Kum, Mr Suhaimi Khalil, Mrs Cheryl Goh Row 1: Mdm Haziah Jamale, Mrs Jasmine David, Mrs Daphne Phua, Mdm Lee Mei Ling, Mdm Norashida Achik


Student Management Department From left to right: Row 3: Ms Khairiani Binte Yahya, Ms Hanisah Abdul Rahman, Ms Edwina Lee, Ms Eugenia Chen Yin En Row 2: Mrs Sarah Wee, Ms Adeline Boon, Ms Dolly Tan, Mdm Jasarina Binte A Jalil Row 1: Mdm Nurliyana Yahya, Ms Joyce Tan, Mrs Fong Wee Miang, Mrs Grace Chua Wee Leng


Staff Welfare Committee From left to right:

Row 3: Mrs

Jasmine Tay, Ms Koh Hwee Kay Row 2: Mdm Rohayah Ya'acub, Mr William Wong, Mrs Cheryl Goh Row 1: Mrs Sarah Wee, Mrs Goh Hui Cheng (Advisor), Mrs Elaine Wong (Advisor), Mr Mohamad Zulkarnaen


Gifted Education Department From left to right:

Row 3: Mrs

Usha Ram, Mrs Foong Wee Miang, Mrs Goh Yixin Row 2: Ms Ashley Chua Cui Jing, Mr Wang Zhi Yong, Ms Nicole Chan, Mdm Shi Rui Row 1: Mrs Cindy Simon, Mdm Bai Yun, Mr Andy Ng, Mr Tan Boon Tee, Mdm Nur Hajar Abdul Samad


Student Development Team From left to right: Row 2: Mrs Desiree Chua, Mrs Eleanor Goh, Mrs Gina Ow, Mr Andrew Soong Row 1: Mdm Jasjit Kaur, Ms Joyce Tan, Mrs Daphne Phua, Mdm Sonia Lee


Information and Communication Technology Department From left to right: Row 3: Ms Dhashni Manogaran, Ms Karmen Tong, Ms Pheroza Ahmad Maricar Row 2: Mr Yeow Yuen Ten, Mrs Goh Yixin Row 1: Mdm Shi Rui, Mrs Junice Tan, Mr Lenz Teng Hui Yieng, Mdm Wong Cui Dian


Flexi-Adjunct Staff From left to right:

Row 3: Mdm

Jesslyn Poh Mun Yee, Mrs Koh-Tan Peng Peng Row 2: Mrs Irene Lee, Mr Shankar Raja Segar, Ms Priscilla George, Mdm Caris Bay Row 1: Mrs Lim Cheo Mee, Mdm Rosalind Thor, Mrs Pamela Chow, Mrs Chan Ee Hong, Mrs Teo Meng Meng


Administration and Operations Team From left to right:

Row 4: Mr

Lok Tiau Kiat, Mdm Hadidah, Mdm Moona, Mr Ng Hing Lam, Mr Woo Kin Tat Row 3: Mr Ong Soo Teck, Mdm Hatemah Aboh, Mr Mohamed Said, Mr Osman Bin Jantan, Mdm Anna Gwee, Mdm Bui Thi Kieu Oanh, Ms Jennifer De Souza Row 2: Mr Lester Lim, Mdm Rokiah Mahmood, Mdm Suhaila Binte Shamsudeen, Mdm Fong Siew Lan, Mdm Yeo Bee Geok, Mr Jaikishen Rai, Mr Md Nazifi B Nazaruruddin, Mr Chen Ten Yu Row 1: Mdm Christina Teng, Mdm Tay Siew Choo, Mdm Yolande Koh, Mr Chris Yeo Joon Kiat, Ms Penny Ng, Ms Gwendeline Teo, Mr Fua Ren Kwee, Ms Joanna Huang, Mdm Brenda Cheong





g• Em p

at h e t i c

i • R div e n s I i t l i n e


ni n


a t • Adap

e l b

Colour! Cut! Paste!

Chinese New Year Celebration

Hildans were treated to a skit titled "SG Time Travellers" and a pre-recorded concert as part of the Chinese New Year Celebration. They also took part in hands-on activities to learn more about Chinese New Year Tradition. Designers In Action

Having Fun Colouring


Hari Raya Aidilfitri Virtual Celebration

This year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri was celebrated virtually. Hildans and staff enjoyed the concert specially put together online via SLS. Hari Raya Well Wishes from Mrs Yeoh

Vlog on Kuih Sarang Semut


Our Student Hosts - Ayden and Iman of P5/5 Truth

Kayaking Experience

Camp Kesel

Students had a meaningful and enjoyable experience during this year's P5 Camp Kesel (COVID-19 Edition), held from 7th to 9th April 2021. Through a series of activities, Hildans developed resilience as they took on multiple challenges bravely. They also strengthened their social skills and learnt to adopt multiple perspectives as they worked closely with one another.

What's camping without pitching your own tent?

Appreciating Our "Green" Treasure at Pasir Ris Mangrove Boardwalk

Building a Raft. Many Hands Make Light Work


Student Development Programmes

Student Development Programmes aim to build a school culture in which students feel safe and supported. The Primary 5 Peer Support Programme empowers students to look out for and extend care to others. Transition Programmes for the various levels (P1 to P3 and P5) promote positive mindsets, mental well-being and prosocial behaviours.

Launch of Primary 5 Student Peer Supporters

Thumbs Up To Our Social Skills Mural!

Learning To Work Collaboratively


Transition Package

Chatterbox - Interview a Classmate!

Social Skills Mural


Total Defence Day Commemoration

In this year's combined Total Defence Day (TDD) and Chinese New Year (CNY) Celebration, Hildans learned to live out the Singapore Spirit of "looking out for each other beyond selfinterest for Singapore to remain strong and united".

Have a Happy TDD and CNY Celebration!


Staff and Hildans engaging in one of the activities as part of the combined celebration.

Listening to the Total Defence Day Message

International Friendship Day Commemoration

A series of activities was held over a week in April to commemorate International Friendship Day (IFD). The highlight of the commemoration was the virtual assembly programme and the week-long sales of Southeast Asian food at the school canteen. Hildans learnt to appreciate the differences in cultures as they bonded over food that was specially prepared for the event. Enjoying a Popsicle Treat at the Hildan Quay

Sharing about His Favourite Dish From the Philippines

A Proud Participant of the Fruits Quiz

Enjoying the IFD Assembly Programme Together


Overcoming Exem pla


t n L a e v r a de e S rs ry

Student Leaders’ Investiture 2021

The Student Management Department seeks to inspire, equip and empower our Primary 3 to Primary 6 school-based leaders (Student Councillors and CCA Leaders) to be Servant Leaders and Changemakers of the future. This is actualised through the ACE (Advocate, Challenge and Empower) Framework which develops in Hildans the intrinsic motivation to serve before leading. At the annual Student Leaders’ Investiture held on 4th March, our student leaders were further reminded to lead and serve with humility by living out the 1.D.E.A.R. dispositions of Discernment, Empathy, Adaptability and Resilience. Discerning. Empathetic. Adaptable and Resilient Individuals


Our Head Councillors at the Student Leaders' Investiture 2021


Student Emcees from St. Hilda's Primary School

87th Founder's Day Celebration Celebration Theme: From Hilda to Hildans

Drawing inspiration from the life of Saint Hilda, the theme for this year encapsulates the essence of courage, care, resilience, dedication and selflessness as observed from the significant events which took place in her lifetime. From Hilda to Hildans, the legacy of Saint Hilda lives on in both St. Hilda's Primary School and St. Hilda's Secondary School.

A blend of actual and virtual programmes was carried out to celebrate the event. A combined prize giving ceremony was held to honour students and staff awardees on 16 April 2020. A virtual segment was subsequently carried out to feature the Hildan Changemakers of SHPS. Activities were carried out on the Hildan + platform to kick off the Hildan+ Changemaker Challenge.

The Guest of Honour, Mr Loke Chee Pheng, Superintendent of E6 Cluster with the SMC Chairman and principals of both schools.


Ringing Of The Old School Bell


CHALLENGES Courageou s

Ch gemakers an

Yes, We CAN!

Starting from Semester One, this programme aims to develop a stronger sense of belonging to the class and school through showing care for the physical environment. Awards were given to the top five classes of each level for their efforts in keeping their classrooms and common spaces clean.

Yes, We CAN! Trophies


Yes, We CAN! in Action


St. Hilda’s Got Talent

As a platform for Hildans to showcase their talents, St. Hilda's Got Talent has attracted and uncovered many hidden gems in areas such as drawing, singing, playing musical instruments and sports.

Drumming Along to the Beat of "Can't Get Enough" David Chee P4/5 Truth

Violin and Piano Duet - Ng Ying Xuan P3/5 Truth and Ng Ying Chen P1/5 Truth


Acrylic Painting Titled "Sunset at the Beach" - Josh Poh P1/8 Grace

Hildan+ Challenges

Having made a positive impact to their families and communities during the Heightened Alert Phase, stories of our Hildan Changemakers can be found on the Hildan website. The Dapao Diaries: Hildan Joy Makers:

Tabao Diaries - Showing Gratitude to People in Our Community

Joy Makers - Making a Difference at Home Helping Out at Home


Teachers’ Day Celebration

Behind the Scenes of the Live Virtual Concert

This year's celebration took on special significance as students came together to honour the resilience and strength of teachers for rising above the current situation to become more than conquerors.

Happy Teachers' Day!


Words of Appreciation Specially Crafted For Teachers

Children's Day Celebration

Teacher Hosts For Children's Day Virtual Concert

This Children's Day, we celebrated our Hildan Conquerors who have faced obstacles but remained resilient. Hildans were inspired to always be courageous in their endeavours.

Hitting the High Notes

Teachers Performing A Bollywood Dance




Creative and Critical Inquirers

Experiential Handson Learning Activities

Based on the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) Approach, students were engaged in hands-on activities to build their understanding of abstract topics in mathematics across the different levels.

Measuring the Length of a Car - P3 Level Activity

Dividing Multi-link Cubes into Groups - P1 Level Activity

Calculating the Speed of a Toy Car - P6 Level Activity


Inquiry Learning

Hands on. Minds on. Hearts on. Using science experiment kits to develop inquiry process skills, Primary 3 to Primary 5 students were given the opportunities to construct their understanding of science concepts on the topics of Magnetism, Light Energy and Electricity.

Joy of Learning in the Science Classroom

Hands-on in Action! Exploring the Concepts Behind


Knowledge Building Design Studio

Knowledge Building Design Studio (KBDS) has brought students, teachers, scientists and experts from all across Singapore to work on a real-life problem that affects us all.

Being Part of an Inquiry Team with Students from Primary and Secondary Schools

Diving Deeper into the Complex Science of Sustainable Living

Poster to Set Us Thinking About Our Impact on the Environment


Zine – My Gratitude Journal

Primary 6 graduating students shared their six years of school experience and expressed their gratitude for the school, staff and classmates by creating an eightpage zine. Created by Gillian Lau, P6/1 Love

Created by Hannah Chen, P6/5 Truth

Created by Hannah Sin, P6/6 Faith

Created by Abigail Chia, P6/7 Hope


'The Linguist' Challenge - Gabriel Tay, P1/8 Grace

"Catch The Beats" Challenge "Silhouette Fun" Challenge - Joey Tan, P5/4 Praise - Vashina Saravanan, P3/4 Praise

"Entopic Graphomania" Challenge - Tan Si Ying, P6/2 Joy


Artsplosion provides an on-going platform for Hildans to showcase their talents and stretch their creativity through self-guided art and music challenges.

Art and Music Challenges on Artsplosion Webpage


Stomp Away!

Yeah! We Did It!

Talent Fiesta 2021

The 2021 Talent Fiesta saw a complete overhaul to the previous editions of the traditional Inter-House Talent Fiesta. In compliance with safe management measures, an intra-class model in which students were assigned to teams named Dolphin, Eagle, Alligator and Rhinoceros, representing the D.E.A.R. dispositions, was carried out. Students across all six levels participated in a variety of activities which promoted healthy competition and imbued the spirit of camaraderie amongst Hildans.





Effective Communicators

All Dressed Up on JGP Day!

Primary 4 Literaturebased Programme : James & the Giant Peach (JGP) by Roald Dahl

Seeking to develop an appreciation for literature, Primary 4 students were led to make connections between self and text through exploration of characterisation. On JGP Day, students dressed up as their favourite characters. Through Character-in-Role activities, students stepped into the shoes of the story characters for the day to deepen their engagement. Helpful Miss Spider


Kind and Gentle Ladybug

Mother Tongue Languages (MTL)

Experiential Learning

Across all three MTL departments, experiential learning serves as a platform which provides an authentic setting to enrich learning beyond the classroom, thereby nurturing the joy of learning in Hildans.

I can see you! P2 students exploring the eco-garden to support oral interaction.

Spin, Oh Spin! P3 students making spinners by following step-by-step instructions from given text.

Chinese Language What is this? P2 students naming Chinese New Year items to build vocabulary.

Injecting fun into the learning of Chinese language through a myriad of purposeful activities targeted at strengthening different language strands.


Tamil Language - TL Alive

P3 Students Portraying Literary Characters From Text

Promoting engagement in the learning of Tamil language through interesting hands-on activities for lower primary students.

P1 Students Using Fingerpainting to Explore and Recognise Colours in Tamil


Malay Language

Primary 5 students deepened the use of Malay language and heightened their awareness of Malay culture through the learning gleaned from putting up class exhibits in Term 2.

Zoom Session with a Curator from Malay Heritage Centre

Preparing for the Exhibition

All Ready to Welcome the Visitors




Reflective Learners and Motivated Achievers

Our Junior Violinists

Our Senior Violinists

String Ensemble Teachers-in-charge:

Mrs Clara Wee (OIC), Mdm Giny Ng, Mr Ho Wee Yong, Mrs Long Ai Sang, Mrs Usha Ram and Mdm Wong Cui Dian Our Cellists


Promotees saluting the Guest of Honour, Mrs Yeoh, and the Captain of 49J, Mr Leong, during the Enrolment Service held in Chapel of Christ The Redeemer.

Boys’ Brigade Teachers-in-charge:

Mr Tan Boon Tee, Mr Brian Song, Mdm Lu Na, Mrs Andrea Ho and Mdm Rebekah Poh

Voluntary Adult Leaders (VALs):

Mr Peter Leong (Captain), Ms Dorothea Leong, Mr Samuel Bey and Mr Eric Choy


Badgework in Progress

Learning how to recycle soap as part of the Responsibility Badgework.

Girls' Brigade Teachers-in-charge:

Mrs Yeo Yew Ling, Mrs Miranda Liao, Mdm Fu Huimin, Ms Yu Min, Mrs Ho-Tan Puay Hwa and Mrs Christina Koh Tuning in to Weekly Devotions


Let's Move to the Beat!

Sonshine Club Teachers-in-charge:

Mrs Cheryl Goh and Mrs Shauna Lee Having Fun through Games


P6 Scrabblers in Action During a Weekly Practice Session

Scrabble Club Teachers-in-charge:

Mr Suhaimi, Mr Nasrullah and Mdm Grace Chew Online Meet-and-Greet Session via Zoom


Rehearsing for Chinese New Year Celebration

Guzheng Ensemble Teachers-in-charge:

Mdm Kiu Hai Mei (OIC), Mdm Bai Yun, Mdm Wang Qi and Mdm Zhang Tao Guzheng Juniors Meeting via Zoom


Drama in Action!

Drama Box Teachers-in-charge:

Ms Preethi Valsalan, Mdm Abidah Ariffen and Ms Perlyn Ho

Getting Into Character


Dance Club

Modern Dance by Upper Primary Dancers


Mdm Ho Wai Wai, Mdm Norashida Binte Achik, Mdm Zabedah Bte Hamit, Miss Edwina Lim and Mdm Nurliyana Yahya

Malay Ethnic Dance by Lower Primary Dancers

Dancers Warming Up and Getting Ready


Poised for Action



Mrs Fong Wee Miang, Mrs Ashley Lai and Miss Yeap Jia Ying Our Junior Choristers


SYF Preparation by the Junior Team

Art Club Teachers-in-charge:

Ms Tan Ee Peng, Mr Muhammad Zulkarnaen, Mr Isaac Lin and Mrs Zoe Chu P6 Members Exploring Watercolour Painting


Library Club Teachers-in-charge:

Mrs Irene Tai and Mrs K Balasundaram

Bonding via Zoom Session


Creating Infographics Using Online Applications

InfoComm Club Teachers-in-charge:

Mr Yeow Yuen Ten, Mdm Tien Hartini, Mdm Khairiani Yahya and Mdm Pheroza Ahmad Maricar


Members bouncing ideas off one another as part of working collaboratively.

Exploring Chess Moves Together

Chess Club Teachers-in-charge:

Mrs Goh Yixin, Mrs Thilaga Suresh and Mdm Shi Rui Zoom Session for the Beginner Group


Braving the Elements Together

Sailing Teachers-in-charge:

Mr Raymond Teng (OIC), Mrs Sarah Wee, Mr Christopher Chong, Ms Dhashni Manogaran, Ms Rachel Yang, Mr Ahmad Sumantri and Mr Khirul Rifai


Briefing Before Rigging Up

The Game is in Your Hand

Table Tennis Teachers-in-charge:

Mr Daniel Ng Kian Boon, Mr Edwin Lim, Mrs Grace Chua, Ms Meera Rajarethenam, Ms Siti Khairunnisa Abdullah and Mdm Wu Yuze

Celebrating Success Together As One


Floorball in Action

Sports Club Teachers-in-charge:

Mrs Diana Yap and Ms Adeline Boon Bonding Through a Game of Badminton


Volleyball Teachers-in-charge:

My Aloysius Loh, Mdm Lee Mei Ling, Mrs Marilyn Koh, Ms Nicole Chan, Mdm Shaheeda Anwar and Mr Wong Zhiyong

Sportsmanship Awardee Sherwayn Oh, P6/7 Hope

Sportsmanship Awardee Joseph Tan, P6/4 Praise

Team Captain Presenting Trophy to Mrs Yeoh

Hurrah for the Senior Boys who clinched 2nd Position in National School Games!


Netball Teachers-in-charge:

Mdm Haziah Jamale, Mrs Jasmine David, Ms Edrea Chong, Mdm Natila Abu Bakar and Ms Karmen Tong

Where Every Training Session Counts


Mini Hockey Tournament (3v3) Senior Division

Hockey Teachers-in-charge:

Mdm Islina Ismail, Ms Teo Kah Sze, Ms Koh Hwee Kay, Mrs Agnes Poh and Ms Zhou Mengyuan

Online Training Session for P5 Hockey Boys


Our Classes

1/1 LOVE From left to right

Row 1: Mr Yeow Yuen Ten, Ms Abidah Mohd Ariffen, Alexa Ngeow Le Ann, Averett Sim Ye, Chen Eunice Lu Jia, Chung Yiting, Claire Ang Jia En Row 2: Elliot Teo Yi Ren, Goh En Qi Charlotte, Ho Kai Le Aden, Isaac Yang Zhiquan, Jedidiah Choo, Joelle Toh En Qi, Joy Ng Le Xuan Row 3: Lezanne Yeo, Lim You Jia Ariel, Ming Juan Sterritt, Muhammad Abdul Naeem Bin Zulfilee, Muhammad Daiyan Sufi Bin Muhammad Danial,

Muhammad Fatih Bin Zainal Ariffin, Norazlyen Binte Mohd Kamar Zaman

Row 4: Sofia Hayder Lek Xuan Na, Sophia Kuan Shi Qi, Tan Le Jie Callum, Tan Si Han Zachary, Tan Xun Hui Taerius, Tang Xuan Qi Chervelle, Woo Ka Weng Valerian Row 5: Edric Foong Tin Chu, Judah Teo Yu Zhi, Sng Yu Ze Josiah, Yang Junxi Zayle


1/2 JOY From left to right

Row 1: Mdm Islina Binte Ismail, Ms Zhou Mengyuan, Mrs Teo Meng Meng, Alexis Celine Lum, Alia Mohamed Hafiz, Ang Kai Er Dara, Annabelle Wong Shi Ya Row 2: Caleb Lee Jia Jin, Chan Hao Wei Ayrton, Chong Li Yue, Chua Ya Zhi Eleanor, Chua Yu Jun Zeph, Evan Foo Fang Rei, He Zhuoyi Levin Row 3: Irfan Aryan Bin Mohd Ramzan, Jovahn Chaman Min Xu Manoj, Jovie Ong Jin Xuan, Kaydee Leong Yi Qing, Kwok Shau-Ying Emma, Lee Jing Xiang Jacob,

Lim Meng Joo Nicholas

Row 4: Nayla Shahirah Binte Abdul Ghani, Ng Luke, Siti Zaharah Binte Suhaimi, Teo Zhen Xuan Caleb, Trevor Wong Yan Jie, Vera Lin Si’en, Yeo Li Xuan Carissa Row 5: Anya Rui-En Crean, Bernice Tiang Le Xi, Ho Hao Yu, Muhammad Hadi Danial Bin Rosdee, Chen Zhiheng


1/3 PEACE From left to right

Row 1: Mrs Eleanor Goh, Mr Mohammad Zulkarnaen, Aloysius Ong Ming Sheng, Ang Ke Yang Zechariah, Ariella Aishwarya D/O Sukanthan, Arieon Ong Yong Er,

Arshad Shaheed Ali

Row 2: Chia Yun Shan, Chua Hien Oliver Julien, David Yang Dawei, Edith Pamela Gleeson, Elliot Shankar, Gan Yu Xuan Claudea, Goh Kai Xin Nelia Row 3: Jerusha Sharanya John Peter, Joy Xu Enqi, Judith Liew Shi Fan, Kaysha Lim Xuan Ying, Lim Jia Yi Evelyn, Lim Jun Le Aloysius, Michael Sia Ren Hao Row 4: Ong Hui Xuan Elydia, Rayanne Tan Xuan Yin, Shen Yiru, Tan En Qi Janelle, Tan Wei Bin Melvin, Vishnu Jayaprakash, Zhao Zhen Yun Albert Row 5: Chew Tian Ci Gavriel, Jade Loo En Qi, Mikaela Bandar-Tay


1/4 PRAISE From left to right

Row 1: Mdm Bai Yun. Mdm Rosalind Thor, Amos Tay Li Wei, Caleb Chen Enze, Cayden Lim Ding Zhi, Caylea Beth Lim En Siu, Chan Rui Reuel Matthew Row 2: Dareene Yeo En Xuan, Eason Goh Yu Chen, Elsa Chan Zi Xuan, Estelle Yeo Rui En, Evan Tay, G Annamalai, Immanuel Han Yu Chou Row 3: Kylyn Khoo Hoi Lam, Lee Si Wei, Miranda, Liu Jinghao, Long Seh Keat Bryan, Mayves Ng, Noorul Basariya Binte Kuthbuzzaman,

Nur Aliyah Binte Mohamad Firzhan

Row 4: Phang Ying Xi, Phoon Yi Yan Evann, Rafael Ayrton Mendenilla Marquez, Rykiel Yeo Hui Qi, Sun Shimin Miranda, Xu Ruohan, Zachary Marc Wong Zhe Yu Row 5: Cyrus Sergeoh Siew, Ivann Rey Ashok, Nur Zahrah Qistina Binte Mohammad Sufyan, Zavier Raphael Lee


1/5 TRUTH From left to right

Row 1: Mr Raymond Teng, Mrs Jesslyn Chin, Al-Arfan Mikhail S/O Al-Habib Nazurudeen, Arshita D/O Kannan, Cayden Ling Jie Mao, Chan Jia Ning, Darian Huang Row 2: Gavriel Wong Xuan Le, Goh Jin Lue, Goh Kaylee, Goh Kayler, Goh Yan Ying Claris, Ho En Ai Alayna, Kenneth Lee Yu Heng Row 3: Lim Zhen E Ethan, Meredith Lin Xin’en, Natalie Vargas Sia, Navon Yong Ao Rui, Ng Ying Chen, Ng Zhi Liang Zachary, Santhosh Giri Row 4: Sherys Chan Xuan En, Soon Hui En Eunice, Tan Li Rong Alexander, Tan Ying En Janyce, Tham Jing Xuan Laurel, Varanasi Anjali Kumar, Viraj Arora Row 5: Edvard Chua Zhixuan, Lai Xin Ya Kate, Shaik Izhar Bin Shaik Jufri, Wong Yee Yau Lavelle


1/6 FAITH From left to right

Row 1: Mrs Cheryl Goh, Mdm Grace Chew Jia Chi, Ms Yu Min, Adriel Lim Zheng Ying, Allen Tan Hong Rui, Anson Tan Kai Han, Ashton Ang Yi Xun Row 2: Chong Jun Ting Lovelyne, Chua Feng Qi Amelie, Ethan Ng Yi Kai, Fong Ka Chun Cheval, Hayyan Aqil Bin Muhammed Riszal, Heng Kai Jing Kayla,

Huang Kaifeng Alexander

Row 3: Kenryk Fu Kaijie, Kwok En Xian Ansel, Liliya Rhys Aldous, Lim Shi En Shannon, Liu Xinqi, Loa Kai Zhe Rio, Nadi Nasrullah Bin Nazarrudin Row 4: Olivia Ong Shan Ya, Qaireen Binte Muhammad Wira, Seah Ming Yi Caden, Sherlynn Soh Zi Qing, Siau Wen Xuan, Tay Jia Ying Karylle, Toh Wen Xi Faith Row 5: Chin Xin Yun Caylise, Chloe Tan Le Xuan, Jonathan Jiang Mingbo, Nayla Aziz Khan, Wang Enrui


1/7 HOPE From left to right

Row 1: Mrs Shauna Lee, Ms Koh Hwee Kay, Mrs Diana Yap, Adam Teo Yu Le, Alana Grace Stewart, Chao Chong Zhi Jonathan, Chew Hui En Row 2: Dilfa Aaqil Bin Muhammad Fihrin, Edwin Tan Jun He, Evan Levi Leong, Hou Zongxun, Janelle Quek Shi En, Jayda Cherng Kai En, Jayden Tan Keat Kang Row 3: Josiah Lim Jun Wei, Karielle Tan Hui Ning, Lai Siheng Adam, Lim Kai Xin Isabel, Lim Kin Yat Isabel, Low Yi Xi Aidan, Mao Weihan Row 4: Nikko Lee Dhruva, Pee Shu En, Seah Yong Zhen Denzel, Tan Zhen Rui, Teo Kai Xin Reyna, Teo Qi Jian Aiden, Uzma Zaraa’ Binte Mohamed Adam Shah Row 5: Chiam Zhi Yu Steffi, Chin Li Hui Althea, Jin Xianhui Esther, Muhammad Abqary Bin Mohamad Azmi,

Wataladde Gamaralalage Ivanka Chantelle Wimalarathne


1/8 GRACE From left to right

Row 1: Mdm Freda Paul, Mdm Zhang Tao, An Xinyuan, Chong Yi Xuan Callyn, Dylan Lim Ming Yang, Elijah Seah Tianshan, Ella Mae Thea Seeneevassen Row 2: Guo Zhiyi Isaac, Janelle Chew Xin Yue, Javier Teo Bo Wei, Jonathan Ng Han En, Josh Zachary Poh Jun Kai, Jovelle Lai Ying En, Kate Ho Hoi Yee Row 3: Lai Keat Khum Oliver John, Lim Zhi Ning Ariel, Ling Yuexi, Mikael Lau Rui Zhe, Muhammad Azfar Bin Muhammad Nazri,

Muhammad Farrel Mikhail Bin Azahari, Ng Ze Wei Jayden

Row 4: Roanne Tea Rou An, Ruedera Gabriel Tay, Sim Wen Xuan Ashley, Tan Li Ya Leah, Tay Yun En Sheralle, Tiara Adleena Reduan Shah, Ting Jian Bang Zachary Row 5: Ethel Foo Fang Rui, Khoo Zhi Yong Keon, Rina Wee Wei Ri, Zheng Ella Yeuk Lan


1/9 TRUST From left to right

Row 1: Mrs Sarah Wee, Mdm Norashida Achik, Alexis Chua Si Ning, Arysha Dayaanah Binte Nazarrudin, Boon Si Jia, Chen Ziyun Chloe, Cheng Lin Xi Lisa Row 2: Chong Zi Jun

Jordan, Desiree Chng, Elisara Jade Lataniga, Erick Tai, Heng Qi En, Jairus Lim Zhen Rui, Jeremiah Ong Rui Feng

Row 3: Koh Zi Xuan Gisele, Lee Yue En Faith, Low Zhi Ren Ethan, Lutfil Hadi Bin Nur Azan, Matthias Tan Rui Jie, Mohammed Noah Nouman Bin Taufik,

Ng Shi Kai Jayden

Row 4: Oh Xu Rui Kaygen, Rennen Reagan Lim, Samuel Wong Chang Sheng, Shernice Co Jia Yun, Thiang Wen Ting Isaac, Wong Kai Zhe Nathan,

Woon Min Xuan Nikki

Row 5: Chia Jing En Chloe, Joy Cheng, Nurul Khalisha Binte Mohamed Shahrom, Yeow Jing An Daniel


2/1 LOVE From left to right

Row 1: Mdm Lu Na, Ms Caris Bay, Aaron Poh Tze Hao, Chan Shi Ya Anya, Charlotte Lee Min Yi, Christina Edwin Arokiyam, Elania Yeo Row 2: Gabriel Seet, Gerome Sim, Huang Tien-Hsin, Ilhan Aryan Bin Mohd Ramzan, Jaden Ng Kai En, Jayden Koh Zhi Ren, Kaylene Tan Row 3: Lee Ye Won, Lim Jun Yi Caia, Lionel Shan Junkai, Michael Andre Pascal, Rey Chia Ree Hon, Sarah Safiyyah Binte Muhammad Rizal, Sarisha Levia Appadurai Row 4: Tay Jingxin Joanna,Tay Ting Yu, Tay Yi Ting Ayla, Tham Yan Bin Jerome, Toh Rui Xuan, Zhang Shutian, Zheng Yi Jie Row 5: Emmanuel Ling Yuan Jie, Ng Tian Yu Josh, Shen Yida, Nor Kayla Insyirah Binte Muhammad Iqbal


2/2 JOY From left to right

Row 1: Mrs Jamal Zabedah, Mdm Yang Shuang Rachel, Aden Tan, Aiden Aung, Alexander Bin Kamaroazrin, Alisha Shireen Ali, Ang Joo Seng Lucas Row 2: Christabel Yeo, Daksha Naidu D/O Vidyaraj Naidu, Eve Lin Qi’en, Gao Yuzhu Sophie, Javier Mui Jian Shun, Ke Xiyan, Lai En Xuan Kaelyn Row 3: Lee Boon Peng, Lee Yu Han, Lim Ying En Clarissa, Liu Qingwan, Low Ying En, Lucas Tan Zhu Hao, Mirko Sergeoh Siew Row 4: Ong En Ning Hannah, Sarah Anne Loo Kah Oon, Seet Kai Jie Brian, Tan Li Ling Kirsten, Umar Khalid Bin Muhammad Ramdhan, Yang Chengyu,

Yash Deepak Aswani

Row 5: Zander Michael Lee, Nuri Nasrullah Bin Nazarrudin, Leanne Tay Tong An, Chan Kuan Ye Aaren


2/3 PEACE From left to right

Row 1: Mdm Pheroza Ahmad Maricar, Mdm Liew Weiling, Alisha Binte Muhammad Faruk, Amelie Duan Jinhan, Ang He Ming Ian, Annabelle Tan Yu Qing,

Charlotte Chia Ruixi

Row 2: Chloe Tham Kai Xin, Chua Sin Yu Mirianne, Eiryk Bazyl Bin Muhammad Shahrulnizam, Foo Zhao Ming David, Goh Jun Jie Jonathan, Hayley Ong Woon Kee,

Jolval Chan York Jan

Row 3: Lieu Xuan He, Lim Sze Han Zarielle, Lim Sze Le Zarius, Mikaela Annie Mathew, Mohamed Umar Faruq Bin Mohamed Firdaus Al-Nuhii,

Muhammad Fatris Setiawanggsa, Ong En Ze Elijah

Row 4: Paola Samiappa, Shayne Lee Zhang He, Tan Chong Zhe (Chen Zhongzhe), Tan Kai En Joel, Tan Qian Rui Joel, Tan Ting Yi Kyden, Wong Ching Hei Row 5: Chen Yinuo, Li Daixuan Claire, Oscar Goh Jing Lun, Yeow Jing De Andrew


2/4 PRAISE From left to right

Row 1: Ms Ho Wai Wai, Mdm Shaheeda Anwar, Aden Tay Hao Yang, Amelia Si Xinrui, An Hongyi, Bryan Timothy Koh, Chan Zi Merng Row 2: Gabriel Luke Chua, Isaac Suri Ratnam, Isaac Tan Yong Jun, Janelle New, Jayden Lau En Yu, Jiya Nirav Shah, Jonathan Christopher Goh Kai An Row 3: Kaiden Tan Jing Le, Kate Chua, Koh Ming Ru Isabella Zyona, Lavette Lee Ning, Loh Zi Le, Low Zhi En Zachary, Ng Qian Ning Rapunzel Row 4: Queenie Ling Ha My, Reem Hussein Crystal, Rie Williams, Robyn Heng Xue Ning, Samuel Chew Kai Zhe, Sharleez Ariana Binte Mohammad Imran Sahib,

Sng Zheng Yu Cedric

Row 5: Elizabeth Feng Enyu, Jonathan Zein, Nicolette Tracy Yang Xuanying, Zhao Shunqi, Kohen Lim Chen Yi


2/5 TRUTH From left to right

Row 1: Ms Dhashni Manogaran, Ms Nicole Chan, Alisha Iman Binte Mohamad Faiz, Caleb Cao Zhixuan, Chan Rui Yang, Choo Fu Wei Simon, Choo Xin Wei Sierra Row 2: Eliyah Binte Rafee, Elizabeth Srilakshmi Yeo Xin Mei, Gideon Quek Kai Jie, Giselle Toh Jia Qi, Han Zhifei, Ho Khai Hian, Isaac Lee Le En Row 3: Kaylie Wan Yu Xin, Koh Ying Xuan Cheyenne, Lam Kai Le Kyler, Li Junfeng Josh, Lum Xin Ying Katelyn, Nayla Ulfah Binte Muhammad Firdaus,

Peng Jingwen Gwen

Row 4: Reyenne Phan Gai Leng, Seah En Yi Joshua, Song Yan Long Joyden, Swee Jun Zhi Isaac, Tan Qian Ern Caelyn, Tan Shi Ying Darissa, Terry Xie Jie Lin Row 5: Dhiviaan Rishi Vimalan, Jaycas Lin Jiale, Puah Sze Oon Megan, Tharun


2/6 FAITH From left to right

Row 1: Mdm Giny Ng, Ms Meera Rajarethenam, Ariel Arianna Binte Mohamad Fazli, Arielle Hu Rui’en, Chan Yu Da Jacob, Chao Chong Zhen Phoebe,

Chi Kai Xin Calley

Row 2: Clarice Toh Ying Xuan, Elvin Seah Kai Yi, Gabriel Tan Wen Kai, Glory Peck En Xin, Guo Qi’en Caitlin, Hannah Aqeelah Binte Mohammed Azlan Bharoocha,

Israel Chow Yong Peng

Row 3: Jerome Neo Jun Kai, Josiah Thio Yong Oon (Zhao Yang’en), Kiew Jun Hee, Kion Yu Le Shayne, Li Ruixin Clarabelle, Lin Zi’en, Mohamed Ilyas Bin Kuthbuzzaman Row 4: Quay Sinx Swee Faith, Quek Xinli Shernice, Rachel Zhang Jiaying, See Jian Yu Kaelliot, Shen Zi Hui Max, Utin Nurqaseh Rina Binte Upu Jallauddin,

Vedish S/O Guru Raja Moorthy

Row 5: Chloe Goh Yan Hui, Jaron Tan Keat Rong, Ng Hong Zhi Elvin, Vernelle Ong Jing Xuan


2/7 HOPE From left to right

Row 1: Mdm Lee Mei Ling, Mrs Lim Cheo Mee, Amelia Lim Xi Yao, Annabelle Rae-En Petracco, Charis Lim Sheng En, David Quek Xin Yi, Kang Jia Xin Gracelyn Row 2: Muhammad Hamka Bin Yahya, Muhammad Kyle Zuhaily Bin Md Shafiee, Nicholas Tham Yew Seng, Reina Cheok Rui Qi, Samuel Lee Sheng Shan,

Shon Tay Cheng Kai, Srihas Bathula

Row 3: Lee Jia Yi, Li Borong, Liao Yong’en Jadon, Lim Cheng Shyang Anzel, Lim Yi Jie Timothy, Low Yu-En Kayde, Luke Lim Zhi Shan Row 4: Sukhmani Kaur, Tan Xin Wei Mathilda, Tan Yan Kai Jonas, Tan Yan Ru Theodoric, Tay Woon Yee Emmalyne, Tng Yi Yang Caleb, Zara Lam Xin Le Row 5: Katriel Chiang Wenying, Mirza Abdul Rauf Bin Mirza Abdul Latif, Lim Yi En Alicia


2/8 GRACE From left to right

Row 1: Ms Poh Lin Hui, Ms Priscilla George, Abigail Tiang Le Xuan, Adele Tan Hui En, Aimi Khairiyah Binte Abu Sufyan, Asher Tan Ding How, Ayden Harris Bin Ismail Row 2: Felysha Izette Pereira Binte Iskandar Dzulkarnain, Goh Zhong Xi Rebecca, Hosanna Ng, Isabelle Ong Xi En, Jeremiah Chia Xi En, Jervelle Tay Shi Ying Row 3: Lim Zhan Yi Justin Nathaniel, Luther Tan, Muhammad Amri Bin Suhaimi, Nur Arissa Binte Muhammad Fauzi, Sarah Koh Si Jia, Tay Qi En,

Timothy Chen Yanrong

Row 4: Wang Ziqing, Wong Yu Ren Malcolm, Yao Yuhang, Yap Man Chit, Yeo Jia Yuan Claire, Yeo Yi Zhe Wildon, Yew Jing Shen Zachary Row 5: Chia Jing Kai Clovis, Krish Sukula, Kush Sukula, Wang Ruoqi Renee, Zachary Koh Tze Yang


2/9 TRUST From left to right

Row 1: Mdm Haziah Jamale, Mdm Wang Qi, Ang Siang Yee (Tasha Ang), Aqil Ziqri Bin Mohd As’ari, Aydin Safeer Bin Zuhri, Cher Yanru Kylie, Choy Hoi Yuk Valens Row 2: Elena Carolyn Gibbins, Arryn Pasha D/O Saleem Pasha, Fayha Ilka Binte Zailani, Gursharann Viknesvara, Hadriel Low Kang Rui, Jerry Ho Jin De, Joel Kwan Row 3: Jovan Quek Hian Ming, Kaegan Tan Zi Yi, Koen Ong Sheng Jie,

Leiya Wang Xin Nuo, Matthew Lim Boon Hui, Micaela Lau Rui Yi, Muhammad Dani Danial Bin Rosdee Row 4: Nathan Lee Si Yuan, Ng Rui En Siobhan, Tay Xuan Ying Merelle, Varaprasaad Saravanan, Wang En Yi, Yeo Teng Ern Isaac, Zhang Shaofeng Dylan Row 5: Devinaa Thayalan, Johannah Sarah Ang Wen Ning, Nadine Anne Ya Jeremiah, Zhou Yao


3/1 LOVE From left to right

Row 1: Ms Yeap Jia Ying, Ms Khairiani Binte Yahya,

Aaron Ong Ming Feng, Aidan Bin Abdul Aziz, Ayden Lim Guan Fu, Callie Lee Jia En, Cayden Yeo En Zhe, Chew Jia Li Kiko, Chia Yi Ci Row 2: Chua Xin Yin Evangeline, Cyrus How Zuo Ming, Durrah Bte Hishammudden, Elijah Tang Zhen Cai, Gan Kai Lin Katelyn, Gerald Tay Shuo Yi, Ho Zhong Xuan Jaden, Kaydi Kuan Jing Xuan, Keegan Tan Hong Quan Row 3: Li Zhengheng Ryker, Lim Xin Ru Iva, Lucas Sim, Luis Alejandro Vargas Sia, Matthew Gan Yu Peng, Mohamed Mikail Bin Mohamed Shahrom, Muhammad Huzaifah Bin Mohammad Sufyan, Muhammad Isaac Azhar Bin Azahari, Neo Jia Wen Row 4: Peh Kong Hwee, Ruby, Poh Ze Kai Ethan, Rachel Chia, Sarah Kuan En Qi, Syarieve Irfan Bin Jamalluddin, Tan Le Xuan, Tay Chen Xi Aurelia, Tia Layla Zameer, Toh Xuan Lin Angel Row 5: Chow Zi Rong, Kwok En Rui Aldan, Lee Xin Ci Valerie, Ng Xue Ling Jolyn, Zaara Naila Binte Muhammad Hazairin


3/2 JOY From left to right

Row 1: Mr Ho Wee Yong, Ms Siti Khairunnisa, Ms Perlyn Ho Pei Yi, Mdm Wu Yuze, Ariel Lai Hui, Asha Selvan, Chia Yi Xuan Natalie, Chung Yuan Xin,

Daelyn Chua Qing Yu

Row 2: Danica Inshirah Garbanzos Luqman, Devin Kai Aldous, Ean Tan Yi Han, Elisha Lourdes, Ethan Teo Wee Leong, Fahad Izaac Pereira Bin Iskandar Dzulkarnain,

Gabriel Declan Gomez, Goh Wei Kang Isaac, Guo Qianle Ethan

Row 3: Javier Wong Qi Rong, Kou Xuan Cheng Zydeus, Lim Ee Shien Megan, Lim Ming Jun Cedric, Lin Kaile, Nur Adilah Binte Zainal Ariffin, Ong Ming Wen Isaac,

Ong Si Han, Owen Ong Ke Hao

Row 4: Renee Zenn Khoo Rui Qi, Rifiah Ayra Binte Mohammed Ruyani, Ryen Tan Yu Wen, Samuel Nethan S/O Albert, Sarah Tan Si Qi,

Shaista Rania Binte Mohammad Imran Sahib, Sitti Alawiyah Binte Muhammad Tauhid, Tan Jiakai, Teddy Shang Shang

Row 5: Tan Jia En Janelle, Ho Kai Jie Sean, Rae-Ann Ho Le Shan, Vivian Lee Pei Ying, Aishy Qairina Binte Sheharab Ali, Ang Jia Yu Esther


3/3 PEACE From left to right

Row 1: Mdm Rebekah Poh, Mdm Jasjit Kaur, Aerin Gracia Lee Yu Hui, Aimi Nur Qaisara Binte Yusrin, Aleisha Karyelle Tan Xiu Lin, Alexander Lim Zi Jie,

Amelia Cheng Yu Tong, Bryant Low Zhong Rui, Callum Chong Hee Lui

Row 2: Donny Sim Chong Ming, Dytrildes Cheang, Glenda Lee Zhi Ning, Gwee Ting En, Hope Goh Hwee Woon, Isaiah Han Zhi Chou, Isaiah Ng Qi Ren,

Jang Tong Yu Cyrus, Jayden Jong Kai Jie

Row 3: Kee Zhe Wen Zabriel, Khoo Keng Han Reyes, Kolby Lam Sheng Jie, Lai Xin Hui Fiona, Maher Bin Noor Iskandar, Nathan Eric Philip, Ng Xuan Wen Jazel,

Oh Qi Rui Winston, Oh Zi Yi Katie

Row 4: Rina Ong Chun En, Sim Rui Zhe Rayner, Sophia Phang Yueqi, Tan Wei En Ruth, Tan Zhi Kai Lucas, Tay Liang Yong, Teo Jia Xuan Daphne, Trisha Lau Le Xuan,

Wong Jun Seong

Row 5: Chloe Cheong Kar Yeng, Dhiya Irdina Binte Mulyadi, Jed Teo Kai Feng, Pung You Zhen, Wong Yi Kang Jeriah Not in picture: Kayden Ong Min Jae


3/4 PRAISE From left to right

Row 1: Ms Preethi Valsalan, Mrs Zoe Chu, Ms Zhou Mengyuan, Abby Chin Yu En, Adnan Mohamad Slim, Amberly Ngeow Jo Ann, Ang De Kai Darius,

Calista Tham Jia Qi, Chen Zijun Lucas, Chua Zhonghao Denzel

Row 2: Faiqa Ashadeeiya Haque Binte Nurul Azam, Gabriel Lim Chang Le, Germaine Lee Yeuk Hsi, Goh Xuan Wei Josiah, Heath Rivers Rankine, Ian Ilhan Bin Husni,

James Wirjawan, Jon Oong, Joshua Tjung Jia Jin

Row 3: Kho En Qi Jenelle, Kiera Allie Wong, Liew Swee Ann Megan, Lim Jia Yu Eden, Lim Zhen Jie Jacob, Lucas Teo Yu Zhe, Muhammad Asyraf Bin Mohamad Fadzil,

Ong Hui En Elycia, Quek Xinya Shania

Row 4: Tan Wei Yao Justin, Tang Teen Yoi John, Teo Zi Qi Melody, Tharrsini D/O S Dinakaran, Vashina Saravanan, Yap Zhao Kai, Yeo Jun Long Ayden, Zhang Xinyu,

Zhao Xinru

Row 5: Eldon Leong Ri Feng, Kaela Poon Wing Yan, Kenneth Yeo Boon Khai, Shivanishri Thirumaran, Zoey Kristen Rui En Araujo, Lee Tian Wei


3/5 TRUTH From left to right

Row 1: Mrs Irene Tai, Mdm Wong Cui Dian, Aaden Quek Ruideng, Adriel Koh, Ang Jia Lin Grace, Arfan Mohamed Hyder Bounaparte,

Ayers Lee Cheng Xi, Caleb Sim Tian An, Chen Tianzhu Joshua

Row 2: Chua Wan Zhen Lanice, Damien Huang, Dylan Matheus Terren Ramirez, Elizabeth Chen Rui Tian, Ethan Matthias Kwee, Giselle Adinda Lorenzo, Guan Zihan,

Hannah Ong Jing En, Jane Chua

Row 3: Lim Jing En Elizabeth, Lim Kiat Yi Ryker, Lim Ming Young Jensen, Linus Sim Mong Yang, Liu Chenrui, Liu Ruiyang, Low Ying Xin,

Max Cheo Li An, Nathaniel Kaiden Ng

Row 4: Nor Ikram Bin Norazmin, Shannon Peh, Skye Sarah Nee, Tan Li Xuan Nicole, Tang En Kai Elliot, Teo Zung Xuang Aeden, Yong Chen Xi Dylan,

Zachary Tan Yi Long, Zhao Qianling Judie

Row 5: Chua Jia Lin Avrielle, Keita Omura, Lee Hui Qun Allysa, Ng Ying Xuan, Wu Wanqing, Valerie Ching Sihan


3/6 FAITH From left to right

Row 1: Mr Ahmad Sumantri, Mrs Josephine Leo, Arianna Li Xinxuan, Ariec Ong Jun Er, Boh Keng Wui Megan, Cherlyn Sophia Tang Xuan Ru,

Chin Xin Yue Caylene, Chow Wen Xuan Charlene, Clara Low Jing Xuan

Row 2: Dawren Yeo Eu Xuan, Dylan Wu Jiaxu, Elias Heng Yu Hern, Eliezer Heng Yu Zhe, Elijah Jordan See, Elyse Ann Leong, Ethan Lim Xuan Zhe, Ethan Teo Yi De,

Evan Foong Ka Chu

Row 3: Hoo Wan Ting, Isaiah Lim Qi Kai, Janais Leong Mun En, Jazel Sim En Lin, Jerica Teo Shan Ting, Joal Cherng Kai Rui, Kailli Leong Yi Ying, Lee Song Yu Matthew,

Lian Yu Xuan

Row 4: Lum Chun Yu Lucas, Neo Yun Hao Nathan, Pang Yi Ren Jordan, Reyna Ngadiman, Soh Xuan Yin Hannah, Tam Kin Lok Emmanuel, Tan En Jie Evan, Tan Jingkai,

Zahwa Binte Kamaruzaman

Row 5: Gan Hui Yi, Lim Yun Hao Isaac, Ho Enxin Shayna, Zhang Yunying, Muhammad Adam Danial Bin Rozailee, Aatif Kalen Bin Muhammad Yasher


3/7 HOPE From left to right

Row 1: Mrs Yeo Yew Ling, Ms Koh Hwee Kay, Arelle Koh Xin En, Cayden Lee Jun Rui, Crystabel Leah Too, Daniel Lee Yi Qiang, Esther Sia Xiu Yu, Ethan Andre Lum Row 2: Jaden Chen-Yi Robertson, Jeremiah Leong Ke Wei, Jovan Ng Zhen Kai, Julien Christian Petracco, Kay Thaw Wynn Htoon, Kayden Heng, Kaylan Chua Yunxuan,

Lee Yi Xuan Micaela Beatrice, Li Xinlin Esther

Row 3: Low Xin Yu Faith, Lucas Tay Hao Le, Lukas Peter Png Zhe Yi, Meredith Erina Wong Xuan Ling, Mikayla Grace Ong, Muhammad Aariz Dayyan Bin Nazarrudin,

Sarah Kerk Qian Rui, Shehzaad Ali S/O Mohsan Ali, Shen Zhaoxiu Mayer

Row 4: Tan Jian Xu, Tan Jie Kai Jake, Tan Siyun, Tay Zhi Kai Kiefer, Tham Yan Lin Ashlyn, Tong Xuan Ya, Verlyn Lim Jia Xuan, Wong Yu Jie Joanna, Yap Che Ron Row 5: Gan Kai Yi Mason, He Tianyou Matthew, Isaiah Lam Yan Tzit, Lim Kheng Yaw Jared, Lim Zhi Hui Andrea, Soo Tze Ting Giselle, Zhan Yubing Isabella


4/1 LOVE From left to right

Row 1: Mr Suhaimi Khalil, Mr Long Hian Kum, Ms Teo Kah Sze, Ang Zhao Ding Ethan, Athelea Annamarie Pereira Ang Jing Chun, Charles Kuan Ming Yao,

Charlize Sia Ke Ying, Chung Zi Gin, Elise Low Pei Yun, Emily Neoh Rui Wen

Row 2: Ernnabelle Ting (Chen Xin), Eshan Zharfan Bin Yusri, Faiq Riefqi Mohamed Yusni, Hannah Cheah En Qi, Ho Jia Le Amos, Janelle Sugiato Tong En,

Javen Pang Uag Kai, Jay Tang Zheng Yan, Jayden Tay Jun Ze, Joash Poh Yi En

Row 3: Kai Chuan Sterritt, Kairos Samuel Lee Raditya, Katelin Grace Tan, Koh Genevieve, Leong Yu Le Cleven, Lim Zhen Chao Nathaniel, Lim Zi Heng Jayson,

Lucien Tan,Muhammad Zayan Bin Naseer, Ng Pei Qi (Wu Peiqi) Paige

Row 4: Nor Iqmal Bin Norazmin, Nur Isabella Binte Shaik Jufri, Qisya Nur’aleesa Binte Mohamad Ismadi, Queenie Chua Yee Ting,

Sarah Izabel Elyna Khan Binte Mohamed Fehzal Khan, Seah Seow Guang Astin, Shi Keng Kuen Johanan Emmanuel, Soh Jingwen, Uwais Jazil Bin Mohammad Yusri, Winnie Touw Wee Yee Row 5: Aaliyah Ayesha Binte Ismail, Jonathan Lea Yu Hang, Aishy Saameer Ali Bin Sheharab Ali, Mahrus Ahmad S/O Mohamed Haleepullah


4/2 JOY From left to right

Row 1: Mdm Boon Xue Fang Adeline, Mdm Fu Huimin, Mr Lenz Teng Hui Yieng, Amaris Chia Ming Hui, Ameleah Tan, Ang Li Han Felix, Anousha Binte Zulfilee,

Caleb Raymond Ratnam, Chin Wei Kiong, Chua Pheng Cheng

Row 2: Chua Tze Wai Abbey, Daniel Chiang Ye Da, Daniyal Aqeel Bin Ramlee, Emma Laetitia Seeneevassen, Ezekiel Teng Yi Feng, Isaac Goh Yu Zhe,

Isaac Wang Kwang Hui, Janelle Su Rui-En, Jeanette Leela Thiruselvam, Jones Ng

Row 3: Juzaila Binte Jofri, Khoo Shi Jia Glenda, Koh Jun Jie, Lee Jia Ren Jachin, Lim Jing En, Lim Jun Kai Javien, Loke Kwan Leng Kegan Andrew, Loke Wai Keat,

Luke Ching You Jun, Mohammed Daanish Nouman Bin Taufik

Row 4: Nur Inarah Binte Iruawan, Nur Saerah Setiawanggsa, See Tze Loong Wallace, Song Kang Rui Aceson, Steve Lim, Tan Li Ying Natalie, Tay Kai Xin Claire,

Yang Yuekun, Yap En Qi Jaelyn, Yeo Hui Xuan

Row 5: Joshua Lim Aik Sun, Neubronner Dylan Jude Jiajie, Zain Ihsan Bin Mohamad Hanafia


4/3 PEACE From left to right

Row 1: Mr Brian Song, Mrs Thila Suresh, Alya Insyirah Binte Andek Ismail, Anjika Tandon, Arielle Lim Tzi-En, Asher Law Le Quan, Ayush Mohapatra, Boon Si Yue,

Cayden Phua Zai Wei, Chloe Lee Min Qi

Row 2: Choo Wei En, Delia Liaw, Ethan Shankar, Hannah Ng Hui En, Ilyssa Chua Yi Jun, Jerrell Teo Shan Zhe, Jireh De-Qiang Dillon, Keira Sergeoh Siew,

Lim Hong Yui Gabriel, Lucius Yeo Jia Jing

Row 3: Miguel Yang Cheng Xiang, Morier Shaely, Muhammad Syafiq Bin Leo Sumbadji, Nathaniel Eli Jeremiah, Ng Jia Wei, Ng Qi En Jovene, Nor Haida Binte

Muhammad Fazmie, Oh Kang Jun Ethan, Ong Zheng Ying Caleb, Raphael Callum Gan Yu Xiang

Row 4: Ryan Lim Rui Yang, Shen Yixuan Sarah, Sim Yu Liang Aiden, Tan Yu Zhe Damien, Thadeus Choo Zen Jie, Vera Ting Xinyi, Wang Hui Xuan Vivienne, Yong Jun Qi,

Yong Pria, Zach Ryan Fernandez

Row 5: Matthieu Mong, Rick Ng Wei Cheng, Zhang Hanwen


4/4 PRAISE From left to right

Row 1: Mrs Miranda Lai Lijing, Mrs Irene Lee, Adeline Tang Ying Qi, Aryaneethi Karunaneethi, Aston Lee Ju Xian, Chen Yixin, Chia Ming Hao, Dazzle Ong Woon Kar Row 2: Esther Lim Zhu Yue, Eva Mikayla Binte Mohamed Shahril, Felix Tan Xing Yu, Hor Xin Fei Sharlette, Jerrick Ong Jin Quan, Jervinn Seow, Joseph Chain Da Zhi,

Kammie Koh Kor Ling, Kara Tan Zhi Xuan

Row 3: Lee I-Zac, Lee Mun Cong Jonan, Matthias Wee, Maximus Koh Kei Chi, Misha Inshirah Binte Yusfianshah, Nashwaa Herra Binte Muhammad Imtiaz Ameer,

Ong Teck Le Carrick, Ong Zhen Teng Jared, Raoul Phan Kin Hou

Row 4: Ryan Jeremiah Koh, Rylie Ho Jia Xin, Sheng Qingyuan Jeanne, Tam Kin En Noah, Tan Kae Lyn, Tham Trevor, Tham Yan Shuang Ashlea, Yang Hanya,

Zane Tan Zheng Xi

Row 5: Du Xianjie, Dylan Dev Ashok, Kuek Xuan Kai Tyler, Roxanna Teo, Zhang Mei Shen, Alfah Marshanda Binte Hoirull Amri


4/5 TRUTH From left to right

Row 1: Mr Isaac Lin, Ms Karmen Tong, Aariz Mohammed Yazer, Alexander Chua Han Yang, Arius Poon Jeun Hoi, Asher Teo Ci-En, Avelyn Tan Hong Yun,

Axl Yong Hao Rong, Chao Chong Shi Hannah

Row 2: Chia Yun Xi, Chua Yu Han Ashley, Clarissa Chen Yanli, Du Jingkang, Fan Enqi, Gabriel Thong, Goh Xuan Lei Claire, Ho Jun Yi Cleon, Ho Xin-En Leah Row 3: Lai Yuen Lam, Amelia Sophie, Lay Shao Yan Netanya, Lee Jing Kai Jared, Li Jiarong, Lim Hsin Man Amber, Lim Rui Qi Joelle, Lovette Yang Zixuan,

Loy Zhi Ting Danielle, Lucas Cao Zhihong

Row 4: Nadine Sonja Lim Myn, Ng Wei En Aidan, Sng Zheng En Olivia, Soh Jia Le Lucas, Tan Jia Yi Adeline, Tan You Jie Zac, Wee Ethel, Wee Song Teng,

Fang Zelin

Row 5: Chee En Da David, Kazelyn Peh Le Tsz, Mohamed Shahid Bin Sudheer


4/6 FAITH From left to right

Row 1: Mrs Usha Ram, Mrs Jasmine Tay, Mr Mohd Khirul Rifai, Alysha Mohamed Hyder Bounaparte, Annabelle Ng, Aravind Vijendran, Bassett Gerrard Michael Row 2: Chia Hao Feng, Chow Zi Tong, Ethan Tan Zhi Kai, Evan James Seah, Ezra Noah Seah, Jordan Luke Leong Kit Lok, Kho Jue Hon Maximus Row 3: Lauren Ang Kai En, Lee En Qi Charisse Love, Li Yiyan, Loh En Yu Kristen, Ng Hao Min Ranice, Ng Ming Wei Joshua, Pee Teck Woon Row 4: Sandalina Lin Lexuan, Sun Jiahao, Tan Min Li Melinda, Wong Li Xuan Mildred, Yao Yuxuan, Zeyes Tan Zhi Yi, Zhang Shaohui Ethan Row 5: Breyan Sit An, Khoo Yi Tyng


4/7 HOPE From left to right

Row 1: Mr Lim Edwin, Ms Rebecca Tong, Aadarsh Gopinath Nair, Charlyn Ho Hui En, Chew Hong Zhi, Chong Yu Han, Choy Sum Ying Genevieve, Ethan Lee,

Evangelyn Choo Rui En

Row 2: Goh Yi Xuan Charmaine, Grace Tan Wei Xin, Ilias Wong Yi Le, Joash Tan Jing En, Julian Co Yi Feng, Keaen-Seth Tan, Lan Miaochen Aurora, Lau Jing Yong Philip,

Lew En Ning Gracelyn

Row 3: Lim Joses, Ling Ying Tong Alva, Lye Ting Xuan Sonya, Lyz Chen Shiya, Megan Lim Woon Siew, Nathaniel Kwan, Ng Xin Ying Elvia, Nikao Yong Hao Xun,

Oh Rui Yang Warren

Row 4: Paul David Gan, Reiel Chu Rui He, Shanya Eva Jai, Tan Yi Juin, Teo Zheng Yin Danelle, Zach Tay Jun Wen, Zafirah Damia Binte Mohamad Suhaimi,

Zayan Ilhan Bin Zailani, Chen Yuxuan

Row 5: Foo Fang Wei Cyrus, Lim Hong Jun Aeyers, Oon Kang Yi, Tan Yi En Ian


4/8 GRACE From left to right

Row 1: Ms Ashley Chua Cui Jing, Mr Wang Zhi Yong, Anika Kani, Chen Tianxin Dora, Chew Hong Rui, Danyal Shah Bin Shahrul Shah, Fan Xuezhe Row 2: Isaac Tan Jia Yu, Isaiah Chuah, Janice Joy Lee Enle, Jonathan Chow Kit Yeui, Kaleb Toh Yi Chao, Lai Zhi En, Leah Rose Low Row 3: Lian Yu Ern, Lim Chen Joo Nathanael, Mika Chua Heng Ngee, Monissh Thayalan, Paul Chong En Zan, Penelope Julienne Chua Mien, Renee Loh Row 4: Rylan Shawn Miane, Seow Le Xuan Ledelle, Shermaine Soh Zi Xuan, Thiang Shi Ying Hannah, Tristan Tan Wei Zhe, Zack Wong Yong Jie, Zhang Wenjia Row 5: Huang Yibang


5/1 LOVE From left to right

Row 1: Ms Edwina Lee, Mrs Agnes Poh, Aidan Aslam Bin Husni, Alya Sorfina Binte Muhammad Nazri, Amaury Tan Yingle, Chloe Kuan Jing Fei,

Chow Yong Kang Nicholas, Claren Lim, Daniel Riley Yang-En Johnstone

Row 2: Eva Koh En, Gan Zhen Yi Warren, Gwyneth Tay Wen Yi, Haikel Aiman Bin Muhammed Riszal, Imelda Yeow Le En, Iqmal Faris Bin Mohammed Al Faisal,

Janelle Lim Jing En, Jeremiah Lim Qi Heng, Keisha Binte Ahmad Yusra

Row 3: Kwok En Tong Kalla, Low Lixuan, Marian Wang Li En, Mathias Lau Rui Fan (Liu Ruifan), Mikaela Sophie Wong En Tong, Muhammad Safeer Bin Abdul Rasheed,

Neo Zhuo Yuan Evan, Ni’matul Hassanah Binte Hairudin, Nur Insyeerah Binte Abdul Baasith

Row 4: Sashwin Sakthivel Manikandan, Shauna Ng Yun En, Suhan Girish Lakhani, Taegan Tan Xun Wei, Tan Jia Qi Reine, Tay Kai Tong Gwen,

Thaddeus Chin Cheng Junn, Vignesh S/O Chandran, Yeo Li Jie Angelica

Row 5: Elvis Kim Zu Rui, Kou Xin Yu Vanielle, Peh Kong Lay Crystal, Zhang Kaicheng


5/2 JOY From left to right

Row 1: Mdm Tien Hartini Binte Sulaiman, Mrs Grace Chua Wee Leng, Mrs Pamela Chow, Amirah Hussein Stephanie, Andra Bazil Bin Ridhuan, Ang Wen Xuan Joash,

Arielle Heng, Arielle Quek Ya Xuan, Ashrita D/O Guru Raja Moorthy, Auni Ulfah Binte Badai Hasyimi

Row 2: Benjamin Koh Jun Cheng, Kyle Coen Fernandez, Blessyna Rehma Ezra, Caleb Hoon Onn Kai, Charis Gabrielle Chan, Chia Yu Heng Cayden, Edena Koh Song En,

Fidelia Sarah Ang Wen Xuan, Goh Jun Wei Ethan, Irene Tan (Chen Leshan)

Row 3: Kho Rui En Raeanne, Lavelle Lee Le, Lim Keng Khai Aiden, Lim Ming De Kendrick, Lin Kaixuan, Loy Rong Rong Jolene,

Muhammad Yusuf Bin Mohd Kamar Zaman, Naomi Yeo Wen Xiu, Natalie Chua Jia Min, Nathaniel Ong Si Xian

Row 4: Muhammad Nazif Farhan S/O Mohammad Sufyan, Ng Bei Le Danielle, Nur Insyirah Binte Shaik Jufri, Ow Xuan Sheng, Seah Zhi Ting Charlotte,

Sirajudeen Muhammad Anas, Swee Junyi Joshua, Tay Li Xing, Teo Yu Kai Ric, Travis Teo Jin Kai

Row 5: J Muhammad Jamal Faadhil S/O Jaffer Sadiqu, Skye Or Xiang Yuan, Xu Yishan


5/3 PEACE From left to right

Row 1: Mr Nasrullah Jaffar, Ms Tan Ee Peng, Adam Zulqarnain Bin Hamzah Mchenry, Adya Sharma, Ashley Teo Shi Xuan, Cayler Pang Le Ting, Chan Tzu Ling,

Charlyn Jaime Lim Min, Chia Chio Ngee Keila

Row 2: Chua En Xuan Nicole, Ethan Emmanuel Hock Zun Hao, Fahim Aqmar Haque Bin Nurul Azam, Germaine Sim, Gui Kai-Shane Keith, Ho Wan Ting Sophia,

Immanuel James Williams, Isaac Chuah, Isaac Jeremiah Low

Row 3: JJ Lee Yu Zhe, Jordan Lee Hong Sern, Joshua Tan Chuen Yeo, Justin Woon Tian Zhi, Kieran Quek Yuren, Koh Jing Xuan Livie, Marcus Chng Zhe Kai,

Natasha Chua Jia Xuan, Ow Xuan Le

Row 4: Raphael Tan Xin Kai, Seah Xin Hui Alva, Sheila Janaki Saravanan, Sophie Chin Qi En, Tharveen S/O Segar, Woo Zheng Weng Victor, Yuvraj Arora,

Chloe Tang Peizhi, Isha Manvitha Mucherla

Row 5: Poh Lin Xuan Charmaine


5/4 PRAISE From left to right

Row 1: Mdm Kiu Hai Mei, Mrs K Balasundaram, Anna Kum, Asariel Dannson Lim, Au Jeng Yi Anna, Audreen Tham, Avelia Lim Xuan Ting, Benjamin Ng Kai Jie,

Bevelle Yeo

Row 2: Chanel Yang Jing Xin, Cheng Yu Xuan Michael, Deborah Cheah Ying Zhen, Dhivesh Rishi Vimalan, Elena Sim Yun Chun, Elsa Lee Yue Ya,

Ethan Ryence Liow Zu An, Gloria Goh Kah Woon, Hebe Lam Wen Jing

Row 3: Isha Harshang Pandya, Jadon Akaash S/O Albert, Jobe Koh Ming En, Kimi Lee Dhruva, Koo Yan Hao, Kwan Zhe Jing, Lee Kai-An Matthias, Liora Chong,

Mika Rendyno

Row 4: Mohamed Ryan Mika Bin Mohamed Shahril, Sasha Lai Sze Wei, Skyler Liaw, Sor Hsien Yao Kingsley, Tan Yee Xin Joey, Timothy Kwek, Wong Yi Qian Josiah,

Wong Yu Da Mathias, Yang Zhi Xuan Audrey

Row 5: Isaac Joseph New, Zhang Qi En Joy


5/5 TRUTH From left to right

Row 1: Mrs Desiree Chua, Ms Lee Sze Sze, Aqeela Deanna Binte Mohammad Hanafi, Ayden Arwin Bin Nasri, Boo Xuan Kai, Brayden John Chee, Claire Wong En Xin,

Daniela Chen Xinhui, Ethan Tjandra

Row 2: Goh Yan Xin, Gwen Ng Xin En, Huang Qingrui, Jeremiah Arvin Saw Bowen, Jernelle Lai, Joy Chen Kaile, Kevan Low Jun Yi, Khiat Jing Ying Charlotte Emma,

Khoo Jing Ting Renee

Row 3: Li Bingrong, Li Jiaxuan, Lim Hsing Zheng Xyller, Lim Kheng Hwee Jadon, Lim Rui En Renae, Low Rui En Rachel, Muhammad Iman Hadi Bin Muhammad Rizal,

Ng Yi En Moses, Nicholas Sim Yu Jie

Row 4: Russell Chang, Russell Kee Zheng Le, Sam Jerick Maria Jersan, Sharlize Peh, Shayna Lee, Sung Jia En Idayna, Sze Ruoh Qih Jerlene, Tong Miyuki,

Tan En Jun Hector

Row 5: Gladys Tay Shi Ying, Khoo Zi Jay Jethro, Owen Lee, Quok Jun Herng, Tan Ruixin, Yeo Shan Heng Shawn


5/6 FAITH From left to right

Row 1: Mdm Nur Hajar Bte Abdul Samad, Mr Dan Ang, Mrs Andrea Ho, Alexus Lee Wei Zhuo, Augustus Zhao Xuan Shen, Bryanne Lim Jia Yi, Chen Lyuying Row 2: Genesis Jang Tong Wei, Georgia Ng Lijie, Jayden Kiw Yue Peng, Jedidiah Leong Ke Jie, Jorim Tan Jin Ray, Josiah Tan Zhi En, Kang Kai Yu Javier Row 3: Lee Pei Pei Clariss, Leong Sum Yee, Li Ruisi Isabelle, Low Ngi Heng Joash, Lum Jun Yi Ethan, Natalie Ho, Phang Ying Xuan Row 4: Shen Zi Xin Ambrosia, Sherilyn Chan Xuan Xuan, Soo Chyi Yong Xavier, Sophie Aaliyah Garbanzos Luqman, Tan Xin Wei, Tay Rae En Shania, Tay Yu Xiang Eddie Row 5: Chen Yihong, Lai Yung Yueh, Sebastian Gan Kai Xuan, Teo Tommi Jokev


5/7 HOPE From left to right

Row 1: Mr Tan Boon Tee, Mdm Shi Rui, Alexa Tjung Jia Qian, Bethuel Tay Huei, Chow Zi Hao, Chua Zhonghan Cavan, Daniel Khoo En Ze, Ethan Marc Cornelius,

Ezekiel Aakaal James

Row 2: Goh Leah, Goh Shi Han, Hannah Ng Min, Hannah Wan Zhu Shan, Huang Qingqi, Javier Seah Wei En, Jeremy Kosan, Jesse Huang Zi Yu (Fan Ziyu),

Joshua Quek Xin Zhi

Row 3: Jovie Ng Jing Xuan, Khor Yan Ting Katelyn, Klaribelle Lim Zhi Ning, Koh Zhi Qin Shaelene, Lau Hei Long, Lee Ze Lin Joshua, Lim Kiat Ye Raylen,

Lim Ming Yao Julien, Liu Yuxuan Edward

Row 4: Natasha Loh Jinghan, Pang Yi Xin Janelle, See Xuan Ning, Tay Jing Xun Kyan, Tng Yi Le Samuel, Wang Yikai, Wong Xin En Anna, Yam Ying Lin Tessa,

Yuvaraj Jayan Chelliah

Row 5: Gareth Feng Junyi, Joshua Tan En Zer, Lu Xuanye Declan, Sofya Binte Abdul Aziz, Zhao Ai Rong Sarah


5/8 GRACE From left to right

Row 1: Mdm Natila Binte Abu Bakar, Mrs Cindy Simon, Aliza Chenfeng Binte Mohammad Noh, Chen Yuqi, Eng Jia Rong Ethan, Feng Xiaotong, Foo Zee How Row 2: Kate Soh Xue Xin, Kylie Kwek Kaining, Lam Sheng Xin Emma-Joy, Lee Xi Qin, Lim Chun Kai Ian, Lim Jia Hui Joann, Lim Yi Xin Chloe Row 3: Low Ren Yu Jireh, Luke Yeo, Mika Lee Putra Bambang, Mikaela Rae Ng, Ong Hee Swan, Peter Low Yong Zheng, Qin Weihan Row 4: Ruth Lai En, Sng Jean, Soh Han Joanna, Sun Shirui Gwen, Tan Wei Shaw, Vaanya Mclaren, Yap Hui Yin Row 5: Joash Ng Qi Le, Jonas Ong Qi En, Queck Jun Liang Aryias, Chia Wei Xuan Beverly


6/1 LOVE From left to right

Alonso Marc Mehar, Chin Yi Ling, Elias Vijayendran, Elva Chan (Chen Chuni), Ethan Joshua See, Gabriel Tan Jian Xiong, Gillian Lau En Qi, Gloria Lourdes, Hamka Bin Mohammed Qureshen, Isaiah Tan Si Yuan, Javethon Lai Jun Xi, Jaycier Chan Kay Kit (Chen Qijie), Jayden Poh Cheng Feng (Fu Chengfeng), Jennelle Heng Yu Yan (Wang Yuyan) Row 2: Jermaine Wong Shi Xuan, Jordan Lyu Zheng Bin, Kavleen Kaur Riarh, Lee Le Kai Gareth, Leong Ka Yan Tricia, Mr Shankar Raja Segar, Mr Mohammad Noh, Mrs Long Ai Sang, Leong Yu En Estelle, Liew Jia Xuan, Lim Yi Jun Ashton (Lin Yijun), Matthias Ong Ming Yao, Muhammad Aljufri Bin Zainul Abideen Row 1:


Row 3:

Muhammad Rafeez Bin Md Rashid, Nadiah Lutfiah Binte Abdullah, Nathania Goh Chay Ya, Ng Jia Hao, Quak Yen Hon, Qurratu Ain Binte Iskandar, Rayne Lim Rui Ning, Rihana Afroze D/O Azees Ali, Sheng Qing Cheng Anne, Soo Jin Xian Caius, Soo Jin Xun Caden,Tan Shi Rong Phylicia, Valerie Tan Xin Yi, Yeo Soo Kee


6/2 JOY From left to right

Aashna D/O Kannan, Ayden Lee Zheng Xi, Ayra Shaliez Irsa Binte Mohammad Salihin, Chan Hong Yi Xaden, Chia Xiang Yu Keiran, Chloe Yip Chi Ling, Christabelle Ting (Chen Xi), Claire Phua Yu Xuan, Claudia Priscilla Ho Kim Gek, De Leon Denise Jasmine Tayag, Dylan Soloman, Goh Xuan Yi Jerome, Goh Yu Heng (Wu Yuheng), Ho Yixin Shanice Row 2: Ian Lee Yi En, Immanuel Chua Yuan Cheng, Jandelyn Teo Yu Xuan, Jayven Cheong Hin Fai (Zhang Xuanhui), Joselyn Lo Jing Xyuan, Mdm Rohayah Ya’acub, Mrs Chan Ee Hong, Ms Edrea Chong, Kenji Yong Jia Jun, Lam Jia Xuan Inez, Lau Jolynn, Lay Shing Jyun Nathan, Liau Jun Xi, Lim Jie Xin Row 1:


Muhammad Aryan Sahib Bin Mohammad Imran Sahib, Nur Aneeqa Binte Jailani, Ong Jia En, Reyzki Kurniawan Bin Mulyadi, Rita Shanea Shanker, Roshen S/O Suresh Pallis Joseph, Skye Ng Hong Wei, Tan Cheng En, Grace, Tan Kai Jie Bellamy, Tan Si Ying, The Guan Ting, Calix, Trent Ang Yu Qian, Vera Teoh Jing Xuan, Yap Feng Qi, Javis Not in picture: Karra Ong Chae Eun Row 3:


6/3 PEACE From left to right

Aariz Daniyal Bin Mohamed Nazrin, Aariz Keyan Bin Muhammad Yasher, Abel Teo Yi-En, Adel Chin Yuxuan, Akshay Uthayan, Antoine Lim Tian Bao, Clarissa Sofie Gomez, Cynevaeh Cheang (Zeng Kaixuan), Danelle Neo En Xin, Dayan Sia Yong Xu, Edelin Wikarta, Ellie Layson, Emmanuel Seah Tianen, Esabella Cheah Rui Xuan Row 2: Eunice Chin Xin Ning, Gabi Oh, Gwee Yan Jin, Joseph Su Yankai, Joshua Cheah Ying Jie, Ke Hui Xuan (Guo Huixuan), Mrs Jasmine David, Mr Christopher Chong, Lim Kaijun Cayden, Lin Shi Xuan Mikaela, Lovette Joy Lim Kai Sing (Lin Kaixin), Matthew Wee, Mika Aidan Bin Mohamad Yazed, Mikaela Chia Pei-Ni Row 1:


Row 3:

Ong Kai Xuan Arielle, Rhea Amelya Jai, Seah Hui En Sarah, Sean Michael New (Liang Weide), Sheldon Tanary, Tan Hui En, Tasneem Fatima D/O Mohsan Ali, Xavier Kerk Li Yang, Yang Zi Jing Jessica, Zarias Jose Araujo Jun En, Zhang Mei Kai, Zhang Zhuolin, Zhao Xuanqi, Zhuang Zhiqing


6/4 PRAISE From left to right

Abigail Mah, Aden Sim (Shen Yonghuan), Brandon Lee, Chin Sai Kit Reagan, Chen Junting, Chloe Lau Xin Rui, Chua Chee Yew Ziv (Cai Ziyao), Daysha Leong Yi Sha, Faith Wee Ming Min, Delaney Tay Ying Xuan, Evangeline Chan Yi Xuan, Grace Li Hui En, Hanns Harris Wee Wen Xiong, He En Qi Carys Row 2: Jade Teo Han Ee, Javier Yan Kai Rong, Joseph Tan Xu, Kayla Tan Le Xuan (Chen Lexuan), Lew Ngyap Onn Raphael (Liu Ye’an), Lim Amy, Mdm Priscilla Goh, Mdm Nurliyana Yahya, Lim Kai Ming Joshua (Lin Kaiming), Lim Wen Hui, Lisa Ong Jing Yi, Maximus Lim Kai Xuan, Muhamad A’idil Bin Mohamad Azmi, Muhammad Aadhil S/O Mohamed Saleem Row 1:


Row 3:

Muhammad Afiq Bin Muhammad Wira, Ng Xiu Han Jobelle (Huang Xiuhan), Peh Chen Yang Jonathan, Ria Aravind, Riyaneethi Karunaneethi, Tang Wan Zhe, Tang Xuan Ting Chloey, Tay Rong Han Timothy (Zheng Ronghan), Thern Wynn Minh Jarren, Timothy Ong Jun Jie (Wang Junjie), Verene Chang Wei Ling, Watanabe Mika, Yap Yun Xuan, Yuan Eng Tsien James


6/5 TRUTH From left to right

Adam Tua Jun Wei, Alyssa Xu Meng, Annaleigh Ngadiman, Asher Chen Li Kai, Ashley Chua Heng Ern (Cai Xing’en), Cheng Hsin Lei, Clarisse Koh Hui Xuan, Claryn Chan (Chen Yujie), Dylan Ng Jin Gee, Elijah Sing Song Yee, Eunice Chen-Xi Robertson, Evangeline Gabrielle Teo, Fan Enyi, Gilbert Yong Ming Ye, Hannah Chen En Juan Row 2: Joey Huang En Yu (Fan Enyu), Johan Tang Kia Luck (Chen Jiale), Jovie Tay Hui Tian (Dai Huitian), Kaitlyn Saw Shueh Li, Kaye Li, Mr Daniel Ng, Mrs Chin Chin Ling, Kiersten Gayle Suryanata, Kion En Ting Rachel, Koh Yi Xue Asher, Lemuel Peck Jun En, Lim Hsin Hwei Anya, Lorraine Ting Xinyu (Chen Xinyu), Marsha Binte Noor Iskandar Row 1:


Row 3:

Muhammad Zuhri Setiawanggsa, Myint Myat Wynn Htoon, Myra Cheo Li Yue, Ng En Yu Dayez, Roland Ho Hong Yang, Seat Jie En Jerlyn, Shi Shang, Tan Ziyu, Tay Kai Jun, Tong Xuan Yu, Topiwala Mustafa, Wong Le Shuen Grace, Yeo Rui Teng Aerin, Zhao Qiansheng Ephraim


6/6 FAITH From left to right

Aidan Lim Zi Sheng, Alaric Goh Yue Heng, Ashley Lai Yong En (Li Yong’en), Ashley Lim Shu Rui, Chan Yu Xi, Chee En Li Victoria, Christopher Simon Ong, Elizabeth Lam Yan Yin (Lin Enxian), Fahrudean Muhammed Fardin, Fayth Yang Shuo Ying, Goh Zhong Xuan Meredith, Hannah Sin, Harita Rayasam, Ho Jia-En Sarah Row 2: Isabelle Lim En Hui, Jonathan Wirjawan, Li Xinrong, Lucas Sim Mong Wei (Shen Maowei), Isabelle Clara Lee Yan, Nathanael John Williams, Mr Aloysius Loh, Mdm Farah Anna Mohamed, Neo Qi Harng Nathaniel (Liang Qihang), Nicholas Sim En Jie (Shen Enjie), Nicholette Lee Wee Wen (Li Weiwen), Nor Hazirah Binte Muhammad Fazmie, Ong Yun Qing, Richelle Lim Yu En (Lin Yu’en) Row 1:


Row 3:

Ryan Lam Wen Yu, Song Jake Kai Noah, Tan Ju En Christiane, Tiffany Koh Jiajia, Tristan Leong Onn Kit, Wang Huixuan, Wise Lee Kai Hien (Li Kaixuan), Yap Ming Xuan, Yong Chen Hao Kenji, Zachary James Ng Song Wen, Zhao Shuntai, Zheng Emma Yeuk Chan


6/7 HOPE From left to right

Abby Faith Leong Yeng Yee (Liang Yingyi), Abigail Chia (Xie Zhule), Amanda Lam Xin En, Armaan Sanjay Mirpuri, Bernice Lee Le Han, Chan Yu Yan Elise, Chin Xin Yu Cayla, Chong Jia Le (Zhang Jiale), Chua Yu Xuan Alyssa, Du Xianhao, Emma Doreen Chow Ning, Erica Isabelle Phua Yong Hwee (Pan Yonghui), Esther Jane Foong Yun Chu, Evan Kuek Xian Rui Row 2: Gabrielle Ann Wong, Goh Xuan He Ernest (Wu Xuanhe), Janelle Tan Yun Hui, Jotham Chu Jun Wei, Kieran Lim Xian Wei, Mrs Jeline Tan, Mrs Elizabeth Simon, Lau Jing Yi Phoebe, Lau Tin Wing, Leaenn-Joy Tan, Lee Jun Hwee Asher, Lee Jun Jie, Lee Ke En Chloe, Lim Rui Ying Roy Row 1:


Row 3:

Loi Sang Hin Caius, Mabel Yap Yenn May, Muhammad Afeef Azaly Bin Andy Azaly, Ng Zi Ching, Nga Yu Reng Derron, Ong Teck Lee Caden, Roxanne Tan Xuan Ling (Chen Xuanling), Sherwayn Oh Sin Yew, Sim Jia En, Tay Yu Jing Gerelle (Zheng Yujing), Toh Jun Heng Artorius, Wang En Xin, Wong Hon Wen (Wang Hongwen), Yap Kee Han Graham


6/8 GRACE From left to right

Row 1: Row 2:


Chong Zheng Han Matthias, Foo Ken Lu, Gui Yiyang, Ilyas Adam Bin Mohamad Nizam, Jed Seah Jui Khai, Keane Tang Chin Hsien, Kielli Leong Yi Xin Lim Xi En Sarah, Lim Yue Han, Mrs Fong Wee Miang, Mrs Goh Yixin, Loi Sang Chek Calum, Loy Liang Kang Zacharias, Zeb Kynan Abad Uy

Row 3:

Luo Tianyi, Nishar Hazael, Ong Ming Rui Ian, Prudence Sarah Hall, Shi Hengkai, Tan Yi Xuan, Low Chin Yan


Our School Song Go forward together one and all Forward, onward, Whatever may befall Let’s raise our heads high and lift our voice Service to others is the Christian’s choice! Chorus Go forward, onward Over to the right In service and brotherhood and love Forward and upward, Ever to the light Go forward and serve Our Lord above St Hilda’s our Alma Mater dear Go forward in her and have no fear She is our teacher, parent and friend Whatever our path wherever we wend!


School Hymn

Far in the golden East there lies a shore Where God Almighty doth His blessing pour On sea-washed shores, our Nation, Singapore. Alleluia, alleluia. Here too at peace, dwell men of every race Chinese, Malay and Indian interlace One heart, one hope, guided by God's good grace Alleluia, alleluia. Long may our country rest in wealth and peace Forever bound by love and righteousness 'Neath God's good hand stretch'd forth to guard and bless Alleluia, alleluia.



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