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We have always ! I See Me books as gifts! I See Me now offers two new great products, perfect for this Holiday Season! Personalized placemats $11.95 Personalized coloring books $9.95 The new coloring book does not lack the personalized touches we love about I See Me, kids love to see their name ! in their favorite coloring book.



Happy Holidays As we all start to sing Jingle Bells and other favorite holiday tunes, we realize that another year has come and gone. Our kids are all another year older; we have gone through (or are just about to go through) all four seasons, and we begin to feel thankful for all that we have, all that we have experienced, and for all the wonderful people who have come into our lives as well as those who we have had to say goodbye to. 2012 has proven to be another fun-filled, fast-paced, amazing year and we couldn’t have been able to provide our family, friends and more importantly, our readers with all the amazing product reviews, giveaways, stories and our of course, our digital magazines without an extended, supportive team. They say it takes an army…and it does! We would like to take a moment to thank all those who have helped us build up Tots To Teens Magazine. From our contributing writers, Mama Says… bloggers, and photographer to all the companies that have taken part in our Holiday Gift Guide, this wouldn’t be possible without you. Your time and dedication to make this magazine what it is today will never be forgotten. As you flip through the pages of our 3rd Annual Holiday Gift Guide, we hope you will click on the links that are highlighted and show support to the many companies that are featured. Some companies are bigger, some are smaller, but each page will provide you with a product photo, short description, cost and URL and all would love and appreciate your support. Our team has personally reviewed most of the products you see featured and we are proud to share them with you, our faithful readers! As 2012 comes to a close, we all wish you and your family a Happy Holiday & Safe New Year! The Tots To Teens Magazine Team Phyllis – Editor-in-Chief Adina – Managing Editor Deena – Photographer Mama Says… Bloggers: Toni, Claudia, Morgan, & Teryn !



Baby’s 1st Christmas

My First Nokona™ Customize your authentic child size 9" glove made of genuine leather, with your choice of color, child's full name, birth date, and a center icon in the palm. Toddlers love their First Nokona! $99

Gibout Toys The award winning BigBlox are perfect for nursery décor & when baby is old enough they’re fun to stack up! $23.99 each or $85 four pack




Gifts for the kiddos

3D Cityscape How cool! You get to build your own city! It’s a puzzle and play set. $21.95

Ceramic Bead Sticker Party This is the gift for junior jewelry designers! $23.95



!"#$#"%&$#!'&$!"(')*%$ Beyblade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome Highflying action in the DOOOOMEE! Family and friends can battle it out to see who comes out on top. $39.99 Ages: 8 and Up

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll Barbie truly does do it all, doesn’t she? Now you can take pictures with Barbie! Change Barbie’s shirt to your own customized graphic tee, using your photos! Umm… yeah that is pretty awesome. $49.99 Ages: 6 and Up

Monopoly Millionaire First to a Million WINS!! Enjoy all the luxuries of an up and coming millionaire as you try to rise to the top, and be the first millionaire on the board. $22.99 Ages: 8 and Up



"#$%&!#&'$()*! Lego Friends City Park Café 222 pieces of FUN!! Kiddos can build their own café and then play for hours taking orders. Order Up! $39.99 !

You can’t go wrong with Legos & Star Wars!


EBAY LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter $59.99



Lego Creationary Guess what I’m building! This is the perfect game for the Lego-Loving Family. $34.99 ! !




Great Games!

Sonny The Seal electronic ring toss game provides fun and entertainment for little ones. Sonny moves around like a real seal. While Sonny is moving around, kids try to toss rings around Sonny’s neck. The player with the most rings around his neck wins! Ages 4+ (1-6 players) $24.99

Who is going to pop the pig? Kids take turns rolling the die to see how many chomps the pig will take. If he pops on your turn, you win! Ages 4+ (2-6 players) $24.99




Teaching kids to eat right and make smart choices has never been more fun! Eat to Win Board Game is fun and interactive. Each fun dollar equals one calorie and children are faced with important decisions to make through challenges and trivia. Eat to Win is based around the MyPlate food chart. $24.95

If your child is struggling to lose weight, kids can play the Eat to Win Weight Loss Edition to help learn the value of foods they eat by using the custom designed fun money. $19.95!




Stocking Stuffers for Tweens !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moodylicious Children’s Spa Natural Yummy Hypoallergenic LipGlosses $4.99 & Yummy smelling natural roll-on perfume $5.99

Moodylicious Children’s Spa Paraben-free goodies ! Bubble Gum Sugarscrub $14.99 & Bubble Gum Botanical Body Wash



!"#$%&'($)'$*+),-#.%#/$ Make learning fun with the LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Learning Tablet! Explorer inspires kids to imagine and explore with front-and-back cameras and video recorders, 4 GB of memory and a library of more than 325 cartridges and downloadable apps, including eBooks, videos, music, creativity apps and more for limitless learning and fun. $99.00

"#$%&!'(#!)&(*+,-.!)&/''$#)0!&1$! 2$%3!'4%)1*%#3)!(''$#!+,3)!%! '/-0!5,)/%4!6%7!&(!4$%#-!8(4(#)0! 91%:$)!%-3!;/<=$#)0!%-3! >,<$!%-3!2(-$7!?)1(6-@A!! B4%)1!*%#3)!#$,-'(#*$!4$%#-,-.! )+,44)!)/*1!%)!:#(=4$<!)(45,-.0! *(/-&,-.!)+,44)0!%-3! <$<(#,C%&,(-A!"#%3$)!DEFA!! G&1$#!)$&)!,-*4/3$3!=/&!-(&! )1(6-H!2$%3!I%#47!J$%#-,-.! K1(-,*)!%-3!2$%3!I%#47! J$%#-,-.!L33,&,(-!'4%)1*%#3)A!! MFANN!$%*1!%&!<$%3A*(<! L::)!%#$!%44!&1$!#%.$!&1$)$!3%7)!%-3!&1$#$!,)! -(&1,-.!=$&&$#!&1%-!&%+,-.!4$%#-,-.!&(!.(O!! 9:4%)1!2%&1!(''$#)!.#%3$)!PEQ!6,&1!&1$!=$)&! :()),=4$!4$%#-,-.!$R:$#,$-*$A!!>1$,#!%::)!%#$! .#%3$!%::#(:#,%&$!%-3!6,44!<%+$!4$%#-,-.! =(#,-.!<%&1!%!61(4$!4(&!('!'/-O!>1$#$!,)!%!'#$$! 5$#),(-!%)!6$44!%)!%!'/44!:%,3!5$#),(-!)&%#&,-.!%&! MNANN!%5%,4%=4$!(-!,>/-$)A! !



We’ve b een CL UM P -O-F I ED ! You’re thinking…”Oh NO, not another stuffed animal”, right? Well, the Clump-O-Lump is not like any other stuffed animal! They are sectioned into three removable parts. Each animal is sold separately, but if you purchase more than one, you can then create any mixed-up combination of animals simply by changing the head, the middle or the bottom of the animal using the zippered closures. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Kids can choose from tig-o the tiger, frog-o the frog, shark-o the shark, bee-o the bee, squid-o the squid, and bird-o the bird. Each Clump-O-Lump is $25.00

For a limited time, you can purchase a PRE-Mixed up Clump-O-Lump {6 different styles to choose from as shown above}. Go check out the whole Clump-O-Lump family at



Games on the go… Z%&!<,22!-)6)(!-))3!/'/)(! '.',-!*%!/2'$!*0)!#'>,2$! #'6%(,*)!.'>)!%#!:,?G:'?G:%)=!! :0,1!>'.-)*,?!.'>)!<,22!+))/! +,31!5&1$!,-!*0)!?'(=!!JKSDAA!! )*1$D?%>C10%/C>'.-)*,?'(*@W!

"#!$%&!'()!*'+,-.!'!*(,/!*0,1!0%2,3'$!1)'1%-4!5)!1&()! *%!0'6)!7%'3)3!8&)1*,%-1!9-!:0)!;%!<,*0!$%&=!!"*! <,22!<,*0%&*!'!3%&5*!2)'6)!$%&!2'&.0,-.=!!;'>)! ?%>)1!<,*0!@AA!B&)1*,%-14!'-!'-1<)(C1?%()!/'3! '-3!/)-?,21D!!E.)1!FGE3&2*CHGI!/2'$)(1! JKKDLL!!M0%%1)!*0,1!.'>)!'-3!%*0)(1!#(%>! N'>,2$E-3O'(*$;'>)1D?%>!

"*P1!%23!1?0%%2!5'5$=!!Q%'3*(,/!R,-.%!5(,-.1!5'?+! *0)!3'$1!%#!(%'3*(,/!#&-=!M%>)1!<,*0!K@!&-,B&)! ?'(31!#%(!K@!/2'$)(1!%(!>&2*,/2)!.'>)1D!!E22!$%&! -))3!*%!3%!#,-3!*0)!,*)>!%-!$%&(!?'(3!?'22!,*!%&*4! /&10!*0)!,>'.)!5'?+!'-3!<0)-!1%>)%-)!.)*1!S!,-! '!(%<4!0)!%(!10)!$)221!TR"U;9V!*%!<,-!*0)!.'>)=!! JWDAA!#(%>!X-%?+X-%?+Y*&##D?%>!




To Grandma’s House we go! Many families ! will travel this year, we thought we’d help you with all your travel needs...



DaddyScrubs’ Daddy Diaper Pack Keep organized with DaddyScrubs’ bag full of compartments and insulated cooler pocket. $69.95

SnoozeShade No need to bring bulky blankets to cover baby’s carseat or stroller. SnoozeShade has baby safely covered and protected from unwanted elements. $29.99



Totally Travel Seat Belt Snoozers easily attach to a seat belt shoulder strap with Velcro to provide a soft and plump spot for a childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s head. Shaped like the number 7, Seat Belt Snoozer can be used by all children as long as they big enough to be out of a car seat. Seat Belt Snoozer makes holiday travel a comfortable experience for parents and child. Available in pink or red. $30.00

Potette Plus is a foldable and portable potty for any child anytime anyplace. Lockable legs and a contoured seat keep the child comfortable and secure. The sturdy contraption folds flat into a drawstring carrying bag so it can fit in a purse or diaper bag. The 2-in-1 Potette Plus can be used as a portable trainer toilet seat for use in a bathroom. While youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re on the road, this is a must-have for quick truck-stop breaks! $16.00 !



Soft Gear™ My Booster is the best booster seat for home or travel. It is made using exclusive closed-cell foam technology and is mold-resistant and latex-free. It has patent pending suction cups on the bottom, which allows the booster to stick to any seat securely. You will also find “hand holds” on each side that helps your child to get in and out of his/her booster and helps to prevent slipping or falling. The Soft Gear™ is anti-microbial, lightweight and is easy to transport. Be sure to check out the other Soft Gear™ products! $

TugTrio – 3 handy buggy straps - a must-have for your traveling tot! BuggyTug (black strap) - connects your wrist to your buggy. Designed to protect you and your stroller from being separated. Attach one end to your wrist and the other to your stroller. TeddyTug (purple strap) - designed to protect stuffed animals or sippy cups from being discarded from the stroller. Attach one end to your stroller and the other round the keepsake object. ToddleTug (red strap) - designed to protect you and your walking child from becoming separated. Attach one end to your stroller and your walking child should hold onto the looped handle. $16.95 !



Whether you take spontaneous weekend trips, long planned out family vacations or travel for business, Merrell products are durable, they have a water resistant bottom panels, and are oversized with a #10 molded tooth zip closure. The superb quality of the Merrell brand is like no other!

The Extent is perfect for moms, short weekend trips and has compartments for your tablet, 13-15â&#x20AC;? laptop, mesh zipper inside pockets and a heavy-duty adjustable strap. ($119) The Range Duffle is perfect for dads or longer trips. It is 10x22x11, is oversized and compartmentalized to carry your laptop or tablet, has rugged haul handles (safety belt quality and strength). ($139) Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget the kids! They like to travel too! The Travel Buddies Luggage Set are made using hard-shell abs, which gives them that hard shell protection while at the same time being lightweight. The wheelie luggage offers a duel height retractable handle that can be adjusted to an adult height and child height for convenience. The penguin back pack has both a hand carry handle and child back straps.

Penguin Luggage Set with matching back pack $65.76





Would you like to work with us? Become an intern or Mama Says blogger! Why be a T2T Magazine intern or Mama Says…blogger? Tots To Teens Magazine is fast-paced, and fun…lot of fun. Interns are able to watch the entire digital magazine process from start to finish. From finding products to feature, to researching stories, to page layout’s and more, our interns are given a great deal of responsibility and are selfmotivated. We are usually on a tight deadline so organization and time management is key. Some days you can even work from home…in your pj’s! Told you it was fun! Tots To Teens Magazine also offers moms an opportunity to become one of our “Mama Says…” bloggers. You have full range of writing and can do so at your leisure and it is posted on our website. We do not feel we need to babysit our Mama Says…bloggers, and we provide each mom with the respect they deserve. We know being a mom often has us running in 18 different directions, so we do not place too many expectations on them.

What T2T interns do: Interns work with the editor and managing editor to make almost every aspect of the digital magazine happen. They help with the creative and administrative tasks required in order to put the digital magazine together. Interns will help with story ideas, must be current with fashion and product trends, will assist with copy editing and proofreading, will become quite familiar with all social media outlets and help with event planning on a variety of levels. As the intern, you will also learn how we put pages together, page layouts and designs, photo editing, assist on photo shoots as needed, and of course, assist in raising funds necessary to keep the magazine going from month to month. We are a small digital magazine with a web presence, so to work with us, you must be patient yet work well under pressure, pay close attention to details, be a quick learner, be able to write effective press releases and be yourself.

Does the internship or Mama Says… blogger position pay? No, unfortunately our internships/Mama Says…blogger positions are non-paying positions. We do however recognize the valuable work that our interns do but we just cannot guarantee payments of any kind at this time. We make sure that the interns receive educational experience as required but for now it’s a strictly volunteer position. Our Mama Says bloggers are often asked to provide product reviews as we are a pr friendly magazine and website. Interns and bloggers are able to keep the products they review unless otherwise specified.

How do I apply or request additional information? You can send us your resume and/or questions via email:

Join our team! We’d LOVE to work with you!



For the guys... G)+'!@)*!2),.%)2#!,*!'2$.#!9,28! 28,'!8)*+L1*,2!=#)*,#!@)<!)*+! 5)2@8,*%!'@)-6>!!M#.#@2!$4&-! 2#)5!@4.4-'!)*+!'849!$4&-! 2#)5!'45#!.4F#:! 0#)*,#!ACD>NN! M@)-6!AOP>NN! #2'$>@45Q'84<Q5$84==$'84<!

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




"#$%&'(!)*+)!,-'!.&/0!*!.&$$.0! $*&.(*$&'(!,##$1*..!,&0.2!3&'(43#'(! $*1.0!51006!3#'(!7&$%!1#$$.0! #30'0689!!:30')!$#!;<=!&)!%0*>+4 2-$+=!)$#60)!)&?!1*..)!-'206!$%0! $*1.0=!0*)+!$#!@.0*'=!*'2!)0$)!-3!&'! -'206!*!A&'-$09!BCCD9DE! ! (60*$(&,$),#6(-+)9@#A!

F-+)!7&..!.#>0!$%0!G33.0!&H%#'0!E!I&.&@#'0!:>06!J*62!K*)0!7&$%!L#$$.0! :30'06=!MN!J#.206!*'2!I$*'2!7%0'!$%0+!(#!#,,!$#!$%0!(*A0O!!! P#6!Q-)$!BCR9DD!+#-6!,*>#6&$0!(-+!7&..!.#>0!$%&)O! *@@0))#6+(00/)9@#A!




"#$%&'!%()!*+,,-"! R2D2 4GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks Yup, you read that right 4G USB flash drive cufflinks! This is the MOST AMAZING gift for the Star Wars lover in your life. $200

Let everyone know your guy is a Super Dad! This beautiful key chain is hand stamped on both sides with a special message for Dad. $32

Chicago White Sox 3Piece Gift Set Super fans with LOVE this officially licensed gift set! The gift set includes cufflinks, tie bar, and money clip. $120 Check out for more teams.




Top Picks For the Fellas…. KustomCases Does dad need a fun new iPhone case? iPhone 4 4s Avengers Captain America Hard Snap on $13.99

The Bowler Hat Budgie Safely tuck away his iPad in this Super Mario Bros. NES Nintendo Controller sleeve with pocket $32.50 ! !

Go ahead…Swipe it!


Safely clean your smartphone with Swipe Tie’s integrated microfiber fabric ties! Ties are made of 100% Imported Silk! $39.95



Good Reads Baby Bible Board Books are just the right size for babies to hold as they learn to love God’s word. The Baby Bible Board Books: Stories of Jesus covers four stories, *Jesus Feeds the People *Jesus Helps a Little Girl *Jesus Helps a Blind Man *Jesus Stops a Storm Christmas special: $15.00 plus free US shipping!

for the youngest… Getting ready for Christmas couldn’t be more fun! Counting the penguins from one to five as they prepare for their holiday party. Wrapping presents and decorating the tree are just a couple of the things these adorable penguins do. Steven Lenton will get kids in the holiday spirit and help them improve their counting skills! Five Christmas Penguins features a foil and embossed cover with a bright and shiny foil throughout. Who doesn’t like shiny during the holidays? $10.95 !



for the young... Your kids will have fun with the AmazErasers Drive-Thru activity book this holiday season. The book includes a 48page activity book, 16 stickers, 3 doubleended pencils and 6 fun puzzle erasers. Kids can place orders, design their own restaurant, and create their own menus. $12.95

The World of Happy: Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s All Be Friends by Camy De Mario will take your child on a journey while learning the importance of friendship and diversity. From the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to the Artic Ocean, Happy meets many new friends and discovers amazing new worlds. $11.00

Blackbear the Pirate {$19.95} and his lively crew set sail for adventure in Blackbear's great pirate ship. Kids will join them as they go in search of the Great Pirate King, Bearfoot! The Search for Captain Ben {$19.95}, Blackbear goes on a journey to find his old friend. The crew takes kids on an adventurous journey as Blackbear races to find his friend who appears to be lost at sea. !



for tweens & teens… Tweens will love this bathroom reader for kids only! Uncle John’s The Enchanted Toilet shares magic mystery, science, history and … totally twisted tales! Kids can even learn how to attract and elf in this fun and light-hearted kids-only book. $12.95

Not your typical vampire love story! With the love shown for vampires growing in population, Shayne Leighton’s, “Of Light And Darkness” appeals to teens in a mature way, not in a cliché vampire way. This is a very different vampire “love story”, it is one that will leave you questioning the relationship between the characters, and yet will leave you wanting more! $14.99 !



for mama’s… When Your Centerpiece is Made of Play-Doh and the Dog Has Eaten Your Crayons: A Mother’s Perspective on Parenting is lighthearted book that shows moms how to keep things in perspective on a daily basis using real life stories and a little humor. $12.95

The Home CEO’s Guide to Life will help moms to increase their confidence for year-round home and life organization! Moms will learn what it means to be organized, how to follow your life’s roadmap, nurture your mind and body and remembering to have personal joy each and every day. $24.99




for papa’s… Great for dads! Grounders: A Once-in-aLifetime Journey of Baseball, History and Mentoring by Tom Slone shares with readers the story of a trip he and other mentors took {along with 7 other young men} to attend Major League Baseball games in 10 cities in 21 days. Grounders include 33 life lessons that will help anyone to become a more successful leader, employee, parent or mentor. $10.00

for pups… Feed Your Best Friend Better covers everything from what foods to avoid, learning proper portion control, balancing nutrition and easy homemade recipes and treats for your family pup! $16.99




Moms on the Go… When you are on the go this holiday season, it’s great to have a comfortable pair of shoes. Whether you are jumping from holiday party to holiday party or just need a nice pair of flat shoes to change into after a long day of work in heels, these are our favorite go-to pairs of fashionable flats!

The Taylor Ballet flats by OKAb {above} are 100% recyclable, waterproof and are made in the USA. Each shoe is slimming and has a gentle massaging arch. They are easy to care for and provide a clean, classy look to every outfit. With 19 colors to choose from, you will be sure to find the right color that will complete your holiday {or every day} look. $45.00

! CitySlips® {above} are the go-to pair of foldable ballet flats with expandable carrying case. When you are working in heels all day and need a little comfort, the CitySlips® are a must-have! They come in a case that opens up to a tote size bag. You can then place your heels in the tote and be on your way…in comfort and style! CitySlips® are available in 7 different colors. $29.95



For the Snow… Flojos® has the most comfiest, coziest, warmest and cutest boots for moms and their little girls! For girls, the Aurora {shown in pink} is lined with pink fur, and comes with a side zipper making them easy to get on…and take off! The Aurora is available in Chestnut or Pink and comes in sizes from 11-4. $55.00 The Blizzard is one of our favorites for mom this year! The tall suede boot is super furry and ultra comfy! The boot is faux fur lined {and goes all the way down to bottom of the buttons} on the outside. With the padded insole, you will feel nothing but comfort all day! The Blizzard is available in black or chocolate and comes in sizes 5-10. $103.00



For Girls Little girls will love this hand crochet slouchy hat with pink bow scarf set by SusieKorner. This set is for 5-8 year olds and can be worn every day or on special occasions! $21.00

For Moms

Bundle up in style this winter with this knit color blocked crochet scarf {$10.80} from Forever 21! Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be in style...and warm! But you will need to complete the look...

...Pair up your color-blocked scarf with rhinestone bow fingerless gloves {$6.80} and knit trapper hat for the perfect look $12.80



Baby Swags is the leading celebrity gifting company supporting small businesses by providing celebrity outreach to small businesses with maternity, baby, toddler, child and teen related products. Baby Swags garners credibility to companies who offer products in the fashion, accessories, and home decor industry. Our results speak volumes: when your product is spotted being used by celebrities and you have the photo to prove it, you have instantly created a "buzz" for your brand. We are sharing some of our Exclusive Client Members with you as they each have wonderful stories at how their businesses came to be and introduce you to their equally amazing and wonderful products. For more information on becoming a Baby Swags client, please, email or call 888-284-2170 for complete PR and Celebrity Gifting details. Happy Holidays from Baby Swags to you!



Bow Allure Owner: Juliet Hartley

! Known for their durable yet fashionable craftsmanship, Bow Allure products are carefully handmade in the US with high quality materials. Exceptional care and construction is dedicated to each unique accessory, offering customers and retailers the finest in affordable hair accessories. Kids love them for their refreshingly youthful style; moms love them for their strong quality and great prices, and retailer’s love them for their quick sell thru!

What inspired you to create your company? JH: The first thought for Bow Allure came in 2010 as my oldest daughter, Sophia (at that time 3 y/o), was transitioning from toddler into preschool outfits. Like many Moms, the standard mass-produced, super store hair accessories were the easiest option, but the styles and quality of the products didn’t meet my expectations. I took a leap of faith and decided to make my own accessories for my girls. I began researching every in-trend magazine I could find, differences in material qualities, and assembly options. At first, my intention was to simply develop unique accessories for my girls, but after receiving so many compliments from people, I thought, “hey, I might be on to something here.” The rest, as they say, is history!

Your business has grown so well. Tell us how did you take it from a start-up to where you are today? JH: In one word, persistence. Mistakes are ok (and should be expected), as long as you learn from them. As with all start-up, small businesses, there are growing pains, but the passion and love for what we do is the driving force that has continued to propel us forward!

What advice would you give to other moms who wish to start their own business? JH: Find what you love and how you can make a niche in the competitive marketplace. Ask yourself, what can I do to separate yourself from other businesses? What do your (potential) customers need and want, and how can your product(s) meet these needs? Develop a solid business plan and don’t be afraid to fail. As Thomas Edison famously once said about inventing the light bulb, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.” You absolutely must have passion, discipline and patience to make your business successful, but most importantly, have fun with it!



School of Wash Owner: Rebekah Davis The School of Wash delivers handmade bath products fresh to your door. And with our unique Pick-A-Scent System, all of our products can be custom scented to match your style. Choose from 175 different scents for your bath line or choose a different scent for each product it is up to you!

! What was your inspiration for School of Wash? When my daughter started school, she began to complain that she didn't want to use "that soap with the baby on it" anymore, which only meant a battle during bath time. I tried using "grown up" soaps but she came out of the bath smelling like perfume. So, in order to make bath time fun again and to satisfy my own desire for her to smell like a little girl, I developed my own line of bath products and allowed her to create the scents.

How do you separate work from home? I don't. I started selling my products only because my daughter kept telling her friends about the products her mom makes at home. My 10-year old daughter is my biggest fan, best sales rep and my product/scent tester. My husband handles my social media. We are a team.

What is your favorite product and scent? I prefer specific scents with specific products so these are my favorites...Chocolate Peanut Butter Liquid Body Scrub, Pink Champagne Foot Scrub, Brown Sugar Body Lotion and Rose Garden Shave Bar. More importantly, I love when my daughter uses her Lollipop Body Lotion and Rock Candy Star Solid Perfume.




Colic-Ease President: Lisa Yount ! Colic-Ease, Inc. introduced Colic-Ease gripe water in 1999. The first true herbal, American formula gripe water made from a blend of five herbal oils (not extracts or tinctures), that never uses non-herbal, less expensive substitutes sodium bicarbonate and vegetable carbon to achieve a result. ColicEase is the only brand of gripe water that uses FDA and EU standard antibacterial/fungal protections to assure gentle, safe results for your family.

Why is the major difference between Colic-Ease gripe water and any other gripe water formula on the market today? Only Colic-Ease is made using carefully chosen true herbal oils (not extracts or tinctures) along with a blend of FDA and EU standard protections against bacterial/fungal contamination that allow the customer to feel assured when giving it to their loved one that the highest level of safety was one of the components inside the bottle. Colic-Ease brand never has to be shaken before use; this assures the proper dose is given each time all the way to the end of the bottle.

What are some of the other differences that Colic-Ease has to offer opposed to other brands? Colic-Ease gripe water is manufactured in an FDA regulated, pharmaceutical grade American laboratory that is GMP certified. A certificate of analysis is produced for each ingredient and total formulation guaranteeing purity and safety. Colic-Ease follows DESHA (the FDAs manufacturing procedures and guidelines, something that homeopathic remedies do not adhere to). No refrigeration is needed and the shelf life is the longest of all brands, 3 years unopened and 6 months opened. Best of all Colic-Ease is sold at a full 7 ounces all other brands are only 4 ounces or 2 ounces per bottle.

Can adults use Colic-Ease or is it just for babies? Absolutely, In-fact Colic-Ease is so popular among adults we are working on an adult version. Any intestinal distress from hiccups and indigestion to acid reflux and nausea customers report outstanding results. In particular are patients who use chemotherapy that have very harsh side effects, tell us how Colic-Ease provided great relief allowing them to eat and rest.




Scraps2Love Owner: Kris Buote Creating Scrappy Buddies, from scraps to something you will love! How did you get started in your business? I used to make hand made dresses for little girls. After doing that for several years, I decided I needed a change; it just wasn't fun any more. Then one day my daughter decided I needed to do something with all the scraps of fabric I have, so we sat and thought what can we do? Then it came to us; why not make something out of these scraps that people will love. How do you balance business and family life? As a mom of 3, my family life is very busy! My boys are grown now, so they don't need me as much and my daughter loves to help out when ever she can. A lot of the work I do with my business is done with the help of my daughter. We plan out what the dolls are going to look like and go from there. !




All the Muches Owner: Amy Meyer This company is my hobby and passion; I am a one-woman show. The items are unique, affordable and chic and are all handmade by myself. I love creating fashions for your little ones! What does "All the Muches" mean? All the Muches is a special saying I have for my daughter and my niece and nephews. I ask them "do you know how much I love you?" and they used to respond "this much" (holding out their arms, fingers, head to toe etc). So I said "nope that's not enough because I love you all of those muches!" Now I just have to say "how much do I love you?" and they respond "All the Muches!" it's a special saying close to my heart so I used it for the business name. How do you balance business and family? This one is DIFFICULT for me as I am also a full time psychologist. The only reason I am able to do all of this and balance my family life is because I have an amazingly supportive husband! I set aside specific amounts of time each week for each job and I am certain not to exceed these limits, as my family is the most important thing in my life!




Gifts for Super Mom !


Heart Charm

Necklace !"

Personalized elegance for Mama! $295

!For the coolest Mama on the block!"!

Ju Ju Be & Tokidoki came together to make this fun Hobo Be bag. In Ju Ju Be style this bag is ready for everything with tons of pockets and shhh even a changing pad. $108

!Mama’s Special Day!

What is that special day? Baby’s birth? Anniversary? Mark mama’s special day with this beautiful sterling silver calendar charm with swarovski crystal. $280



Moms will love these!

"#"$%$&'(!"$3$5/1!-1$5$&7!)'*#+!,$((!)'2/+! )%+'8!$(!WB?&'7%/(!&9!2'+/!84$((;!!>5F(!#44? 7#5'+#4@!3&$(5'+$:$7*!9&+3'4#!9/#5'+/(! #11/1!#75$&Q$1#75(!4/#.$7*!0&'+!(=$7!8#80! (3&&56;!!I#(6$&7!1/($*7/+@!H#&4#!)'6&7/7! &9!>.#7#!R/4($7=$@!1/($*7/1!56$(!4$3$5/1! /1$5$&7!2#%=#*/;!!AXY!Z!4#4$%$&'(D%&3!

E+#.#4&F(!G/9$44#84/!H/+9'3/!G&44/+8#44! $(!*+/#5!9&+!3&3(!&7!56/!*&;!I$44!J$56! 0&'+!9#.&+$5/!(%/75!#71!=//2!$7!0&'+! 2'+(/!&+!%#+!9&+!#!K'$%=!2/+9'3/!2$%=! 3/!'2;!ABCDLM!!5+#.#4&D%&3!

"#"$%$&'(!)'*#+! ,$((!-./+01#0! )2+#0!$(!#! 3'45$2'+2&(/! 3$(5!56#5!%#7!8/! '(/1!5&!+/9+/(6! #71!+/.$5#4$:/! 0&'+!8&10!#71! 6&3/;!!<#7!8/! #224$/1!5&!(=$7!&+! 4$7/7(;!!>9!0&'!#+/! 4&&=$7*!9&+!56#5! (2/%$#4!*&?5&?*$95@! 4&&=!7&!3&+/;!! ABC! 4#4$%$&'(D%&3!

E6/!)N>!<&32#70!&99/+(!#!'7$K'/! %&44/%5$&7!&9!%#714/(D!!-#%6!%#714/!$(! 3#1/!&9!OMMP!#44?7#5'+#4!(&0!56#5!J$44! 7&5!6#+3!%&7('3/+(!&+!56/! /7.$+&73/75;!!N7%/!56/!J#Q!$(!3/45/1@! $5!%#7!8/!'(/1!#(!#!(=$7!3&$(5'+$:/+! 56#5!%#7!6/42!+/3/10!('78'+7@! /%:/3#@!2(&+$#($(!#71!2&$(&7!&#=;! R&4$1#0!)%/75(!$7%4'1/!H'32=$7!)2$%/! S#(!(6&J7T@!R&4$1#0!)2$+$5@!)2$%/1! <$1/+!#71!I+/(6!U$(54/5&/D!!V#+!%#714/(! #+/!ABLDMM!56/(&$%&D%&3!




Tops Picks for Moms & Teens !"#$%&'!()*+,#-).'/+$'0%+$#&+12314)5' 34#$,'6&'789:;<<='"&>'?2@,"-A)' @5#**+1)'78BC;<<='"1+',D('(E'(41' E"F(1#,+'G#E,)',('G#F+'*(*)'"&>' ,++&)',5#)'5($#>"%')+")(&H''3(,5' I1(>4-,)'"1+'$(&G'$"),#&GJ'-($(1' #&E4)+>'"&>'#&'(&+'D(1>J'"*"K#&GH''' -"#$%&-()*+,#-);-(*'

Top Pick for Home

Top Pick for Girls

! /#1$)'D#$$'$(F+',('D1#,+',5+#1',5(4G5,)J'

>1+"*)J'"&>'#>+")'#&',5+'34,,+1E$%'L#G5,2 MI'N#"1%'78:?;OO='P%'L(F+'Q%'/+*);'' R#,5',5+'I4)5'(E'"')*"$$'P4,,(&'5#>>+&' D#,5#&',5+'-(F+1J'$#,,$+'$#G5,)'D#$$'),"1,' ,D#&A$#&G'*"A#&G'>#"1%'D1#,#&G'+S,1"'E4&H' $(F+*%G+*);-(*'


3$"-ATR5#,+'U1"*+)'V#,'W'R"$$X(I)' P%'Y(5",5"&'Z$>+1'"$$(D)'%(4',('">>' %(41'I5(,()'"&>'-1+",+'"'P+"4,#E4$' I5(,('D"$$'D#,5(4,'">>#&G'"'P4&-5' (E'5($+)'#&'%(41'D"$$H'8B9;OO' ' D"$$I(I);-(*'


!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! "#$$%!&''(! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! Venettini 55-Samy3 Black embossed & grey leather shoes for kids. These shoes are amazing! Not only are Venettini super nice for the holidays & pictures they are comfy on little feet.

Etnies RVM Vulc Disney Agent P shoes… are the shoes to have under the tree this year! $59.99 Disney & Etnies got together and made AWESOME!

MOM! Phineas & Ferb’s sister Candice and Isabella {Phineas’ admirer & friend} grace these uber sweet kicks! RVM Vulc Kids Disney $59.99



What girl doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t love a little bling?

CHARM IT! Rejoice--the charm bracelet is BACK! CHARM IT! Offers an array of adorable charms ($6) & bracelets ($7-$16) Live it, Love it, charm it!

Tween Bling Created by two young girls safe chemical-free scented jewelry that smells yummy! Find your favorite yummy smell at $15.99



Tweens, Teens & Jewelry {1}







"#$$%!&%'!"$$%!()*+,!+-.$!/0$)*!1$#$+*23!!! 4$*$!&*$!&!5$#!-5!-6*!7/$$%8!,$+$9/$'!5&.-*)/$,3! :;!4)(0$,/!<$&=!>655!?&**)%(!@$/!A!B:CDCC!E*F&%G6/5)//$*,D9-H! I;!J&2!-5!/0$!J$&'!@=6++!<-,/!?&**)%(!A!B:KDCC!E*F&%G6/5)//$*,D9-H! L;!>-,H)9!J6,/!?&**)%(!@$/!A!B:MDCC!E*F&%G6/5)//$*,D9-H! K;!"6*N6-),$!O6+/)A@/-%$!P)%(!A!BKDCC!Q*&%'2O$+.)++$E@RD9-H! S;!<*)%9$,,!P)%(!A!BSDCC!Q*&%'2O$+.)++$E@RD9-H! M;!T)%!T&%(!P)%(,!A!BKDCC!Q*&%'2O$+.)++$E@RD9-H! U;!@)+.$*!@/&*!P)%(!A!BLDCC!Q*&%'2O$+.)++$E@RD9-H! !



Editor’s Choice Babycakes 5 waffle stick maker {$24.99} is fun for the whole family!

Comes with batter cup and two prong fork for easy waffle removal



Let Cook

Pour Batter…

1-2 minutes

{3} Butter, serve, dip and enjoy!

Babycakes creates products that make it fun and easy for families to bake and eat together! From cupcakes to waffles your family will finally enjoy spending time in the kitchen! To see the full line, visit




Best Cookbooks for your Baker!

175 best babycakes cake pop recipes {$24.95} and 150 Best Cupcake Recipes {19.95} will provide your baker with tons of cupcake and cake pop inspiration!

Mommy and Me personalized aprons are perfect for baking all year round! Baking is a great way for moms and their littles to bond! $69.00





Brød & Taylor Folding Proofer The ultimate gift for the serious bread baker! This proofer does more than just proof bread, try making homemade yogurt, temper chocolate, or crisp bread. $159 !

Seinfood Seinfeld Fans will love dressing up their homes & offices with these great prints! Seinfeld + Food= Fun! $30 ! !



KitchenAid® Ultra Power® model features a 300-watt motor, 4-1/2 quart stainless steel bowl and tilt-back mixer head design that provides easy access to bowl and beaters! $359.99

The Keurig® MINI Plus Brewing System is perfect for small homes, vacation homes, and home offices. The personal brewer will suit your busy lifestyle – anywhere that you call home. Available in 5 colors. $99.95

Can’t have a Keurig® without Kcups full of flavor! Apline Valley Coffee offers k-cup coffees at a discount price! Available in 10 packs, 22 count boxes, and K-Cup Variety Packs as well as a sample pack! Prices start at $7.45



Making Life Easier "#$!E2$'1!F'(G!<*((!1$&*+*6$(:!3'4$!:0=2! (*&$!$'5*$2>!H&!:0=!#'9$!$9$2!62*$1!60!5(*8$! I2$'1J!:0=!4+0<!<#'6!<$!3$'+J!0+$! 5(*8$!600!53'((J!0+$!5(*8$!600!I*.>!!"#$! E2$'1!F'(G!'((0<5!:0=!60!5(*8$!$'8#!7*$8$! 0&!I2$'1!7$2&$86(:>!H6K5!$'5:!60!=5$!'+1! $'5:!60!'55$3I($>!?LM;A@!!I2$'17'(;+$6!

"#$!"%&'(!)*+*!,+$!-..!/0+1$2!3'4$5! 6#$!7$2&$86!5*+.($!5$29*+.!0&!$..5! $9$2:!6*3$;!!"#$!(*66($!7'+!*5!$'5:!60! 8'2$!&02!<*6#!*65!+0+%56*84!80'6*+.! "%&'(!3*+*!B2*(($1!C#$$5$! *+5*1$!'+1!0=6>!?@;AA!6%&'(=5';803 ! B2*11($!*5!6#$!7$2&$86!7'+!&02! 0+$!5$29*+.!0&!:0=!&'902*6$! .2*(($1!8#$$5$>!!?D;AA!

And Healthier "#$!N$55$2!-9*(!I2'+1!*5!'+!0=656'+1*+.! I2'+1>>>>!!/$!8'+K6!5':!6#'6!(0=1! $+0=.#>!!"#$!N$55$2!-9*(!O$66($802+!*5! '((!+'6=2'(J!($55!&'6J!.(=6$+!&2$$J!'+1! +0!72$5$29'6*9$5>!C#005$!&203! C('55*8!02!E('84!P!/#*6$!C004*$!'+1! 6'56$5!.2$'6>!!"#$!O2*+4($!Q6*845!#'9$! I$$+!4*1!6$56$1!'+1!'77209$1!#$2$!'6! "065!"0!"$$+5!)'.'R*+$>!!C#005$! &203!Q0=2!C2$'3!P!,+*0+J!C#$11'2J! S$..*$!'+1!Q$'!Q'(6>!T((!&('9025!'2$! 5*37(:!U-NHQV>>>!!Q3'((W!?X;LAJ!N'2.$W! ?Y;LA!($55$2$9*(;803! !



Happy Entertaining L*(%#.'!M.)2'!L'.$1-)5*J'0!B*-'! N5)$$!>9).2$!).'!)!#-*O#'!,)3!%1!)00! %9)%!$D'(*)5!%1#(9!)$!31#!.*-4!*-!%9'! :',!;').E!FPGEGQ!912','%&).E(12!

"#$%!&'()#$'!*%+$!,*-%'./!01'$-+%! 2')-!31#!()-+%!#$'!31#.! $#22'.!4.*55*-4!)(('$$1.*'$6!!78! 31#!).'!'-%'.%)*-*-4!%9*$!:',! ;').$!<='/!#$'!%9'!>*.(5'! ?@','.$!8.12!A12'!B'%!C).! )-0!)00!)!%1#(9!18!'5'4)-('!%1! 31#.!D).%3!8110$E!!FGEGG! 912','%&).E(12!

H.'$$*-4!#D!31#.!D).%3! 8110!*$-+%!%9'!1-53!%9*-4! 31#!()-!01!%1!2)@'!)! D).%3!8#-6!!I.3!0.'$$*-4! #D!31#.!8)=1.*%'!D).%3! 0.*-@6!!C1%$@*$!).'!4.')%! %1!4*='!)$!)!91$%'$$!4*8%6!! C1%$@*$!8*%!)-3!$*J'!&1%%5'! )-0!$%)3$!*-!D5)('/!'='-! ,9'-!D1#.*-4E!!B*%9!)! &5*-@*-4!K<H!5*49%/!%9'! (9)2D)4-'!,1-+%!&'!%9'! 1-53!%9*-4!%9)%!$D).@5'$6! FGEGG! &1%$@*$E(12! !



Paperâ&#x20AC;Ś wonderful paper!! Personalized note cards are great presents for just about everyone. Many people do not take the time to indulge themselves with personalized note cardsâ&#x20AC;Ś but want to. This is the time to give someone a little something, something special.

Pear Tree Greetings Bordered Blossoms vintage stationary make the most beautiful personalized gift. $1.42 each for set of 24 All Pear Tree Greetings are 100% recycled!

Pear Tree Greetings Spectacle Display vintage note cards are perfect for your favorite teacher! $1.42 each for set of 24



Holiday Cards Spread Holiday Cheer! Modern Cheer gives a whole new look on the traditional holiday card. $2.59 *each for a set of 72

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••! !

Who doesn’t love a snow globe? Peek Into Wonderland cards available at $1.47 *each for a set of 72 !

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••! The Best Holiday Hello… Share a photomontage & special memories with family and friends this holiday season.

$1.55 *each for a set of 72 ! !



Emergency Preparedness The Olde Brooklyn Lantern is always cool to the touch and safe for everyone to use anywhere. A built-in dimmer adjusts brightness, and the LED power lasts up to 100,000 hours. The Olde Brooklyn Lantern retails for $12.99 oldebrooklynlantern.comâ&#x20AC;¨


"#$#%!&#!'#()!*+),!-.)!/!0,-1#2!!3(%-4!'#()!)-!%+5,)6!7!81#%9#'':!;<==4>,! ?-%)/&'#!?-*#%!@/1A!*+''!0%-$+B#C!D-.!*+),!.0!)-!E!,-.%C!-(!#F)%/!)/'A!)+4#! /1B!+)!9-40/)+&'#!*+),!/''!GH@!B#$+9#C2!I<JKJJL!81#%9#'':!M==4>,!N%#B+)! N/%B!H+O#!?-*#%!@/1A!9,/%5#C!4+9%-!GH@!)D0#!0-%)/&'#!B#$+9#C!/1B!/''-*C! (-%!.0!)-!E=!4+1.)#C!-(!#F)%/!)/'A!)+4#2!I;JKJJ!L!+P-!H4/%)0,-1#!Q>! N,/%5#%!+C!9-40/)+&'#!*+),!/''!4/R-%!C4/%)0,-1#C2!I;;KJJ! %/B+-C,/9AK9-4!!



The Axion AXN-8701 portable, rechargeable TV is great to have and handy for checking the latest news and weather updates! Runs up to 1.5 hours on power battery. $84.95

The American Red Cross Solarlink FR600 Eton Emergency Radio is rugged, water-resistant with multiple power sources. Runs on solar power, hand crank, or AA or AAA batteries! A MUST-HAVE for any home! $87.00

Juicebar® Power Tube Mini Charger is a must-have gift no mom should be left without! It’s the perfect size for your purse! Never be left with a dead cell phone battery again! The Juicebar® is compatible with portable media devices such as iPhone, HTC, Blackberry, Sony and Nokia! Once the Juicebar® is fully charged it will hold its charge for over 30 days! $28.80 !



"#$%&'()*&+,-.! {2} {1}



Treat your techy to hot and funky cases! {1} Blossom by SwitchEasy shown in Pink & Black for iPhone 4/4S, $34.99. {2} Melt by SwitchEasy shown in ChocoMint & Milky-Strawberry for iPhone 4/4S, $34.99 each. {3} Organize your earbuds with the Earbud Yo-Yo, shown: decorative design, checkers and swirls shown $14.99 {4} Pelle iPad Case from SwitchEasy in shown in Blossom Pink and Monday Blue. $59.99 {5} Colors iPod 4G case by SwitchEasy shown in Saffron & Baby Blue $14.99 {6} Nude by SwitchEasy for iPod 2G $19.99 and NeoTouch for iPod 2G in Black $29.99. Visit for additional case selections Visit for additional ear bud yoyo selections




{6} {5}




Totally Techy Must-Haves!

Watch movies, play games, listen to music and read books or magazines using the new Kindle Fire HD 7. More pixels and more pixels-per-inch means clearer and sharper images for you to enjoy. $199

The HADAKI eBook Wrap protects your digital library with a little personality! It’s also EcoFriendly so it protects the environment too! $30.00

q !

With Caseable you can custom create your own case or shop the artist collection. Select the front, back, sides and zipper! Its fun, it’s unique, it’s personalized, and it’s the perfect gift! Select cases for laptops, iPads, eReaders, Kindle, or tablets. {15-16” laptop sleeve as shown above - $69.90}


The Vivitar DVR 850W Digital Video Recorder will blow you away with its crystal clear video and still image quality. The DVR 850W is waterproof and has a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Great for beginners! $74.99


Just for fun... "##!$#%&!'#!(#!#)'*+&,-!!"./!'0+*!1)2!+2&##.! *2#345%%!1+(0'!#2!1#.!*+6,7!!8#9,*!3+'0!5! *2#345%%!:5+%!52&!;!$)',!*')11,&!*2#345%%*7!!<+&*! 52&!:5.,2'*!3+%%!,2=#/7!>?@A@@!5956#2A$#9!

B.,**+2(!):!$52!4,!1)2! '0+*!0#%+&5/!*,5*#2!,C,2! 1#.!/#).!%+''%,!#2,7!!"0,*,! 5&#.54%,!'0,9,&!4+4*! D$#''#2!E!3+:,#11F!4/! G94,%%,!H54/!H+4*!I>JAKKL! 3+%%!95M,!,C,./!#2,!*9+%,! 3+'0!=#/7!N52/!9#.,! &,*+(2*!'#!$0##*,!1.#9!5'! ,94,%%,454/A$#9!!

O#'0+2(!*5/*!1)2!%+M,!52! )(%/!80.+*'95*!*3,5',.7!! 80,$M!#)'!P5)Q!R,5%S*! :0#'#.,5%+*'+$!5::5.,%! 52&!*,,!'0,!1)2!*0+.'*!/#)! $#)%&!(,'!1#.!'0,!30#%,! 159+%/7!!"0,!T(%/!U3,5',.! $#9,*!+2!9,2!52&! 3#9,2S*!*+6,*V*'/%,*! I>WXL!52&!'0,!5&#.54%,! *0+.'*!1#.!/#).!%+''%,!()/*! *)$0!5*!'0,!YKS*!05+./! $0,*'!I>XJL! 15)Q.,5%*0+.'A$#9!! !



More Great Stocking Stuffers…

"#$%$&'(!)*#$!+&,,+(!*-('!./(-!,/()! *%(-!,/(&$!+#-0/1*2('!.&,/!,/('(! 3#-!4-5!6**3)!0/4$40,($!7(''46('8!! 9$(4,!3*$!:*7!;!<45!',*0=&-6'>! ?@8AA!%($!%40=! +#-0/1*21#55&('80*7!



B-*0=!B-*0=!%#,'!,/(!3#-!&-!3#-0,&*-4+!C!3*$! '#$(>!!D.((-'!4-5!D((-'!.&++!+*E(!,/('(!',&0=)! -*,('!F'/*.-G!H1+4/!1+4/!1+4/I!4-5!H",4,#'! J%54,(I!?@8KKL8!M(45&-6!&'!(''(-,&4+!3*$!=&5'!4-5! ,/()!.&++!+*E(!,*!5*0#7(-,!./4,!4-5!/*.!7#0/! ,/()!/4E(!$(45!.&,/!,/(!HN!M(45!O!P**=I!%45!4'! '/*.-8!!Q*7('!.&,/!RK!',&0=($'!,**>!?R8SK!! B-*0=B-*0=",#3380*7!


Z:&9+:(&$.:(#!W++$[(#/!F(/!(##!-.=! :99;!&.!/&=CC!>$;/!/&.8>$:S/D! 56$/&-!7&$)!789:&9;!<+(/9+/! "=%8(>9!0?234@!5+.%$8(#!012AA!

V.#.S+(,! *9:8$#/! 0U234!

"#$%$&!'()! *+$,(+-! ".#.+/! 01234! O+$##$(:&!O+=/F! '(+>9+/!03234!

Q9.:!R#=.+9/89:&!*9:8$#! 79&!,(>9/!F$SF#$SF&$:S! T=$8>!(:;!9(/-D!04234!

7,9:8$#/!".#.+9;!*9:8$#/! BA!*(8>!$/!,(;9!C+.,! +98-8#9;!:96/%(%9+/D! 789:&/!$:8#=;9!E=$89! '9#.:@!"F9++-!G(:$##(@! H$:;(!".#(@!I(JJ#9K9++-@! 7.+&(!7.;(@!L(CC#9!".:9@! M=,N<NO9(+@!*.,%(-(@! *9(+C98&!(:;!7-+=%NP$%$&-!

"..#!E969#!*9:8$#/! <(8F!/9&!8.:&($:/!B?! S+(%F$&9!%9:8$#/2!!0U234!

79&!.C!B?!".#.+!W%99#!"+(-.:! 7&$8>/!,(>9!8.#.+$:S!C=:D!!*=##! &F9!/&+$:S!&.!/F(+%9:!&F9!8+(-.:D! 0U234!

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Stocking Stuffers For Teens !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Memory on Hand USB flash drive wristbands will never leave you lost of important data! 2GB-8GB $14.95-$23.95

MIMIBOT flash drives are availablein 2GB-64GB capacities, start at $22.95 and are Mac and Windows capatible and include preloaded bonus Mimoryâ&#x201E;˘ content.




Stocking Stuffers for Mom

If mom is always searching for her keys or chapstick at the bottom of her purse, you need to get her the GlitzSee速 Motion-Activated Purse Light. Turn GlitzSee速 on and all it takes is a little shake to light up GlitzSee速 making retrieving items from the bottom of a dark bag, easy to find. $14.95

The Bamboo Stylus is a family of pens that make it easier and more fun to work (or play) on your iPad or other mobile tablets. Wacom also carries a Dou stylus that allows you to draw on your iPad using one side and paper using the other. The Solo styluses {as shown} come in a variety of colors and are $29.95. The Duo stylus {not shown} is $39.95. Both are available at !



Happy Holidays to you and yours! See you in 2013!

Holiday Gift Guide 2012  

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