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TOUCAN TIMES April Newsletter | Volume 4 | Issue 1

Pacific Northwest Division 27 Official Newsletter

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GREETINGS Hello Division 27, If you haven’t already met me, my name is Josh Kim and I will be serving as your 2014-2015 Lieutenant Governor. Currently, I’m a junior at Woodinville High School. Recently, we just came back from the biggest event of the year: The 65th Annual Pacific Northwest District Convention! This is where we leveled up in service by recognizing the sacrifice of countless hours towards Eliminating MNT, met people from all over the Pacific Northwest District, and celebrated a year of service together, as a family. As we recover from the lows of Post-DCON Syndrome (PDS), let’s remember to stay connected with the new friends that we’ve made, as well as reconvene as a division to become stronger in our next term. Sadly, the time has come for us to give our farewells to our lovely Immediate Past Lieutenant Governor, Ashley Yoo. If you get the chance, please thank Miss Yoo for her service, and congratulate her for embarking on a new chapter of her life! Thank you so much Ashley, for your care, service, and sacrifice for everything Toucan. Even though we’ve just come back from DCON, it’s now time to start thinking about going to ICON (International Convention) in Anaheim, CA! More information about registration will be rolling out soon, but keep in mind that you will need ample funding to cover the costs of attending ICON. While it will be a bit pricy, it will be worth the time you spend with your district board, the international friendships that you will make, and the service that you’ll provide. I highly encourage you to make an effort to attend ICON, especially if you’re currently in a leadership position in your club. As your new Lieutenant Governor, I am beyond excited for the coming year, and I’m even more excited to be working with you amazing people! However, please remember that I am here as your resource, so please feel free to contact me about anything! And with that, let’s get pumped for a whole new year of taking action! With love and service,

Josh Kim

Lieutenant Governor of Division 27 Pacific Northwest Key Club


GREETINGS Dear Pacific Northwest District, The ending of District Convention is always hard, but it also marks the beginning of another Key Club year, and another year of service. If you have not already met me, I am Lisa Antonio, and I am honored to have the chance to serve as your District Governor for the next year. I am so privileged to be leading such a diverse and enthusiastic district, and I am excited to start building upon our strengths and creating new solutions for our district’s weaknesses. In this upcoming year I want to focus on clubs and members. I want to make sure clubs are thriving and increasing not only membership, but active membership. I want each club member to know the District Board is there to serve the members. I am inspired by the love and passion each one of you has for the act of service. Keep up the amazing work, and remember that every single minute you spend serving the community is changing the world around you in a positive way. Remember to always keep service in your heart, and no matter what is going on in life, if you are serving, you can always find love. Keep in mind that in hard times, you always have your Key Club family to lean back on, and depend on. Know that the things you have done in Key Club, and the people’s lives you have touched along the way will never be forgotten. Once again I am so grateful to have the chance to serve all of you. I am looking forward to meeting all of you, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email, Facebook, or telephone! In Love and Service,

Lisa Antonio Pacific Northwest District Key Club Governor


Hello Key Clubbers! My name is Aneesh Pappu and I am the incoming District Treasurer. I am so honored and grateful to serve you all for the 2014-2015 term and I look forward to what we will accomplish together! One of my main goals is to actively educate club treasurers so that dues collection is easy and efficient for all clubs in our district. I also plan to effectively monitor the budget of the board and to oversee all fundraising efforts for the district project this year. In addition, I intend to play a very active role in working with growth committees on the district board to increase membership within our district. I want you all to know that I am always available to assist you with any and all problems that you may have in your clubs. Feel free to give me a call anytime, even if you just want to chat, and add me on Facebook! I look forward to meeting you all this year. In Caring & Service,

Aneesh Pappu

Pacific Northwest District Treasurer Key Club International (509) 432 9908


GREETINGS Hey Pacific Northwest Key Clubbers! This coming year for our district is going to be a legendary one, and it’s an honor to be a part of it as your 2014-2015 District Editor. I’m so excited to be involved in your newsletters and giving THE ESPRESSO, our district newsletter, the publicity it deserves. I will make it as inclusive, informative, and exciting as possible. This position combines my love for service and design and I can say confidently that this year, not only will we Key Clubbers feel good, but we will also look good in all of the publications in our district! Jenny Zhang District Editor

Hi everyone, My name’s Ik Hoon Jung from Southridge High School in Beaverton, OR (Div. 65), and I’m excited beyond words to serve as your Distrct Secretary. I’ve been an enthusiastic member of Key Club since freshman year, and it is truly a dream come true to be in this great position. I hope my term can bring about great positive personal growth in both myself and other Key Clubbers, and I won’t let you down! Ik Hoon Jung District Secretary


Hey PNW Key Clubbers! My name is Cleo Tsang, and I’m so excited to serve as your 2014-2015 Convention Chair. Another year has quickly come and gone, and the 66th Annual District Convention will be here before you know it! I cannot express how honored I am to be planning a convention for the best Key Clubbers in the world. With that said, I ensure you that I will work my hardest to make the 66th Annual DCON the very best! I hope to make you guys proud – so start your countdowns! Please know that I am open to suggestions, questions, comments, etc. so feel free to contact me! In Love and Service,

Cleo Tsang

2014-2015 District Convention Chair Pacific Northwest District Key Club International 425.306.6823


#TeamToucan Bothell


Meeting Time

Fridays 2pm

President: Temo Ortiz VP: Nicole B. Treasurer: Alejandra T. Secretary: Madison P. Bulletin Editor:

President: Kim Perdue VP: Alison N. Treasurer: Kenzie P. Secretary: Ethan T. Bulletin Editor: Emily A.



Meeting time

Meeting Time

President: VP: Treasurer: Secretary: Bulletin Editor:

President: Ally Krinklaw VP: Treasurer: Stefana C. Secretary: Bulletin Editor: Markie M.

Lake Washington


Meeting Time

Meeting Time

President: VP: Treasurer: Secretary: Bulletin Editor: Elisa T.

President: VP: Treasurer: Secretary: Kaitlin A. Bulletin Editor: Tessa F.

International Com.


Meeting Time

Meeting Time

President: Nick Bethune VP: Abby O. Treasurer: Ariana M. Secretary: Leina M. Bulletin Editor: Kristina M.

President: VP: Treasurer: Secretary: Bulletin Editor:



Division 27 Colors: Neon Green & Black Mascot: The Toucan Lieutenant Governors: 14’-15’: Josh Kim (WHS) 13’-14’: Ashley Yoo (ICS) 12’-13’: Kristi Chan (LWHS) 11’-12’: Connie Kim (IHS) 10’-11’: Matt Matula (EHS)

Sister Division: Division 28 LtG: Jenna Liang This is the most current information that I have on your clubs. If you see any discrepancies, please let me know ASAP. If there is a blank, please email me the info!

D27 KIWANIS CLUBS Northshore Bothell Kiwanis Clubs: Woodinville, Inglemoor, Bothell When: Wednesday, 7am Where: Alexa’s Café 10115 Main St. Bothell, WA

Redmond Kiwanis Clubs: Redmond When: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays Where: Watercress Bistro 16505 Redmond Way #B-A Redmond, WA

Kirkland Kiwanis Clubs: International Community, Lake Washington, Juanita When: Wednesday, 12pm Where: Crab Cracker 482 Central Way Kirkland, WA

Sammamish Kiwanis Clubs: Eastlake When: Wednesday, 7am Where: Sammamish Lutheran Church 22818 SE 8th St. Redmond, WA



April Sun





































April 4th-6th: PNW 65th Annual District Convention April 11th-13th: Key Leader – Hope, BC April 30th: April DCM April 30th: Appointed Positions Application Due

Note: Remember that Club Secretary Reports are due on the 5th of each month. Email these to myself, Josh Kim, and our district secretary, Ik Hoon Jung (contact info can be found at the end). Also remember that club President’s Reports will also need to be filled out by the 5th of each month as well. These will be available online via google forms. 10


The First Ever DCM for the 2014-2015 Officers! Where:

Woodinville KCLS Library 17105 Avondale Road NE Woodinville, WA 98072 When: Wednesday, April 30th 5pm-6pm

Who: Anyone in your Key Club is welcome! It is especially important for new officers to come and meet the Lieutenant Governor and the other officers in the division


What: We’ll get to know the incoming officers from other clubs, go over officer duties, and make club goals for the following year. Please bring some snacks to share!

DIVISION 27 BULLETIN Contact Information: Please either email Josh your contact information (name, officer position, club, email, phone, address) or fill out the following survey online! It is very important that your contact information is recorded to keep the bond between the District and your individual clubs. This survey can also be found online on the Division 27 Key Club facebook group at All responses are due by April 30th.

President’s Survey: As with the contact information survey, it is extremely important that these are filled out. These survey’s will have questions regarding information on your club. The link to this survey will also be added to the divisional facebook group. Responses are due by April 30th. Po/edit


Secretary’s Monthly Report: SMR’s are to be sent to 1.) Your board, 2.) Your Lieutenant Governor, 3.) Ik Hoon Jung – District Secretary. The form for Secretary Monthly Reports are now available for the 2014-2015 year. If you need a form, please email either Josh at, or District Secretary Ik Hoon Jung at

President’s Monthly Report: These are to be filled out by the 5th of each month. I, as well as the district board, would like to know how the individual clubs in the district are doing. Please, if you have any problems or concerns that do not fit into the monthly report, please do not hesitate to send an email to one of the executive board members, or myself. Due to the havoc of DCON, a President’s Report is not required to be filled out for the month of April, however, please remember to fill them out from May on. As always, the link to the google form will alternatively be accessible from the facebook Division 27 Key Club group. Q/edit

Interested in having something posted in the bulletin? If you would like anything featured from club news to member recognition, just email all requests to Josh at Send away! 13

DCON 2014 April 4th – April 6th Highlights: • New Venue! • Opening Session • Denny Lim’s Kawaii Promposal • Joseph Vincent • Houston Kraft • Caucusing



Highlights: • Awards • Talent Show (D27 Rocked it!) • Service Fair • 2013-2014 Board Retirement • 2014-2015 Board Installation • Governor’s Ball

ICON 2014 July 2nd – July 6th |Key Club International Convention 2014|

: T A H


Pack your Mickey Ears this summer because Key Club is going to Anaheim, CA for ICON 2014! Join Key Clubbers from around the world in the midst of the largest district of Key Club International, the California-Nevada-Hawaii (CNH) District for our annual meeting.

: N E WH

Monday, June 30th to Sunday, July 6th

: r u W To Go with the Pacific Northwest District and get:


: T S CO


5 DAYS at convention 2 DAYS in Disneyland 1 UNFORGETABLE EXPERIENCE $895 (this is subject to change)

For more info on ICON 2014, check out 17

1 0 1 b u l C y e K Motto Caring-Our Way of Life

Core Values Leadership, Character, Building, Inclusiveness

Colors Blue, White, Gold

Pledge I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the Objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school and community; to serve my nation and God; and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions


Objects To develop initiative and leadership To provide experience in working together To serve the school and community To cooperate with the school principal To prepare for useful citizenship To promote the adoption and application of higher standards in scholarship, sportsmanship, and social contacts


Pacific Northwest District of Key Club International use t, 'ca s e r he ove t b a ring is soa rthwest!� W N No dP g, an st, Pacific n i r u 's po e be ing, it we're th n i a r “It's In the midst of serene nature and fluctuating weather conditions lies the great Pacific Northwest District (PNW). The Pacific Northwest is geographically the largest district of Key Club International. The district spans from Western Canada to Northern California: with Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and the panhandle of Idaho in between. The Pacific Northwest encompasses nearly 1.8 million square miles and includes over 300 clubs that operate under 44 divisions. Through rain or shine, snow or hail, Key Clubbers in the Pacific Northwest dedicate countless hours to their communities and internationally, and are always Proud 'N' Willing to serve!



~Hey Key Clubbers, how do you feel?~

******************************************** We feel good! Oh we feel so good! (OH) Double it up! (OH OH) Triple it up! (OH OH OH) One long oh! (OOooooh) Rapper Style! (OH OH OH OH OH) Twenty Seven!




Mortimer Moose

Pacific Northwest District of Key Club International

Executive Board Governor – Lisa Antonio Division 28 Liberty High School

Secretary – Ik Hoon Jung Division 65 Southridge High School

Treasurer – Aneesh Pappu Division 56 Pullman High School

Editor – Jenny Zhang Division 32 Lindbergh High School 21

Pacific Northwest District of Key Club International

Lieutenant Governors by Division

AYN: Hannah Dew AYS: Alex Culbert 9: Jasmair Bains 11/18 Canada: Pranav Arya 13/15/17: Patricia Xie 18/20m: Esther Chong 19/36: Stephen Lavoie 20i: Ria Bains 21: Selina Nguyen 22/24: Lillian Sam 26: Kevin Ngo 27: Josh Kim 28: Jenna Liang 30: Jaskirat Kaur 32: Morgan Lucena 33: Greg Park 34: Ayane Kawaai 35: Tyler Bosser 38 Georgette Lugalia 22 42OR: Marshall Ferre

42WA: Bradlee Thielen 44: Christina Chow 45: Jocylin Binkier 46: Autumn Solomon 48: Brandon Webb 50: Jayleen Leon 54: Bailey Duran 56: Patrick Old 58: Allyson Weaver 62: Tran Hoang 64: Dorothy Wang 65: Tasmia Ahmed 66: Brian Le 68: John Kendall 70: Jimin Lee 72: Rebecca Luh 74: Daisy Marshall 76: Andre DePlois 80: Karla Bedolla 82: Rochelle Banta

Toucan Tips Be Confident Clubbers need a confident leader. Hold your head high, and they will have more faith in your decisions and direction. It’s natural to feel like a fish out of water in a new leadership position. There is no need to show shame for your “lack of experience”. You’ll learn as you go, so there’s no pressure to be perfect.

Plan Ahead ALWAYS know what is happening in your club and personal life. Nothing is worse than realizing that you have a conflict on the same date as an important Key Club event. Try to make a calendar and mark important dates AS SOON AS you are aware of them. This will help you keep track of everything going on in your life, and will help you avoid a messy scheduling crisis.

Be Knowledgeable People like leaders who know what they’re doing. Clubbers want you to lead them down the right road, and that would be rather difficult if you have no idea of what you’re doing. If you’re unsure of what your duties are, check the website! Both websites! The Pacific Northwest District website ( and the International website ( both have resources to help you with your job.

Be Caring Answer emails and phone calls immediately. People use their valuable time, and step out of their comfort zone to seek your help. Be there for them, so that they will be there for you (i.e. remain as outstanding clubbers). Take an interest in community affairs and always push for a good charity event. Your club and school will see you as a strong, caring, and dedicated leader. If an officer or clubber misses a deadline, don’t be too harsh with them. Find out what the situation is first, have a discussion with them about why they missed it, and then offer help if possible. Just think back to all of those times that you were late, would you want an angry person yelling at you? 23

A Farewell to Division 27 From the Immediate Past Lt. Governor

Dear Division 27, What a year we've had! I began my term unaware of what was to come. Within this last year, I've grown immensely and I owe it all to you. I've learned to have confidence in myself as a leader and learned to trust my instincts. My heart to serve and belief in our ability to make a difference in the world grew even stronger. But most of all, I've had the privilege to witness you do the same. I've watched as you stepped up as leaders, deliberately making an effort to impact the communities around you, and I'm so proud to say that I had the privilege of serving you. To all of you seniors--it has been such a successful year for you and our division. I know that wherever you end up, you'll make an impact, and I can't wait to hear all about it. Best of luck in your endeavors. To all the incoming officers--get ready for an even bigger and better year! Never stop dreaming and aspiring to be the best you can be. With your help, our division can grow to be even stronger and impacting. I wish you the best of luck on your term. To Josh--I'm so proud of your work this past year, and I am so excited to see how you'll strengthen this division. I already know you'll make me proud, but don't forget where you come from- WHS & the toucan family is where it's at (: To the rest of the members--you are the core of it all. Thank you so much for being the best group of Key Clubbers a girl could ask to serve. Your heart for others is what inspires me, and what will continue to inspire me in the future. Don't ever lose that heart because it is through all of you that we as an organization can thrive and continue making a difference. Thank you for a wonderful term, Division 27. As this year comes to a close I hope to leave you all with laughter, smiles, and memories that will last a lifetime. I love you all. With love and service,

Ashley Yoo

Immediate Past Lieutenant Governor of Division 27



Convention Chair


PNW International Trustee

Cleo Tsang

Lisa Antonio

Roshni Chandwani

Ik Hoon Jung

District Administrator


John Jay

Aneesh Pappu

Assistant District Administrator

Bulletin Editor

Tom Saunders

Jenny Zhang

Lieutenant Governor of Division 27

Josh Kim (206) 817-1641


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Division 27 April 2014 Newsletter  

Division 27 Pacific Northwest District Key Club International April 2014 Official Newsletter Toucan Times Volume 4 Issue 1