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Happy midsemester ladies! Spring break is almost here. I bet you’re dying for that break right about now, huh? Each year, working my butt off for tests, projects, and papers, I always looked forward to spring break. And each year, I would daydream of soaking up some rays in eighty-degree weather at the beach. Unfortunately I never made it to the beach (can you say broke college student?). But I still made my break count. From simply rejuvenating with some Netflix and home cooked meals to going on day trips, the week went by fast. So if you’re like me and can’t go anywhere this break, why not become a tourist in your own town (see page 22)? Or if you are lucky enough to lay out on the beach all day (or even if you’re at home!), check out our spring break reading list on page 46 – you can finally read for fun. Also around this time of the semester is when I always need an extra boost, a little more inspiration, and some type of momentum to keep me going. Check out our awesome cover girl Dominica Valentina. She’s started a movement that you’ll definitely want to join. If you still need some inspiration after reading about our cover girl, we’ve got a couple other profiles on girls that are doing awesome things (and one of them loves Gilmore Girls, just like I do! But I’ll let you find that gem on your own).

Shelby Newsome

Founder & Editor-In-Chief



And if inspiration is not helping, why not check out “Why It’s Okay to Feel Lost” on page 28. We all have our doubts sometimes—even me. But it’s nice to know that you’re not the only one going through something. So on the count of three, let’s push through the rest of this semester. One, two, three… Go!

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You may be in the midst of a rendezvous with harmful chemicals without kno rethink that relationship and switch to a loving one with organic products.

Text: Leanne Rowe We all know that everything we put into our bodies has an effect on us. Unhealthy foods are filled with nasty, harmful chemicals that can damage our thinking, energy levels and much more. That's why we are seeing more and more grocery stores carrying organic foods. But what about cosmetics? Our skin is our body's largest organ. All those yummy smelling products you just used in the shower may make you smell like flowers and sunshine (because who wouldn't want to smell like flowers and sunshine?), but they are filled with chemicals that your body just absorbed right into your pretty little blood stream‌ um, YUCK! Take a look at some of 6


your beauty products (shampoo, facial cleanser, moisturizer, foundation) and I am sure you will see some of these ingredients listed: PEGS and glycols, anything ending in "eth" or " oxynol," triethanolamine, tricolsan, methyl, probyl, ethyl parabens, lanolin... the list goes on and on! I hate to break it to you sister, but that $40 foundation and $60 moisturizer sitting in your bathroom is more than likely filled with toxic and cancer causing chemicals. I'm sure at this point you're probably thinking, "Well who cares what's in my beauty products, as long as it makes me look good!" right? Well let me ask you this; have you ever lost anyone to cancer

or another disease? Do you suffer from acne or other skin issues? If you answered yes to either of these questions (or even if you didn't; prevention is easier than cure) you won't regret reading on. I'm going to tell you the dir ty truth about your beauty products and reveal the organic, safe solutions. To start off, my favorite safe skin care line is Eminence Organics. These products are handmade in small batches in Hungary, formulated with organic ingredients, and free of harmful chemicals. Unfor tunately, you won't find these products at your local Wal-Mar t. In order to get your hands on Eminence, you will



4 3

owing it. Now’s the time to

need to find a spa near you that carries them, or order them online. One site that sells them is “” These products aren't cheap, but they are worth it. They carry multiple lines, and they have solutions for every skin care problem you can think of. Since I suffer from acne, I use the Clear Skin Probiotic line and the Calm Skin line. Due to the fact that Eminence Organics products are so expensive, I have found alternatives that offer the same benefits, but won’t break the bank. One product that I found at my local Harris Teeter grocery store is the Dr. Woods Pure Black





1. Eucalyptus Cleansing Concentrate, $38, Eminence Organics 2. Dr. Woods Pure Black Soap with Organic Shea Butter, $7.21, Vitacost 3. Shea Moisture Yucca & Baobab Thickening Shampoo, $9.99, Target 4. Organic Castor Oil, $10.49, Swanson Health Products 5. Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder SPF 20, $44, Jane Iredale 6. Juice Beauty Organic Lip Moisturizer, $15, Ulta tote


Soap. Dr. Woods has several different washes that are formulated for the face and body. Black Soap is designed specifically for normal to oily, blemished skin. Another wonderful thing about this wash is you can use it on your body too, which is great if you suffer from body acne. An added bonus is that it's only 7 bucks for a generous size bottle. I use this wash before bed, or once every couple of nights because, although it does help clear up my skin, it also causes my skin to get dry. Some other safe, affordable body and hair products that I like are Shea Moisture products. You can find these at most drug stores or Wal-Mart. Some of my favorites right now are the thickening shampoo, the restorative conditioner and the thickening growth milk. Most of these products are around $10. These next products you might have in your kitchen if you are someone who eats raw, healthy, organic food! I'm talking about raw organic honey, olive oil and castor oil. Raw organic honey is awesome for our skin. It's full of antibacterial properties and it is very moisturizing. I like to use it in the morning on clean skin. The olive oil and castor oil I use once a week for an oil cleanse, which shrinks my pores and 8


gets rid of my black heads instantly! Organic olive oil is very moisturizing and offers antibacterial and anti-aging benefits, while the castor oil will literally suck everything out of your pores! I mix equal parts the oils (make sure you mix them together well) and apply it to my dry face; no need to remove makeup first! I like to work it in to my skin for a good 2 to 3 minutes. Afterwards, take a washcloth and run it under hot water. Ring out the cloth and place it on your face for about one minute to allow your pores to open up and let the oils do their magic. Next, rinse the washcloth in lukewarm water and gently remove the excess makeup and oil from your face. Your skin may feel slightly oily after doing this, but feel free to go straight to bed because the excess oil will act as an anti-aging night cream! Some other great oils that can be used as a moisturizer for your skin are coconut oil, avocado oil or argan oil. I do love all of these oils, but if you're going to try them for yourself be sure you are getting high quality organic oil! Make sure it is cold pressed or else it will not have all of the wonderful nutrients in it, and make sure the castor oil is high quality hexane free. Any of these products in their

non-organic form can contain chemicals that can be harmful to you! Now let's move on to one of my favorites: makeup. My all time favorite safe makeup brand is Jane Iredale. I have been using Jane Iredale for years and have loved everything I've tried from them thus far. Jane Iredale is a woman who decided to star t this makeup line when she realized how harmful our makeup is to us. I have used her products when my skin is clear and when my acne is acting up and I am pleased to say that they never irritate my skin. Her makeup is designed specifically for sensitive skin and is marketed as "skin care makeup". Check with a spa near you to see if they carry Jane Iredale products, or simply order online! Another makeup brand that I like is Juice Beauty Organics, available at Ulta. They carry a smaller variety of makeup and shades compared to other brands, but I do like their products and the fact that they are made with organic ingredients. Juice Beauty also carries skin care products. So who’s ready to make the journey towards safe, organic beauty?


BAD INGREDIENTS... º PEGS and glycols…anything

ending in "eth" or "oxynol" º Lauryl and laure the sulfate º Petrochemicals º Synthetic Chemicals and Dyes º Triethanolamine º Triclosan º 1,4 dioxide also found in PEGS and glycols º Methyl, propyl, butyl, ethyl parabens: common preservatives used in toiletries, dental and hair products. º Formaldehyde, a potential

carcinohen, it may trigger asthma and damage DNA. º Coal tar, may trigger nausea, mood swings, and headaches and has been linked to cancer º Lanolin, can aggravate acne º Isopropyl alcohol, linked to neurological damage and cancer º Talc, irritates the lungs and may

be carcinogenic; possible link to ovarian cancer º Synthetic fragrances º Butylate compounds (BHA, BHT) º Octinoxate º Quaternium-15


safe beauty products Also check out for more info on safe beauty ingredients and download their app!




beauty buys 1



2 5





1. Mary Green “Working on My Novel” Sleep Mask, Journelle 2. Face Powder, $45, B-Glowing 3. Drybar’s The 3-Day Bender 1” Barrel Curling Iron, $125, Sephora 4. Formula X For Sephora in Light My Fire, $12.50, Sephora 5. Round Vestige Lipstick Holder, $28, Anthropologie 6. Bobbi Brown Beach Body Oil, $30, Cusp 7. Fig + Yarrow Pink Love Bath Salts, $12, Anthropologie 8. Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Color, $34, Nordstrom 9. Skinfood Green Tea Deo Body Mist, $10, Urban Outfitters 10


tech toys 1




6 2 7

1. Superpop! Sprocket Rocket Panorama Camera Set by Lomography, $89, Threadsence 2. Hydracoach Water Bottle, $29.99, Sportline 3. D&K Exclusives Gold USB Cable and AV Wall Charger Cube for iPhone 5, $10.95, Amazon 4. Lilly Pulitzer USB Flash Drive Keychain, $28, Swoozies 5. Doughnut Shaped Humidifier, $21, FeelGift 6. Melt iPhone 5/5S Case, $24.99, SwitchEasy 7. ‘Inspire for Women’ Earbuds by Yurbuds, $29.99, Nordstrom




SUBSCRIPTION BOX Over the past few years, YouTube has been slowly but surely rising in popularity. YouTube has become a familiar and welcoming place to many college women. There is a large amount of content creators, or as they’re more commonly called, YouTubers, on the video sharing site. However not all content is equal; some videos are just more informative and entertaining to watch than others. And these three YouTubers are just that.

Text: Sydney Adamson Need to know how to master a job interview? There’s a tutorial for that. No idea how to change a tire? There’s a tutorial for that. Need to know how to do your makeup for a formal event or date? There’s definitely a tutorial for that.

among the rest is Louise Pentland of Sprinkle of Glitter. Louise is a 25-year-old knowledgeable and charming blogger and vlogger who hails from England. On top of being a blogger and vlogger, she is also a wife and the mother of an adorable daughter who is often featured in her videos. The latter topic is taken care While Louise is often viewed of by YouTube’s “beauty gurus.” alongside several other talentSprinkle of Glitter Beauty gurus create videos ed and popular beauty gurus about how to achieve certain from England, she has set Still from Curvy Summer Lookbook video make-up looks, how to style herself apart from the crowd. by Sprinkle of Glitter hair and how to care for different skin types—among What is most refreshing about For many, YouTube is a place a myriad of other topics. Louise’s videos is that she is to seek tips, advice and tricks not afraid to completely be on topics you’re unfamiliar with. YouTube hosts plenty of beauty herself. On the Internet, it’s gurus but one that stands out

Louise Pentland



very easy to be something that you are not. Louise does the opposite.

are just a few of the sensitive subjects Louise has talked about in her videos.

But it doesn’t have to be that way thanks to YouTuber Hannah Witton.

When she’s had a bad day, she does not fake a cheery demeanor. While explaining a makeup tutorial, she’s the first to own up to the possibility that she could be doing something incorrectly, be it using the wrong brush or exhibiting a technique that’s not exactly right.

As a female vlogger with such a large following (she has 1.08 million subscribers on YouTube as of January 2014), Louise has made a positive impact on YouTube by talking about difficult topics and creating an inviting environment for her viewers.

Hannah Witton is a witty 21-year-old student from England who dishes out advice and commentary on sex education, dating and other related topics through her YouTube channel. You might be thinking, “What could a 21-year-old girl possibly know about sex education?”

Some might view that negatively, but these imperfections are what make Louise relatable, down to earth and a pleasure to watch. She is reminding her viewers that she is not perfect and that there’s nothing wrong with that. Among her most popular videos are seasonal fashion look books, beauty product reviews and collaboration videos with other YouTubers. Louise’s most popular makeup tutorial, an everyday makeup look, is named “How to Look Average.” It doesn’t get any more down to earth than that.

As it turns out, Hannah is knowledgeable on the topic and finds the topic to be very important.

Hannah Witton

“Sex education is important to me because I feel that not enough people are brought up with an informed and positive attitude towards sex,” says Hannah.

To share her passion and know how, Hannah created a series of videos aptly titled Apart from watching beauty “Sex Education” in which she tutorials, YouTube also comes and fellow YouTuber Chris in handy when you’re simply Bingham talk candidly on not as informed on a topic as contraception, body image, you could or should be. sexual orientation and virginity. She may have started out as Attending health class on sex Hannah and Chris explain a beauty guru, but her videos education day is not a memory the basic facts of each topic, have expanded across a much many look back fondly on. Sex how the topic relates to an wider range of genres, as she education can, at times, be an individual and society and how also posts on more serious incredibly mortifying topic to the topic functions in different topics from time to time. Body talk and learn about. types of relationships. image, religion and self-harm Still from Identity video by Hannah Witton



Besides this video series, which is all based in fact, Hannah also creates sex education videos that are based more on her opinion. In these videos, she has spoken about homosexuality, friends with benefits, societal expectations of women and more.

She has covered “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver, “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus and “Universal Solider” by Buffy Sainte-Marie. Hannah shows off her funny side in a Room Raiders spoof video and a makeup tutorial parody titled “How To Put Your Face On.” And like many YouTubers she’s done the “3 But unlike your sex education Minute Makeup Challenge” class, Hannah keeps things real. and the “Best Friend Challenge” She does not beat around the tag videos (a tag video is bush, and there are not any usually based on a broad topic cringe-worthy videos from the that YouTubers put their own 1980’s to be found. Because spin on and tag other users in). Hannah speaks directly into the camera, it’s like learning from an older sister or close friend. Better still, you can [ Hannah ] learn in the comfor t of your pajamas instead of sitting HAS SPOKEN in class full of fellow embarABOUT rassed students. Recently, Hannah was also featured in a MTV documentary about her own sexual experiences. In this documentary, Hannah talked candidly (just as she does on her YouTube channel) about her personal experiences with onenight stands. Hannah’s YouTube endeavors stretch even fur ther than that, though. She’s a talented singer, a bit of a comedian and a “tagger.”




From sex education to tag videos, like Louise, Hannah’s videos span a wide range of genres.

HANNAH HART My Drunk Kitchen Still from Pumpkin Fritters video by My Drunk Kitchen

While it’s helpful that YouTube has so many oppor tunities to educate, the site is also a source of entertainment. And entertainment is exactly what you get when you watch My Drunk Kitchen. My Drunk Kitchen is the brainchild of YouTuber Hannah Hart. Every Thursday Hannah posts a video of herself cooking or baking something while slightly intoxicated. Undoubtedly this is unsafe, which is why Hannah tells her audience to cook responsibly. But Hannah’s subscribers (all 985,000+ of them) think her kitchen antics are more comedic than not. The recipe for a My Drunk Kitchen episode includes:

several alcoholic beverages, a fun recipe and puns—a lot of puns. On the first episode of My Drunk Kitchen, Hannah drank wine and made grilled cheese without the cheese. Essentially, she just toasted sourdough bread on the stove. Her videos have only gotten funnier since then. In a desser t themed episode, Hannah made a raw vegan cheesecake in which she did more drinking and dressing up than actual cheesecake making. From time to time, Hannah changes up the My Drunk Kitchen recipe by inviting guests into her kitchen and sometimes she even ventures into their kitchens. Hannah has made banana bread with Grace Helbig and shamrock shakes with Mamrie Hart. She has also made pizza with The Fault In Our Stars author John Green and birthday cake with the unofficial queen of YouTube Jenna Marbles. As a mini sister series to My Drunk Kitchen, Hannah created My Hungover Kitchen. In this series, Hannah does exactly what the title implies— she makes herself something to eat the morning after a

night of drinking in hopes of curing her hangover.

of fans (who call themselves “Har tosexuals”) and then volunteered with them at local Like the other YouTubers, food banks. This showed a Hannah posts about serious more serious, giving and sober topics as a step away from her side of Hannah. usual comedic videos. Hannah briefly and loosely talks about On the Hello, Har to! tour, her coming out experience Hannah also visited the homes and being emancipated from of some of her Hartosexuals her parents when she was just in each city to film episodes of a teenager. My Drunk Kitchen with them. In 2013, Hannah embarked on a volunteer tour across the U.S. and Canada called the Hello, Har to! tour and documented it on her YouTube channel. On the tour, Hannah met up with groups

While you most likely won’t pick up any usable cooking tips from My Drunk Kitchen, you’ll definitely be entertained. So sit back, grab a glass of wine and press play.

Whether you want to know how to look “average,” find out what antics YouTubers and their friends get up to, improve your body-image, or cook while slightly intoxicated, Louise Pentland, Hannah Witton and Hannah Hart offer a little of something for every college girl. Now, go ahead, add these YouTubers to your subscription box!




fashion frenzy 3




4 6

1. Loeffler Randall Mini Haircaif Rider Bag, $450, Shopbop 2. Ms Retro Watch Old Roman Dial and Eiffel Tower, $14.99, Amazon 3. Brash Boots, $79.99, Chinese Laundry 4. The Tweet Goes On Dress, $54.99, ModCloth 5. Wildfox Couture Classic Fox Spectacle Readers, $169, Urban Outfitters 6. Philips Cuff, $34, Baublebar



dorm decor 2




3 4


1. Hello You Lovely People Door Mat, $32.92, TemptationGifts 2. Cloud Coathangers, $15, Tea Pea 3. Ivory Faux Fur Papasan Cushion, $99.99, World Market 4. Fairmount Park Dot/Stripe Salt & Pepper Set, $30, Kate Spade 5. Believed Pillow, $52, Joss & Main 6. By the Book 10� Brass Globe, $39, One Kings Lane 7. Gloriosa Dinnerware, $12 - $22, Anthropologie





Twenty-two-year-old Jamie Primeau has a resume that practically every college girl dreams of—who wouldn't want to work at Seventeen Magazine—and she's sharing with you some tips on how to obtain the goals you set for yourself.

Text: Colleen Murphy When Jamie Primeau entered college, she knew she wanted to work at a magazine. "I remember sophomore year, I sat down with my magazine writing professor and we mapped out my plan of where I wanted to be in four years and where I wanted to intern," Primeau says. "At the time I was like, 'Oh, I want to work at Seventeen, and I want to try to intern there by my junior year'—but I didn't think it would really happen." But it did. Jamie was a features intern at Seventeen Magazine during the summer going into her senior year. She then served as a web intern during the winter and spring. And then, after graduating last May from The College of New Jersey in Ewing, NJ, Jamie got the call. Seventeen wanted her to join them as their Prom Marketing Assistant. The map that Jamie had made during her sophomore year had come true, but she says, "I feel like it was one of those things where you want to do it, but you don't know if it's going to work out."



The 22-year-old made it work out, though, due to her hard work in college and at her internships prior to those at Seventeen. Her first internship was as an editorial intern at the Courier News in Somerville, N.J. The Gilmore Girls addict and baking enthusiast was then an editorial intern at Cosmopolitan. "I sent them a cover letter, but I made it look like one of the pages in the magazine. I made it all about myself, 'Jamie at a Glance,' and sent that with my resume and cover letter. I didn't hear from them for about a month, but finally I found out that I got it," Jamie says. "It was really cool because it was my first magazine internship and it was cool to actually see how a magazine is put together."

as work and more of a challenge, like how many people can I get to talk to me, it becomes fun. No one is going to judge you for approaching them, and worst case scenario they don’t want to talk. Then you just move on to something else! You also kind of realize that people are more willing to talk than you expect, and you never know until you ask." While it might seem that Jamie had everything work out for her, she said that there were definitely some disappointments along the way. But whenever she didn't get that internship or job she really wanted, she remembers the words that a friend and mentor told her: the universe has a plan.

"To be honest, it’s hard to not get upset when things don’t go your way. Those feelings are normal and it shows that it’s something you One of the tasks Jamie did at really wanted. But I really do believe Cosmo was to poll 100 random things work out for a reason. In guys on the street about cer tain my experience, any time I was topics, and while she found this sad about not getting a particular awkward at first, she then thought of it as a challenge that brought her internship or job, I wound up being much happier with where I wound out of her shell. up. Usually it's the way things are "I’m super shy, especially if the task supposed to work out and it just means a better oppor tunity will involves going up to strangers," come along." Jamie says. "But when you view it

Jamie is still waiting to see what step the universe has planned for her next, but she has an idea of what she wants it to be: "In a year, I honestly don’t know [what I'll be doing]. I think that’s one of the exciting things about this industry, that it’s ever-changing and you don’t know where you’ll wind up. There are tons of possibilities," Jamie says. "But ideally, I’d like to be writing for an online magazine or website. Maybe doing social media somewhere. As long as I’m writing, I’d be happy. Same for five years down the road. Maybe by then I’ll be some kind of editor. That would be exciting!"



copies (which doesn’t actually happen as often as you’d think!). If you get to know your boss and can foresee their needs or ways to help them without them even having to ask, that can be great, too.

anything. I know some people who are doing either paid internships at Buzzfeed or fellowships at Huffington Post, which technically aren't jobs, but they're paid experiences, and they usually lead to jobs.

People graduate and expect to have their dream job right away and that necessarily doesn't always happen. I got really lucky that I got to work at Seventeen as my first job, but I feel like realistically sometimes that's hard. You definitely can find jobs that fit what you want to do, you just have to look.

I know some people are like, 'Oh, I don't want to work at a temp job because it's not a real job,' but I think it is because you're still working. I wouldn't recommend doing temp jobs your entire life, but it's good at least in the beginning, like any experience is good, and you're able to see all different sides. I was able to work on the sales side, do a temporary web job, and you get all these experiences and that's not a bad thing.

On how to stand out On landing that during an internship: dream job: During an internship, your role is to make your bosses’ lives easier. Plain and simple. Yes, you’re there to gain experience, too, but the best interns are the ones who are always willing to lend a hand and don’t think any tasks are below them. Some people are very outgoing (I’m not one of those people), but I think you can still stand out by doing your work and doing a good job at it. I feel like it’s not even a matter of doing anything outrageous, just doing a great job at any task you’re given. Even if it’s making

I feel like, at least in terms of jobs, sometimes it's not as easy to get a job you want compared to getting internships you want because job hunting isn't really fun at all. With job hunting, you have to set your ego aside and be willing to do

What's the deal with those temp jobs?:




school supplies 4 1




6 3

1. Desk Organizer THINK, $39.99, DesignAtelierArticle 2. AdNArt Pure Flavour To Go Bottle, $15.95, AllModern 3. Kate Spade Sticky Note Set, $25, Nordstrom 4. Corner Peach Washi Tape, $5.95, Paper Source 5. The Seven Year Pen, $8, See Jane Work 6. Simplified Life Binder Starter Kit, $54, Emily Ley 7. Denim Authentic Lace Backpack, $39.99, ArtFire



spring break 4

2 1

5 6 3

1. Mara Hoffman Ananda Bikini, $102 - $132, Anthropologie 2. Jeffrey Campbell Pointed Toe D’Orsay Flats, $90, Bloomingdale’s 3. Leaf Printed Elastic Poncho, $199, Calypso St. Barth 4. Wildkin Maize Kaleidoscope Beach Roll Up Mat, $39.99, Target 5. LC Lauren Conrad Clover Drop Earrings, $9.10, Kohl’s 6. Echo Creamsicle Terry Beach Tote, $15, Les Pommettes



BREAKING TRADITION Who said destination spring breaks can’t take place at home?

TEXT: CAROLINE CASSARD Last winter, my parents announced they’d be taking a trip to Costa Rica in early March and needed me to run car pool for my younger sister. The extravagant spring break adventures I had yet to plan were out of the question.

proved not to be spring at all. Rather than glowing tans and piña coladas, the promise land of Baltimore delivered several inches of snow and icy roads.

Refusing to let the unpleasant outdoors drag us down, Holly and The tricky thing about college I soon picked up two of my best spring breaks is that Hollywood friends to visit a third who was still pretends everyone can afford to in the midst of classes. Feigning a sunbathe in Cancún or par ty in mini road trip complete with Fort Lauderdale, while non-actors driving playlists, storytelling and and rejected movie extras return a few wrong-turns on my part, we home to realize that their friends’ made our way to University of universities failed to coordinate Maryland where we pretty much semester schedules. Most everyinvited ourselves. While inconbody else sits in class daydreaming venient, friends’ conflicting break about their spring break prospects schedules allow oppor tunities past and future, while you find to visit other campuses. And yourself in the living room thinking, introducing a college friend to wasn’t I just here six weeks ago? ones back home feels unusual in the best of ways, like two separate Last spring break, I invited a friend worlds can finally mesh together. from my floor to travel home with me. Holly’s from nor thern Following that night, the first days California, so tagging along to of break served as recovery from Maryland seemed more practical the past week’s near-all-nighters than flying across the country. and studying. After lounging in front Consumed in the pre-break of Netflix movies and reality TV deadline rush, we failed to make well into the afternoon, I’d pick up any plans, which allowed for plenty my sister from school, and Holly of spring break spontaneity. But and I would gather enough energy even 400 miles southwest of to stop by Trader Joe’s so that we’d Boston, the first week of March at least be able to feed ourselves. 22


Rather than beach volleyball and day drinking, we then utilized selfserve frozen yogurt shops, hot yoga class, free Baltimore Museum of Art admission and discounted-after-5 p.m. National Aquarium tickets. Although I’d been to the latter upwards of a dozen times, I realized I’d undoubtedly taken it for granted. Who doesn’t enjoy petting a slimy stingray or watching jellyfish bounce around now and then? Other afternoons invited a climb to the top of Federal Hill, talking to strangers and exploring the outdoor exhibit at the American Visionary Art Museum. And in between these tourist activities, I taught un-licensed Holly to drive. She advanced from abandoned parking lots to my neighborhood, and eventually the main roads and highway. And no one had to know about it! Plans materialized later in the week, as they normally do with a cleared agenda, and we visited a friend at MICA. After re-learning how to parallel park, we jogged up to her apar tment in the cold where she greeted us with ink-spotted hands. Before other displaced spring breakers arrived for pasta, card games and apartment hopping, she taught us to screen-print,

laying blotchy posters across the apartment floor (the same floor on which the two of us would share a twin-sized air mattress and single blanket). Spending spring break at home can feel lonely, suddenly several states away from a packed dorm building and dining hall. But bring a friend along, and at the very least you have someone to grocery shop with and learn how to microwave more frozen dishes than you ever thought possible. No matter your non-exotic destination this spring (i.e. winter) break, why not:

Document adventures with over-exposed Instagram filters and awkward selfies.

Sleep on friends’ floors.

Make the drive to visit friends, even if only to grab dinner together.

Take advantage of a full-sized kitchen that you’ll miss once back on campus.

Indulge in couch-ridden laziness and melodramatic Bradley Cooper movies (e.g. Limitless, He’s Just Not That Into You). But eventually : Pick yourself up, breathe in the unwelcoming, icy air and be a tourist in your own city.

Maximize student discounts.

Spring break destinations don’t have to require a passport or reservation— you just have to get out of the house.




When the weather starts to get nice, there's no better way to spend your SunSMITHSONIAN NATIONAL MUSEUM days or spring break NATIONAL AIR AND OF AMERICAN than taking a day SPACE MUSEUM HISTORY trip into Washington, What it is: A museum showcasing What it is: A collection of artifacts of the history of flight, American artifacts, from political D.C. and visiting the aircraft and space exploration. items to pop culture icons. museums. Whether Cost: Free! Cost: Free! you're going with your The tourists see: The plane that The tourists see: A pair of the family, your girls, the Wright brothers used to make ruby slippers from "The Wizard the first piloted flight in history is of Oz" might be one of the most or your date, there's display here, as well as the Enola famous items here, second only to so much cool stuff to on Gay, the plane used to drop the the American flag from the Battle world's first atomic weapons during of Baltimore that still flew after the see, and Tote is here second World War. These are fighting was done, inspiring Francis to guide you on your the the real deals, and it's amazing to Scott Key to write "The Star-SpanD.C. museum tour. truly see how America went from gled Banner". first flight to airborne attack in less than fifty years.

Go beyond: The Gemini VII capsule from the 60's, in which two astronauts lived for two weeks. The cramped quarters will make your dorm room look like a palace— learn about how Frank Borman and James Lovell sacrificed their own comfort and safety in order to advance spaceflight. 24


Go beyond: The "Stories on Money" exhibition explores the role of money in American history. "Changing America", which is on display until September, describes the struggles and triumphs of African-Americans between the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 and the March on Washington in 1963.





What it is: A museum dedicated to the history of spies and espionage from all over the world.

What it is: An art museum that showcases paintings, sculptures and other works from nearly every major art movement.

Cost: $20.95 for adults The tourists see: The museum offers an interactive "Operation Spy" game, where guests are plunged into a mission that tests their spying skills. Who knows—you might be the next James Bond! Go beyond: "From Ballroom to Battlefield" includes information on how upper-class ladies served as spies for both the Union and the Confederacy during the Civil War. Talk about girl power!

Cost: Free! The tourists see: The por trait of Ginevra de'Benci is the only painting by Leonardo da Vinci on view in the United States—unless you're planning a visit to Italy, France or Poland, D.C. is your only shot at seeing one. Go beyond: The sculpture garden sits across the street from the West Building, and strolling through is the perfect way to spend a first date or enjoy a spring afternoon. Don't forget to take a picture in front of the Roy Lichtenstein pop art house!

SMITHSONIAN NATIONAL MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY What it is: A museum exploring the natural world, from skeletons of dinosaurs to gems and minerals to creatures of the deep. Cost: Free! The tourists see: The legendary blue Hope Diamond is housed here—if you can fight your way past the crowds, you can see its beauty, and learn about its supposed curse. The dinosaur bones and fossils are also crowd-pleasers. Go beyond: The interactive butterfly pavilion, where visitors can walk in a tunnel among plants and live, fluttering butterflies, is free on Tuesdays (but don't forget to book a reservation to make sure you'll get in!). The bone hallway also shows how freaky animals can look on the inside, no matter how cute they are on the outside. tote



kind of life TEXT: SYDNEY ADAMSON Catherine cer tainly lives up to her words. At just 14, she photographed her first concer t (the defunct band Between attending college Every Avenue). Then at the classes in the morning and age of 17, she started her own afternoon, photographing publication called Naked (NKD) concerts in the evening and working on her monthly music Mag. Now a sophomore in and entertainment publication college, Catherine has since in between, Catherine doesn’t released 31 issues of NKD. have much time to sleep. By starting early, Catherine But that’s pretty much a day said she has learned a thing or in the life of the 20-year-old two about putting yourself out there at a young age. student, photographer and magazine creator. “Star t young, and don't let anyone tell you that you're “It’s never too early to take a step towards your future,” too young,” Catherine says. “I Catherine says of her career. Being Catherine Powell isn’t easy.



spent a lot of time and effort fighting against people who thought I wasn't old enough to be doing the work I was, but at the end of the day I'm probably more successful than those people will ever be.” While her day to day life may not be akin to the average college student, Catherine’s journey to college wasn’t much different than most. She applied to several schools, both art schools and traditional colleges, including the Pratt Institute, Towson University and Maryland Institute College of Art. Ultimately, Catherine

chose to attend the School of Visual Arts in New York City. “I knew I wasn't going to use science or psychology in my profession so taking those classes in a normal college seemed like a waste of time to me,” Catherine says. “With SVA I get to take almost all photo classes.”

income when I graduate college in 2016 that I don't need to search for a job elsewhere,” she says. The college student also has high hopes for NKD’s future cover stars. “By then I hope to have Justin Bieber, Fall Out Boy, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Aaron Paul, John Krasinski and Jennifer Lawrence grace our covers.”

Action Item on covers throughout the years and to have NKD be a part of their journey and success is incredible,” Catherine says. “All three of those groups have been endless supporters of me and my career, so to give back even just a little bit meant a lot to me.”

But to attend school, have a social life and be able to put Catherine has gained a lot her friends on the covers of of valuable real life experience her magazine, Catherine has through photography and It seems that Catherine is well to find the time to do it; which NKD, but school is still an is where time management on her way to adding those essential and invaluable musicians, actors and actresses comes in. experience for her. to the ever-growing number “I make a point to spend time of NKD issues. Thus far, “College is something that is really important to my parents, Catherine has featured Jimmy with my friends and family as much as possible in between and I think it's impor tant to Eat World, Austin Mahone, Cassadee Pope and AnnaSophia all of the madness,” Catherine have an education,“ says says. “My best friend and I Catherine. “I think the most Robb on the cover of NKD, get Panera for lunch every just to name a few. important thing I learned is Monday, and my boyfriend and that presentation is everything. “Jimmy Eat World was a really I plan our visits in between my It influences how your work will be viewed and if someone big deal for me. They were the shooting schedule.” band that sparked my interest is going to take the time to Though she may lead an in music at a young age and view it.” to be able to meet them on unconventional and busy life outside of college, Catherine Catherine’s knack for presen- a professional level was an tation explains why a 20-year- experience I'll never forget,” is still like any other student. When asked if she had Catherine says. old is able to create such a any interests outside of professional publication. photography and NKD, she Catherine has also had the answers, “Is Netflix a hobby? opportunity to put some of Though she still has two If so, that.” more years of college to go, her friends on the cover of Catherine hopes that what she NKD, which she says has started in high school will pro- been the most rewarding vide her with a steady future. experience about working on Check out the latest issue the magazine. of NKD at “In an ideal world, NKD is “I was able to put Megan providing me with enough & Liz, The Summer Set and



why it's okay to feel


TEXT: MIRA MILLA Why are you in college? Typical answers are, to get a good job that pays good money and purely because that’s what you’re ‘supposed’ to do after high school. We’re finally here and instead we find ourselves occasionally skipping classes, eating the cheapest fast foods possible (including instant ramen noodles) and stressing out over finals and midterms. But throughout all of this, you keep in mind that at the end of all these 8 a.m. classes and long labs, it will all be worth it. Because ever since you were younger, you were told that after four or more years, you will get a degree and your life will finally begin. They say college is a time for transformation—when you discover who you really are and what you want to do. But three years in, you find yourself majoring in a subject



thousands of other twenty -something year olds are studying, constantly wondering why you still feel like something is missing. This is what you’re supposed to be doing, so why do you still feel like you are far from being ultimately fulfilled and just feel so empty and lost? Stop worrying and relax. It’s okay. Sometimes you need to think these things in order to dig into the thoughts of what your soul is screaming for and finally discover what college fails to show you. But only you, yourself, can figure that out. Maybe you know exactly what you want, but don’t know how to get there or maybe it’s the complete opposite and you have no idea what you want. Either way, we all need a little reassurance at some point. So I’m here to reassure you, everything is going to be okay.

You’re in your 20’s and you feel as if you should know what you want and know how to get there. I mean you are, in fact, an adult now. But what we all seem to forget is that being 20 is still being, in actuality, young. Your 20’s are always such a strange and awkward time in your life. It’s that age where you are old enough to make “grown-up” decisions but still “too young” to fully understand what you actually want. You’re still considered a child by your close relatives but also as an adult to society. Take advantage of this. Make mistakes and learn from them. Try new things and enjoy yourself. You might even find yourself changing majors into a completely different field. I’ve met so many people who (for example) were majoring in pre-med at first and then changed their major to adver tising. Don’t be fooled.

Your 20’s are your years to learn—about yourself, about the mistakes you’ve made and how you handle real world situations. It’s also your years to experience everything and anything your heart desires. Think positively. When you find your mind wandering into pessimistic thoughts, do whatever you can do to reverse that. Surround yourself with good company, listen to some good music or go out and do something that you’ve always wanted to do. Make ‘being happy’ a habit. Trust me, it’s easier said than done. But once it’s done, you’ll be out of your funk and will be back to taking care of business. Find something you’re passionate about and pursue it. I believe that if you’re truly passionate about something and you want it more than anything, you will succeed. “Do things that make you happy. Do things that you love. And most of all, do things that make you feel alive.” That’s what my mom would always tell me. Whenever I got a bad grade on an exam I spent countless hours studying on or whenever I started to feel a little discouraged about my career choice, she was the one I

called. Merely because she was the one who calmed me back down and reminded me that no dream was impossible; that a lifetime of happiness was possible. Take my mother’s words into consideration. What makes you feel alive? Not the ‘breathing-day-to-daynormal’ type of alive, but the ‘this is what I was made to do’ alive.


love and a ton of culture shock in the midst of my unwritten future. It’s like I have two lives I see myself living. In one, I’m sitting in an office with my own desk, overlooking the city while editing articles that will be featured in next month’s issue of a well-established magazine. In the other I’m sitting on a plane, thousands and thousands of miles up in the sky awaiting my arrival to Spain or Amsterdam to just explore and venture out into the unknown. As of now, we’re all in the same boat; just sitting in class hoping that our dreams will come true. We know where we want to go, but how exactly are we going to get there? Some days we’re confident and ready to take on the world and other days we just feel lost.

But it’s okay to feel lost right now. I feel lost at times, too. We are only human. You are never alone. Feeling insecure and lost shouldn’t give us any reason to stop trying to find that special something in our life. Sometimes you don’t even have to try. I’ve learned Journalism is my career choice. that the most beautiful and Although it would be a dream life-meaning things come to come true to work for a mag- you when you least expect it. azine in the concrete jungle of Besides, if you never get lost, New York City, I see a lot more how can you ever begin to for me. I see traveling, being in find yourself?




INTERNATIONAL EDITION TEXT: SHELBY NEWSOME Twenty-one-year-old Inga Naruseviciute is a college girl just like you. The only difference? Her location. This Lithuania native goes to school at the University of Sunderland in England. Read on to learn about her super exciting internship experience.




WHAT INTERNSHIP DID YOU HAVE AND WHEN? I had a fashion editorial internship at Back Door Productions back in November for 2 weeks.

WHAT WAS THE MOST CHALLENGING PART OF THE INTERNSHIP? The most challenging part of the placement was helping to write and design the proposal for an upcoming MTV show which was really exciting as it was such an important job to do, especially when we usually hear how girls go to [intern at] magazines and make coffees all the time.

WHAT WERE YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES? Basically, I was writing online articles for MACS magazine, collecting the mail and sending the packages, [I’ve] done some PR work such as writing emails for other companies in order to get the press passes, designed some posters for MACS salons and vouchers for freelance writers. Also, I was managing MACS magazine's Facebook page.

WHAT WAS THE BEST PART OF THE INTERNSHIP? Back Door Productions is located at Pinewood Studios where movies such as James Bond and Superman were filmed so the best part was an opportunity to see the inside of the production company, all the studios, I even got to see all the cast members from the upcoming movie Cinderella.

WHAT DID YOU LEARN FROM THE EXPERIENCE? I think I became more confident with my writing, and have seen the difference between university and real life.

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR COLLEGE GIRLS WHO ARE LOOKING TO GET AN INTERNSHIP? Always research all the news in that field and the company you are applying for. If you get an interview and don't know the name of the owner, you not only won't get the internship but will also feel embarrassed.



Meet Dominica, a senior at College of the Canyons from Canyon Country, CA. She transformed her positive thoughts of self-worth into a whole community for girls.

Text: Shelby Newsome Photography: Brittany Berggren 32







Imagine having a ring–a silver band with three rows of tiny diamonds, each row representing a goal in your life. One for creating a successful life. One for following your dreams. And one for always having self-respect. Now imagine that your ring was coveted and copied by your friends. You may relish in the fact that you star ted a trend. But for 23-year-old Dominica Valentina it was more than a trend; it was a movement.

“Without me really trying, this whole movement kind of evolved,” Dominica says.

event, where girls from 17-21 years old come together to get inspired.

She later expanded to YouTube videos from the suggestion of a friend.

“I speak to all the girls. I teach them how to set goals properly and how to start a goal and to achieve the goal,” Dominica says. “I teach them about acceptance and how to really love yourself because I feel like once you learn to actually love yourself it’s much easier to achieve your dreams, to make friends.”

“She told me, ‘You should really take your blog and after you write them do a video blog about them so girls that you don’t know, from other states and other countries, can really engage. When you get on the video blogs, they can see your personality too,’ ” Dominica says.

Smart Girl World was created after Dominica’s mother gave her that ring. When her friends copied her, her mother knew Dominica’s personality is defishe was onto something. nitely evident. With her love and positivity, it’s no wonder “She’s like, ‘Okay, well this she has a knack for giving back. is a good thing. We should make this into a business,’ ” Along with the Smart Girl Dominica says. Ring (a silver band with Smart Girl engraved on it), Dominica So at 19 years old, Dominica sells a heart shaped ring titled started Smart Girl World, a Share Your Love Ring. Par t community for young girls to of the proceeds from the share, learn, and grow from Share Your Love Ring goes to each other’s experiences. Love146, a charity that helps stop child trafficking. As Smart While the Smart Girl ring is at Girl World grows, Dominica the hub of Smart Girl World, hopes that she can contribute the community flourished into to even more charities. it’s own existence. Dominica started off with a blog that To bring the online community girls responded to. She would into real life, Dominica holds get girls commenting, sharing, an annual Mission I’m Possible and retweeting her posts.

While Dominica is confident speaking to girls about her goals and valuing each other, she struggled along the way. “Accepting myself is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in life because once you accept yourself and once you learn to love yourself you can make friends easily, you can achieve the goals you want to achieve,” Dominica says. “And that was a big obstacle I had to get through.” Through that challenge, Dominica has learned to face herself. “I try to tell myself everyday, ‘You’re beautiful. You’re successful. You’re gonna achieve your goals.’ It’s not easy to look in the mirror and always tote






” 37

look at yourself and think believing in themselves, about you’re beautiful,” Dominica says. empowerment.” As a college student who has two jobs, working on Smar t Girl World can be a challenge. Along with her busy schedule, Dominica’s own sabotaging thoughts didn’t help. But at the end of the day Dominica puts those doubts aside. “If you keep going for it and don’t stop—you’re going to fail a couple of times—but if you keep trying you’ll eventually succeed,” Dominica says.

Just like she would tell her Smart Girl World community about chasing their dreams, “Don’t stop. Just keep going for it. It’s hard. It’s so hard at times you want to give up and at times you want to throw your hands up and walk away. But the prize at the end is wor th all of the trials and tribulations you’re going to go through. You’re going to succeed if you just keep going for it.”

One of her favorite par ts of the community she’s built is seeing girls encouraging each other. “It’s cool to see the girls interact with each other and learn lessons off of each other. And me, just kind of sit back and watch on how life unfolds,” Dominica says. Dominica is all about inspiring girls. She hopes to use her voice to continue this mission. “I want to be a motivational speaker,” Dominica says. “I want to speak to girls all over the place about acceptance, about setting goals, about






The Freshman Files


Text: Katie Lemon



While first semester felt like a transitional period, second semester is when I really got to work. I was nervous that it would be difficult for me to adjust to the workload of college, but now I realize that the system here works so much better for me. Sure, my grades only depend on a few big assignments, but that way I spend my time on what really matters, and a few small assignments won’t ruin my grade like they did in high school. I find myself thriving in my classes because now that I’ve chosen a major, I’m studying subjects that I’m really passionate about.

you’re trying to network and looking for a job after graduating.

At my school, spring semester finals take place the last few weeks of April, meaning we finish up the year before May even star ts. Since my year is almost over, I’ve been thinking about my plans for next year quite a bit. One hard-earned lesson I learned this year is to look for housing as early as possible. My future housemates and I knew we wanted to live off-campus together and we found a house only a block away from the heart of campus. We submitted our applications then put the rental Now that it’s March I’ve been process on the back burner thinking about not only my during first semester finals. summer plans but also my next When we called the landlord on few years here. One thing that’s the first day back from break, really impor tant to me is he informed us that someone graduating on time, and I meet had signed for the house already. regularly with my advisor to From there it was a scramble ensure that will happen. Not to find a place. We settled on a only do those meetings keep me gorgeous, entertainment-friendly in check every semester, but house with a great landlord. I also receive amazing advice However, we’re going to have a every visit. If I had tried to figure bit of a trek to and from classes. my own way through the system, There is a bus that will run by I wouldn’t have known that every ten minutes during daythere was an online option for light hours, but it’s definitely a my required science class or that sacrifice we had to make. I should have a 3.7 GPA to be competitive when applying for Not getting our first-choice my major. Whether you go to house prepared us for the house a small or big school, regularly search next year. If you’re going checking in with your advisor is through the rental process next invaluable. Not to mention they year, heed this: start as early as can serve you very well when possible. You’ll get lower prices,

good locations, and allover better places. Also make sure you dedicate yourself to the search. With the first house we wanted, we figured the landlord would contact us. But at the end of the day his job was to follow the money, and there were other people who were more tenacious in their search than us. By the time we found the second house, we knew what to do. We stayed in constant contact with the landlord and asked all the important questions. Because of this, he reserved the house for us for over a week and we were able to get it. Another major difference between first and second semester

has occurred in my social life. First semester was a blur of acquaintances and poorly planned outings and parties of mostly strangers. Now that the dust has settled, things aren’t so random anymore. I’ve grown close to some of those acquaintances and made what I suspect will be lifelong friendships. On the other hand, some of my stronger relationships from the beginning of the year have completely dissipated—and that’s okay. Now when I hang out with people it’s fun and satisfying and comfor table. In high school I was a pretty private person. These days I wear my PJ’s and a face mask while having friends over to study. And I’m

not even talking about cute PJ’s, I mean craggily T-shirts and shorts! Looking back now, I realize that the first year of college has been the most transformative of my life. I’ve still got a couple of months left, but I’ve already learned and grown so much. I moved out of my parent’s house and 400 miles away, made an entirely new group of friends, got a job, joined a few organizations, took a few trips, and really grew into the kind of person I wanted to be. But hey, the jury’s still out; the year isn’t over quite yet!






Socializing is arguably the most important aspect of college life. Of course, your primary goal when you first came to school was to get good grades and finish with a degree. Aside from that, meeting people is essential to succeeding as a student. You won’t truly learn about yourself unless you take healthy risks and put yourself out there.



Unfortunately, there seems to be much speculation that most people meet at the bars, or parties where alcohol is present. That’s just not true. Plenty of other options exist at college that don’t require you to be under the influence in order to meet people and have a good time.

Getting involved with clubs is a perfect way to connect with other students on campus. This allows you to find people who may share similar interests. Right away you’ll find a solid group of guys and girls to mingle with, enabling you to establish yourself in a new circle of potential friends. It doesn’t matter if you’re just looking for friends, or if you’re


interested in finding someone wor th dating. Good clubs typically consist of 40 to 50 people, and in some cases much more than that. Now I know you might be wondering, well what if I commute? Or what if I just transferred and live off campus and don’t know anyone? That is all the more reason to seek out a club or organization so that you can get involved. Meeting people requires some effor t; people aren’t just going to walk right up to you and beg you to meet all their friends. Another way of meeting people is to simply attend campus events like guest speakers and spor ting events. Sometimes, campus events allow for group discussions, and small meet-andgreets that allow for students to network. The easiest way to meet anyone in college is to accept invitations, and meet people through the other people. When I was a freshman, I met a lot of people through my roommate because he already knew other kids from his hometown. Another tactic would be to act friendly in the classroom.

Study groups can quickly lead to friendships that may offer chances to meet additional people. I met some really good friends, and girls that I ended up dating, through my classes. From my personal experience, I got very involved from the start of college. During my freshman year, I joined two clubs, played intramural sports, helped start a fraternity, went on a fall camping trip (where I didn’t know anyone), and attended countless on-campus events. To be fair, I lived in the dorms so I met people on my floor and through orientation. Never theless, I continued to meet more and more people through my roommates, suitemates, classmates, and the friends I made from those people. Sophomore year, I didn’t let up. I joined even more clubs than the previous year and ended up exhausting myself because I was committed to making so many meetings and following through with plans. The best way to approach all this is to just be open to any oppor tunity that comes your way. In college, go where the people go, and you’ll always find yourself surrounded by good things to come.





PENS S P R I N G I S J U ST AROU N D TH E CORN ER . Unfortunately, we’ll have to endure a few more chilly days to get there (that is, for those of us that aren’t residing in a warm climate). But that doesn’t mean we have to continually see gloom and doom all around us. Spread some warmth with bright colors. Dress up your pens to bring some spring cheer all around. Now if only the weather would follow our lead … 44



W H AT YO U N E E D : • Plain pens • Yarn in varied colors • Gold thread • Embroidery floss in varied colors • Double stick tape • Scissors • Fork




1. First, start off by creating the pom-pom. Take any colored yarn and cut a strand around 6 inches. Put that off to the side for now. 2. Take the end from the rest of the yarn and wrap it through the prongs of a fork. 3. Hold down the end of the string and wrap the rest of the yarn around all of the fork prongs about 20–30 times and cut the yarn.


4. Take the 6-inch strand and wrap it around the ball of yarn that’s still on the fork. Carefully pull the ball of yarn off of the fork and tie the strand into a tight knot. 5. The knot will create two sides of loops. Using scissors cut the ends of the loops so that they become ends of string. Trim and fluff to get the desired pom-pom effect.


6. Wrap double sided tape around the pen. 7. Take gold thread and at the bottom of the pen start wrapping the gold thread around, to cover the pen. About halfway up the pen cut the gold thread. 8. For the rest of the pen, use embroidery floss and repeat the same method. 9. When you get close to the top of the pen, hold the pom-pom on top of the pen and pull a couple of strands of yarn and press down onto the taped pen. Continue to wrap the embroidery floss around the pen. When you get to the yarn, wrap the thread over the pen a few times to secure the pom-pom in place.





TEXT: EVA NIESSNER Spring break is probably going to be the first opportunity you have to read for leisure instead of poring over textbooks. But a week isn't a lot of time to get all those books you have on your list read! Here are a few picks to help you make the most difficult of choices: what book am I going to read next?



The quick but powerful read:

The magical love story:

The Reason I Jump

The Enchanted Life Of Adam Hope

by Naoki Higashida

by Rhonda Riley

At the age of 13, Naoki Higashida— who had been diagnosed with autism as a young child—wrote a book answering the questions people have about why he acts or thinks a cer tain way. Higashida is never condescending, angry or sorry for himself, but instead, delivers beautiful and bittersweet explanations. He communicates both the terror of not understanding your own body or thoughts, and the beauty of how he and others with autism see the world. Instead of going the saccharine-sweet, inspirational route, Higashida's book is subtle and complex. And at less than a hundred pages, it's perfect for your ride to the beach or for waiting in the airpor t.

When Evelyn finds a stranger in the field outside her farm, she thinks that she's found a wounded soldier, back from the second World War. Instead, she finds herself taking care of a mysterious being that can transform itself into any person it chooses. Evelyn and the stranger's relationship quickly escalates from friendship to passion, and they must keep the secret of its origin from all of Evelyn's family and friends. What's different about this story is that the stranger can take both female and male forms (known as Addie and Adam), but Evelyn's love for her new friend never wavers. A gender-bending magic love story? When's the movie coming out?

The book to read before you see the movie:

Twelve Years A Slave by Solomon Northup The film adaptation got critical acclaim, but Solomon Nor thup's autobiography documenting his years in captivity is even more powerful. Despite being a free man living in New York, Northup was lied to about a job opportunity and found himself trapped by slave traders. He spent years working for merciless owners, finding solace only in the few kind men he worked for, in the other slaves he befriended, in God and in his violin. Though Northup felt massive despair, he never gave up hope that he would one day be free again— and after more than a decade, he finally was. Compare it to the movie, or let it set the stage if you haven't already watched it.

The dark thriller:

The laugh-out-loud memoir:

The Dinner

Let's Pretend This Never Happened

by Herman Koch It sounds like a simple premise. Two couples meet for dinner, in order to discuss their two sons in a civil environment. One of the fathers is running for public office, but their sons have committed a horrific crime, and if they are discovered, his house of cards will come crashing down. The other father (and the book's narrator) treats this meeting like a high-stakes game of chess, and he and his wife refuse to let their child take the fall. But as the book goes on, it becomes clear that the narrator and his family aren't as innocent as they imagine they are.

by Jenny Lawson Growing up in rural Texas where impregnating a cow was a school assignment gave Jenny Lawson plenty to write about, and the fact that her father was a taxidermist with a twisted sense of humor only makes it better. The high-anxiety, foul-mouthed author gives even the most horrific events of her past (dealing with a stillbir th or struggling with mental health issues) a cathar tic and humorous spin. She emphasizes the absurdity of her phobias (like getting attacked by an intruder while suffering from diarrhea) and praises her husband for putting up with her awkwardness, even as she pokes fun at his own quirks. Despite their overwhelming oddness and her often-unsuccessful attempts to fit in, Lawson's love for her family and friends comes through loud and clear.




COMING UP Love Letters Metronomy March 10 Founded in England in 1999, Metronomy is back on the scene with a much-anticipated full album. They specialize in wonky, colorful electronic beats. Sound like your kind of stuff? Be sure to check out their new video for the single “I’m Aquarius” off of Love Letters. It’s the perfect study tune with soft electronic beats and swelling vocals.

Supermodel Foster The People March 18 It’s been a long three years since the last Foster The People release and if their new single “Coming Of Age” is any indication, this album should rocket to the top of the charts. Supermodel seems to encompass a more relaxed vibe than their first record Torches, all while remaining true to their melodic pop sound.





Out Among the Stars Johnny Cash March 25


Think we made a typo? Guess again. That’s right, a new Johnny Cash album is dropping this March. When the late superstar’s son was cleaning house and going through old records, he uncovered twelve previously unheard tracks that had been recorded in the 1980’s and never released. Johnny Cash’s vocals are frozen in time alongside both his wife June Car ter Cash and late country singer Waylon Jennings.

Divergent March 21st You’ve read the books, you know the story, and now it’s finally here: Divergent the movie. For those of you who haven’t obsessively followed the series written by Veronica Roth, Divergent is about a girl named Tris who fails a state-mandated personality test. Her dystopian world falls apart when she learns of a plot to destroy all people like her, the Divergents. Shailene Woodley, who plays Tris, must uncover the truth behind the power of the Divergents before it’s too late.



Captain America: The Winter Soldier April 4th Captain America is back and more action-packed than ever before. The film starts with Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) living out his life quietly in Washington D.C. Soon Steve finds himself entangled in a plot to eliminate certain members of S.H.I.E.L.D. He teams up with the Black Widow to expose the intricate conspiracy, but they soon find themselves up against an intimidating villainous plot. This movie is a must-see for any thrill-seeker or action-lover.

The Other Woman April 25th

The Wicked We Have Done Sarah Harian March 18 Just a year ago, Evalyn Ibarra was your everyday college student. But now that she’s been wrongfully accused of murder, she has been turned into an experimental prison test subject. In a very Hunger Games fashion, it’s now her against the other criminals in the compass room— a high-tech prison obstacle course designed to execute justice by the hand of the government. Supposedly the innocent survive, but Evalyn is soon convinced otherwise when the system appears to be killing at random. A unique commentary on the justice system and dystopian society makes The Wicked We Have Done an intriguing and fast read for anyone.




This is going to be the chick flick of the season, and for good reason. Think John Tucker Must Die but all grown up. Starring unexpected talent such as Nicki Minaj and Kate Upton, The Other Woman follows the spurned girlfriends and wife of a playboy and their plot to bring him down, unexpectedly finding friendship and solace in one another.

This Side of Salvation Jeri Smith-Ready April 1 When met with grief, everyone mourns differently. When David’s older brother is killed, he becomes enraged. However, his parents become religious. David’s not so sure about his own spirituality, but he does know that the new girl Bailey makes him feel better and happier in every way. But when David arrives late to a spiritual event to find his parents have vanished, he finds himself embroiled in quite an ominous plot. His world is turned upside down as he frantically searches for the truth, all while trying to hold on to the things he loves most.

Don’t Look Back Jennifer L. Armentrout April 15 Before disappearing one night with her best friend, Sam was the classic high school mean girl. When she resurfaces, she realizes her errors and decides to mend her ways, but questions remain about the mysterious night she disappeared. Sam knows those memories are locked somewhere deep in her brain, but what if not remembering is what’s keeping her safe? And where is her old frenemy Cassie? Sam has the acute feeling that someone else knows the truth, but will discovering it help or hurt her? Make sure to pick up a copy of this gripping read to find out what happens.




INTERNSHIP TEXT: SHELBY NEWSOME Twenty-two-year-old Christie Lehman followed her passion after college which led her to an internship in Washington D.C. When Christie organized a mission trip to Haiti her spring semester before graduating from Ursinus College, she realized her passion to stop sex trafficking. She witnessed sex trafficking abroad and knew she wanted to find a way to help fight it. This led her to an internship at the International Justice Mission the following fall.

Christie adds there was a three-month process after submitting the application. But it definitely paid off. The International Justice Mission (IJM) is a non-profit human rights agency. They venture to prevent trafficking by prosecuting the perpetrators. Their goal is to stop the violence that is going on. “Our mission is to rescue thousands, save millions, and prove that justice to the poor is possible,” Christie says. Christie worked under the vice president and executive assistant as an aftercare intern. When victims were rescued from sex trafficking, they would be brought to a group home in their country.

“It was a week from the date I found out about [the internship] that I had to get my “It was very humbling to hear resume together, get references, what these girls have gone write my application. So I did through and how they’ve that frantically,” Christie says. 52


come out of it because of what IJM has done for them,” Christie says. As an aftercare intern, Christie gathered research on therapeutic practices, translated Spanish documents, and also worked on putting together powerpoints for presentations. The passion to help others was only one thing that grew from this internship. “They [IJM] are very strong in their fatih,” Christie says. “So I guess I grew in my faith, being surrounded by so many strong Christian professionals.” Christie also states that she’s gained more drive to do whatever it is she was called to do in life. The internship was able to help prepare Christie for her next step. She was able to


experience the professional world—dress clothes and all— in the driven city of D.C. “Being with the internship, I was able to see the desperate need of those that are in pover ty and those that are being violated,” Christie says. “That definitely sparked more passion in my heart to help them.” With her passion and drive, Christie hopes to continue helping those in need. “One of my goals, for a long time actually, has been to open up my own group home,” Christie says. Until that goal is possible, Christie will continue to support and get involved with organizations that are dear to her hear t, like Cour tney’s House. “If I won the lottery, I would work for IJM for free as an intern for the rest of my life.” Now that’s real passion.



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